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Sunday, October 30, 2011


Franklin Roosevelt once said, "we have nothing to fear but fear itself." I am not nor ever have been a fan of Roosevelt since he is the father of much of the government dependency attitude that is plaguing our country now as The New Deal that actually lengthened the Great Depression has long standing tentacles of government dependency that have takne our country down a direction the Founders never intended for our free society.

While I am not a fan of Roosevelt, Barack Obama is and has claimed to emulate the the thirty second President in his philosophy and policy. Yet Roosevelt, although a socialist in his policy did use the Bully Pulpit of the Oval Office as a platform to encourage Americans to stand with one another and not fear what we faced as a Nation but as he put it only, "fear itself."

Obama does not see it Roosevelt's way. In fact he uses fear more blatantly than any of his liberal colleagues or predecessors as a way to garner votes, bribe duped supporters and create a fear of loss and class warfare like never before seen in a politician or a supposed leader of our country. I use the word leader very loosely when referring to Obama because leadership is a trait that he does not understand nor possess.

A leader encourages rather than discourages. A leader unites rather than divide. A leader seeks to uplift those they lead rather than stifle them from succeeding. Obama knows only how to discourage, divide and stifle Americans by his policy and especially his words. In speech after speech Obama flat out lies with the full knowledge that what he is saying will create fear in those who still listen to him and anger toward those he is attacking creating an attitude of division and class warfare through fear and hatred.

Telling Americans that if Republicans are elected in 2012 their children will no longer have clean air to breath. If his budget busting jobs bill is not passed police officers, teachers and construction workers will never work and crime will go up, children will no longer be educated and our entire Nations infrastructure will collapse is nothing more than fear for fears sake.

When he was pushing what is known as Obamacare he whined that if it was not passed the poor would not get medical care, grandma would be kicked out of the nursing home, grandpa will die needlessly because he could not get the medical care he needed. Knowing all along that none of his lies of fear would take place but using the Office of the President as a means of scaring everyone into backing his socialized medicine and unconstitutional health care bill.

One might ask, "why would a President of The United States want to create such fear in the American people?" We all know that the message of fear has always been a trait of the Democrat Party. Every election cycle Democrats always tell seniors that if they aren't elected Social Security will disappear. The poor always hear come election time that Democrats are the ONLY way the poor will be able to live and other such fear mongering lies.

Obama has taken the usual Democrat fear tactics to a new level seeking to not only create fear in duped supporters but to anger them enough to rise even violently against the evil rich who Obama has chosen to vilify in his quest for reelection. The Occupy Wall Street movement is a direct result of Obama's fear mongering and anger building and we have seen the disgusting results and lunatic ramblings of those involved in it with Obama's backing.

But setting aside the usual Democrat method of operation at election time and even Obama's taking it to a new level, this election cycle Obama is using fear as a means of garnering votes because he has NOTHING else. If he tells the truth about his record even duped supporters will see the light when faced with the overwhelming evidence of the complete and absolute failure of Obama as President and his policy of destruction for our country.

Sure, no matter what he says there will still be some who will support him regardless because they are completely insane, but most with even an ounce of brain matter if faced with the absolute truth of the Obama failure and the vast majority of the pain that we are suffering as a Nation is a direct response to his policy, spending, debt creation and stifling of American business and the American worker, even the most blind eyes may begin to open and many more who worship at the Obama alter will jump ship and look elsewhere for a candidate.

So his only option is to scare duped voters by creating such an atmosphere of fear that they will be afraid to NOT vote for him. Which is just another way of securing the duped as greater dependents on him, his policy and as a result the government. The anger he seeks to instill against the evil rich creates a separation of Americans who seek to be independent of government and those who blindly follow the socialized dependency to government making those who are independent and fulfilling the American dream and the intent of the Founders for our people, the object of hate, anger and perceived evil and responsible for all of Americas problems.

This is the goal of Obama, the direction he is taking as he seeks reelection and his complete campaign strategy for 2012. Divide by hate, encourage anger between fellow Americans, create fear to cause the duped to run to him and use all of this as the means to regain The White House so he can continue his path of destruction of American and the elimination of freedom and individuality this land.

He could care less about the truth because the truth means his defeat. He could care less about the Constitution because the Constitution is an obstacle preventing him from reshaping America into his socialist image. He could care less about those in business who actually create jobs because they stand in the way of his goal of making all Americans completely dependent on government. This is the real Barack Obama and this is who we must defeat and who we will be fighting for the next year as he continues and yes, expands his crusade of fear and division to win reelection.

Ken Taylor

Friday, October 28, 2011


Article I of The United States Constitution established the Legislative Branch, The Congress. Article II established The Executive Branch, The Presidency. Article III established the Judicial Branch, The Supreme Court and Federal Court system. Three separate Branches of government with separate powers to specifically create a check and balance system of government to prevent any one man or group of men the ability to become a dictator, tyrant or establish any Monarchy.

Barack Obama does not believe nor accept this Constitutional principle which established by law the separation of powers and checks and balances of our government because Obama is more interested in total control through the Presidency and using his executive power to bypass Congress and create government give-aways to bribe duped voters into reelecting him in 2012.

In a blatant disregard for The Constitution so much so that he arrogantly announces his disregard and his plan to violate the separation of powers of The Constitution as he announced several times during his ridiculous tax payer funded campaign tour to push his jobs bill, finishing up with a new ,"plan," to change the way Student Loans are handled, Obama stated on the record that he had instructed , "his administration," to find any and all ways to begin the provisions in his jobs bill and change the Student Loan program, "without Congress."

The reason our Founders established three Branches with separate powers was to prevent exactly what Obama is trying to do. One man forcing policy, spending the peoples money and dictating what government does without the people or the Representatives of the people involved. In other words a tyrannical dictator who cares nothing about Constitutional principles and arrogantly believes that ONLY he knows what to do and how to do it.

What makes matters worse are the crowds who were selected to attend the Obama circus and listen to these arrogant, divisive and dictatorial speeches actually cheered when he told of his instruction to his administration to do whatever they had to do to implement his jobs bill and student loan changes without Congress.

A President has NO CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY to appropriate money, or change any program that involves funding such as the student loan program. The Constitution is very specific in this, ALL bills of any financial origin must begin in The House and then pass through the Senate BEFORE they reach the President who can then sign or VETO and if VETOED then RETURN to Congress for revision or to die a legislative death.

Yet Obama ignores this Constitutional law and instructs his administration to find any and all ways to implement the jobs bill which will cost half a trillion dollars and change the student loan program which uses tax payer money without Congress, the peoples Representatives and therefore ignoring the people of The United States and acting as a dictator.

We are not a third world dictatorship. We are not an Autocratic society where one man has the power to implement anything much less program that spend the peoples money and waste it for his personal political gain to shore up his base for a reelection bid which is perilous at best.

I have always had a certain amount of respect for any man who has held the awesome office of President of the United States. Although I completely disagreed with Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton there was still a certain amount of respect because of the office they held. I have absolutely NO respect for Barack Obama and am disgusted with him, the direction he is taking our country and especially the lie he told on January 20, 2009 when he stated with his hand on the Bible of Abraham Lincoln that he would, "preserve, protect and defend The Constitution of The United States."

Anyone who still supports Barack Obama a liar who seeks to destroy America, act as a dictator and ignore our Constitution and the people, no longer believes in our country and all that we as a Nation stand for. Obama and those who still support him and what he does insult the thousands who have died defending the very Constitution and principles of freedom and liberty that are America and spit on the graves of the brilliant men who founded the United States of America.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


When the deal which allowed the raising of the debt ceiling was passed little was known about the cut throat plan that Speaker of the House John Boehner agreed to in order to get this debacle passed. Not only did Boehner betray most voters who did not want to see the debt ceiling raised but in a back room deal that was kept under raps during the debate he betrayed our military and caved to demands from the left for massive military cuts.

The Super Committee, that Newt Gingrich has called one of the most stupid ideas ever made by Congress in our history because it has 12 members deciding what the other 523 must pass, is to decide before Thanksgiving where $1.2 trillion dollars in spending is to be found. The Committee is composed of six Republicans and six Democrats none of which have fiscal conservative credentials.

The betrayal by Boehner comes in what happens if the Committee does not decide on the spending cuts by Thanksgiving. Buried in bill that created the Committee and raised the debt ceiling are automatic cuts which will take place the day after Thanksgiving if the Committee fails to make the $1.2 trillion in cuts.

The military will be decimated in automatic spending cuts totalling $600 BILLION dollars. The cuts will eliminate two Carrier Battle Groups, 200,000 troops, 300,000 civilian workers, 30% of our air forces and end the ability of the Marines to mount an expeditionary force.

Democrats have been demanding large defense cuts and to date Republicans have been able to block those cuts because of having a majority in the House. In order to, "get along," and,"compromise," Boehner has opened the door for Democrats to now have their way with massive military cuts with devastating results. Democrats on the Super Committee have no incentive to agree on any cuts to meet the Thanksgiving deadline with the knowledge that if they don't come to agreement the military cuts they have longed for will be automatic.

Thus far the Committee has been unable to agree on anything which comes as no surprise in light of the automatic cuts which will take place if no agreement is made reaching the called for $1.2 trillion dollars. This betrayal by Boehner is a prime example of why we must eliminate by our vote the establishment Republicans who follow the usual Washington ways which have resulted in the out of control nightmare we have as a government.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The latest New York Times CBS News poll has Herman Cain moving form a tie with Mitt Romney in the October 3 poll to a 4 point lead with 25% over Romney's 21%. Newt Gingrich still holds the third position with Rick Perry in fourth but fading from the earlier poll.

The media in their continual love affair with Mitt Romney as well as the Obama camp calling him the candidate they need to beat which translates into the candidate they KNOW they can beat, Herman Cain not only holds the lead after a very negative media coverage over the last couple of weeks but has gained 8 points since the October 3 poll.

Unlike Romney or Perry, Cain is still connecting with voters and as such voters are showing more support for him on almost a daily basis. If one were to listen to the pundits and of course the establishment Republicans who want Romney, Cain is still only a flash in the pan. Yet when each poll comes out Romney is stagnating while Cain is gaining and leading over Romney.

Listening to the above video provides a perfect example of the media love affair with Romney. The poll clearly shows Cain in the lead picking up much more than Romney as compared to the October 3 poll, but the reporter and pundits speak only momentarily about Cain while dwelling on how, "steady," Romney is and what Rick Perry needs to do to win.

The more one listens to the establishment Republicans and the media pundits the more obvious it becomes that the strong conservative message of Herman Cain scares them as it did in 1980 when Reagan's conservative message bucked the establishment, connected with the people and propelled him into The White House as the peoples choice for President. Herman Cain is following in the footsteps of Reagan as he too connects with the people and is gradually but surely becoming the people's choice for President.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 23, 2011


When Ronald Reagan ran against Jimmy Carter in the 1980 Presidential election he asked this question during a televised debate between the two candidates, "are you better off than you were four years ago?" This was a little over a week before the general election and voters responded to Reagan's question with a resounding, "no," electing him to the Presidency in one of the largest landslides in out history.

We are just over one year from the 2012 general election in which we the people will make the decision as to whether we continue with the failed polices and destructive decisions and agenda of Barack Obama or elect a new President from a field of very qualified candidates who are vying for the Republican nomination.

While we haven't reached the four year mark quite yet in the Obama Presidency we can ask the question Reagan posed to the American people in the election of 1980 and change the time table to three years rather than four and ask ourselves, "are we better of than we were three years ago?" The resounding answer for every American if we are ALL honest, regardless of our political persuasion should be, "no!"

We have just recently eclipsed the first 1000 days of the Obama Presidency and as is usual the press uses this round figure as they do the 100 day milestone as a measuring stick for a Presidency. The facts of the failure of the Obama Presidency become painfully clear when real and true statistics are seen in light of his first 1000 days. Here are a few examples of the misery brought upon out Nation courtesy of Barack Obama.

- national debt has increased more than $4 TRILLION dollars, $4.2 BILLION per day since he took office which is more increase that the first 79,135 or from 1776 to 1993. That increase has cost an additional $1.2 TRILLION dollars in interest payments on the debt.

- more than 2.22 MILLION jobs have been lost with no end in job loss in sight.

- more than 2.4 MILLION homes have been repossessed due to failed mortgages.

- the average length of unemployment has more than doubled to 40.5 weeks

- the jobless rate has been above 9% for 840 of the 1000 Obama days

- 7,076 new regulatory rules have been issued under the President who campaigned against regulations just to get votes

- more than 12 MILLION more Americans are on food stamps

- gas prices have risen 80% sicnce Obama took office and have been above $3.00 a gallon everyday in 2011

With facts like this it is no wonder the country is in misery under the reign of Barack Obama. Once again if every voter is honest and asked themselves if they are better off now than when Obama became President even those who are among the blame Bush for everything crowd would have to answer a resounding yes.

Sure his most ardent supporters have whined that he hasn't had a chance because of what he inherited, for those who still believe that line of rhetoric consider this additional fact. For the first two years Obama was in office he had a Democrat House and Senate who virtually rubber stamped everything he proposed and he had his way with our economy, our spending, our debt and our very lives. So the reality is that EVERYTHING bringing misery to the American people is on the back of Barack Obama and blaming Bush doesn't work any longer.

Prospects for ANY improvement before the 2012 election is virtually non existent since Obama regardless of the proof in the numbers and the reality of a failed agenda and policy still believes more of the same will work. In fact he has stated for the record that EVERYTHING he has done was the right thing to do and admits no mistakes or failures since taking office. Although the evidence and reality shows just the opposite. His arrogance has no bounds.

In the next year as we approach the 2012 election each of you must decide whether to reelect Obama or choose another direction for our country by electing another to the Oval Office along with election for the House and one third of the Senate. Obama and the Democrats have had their chance to prove what they can do if given full control of our government and the results have been disastrous. The Senate remained under Democrat control in 2010 and all we have had since is complete stagnation as all Obama and his pals in the Senate ONLY want to do is continue their failed agenda and policy.

The 2012 choice is obvious, continue down the path of destruction we have been or vote for a new direction that seeks fiscal sanity and a policy of strength and growth for America. Obama offers neither. Any candidate running for the GOP nomination will be tremendous improvement over Obama. My choice has been made and I am backing Herman Cain because he most fits the conservative values and Constitutional principles I believe this Nation needs to recover and survive. As a voter and an American the decision and direction our country takes lies in our hands.

Ken Taylor

Friday, October 21, 2011


We have listened to the lecturer in chief whine in speech after speech about how his jobs bill will create American jobs. Of course anyone with any fiscal sense at all understands that this is nothing more than another liberal Obama stimulus package that if passed will follow the failed path of the trillion dollar package two years ago.

We have also listened to Obama in speech after speech whine about wanting to see the stamp, "made in America," on goods sold in The United States. So with his rhetoric one would think that Obama policy and his administrations willingness to loan tax payer money as,"stimulus," for business would match his rhetoric and seek to create American jobs with goods manufactured in America right?

WRONG!! It seems that his political agenda for green energy and his anti oil agenda is more important than American jobs and goods manufactured in America. Obama's energy department with the full knowledge of Obama loaned Fisker Karma $529 million dollars for the production of an electric car with the promise of thousands of manufacturing jobs.

Vice President Joe Biden on behalf of his boss heralded the loan in the same manner he did the half billion dollar loan to the now bankrupt and failed Solyndra, the solar energy company that went bankrupt less than a year after receiving a tax payer loan with evidence mounting that the administration was well aware of the financial failure of the company but made the bad loan anyway to push Obama's green energy agenda.

Now in like manner pushing his green energy agenda another half billion dollars of tax payer money is loaned to Fisker Karma for the creation of an electric car and American jobs and goods. The only problem is that it has created manufacturing jobs for workers in FINLAND and NOT The United States. The company that Biden heralded as a job creator for America and good old American goods has been outsourced to Finland using American tax payer money to do so.

When the owner of the company was asked why his company chose to manufacture in Finland rather than The United States he stated,"We're not in the business of failing; we're in the business of winning. So we make the right decision for the business. That's why we went to Finland." From a business stand point his statement makes sense but for the Obama administration to loan a half billion in tax payer dollars to boost workers and manufacturing in Finland makes NO SENSE at all.

In addition to this loan pushing Obama's energy agenda the company also has strong political connections which makes the loan look politically based as well. Fisker Karma Automotive is backed by a venture capital firm whose partners include Al Gore who is well known for his green energy agenda and whose agenda Obama backs without question.

So much for Obama's concern for American jobs. So much for Obama's concern for products made in America. It seems anyone who fits his political agenda and his war against oil companies which is responsible for much of the recent hike in gas prices, is first in line to get US tax payer dollars and first in line to receive the full backing of the Obama White House for business. Obama's whine about US jobs and US goods is just one more lie in a long line of lies that have come out of the mouth of the liar in chief and his temporary position as occupant of the Oval Office.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, October 20, 2011


NATO forces have confirmed an air strike took out the motorcade of Lybian Dictator Muammar Gaddafi and the transitional Lybian government has announce that Gaddafi is dead. After a four decade reign of terror both toward the Lybian people and throughout the world Gaddafi has met his demise.

Gaddafi was considered the most wanted man alive in the eighties due to terrorist activities performed at his bidding most notably the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. President Reagan ordered an air strike against Gaddafi in 1986 for his responsibility in the bombing of a night club in West Berlin which killed 229 people.

Gaddafi has been on the run for several months as rebel forces have defeating his forces in Libya. Gaddafi leaves behind a reign of terror that has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands. Like other dictators who have been eliminated before him Gaddafis demise is a great day for his country and the world.

Ken Taylor


Two examples of the total disconnect of Democrats shined their ugly face, one in a blatantly divisive statement purposefully being used to scare Americans needlessly for political gain, the other statement was just plain stupid. Both were made in conjunction with the all out effort by Democrats to force through the Obama jobs bill which is nothing more that another stimulus package that if passed will fail like the first trillion dollar disaster.

Vice President Joe Biden in a blatant and disgusting statement during a speech touting Obama's jobs bill stated in dramatic fashion that if the bill was not passed to supposedly, "save," the jobs of police officers,"rape and murder would go up." He then followed it by stating that those who are against the bill should experience being on the, "other end of a gun," suggesting that anyone opposing this ridiculous spending plan should experience being the victim of a violent crime.

Democrats are notorious for using blatant scare tactics for political gain usually threatening seniors over Social Security and Medicare by telling them the GOP wants to steal both, but this disgusting statement by Biden suggesting that Republicans who are against Obama's jobs bill favor increased violent crime like murder and rape and they needed to experience both in order to agree with he and Obama is political rhetoric in it most disgusting and ridiculous form.

Harry Reid while not as blatantly disgusting as Biden but equally as stupid stated that the bill must be passed because the public sector is hurting and the private sector is in good shape so the bill will assist the public sector job problems and as such must be passed. This of course coming after reports that Washington DC has the highest median income in the Nation, $126,000 per year because of the exorbitant salaries of US government employees.

According to Harry Reid the private sector has done, "quite well," since Obama became President so the bill must be passed to assist the public sector. Let's see 2.2 million private sector jobs have disappeared under the Obama reign while less than 200,000 public sector jobs have gone away and most of those from the federal government due to cuts at the US Postal Service.

Unemployment is holding steady above 9% with the number closer to 16% when counting those who have simply given up looking for work and according to Reid the private sector is doing, "just fine." How incredibly stupid can one person be? Both of these statements by Biden and Reid show the complete disconnect of Democrats with the country and the people of The United States.

Biden and Reid like their boss Barack Obama refuse to see how their policy and politics have destroyed the country and as such they continue to follow the same failed ideas which have caused high unemployment and virtually decimated the private sector leaving millions without jobs in their wake. That is not just speculation but fact and Democrats especially Obama and the leadership continue down the path of destruction they have brought on our people and our Nation.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Yet another GOP debate was held, this time in Las Vegas and the moderator from CNN, Anderson Cooper was more interested in getting candidates to squabble than having a substance filled issue related debate. Like almost every moderator in this series of debates that have followed basically the same format, Cooper was trying to force zingers and not allow true debate between candidates. These debates are for TV and show and not to allow voters to actually see the candidates and decide who to support.

The number of debates is also taking away from interest, especially since most of the candidates are given little time and the entire debate format is set up for TV sound bites and not serious issue related debating between candidates seeking the highest office in the land. The only candidate who is actually getting a great deal of face time during the debates is the media selected Mitt Romney. In fact a recent survey of all debates to date shows Romney by far getting more time than all the candidates combined other than Rick Perry who came in second with about half the time of Romney.

One minute answers with thirty second rebuttals does not allow a candidate necessary time to express views or real substance. Also the sheer number of the same format debates is causing voters to lose interest especially since the moderators are looking for argumentative sound bites between Romney and Perry and not issue related substance. In an interview with Newt Gingrich the former Speaker of the House mentioned there are 27 more debates scheduled.

I realize the GOP field is large and as such time is limited but a good moderator takes that into consideration and seeks to find answers to real issues and not just sound bites for the daily news broadcasts. Unfortunately there have not been any real moderators in the debates. Bret Baier of Fox News has been the best moderator of the debates but even he still sought good sound bites more often than substance.

The CNN debate on October 18 with Anderson Cooper was a disaster since Cooper seemed to enjoy pitting Romney against Perry, neither of which at the moment are the front runner as most polling has Herman Cain in the lead. But the media favorite Romney still got most of the attention especially when bickering like a child with Perry. The childish bickering is all that any news coverage is telling in the after math of the debate which does nothing to help voters decide on a candidate.

The pundits after the debate touted, as usual, how,"Presidential," Romney looked in the debate. Arguing and bickering with a rival not only DOES NOT look Presidential but again shows that Romney is the media favorite regardless of polls and the way voters are leaning. The majority of the media have picked Romney and he can do no wrong in the debates and always wins and looks Presidential. So much for objective journalism.

Unfortunately for voters this format designed for sound bites and bickering is all we will see in future debates because it makes for what moderators and news executives believe is good TV. My suggestion is to do what we all must do to decide which candidate to back. Forget the debates, sure watch them for the entertainment value they have become, but research and find the candidate that most fits who you want for President and support that candidate. That is how I came to the conclusion that my vote will go to Herman Cain.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The Barack Obama bus tour and tax payer funded circus side show has resumed in Virginia and North Carolina. Both states he won handily in 2008 but now due to his failed policy and even worse economic record both states show a disapproval rating near 60%. So to push his jobs bill, at least that is the official reason so he can use tax payer money and not campaign money, Obama is touring the states making speech after speech. Of course EVERYONE knows all he is doing is campaigning.

Air Force One takes he and his entourage from airport to airport then they board the black motor home style bus, built in Canada, and drive usually less than 30 minutes to each location to give the impression that Obama is down to earth and connecting with the people. Sure, everyone can identify with a multi million dollar motor home and a bus tour that flows from a private 747.

This is pure Obama campaign mode and his claim to be touting his jobs bill in order to force Congress to pass the debacle fools no one. By claiming it as a political tour for policy purposes it allows him to save his personal campaign dollars only to bleed tax payer dollars for his reelection campaign. Yes, every President during a reelection bid uses Presidential perks for campaigning but Obama tries to lie his way around it and uses it far more than any of his predecessors at a much higher cost.

But maybe thieves found a sure fire method to shut up the campaigner in chief. While the Presidential entourage was staying at a Marriott Hotel in Virginia the truck carrying all of the podiums, sound equipment AND the famous Obama TelePrompter was stolen from the parking lot, taken for a joy ride and emptied of about $200,000 dollars of equipment and yes, the TelePrompter.

My question at this point is, was it actually thieves or just Virginians who are tired of hearing the same old Obama trash and rhetoric and by stealing the TelePrompter knew they could SHUT HIM UP! Everyone knows without a TelePrompter Obama is lost and stumbles and bumbles his way through speaking. It is speculated that he needs a TelePrompter to tell his wife good night in the Presidential bedroom.

So maybe instead of a group of kids or thieves looking for a quick buck, it was an extremely irritated voter who are sick of Obama and his rehashed rhetoric which provides no substance and whose policy brings even worse results as the campaigner in chief has taken our country down the path of destruction.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Operation Fast and Furious originally known as Operation Gun Runner is the ill fated, ill advised and just plain stupid ATF plan to try and trace illegal weaponry flowing from The United States into Mexico being used by the Mexican Drug Cartels. A supposed sting operation that although stupid in the premise, supplying guns to the dug cartels in order to find out how the cartels get them, but the truth is that what could have been done with dozens of gun was actually done with thousands of assault weapons AND military weaponry like Rocket Propelled Grenade launchers, grenades and other more lethal weaponry.

What should have never been has now exploded into not just a political scandal which when fully revealed will make Watergate seem like a Sunday School picnic in comparison, is directly responsible for the murder of hundreds of both Mexican and American people and a border patrol agent whose death brought forth a whistle blower that blew the operation wide open for public scrutiny.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder have both denied any knowledge of the operation before March of this year. Holder claims he knew nothing until April just weeks before his testimony before Congress on the matter and Obama claims he found out in March when Holder informed him of the debacle. The conflict of stories between Holder and Obama already questions their knowledge and reveals a cover up in the making.

A video that I have found actually takes the lie being perpetrated by Holder and Obama and moves it from political scandal to questions of whether this operation was part of a larger agenda and whether the President and the Attorney General by their allowance of illegal weapons being sold by the thousands to the cartels causing hundreds of murders for well over a year are both an accessory to murder.

This video reveals that not only did Obama and Holder know of the operation well BEFORE Macrh or April of 2011, but it was instituted by Presidential order with the full knowledge and backing of the AG in March of 2009
The Deputy AG in a presser proudly is announcing the beginning BY PRESIDENTIAL ORDER of Operation Gun Runner later nick named Fast and Furious to try and trace the flow of illegal weaponry from the United States to Mexico.

Yet to listen to both Obama and Holder neither had any knowledge before early this year, months after a border patrol agent was killed in December 2010 by one of the thousands of weapons supplied by the Justice Department to the Cartels through the ATF operation. This administration loves to brag on itself and this time the arrogance may be its downfall.

This unjustified flow of enough illegal weapons to arm a small army, to the cartels murdering hundreds of people cannot be swept under the rug as so much of the activity since Obama has been President because of the willingness of the press to look the other way due to their love affair with Obama.

Both Obama and Holder have lied about their knowledge and both allowed this to continue ONLY stopping it after a whistle blower came forward. Thousands of assault rifles and military weaponry flowing into Mexico. Just the massive amount alone brings into question whether this was more a political agenda than a supposed sting operation.

Throughout his campaign Obama made it clearly known that he was anti Second Amendment and if elected would push for strict gun control legislation to all but eliminate gun ownership. What better way to force a Second Amendment challenge than to use the deaths of hundreds on the Mexican border by the Drug Cartels by thousands of illegal weapons flowing from the US as an excuse for gun control. Of course it was never considered there would be a whistle blower and the public would be made aware of the flow of guns actually being supplied by his administration.

This is more than just a scandal. It is more than just a political problem or an abuse of Presidential power. This is MURDER of hundreds of Mexicans AND Americans by Presidential order and implemented by the Nations top law enforcement official The Attorney General. This cannot be allowed to just disappear or brushed away but MUST be investigated and all those involved INCLUDING Obama and Holder brought to account and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I have forwarded this video to several including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Neal Boortz, Bill O'Reilly, Representative Issa who is heading the investigation, Senators Jim DeMint and John McCain and Fox News. This lie and Presidential ordered murder for a possible political agenda MUST be blown open and not allowed to be swept under the carpet.

Ken Taylor

Friday, October 14, 2011


Fast and Furious, the ATF, "sting," operation that was claimed to be a way of following the flow of illegal weapons from The United States into Mexico but in reality only provide thousands of weapons to the Mexican drug cartels killing hundreds while directly being responsible for the death of a US border patrol agent who was kiled by a weapon supplied though the ill advised, illegal and frankly stupid operation.

Barack Obama has denied any knowledge of the plan until March of 2011 although the operation began in early 2009. Eric Holder denied any knowledge of it until April, 2011 just weeks before his first testimony before Congress during hearings on this ATF debacle that falls under the jurisdiction of Holder through the Justice Department.

Holder denied Obama having knowledge of this during his testimony yet Obama specifically said he knew as early as March in an interview with CNN after Holder's testimony. Yet, according to the video above both Obama and Holder are lying about their knowledge of the operation and the timing of their learning of it. The video above is a presser held by a Justice Department Deputy AG in MARCH 2009, when the operation started and in the video it is stated that the operation was begun by PRESIDENTIAL ORDER with the full knowledge and backing of HOLDER AND JUSTICE!

According to the video announcement, not only did both Obama and Holder know about this debacle from the beginning but the operation was approved by an Obama order and implimented by Holder's department with Holder''s backing. Which means not only are both lying but both allowed the flow of thousand of illegal weapons including RPGs into Mexico arming the drug cartels with enough to arm a small army directly causing the deaths of hundreds of both Mexicans and Americans and the border patrol agent in DECEMBER 2010 just before the ATF whistle blower blew the lid off the operation.

So the question begs to be asked, "was this an operation to push a political agenda designed to force a Second Amendment challenge resulting in increased gun control legislation due to the gun violence on the Mexican border?" And are Obama and Holder both guilty of violating the law and indirectly responsible for murder since this nightmare was allowed to continue with their personal knowledge also knowing that bundreds were being killed by thousands of illegal weapons flowing to the Cartels provided by the ATF by Presidential and Justice Department orders.

If any of the above is fact and I hope the investigation started by Congressman Issa will blow this debacle sky high, then operation Fast and Furious will make Watergate seem like a Sunday School outing in comparison for the Constitutional violations, illegal activities, knowledge of the President and AG, lying to Congress and the public by both and especially the deaths they would be responsible for by allowing this to continue as it did.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, October 13, 2011


For those who still think the rise of Herman Cain was just a passing phase the most recent Wall Street Journal poll has the former CEO of Godfathers pizza with a 27% to 23% lead over Mitt Romney the RINO acting conservative who most have already crowned as the GOP nominee.

In a media atmosphere including some on Fox News the rise of Cain is almost presented with an apology when mentioned with Romney. As if the,"shock," of anyone except the media favorite candidate leading or rising in the polls is a fluke because only the media truly knows how voters think.

Cain has come from nowhere and his win in the Florida Straw Poll which is usually won by the candidate that forked over the most money in the poll, which by the way was NOT Cain, has provided Cain a great deal of media coverage and voters have finally had an opportunity to hear this brilliant man and his passion for our country along with real common sense solutions to the issues that plague our Nation along with the virus that currently resides in the Oval Office.

As a result the vast number of voters who had not known much about Cain before his Florida win are now seeing him and liking what they see. He is truly the anti establishment candidate and his conservative credentials are impeccable. Yet pundits who have already crowned Romney still dismiss Cain not quite able to explain why except that Romney has raised more money than Cain and therefore can't be beat.

Let me remind everyone of the 2008 GOP campaign for the nomination. Mitt Romney was a candidate then and ran with the largest by far war chest of all the candidates. Almost double that of John McCain. Romney not only did not win with the big bucks but actually finished third behind the GOP Nominee McCain and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

Big bucks does not a campaign or a winner make. A clear and strong message that resonates with voters while dealing with the issues that voters are most concerned with still wins election in America and that is why Cain has surged in the polls and why his message is winning the support of voters all around the country. Herman Cain is quickly becoming Americas choice for President of The United States. A true patriot who will restore Constitutional values and principles to our Nation and fiscal sanity to Washington.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The United States Constitution provides a clear and unquestionable avenue to legally pass legislation, approve all funding and separating the powers of the three branches of government so that one man or group of men cannot dictate to the government or the people without the balance instilled through the Constitution by our Founders. Barack Obama evidently does not care about this Constitutional balance nor the protection it provides to the American people from a tyrannical government or politician.

At a meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his, "Jobs Council," the Tyrant in Chief instructed the Council to dig through his jobs bill that failed to pass the Senate in a vote that included both party opposition, and,"identify all those areas in which we can act administratively without additional congressional authorization and just get it done." As a candidate Obama condemned the use of the Executive Order claiming that it bypassed the legal Constitutional provisions of separation of powers yet as President he has used it as a means of forcing through his agenda specifically to bypass the Constitutional protection that separation of powers provides to prevent a tyrannical move by any politician. Now to expand government, increase spending and kill jobs once again Obama tells his Council to find a way to bypass Congressional approval to fund and implement his jobs bill.

This once again emphasises how Obama has no respect for The Constitution nor the people of The United States for whom the Constitution was written to provide protection FROM the government preventing tyrannical control which is what Obama seeks to do. Congress is not passing his jobs bill because they understand it is doomed to failure just as the $1.3 trillion dollar stimulus from 2009 failed to produce jobs or stimulate the economy. In fact the 2009 stimulus is directly responsible for increased unemployment and stagnating the economy. The current jobs bill seeks more of the same and as such would have the same failed results. So Congress is not and will not pass it.

So rather than accept the Constitutional path for legislation and the administering of government spending, Obama seeks to bypass the law and implement this disaster without Congress using the Executive Order as the means to dictate his will to the American people. His arrogance has no end. His idiocy has no bounds. His tyrannical move to socialize our Nation has no end and his determination to place himself above the law and the Constitution puts him along with Richard Nixon who believed that as President he could do whatever he wished since as Nixon stated, "if the President does it is is not illegal." Both violated the Constitution and both broke the law in the process.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The ATF operation known as Fast and Furious where more than 2000 weapons were allowed to be sold across the border of Mexico in order to supposedly be used by ATF as a means of tracing illegal gun trade at our Southern border was not only a botched illegal operation but takes with it the Nations highest law office Attorney General Eric Holder.

Holder has repeatedly denied any knowledge of the operation until April of this year just before his testimony before Congress in early May. Yet document after document has surfaced showing that Holder, while not necessarily having knowledge of this highly questionable operation from its beginning in 2009, did know as early as July of 2010 a full six months before the murder of a US border agent by one of the very weapons used in the ATF gun running scheme.

That being the case Holder knowingly allowed illegal weaponry to flow over the border which have caused hundreds of deaths including one of our border agents. Had Holder even not known about the operation which is highly unlikely, the ATF falls under his jurisdiction and with absolute knowledge of the operation known by top Justice officials as early as March 2012, Holder is either stupid or has absolute no control of the out of control Justice department.

His lack of any type of credible leadership at Justice especially over this operation but the very real probability that he had knowledge of it for six months before the agents death and still allowed it DEMANDS his resignation and even the possibility of an indictment for his involvement in allowing illegal weapons to cross the border, sting or no sting operation.

During his campaign for President, Barack Obama made in known that he was not a Second Amendment advocate. In fact his opposition was so strong that after his election through the first months of his administration gun stores around the country could not keep ammunition on the shelves due to a run by legal gun owners buying ammo for fear Obama would force a Second Amendment challenge through an Executive Order placing hampering regulation on legal gun owners.

This,"sting," operation flooding the borders with illegal weapons for more than A YEAR and more than 2000 weapons not including grenade launchers and other heavier weapons is believed by many as part of the Obama attack on the Second Amendment using the deaths of hundreds through violence and weaponry on our Southern border as a means of forcing a Second Amendment challenge and legislation forcing ridiculous regulation and eliminating citizens right to own and keep guns.

This entire operation wreaks of scandal, illegal activity and a political agenda from an administration that has been allowed to get away with literally murder in order to force an agenda and destroy our country for political expedience that follows the Barack Obama hope and change platform that has been an absolute nightmare for America. Holder must go and the investigation must follow to even include whether anyone in The White House had knowledge of this completely illegal debacle that has cost hundreds of lives and a US border agent.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 09, 2011


If one were to actually pay attention to the main stream media, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and others on the left, one would think the Founders of our country had been reincarnated and found a rebirth in the form of the loons who are part of the fledgling, "Occupy Wall Street, " or , "DC, or "Atlanta," or any other city where these small groups are gathering to supposedly protest greed in America.

Signs saying completely asinine statements like, "I quit my job to occupy Wall Street," or threatening signs like, "Jump you, %$*&#)@<" (expletive deleted), and hoards of other signs filled with profanity, sexual innuendos, calls for the death of Capitalism, the death of America as a free society changed rather to the socialist, "utopia," where being prosperous is evil and everyone stands together singing Kum Ba Yah.

Loons like Roseanne Barr and Michael Moore both who have made fortunes thanks to the free market Capitalist society they are now protesting calling for the end of our freedoms and the institution of a tyrannical government that will force the ,"rich," to give up their wealth for the betterment of society. I haven't heard either say how much of THEIR wealth they were willing to give up for the cause they are so willing to whine about.

Barack Obama came out praising the Occupy Wall Street crowds calling for them to continue while all the while his class warfare rhetoric has brought on the violence that has been associated with the small crowds who are in New York City and tried to crash through the doors of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC on Saturday.

The left leaning Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg has come out against the protesters as they have disrupted NYC and cause the cities sanitation workers to work overtime cleaning up the mess these supposed caring people are leaving in their wake. Trashed parks, trashed city streets, unsanitary conditions and literally garbage all over the place costing the good citizens of NYC millions of tax payer dollars to clean up since these protesters are to LAZY to clean up after themselves.

When interviewed most are almost incoherent as they try to,"explain," what they are doing and why. Those who are understandable sound like they are looking for Vladimir Lenin to come riding on his red horse saving America with a Bolshevik Revolution to unite the masses under the sickle and hammer and bring the rich to their knees.

When the crowds did grow to larger numbers temporarily in NYC the true colors of the financial backing of this supposed,"grass roots," movement came to light as hundreds of Union members and leaders suddenly appeared from nowhere to stand and march with the loons who have been sleeping in the streets claiming to have occupied Wall Street.

Some have even tried to compare this loon movement to the Tea Party and its true grass roots birth and growth. Yet I don't remember anyone having to clean up after the Tea Party gatherings. Nor have reports of people quitting their jobs to protest about jobs ever appeared with any of the Tea Party gatherings. In fact many stories have beeb told of proud Tea Partiers taking their vacation times so they could attend Tea Party protests to stand with like minded Americans.

Another major difference between the two is that the Tea Party is protesting overbearing government and calling for the return to true Constitutional principles as our Founders intended for this Nation with limiting government and allowing the free market NOT government to determine business while the limitation of government allows a free people to live in the liberties instilled by our Constitution and our Founders.

The Occupy Wall Street crowds are calling for MORE government, the end the free market, the elimination of Constitutional freedoms giving them over to a government that will punish prosperity and redistribute wealth in the mode of the Communist Soviet Union. To listen to Obama, Pelosi and others who are praising this movement, the Founders would be in the streets with the protesters.

In reality the Founders fought against the very things these protesters are calling for and are rolling over in their graves as the very leadership in the Oval Office and those of his party are praising calls for the end of the freedoms the Founders fought and yes many died to bring to this Nation. The Founders would have stood with the Tea Party movement as they fought for the very same principles which are in complete contrast to those of the,"occupiers," and the leaders from the left who support them.

This is not a movement for freedom as they claim but one demanding tyranny in the from of more government and control of the people ending prosperity and the liberties that have made our country great. We fought wars to free people all over Europe from the tyranny the Occupy Wall Street crowd is demanding and yet those who stand at the head of our government from The White House to the Democrat leadership praise the groups who are spitting on the graves of our Founders and the thousands of Americans who have given their lives to defend the freedoms and principles this Occupy Wall Street crowd are calling to end.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, October 06, 2011


The 2012 Presidential election is just over a year away and the GOP field has eight candidates who are running for the opportunity to challenge the weak and failed Barack Obama for the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. All eight candidates offer different plans and approaches to solving the problems facing our country many of which are the direct responsibility of the socialist agenda of Obama.

To overcome the decline our Nation is suffering we need a strong conservative person to lead this country back to the Constitutional principles, fiscal sanity and strong standing in the world that is necessary for the survival of our country and the future direction our Nation must go both at home and abroad. Every candidate vying for the GOP nomination would be a tremendous improvement in the Oval Office over its current occupant.

After considering the options and the credentials of the candidates Herman Cain stands out as the man who can bring the strong conservative leadership we need to restore our Nation to the Constitutional principles and fiscal discipline needed to bring our country back from the abyss that is Barack Obama. Cain is a strong conservative who offers no nonsense detailed solutions that are Constitutional and will decrease spending, debt and deficits.

Cain's 9-9-9 tax reform plan brings a fresh and necessary change to the tax code that will be fair and balanced to all Americans while simplifying the code making it easier and understandable, encompassing all income brackets fairly as well as those who avoid taxes by being off the radar since it involves a 9% consumption tax.

Cain as a successful business man understands fiscal responsibility and how to reign in spending, decreasing debt and deficits. He believes in the Constitutional premise of limited government allowing the people to determine their destiny rather than government dictating it. Cain understands that a small lean government is what the Founders intended and he will work toward making that a reality.

Cain offers real plans for real problems rather than vague ideas painted with a broad brush and high sounding words to tickle the fancy of voters. He sees the greatness of The United states and like Ronald Reagan believes in the people and the ability of Americans to be the exceptional free people that we are without government binding the Nation with overbearing regulation and a forced dependency upon a tyrannical force in Washington DC.

He knows Obamacare must be repealed as it is unconstitutional and destructive to jobs and the financial prospect of America and Americans. He has created jobs as a successful business man and knows that ONLY the private sector can employ the unemployed and will move government out of the way in order to allow business to do what it does best, create jobs and grow the economy.

Cain see the threats that are around the world from the danger of Terrorism, Iran and Syria to the menace of North Korea. He is a friend of Israel and knows that ONLY a strong and powerful American can keep our Nation and her people secure as well as our standing in the world as its only super power.

Cain sees the problem with illegal aliens and knows a secure border with a fence is the answer and enforcing current laws to stem the tide of illegals that are draining our resources by milking the system and staying off the radar. Cains stance on immigration will bring them out of the shadows and his consumption tax will cause even illegals to be contributors to our revenue.

Herman Cain will fight the fight of the American people and not play the Washington song and dance game. He has stated he has been asked how as a Washington outsider how he knows how Washington works. His answer is simple Washington DOESN'T work and that is why as a Washington outsider he brings the fresh needed leadership to a town that has long played the same old games that have helped lead to the shape we find ourselves in now.

He knows that Obama is a complete failure and it will take strong and conservative leadership to repair the damage done since he took office in 2009. Cain knows the task will not be easy but with steadfast and strong leadership filling the void that exists now our country can rise like the Phoenix and become the shining city on the hill that Reagan knew we are and should always be.

Herman Cain by his conservatism, detailed answers for today's problems and no nonsense straight forward approach without playing the usual political song and dance game we see in candidates like Romney and Perry has earned my endorsement and my vote for the Republican nomination and President of The United States. Herman Cain the conservative solution for 2012.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


There are many who have called the recent rise in the polls of Herman Cain a fluke that was the result of a good showing in the last debate and the Florida Straw Poll. A fluke that will fade and drop the former Godfather's Pizza CEO back into the second tier of candidates. But recent polling shows otherwise.

Gallup has Cain leading Perry and Romney who own 18% and 19% respectively with a strong 30% showing. Zogby mirrors the Gallup poll. CBS new released their poll showing Cain tied with Romney at 17% and Perry falling behind both. In all three polls the top tier is finished out with Newt Gingrich in fourth place and all other candidates in low single digits.

When Cain first entered the race he was a virtual unknown except to those who were familiar with him as a radio host of his own right and a regular fill in for Neal Boortz syndicated show out of Atlanta, Georgia. He was a Fox News contributor who occasionally made guest appearances on the Sean Hannity radio and television show. So how has this virtual unknown risen to front runner in the GOP Presidential field?

Simple, he has a no nonsense, understandable strong conservative message that provides detailed answers to the issues that face our Nation and he has no qualms about telling it like it is where Washington is concerned and the failure of Barack Obama. Cains 9-9-9 plan is resonating with voters as it reforms the tax code in a manner that is understandable, fair and balanced for all tax payers regardless of income, corporate or personal taxes and encompasses those who have not paid any taxes as it adds a 9% consumption tax to the mix.

Cain's outsider status from a political stand point coming from a successful business back ground is also popular with voters as he is the only candidate who has not been involved in politics of any form yet understands how the system works and offers real solutions on how to fix it. His ability to stand against the establishment while bringing detailed answers rather than vague possibilities gives voters a platform they can identify with and support.

Cain is also a true unabashed conservative whose credentials as a conservative are unquestionable as opposed to the RINO/Romneycare status of Mitt Romney and the very questionable record of Rick Perry who has ruffled a lot of conservative feathers by his immigration stance in Texas and his willingness to use Executive Orders to force SDT shots for 12 year old girls as Governor.

Cain brings to the table real solutions, conservative principles, a strong Constitutional stance on limiting government and deregulating as government shrinks, reducing the debt and deficit and making the tax system fair, balanced and simple which is a reform that has been needed for decades. His foreign policy restores American strength and credibility while supporting Israel and standing firm against the threats in the Middle east like Iran and Syria.

Cain is the real deal and voters understand it. His lack of visibility in the media prior to the Florida Straw Poll is the only reason this strong conservative has been a virtual unknown. Those of us who have been familiar with Cain through his radio and television appearances have known since day one that Herman Cain is a conservative who can win and a conservative who will bring fiscal and political sanity back to Washington. A fluke? Not hardly!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, October 04, 2011


It is not only past time for Eric Holder to resign and resign quickly but it may be time for Holder to serve time for his illegal activities as Attorney General of The United States. He has been ramrod over the most corrupt Justice Department possibly in our history and now it has been revealed that he not only lied to Congress about his knowledge of the Fast and Furious debacle but knew about it long before he claims to have known.

In case you're not familiar with Fast and Furious it was an operation where ATF allowed thousands of weapons to cross the Mexican border and fall into the hands of drug lords in the drug cartels that are creating havoc on both the US and Mexican border. The, "sting," operation was not only illegal but the weapons were traced and found used in several murders near the border, one in which a border patrol police officer was killed.

An ATF agent came clean and blew the whistle on the operation that allowed the weapons to cross the border and Congress held hearings on the matter to get to the bottom of this illegal action and just who knew and why. Since the ATF falls under the jurisdiction of the Justice Department Holder was called before Congress to testify as to his knowledge of the operation.

First Holder denied any knowledge and told Congress he was conducting an investigation to find who was involved in the debacle and how it came about in the ATF. Then it was learned that Holder did know about the operation so he changed his story to one in which he claimed to have recently found out about the operation just before his Congressional testimony in May 2011.

New reports have come out showing that not only did Holder know about the operation well before his testimony but his knowledge extended back far enough to know the operation was not only taking place but was a continuing operation that he made no move to stop. His knowledge extends back to July 2010 and the operation did not end until near the end of 2010 shortly after the death of the border patrol officer.

Holders reaction to this new revelation is he misunderstood the question asked him during his Congressional testimony when prodded as to when he knew of the operation. How stupid does he think we are? Asked, when did you know about the operation and he misunderstood the question and gave a wrong date? This is a classic cover for someone who knows he willingly perjured himself and is trying to cover his lie.

Holder has been corrupt since day one as Attorney General and has been given a free pass by his boss, Barack Obama, the media and even Congress who have let him slide several times during hearings over problems in Justice. Now he has gone far enough in his corruption to willingly allow the loss of life to cover his knowledge of an illegal operation.

Holder should resign IMMEDIATELY and this debacle known as Fast and Furious should bring indictments to those involved and those who knew of the operation allowing it to continue. Holder should be first on the list of indictments and brought before the court to face the penalty for his illegal actions and his willingness to allow people to die to cover for his lies and his corruption.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 02, 2011


"You don't lead by hitting people over the head - that's assault, not leadership." DWIGHT EISENHOWER

Leadership, a quality that few have and many think they have. Leadership does not automatically appear when anyone finds themselves elected to public office especially one as powerful and important as the Presidency of The United States. Our Nation has had great leaders beginning with our first President George Washington and we have had our share of terrible leaders. Jame Buchanan, and Jimmy Carter are among the worst. Yet none have matched the complete lack of leadership while pretending to be a leader as Barack Obama.

Now this leader wanna be has stooped to the lowest form of feigned leadership. Scolding, lecturing, belittling and telling the American people we have grown soft and only HE can toughen us up again. As Eisenhower said in the quote at the beginning of this post, hitting people over the head, blaming them for any and everything while scolding and condemning them is not leadership it is assault of the worst kind. The assault of the human spirit and for we Americans an assault and an insult to our finest quality as Americans, exceptionalism and strength through freedom.

Throughout his failed tenure as President, Obama has used the Presidential,"bully pulpit," to scold those who do not bow to his wishes or agenda, condemning Americans for prospering, apologizing for American greatness and used his temporary position as Chief Executive as a platform to belittle America and Americans rather than inspire, lift up and lead as a true and successful President should.

People all have at least one thing in common regardless of race, creed, back ground or standing. When they are constantly barraged with negativism, condemnation and assault upon who they are, how they live and what they do, they tend to believe it and act accordingly. This is why leadership is so important. Not that Americans cannot survive without a real leader or continue to be the exceptional people that we are, but a vacuum of leadership especially in The White House drags the country and our people down taking with it the very exceptionalism that makes our Nation great and a hope to the world.

When we hear nothing but negative from leadership or constant blame without the leader taking any responsibility for his actions, we come to a point where we as a people throw up our hands and say, "what's the use," since nothing we do seems to matter or fighting to make things better finds no avenues of seeming success as the leader continues to condemn and turn a deaf ear on the cries and anger of the people.

We hear how nothing can be done because Washington is so partisan which polarizes government so nothing can be accomplished. First let me inform those who may not know or understand Washington has ALWAYS been partisan and ALWAYS been argumentative with party bickering and spite. That is the nature of politics and the nature of how people who have any type of power work whether it is government or business. That has not changed since the Founding of our country and will not change as long people are involved.

The problem is not partisanship or bickering but the vacuum of leadership in The White House. Our Founders understood the nature of people and in our Constitution created three Branches of government as a check and balance system but placed among those Branches an Executive to provide leadership for that balance in order to allow for this free Republic to work on a governmental level while using the other two Branches as a force to prevent the Executive from becoming a dictatorship.

Ronald Reagan understood the necessity of strong leadership in the Executive Branch better than any President of the 20th Century. He never had majorities in Congress to agree with his policy. He never had Republican party leadership that sided with him to force through his agenda. In fact with the exception of his first two years in Office when the GOP controlled the Senate, Reagan had a Democrat Congress to deal with throughout his Presidency.

So how did he get so much done and so much of it in line with his conservative agenda when the Congress was mostly liberal? He was a strong, true and very decisive leader. He stood fast to his principles and expressed those principles regularly to the American people who rallied to him because his principles matched those of most Americans. As a result a partisan Congress had no choice but to follow most of Reagan's leadership because the people backed his policy and agenda.

When he spoke to the people he never condemned Americans for not backing him. He never told us how soft we had become or how we had lost our edge as Obama did recently in an interview that insults the core of who we are as a people and a country. Even as America was ground to a halt in the midst of a terrible economy, high unemployment, massive inflation and a weak foreign policy stemming from the failed policy and weak leadership of Jimmy Carter, Reagan encouraged Americans by reminding us constantly of who we are and the greatness of our Nation and our people.

We responded to his encouragement. We reacted to his optimism. We embraced his vision of the shining city on a hill and we grew as a people and a country recovering from the malaise of Carter into the exceptionalism of Reagan. Reagan told us our best days were not behind us but yet to come and we as a people responded to his leadership and our best days became better with EVERY passing day.

Reagan was a leader while Obama is a loser and as a loser he has become a virus on the face of our Nation as he uses his, "bully pulpit," to spread that virus bringing the malaise of Carter back to this country multiplied exponentially since Obama is a more severe virus than Carter and a greater vacuum of leadership has been created by his failure and condemnation of our people our Nation and our very way of life.

The 2012 election presents the American people with a decision that will determine whether we grow as a people and Nation or stagnate into oblivion allowing the current virus in The White House to completely over take us and destroy even the very foundation of our beloved Republic. We will not elect another Reagan because he only comes along once.

But we must elect a leader who will take responsibility and not blame the people for Americas problems. A leader like Reagan who believes in the people and the freedom of the people to prosper. A leader who will understand that we are an exceptional Nation and people and through that exceptionalism and our freedom from government can accomplish anything and everything. With that type of leadership America will recover and we will grow and rise from the ashes of Obama to the grand and glorious sunshine of the shining city on the hill that Reagan knew as America and her people.

Ken Taylor

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