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Sunday, September 30, 2007


I am witnessing something in this wonderful land we call America that would bring tears to the eyes of George Washington. A movement within this country that if it had existed in this same form in 1776, these anti patriot zealots would have called the Continental Army warmongers, the Continental Congress trouble makers and the Declaration of Independence a propaganda piece by right wingers.

It is politically wrong in this land we love to wave the flag, say the pledge, pray to God and believe that the fight for liberty and freedom is a fight worth dying for! Children are refusing to say the pledge and it is considered good. Yet no one has questioned why they chose to do this. They were not born to say no to saying the pledge. They did not just wake up one morning and say, " I am not going to say the pledge today." They were taught, whether by liberal teachers or by parents who think patriotism is stupid, they were taught !

Yes the decision to not say the pledge was of their own accord and is within their Constitutional rights and they in this free country must never be forced to say it, but the fact that they made that decision IS because they were taught by someone that saying the pledge is wrong!

While this one act is not that significant in the grand scheme of things it is among a large current that flows within this nation that says it is not PC to wave the flag, recite the pledge, believe that this is, "one nation under God," feel a rise in ones heart when the National Anthem is sung, cheer when and enemy is defeated in battle and just plain be proud to be an American.

The politically correct idea now is to blame America for the worlds problems, attack traditional American values, insult our best military leaders, spit on the flag rather that fly it in pride of our heritage and our freedoms and bow to the world rather than stand strong and firm in the ideals and truths that this is the strongest and greatest nation on Earth.

First, America bows to no one but God. Yes this is the land of freedom of religion and all religions are accepted and find a home in this free nation. But this is also the land that was founded on Judeo/Christian values and ideas and believing that as well as practicing the same is not only our right as Americans but an intricate part of our heritage.

Countless conspiracy nuts like Ward Churchill, ( sad that he shares the same name as Sir Winston), claim everyday that we attacked our own buildings and killed our own people on 9/11 just to go to war. To those I say , "get over it, " and understand that it was Americans who died in those planes and buildings. It was Americans who ran into the burning rubble to save lives, it was Americans who sifted through the rubble searching for any sign of survivors. And it was America herself who was brutally attacked by an evil enemy who had no justification or right to hijack our planes and kill our people ! And it is American who has the right to fight in retaliation for those who were killed and to prevent it from happening again!

This politically correct crowd, who also just happen to be to the left of the political spectrum and claim as their own many within the halls of our own Congress, think that WE are the cause of world strife and problems. They , "feel, " for those nations who call America the great satan, or who scream of American power attempting to force itself on the world. Yet when any, and I mean any of these countries who lash out at us are hurting whether by natural disaster or at the hands of an evil dictator, who do they cry to first and loudest....The United States of America.

It is we who dry the worlds tears, feed the worlds hungry, free the worlds captives and liberate the nations who live under an iron fist. It is America who is first to act when an earthquake or tsunami destroys and kills. And it is American who opens her heart and gives until their seems no more to give then opens her heart even more and gives again.

Then when all the dust clears and the waters recede do we demand thanks ? No, and in most instances all we get is condemnation from the very same people we helped and accusation by the left in our own country of American Imperialism and how we caused the disaster or are destroying the world. So should we stop giving ? No, because THAT IS the American way!

Almost every country in this world owes its very existence to this land of the free and home of the brave. We either have liberated them from the grip of tyrants like ALL of the nations of Europe or American money and technology has allowed the people of the worlds nations a better existence and a brighter future.

Yet we never seek a thank you or reparations from the people we liberate or provide a better life and many times all we receive is hatred and condemnation. Many on the left in our own country join in with the hate America movement while enjoying the freedoms that give them the right to hate and condemn and some even use those freedoms to acquire huge fortunes BECAUSE of America while hating the country and condemning everything she does.

Well this is one American who is sick and tired of the politically correct, the blame American first crowd, the hate patriotism gurus and the liberals who think we should bow to the world and socialize America. I am proud to be an American. Glad to live in the greatest nation God has ever blessed to exist on this Earth. I proudly fly my flag, raise my hand to my heart and pledge my allegiance to this , "one nation under God." I am not ashamed to shed a tear upon singing God Bless America. I am glad that my heart bursts with pride when the drum rolls and the stirring words of our Nation Anthem begin.

I want this nation to seek out and destroy our enemies BEFORE they can do the same to us. I love the men and women of The United States military and am proud of every one of them and give a heart filled thank you for their sacrifice and service. When I see an F -15 fly over head I know that it is crying the sound of freedom when it kicks in the afterburners. When I see the wake of the worlds oceans fall beside the massive American Aircraft Carriers I cheer them on and am glad that they represent my home and my flag.

If this is politically incorrect then BY GOD I AM PROUD TO BE SO! To those who call me wrong I say, I will die to defend your right to act and think as you do BECAUSE that is freedom, but I challenge you to find anywhere in this world where you CAN say what you do, hate the country that allows you to do so and not face some type of retribution for saying it! Until then, remember that like it or not THIS is the greatest and most powerful nation on earth and though many who are patriots and flag waving Americans are not as vocal as you, you are in the minority and that most Americans love this land and will die to keep her FREE!

God Bless America!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Remember the days of Edger Bergen and Charlie McCarthy ? Now we have a new ventriloquist on the block. Moveon . org has a wide range of liberal puppets. The Hildabeast, Barack Obada, John Dredwards, Christopher Dud, No Abiden, Dennis Kusnithchen, and Nil Richardson.
The quickest way to break the government, the back of the American people and usher in a new age of American Socialism. Elect the Hildabeast and she will give us all Universal Death Care.
AchmaHITLERad came claiming peace in our time. Neville Chamberlain met with and appeased him at Columbia University. He then went to the UN and President Bush and the US delegation left in Winston Churchill fashion!
Democrats want to negotiate with terrorists at any cost. So do Republicans. The difference is the manner of the negotiations. Democrats send Damascus Nancy and Company. Republicans send Presidents in the form of the USS Ronald Reagan and USS Abraham Lincoln. Followed with a swift round of negotiation by Secretary of State F - 15. The next phase of negotiations is a large contingent of diplomats from the Army and the Marines. Who do you think the terrorists will listen to ?
Irrelevant, irresponsible, anti - American, run by Despots and Dictators and totally corrupt. AchmaHITLERad did say one thing during his stay in NYC that I agree with. The United Nations SHOULD be moved to Geneva and away from American soil. I will add to his comment that the move should be WITHOUT THE UNITED STATES AS A MEMBER NATION!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


For the past three days I have posted about the Democrats and their agenda for the 08 election. Sunday concerned their agendas ultimate plan to move this Nation to Socialism. Tuesday concerned the promotion of the Health Care lie using very inflated statistics to claim that 47 million are without insurance. The final in this series about Democrats will show that in many ways their agenda actually pits them against the American people rather than being the champions that they claim.

Notice that in nearly every press conference or momentary comment for the cameras both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi state after their rhetoric for the press something to the effect that not only do Democrats believe in whatever their subject matter is but so do , "the American people. " If I hear this, ( which I am sure I will), one more time I may loose my lunch.

Pelosi and Reid no more speak for the American people than OJ Simpson is an innocent man of anything! The arrogance of Democrats in thinking that they and they alone are the appointed guardians and voice of the American people is one reason that they have the gaul to promote much of what they try to pass in both the House and the Senate.

Their true agenda is more of an attack against the American people than a plan which will be to the benefit of the nation or her people. Let us look at some of their ideas.

Taxes - without exception Democrats believe that taxing the people is that answer to every , "problem, " that this nation faces. As they propose legislation that has a price tag to it or attempt to add new government programs their first instinct is to raise taxes. Always claiming that they are the champions of the poor and their tax increase is designed to tax the rich and favor the poor. All this actually does is promote hatred of the rich and punishes everyone who works SINCE THE RICH PROVIDE THE MEANS TO CRATE THE JOBS!

Then when the tax increase is actually studied everyone from the low income to the rich is effected by the increase and the only true beneficiary are the Democrats who proposed the legislation. While the GOP were not the greatest fiscal managers during their time as majority they never once even suggested raising taxes to pay for anything!

The Border - Democrats are notorious for claiming to be the champion of security but when the record is studied not only have they supported every bill designed to grant legal status to every illegal alien but have voted against legislation that is designed to increase border security and stop the flood of illegals.

Nearly every week legislation hits the floor of either the House or the Senate sponsored by Democrats that proposes yet another plan to give illegals the country by granting them legal status, putting them on the welfare roles, giving them drivers licence or some other nonsense that give 12 million law breakers a free ride in this nation with the goal by Democrats of creating another government dependent voting block for their candidates.

The War - while the war is weighing heavily in the hearts and minds of Americans, most understand the necessity of defeating the Islamic radical enemy and of completing the mission in Iraq. Though war weary the nation as a while does not want to pull our troops out without completing their mission.

Yet now almost daily Democrats propose one after another in a long and unending line of surrender measures which fall to defeat every time and then are brought up again with new wording but the same goal. To bring our troops home in disgrace, surrender to the Islamic enemy and threaten the security of the nation and her people.

Socialism - this has been written about in both of the preceding Democrat posts but deserves being mention again since moving this country toward Socialism is a direct attack against the American people. Our Constitution begins with the word, "We the people, " which means exactly what it says.

This nation belongs to the people not the government or the liberal politicians who wish to control our lives through socialistic government. They are answerable to us. They are hired by us through free elections and they are required by law to abide by the will of the people. Not to force the people into a growing dependency through Democrat government programs which are designed to enslave each citizen to an all powerful federal government.

Democrats are not for the people. They are for themselves and live in a world where power is a justifiable, (in their elitist minds) goal to reach and forcing the people of this nation to fall in line with not only their political dogma but become slaves to an absolute dependency on government with liberal Democrats at the helm of that government. That is why the 2008 election is an election that pits Democrats against the American people.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


One of the key issues that every Democrat Candidate for the 08 Nomination is running on is Universal Health Care. Each of the top tier candidates has released their Health Care manifestos and proposals that according to their own press gurus will make health care possible for the , "47 million Americans, " who are without any type of health coverage.

Amazingly in the first two quarters of this year health care ranked third or fourth and in some polls even lower down the list of important issues that , "trouble, " the voting public, but recently and, " coincidentally," since the Democrat Presidential candidates have been touting their health care proposals and claiming that they champion the uninsured and protect the poor from not being able to get good medical care, Universal Health Care has amazingly become the number one issue with the American public.

Every time you watch a television program or listen to the radio news advertisements air which claim that everyone is worried about health care and being uninsured. And of course that , "47 million, " number is ALWAYS mentioned in adds, debate, press releases and conferences along with talking head appearances.

Yet when the truth is revealed and this , "47 million, " number is actually scrutinized it is quickly discovered that not only is the number extremely over inflated but includes millions who CHOOSE not to have health coverage because they do not feel they need it, whether it is because they are young and healthy or have the financial capability to pay out of their own pocket for any health related expenses. Or a combination of both.

Let's break this number down to the real facts about the "uninsured."

1 - 10 million of the, "47 million, " are ILLEGAL ALIENS who are uninsured because they have broken the law to enter the country and cannot be eligible for private health care and in most states are not eligible for government programs like Medicaid.

2 - 8.3 million who are counted among the , "47 million, " who cannot afford health insurance individually make between $50, 000 and $74, 999 dollar per year and choose not to purchase health care in order to enjoy more expensive cars, houses etc.

3 - 8.74 million make more than $75,000 dollars per year and again choose to not purchase health care and in many instances actually pay all health care expenses out of pocket BECAUSE they can afford it!

So just scratching the surface of the , "47 million, " subtracting the above numbers we find the, "uninsured, " at 19.96 million or less than 7 % of the population and this statistical break down is not over yet.

4 - 8.9 million of the 19.96 million left are uninsured because they have recently changed jobs and as such are either waiting for the usual 60 - 90 day eligibility requirement to sign up for company paid health care.

This now brings the number down to 11.6 million.

5 - According to the Congressional Budget Office of this number 45% will be uninsured for less than four months. This equates to another 4.9, which drops the number to 6.7 million uninsured individuals.

6 - It is also worth noting that of that final number of 6.7 million most if not all of those are eligible for government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid who are either in the process of filing and awaiting acceptance to the programs or have not filed yet for various reasons but are still eligible.

Where then is the, "Health Care Crises ?" In the minds of liberal Democrats who use this as a scare tactic as they have the Democrat created fear of seniors having Social Security benefits cut by evil Republicans. Which as we all know in 12 years of a GOP controlled Congress not only did not happen but Social Security benefits increased many times.

Democrats are using this scare tactic with inflated statistics and false reporting to promote Universal Health Care which with every program that is being touted by candidates regulates medicine to gain government control of a vital free market system. Mandates Americans to acquire coverage under these liberal/socialist programs in order to give Democrat government control of EVERY citizen of The United States.

This move by Democrats has nothing to do with , "compassion, " for the poor and uninsured, but has everything to do with acquiring complete power over Americans through massive government programs and as such forcing dependency of the people on the Federal Government which is the catalyst to a Democrat controlled American Socialism.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, September 23, 2007


With the major focus for the 2008 Presidential election centering around the War accompanied by continual maneuverings from Democrats in Congress to unsuccessfully force a surrender in Iraq, Democrat Presidential candidates and the Congressional Majority are talking about and proposing a very subtle but dangerous attack against the very foundation of our nation.

While terrorism poses a severe threat to our nation, this attack by Democrats is equally as dangerous but not nearly as obvious. Their attack does not crumble buildings or kill our people but instead erodes the very fabric of our society which in essence if allowed to flourish will arrive at the same goal in many respects as Islamic fascism for this nation, the end of The United States as a world power and the elimination of our free society.

Islamic fascism has as its goal the total destruction and/or conversion of The United States and her people to Islam. The goal of Democrats while sparing the death of our people is similarly destructive to this nation and that goal is Socialism. Under the Democrat goal, the nation will survive as a government which differs from the Islamic goal of elimination, but that government will be all powerful, encompassing every aspect of American life with liberal Democrats controlling the lives of every citizen while eliminating the freedoms and liberties that are afforded us by the Constitution.

This advance to Socialism has been a subtle yet continual attack against our free Republic for many years. It has gradually whittled away many of our Constitutional rights by giving nearly unlimited power to the Federal Government. The first major advance to Socialism came with FDR's New Deal and the introduction of Social Security and the Welfare State. Social Security was a plan that even FDR's mother refused to participate in and to keep it from becoming a PR problem for a very socialistic President, Roosevelt actually paid his mother's Social Security tax for her.

This attack went virtually unchecked because of the Great Depression and by the time the Depression ended with the onset of WWII Americans had grown accustomed to the programs and had accepted them as part of the natural way of life. The next major attack for the advance of Socialism came with LBJ's Great Society which initiated Johnson's War on Poverty that introduced massive welfare programs that to this day leave a large number of Americans so dependant on the government that they have forgotten or never learned how to care for themselves.

Other initiatives that Johnson introduced encompassed federal control of transportation, which until that time had been handled mostly at the state level, federal controls on education, again taking control from the state and of course the huge Medicare and Medicaid entitlements.

Several of these programs were either eliminated or reduced during the Reagan Presidency as he made great strides in reducing the size and scope of the federal government. Unfortunately some of this Socialism that has been a Democrat stalwart worked its way into the GOP during the first Bush term as Congress passed a massive prescription drug entitlement which Democrats were only all to willing to embrace.

Now the 2008 Presidential race has begun in earnest and dangerous proposals by every Democrat candidate reek of Socialism, especially Hillary Care, Obama Medicine and Edwards Preventative Medicine. Candidate proposals constantly invoke wording like, "mandate, " and "requirement." For instance under Hillary Care every American will be required to have papers proving health care coverage or they will not be allowed to work. Edwards will require government mandated , "preventative, " doctors visits or face some form of financial punishment.

Their Universal Health Care proposals are just the tip of the iceberg in the Democrat plan to erode America into a Socialist state that is controlled by the federal government. Every proposal that is made by candidates and the Congress now or a future Democrat Congress call for tax increases which make the American people the financial slaves to the power of the government.

Fred Thompson has eluded to this slide to Socialism with his campaign slogan, " A government that is large enough to do everything for us, is powerful enough to do anything to us." A truer statement about socialized government has never been made.

Socialism as proposed by Democrats erodes every freedom and liberty that our Constitution by law allows us and turns the power of the people over to the control of the Federal Government. WWII gives us a perfect example of two results that Socialism can have on citizens and the nation they live in. Two distinct results of Socialism in Europe before WWII revealed itself through the occupation of Europe by Nazi Germany. The people had grown so dependant to government that both Germany and Italy readily accepted Socialized dictatorships in Benito Mussolini in Italy and Adolph Hitler in Germany. Of course other factors attributed to their rise, but Socialism blinded the nations to the dangerous results.

Other Socialistic nations like France, Belgium, Poland and Austria had become so weak militarily that they were quickly bowled over by the advance of the Nazi Juggernaut. The only government in Europe that stood strong against the Socialist/Fascist advance was Great Britain under Winston Churchill. Their stance proved to be enough to involve other free Nations especially The United States which brought about the defeat of Nazi Germany and Italy. Yet Socialism in Europe still has allowed for may weak nations who still depend on United States strength for defense.

Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama and the remainder of the 08 liberal candidates have shown in this last week their disdain for the military through their failure to condemn the add against General Patraeus by in the New York Times. Clinton and Dodd voted AGAINST a Senate resolution condemning the add and supporting Patraeus and the troops while Obama and Biden did not even have the guts enough to vote their stance but in campaign appearances last week both complained about the attack on the add and garnered that into their anti-war stance and yet another attack against the President and the war.

This weakness by Democrats in backing the military combined with their obvious plan to Socialize America creates an enemy within our nation that if allowed to have absolute power through the winning of The White House and retaining or adding to their majority in Congress in 2008 will quickly send us down the dangerous path to American Socialism and weaken us from a military stand point while using appeasement and compromise with our enemies such as Islamic Fascists which eventually could lead to the end of our Super Power status and possibly a victory for Islam and the conversion of America.

It is certain that if they are given this control and power in 2008 by voters that Socialism will be our lot, disguised by Health Care, and other legislation that increases and eventually completely hands over control of every aspect of our life to a Democrat controlled Federal Government.

Abraham Lincoln once stated, "At what point shall we expect the approach of danger? By what means shall we fortify against it? Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant, to step the Ocean, and crush us at a blow? Never! All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge. At what point, then, is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide. "

Democrat Socialism is that danger and that suicide that President Lincoln warned about. We are a nation of freemen and women who have been allowed by law though our Constitution to live in a nation, "of the people, by the people and for the people." The Democrats want through their all encompassing government take the strength of the people and by government regulation, entitlements and control transfer the true power of this Nation from the people to the government making each of us Socialistic slaves to a Democrat controlled Federal Government!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Once again Democrats lead by Damascus Nancy and Hapless Harry work to pull funding, surrender and bring the troops home before completing their mission. And a usual success, accomplishment and victory mean nothing to the surrender every time Moronocrats!
Hillary Care equals...$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$...paid for by TAXESTAXESTAXESTAXESTAXESTAXES AND MORE TAXES FROM YOU KNOW WHO!
A true warrior returns to the battlefield after meeting the enemy in Washington DC. General Patraeus arrives victorious!
This one was hilarious! Comrade Puttin and the new KGB calling for the re - fornication....ooops ...ah re-unification of the former Soviet Union.

Ken Taylor


Friday the 21st people all over the country will be wearing red armbands to voice opposition to the war and our troops. Concerned Citizen over at Judging Truth is urging everyone who supports the troops to stage a counter protest with black armbands! Check out the story hear and join in!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


A new Zogby poll just released gives Congress a new all time low. Congress whose previous low in job approval in March of this year was at 14% has now dropped to 11%. In other words 11 people out of one hundred think Congress is doing a good job. The other 89 believe, as I am sure most of you do, THAT CONGRESS STINKS!

Ken Taylor


Senator Hillary, (the Hildabeast), Clinton has unveiled her new comprehensive Universal Health Care plan claiming it to be different from her fiasco soon after her husband entered office and that it is fair to everyone. On the surface and in press releases the plan looks different than Hillary Care I but when looked at in depth it actually offers nothing new from plan I and actually adds some very interesting government controls that are not being talked about in the Hillary free press.

Initially unlike Hillary I the new program offers tax incentives to small business and corporations who offer health care plans for their employees. The first version in the early 90's attacked and taxed business as a punishment for not providing complete health care for employees. This may sound fine until you dig a little deeper to find out that these tax incentives are only temporary and once they expire shortly after the program begins, when costs begin to rise as the government portion of her program takes effect, business incentives will dry up and tax increases will be the replacement for the incentives in order to help fund the government health care programs she proposes.

She claims that the $110 billion dollar cost per year for the government sponsored portion of her plan will be funded by modernizing health care delivery and promoting wellness. This of course would increase the cost in the private sector which in turn would decrease services as medical providers would be handing over the, "savings, " to Hillary's government program while regulation would not allow for an increase to patients. The only option left for providers is to decrease services.

This idea in her plan though only accounts for $35 billion of her $110 billion dollar budget. The rest will come from eliminating the Bush tax cuts and when that dries up increasing taxes. As with any government program the estimated cost is usually only about one third of what the actual cost becomes so a rather LARGE tax increase will be necessary to fund Hillary Care.

Of course nowhere in the press or the information released by her campaign is a tax increase mentioned. No one ever asks , "where does all of this money to PAY for your health care plan come from ?" If the government is paying for it them the only place that it can come from is tax payers through increased taxes!

Now for the portion of her plan that no one is talking about. With her universal plan everyone in America will be REQUIRED to either purchase health care or acquire it through her government program. First this reeks of socialism since a government mandate requiring citizens to participate in anything whether they want to or not is not in conjunction with a free Constitutional Republic. This Democrat Universal Health Care idea is nothing more than the beginning of their plan to socialize the United States, placing every citizen under government control.

Additionally her plan also requires anyone working in this country to have government issued paper work which proves that the employee has some type of health care. If this paper work is not presented in current or future employment, by government mandate that individual CANNOT WORK!

During WWII and the Nazi occupation of Europe, The National Socialists required every worker to have papers issued by the government in order to work, travel etc. If one did not have the Nazi issued papers than they were not allowed to work. Is the Hillary mandate for government issuance of papers for work the beginning of American National Socialism ? It would appear so if this dangerous woman is elected to the Presidency. Then rather than placing our hands over our hearts we will be required to raise our hand in an open palmed salute yelling , " HEIL HITLARY!"

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Today is Constitution Day in The United States. A day each year that is set aside to commemorate the ratification of the document that established this nation and created the laws and principles that have been the foundation of our country for 220 years.

Many in today's society see the Constitution as a document, though great in its day, that is antiquated because it has not varied from its original writings and principles. It no longer is viable to the fabric of a 21st Century society.

To those critics who see the Constitution as a, "living breathing, " document that is subject to change in accordance the winds of time, I say you could be no further from the truth.

The Constitution is, "living and breathing, " in that the principles, rights, freedoms and laws found within this precious document are just as real and viable as they were when they were first penned more than 220 years ago.

Though adaptable to societal changes through the process of amendment, the foundation of laws and freedoms whose principles have guided this nation from that September day in 1787 until now are immovable and steadfast as the basis of our government and our country. This is one reason that the amendment process itself is so exhaustive and consuming to prevent any sitting legislature in Congress from changing the foundation of our land so that it may fit a certain political agenda or issue that pertains to a particular moment in history.

During the first months of this year I wrote a series of articles about the Constitution that went into some depth concerning the original intent of the Framers of the Constitution and why that original intent is the basis of interpretation and teaching about the Constitution today. The Constitutional principles, laws, rights and freedom as expressed in the original document are not open for liberal interpretation or evaluation but express exactly what this nation stands for and the reason for her existence.

Each article and amendment is to be followed as written and not taken only as simply a guide to reshape the fabric of our society. The liberal interpretation of the Constitution is one reason why we have drifted from the Framers original intent which directly equates to the size and scope of the over reaching federal government and the gradual whittling away of our freedoms and liberties.

Take the time today to read again or maybe for the first time the Constitution of The United States of America. Knowing it and understanding the principles, rights and laws set forth by the Framers is not only a necessity but a requirement to being a good citizen of this nation. Without this knowledge we then become prey to a government which takes advantage of the lack of education by the people concerning the Constitution. We instead become dependent upon those we elect to interpret and inform us of their version of our foundational document rather than knowing how it effects us and understanding that the government, by Constitutional law, belongs to, is answerable to and obligated to , "we the people." This is OUR nation, OUR government and OUR Constitution!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, September 16, 2007


A move by the Bush administration in May of this year which fell under the radar is soon to come to the Senate. On September 27th the Senate will debate and vote on the full ratification of the United Nations Conference on the Law of the Seas or in short The Law of the Seas Treaty.
The treaty in essence gives the United Nation legal jurisdiction over the planets ocean and sets up a tribunal to govern all legal claims to territorial waters, mineral rights and mining and other uses of the worlds oceans, including navigation.

The treaty which has been in existence since the first Conference dating from 1973 - 1982 has never been ratified by The United States. When first presented in 1983 President Ronald Reagan categorically refused to even sign the treaty because he felt that it impugned on United States sovereignty.

Certain portions of the treaty have been beneficial and the United States abides by these terms as a matter of international law. For instance the treaty sets basic territorial waters and prevents nations who wish to push these territorial limits from over extending the recognized waters around their shore line borders. In other words in accordance to treaty limitations a nation cannot stretch its sovereign waters to a limit of say 250 miles and expect all other nations to abide by those unreasonable limits. Yet even with the treaty some countries have over extended their territorial waters without consequence. China and North Korea are among those.

The main contention that The United States has had to the treaty is Part XI which gives the UN full legal control in all mineral rights on every seabed found on the earths oceans. Without treaty ratification if a nation finds, for instance an mineral deposit in international waters and wishes to mine it then they are free to do so. Also ratification of the treaty would place United States fishing interest under the jurisdiction of the UN. U.S. fisheries would have fishing limits set by UN control and if those limits were exceeded they would be required to turn surplus catch over to distribution by the UN.

The Treaty would also require the United States to plead any case which questions the treaty before a non - elected United Nations Tribunal which then would decide in favor or against the United States. In light of the way every UN vote is conducted in recent years and the way that the United States is treated by that vote, this tribunal would be a disaster for U.S. interests. The UN after all loves U.S. money but hates U.S. interests.

In May the Bush Administration at the behest of career diplomats in the State Department urged the United States Senate to ratify all provision of the Treaty and the vote for this ratification begins on September 27th. In the past either a Republican President like Reagan or a Republican Majority in the Senate has blocked any ratification of the treaty. Now with a Democrat Majority who favors all UN control provides a distinct possibility of fully ratifying this treaty.

The dangers for the U.S. in this ratification are as follows:

1. The U.S. would be answerable to a UN unelected tribunal for all matters which involve the Seas and ocean borders of our nation.

2. Other countries environmental regulations could be forced on the United States through the UN and our surrounding waters by international law and mandate. The harvest of our fishing waters would also fall under UN mandate which will set limits and require fishing only in certain areas and relinquishing the surplus harvest to UN distribution. The requirement would also mandate over fishing in these particular areas.

3. The treaty would mandate recognized navigation rights. This provision is not only not necessary but not wanted by US interests because these UN mandated navigational lanes are not threatened by any international law and there is not a nation who has the capability of dictating to the US where we may travel, including the Navy in the world oceans.

4. The treaty gives a blank check to the UN on the spending of money supplied by the U.S. without ANY U.S. oversight.

5. The treaty gives eminent domain rights to the UN over intellectual property. In other words the UN would have the power to seize technology.

This treaty, if ratified, would allow the United Nations a free hand over all of the worlds oceans and any mineral actions taken in the oceans would not only come under UN jurisdiction, but would be taxable to the UN without ANY outside oversight on the spending of the monies acquired. All navigational lanes would be set by UN mandate and any country traveling outside of those mandated navigational lanes, including Navy's would be subject to action by the unelected UN tribunal.

This treaty, if ratified, would transfer wealth and technology by UN mandate from industrialized nations to third world countries. In other words a world wide socialized redistribution of wealth forcing the financial equality of all nations. This treaty would create a huge United Nations bureaucracy with legal jurisdiction over the worlds oceans. The UN has failed in the past in every instance where they have been allowed to run, oversee or control any program. Remember the Iraq Oil For Food Program. Now the US Senate is poised to ratify a treaty that dwarfs the Oil for Food Program both in scope and jurisdiction.

Since the treaty was written the opposition by the U.S. has caused many nations to not sign on to the treaty. The first Bush administration and the the Clinton administration proposed provisions that supposedly corrected the flaws and the Clinton signed the treaty in 1994 which caused some Nations to follow suit and others to ratify. The GOP controlled Senate stopped ratification and many nations who had signed the treaty have not ratified in accordance to the U.S. lead.

Now the present Bush administration is backing full ratification and a Democrat Senate who back the UN and adhere to socialist policies could very likely ratify the treaty. There are 34 no votes needed to prevent ratification. Call, write or e-mail you Senator and urge them to vote against ratification. Time is short. September 27th is just around the corner. This treaty will place vital United States interests under UN control and threatens our sovereignty as a nation which cannot be allowed.

We stopped the Senate Amnesty Bill and with a similar concentrated effort by the people we can prevent the ratification of the Law of the Seas Treaty and save American sovereignty and interests.

Ken Taylor

Friday, September 14, 2007


Yes, you read the title right. A study released this week in London claims that the release of methane gas, (cow farts), from grazing cows is a contributing factor to Global Warming !

Now of course cows have been grazing and farting for centuries but now they contribute to Global Warming. The study also is calling for the reduction of the consumption of red meat which will reduce the need for cows, (you know the old Capitalist supply and demand thing), which in turn will reduce methane gas ,(cow farts), released into the atmosphere.

The study also states that men because of a greater consumption of red meat contribute more to Global Warming than women because of their release of methane gas. Yeah, you guessed farts.

So gentleman remember the next time you enjoy that hamburger or steak you are a contributor to the, "Global Warming Crisis." Personally I plan on sitting down to a big T - Bone, enjoying every juicy bite, thanking God for the cow who contributed to Global Warming while grazing and getting fat producing my T - Bone. If after finishing my delicious meal I too happen to contribute to Global Warming.....please.....ah.....excuse me!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Democrats to General Patraeus, " If you don't agree with us, no matter what the truth is, then we will just whine and cry and stomp our feet and call you a liar and tell our there....MOMMY HILLARY!!!!!"
Deaf, Dumb and Blind by choice........or maybe not!
This is ONE family that never should be given re-runs!
Let's see UBL, (if it's him), has put on weight, died his beard, wearing the same clothes and according to the Koran a man should never color his beard black. So much for the weasel of the caves.
Oh for the peaceful and quiet days back on the battlefield! Maybe General Patraeus should have taken an example from General Patton and taken his side arm and SHOT THE DONKEYS!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


There are three words that I will use in an article that describe the treatment of General David Patraeus by Congressional Democrats both in the House and the Senate. The other words are not used in my vocabulary and if so they are not decent for print, but their descriptive nature probably better defines the Democrats. But the words that will be used here are DISGUSTING, DESPICABLE AND DISGRACEFUL !

During two days of grilling by both Senate and House committees concerning the report that the General was submitting to Congress on the progress in Iraq, Patraeus was the epitome of calm and patience during insults to his character, honor and integrity that most of us would have used as reason to plaster someone to the floor in response.

In , "questioning, " that was reminiscent of the Joseph McCarthy hearings of the 1950's General Patraeus despite the diatribes and lecturing by arrogant Senators and Representatives presented a report of great progress and success since the beginning of the surge. With advanced indications that this would be the case Democrats reacted to the progressive news with forgone conclusions and accusations that fit their surrender agenda, having no intention of accepting or even admitting that the report that Patraeus was giving showed any signs of success or progress.

Democrats as a whole acted like spoiled children who when confronted with not getting their way will stomp their feet and throw temper tantrums. Seeing that the report was not going to adhere to the falsehoods and deceptions that Democrats have been spewing forth since the surge has begun and that Patraeus was not going to fall in line with them and advise the President to immediately pull out of Iraq because of a failed policy, Democrats in both Chambers of Congress attacked the General, refused to allow him to answer many questions and lectured this honorable man while impugning his honor and integrity.

Senator James Inhofe, (R. OK), senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee has posted a website dedicated to compiling citizens signatures to join him in urging Democrats to actually read the report rather than make assumptions based on foregone conclusion which follow their surrender agenda. I encourage you to visit the site.

Senators Barbara Boxer and John Kerry and Representatives Robert Wexler and Gary Ackerman are among Democrats who rather than listening to the Generals report chose instead , from their fast experience as military commanders, to lecture Patraeus on his responsibilities while accusing him of only given partial statistics and false reports. RINO Republican Chuck Hagel also joined in on this line of , "questioning." Senator Russ Feingold would not even give the General the courtesy of answering his diatribe of misleading and lecturing , "questions, " but continually interrupted Patraeus and would not allow him to get a word in edge wise, while lamblasting the General in a manner reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition.

Senator Charles Schumer actually attributed the decrease in violence in the Anbar Province to the War Lords and stated that our troops had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! Continual accusation that Iraq has detracted from the search and elimination of Al Qaeda rose despite the General reporting that since the surge began, "5 media cells, detained the senior Iraqi leader of Al Qaeda-Iraq, and killed or captured nearly 100 other key leaders and some 2,500 rank-and-file fighters."

General Patraeus also stated that if current progress and success continues that approximately 5000 troops could be home by Christmas with the entire 30, 000 added for the surge home by next summer. Of course this has been the entire media focus from the Generals report which coincides with Democrats plans to make another attempt to force a complete and immediate pull out, (surrender), as announced by Speaker Nancy Pelosi after meeting with the President and hearing that he is accepting General Patraeus' recommendations for Iraq.

Through all of this General Patraeus showed the poise and patience of a gentleman whose honor , integrity and ability to command place him among the greatest that this country has produced. Privately one must wonder if the General longs for the peace and quiet of the battlefield after facing agenda driven Democrats who see him as the enemy and his duty as a commanding officer their responsibility to question and condemn.

Democrats did prove three distinctive things during these hearings.

1 - Their claim to support the troops is a lie, since they spent every opportunity berating what our brave men and women have accomplished and refused to give them any credit for success or progress. This runs hand in hand with an obvious hatred for the military as a whole.

2 - They have absolutely no desire for victory in the War on Terror since they not only would not acknowledge any of the progress or success that General Patraeus reported but have already indicated that his report was basically a lie and contrived by the Bush Administration despite the Generals opening statement to the contrary and they plan to continue with their surrender at any cost agenda.

3 - Their claimed notion that they are concerned about the security of America and Americans is only a shallow campaign pledge that is designed to garner votes and has no semblance of truth. Their only goal is political power and if sacrificing the country and her people in the process is what it takes they are willing to make that happen by their actions in Congress.

We have a responsibility as citizens of the country we love to remove this ant-American, blame America first leadership from the halls of Congress. If allowed to continue through the next election Democrats will destroy this nation, surrender us to our enemies and remove all aspect of freedom replacing them instead with a Marxist/Socialist society that they can control with every American as their Socialist slave to an all encompassing government.....if the nation survives the enemy they favor and coddle.

Ken Taylor

Monday, September 10, 2007

September 11, 2001, Never Forget, Always Remember !

Six years ago we stood in silence and shock as our nation was attacked by an evil that to this day has it's Fatwah set on destroying The United States.

That shock became anger and a resolve to fight this enemy and see to it that this would never happen again.

Many have forgotten why we fight and why we must prevail in defeating this Islamic enemy that destroyed so much and killed so many.

Though six years has passed our resolve must be strong and our righteous anger must prevail until those that killed our own find justice at the end of sword through the brave efforts of our best and finest who wear the uniform of The United States Military.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Over the past week Congressional Democrats have been laying the ground work for their response to the Iraq Report that will be given this week by Commanding General David Patraeus. Democrats have been methodically preparing to attack the report as wrong and Patraeus as a political patsy for the Bush Administration.

Beginning with a report from the General Accounting Office, (GAO), and ending with an "impartial and, non-partisan, " report by an , "independent group that made its findings known last week in Congressional hearings, Democrats have set up the Patraeus report to failure regardless of what it says or what the General reports.

Of course all of the reporting that has been before the Congress and the press thus far has absolutely no political bias. And if you believe that then I have several thousand acres of prime swamp land that I'll sell you at a great price at a fluctuating rate

First the GAO. This, "non- partisan," reporting office is specifically commissioned by the Congress to report on spending by the Congress. The GAO answers to the leadership of Congress which as we all know just happens to be Democrat. This is also the office which regularly shows billions of dollars in earmarks as necessary spending while never holding any member of Congress accountable for the spending.

According to the GAO wait now it's 11 of the 18 benchmarks SET BY CONGRESS for Iraq have not been met. First they cannot make up their mind as to how many and then they place either a complete passing or failing grade on every benchmark without reporting the progress on benchmarks that have not been fully completed.

If this same type of , "accounting, " were applied to Congress, the result would be complete failure since Congress makes it a habit of either partially completing anything they set out to do or by the time a bill is passed it has absolutely no resemblance to the idea or intentions of the legislation when it was originally proposed.

The next group reporting to Congress was an, "independent, "group, " which bragged as it members retired Generals and several other higher ranking diplomats who supposedly visited Iraq and studied the country and the progress or lack there of. How ironic that this , " independent, " group was commissioned by Congressional Democrats and as such obviously had marching orders concerning what they were to find and how it would be presented to the Congress.

Now as a result Democrat leaders like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are stepping forward prior to the Patreaus report with the usual failure and wrong move rhetoric. Reid even used the latest video from Usama bin Laden as proof that Iraq has detracted from the War on Terror. He stated that because of the Presidents move into Iraq, Al Qaeda has had , "breathing room, " to rebuild and recruit and as such Iraq is aiding Al Qaeda

Yet the words on bin Laden seem to refute the claims of Hapless Harry since bin Laden in his video actually condemned Democrats for not being able to do enough to force The United States out of Iraq. It seems to me that if Iraq was such a , "detraction, " and help to Al Qaeda as Reid contends then why would bin Laden favor the actions of Democrats in trying to pull out of Iraq ? If our presence in Iraq is such a help to Al Qaeda logic dictates that the terrorist group and their leader would want us to stay and continue!

So with the Democrats poised on attacking General Patraeus and his report they now have begun to move into that attack and actually questioning the honesty and integrity of one of Americas finest military leaders. Many have stated for the record that General Patraeus basically will deliver a report that follows what the Bush administration has dictated and that he will be nothing but a political puppet for the President's position.

First this insults the honesty and integrity of a admirable man. Second this accusation by Democrats questions the Generals motives and his concern and command ability for his troops.
The General's report is not only a report to Congress on Iraq progress but also an assessment for the Commander in Chief and the Command structure in Iraq which will decide how military operations will proceed and the strategy and movement of troops which are in harms way.

As a Commanding General in a theatre of operations, General Patraeus must make assessment as to how operations are progressing and also the political status of the situation that he finds the troops under his command in. He then reports this to the Commander in Chief and both along with the Command structure in the theatre and the Pentagon decide where to improve and what necessary changes, if any, are needed to garner further success and protect our troops as best as is possible.

To accuse General Patraeus of political partisanship in his report as well as biasing a report that determines operations that hold the lives of soldiers under his command in the balance is insulting the leadership abilities of an excellent General and accusing him of using our men and women in uniform for political advantage.

If this Democrat leadership had been in session in 1944 they would have accused General Dwight Eisenhower of planning and executing the D - Day invasion in order to boost the political position of the Roosevelt administration and assessing the military operation not to defeat the Nazi enemy but to gain political advantage for further operations and funding.

General Patraeus as a theatre Commander would not contrive a report in order to adhere to any political situation in this country. His duty to his soldiers and his country is to prepare a report with the best available information that will assess his troop progress and capability while determining in theatre political progress which is all prepared with the protection of the troops and the best way to achieve victory as the goal.

This is the report that the General will be giving to Congress this week. The Democrats in Congress on the other hand have had their response to the report prepared for quite some time. As a matter of fact their response to the report was prepared the day that it was announced that General Patraeus would be reporting to the Congress by September 15, several months ago.

To Democrats regardless of the content of the report and the success that it contains, for their own political purposes and nothing more, Iraq will never be a success, the troops will always fail, President Bush lied and misled the country and surrender is the only answer to solve the , "problem of Iraq."

Ken Taylor

Friday, September 07, 2007


Oh, if only the Hildabeast was a Poltergeist, then we could just ignore her as a freak, (emphasis on the FREAK!!), phenomena of nature. Suffice it to say that when there is a Clinton around, fund raising questions are soon to follow, then followed by letting then off the hook.
Right after he sees his hairdresser, John Dredwards needs to stop in at the psycho ward and get a dose of reality. Mandatory doctors visits for preventative maintenance. Who does he think we are GM ? " Hey did you go to the doctor today and have them check you oil and wash your windshield ?" Next thing you know he will require each of us to have a dip stick to check cholesterol ! Don't even ask where they will put the dipstick.... but I'll bet it will take a Proctologist to check it......ha.
Once again good news in Iraq is bad news for Democrats, which is good news for America!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Following his official announcement for his 2008 run for the Presidency, Fred Thompson appeared at his campaign website Fred 08 - Friends For Fred and detailed his conservative positions and beliefs along with why he is running for President.

View the video and learn more about Fred Thompson Republican Candidate for President of The United States .

Ken Taylor

NOTE : The Liberal Lie Cartoon Gallery will post tomorrow.


With the simple statement , "I am rinning for President of the United States, " Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson made it official last night as he was a quest on The Tonight Show.

Thompson followed the appearance with a video broadcast at his campaign website, Fred 08 - Friends of Fred.

Thomspon is runnign a conservative campaign that stands for limited government, strong defense, less taxation and returning the power to the people while enforcing border security and immigration laws. Also a return to the values and principles as found in The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. Two documents that Thompson stated are not out dated but as viable today as they were when they were written.

Fred Thompson strong conservative values for the Presidency in 2008.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


The arrest of would be terrorists who were just days from executing a massive attack on the anniversary of September 11 at Ramstein Air Force Base and Frankfort Airport in Germany brings up an interesting question concerning the Global War on Terrorism that we are engaged in and whether our overall strategy is complete and truly effective.

This question that is being posed, by no means is meant to detract from the necessity of and successes of current operations in both Afghanistan and Iraq, but to consider in light of this thwarted attack and several others that have recently been discovered, as to whether our strategy in executing the war encompasses enough.

Iraq and Afghanistan from a Global view are but two theatres in a war that obviously encompasses the entire world. Newt Gingrich has made mentioned that he believes that this war is WWIII because of the fact that as in previous World Wars the battlefields are not confined to one region of the world and involve more that two or three countries which would equate to a regional war.

Additionally since the general opposition to the war comes from the fact that the Bush administration and our allies have either not fully informed the world of the Global out reach of our enemy or do not themselves fully realize how much of the entire world this enemy has infiltrated and instead become so encompassed in the two major battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan that the lesser battlefields have been somewhat ignored or not accepted as part of this Global war ?

Either way it is obvious that the world does not understand nor accept that we are in a war that involves every nation and every Continent with the possible exception of Antarctica. There have been attacks in North America both in The United States and Canada. Europe has been attacked several times with many of the recently thwarted attacks finding their objective or origin in Europe.

Africa has seen many attacks, The Middle East has been a hot bed even if you remove what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. There have been attacks in Russia, the Far East in the Philippines and Indonesia. Australia has been attacked. No one anywhere is immune to attacks and each has one common denominator. The attacks while claimed by groups with different names and places of origin all have been carried out by Islamic radicals who follow the same motivation and creed, to kill the Infidel and dominate the World in the name of Mohammad.

Yet despite this fact the entire World including The United States has been focused only on Afghanistan and Iraq with some mention of Pakistan. All of the negative against the war has also centered around these particular battlefields and the ongoing conflict in each as well as the death toll resulting from these theatres.

Using WWII as an example. If FDR and Churchill had focused only on the beating that the Allies took at the hands of Erwin Rommel in North Africa, or the loss of Allied life at Normandy on D - Day. Or in the Pacific Theatre if the great loss of American lives at Iwo Jima or in the campaign to take back the Philippines had been the focus of WWII rather than the moral and international implications that a Nazi or Imperial Japan victory would have had on the world, support for the cause during WWII would have been similar to that of today's conflict.

Both FDR and Churchill realized that the only way to garner support from their own countries and to gain support from allied countries both by the citizens and the military in participation was to emphasize the ramifications of what a victory by the enemy would bring to the World. The domination of Nazi Fascism and slavery by Imperial Japan.

Both leaders not only understood the territorial, financial and national ramifications of an enemy victory but also the moral and psychological ramifications that it would have to the citizens of every nation who did not adhere to the beliefs of Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan.

Today's leaders in the Global War on Terrorism while understanding these same ramifications, especially President Bush, have failed to unite the people of this nation and the world in the understanding of what a victory by Islamic radicals would entail to the world. Nothing less than the Global domination of a radical form of religion that would enslave all mankind, denigrate women and children and destroy all of the progress that man has made in the last 500 years.

Additionally the leaders have concentrated the known efforts on but two of many battlefields of this war and failed to create an understanding in this nation as well as the rest of the world the worldwide aspects of radical Islam and the movement of the enemy throughout the world not just in the Middle East and specifically Iraq and Afghanistan.

Political correctness has played into the hands of the enemy as no one wants to , "upset, " Muslims by stating the fact that while all Muslims are not terrorists, ALL TERRORISTS ARE MUSLIM! If this had been the case in WWII, PC would have eliminated words such as Nips, Gerry's, Japs, Hun and other such phrases that emphasised the anger at the enemy and in their own way rallied people behind defeating the enemy.

PC in WWII would have had the Allies fighting Nazi Germany while trying not to damage German towns and cities. PC would have prevented the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which has been estimated to have saved millions of American and Japanese lives because the Japanese militaristic leadership were prepared to defend the Japanese homeland to the last person regardless of the cost of lives on either side.

Maybe it is time to ratchet up the response to this enemy in a similar way. Recognize that they are worldwide and seek world domination and tell our people this truth even if it means scaring the population into understanding how important it is to win this war and what will become of our citizenry and our nation if it is lost.

Maybe we need to expand the reach from a military perspective involving every nation to seek out an destroy this enemy wherever they are. Maybe we need to enlist the Muslim community around the world that disagrees with this radical form of their religion and rather than being afraid of offending them help organize them into fighting divisions who fight not only for the cause of ending Global Terrorism but in redeeming the radicalization and bastardizing of their beliefs and their religion.

Maybe if we do all of this we will finally and swiftly win this war and no longer consider September 11 as a day when we look to the skies expecting another attack but a day only of memorial to the thousands who lost their lives on that day and a day of celebration of victory over the evil that threatens our country and our world!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


The Labor Day weekend has past. August has now become September and the month long Congressional recess is over which means Law Makers have returned to Capitol Hill. The Washington Press Corps is gearing up for interviews and reporting of the happenings on, "The Hill." The rest of the nation either has no clue that the politicians have returned or a collective , "ho hum, " greets Legislators upon their return to Washington.

That is the general tone of the people concerning this Congress. Why ? Well the obvious reason is that this Congress which has been in session since January has not only accomplished nothing but the political rhetoric that has spewed from the floors of both the House and Senate has not only aggravated the electorate but put an even worse taste in our mouths for the Congress then the preceding sessions of the gathering of Law Makers.

As business returns to, "The Hill, " Democrats in anticipation of the report due out next week by General David Patraeus on Iraq are already preparing themselves to attack the report and deem it as a failure or at best a mostly negative report on the progress in Iraq. No matter what the report states or the content of the testimony of General Patraeus, Congressional Democrats have already prepared to ignore the true findings and replace them in their usual liberal rhetoric with falsehoods of failure and calls for surrender.

They will, as has been the case over the past several weeks, be forced to admit that security in Iraq has greatly improved and that the troop surge has worked. While the report will tell of extensive success, Democrats will in their on partisan way down play any success in order to continue with their attacks against the President, the military and our presence in Iraq.

In preparation for this attack against the report the Congress commissioned the GAO to , "investigate, " the progress on the benchmarks that were set forth for the Iraqi government. According to the report that again was commissioned by Democrats , only 15 of the 18 benchmarks have been met. What the report does not state though is what kind of progress has been made on the 15 which have not met total completion in the manner in which the Congress has set these benchmarks.

This GAO report is similar to a teacher telling a student that he has either passed or failed and did not tell that student of progress made since his last report card or that the student has made even a little improvement since the last report. Only that in 15 of his 18 subjects he has failed to meet ALL the standards set forth for the class.

Obviously in the 15, "failings, " that Democrats are touting, there has been progress made since the last report. But for Congressional Democrats to admit this would take away their thunder in attacking the Patraeus report and their ability to grill the General when he sits before Congressional hearings next week.

This move by Democrats toward Iraq combined with a lack luster at best schedule for legislation and continual talk of increasing taxes leaves the American people with an extremely bad taste for this Congress and an even worse taste for the leadership that has no clue how to lead except by expressing falsehoods, making accusations and partisan rhetoric designed to position party, rather than looking out for the nation.

Fortunately for the American people the, "Blue Dog, " Democrats who were elected from more conservative districts in the House or States that lean Red in the Senate are starting to distance themselves from the Democrat leadership especially toward Iraq. So in addition to the usual liberal rhetoric there will be considerable arm twisting by Pelosi and Reid in order to force these, "Blue Dogs, " to stick to the liberal agenda and ignore their constituency.

So what do we have to look forward to for the remainder of the year ? More of the same do nothing politics by a Democrat leadership who see the President and the military as the enemy rather than Islamic radicals. Add to this the political positioning of the large field of Democrat Candidates for the DNC nomination for the 08 Presidential run and the rest of 2007 will follow along the same path as the first half of this year.

Congress has returned to Washington............BIG FAT HAIRY DEAL!!!!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, September 02, 2007


On Friday the campaign of former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson announced that Thompson was contacting donors, campaign workers and Republican Party officials informing all that he would be officially announcing his candidacy for the Republican nomination for President of The United States on September 6th and that he would also be filing his papers on that day.

This announcement comes after a summer filled with speculation concerning Thompson's candidacy and whether he would actually officially announce or not. In the mean time Thompson has busied himself with numerous appearances and while avoiding answering the question directly concerning an official announcement, has made it quite clear that he intended to run.

With the 2008 Presidential race technically beginning the day after last years mid term election in November this has become the election cycle that never ended since is literally moved from one into the other. The almost immediate announcements made by Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Clinton within days of last years election which were preceded and followed by many of the other candidates, the public had been barraged with election politics, news and commercials that have become an everyday part of life.

Two candidates that were thought to be running and have either waited or still remain unannounced are of course Fred Thompson, who is now making it official and Newt Gingrich, who has neither denied or confirmed whether he is even contemplating a run or not. Thompson while not making it official went from considering it to seriously looking into it and then finally forming an exploratory committee while making statements like, " we are testing the waters and the waters are very warm."

Many political pundits believe because the 2008 cycle began so early that Thompson's announcement is coming to late for the former Senator to make a successful push for the nomination or raise enough money to mount a successful national campaign, while others are saving judgement in anticipation of the official beginning of the campaign and the reaction of the voting public. Still others state that his timing won't effect the success of his campaign and will actually help him since he has as an unannounced candidate remained either tied or in the lead in most polls.

Thompson's delay reminds me of the classic Muhammad Ali rope -a- dope strategy that he became famous for during his very successful career as a boxer and considered by most the greatest that ever entered the ring. I briefly mentioned this in last Thursday's post but will expound more on it today.

Ali in the early part of his career, (when he was known by his given name of Cassius Clay), was an aggressive boxer with a speed and agility that was seldom if not ever seen before in the ring. He was graceful, quick and powerful. Ali would simply wear out an opponent before he plastered them to the canvas and won the bout by decision or in most instances a knock out.

In the latter part of his career as Ali was getting a little age on him he developed a boxing strategy that was used only occasionally when a boxer was tired near the end of a match. It became known as the, "rope - a - dope." Ali would lean with his back against the ropes and his forearms held in front of him using his arms and his hands to protect his upper body and his face.

Ali would taunt his opponent with occasional jabs, quick flurries or a maddening pat on the top of the head, while letting the other boxer simply wear themselves out trying to get through his strong defenses all the while hitting mostly his arms and gloves while doing nothing to take Ali out. Ali would look for the opportune moment when his opponent was worn out and release the famous ,"Ali Shuffle, " where he would shuffle his feet followed by a massive barrage of punches which usually resulted in the demise of whomever Ali was boxing.

Fred Thompson has been practicing a form of political rope - a - dope throughout the summer. He would take a jab at a candidacy by hitting the talking heads circuit or making highly covered public appearances like the Sean Hannity Freedom Concerts. Then drop off the view screen for a short time, like Ali protecting his body with his forearms. Occasionally he would make a change in his campaign staff which again would be considered a jab since it would garner extensive coverage in the media, then drop of the map for a short while.

While this has been taking place the voting public has been growing weary of the everyday coverage of the 2008 Presidential run and also growing weary of the announced candidates saying basically the same thing as they said the day before. In fact the last three debates both GOP and Democrats have been ratings failures because no one except die hard political junkies have watched.

In the mean time Thompson has been touring the country talking and listening to the people and letting them know what he thinks and how he stands. Thompson has also been extensively on the Internet with numerous postings on well known conservative web sites like and keeping a library of videos running on You Tube.

This directly equates to Fred's standings in the polls and why he remains a strong force despite his being an unannounced candidate. Now that he is making it official his standing as a candidate will not decrease but increase since he will become more visible to the general public and the media will, especially in the weeks following his announcement, have almost daily reference to the Thompson campaign.

So the Thompson version of the Ali rope - a - dope is ending and the former Tennessee Senator is beginning his shuffle and coming out to go after his opponents whose campaigns have grown tired in the eyes of a weary voting public. Thompson's views will be fresh and new and his style of coming across as the down home, " fella, " from next door will play well with the general public.

His conservative message will fill a gap in the GOP that none of the top tier candidates like Romney and Giuliani have fulfilled. The GOP second tier, like Duncan Hunter, Mike Huckabee and Tom Tancredo have been pushing the conservative agenda but their candidacies has been limited at best and their message has been lost because they do not receive the funds nor the coverage to compete with Giuliani or Romney. McCain is just plain finished except for his allowing the fork to be stuck in him.

Thompson has the conservative credentials and message like Huckabee, Hunter and Tancredo combined with the name recognition that they lack and an ability like Ronald Reagan to communicate with voters. Add to this that he will be a very strong candidate to run against the Democrat perceived nominee Hillary Clinton, ( he is already showing tied or ahead in most polls with the Hildabeast), and Thompson is a force to be dealt with.

Bottom line - after the official announcement look for Thompson to get a surge in the polls and if he follows through with his more unconventional Internet campaign and the large number of public appearances that he is planning with his bus tour of the country beginning with the early primary states, Thompson may very well, like Ali, end the rope - a - dope and deliver the knock out blow that would take him to the GOP nomination and very likely the Presidency.

Ken Taylor

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