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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Yesterday in answer to the celebrity tour that began during the weekend by Jeremiah Wright, Democrat candidate Barack Obam said that he was,"appalled and outraged , " at the performance by his former pastor during his visit to the NAACP and the National Press Club.

During both performances Wright stated that the , "attacks, " against him were not toward him but the black church and he re-emphasised statements that he has made in the past claiming that The United States worked with Al Qaeda to bring about 9/11 and our government created the AIDS virus to kill blacks.

So my first question about appalled and outraged Barack Obama is where was he when these statements were first made and the press was covering them during the past several weeks ? Wasn't it during this time that the Illinois Senator was stating that Wright was his mentor and friend and though he may disagree with some of what the controversial pastor says he could no more, "disown, " him than he could his grandmother ?

During and interview on Fox News with Chris Wallace last weekend Obama still followed that same line when questioned about Wright and again claimed to disagree with some of the statements but that he considered Wright a friend and would not disown him.

Then as the controversy over Wright blossomed more with his visits to the NAACP and the National Press Club and the polls began to show that Wright's association with Obama was hurting the Senator and even many liberal pundits began saying that Obama was NOT electable because of it, the hypocritical politician now claims that Wright is, "not the man he knew twenty years ago."

Yet this man he knew twenty years ago is no different today than he was last week when Obama stood with his friend. So which is it Barack ? Do we believe that all of a sudden you are appalled by the same man who last week was your friend ? Or do we believe that you have had a sudden enlightening of your conscience and understand how truly appalling and offensive this man and his statements really are ?

Or do we believe that you suddenly realized that standing with your mentor meant losing the election so you decided to abandon Wright for political expedience and are trying to regroup because he was hurting you in the polls ? All evidence shows that the last is the case and Obama is playing the hypocritical politician.

So does the Senator from Illinois actually NOT agree with Wright or just claims to be appalled because of his lagging poll numbers ? Again my bet would be the latter rather than the former. Wright has been making controversial statements like this for years and it is ONLY when Obama saw the handwriting on the wall and the reaction from the public that he decided that distancing himself from Wright was the thing to do.

Before the public reaction he had no reason to abandon his former pastor and mentor, (incidentally he called him his mentor only a few weeks ago), so Obama kept quiet until he saw or was told by handlers that he HAD to distance himself or lose the election.

Bottom line here is that we still do not know whether Obama actually disagrees with Wright or just dissociates himself because of politics only. Is this what this country needs or wants for President ? Are these the type of judgement calls that the Commander In Chief and leader of our Nation should make ? Is this the type of decision making process that will best serve our Country ? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Obama has proven once again that he has no business, experience or the capability to be President of The United States. Abandoning Wright and the process it took to get to that point was poor judgement and to little to late.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


April 14, 1912 the RMS Titanic is making her maiden voyage to New York when at 11:40 the largest and most luxurious Liner in the World, thought to be unsinkable strikes an iceberg. 2240 passengers and crew are on board with only enough life boats to handle half that many. The damage to the ship is not the problem but a fault in her construction which allows water to over flow from one compartment to another despite water tight doors. It becomes inevitable that the shear weight of the water in her bow will take the Titanic to the bottom of the Atlantic and at 2:20 AM the , " unsinkable, " Titanic makes her final plunge into the Atlantic and history.

Many of you by now are wondering how in the world the RMS Titanic and Democrat Presidential candidate Barack Obama can possibly have anything in common. Several weeks ago as the Primary season was in full swing Barack Obama surged past Hillary Clinton and this Senator from Illinois was thought to be unstoppable as he marched with a full head of steam toward the Democrat nomination. Nothing could possibly sink the campaign of Barack Obama.

Then comes Jeremiah Wright, former pastor and continued mentor of Obama. Revelations began surfacing concerning controversial statements made by Wright about his belief that The United States government worked with Al Qaeda to bring about 9/11. He stated that our government created the AIDS virus to kill blacks. And of course the most revealing of them all calling for God to , "damn, " America rather than bless her.

The RMS Obama struck an iceberg by the name of Jeremiah Wright. The , "unsinkable, " Barack Obama began taking on water and as time has passed and Wright continues to create controversy while Obama, though distancing himself from some of Wrights statements but not the man himself, finds his campaign is beginning to take on enough water from the Wrightberg, sinking it by the head just as the Titanic.

Now the , "preacher, " is making the celebrity tour starting with Bill Moyers, then the NAACP and the Washington Press Club adding fuel to an already out of control fire by stating that the , "attacks, " against him for his statements are not aimed at him but, "the black church." Well the black church did not make the statements but Jeremiah Wright and ONLY Jeremiah Wright.

So now the once unsinkable RMS Obama has found its iceberg in the form of Jeremiah Wright and is foundering in the political ocean of the 2008 Presidential campaign. Wright's statements along with some made by Obama himself about gun owners and religious Americans damaged him greatly in Pennsylvania. As Wright makes his celebrity tour, Obama's numbers are dropping and for the first time this year polls show that Hillary Clinton actually leads on a National level with Democrat voters.

Obama's unfavorable rating has risen from 26 to 42 percent with half of Clinton supporters, (up from one third), stating that if Obama wins the nomination they will either vote for John McCain or stay home. The RMS Obama is quickly sinking by the head and continues to take on water and unless the damage from Wright and other Obama revelations can be dispersed or repaired, the weight of the water in the bow of the RMS Obama because of hitting the Wrightberg will inevitably find his campaign foundering in the political sea.

Just as the great Ocean Liner RMS Titanic was sunk by an unforeseen iceberg while steaming at full speed through hazardous waters, the RMS Obama in like manner has steamed into its Wrightberg through hazardous political waters with the end result looking to be the inevitable sinking of the Obama campaign and the end of not only Obamamania but the Presidential aspirations of a man whose inexperience and lack of foresight will finally sink his, "hope, " for a , "change, " of address in November!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, April 27, 2008


The Pope's recent visit to The United States has highlighted a very telling problem in American society especially a problem that exists with our elected officials in Washington. The Pope made it very clear that he not only highly respects America but admires who we are and what we stand for as a Nation and as a people. In fact the Pope sounded more patriotic about The United States than many who claim to serve this nation as Representatives of the people.

The 2008 Presidential campaign has presented a candidate who believes that wearing a flag pin or saluting our flag is not an act of love of country but a sign that one supports the war ONLY and not respect for Old Glory and the Nation it represents, which is what it should be. This campaign has presented a prospective First Lady who has only been proud of her country once in her life and that ONLY because her husband is running for President.

This campaign has presented candidates who can only condemn America and have yet to lift her up with pride and respect through love for our country. Rather we hear only how terrible we are and how bad it is to exist in America. We have been made to feel that it is fanatical to express our love for our flag, our country and even to ask that God bless this Nation because we have the gaul to invoke the Name of God in reference to America.

Daily we hear from our National Representatives that America has created or worsens the problems that exist through out the World. We hear those in whom we as a people have placed in office talk of how America should bow to the United Nations and instead of leading the World take a second seat to European countries who have accomplished far less than we. Nations whose histories expand hundreds of centuries as compared to America's few.

No longer do we hear of the greatness of America. No longer do we hear of the exceptional freedoms that we and we alone have. No longer do those who claim to represent us tell of the beauty of our land or the liberties that we each share that are found nowhere else in the World.

One of the many aspects of Ronald Reagan that made him so popular was that in a time when we as a Nation felt that our best days were behind us and were even being told by then President Jimmy Carter that we must learn to accept that The United States was no longer great and that we as her people must accept a lesser way of life, President Reagan reminded us that not only were our best days ahead of us but that we were still not only a great Nation but the one true hope of liberty in this World.

Reagan made us proud to be Americans again and he not only expressed his personal love of this land but was proud to show that love through respect for our flag and in every opportunity he had to represent this Nation whether on the Beaches of Normandy, at the Berlin Wall, the Kremlin in Russia or right hear at home on television or any public appearance he made.

So we are now twenty years past the final year of Reagan's Presidency and love of country, expressions of patriotism and talk of the greatness of America is not only politically incorrect but actually looked down upon by many as fanatical and hokey.

What is wrong with talking and yes even bragging of America's greatness ? When one talks of the wonder of our Nation or the tremendous accomplishments that we have made and the liberties that we have, accusations of American ,"arrogance, " are made. Why is it wrong in wearing a flag pin on our clothing as a symbol of our pride in our nation ? Why is it wrong to wave the flag or sing," God Bless America, " with a tear on our cheek because we love our country and want the best for her ?

What is wrong with showing button popping pride in who we are and the freedoms that we alone have ? What is wrong with expressing our love for our country and celebrating her greatness EVERYDAY of the year and not JUST on the Fourth of July when even the politicians who condemn this Nation set aside twenty four hours to celebrate and then continue the condemnation on the fifth.

Why does it take a National tragedy to bring out our patriotism and our flag waving ? What is it wrong with walking up to one of our brave men and women in the military and thanking them for serving our country. I do this all the time and am looked upon as strange by those who over hear my expression of thanks. But the best and the bravest are grateful for my gratitude and that is what counts.

Well this American and many others who feel as I do say it is time to express the pride again of our Nation. WE ARE AN EXCEPTIONAL COUNTRY and I for one am tired of hearing how bad we are and that we are the cause of the World's trouble. When in actuality the World would crumble under its own garbage were it not for the generosity of our people the aid from our Government which come FROM our people and the willingness of our brave men and women in uniform to journey to foreign lands to defend liberty both for The United States and the people in whose country they find themselves in.

It is time to sing with great enthusiasm our National Anthem with our hand over our heart or a salute to our forehead. It is time to sing with great enthusiasm ,"God Bless America, " because He has and we as a Nation wish His greatest blessings on this land we love. It is time to say to those who represent us and who wish to be our next President, "stop condemning our Nation and stand with our flag and our people for once!"

If that pride and love of Country is arrogant then I am PROUD to be an arrogant flag waving American who knows that THIS IS the greatest Nation that has ever existed on the face of the Earth. This IS the leader of the World and were we not the World and the countries that make up this planet would be in a far worse position than they claim to be now BECAUSE America has provided a better opportunity as well as the means to better their lot in life.

We have extended the branch of liberty and freedom to countries who otherwise would never know what it is like to be free. We are the hope of liberty for this World. The light of liberty that shines in New York Harbor in the hand of that lovely Lady who looks out upon the World still begins in America. We are as President Reagan said, "the shining city on the hill." We are the United States of America, an exceptional and great Nation.

If that is arrogant then GOOD. I will BE arrogant in my love for this land and my flag waving and my daily celebration of our liberties and proud of who we are and what we have accomplished and dare anyone to try and tell me otherwise. It is those who condemn this Nation who should be condemned! It is those who refuse to see how truly exceptional that we are that are incorrect!

"God Bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her thru the night with a light from above! From the Mountains to the Prairies to the Oceans white with foam. God Bless America my home sweet home. God Bless America my home sweet home! "

Ken Taylor

Thursday, April 24, 2008


158 delegates, Hillary gets a net gain of 10. Obama spent 10's of millions outspending Clinton 3 to 1. And still no winner for the nomination. Hillary leaves somewhat energized. Obama leaves wondering what happened and the chaos and implosion of the Democrat Party continues. Ya gotta love it!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - FORT SMITH, Ark. -- Police have arrested a pizza parlor manager on charges alleging he sold marijuana out of his drive-through window in Fort Smith, Ark. Authorities said Monday that state and local investigators acting on a tip went to the Pizza Hut restaurant and found six ounces of marijuana and a set of digital scales in the manager's office.

Police said they arrested 28-year-old manager Aaron Massey on Friday on a charge of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. I'll bet that was some order from the drive through ! "I'll take a meat lovers pan pizza with a sprinkling of pot on the side " SHEESH! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

This is a, "well duh, " choice. Do you vote for the one, (Obama), who thinks TALKING to Islam fascists is the answer. Or the one, (McCain), who knows the only way to deal with these killers is to kill them first!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - OLDSMAR, Fla. -- And some people get jittery about mice in the kitchen. Authorities say 69-year-old central Florida woman found an 8-foot long alligator prowling in her kitchen late Monday night. Sandra Frosti says the gator must have pushed through the back porch screen door and then went inside through an open sliding glass door at her home in Oldsmar, just north of Tampa. It then apparently strolled through the living room, down a hall and into the kitchen.

A trapper with Animal Capture of Florida removed the alligator, which was cut by a plate that was knocked to the ground during the chaos. But no one inside the house was injured.

So what to you give an eight foot Gator when he's in your kitchen ? ANYTHING HE WANTS! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

The slick packaging of Obama has gone and the truth of this flim flam man is finally being told, revealed and seen. The only fainting that will happen around Obama now is if someone passes out from shock at yet ANOTHER revelation about this racist, Marxist liar!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - NORTH NEW HYDE PARK, N.Y. -- A Long Island man had to know he would be arrested when he called police to report he had just been robbed during a drug deal that went bad. Nassau County Police said Christopher Canonico, 23, of Seaford, called at 8:19 p.m. Wednesday to say he had just been robbed in North New Hyde Park.

Police said Canonico was set up by two women who agreed to buy heroin at a local gas station. While they were sitting in Canonico's car, a third person with a gun came up to the car and robbed him of $340, a cell phone and wallet. Police said Canonico is charged with criminal sale and criminal possession of a controlled substance. The women and man with the gun are charged with robbery and other charges.

No one ever said drug dealers have any brains! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Jimmy Carter, "Mr Treason, " best friend to ALL the despots of history. What a loser.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Hillary Clinton has won the Pennsylvania Primary. No big surprise. In fact if she had not won even Barack Obama would have been surprised. Her margin of victory was barely double digits at ten and it only garnered her 66 delegates to Obama's 57 with 35 still remaining to be pledged. So this win only whittled Obama's lead by 9 and possibly 44 if she gains the 35 remaining.

So has this win in Pennsylvania helped Hillary to inch closer to taking the Democrat nod ? If you just look at the numbers, no. But Pennsylvania revealed a weakness in Obama that had not been as evident before. He out spent Hillary by almost 3 to 1 in a State where his politics should have played well with Democrats. Also exit polls indicate that a large number of Democrats who voted for Hillary said they would NOT vote for Obama and would either sit out the election with even more saying they would vote for GOP nominee John McCain.

The number of Obama supporters who would either sit it out or vote for McCain was much smaller than those supporting Clinton. Obama also lost significantly with the labor union members and other working class people, women and senior citizens. Each a strong constituency needed by Democrats in a General Election.

So while the win did not help Clinton much in the delegate count it has revealed once again that Obama cannot deliver the big States and many of the core voters that favor Democrat candidates.

Another interesting set of numbers that found their way into the news concerns the liberal icon State of Massachusetts. The home of Teddy K. and Mr Heinz, John Kerry. In a head to head match up between McCain and Obama in this liberal strong hold McCain actually LEADS by two points. While this is in the margin of error it is unheard of in such a liberal State. In the same match up with Hillary and McCain, Clinton leads by more than 30 points.

The fact that Obama is behind McCain in a liberal State like Massachusetts and lost as he did in Pennsylvania despite out spending Clinton by such a large margin will raise questions again about his electability in the fall against McCain.

Add to this the distinct probability that the Florida and Michigan delegates will be seated at the Convention giving Clinton a huge boost in the popular vote delegate count and this race for the Democrat nod is far from over. One other aspect that has crept into the mix is that National polling over the last few days has Hillary AHEAD of Obama for the first time since early this year.

If Pennsylvania were the only factor being considered in the Democrat free for all then Tuesday's win for Hillary would not amount to anything. But combining the win with National polling and the surprising numbers from Massachusetts and the proverbial liar and, "sniper dodging, " Senator from New York is not only still in the race but has good reason to stick it our until the Convention. The implosion will continue!!!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Today can be classified in the annals of United States History as a liberal feast. On the political stage Hillary and Obama are fighting it out in Pennsylvania for the Democrat nomination. On the environmental stage the whacos are using what should be a day to embrace the wonders of our planet into a political love fest for liberal environmental causes like Global Warming, (excuse me the PC phrase now is , "Climate Change").

On the Hollywierd stage Michael Moore endorses Barack Obama. Now that my friends is a liberal pairing that tops any to this point! So today is a liberal feast for those who cling to ideology from the left as liberalism takes center stage in the news and in world , "celebration, " for Earth Day.

First the Pennsylvania Primary. This is being called the make or break for Hillary and in many respects it is. She will win but the margin of that win will determine whether she has an even remote chance of getting the nomination. Now of course to her a win today is a win and it is just one more reason why she is destined, "in her mind, " to be President. If she wins by only a few percentage points she will cry that, "the people of Pennsylvania have made it clear that I am the choice for President." When in reality a few points only buys her a little time and a few dollars in her campaign chest that right now is filled with cobwebs.

But whether by a few points or a double digit win Hillary will not disappear any time soon. She will use a Pennsylvania win, another ,"big State, " as a means of trying to strong arm the remaining Super Delegates into backing her claiming that Obama can't deliver the big States needed in a General Election and she can. Which is not completely false since she HAS won every Democrat contest in the big States like California, New York , Texas, New Jersey, Ohio, Florida and now Pennsylvania will be added to that mix.

Though Obama is the likely nominee Hillary will not give up without dragging this thing on longer because she cannot accept that her destiny is crumbling beneath her and her own mouth and lies have become her downfall. That and the antics of her Bubba! Which of course will further erode support in Democrat circles and continue the implosion that has been chronicled by Rush Limbaugh's, "Operation Chaos." A chaotic experience that I might ad would have happened even if Rush had not started his daily spotlight. The Dems have done this baby of their own accord and Rush has just added fuel to the out of control fire!

Now on to Earth Day 2008. While celebrating our wondrous planet is a good thing, the direction that this celebration takes is yet another. Celebrating our Earth should be a daily observation made by each of us. This beautiful Planet that we inhabit is filled with wonder and amazement and each of us should cherish and do our part to protect it everyday and having a celebration about our beautiful world is great.

BUT, that is NOT what Earth Day is. This is a day that rather than a celebration of the glories of our world has become a political platform for every leftist environmental cause on the face of our planet. Climate Change, (formally known as Global Warming), has taken center stage during this , "celebration," though the theory is being debunked on almost a daily basis by scientists whose credibility far out shines the whacos like Al Gore who use , "Climate Change, " as a political platform to scare people and raise large amounts of money to further their campaign and NOT protect the planet.

Around the World gatherings are taking place that look more like a throw back to Woodstock and the hippie protests of the sixties than a gathering of sane people celebrating the beauty of our planet! Even the Weather Channel under the watchful, liberal and condemning eye of , "Dr. Heidi Cullen, " the Weather Channels, "climate expert, " is offering an all day feature which was preceded by daily featuretts, that are designed to make anyone who doesn't abide by a , " green, " life style feel guilty and in danger of spending eternity in enviro whaco hell if they don't follow the good doctors advice.

This , "Doctor, " by the way is the same whaco that is calling for every Meteorologist who does not buy into man made Global Warming to have their credentials revoked and removed as a member of the AMS, (American Meteorological Society).

Last and least in Hollywierd Michael Moore has endorsed Barack Obama. For any of you who have not found thousands of other reasons to not support Obama ranging from his inexperience, his Marxist ideas and racists statements and those of like ideals that he associates with, the fact that proverbial liberal whaco Michael Moore has endorsed him should be more than enough to know that Obama IS NOT the candidate for the White House.

So those of us who are not of the left persuasion must bite our tongues and hold our breath for today as the liberal feast makes its way though until tomorrow brings back the normal insanity that we see each day in our headlines and happenings throughout the world. I don't know about you but as for me, I'm going to pull out the John Wayne DVD's and grab me some popcorn and watch the Duke, a great American, take on the the bad guys, the, "Japs, " and tangle with Maureen O'Hara in the," Quiet Man, " and, " McLintock, " while the Libs spend the day dancing in the streets!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, April 20, 2008


He has mesmerized audiences with his words of, "hope and change." Women have fainted as he speaks. The media have crowned him as the Democrat nominee though the count is not complete. Liberals have embraced him as a rock star.

Yet what does anyone know about the Senator from Illinois who is running for the highest office in this land and the most powerful position in the world ? Not much ! In the last few weeks controversy about his associations have surfaced. He has shown traits that have brought into question his patriotism and love of country. His wife has made statements that question the same and excerpts from his own writings show racism. His own words while campaigning reveal an elitist character that offends a large segment of Americans.

Now even the media who have been his aid and friend are beginning to ask questions about Barack Obama and the liberal Democrat candidate does not like it. In fact after the Democrat debate which aired last Wednesday this candidate who before had been given a free pass complained about his treatment during the debate because ABC News moderators asked hard questions about his association, his racists and elitist statements and his unwillingness to show allegiance to the flag.

His complaint concerned the first 45 minutes of the debate when this questioning took place and that the , "issues, " that concern the American people were not covered during that time. Well Mr. Obama I have news for you. The American people TAKE issue with your statements, your associations and your unwillingness to show allegiance to our country and our flag.

You ARE the issue and we have a right to know what a candidate who is wanting to become our President believes, thinks and feels about our country, our morals and whether or not those in whom they associate themselves with will have an adverse influence on the person we choose to lead this Nation.

We as a people expect our President to place their hand over their heart and say the pledge to our flag. We expect our President to express to the world on our behalf our love for our country and our allegiance to the same. We expect our President to look at all Americans in the same way and not look down their nose in an elitist way to any segment of our Nation because of their religious beliefs or their Second Amendment right to own a gun.

We expect our President to associate themselves with people who stand true to this Nation and when an association of twenty years would rather, "damn, " our country then , "bless, " her we take exception to that and expect answers. When we find that an associate brags about terrorist attacks on this Nation we demand answers as to why that person is still considered a friend.

When we see someone wanting to lead this Country as President refuse to pledge the flag or wear a pin on his lapel that symbolizes that flag and complain about those who do we question as a people whether that person represents our values as we expect our President to do.

When a candidates wife claims that because her husband is running for President she is proud of our Country for the first time in her life we wonder why and whether we want her as our First Lady. When writings are revealed from books written by a candidate that show racists statements, even from earlier in that candidates life, we the American people want to know why!

We have a right to question the judgment of a candidate who remains in a church for twenty years and only AFTER the doctrine of that church and the preaching of that churches pastor are revealed in a Presidential campaign and then only AFTER the heat concerning the association is on that candidate claims he did not know the doctrine or remember what the preacher said.

So Senator Obama you complain that the American people are not hearing the issues covered in this campaign ? Well then start answering the questions that we take issue with. Explain to us why you associate with racists and terrorists. Explain to us why you won't pledge our flag. Explain to us why you look down on small town Americans. Then explain to us why you cannot deal except in generalities with the very issues that YOU think should be talked about and then we might listen.

We expect answers for the issues and your complaining because you are questioned by the media that has treated you with kid gloves until recently and still gives you a free pass in most cases just does not hold water. If you think that it is tough now wait until the fall and more Americans are watching the Presidential race and wanting answer both about your character and the issues you claim you stand so strong for. If you avoid those questions now you will be destroyed by them then.

Because Senator we take issue with you and we expect and demand answers to those questions and how you really stand. Mesmerizing speeches and general statements amount to nothing when we look for a President. Character, love of Country, fairness for ALL Americans and associations with people who pray God's blessing on our Nation and look at our flag with respect for what it stands for and those who have given their life defending that flag and the nation it represents, those Mr. Obama are what we look for in our President and you have not shown those qualities or qualifications!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, April 17, 2008


You ever notice that Obama is extremely articulate and his words are carefully chosen......except when they come back to bite him in the butt ? Then he, " may not have chosen his words well." However you said it Barack you said what you meant to say!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - NEW ORLEANS -- Patrick "Deep Dish" Bertoletti looked down at the litter of empty oyster shells in front of him and savored the sweet taste of victory. For Crazy Legs Conti, the bitter taste of defeat could be washed away only by beer. The Acme World Oyster Eating championship belt - leather, with a silver dish featuring an oyster on the half-shell - hung on Bertoletti's skinny hips. The 22-year-old Chicago resident took the title Saturday by slurping 35 dozen of the big bivalves in eight minutes.

"I could probably do a couple dozen more, especially if they were charbroiled," said Bertoletti, who holds the endurance oyster-eating record, having downed 53 1/2 dozen in 2007 before calling it quits. "Although they're great raw." Conti, the defending champion, tied for third, sucking down 24 dozen.

By the way for those of you who do not know the proper way of eating an Oyster...well here goes...first you tie a string on it then you swallow and pull the string, swallow and pull the string, swallow and pull the string. That way you can savor ALL of the taste ! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

So then who is responsible for our energy problems ? The oil companies or the enviro whacos supported by the liberal Congress ?

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - LOS ANGELES -- A jury acquitted a man of smuggling endangered iguanas in his hollowed-out prosthetic leg but convicted him of concealing and possessing the endangered species. The jury rejected charges Thursday that Jereme James stole Fiji Island banded iguanas while visiting the South Pacific in September 2002. The neon-green-striped iguana is an endangered species, prosecutors said. However, James faces a maximum possible sentence of 20 years in prison when sentenced July 14.

I guess there is more than one way to , "get a leg up on the competition ! " - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

She calls them missteps, everyone else knows they are LIES. Either way her own mouth has become her worst political and campaign enemy!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - WILMINGTON, N.C. -- Traffic was backed up and police were called to control the crowd after a Wilmington gas station accidentally set the pump price at 35 cents a gallon. The Wilmington Star-News reported Friday that hundreds of drivers flooded a BP station for the cheap gas after the price dropped around 9 a.m. Thursday.

Station employee Shane Weller said the price for premium gasoline was supposed to be $3.35 a gallon. He complained that customers paid the cheaper price all day without saying a word.
It was all the extra traffic that led station employees to the mistake around 6 p.m. They found it after calling their district manager, looking for permission to changing the price as a way of stemming the flow of customers.

One has to wonder how it took EIGHT hours to notice a $3.00 mistake. I guess the long lines were not a CLUE BEFORE 6 PM ! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Jimmy Carter - failed President, appeaser, enemy sympathizer and TRAITOR!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I hesitated to write about Carter's trip to the Middle East to meet with leaders of the terrorist group Hamas because the last thing this meeting deserves is publicity. I have noticed that coverage of his trip has been sparse and deservedly so.

Yet the total ramification of this unauthorized meeting with a recognized terrorist group goes far beyond just ignoring the ramblings of an ex-president who undermines US policy and has become a joke because of his continual search for yet another 15 minutes in the news.

The White House specifically asked him NOT to make the trip. The State Department specifically asked him NOT to make the trip. A bipartisan group of 50 Congressman sent a letter to Carter beseeching him NOT to meet with Hamas and listed 26 Americans who have been killed by direct order of the very Hamas leader Carter is meeting with. Israel asked him NOT to meet with Hamas. In fact the only Israeli official who would meet with Carter, President Shimon Peres, scolded Carter for the planned meeting.

Yet Carter still insists on the meeting. He has already been seen embracing a key Hamas leader, Nasser Shaer and meeting in a closed door session with him. Shaer summed up the feelings of Hamas concerning why they see the meeting with Carter as helpful for them when he said, "Carter has weight and respect, and I hope he'll have a role and effect on the Palestinian problem." I disagree with the word , "respect, " because he has lost a considerable amount of that because of his past actions and this trip diminishes it even more.

He has placed a wreath on the grave of terrorist and former PLO leader Yassar Arafat praising him as a man who fought for, "just causes." So the murder of innocent women and children, thousands of Israelis and the looting of billions of dollars from the very Palestinians he claimed to serve are considered, " just causes, " by Jimmy Carter ?

Carter will travel to Egypt where he will meet with Hamas leaders living in exile after their, "government, " in the Gaza strip unraveled last year in favor of the recognized Palestinian government under President Mahmoud Abbas.

Carter's meeting with Hamas not only undermines US and Israeli policy concerning the terrorist group but it countermands all ongoing processes in the region both by Israel, the recognized Palestinian government and most importantly the US State Department. In addition his meeting dignifies a terrorist group that the world recognizes as such and not as a viable government entity.

Hamas has refused to renounce terrorism and also refuses to recognize Israels right to exists and as such The United States and most world governments list them as a terrorist organization. They are supported by both Iran and Syria also recognized as teroorist States. Their, (Hamas), actions in killing innocents by homicide bombings and other such terrorist attacks also confirms their terrorist classification.

Carter's meeting legitimizes this group and is in direct conflict with US policy toward a known terrorist entity and the longstanding policy of the US to NOT negotiate with terrorists. In many respects Carter's meeting with Hamas satisfies the Constitutional description of treason.

Article III Section 3 of the United States Constitution states, " Treason against The United States consist only in levying War against them, or in adhearing to their enemies, giving Aid and Comfort."

If this meeting by Carter does NOT fall under the , "aid and comfort, " clause then nothing does. He is aiding a recognized murderer of American citizens, a recognized and admitted enemy of the United States and a known terrorist group in a time of war. While Hamas is not directly involved with the US in the War on Terror, the overtures that it presents to those terrorist entities that we are fighting is that The United States WILL negotiate because a former President has negotiated with Hamas.

From a historical perspective what if former President Herbert Hoover had traveled to Germany or Japan in 1941 and negotiated with Hitler or Tojo ? Would that have been considered treason ? Absolutely ! While Hamas is not in a declared war with The United States the ramifications of Carter's meetings are similar to a hypothetical situation as mentioned with Hoover and Hitler or Tojo.

Jimmy Carter was a joke as President and he has become an even bigger joke as an ex-president. The problem now is that joke is threatening US policy, security and our ability to assist in the trouble in the Middle East. He has turned his back on his country, our allies and persists on helping enemies of The United States. That my friends IS TREASON!!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of all ages Howard Dean your Ring Master welcomes you to, "THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH."

In the First Ring - Florida and Michigan Labor Unions who usually support Democrats are holding organized protests at DNC Headquarters in Washington DC over Democrat refusal to seat Florida and Michigan delegates at the Convention in August.

In the Center Ring - Candidate Barack Obama is calling small town America, "bitter, " and saying, "they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." Yes ladies and gentleman Obama looking down his nose at small town America.

Hillary Clinton is taking aim at Barack calling HIM and elitist and claiming that her grandpa took her out behind the barn on the family homestead and taught her to fire a rifle at the age of twelve.

Barack fires back calling Clinton , " Annie Oakley, " and shouting sarcastically that she acts like she hides in a , "duck blind, " every weekend hunting.

And finally in Ring Number Three - Jimmy Carter, yes Mr. Hamas himself is in the Middle East to meet with Hamas leaders. Providing a world platform for this terrorist group and compromising and countering US policy to once again get his 15 minutes in the spotlight.

Just when you think the Democrats can't get any more off the wall and maniacal they prove that the fun has only just begun. This campaign year for the Dems will go down in history as one of the if not THE most entertaining and comical that this country has ever seen.

Additionally not only is it a hoot but they have become their own worst enemy and the polls are showing just how much they are slitting their own political throats. Latest polling according to Rasmussen has McCain moving from a tie to being up by 7 over Clinton and 4 over Obama. In the Pennsylvania Primary where Clinton had been fading, last weekends comments by Obama have given Clinton a slight gain. She had been in a statistical tie with Obama and now she has anywhere between a 9 and 14 point lead with only a week left before the Primary.

The Obama comments have also helped Clinton in Indiana where her lead has increased to between 15 and 20 points and Obama's lead in North Carolina has dropped to 15 from 21. But of course the Democrat numbers are likely to change, not because the voters are wishy washy but because in the week left before Pennsylvania and the three weeks left before Indiana and North Carolina one or both of the Democrats candidates will find a way of either sticking their foot in their mouth or performing some sort of political blunder that has become the one single consistency of the Democrat race for the nomination.

Adding to Democrat frustrations with the nomination race throw in Labor Unions protesting the DNC and Jimmy Carter meeting with terrorists and you have a Three Ring Circus if not the Greatest Show on Earth definitely the most entertaining and laughable!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, April 13, 2008


What is a Conservative? The media and liberals would have everyone believe that a Conservative is a far right wing fanatic who is either a religious or a moral zealot that will condemn anything or anyone who disagrees with them or is some sort of Christian fanatic bent on forcing others to a similar belief or creed.

Now don't get me wrong this is not nor ever will be a condemnation of religion or Christian beliefs because those are beliefs that are a fundamental part of my life and they are part of my views as a Conservative. Now that the media and liberal perception of a Conservative are defined and set aside, what then is a Conservative?

First a Conservative is one who understands and accepts the original intent of what the Founders conceived in the Constitution as the fundamental principles and foundation for this Nation. The principles that this country was founded on as described in this most profound document are unchangeable and as viable today as they were when first written and ratified.

The Tenth Amendment states that all power that is not specifically defined in the Constitution belongs to the State and the people. This is a fundamental Conservative and Constitutional principle calling for limited Federal Government. The Founders never intended for this Nation to have an all powerful and all encompassing Federal bureaucracy and this principle for limited Government is both Conservative and Constitutional.

This includes taxation, government entitlements, the expanded powers of government over the people and government intrusion in the lives and business of our citizens through excessive regulation and legislation. Conservatism believes in the power belonging to the people and not the government which is the original intent of the founders and the Constitution.

A second principle of Conservatism is the understanding that a strong and viable military is necessary for the defense of this Nation and the protection of our people, our borders and our National Security. This too is a Constitutional principle that is found in the Presidential oath which states that it is the responsibility of the President, the Commander in Chief to, "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution." A strong military is a key component to this oath and the preservation of the Constitution and the Nation who holds our Constitution as law.

While Conservatives understand and believe the First Amendment right to freedom of religion, it is also with the understanding that the Constitutional provision that government shall not establish or make any laws pertaining to the practice of religion does not mean that God is not a part of who we are as a people and a Nation. The notion that Jefferson's statement concerning, "the separation of church and state, " made in his letter written in 1804 to a New Hampshire church organization in reference to his not proclaiming a Day of Thanksgiving meaning that it is a Constitutional provision that God is excluded from all aspects of American government and public society is not only false but not what the Founders intended.

Conservatism also understands that life is precious and that all have a God given right to live. The Declaration of Independence which is the document that gave birth to who we are and all that we believe and adhere to as Americans states, “We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator to certain unalienable rights. That among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." This right that we have as Americans to, " life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, " applies to all life both born and unborn and as such that is why Conservatism holds to the principle of, "right to life."

Conservatism is not a party nor a political dogma or policy but a core of fundamental beliefs that are based in and follow the basic principles and intent of the Founders and the Constitution that they passed down to all generations of Americans. That this Government and the Nation that it governs is now and always will be a government of by and for the people. A Constitutional Republic whose representatives are fully answerable to the people not the people answerable to government through taxation and regulation or socialistic programs that force dependency on and control by an all powerful government.

Conservatism literally believes that, "We the People, " is not just an opening phrase or eloquent words to begin an outdated document, but a foundational principle that this nation holds true and firm and that the Constitution that holds these words are the principles and laws that this Nation was founded upon and as such follow to the letter today and in future generations. That those fundamental rights granted by our Creator of, "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” are our legacy as a people and our responsibility to defend and protect both for ourselves and all future Americans.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Hillary is taking the Democrats for a wild ride and if she pulls Pennsylvania out of her political hat the ride for the next few months will make this one look tame!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - GALESBURG, Ill. -- Police called to investigate a theft at a private rail yard in Galesburg encountered a gory-looking scene when they climbed into the burglarized rail car, but it wasn't blood. It was ketchup - a lot of ketchup. The officers were called to the rail parking facility behind the Railroad Refrigeration Services plant Saturday night after an employee found that one rail car had been forced open. But the car wasn't filled with liquor, prime meat or any of the other usual targets of such thefts. Instead, it was filled with containers of ketchup.

Police said the thief didn't appear to have stolen any of the ketchup, but had - in apparent frustration - squirted some of it all over the inside of the car. Maybe the thief was John Kerry trying to get a last minute tax write off for Theresa and her Ketchup Empire ! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Charlton Heston hailed, cherished and promoted freedom. Barack Obama hails, cherishes and promotes Socialism and stifles freedom. The difference between a great American and a pretty boy who talks nice and says little except promoting an American Socialism.

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - VALLEJO, Calif. -- A weekend wedding turned into an unforgettable first night for these two newlyweds. Police said a bride and groom spent their first night as a married couple in jail after their wedding party at a Vallejo home got out of hand.
When police had to return a second time to the home Saturday night, officers stunned both the groom and his cousin with a Taser when they both became aggressive towards the officers.

The groom and cousin were arrested for allegedly resisting arrest. The bride was taken into custody on suspicion of public intoxication. HMMMM... you think they will retrace their steps for their 25th anniversary ? That is if they make it that far ! -YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Hillary brags about her travel log claiming it speaks of experience. McCain has been tried by fire and understands the ins and outs of foreign policy. Obama.... well he does know that there are other countries and that they may be foreign and that everyone should gather together have a big picnic and just talk and talk and talk and everything will be alright. Give me a break !

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- Three men who stole cash from a restaurant in Malaysia got caught when they returned for a second helping. The culprits grabbed 500 ringgit ($160) from the cash box early Sunday, then came back minutes later to ask for more. This time they pretended to be local toughs, and offered protection from burglars for 2,100 ringgit ($660) a month, the New Straits Times and The Star reported Monday.
The men thought they had concealed their identities by wearing motorcycle helmets during their first foray, but the owner - who watched the first theft on closed-circuit television - recognized their clothes and called the police, the reports said.

Police cordoned off the restaurant and detained the three suspects, The Star said. The moral here....greed will get you every time! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Notice how Hillary's policy for Iraq and her campaign strategy seem to mirror one another ? Both call for cut and run and the Dems are calling for both surrender in Iraq and Hillary to surrender her Presidential run.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I have a rather tight schedule today but just could not pass up this great video about the Obama Man.

Hope, Change and the usual empty political rhetoric from the Obama Man never sounded so good .


Ken Taylor

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I have been writing for the past several months that though behind in the delegate count I believed that Hillary Clinton would still secure the nomination for the Democrats this year. Then I also did not anitcipate that SHE would become her own worst enemy. The woman who feels that she is destined to become President as her so called husband before her is piloting her own campaign into the ground.

While I still believe to a point the she will try to force this fight all the way to the Convention in August, Hillary is daily cutting her own political throat with Democrats and lessening her chances of gaining the nomination every moment she is out on the campaign trail.

Much of her downfall is media generated as the press who used to call the Clinton's buddies and for years she and Bubba have been the liberal media darlings have abandoned her. It has become obvious that the liberal press has crowned Barack Obama as their candidate and nothing Hillary does will return her to the media darling seat she once held.

But the proverbial political liar has also cooked her own goose in many respects through stupid blunders that have not only cost her support from the press but also plummeted her in the eyes of voters. Her out right lie concerning her trip to Bosnia and claiming she was under sniper fire took her from a double digit lead in Pennsylvania to a five to six point lead today.

Now she has been caught it yet another lie concerning her pet project Universal Health Care. In an attempt to show the voting public how badly this Nation needs universal care, ( which we conservatives know will destroy the medical community and add huge government entitlements), Hillary has been telling a story about a pregnant women who was denied health care from an Ohio hospital and later died as a result. Clinton stated that she was denied because she was a minimum wage earner who did not have $ 100.00 to pay before admission and thus denied hospital care.

The bogus story has been denied by the hospital which not only admitted the women but treated her. Clinton then pulled this story from her woeful health care pleas during her campaign stops. What makes this and the Bosnia incident so damaging to her is that fact that neither lie can be placed on a staffer who related the story or scripted it for her.

She personally experienced the Bosnia fiasco and the health care story was directly related to her by a health care worker and of course she never attempted to verify the story just used it to tout her health care plan because it sounded good and played well to an audience.

All of which once again questions her integrity, her ability to be truthful with anyone especially the American people and also her ability to handle any responsibility without resorting to a lie to either enhance her stance or, "experience, " or to portray something to the public in a straight forward manner without bogus exaggerations and lies.

Additionally this week Mark Penn a key campaign strategist was reassigned because as CEO of Burson-Marstellar he negotiated a free trade agreement with Columbia which infuriated Hillary as it is a political position she opposes. At first he was announced as fired but later it was reveled that he will remain as a polling and research advisor.

The virtual collapse of her campaign accompanied by the endless lies that the candidate is finding herself caught in has taken the once anointed nominee to the status of a weakening second who is struggling for her political life against a candidate who has become a rock star that speaks in generalities but has the ability to mesmerize a crowd.

I still believe that the idea that she is destined to the Presidency will not allow her to admit defeat nor will it take her out of the race before the Convention which she believes will help her as the Super Delegates are counted. That is unless she falls to defeat in Pennsylvania, then she just may reconsider. If though she does pull Pennsylvania out of her hat she will stay but her chances of gaining the nomination even at the Convention are dwindling each day. Her own lack of integrity and out right willingness to do and say anything even lie her way to the nomination have become Hillary Clinton's own worst enemy!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Sunday's are usually reserved for my Sunday Commentary only and that can be found beneath this post. But today a legend has passed. Charlton Heston one of the finest actors in screen history passed away last night at his California home at the age of 84.

With Hollywood classics like Ben Hur, The Ten Commandments, El Cid and many others to his film credit, Heston was truly a giant among screen legends.

Off the screen Heston was one of the strongest advocates for the Second Amendment and was President of the NRA. In 1980 he realized the folly of being a Democrat and switched to the Republican Party actively campaigning for Ronald Reagan.

Charlton Heston 1923 - 2008, Moses has entered the Promised Land.

Ken Taylor


During the past week the Nation remembered the day forty years ago in 1968 when Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. fell victim in Memphis, Tennessee to an assassins bullet. Dr. King was the voice in the Civil Rights movement of the late fifties and the nineteen sixties and was killed for his stand against racism and injustice to ALL races, colors and creeds.

Dr. King though a black man never spoke for or used violent means to end race injustice and not only spoke for Black Americans but for all Americans who suffered racial injustice in this country. His dream as echoed in the famous speech delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963 was that, "we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, "Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

Throughout the commemoration of that tragic day in 1968 when Dr. King's life was ended far to early and before his work was completed many stated that King would be disappointed with the progress that has taken place toward race relations since 1968. They mentioned that he would consider that the injustice of race has made little or no improvement since the early days of the Civil Rights movement.

It is with statements like those made that I have to find disagreement with those who made them. While there is still some racial injustice in this Nation and improvement can still be found, we have come along way since the days of Jim Crow, back seats on buses, separate drinking fountains and restrooms and people of a different race being killed on the streets while law enforcement turned a blind eye.

The dream of Dr. King while not fully accomplished is much more a reality today than it was at the time of his death forty years ago. People of color are finding balance economically and in the job market. Opportunities are in abundance and available to those who will as with any American seek those opportunities. Yes there are still some divisions and racists who will not give up their idiotic hatred sparked simply by the color of a person's skin. But we are far cry from the days that Dr. King experienced.

Yet to listen to some liberals and many leaders in the Democrat Party racism has not only NOT improved but the days of Jim Crow are still with us and people of color have almost no opportunity in this country. The rank and file Democrats are not the problem in this continuing discussion and division of race but leaders in the party like both candidates for President and those who associate themselves with the Civil Rights movement of the sixties like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

These are the race baiters of today. Whenever the opportunity presents itself they use what has become known as , "the race card, " as a means of blaming an injustice or I should say many times a perceived injustice or as a means of attacking an individual or group in order to make headlines or just stir up trouble which will go in their favor because everyone is afraid of being stamped as a racist.

Democrats have used the race card as a means of holding Black Americans as a hole as a voting block in this country and use legislation and the stirring up of race issues as a form of almost political slavery to keep them dependant on government and Democrats. This is a practice that I believe Dr. King would not have used or approved of in his fight for racial equality.

Additionally any Black who distances themselves from this form of oppression and actually rises above it is labeled an, "Uncle Tom." Two examples of this are Justice Clarence Thomas and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. Both have risen to high office in this land and have associated themselves with Conservative politics rather than liberal politics and they have been condemned by liberals who accuse them of betraying their, "race." So just WHO is the racist in this type of situation, those who have risen above or those who accuse them of being, "Uncle Toms ?"

Historically, while Democrats claim to be the party who stands for minorities in actuality Republicans have used legislation to correct injustices. Lincoln, a Republican was the author of the Emancipation Proclamation. Though not perfect and lacking in scope it was the foundation of ending slavery in this country. When Civil Rights legislation finally made it to the Halls of Congress in the sixties Lyndon Johnson had to cross the isle and rally Republicans to pass the legislation because most Democrats refused to back the bill.

Dr. Kings birthday finally became a holiday under the leadership of Republican President Ronald Reagan. And President George Bush was the first President to have Black Americans in high cabinet position with Collin Powell as Secretary of State and Condoleeza Rice as National Security Advisor and now Secretary of State. Rice also served as National Security with President Reagan.

Many Democrats have been strong advocates of racial balance in this country but when it comes to race accusations and using race as a means of stirring trouble or keeping it in the press to spark harsh feelings, many prominent Democrats are always at the front of race baiting. Even in this Presidential election year it is Democrats and NOT Republicans who are making the fact that Barack Obama is a black man an issue rather that just accepting that he is a MAN running for the office of President.

Yes there is still anger concerning race and there is still injustice that must and demands to be corrected and equalized between minorities. But the constant barrage of playing the race card and stirring up either real or perceived race issues by liberals is not addressing the problem but making it worse as it promotes anger and hatred rather that peace and an attitude of working together as Dr. King advocated.

Race will be an issues in this Nation until we as Americans can finally look at another individual only as a fellow American and not by the color of his/her skin whether that skin color be black, white, brown or yellow. It will always be an issue as long as racists who claim to be fighting against the injustice of race actually use it as platform to stir up anger and hatred.

When using the race card as a means of causing trouble ends as a political practice with anyone especially liberals, then and only then will we find this nation in the final fulfillment of Dr. Kings dream , " This will be the day when all of God's children will be able to sing with a new meaning, "My country, 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrim's pride, from every mountainside, let freedom ring."

Ken Taylor

Friday, April 04, 2008


The April Blog of The Month is a familiar one to many of you and one that has been spotlighted before, American Interests. While this excellent site has been Blog of the Month before it deserves a second spotlight because of not only the great content and well thought out commentary but also because Otto, the author, is trying to increase his traffic, ( as we all would like to do...LOL), and I promised him I would assist in this way!

A great site from a good conservative blogger friend from , "down under, " in Australia who believes and understands the importance of The United States to the stability, both economic and militarily to the world and the light of freedom and liberty that still shines from this nation being the hope for the world. Excellent site and worth visiting regularly and linking to!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, April 03, 2008


"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away........." AGAHHHAHA No not a long time ago and not far, far away but right now and today Bubba the Hut and Darth Hillary, ( I believe that character applies better than Princess Leia), are looking to create their on Socialist Empire from Washington DC. She is no Rocky Balboa but a Sith Lord is a distinct possibility!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - MADRID, Spain -- A burglar who broke into a funeral home tried to fool police by playing dead, but two things gave him away. First, he breathed. Plus, he wore grungy clothes rather than the Sunday best of those settling in for eternal rest. Police and the Crespo Funeral Home said Wednesday they had no idea what the 23-year-old Spanish man was trying to steal in the March 17 break-in at Burjassot, a small town just outside Valencia.

Neighbors living nearby alerted police when they heard the front door of the business being forced open in the middle of the night. Police officers arrived with the owner, and eventually found the suspect lying on a table in a glassed-in chamber used for viewings of deceased people during wakes, a local police official said from Burjassot.

"The custom here is for dead people to be dressed in suits, in nice clothes that look presentable. This guy was in everyday clothes that were wrinkled and dirty. He was trying to fake being dead, but he was breathing," the officer said.

I know the perfect epitaph for this guy, " Here lies a stupid thief. Who though he could look dead and fake police. They saw he was breathing and arrested him screaming. And now he lies in jail un-deceased!" - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Anyone who states that if his children were to make a mistake, (in other words premarital sex), and he did not want them, "punished, " by having a baby is an idiot who views unborn life as an inconvenience rather than a blessed new baby and new life.

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - BUFFALO, N.Y. -- A Buffalo man is accused of picking what may be the worst possible place to stash some drugs while police were looking on. Two Buffalo police officers were checking out drug activity in a neighborhood late Monday night when they spotted Bernard Fincher Jr., 25, walk up to a doughnut box, pick up a white object and place it in his pocket.

Police told The Buffalo News that Fincher walked away, then went back and placed a white object back in the box. The officers moved in and checked out the carton, which was empty of doughnuts but contained some crack cocaine.

Maybe the guy will name his company, ( if he gets out of jail), "Crackin Doughnuts." I know the name is lame but it was the best I could come up with at the moment! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

After Bubba's fiasco tantrum with the California Super Delegates maybe putting them on ice will be the only way Hillary can get their vote!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - LAKE CHARLES, La. -- Police officers suspected that a car they had pulled over was stolen, so they called the registered owner and left a message. But when the owner called back, officers say, she apparently thought the message was from a drug dealer, and she was busted for allegedly trying to buy crack cocaine.

"Officers put in a lot of energy to close a case, so we never mind getting one on sheer luck and stupidity," Lake Charles police Sgt. Mark Kraus said of last week's arrest. He said officers Hope Kingery and George Miller stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and the driver could not produce identification or a valid driver's license. Miller called the car's registered owner and left a message, but in the meantime they determined that the vehicle wasn't stolen and allowed the driver to leave, Kraus said.

About an hour later, Miller got a call on his cell phone from the apparent owner of the car "who stated that she would like to buy $150 in crack," Kraus said. Miller agreed to a meeting, which led to the arrest of Jill Foreman, 33, and fiance Larry Rieck, 49, both of Sulphur.

So much for caller ID !?!?!?! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Hillary and Obama delivering the knockout blow to the Democrat Party and their 2008 bid for The White House. Hey maybe there is a comparison to Rocky Balboa after all!!!!

Ken Taylor

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