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Sunday, January 31, 2010


We are witnessing something unprecedented in United States history. A President whose arrogance and audacity lead him to believe that he has the right and the authority to lecture those who are supposedly his peers, look down upon and ignore the American people who are legally and Constitutionally his boss all the while presiding over a failed administration and making claims that even those who have supported him know to be untrue.

The spectacle that was called the State of the Union Address last week was the most blatant show of arrogance yet in the Obama Presidency. To stand before the Congress, the Joint Chiefs and the Supreme Court and use what is Constitutionally called in Article II, Section 3 a time to, "give to the Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient," for Obama to use this more as an opportunity to lecture and condemn was a disgusting display and far from being anything resembling Presidential.

He not only used the platform as an arrogant lecture to the Congress, especially those who have the unmitigated, "gall" to dare to oppose his," Highness's," agenda and policy, but to actually publicly condemn and insult the Justices of the Supreme Court to their very faces and to do so while totally misrepresenting the very case in which he used to insult them has not only NEVER happened before in our history but was again a blatant display of just how power hungry and arrogant this Presidential pretender truly is.

Sure, Presidents have always disagreed with Supreme Court decisions and have even made comment upon those decisions but Obama not only took it way to far by publicly condemning the Court during the Address but to their face demanding that the Congress create legislation to counter the decision. All of which prompted a justifiable response by the usually stoic Justices during such proceedings when Justice Alito bowed his head at the Presidential lie and uttered to himself, "not true," which happened to be picked up by cameras.

This was but one moment of a 70 minute lecture by Obama which had no substance but was more a display of an angry man who was acting like a child that cannot get his way and throws a temper tantrum. The State of the Union is not a time to lecture or condemn and the job of the President as outlined in our Constitution is not one of, "Lecturer in Chief." For Obama to even assume that by lecturing Congress is his ,"Presidential," responsibility are the actions of an arrogant and elitist ideologue.

But the State of the Union Address was not the end of the arrogance lecture tour of Barack Obama last week. Two days later he, by invitation, went to the House Republican retreat in Baltimore, MD. During his speech and the subsequent question and answer session which followed Obama not only lectured GOP House members but told them that he was not a ideologue, (an obvious blatant lie), and that their opposition to his policy was wrong and the only way to end partisan bickering was to get on board with his agenda.

One of the most telling lies during the visit was when Obama was asked during the Q and A about his promise of transparency by using CSPAN to cover all of the proceedings of the health care debacle. Obama actually had the gall to answer the query by stating that CSPAN has covered all of the health care proceedings. I guess if you consider a picture of a closed door as coverage than this Presidential lie is actually a truth.

Obama then proceeded to arrogantly condemn the way that his agenda and policy have been opposed by telling GOP members that they acted as if it were some, "Bolshevik," plan. Which of course was his way of making reference to both the Tea Party opposition and those in Congress who have come out against his socialistic agenda.

The post State of the Union White House spin now has become that the GOP is the reason that Obama's agenda is stalled and that they must get on board and contribute constructive ideas rather than just being obstructionist. Of course none of this spin takes into account the fact that Obama and the Dems have shut out Republicans in ALL legislative initiatives and ignored every idea put forth by the GOP especially with health care.

Also the fact that prior to the election of Scott Brown Democrats did not need one GOP vote to pass anything therefore the actual obstruction came fro their own ranks and NOT the GOP. But this all falls in line with the arrogant blame game that has been the hall mark of Obama since taking office. Blame Bush, blame the GOP, blame the Supreme Court, blame the American people, blame anyone but the true source of the blame which is Barack Obama.

Now the arrogant fool believes that he can revive the, "hopey, changey," campaign of no substance and grand rhetoric which propelled him into the Oval Office in 2008. The difference now is that the vast majority of the American people and even many in the formerly supportive media are not buying into this charlatan as they did before.

One year of failed governing is countering the flim flam side show which elected this pretender and unlike Bill Clinton who moved toward the center after Hillarycare failed and especially after the GOP take over in 1994, Obama is too much of a ideologue to follow Clinton's example. Also his arrogance prevents him from making the move because the delusional fool actually believes he is doing what the people and the country want despite all polling showing otherwise.

This ideologue arrogance will prompt him to continue down the leftist path he has started but now the fact that eyes are open and the people as well as many in Congress are not willing to follow this pretender as before will bring about a devastating defeat for Obama and the Dems in November and a one term Presidency for Obama if he does not provide the means to bring about his impeachment and removal from office for over stepping his Executive authority and failing to fulfill his oath to protect the people and defend the Constitution.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, January 28, 2010


A brief Synopsis of Obama's State of the Union Address. "Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, blame Bush, blame the Supreme Court, blame Republicans, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, I am great and did so much, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, blame Bush, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie."

I realize that this is a cynical but so close to truth synopsis, but like most of you I am past the point of being fed up with this inept Presidential pretender ! It took him more than an hour to deliver the ho hum and filled with the usual Obama lies speech but in a nutshell, he is innocent and every problem that we have is Bush's fault. Even Justice Sam Alito could not stomach the lies as he was seen after Obama lied about the Supreme Court decision on campaign financing which took place last week.

All Justice Alito could to was bow his head in shame at the Presidential lie and say, "not true," to Obama's accusation. The speech was a blame Bush for the problems Obama has caused and a continual lecture from the arrogant leftist who has no business in the office he now holds.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The Constitution of The United States requires the President to report to Congress once a year on the state of the Union. Our early Presidents sent a letter to Congress but the modern Presidency makes it a media event and Obama takes the stage to deliver his first State of the Union Address.

If he were honest, which he is not. If he had any integrity, which he does not. If he had any credibility, which he does not the following would be Obama's State of the Union Address.

"Mr. Vice President, Madame Speaker, members of Congress, honored quests and fellow Americans, the State of the Union stinks and it is my fault that we are in the predicament we find ourselves in as we begin 2010. I entered the Presidency having absolutely no clue as to what being a President meant and I allowed the power I gained to go to my head and made many seriously stupid decisions.

At my behest, Congress has spent our country near bankruptcy. I pushed for a massive stimulus package which I claimed to you the American people a necessity to prevent our economy from collapsing but in actuality all it truly was, was a massive spending bill which gave my fellow democrats an opportunity to finally spend on every pet project that we have longed for over the last twenty years.

I now see that my haste to spend has caused unemployment to rise dramatically putting millions of you out of work and I do not have the first clue as to how to stop the spiraling unemployment because I am against American business and free enterprise since as far as I'm concerned they are all evil and only the government can solve problems even though this approach that I am using has never worked before. But I truly do not care because it is my destiny to control every aspect of your life through massive government programs.

I stand with Karl Marx when he stated, "from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs." This spreading of the wealth is my philosophy and is the basis of my agenda. I have neglected most of my responsibilities in order to push a massive government take over of health care because I want that control and need it as part of my legacy whether you like it or not does not matter.

As far as terrorism is concerned I do not now nor ever have considered terrorism anything more than a criminal act. In fact the only real criminals are those in the prior administration who actually thought that these Islamic brothers,who are only reacting to the evil that this country has promoted around the world, the real criminals are those who went to war with these innocents who are only standing for their right to practice their religion in their own way.

Every individual who causes an man caused disaster deserves the same Constitutional rights as American citizens and I will continue to make this the practice as long as I am President. They should have the opportunity to express in a court of law their true feelings about this country and the evil that we are and I am determined to give them that opportunity.

So citizens of American while you think that the state of our Union stinks, I do not. While you do not like what I am doing, well who cares because you have never known what is best for you and it is my responsibility to make sure that you become wards of the government and that freedom is only something that we talk about in history books. The Founders and the Constitution provided only a series of negative liberties and I am going to make sure that this is no longer what America is about.

We are a nation of by and for the government and whether you like it or not that is what I am going to force on each of you and that is the state of the Union that I want and will do everything in my power to make a reality in America. Thank you and good night."

No matter what Obama says in his First state of the Union, this is what he is saying behind the scenes and if he were truly completely transparent as he claims, this would be his address.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have written quite often about the arrogance of Barack Obama, an arrogance that is unmatched, fortunately, by any previous occupant of the Oval Office. Every President because of the prestige and power of the office has a certain amount of swagger simply because of the confidence that is necessary to be the most powerful person in the world.

But Obama is not showing the confidence of a person who wields so much power but a total arrogance BECAUSE he wields so much power and as such believes he is the come all and end all. His two latest examples of this self centered arrogance are among the worst of this failed and incompetent Presidency.

On ABC during an interview Obama was questioned by Dianne Sawyer concerning the battle over health care and the political toll it has taken. Obama's arrogance shined through as he expressed his determination to pass the debacle stating that, "I'd rather be a really good one-term President than a mediocre two-term President." In his not so humble opinion passing health care would make him a , "really good," President.

Does it matter that most American do no want government health care ? No ! Does it matter that it will bankrupt an already damaged economy ? No ! All that matters in his arrogant mind is that health care would make him a good President. The fact that he has failed in everything he has done since taking office of course does not play in this arrogant persons picture.

The second example of Obama's total arrogance this week came over concerns that Democrats are facing another repeat of the 1994 GOP take over of Congress after two years of liberalism under Bill Clinton. With the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts many Democrats justifiably see the hand writing on the wall and 2010 being a massive defeat for them in November.

To, "sooth," their fears Obama responded in his arrogant fashion by stating that this year would not be a repeat of 1994, because, (get this), "you have me." That's right Mr. Arrogance actually believes that Democrats will not suffer a huge loss in November because, never fear Obama is here!

Of course he fails to mention that he could not bring the Olympics to Chicago. Nor does he mention that EVERY Democrat candidate he has campaigned for since becoming President has lost to their GOP challenger even in a State that was a blue as they come, namely Massachusetts. So his record in preventing defeat is not exactly stellar but that does not seem to faze Mr. Arrogance.

One aspect of his arrogance which is advantageous to we who oppose him is the fact that his arrogance blinds him to reality and that reality is the majority of American do not like what he is doing and are taking a stand against both he and his agenda. So no matter how arrogant he is and continues to believe that all who live under his , "Oneship," will bow to his, "majesty," the very arrogance that makes up his personality will ultimately be his undoing as Americans continue to oppose him and defeat him in November and 2012!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, January 24, 2010


No one, not even members of the Obama administration are denying that last week was a very bad week for Barack Obama and the Democrats. The stunning victory of Scott Brown in Massachusetts and the decision by the Supreme Court on campaign finance both dealt a gut wrenching blow to the left and the true effects have yet to be realized.

For we Conservatives to think that one election and a favorable court decision is the end of our fight against the left and their socialist take over of our country through massive spending and big government would be completely naive and absurd. Though a gut wrenching blow the left still controls two Branches of the government and have a solid majority but not an unstoppable one as before.

But knowing my fellow conservatives as I do, we fully understand that last weeks victory, though sweet, was just the beginning of many more battles in taking our country back and restoring true Constitutional principles and discipline in Washington. While we understand that this was just a start, Obama does not understand in the least that last week was an absolute referendum on both he and his agenda and that is why his Presidency died as a result.

In his first interview after Brown's Tuesday victory the arrogant Obama stated that the same, "wave of anger, " which swept him into office also swept Scott Brown into office. He went on to say that this anger he referred to was a response to, " the last eight years," or in other words it was a result of the Bush Presidency. Obama actually stated that a Republican was elected in the bluest of blue States, not because voters were angry at him but because they were angry at Bush.

This arrogance of Barack Obama in failing to see the hand writing on the wall is the death of his Presidency. Maybe he is not as shrewd a politician as so many have claimed. After the interview he went on another campaign trip holding staged town hall meetings and continued the exact same rhetoric as he has since taking office. Additionally his only action taken as a result of the blows to his administration from last week, was to hire the campaign hack who developed his strategy for the 2008 Presidential run. So Obama's response is to just INCREASE the campaign mode that he has never departed from.

Many in his party understand what happened last week and this too will add to Obama's trouble because they will no longer be as willing to walk in lock step with Obama, Reid and Pelsoi in an election year that has started off so bad for Democrats. Obama obviously does not see the truth and the reality of the anger of the American people being directed toward both he and his agenda and it is and will continue to be his political undoing.

He obviously is no longer following the Clinton mold as he was when he appointed two thirds of his staff from former Clintonites. After the defeat of Hillarycare during the first half of Bill Clinton's first term, Bubba saw that governing from the far left as he did during those first two years was a failed proposition. He began moving somewhat reluctantly toward the center and as a result even with the GOP landslide of 1994, Clinton won re-election to a second term.

Barack Obama is not from that mold. Clinton moved to the center because he understood that the country does not like extreme liberalism. Obama so believes that it is his destiny to deconstruct American and rebuild it in a leftist/socialist form that rather than understanding what happened last week and learning from it he sees it more as a momentary obstruction in his road to the left that he must go around to continue down his chosen path.

Ha cannot and will not accept that the American people are angry at what he has already done. And frankly because he believes the deconstructing of American as his destiny, he could care less that his agenda is opposed by the majority of the American people. This is why he is so much more dangerous than Bill Clinton and why we must double our efforts to fight he and his agenda.

Like a wounded animal Obama will lash out even more than he has in the past. Sure he may try to sugar coat it so that is looks like he understands what has happened but the reality is that Obama will not stop in his quest nor will he allow the will of the American people to deter him. This is why he has hired a campaign hack to create a strategy for this election year.

He will try to rebuild the aura that he had during the 2008 election year and once again try and hypnotize the American people with smooth talk and grand empty pictures like he did during his Presidential campaign and attempt to capitalize once again on the practice of many Americans to fall for a scam rather than stand for a principle.

The difference this time is that a majority of Americans have seen through the glitter and truly see Obama for the no substance and empty talk political hack that he is and his smooth campaign style which worked in 2008 no longer works on 2010. The very flim flam which blinded many Americans into voting for him is now a death blow for his Presidency because his actions since taking office has revealed just how lacking he is and his policy has shown that it is NOT what the people want and no amount of campaigning is going to overcome his failure and lack of ability.

Sure there are still some Americans whose eyes are not open and who will follow the Pied Piper approach that Obama proved successful in 2008, but they are a minority in 2010. Yet I do believe that there are enough of these followers to stroke Obama's arrogant ego which will enable him to continue to think that he has the bull by the horns and that we who oppose him are nothing more that, "right wingers," who are small in number and not the true majority of Americans as we are.

This is why that though there are still three long years left before we can finally say goodbye to Obama in The White House, last week marked the death of his Presidency and just as his first year in office was marked with continual failure, the remaining three years will be filled with much more failure. The difference now is that he will not have such a willing majority to assist him because many Democrats understand what is happening and their political survival is more important to them than bowing to Obama.

Additionally November is coming and since last week obviously did not faze Obama nor deter him from what he considers his destiny, the mid terms will be the total house cleaning that we have looked forward to for many years giving control of the Legislative Branch back to the people and as a result the further tying of Obama's hands and his agenda. So while we savor our victory we cannot rest for a moment in our fight to restore our Republic and take back our country.

Ken Taylor

Friday, January 22, 2010


"Ding, dong health cares dead, the wicked witch says health cares dead. Ding dong the witch says health cares dead. Ding dong the Pelosi witch says the votes aren't there, yes the votes aren't there. Ding dong the witch says health cares dead."

In an announcement that to some did not come as a surprise House Speaker Nancy Pelsoi, ( the wicked witch), said that there were not enough votes in the House to pass the Senate version of health care. The election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts has virtually killed the center piece of the Obama agenda.

Obama and many in his administration announced on Wednesday after Scott's victory that though the people of Massachusetts had spoken that the plan was to continue full steam ahead with the Obama agenda which is contrary to the will of the majority of the American people. But Pelosi's announcement indicates that because of the lack of a sixty vote majority in the Senate after Browns election, health care at least for now and as it has been written is over.

How and when it is taken up again is also in question because many in Congress understand now that the people do not want this massive government take over and the willingness by many to walk in lock step with Pelosi and Reid is no more. Obama's clout is also extremely diminished if at all and few are willing to stick their political necks out for the unpopular health care debacle any longer.

This is a major blow for Obama who I am sure was hoping to announce the passage of health care during his upcoming State of the Union Address. Now Obama is going to have to spin even more than already planned to actually show accomplishments after his first year in office which has been a complete failure.

Nothing he promised has been done. Spending is way out of control with deficits setting new records every month. Unemployment is staggering and the only jobs that Obama has truly created are the Governorships of New Jersey and Virginia and a Senate seat in Massachusetts. All three are now Republican as a result of failed Obama policy. That is truly change I can believe in!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I had planned on posting about Obama the one year failure but after listening to all of the spin by Obama and clan after Scott Brown's tremendous victory, I changed my mind and am posting this hilarious video that I am sure you will get a kick out of. Enjoy!


Snagged this great picture from Mike's America!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


With a six point margin of victory Republican Scott Brown has defeated liberal Democrat Martha Coakley taking the seat that was once thought the safest in the entire Senate because it was held by a Kennedy. Browns victory tonight sends a clear and strong message that the people are fed up and the Revolution to take back our country from Obama and his Marxist agenda has not only begun but has a head of steam that is unstoppable.

The election of Brown signals the end of the sixty vote majority in the Senate and ties the hands of Harry Reid and Obama as Republicans now have the ability to filibuster any legislation which is before the Senate especially health care. In his victory speech Brown said that the people of Massachusetts clearly rejected health care. Their voice echoes the voice of the majority of Americans.

Brown also made one of the greatest statements against Obama's move to criminalize terrorism when he stated, "that our tax dollars should be used for weapons to use against terrorists and not lawyers to defend them." Brown covered every issue that is angering the American people and clearly stated that the Senate seat that he has won is the." people's seat," and he will follow the will of the people as a Senator from Massachusetts.

Democrats are running scared as they are seeing the ramifications of Browns victory. A report on the Drudge Report indicates that California Democrats fear a similar situation taking place against Democrats like Barbara Boxer as the backlash against Democrats ignoring the will of the people extends from coast to coast. Democrats are already trying to spin the loss blaming it on Coakley and not as a referendum against Obama and the agenda being forced through by Democrats.

A new day has dawned in Washington but the arrogance of Obama and the left will not see it as the massive defeat and referendum it truly is. They will continue to follow the same path that they have been on for the entire year since Obama took office. The difference now is that they cannot force their trash through the Senate now that Brown has eliminated the sixty votes needed to pass major legislation.

Now is not the time for conservatives to drop our guard because of this tremendous victory. Just as the original, "shot heard 'round the world," in Lexington which began our Revolution for Independence was the first salvo ending British rule, Browns victory in like manner is also the first salvo of the Conservative Revolution. Their will be set backs just as our Continental Army suffered set backs. But diligence and perseverance prevailed to defeat the British as American Patriots continued the fight until the final victory at Yorktown.

We too must be diligent and strong continuing the fight to clean house in Congress in November and then boot Obama out in 2012. We cannot rest nor can we waver until we have taken our country back and restored freedom and government of the people and by the people. My fellow 2010 Patriots, rejoice in our victory but only as the beginning of our march to total victory.

Then once that is achieved we can NEVER again become complacent to allow this socialist nightmare to make its way into the White House and Congress again. Our Founders intended for we the people to be diligent and make those who we elect to office fully accountable to the people. We are taking our county back and we will NEVER let it slide away from us again!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


There is an amazing parallel taking place with the special election in Massachusetts, the debacle which has become Barack Obama's failed Presidency, the 2010 Conservative Revolution and the American Revolution which gave birth to our Nation.

The American Revolution began in earnest with what has become known as the Boston Massacre, when British troops fired on citizens in Boston. This became the rallying cry which laid the ground work for our Revolution. In February of 2009 Barack Obama and the Democrats massacred our economy, our deficit and destroyed the strength of the US dollar with the trillion dollar stimulus package. This terrible pork barrel liberal spending spree bill was the equivalent of the Boston Massacre for the Conservative Revolution to take our Nation back from Obama socialism.

When King George began taxing the American Colonies to pay for his war with France, American Patriots refused to pay the excessive tax on tea and throughout the Colonies from Boston, Massachusetts to Charlestown, (as it was called in the 1700's) , SC Tea Parties told King George that Americans were not going to put up with government tyranny through taxation and destroyed tea by boarding ships and throwing the tea into harbors.

Throughout 2009 today's American Patriots have conducted thousands of Tea Parties attended by millions of Americans who are fed up with excessive government and Obama's tyrannical take over of our freedoms and liberties through his agenda which forces government control on free Americans.

In Lexington, Massachusetts British Soldiers fired on American militia who were protecting their right to keep and bear arms which the British were trying to take away. This was the first salvo of the American Revolution and has become known as, "the shot heard 'round the world." Lexington became the beginning of the end of British rule in America and the birth by fire of the United States of America.

Once again Massachusetts is the location of another, "shot heard 'round the world," as Scott Brown is on the verge of taking by free election a Senate seat that only a few weeks ago was thought to be as safe for Democrats as it has been since JFK first was elected to the Senate in 1952. The final polls before election day have Brown up over liberal Martha Coakley by 5 to 9 points which puts it out of the margin of error. The appearance of Barack Obama actually increased Browns lead over Coakley.

Just as Lexington was the beginning of the end of British rule in America, Scott Browns campaign, win or lose, is a devastating blow to Obama and his liberal cronies who are destroying our country. All indications are that Brown will win the election. This campaign and especially if he wins is the beginning of the end of Barack Obama and his leftist agenda. The 2010 Conservative Revolution has started and we are winning. We are taking our country back and come November this Revolution will whip the left just as Washington whipped the British at Yorktown culminating in the surrender of Lord Cornwallis. Our Founders are proud of we Americans who are fighting and taking back our Nation!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, January 17, 2010


No matter what the outcome of Tuesdays special Senate election in Massachusetts, Scott Brown has already dealt a major blow to Barack Obama and the Democrats. With only a few days remaining before the election which will fill the seat vacated by the death of Ted Kennedy, polling has Brown leading Martha Coakley by anywhere from two to six points and the momentum is clearly in Browns favor.

Independents who comprise a large voter block in Massachusetts have been moving dramatically toward Brown over the last two weeks and this key voter block is likely to bring victory to Brown in Tuesdays election. But even if Brown does not win, his showing for this seat is a major blow to Obama and the Democrats. This has been a Kennedy seat since JFK won it in 1952 and has always been considered a safe seat for Democrats.

That fact that Brown has moved from a 31 point deficit to leading in polling shows just how disgusted Americans are with the policy and agenda of Obama and Democrats who are trying to force through his agenda in Congress. The center piece of Obama's agenda, health care is the major stumbling block for the Dems and it has assisted in giving Brown the lead and likely the Senate seat.

Martha Coakley has indicated that she will vote in favor of health care while Scott Brown is adamantly opposed to Obamacare. Massachusetts has a State version of universal health care in place and the program is bankrupting the State and opposed and disliked by a majority of residents. Massachusetts voters are standing in opposition to the problems they are already experiencing through their State health care debacle being forced on America on a federal level.

This combined with a terribly run campaign by Coakley and a well managed campaign by Brown are contributing to Browns lead and the very distinct probability of this seat becoming GOP. Democrats are already circling the wagons making excuses for the pending defeat and trying to spin it as anything but a referendum on Obama. But Browns surge and especially a victory IS a referendum on Obama and his agenda and is a clear view of what Democrats face in the November election.

Democrats are finally beginning to pay the price for ignoring the people who are clearly in opposition to not only health care but the excessive spending, deficits and general leftist policy of Obama and his supporters in Congress. The usually liberal State of Massachusetts in continuing the defeat the Democrats trend which began last November with a switch from Democrat leadership to GOP Governors in the States of New Jersey and Virginia. All three States, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia went for Obama with wide margins in 2008 and all three are clearly angered which is equating to a move from Obama and Democrats.

Even some of the most liberal polls are now giving Obama low approval ratings and his agenda is experiencing even lower ratings. Health care specifically is down to the low thirties in approval in most polling yet Obama, Reid, Pelosi and other Democrats who speak on the subject act as if the American people are only pretending to oppose and actually favor health care. These liberal yo yos in DC have turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to the people and that anger is increasing everyday and the Massachusetts Senate race is just another example of that anger being manifested into a reality of opposition and defeat for Democrats and a striking referendum on Obama.

Arrogantly pretending that this trend of defeat and the true anger of the people against Democrats and Obama is at a point where their constant spin that this is just a, "right wing teabaggers," conspiracy is no longer playing even in the liberal press as many from CNN to Huffington Post have begun criticizing Obama's action and his policy. The anger is across the board and not just with conservatives, but conservative candidates are the ones benefiting from the anger and Scott Brown is one of those which means likely victory on Tuesday.

The conservative message is taking hold across the Nation especially since it is in vast contrast to the policies and agenda of Obama which has angered the majority of Americans. The people even many on the left still believe in our Constitutional Republic and do not like the socialistic power grab that is taking place under the Obama administration and are clearly speaking against it with protest and their vote.

Democrat if they were smart should wake up to the truth that they have angered Americans. But Democrats are not smart, they are arrogant and believe that they and only they know what is best for the people and it is their destiny to take us kicking and screaming to their idea of a leftist utopia. Hiding what they are doing through secret meetings and controlling what little is actually told to the public is how they plan to attempt to continue and force Obama's leftist utopia on Americans.

So fight them we are and the election of Scott Brown with the 2010 version of, "the shot heard around the world, " which also like the first one appropriately in the State of Massachusetts, is one more salvo in conservative and Constitutional victory to stop American socialism under Obama. If Democrats want to have an even greater revolt, then I challenge them to just try and use reconciliation or other under handed means to attempt to overcome the blow that is being handed to them through the election process and the wrath of the American people that they are already experiencing will be minimal in comparison to what they will know by continuing to play games with our freedom.

Ken Taylor

Friday, January 15, 2010


UPDATE : It has been announced that Obama is now planning to campaign for Coakley on Sunday after Democrats like Barney Frank whined that Scott Browns election would, "kill the health care bill." If Obama's presence works as, "magically," as it did in the New Jersey Governors race, Brown is a shoe in for the Senate seat. Polls released at mid day Friday have him up by as much as six points.

I think it is ironically appropriate that the Conservative Revolution which is taking place in 2010 finds it opening salvo happening in the same state where the American Revolution started, Massachusetts. Our Revolution for Independence found its birth at such Massachusetts landmarks as Boston, Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill.

Flash forward now to 2010 and the Revolution to take back our country from the Marxist take over that has been forced upon us by Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi finds the first move taking place in the Senate race for the seat vacated by the death of liberal icon Ted Kennedy, a seat that has been held by a Kennedy since JFK won election in 1952 and has been in Democrat control since the mid 1800's.

Scott Brown a Massachusetts State Senator has been running a conservative and masterful campaign against liberal State Attorney General Martha Coakley who only a month ago held a double digit lead in this hotly contested Senate race. At stake is the sixtieth vote for Harry Reid's filibuster proof majority and a referendum on Barack Obama who took Massachusetts by 27 percentage points in 2008.

Polls have Brown leading Coakley by two points going into the last weekend before next Tuesdays election and Democrats are pulling out all the stops to try and hold this seat. Even to the point of running adds which use the memory of Ted Kennedy to play on the emotions of Massachusetts voters. Every Democrat is doing whatever arm twisting that they can with one very telling exception, Barack Obama.

After the embarrassment of losing the New Jersey and Virginia Governors races last November, Obama has distanced himself from this race ignoring a request by Coakley to campaign for her and sending only a brief statement of minimal support for her campaign. Obama acts as if distancing himself from what looks to be a major defeat for Democrats will not make the race a referendum against him.

Yet Brown, if elected would eliminate the sixty vote majority in the Senate which could be the death of the Obama backed health care debacle and Obama knows it. The death of health care because of a Brown election would absolutely be a referendum on Obama especially when it comes from a known liberal State and a seat that only weeks ago was thought to be safely in Democrat hands.

We won our first Revolution because of the actions in standing against the British by the people of Massachusetts and now we can begin the Revolution to take our country back with the defeat of Coakley and the victory for Brown in the same State. Yet even if Brown does not take the seat and only loses by a few points, this too would be a victory because of the iconic symbol of the seat held so long by the Kennedy's. But all indications are showing that this seat will become GOP and Obama will find more egg on his face and a death blow to the center piece of his agenda come Tuesday night.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Thousands are feared dead after a 7.0 earthquake devastated Haiti. Nations from all over the world are responding to the urgent need to assist the millions of Haitians tragically harmed by this massive quake. The United States is first on the scene with assistance as Marines are dispatched immediately. The USS Carl Vinson will arrive on Thursday to assist the people of Haiti who are greatly in need because of this natural disaster. Our prayers and support are with the Haitians as they recover and rebuild.

One thing does bother me concerning the response by Barack Obama. As President of The United States he responded quickly and decisively as any US President would to assist the people of Haiti. America is always quick to assist in natural disasters and Obama's response was timely and necessary.

My only question is why did it take him nearly four days to respond to a terrorist attack which took place on our soil on Christmas Day while his response to the need in Haiti is less than 24 hours ? Could it possibly be that he has little concern about the security of the American people and does not consider an act of terrorism on our soil important? You decide!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It is Tuesday night and a friend who works at a convenient store told me that his manager stated that the price for a gallon of gas will be twenty cents higher tomorrow. Twenty cents in a matter of hours. Gas has risen nearly 70 cents per gallon in recent weeks and the news is that we will not stop before it is once again over three dollars a gallon.

Why is gas skyrocketing again when there is in actuality a glut of oil on the market ? Supply is easily meeting and exceeding demand since travelers are scarce because of the slow economy. OPEC has not cut production and oil is flowing freely from all sources yet the price of a barrel of oil continues to rise and the price at the pump has increased regularly for the last few months.

During the last skyrocketing gas price speculators and a general problem with production not meeting demand caused prices to go through the roof. None of those reasons are behind this current rise in gas prices because demand has greatly decreased because of a slow economy not only in The United States but throughout the world. Yes the increase in usage of oil in China and India has to some degree hurt gas prices but even their greatly increased demand is being met by oil producing Nations. Also the changes having to be made by refineries as they move from winter blends to spring/summer blends has some influence on oil prices but not to the extent that we are experiencing.

So what is the major cause for this massive increase in gas prices ? Putting it bluntly Barack Obama and his cronies in the Democrat Congress are much of the blame for this pain to our pocket books from the gas pump. Presidents have been blamed for increased gas prices before but in actuality a President of The United States usually has no control over gas prices except if he releases oil from our strategic reserve to help in a shortage.

So how is Obama to blame for this massive gas hike ? The ridiculous spending of the Obama administration and the massive deficits he has created combined with the tremendous amount of currency that the Treasury Department has printed in order to pay for Obama's over spending has so devalued the US dollar which is the currency that oil prices are based upon that a barrel of oil which would cost 20 - 25 dollars less has out of necessity increased in order to compensate the decrease in the value of US currency.

The devalued dollar by the irresponsible spending and massive deficits created by Obama has so cheapened the dollar that it has directly affected the price of a barrel of oil as oil producers are having to increase the price in order to cover the cost of that same barrel which would be much less if the dollar was not as devalued as it has become.

So the next time you visit the gas station and notice that it takes several dollars more to fill your tank now than it did even a few days ago, be sure to thank Barack Obama for the pain in your wallet as you fork out the bucks to cover his spending. Most importantly do not forget the valuable lesson that you are learning as you empty your wallet to pay for Obama caused gas increases and let it help you decide on who and how to vote in November in order to eliminate the liberal morons who are assisting Obama in taking your hard earned money for their irresponsible spending!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Harry Reid's racist remark concerning the, "light skinned," Barack Obama has caused a controversy which reveals the double standard of Democrats. Trent Lott was forced to resign for remarks that were much less than those of Reid's yet Democrats rally around Reid and plan to use the race card against Republicans to defend him.

Only a few months ago Michael Steele, RNC Chairman and a black man, was accused of being a racist because he opposed Obama's policy yet Reid is not considered a racist by Democrats with a very obvious racist remark. So the Democrat double standard is shining in all of its hypocritical glory.

Personally I do not want Reid to resign because he is doing a masterful job in showing just how bad liberal ideology is and along with Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama are bringing down the Democrats. So in that respect he needs to stay right where he is.

Three GOP challengers are running in the Nevada primary to go up against Reid in the General Election in November and all three have a sizable lead in the polls over Reid. Reid has a 56% disapproval rating in Nevada and his numbers are sinking lower everyday, so forcing his resignation over the racist comments would only hasten his demise before what looks to be a November defeat. So rather than the GOP demanding his resignation they should encourage Reid to stay on so that his loose and big mouth will continue to reveal liberal idiocy.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Last year during the campaign, Barack Obama was all over the map about transparency. He was going to be the number one show on CSPAN. Everything that his administration and the Congress who bowed under him was going to be broadcast on the cable channel. He stated that his would be the most transparent administration in history.

Well he has kept one portion of that very hollow promise. Obama's administration is the most transparent administration in history but it is a transparency of lies. One lie right after another beginning with the fact that rather than being transparent this is the most secretive administration and Congress in history. I'm not even sure that the secrecy of the Nixon administration compares with all that has been hidden behind closed doors since last January under Obama.

All of the negotiations for every piece of legislation that has come before this Congress at the behest of Obama has been done in secrecy with Rahm Emanuel, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and a chosen few Democrats who could help ram legislation through a lock step Democrat majority that follow what they are told like zombies. That is except for the few who only vote as a result of million dollar bribes.

Bills with a massive impact such as the trillion dollar stimulus package and the health care debacle were crafted in secret and kept from being read by both members of Congress and especially the American people in this, "transparent," administration. Yet at every turn Pelosi, Reid and their dear leader Obama have whined before the cameras about their utter transparency thinking that they can dupe the American people into believing their lies.

Obama also promised a totally bipartisan approach to governing like never before in our history bringing with it a new, "tone," in Washington. Yet at every turn Republicans have been blocked from any participation with all of their legislative initiatives ignored and not once have GOP members been allowed to be part of any negotiations for any legislation.

But before the cameras Democrats accuse the GOP of being obstructionists, blocking all of their legislation while both chambers of Congress have large enough majorities to pass anything they like without any GOP participation. The obstructionist claim is nothing more than a snow job to the American people to try and hide the inner bickering between Democrats as they craft their bribery schemes to buy votes from those who fall in line only after being paid for their prostitution services.

I will admit that there has been some actual transparency in the Obama administration. A transparency which has not only harmed America but threatens the security of the American people. In his move to change American policy about terrorism from an act of war to the pre - 9/11 mentality of being nothing more than a criminal act, Obama has been very transparent in revealing to the enemy our interrogation procedures and screening procedures for airline passengers.

Earlier this year in an obvious move to try and set up the Bush administration for prosecution by the Attorney Generals Office for anti-terrorism policy under the former President, Obama allowed the transparent release of detailed information of who and how intelligence information was gathered and used in combating terrorism. All to the advantage of the enemy as the entire world became privy to our procedures and other important intelligence gathering operations.

In response to the Christmas Day attack to blow up an airliner bound for Detroit the Obama administration in an attempt to cover their tail for the massive failure in preventing this terrorist attack released detailed procedures of how passengers are screened before boarding a plane including how the system and the equipment works making it completely transparent to our enemies so that they could see exactly how to beat our security.

Assisting our enemies in finding ways around our intelligence gathering and our security has been the ONLY transparent thing that has taken place since Obama took office last January. Transparency in governing which was one of the hall marks of his, "hope and change," campaign for the Presidency has been nothing more than an long series of lies to the American people.

The very things that should be available to the people by our government are hidden and performed in secret while only a smitten of information is given by the inept Robert Gibbs in vague and laughable press conferences. And almost all of what Gibbs says is questionable at best aggravating even the very liberal Helen Thomas among others in the press corps.

Nothing that this inexperienced and under qualified pretender to the Presidency promised during the campaign has taken place. Even the ridiculous promises such as the closing of GITMO one year after he took office has happened though Obama is still pushing for this asinine move even after we have been attacked on the Homeland three times since he took office by the same type of people who are securely held in Cuba.

One of Obama's favorite catch phrases is, "make no mistake," which he uses in almost every speech as an attempt to sound resolute and strong. His administration has been a mistake from the very beginning and even the lefties who voted for him are seeing the light as they are abandoning the, "hope and change," theme for one, that at least for them is more, "fear and despair," as true leftist liberalism is being shown in all of its failure by the Obama administration and the Reid, Pelosi circus in Congress.

Eloquent speeches and perceived charm do not a President make. The glimmer of both have long worn off with Obama and the American people are getting more and more fed up with his dog an pony show with each passing day. Yet this Chicago thug and his Windy City mafia in The White House continue with their form of business as usual with the like minded assistance of Pelosi and Reid who can't even stand before the cameras in pressers with our making complete fools of themselves.

Never has their been such a display of arrogance by any administration and this arrogance is being called transparency. It is Obama's arrogance which makes him believe that all he need do is stand before a camera and say, "make no mistake," and the awe and wonder of his over blown presence will inspire the American people and the world into believing his lies. Those days are long past but Mr. Arrogance has no clue that his no substance persuasion no longer works. The Flim Flam Man is no longer getting away with his scam.

The whole debacle he calls an administration and the circus that Reid and Pelosi call a Congress both of which would not know transparency if it was thrown directly in front of them, is so pathetic it would be laughable were it not for the fact that it is destroying our country and weakening our security to the point that we are once again as vulnerable as before 9/11.

This is the real danger of what these amateurs and children are doing to our country and the major problem in this is that in their arrogance it has become obvious that they could care less about the ramifications of their actions and their policy. The agenda and their ideology is all that matters and the demise of the Nation and the safety and security of the American people is of no consequence.

Ken Taylor

Friday, January 08, 2010


Ray Stevens hits a Grand Slam with this fantastic video which says it all about the rising of we the people in taking back our country from Obama and his Marxists. This is the anthem for the 2010 Conservative Revolution!!!!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, January 07, 2010


I have just discovered by invitation of the author an excellent website, "Getting America Back." Very insightful and informative about the issues we face today concerning the take over of our Nation by the leftist influence of Barack Obama and those who follow him in Congress.

The author, Johnathan West is a conservative who understands like many of us that we are in a fight to save our Nation and restore the Constitutional principles that have made us great and sustained us since our birth. I highly recommend this excellent site and encourage you to visit and participate as we take America back in 2010.

Ken Taylor


The only people being punished by Obama's security measures are Americans who fly and NOT the Islamic terrorists who are trying to kill Americans. Obama's real Presidential oath was, "I do solemnly swear to preserve protect and defend every enemy of The United States, so help me Allah."

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - TOLEDO, Ohio — Police say an Ohio woman punched through a McDonald’s drive-through window because Chicken McNuggets weren’t available.
Police were called Friday to the restaurant in Toledo.

Police say 24-year-old Melodi Dushane was treated for injuries, then jailed. She pleaded not guilty to a vandalism charge. She was released on a recognizance bond and ordered not to have contact with the restaurant.

Wonder if she wanted fries with her McNuggets ? - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

2010 the year we the people clean house and fire the liars and Marxists and take our country back!

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - OLDSMAR, Fla. — Authorities say a Florida man who called 911 claiming he'd been beaten and shot at was hoping the tale would get him a ride to a bar.
Instead, 37-year-old Gregory J. Oras is facing charges of misusing the 911 system and battery of a law enforcement officer.

An arrest report says Oras called 911 three times before his arrest early Tuesday in Oldsmar, northwest of Tampa. He told the dispatcher he had a broken nose and bleeding ears, and claimed people were shooting at him. Authorities say he was actually looking for a ride to another bar.

I don't think this ding bat quite understands the concept of designated driver. - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

The only thing transparent about Obama and his Democrat cronies are the lies they tell every time they open their liberal mouths.

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - ARLINGTON, Wash. — Dozens of Christmas trees in Arlington, Wash., not only were recycled, they became a meal for goats to munch on. KING-TV in Seattle says the trees were taken to the New Moon Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary, where the evergreens were fed to about 38 goats.

Sanctuary owner Ellen Felsenthal says people like the idea of turning trees into goat food. She says she's looking for good families to adopt the rescued goats.

" Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree how tasty are your branches." - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

The only thing dropping faster than Democrats not running in 2010 are Obama's approval ratings !

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


The purpose of Islamic terrorism is to first kill, "infidels," with Americans at the top of their fanatical list. The second goal of these maniacs is to disrupt our way of life and cause as much havoc as possible to create fear, aggravation and as much trouble as possible. Barack Obama and his reactionary response to the Christmas Day attempt to blow up a Northwest Airlines plane is playing right into the hands and goals of Al Qaeda.

Obama has made these war mongering killers criminals again rather than enemy combatants who we have the right to eliminate because every move they make against us is an act of war. Officially just as before 9/11 because of Obama's weak policy against terrorism, they are at war with us and we are seeking criminal indictments and court proceedings.

Now that one of these fanatical Islamic lunatics has used his underwear as a weapon in an act of terror, airports all across our Nation are in total chaos and disruption which is precisely what Al Qaeda sought and Obama has pointed fingers, called for increased security screenings for Grandma and Grandpa and all the little kiddies who board planes while refusing to profile the very people who have conducted every single terrorist act in the last ten years.

While it is true that all Muslims are not terrorist all terrorists ARE Muslims and as such out of necessity should be profiled. I have noticed at airports that TSA personnel have no problem with pulling a teenager out of line who dresses in black, has tattoos and grungy hair but to do the same to someone who has the appearance of those who HAVE killed Americans is not politically correct so on Christmas Day one of them waltzed right through security and almost blew up a plane.

I will be willing to bet that while this Islamic fanatic was easily passing through security some elderly white woman was being searched because she packed shampoo in her carry on bag! So who is being punished for terrorist acts ? Certainly NOT those who are committing the terror acts. They are being shipped from GITMO and soon to be in Illinois in a prison located on the Mississippi River. Others are being moved to New York for a show trial which will be the greatest recruiting tool Al Qaeda could ever have and Obama is giving them a world platform to spew their lies about our country.

So who is being punished by Obama's weak policy ? Every American who boards a plane and has to wait in ridiculously long lines, remove their shoes, go through scanners that reveal all their glory to perfect strangers, and watch Grandma get strip searched because she uses shampoo and didn't pack it in luggage that went to the planes luggage compartment.

Obama stated in his hollow speech calling for additional security measures that he was STILL closing GITMO because it has, "damaged," our security interests and been a, "recruiting tool," for Al Qaeda. Give me a break Obama. You set up a show trial for the world to see for KSM in New York City and say GITMO is a recruiting tool?

A full 1/3 of terrorist attacks and attempted attacks that have been performed since 9/11 have taken place since Obama took office last January. If this does not prove that Al Qaeda and other terrorists see a VERY weak President and a lame and failing policy against terrorism and are doing everything they can to exploit that weakness then I cannot fathom what other evidence is needed.

Obama and his policy is dangerous to America and Americans and his arrogance in appeasing and apologizing shows that he could care less about the security of The United States and we the people. Forcing a political agenda and an appeasement ideology are more important to Obama than his first and foremost responsibility and duty as President to preserve and protect the Constitution and the people of this Nation.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


The glimmer and glitz that once was Barack Obama has not only worn off but has worn off to the point that not even one bit of glitter remains of the once thought awe inspiring, messiah worshiping persona of the 44th President. We who are conservatives thought very little if at all of the false Aura that Obama created around himself and saw through the lie long before he was elected.

But the Kool Aid drinking left drooled over Obama so much that they were completely blinded to the truth of this inexperienced no substance pretender who now holds the most powerful office in the world. But the Kool Aid drinking left is no longer drinking the brew that Obama offered and are awakening to the falsehood and failure of their once worshipped liberal icon.

Drew Weston a staff writer for the liberal Huffington Post wrote the following scathing criticism of Barack Obama:

"Consider the president’s leadership style, which has now become clear: deliver a moving speech, move on, and when push comes to shove, leave it to others to decide what to do if there’s a conflict, because if there’s a conflict, he doesn’t want to be anywhere near it.

Like most Americans I talk to, when I see the president on television, I now change the channel the same way I did with Bush. With Bush, I couldn’t stand his speeches because I knew he meant what he said. I knew he was going to follow through with one ignorant, dangerous, or misguided policy after another.

With Obama, I can’t stand them because I realize he doesn’t mean what he says — or if he does, he just doesn’t have the fire in his belly to follow through. He can’t seem to muster the passion to fight for any of what he believes in, whatever that is. He’d make a great queen — his ceremonial addresses are magnificent — but he prefers to fly Air Force One at 60,000 feet and ’stay above the fray.

I don’t honestly know what this president believes. But I believe if he doesn’t figure it out soon, start enunciating it, and start fighting for it, he’s not only going to give American families hungry for security a series of half-loaves where they could have had full ones, but he’s going to set back the Democratic Party and the progressive movement by decades, because the average American is coming to believe that what they’re seeing right now is ‘liberalism,’ and they don’t like what they see. I don’t, either."

When a usually extremely liberal site like The Huffington Post has seen the light of the failure and incompetence of Barack Obama it becomes very obvious that this unqualified pretender to an office which requires decisions which affect every American has disgusted Americans of all walks of life and all political ideologies. Everyone seeing the danger to our Nation of having children in The White House.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, January 03, 2010


2010 is a pivotal and important year for we conservatives. Every election year we are always told by someone that, "this is the most important election ever." So we get out and do our duty, vote for the candidate of our choice and watch as things in Washington pretty much remain the same but with a few different faces. Almost as if our vote had little or no impact on the direction of our Nation or the minds of the so called, "representatives," that we placed in Washington.

In 2008 we again were told that it was the," most important election ever," and many conservatives for justifiable reason did not show up at the polls and Barack Obama became the 44th President with an almost unstoppable majority in Congress. We heard time and again of the danger of Obama but most simply could not believe that any elected official would actually be as radical and leftist as Obama was under the surface.

We are witnessing the result of that disbelief as Obama is much more leftist and radical than most ever imagined and the Congress that he commands is pretty much falling in lock step with him. In fact the only thing that has to this point slowed his consistent and purposeful march toward an American socialism is the fact that the people are taking a stand against his radical take over and some in Washington are still afraid of the backlash of the people.

With his progressive march to the left, we have all wondered if our opposition has made any difference at all. The answer is an absolute, "yes!" If the people had not taken the stand that we have health care would have been passed in August soon to be followed by Cap and Trade. Because of our stance, health care is still waiting and Cap and Trade is far from even being considered yet

Now back to my original point. Though we have been told in the past that," this election is the most important ever," 2010 in actuality IS that most important vote. Though our opposition to Obama and his socialist move has been successful in delaying some of his agenda, because those who work with him in Congress are still in the majority delaying is all that we have been able to do since neither he nor the Democrat leadership care in the least what the people think and that is what makes this election truly, "the most important ever."

Unless we stand and fight by cleaning house in November eliminating Obama's majority and those who lead that majority, we will be powerless to stop the total destruction of our Nation and the enslavement of our people to a government dependency which is being forced upon us by leftists who hate America and hate freedom.

2010 is the year of a Conservative Revolution which is necessary to restore our Nation to the Constitutional principles that we have been drifting from for years which has been escalated by Obama and his leftist cronies. The new conservative movement is made up of Republicans, Democrats and Independents who have realized that the direction Obama is taking us will bring about the end of our free Republic and the elimination of our rights as free citizens to ever again stand in opposition to our government and individually control our own destinies without government intervention.

We have experienced in many of our lifetimes a conservative revolution which changed the direction of our Nation and brought with it a restoration to a point of the values and principles that our Founders intended for our Nation. It happened in the later seventies and the eighties with the rise and election of Ronald Reagan and is still referred to as the," Reagan Revolution."

Reagan stood against big government, high taxes and advocated a strong military while reminding us daily of Americas greatness and exceptionalism. He believed in the people and our God given ability to achieve and prosper without government in our way. Many of us remember how the Reagan Revolution brought hope during a time when Americans were depressed by years of corruption followed by Jimmy Carter's weakness and discouragement of our way of life.

Reagan reminded us of who we are as Americans and the greatness of our people and our Nation and we responded to that conservative message. He was a strong leader and Americans responded to his leadership. As a Nation we have once again returned to the depressive and discouraging times like we were before Reagan. But this time the ramifications for our Nation are much more important and dangerous than when Reagan came in the picture in the late seventies.

Additionally the 2010 Conservative Revolution unlike the Reagan conservative revolution does not have one leader who expresses the ideas and direction of the revolution. Where this revolution is different and in many ways more powerful is that rather than the people responding to a dynamic leader we are responding to dangerous circumstances thrust upon our Nation by government authority which threatens our very existence as a free people.

We are truly fighting for our survival as a Republic and the existence of freedom as the center piece of that Republic. This revolution has brought together Americans from all walks of life and all political spectrum's. The Reagan Revolution brought Americans together but when Reagan left office much of the strength of that revolution left with him. There was a resurgence in 1994 when Republicans took the majority in Congress but the surge lost its way and the line between left and right in Washington faded as everyone spent us into oblivion.

The slide which came about from the end of the Reagan led conservative movement to the Obama led socialist movement was assisted by many in Washington of both parties who forgot who they served and became drunk with political power. Now unlike the Reagan years the people are responding to the danger and not just to a great leader. In fact many in this new revolution only know Reagan from history and what their parents have told them.

This new Conservative Revolution is a growing movement of the people and its numbers are increasing daily as the power hungry Obama and clan weaken our nation and move to destroy our freedom. This movement of the people BECAUSE it does not have one specific leader as the Reagan Revolution had, has the opportunity to be a revolution which can not only return our Nation to Constitutional principles but which out lasts an election and once again returns control and authority of our country to its rightful and Constitutional direction from the people.

This revolution is built on anger against Obama's take over and a true and undying love for our Nation and our freedom by the people who our Founders empowered as the true strength of our Nation and the authority over any elected official regardless of party or ideology. Our Founders made the people the protectors of our rights and our principles and for many years the people had forgotten this fact. This new Conservative Revolution was born as a result of a great awakening of the people and the momentum and life blood has been because of the activism and involvement of the people and not the strength of a leader.

This revolution has been long needed in our Nation because our complacency has allowed the path that brought us to Obama. Our complacency has given the power to the elected rather than those electing. This new revolution is restoring the power to we who elect and forcing those who are elected to adhere to their true authority which is the people.

So my fellow patriots, conservative revolutionaries and Americans, that is why this is truly the most important election year of our life. It is an election where a revolution of and by the people can restore the power of our Nation to its Constitutional authority the people of The United States as we remove the power hungry leftists and elect conservative representatives of the people who understand and believe in the real Constitutional principles of freedom and limited government.

As we enter this pivotal and important year I know that we can and we will be victorious in defeating the leftists by cleaning house in November which will tie the hands of Obama until we remove him in 2012. While we fight for our Nation and our Constitution this true and real revolution of the people is being looked upon from above and Ronald Reagan who believed in the strength and ability of the people is smiling as he watches our march to victory in 2010.

Ken Taylor

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