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Sunday, July 31, 2005


In an interview on the the," Jim Lehrer News Hour", Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice was asked if US policies were creating terrorism which raised her dander prompting this response "When are we going to stop making excuses for the terrorists and saying that somebody is making them do it?" She went on to say that terrorist are evil people who WANT TO KILL! She then reminded Mr. Lehrer that 9/11 took place with no provocation and that American service men and women have fought and died protecting the rights of Muslims in Kuwait, Bosnia and Kosovo well before the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan were used as the, "excuse" for terrorism. "No one is making them do it," Rice said. "They're doing it because they want to create chaos and to undermine our way to life." I say BRAVO Dr. Rice. It's about time that someone got their dander up and put these liberal media maggots in their place and tell the, "blame America first" crowd,(many of which are Democrats elected to Congress!), that we are not the cause nor the problem and excusing terrorism by blaming our actions to protect our home is inexcusable ! This, "blame America first, " rhetoric that is constantly regurgitate by the leftist media, 60's throw back protesters and the liberals in Congress, only emboldens the terrorist to continue and even escalate their activities whenever possible which unfortunately ends up costing the lives of many of our brave men and women fighting to protect this nation and innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, London, Egypt and yes, eventually the United States. Every time these terror monsters hear a Jim Lehrer, or a Ted Kennedy, or a Dick Durbin tear down the war effort to defeat the radical Islamic cowards, these same cowards see that as success in their effort to, as Dr. Rice put it, "create chaos and to undermine our way of life!" Thank you Secretary Rice for voicing the truth and expressing what most of us feel! Terrorism is a scourge that can only be cleaned from this earth by the elimination of those who create the terror. Thus the War on Terror which can bring about the elimination of terrorist and the chaos they create ! To the left I say the time for, "blame America first" rhetoric is over and never should have been. Remember your tails are in the ringer to and this war is to protect you as well as those of us who support our military, our President and this justified war!

Ken Taylor

Saturday, July 30, 2005


After much out cry by the extreme left wing (are there truly any others?) of the Democratic party following the Hildabeast's somewhat conservative speech to The Democratic Leadership Council, Harold Ikes, the mastermind behind Bubba Bill's elections stated the Hillary is still a left winger at heart to sooth the party faithful. No big surprise here, we've been reporting that her move to the right was a calculated plan in order to position herself for a run for the Presidency in 2008. Finally someone who knows, because I'm sure he's involved in the scheme as he was for her husband, finally admits it. Will the major media cover this ??? No they want the Hildabeast so they will only report the lie not the true deceiver that she is!

Ken Taylor


Senator Joseph Biden (D) Delaware, who has been a very vocal opponent of the Bolten nomination to the United Nations has accused him of being involved in the Valerie Plame debacle. The State Department has issued evidence both verbal and written to the contrary, stating that Bolten had absolutely NO involvement. Biden's what ! He still holds to his charge. Once again..."the seriousness of the charge" liberal attack has reared its disgusting head. These Dems are truly pathetic!

Ken Taylor


I'm quite sure the libs are seeing these polls as much as you and I are, so are they stupid, (probably), not listening, (most likely), or don't care (that's obvious!) Poll after poll after poll have shown that we the people want a more conservative Supreme Court. Many of the polls have been taken by what can be considered left leaning pollsters, yet in - spite of the statistics and the fact that the only true poll that counts...the election...which clearly revealed that the conservative approach is the wish of the people, the Democrats still insist that they are, "fighting for what the American people want." If I hear this line of rhetoric from the left again I may be sick! The American people spoke in November and continue to speak in the majority of the polls that a conservative court is our desire. Of course the elitist libs know better and must continue to fight because we are to ignorant to, "really" know what we want and, "they" are the only one who, "know" what is best for us! The fight for Judge Roberts confirmation is just beginning and the left knows it is an uphill battle at best but most likely for them a no win situation. The courts are their last bastion of power because of the leftist activism that runs ramped in the court system. They will try, they will fail and the people will get their wish...a more conservative court. Their is one thing that we can absolutely depend on. When the confirmation battle is over and Jugde Roberts takes his deserved place on the High Court, the liberals will find something else to twist and deceive and whine about !

Ken Taylor

Friday, July 29, 2005


A very deserving selection for a very deserving and amazing lady. Condi Rice will take her place in history as possibly one of the if not the finest Secretaries of State this country has ever had.....and possibly future presidential candidate ? I know she has continually said no but one can hope! Incidentally we have added "BLOGS FOR CONDI " to this site. Check it out, for some great reading and insight to our Secretary of State.


As I read this story I was amazed at how this obviously left biased group with an ax to grind against the war came up with the figures to greatly over exaggerate the civilian death toll in Iraq...and of course the leftist media, (who incidentally helps IBC with its numbers), reports this as absolute fact without further investigation. Let's see....I think I'll try to reconcile my bank account with their new math method. I could be a multi-millionaire in about 3 months! To quote my good friend John Benton, "media bias, media bias, media bias" ....yep he's right no matter how many times you say it, it still comes out a twisted mess not just leaning to the left but rather all out advertising it with pride !

Ken Taylor

DRUDGE REPORT-Helen Thomas Vows to "Kill Self"

There is no media bias. There is no media bias. There is no media bias. If I say it a lot, maybe it will come true. But then agian, I love this stuff. Drudge is reporting that Helen Thomas vowed to kill herself if Dick Cheney ran for President. Thomas said "The day Dick Cheney is going to run for president, I'll kill myself," she told the HILL. "All we need is one more liar."

Thomas added, "I think he'd like to run, but it would be a sad day for the country if he does."
It was ok when Clinton lied. So when did she change her mind about these things.
All in can say is Cheney in 2008!!!!!!!!!!! HEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
John Oliver Benton III

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Earlier this month I had the opportunity to discuss the Shuttle with an acquaintance of mine who is a retired NASA engineer who took part in the Columbia investigation. He and other NASA engineers concluded that the Shuttle was not ready because of continuing problems with debris falling off the external fuel tank and made the recommendation to postpone the launch ( July 5 article, "Exclusive - Is The Shuttle Ready" As you most likely already know their prediction came true and debris came off the external fuel tank and although the Discovery seems to have suffered no problems because of this NASA has announced that the Shuttle program is grounded. As one NASA official stated today, this and other launches were, "lucky" and it's not worth the risk of the lives of the crew based on luck. What is not widely known or possibly remembered is that the problem of the foam falling off the tank did not exist before 1997. The reason....the covering for the fuel tank prior to 1997 was made with freon and the environmentalist out cry caused NASA to make a political decision and change the make up of the foam covering. The new material has a volatile outer skin which chips off during launch thus causing the problem that destroyed the Columbia and now has grounded the Shuttle program, possibly forever! (Newsmax article 2003 freon and the foam- What many people do not realize is that the freon,"problem" which the environmentalists insisted was destroying the ozone layer was a falsehood. Freon is heavier than air and cannot rise into the atmosphere ( freon and the atmosphere - ) therefore the reasons that politically forced NASA to change the foams composition did not truly exist and the Columbia and the grounding of the program have now become the final result! Of course the left and the environmentalists aren't as much concerned about the facts but just pressing the agenda. We at the Liberal Lie are thankful that the Discovery crew are safe and will be able to safely return home but as one who has been an avid follower of the space program since the beginning, this is a sad day for NASA, our country and the future of space exploration!

Ken Taylor


Ted Kennedy to no ones surprise flip - flops on what he believes a nominee to the High Court should answer during confirmation hearings. He fully expects Judge John Roberts to answer all questions whether it involves issues that could face the court or not. In 1967 during the confirmation hearings of future Justice Thurgood Marshall, Kennedy stated that issues that may face the court should allow a nominee to defer from answering such questions. Once again Teddy K. has one opinion when facing a liberal and another when facing a conservative ! Of course this is no big surprise !!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Aruba Facts - Aruba News Desk - Missing Persons Information

John McCain on board for Roberts-----but for how long?


Tonight on the Fox News Grapevine, it was reported that Howard Dean blamed last months Supreme Court ruling on private property in New London, Conn on the, "right wiing of the Bush Court." Great one Howard!!! Considering that President Bush didn't nominate ANY of the present court and that the conservative judges were in the minority on the ruling! Way to go Howard," oh he who opens mouth without thinking" Dean !


We have posted several stories related to the "American Hiroshima," plan for Al Qaeda nukes in the Unites States. Today the White House expressed concern and shared discussions taking place with the Afghan government concerning the drug trade in Afghanistan and Osama Bin Laden receiving large amounts of money from that trade to purchase nukes and nuclear components to smuggle into the US through Mexico. This is a continuing developing story that we will keep you up to date on. The threat is real and the necessity to continue defeating the terrorists and their means of finance must continue. Wake up libs to this REAL threat!

Ken Taylor


In an article that I posted on July 13 while the Karl Rove debacle was in its prime I mentioned that the left has a bad habit of convicting anyone, especially a conservative based only on the seriousness of the charge regardless of the facts and especially when those facts prove otherwise as is the case with Rove. So... in order do try and keep this non-story alive because of WHO it is about, the seriousness of the charge garbage has surfaced again concerning Rove's Grand Jury testimony which of course was the basis for proving that Rove did not "out" Valerie Plame. The left has charged that Rove perjured himself in the testimony and of course this is all that the Dems are talking about and that the media is reporting. According to the link article in this title from National Review On Line, not only is Rove NOT under investigation for perjury but the question that has surfaced has to do with a conflict in the testimonies of Rove and the Times reporter Matt Cooper concerning whether they talked about welfare reform during the infamous telephone conversation. Rove remembers yes and Cooper remembers no, (go figure!) . Well this conflict of testimony not only has nothing to do with the Plame case but does not even meet the criteria for perjury so once again ....."it's the seriousness of the charge." As long as the left continues to press for these non story items and follow their agenda of attacking the President, however possible, including the coming fight over Judge Roberts nomination to the Supreme Court and hampering the war effort they will continue to find themselves in an ever shrinking minority. So libs....keep up the good work!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Yesterday we reported about another example of Hillary's move to the right in preparation for the 2008 presidential campaign. Well just as predicted the Hildabeast spoke about expanding the military, yet this does not jive with a June 24 letter to Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and a subsequent speech in which she accused the military of racial profiling because of "ethnic" recruiting practices. She called for stricter recruiting polices which will have the reverse effect on the military then her so called build up speech delivered yesterday. Proving once again, what she believes and what she says are two opposite ends of the political spectrum when it comes to running for office. The Hildabeast watch continues!

Ken Taylor


This weeks Blog of the Week is from down deep in Texas, hence the name "Down Deep in Texas - The View From Waco." The writer has a great posting on Howard dean that you ought to read. Check it out!!


In a spectacular 10:39 AM launch the Space Shuttle Discovery lifted off the launch pad at Cape Canaveral, Florida to mark the return to space of NASA and the United States space program. The launch was a text book affair with some interesting pictures never before seen in a shuttle launch. To help insure that every aspect of the launch would be viewed more than 100 cameras ranging from aerial recon to cameras mounted directly on the the external fuel tank the Discovery launch went off without a hitch. One of the more interesting views was the never before seen jettison of the external fuel tank right after the main engine cut off as Discovery was exiting the earth's atmosphere. The mission is scheduled to last 12 days with a number of space walks planned to inspect the vehicle and to experiment with various repair possibilities to check the feasibility of repairing the shuttle while in space. A spectacular launch to a hopefully successful mission with a safe return home ! We at the Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth wish, "God's speed" to the Space Shuttle Discovery and her gallant crew !

Ken Taylor

Monday, July 25, 2005 - Judging Mr. Right - Jul 25, 2005

Media Bias is just a myth........Yeah.......Right.........
John Oliver Benton III


This ought to be a hoot. Hanoi Jane Fonda is staring a , "get out of Iraq, " anti war bus tour in March ! We'll keep you up to date with this one and who knows maybe even a stop by stop report on the joke of the sixties becoming the joke of 2006 !

Ken Taylor


First before I get into the article I would like to thank JB for his support and taking the entire writing load while I was away from my computer. I had emergency surgery Friday and will be out of work until the second of August so I'll be on the web as much as possible. Thanks again John! Now to Hillary, (sorry JB for putting her name so close to yours). Recently I commented on an article on the front page of USA Today about the possibility of the Hidabeast becoming Commander in Chief, (heaven forbid). Well today Newsmax posted an article that follows along those lines concerning her being the key note speaker at the Democratic Leadership Council a powerful more moderate democrat group that helped put her husband in office in 1992. That in it self is not surprising, but what did strike me were the themes for her speech. See if these sound familiar to you; tougher on terrorism, a larger military and new protections for children with a uniform media rating system. Now I don't know about you but to me these, "themes" are about as far from the Democatic parties agenda, (you know the agenda that is get Bush and power back however we can) as night is from day. In fact they could very well be the theme for a GOP gathering. From her past speeches, voting record and comments that are made when she is speaking to the core of the Democratic party it is obvious once again that she is not referring to what she believes, but rather what she thinks will get her elected. The Clinton deception machine still remains strong and in full operation!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, July 24, 2005 - Ex-CIA official blasts Bush on leak of operative's name - Jul 23, 2005

An ex CIA analyst named Larry C. Johnson spoke for the Dems today on there weekly radio address. Now he claims to be a registered Republican. So I did a little fact checking on him. I first found a quote by him at, . He is quoted as saying, Â?We've entered the world of George Orwell. I'm disgusted. The truth has to be told. We can't allow our leaders to use bogus information to justify war.Â? [6/8/03].
Does this sound like a registered Republican?
He is also doing interviews for .
Now we all know that site is a left wing rag.
And at this link, , he states, "And I firmly believe in the importance of ... prosecutions as a way to try to eviscerate or try to weaken these people." Would a conservative ever say this???? No!
On top of everything I found, he was on the Al Franken show friday. . Well, if your interested, here is a link to his speech today.
Nice try Libs, but this guy is a JackAss, and a Democrat.
John O. Benton III

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Hillary Clinton's 08 Presidential Bid Gets Big Endorsment........

The Swift Report: Devil Endorses Hillary Clinton's 08 Presidential Bid

NARAL has a new term to describe John Roberts---Anti-Choice

Come on Libs, is this all you have? No I would like to get one thing straight about the abortion issue. No matter what people might say, we all think that abortion will continue to be legal in this country. No matter who sits on the high court. I myself am against abortion and do not support it in any way. But I can not see how it will ever be outlawed. The interesting thing about liberals in our country is there tendencies to hide behind words. Is it because of shame?
Example: People are proud to call theselves Pro-Life, but no one wants to be called Pro-Death. Instead they call themselves Pro-Choice. In the link above you will see that NARAL (National Association of Raging American Liberals), will not call John Roberts Anti-Abortion, they choose to call him Anti-Choice. Cleverly designed to appear as if he intends to limit our rights. In short, the abortion issue is so controversial, not even the high court would touch it. So don't worry Libs, you will be able to kill your children without fear of persecution.
John Oliver Benton III

Friday, July 22, 2005

Car bombs kill 36, injure 120 at Egyptian resort

When will decent Muslims of the world turn in the evil patrons in their own circles? How long are they going to continue to put up with the bombings and attacks on their own people ? I am really suspicious of a religion that preaches violence in their radical factions, and the peaceful among them fail to denounce their actions. Have we ever seen a radical Christian, bombing abortion clinics, whom was not denounced by the people these nuts claim to represent ? No. Because Christian realize that this is not the way to solve problems no matter what you believe. But I am finding it very hard to believe that Islam is peaceful religion, when very few clerics in our own communities fail to denounce actions such as these.
John Oliver Benton III

Ken will be gone for a week or so???

I know many of you, like me enjoy reading the articles by Ken Taylor. But it seems as if he is not feeling well. I could not reach him today, so I don't know his status. As soon as I do, I let everyone know. I know that he will be in our thoughts and prayers.
John Oliver Benton III

Thursday, July 21, 2005


It's always incredible to me as to how far and how low the left will go to try and destroy the character of anyone conservative. Now don't get me wrong I too am anti-abortion and have no problem with the nominee or his wife taking that position. The problem is this; what in the world do Judge Roberts wife's view on anything have to do with his nomination to the Supreme Court. The answer...NOTHING ! That is unless you are a liberal then everything is available for attack and believe me this is just the first salvo before his nomination is confirmed. If anyone sees anything from a different view point than a liberal, well in the eyes of that liberal they are extreme and need to be taught what is correct! If not having the same views as a liberal means that I'm uneducated and extreme and an idiot, then that is something to be truly thankful for !

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


The President has made his nomination known, the research has been done and now everyone realizes who Judge John Roberts is, a conservative who believes in a strict interpretation of the Constitution. This is exactly what President Bush promised as he campaigned for re-election. Now the battle lines have been drawn. The left wing advocacy groups , "claim" that Roberts will set the court back years and all groups will suffer and die and women will be second class citizens and all the trees will rot because the environment will suffer...yada, yada, yada the usual leftist garbage when a conservative is nominated for anything. But this time the left is running scared for Roberts is a nominee that they realize they cannot defeat, though they will try! Here is just a sampling of the rhetoric from the left:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif. crawled out of her hole to say, "I will keep my powder dry until due diligence is completed." Now she's against gun rights so she must mean talcolm powder!

Senator Ted Kennedy sobered up from his evening with scotch to take to the Senate floor today and say, "people need to know whether Judge Roberts respects the core of the Constitution and falls in the mainstream as O'Connor did." Now considering that the announcement came on the 26th anniversary of Chappaquidic one has to wonder what kind of, "mainstream" he was referring to, wet or dry!

Old Chucky Schumer, who was reported being seen leaving the Senate chambers last night in a raging fit after the announcement, snarled in his usual way, "I hope Judge Roberts, understanding how important this nomination is - particularly when replacing a swing vote - will decide to answer questions about his views." other words a litmus test! Questions I'm sure that he will put forth similar to those voiced when Roberts was being confirmed to his present position which so exasperated Senator Orin Hatch (R) Utah that he looked at Schumer and said, "these are dumbass questions!"

Then the great Gulag Dick Durbin said, "the President missed a chance to choose a candidate who will bring the country together." This coming from the man who angered most of the country with his Gulag and concentration camp statement when referring to the prisoner treatment at Gitmo!

The jewel of them all was when hapless Harry Reid scolded the press for placing the story of the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice before the non-story about Karl Rove!

These statements are proving that the Dems are reaching and imploding as they realize their loss of power is long lasting. Their panic and whining is obvious. So to all of our conservative some compassion send a box of Kleenex to your favorite liberal to dry his tears as he sees the last bastion of leftist power, the Supreme Court move to the right with the confirmation of Judge John Roberts!

Ken Taylor


Tuesday, July 19, 2005


In a live broadcast tonight President Bush announced the nomination of DC circuit court judge John Roberts to replace Sandra Day O'Connor as an associate justice to the Supreme Court. Judge Roberts is considered by most to be one of the top conservative legal minds in the country. To the conservative voter rest assured that many prominent Democrats, liberal think tanks and advocacy groups oppose this nomination which is good news indeed! When Judge Roberts was nominated to the DC circuit court in 2003, Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin and Chuck Schumer voted against his confirmation. Durbin and Schumer were quick to the cameras tonight to begin the rhetoric for the battle over this nomination. The Democratic Underground website was quick to post their opposition to Judge Roberts and no less that five major liberal advocacy groups have made their opposition known. They are; Americans for Democratic Action, Feminist Majority, Leadership Conference for Civil Rights, National Family Planning and NOW.

Previously Judge Roberts has served as assistant White House Council for President Ronald Reagan, clerk to Chief Justice William Rehnquist and argued numerous cases before the Supreme Court for Bush 41. Some of his more prominent cases were in 1991 when he argued and won that federally funded clinics could not discuss abortion and in that same year wrote that Roe vs Wade should be overturned. In 1992 argued and won that High Schools should be allowed to include religious ceremonies at graduations in a case citing the religious establishment clause in the Constitution. In an article that he authored judge Roberts stated that the fifth amendment protected personal property rights.

On the surface and with a deeper evaluation it would seem that the President has chosen a clear conservative who will uphold the Constitution while not legislating from the bench as has been the case in many past decisions. The fact that the laeft has so quickly come out in opposition to the nomination is also a good sign that the President has made a bold nomination that will create a conservative shift in the Supreme Court!

Ken Taylor

(below are two links with details about Judge Roberts and his career and decisions)

Softball investigates CIA-leak - Softball with Chris Matthews -

Where the Press?-----Begala gets a free pass Letters to the Editor


I am not a big fan of USA Today. A little too left for my taste and blatantly so. I'll purchase it once in awhile because their baseball and NFL coverage is pretty good and then I'll throw it away. Yet today I could not resist when, with all that is taking place from Rove to the soon to be Supreme Court battle, what do my eyes behold........a front page picture of Hillary standing in front of two of America's finest during a trip she took to Afghanistan in 2003 above the headline, "Can Hillary be elected commander in chief ?" This, of course was what could be seen as pre-2008 election coverage and a free campaign add. The story was all Hillary, for Hillary and all but electing Hillary! The writer, Bill Nichols, begins by showing how the Hildabeast NOW appeals to the veteran with the article beginning with an 80 year old WWII vet explaining how he didn't vote for her for the Senate but after her pitch to save the Niagara Falls Navel Air Station, this vet says he'll vote for her next time, "she's been absolutely marvelous!" This seemed curious to me because most 80ish vets I've ever met or any vet for that matter wouldn't be caught saying, "absolutely marvelous!" But that's another subject. The article then spends two pages touting the now conservative leaning voting record of Hillary and her, "qualifications" to hold the office of president and of course polls that essentially show how much everyone thinks she's great and love her more than their pet cocker spaniel! Toward the end of this liberal fluff piece Nichols finally gets down to the nitty gritty....sort of. He mentions that in 2003 she was ranked as the 9th most liberal Senator and in 2004 a voting shift took place as she dropped to 34th. Her explanation is that national security and, " a long standing interest in military and foreign policy issues" plus a, "long standing tradition of military service" in New York and the 9/11 attacks prompted this change. Now I ask you why did it take 3 years and an up-coming election cycle for this, "change " to show its face. Is it a fundamental new view of the country and the world or a shift to garner votes for she knows that the latter will not happen without a change to the right....WHETHER SHE BELIEVES IT OR NOT ! Republicans and most conservative columnist agree with this assessment. Well one thing seems certain. Hillary is and will continue to keep up the family tradition of doing anything and everything necessary to achieve power. I don't believe that the American people will fall for it this time. Oh... there is one more tradition she'll keep, she doesn't inhale, that is inhale the true and free breath of conservative air. She may try to act conservative, but her heart and mind will always be LIBERAL !

Ken Taylor


Monday, July 18, 2005

Why Isn't Sandy Berger Going to Jail? - The National Ledger

You won't believe this story. The link above is a great article about Sandy Berger.


As the continuing story concerning the press and Democrats claim that Karl Rove and now VP Cheney's chief of staff , "outed" Valerie Plame's CIA identity progresses there is some very interesting information that the press is hiding and refusing to disclose to the American public! When two of their own, namely Judith Miller and Matt Cooper were being investigated for this very charge, 36 news organizations came to their defense in a court briefing stating that, "no crime was committed!" Yet to hear the press when referring to Karl Rove, not only has he committed a crime, but he should be linched and the Vice President's chief of staff along with him, WITHOUT A TRIAL OR ANY EVIDENCE! According to an article from National Review On Line, (click on this article's title), court documents that were submitted by the 36 news organizations in order to prevent prosecution and possible prison for the two above mentioned reporters, not only site that no crime was committed according to the statute that addresses covert operatives, but that Valerie Plame's CIA identity was outed in two prior incidents BEFORE Robert Novak's article and well before Karl Rove was contacted. The first being in the mid 90's when a Moscow spy revealed her identity to the Russian Government and the second when the CIA it self inadvertently revealed her by name in documents that were being routed through the Swiss embassy in Havana, Cuba. Her own husband in a interview admitted that she was not covert but an analyst working at Langley at the time of the Rove incident. Yet the press and the libs still persist that Rove is a criminal who threatens national security! The more that this story continues the more that the main stream media lose what credibility that they might still posses. If ever there was a clear picture of a media run amuck and showing themselves to be biased and a mouth piece for the left, this story is it. The true headline to the Rove story should be, "Democrats and the main stream media fabricate story to push leftist agenda!"

Ken Taylor


Large Majority of Americans Reject Liberal Attempts to Inject Ideology into Court Battle !
FOX NEWS/OPINION DYNAMICS POLL: The Supreme CourtConducted July 12-13, 2005; surveyed 900 registered voters nationwide; margin of error +/-3% (release, 7/14)

"Do you think it is acceptable or unacceptable for a U.S. Senator to base his or her vote on a Supreme Court nominee solely on the nominee’s political ideology -- that is, solely because the nominee is a conservative or a liberal?" Acceptable - 19% Unacceptable - 69% (Not sure)- 12%.

"If Senate Democrats strongly oppose the person President Bush nominates to be the next Supreme Court justice, do you think they should:" Allow an up or down vote on the nominee, even if they might lose - 51% Draw out the debate to prevent a vote and keep the nominee from being confirmed? - 24% Not sure - 26%

"If the person President Bush nominates to the U.S. Supreme Court is a well-qualified strong conservative, do you think Senate Democrats should vote to confirm the nominee?" Yes - 62%No - 22% Not sure - 16%

Sunday, July 17, 2005

New York Times Lays Off Rove and Alters Hillary's Immigration Quote

There they go again, making up the news.
The New York Times took a breather yesterday from covering the Karl Rove pseudo-scandal to tout "The Evolution of Hillary Clinton" - a tribute to the ambitious Democrat's newfound voice of moderation.
Among the maneuvers cited by the Old Gray Lady was Mrs. Clinton's purported shift to the right on the hot-button issue of immigration.
Included in the evidence cited by the Times: Hillary's quote to WABC Radio's John Gambling on Feb. 11, 2003, wherein she proclaimed, "I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigration."
The only problem is, Mrs. Clinton never spoke those words.
Apparently, the Times was offended by what she actually said, which was: "I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigrants" - a quote first reported by NewsMax an hour after Clinton uttered it.
The distinction is important, since, in the Times version, Mrs. Clinton is condemning the crime of illegal immigration, while in realty, what Hillary did was state her opposition to the immigrants themselves.
That's not very politically correct. In fact, we'd venture to guess that if a Republican had blurted out that he was "adamantly against illegal immigrants," the Times would undoubtedly condemn the hapless GOP'er as a racist.
Somehow, every other news agency that has picked up Mrs. Clinton's blast at "illegal immigrants" in the ensuing two years - including the Washington Times, the National Review, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and MSNBC - managed to get the quote correct.
Only the folks at America's so-called "paper of record" decided that Hillary's words needed doctoring.

KEN'S NOTE : this is typical of liberal print and broadcast media. Make up the news to create the image wanted or to make the scandal needed to try and attack the President whether directly or by attacking a staffer. Making up the news...... the libs have become so proficient at it they have lost their conscience for the truth!

Want a laugh!!! The spell check does not recognize "Hillary's" and shows as the substitute , "hilarious!" Ironic isn't it!!

How Democrats continue to get votes

It is amazing to me that Democrats can get votes from fairly conservative voters, but they do. I first began learning about how this happen by talking to my grandmother. My grandmother was against abortion, against high taxes, and believed in small government. So why did she vote for Democrats in every election except 80 and 84? She told me that she was a Southern Democrat here entire life, and would be one until the day she died. I still think of her as a Southern Democrat. Just as I think of Zell Miller.
One thing I know about this example is that, Grandma was very involved in her own life, and the lives of her family members. She never had a lot of time to research what the canidates she voted for, voted for themselves. So when the shift of the party's happened in the 50's, she heard little about it or probably didn't care. She had children to take care of at the time. During that time the Democrats who were conservative left in favor of the Republicans. This is a monumental event in our political history. But no one ever talks about it when the speak about the past. You never hear anyone talk about all the Republicans that voted for the Civil Rights Bill, even though a Democrat, Johnson, proposed it. He couldn't get the Democrats to vote for it. And for all you Libs, This was long after what I spoke about earlier. So I would like to encourage everyone to know whom you vote for in upcoming elections with the link above. You may be surprised, or you may not, but you will be informed. .
John Oliver Benton III

NOTE: This is such an important issue, this link is permanently located half way in the left side bar !

Sen. Intel Chair: Joe Wilson a Fraud


Mike's America is the blog of the week! From the lowcountry area of our home state South Carolina. Served as an intern in the Reagan White House. Good reading! Check it out!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Ex-Clinton Aide Charges Republicans 'Want to Kill Us' -- 07/15/2005

Paul Begala has lost his mind. He is now accusing Republicans of trying to kill him and his family. He was qouted on record as saying, "ain't had a new idea since they opposed Social Security, and guess what, they still do. ... They are beginning to figure out that there is no Soviet Union, but they still want Star Wars to stop it," Begala said. Also was qouted saying, "Okay, they are utterly and completely brain-dead", and also said, "Franklin Roosevelt got us in World War II. They dragged the Republicans kicking and screaming. They didn't want to get in that war. They didn't have any problem with Hitler. I won't go so far as to say they thought Hitler rocked. But there were people in America who did, and they didn't want us to get in that war. Democrats have always been just as tough as Republicans once they're in office," Frank said. Yes some Americans did like Hitler. One of them was Joe Kennedy. Read your history Paul if your going to talk about it.
After all of this was said, Former Cheif of Staff for the Clinton White House had the nerve to say, "you can fight hard for what you believe without breaking the law, without cheating and certainly without checking your morals at the door." These guys are terrible losers. As long as they follow the Clintons, they will always fail. And yes, Bill made an apperrance.
(I thought Monica was the Cheif of Staff for Clinton???)
John Oliver Benton III


This morning I was watching Fox News and caught an interesting interview with Robert Pape author of a new book on Al Qaeda with the interesting title, "Dying To Win." The brief premise of the book is this, that Al Qaeda is not weaker but stronger since the 9/11 attacks and the proof of this is that since 9/11 there have been more attacks, (40) than before 9/11 killing around 700 people. This is the result, according to Pape, of a comprehensive Al Qaeda strategy to stay away from large scale attacks against the US and concentrate on smaller attacks against our allies in the War on Terror to attempt to force them to pull out of the coalition. His premise further concludes that the belief by the US and our allies that the capture and/or killing of many of the leaders of AL Qaeda and the, "foot soldiers" has caused a general weakening of their ability is a falsehood and that just the opposite is true. His basis derives mainly from a memo found a while back in Denmark which makes reference to the above strategy and the, "future" Madrid and London attacks. Now, what will follow is my opinion on Pape's premise and what I believe is the condition of Al Qaeda. First a brief overview of Al Qaeda, (for a more detailed look click on this article's title). The group found its birth in 1988, highly decentralized with cells operating out of 26 countries. Although the Taliban when ruling Afghanistan offered a safe haven for operations and training the group as is the case now is highly fragmented. This Taliban protection was the necessity for removing them from power. The remainder of this article is my opinion based on current events and what has taken place since 9/11. Before 9/11 terrorism as a whole and Al Qaeda in particular were considered a nuisance that the courts could deal with from a criminal stand point. Therefore many Al Qaeda attacks are believed to have been missed or not recognized as such, which would dispel Mr. Pape's idea that more attacks have occurred since 9/11 than before. Al Qaeda's ability to create terror has been greatly diminished, one, by their attempts to prevent the establishment of a western and democratic form of government in Iraq by killing US soldiers and innocent citizens. These efforts are more concentrated in one arena rather than word wide, therefore diminishing the capability of a global style attack. Second, the intensity of the attacks both in Iraq and London have been greatly reduced in scope indicating a lesser ability to perform such attacks. Also the report this week of the drastic fall in support of Osama Bin Laden in the Middle East emphasizes a diminished ability to recruit thus making it more difficult to replace the, "foot soldiers" that are being killed or captured as a result of the war. Knowing the enemy and the enemies capabilities are essential in bringing the defeat of that enemy. Al Qaeda is still very dangerous and yes I believe that an attack in the US is inevitable but it is also falling into the trap of the terrorists to create chaos and fear by overestimating their capabilities as I believe Mr. Pape has done in his book. The war is far from over but the continual capture and/or killing of the leadership and foot soldiers with a diminished supply of replacements is one of the successes of the war. As has been said before the best way to defeat a terrorist is to find him and kill him before he has a chance to do the same. This is what the War on Terror is doing and will continue to do until terrorism as we know it is defeated!

Ken Taylor

Rove Learned About CIA Officer's Identity From Journalists-End of the Hack wilson book tour? - Politics - Reports: Rove Learned About CIA Officer's Identity From Journalists

Friday, July 15, 2005


Of course this does not mean that the Dems will give up but it does prove that the more they press the Karl Rove issue the more they show their true partisan agenda. This revelation by Rustmann and the grand jury testimony by Rove have made this story an embarrassment to the libs yet they still persist. I believe if Noah had , had do deal with these libs when the flood took place they would have taken issue with the size of the boat and whether each animal was represented by the proper PETA official and if their correct "partner" preference was observed at the time the animal was placed on the boat. Then their would have been legislation introduced to insure that the wind blew from the correct direction....The left! The Dems, the party of no solution, no plan, no reason, no core and no brains!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, July 14, 2005

China update - Top Chinese general warns US over attack / World / Asia-Pacific - Top Chinese general warns US over attack

Sen. Clinton seeks 'Grand Theft' sex scene probe-What about the borders and terrorism???

IM so glad that Carpetbagger Clinton is taking on the tough issues of the day. Instead of dealing with our real problems, she is taking on the video game industry. The issue deals with a game I myself own, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and a Mod that can be added to the game to simulate Sex scenes. For you whom don't understand, I'll try to simplify it.
A Mod is a program that manipulates the code and graphics of a game so that you can have more options, or do things in the game that you could not do before you added it. Now I play games on consoles (PS2, Xbox), so I can not ad mods on to my game because they would have to be written to the DVD disc themselves. But computer gamers put the entire game on there hard drive and therefore can add things to the code of the game to manipulate them. Here's where it gets good.
Mods like these come out for almost every game that big. The company who makes the game does not create these Mods. Individuals do. Sitting at home in the rooms, they program these Mods and put them up on websites to be downloaded by all. I assume these guys are programers with a lot of spare time on there hands.
So you see, the problem with this paticular issue has nothing to do with the video game industry. It's individuals whom do this own there own. Once again, Clinton is going to burn thousands of tax payer's dollars to figure out what I just told you for free. Nothing can be done about it. Although I think its perverted, most people coulnd not do this with a game if they tried.
John Oliver Benton III


A report today on the Fox news website states that in several Muslim majority countries support for Osama Bin Laden is dropping and the Islamic radicalism that he spurs is loosing its popularity! In the countries of Jordan, which neighbors Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Turkey and Pakistan, which neighbors Afghanistan support for Bin Laden has dropped drastically with a general drop throughout the region. In Jordan the drop is 21% and in Lebanon where terrorism and Islamic fanaticism almost destroyed the country the drop is a huge 34% ! One of the goals in the War on Terror that was stated by the President was the re-education of the Middle East with the eventual goal of changing the fanaticism that has dominated the region for years and especially ending support for the likes of Osama Bin Laden. It would seem that with numbers like these and the decrease of his support that the overall plan to ultimately defeat terrorism is working and a fundamental change is taking place. Add to this a Fox news interview with General Casey, commander of the forces in Iraq and Afghanistan in which he states that the draft for the Iraqi constitution will be ready tomorrow and the deadline of August 15 will be met as planned shows that when freedom is let loose and liberty given to people who have known nothing but evil oppression that just as in the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc countries in the late 80's the fresh air of freedom and liberty that we sometimes take for granted here will extinguish even the fantasist of Bin Laden and the evil of Islamic terrorism ! The President has stated time and time again that all men have an longing to be free. This is what this country was founded upon and the expression of those values cannot fail and that is being proven in the Middle East ! This inspite of the liberal opposition by the Democrats. Imagine how quick and successful the outcome if a united front could be presented to these Islamic extremist instead of the rhetoric of the left that emboldens them to continue. Of course that will never happen because the left just doesn't get it! Freedom and Liberty will and is prevailing !

Ken Taylor

Worldnetdaily - Democrats Ignorant In Rove Accusations !

The writer of the law that applies to "covert agents" says Dems ignorant of the law and it does not apply to Karl Rove. They just dig their hole deeper and deeper!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Worldnetdaily - Follow Up - Congressman investigating Al Qaida Nukes in US

Congressman Tom Tancredo (R) Colorado is requesting Justice Department info on the "American Hiroshima" plan by Al Qaida. Finally someone has taken notice!!


This has become such a ridiculous notion by the left and by the media and is an absolute insult to the intelligence of the American people! The seriousness of the charge ! Who gives a rip about evidence or proof or anything else. As long as any ridiculous charge can be made that is all that matters and now Karl Rove has become the latest in a long line of leftist, socialist, media biased stupid charges. Remember the false documents and Rather' s argument that , the documents may be forged but, "I still believe the story to be true"....The seriousness of the charge! Or The President lied to the nation about WMD's even though the intel proved that they existed and even the leftist United Nations has admitted that they were there just before the war....Once again the seriousness of the charge. Now Karl Rove and the ridiculous charge that he , "outed a covert operative " from the CIA who's own supervisor admits that she has not been covert since the late 90's and her husband in a Vanity Fair article stated that while they were "making out" she admitted to him that she was "covert CIA" this in 1994!! She's been out of the closet for years! At the time of the Rove charge she was an analyst and data gatherer for WMD's at the CIA who everyone new as such and even at that Rove never mentioned who she was just that the reporter, Cooper from Time Magazine needed to leave this one alone after Cooper approached Rove on the subject NOT the other way around. This seriousness of the charge garbage the left and the media work together on in order to lie their way through situations that they cannot deal with will be their downfall and in this writers opinion it can't come too soon! Let's see how they like it.... In 1969 Ted Kennedy walked away from an accident of his making and left his companion in the car to slowly drown as a result....Sounds like murder to me! The seriousness of the charge....Oh excuse me I gave too much proof and fact for that angle!

Ken Taylor - Politics - Cooper Details Rove Conversations About Plame-

My friends, Isn't time we have some officials in Washington that will call the media on their bluff. It is now looking like the Libs are backing off the "Rove is a criminal mantra". ( They must have gotten the stand down order from Carville) And now over and over the media is calling for Rove to be fired. With no proof that he did anything except rebuff a claim by Joe "Hack" Wilson. This is absurd. And I for one think it is time for action. Why can't press conferences be held in primetime, while Americans have a chance to see what partisan hacks the Media has become. Either the DNC is funding the media, or the media is funding the DNC. Judging by the ratings, the CBs, NBC, and ABC's of the world sure need a sponsor. Press Conferences at night would not only give the people a chance to see what the media does at this daily event, but it would pull these libs out of there wine and cheese party's, where they discuss the "great things" there doing in Europe. The last thing these Libs need is wore Whine.
John Oliver Benton III

P.S. Rather be burned alive than vote Democrat

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Follow Up -- Does Bin Laden Have Nukes ?


Does Osama bin Laden have nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction? Is so, where are they? Are they in the hands of al Qaeda sleeper cells in the United States? Should Americans be bracing for a nuclear attack?
Former consultant for the FBI an organized crime and international terrorism and a seasoned investigative reporter, Paul L. Williams reveals the potential for nuclear terrorism on US soil in this shocking expose. Based on the findings of US, Israeli, Pakistani, and British intelligence, Williams describes how the theft of tactical nuclear weapons from Russian arsenals have in all likelihood made their way to al Qaeda cells throughout the United States in preparation for the next terrorist attack.
Williams presents clear evidence showing that, in the chaos following the breakup of the Soviet Union, the Chechen Mafia got its hands on portable Russian nuclear weapons. Between 1996 and 2001, mafia members negotiated the sale of twenty nuclear "suitcase bombs" to representatives of Osama bin Laden. Far worse than so-called "dirty bombs," each suitcase bomb is capable of killing millions of Americans while exposing millions more to deadly radioactive fallout. According to Williams, reliable sources indicate that these bombs may already be in the possession of al Qaeda operatives in such major cities as New York, Washington, Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas, Houston, and Los Angeles. In addition, bin Laden has recruited former Soviet scientists and technicians to maintain these weapons and recharge their nuclear cores so that they may be deployed immediately on his command. In 2001 he issued a statement boasting of his intent to have America experience a "Hiroshima."
Also included in the book are bin Laden's "Letters to America" and his "Declaration of War against the Americans Occupying the Land of the Two Holy Places," as well as the World Islamic Statement declaring "Jihad against Jews and Crusaders." These crucial documents highlight the rationale behind and the depth of bin Laden's hatred for the United States. Moreover, Williams documents that Osama has the international network of embedded terrorists to carry out his threats.
Although the media have reported on some of these threatening developments and government insiders have acknowledged the threat of nuclear attack, until now no one has put all the pieces together in a coherent, no nonsense way. Williams makes a persuasive case that bin Laden and his deputies have the motive and the means and are just waiting for the opportunity to launch an apocalyptic attack on the "Great Satan" of America.

Hillary Votes Show Her True Colors !


While Hillary Clinton has tried to cozy up to moderates and conservatives by backing Republican-sponsored legislation, her voting record shows she's still to the left of two potential rivals for the Democratic presidential primary in 2008.

The senator from New York has co-sponsored a smaller percentage of Republican bills than Sen. John Kerry and former Sen. John Edwards, who were named last year as the two most liberal senators by National Journal.

"Contrary to conventional wisdom that she is repositioning herself toward the center, Clinton's legislative record has been consistent throughout her time in the Senate," reports The Hill.

An analysis by the publication found that in each of the three Congresses she has served in, Clinton has co-sponsored one Republican-sponsored bill or amendment for about every three Democratic-sponsored bills or amendments.

Kerry and Edwards, on the other hand, have both co-sponsored one Republican bill or amendment for approximately every two pieces of Democratic legislation.

What's more, only 17 percent of Clinton's bills and amendments garnered at least one Republican co-sponsor in the 108th Congress, compared to 21 percent for Kerry. And for the 107th Congress, the figures were 28 percent for Clinton versus 46 percent for Kerry.

Clinton recently joined Majority Leader Bill Frist (Tenn.) to co-sponsor a bill on health-information technology.

Other Republicans who have sponsored bills with Clinton's support include Sen. Rick Santorum (Pa.), Sen. Sam Brownback (Kan.), Sen. Chuck Hagel (Neb.), Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) and even Sen. John Thune (S.D.), who unseated Minority Leader Tom Daschle.

But "you have to take her legislative record as a whole," Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, told The Hill.

"You can't allow senators to pick out specific votes or bills and allow them to define themselves for PR purposes."

Ken's note - just as we all thought, the Hilldabeast will do whatever she sees as necessary to make the bid for the White House!

Monday, July 11, 2005


The coalition that has formed to fight the President over the Supreme Court nominees has admitted that if they lose this battle they lose the fight against conservatism! The reason for the all out war against any nominee that President Bush make is the realization on the left that his conservative agenda has won over the country and they cannot win at the ballot box, leaving the court as their only option. This battle will decide the future of our country for decades and is, next to the War on Terror and national security, THE most important issue facing this President and Republican leadership!

Ken Taylor

The e-mail may not be enough to prompt Fitzgerald to indict Rove - Yahoo! News

WorldNetDaily: Al-Qaida nukes already in U.S.-operation "American Hiroshima" Disturbing??

WorldNetDaily: Al-Qaida nukes already in U.S.

Newsweek: Rove gave Time reporter OK to testify-

We reported that Newsweek would begin a story this week called "Its Rove". Well "Its here". It seems as if Rove's lawyer has confirmed that he gave Cooper the OK to testify before a grand jury.
It appears as if the Chicago Sun Times has posted what the exact correspondence was that is now in question. The Newsweek article quotes Cooper's e-mail as saying, "it was, KR said, Wilson's wife, who apparently works at the agency on wmd [weapons of mass destruction] issues who authorized the trip." So far we have second hand info folks, so don't hit the panic button yet.

As Drudge would say
John Oliver Benton III

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2008: Hillary for President?!! - Must see

2008: Hillary for President?!! -


It would seem to me that in a post 9/11 world that security would be a major concern especially when the launch will be watched by more people than most due to the length of time since the last launch. Also my source who informed me about the hesitation by engineers concerning the launch, (refer back to the article below from July 5th), mentioned some questions about the time of the launch 3:51 in the afternoon. He stated that there is only a TWO MINUTE launch window which again would indicate to me that security should be high priority because the delay factor is considerably less! NASA seems to be taking a lot for granted as they return to space!

Ken Taylor

Blog Of the Week-Stop the ACLU - Beating the ACLU With Their Own Sickle and Hammer

This is a website that finally has it right!!!

Saturday, July 09, 2005


With the recent announcement by Sandra Day O'Conner of her retirement from the Supreme Court and the strong possibility of the retirement of the Chief Justice William Rehnquist there is a distinct possibility that the make up of the court can be changed to a very conservative court for the foreseeable future ! Add to this the speculation of the retirement of Justices Ginsburg and Stevens, (both very liberal), before the year is out and this possible shift in the court could very well change the rulings on some very controversial findings of the past not the least of which is Roe vs Wade. Additionally the possibility of the activism within the court and the court system could be curtailed to a great degree. This is exactly why the libs have drawn the battle lines and there will be a fight over Supreme Court nominees. They have realized to a certain extent that they cannot win at the ballot box so in order to ,"save " the American people from their governmental choice, their power has been found in activist, leftist, socialist judges and many Supreme Court decisions have assisted in this liberal strategy. This is why the libs will fight to the death, so to speak to prevent the Supreme Court from making a conservative shift through the retirements and the President's nominees for replacement. In spite of the, "compromise" made by the lame brain 14 a few weeks back to end the filibuster of judicial nominees, Democratic minority leader Harry Reid has already announced that the filibuster has, "not been ruled out!" Senator Chuck Schumer from New York was caught during a cell phone conversation stating that the dems were preparing for , "war" and that all nominees will be fought regardless of there credentials or qualifications. Senator Joseph Biden has said much the same and listed questions that would be demanded of the nominees to answer on how they would vote on certain issues, including abortion, all the while stating that each case before the court cannot be judged until all of the information is known, yet they will be expexted to answer speculating their decisions for Senate confirmation! When the voters went to the polls last November the results of the election determined how the people wanted future Supreme Court members to be nominated and the Constitiution give the duly elected representative of the people, the President the right to nominate who he wishes and to build the make up of the court with the , "advise and consent" of the Senate. The libs believe just the opposite, that it is the President who should ask them who to nominate in order to satisfy there judicial activism. Let us hope that majority leader Frist and the Republican Senate have the strength to stand and fight for the nominees. The White House is preparing for the fight by assigning Fred Thompson, former Senator (R) from Tennessee to guide the nominees through the process including instructions on what they do and do not have to answer. The opportunity for change is upon us and if it is left to fall by the wayside by a weak Senate majority the ramifications are incacuable ! The time to fight is now and the ability to win the fight is there if the leadership will but grasp it !

Ken Taylor

Thursday, July 07, 2005


"Whatever they do it is our determination that they will never succeed in destroying what we hold dear in this country and other civilized nations throughout the world." With these words British Prime Minister Tony Blair expressed to the terrorists who hit London today and to the world that the resolve in the War on Terror is only strengthened by this attack and their time is drawing to an end! Not only did this cowardly attack not succeed, but it proved that the Prime Minister and President Bush were correct in taking the war to the terrorists. This may be a little different perspective then many of the news reports that you have heard today. Those have ranged from hand wringing, to strong talk by Bush, Blair and Mayor Livingston of London and the ultimate insult by California Senator Barbara Boxer when she said that the war in Iraq is the cause of terrorism. I guess she has forgotten the Cole, and the two attacks on the Trade Center and the Pentagon BEFORE Iraq! Yet one thing stood out to me when I first heard of the attacks in London. Although there was loss of life for which we are all saddened and many injuries, this attack was relatively small compared to attacks in the past which indicates to me that the War on Terror has been very successful and their ability to create extreme havoc and cause great loss of life has been tremendously diminished! Even the attacks that have been launched on Embassies and in Bali in the past were much more devastating and caused much more havoc than in London. This is not meant to diminish the disgust and anger nor take away from the anguish felt by Britain, the families of those lost and injured but rather to stress the weakness and failure of these monsters who think that taking innocent western lives will destroy our way of life and find them greater glory from Allah. I believe their, "reward" will be considerably hotter ! As the Prime Minister said, "they will never succeed in destroying what we hold dear." Our resolve cannot waver and the determination to rid the world of this fanaticism will succeed. The road ahead still holds much sacrifice and yes more attacks quite likely in our own country, but freedom loving people will prevail. Just as the Brits stood with us in our hour of need after September 11, we stand with them and will see this war through to complete victory!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

HAPPY BIRTHDAY --- President George W. Bush - 59 and Nancy Reagan - 84

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

EXCLUSIVE !!! Is The Shuttle Ready ????

Many of you, like me are looking forward to NASA'S return to space as the Space Shuttle Discovery prepares to launch on Wednesday July, 13. I became very concerned about the launch and the possible consequences today after a conversation that I had with a very knowledgeable acquaintance. First let me list his credentials. He is a retired engineer with NASA who participated in the investigation of the Columbia disaster and has since been used in an adsvisory capacity in preparation for the up-coming mission. I asked him today if he was anxious for the Discovery to return to space and his initial response was , "no !" I was rather surprised at the response and inquired as to why and he informed me that the shuttle was not ready because many of the problems that destroyed the Columbia have not been resolved. He then mentioned that the launch was closed and other than news personnel, the space center was open to NASA personnel only and that he was invited to the launch. In further discussion with him he stated that the icing problem which occurs on the external fuel tank and comes off due to the extreme temperature changes which take place during launch have always been a greater problem as far a damage to the shuttle during launch than the foam has and that this problem has not even been addressed. I asked about the , "repair kit" that has been much talked about and he said that the shuttle in nearly impossible to repair in space therefore a repair kit does not exist. To find if the shuttle is damaged during lift off the first check will come from satellite pictures and then when the shuttle docks with the International Space Station there will be a space walk by crew members. The possibility exists that a small crack could be missed, which could cause re-entry problems. He also stated that if damage is found the shuttle will be abandoned and set adrift to burn up in the atmosphere. The crew would then be picked up by two Russian Soyus space crafts to return to earth. Nine craft which incidentally have been purchased by NASA but are still operated by Russia. I was shocked. He stated that many NASA engineers such as he have recommended that the shuttle not launch but have been ignored due to financial pressure to get back to the ISS. I understand that some of this information has been expressed by the head of NASA in a PBS interview, but the concerns about the possiblilty of another shuttle disaster seem to have been over looked. My source showed me many of the concerns including the icing problems in an official copy of the Columbia report and expressed once again his fear for this launch. For a pre-flight report by NASA click on this article's title and for other reference items about the report and the Columbia disaster refer to the links at the bottom of this article. My sincere hope and prayer is for a successful mission. I have been fascinated with the Space Program since Alan Shepherd's first flight, which I remember as if it was yesterday! Pray for our astronauts and the success of Discovery !

Ken Taylor

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Doonesbury's attack on Bloggers

DRUDGE--Rove's Laywer Denies Plame "Outing"

Slashdot | 100 Million Online in China-China Update-Goverment struggles with Internet Freedom

Wired News: Bloggers Fight for 'Shield' Law - Bloggers or Web based reporters not protected-Sen. Clinton supporting bill !!


Thanks to JB for his insight and thoughts about our freedoms and first amendment rights. Hmm, interesting thought, I can see George Washington's blog now, " First Father Blog.blogspot" or Benjamin Franklin's, "Poor Richard's Blog" or John Hancock's, "THE HANCOCK BLOG!" On a more serious note, please as you take part in your cook outs and other 4th festivities today take a moment to reflect in thanksgiving for this great country of our's and those who have gone before us to pave this " Grand Experiment" known as The United States. Yes we have our problems and short comings, but there is no other land as our's and no other nation that strives to allow the blessings of liberty as we do. In addition as you participate in the public activities be sure to thank a Vet or active military for all they do, and/or take a moment and call a Vet or member of the military in your family to say thanks for making our freedom's possible! Have a safe and great 4th. Happy 229th birthday America!!!

Ken Taylor

July 4th - Comments and Opinions

On this day, July 4th, I think I would be good to reflect on the past, and to look at the present day. I know at times it seems so bad that we argue over things we care about. Political or none Political. But argument and disagreement, or the right to it, is the foundation of our society. Without it our nation as we know it is dead. The founders of our nation could see that without free thought, and free speech, there could be no freedom. Only those who try to suppress speech, through the thought police or other methods, that endanger freedom. Even liberals have the right to say what ever they want. ( And lately, we conservatives have greatly encouraged this). I believe that what we are doing here (Bloggers), is the exactly was our founders had in mind. Not the internet, but the exchange of ideas without the fear of persecution. This is why are solders toppled the regimes of Japan and Germany in WWII. And why they are fighting in the Middle East at the present time. On this greatest of holidays I would like to say thank you to the entire blogging community, (conservative and liberal). You are all carrying on the tradition of men like Washington, Franklin, and HANCOCK. And If they were here today, your can rest assured they would be Bloggers.
John O. Benton III

The Rove Factor? - Newsweek National News - The Assult on Rove begins-with little or no evidence so far

The Rove Factor? - Newsweek National News -

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Palmetto Pundit -- Blog Of The Week

This 4th of July week The Palmetto Pundit is out Blog of the Week. Great conservative insight and not to mention from our home state of South Carolina! Check it out!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Liberal Lie gets Big Endorsment!!! (comedy) --Download

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The Huffington Post | Larence O Donnell points the finger at Rove

We have all heard the news in the last week about Matt Cooper of Time Mag. And his refusal to give up his source for the story outing a CIA agent. He claims to have known this for a while but didn't want to be dragged into a Grand Jury. Now when has any self respecting Lib passed on an chance to smear a conservative? Not In my lifetime. What's also not surprising is that un-Newsweek is working up a story named Its Rove. O Donnell Claims that the story will break on the third of July. Well, lets wait and see if it breaks. I personally don't believe Rove could have made it as far as he has in life by making bad decisions. So how can I believe that he would risk everything he has worked for just to be a Lib reporters source. Come on guys. Ill believe it when I see it.
John Oliver Benton III
The Huffington Post The Blog


With these words the men who gathered in Philadelphia on that summer day, the first 4th, closed the document that began a nation! The Declaration of Independence gave notice to King George of England that the American Colonies were no more and that a new nation The United States of America would govern herself as a free country answering to no man or monarchy where each individual was represented and able to exercise the liberties and freedoms that God intended for man to live by. Each of these men who forged this nation and signed the Declaration pledging their lives, fortunes and sacred honor were openly committing an act of treason against England thus warranting a death sentence if caught by British authorities. Many who signed the Declaration lost everything to help build this country. Men like John Hancock, the president of the Continental Congress stated that he signed his name larger than the rest so that, "old George could see it better!" Benjamin Franklin gave up all resemblance of a family life as he stayed in Europe to try an forge the alliance with France. His relationship with his son was shattered because of the break from England for his son was the British Govenour to one of the colonies and a strong supporter of King George. Many lost large fortunes outfitting the Continental Army and yes some lost their lives fighting for our independence. Who were these extraordinary men who built this nation ? Each lived lives very similar to his neighbor, many had farms and families to raise, men of the land. Some were men of law, attorneys like John Adams. Some were tradesmen like Samuel Adams. Even though they came from different backgrounds, occupations and had personalities as diverse as the day is long each came with a common goal and a yearning for freedom. Together they forged a nation that has not found its match in history, whose form of government is like none before or since. They argued, complained, laughed and even ridiculed as they gathered to claim our independence. Yet when each read and signed those wonderful words penned by Thomas Jefferson, "We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," they knew that all men, women and children were created to be free and in their hands was the instrument that made that belief a reality in this new nation. As we celebrate this 229th anniversary of our independence let each of us remember those who sacrificed all to forge this nation and those since then who have served and given, "the last full measure of devotion" in order to preserve this nation and each of our freedoms. Let us never cease to be thankful for all that those before us have given and never take for granted this land of liberty. Happy 4th of July and God bless The United States of America!

Ken Taylor

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Friday, July 01, 2005


President Bush and Osama bin Laden decided to settle the war once and for all. They sat down and decided to settle the whole dispute with one dog fight. They would have 5 years to breed the best fighting dog in the world and whichever side's dog won would be entitled to dominate the world. Osama found the biggest, meanest Doberman and Rottweiler female dogs in the world and bred them with the meanest Siberian wolves. They selected only the biggest and strongest puppy from the litter, and removed his siblings, which gave him all the milk. After 5 years, they came up with the biggest, meanest dog the world had ever seen. Its' cage needed steel bars that were 5" thick and nobody could get near it. When the day came for the dog fight, Bush showed up with a strange looking animal. It was a 9 foot long Dachshund. Everyone felt sorry for Bush because there was no way that this dog could possibly last 10 seconds with Afghanistani dog. When the cages were opened up, the Dachshund came out of its' cage, and slowly waddled over towards Osama's dog. Osama's dog snarled and leaped out of its' cage and charged the American Dachshund --- but when it got close enough to bite, the Dachshund opened its' mouth and consumed Osama's> dog in> one bite. There was nothing left of his dog at all. Osama came up to Bush, shaking his head in disbelief, "We don't understand how this could have happened. We had our best people working for 5 years with the meanest Doberman and Rottweiler female dogs in the world and the biggest, meanest Siberian wolves." "That's nothing" said Bush. "We had Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon working for 5 years to make that alligator look like a wiener dog".

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