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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The Barack Obama bus tour and tax payer funded circus side show has resumed in Virginia and North Carolina. Both states he won handily in 2008 but now due to his failed policy and even worse economic record both states show a disapproval rating near 60%. So to push his jobs bill, at least that is the official reason so he can use tax payer money and not campaign money, Obama is touring the states making speech after speech. Of course EVERYONE knows all he is doing is campaigning.

Air Force One takes he and his entourage from airport to airport then they board the black motor home style bus, built in Canada, and drive usually less than 30 minutes to each location to give the impression that Obama is down to earth and connecting with the people. Sure, everyone can identify with a multi million dollar motor home and a bus tour that flows from a private 747.

This is pure Obama campaign mode and his claim to be touting his jobs bill in order to force Congress to pass the debacle fools no one. By claiming it as a political tour for policy purposes it allows him to save his personal campaign dollars only to bleed tax payer dollars for his reelection campaign. Yes, every President during a reelection bid uses Presidential perks for campaigning but Obama tries to lie his way around it and uses it far more than any of his predecessors at a much higher cost.

But maybe thieves found a sure fire method to shut up the campaigner in chief. While the Presidential entourage was staying at a Marriott Hotel in Virginia the truck carrying all of the podiums, sound equipment AND the famous Obama TelePrompter was stolen from the parking lot, taken for a joy ride and emptied of about $200,000 dollars of equipment and yes, the TelePrompter.

My question at this point is, was it actually thieves or just Virginians who are tired of hearing the same old Obama trash and rhetoric and by stealing the TelePrompter knew they could SHUT HIM UP! Everyone knows without a TelePrompter Obama is lost and stumbles and bumbles his way through speaking. It is speculated that he needs a TelePrompter to tell his wife good night in the Presidential bedroom.

So maybe instead of a group of kids or thieves looking for a quick buck, it was an extremely irritated voter who are sick of Obama and his rehashed rhetoric which provides no substance and whose policy brings even worse results as the campaigner in chief has taken our country down the path of destruction.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous PapaHans said...

jeezus, you're even more pathetic than the usual alleged conservative blogger(s). Surely you realize that modern conservatives would ban Reagan from even attempting to join the party. You know, the Reagan who raised taxes either eight or eleven times, depending on your definition of taxes, the happy bi-partisan warrior, the guy who didn't give a good goddamn about religion, abortion, or homosexuals.

5:15 AM, October 20, 2011  
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