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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Yet another GOP debate was held, this time in Las Vegas and the moderator from CNN, Anderson Cooper was more interested in getting candidates to squabble than having a substance filled issue related debate. Like almost every moderator in this series of debates that have followed basically the same format, Cooper was trying to force zingers and not allow true debate between candidates. These debates are for TV and show and not to allow voters to actually see the candidates and decide who to support.

The number of debates is also taking away from interest, especially since most of the candidates are given little time and the entire debate format is set up for TV sound bites and not serious issue related debating between candidates seeking the highest office in the land. The only candidate who is actually getting a great deal of face time during the debates is the media selected Mitt Romney. In fact a recent survey of all debates to date shows Romney by far getting more time than all the candidates combined other than Rick Perry who came in second with about half the time of Romney.

One minute answers with thirty second rebuttals does not allow a candidate necessary time to express views or real substance. Also the sheer number of the same format debates is causing voters to lose interest especially since the moderators are looking for argumentative sound bites between Romney and Perry and not issue related substance. In an interview with Newt Gingrich the former Speaker of the House mentioned there are 27 more debates scheduled.

I realize the GOP field is large and as such time is limited but a good moderator takes that into consideration and seeks to find answers to real issues and not just sound bites for the daily news broadcasts. Unfortunately there have not been any real moderators in the debates. Bret Baier of Fox News has been the best moderator of the debates but even he still sought good sound bites more often than substance.

The CNN debate on October 18 with Anderson Cooper was a disaster since Cooper seemed to enjoy pitting Romney against Perry, neither of which at the moment are the front runner as most polling has Herman Cain in the lead. But the media favorite Romney still got most of the attention especially when bickering like a child with Perry. The childish bickering is all that any news coverage is telling in the after math of the debate which does nothing to help voters decide on a candidate.

The pundits after the debate touted, as usual, how,"Presidential," Romney looked in the debate. Arguing and bickering with a rival not only DOES NOT look Presidential but again shows that Romney is the media favorite regardless of polls and the way voters are leaning. The majority of the media have picked Romney and he can do no wrong in the debates and always wins and looks Presidential. So much for objective journalism.

Unfortunately for voters this format designed for sound bites and bickering is all we will see in future debates because it makes for what moderators and news executives believe is good TV. My suggestion is to do what we all must do to decide which candidate to back. Forget the debates, sure watch them for the entertainment value they have become, but research and find the candidate that most fits who you want for President and support that candidate. That is how I came to the conclusion that my vote will go to Herman Cain.

Ken Taylor


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