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Sunday, April 30, 2006


May Day traditionally has been a celebration of the rights of spring. A reminder that the miserable weather of winter is past and the season of new birth and beginnings is upon us. May Day has been celebrated with the May Pole and the dances that surround this tradition as well as parades and feasting. Though a celebration that in present day has fallen by the wayside in most circles it is a celebration of joy and spring. In the former Soviet Union May Day was a day of parades celebrating communism and an opportunity for the Soviets to display in a grand parade their military weaponry and might. This is a celebration that ended with the fall of communism and the end of the Soviet Union. A celebration that the world as a whole are delighted to see ended. "May Day, " is also the universal cry for distress. Whether an aircraft that is in trouble, a boat that is floundering or an individual that has found themselves in a tight situation whether civilian or military. All one needs to do is use an available radio and send the distress signal, "may day, may day, " and immediately the receiver of this distress call moves to action to assist in the situation. Throughout the nation on May Day 2006 the day takes on a new connotation though the meaning of the distress call is appropriate for this May Day. Illegal Aliens are gathering throughout the nation to protest demanding that the Congress and the government of the United States give them their supposed , "rights, " within this country. The plan is for all 12 million aliens and their supporters to boycott work, shopping and other daily activities to gather in protest. The call to actually shut down New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago and Fresno, California is part of this planned day of protest. The leaders of this, "May Day, " protest truly believe that massive demonstrations will convince the American people that aliens deserve to have the same rights that we who were born in this country and those who have followed all of the legal requirements to become a citizen or are in the process of citizenship have. I have news for those who protest and those who have organized this insult. This demonstration will NOT gain our support. As a matter of fact it will actually have the adverse effect causing increased anger and disgust over illegal aliens and the whole issue of, "immigration." Granted, without their shopping the stores will be easier to shop in and there will be a large number of uninsured motorists off the road, but the premise and idea of this protest is appalling and frankly illegal because those who protest have no Constitutional rights because their very presence and existence in this country is a violation of the law and as such does not even allow them the right to protest.

When I was growing up, (I am going to date myself here), there was a very popular television program starring a very young Clint Eastwood. The program was titled, "Rawhide, " and Eastwood's character was Rowdy Yates a tough cowboy who spent his time on the range herding cattle and fighting bad guys. By now you are wondering, "what the heck does this have to do with illegal aliens ?" I'm getting to that. The title song for the program has become an icon in television music and to those of us who remember, a ballad of the old west. Some of the lyrics of this ballad are not only appropriate but should be applied to the May Day demonstrations. The song describes herding with lyrics like, "head ' em up, move 'em out, move 'em out, head 'em up Rawhide !" If the Governors of California, Arizona, New York and Illinois as well as other states where this demonstration takes place were actually interested in enforcing the laws of the United States, they would mobilize the National Guard to, "head up," and," move out" each alien who participates in this illegal protest. They would order their respective National Guard units to check for legal identification or green cards and for everyone who did not possess one or the other arrest and deportation would follow. If there was a question about whether the ID was valid or forged then the ID holder would be held until verification could be acquired and if not then deportation would also follow. This placating to illegal aliens for political correctness is ridiculous. They are plain and simple in violation of United States laws and as such should be treated as anyone else who BREAKS THE LAW !

This issue has been referred to by many as an immigration issue. I have also used this phrase in posts and have realized that immigration is not a correct description as to the status of the 12 million who are here illegally. An immigrant is one who travels to this country and legally follows the law in order to become and American citizen and an American, celebrating their heritage but adapting to the American way of life and speaking our language as well as following our laws. The 12 million who have illegally crossed our borders are illegal aliens and on May Day 2006 these illegal aliens are demanding that this country and the elected officials give them freely what they have not earned and reward them with amnesty and a quick path to citizenship for breaking our laws. Most do not want citizenship only a pay check they can send back to their families so they too can cross our border illegally. With the prospect that this illegal demonstration will work, reports show that potential illegal aliens are massing on the Mexican border in anticipation of a forth coming amnesty program. It is time to enforce the law and close the borders and end this debacle that is tearing this nation asunder. Amnesty programs have failed to curb the problem seven times since the early eighties. Each time the government granted amnesty to aliens it has only encouraged illegal crossing instead of ending it. We the legal people of the United States of America demand an end to this political correctness and blatant rewarding for breaking the law. We demand that those we have elected finally listen to the voice of the legal people in this land and stop this illegal activity. It does not take new legislation. We have more than enough laws already in existence, if properly enforced that will end this problem. Close the borders and enforce the laws......NOW!

Ken Taylor


Yesterday I took the opportunity to watch , "United 93, " the just released film about the flight that went down in Pennsylvania on September 11. There has been a little controversy about this film. Some say that it is too early and that we do not need to be reminded on film of that events of 9/11. Personally I believe that reminders such as this film is exactly what we need for what took place on September 11 is why we fight and why we must and will defeat those responsible and terrorism throughout the world. The movie is filmed in real time, meaning that each moment in the film follows the time line as it happened. The film not only takes place on the flight based on flight recordings and the numerous telephone conversations that originated from United 93, but also follows the events of 9/11 in the air traffic control centers that were involved in tracking the planes and making tough decisions based on available data. The air traffic scenes are filmed using the actual people who were on the boards on 9/11 and not actors. The director of the film met with each of the families of the passengers and crew of United 93 in their homes before he began filming to discuss with them their thoughts about a film of this type. Without exception the families agreed that the film must be produced so that the detailed story of what their loved one did could be told. The result is a film that will remind each of us of the hero's and first to fight in the War on Terror as well as the first victory though it came at a tremendous cost. The emotions of sorrow and anger that we felt on 9/11 become just as real as they were on the day we were attacked. The film is a wonderful tribute and reminder of the heroes on United 93. Though because of the films content it is an emotional experience to watch it is well worth your time and you will be glad you watched it. The heroism displayed by the brave passengers of United 93 and the sacrifice that they made on 9/11 stand as a beacon of bravery and sacrifice in the annuls of American history.

Ken Taylor


This weeks Blog of the Week is, " Some Things Just Need To Be Said." Fairly new to the blogoshpere but a well written and interesting blog with conservative views. The title is the understatement of the year. There are numerous things that need to be said and this blog says them with flair. Well worth your reading and linking to.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


The out cry because of high fuel prices have demonized the big oil companies especially since they are reporting, "record profits, " in the last few quarters. This oil company profit debacle is fueling, (no pun intended), action in Congress to investigate oil companies for price gouging and fixing and talk of a windfall profit tax is still in the mix. Yet in the fuss over , "big oil's, " profits has anyone bothered to look at any comparisons concerning profit margin and revenue ?
At random I took the profit margin as opposed to revenue of Exxon/Mobile, Centex Homes and Microsoft to make a comparison that reveals an interesting statistic that is being left out of the story concerning oil companies.

Exxon/Mobile $100.72 billion in revenues - $9.92 billion profit or about 9.85%

Centex Homes $ 4.55 billion in revenues - $375 million profit or about 12%

Microsoft $11 billion in revenues - $3.38 billion profit or about 30%

Again with a random selection of companies the profit margin compared to revenues for Exxon/Mobile are considerably less than Microsoft and more about 2 % less than Centex Homes yet no one is complaining or considering investigating either company because of record profits. Just like everyone else I do not like the cost of fuel especially when I fill up and as everyone else it dips into the family budget. This does not mean that I am opposed to any American company making a profit. That is what a free market system allows so that any company that continues to make a profit can expand business, its workforce and improve or explore for new product. The oil companies are no different. Yet the cry is to punish oil companies with investigations and taxation on the profits which will be passed on to the consumer with even higher fuel cost. The belief that the oil companies are gouging is ridiculous. Consider this. In a free market economy that is based on consumer spending which drives prices in the market why would oil company executives get together to raise fuel prices in conjunction with one another ? The actual reason for the cost of fuel is that for the first time in our oil consumption history demand is greater than the supply. The refining capabilities which have not been increased in 28 years though demand has increased tremendously in that same period cannot keep up with world demand for fuel. This creates a situation that allows the oil speculators to control the price of oil based on future supply and how demand will effect that supply. Additionally because of government and environmental regulation oil companies have not been allowed to explore for oil or increase refining capabilities to keep up with demand. Yet countries outside of the United States are doing just that in order to increase their share of the market. China for instance has cut a deal with Cuba to begin drilling in the Gulf of Mexico 75 miles off of the Florida Keys in some of the same waters that our own environmentalists lobbies have fought to keep this country from using. Will the Chinese and Cubans take the precautions that we do in order to protect the environment ? Their history says no. Both countries have a poor environmental record. Also the many different blends of fuel cause a disruption in the refining as refineries have to adjust and clean for the changes and the blends that are required for different regions of the nation.

Now back to the profits. Exxon/Mobile made a $9.92 billion dollar profit in the last quarter at a rate of 9.85 % or 8.5 cents per gallon. The United States government made 18.4 cents per gallon or 9.9 cents more per gallon that Exxon/Mobile which equates to a profit margin of approximately $20 billion dollars. Yet the government is not investigating themselves for this price gouging! This does not include state taxes which vary according to the state and are far more than even the federal tax per gallon. In the 70's and 80's when big oil was losing money the government never investigated why. Nor did they legislate to assist the fledgling companies which eventually merged with the larger ones causing a type of government induced monopoly since regulations and hampered ability to refine and explore for their product caused many companies to fold and even the larger ones to struggle. Additionally in the 70's the Carter administration increased taxes on oil companies and set a ceiling on prices. Oil companies are not the problem government and a greatly increased demand in the market are. The price gouging investigation will reveal the exact same results as it did in the early 90's when the Clinton administration investigated because of fuel surpassing the $2.00 per gallon threshold. They found no gouging then and will find no gouging now. The only result of government intervention during this fuel dilemma will be disaster just as it was in the 70's. The market will balance itself by early summer when refining capabilities will return to 100%. As far as the supply and demand that will depend on whether the relaxation of regulations continues and if the environmentalists lobby continues to have the hold on Congress that they have for 30 years. My prediction. Get used to gas prices of $2.50 per gallon or more, thanks to our ever meddling federal government.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Today President Bush announced and introduced Fox News commentator and conservative radio talk show host Tony Snow as the new White House Press Secretary. Snow is replacing retiring Scott McClellan who is leaving after a fairly unremarkable two and one half year hitch as Press Secretary. Snow is not a stranger to the White House. He was previously director of speech writers and in media affairs for George H.W. Bush the 41st President and current President's father. Snow is a staunch conservative and supporter of the President but also one who has, as a conservative, been critical of Bush over certain issues that trouble the conservative base. Though at times critical of the President he has been considerably harder on Democrats and their liberal ways which will make him more than a match for the predominately liberal press corps. Snow brings with him definite advantages as Press Secretary. Being a well known television news personality who also has a political background, Snow will handle the press in ways that McClellan never could and with a finesse that will add a great deal of credibility to his statements that McClellan lacked. Additionally Snow will be involved with policy in the Bush administration which will add to his credibility because he will be in on the decision process rather than just relaying what he has been told as was the case with McClellan. Personally I am looking forward to Snow behind the podium facing the press because of his candor and the fact that the press will not be able to bully him for he knows who they are and where they are coming from politically and professionally. Snow's first encounter with Helen Thomas the hard headed wrinkled liberal who has been with the press corps since Lincoln ought to be an interesting exchange. Snow will do a much better job of detailing the administrations agenda and expressing to the press what is happening at the White House because of his ability to communicate which again was a weakness of McCllelan. Snow will also have the capability of expressing why policy and programs are as they are because of his involvement in the process which again will give him distinct advantages in his handling of the press. McCllelan at times appeared lost when confronted with certain tough or twisted questioning which will not be the case with Snow. The press will not be able to twist him into a corner as they did McClellan. An excellent choice by the President and an exceptional spokesman for the White House.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


We have added a new blogroll to The Liberal Lie. Previously we had been part of the American Conservative Web Ring. The web ring has been changed to a blogroll and we are now part of the blogroll. Scan down the sidebar past the news and links column and you will find the blogroll. If you would like to become part of this new blogroll just click on the eagle and follow the instructions. Enjoy!

Ken Taylor


I heard several interesting interviews today concerning gas pricing and had planned on commenting about them. Rather than listing much of the interview and adding my thoughts I am sharing a detailed article that explains how prices are effected and why they fluctuate as they do. Click on this post title to access the information.

Ken Taylor

Monday, April 24, 2006


Calls to place a windfall profit tax on oil companies is starting to raise its ugly head again. The most recent to cry this is Senator Arlen Spector, (R -sort of-PA). Of course this is political manipulating by any Congressman or Senator who cries for this windfall tax because they believe it plays well with the voters especially in an election year on a subject that effects everyone; high gas prices. Realistically no business actually pays any taxes. They may actually send the check, so to speak, but the cost of the tax is passed on to the consumer through higher prices which is exactly what a windfall profit tax on oil companies would do. Additionally the profit on a gallon of fuel is 8.3 cents as compared to most business' that average 12 to 15 cents on something of the same value as a gallon of gas. If Congress is looking for someone to, "punish, " for high gas prices they need look no further than their own backyard. Taxes on every gallon of gas is at least 50 cents and higher in states that place a more substantial state tax such as New York which takes the tax per gallon over 60 cents because of state taxes. Placing a moratorium on the federal portion of the gasoline tax which is about 40 cents would have a greater impact on the price of fuel that a windfall tax which would increase the price. Regulations also create a huge difference in a gallon of gas because of the fuel additives that are required by the government. For instance the current escalation of fuel cost is due to switching from winter fuels to summer fuels which causes two problems that interrupt the supply. First storage facilities must be shut down in order to allow cleaning for the change which delays delivery of fuel to distributors. Plus because of the regulation for different fuel additives in the summer, refineries cannot stockpile fuel as they prepare for the change which again causes a disruption in the distribution. Supply and demand plays a big role but government interference through regulation and tax creates as great a problem as supply and demand. Add to this the regulations which prevent drilling in the Gulf and other locations in the United States and the fact that refining facilities have not increased in 28 years because of environmentalists reveal that the true problem is not big oil but government intervention. Now the proposal for more intervention through a windfall profit tax. To answer you on the left who will counter much of what I have written with the retirement packages for executives in the oil companies and the record profit margins I say this. Yes 400 million dollars is a bit much for retirement but that figure would not make a dent in the fuel prices. Additionally this is also part of any corporate structure and contract with executives in any company yet I don't hear anyone whining about the retirement packages of GM or Ford executives for example. Profits are also based on the cost to replace oil that has been used. If the oil that is being replaced cost 10 dollars a barrel more than what it is replacing while prices at the pump are high than this is only a profit on paper or an inventory profit. The answer to the gas problem in the immediate is for the government to place a moratorium on their taxing of fuel and relax regulation to allow stockpiles to increase and stop interrupting the distribution flow. Second allowing drilling in the Gulf, Anwar, (which by the way will NOT hurt the environment) as well as other locations to decrease our dependency on foreign oil. Get government out of the way and we will see prices decrease drastically!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, April 23, 2006


First let me state that diplomacy by all means should be exhausted before any country goes to war. War in itself is a tragedy but a necessary evil that brings about results when all else fails. The problem between war and diplomacy is that some not only do not consider war tragic but have no distaste or fear of it. Ask any civilized soldier or commander whether military or civilian and they will agree that they hate war. They will also tell you that they realize that war is necessary because of those who do not have the same fear and respect for it. Diplomacy is always the best method but diplomacy many times does not achieve the needed result. There are those who also do not believe in diplomacy except as a means to delay and prepare for military conflict. Adolph Hitler was this type of , "diplomat, " Josef Stalin was also this type of , "diplomat, " and unfortunately the current regime in Iran is also this type of, "diplomat!" Since the 70's when the fanatical Islamic theocracy that controls Iran took power, the leadership has proven time and again that the only reason for diplomacy is to deceive other nations long enough so that Iran could achieve whatever goal that they were seeking. In the past the nations of the world have accepted this , "diplomatic, " method by Iran and Iran has used this type of deceptive diplomacy to develop a nuclear capability that now threatens the Middle East, Asia and Europe through missile strike capability and the United States and other more geographically western nations with the possibility of nuclear terrorism. Iran has a history of deception using diplomatic means to stretch the envelope long enough to fulfill whatever it desires. They have never under this regime been a nation that cooperated with other nations nor desired to be a part of peaceful nations of the world. They have been clear sponsors of Islamic terrorism and now look to expand their arsenal with nuclear capability. Some argue that Iran seeks this capability to allow defense from other nuclear powers in the region such as Israel and Russia. Yet whenever the rhetoric from Iran escalates defense is not in the vocabulary only the Islamic fanaticism to destroy Israel and the west which is what they have preached since the beginnings of this regime. Why then will diplomacy fail with Iran? First, they do not believe in it except as a deception and second, they do not fear military retaliation but actually desire it. Their arrogance causes a belief that they will be the ultimate victor because of the weakness of the west that does not follow their fanaticism. Additionally their desire is the destruction of those who do not believe as they do and that is where the danger lies. This fanatical attitude will not allow them to use nuclear capabilities as a deterrent as we and other nations do but as a means to attack and achieve their goal of destruction of the west and those in the their region who do not believe as they do.

There have been many historic examples compared to Iran but I believe the clearest example is the Soviet Union. Their communist fanaticism drove them to expansion and domination of their neighbors and a desire to conquer the world. Several bad political decision toward the end of WWII contributed to early Soviet expansionism especially in Europe because of the policy of different spheres of influence in post war Europe which gave the Soviets the means and ability to quickly expand. They just as Iran over the next several decades used diplomacy as a means to deceive the world and continue to press their communist fanaticism and expansion. Throughout what would become known as the Cold War the Soviets backed down from their fanatic militarism only twice. In 1962 when President Kennedy stood steadfast to their threats in Cuba and a nuclear confrontation. Kennedy's refusal to back down caused the Soviets to blink thus ending the Cuban Missile Crises. The second time was when President Reagan again refused despite world criticism to back down from the Soviets and called their diplomatic bluffs with a military expansion that eventually brought about the collapse of the, "Evil Empire."

The major difference between the Soviet Union and the fanatical Islamic regime in Iran is clear. The Soviets despite their fanaticism and expansionism feared military response to their actions. The world as a whole appeased this until Reagan called their bluff and brought about their defeat. Iran does not fear the strength of the United States nor any other nation of the world. Their fanatical arrogance unlike that of the Soviets does not fear but actually desires military retaliation which does not lead to a diplomatic solution nor a solution by any other peaceful means. Those who believe that Iran is seeking nuclear capability for energy purposes are deceiving themselves and thinking of Iran as a nation that desires peace. Those that believe that Iran is seeking nuclear capability only to defend itself from nuclear neighbors as a deterrent again are deceiving themselves. Iran does not believe that peace is an answer. They do not believe that strength is a means to deter an enemy. Rather they believe that any nation or people who do not believe as they do deserves only destruction if they do not become as Iran and fanatical Islam. The Soviets followed a political dogma that feared their destruction which in itself became a deterrent. Iran follows a religious dogma that arrogantly does not fear its destruction because of martyrdom and believes that they will be the destroyer ! Does the west and in particular the United States have the means to defeat this fanatical regime ? Absolutely ! The hope has always been that by supporting those in Iran who do not follow the Islamic fanaticism and seek a democratic Iran that a time would come that their desire for freedom would overcome the fanatics who rule the country. The problem now is that time for this is quickly running out and the military option is drawing closer. Many who know now believe that Iran is closer to nuclear capability that is conventionally thought. A report surfaced last week of Iran and nuclear facilities underground that are much further along than previously thought, ( ). Should diplomacy continue ? By all means. Yet this situation is a powder gag waiting to blow and time is running out to act and unfortunately because of their history and their fanatic belief act through military strength is what the world will have to do.

Ken Taylor


This weeks Blog of the Week is, " Border Watch." The name says it all. This blog is dedicated to news and information on illegal immigration and border issues. Very good investigative insight on different aspects of this national problem. Well worth your read and adding as a link.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


An American legend has lost his life doing what he had always done - flying. Scott Crossfield a WWII fighter pilot who gained fame in the 50's as a test pilot at Edwards Air Force Base was found today in the Georgia mountains in the wreckage of a single engine plane he was piloting. Crossfield was 84. Immortalized in Tom Wolffs book, "The Right Stuff," Crossfield was the first pilot to fly the X-15 and to fly at both Mach 2 and 3 successfully. During the height of the test pilot era at the beginnings of jet engines Crossfield and Chuck Yeager would continually top each other as being the fastest man alive as they broke speed records with planes that were being flown much of the time for the first time. Crossfield truly had the , "Right Stuff, " as over a 60 year flying career which took him from general aviation through the Navy, test flying, Eastern Airlines and then back to his own Cessna. As a kid I remember reading in awe about the exploits of Yeager and Crossfield in WWII and through their days at Edwards. Hanging from the ceiling of my bedroom were assembled models of the planes that each flew as they competed setting speed records and going where no man had gone before. Each knew the risks that they would encounter every time they entered the cockpit to test a new plane or strive for a new speed record but their determination to advance jet aviation and discover new heights in both aviation and the aerospace industry compelled these legends and heroes to push the outside of the envelope. The space race or space exploration would have never been had it not been for the bravery of Crossfield and the test pilots at Edwards. Aviation as we know it would not have existed were it not for these pioneers who went into the very edge of the atmosphere in planes that many times failed causing them to bale out before crashing on the high desert. Scott Crossfield was a true American hero and legend.

Scott Crossfield 1921 - 2006

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


The left has been claiming that the falling approval ratings of President Bush are due to the situation in Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, Iran, the supposed scandals that unsuccessfully have tried to hang on the administration, his , "failed, " economy that is the most robust in decades and a myriad of other perceived reasons. To the right is an interesting graph that seems to indicate the true reason for the President's falling approval rating. The red line is the Bush approval rating and the blue line is an inverted graph of the gasoline price index. Both lines on the graph begin in February 2001 shortly after the President first took office. It is amazing how they seem to mirror each other. This would indicate that all of the rhetoric that the left and the media spews continually about why the President's rating with the people are falling has nothing to do with the reasons that have been touted by the left but the perception that the rising gas prices are the fault of the President. Of course no President controls what gas prices do because there are a myriad of reasons for price increases including supply and demand which is higher that it has ever been worldwide and oil speculators and their over reaction in the markets which have been the major contributor to much of the price increase. The speculators in the past have always over reacted to world situations then eventually the market would correct itself thus dropping the price. Since 2004 the futures market has had its typical over reaction but has not compensated to balance the price which has caused a huge increase. Adjusting for inflation though what we are paying at the pump is still about $1.00 less than the cost of a gallon of gas in the seventies when the last major increases took place. With the inflationary adjustment and comparing the cost of a gallon of gas today to that of the seventies the price of a gallon would need to reach $3.70 in order to match the gas problems then. Of course none of this eases the crunch on the wallet when we fill up at the pump. Increased exploration, drilling domestically, increased refining capabilities, alternative fuels such as nuclear power and less dependency on foreign oil is a long term answer but for the short term the cry of price gouging is as false as the day is long. Decreasing the demand is the only answer that will in the near future cause a decrease in the cost of oil. Additionally wrenching in the out of control futures market will greatly reduce prices. But to the President's critics maybe a re-evaluation of the real reason behind his approval rating is in order. Of course this won't end the attacks but at least a better perception of the true thoughts of the American people who still as a whole back Bush will be the result.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Out of the thousands of commanders who have served in the military since Donald Rumsfeld was appointed Secretary of Defense, six have come out in disagreement with him and are calling for his resignation. To this both the President and Rumsfeld have answered, "NO." President Bush today stated that he has heard the calls and reads the headlines and that Don Rumsfeld has done a, "fine, " job and the decision is his and keeping Rumsfeld is in the best interest of the military and the country. Amazingly when the media and the critics from the left realized that this attack by six Generals was not going to succeeding in Rumsfeld's resignation and the President was expressing support for the Secretary the focus shifted from Rumsfeld bashing back to Bush bashing over the handling of the war. Dissenting within the ranks is not unusual toward civilian leadership by military personnel. Lincoln had McClellan, Truman had Macarthur, Johnson had Westmorland, just to name a few. Additionally there have been several prominent Generals including the recently retired Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Richard Myers who have come out defending Rumsfeld and the policies that he as Secretary of Defense implemented. Meyers actually stated that when it came down to military action or strategy that Rumsfeld always yielded to the advice of his commanders. The six who have come out against Rumsfeld sound more like disgruntled soldiers rather than the last word. Of course the left and the liberal media have jumped on this as proof that Rumsfeld and the war are failures. Yet the vast majority of commanders and troops will tell anyone just the opposite. Another interesting aspect of this attack by the disgruntled Generals is all are division or brigade commanders. Those who have served in higher positions such as Chairman, deputy commander for United States Central Command General Michael DeLong and Central Commander Tommy Franks who would have dealt directly with Rumsfeld all speak favorably of the Secretary and the policy. As in all war situations mistakes are made and learned from. This war is no exception. Yet again according to the higher ranking commanders and those in the field whether field commanders or GI's, progress is being made and moral is extremely high. Of course only the dissenting makes the news and never the progress or the accomplishments. Thankfully those who make the decisions do not react or base their decision on the defeatist liberals or the media!

Ken Taylor

Monday, April 17, 2006


Republican Governor Sonny Perdue of Georgia signed into law today a comprehensive bill that actually has meat to it concerning illegal aliens. I only wish that he was Governor of a border state so he could close the border in his state because this bill actually deals with illegals in a strong manner that enforces the law. The law requires that all adults have to have verification of legal status in order to receive any type of government assistance. The bill sanctions employers who knowingly hire illegals and requires that any company that currently have state contracts or wish to acquire one verify the immigration status of all employees. Unlike most states the law also requires that law enforcement officers check the status of people arrested to stem the illegal flow through the judicial system and quick release. When signing the bill Perdue stated, "We simply believe that everyone who lives in our state needs to abide by our laws." Of course the bill drew protests from illegal advocacy groups which complain and view any enforcement of immigration laws as a violation of the human rights of those who have violated our laws in entering this country. Georgia is the first state to pass a comprehensive illegal immigration bill. Hopefully this will begin a trend with other states especially those that are on our southern border. One of the beauties about our being a Republic of laws is that in accordance to our Constitution the states have the right to administer legislation that the federal government fails to enact. Since it has become painfully obvious that most elected officials in Washington have no desire to pass strong comprehensive legislation dealing with the illegal alien problem, then it is up to the states to step in where the Feds have failed. Georgia's bill deals with those issues that effect the states and if other states follow suit then the message of the people may finally become clear in Washington that we demand that the borders are closed and that illegal immigration stop with enforcement of our laws to those who are already in the country. If the border states join Georgia and step up to the plate by closing their individual borders and legislate comprehensively then we can be well on our way to solving this ridiculous and out of control problem.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, April 16, 2006


I very seldom drift from political news and commentary but this particular post though not directly dealing with politics in Washington does deal with a part of Americana and the politics of sports. Baseball was always known as America's past time. Everyone from Presidents to the common Joe who worked for hireling wages could relax at the ballpark or by the radio and in more recent times the television and enjoy his favorite team dook it out with their arch rival or another team from their division or league in the quest for the pennant and the ultimate prize in October, The World Series. The names throughout baseballs history are known to us from childhood almost as much as those heroes who shaped our nations history. Ruth, Gherig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Mays, Robinson, Ryan, Bench, Aaron and so many others that brought wide eyed delight to thousands of kids as they performed their feats of baseball magic on the field. As adults we would share that wide eyed delight reminding us of our childhood and even forgetting about the problems and daily grind at home as we gathered together with friends and family to celebrate Americas past time smell the leather of the glove, cheer with the crack of the bat and look with awe at the acrobatics in the field as a player would snag a ball in the infield to throw a runner out at first or the elegant acrobatics in the outfield as a ball was snagged from mid air before it went over the wall. Oh and when it would go over that wall, dads, sons, moms and daughters would all rise in unison to cheer the gladiator with the mighty bat as he rounded the bases for his four bagger and triumphantly crossed home plate. Now the quest for the magic number which so few have reached, the great sluggers who lead the history of baseball in home runs threatens to tarnish this past time forever. Baseballs first strike came from the greed that brought about the ridiculously high multi million dollar contracts that made a day at the ballpark cost more than a trip to the grocery store to feed the family for the month. The second strike came when the players complained about their salaries that most of us would love to have and went on strike ending the 1994 season before the , "Fall Classic, " was even decided. The third strike is taking place today. Baseball recovered from the first two strikes though losing it status as the national past time to football. This strike may bring damage that could tarnish baseball forever.

The third strike is steroids. Especially the controversy surrounding San Francisco Giants player Barry Bonds and his quest for baseballs ultimate prize for a hitter: the Home Run record. Those who have earned their way into this elite group of players are a Who's, Who of baseball. "Hammerin" Hank Aaron, The Babe, Willie Mays, Frank Robinson, Reggie Jackson and Mickey Mantle. Barry Bonds is currently number three on that list and is threatening the second spot which belongs to one who many consider to be the greatest baseball player of all time George Herman, "Babe," Ruth. There are other players on the list whose home runs are in question because of steroids but Bonds has risen in the ranks to become one who now has the possibility of breaking the record and most certainly pass the Babe. I am a baseball purist and the thought of Bonds being in this elite group in the way that he is sickens me. When he passed his Godfather, Willie Mays at 660 he should have been on his knees begging forgiveness. To his credit, Bonds is a great player and without steroids would have been in the Hall of Fame with statistics that place him among the best to have ever played the game. This though was not good enough for him. His jealousy and arrogance brought about use of enhancements, though he denies the use, and now he threatens the record. His physical appearance and his statistics since 1999 show the truth despite his denials. Had he continued on the track he was on before steroids Bonds still would have been number four on the home run list with 593 with more games to play which in itself would have been a tremendous accomplishment.

How then will this be baseballs third strike ? Never again will baseball and its records seem the, "stuff dreams are made from." If one is allowed to cheat in order to achieve his goal then how can this sport be taken seriously again. Yes, there is cheating in the business and political world and the ramifications of both are far more serious than this baseball scandal. The difference is that baseball is a relaxation and enjoyment which is supposed to relieve us of the problems that we find in our work and our government. Baseball is supposed to make us forget the news headlines and just enjoy even for a brief moment getting away from our troubles. Now baseball thanks to Bonds and others, but he is the center of the controversy, IS the headline. Now when we view it on television the announcer brings up the controversy. When we enter a ball park and watch the ball fly over the fence our thoughts now question whether the hit was true talent or enhanced by a drug. We try to forget through baseball Washington scandals and now a former Senator is holding hearings to get to the bottom of the scandal. Personally I believe that Bonds should be suspended until the hearings are complete so as not to pass Ruth to leave the question of whether he earned the place in baseball history or enhanced it. I don't think that will happen because he is so close. As of this writing he stands at 708 only six behind the Bambinos 714. Will this end baseball ? No. Fans will still pay the price of admission and buy hot dogs and peanuts. Games will still be broadcast and the winner of the World Series will still get a parade in their honor, but baseball will never be the same. The awe we have had at the sheer talent of the players will always be in question and nothing will bring the joy and relaxation that it once did. Strike three, "yoooou're out!"

Ken Taylor


Happy Easter to each of you. Easter is a time of celebration throughout the world as it is the ushering in of spring and the birth of new life as the dead of winter is left behind. To the Christian world though Easter has much more significance. It is the celebration of new life as evidenced by the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God. Through his sacrifice Christ brought new life to mankind and in his resurrection made that new life possible through belief in Him. May this Easter be a time of renewal and new life to each of you in whatever way you celebrate this day of new beginnings.

Ken Taylor


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Thursday, April 13, 2006


The continual defiance of Iran concerning their now successful nuclear capability is nothing new since Iran has been defiant to the world since the beginning of the fanatic Islamic theocracy leadership in the 70's. Beginning with the U.S. hostage crises during the Carter administration Iran has never followed what is considered protocol for peaceful nations of the world. Each time that Iran has exercised their defiance they have remained steadfast until they accomplished their initial goal. For instance the hostage crises was Iran showing the world that they did not fear the, "great satan, " and as the crises progressed their intent became directed at the embarrassment and weakening of the Carter administration. Of course Carter did not need help in administering a weak Presidency but the Iranians succeeded in the total embarrassment of the United States and Carter even to the point of releasing the hostages immediately upon the inauguration of President Reagan. Their defiance and persistence in succeeding in their objective is what makes Iran so dangerous in the current confrontation over nuclear enrichment and weapons. They have proven throughout the theocratic regime that they have no fear of the military power of the west especially the United States and that they have an understanding as to how far to push the envelope before backing down in their rhetoric slightly before resuming their hard line stance. All the while using this deception as a means to keep the world off track just enough to eventually accomplish their objective and in a sense forcing the world to accept not only their defiance but whatever they set out to and then eventually achieved. This particular confrontation has much greater ramifications than any previous objective that Iran has pushed because of the danger that it holds for the Middle east, Europe, Asia and of course the United States. As a sponsor of terrorism it is highly feasible that though Iran does not have the delivery capability at this time to reach the United States with a nuclear missile they do have the capability of developing a small device that can be disguised in a package such as a suitcase and smuggled into the United States by a Iranian sponsored terrorist then detonated in a major city with devastating results. With the announcement of the successful enrichment of uranium Iran will move to "industrial scale'' uranium enrichment involving 54,000 centrifuges at its Natanz plant, the Associated Press quoted deputy nuclear chief Mohammad Saeedi as telling state-run television today. According to Stephen Rademaker, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Nonproliferation, "Using those 50,000 centrifuges they could produce enough highly enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon in 16 days.'' Yet according to Iranian President Ahmadinejad Iran is enriching uranium for energy use only with no intent in weapons development. Once again the backing down of the hard line rhetoric creating the deception that could allow the time necessary to complete their goal of a nuclear weapon. While this deception and what looks to be the eventual completion of weapons capability whether it is sixteen days as the above report states or sixteen months, Iran cannot be allowed nuclear weapons capability because their extremist views will insure an attack somewhere. Diplomacy is always the first step but the world drags its feet through the United Nations which contributes to the complacency in many of the worlds trouble spots. Military action is always the last resort and if the use of tactical nuclear weapons becomes necessary to a targeted response to the Natanz plant then so be it. There are many more military options to a nuclear strike even if it is a tactical nuke which has more control of the fall out. Air strikes followed by ground action may also do the trick. Once again diplomacy must be exhausted first but if history holds true with Iran then force will become necessary because of Iran's defiant and deceptive attitude combined with their arrogant lack of fear to a military response to their actions. Many believe that Iran will back down and comply to world demands but their past shows otherwise.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Although John McCain claims to be a Republican, as a life long Republican I no more trust this man than I do Howard Dean ! McCain has been very out spoken on the issue of immigration and co-sponsored with Ted Kennedy the ridiculous bill that failed in the Senate. Now he has crossed a line from ridiculous to down right un-American. Speaking before a group of construction workers who are members of the AFL-CIO labor union McCain actually insulted American labor and touted illegal labor over that of his fellow countrymen. Now don't get me wrong I am not one who favors labor unions but this particular insult was not directed toward unions but the workers in the union and yes, workers in general. In attempting to build up his immigration stance which is actually only a long worded form of amnesty, McCain stated the absolute falsehood that illegal aliens are doing the work that Americans do not want to do. The workers in attendance had already had their fill of McCain and began booing him rather loudly and to this he challenged with an offer to pay any worker there $50 an hour to pick lettuce and stay with it throughout the season. When a worker took him up on his offer McCain actually told him and his fellow workers that they could not perform the work and that ONLY illegals were capable of this type of work! This coming from a Senator with Presidential aspirations! Not only is he insulting his fellow countrymen but he is actually choosing illegal aliens who are in this country violating our laws over American workers. With this type of attitude not only does he have no business even running for President but there should be serious questions as to continuing in his present situation as Senator from Arizona. He is representing one of the most troubled states with illegal aliens since it is directly on the Mexican border and nearly 50,000 enter his state each month and McCain actually is siding with illegals rather than the American worker and those who live in his state that are forced to daily deal with the border situation. Now I ask you how many who are reading this post would gladly harvest lettuce for $50 per hour ? Do the math. Eight hours per day equals $400 multiplied by a five day week equals $2000 which equates to $8000 per month. That is a great wage regardless of the work and this idiot actually thinks that Americans are not capable of performing the work. He is the perfect match for his buddy Ted Kennedy who called illegals the backbone of our country and his favorite liberal Senator from New York Hillary, "the Hildabeast," Clinton who stated that illegals are the, "face, " of the working class in this country. I would not be surprised that when McCain makes his official announcement for his Presidential bid that it will be given in Spanish so that his true constituency, illegal aliens, can understand his announcement. Any Latino, Mexican or any other nationality who wishes to pursue the American dream and become part of this great nation as an American by following the law and legally immigrate to the United States I will gladly welcome them with open arms as will the rest of this nation for legal immigration is the heart of our nation. McCain and his cronies on both sides of the political isle are spitting on the Constitution and insulting every legal immigrant who has ever come to America.

Ken Taylor


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Ken Taylor

Monday, April 10, 2006


If the United States Constitution could shed a tear then today would have been that day! In sixty cities throughout the country massive protests for, "immigration reform," were held supporting the 11 million illegal alien/immigrants who have broken our laws defied our Constitution and now are trying to force their will upon our nation. With cries that this is the civil rights movement of today and speakers in the Washington march like Senators Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton who praised illegals for their work and presence in the country today marked a terrible point in our nation. This was one of the most disgusting moments in our entire history. A day when thousands most of which are here in violation of our laws and have no Constitutional right to protest because they are in violation of the law cried out demanding that we adapt our laws to give them amnesty from their violation. This is not about immigration reform or immigration rights because every illegal is not an immigrant by the legal definition of the law but a criminal who has violated the law. Additionally this has nothing to do with civil rights because as illegal aliens they have no civil rights in this country because as law breakers they have no American rights as granted by the Constitution. There is no comparison of today's protest and this issue and the civil rights movement of the sixties. The civil rights movement was about fulfilling the Constitutional rights of legal citizens of the United States who were being denied certain rights as a citizen because of prejudice and race. This is not a civil rights movement nor an immigration argument but a sad statement that those who are in our country illegally are demanding that we as Americans who have been born or legally immigrated to this nation must accept this illegal activity and freely give those who have not earned the right to live in this country all of the benefits that we have as citizens and Americans. Our elected officials are not listening to the out cry of Americans but the illegal whining of the alien mobs that are demanding what they have no right to have as law breakers. Business will not fail for if they would then the tens of thousands who were not at work today would have caused a shut down of business throughout the country. We are the United States of America NOT the United States of Northern Mexico and it is time that those in Washington listened to the people and not the 11 million who do not vote for them, who do not pay their salaries and who do not have a voice in ANY activity in Washington or this country. Democrats are actually campaigning at the marches to garner votes from these illegal aliens promising government assistance for their vote. Republicans are bowing to business that has created a false fear of bankruptcy if illegals are dealt with by the law. Both are wrong and both had better start listening to those of us who have hired them by our vote to represent us in accordance to the Constitution which is our law! The Constitution is by WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES, not by they the aliens of another country illegally in the United States. We the people demand that our voice be heard and that our rights which are violated by having to pay for illegal alien activity through medical costs, welfare and other types of assistance be restored to us by enforcing the law and dealing with illegal alien activity as the law and the people demand!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, April 09, 2006


They came from every corner of the world. Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and all points in between. Each had their own reasons for coming here, some not by their own choice, but most because they sought a better way of life. A life filled with the opportunities that only this nation of liberty and freedom could provide. Their names are familiar to our history, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Reagan, Bush and those whose names would never grace the history books but just as important to the fabric of this land. All descendants from families that immigrated to this land looking for the opportunity to find their full potential and let that potential flourish into prosperity for they and their future generations. Many of their names can be found or involved with our most precious documents of freedom, The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. In fact every President elected leader of this nation can trace his ancestry to immigrant beginnings. Yet whether effecting the course of our history directly or adding to it by performing the daily task of living in this country immigrants have shaped this nation from its very beginnings. When it was discovered that there were territories west of the Eastern Coast, immigrants led the way of discovery and settlement all the way to the Pacific. Each claiming the words inscribed at the base of the Statue of Liberty, many even before it was constructed but still believing in words that would be inscribed for future immigrants. " Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, with conquering limbs astride from land to land; Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand a mighty woman with a torch, whose flame is the imprisoned lightning, and her name Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command the air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame. "Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she with silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" This light of liberty has shown her freedom to countless masses who sought what only this country could offer, "the unalienable rights," of, " Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

When our ancestors stepped foot on Ellis Island and before they came with only their families a handful of possessions if any at all and a dream: to become an American and all that citizenship in this land entails. They created their own communities, know by many names, "Little Italy, Chinatown, " and many others that reminded them of their heritage and their culture but they all wanted to be Americans. Ellis Island during the height of the immigration boom became a clearing sight for those yearning to be free. There they received the first introduction to this country and there they were checked for eligibility to become an American. If there was a criminal past found they were denied entry. If they suffered from sickness or disease they were denied entry until it was past. Ellis Island also offered instruction about what it meant to be an American and direction on how to make that dream possible and identification to start the process of citizenship.

Today's debate over immigration has none of the aspects of our immigration past. A past that has made us a strong and diverse nation and the envy of the world. Immigrants who have entered this country through proper channels in obedience to our laws have always had the same opportunities of prosperity as those who have had the fortune of being born in this land of freedom though descendant from immigrants. Yet in the United States Congress this immigration past is being scoffed at as legislation is being formed which allows illegal entry to this country the reward of living in this land without obeying her laws. Every family who finds their ancestry from immigrants is being insulted by elected officials who are pandering for votes rather than honoring our immigrant heritage and following the letter of the very laws that this branch of government enacted. All who wish to enter this nation are welcome as long as they follow the example of our history and those who immigrated to this land for its opportunities. Many of those who now find themselves here illegally are here for only an income and not to become an American, so how can giving them amnesty change their heart and mind ? Our immigrant ancestors honored their native heritage yet embraced America and held fast to being an American. Never did they protest or insist that America change to adopt their native culture or traditions, yet today those who have broken our laws to enter this country are demanding just that. To follow the line of political correctness many are pandering to this line of thinking by printing signs in two languages and adapting schools, local governments and communities to the heritage and language of those who are illegal. This is not America nor what our ancestors wished or what our Founding Fathers meant when they welcomed people from other lands. If you want to live in this land then you live as an American. Honor your native heritage just as our ancestors did but do not demand that American change to meet your standards. Getting tough on the border and the issue of how to handle illegal aliens/immigrants will not cause a voter back lash with Latino's as many who are in Washington fear. Latino's are just as angered by this nonsense as every other citizen for they have honored our immigrant past and are Americans. It is time to stand up for our immigrant heritage and honor the history that has made us who we are. The failure of the weak legislation in the Senate should be taken as a sign that we the people are demanding strong and real solutions to illegal immigration. Answers that obey the existing laws, close the borders and adhere to our heritage immigrant past. If one wishes to live in America then they must become and American legally without amnesty as our history portrays through our ancestors. If not then those in Congress will see a back lash from voters that will shake up the very core of the Capitol. We will deport them from Washington by our vote in favor of someone who will finally get tough on illegal immigration!

Ken Taylor


This week the Blog of the Week is , "Intense Debate." An interesting site with that covers topics from a conservative view that are missed by many bloggers. There are also some interesting links found on the page that will garner information from different writers and commentators. Be sure to check this site out.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


The Senate neared a compromise on the issue of illegal immigration but the bill still has little in the way of teeth and only offers a staggered form of amnesty to most of the 11 million already in the country. With the small penalties and the paying of back taxes even this weak amnesty bill gives absolutely no incentive for illegals to come forward and identify themselves. Personally the idea of checking ID's when making any purchase even food crossed my mind but then there would be an out cry of racial profiling. All of this rhetoric is based mostly on myths concerning the necessity of illegals staying in the country. I realize as I have said before that logistically and economically it would be next to impossible to deport all 11 million provided they could be found but the falsehood about most of their status is simply a myth.

Myth 1 - Paying back taxes - Most illegals are paid under the table in cash so where is the tax record to verify back taxes ?

Myth 2 - They perform jobs that Americans do not want - While there is some merit to this myth as a whole illegals perform jobs that if available would be filled by American workers desperate for work and at similar pay if that is what the job offered. Many American workers are being layed off because sub-contractors have a wealth of illegals and charge for their employment services while making a huge profit for themselves.

Myth 3 - The cost of products and services would rise greatly without illegals - I'll use the construction industry as an example of how this myth has its falsehoods. A builder charges X dollars per square foot for building a house. The cost per square is based on the location and the housing economy where the house is built. The square foot charge would remain the same regardless of the cost of employees. The difference with contractors using illegals is that in most cases their profit margin is higher because they pay a lower wage to illegals.

Myth 4 - Illegals are coming for the American way of life - While I am sure that this is true for some the vast majority have no interest in becoming an American just to work in this country and send what they earn back to Mexico. Evidence this with the large amount of money that is engulfed from U.S. employers into the Mexican economy and the fact that most illegals are actually pushing for our culture to adapt to them rather then adapting to our culture.

Myth 5 - Getting strict with illegal immigration will cause the Latino voters to rebel against the party that enacts tough legislation - In most interviews and blogs that are of American Latino origin and also by the statements of most of the Latino Communities leaders they are just as disgusted with the illegal situation as most Americans. Getting strict with illegals would actually win the voter confidence of the Latino Community rather than lose it.

This is the key campaign issue this year and it is not going away with the passage of the weak Senate bill nor with the compromise that will come out of committee with the House bill. Whoever gets tough on the border and with the issue of illegal immigration will have a distinct advantage at the ballot box in November.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I have held off on commenting on this ridiculous act by Cynthia McKinney, (D GA), because the absurdity of it was so outlandish that I thought it would blow over. Then McKinney continued to use this to race bait and now it looks like this could blow up into an arrest warrant for McKinney and a law suit by those who are supporting this attempt by the Georgia Democrat to stir up racial tensions. In case you have not heard about the altercation following is a brief synopsis. McKinney who has recently put on some weight and changed her hair style attempted to bypass Capitol security because she was late for a meeting. Bypassing security by Representatives is not unusual provided that they have their Congressional identification and pin visible which McKinney did not. When a white Capitol police officer called her name three times and she did not answer he then reached out to stop her by touching her shoulder. McKinney reacted by slugging the officer. Rather than calming the situation by telling the officer who she was and showing her ID, McKinney went on a rampage claiming the officer assaulted her. She then held several press conferences and has since made the news rounds telling that she was profiled because she was black and has gathered an attorney and several out spoken liberals such as Harry Belefonte and Danny Glover to escalate the race baiting and now threatens a law suit and criminal action against the Capitol police officer. Capitol Chief of Police announced today that they were considering charges against McKinney for assaulting the officer and stated that he appropriately stopped her because she was not wearing her ID and the officer performed his duty correctly. He further stated that regardless of who she was, McKinney nor anyone has the right to hit a Capitol officer. McKinney refused on several occasions in interviews to answer direct questions as to hitting the officer instead rambled on about how she was profiled because of her color and how Capitol police continually do the same to all blacks. This act by McKinney is angering many in Congress on both sides of the isle. There is talk of disciplinary action against McKinney who has used race baiting often in the past as a ploy to stir up trouble from a racial stand point. Black, White Green or Purple there is no place for this type of race related rhetoric especially in the United States Congress. McKinney should instead show her gratitude to Capitol police that are diligent enough in their duties to stop anyone who does not follow correct procedures for entering the Capitol. She had no business attempting to pass security without proper ID and her claim that the officer should have recognized her despite the physical changes is arrogance from an elected official who has a reputation of treating people as if they are not her equal. Disciplinary action against this arrogant racist should be taken, which is exactly what should happen regardless of the race of the member of Congress or their political connections. This has nothing to do with race and has everything to do with an elitist who seeks the spotlight whenever she can in an attempt to cause trouble. My hat is off to the Capitol police and especially the officer who correctly performed his duty under difficult circumstances. This act of hers has gone far enough and I hope that the Capitol police press charges and the Congress seek the threatened disciplinary action and then maybe antics by this unethical member of Congress will stop.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay announced that he would not seek re-election and will be giving up his House seat in June. Immediately the liberal media began touting this as a admittance of guilt, or a defeat for the GOP and a victory for those who have been after Delay for quite some time. To an extent this is a minor victory for the left because their antics have succeeded in ending Delay's leadership roll and now giving up his seat. Yet his decision though being seen by the left as covering up his true reasons, was based on his party loyalty and for the betterment of the GOP because the publicity was a hinderance. Since the accusations about Delay surfaced the Republican Party in the House has not totally abandoned DeLay but they have not been overly supportive either. None of the actions of today nor his lack of support within the party are in any way an admittance of guilt by Delay, ( I know you on the left are saying, "yeah right Ken"). This is actually a party loyalist taking a hit for the sake of the party. Delay would most likely win a re-election bid this November but in order for him to run the RNC would have to use a larger than normal amount of money and resources in order to combat the huge amounts of both that the DNC would place in the campaign of the Democratic challenger BECAUSE that challenger was facing Delay. Additionally there would be a ridiculous amount of attention given this race by the media which would have the effect of drawing a balance of attention from other races thus possibly giving a disadvantage to other House Republicans running across the country. DeLay giving up his seat in June will cause a special election to fill the empty seat which will be won by a Republican because Delay's district outside of Houston, Texas is majority Republican. Whoever then takes his place in June would the be running as an incumbent in November which would give an advantage to Delay's replacement. I am already prepared for the comments that will accompany this post which claim that Delay is a crook and that he resigned because of the indictments and his aids involvement with Abromoff. So I will answer those comments in advance. First indictment does NOT mean guilt! Ronnie Earl the prosecutor who brought the indictments is a Democrat political hack who had announced long before the charges that he was out to get DeLay. When he could not get his wish with the first Grand Jury he went Jury shopping until he found one that would agree with him. The foremen of that Jury stated that he had made up his mind BEFORE seeing the evidence, (or lack there of), because of political commercials that DeLay had aired in Texas that angered him. The, "charges, " that DeLay is indicted on did NOT exist in Texas law at the time that DeLay is supposed to have laundered money and what he did is a common practice with ALL political campaigns regardless of party and is NOT illegal. As far as the aid, I ask this question. If a business owner has and employee that confesses to a crime that he committed while employed does that implicate the employer ? Absolutely NOT. The same applies to DeLay. When all is said and done Delay will be found innocent or the case will be dropped because Earl and the DNC already have what they were after. The resignation of Tom Delay. I am sure that the DNC and the House and Senate leadership believe that they now have the upper hand with the GOP. All I can say is don't count you eggs before they hatch. Remember when Delay stepped down as Majority leader the GOP still functioned and there have been a great deal of activity coming out of the House without DeLay at the helm. This might be a bump in the road, but if it is only a pebble!

Ken Taylor

Monday, April 03, 2006


The only person brought to trial for the 9/11 attacks Zacarias Moussaoui has been deemed by a jury to be eligible for the death penalty. Moussaoui has confessed to being Al Qaeda and being part of the plan stating that he was to hijack an additional plane which was intended for the White House. The jury now will listen to testimony to decide whether to institute the death penalty or life in prison. My purpose in bringing this story is not as much to state the obvious concerning the trial and the possible results but to make a point about how forgetful we have become concerning the emotions and anger that we felt on that terrible day in September 2001. This trial and several other events are once again reminders as to why we fight and why we must prevail over the murderous fanatics that want nothing more that to destroy this nation and all we stand for and kill every man, women and child who calls America home! This month, "United 93, " a motion picture that details the heroism of those brave souls on flight 93 that were the first to stand up and fight in the war on terror premiers nationwide. I had the opportunity to see a trailer of the movie last week prior to another movie and was reminded once again of the reasons that we can and will prevail in this fight. The heroism that was displayed by the passengers and the hundreds in New York and Washington when this nation was attacked shows us and the world the resolve and true meaning of being an American. The scenes that were captured on camera as the attacks took place and the horrible aftermath have virtually disappeared from view with concerns that it is , "too early, " or , "we can't handle, " the scenes. On the contrary we need to be reminded every day of the bravery and sacrifice that was made on that day and reminded of this relentless and evil enemy that performed the murders of more than 3,000 of our fellow county men. Yes there were many killed that were not from this nation but on that day everyone was an American.

After the attack on December 7, 1941 of Pearl Harbor the pictures and emotions that everyone saw and felt were shown regularly to remind this country why we fought and were a rallying cry which continually strengthened our resolve to defeat the enemy and bring justice to those that died. It seems that the horrible events on September 11 are buried so that we can forget. But forgetting only brings with it a weakening of resolve and a separation from that which fills us with the strength to go on though the battle may be long. WE MUST NOT FORGET AND WE MUST STAND FIRM IN OUR RESOLVE. The images of 9/11 remind us of our support for our troops and what they so bravely accomplish every day as they defend freedom and liberty throughout the world and especially in the war against terrorists.

Never forget, never give up the fight and always stand firm in our resolve and our determination to defeat those who attacked us and anyone who gives them assistance or harbors them! My fellow Americans, REMEMBER 9/11 !

Ken Taylor

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Senator Russ Feingold, (D WI), has submitted a measure before the United States Senate to censure President Bush over the terrorist surveillance program or as the left and the media falsely call it, "domestic spying." On Friday the Senate began hearings on Feingold's measure and just in case you did not notice the media has ignored for the most part the hearings and the majority of Feingold's party is treating this as a red headed step child. So why post a commentary on a subject that is somewhat being ignored ? I have come to the conclusion that there are only three possible reasons other than Feingold's Presidential aspirations that would cause this censure measure when everyone believes that it has no possibility of passing. First, even with only the hearings the stigma of censure can be tagged to the President in an election year regardless of the outcome of the measure. Second, with the process of censuring taking place again in an election year many Senators might distance themselves from Bush and as such limit his capability of pressing his second term agenda because of weak support in the Senate thus making him a three year lame duck President. Thirdly, if by some miracle the Democrats get control of the House and Senate in November, ( which is highly unlikely though they believe that the country is buying their snow job) , then a censure member would pave the way for impeachment on the same false charges. This ridiculous measure that should have never been allowed to gain any momentum now has the stigma of Senate hearings which though viewed non-news worthy and with little attention given by the public can give Bush some trouble with members of the Republican Party especially those seeking re-election. How much if any damage it does to his Presidency remains to be seen but it again focuses attention by the left on the false notion by the left that Bush has broken the law and lied, which is a nail they have been trying to hang their hat on since he took office.

To better understand what censure is we need to take a brief look at historical examples of the measure and its place in government. The Constitution provides only one provision for dealing with Presidential misconduct and that is impeachment which is instigated by the House and tried by the Senate for, "high crimes and misdemeanors." Though there have been rumblings in Washington and elsewhere about impeachment it is not being seriously considered for it requires evidence of violation of the law and the evidence of the surveillance program, the war in Iraq and the supposed lies during the Iraq build up prove that the President has not violated any law and has acted in the authority he has as President/Commander in Chief and authority given him by Congress. Censure on the other hand does not require evidence of violation of the law as it is a procedural rule in Congress to reel in Senators or Representatives who are abusing their position or stepping over their bounds. Basically it is a parliamentary punishment for being a , "bad boy." Those in Congress take it seriously because with censure the member loses his political power, privileges and responsibilities and usually his seat in Congress in the next election. An example of censure is the case of Senator Joe McCarthy, ironically also from Wisconsin who in the early fifties began hearings to purge the nation of communist influence. Though started with good intentions McCarthy began abusing his position and bringing anyone before Senate hearings that he deemed a communist whether the evidence was there or not. Fear of being called before McCarthy held two Presidents, Truman and Eisenhower, captive in their conduct of national affairs because of weighing the impact of their policies in light of the hearings and virtually all of the Congress was afraid to act on anything because of the stigma of being labeled communist because of, " McCarthyism." Eventually public out cry and media attention by Edward R. Murrow brought about Senate censure of McCarthy and the end of his inquisition and his political career. In 1834 Andrew Jackson, the seventh President was censured by the Whig Party as a political ploy for vetoing the extension of the Bank of the United States. This censure had a back lash with the voters taking the Whigs out of the majority and placing Jackson's Democrat Party in the majority who then expunged the censure from the record.

What impact then will the politically motivated censure measure and hearings of the President have on his Presidency ? On Friday John Dean former Presidential Advisor to Richard Nixon and convicted in the Watergate cover up testified before the Senate hearings. The purpose behind this of course was to attempt to make a comparison of Bush to Nixon which is absurd since Nixon did violate the law and Bush has not. Whenever the left has attempted to accuse Bush of violating the law they dust off the cob webs of John Dean and bring him forward for hearings. His testimony then falls into oblivion as will that on Friday but gives the left their desired sound bite with the former Nixon felon. The full impact on Bush greatly depends on the back bone of the Republican majority, the President has not violated any law and how they respond to the false accusations will greatly determine the impact. If they choose to distance themselves from him because of the, "stigma, " then it could hamper his agenda. Those who distance themselves because of fear of losing an election should reconsider. Bush is still the best fund raiser in the Republican Party and is very effective in a campaign. Additionally though the left leaning bias in polls shows Bush with low ratings and as a whole this liberal rhetoric has not damaged his overall popularity with the public. The left has yet to find any true accusations that can be proven because the President legally used the authority given him by the Constitution in performing the duties of his office and protecting this nation. If this censure nonsense is further pursued it will cause a back lash at the polls for Republicans who distance themselves and for Democrats who use it as and angry attack against Bush. It also further proves that the left will use anything at their disposal to undermine this President and attempt to destroy his Presidency regardless of the consequences. Whether the stigma of censure will be used in the fall as campaign season begins in earnest remains to be seen. With the back lash possibilities it will not surprise me to see the Democrats try and tag Bush with the stigma. Democrats have a notorious habit of shooting themselves in the foot when election time comes around because they still believe that back room politics, anger, political destruction campaigns and character attacks win elections though it has placed and kept them in the minority where they belong. So to the leadership on the left my message is to attack away and watch your minority status continue!

Ken Taylor


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