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Friday, June 29, 2012


Americans are angry. The decision by The Supreme Court not to overturn Obamacare/tax has angered Americans and may well be the catalyst that propels Mitt Romney into The White House. After the decision was revealed Romney raise a massive 43 million dollars for his Presidential campaign, a campaign that has already been consistently out raising the struggling Obama reelection campaign that has been seeking foreign funds to replace the lack of donations from former supporters.

A poll taken after the Court decision shows that more that 60% of Americans not only disagree with the decision but see Obamacare/tax as not only a bad law but destructive to our country. The House has announced that a vote to repeal the law will be taken after the Fourth of July recess which will in actuality be nothing more than a ceremonial vote as it will not pass the Democrat majority in the Senate and would face an Obama VETO if it were to get as far as The White House. But it will show Americans that House Republicans especially are in agreement with the majority of the people that Obamacare/tax is bad for the country.

Governors in a majority of States have already indicated they will not implement any of the provision of the law regardless of the High Courts decision and it is still up to Congress to apply the law as a tax and it remains to be seen if that will be addressed in this current Session or whether it will be placed on hold and await the results of the General Election and the next Congress as the courts decision could also give Republicans a strong if not super majority in both the House and the Senate as angry voters take to the polls on November 6.

A super majority along with a Romney administration would insure a repeal of this nightmare health care debacle and voters are understanding this fact. The courts decision could very well be the voter revolt against Obama and Democrats in Congress as well as RINOS who have been the cause of much of the disastrous legislation, regulation and socialist agenda that has taken our Nation to the brink of total destruction. So the courts decision could be the political coup needed to reshape Washington and finally begin restoring our Nation to Constitutional principles and fiscal sanity.

Ken Taylor


With a 255 vote majority which included 17 Democrats The House held Attorney General Eric Holder in criminal and civil contempt of Congress for lying to Congress, obstructing justice and withholding evidence during his testimony for the Fast and Furious gun running debacle that has cost the lives of hundreds including  one border control agent and one ATF agent.

Most House Democrats in a political show led by their corrupt leader Nancy Pelosi walked out as the vote was being taken but 17 courageous Democrats defied strong arm pressure and stayed for the vote using their mind and conscience to hold the AG accountable for his action. Holder has been caught perjuring himself on at least three occasion during the Fast and Furious testimony as well as refusing to release thousands of pages of documents needed for the investigation which have now been given Executive Privilege by Barack Obama which rasies even more questions about the disastrous gun running program and exactely who was involved in the decision and the planning.

Holder has also in at least two occasions obstructed justice when he went before the Congressional oversight commitee to supposedly negotiate with law makers for the needed documents and instead offered those HE chose for them on the condition that Congress drop the investigation. This along with his withholding the evidence before the move by Obama at the last minute to claim Executive Privilege constitutes obstruction of a legal and necessary investigation of the Justice Department and the particular program known as Fast and Furious.

Congress may not be finished with Holder yet as reports are surfacing that Congress may now arrest Holder for his activites which do constitute felony charges were he in a court room setting for both perjury and his use of the documents to stall the investigation and try to end the investigation in a manner that can be considered coercion.

As the contempt vote was taking place Holder was making a speech before an audience at Disney World joking about how it was not a good day to be in Washington.  This is the first time in our history that a sitting AG has been held in contempt of Congress and  just another in a long line of corruption in an administration that has surpassed what was once considered the most corrupt Presidential administration in history belonging to Richard Nixon.

The House has announced that they will seek court action to force Obama to release the documents he has claimed executive Privilege so this is not yet over. Regardless of what is left Holder has broken the law and found guilty by Congress for his illegal activities and as such has no business in remaining in his position as the Nations, "top cop."  Holder is the lap dog of his boss Obama and should immediately step down and accept the consequences of his illegal activities.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, June 28, 2012


The Supreme Court decision on the fate of Obamacare was delivered today and most are saying it is a victory for Barack Obama but in reading the Courts decision it may not be as cut and dried as it seems. The High Court did determine that the mandate is unconstitutional as part of the Commerce Clause which gives Congress the authority to regulate interstate commerce or goods.

In the courts opinion as written by Chief Justice Roberts in a 5-4 decision with Roberts joining the left side of the court, it was determined that it could exist as a tax.  While on the surface this seems as if the mandate remains when reading the opinion it is extremely hazy as to whether the court is issuing the mandate as a tax or just punting it back to Congress for legislators to rewrite it. According to the courts opinion for the mandate to exist as a tax it must meet all requirements as a tax. In Section 4 paragraph C of the decision it states the following, "Even if the mandate may reasonably be characterized as a tax, it must still comply with the Direct Tax Clause, which provides: No Capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in Proportion  to the Census or Enumeration herein before directed to be taken.”

If I understand this as it is described from a Constitutional stand point, first, Congress alone has the authority to levy any tax therefore Congress must apportion this as a tax in order to collect it as a tax. As such it must meet all the requirements of a tax and Congress must in turn write the bill as a tax in order for it to BE a tax. The court cannot levy it specifically as a tax and it must now as I see it be returned to Congress for the express purpose of it being posed as a tax.

So the court punted and it now falls to Congress to levy it as a tax and the current make of of the House will not permit that so as I see it this is not the, "victory," for Obama that everyone is claiming but rather a move by the court to send it back to Congress and call it what it is, a tax which will rally the American people against it and the Congress not to apply it.

The decision goes on to say that as a tax it cannot be considered a penalty if insurance is not purchased by any individual. Section 4 paragraph B states, " And Congress’s choice of language—
stating that individuals “shall” obtain insurance or pay a “penalty”—
does not require reading §5000A as punishing unlawful conduct. "   Or in other words if insurance is not purchased since the mandate would be a tax no one can be penalized or punished for failure to purchase insurance.

This is far from over and I am sure further analysis will be coming forth as the days and weeks pass. But at least for now as I see it this law MUST go back to Congress to be levied as a tax and the House now has the Constitutional ability to prevent the levy of the Obamacare tax.

Ken Taylor


This brilliant clip from the equally brilliant mini series, "John Adams," that I highly recommend is a speech delivered by Adams upon his selection to attend the Second Continental Congress as a delegate from Massachusetts. The Second Congress would eventually declare our Independence and give birth to our Republic.

This magnificent speech should be a lesson on liberty and what our beloved country is about, a lesson that the current occupant of The White House does not nor ever has understood. "Liberty shall reign in America." John Adams knew it, we the people know it and we will remove the plague from The White House in November who so obviously does not know liberty reigns in America!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The Supreme Court issued its ruling on the Arizona Immigration Law, overturning three of the four provisions of the law. In a unanimous decision of eight, (Kegan recused herself), Justices the Court upheld the provision of the Arizona law which requires law enforcement to check immigration status of anyone they suspect to be illegal if that person has already been involved in another possible infraction such as a traffic violation etc.

Within three hours of the ruling The Department of Homeland Security on behalf of Barack Obama defied the ruling of the Court by removing Arizona law enforcement 287 G status which allows law enforcement access to the federal immigration data base to check the immigration status of of suspected illegal aliens.

Additionally DHS announced that ICE agents would no longer respond to any request by any Arizona law enforcement agency or official to take custody of illegal aliens unless suspects meet every requirement set by DHS which prioritizes illegal aliens as to whether they can be deported or not.  In two Executive Orders Obama has disallowed all deportations and granted a form of blanket immunity to more than 800,000 illegals under the age of 30. So basically DHS is telling Arizona, regardless of what the Court ruled we will not allow any enforcement of any law concerning illegals in the state of Arizona.

Once again the dictatorial moves by Obama using Executive Orders or rulings by unelected Department officials like Janet Napolitano violating the Constitutional provision of separation of powers and now ignoring a legal decision by the Supreme Court because it does not agree with Obama policy shows that his disregard for our Constitution, our laws and our liberty is a key part of his disgusting and very much failed and corrupt term in office.

Ken Taylor

Monday, June 25, 2012


His policy is robbing freedom at every turn. He seeks to steal even more as he plays class warfare demanding tax hikes for everyone making over $200,000 dollars which would further hamper small business and crush a struggling economy. It's not enough that his expansion of government and out of control spending has created trillion dollar deficits for the next decade and by the end of his term he will increase the national debt by $6.5 trillion dollars more than the combined debt of every President from George Washington to George H.W. Bush.

Now he is wanting the gifts we give on every occasion from weddings to birthdays and anniversaries, graduations and Bar Mitzvah's.  In a desperate move by a struggling candidate with an equally struggling campaign starving for dollars and begging for donations, Barack Obama has arrogantly called for his duped supporters to donate the money normally used for gifts to his campaign because it will do more good, at least in his imbecilic mind, than giving someone a, "gravy bowl," for a wedding gift.

"Obama Event Registry," has been established on the official Obama campaign website calling for donations to Obama's campaign rather than purchasing gifts for any occasion. According to wording from the site, "Let your friends know how important this election is to you. It’s a great way to support the president on your big day” and “goes a lot further than a gravy bowl." 

Obama now arrogantly expects supporters to set up the ability to donate to his campaign rather than give gifts much in the same way many place in obituaries when loved ones pass away saying, "in lieu of flowers," donate to a favorite cause of the deceased loved one or the family.   What a completely ridiculous notion by the Obama campaign to think ANYONE would donate to his campaign rather than give a gift for weddings, birthdays or ANY occasion.

It's not enough that he wants through his policy and forced government programs our money and our freedom he now wants our gifts to one another. This is a complete show of desperation in a campaign that is struggling for donations and cris crossing the country on an almost daily basis in hundreds of fund raisers that are coming up short of the dollars needed for Obama's reelection.

Anyone who actually follows this idiotic idea deserves anything this idiot forces upon them. If a duped supporter is stupid enough to actually ask friends and family to donate to Obama rather than give gifts then they are beyond hope and completely brain washed by Obama and company. Never before has any candidate on any level thought so much of themselves that they sought to take everything away from freedom to enjoyment for the purpose of advancing their political life. Obama is a joke and an arrogant fool who deserves to be booted out of office and we the people have that responsibility in November.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Operation Fast and Furious began in March of 2009 as a Department of Justice project with the full knowledge of Attorney General Eric Holder by order of Barack Obama known initially as Project Gun Runner. The object was to allow the sale of illegal guns from the US across the Mexican border to trace the chain leading to the major players in the Mexican Drug Cartel....or at least what was described as the mission of the project by Deputy Attorney General David Ogden. (see video below)

Project Drug Runner morphed into what we now know as Operation Fast and Furious, an ill conceived, poorly planned and equally as poorly executed program that resulted in more than 2200 high powered weapons and explosive devises such as RPG's, ( rocket propelled grenades), being sold by the Federal Government to the Mexican Drug Cartels in order to trace but in actuality failed miserably in tracing and lost track of this arsenal of weapons.

The result being hundreds of individuals maybe even into the thousands have been killed by these weapons by the Cartels and one US Border Control Agent and an ATF agent also killed by weapons that were traced back to Fast and Furious.  What was to be a sting operation because of poor planning, follow up and a complete lack of over sight turned into a debacle of murder on a scale that is almost inconceivable.

An ATF whistle blower came forth after the death of the Border Patrol Agent and informed of the failure of the operation which finally lead to Congressional hearings and investigation. Attorney General Eric Holder was brought to task in May of 2011 telling Congress he had just learned of the operation, "weeks," before and had no prior knowledge. This was the first time Holder would perjure himself before Congress but not the last.

Internal memos revealed that Holder had been informed by Senator Chuck Grassly, (R-Iowa), in January of 2011. Grassly was the member of Congress who the ATF whistle blower turned to after the death of the Border Patrol Agent.  Holder in a later hearing stumbled his way through testimony which called him on his earlier assertion that he knew only, "weeks, " before May and further perjured himself when memos once again revealed he had been informed of Fast and Furious as early as July of 2010 nearly one year before the hearings began. Holder has yet to admit of his knowledge of Project Gun Runner, the beginnings of Fast and Furious which began in March of 2009 as shown in the video below.  

Throughout the Congressional investigation Holder has refused to release approximately 70,000 internal Department of Justice documents on Fast and Furious relating to the Obama administrations response to the scandal. Holder just last week was threatened with a contempt of Congress charge and released some of the needed documentation and met with Committee members on Tuesday night to supposedly negotiate the release of the remainder which Holder had narrowed down to about 1300 pages.

Holder not only continued to refuse to release the documents but his, "negotiation," was a willingness to release all 1300 pages HE chose, not the Committee on the condition that the investigation be dropped and no mention of it made again in hearings or in Congress. A position that of course could not be agreed to by the Committee so the move was made yesterday to hold Holder in contempt of Congress if the documents were not released.

A surprise and shocking development met law makers upon the start of Wednesday's proceedings.  Barack Obama claimed Executive Privilege on all remaining documents concerning Fast and Furious and the administrations response through internal memos etc. This wreaks of a cover up that now makes Watergate look like a Sunday School picnic.

During the Watergate hearings in the in the 70's Richard Nixon claimed Executive Privilege on hundreds of documents pertaining to the Watergate cover up. The Supreme Court ruled that ONLY documents that had either Presidential conversation or meetings that were attended by the President could be held by Executive Privilege.  Holder has claimed from the beginning of the hearings that Obama knew nothing of the operation and Obama himself claimed to have no knowledge until it began hitting the news cycles in April and May of 2011.

Does Obama like Nixon consider anything the President does is not illegal?

Nixon learned that a President like any citizen of this Nation is subject to that law as the culprits of Watergate were charged, convicted and jailed for their illegal actions. While Nixon was pardoned by Gerald Ford to end the nightmare of Watergate and save the country from the further nightmare of a long drawn out Presidential trial, Nixon spent the rest of his life as a virtual disgraced exile who was haunted by his actions until the day he died.

For Executive Privilege to be claimed either Holder is lying about Obama's knowledge or Obama is lying about when he learned of it or both. Again wreaking of a massive cover up to keep the public from knowing that Holder and Obama were aware of guns being sold across the border by the Justice Department and then an ongoing attempt to prevent knowledge of it from going public until the whistle blower came forward.

Where this is far worse than Watergate is the fact that while Nixon, Attorney General John Mitchell, Howard Hunt, G. Gordon Liddy, Charles Colson, H. R. Haldeman, John Erlichman and others clearly violated the law in the cover up over the Watergate break in, unlike Fast and Furious no one was murdered during the cover up and the break in did not result in an arsenal of weapons falling into the hands of known criminals to perpetrate a sting operation that terribly failed.

There is not evidence as of yet on how much Obama did or did not know but clearly the invoking of Executive Privilege paints a picture of Presidential knowledge and cover up on a scale not yet known. Holder is awaiting a vote by the full House next week on the contempt charge and he has clearly perjured himself on at least three occasions during hearings.

Now we face a Constitutional crisis brought on by the Obama administration and especially Eric Holder.  In order for the Constitutional check and balances as well as separation of powers to be fulfilled as intended by the Constitution, Congress must hold Holder accountable for his perjury and obstruction of justice. Additionally Obama must also be held accountable for obstructing justice by the issuance of the Executive Order on legally subpoenaed documents which the Executive Order prevents release of without appeal to the courts, thus delaying the completion of justice on this debacle turned weapons sold for Cartel murders.  If the courts then release the documents it may well be found that Obama knew much more than is being told and must be held equally accountable

If Holder and Obama are not held accountable a clear message will be sent that the three Branches of our government no longer function in a check and balance system, the Constitution will be virtually ripped asunder and Obama will get away with using dictatorial powers to prevent legal action on illegal matters pertaining to his administration.  The beginning of the end of our Republic falling to the fate of the Ceaser's as Rome did.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Somebody is lying that is a fact that is now obvious. Eric Holder claimed in earlier hearings that Barack Obama knew nothing of the illegal gun running operation known as Fast and Furious which has resulted in the death of one border patrol agent and untold thousands killed by the Mexican cartels using the guns.

Now in a last minute move by Obama he has used Executive privilege on Fast and Furious documents Holder has refused to release to Congress. According to a Supreme Court ruling during the Watergate hearings when Richard Nixon used Executive privilege on information demanded by Congress ONLY documents that specifically involve conversations or meetings that personally involved the President can be protected by Executive privilege.

 Either Obama is lying to protect his Attorney General or he had full knowledge of Fast and Furious and was involved with the program from its beginning or Holder is lying about Obama not knowing anything about Fast and Furious. Either way Obama or Holder are lying about this death dealing debacle known as Fast and Furious or both are lying. I'm betting on the later rather than the former.

This is quickly taking on Watergate type proportions with ramifications that far exceed Watergate since Fast and Furious directly caused the death of thousands. It is almost sure Holder will be held in contempt of Congress and how much further this will go up to and including activities involving Obama himself remains to be seen.

Ken Taylor


I usually don't discuss state and local politics on this blog as it is more a blog with a national forum but something is taking place in my home state of South Carolina that needs to be shown for what it is.

After the Civil War ended many opportunistic northerners who sought to take advantage of the financial struggles of the Southern States especially former Plantation owners in the immediate after math of the war came to the South. They attempted to and in most instances stole property and other belongings of Southerners using owed taxes as a means of their theft and thus buying valuable property for pennies on the dollar on just plain stealing it. They also manipulated politics in the South to their financial advantage for several years.  They became known as Carpetbaggers because of the carpet like bags they carried as luggage.

The term has become a derogatory term for one who is opportunistic and exploitative and in modern day politics one who runs for public office in a community without any deep political ties.  Just useing the opportunity to try and gain a seat in Congress without truly knowing anything about the people they are supposedly wanting to represent.

South Carolina is gaining a new Congressional District, District 7 that comprises the northeastern corner of the states including Myrtle Beach, Conway and Horry County extending south to Georgetown and west to cover Dillon, Marion and Marlboro counties and part of Florence County.  As expected several candidates threw their hat into the ring and a primary election narrowed it down to two, Tom Rice a life long resident of the new District and Andre Bauer former Lt. Governor and yes, Carpetbagger!

Bauer's tax records list his official residence as Greenville, SC which is in the opposite end of the state for the District he is now seeking to represent.  In fact speculation was that because of his residing in Greenville,  Bauer would seek the District 4 Congressional Seat which represents the Greenville, SC area.  But it turns out the current Representative from that District, Trey Gowdy is rather popular and expected to easily win reelection. So Bauer grabbed his Carpetbag and magically found residence in District 7 hoping to use his name recognition as Lt. Governor and win the new seat.

Now there is nothing illegal about moving into an area and running for office from that area. But our Founders envisioned something different for The House of Representatives and Bauer obviously doesn't understand that vision. The Founders intended for House members to be average citizens who lived, worked and new the District they were elected to represent. They were to be folk who local citizens respected and new from experience in living with them and thus trusting them to represent them in Congress.

When looking at Bauer's campaign literature, signs, website and advertising one does not see a local resident seeking to represent District 7, but an opportunist who is running a national campaign on national issues and local issues matter little or not at all.  If elected, if his campaign is any indication, Bauer will use his Congressional seat as a national forum and not as a representative of the people of South Carolina District 7.  Sure, any member of Congress must deal with national issues but as a member of the House the priority must be District first and what best represent the people of that District.

We have too many people in Washington now who neglect the people and seek the spotlight and national fame rather than doing the business of the constituents who hired them in the first place. South Carolina District 7 does not need a Carpetbagger from the upstate to be our voice in Washington but a local who though concerned about the Nation and national issues still seeks to represent the people of the District he is elected from and not the national spotlight.

I voted for Tom Rice in the primary and will do so again in the run off election later this month. If we expect to see a change in Washington politics as usual we the people must remove the Carpetbaggers and the politicians who seek the spotlight and vote in those who will represent the people and as such the best interests of the Nation and not publicity seekers like Bauer whose opportunistic view is for Bauer and not the people.

Ken Taylor     

Monday, June 18, 2012


Barack Obama has used class warfare as a center piece of his reelection campaign calling for increased taxation for the so called rich, who according to him make over 200K a year. Of course anyone with any sense understands that his definition of, "rich," is directed toward small business owners who do not separate their personal income from business income and nearly all of them fall in the 200K plus category.

Now his spouse Michelle continues this ongoing attack against those they call the rich in their disgusting attempt to anger voters and create a general feeling that the, "rich," are bad and their greed is the reason that fairness is not in the economic balance that Barack and company want to force through their wealth distribution ideas and programs.

During a Commencement speech at Oregon State University Michelle told the graduating class that success was not getting the , "corner corporate office, " and the, "big paycheck," as, according to the story she told, she and her bother quickly learned as they entered the job market in their younger days.  She stated that both she and her brother realized they could not find happiness and supposedly gave up their corporate careers to instead take lesser jobs as a basketball coach for her brother and in the Chicago Mayors office for her.

What she neglected to tell the graduating class is that her law license was revoked because of questionable practices during her time as a corporate lawyer. She also neglected to mention her, "fat cat," job in the University of Chicago Hospital system where she was, "hired," as a Public Relations consultant at over $300K  a year and records show it coincided with Barack's election to the US Senate and she seldom was seen in the office thus collecting a, "fat cat," check fro DOING NOTHING!

In the history of our great country there has never been two individuals in positions of influence and especially in the esteemed position of President and First Lady who were as filled with absolute hypocrisy and sought to divide our Nation as much as Barack and Michelle Obama. The racial and class divisions in our country have deteriorated so dramatically since they took office in 2009 that rather than continuing the advancements that had been the hallmark of both race and class since the early sixties, these two hate filled, race baiting and   class warfare politicians have reversed many of the advancements and still seek to further divide our country for political gain.

The only course that can end this disgusting pair from completely destroying race relations and redistributing wealth with continually attacks against the, "rich," in order to anger their duped followers is to work with all diligence and remove this plague from The White House in November by firing Barack so he can take his equally hypocritical wife and leave Washington for the good of the people and the country.

Ken Taylor  

Friday, June 15, 2012


"The few, the proud the Marines!" We honor the brave men and women of the Marine Corps for their magnificent service to our country and the sacrifices they make defending our freedom. Yet even with the tremendous respect and gratitude for the Corps, there comes a story that shines even in light of the brightness of the service of each proud Marine.

Cody Green was twelve years old when he passed away from a brain fungus that developed because of his weakened immune system as a result of treatment for Leukemia. Cody was diagnosed with the disease at 22 months old and had beaten it three times but his weakened little body could no longer fight the battle.

Cody loved the Marine Corps. He admired the strength and courage of the men and women who serve in the Corps. When they learned of the bravery and strength of young Cody he was made an honorary member of the Corps complete with navigator wings.

Yet for one marine, Sergeant Mark Dolfini that was not enough. As Cody was losing his battle on his final night Sergeant Dolfini, wearing his dress blues stood a guard of honor without relief for eight hours at Cody's hospital door until Cody's final moments when he bid him farewell pinned his own navigator wings on Cody and left his parents with a salute and their goodbyes to their brave young son.

We as Americans and as a Nation are blessed above all other Nations because of men and women who wear the uniform of our military. Nowhere on the face of the Earth can anyone be found whose dedication and honor is greater than the magnificent heroes who serve this Nation. God bless our soldiers. God bless Sergeant Dolfini and God bless the memory of honorary Marine Cody Green.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, June 14, 2012


She is sometimes called Old Glory but her message of freedom and liberty never grows old. As she waves in the breeze men, women and children the world over are reminded that liberty will always reign in The United States of America. As we honor our flag on this Flag Day, let us not forget to remember the thousands who have sacrificed to insure that this banner of freedom may ever wave over the land of the free! God bless America!

Ken Taylor


I thought we would be hard pressed to ever have an Attorney General worse than thunder thighs Janet Reno who was AG for Bill Clinton.  Reno was your basic bumbling idiot who made a complete laughing stock out of the Justice Department and handled several high profile situations such as the Branch Davidian debacle in Waco, Texas and the deportation of six year old Elián González taken by armed agents from his home in Miami under direct orders from Reno with a total ineptness that I thought could never be topped. Then along comes Eric Holder. 

Holder is not only inept but he is corrupt, uses his office ONLY for political expediency rather than enforcing the law and makes lying to Congress so habitual that I am sure there are many members of Congress who actually doubt when Holder is asked to state his name before any hearing that his name really is Eric Holder.

His complete disregard and habitual lying over the Fast and Furious papers refusing to deliver to Congress the thousands of documents demanded to investigate this absolute scam perpetrated with the full knowledge of Holder, though he has denied it, is alone enough reason for him to resign. Now with the massive amount of intelligence information being leaked by what seems obvious to most the source being The White House and Holder's refusal to not only investigate but to call for an independent prosecutor makes his corruption complete and his necessity to leave office mandatory.

But will he actually leave? Unless it comes right down to choosing between the total collapse of the Obama administration or the resignation of Eric Holder, Barack Obama is just arrogant enough to let Holder continue as AG. After all Holder has been Obama's best protector from the absolute corruption that has been part of Obama's Presidency since day one rivaling and yes maybe even exceeding that of Richard Nixon.  

Through it all Holder has used his office as a political wing of The White House turning a blind eye much of the time and when pressed fluffing off the illegality of this administration as if it has no meaning or matters at all.  To be considered the top cop for The United States, Holder has been more a Keystone Cop, a complete joke whose total disregard for the law is dangerous for our country.

There are calls from both sides of the isle for Holder to step down and he has refused with the complete blessing of his boss Barack. So unless it comes down to choosing between Holder and himself Obama will continue to stand with the man who licks his heels and protects him from the legal snares that have plagued this administration from the beginning. After all where will Obama find another boob willing to lie, cheat, bend the law, ignore the Constitution and take part in the destruction of America? Well other than Obama looking in the mirror that is.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It has been twenty five years since President Reagan visited the Brandenburg Gate at The Berlin Wall standing tall and proud declaring to Soviet Secretary Gorbachev, "tear down this wall!"

It was a time when Soviet Communism had been experiencing an expansion, that is until President Reagan took office in 1981 and declared the Soviet Union to be the," evil empire," that it was and Soviet Communism would one day end up on the," ash heap of history."

With steadfast leadership and vision with absolute resolve and purpose President Reagan stood strong despite criticism both at home and abroad and soon after he retired from the Presidency, The Berlin Wall did fall and Soviet Communism collapsed and is now resigned to the ash heap of history. President Reagan was a true leader whose vision of America and freedom throughout the world was an inspiration to everyone.

He understood that all men long for the God given right of freedom and nothing can stop freedom when the individual seeks our God given right to have it. He changed the world and reminded us as Americans that we are an exceptional country and people whose greatness lies in the liberty of all who call America our home. God bless the memory of this great man and true American hero and patriot!

Ken Taylor

Monday, June 11, 2012


In one of the most scandal filled news items to date concerning the Obama administration, the leak of sensitive intelligence information which is designed to boost the foreign policy resume of Barack Obama is barely getting noticed in the news. In fact the only news organization that is covering this scandal that has major national security ramifications is Fox News.

Extremely sensitive intelligence information on United States cyber-warfare against Iran, the US drone program with details on how Obama personally approves each attack against top Al Qaeda targets, a foiled terror plot against Al Qaeda and more, reveal a White House desperate to bolster the reputation of Obama during an election year caring not one moment about the risk to our nations security the leaks pose.

What makes this scandal more dangerous than it may even seem on the surface is that there is only one person in government who has the authority to declassify extremely sensitive top secret intelligence as has been leaked and that is Obama himself. So regardless of who leaked it from The White House, Obama had to have full knowledge of the leak and what its purpose was since he himself had to approve the information declassified for news release.

This also runs hand in hand with the recent revelation of Hollywood Director Kathryn Bigalow being allowed access to intelligence concerning the bin Laden raid for use in a movie to be released in October. Once again for the purpose of bolstering Obama's foreign policy credentials in an election year.

Of course Obama is expressing outrage and claiming to be offended by the suggestion that the leaks are intentional and from The White House but the chain that is necessary for this type of sensitive information to be released as it has can only lead to one source and that IS The White House with full approval of the only government official who can declassify such information, Barack Obama.

It's all about Obama and it is obvious he is willing to risk anything even the security of our country and the people of The United States to hold onto the power that he craves. This man must be removed from office for the protection of our Republic and the salvation of our Nation and way of life!

Ken Taylor

Friday, June 08, 2012


Once again the out of touch arrogant one as a way of trying to boost his socialist agenda to forcing Americans into depending more on government stated in a hastily called press conference on the economy that the, "private sector is doing just fine!" WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doing just fine???????? What an absolute moronic idiot!  Yes, Homeland Security I am using SEVERAL of your watch words !

This joker is so out of touch with reality and has been hanging out with the Hollywood lefties so much lately trying to schmooze donations for his struggling campaign that he actually thinks the private sector it doing fine. Of course this is also his way of saying that because the private sector, in his limited mentality, is doing just fine then more money needs to be thrown to bad by increasing government spending for Union and government job entities that he has absolute control over.

Mitt Romney immediately came out on the attack as he should calling Obama out of touch and The White House responded by playing the CYA game with Obama saying the economy is not fine and that's why he called the presser. From past experience in watching the arrogant one what he says the first time is ALWAYS what he means and he only back tracks when someone calls him on his stupidity.

By saying the private sector is doing just fine Obama thought he could get away with proposing more failed government spending and failed programs to, "boost," the economy. Now you and I understand that they don't work and have actually taken the economy in a far worse direction than it would have gone if the idiot in chief had just let the free market work its way through the Recession.

But Obama is the definition of lunacy, trying the same old failed garbage expecting it to have a different outcome. The ONLY different outcome his failed economic policy has it that different Americans find themselves out of work because he has caused a different business to cut back or go bankrupt because of his failed policies.

My friends and fellow patriots, though we see handwriting on the wall with the great victory in Wisconsin and the ever improving poll numbers especially in key swing states for Romney we must not waste a single moment, and expend all energies to make sure that we the people of The United States stand firm and strong and get this absolute plague out of The White House and send him back to the thuggery of Chicago where his type of political gamesmanship is right at home!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, June 07, 2012


Barack Obama has been going after Mitt Romney for his success at Bain Capital and it is not playing well with many in his own party. Newark, NJ Mayor and Obama supporter Cory Booker came out against Obama attacking Romney on his venture capital success and now Bill Clinton is following suit as shown in the video below.

Clinton also disagrees with Obama on ending the Bush tax rates stating that it will hurt the economy. Obama uses the Bush rates as an avenue in which he can push his class warfare agenda and Bubba as shown below obviously doesn't think much of Obama policy.

Former Clinton adviser and current Fox News contributor Dick Morris who has since seen the light but still has contact with many who talk with Clinton and who in addition to his years of experience working with Clinton knows that man about as good as anyone sees this move by Bubba as his showing his dislike of Obama and his not wanting Obama reelected as shown in the below video.

Obama is in deep trouble when one as powerful as Bubba Clinton comes out critical of the Obama campaign strategy and his policy against Romney. Just one more nail going into the Obama coffin and the end of his failed Presidency. My optimism for November grows stronger with each passing day. Though I know the battle is not won and we must continue to fight to the bitter end, I am beginning to feel a landslide in the making taking this plague on the Presidency, the American people and our country out of office and into oblivion where he belongs.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


The recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, his Lt. Governor and four Republican state Senators failed. Despite millions of dollars poured into the campaign to defeat Walker by the DNC and other left wing interests which gave the Democrats trying to unseat these Wisconsin Republicans a 10 to 1 spending advantage. Many high powered Democrats including Bubba Clinton criss-crossed the state trying to spin that the reforms instituted by Walker which ended a budget deficit and turned it into a budget surplus were bad for the people of Wisconsin and hurt the states workers.

Well the people of the state didn't believe the lies, the spin nor the strong arm tactic of the Unions and in a resounding referendum on liberalism, Unions, and Barack Obama gave Walker and the rest who were being recalled a huge victory with a decisive message, "we the people of Wisconsin and America aren't going to put up with the lefts socialist agendas anymore!"

The left wing media is already trying to spin this as meaningless for November. The White House has remained quiet in the days before and I am sure will ignore it now as if to say by Obama and clans silence that the failure of the recall means nothing. This is the first time in American history that a Governor faced a recall election and won. It proves that it was nothing more than a left wing attempt through the strong arm tactics of the Unions to quell the will of the people and eliminate Walker who stood up to the left and the Unions.

For Barack Obama who as mentioned has virtually ignored this recall election the hand writing on the wall is clear. We the people of The United States are fed up with you and your left wing Marxist cronies.  We are tired of you taking our money for your liberal agendas. We won't stand for you and your Union buddies robbing us blind and trying to tell us it's for our own good any longer.

Mr. Obama, November is coming and the people have spoken in Wisconsin and we in the other 49 states stand with them and are telling you now, pack your bags you socialist loser because come November 6 we are going to fire you and take our country back from your path of destruction and in January cheer as we send you and your dictatorial wife into the oblivion of history where your failed Presidency will been shown as the worst four years that American ever suffered through.  The fat lady ain't signing yet but she is warming her voice up and getting her best duds together to sing the swan song of Barack Obama!

Now fellow patriots we take the fight from Wisconsin and keep the pressure on until the final battle is won on November 6, 2012!

Ken Taylor

Monday, June 04, 2012


Seventy years ago today the battle that changed the course of the war in the Pacific during WWII began. A tiny Atoll located East of Hawaii became the focal point of the war between The United States and Japan, the Atoll was known as Midway.  An overwhelming armada of Japanese ships made their way across the Pacific to attack this tiny Atoll with the purpose of using the small island as a base for a possible invasion of The United States mainland only a few months after the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor which took place in December just seven months earlier.

The United States Pacific fleet was still badly crippled as a result of Pearl Harbor and with only three carriers standing between the Japanese fleet boasting six carriers and hundreds of support ships, facing seemingly insurmountable odds, America forces soundly defeated the Japanese armada sending all six enemy carriers to the bottom of the Pacific and changing the course of the Pacific war from one of loss to continuous victory which would lead to the eventual surrender of Japanese forces on board the USS Missouri on September 2, 1945.

Winston Churchill said of the Battle of Midway, "The annals of war at sea present no more intense, heart-shaking shock than this battle, in which the qualities of the United States Navy and Air Force and the American race shone forth in splendour. The bravery and self-devotion of the American airmen and sailors and the nerve and skill of their leaders was the foundation of all."

The Battle of Midway, a battle that was won against odds that should have seen the defeat of the America Navy but because of the bravery of our forces, the savvy of Naval Intelligence that broke the secret code of Japanese Admiral Yamamoto and the ability of the Commanding Admirals of the America fleet to direct this amazing battle The United States reversed the direction of the Pacific war and began the march to ultimate victory.

Ken Taylor

Friday, June 01, 2012


President and Mrs. Bush returned to The White House for the unveiling of their official portraits that will hang along side those of all past Presidents in The Peoples House.  Barack Obama could not resist taking this what is usually a non partisan occasion to make his normal blame Bush dig as Obama stated during his remarks, “The months before I took the oath of office were a chaotic time. We knew our economy was in trouble, our fellow Americans were in pain, but we wouldn’t know until later just how breathtaking the financial crisis had been."

Yet President Bush remained the class act that he has always been and as seen in the above video laughed at himself and delivered some funny lines during his humble remarks about his portrait. Mrs. Bush was just as gracious and humble as her husband thanking those who served with them and the American people who inspired them during their eight years in The White House.

The difference between class and what the Obama's are, class WITHOUT the ,"c," and the ,"l."

Ken Taylor

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