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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The picture to the right should give every conservative and GOP voter enough fright on this Halloween to take the time to get in line at the polls to make sure that these two are not majority leaders. If the Democrats take control of the House next Tuesday Nancy Pelosi would become Speaker of the House which would also place her third in line to the Presidency (BOO). Harry Reid if the GOP should lose the Senate would be Senate MAJORITY Leader as opposed to his current status as Minority Leader which basically gives him a platform of leadership to obstruct and complain. As Majority Leader it will be up to Reid to decide which legislation will go before the floor of the Senate for a vote. Which means that anything contrary to his liberal agenda would be tabled indefinatly. The same applies in the House if Pelosi were to become Speaker. She would decide what legislation would come up for a vote on the House floor which again would subscribe to her liberal agenda. This just scratches the surface of what these two liberal Demcorats would do if they obtain Speaker and Senate Majority Leader. Other leadership positions to fear with the Mid Term election and a Demcorat majority are:

Charlie Rangel House Ways and Means Chairman and the Joint Committee on Taxation Chairman which would give Rangel the platform to make his promise of repealing ALL of the Bush tax cuts and raising taxes a reality . He is one of the few honest Democrats on the subject of taxes who readily states the true intentions if they were to gain majority status. Most Dems try to protray that they favor lower taxes. Rangel on the other hand admits the true Democrat agenda when it comes to taxes. Eliminate all tax cuts and tax, tax, tax, tax, tax then when there is nothing left tax some more! Goodbye strong economy and hello recession!

John Conyers House Judiciary Chairman which would give him the means to finally bring his already prepared and rejected by the current majority articles of impeachment of President Bush to the House floor for investigation and hearings to no end of the White House.

Jane Harman House Intelligence Committee Chairman who refers to terrorists only as criminals and denounces any form of intelligence gathering of terrorist detainees. She opposes all survelience programs and as Chairman of this committee would have the power to halt them while investigating the programs to death thus rendering our intelligence capabilities null and void concerning terrorism and damaging our nations security.

John Murtha House Majority Leader and camera hog. If you are tired of seeing this mug before the cameras and listening to all of his imflamitory statements about the readiness and poor morale of our military, then just imagine how as Majority Leader he would give the nation a daily dose of Murthaisms using his status to bring on the reporters!

These are just a handful of Democrat leadership positions that should scare the living daylights out of voters as they consider how to cast their vote on November 7th. Democrats in the majority is one haunted house that I absolutly want to avoid!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 29, 2006


The 2006 Mid Term election are just over a week away. The races are tighter than ever and the political atmosphere is dominating much of the news commentary both on television and in the nations newspapers. The percieved tide of momentum by the Democrats has faded to the point that even many long time Democrat stratagists are cautioning the notion portrayed by the Dems that the House will change hands and the Senate is up for grabs. They stress that this tide that supposedly would carry the Demcorats into the majority is not the confident reality that many in the media and the Demcorat leadership believed. So many races by all measurements are tight and the final weeks push before election day will find the usual increase in political adds as charges and counter charges that always accompany any election. The President is barn storming the nation for GOP candidates as well as many GOP leaders to bring home the message to the voters and retain control of both chambers of Congress. In this final push before election day though I have noticed a very telling absense in the political arena as well as an equally telling presence in many campaigns that are being run by Democrats. The absense is so obvious especially when one considers how often this absent entity made its appearence prior to the final weeks of the election. The presence that I refer to is also equally obvious when one considers that it was virtually non-existant before the election cycle began. I know by now that you are wondering, " what in the world I am thinking about ?" Now that I have sparked your attention we'll look at each individually.

The absence - Something that has been blatantly absent from the political arena as we have neared and now entered the final approach to the Mid Term election are the voices and faces before the cameras of most of the liberal Demcocrat leadership including the DNC chairman Howard Dean. On a daily basis before the election cycle began in ernest, whenever political news clips aired during any news program on any channel or radio news break you could depend on seeing or hearing Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Barbara Boxer, John Murtha, Hillary Clinton and a miriad of other liberals before a press gathering, stopping to make a comment on whatever subject was prominant that particlular day or a clip from a speech made to a liberal gathering. They dominated the Sunday talking heads and the talk show curcuit blasting the President and lamenting the," dire," condition that the nation was in. Yet now that the nation is nearing the election of all House members, one third of the Senate and numerous Governorships as well as other state and local offices these liberal Democrat leaders are MIA. Now I realize that some are campaigning for their own seat in either the House or Senate but Pelosi supposedly has a lock on her San Francisco district, Hillary too has a demanding lead yet other than the now infamous, "measuring the drapes, " 60 Minutes interview last week Pelosi, who never missed an opportunity to meet the press was even MIA after the President signed the bill for the border fence. Kennedy, Kerry, Dean and Reid who are constantly before the cameras and who always find any and every way to criticize the President and the GOP have been virtually non-existant. The only explanation that I can gather from this is now that the voters are watching closely do these stalwarts of liberalism fear that their liberal rhetoric will turn voters away from the Democrats? Most pundints agree that the majority of the country is decidedly conservative in values and thinking which disagrees with the liberal message which is why these liberal leaders do not want to be heard or seen before an election. If they spew the usual liberal rhetoric which has been rejected time and again by the voters then those same voters will see and realize the true face of the Demcorat Party and again turn them away at the polls. Before the final election push this liberal message falls greatly on deaf ears for many likely voters are not daily news junkies and only catch mommentary clips on radio or news briefs during their hectic daily schedule. During the final approach to any election nearly all likely voters pay close attention to news and other political outlets so the liberal leadership remains quiet so as not to damage the Demcrat chances of being elected. The rank and file Democrats who claim to be liberal are not ashamed of their liberal beliefs and readily speak of them at any time but their leadership only tout this rhetoric when they think it won't hurt their chances at being elected by a vastly conservative electorate. They hide their true liberal face for possible political gain which reveils their true intellectual dishonesty.

The presence - This too is as obvious as the absence of the liberal leadership. Across the nation especially in races that the Demcorats viewed a vulnerable the party fielded a candidate who claims to lean to a more conservative ideal and value though a member of the Democrat Party. I realize that there are conservative Democrats but the appearance of so many in this election cycle again confirms that fact that the liberal agenda is rejected by the voters and if fielding or just portraying a Democrat candidate as a conservative will win the election then that is what the left will do. Their strategy behind this is to lure the voters into believing that their beliefs and values will be followed by the Democrat Party long enough to gain a majority control of the Congress then if that control is gained push the liberal agenda which the leadership of the party and those in Congress intend regardless of what the voter thinks. After all they know what is best for we the people and if they have to decieve in order to insure that they are in power and save the voters from their own ignorance than so be it. Though there are many races that follow this plan I will only give three examples. The Tennessee Senate race is a prime example of this Demcorat strategy. The race between Republican Bob Corker and Demcorat Harold Ford is a hotly contested race because it is the seat currently held by out going Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist who is leaving the Senate to prepare for a possible Presidential run in 2008. Corker is a moderate to conservative Republican while Ford is a somewhat moderate Demcorat who touts some conservative ideas. For instance he continually expresses his parting from the Democrat leadership on hot social issues like gay marriage to sound conservative yet his Congressional voting record on the war and other stalworth Democrat issues is decidedly liberal. On the House side of the election in one Colorado district the Republican incumbant is running against a Democrat challenger who is pro- gun, anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage and running on this platform. This conservative look by Democrats is not confined to just the national stage. In my own state of South Carolina Republican conservative Governor Mark Sanford is challenged by Democrat Tommy Moore who is a state legislator. As a state legislator Moore is a tax and spend liberal who voted for nearly every tax increase that has been proposed during his tenure yet he is running as a fiscal conservative despite this record to the contrary.

How stupid does the Democrat Party think the voter is? Evidently considerably since these tacticts have been used in the last several elections and even more so in this one. Fortunatly this conservative portrayal to gain control in order to push a liberal agenda once in power is not taking with the voting public as past elections have proven and current trends are showing. The voter would much rather Democrats show their honesty and run on their liberal agenda instead of the deception to gain office. This does not necessarily mean they would win but they would find respect from the voters instead of the distaste that they currently recieve. But of course respect and honesty is not what liberal Democrat politicians desire only power at all cost.

Ken Taylor


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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Yesterday in his press conference President Bush gave two excellent examples of Democrat arrogance in the Mid Term election. Using a football analogy of the after touch down celebration and that many Democrats were already measuring the drapes for their, "new, " Congresssional offices Bush brought a clear reminder of the old Yogi Berra saying, " It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings." For the majority of the year Demcorats across the board have been acting and talking as if it were a forgone conclusion that they would be in charge of the House and the Senate come January 2007 when the next session of Congress begins. Most of the media has followed this same path based on a percieved notion that the GOP was dead in the water and that the conservative base because of a general discontent with the GOP majority had decided to stay home on election day. It still amazes me that with record contributions to the RNC that any conclusion that the base would stay home on election day could be made since the base of any party is the core and grass roots of campaign contributions, but the conclusion has been on the lips of Demcorats, many media personalities and written about in Op-ed after Op-ed. Being a conservative, though dissappointed with the lack of backbone by GOP leadership and the large spending that has taken place which is contrary to the smaller government belief that is part of the core of conservatism, I like my conservative brethren who vote GOP realize that the prospects of a Democrat controlled Congress is one that we cannot accept and as such there is a concerted effort by the base to see that this does not happen through our GOP vote on November 7th. This seems to come as a surprise to many Demcorats, political pundints and pollsters, yet has never been in doubt by the GOP nor the conservative base. Additionally the arrogant confidence that the Democrats have portrayed with media assistance in claiming the House and the Senate for most of this year almost to the point of discounting the voter has caused a general anger by GOP voters and especially the conservative base. Giving the impression that they knew that they had voters in their back pocket and that the election was only a matter of procedure to crown the, "new majority, "may have been part of the undoing of the Demcorats. No one likes a braggart. For instance though he may be a talented receiver Terrell Owens now of the Dallas Cowboys is an unpopular player because he constantly brags on himself as if he were the center of the football universe. In his mind it's all about Terrell. In this same respect the Democrats have arrogantly taken for granted that they were the voters choice and that their ascendancy to Congressional power was already decided. This does not suggest that the GOP has a lock on the Mid Term election but it is obvious that the Demcrats find is surprising that races that they thought they had complete control of are now tight and in many the GOP is actually leading. Senator Elizabeth Dole, (R NC), the chairman of the GOP Senate election commitee stated yesterday before her Demcorat counter part Chuck Schumer, (D NY), that she found a certain satisfaction in knowing that the DNC had to take out a loan to funnel funds into Democrat Senate campaigns in blue states that have a distinct possibility of electing a GOP candidate. The states that she referes to are Maryland and New Jersey. The Senate is not the only chamber that has been taken for granted by the Demcorats yet is showing a lean toward the GOP, the House which was in most circles an absolute forgone conclusion to change majority status is looking to remain in GOP control. This election could very well be a valuable lesson for the Demcorats and the media in remebering to never discount the effects of the one entity that decides the actual results of any election in our Constitutional society - the voter. Elections are never a forgone conclusion because regardless of the pundints the pollsters or the feeling of the candidates we the voter are the expert and final voice in deciding an election.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 22, 2006


As we move closer to election day 2006 there is a growing concern by many Republicans and a concentrated effort by the liberal media in speculation that because of discontent with the GOP the conservative base will stay home on election day as a punishment for the majority drifting away from the conservative agenda. This speculation is being reported as an effort by the base to bring a wake up call to the GOP by not voting thus giving House control to the Democrats as a reminder to the current majority of why they were voted into office in the first place. Many political pundints such as Dick Morris have followed this line of thinking and I have heard several disgruntled Republicans on talk shows express it to the host and one Host in particular Neal Boortz out of Atlanta who votes Republican because of the war but politically affiliates himself as a Liberatarian is actually encouraging this voting boycott by conservatives. Of course the Democrats are jumping on this band wagon for good reason because the more conservative GOP voters who remain home on elelction day the better their chances at the House and Senate. Though there is a school for this thought and it is recieving a good bit of air play both in radio and television there is one good reasons why it should not happen and several why I don't believe it will happen. Sure there will be a few disgruntled conservatives who choose to follow this idea but as a whole I do not see it happening. Why?

First the one good reason why it should not happen. This is obvious. A general boycott by disgruntled conservatives on election day would pretty much insure at least a Demcorat House and quite possibly Senate or at least a Senate with such a slim GOP majority that majority status will make little difference in the Senate legislative process. For the next two years at least this nation would be subject to legislation that is in total conflict with conservatives. While the GOP majority has been a dissappointment in many ways they are not in absolute conflict with conservative values and priorities as would be the case with a Democrat majority. Another legislative problem that a Democrat House would propose besides the fact that liberalism would be in charge, is basically a stoppage to the governing process. I realize that to many this would not be a bad idea but especially with troops in harms way the daily grind of government is necessary. While Demcorats in the House would propose and pass legislation in accordance to a liberal agenda when the bill reaches the Senate even with a slim GOP majority passage is not likely and anything contrary to the Bush agenda will recieve Presidential veto and there would not be a veto proof majority to override. Additionally as has been stated in previous posts the House would tie up the White House with a constant barrage of investigation under the false belief that the administration has conducted illegal activities. John Conyers would have his impeachment bill which is already prepared passed and we will suffer through two years of endless and needless fulfillment of the lefts need for retrobution because of the false contention that 2000 and 2004 were stolen elections. Cut and run would be the House cry and taxes will raise as has already been promised and not to just the top 2% as has been falsley claimed but across the board as Charlie Rangel who is honest in his taxation comments has stated.

There are several reason why I believe this boycott is more a left wing and media created situation than a reality. First, conservatives realize all of the reasons that I have already stated and understand the consequences of a Demcorat House even for two years. Conservatives also understand the necessity of protecting our nation and the need for strong security. The cut and run rhetoric by Democrats and the general opinion by the left in the negative concerning the war not just Iraq but across the board if implimented will weaken national security and as such the conservative base will vote if for nothing else to try to stop this from happening under Democrat control.

Second, while I have stated time and again my mistrust of polling there are trends that show conservatives are not planning on staying home. A very interesting situation has also appeared in the district of former Congressman Mark Foley. Even the GOP leadership has stated that this is a , "lost, " seat yet despite the Foley, "scandal, " Joe Negron has a slim lead in some polls and tied in most. Again I do not trust polling because it can and is maniplulated but even with this in mind for Negron to show this strong after only three weeks on the campaign trail is an accomplishment that proves that Republicans and especially conservatives realize that the Foley flak was the action of one man and not a party and issues are more important than scandal in the voting process.

Third, available campaign funds are well in favor of the GOP which will only energize the base as campaign ads will remind conservatives of why we vote. A report surfaced last week concerning the DNC receiving a loan of several million dollars to use in certain Senate campaigns because the coffers were empty. Chuck Schumer in New York has been crying for funds for some time and the DNC has not had them available. Additionally in every district and Senate campaign the GOP candidate has out distanced the Democrat opponent in fund raising. Nationally the RNC too has far out distanced the DNC. I do not bring up this fact to imply that the GOP is buying the election but to show that the base is involved and energized in this election contrary to media hype. It is a proven fact that campaign contributions come from the base and loyal party members. With the McCain/Feingold Campaign Finance Bill limiting the amount of individual and corporate political contributions the fact the GOP coffers are full show a marked involvment and interest in the election by the conservative base.

Fourth and lastly is the Reagan example. Conservatives rightfully so look to President Reagan as the father of the conservative movement. Most conservatives especially those of us in the baby boom generation can trace much of our conservative core back to the Reagan years. Ronald Reagan instilled in us a political optimism that makes it against out nature and political instincts to throw in the towel. I can almost hear him coming up with a typical Reagan analogy to this boycott idea like, " If you don't like the way the rooster crows do you give the hen house to the fox ?" President Reagan always fought for his beliefs and never gave in to conventional thought or opposition challenges. He stood strong against the Soviet Union inspite of the conventional wisdom that it would cause a stronger and more potent USSR creating a greater danger and he was proven right when the wall fell. Conservatives today are not defeatests and we do not just give in to the , "conventional wisdom, " of staying home and giving up the House as a punishment to the GOP. The stakes are too great and the fight is not over and like Reagan we are not just giving up. We are energized and though dissapointed with the majority understand that our voice and activism is strong enough to be heard and help shape the agenda. It is the conservative base following the Reagan example that made the GOP the strong party that it has become and it is the conservative base that will give this party its direction as we express our voice by our vote and our message to Congress when they return to Washington. This optimism and conservative strength is why the GOP will retain the majority in both Chambers of Congress and because of our voice the GOP will listen.

Ken Taylor


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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


With politics taking the dirty turn as it usually does prior to an election has it caused a general lack of interest by eligible voters ? I mentioned this in The Sunday Commentary concerning the large number of voters who have little or no interest in politics until the final weeks before an election and that interest is even less during the Mid Term election because it does not involve a Presidential race. Statistically Mid Term elections have much less turn out than a Presidential election. Both the 1998 and the 2002 Mid term races had voter turn out in the mid 30% range of eligible voters while the 2004 Presidential race garnered percentages in the mid 50's. Mid Term elections also tend to be much more partisan and dirty since the candidate runs on state and local concerns and national concerns are secondary because of the lack of a Presidential candidate. This year seems to point to even less interest since both parties are aggressivly seeking the occasional voter who votes more on a whim than an decided plan to vote in advance. As I mentioned on Sunday unlike those of us who are political and news junkies and express our political activism through the blogoshpere or in general conversation with friends, co-workers etc. the average American is very uninterested in politics. Amazingly there is a large number who after the President and the Vice President do not know who the Speaker of the House is the Secretary of State or even their own United States Senators or House Representative. Those who follow politics and election cycles are either associated with and/or vote in accordance to party affiliation and if they consider themselves Independent vote in accordance to a conservative or liberal mind set or choose an Independent candidate. Which leaves a precious few voters who actually vote that have not already decided how they will cast their vote.

The Democrats believe that because of the dissappointment that the conservative base has with the Republican Party that it will cause many regular Republican voters to stay home on election day. This is a false assumption by the left and the scandalizing of this election will actually energize the conservative base rather than discourage. In the same respect the GOP fears the aggressive get out the vote campaigns that the Demcorats always spur to register voters. But in the past several elections the registration campaign by the Demcorats has proven to be unfruitful because while large numbers register only a small percentage actually go to the polls and vote on election day. So where does this leave the 2006 Mid Terms? The answer is that as usual the elections speculators who give very convincing arguments either direction really have no clue as to how the House or the Senate will turn out on November 7th. Recent past history shows that even when the pundints and the news media were claiming a back lash to incumbants by the voters after the election was over and the votes were counted 98% of all incumbants of both parties won re-election.

The true test of how the voter feels is not found in pre-election speculation nor in the exit polls because both are based on reaction by people who in the case of polls may not even vote and by numbers that can be manipulated by the pollster. The exit polls are a farce because they too can be manipulated as those who poll the voters after they have cast their vote can chose certain voters in accordance with how that type of voter usually votes. No the true test comes by the conscience of the voter when they enter the booth and look at the ballot without the news media breathing down their necks or the voice of a political pundint in their ear but only that voice that reminds each of us as free Americans that our vote counts and that in our Constitutional society we still are a , " nation of the people, by the people and for the people."

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 15, 2006


The Mid Term elections are just three weeks away and try as they may the Demcorats have still not found an issue, scandal or anything else to tie their poltical fortunes on that is shaping the voting public as they wish. Fortunatly the days of the three networks liberal control of all media information through the, "big, " three and papers like the New York Times are a thing of the past and the usual left leaning reporting that shaped the political atmosphere is to a thing of the past. Todays voter is better informed from many different and diverse media sources and as such makes an intelligent choice concerning who to vote for based on the issues and knowledge of the issues. Additionally all of the political flak that developes during an election year amounts to nothing until the final two to three weeks prior to an election. The reason being that though better informed the average voter really does not pay much attention to politics until just before the elelction. We who are news junkies and visit the blogs as well as discuss politics with others on a regular basis view the actions from Washington through a micorscope because we are among the minority of Americans who are poltically active and involved in the day to day business of polititcs. Most Americans could care less and as such only start paying attention just before any election and are much less interested in a Mid Term election because it does not involve the election of a President. With that said the final push before the November 7th Mid Term election begins in earnest today as both parties will turn up the heat to court the majority of voters who are just now beginning to pay attention and decide how to vote. In that number there is a large percentage both Republican and Democrat who even though just beginning to look at the election will vote according to party affiliation and the next few weeks will not change their mind one way or another. The entire election cycle now boils down to those who are beginning to look and make up their mind at the last minute.

With this in mind first I want to share a very interesting poll result from a different source than is usually quoted when discussing polls. Let me preface this with the fact that polls can be manipulated through the questioning and as such I, even though politically active pay little attention to the polls and also have noticed that much of the polling in previous elections has missed the mark by a great deal. The only poll that truly counts is that which shows election day results after the real, "Polls," have closed. What made this particular poll interesting is that it did not invole the asking of questions which tend to manipulate polls in favor of one view or another. It also did not invole a sampling of voters which too can manipulate a poll since they are never balanced as to the numbers because when the sampling is studied it tends to have a larger percentage of Demcorats in the polling data. The poll also did not come from a polling entity but was a combination of data compiled by CSPAN to show how the House election is shaping up. In this compilation it showed that Republicans have 212 , "safe, " seats while Democrats have 199. Additionally it showed that there are only 15 seats that could go either direction. Now what makes this interesting is that in order to have a majority it requires 218 seats. Which indicates the Republicans need only 6 of the 15 to retain the majority while Democrats need 19 of the 15 to gain a majority. Now I am not a professional accountant but if this compilation is even close to correct the numbers just do not add up for the Democrats, which seems to completely disagree with the media spin that the country as a whole prefers Democrats over Republicans.

If the Demcorats were to win the House what do we face as far as leadership ? Providing that each of the House members that I am listing win re-election here a few examples of how the House will be shaped by Democrat control.

Speaker - Nancy Pelosi - as speaker this would also place her third in line for the Presidency which sends chills down my spine. She has a very radical left view and has indicated time and agains that she favors immediate pull out from Iraq regardless of the consequences, eliminating the tax cuts, socialized madical care, returning the pursuit of terrorists to the courts and one on one talks with North Korea.

Judiciary - John Conyers - Conyers has been attempting for quite some time to bring impeachment charges against the President. Based on no evidence and formed by his anger toward Bush only. As Chairman of the Judicary Commitee he has already indicated that he would seek impeachment which of course will accomplish nothing other than tying the hands of the White House up in answering demands for information and showing up for hearings to the point that over the final two years of the Bush administration more time wll be spent answering Conyers than doing the business of the country and especially the war effort.

Ways and Means - Charlie Rangel - though a very liberal, liberal Rangel is very honest in what he says and does not beat around the bush in what he will do. He has stated that he will repeal all of the Bush tax cuts and will raise taxes period. By the way he would also chair the Joint Commitee on Taxation.

Energy and Commerce - John Dingell - Dingell is also a liberals, liberal who firmly believes in regulation for regulations sake. Not only would he regulate big and small business but in doing so we would kiss this strong economy goodbye as regulation would stop business growth and thus stagnate the economy.

Intelligence - Jane Harman - she believes that terrorists are only criminals and as such should be handled by the court with indictments. Whether they are caught or not does not matter because they will shake in their boots when they learn of the federal indictment from The United States. She is also opposed to any type of interrigation of terrorists other than simple questioning.

Majority Leader - John Murtha - if you think this loud mouth who continually insults our military and those who serve is vocal now imagine how he would be as Majority Leader. His mug would be in front of every camera and before every mike and our troops would suffer the most with his false desimated military rhetoric.

This is a House which would spell disaster! Thankfully it is not a reality and I truly believe will not be a reality. Regardless of the rhetoric the people see through the political scemes and dirty polictics. When November 7th arrives and the American people vote they will ask themselves who will best protect this nation and provide for its security which is the number one issue among many issues and the answer is clear. Though their failures and shortcomings are many the Republicans will better portect this nation and will allow the economy to continue its record growth.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Sunday Kim Jong Il detonated a nuclear devise that many have stated was similar in power to the Hiroshima bomb none of which has been specifically confirmed as of this writing. It was not long before the Democrat spin machine flew into action attempting to blame the Bush administration for the detonation of the device. First let me set the record straight. The only person or government that is responsible for the actual detonation of this device is Kim Jong Il and the government who bows to this lunatics every whim and fancy, North Korea. The odd occurance from the Democrats is the short term memory loss that each of them seem to have suffered concerning the Korean situation and how the world finds itself in this nuclear predicament with Kim Jong. First there was the Hildabeast, (Hillary Clinton), blaming the policies of the Bush administration for allowing this detonation and a nuclear North Korea to happen in the first place. Either she was asleep or was too busy investigating who her husband was sleeping with to recall correctly that it was the Clinton administration and specifcally their envoy Jimmy Carter who negotiated the selling of nuclear technology to North Korea in the first place trusting the , "word, " of a proven lying dictator that he would use it for peaceful energy means only. Hillary also must have been on an extended vacation to forget the state visits that then Secretary of State Madeline Albright made to North Korea with one on one discussions placating to the whims of Kim Jong's demands for such talks which the Bush administartion has not and will not do, which gave him the illusion that he was a player on the big stage of the world because he talked directly to the United States. On one such trip she gave him a Michael Jordan autographed basketball as a sign of friendship with this Korean lunatic. Kim Jong then went back on his word, (surprise, surprise), and proceeded to blame the United States for his actions which was his motive for one on one talks in the first place. The six party talks prevent this blame since he would have to include China in that blame which he will not. Senator John McCain quickly went on the offensive setting the record straight as to how this situation is a direct result of the failed Clinton policy. How does he know ? Because he was part of this negotiation process under the Clinton administration for two years. I am NOT a McCain fan but what is right IS right! Harry Reid tried to follow the Hildabeast's example in the blame Bush game again forgetting where this nuclear North Korea problem began. Many Democrats including the hapless Jimmy Carter are urging the Bush administration to follow their failed example and placate Kim Jong with one on one talks. We are seeing the result of this Clinton failed policy.

This morning on CSPAN Representative Helen Trauscher (D Cal) member of the House Armed Services Commitee actually made the claim in light of the Korean situation that the Democrats are in favor and have always been in favor of a missile defense system and the Congress should hold the administration accountable for this. Now either I am getting senile or do I recall correctly that when President Reagan used the possiblity of the Strategic Defense Initiative and instigated the research and testing of this program which I might add he used as a bluff against Gorbechev which was instrumental in the collapse of the Soviet Union, was it not the Democrats who called Reagan and idiot for this idea and stated that it would cause a greater arms race with the Soviets and the end of all social programs to pay for it? Was it not also the Democrats who have fought the current missile defense program and have slowed the full implimintation of this program by dragging their feet in procuring the funding to totally complete this program?

This short term memory loss by the Democrats is quite possibly an indication too that their internal polling in which they live and die on is showing that the Foley flak and other attempts by the Dems to twist this election is failing and that they are attempting with the North Korea situation to falsly portray themselves as strong on security and defense which is what most voters are interested in with the situation in the world as it is today. This strong on defense perception that the Dems are trying will also fail because the people realize which party is truly strong on defense and also which party when in power has consistantly weakened the military and the defense of the nation.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 08, 2006


This has been a week that one would rather forget in American politics. The focus on the Mark Foley debacle has taken this election straight into the gutter of politics and taken the focus away from what elections are supposed to be fought over and voted on - the issues! Every time one would think that this disgusting blip in history would end, ABC would hit the airways with another e-mail or IM or find another page that they have known about for some time but by coincidence just now revealed prior to this election. No one can possibly believe with any resemblence of honesty in their thinking that the release of all of this information was not planned and carefully orchestrated to find its way to the press right before the November Mid - Terms. What Foley did is in itself disgusting and his admittance to a rehab center in an attempt to blame this preditory life style on achololism is a cowardly attempt to deny what he has become. He has been forced out of Congress and deserves any other punishments that may come to him. He is a disgrace to the Congress and this nation and his actions have brought a stain to the country that the world is seeing which angers me as an American regardless of political belief or ideas. What party this type of action comes from matters little in comparison to what was done by a sick and twisted man. Having said this now let's get back to the added disgust that last week in politics and what looks to be a continuation into this week is doing. First of all Foley is gone and rightly so. He alone is responsible for his disgusting actions and the blame for those actions rest on his shoulders and his shoulders alone. What his actions caused when revealed is another matter all together. We are only 30 days out from a very important Mid -Term election that will decide what course this nation will take for the next two years yet because of the political use of the Foley, "scandal, " by the Democrats and their all to willing accomplises in the maninstream media especially ABC the focus is not on the issues but on gutter politics and what is being deceptivly termed now as the, " House Page Scandal."

First if this were a, "House Page Scandal, " then it would involve many and not the disgusting acts of just one member of Congress. By calling this as a House scandal the press and the left are making an attempt to pin this on the GOP as a whole in order to decieve the American people into thinking that Republicans are all Foley's in disguise. This, "scandal, " involves one person who no longer resides in Congress. The leadership when the IM's were revealed immediatly took action and sought and recieved Foley's resignation then began the process of investigating what took place and setting into motion the necessary means for the investigation and finding answers to fix any problems within the system that are necessary.

Now where does this leave us. If this, "scandal, " had appeared at any other time than just prior to an election it would have lasted in the press a few days and then dropped off the scene until the investigation was completed then a short follow up story would appear with the results. Since we are so close to the Mid - Terms the Democrats have used this as the new focus and basis for their agenda - less campaign and once again are insulting the American voter by beleiving that we vote according to scandal and not issues. This proves as I have mentioned in many previous posts that the Demcorats realize that they cannot win an election on issues alone so as usual they will try to scandalize an election to attempt to sway voters whom they believe do not have the intelligence to see through their sceams. Calling for the resignation of Speaker Hastert and the GOP leadership in an attempt to , "scandalize, " the entire House by giving the impression that the Republicans are corrupt and yet another attempt to fall back on the Nancy Pelosi idea of , "The Culture of Corruption, " which has failed every time she has tried to use this issue - less idea. Additionally using the immoral aspects of what Foley did in an attempt to anger the GOP base enough to stay home instead of vote again emphasises that the Democrats cannot stand on the issues so they try to discourage GOP turn out. This again reveals that they do not understand conservatives and the core of beliefs that decides our vote. While what Foley did angers us from a moral stand point it does not decide why we vote nor what we vote for or against. Nor does it decide whether we vote or not. Issues make that decision and we vote in accordance to whom we believe will best serve our core beliefs. I will admit that the GOP has failed in many respects to act on those core beliefs that placed them in office in the first place. But for the Democrats to insult the conservative base by using this, "scandal, " to take the focus off of the issues and then actually believing that it will keep us from voting will back fire on them rather than help them as they believe. While angered at Foley the disgust that the base has for the insult of our intelligence that this attempt by the Democrats to discourage us from voting will only energize the base and cause better turn out at the polls.

Democrats we know who you are. We know that you intend to take back our tax cuts. We know that you intend to cut and run in Iraq. We know that you will attempt to defund the war effort and try to return this nation to the courts against the terror threat. We know that your economic ideas will slow and stagnate this growing economy. We know that you will try to take this country down a socialistic road that this nation does not want. While we are bothered by the GOP and how they have swayed from what we elected them for we also realize that when we speak in one voice as we have in the past they listen and the GOP though flawed offers the best hope for this countries future. Your issue - less, "scandalizing, " of this campaign is transparent to us and we will vote and we will NOT vote for you!

Ken Taylor


The Blog of the Week spotlight falls on, "Christ Matters:Politics That Matter To Him." Excellent reading from a gentleman who writes from the heart. Conservative views that are researched and employ references to that research. This blog also has a wealth of links that make it one well worth your reading and adding as a link.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


There are a number of subjects that I would rather write about than one that centers around a disgusting act by a Congressman regardless of party. Foley's IMs and his seeming intent by them deserves his leaving his seat and the justified retrobution, (no I'm not talking postal), that any parent of a 16 year old child would want if anyone approached their son in the manner that Foley did. The problem that is developing with this is the life that it is taking concerning the blame game and who is responsible. There have been calls for the resignation of the Speaker and much of the GOP leadership for what they, "knew," prior to last weeks revelation by ABC. Each of those in leadership positions have indicated that they new nothing of the IM's and that Foley was approached and a demand for stoppage of the e-mails was made and until last weeks revelation it was believed that this disgusting predator had stopped. My question that seems to be neglected in the media and all of the flak that has developed due to this incident is, why then if this is for the protection of , "the children, " as was expressed by Nancy Pelosi did those who have used this story for political advantage sit on it for the same amount of time that the GOP is being accused of hiding it ? Additionally why did ABC who had the story as early as August not release it then if they were so worried about the children ? This excuse by ABC of being too busy covering the Katrina and 9/11 anniversaries does not hold water if for nothing else than both only covered a short news cycle and the last of the anniversaries was over the second week of September. There is also no member of the Democrat leadership who did not know of this in the same way that the GOP has indicated well before last week which makes me believe that this is just another of the , "October Surprises, " that the Dems have used every election since 2000. This does not excuse Foley or his dispicable acts but his resignation and whatever he faces in the future to answer for them along with additional safeguards in the page program is what this requires. If the left wants to point fingers as to who is, "responsible, " for this, other than Foley, then fingers should point all over Congress. Any leader regardless of party cannot possibly know what every member is doing 24 hours a day. Do any of you know what IMs are being sent by people that you are closly associated with? The leadership handled the e-mails in what all who were aware of them, (both Republican and Democrat), believed at the time was an appropriate manner. It was not until it could be used for political advantage prior to Novembers election that it hit the press and created the fire storm that it has. If those on the left like Pelosi are so interested in protecting the children than they should have dealt with it in a different manner when they were first aware of Foley's acts and not waited to use it for political advantage.

To my fellow conservatives and Republicans, do not let the media circus that is surrounding this, "scandal, " discourage you from voting. The vast majority of Americans see this for what it is and we though disgusted with Foley and what he did understand what is at stake in this election and will vote on the issues and not scandals as the left would have us believe. Scandals do not win or lose elections. Issues determine elections and allowing the Dems to take over the House by not voting will have diar consequences for the war , our taxes, our economy and the President as a Democrat led House bogs down the White House attempting to unjustifiably impeach Bush for retrobution of what they still believe were stolen 2000 and 2004 elections. The flak from Foley will fade soon and remember that most voters do not even pay attention more than two weeks before any election. Don't stay home every vote counts!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 01, 2006


This title may sound strange coming from me because of my political affiliation and conservative beliefs but especially with everything that politically transpired last week and looking ahead to the November Mid-Terms I believe that thanks are in order to the Dems for proving my point concerning how the election will turn out. I have long stated that the Republicans will hold on to both the House and the Senate either keeping their current majority as it stands or losing only a few seats in the House and maintaining the Senate. Now with the Democrats strategy in full swing and seeing exactly how that strategy is headed there is the distinct possibility of gains in both Chambers. Why do I say this? Well last week the Dems showed their hand and there was no bluff in their play. This 2006 Mid-Term election strategy is designed to attempt a referendum on Bush and especially the administrations handling of the war with a touch of the old failing economy thrown in for old times sake. This is a startegy that will fail. How then did they show their hand? It began last Sunday with the New York Times leak
of one sentence from an National Intelligence Estimate from April of Iraq that stated that Iraq has fueled terrorism. Then later that morning Bill Clinton went balistic on Fox News as he was questioned about his failed attempts against Osama bin Laden. Now this particular event may not have necessarily been part of the strategy but became enveloped in it during its aftermath. As the week progressed President Bush de-classified several pages of the NIE report and the Dems then proceeded to ignore everything but the one sentence that the Times leaked, only stating that the public deserved to see the hole report and not just the part de-classified. This was hypocrosy at its worst since the one sentence leak by the Times that the Dems continue to play on was chosen because of what it said and totaly misrepresented the NIE report and by the way it too was only a very small portion of the same report. Then later in the week the hapless Jimmy Carter attacked Rumsfeld stating that he is, " the worst Secretary of Defense, " that the nation has ever had. I quess he forgot the failings of his Secretary of Defense. And the icing on this political attack cake came when Nancy Pelosi claimed that the economy was failing even as the Dow was approaching an all time high and as Charlie Rangle who would chair the House Appropriations Committee were the Dems to gain control stated that if that were to happen taxes would be raised and the Bush tax cuts eliminated. Now before I take on each of these individually notice that each part of the revealed Democrat startegy was aimed mostly at President Bush and the adminstration. This is why this startegy will fail. A referendum on a sitting President is only just a fair and possible workable startegy during the Mid-Term cycle of the first four years of that President's term in office since he can run again and his policies are still developing. It is a failing startegy during the second term because that President cannot run again his policies are set and thus the Mid-Terms are decided mostly by local, state and certain domestic issues and not foreign policy and especially not what the sitting administration is doing. This is a House and Senate election and not a Presidential one, yet the Dems are aiming at the President as if it were a Presidential election year.

The War - while much of America is growing tired of the war as is typical of any war the majority while recognizing that mistakes have been made realize and state as such that it is necessary and even that we must complete the victory in Iraq and the, "cut and run, " policy that many Demcorats favor is wrong. The President's numbers are on the rise which also shows that his PR campaign that was long over due is convincing the country that though there are problems staying the course and staying on the attack is working and needed to protect the nation. Trying to turn this into a referendum against Bush will not work for the Dems since only the hard core left sees this as an issue that will decide their vote in November. Combine this with the fact that the chosing to only recognizing the one Times leaked sentence from the NIE report, (which EVERY DEM who has jumped on this band wagon has had since APRIL and not even mentioned until the Times leak), and not the rest of the declassified pages that show that winning in Iraq will greatly demoralize terrorism and the revelation of the letter from Zarqawi's computer from a high ranking Al Qaeda member that stated that Al Qaeda is, "weak, " in Iraq, Pakistan and Ahghanistan because of the war and that their recriutment is down makes this referendum a failing startegy. As far as building Clinton's eruption up as, according to Pelosi, how the Dems should fight, well this too will fade away as has most of Clinton's press spotlights since he left office. Jimmy Carter's attack makes for a momentary news burp but most no longer take him seriously.

The Economy - Nancy Pelosi and certain other Dems who are trying to make a referendum against the Bush tax cuts and crying of a failing economy are also doomed to failure as an election year startegy. Even as this Speaker of the House hopeful, (what a scary thought), was lamenting the, "poor, " economy the Dow was approaching a new record high, interest rates though expected to climb higher were still low making for better financing, housing continued to climb despite predictions that the, "bubble," would burst, unemployment figures are the lowest in FOUR DECADES, gas prices are dropping as the bubble created by the futures market finally made a long over due correction and the supply is now far out reaching demand and the latest consumer confidence rating is very good as has been the case consitantly in this economy. This great economic news combined with Charlie Rangles admission that were the Dems to gain control he in his new found position would eliminate the Bush tax cuts claiming that they have hurt American's despite a vast majority of anylists who state that the tax cuts are what gave this economy its boost and also stating that the Dems would RAISE taxes which is never popular again shows a failing strategy for November since most American's are enjoying this successful and growing economy.

So my title of, " Hail To The Democrats, " is precisly what I mean. This failing startegy of attacking Bush and making this election a referendum against the administration, the War and the economy will not work with the vast majority of the electorate. The true evidence is readily available to the public and the tide has turned which is showing in most polls. This election will be close but when the results are in and election night is over the Demcrats will once again have proven that they can no longer win elections with their age old and antiquated strategies and they again will find themselves in the minority shaking their heads wondering why their message did not get out and claiming also once again that the election was stolen from them as they are already preparing for with a cohort of lawyers prepared to follow this course again. Well to the Democrats I say your message is being heard and as in the past it is NOT the message the American people want to hear.

Ken Taylor


The Blog of the Week spotlight falls on , "For Your Conservative Pleasure." I have had a link to this great site for some time but have never selelcted it as Blog of the Week nor as a spotlight. It contains a wealth of information and links to news, blogs, webrings, you name it that all have a conservative view point. For conservative information on the web this site is the site to review. A definate must as a link for any conservative blog and for those on the left a great source to see how the, "other, " half thinks.

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