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Friday, June 29, 2007


CNN, all the news that's fit to tell with a left wing bias that attacks conservative values and gives those who still watch it the Hollywood gossip that they long to hear!
While the original Alamo brought liberty to Texas in 1836 and was filled with heroes fighting for their Independence, this Alamo is filled with Aristocratic politicians who fought for the ability to break the law and get away with it. So much for the rule of law! This is one Alamo that everybody wanted to fall! The new cry for this Alamo is, "Forget The Immigration Alamo." This one won't be revived!
Why do liberals hate Conservative Talk Radio so much ? Because unlike their counterparts in the MSM, Talk Radio let's the nation know the truth of what is happening in Washington and reveals the liberal lie!
So much for the, "religion of peace." These radical Muslims are their own worst enemies. Yet they think we are the enemy and it is we the infidels who deserve to die. Go figure.
One can only hope! 14% and dropping a new low for Congress. Didn't the Democrats tell us last November that they had a , "mandate, " from the American people. With a mandate one would think that they would be popular. But then again liberals think they know what everyone wants and that they know what is best for each of us! NOT!!!!!!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, June 28, 2007


South Carolina is proud of Senator Jim DeMint who lead the opposition to the Senate Amnesty Bill along with Republican Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions. His steadfast commitment to preventing this bill from gaining passage has resulted in the death of a bad bill that would have rewarded illegals, not secured the border and allowed the flood to continue without any way of stopping the invasion.

While SC is disgusted with our Senior Senator Lindsay Graham and his support for the bill we thank Senator DeMint for standing for the principles and the Constitution in which we sent him to Washington to serve.

Ken Taylor


DING DONG THE BILL IS DEAD! In a resounding defeat that saw as many as 15 Senators reversing their vote the Senate Amnesty Bill went down in defeat on the Senate floor in another cloture vote designed to advance the bill to the Senate floor for final passage.

In a 46 - 53 vote Senators voted to limit debate on the bill which by Senate rules kills the bill since a vote of 60 was needed to advance the bill to the Senate floor. The Senate server and phone lines were crashed yesterday and this morning in anticipation of the vote.

The American people have made it loud and clear that amnesty is not the answer. They have also in a nearly unified voice told Washington to close the borders first then fix the problem of illegals already in the country. You have to stop the flood before you can fix the results of the flooding.

This is not only a defeat for Senate Democrats and Republicans who have supported the bill like John McCain and Lindsay Graham but also a defeat for the President who put the weight of the Presidency behind this bill and has been lobbying Senators heavily over the past two weeks.

Senate rules will not allow the bill to be brought back to life in this session of Congress and with next year being an election year Immigration is not likely to return to Congress for at least two years.

Though the bill is dead Congress and the President do have the Constitutional authority to do what the American people are demanding. CLOSE THE BORDERS AND ENFORCE CURRENT LAWS NOW.

Additionally the bill which passed last fall that appropriated funding to build 700 miles of border fence has yet to be completed. To date only two miles have been erected leaving a whopping 698 miles left to build.

Our voice has been heard and now we have another opportunity to make the will of the people known in Washington. Continue the pressure. Crash phone lines and servers expressing the closing of the borders and building the fence. We have prevailed once and can again. Again I quote Winston Churchill, "Never give up, never give in!"

Ken Taylor

Bush Freudian Slip? Calls Immigration Bill 'Amnesty'

While I have supported the President on many issues and also opposed him on several, this push to institute this Amnesty Bill is ridiculous and wrong.

In the video the President, whether a slip of the tongue or his subconscience actually admitting the full disclosure of the purpose of the bill, gives the reality of what "We the People, " have known all along.

This Amnesty bill disguised as Immigration Reform is bad legislation that avoids closing the borders and gives twelve million or more law breakers legal status and rewards them with all of the benifits of being a citizen of this country.

If the Senate passes this monstrosity we still have an extremely strong voice with the House who has no choice but to face us every two years and actually listen to the people much more than the aristocrats in the Senate.

Keep up the pressure and we will prevail !

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


For those who do not believe that there is life after death, the United States Senate has proven that the dead can be revived. By a vote of 64 - 35 the Senate staged a cloture vote to revive the Amnesty Bill. If cloture had failed the bill would have remained dead and most likely would not be revived.

The cloture vote now allows debate for amendments until Thursday when another cloture vote will take place. If the bill passes the next cloture then it will move to the Senate floor for open debate and the final up or down vote.

Following is a list of republican Senators who voted for reviving this bad legislation :

Bennett (R-UT), Bond (R-MO), Brownback (R-KS), Burr (R-NC), Coleman (R-MN), Collins (R-ME), Craig (R-ID), Domenici (R-NM), Ensign (R-NV), Graham (R-SC), Gregg (R-NH), Hagel (R-NE), Kyl (R-AZ), Lott (R-MS), Lugar (R-IN), Martinez (R-FL), McCain (R-AZ), McConnell (R-KY), Murkowski (R-AK), Snowe (R-ME), Specter (R-PA), Stevens (R-AK), Voinovich (R-OH), Warner (R-VA).

While the cloture vote does not guarantee final passage of the Amnesty Bill it is an indication that the bill does have a better than average chance of passage unless Senators can be convinced by their constituency to vote against the legislation. The magic number is five. The cloture vote passed with 64 and all that is needed to prevent a filibuster of the measure which will kill the bill is 60 votes. Five more votes against will guarantee the bill will not be passed.

The Senate has revived this bill despite the overwhelming out cry of the people. An out cry which I might add has crossed party lines. Latest polls show that 82% of the American people are against this free ride for illegal aliens, yet Senators are placing their political future on trying to push this bill through.

One of the most telling statements made since the idea of this bill first appeared was made by Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff in an interview on Fox News. Chertoff stated that the bill must be passed during this session of Congress, because it won't be passed in the next session, "because it is an election year."

Whether Chertoff intended to make this very enlightening statement or not is not quite clear but it does reveal the mind set in Washington about this bill. The fact that the bill is being pushed through to completion in a non - election year and that the bill will not pass in an election year, proves that Senators realize that the people DO NOT WANT THIS BILL.

It also shows that they and the White House understand that if this bill is up for any vote during an election year those who favor it face being voted out. How stupid do they think we are and just how short do they believe our memory is ? Regardless of time or year we will remember who voted for this bill and will use our voice at the polls to express our anger and dissatisfaction.

This arrogance on the part of Washington also emphasises the gap between those who are elected and the people they represent. To even think that they have the ability to ram-rod legislation through in a non-election year against the will of the people and that we will forget when they beg for our votes to place them back in their plush offices is an insult to our intelligence and to our duty as an American.

If this bill passes the Senate and I emphasize that it is still not a guarantee to passage, those who vote for it will face the wrath of the people. We still have time to make our voice heard and to remind these arrogant aristocrats who is their boss and who they must answer to under our free Republic and our Representative form of Government.

They in their arrogance may be relentless in forcing bad legislation down our throats but we are the power behind each office on Capitol Hill and we can and must continue to exercise the power of, "We The people of The United States of America!" To quote Winston Churchill, "Never give up, never give in!"

Ken Taylor

Monday, June 25, 2007


The United States Supreme Court has slapped down the McCain/Feingold Campaign Finance provision that restricts campaign advertising 30 days prior to an election.

An anti-abortion group challenged the bill all the way to the Supreme Court because prior to the the Wisconsin primary they were denied advertising which mentioned the name of Senator Russ Feingold.

Opponents of the McCain Feingold act have long claimed that the add restrictions before elections were a violation of free speech. The High Court agreed and ruled in favor of the group.

The Court stated that Grassroots lobbying before and election is legal and that the McCain/Feingold act denied the right to petition the government and free speech rights to state opposition to the position of an elected official.

Senator John McCain disagreed with the Courts decision stated that it was, "regrettable." Well Senator your bill was regrettable and the Court stands on the side of the Constitution and the right of the people to dissent. Well done and kudos to the High Court!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, June 24, 2007


"Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil." From Common Sense by Thomas Paine

Common Sense , a simple pamphlet that helped forge a nation and defeat an Empire. Thomas Paine first published Common Sense in January of 1776. This spark written as a condemnation of British rule over the Colonies simply by its immense popularity was a key contributor to the American Revolution which gave birth to our Nation.

The pamphlet in its denunciation of British rule was not very popular with the The British Parliament, King George nor with British authority in the Colonies. Though unpopular and a pronounced challenge to the authority and governing of Britain over America, London nor local Governors or any other British authority in the Colonies prevented the publication or distribution of this spark to Revolution.

The pamphlet expressed the desires and will of the American Colonies and the people while openly condemning the oppressive rule of the British Government. Its popularity in and of itself was its success and its legacy.

Common Sense is surfacing in another sense today in the form of Conservative Talk Radio. During any given week tens of millions of American Citizens listen to Talk Radio and through the availability of telephone have an opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions to millions of listeners.

Hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Neal Boortz and Mike Gallagher who are Nationally Syndicated and literally hundreds of local hosts discuss many of the pressing issues that we as a nation face today.

Not one listener is forced to turn their radio on each day and listen to their favorite Host or Hosts. Not one listener who calls into a show to express their opinion or outrage over issues are coached as to what to say or think. Millions of average Americans have in Talk Radio a venue in which they can express their views, listen to the issues and vent their outrage at Government.

Liberals are livid in their disgust of Conservative Talk Radio because the Hosts and listeners express an opinion that is contrary to theirs. As such there is a movement in the Democrat Congress to re-introduce the Fairness Doctrine which basically legislates that any station that airs an opinion oriented program such as Rush Limbaugh must by law give equal time to an opposing opinion.

Having spent more than twelve years in Radio, I know from experience that this move will bring the demise of Conservative Talk Radio. Every for profit Radio Station in the country is advertising driven. The Station provides the programing that is most popular with its given audience and in turn sells advertising that runs during station programing. This is how a Radio Station makes money.

Conservative Talk Radio is a huge money maker for Radio Stations and in fact because of its popularity some of the big boys like Rush can actually charge the station for the program and the station makes enough profit from the sale of advertising to pay for the show and fill the station coffers also.

The reason is because the audience that choose to listen is large enough to bring in the bucks to advertisers. That is the free market at its best! Liberal Talk radio has failed because it cannot bring in an audience nor the bucks to warrant the air time on a station. If it did stations would be knocking down the doors to air things like, Air America, etc.

The Fairness Doctrine in its legislation of the airways demanding equal time for opposing opinion would force stations to drop Conservative Talk Radio because of having to provide free airtime to the opposition. Financially it would be a disaster for the station to be forced to provide equal time. As such Conservative Talk Radio programing would be replaced with formats that did not have to provide equal time.

The Immigration Bill that is currently being revived in the Senate has brought new light to the possibility of the Fairness Doctrine because Conservative Talk Radio has given a very loud forum to the millions of Americans that are opposed to the legislation. Additionally Talk Show Hosts have revealed to the American People the details of the bill which Congress had been trying to more or less keep under wraps.

Senators Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer were over heard last week By Senator Daniel Inhofe (R, OK), conversing about how Conservative Talk Radio needed to be, "dealt with," by legislation. Because of the tremendous outcry against this bill by the public which has caused the power hungry in Washington to have to answer to the American People instead of ram-rod this legislation through the Senate, even Republicans like Trent Lott and Lindsay Graham have condemned Talk Radio stating that Talk Radio has , "controlled, " the country too long because it has given a forum that questions Congressional authority.

This is exactly why Conservative Talk Radio is Common Sense for the Nation in 2007. Just as Thomas Paine's pamphlet sparked the American Revolution which brought down the oppression of the British Government over the Colonies, Talk Radio is bringing light to the oppressive nature and the over burdensome control of the Federal Government on today's society.

Because of the massive popularity of Conservative Talk Radio and the threat that its popularity poses to liberals in Washington and the additional threat that its ability to rally the American People to prevent the Congress from usurping the will of the people Talk Radio is in danger of suffering a fate that Common Sense did not under British rule . The British who did not like Common Sense, did not prevent it. Liberals and those who fear the loss of their power in Washington are moving to stop Talk Radio and destroy freedom of speech and dissension of government.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Top Marine Commander in the Anbar province in Iraq has stated that, "Al Qaeda fighters will be expelled from Fallujah by August." This coming while here at home Senate Majority leader Harry Reid continues to spout that the, " surge is failing, " and the US commanders are , "incompetent."

Opponents of the war had long claimed that Al Qaeda has had no presence in Iraq, then when that myth was proven wrong they have claimed that they only came to Iraq AFTER the US lead invasion in March of 2003.

First for Al Qaeda to be as strong and as prominent in the Anbar province and especially in Fallujah shows that their presence dates back well before March of 2003. Second the fact that they are being eliminated and rather quickly in the last few weeks proves that not only is the surge working but that Harry Reid and the anti-war Democrats have no clue as to what is really happening in Iraq, nor care whether we win or not!

I cannot wait for the day when these defeatist Democrats whose only goal is to surrender will be forced to eat crow as our troops march in triumph down Pennsylvania Avenue. Of course knowing their arrogance as it is they will then try to take credit for the victory. At least it is a comfort to know that most Americans see through their scam and that the troops know and understand the truth about Democrat appeasers and who their true supporters are.

Ken Taylor


Even after the Palestinians killed each other Reid and company still refuse to see that Iraq will follow the same path were it not for US presence. Yeah the surge is failing. Tell that to Al Qaeda who is on their last leg in Fallujah!Michael the Hut has finally found a name for his warped, false and down right un- American movies. "Sicko, " is a perfect name to describe a Moore movie and the director himself!
Supermen come in many forms. Firefighters are among the best and bravest. The nine who lost their lives in the performance of the duties in Charleston, SC are true American Heroes. God bless them and those they have left behind!
Harry Reid.... out of touch and out of his mind. Calling our Generals incompetent, I guess he hasn't looked in the mirror lately has he ?

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I have not posted a Blog of the Month since May and had not realized it until today. So this Blog of the Month will be for the remainder of June and July. Midnight Blue is an excellent site with a myriad of information and well though out commentary.

The author, "Skye, " combines political commentary with a mix of enjoyable little ditties that will give die hard political junkies like me a break from the daily politics as usual in Washington.

Excellent work and well worth your time and adding as a link.


The United Nations Climatology Committee has made it clear that there is no longer any question concerning the origins of global warming. Al Gore has stated in his Academy Award winning documentary and in hundreds of speaking engagements that the case is closed. Man causes global warming.

I never believed it until today and now I have found the proof that man certainly DOES cause global warming, or at least the measuring of temperatures that indicate to scientists that global warming is taking place.

Now before those of you who visit this site regularly think I have caved and lost my mind, hear me out and read the evidence that is being presented. Former Television Meteorologist Anthony Watts of Chico, California have been investigating along with many of his associated the 1221 weather stations around the country that the government uses to determine temperature fluctuations and how much the temperature has risen over the last several years.

Each of these stations are very sensitive weather measuring instruments that can easily fluctuate in temperature if not located in proper locations and away from a heat source or a source that amplifies the heat from the Sun. The standards required for location of these stations states that they not be located less than 100 feet from a building, near any source of heat exhaust such as AC venting etc, nor near any type of pavement whether concrete or asphalt as heat is amplified on these surfaces.

In his investigation Watts has discovered some very interesting locations for the MAJORITY of the stations that he and his associates around the country have investigated. One for instance is locate next an airport tarmac where is continually is in the jet blast of planes entering the runway.

Many are either on roofs of buildings, next to a building and one instance had the station directly beneath a window AC . Other locations have found stations sitting next to barrels used for burning. Another is located in an electrical substation.

Here are some very and revealing pictures of some of these stations and graphs that show the temperature measurements from the same . Some of the pictures are of measuring stations not only in the US but in other places around the world.

These stations are used by the government and I might add Al Gore and his cronies to determine temperature increases and back their case for global warming and its effects on temperature. It is obvious that with the stations being located in areas where the readings are greatly effected by man made surroundings and man made machinery that exude heat, that global warming IS MAN MADE.

Except that the temperature from these stations DO NOT reflect the true temperature and as a result are giving false information in which to base rising temperatures on. One then has to wonder since the 1221 temperature measuring stations in The United States that are used as a basis for determining how much this portion of the globe is warming are sending less than accurate readings because of the environment surrounding the station, how many other instances throughout the world are similar ?

Man made global warming, no longer a myth but a fact .........or at least a fact based on false readings, faulty measurements and equipment that is not being used properly!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


One of the few things that we can always depend on from the left is that when they fear something or someone they will attack and/or run a disinformation campaign.

Fred Thompson has been surging in the polls and in many State polls he is actually the GOP front runner. Most national polls either have him tied for the lead with Rudi Giuliani or second to him. The latest Rasmussen poll has Thompson in the lead.

This strong showing by Thompson is from a still officially un-announced candidate. Yet he is running as a leading candidate across the board which would indicate that after his announcement the natural surge would place him ahead of everyone including Giuliani. The majority of this momentum has come form conservatives who see Thompson as the answer in the GOP that has been missing in the top tier of candidates.

While Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, Sam Brownback and Mike Huckabee all have strong conservative positions, they do not have the name recognition nor the backing to gain the nomination or beat the Democrat whether it is Clinton or Obama. Fred Thompson has similar conservative positions AND the name recognition to do both.

This combined with the strength in the polls looks to have the left very concerned about Thompson and the misinformation campaign against him has begun. When the left sees a situation like that of Thompson and his strong backing with conservatives the first thing they do is attempt to damage the relationship with the conservative base and especially with that portion of the base who are Christians and also those who are one issue voters.

Abortion is an issue that covers both conservative Christians and the one issue voter. The left has begun their misinformation campaign against Thompson with this issue. The very left leaning Newsweek Magazine is running a story in its June 25th issue that claims that Thompson's record on abortion will disappoint the conservative base.

The article attempts to give the impression that Thompson's voting record in the Senate and some of his previous campaign strategy is more pro-abortion which is an absolute falsehood.

Thompson has stated repeatedly that he is against abortion and that he believes that Roe vs Wade should be over turned because it was a bad decision. His record as a United States Senator on votes concerning abortion is as follows;

June 2000 - voted YES on maintaining ban on Military Base abortions.

March 1999 - voted YES on banning partial birth abortion

February 1998 - voted YES on banning human cloning.

These are the only three votes that came up during his term in time in the Senate concerning abortion and all three votes were in the positive for an anti-abortion stance. The National Right to Life, an anti-abortion group, gave him a 100 percent rating.

Where the left is twisting Thompson's stance on the issue of abortion is in his strong belief that government should not be involved in the abortion issue at all. Then if legislation is needed it should be at the State level and not the Federal level. Thompson is against a Constitutional Amendment on the sanctity of life because of his belief that government should not be involved.

In that same light Thompson has also repeatedly stated that he believes that the Constitution already states the sanctity of life through the fundamental freedoms found in The Bill of Rights.

Additionally Thompson has recently indicated that his stance on abortion has become more anti. In a Fox News interview Thompson stated ,"he's always been against abortion, but that the issue has "meant a little more" since he saw the sonogram of his 3-year-old daughter. "I'll never feel the same way again," Thompson said. "Not only is it in my head, it's in my heart now."

This attempt combined with others that have appeared and I am sure more to come to find issue with Thompson and the conservative base of the Republican Party not only proves his strong viability as a conservative candidate but that the left sees him as a threat who has the ability to win the White House in 2008 and, who knows, even have strong coat tails in bringing conservatives to the Congress and returning the GOP to the conservative platform that elected them in the first place and has been neglected for several years.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, June 17, 2007


In an attempt to garner support from the Republican base and GOP Senators who are is strong opposition to the Senate Amnesty Bill President Bush on Friday proposed 4.4 billion dollars toward border security along the Mexican border as an amendment to the bill.

On the surface this proposal sounds good. After all those of us who are opposed to the Senate bill want border security addressed first and foremost, then the situation with illegal aliens addressed without amnesty. Also securing the Southern border is in our best national interest as it increases our protection against a possible infiltration from a terrorist entity.

The problem is that this proposal is nothing more than a smoke screen designed to get the base and GOP opposition on board a bad bill. First the 4.4 billion dollars that the President has proposed would come from fines and penalties that are established in the bill in question. Which means that the bill would first have to pass the Congress and be signed into law by the President and then all 12 plus million illegal aliens would have to step forward and register for the Z - VISA BEFORE THE MONEY COULD BE APPROPRIATED FOR BORDER SECURITY !

Second, just before the last election the Congress passed and funded through the Department of Homeland Security one billion dollars to build a 700 mile fence along the Southern border. A fence that has had ONLY TWO MILES completed and whose funding has amazingly vanished since passage. The President's proposal by the way calls for just over 300 miles of fence. So why are we to believe that any fence is going to be built in this bill since the first 700 miles was never completed ?

Lastly is the question of the legality of the funding. The Constitution states in Article 1, Section 7, "All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills." Any appropriation of funds by Constitutional law originates in the House. Therefor the 4.4 billion in funding for border security is an empty proposal unless the House first decides to appropriate the money. This cannot originate from the Senate side of the Congress.

There has been a question circulating as to whether the fact that the money originates from fees and penalties which from a Constitutional stand point does not necessarily apply to House approval of funding first. This technicality still falls short of the Constitutional test since the use of the money is for a funding proposal for border security. Regardless of where the money originates it still must originate in the House before funds can be appropriated since it will be a budget item associated with revenue raising.

This Constitutional provision is how House Republicans plan to , "blue slip,"( which is nothing more than a form whose color happens to be blue), the bill if it passes the Senate to prevent it from passing the House. The , "blue slip, " move in the House stops the bill in its tracks because of the revenue raising provisions in the bill that are being pushed through by the Senate which is Constitutionally wrong!

Support from the American people for this bill range from high figures of only 22% to lows in the range of about 15%. The strong opposition of this bill is also having ripple effects against GOP Senators and Congressman who support the bill which could equate to the emergence of conservative candidates that can return the GOP to the conservative platform that gained the majority in 1994.

In my own State of South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is under fire and his support in the state has dropped so drastically that a large number of County GOP Chairman are calling for the State GOP to find and back a candidate to defeat Graham in the primaries. Graham lost the conservatives in this State when he became a member of the, "gang of fourteen, " during the Supreme Court nominations. It was thought though that because of his backing and getting additional federal funding for a new interstate that is being built in the State that his re-election was secure.

His popularity has fallen so much because of the Senate Amnesty Bill and his co-sponsorship and support of it that there is concern that he cannot beat a Democrat challenger in 2008. During the recent GOP State convention he was actually run off the stage during a speech supporting the bill. The boos from the audience prevented him from completing his speech.

Stories like this are appearing in several States whose Senators and Congressman are supporting the Amnesty Bill. Even those in the GOP who have stood with the President on the war are abandoning him over amnesty. This bill is being pushed down the throats of the American people and frankly WE DON'T LIKE IT!

It is thought by those in the Senate who have revived this bill that , "We the People, " are no longer paying attention since we came out in a loud voice two weeks ago and pushed for this bill to be removed from the Senate floor. It is thought that before the July Fourth recess that they can quickly and quietly pass this amnesty bill without the people even realizing that it has been done.

Well much to their surprise, e-mails, phone calls and letters are pouring in at greater numbers than before crashing in boxes and message services. Senate Staffers are answering constituents at a record pace and the opposition is still pouring in. Many staffers have noted that they have never experience anger to the extent that it is showing in opposition to this bill.

GOOD ! Let's keep up the pressure. Our voice still counts in this country and those who seem to forget that they are answerable to the people especially in the Senate are going to learn through this bill that they are not an unchecked power who dictate to the people what is in our best interest. We the people know what is best for our nation and as long as the Constitution still stands and the elected representatives must face their constituents, WE WILL PREVAIL!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, June 14, 2007


One of the many things that is attributed to the two landslides in 1980 and again in 1984 that elected President Ronald Reagan was an interesting twist within the Democrat Party. Registered Democrats who were tired of what their party was doing and liked the conservative agenda that Reagan ran and governed by came out in large numbers and voted for a Republican. They became known as Reagan Democrats.

Yesterday the Democrat National Committee Website posted a hit piece against Fred Thompson. Usually when this type of piece is posted on the site it is because the DNC is concerned about the impact of an opposition candidate. The post allowed comments.

Low and behold rather than the comments being flooded with additional slams against Thompson, Democrats were actually blasting the DNC for the hit piece against Fred stating that they were not only intrigued by his candidacy but liked what they heard and what he stands for.

The DNC, not wanting to be seen with egg on their face first pulled the comments then the entire post off of their website. Looks like Fred has the ability to cross party lines and appeal to all conservatives regardless of party as President Reagan did. The last time this happened the Dems went down in a landslide as Walter Mondale lost every state except his home state of Minnesota. Go get 'em Fred!

Ken Taylor


Be careful what you vote for! Yeah the GOP was kicked out by the voters and traded for what ? William Jefferson, Nancy Pelosi and her direct spending plan to, "replace, " earmarks. Harry Reid and, " we have lost the war, " hearing after hearing after hearing after hearing after hearing.... The surrender agenda, and the list goes on and on and on. The Democrat Energizer Bunny, they keep lying and lying and lying and lying ........
Gore says IF he wins the Nobel peace Prize. The fact that he is even nominated doesn't say much for the prize in the first place. I guess the $ 325, 000 he receives if he wins will help pay his electric bill for a couple of months ....or less.
Appeasement while the threat keeps growing. I guess the left won't be convinced until the nuclear cloud is over Washington or some other US city.
Move over Rudy, Fred is coming through and coming through like a freight train!
How many times do they think they can resuscitate this bad legislation ? Maybe if we buried it in Mexico it will go away. Oh I forgot the borders are STILL not closed so some illegal alien will just dig it up and bring it back across the border.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


It pains me to have to lump the name of a sitting GOP President with that of a very liberal Democrat Senate Majority Leader, but the actions of both men have placed them in the same category over the attempted revival of the Senate Amnesty Bill.

I have never been one to hesitate in criticizing President Bush on issues that I disagree with even though I am a member of the RNC. I have disagreed strongly on his push to compromise especially on entitlements and other government spending. Illegal Immigration is another issue that I differ from the President and it is obvious especially in light of statements that he has made in the past few days that he is completely out of touch with the pulse of the American people on this issue.

In a similar light Majority Leader Harry Reid is also. In his attempt to make the GOP look bad over this bill he stated to the media yesterday that it was the Republicans fault that the bill was tabled last Friday and that the President had to get 25 GOP Senators on board to get the bill to pass.

Now I don't know about you, but as a member of the GOP I am proud that Republicans have derailed this amnesty bill because it is such a BAD piece of legislation. Not only does it offer amnesty to illegal aliens but it allows them most of the rights and privileges that we who are legal citizens of this country are allowed under the law. This given through the Z-Visa program as a reward for breaking the law.

Bush actually thinks that the people are not understanding this bill and it is up to he and those in the Senate who favor the bill to educate the people on the merits of the bad legislation. Mr. President there ARE NO MERITS to this bill and we know it.

The White House comment line has been flooded with calls and comments as well as the e-mail to the White House. So much so that both crashed because of the huge response in telling Bush that we the people DO NOT WANT this passed. We understand it and know what it will cost as well as the fact that it allows the law to be broken and amnesty to those same law breakers.

In my own State of South Carolina our two Senators are at odds with each other over the bill. Lindsay Graham a John McCain clone, who is running for the VP spot if, (not likely), McCain gets the nod for the nomination, is one of the co-sponsors of the bill and is receiving tremendous criticism here in the Palmetto State.

Our Junior Senator Jim DeMint has been very vocal in his opposition and in fact is one of the Senators who has been attempting to amend the bill as a means of stalling the vote which resulted in Reid removing it from the floor last Friday.

Though the White House lines have been flooded we still have the power to stop this bad legislation by voicing our opinion. Continue to call and e-mail Senators and the President. If the lines are busy or the e-mail full or crashed, keep trying until successful.

We tabled it once and can and must continue to stop this bill until it no longer shows its ugly face in the Senate again. Bush and Reid may be out of touch , but we the people still have our voice and they can and will listen.

If you want to get in touch with the people Mr. President, close the borders, enforce the law, penalize employers and dry up the jobs which will send the illegals packing back to Mexico.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


We defeated it once when Majority Leader Harry Reid tabled the Senate amnesty Bill last Friday. Our voice was heard and we can make our voice heard as many times as the President and the Senate try to push through this disgusting amnesty bill. Call the White House Comment line today and let the President know how you feel about this terrible legislation. The Comment Line number is 202 - 456- 1111. CALL RIGHT NOW!


Twenty years ago today in Berlin, Germany President Ronald Reagan called on Soviet General Secretary Gorbechev to tear down the Berlin Wall.

Reagan was the first US President to stand firm against the Soviet Union and that stance coupled with his policy of strengthening out military lead directly to the collapse of the USSR and the fall of the Berlin Wall ending more than forty years of Cold War with the Soviets.

His critics condemned him for his stance against the, "Evil Empire." Democrats believed that he would bring the ,"wrath, " of the Soviet down on America. Much of the world protested his stance against the USSR.

But Reagan new that Soviet Communism was weak and that a strong stance against their expansionist plans and ideals would lead to the end of the , "Evil Empire."

He was vilified then, but history has proven him correct and shown that his strength and steadfastness not only prevailed but brought to an end the threat of nuclear destruction from the USSR that had dominated US policy since the early 50's.

Ronald Reagan remembered. A truly great man and leader who lead during and extremely difficult time. He brought optomism and vision to the nation and pride in being an American.

Ken Taylor

Monday, June 11, 2007


While polls are something that can be manipulated, certain situations such as the polling for the Presidential race with the large number of candidates in the current field can and do give a very interesting perspective of the pulse of the public.

With the large number of candidates running the possible manipulation of the polls under the usual, "scientific, " scrutiny is highly unlikely since the only real question in these particular polls that is asked is , "who do you support for President in 2008." Or any number of variations of that question.

What has made the GOP polling so interesting and telling is that while Giuliani, McCain and Romney the top tier candidates have been in the race in one form or another since the first of the year or before, Fred Thompson who is still un-announced is not only in the top tier but second in the latest Rasmussen poll and third in the latest Associated Press Poll.

There has been much talk of a general , "ho hum, " attitude with the current field of GOP candidates and the emergence of Thompson in just announcing his exploratory committee and the strong showing that he is having among Republican and especially conservative voters has proven that the GOP field has been lacking a candidate that the base and much of the rest of the Party can truly get behind.

This aspect coupled with the top tier of candidates having many positions on the issues that are not conservative is much of the reason that Thompson has started the process of become a candidate. His conservative ideals and strong positions on the issue is causing conservatives whether members of the GOP, Independents or even conservative Democrats to sit up and take notice of Thompson.

When President Reagan ran in the 80's one of the reasons he was elected with such a wide margin in both the 1980 and 84 election was because of his conservative appeal which crossed party affiliation and began the conservative revolution that became the basis of the Republican Party for nearly 20 years. The drift from this revolution is why many believe that the GOP has not only lost its way politically but why they find themselves in the minority in Congress.

Thompson offers a return to the conservative platform that made the GOP the viable and strong political party that swept the Congress in 1994. This same conservatism was why Reagan was elected to two terms. Thompson again brings to his candidacy the conservatism that the GOP has drifted from and with the strong showing has a very real shot at the nomination.

His nomination and/or a continued strong showing will force the GOP to stand up and take notice of the conservative values and policy that made the party the majority and elected three out of the last four President's. Either way the conservative appeal that Thompson brings to the 2008 Presidential race is once again showing as it did with Reagan in 1980 that conservative values and positions on the issues are strong and a force whether Red State or Blue!

Ken Taylor

Marie's Two Cents posting of Thompson You Tube Campaign

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Dateline - Friday June 8, 2007 - Defense Secretary Robert Gates announces the retirement of General Peter Pace Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Noting that Congressional members commented that re-nominating him at the end of his term in September would be contentious in hearings not because of the man but because of the politics of the war.

Admiral Michael Mullen nominated to replace General Pace as Chairman

Syria possibly massing military on border with Israel in a move to re-take the Golan Heights

G8 summit ends following discussions that were reminiscent of the Cold War between The United States and Russia

Senate Immigration Bill fails cloture vote and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tables the bill possibly marking the end of immigration legislation until at least next year.

These are just a few of the major news headlines that took place on Friday June 8, 2007. Why do I note these headlines ? Because most of them did not make more than a passing mention during the news cycle of that day.

Just the announced retirement of General Pace alone would have perhaps dominated the news on any other day but not Friday June 8, 2007. Why ? Why did the nation nor the world for that matter take notice of such important news taking place in the world ?

Spoiled rich Hilton Hotel heiress Paris Hilton was picked up by a squad car, handcuffed and carted back to court to finish her jail sentence for a DUI charge which resulted in her license being suspended, which resulted in two more arrests for driving with a suspended license, which then resulted in her initial jail sentence, in which she cried and whined and moaned and claimed being on the verge of a medical breakdown causing the Sheriff to send her home to get the spoiled brat out of his hair!

SO WHAT ! But the so what factor did not control the news cycle for Friday June 8, 2007. Paris Hilton did. Everywhere one looked on that day whether FOX, CNN, MSNBC, the Evening News Broadcast of ABC, NBC and CBS. News sites on the web, even the half hourly radio news breaks it was all Paris Hilton all the time.

Either the world has lost its collective mind choosing to want to know the frenzied tabloid news about a spoiled brat who was receiving her just rewards for thinking she could get away with anything because of her name, OR the press no longer cares about real news, true and hard investigative news, news that actually matters .

Actually it is a combination of both. News organizations, and yes as much as I enjoy FOX News who are also guilty of this, maybe not as much as some but still guilty, choose , "Tabloid Journalism," over tough hard hitting, dig deep, search the files, contact the sources, seeking the truth journalism that finds real news and honest reporting.

Seeking a quick headline, a memorable sound bite or a ratings coup news has now become a daily regurgitation of following the stars, quick blurbs to fit the 24/7 news cycle and stories that look for an audience that rather than making conclusions based on real hard and true facts, is looking for a , "quick news fix, " that faintly brushes the truth, tells only a portion of the story or as was the case on June 8th, follows the disgusting antics of Celebutards whose only reality is deciding what expensive car their driver will chauffer them in today.

Even when reporters actually report the, "hard news, " they report it in a manner that rather than giving an objective unbiased investigative report, looks to create a memorable sound bite or a quick byline that in most cases follow a particular political agenda or idea.

While the mainstream media is quick to condemn , "Tabloids, " like The National Enquirer, Star or other such grocery store newspapers, most media outlets whether Cable or Broadcast News, Radio or Internet have become nothing more than glorified, "tabloids, " themselves. Reporting fluff, partial truths or just plain non-newsworthy items just to acquire ratings or a perceived audience.

Part of the blame falls on the public. The majority of , "news, " seekers are no longer interested in complete reporting, or hard news but rather in what is happening with their favorite star or sports personality and when they show even a small interest in , "real news, " they want only a quick blurb and not the full honest and unbiased story.

Who can blame them ? This is the type of reporting that most of the public have been trained over the last several to expect and as a result seek as they look for their news on a daily basis. The quick sound bite, the partial story, the agenda based reporting all have turned news into nothing more than a 24/7, " Entertainment Tonight, " with a dash of hard news sound bites thrown in occasionally as was the case all day on June 8th.

There are a few solid investigative new shows or sites scattered on the tube and the web but unfortunately only hard core news junkies or those like bloggers who research for self education actually pay any attention to this type of real reporting.

This has created an uninformed public that only accepts partial truths in reporting and quick news bites or tabloid journalism as their only source to make decisions on voting or how they perceive current issues. Rather than taking the necessary time to become thoroughly informed most of the public in our fast food oriented world cannot even tell who their Senators are and many do not know who the Vice President of The United States is.

This disinformation reporting, tabloid news as we witnessed with Paris Hilton and the general lack of knowledge by the voting public has helped in a very real sense in allowing Washington to have a real controlling power from the Federal Government that was never intended by The Founding Fathers when this country was born. We the People as a whole would rather know what Tom Cruise or Paris Hilton are doing than in what our Representatives are legislating in Washington.

Most of the nation would rather take the sound bite word of tabloid journalists than find out what is really happening in the war, their Congress, The United Nations or any other government entity or issue that we face today.

When we as the people of The United States speak Washington still listens as proven by the failure of the Senate Immigration Bill which died mostly as a result of amendments that were being tagged to the bill by Senators who were seeking change in the legislation because of the outcry from their constituents.

This very fact is why days like Friday June 8, 2007, Paris Hilton day in the news, have slowly and surely contributed to the dumbing down of America and the rise of an all powerful and consuming Federal Government. We are disconnected with our representation because most do not care to find out what they are doing. The media does not care to report the whole truth or to only follow their particular agenda.

The sad truth is that if George Washington and the other great men who founded our nation were to see who and what we have become they would in their own good conscience begin a second American Revolution to bring real freedom and liberty back TO THE PEOPLE!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Catch the wave. Fred Thompson, conservative Republican 2008
Let's see, Hillary voted for the war now she says her vote was wrong, Edwards voted for the war and after lying about reading the intelligence report and voting for political gain says, "I'm sorry for my vote." All the rest are running from their vote and seeing who will be the first to cross the finish line for pulling out. Funny though when the appropriations bill that just passed came up for the vote, other than the Dems running for President only a few voted to NOT send the troops the funds. Hmmmm, they want to be CIC but they don't want to support the troops.
It's time to get the RINOS out and bring in a new class of conservative Republicans who are in touch with the people and not asleep at the wheel. Yeah John McCain is among that bunch!
No matter how you size it up amnesty is amnesty and the Senate wants amnesty! It looks though like this bill may be dead in the water. One can only hope!
I know I already have a Fred pic. But could not resist this telling coat button. Yep he's no McCain, Romney or Rudi. He IS a conservative and that's what the GOP and the country needs! It is so refreshing to hear a Presidential candidate finally talk about the Constitution and limited Federal Government and more to the States. Let's see....yep I remember , THAT IS WHAT THE FOUNDERS WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!! Hey he also calls for further reducing the tax burden. Though there will never be another Reagan, Fred does remember and believe in the ideals that the late President stood for unlike many in the GOP.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Sixty three years ago Allied forces began the liberation of Europe in the largest invasion force in history. Operation Overlord took the beaches of Normandy and began the end of Nazi Germany. To the thousands who gave the ultimate sacrifice on those beaches a grateful Nation remembers. To those who served and survived, a grateful Nation says, "thank you."


An interesting meeting took place last night at the Myrtle Beach, SC City Council. Among the many item on last nights agenda was a proposal to fine and punish local business that knowingly hire illegal aliens.

I have mentioned before that because of the huge influx of retirees especially from the Northeast into this area housing and service related jobs are booming. After all when one retires, why cut the grass, power wash the house, etc. Hey you can't blame them at all for paying for services after they have earned a restful retirement. Additionally though housing costs are rising because of the influx a retiree from the North can sell their house and move here into a house twice what the had at half the cost.

So needless to say construction and the need for construction workers is booming. The problem that has risen is that with the boom a huge invasion of illegal aliens offering cheap labor has forced many skilled laborers to look elsewhere and skilled service industry workers to do the same.

The Myrtle Beach City Council had an opportunity to help the situation and begin drying up the job availability for illegal aliens. Instead they voted 9 - 3 against the proposal without any debate and very quickly moved to the next item.

This one example is one of the many reasons why we as a Nation face much of the illegal alien problem that we have now. When this country adopted the Constitution we understood that the Framers intended for the Federal Government to be limited and that the State and Local governments were to handle much of the governmental needs of the people.

Immigration or as the Constitution states, Naturalization is only mentioned twice and as such much of legalities concerning immigration can be taken care of at the local level whether State or Municipal.

While securing the borders along our Southern line with Mexico IS a Federal issue because it encompasses the crossing of State lines, the employment of illegal aliens can and should be handled at a local and State level. By doing so the , "need, " for legislation like the amnesty bill that is currently before the Senate would not exist. If the State and Municipal Governments would pass tough employment laws concerning the hiring of illegal aliens then the jobs would dry up and the illegals would leave of their own accord because of lack of employment. After all a business is licensed at the local level not the federal.

The problem that now exists as was proven by the Myrtle Beach City Council is that the power and all encompassing reach of the Federal Government has become so strong that State and Municipal Governments no longer see the necessity or have the will to handle law at the local level but rather pass the buck to the Feds.

Simply put if every State passed legislation with stiff penalties for hiring illegals also for harboring and transporting them then as the jobs dry up, the illegals go home. Additionally border security would be easier since the enticement of a job and easy money to send to Mexico would no longer exist, the flood would then stop or at least decrease to a trickle.

While it seems that our voice is not heard in Washington, I can assure you that the State and local Governments still listen to the people because they have no choice but to face us since they live with us and are not isolated in the National Capitol.

That does not mean that we give up on making our voice heard in Washington but we can increase the pressure by stampeding the local and State Governments which in turn will increase the people's noise in Washington. Trust me if we are loud enough someone will hear and act!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Fred on the issues


While this video gives only a thumbnail idea of how Fred Thompson stands on the issues, it does give some detail concerning many of the major issues of today. Thompson's conservative credentials are strong and one of the many advantages he offers to the GOP and the nation is that he has the clout and name recognition to defeat Hillary and/or Obama the likely Democrat nominees.

Thompson also offers something that is not in the current field of GOP candidates. His strong conservative stands coupled with the name recognition makes him a very viable candidate unlike other conservatives in the field like Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter. Both are good men and strong conservatives but unfortunately facing the facts neither has the ability to win in November 2008.

In a comparison to the top tier candidates, Giuliani, McCain and Romney, Thompson is more conservative than each of the three. Romney's record despite his conservative talk of late is very left of center. McCain has irritated much of the GOP base and again he is centrist or left of center. Giuliani while conservative on foreign policy and issues involving the war has received much criticism for his liberal stances on social issues.

Thompson is not a far right conservative but his voting record and stand on issues defiantly puts him very right of center. With the seeming collapse of the GOP and the recent news of grassroots support of the party decreasing because of the immigration issue, Thompson has the capability of bringing the base and those who are somewhat disillusioned with the GOP back to the fold.

This factor also is another reason for the surge in popularity for his candidacy since it again emphasises his ability to beat the Democrat nominee and prevent the likely nominee Hillary Clinton from gaining The White House. Additionally his strong conservative stands will force the GOP to once again base the party platform on conservative ideals that brought the party into prominence in the 80's under Reagan and into power in 1994.

Thompson will stop the GOP from running away from conservatism and rather embrace it especially if he continues to gain support as he has been. The latest Rasmussen poll shows that since his announcement Friday forming his committee he has surged from third and fourth in many polls to second only behind Giuliani. This while still technically an un-announced candidate.

Fred Dalton Thompson, conservative values, ideals and leadership that brings to the 2008 Presidential race what the country is looking for.

Ken Taylor

Also blogging on Thompson Mikes America

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Date Line Neptune - The Planet Neptune is heating up and is now suffering from Global Warming. Since 1980 Neptune's average temperature has increased 7.80 degrees which is causing massive climate changes in the planet that is furthest from the Sun. Pluto is no longer considered a , "planet," in our Solar System therefor Neptune's orbit places it at the furthest reaches of the Solar System.

Panic is ensuing on the planet by inhabitants who see Global Warming as the most dangerous threat to Neptune Kind in the history of the Planet. The Neptunian Nations Climatology Committee has recently completed a conference on the effects of Neptune Global Warming on the Planets future and have come up with some startling conclusions.

According to the Committee, whose members consist of the most renowned Scientists in the Neptunian Scientific Community, Neptune's Polar Ice Caps are melting at an astounding rate which will cause Neptune's oceans, once they melt, to rise and flood coastal areas throughout the world bringing death and destruction to all major Neptunian Cities along the coast of each Neptunian Continent.

Neptune's atmosphere is primarily composed of hydrogen and helium, with traces of methane gasses and the , "Gashouse, "effect which stems from these gasses being trapped in the atmosphere are what the Committee attribute to the rise in the average temperature of Neptune.

Neptune's Global Warming Guru Halbart Yore former Vice President of The Neptunian States and whose recent movie , "A Non-Convenient Fact, " has received high acclaim from Wallywood and a Homer Award for Best Documentary, states emphatically with the Neptunian Nations Global Warming Conference that the primary cause of the, "Gashouse, "effect is man made.

Siting industrialization, increased SUV use by Neptunians, ( who have chosen this form of transportation over much more climatological friendly Neptunian Hyprids), deforestation, (though most Neptunian's have never seen a tree since the atmosphere cannot support plant life), and man made floral carbons from many sources especially planes, each of these Neptunian man made problems have caused the tremendous increase in Neptune's temperature.

Yore warns, " that if Neptunian's do not cut back floral carbons and stop the,"Gashouse, " effect the icecaps will melt completely, much of the East Coast of the Neptunian States will be under water, famine will cause the deaths of millions of Neptunians as food will become scarce and the Planet Neptune will eventually no longer support life."

Yore and the Scientific Community have introduced a plan to off set use of private jets and chauffeur driven SUV's by those like he whose life style does not afford them to make the sacrifices that he is demanding of the rest of Neptune. Carbon off sets can be purchased to plant an equal number of trees to counter the floral carbons released into the atmosphere by jets and SUV's.

While most Neptunians have no idea where trees can be planted on this Planet that cannot support plant life Yore and those who have given the dire warnings about Global Warming will have their conscience eased as they contribute to the betterment of the planet.

Story from a Neptunian Times article written by Yikes Wallace.

This entire Neptune story that you have just read sounds incredibly stupid doesn't it ? Yet while the un-inhabited planet of Neptune could never have a story like the one above the fact is that Global Warming IS taking place on the planet.

Since 1980 the average temperature of Neptune has increased by 7.80 degrees and the graph at the beginning of the article is factual. Scientists actually attribute the Global Warming of Neptune to increased Solar activity from the Sun.

Neptune is the furthest Planet from the Sun and its temperature has increased nearly 8 degrees in just over 20 years from Solar activity while our own Planet Earth's temperature third Planet from the Sun has increased nearly one degree in a little less than 100 years.

In case you do not remember science classes from school Neptune is not inhabited and does not suffer from any man made floral carbons, SUV use, planes, industrialization or the, "Greenhouse, " effect yet Neptune's temperature has increase nearly 8 degrees in 25 years compared to 1 degree on Earth in nearly one hundred.

Neptune's Global Warming is caused entirely by the Sun but according to Al Gore and the United Nations Climatology report man is the primary cause of Earth's Global Warming with little or no mention of even the remote possibility that the same Sun causing the massive increase on Neptune could be the major and quite possibly the ONLY source of Earth's Global Warming as it IS on Neptune

Yes the above fictionalized story about Neptune Global Warming sounds really stupid and so does Al Gore's story about Earth!

Ken Taylor

Saturday, June 02, 2007



Sources within the camp of former Tennessee Senator and possible Presidential candidate Fred Thompson have revealed that the Senator will be starting his, "exploratory, " committee next week and make his official announcement for the Republican Candidacy for President during the 4th of July Holiday.

The purpose for the exploratory committee is to allow a candidate to begin fund raising for a campaign. While it is not an official announcement, it does give all indications of a candidates true desire to run for President and the official announcement usually follows. For Thompson that official announcement will follow relatively quickly.

Thompson brings to the GOP class of candidates true conservatism in the Reagan mold with strong stances on the war and a strong national defense, increased border security, tough stands against illegal immigration, limited government, less taxation and conservative views on today's pressing social issues.

Thompson will bring to the GOP the conservative ideas and views that top tier candidates are lacking with the electability and name recognition that the conservatives in the second tier who have announced do not have.

To the mantra that has become so well known, "Run Fred, Run " I add this, "Fred IS Running!"

Ken Taylor

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