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Thursday, August 30, 2007


Former Tennessee Senator and perceived Presidential Candidate Fred Thompson as this post is being written is announcing to his top donors and 800 - 1000 campaign workers that he is in the race officially according to the Washington Post

He is also planning an appearance next Wednesday on the Tonight Show with a follow up press conference to make the final official announcement on Thursday September 6 and officially file his papers on that day also.

Many believe that Fred has waited to long to officially get into the race but I disagree and not just because I am a supporter. His move to wait has been compared to the Mohammad Ali rope - a - dope that the heavy weight champ became famous for.

When facing an opponent Ali would lean on the ropes and protect himself with his forearms and hands while his opponent would wear himself out beating on Ali's arms. Then without warning the champ would unleash the famous Ali shuffle and plow into his opponent for victory after the other guy was worn slam out.

Many across the nation already tire of the Presidential race and listening to the same thing over and over even in the debates. Thompson has remained clear of the constant public view and when he makes this official he will be news and somewhat a breath of fresh air to the voting public, which should give him a big boost in the polls going into big push before the primaries right after the first of the year.

So for those who have been waiting Fred IS RUNNING!

Ken Taylor


Personally, though I think Vic is a low life for his dog dealings, I think the story has been over kill in the media. But this cartoon was just to good to resist. Have a good laugh at Vic's expense!
The most efficient, clean and renewable energy source available but since the days of Jimmy Carter and because of the former Prez the tree huggers have prevented nuclear power from becoming a viable energy source in the US. Maybe it's because lard butts like Teddy K , have an aversion to anything that looks like a girdle!
Still unannounced and still leading or tied for the lead in most polls. Many have compared it to the Muhammad Ali , "rope - a - dope, " which made Ali Heavy Weight Champ.
"Arriba, Arriba, Arriba, Andale, Andale eet ees time for me to geet out of here." And frankly Alberto, because of the underhanded way you were treated by one can blame you!
Ya gotta love the Hildabeasts baggage. It is the best of many advantages that the GOP has over the 2008 Democrat nominee. Her baggage is her undoing!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Two interesting events took place this week that came from opposite ends of the political spectrum from two different individuals who could NEVER be political allies. Neither event had anything to do with the other but both have the ability in the context of the event to benefit the GOP in the 2008 election.


The first is the resignation of Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General. While I have gone on record in stating in a previous posting that Gonzales was a victim of a Democrat hack job and witch hunt, his resignation while tragic because of why he resigned will have benefits to the GOP that lie well beneath the surface for the moment.

Most will agree that Gonzales was not one of our better AG's, nor was he one of our worst, ( Janet Reno under Clinton and Ramsey Clarke under LBJ come to mind at the top of the worst list). Gonzales was an average AG who accomplished a few things and was not strong enough in his office on many.

His leaving though creates a situation that before this year is out and especially as we enter an election year in 2008 that will give cause for the American people to take a deeper look at Democrats and re-electing them to the majority in Congress.

The resignation of Gonzales is a direct result of the witch hunt for Bush administration officials that has to date bagged two. Gonzales and , "Scooter, " Libby. While the Libby case has been legally resolved and the ramification for the Dems were small, the Gonzales situation will be another matter. Libby came about from Democrats seeking a big fish in Karl Rove. Instead they got a small fish in Libby and on charges that at best were manufactured from an investigation that had no reason to take place.

Gonzales because of his position as AG is a big fish and as such the Dems have blood in their eyes and political hacking lust in their hearts, thirsting for more. They understand that their relentless hearings and accusations toward Gonzales led to his resignation and now because of their perceived success in taking down a prominent member of the Bush administration they will quickly seek more.

As was the case with Libby and Gonzales they will find nothing substantive or illegal in their next political hack job, but they will use up exorbitant amounts of tax payer time and tax payer money in going after one, after another, after another , after another in endless hearings to satisfy their blood lust for Bush administration officials.

The American people who by their extremely low approval ratings for Congress have already shown that they have grown tired of this Democrat witch hunt will continue to increase in their disgust of the Democrat leadership and the poor Congressional record. As such a back lash against Democrats will begin to steamroll and of course elitist Democrats whose political philosophy is to not listen to the people's voice but rather inform the people that only THEY, (Democrats), know what is good for America, will find themselves on November 6, 2008 scratching their head wondering what happened when a tide of Congressional seats fall from Democrat hands to the GOP.

HILLARY, (The Hildabeast)

The second event that took place was a statement that Hillary made in a speech in reference to the possibility of a future terrorist attack on The United States. She said that any attack on the US will benefit the GOP.

Of course she meant this as a dig to the warmongering Republicans who stand in favor of a war that was manufactured by their President George W. Bush. But in actuality her statement which does have a good deal of truth behind it is more a damning testimony about her own party and the policies that they have pushed in defense of the nation.

No one wants to see another terrorist attack, especially another 9/11 take place in our homeland. Yet the fact is that when the inevitable does take place the American people WILL stand behind the Republicans far more than they will a Democrat. Why ? Simply put, because the GOP has long backed fighting and defeating this murderous and ruthless Islamic enemy while Democrats have done everything in their power to obstruct, push defeat and surrender to this enemy of all Americans.

Democrats fear another attack on the US, not because of the loss of American lives or the impact it will have on our nation, but because another attack will remind Americans of why we fight and why this enemy must be defeated AND how much the Democrats have hampered the war effort and fought for Americas defeat in the war. Through Democrat efforts of disinformation, hampering and out right lies, many if not most Americans have forgotten the impact of 9/11 and the very reasons that we are fighting radical Islam.

Democrats see the enemy as the President, the GOP, especially conservatives and they also fear the loss of political power while tolerating the real enemy Islamic fanatics who seek our death. They want to understand them, or talk with them or negotiate rather than do the only thing that these fanatics understand, seek them out and kill them BEFORE they kill us!

So in essence the Hildabeasts statement that another attack would benefit the GOP is not only true but a sad commentary that something as devastating as an attack on our country could benefit one political party over another, when both parties are American and only one, the GOP sees defending our country is more important than political power or correctness and that America is the answer to most world problems and not the cause.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


For those who have visited this site regularly, you will most likely gather that I am a supporter of The Fair Tax. A consumption tax that eliminates not only all federal payroll taxes including FICA, but because of the elimination of the embedded taxes in consumer goods including housing and automobiles, the consumption tax of 23% will replace the current embedded taxes keeping prices the same while eliminating payroll taxes. As a result incomes will increase and the paying of taxes will be a choice in accordance to our spending habits rather than mandatory taxation every time we earn income.

Government revenues will actually increase while personal income will no longer be taxed from the federal level. It is also speculated that if this tax becomes a reality on the federal level individual states will follow suit as they see the success which will in turn eliminate state payroll taxes and the embedded state taxes in consumer goods, replaced by a consumption tax of a like amount.

The Fair Tax has been gaining momentum in that last several months and has the very distinct possibility of becoming part of the Republican Party platform. Several of the GOP Presidential candidates have either endorsed The Fair Tax or stated that if it passes Congress they would as President sign it into law.

This momentum may have received a damaging blow because of an irresponsible OPED that appeared in The Wall Street Journal last Sunday. The author of the article Bruce Bartlett is a well known writer who leans conservative in most of his OPED's. Bartlett stated in the article that The Fair Tax was first introduced originally by the Church of Scientology in the early 1990's. This is not only a false statement but if one would but do a little simple research the facts would prove that The Fair Tax has nothing to do with the consumption tax introduced by Scientology in the 90's

The Church of Scientology was seeking tax free status as a church from the IRS in the early 90's. The IRS refused to grant them that status and recognize them at least from a taxation stand point as a church. To get even for this lack of recognition Scientologists introduced a consumption tax proposal of 17% as a means of eliminating the IRS as the federal tax revenue department. Their proposal added the consumption tax to all consumer products without eliminating the embedded taxes and also did not eliminate payroll taxes.

The proposal failed but because of this article by Bartlett the stigma of this failed proposal has now been tagged to The Fair Tax. Once again a little simple research would show not only the differences but the fact that The Fair Tax was developed much later than the Scientology proposal and buy a group of economists who spent 22 million dollars researching the best way to repair the tax system. They researched many different models from a flat tax to a revamping of the current system before they came up with The Fair Tax as the best and most efficient way to fix the tax system.

The problem that this article creates for The Fair Tax movement is not that the article was all that powerful in its reach or its content. It is that any candidate who now runs with The Fair Tax as part of his/her platform risks political advertisement from the opposition that will quote, The Wall Street Journal, the nations premiere financial newspaper as saying that The Fair Tax was first introduced in the 1990's by the Church of Scientology, thus placing that same stigma on the candidate.

This one political tactic will be used to turn conservatives away from supporting any candidate who supports The Fair Tax. That fact that this type of irresponsible reporting has appeared is a testimony to how strong the momentum for The Fair Tax has become and that opponents will, as is the case in anything political, say and do anything to stop something they see as a threat.

Those who oppose The Fair Tax see it as a threat because Congress will no longer have the ability because of The Fair Tax to use the increasing of taxes as a means of political maneuvering to increase spending or tack on pork. It is a direct challenge to the unchecked power that the Congress has over the American people and their ability to control and spend our money as they see fit rather than, "we the people, " controlling the income of the government which is how a Constitutional Republic works.

The Fair Tax returns the power of governments income back to the people as we will ONLY pay taxes in accordance to what we spend as consumers. Additionally everyone will be taxed in like manner, rich, poor middle class, tourists and even illegal aliens. The Fair Tax also includes a prebate which reimburses on a monthly basis taxes collected through consumer purchasing of necessities like food, medicine etc. that is based on the income of those who are spending. Thus the poor will receive a larger prebate percentage of their spending than the middle class and so on.

The Fair Tax is the best idea that has come along to repair/replace the current tax system and has a very good possibility of making it to the House floor after the next election. This attack by Bartlett in The Wall Street Journal has the capability of inflicting damage to the movement.

The only way to overcome it is through education of the truth and the voice of the people demanding of their Representatives the passing of The Fair Tax. It is still our country and our government and we, when speaking in a united voice have the ability to move the Congress in the direction that we who ARE the country know that this nation must go.

I believe as do many millions like me that The Fair Tax is that direction as far as the tax system and our individual freedom to control our own income and finances rather than the Congress and the government.

Ken Taylor

Monday, August 27, 2007


Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announced his resignation today effective September 17. President Bush reluctantly accepted the resignation stating, "After months of unfair treatment that has created a harmful distraction at the Justice Department, Judge Gonzales decided to resign his position and I accepted his decision."

The President further stated that Gonzales was a good man who was , "dragged through the mud, " for political reasons. Democrats have been after Gonzales almost since he was first appointed Attorney General more than two years ago.

Now as a result of a scandal that was only a scandal in the eyes of power hungry and vindictive Democrats a good and honest man whose reputation and name have been dragged through the mud unnecessarily has stepped down from the office of Attorney General so that the Justice Department can work as it should without the shroud of ridiculous Democrat investigations hanging over the AG.

Democrats have succeed in pressuring Gonzales into leaving amidst false allegations of illegalities in the firing of eight federal attorneys whose job is at the discretion of the President and as with any job if the boss decides that it is time for them to go then they are terminated.

Every President since the formation of the federal attorneys in the Justice Department has hired and fired attorneys whenever it was deemed necessary and in almost every instance in numbers vastly larger than eight. In fact most President's replace most if not all federal attorneys either at the beginning of their Presidency or in the course of their years in the White House.

It has been stated time and again as an example that Bill Clinton fired 93 at one time while President and no investigation followed since it is accepted that the hiring and firing of federal attorneys is at the discretion of the President and handled through the Justice Department and the office of Attorney General who is their immediate supervisor.

That is until Democrats in this Congress saw an opportunity to play political games with the firing of the eight and since the first months of this year have had hearing after hearing investigating Gonzales over the firings and each hearing came to no conclusion except to have another hearing. Alberto Gonzales finally resigned after being fed up with having his name and reputation constantly being slandered by liberal Democrats who sought nothing but blood from some member of the Bush administration.

This entire fiasco over the firings has been Democrat politics at its worst, yet the very Democrats who have slandered and accused Gonzales falsely this day are patting each other on the back and in some back room meeting deciding which administration official they will go after next for the sole purpose of dragging them through the mud and destroying for the sake of destruction only.

Democrats have searched without evidence anything they could drum up to scandalize the Bush White House. Everything from the non-existent , "outing, " of Valery Plame, to false accusations of the VP and Haliburton and now the resignation of Alberto Gonzales over normal Justice Department procedures in the firing of federal attorneys.

Democrats who are in the majority ONLY because of a back lash against the GOP, still understand that they cannot win at the polls by stepping into the arena of ideas and having a serious discussion of the issues. So their usual strategy is to search for scandal, make false accusations and play these both in the media wing of the Democrat party to gain a political advantage at the expense of good public servants and the nation.

The real losers in this Democrat sponsored fiasco are the American people who had to suffer through wasted Congressional time and money that should have been used for the best interest of the public and not a witch hunt for Democrat power grabs and of course the loss to the American people of a good and faithful public servant in Alberto Gonzales, a good and decent man.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Tribute to Ronald Reagan


Saturday, August 25, 2007


Just prior to the beginning of the August Congressional break, ( reprieve for we who tire of the liberal mantra), Democrats made it painfully clear that even with the prospects of the report that is due in mid September by General Patraeus on Iraq, the Democrat policy would follow the usual cut and run, surrender stance that they have followed for more that three years.

In fact many prominent Democrats like Harry Reid were already beginning the usual rhetoric concerning pulling the troops , the failure of the surge and the incompetence of our military and its commanders, especially the Commander in Chief.

Now as we approach the return of Congress after the Labor Day weekend, Congressional Democrats and especially the upper tier of Democrat Presidential candidates seem to be singing a different tune. While still not jumping on the stay until the mission is completed policy that has been that of President Bush and the GOP since we first went into Iraq, many are actually admitting that the surge is working and the outlook on Iraq is much better than it was even at the beginning of the summer.

Hillary, (the Hildabeast), Clinton expressed best this new , "vision, " that Democrats are adopting concerning Iraq when she stated that the surge is working but it is ,"to late to win the war." Stupid ? Yes, but it does have the advantage for liberals concerning the war, at least from a voting stand point to somewhat appease the liberal base while opening the door to reach the more moderate voter. A fence post stance the she is famous for.

The other direction that Democrats seem to be taking is backing off of the pull out, (surrender), rhetoric and piling on to the Maliki government to the point that many are calling for the removal of Maliki as Iraq's Prime Minister. Faced with a growing support for staying in Iraq until the job is completed here at home and success that is so evident that even the usual liberal lies and the MSM's biased coverage cannot hide, Democrats are moving to their next strategy which consists of admitting that the military aspect is working while condemning the political side.

It has long been known that Maliki was a weak Prime Minister at best but Democrats have basically ignored Maliki and opted instead to attack the troops, the commanders, the strategy of the war, especially the surge, which they condemned as a failure before it even started and of course the President. They are now discovering that all of this is not only failing for them as a strategy but as popularity increases at home it is hurting their chances in 2008 and combined with a lack luster job performance since January in Congress giving them the lowest poll ratings of any Congress in history.

So now many Democrats are calling for the removal of Prime Minister Maliki and the reconstruction of the Iraqi Parliament and government. While this may play well for them in the press for the time being, my question is, "what gives them or anyone besides the Iraqi people the right to call for a new PM and a new government ?"

While Maliki is not the best of leaders and the government has been struggling, it is still the duly elected government of the people of Iraq and until they as a sovereign nation of free people choose to change that government no one, even elitists Democrats has the right to demand or expect otherwise.

Even elitist Democrats would cry foul if another nations political leaders were demanding the removal of our President. Democrats would be among the first to tell that foreign government it has no right to demand anything of our governmental structure even if that President were not popular at all among Democrats. In fact I believe that it would be one of the only times that Democrats would step forward and even defend President Bush.

Yet these same elitist Democrats are demanding that the leader of another sovereign nation be removed and replaced in accordance to who and what THEY believe should lead that government. Maliki may be failing, he may be weak and he may not be able to turn things around politically in Iraq, but he was elected by the people and his ouster is their choice and their choice alone.

Our only position should be, while disagreeing with his ability to govern, supporting the right of the Iraqi people to make their governmental decisions and as such supporting them as an ally and a sovereign nation that is in need of our help. That does not mean staying indefinitely in Iraq but it does mean that we respect the people of Iraq enough to let them decide who runs their country.

We expect nothing less for ourselves as a nation and should not demand anything less for nation in whom we respect as an ally. I do not hear Democrats calling for the ouster of Iran's President and he has threatened our nation, our allies and our very existence. Yet Democrats recognize Iran's sovereignty in governing, despite our disagreements and their status as an enemy of America.

Iraq deserves that same respect and even more so since they are allies and are a new fledgling government that needs our guidance and not our condemnation. Democrats will soon see that this strategy will fail as their surrender strategy has. In fact I will go on the record as saying that come mid-September when the Patraeus report is made public that Democrats will once again twist the successful findings into yet another round of accusations of failure, demands for troop, "re-deployment, " and pull out, (surrender), and condemnation of the President , the commanders, the troops AND the Maliki government.

This time though the majority of American people have grown wise to Democrats and their maneuvering concerning the war. They see the hypocrisy and their motivation behind their actions. They understand that winning the war is essential for America and that Democrats advocate losing only for political advantage regardless of the cost to the troops and the country. This time the Democrat strategy of surrender and appeasement will fail even before it begins.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Experience.......White Water, Travelgate, Health Care Debacle just to name a few and now all the records of her , "experience, " are sealed at the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor. Yep she's experienced at lying, deception, and political meandering.
Good news in Iraq is bad news for Democrats. Defeat for America is a victory for Democrats and the only, "victory, " they favor. The do nothing Democrat Congress. They have the power they crave, the majority they lied to get and the leadership that could sink any ship.
The many facets of Democrats and Iraq. Their plan for surrender has taken on many faces but the plan has always been for surrender.....except now that success in Iraq is obvious to everyone. Now according to their leading Presidential candidate, the Hildabeast, "the surge is working but it is to late for victory." To paraphrase the old slogan for ABC's Wide World of Sports which describes Democrats perfectly. " The thrill of defeat and the agony of victory."

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


As August is coming to an end and Congress is preparing to return to Washington after the Labor Day weekend, Congressional Democrats are facing a dilemma which may lead to their losing the majority in next years election.....Iraq.

South Carolina's ( don't blame him on the majority of SC), James Clyburn the House Majority Whip recently stated that a successful report by General Patraeus in September would not be good for Democrats. This statement by Clyburn is in reality becoming a fulfilled prophecy.

The dilemma that Democrats are facing is the result of their own leadership and the liberal agenda which continually demands a quick or short phased pull out of Iraq regardless of success or the sentiment of the people.

Recent polls are showing that as the surge continues to show success combined with the anticipated positive report by General Patraeus coming in September, the mood of the country is changing toward Iraq to a more positive out look and staying in country until the job is completed.

Even liberal rags like the New York Times have been printing articles by very liberal writers saying that the United States can win in Iraq. Some of the Democrat Presidential candidates are even admitting that the surge is working. Hillary, (the Hildabeast), Clinton in a recent speech before the Veterans of Foreign Wars admitted as such but then in order to appease her liberal supporters followed this admission by stating that she believed it was, "to late to win." Go figure. In her pandering for votes she placed herself squarely in the middle of the fence with the fence post directly under her liberal butt!

The problem now that is facing Democrats as stated by Congressman Clyburn is that because of the successful news coming out of Iraq Congressional Democrats are facing a split in their position over Iraq. In recent months while Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Murtha, to name a few, have been blasting the war with their usual surrender rhetoric, Democrats have for the most part had a united front in calling for a quick pull out regardless of the consequences. This position has satisfied the liberal base and kept the Move On . orgs and Daily Kos liberals happy.

Now with the success of the surge being so apparent the so called , "Blue Dog , " Democrats face either siding with the liberals like Pelosi who regardless of success will always find a way to spin the rhetoric toward defeat and failure, or following the voice of their constituency.

The, "Blue Dogs, " whose election to Congress last November was the key factor in Democrats gaining the Majority for the most part belong to districts who are moderate to conservative. These districts have traditionally either voted GOP or for a more conservative leaning Democrat. Most of the, "Blue Dogs, " were voted into office because of the back lash toward Republicans last year.

As a result these Democrats face the same type of back lash from their districts if they side with Congressional liberals when a successful report is given by General Patraeus and these same liberals stick to their hard core surrender at all costs attitude.

This is where the split in the surrender coalition places Democrats in a precarious situation as we move into an election year. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will use every political strong arm tactic with the, "Blue Dogs, " to prevent Democrats from showing anything but a united front on Iraq, following the liberal surrender doctrine. The , "Blue Dogs, " then will be faced with caving to the leadership and possibly losing their seat or standing with their constituents on Iraq and facing the wrath of Nancy and Harry which will isolate them in Congress while watching the Speaker prevent any money or programs for their districts from ever reaching the House floor.

It has always been said that good news in Iraq and good news for the country is bad news for Democrats. Well the good news is that this particular statement is not only coming to fruition but is placing the Democrats in danger of losing the majority that they live for and the power that they seek. Which of course IS good news for the country!

Ken Taylor


The Blog Of The Month is Jenn's Journey as a Conservative Chic. Long title for a very interesting and informative blog. Jenn combines conservative values in a well rounded site combating liberals while getting the conservative truth out over the web.

Well worth your visit and adding as a link !

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


In an unusual decision a Kansas City appeals has ruled that illegal aliens are only illegal when they cross the border but not if they stay in the United States. In a decision based on Congressional definitions, the judges ruled that unless an illegal alien has been deported their status in this country is not illegal.

Somehow that seems to be a contradiction since their entry in the country is illegal but, according to the court, unless they have been deported at least once their presence in the country after entering is not illegal.

This lunacy concerning illegal aliens is a never ending cycle of finding some way to twist the law, ignore the law, or just plain break the law in order to allow the more than 12 million illegal aliens who are in the US to either remain or delay deportation. In fact when an alien is discovered they are in most cases let out of jail and given a date to report back to authorities in order to be deported.

Well, DUH, this is like telling a convicted felon that, though they have broken that law we will wait to send you to jail for two weeks. In the mean time go on home and relax than come back to the court house after two weeks and we will ship you of to jail. How many would show up ? The same number of illegals that show up for deportation, ZERO!

The courts now are finding excuses, the Congress have been making excuses, the President backs the excuses and now loop holes in the law are enforcing the excuses. Excuses to keep from doing what is necessary. Close the borders and enforce the law regardless of the situation. Until enforcement of the law in deporting illegals, punishing employers and total border security to stop the flow from Mexico takes place this nightmare will never end.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 19, 2007


25 each day. 750 over a 30 day month. 9,125 every year. Why should these numbers be alarming to every American ? Each number listed equates to the death of one American in this country. Are they caused by war ? In a sense. Are they caused by traffic accidents? More than half. Are they caused by a catastrophic disease ? Not one. So what is the cause of 9,125 deaths in the United States every year ? ILLEGAL ALIENS !

Representative Steve King, (R Iowa), has researched deaths caused by violent crimes and drunk driving in the United States and his research discovered an alarming statistic. On an average each day in this country 12 Americans are killed by a violent crime performed by AN ILLEGAL ALIEN. An additional 13 Americans are killed in automobile accidents each day by DRUNKEN ILLEGAL ALIEN DRIVERS! 25 Americans killed each day by illegal aliens !

Putting this alarming statistic into perspective. Since the beginning of the Iraq War there have been according to the Department of Defense from March 21, 2003 through August 17, 2007 a total of 3,706 US casualties as a result of fighting in the Iraq Theater. We have been in Iraq 1,606 days since the first recorded casualty on March 21, 2003. This averages out to .o433 soldiers killed each day since the invasion began.

Using the Vietnam war as another comparison, United States casualties from 1964 to 1975 were 58, 209 which is an average of 5,292 each year over an eleven year period. Of course certain years the actual figures were higher than others but the above figure is an average based on eleven years in Vietnam. That average is still 3, 833 LESS that the average of 9,125 Americans killed each year by illegal aliens in this country.

Anyone who does not believe that we are at war here at home and that the flow of illegal aliens into the United States is not an invasion that threatens our citizens and our nation is either living in a fantasy world or does not care that Americans are dying at an alarming rate because of this invasion.

How many protests have we seen organized by the liberal left protesting this war at home ? How many advocacy groups have formed to speak for the victims of violent crime by illegals against US citizens ? How many groups are crying out for the American citizens who are killed each year by drunken illegal alien drivers ? How many Congressional hearings have been or are being held concerning the deaths of 25 Americans every day at the hands of these invaders ? The answer to every one of these questions is ZERO !

Yet every day we hear of protests supporting the, "right, " of the illegal invader to be in this country. Every day illegal alien advocacy groups make headlines or file a law suit on behalf of the illegal invader. Congress has had hearing after hearing and attempted to pass legislation supporting the legalization of the illegal invader. 9,125 Americans die each year at the hand of this illegal invader and who is crying for them ?

If even 25 Americans died because of a mining accident the press would have 24/7 coverage and Congress would demand hearings. If 25 Americans were killed by a bridge collapsing the press would have 24/7 coverage and Congress would demand hearings. If 25 Americans were killed in a terrible traffic accident during rush hour on any interstate in any of our large cities, the press would have 24/7 coverage and Congress would demand hearings. If 25 Americans were killed by a hurricane the press would have 24/7 coverage and Congress would hold hearings. Yet 25 Americans die EVERY DAY at the hand of illegal invaders and the media and Congress are BOTH quiet!

Where is the outrage ? Were is the disgust ? These 25 Americans that die each day at the hand of the invader are our fellow countrymen and no one says anything! The flow of the invasion continues to flood the borders. The invader criminals continue to stalk our streets. The invader drunken driver continues to terrorize our roads and no one wants to do ANYTHING TO STOP IT!

Our borders are still a wide open gap between Mexico and the United States. Border Patrol Agents are outnumbered a thousand to one. Employers still encourage the invader to come to this country for an income. Washington refuses to enforce the laws that will stem the flow of the invasion. Law enforcement looks the other way in most instances when an invader breaks the law. That is until that invader who is on probation from another crime executes three college students in New Jersey or elsewhere in our country.

Our courts are a revolving door of illegal invaders breaking the law and being set free without punishment or deportation. The law is being broken the minute the invader steps foot on our soil and nothing is happening to stop it, only band aids to slow the invasion down from a raging flood to a constant flood.

If this were a declared war by an invader whose government was attacking the United States, our military would be mobilized to stop the invasion and destroy the invader in order to protect our nation. I am not advocating taking military action to kill everyone who crosses our border, but setting up a blockade of tanks to make the invaders take a second look at crossing our borders would not be a bad idea!

We have laws in place right now to stop the invasion and arrest the invader. We have laws right now to punish employers whose practices encourage the invasion. We have laws right now that allow the closing of our borders to the invasion and the deportation of the invader back to their own country. We have the money in place to build the fence that will stem the flow of the invasion and I might add we should go to the extent of placing an electrical charge on the fence to prevent it from being climbed.

My fellow Americans, these are our countrymen who are being killed by the invader at a rate of 25 per day. This is not a conservative or liberal problem. A Republican, Democrat, Independent or Libertarian problem. This is not a Christan, Jew, Muslim or Atheist problem. It is an AMERICAN problem that effects all of us regardless of religion, political belief or social status.

We spoke in a strong and powerful voice to stop the Congress from passing a disgusting amnesty bill that would have given the invaders legal status in our country. We are still the power and the true voice of this nation. The United States of America is still a nation of the people and , " we the people, " can force the end of this invasion. We have proven time and again throughout our history and the amnesty bill was the most recent example that when we speak in a united voice Washington has no choice but to listen.

Since they refuse to protect our citizens from the invasion then it is we who must demand that they do. We crashed the Congressional network and phone lines to prevent the amnesty bill from passing and we must do the same thing everyday to protect our nation from the invasion. I fear that if we do not and the invasion continues as it is, we will lose our country to the invader. The ramblings of that have already begun. We may also see a vigilante movement against illegal aliens that may rack this country like the racists and the KKK after the Civil War.

The time to mobilize in a concerted effort to force the hand of the President and the Congress to stop the invasion is now. We as a united people must act before it is to late. Before another 9, 125 of our fellow Americans fall to the hands of the invader !

Ken Taylor

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Let's see, they've sealed her records at the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor, she gets only softballs when questions are asked, most polling show that more than 55% of likely voters can't stand her. Yet she's the favorite for the Democrat nomination. The old ball and chain may be a drag down the Dems but she is definitely an asset for the GOP !
The Global Warming Debate........NASA has found a computer glitch that completely changes the climate information that GW is based on showing the temperatures are not climbing. Everyday prominent scientists are speaking out against GW calling it a hoax, but.......yeah you guessed it the Gorwellians still claim the the debate is over and that man is destroying the planet. The only thing being destroyed is the credibility of the GW crowd!
I had to include this one simply because it is the best picture of the Hildabeast that has yet to surface. Maybe rather than the Hildabeast a more appropriate name would be Hillzilla.
Made in China, recalled in America and dangerous for the kids. Yet Katie Couric in her daily commentary on CBS radio blames Mattel Toys and apologizes for the Chicoms! Liberal lunacy at its finest! What ever happened to the good old made in America Slinky ?

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


This is not any type of indictment concerning Mitt Romney and his recent victory in the Iowa Straw Poll. Rather a brief explanation of how the poll works in light of the huge media push that is claiming that the win by Romney is a testament to the GOP and the coming Presidential election

What follows in this explanation is legal and what has traditionally been practiced concerning the Iowa Straw Poll. The reason that Mitt Romney showed so well in the poll is that he used more money and distributed it in a way that gained the most votes.

First, just to cast a ballot in the poll a voter must pay a fee of $ 35.00 which allows participation. The voter in not told who to vote for when paying this fee, but allowed the privilege to vote. Romney understood this practice and chartered more than 100 buses to pick up supporters around the state and bring them to the festivities in Iowa.

He then payed their $ 35.00 fee so that everyone who he brought in on the chartered buses could vote. Of course he did not tell them who to vote for , but as one could imagine when they climbed on board the bus it was pretty much a foregone conclusion as to who they would vote for. Again Romney did nothing illegal in doing this he just had more money to put into the poll that others who participated.

This is why the Straw Poll is not taken very seriously by many politicians. Winning it makes for good publicity for the winner but because of the way the poll is run, as far as it being an indication of how the election or the primaries are shaping up, well just look at the national polls and even after the win Romney, while gaining a few points is still a distant third behind Thompson and Giuliani.

Ken Taylor


For anyone that belives that it takes a huge government plan or policy to close our borders and build the border fence, history as Newt explains in the above video proves otherwise.

If the government were serious about border security, it does not take an act of Congress, nor any legislation at all. It just takes sending the crews to the border with the materials and getting the job done.

Border security and stopping the Mexican invasion as well as possible terrorist groups from entering our nation through open borders is a priority that demands action NOW!

The hole can and must be plugged. The capability, finances and materials are there what is lacking is the will to end this open border fiasco and protect this nation from illegal invasion and entities that mean us harm who have been documented as posing as Mexicans and even being trained as such in Venezuaela by Hugo Chavez.

If the rolls were reversed and it were Americans crossing the Mexican border, not only would a fence be in place but the Mexican Army would be standing on the other side waiting to shoot anyone who attempted to climb the fence.

We have the right, the ability and the means to protect our border as any country in the world already does , yet still the invsion continues.


Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Karl Rove has announced his resignation effective August 31, 2007. Many on the left and the MSM, (one in the same), are trying to play his leaving as ducking Senate investigators in the fired federal attorney hearings. Of course this is the usual load of liberal hog wash. Rove is leaving on his own terms and basically because as the President is winding down the end of his final term Rove's services as a political strategist are no longer needed. The administration is finishing out in the direction it has chosen and it is to late in the game to change strategy very much.

This combined with the obvious direction that Democrats will continue over the next year and a half allows Rove to leave knowing that he has completed the job Bush appointed him to do, good and bad. Rove will still be in the mix though. His advise will be sought when needed and Bush will still use him as a close confidant when necessary. So though not in the White House, he will still be involved with the administration in a lesser capacity and with the GOP.

Rove had many successes and failures during his tenure in the Bush White House. In this writers opinion his greatest failure as a political strategist was in not correctly gaging the mood of the conservative base on several hot issues such as immigration which hurt Bush and the GOP until just recently when the administration changed its approach concerning illegals and began enforcement of the borders and employers as was demanded by the majority of Americans.

Another failure of Rove as a political strategist was in allowing the left to have the upper hand concerning the war especially Iraq. Rather than continually being on the offense in the all to important venue of public scrutiny, Rove did not push Bush into using the , "Bully Pulpit, " to make the case for the war with the American people. Additionally when Democrats stole the spotlight and portrayed the war as a failure, the duty of a Presidential political strategist is to counter false statements by the opposition with the truth.

While small tidbits of truth concerning the war came out through blogs, talk radio and such a concentrated campaign to get the real truth out about the success in Iraq never surfaced which left many conservatives and others in the GOP disillusioned with the administrations ability to fight for what it believed and the base supported. This combined with the rampant spending that the GOP allowed while in the majority and Bush signed onto has left the GOP in a certain amount of disarray, which will always be a part of the Rove legacy.

While Karl Rove was brilliant and second to none in strategy on how to win and get into office both for the President and members of the GOP who sought his help, it seems that once his strategy attained the office his grasp of what it takes to keep the American people satisfied and especially following the conservative agenda which put them in office in the first place left something to be desired.

Obviously Rove learned much from his mentor Lee Atwater but not enough to achieve the success that Atwater had during the Reagan years and the beginning of the H. W. Bush years.
For those of you who may not remember Lee Atwater was a native South Carolinian who came into prominence as the chief political advisor to President Ronald Reagan. Granted Atwater had a much stronger candidate and President to work with in Reagan than Rove has had in Bush, but there are several fundamental differences in the way Atwater worked and Rove.

While Reagan was far superior in his ability to communicate with the American people than Bush, both Reagan and Atwater understood that constant communication of ideals, policy, intentions and even failings with the people is essential to successfully being President. Reagan was a master at this and used his ability to communicate to always inform the people of what he was doing and why. Bush has attempted this occasionally but in many instances it was almost to little to late. That is where a political strategist comes into the picture in making sure his boss comes across as not only knowing what he is doing but standing up to the opposition and making his case directly to the people, who will back their President.

Atwater made sure of this with Reagan while Rove fell short of this necessary duty. Another way in which Rove did not follow his mentor was in understanding and combating the political opposition. Thomas P. "Tip" O' Neill was Speaker of the House during the Reagan years and was a much more powerful, savvy and intelligent politician and political opponent than Reid or Pelosi could dream of being. Yet even with this giant among liberal politicians Reagan was able to get most of his agenda through Congress while only having GOP control of the Senate for the first two years of his two terms. The remainder was total Democrat control that hated everything Reagan did.

Atwater was ruthless when it came to standing firm against the opposition and did not cave or compromise which has almost been a trade mark with many of the conservative ideals while Rove has been at the White House. I realize of course that it is the decision of the President but any President depends on advise from his political advisers and Atwaters advise to Reagan was almost always on the mark while Rove's many times has left much to be desired.

When Atwater left the White House under H. W. Bush and took over as Chairman of The Republican National Committee he left the GOP strong and gaining in registrations and confidence for the future. His time as RNC Chairman was short lived as he was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor which claimed his life.

Rove leaves the GOP in a certain amount of disarray and uncertainty about the direction of the future of the party. Bush and the GOP are beginning to wake up to the reality that a conservative agenda like that of Reagan and Atwater is what the country wants and is the success that will return the GOP to the majority and win the White House in 2008. But for Karl Rove , while a brilliant campaign strategist, leaves behind a legacy of White House service that had some successes and a great many failures in strategy especially in getting the message across to the American people.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 12, 2007


In what would seem a 360 degree change for the President, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced last week that the Bush administration was not only increasing border security to stem the flow of illegal aliens into The United States but will also be pressuring employers to fire illegal workers by enforcing existing laws.

In a statement issued shortly after the announcement President Bush said, "These reforms represent steps my administration can take within the boundaries of existing law." Of course as would be expected the announcement had mixed revues as does anything the President announces. Democrats blasted it and claimed along with illegal alien advocate groups that the crack down would damage the economy as prices would rise on commodities because of the firing of workers.

The addition of 370 miles of border fencing, 300 miles of vehicle barriers and 1,700 Border Patrol agents also drew criticism from illegal alien advocate groups who encourage the crossing of illegals into this country.

In light of the President's past policy concerning illegals and his lack of effort to enforce existing laws, does this change in enforcement mean that Bush and the GOP finally understand that the American people want and demand this approach to the illegal alien problem in this country ? Did the failure of the Senate Amnesty Bill make them realize how serious the people are over this issue ?

It would seem so since this is the first significant move by the administration to enforce existing laws and crack down hard on illegal aliens. While this is not only good news for the country it does also pose another question concerning the future of the GOP and especially the position of Republicans as we approach 2008 and another election.

Though the election is still months away there has really been no significant excitement over the Presidential candidates and especially the platform of the GOP and the candidates have had a , "Ho Hum, " response at best. While Fred Thompson still causes a stir while conservative await his announcement after Labor Day because of issues concerning the airing of Law and Order episodes and equal time problems they pose only Rudy Giuliani is making any real head way with voters and that is minimal at best.

As far as the GOP as a whole though they are not as far down the ladder as they were at the time of the last election there is not much that voters see as significant enough to oust the Democrats and return the GOP to the majority in Congress. That tide also seems to be shifting ever so slightly but not because the GOP excites any great response but because Democrats have failed so miserably in Congress.

Democrats have made their strategy very clear both in the Presidential campaign and the Congressional races as the 2008 election cycle escalates after Labor Day. The Presidential candidates while sometimes playing tag with digs against each other during the debates are focusing on the war and pulling out of Iraq following the same rhetoric as the Congress concerning surrender strategies and calling Iraq a failure despite evidence to the contrary.

Democrats in both houses of Congress are following a strategy that basically falls along these lines. Blast the President, vote for withdrawal, (surrender), measures investigate the Attorney General and then when those three moves begin losing what little interest they stir with voters, Democrats repeat the same pattern again while claiming to have a new direction for the country and a new strategy.

Voters are seeing through this and polls are showing that Congress under Democrat leadership as well as the leaders themselves are getting a failing grade with no prospect for a better future in the eyes of the American public.

Where then does this leave the GOP ? With this significant move by the Bush administration coupled with many Senate Republicans in forcing the failure of the Senate Amnesty Bill on the issue of immigration combined with recent changes over spending and a strong stance on preventing Democrats from pushing through proposed tax increases, the GOP may have finally understood what they must do in order to win in 08 and most importantly what the American people want out of Washington.

If the GOP were to stand strong and embrace the following issues as they seem to be moving this writer believes that they will not only win the Presidency next year but stand a good chance of gaining the majority in the Senate and possibly the House also. Here are the key issues the GOP must embrace for success.

1. Continue their steady stance concerning national security and the War on Terror by maintaining a strong defense and staying on the offense against terrorism.

2. Strengthen border security and continue to push for strong enforcement of existing laws which will stem the tide of illegals into the country.

3. Embrace the conservative standard of limited government especially concerning intrusion through unnecessary regulation thus limiting the reach of the government over individuals and business.

4. Stand true to decreasing taxes and possibly add to the GOP platform endorsement of the Fair Tax which eliminates all federal payroll taxes and taxes on business with a consumption tax. This type of tax reduces federal taxes on goods and when that reduction is passed on by business will decrease the tax on all consumer items from housing to products by 23%. The consumption tax then would replace this with a federal sales tax of the same amount thus eliminating all taxation to individuals and business. Taxes then will only be paid when a purchase is made and by everyone not just those who earn a paycheck.

If the GOP would embrace these four issues which are the most important to the American people and not only stand true to these principles but run on these issues during the campaign voters will respond in a positive manner to not only the candidates but the party as a whole. The , "Ho Hum, " will be replaced by a renewed interest in conservative values and the cynicism will be replaced with a belief that Washington or at least the GOP does listen to the people.

The time for the GOP to move is now. There is no time to waste capitalising on the failures of the Democrats and finally listening to the people who ultimately in our Constitutional Republic are the boss and the power which makes this nation great. The move cannot be for just political expediency but a whole hearted belief and stance on conservative principles that led President Reagan to landslide victories and the GOP into the majority in 1994.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Is the Hildabeast starting to crumble ? While moderators and the MSM keep pitching softballs, it seems the voters are starting to challenge her and also seeing through the lies. She has had several instances lately with hecklers challenging everything from her do nothing for New York record to her obvious run for power and power alone. A recent fund raiser in Florida with Bubba as the quest at $2500.00 a plate only drew 80 people. The polls show her leading with Democrats but likely voter across the board see through the lies and the smoke screen.
Congress is on its summer break and this Democrats led fiasco will accomplish just as much on the break as they did while in session. The only difference is that WE won't have to listen to the daily barrage of sound bites and lies from Reid, Pelosi and crew! I am enjoying this vacation!
The out look is good. Preliminary reports show that General Patraeus will have a positive and successful report in September. But Dems are already gearing up to reject the report, deliver their usual bag of lies and crap and once again vote on useless and needless surrender measures. In other words business asa usual.
The more he talks the more he proves that he has no business running for President. You don't start running with the big dogs until you get off the pablum. No experience and no clue. the rock star is fading!

Liberal, Progressive regardless of what they call themselves they still want to gobble up your income, spend it on socialism and surrender to the enemy. All the while looking politically correct, never calling Islamo fascists what they are because it ,"might offend," and running the country down the tubes in the process. Democrats at their best!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


At 8:52 PM Pacific time in AT & T Park in San Francisco Barry Bonds hit career home run number 756 over the right center field wall taking sole possession of the Major league Baseball home run record passing Hammerin' Hank Aaron. Fireworks went off and Bonds bowed to the cheers of the crowd.

Hank Aaron congratulated him via a recorded message over the parks system. San Francisco icon and arguably the best all around player ever to play the game and incidentally Barry Bond's Godfather, Willie Mays was present for the post record ceremonies that crowned Barry Bonds as the new MLB Home Run King.

But is there truly joy in Mudville now that Bonds has broken the record. All sports records are made to be broken and this one is no different in that sense. Yet this one record stands out head and shoulders above the rest as the single most prestigious record in all of sports.

Babe Ruth held the record at 714 for more than forty years. Hank Aaron held the record at 755 for more than thirty year, and now Barry Bonds is the new record holder with the remainder of this his self confessed last season to increase the record into the 780's maybe even 790 or 800.

So what makes Bonds breaking this record so troublesome ? Is it because Aaron was such a beloved player ? For some maybe. Is it because Bonds throughout his career has been a less than stellar individual in his attitude and his arrogance as a player ? Possibly. To most baseball purists the problem with Bonds and this record is the stigma that hangs over his real and truly All Star abilities and the on going investigation and allegations of the use of illegal performance enhancement drugs or steroids.

For more than forty years when reference was made to Babe Ruth and his achievement of 714 home runs, historians, documentary and movie makers, baseball fans and even those who know little of the game but recognize , "The Babe, " talked about his amazing abilities and his tremendous talent on the ball field. Sure he had his darker side with booze and such but when one spoke of Ruth it was always in awe of a great player.

Likewise with the thirty plus years that Hank Aaron held the record at 755. He was always spoken of as a gentleman and a class act who had an ability on the ball field that few matched and a swing of the bat that placed him above the rest in home runs. Even during his chase to eclipse the, "The Babe, " in 1974 amidst death threats and racial slurs against this classy gentleman, no one questioned his right to hold the record because his abilities on the field earned him that distinction.

Bonds though is a different story. While his abilities are unquestionably among the greats that have ever played the game, the lingering questions and doubts concerning steroid use shadow his hitting and his title as the new home run king. Every news story brings up the question, every sports commentator talks about it as they tell of his breaking the record and until someone else passes whatever his final mark will be that will be the byline of Barry Bonds the Home Run King. Did he or didn't he.

There is mounting evidence that he did and a trainer who would rather stay in jail for contempt of court than face a grand jury and tell what he knows. Also pictures do not lie when you compare the pre - 1998 Bonds to the post 1998 Bonds. Statistics are also telling during the same time period. So until the real truth is revealed this is a tainted record, then if it is found because of the investigation that he did use steroids, baseballs ultimate record is little more than a joke unless they strip Bonds of the title.

So is there really joy in Mudville ? Many commentators who have regularly condemned Bonds over the past few days as he approached the record have changed their tune. My guess is that after the fireworks die down and the excitement of the milestone passes they will again become sceptics and question the record.

In the mean time has the chase been good for baseball ? Absolutely. Stadiums of even last place teams like Bonds own San Francisco Giants have been selling out games. Fans around the world have been watching the sport with renewed interest to see him hit 755 and 756. Baseball, whose glory days are behind it has at least momentarily become the national pastime again. So in that sense Bonds has been a asset to the game.

But in the future as the record is enshrined in Cooperstown and Bonds himself makes it to the Hall of Fame, baseball fans will always have the nagging question in the back of their mind about how the record was achieved and whether Bonds cheated.

With sluggers like New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez, who just became the youngest player in MLB history to hit 500 home runs, are in the wings chasing Bond's record, this time the record won't last thirty years maybe not even ten. So for now one must give the devil his due and recognize that Bonds in spite of the steroids shadow is a great player and the new Major League Baseball Home Run King ***** .

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


In a very quiet move just before the beginning of the summer recess Senator Russ Feingold, (D WIS), in the Senate and Representative Maurice Hinchey, (D NY), in the House introduced Censure resolutions against President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

The two measures are yet another attempt by Feingold and his cohorts to attack the President over pre-war intelligence. This time though he has added to the measures the Terrorist Surveillance program, the firing of the Federal Attorneys and the Patriot Act. Following is a synopsis of the measures. The description of the , "charges, " in the measures are as stated within the documents and are not the views of this writer.

"The first censure resolution, regarding the conduct of the Iraq war, says the administration:

— Misled the nation regarding the threat posed by Saddam Hussein, as well as misled links between Hussein and Al Qaeda

— Didn't plan adequately for the war;

— Misled the nation about the strength of the insurgency.

The second censure resolution slams the administration for disregarding the "rule of law," citing:

— The National Security Agency's warrant less wiretapping program;

— The pursuit of "extreme policies concerning torture and the treatment of detainees," as well as the handling of detainees taken in the War on terror;

— The handling of the firings of nine U.S. attorneys last year — which Democrats believe were politically motivated;

— Misleading statements regarding civil liberties abuses under the USA Patriot Act;

— The administration's use of so-called signing statements — a tactic used by the president to say he will not enforce portions of certain laws passed by Congress, drawing lawmakers' ire."

A Censure vote against the President, Vice President and The AG by Congress is no more than an unofficial, "shame on you, " that has no authority of rebuke nor any legal and binding action against the Executive Branch. If a Censure vote is taken and passed by Congress against a fellow legislator they then can take measures of punishment against that legislator such as removal from a committee, the taking of seniority status etc., but Congressional Censure has no authority against the Executive Branch.

This move by Feingold is not at the moment supported by Majority Leader Harry Reid. Speaker Pelosi in the House has not issued a statement as of this writing regarding her position. Though I am sure if she were to support the measure it would put a brief smile on the otherwise sour face of her opponent for Pelosi's San Francisco House seat, Cindy Sheehan.

My first reaction to this lunacy was irritation because it is yet another attempt by Democrats, (Feingold and Hinchey are not the only supporters of the measures), to attack the President and rehash the rehashing of the many rehashings of the pre-war intell and to slam Bush for going into Iraq again. Then it dawned on me that these liberal members of Congress are attacking an administration that cannot run again.

This constant attack on the part of Democrats in an attempt to destroy the Bush Administration is the type of move that opponents make against an incumbent who is planning another run in order to tarnish his record and take votes away. Bush is not and cannot run. Yet Democrats still persist in these political, deceptive attacks against his Presidency. Do they really believe that these attacks will help them win in 08 ?

If Bush were running again maybe, but as far as the open run for the White House this continual attacking of the Bush Administration is doing absolutely nothing in helping Democrats get a foothold in the White House run. Could this also be part of the reason that Bush never fights back against these attacks ? Basically thinking that if they attack me they are leaving the others alone ? Definitely a possibility.

Either way these ludicrous attacks and especially this do nothing censure move by Congress not only accomplishes nothing but is yet another in a long series of moves that wastes tax payer money and absorbs the time of the Congress over stupid debate that is not only useless but repetitive, all to create sound bites that play well in the MSM and are ignored by the American people as politics as usual.

This type of political meandering is precisely why this do nothing Congress has only passed a grand total of 54 bills in the first seven months of Democrat leadership. They have spent the rest of the time attacking Bush, the war and constantly rehashing the same lame rhetoric.

When Congress returns after the summer break they will debate the Censure measures, rehash the withdrawal, (surrender), moves again and are already positioning themselves to claim that what is already adding up to a positive report in mid September by General Patraeus over Iraq is just the opposite.

So Democrats keep up the good work. You are your own worst enemy and your low approval ratings show that the American people see you for what you are and realize that you and your party are useless.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 05, 2007


BREAKING NEWS - The National Transportation Safety Board is releasing its preliminary findings this week concerning the cause of the Mississippi bridge collapse in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Board has determined that President Bush ordered Karl Rove and Dick Cheney to put together a team of White House sponsored hit men who placed explosive charges on the South end of the I 35 bridge to go off during the PM rush hour. The resulting explosion caused the bridge to collapse in the the River and the , "domino effect, " which destroyed the adjoining roadway on both the North and South ends of the bridge.

Of course this was sarcastic parody. First, please understand that I am not making light of the tremendous tragedy that has taken place and the terrible loss of life with the collapse of the Mississippi River bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My goal is to make a point concerning the lunacy that has taken place in the immediate after math of the bridge collapse and since then on liberal web sites and from certain Democrats in Congress.

Within minutes following the tragic accident in Minneapolis liberal sites such as the Daily Kos were flooded with stories blaming President Bush and the war in Iraq for the collapse of the bridge. Claiming that if Bush had not plunged this country into Iraq and spent billions of dollars on the war the government money would have been spent on repairing the aged span over the Mississippi, thus preventing the collapse which took place last Wednesday.

Certain liberal Democrats in Congress such as Barney Franks soon jumped on the blame Bush and Iraq band wagon when he stated on Hardball with Chris Matthews that he would, "end the war in Iraq, " and use the money from the war while also raising taxes and spending both on America's infrastructure.

This lunacy from the left in blaming Bush and Iraq for everything that takes place in this country and around the world is not only ridiculous but getting out of control. In light of their lunatic claims concerning the Minneapolis bridge though, let's concentrate on the reality of the situation and the federal governments, especially Bush's, "supposed, " responsibility for the collapse of the I 35 bridge.

The events that lead up to the tragic collapse began years before President Bush even considered running for the Presidency much less taking office. The I 35 bridge is more than forty years old and has been a main thoroughfare between St. Paul and Minneapolis crossing the Mississippi River since its construction. This bridge is among more than 70, 000 throughout the country that had been deemed structurally deficient by bridge inspectors.

This classification does not necessarily mean that any bridge is on the verge of collapsing but because of age, use, maintenance schedules, stress tolerances, etc. the public would be best served if the 70, 000 bridges classified like the Minneapolis bridge were replaced or totally renovated in the near future.

The responsibility of replacing and maintaining these bridges including the Minneapolis bridge belongs to the state government in which the bridge is located not the President nor the federal government. Every State including Minnesota taxes every gallon of gas purchased by consumers with this tax supposedly used for state infrastructure which include bridge maintenance. The federal government also taxes gas for the same purpose with Congress having the reposnibility of apporpriating funds to the State as requested for infrastructure.

Now as in any government regulated tax, the actual use of that tax does not necessarily go for the purpose in which the tax is specified. Much of the tax that is acquired from the gas usage is earmarked for pet projects of State legislators as well as US Congressman rather than going to the maintenance and repair of the countries infrastructure. Either way the responsibility for the expenditure of these funds NEVER falls under the jurisdiction of the President.

Whether the collapse of the Minneapolis bridge could have been prevented is a question that will be asked by many during investigations and by the media both now and in the near future. But blaming Bush and the war in Iraq not only does not answer the question but is an attempt to transfer the blame or the reasons for the collapse with the intent of politicizing a national tragedy.

If the war funding were stopped I can guarantee that Congress would NOT spend the funds on the nations infrastructure. Congress appropriates funding and by Constitutional law it is their responsibility as to which direction that funding goes. As an example before leaving for their summer recess Congress appropriated 250 million dollars for the replacement of the Minneapolis bridge.

The lack of spending on the nations infrastructure on both the state and the federal level is the failure of the Congress and not the President and it is a failure that extends over decades not just a recent development. The problem that we face now is that the cost of repairing and/or replacing the infrastructure is escalating along with construction costs. This could have been avoided to a certain extent if the monies had been appropriated and contracted by State legislatures and the US Congress before the decline of the infrastructure.

Maintenance is always less expensive than replacement. Replacement before a tragedy can occur when warnings are issued is also more expedient that blaming after the fact. Now we are faced with the possibility of the tragedy in Minneapolis being repeated throughout the country because of neglect.

Now is not the time to politicize this tragedy like Franks and other Democrats are trying to do. The war nor the President have nothing to do with the years of neglect both on the State and federal level. It is not to late to re-evaluate the funding and make the appropriate changes necessary to insure that this type of tragedy does not occur 70, 000 times over the next several years.

Raising taxes which many Democrats are proposing is not the answer either. The money is there from existing gas and road usage taxes if it is appropriated properly. State legislators and US Congressman must stop playing politics and set aside pet project earmarks, thus using already existing funds and future funds raised through existing taxation to repair the nations infrastructure. The memory of the victims of the Minneapolis tragedy demand it. Respect for the families of the victims requires it.

Ken Taylor

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