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Thursday, December 20, 2012


Every time a lunatic murders someone whether it is a tragic massacre like Sandy Hook Elementary school or a lunatic who kills someone while he is robbing them politicians and pundits seek every opportunity to blame society, guns, movie and television and video games for their actions.  Always looking to blame anyone and everything else and NEVER placing the responsibility on the lunatic who actually kills.

Society, the weapons, movies/television nor video games picked up the weapons and pulled the triggers on that tragic Friday when Adam Lanza forced his way into Sandy Hook Elementary school and murdered 20 children and 6 adults.  It was a single lunatic hell bent on killing as many as he could before killing himself and the ONLY way that this could have been prevented was NOT with more legislation or changing something in society but having at least ONE teacher in the school with a concealed weapon who child have taken this lunatic out before he killed so many children and teachers.

Allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons in school combined with proper training to do so will protect children from lunatics like Lanza.  Armed security guards would be excellent but most school districts would complain about the cost of paying a full time security guard so by allowing teachers to carry a concealed weapon eliminates the financial argument for security guards.

It's time to quit blaming and making excuses and actually protect our children. Barack Obama wants to investigate gun control while keeping a necessary arsenal of protection for himself that is appropriate for a President. If a President should be protected by armed security the children deserve no less and arming teachers provides that protection!

Ken Taylor


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Anonymous Bird of Paradise said...

Another thing we can blame on the GUN FREE SCHOOL ZONES we never had these problems until they passed the GUN FREE SCHOOL ZONES law

3:36 PM, July 11, 2013  
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