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Sunday, June 29, 2008


"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." The Declaration of Independence

With these words Thomas Jefferson embodied the heart of freedom and liberty. As the signers of the Declaration Of Independence placed their very lives on the line for these principles of freedom to gain independence on that summers day in 1776 they gave birth to a new idea. An idea that had never before found its equal or better in a government by man. An idea that encompassed the most basic of human rights but had never before been allowed to flourish in any country.

An idea which allowed all people regardless of where they came from, who their parents were, what their financial status was or how they worshipped the unalienable right to think do and live as they pleased. To prosper in accordance with their will and willingness to achieve. To worship in accordance to their personal beliefs. To raise their family on their own land without being subservient to another.

To live without the fear of oppression or threat of a tyrant, monarch or government that imposed their will upon the individual. To some all of these freedoms were not evident from the beginning but the ground work was laid to make those freedoms possible for any and everyone.

To this cause and the birth of this new nation in which these freedoms could find root in the heart and life of every person who set foot upon her shores, the signers of The Declaration dedicated themselves in, "support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor. "

It would be another six years before full independence was gained and yet another seven more before the government which embodied theses principles of freedom was established. In those long hard fought years many would sacrifice their, lives , fortunes and sacred honor, to gain the freedom that was promised in The Declaration.

Most who made this sacrifice never signed the document that gave birth to this Nation. Most who sacrificed never made the pledge of the signers publicly but all who sacrificed realized that with freedom comes a price and each were willing to pay that price regardless of the cost, for in their hearts they knew that their sacrifice would not be in vain. With that sacrifice would come a new nation forged in blood and dedicated to the premise that all people should and can be free.

Those who made this sacrifice were not making an idle stand nor one that just followed the crowd but willingly stood for what they believed and sought within their very heart, the chance to be free. The chance to wake every morning to know that they held within their own hands the ability to lead the life of their choosing. This is why they fought. This is why many died and this is why throughout our history we have continued to fight and sacrifice to pay the price of freedom.

As we celebrate this 232nd birthday of our freedom, as a nation let us not forget the sacrifice that has been made through all of those years to continually insure that each generation of Americans can enjoy the same freedoms as the generations who have gone before. Let us not forget the reason that we as a nation exist that, " life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, " may always be our national creed and our national calling.

That we never take for granted those freedoms and realize that each freedom that we possess as individuals and as a Nation has come with great sacrifice from the very inception of our country and that sacrifice still continues today to insure that those freedoms and this Nation continue to live. We have a heritage of freedom and it is a heritage that we owe to continue at any cost to insure that future generations of Americans can celebrate and live in that same freedom.

God bless America and may he continue to bless our freedom and each of us who live in this land of the free.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Let's see according to Obama, the GOP made him pass on public financing and NOT the fact that he can take all the soft money he wants now as a result and will be totally obligated to those who finance his campaign war chest. Oh by the way he also claims the GOP attacks him because of race yet he is the only one who brings it up. As Bugs Bunny says, "what a maroon! "

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - NORTH POLE, Alaska -- Alaska State Troopers used lights and sirens to apprehend a North Pole man suspected of driving under the influence after he allegedly led them on a slow-speed chase that covered several lawns. The 20-year-old man was on a riding mower. Sunday's pursuit lasted about 200 feet and reached speeds of up to 5 mph before a trooper got out of a cruiser and told the man to stop.

Troopers received a call early Sunday complaining of an intoxicated man driving a mower. They said Wyatt Lewis's blood-alcohol content was 0.18 percent, more than twice the legal limit of 0.08 percent. Driving a lawnmower while drunk qualifies for a DUI charge. Lewis was also charged with failure to stop at the direction of a peace officer.

Of course being from the North Pole, his defense will be that he drank because he was saddened by the plight of the Polar Bear and the melting ice caps. Al Gore supplied the booze! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

The Media Wing of The Democrat Party, the DNC and the Pelosi/Reid Congress have conveniently forgotten about Iraq because good news about Iraq is bad news for them.

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - ASHLAND, Mont. -- Talk about fast food: One school is searching for more than 130 bison that wandered away from its lunch program. Curtis Yarlott, executive director of the St. Labre Indian School, said the animals were probably spooked by a thunderstorm over Memorial Day weekend and ran through a fence.

The bison, which provide meat for the school, were last seen on a neighboring property June 3, but constant rain made it difficult to round them up. "We don't know where they're at and what they're up to," he said. "Probably no good." Only 13 bison from the herd have wandered back to the ranch. Yarlott, who hired a plane to search for the missing beasts, said the animals could have been rounded up and taken to market.

Ranch manager Ray Orthman agreed. "I think somebody took them," he said. "They were tame. They'd follow you like dogs." OK let me see if I have this straight. A Bison weighs SEVERAL HUNDRED POUNDS, which makes it kind of hard to loose one.....much less 130. Wonder if the guy who was in charge of the Bison was related to the drunk from the North Pole who was arrested for driving his lawn mower! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Typical Democrat response to any problem, solve it by government intervention and find some sort of tax to make it work. Yep Obama is the liberal for change. Instead of talking the same old liberal garbage out of the side of his mouth he talks form BOTH sides of his mouth!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - BERLIN -- Six Romanians have been arrested on allegations they stole mobile phones and laptops from the back of a tractor-trailer as they followed it down a German autobahn at 60 miles per hour, Dortmund police said Tuesday. "It was an extremely dangerous stunt - like an action film," said Manfred Radecke, a spokesman for Dortmund police.
Officers, having been tipped off about the gang's tactics, were able to stake out an area and watch the thieves in action last week, Radecke said.

In the nighttime darkness, with their lights off, the men drove up behind a transport truck. Once in place, one man climbed onto the hood of his own car, then used a bolt cutter to break a lock on the trailer door before heaving it open and climbing inside. He then handed boxes of electronics back to a second man on the car hood, who loaded them into the thieves' vehicle, Radecke said. A second car blocked the left lane during the operation to prevent other cars from pulling too close, he said.

Because both cars had their headlights off, Radecke said, the truck driver never noticed he was being robbed. Police received a tip about the thieves after a driver reported witnessing a similar stunt two weeks ago. Chalk up another one for the, " Dark Side," of the Force! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

First it was accepting public money then not. Then it was not wearing a flag pin now he does. Then it was talk about not raising taxes and now raising taxes is all he talks about. The candidate of change is just that ......the candidate that changes his tune at the drop of a hat!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Although I was never a big George Carlin fan nor abided by his ecxessive use of foul language in his stand up, this little ditty that I found thanks to Otto over at American Interests hits the environmental nail right on the head.

I'm going to take a slight break today and let George Carlin tell the truth about our planet and the real agenda of environmentalists. Enjoy.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The most telling apsect of the above video is not the quotation about Obama's inexperience but his use of the race card to try and spin a perception of racists attacks against him.

The GOP and especially the McCain camp have , and rightfully so, campaigned about the inexperience of the Illinois Senator. A fact that will haunt him throughout the campign because that inexperience is well documented and is also well known.

At no time has the GOP or the McCain campaign ever made reference to his name being, "funny." There are some on the blogoshpere that have made plays on Obama's middle name but even that has pretty much died off in the last months.

The GOP nor the McCain campaign have never made reference to Obama's race as being a factor or even a consideration in this campaign. In fact they are ONLY running against his record, which if virtually non-existant, his very liberal agenda and his inexperience.

At no time in this camapign has his race and the fact that he is a black man been mentioned by the GOP or John McCain. The only person who is using race as a factor in this campaign is Barack Obama.

He has constantly used the fact that he is black as an excuse to make false accusations like the one in this video that his race will be used against him in the campaign.

Yet the only one who constantly reminds voters of race and uses the race card is Obama himself. He is trying to spin the idea that the GOP and the McCain camp are using and will use his race as a campaign strike against him but just the opposite is happening as race has never been a factor with the GOP or McCain.

Playing the race card has been a normal practice in many Democrat campaigns but Obama uses it in ways that differ than most because he uses it about himself with continual false accusations that others are using it against him.

It is not only hypocrisy but just plain wrong for him to constantly bring up his race as a factor especially when he has no reason to and is not being placed in a position to , "defend," this by the opposition.

By accusing others of racisim he is actually showing himself as one who has racists leanings because he measures everything by race and touts that in this campaign he is or will be the , "victim," of racsist attacks.

Already if anything negative is said about Obama the accusation of racial attacks is leveled and now as evidenced in this video Obama will continue to play the race game when attacked by McCain and the GOP.

Negatives are part of any political campaign. Every person running for office will attack the record and the agenda of their opposition. McCain and the GOP have considerable ammunition to attack Obama's inexperience, his liberal agenda and those in whom he associates with. Obama is showing that any of this normal campaigning will face accusations by him that they are attacking him racially, when the only one using race in the camapign is the very person who is acting as the victim of racial attacks....Barack Obama

Ken Taylor

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Facts are facts. No matter how one tries to spin them otherwise the plain and simple fact is that The United States has an oil based economy period. Every aspect of our economy from transportation to food finds a basis in some form or another in oil. Like it or not we need oil to survive as a Nation and whether that oil comes from foreign sources or domestic sources, we have to have oil.

The recent rise in the price of oil and the effects that it has had at the grocery store, the pump, the Airline Industry and even road maintenance proves how dependent we are as a Nation on oil. Here in my State of South Carolina it was announced last week that much needed road improvements that had been slated for this year have been drastically cut because the price to pave a road has risen from $ 70 K per mile to $100 K per mile because of the increase in oil prices.

Good bad or indifferent we are a Nation that consumes and is economically dependent on oil. The question now is whether we will continue to follow the road of no control over our economic destiny, "oil wise that is, " and purchase nearly 48 % of the oil we consume from other countries or take control of our oil based economy and begin using our own resources.

We consume approximately 20 million barrels of oil each day which means that roughly 9.6 million barrels are imported from other countries each day with Mexico and Canada being the top two oil importers to The United States. Yes our own hemisphere and NOT the Middle East take the top two slots.

The search for alternatives is all well and good. I would love to drive a hydrogen fueled vehicle in the future but that as well as most other alternative sources will not be viable for decades. Ethanol is a joke because the process to refine into ethanol uses a gallon and a half of oil for each gallon of ethanol made and because of huge government subsidies to encourage farmers to field their corn for ethanol, food prices rise and a shortage of corn on the food market has become a reality.

So with alternatives either a joke as with ethanol or well into the future we need oil. The only way to decrease our dependency on foreign oil an reduce or better yet eliminate that 48 % that is imported is to drill from our own resources. An accounting of those resources add up to billions of barrels in the Continental US with billions off shore and billions more in Alaska. A total of more than 1,238 BILLION barrels of oil and that is a conservative number This is more than Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Du far and Venezuela COMBINED! All right here at home.

The industry that builds off shore rigs and begins the drilling process because of the 30 year ban is almost non existent but the equipment is easily acquired from other sources and can be started fairly quickly if the ban is finally lifted. There are deposits in the upper mid west states especially Montana that are located on sites in which we are currently drilling and with new technology that allows horizontal drilling from already existing sites this oil could be available within months and not years as with offshore deposits.

Of course those on the left who bow to the environmental lobbies claim that the environmental impact offshore would be devastating yet after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf and went through an area off of Louisiana containing more than 135 oil rigs, destroying two not ONE DROP OF OIL was spilled. The advancement in safety of these rigs is so far superior than the technology 30 years ago that spills are a thing of the past.

Yet the left in their backward thinking still claim environmental impact from offshore drilling. Anwar which has been so controversial is another left wing cry for environmental impact. The claim is that it will damage the pristine wildlife preserve yet the area of the oil deposit is in a non wildlife region of the preserve and is minuscule in size. In fact if you take your morning paper and call the front page Anwar then pick any one letter in any one story that has normal not headline print, that is the size of the Anwar drilling area in the preserve.

Add to that the fact that drilling would take place only in the dead of winter and trucks to carry the oil will be using an ice highway more than SIX FEET thick and anyone can see there IS NO environmental impact. Even the Caribou who inhabit the rest of the preserve have shown that they actually breed more frequently around oil entities. Those in the areas of the Alaskan Pipeline have increased in number because the heat of the pipeline actually encourages breeding and the numbers of Caribou have actually grown since the building of the pipeline. Additionally the reason that Alaska was purchased in the first place was for this country to use its massive natural resources including OIL!

So the next argument that the left spins is that oil will not be available for years. I have already mentioned the deposit available by angle drilling from already existing sites which counters that. But even setting this aside, if we don't not start now than ten years from now the problem will be far worse.

In 1993 the Congress passed legislation allowing drilling in Anwar and Bill Clinton VETOED the bill. Had than not happened we would have one million barrels per day of domestic oil for our consumption today.

The next argument by the left is that domestic drilling will not reduce the price because futures markets are controlling the barrel price today. There is a resemblance of truth to this but it is only a half truth. While the oil future speculators are driving the price of oil rather than supply and demand with supply still out distancing demand, the left neglects to mention that future action in bringing oil to the market WILL effect oil prices.

Right now the future prices are being driven by panic over the huge consumption by China and India and their willingness to pay any price for oil and their recently acquired gluttony for the product. Although China has tried to slow their use by increasing pump prices by 25% last week, speculators still fear a shortage in the future because of the huge increase by China and India.

So it stands to reason that if The United States the largest consumer of oil in the world finally begins to drill for oil adding to future supplies as well as taking a large percentage of US oil consumption off the world market and shifting it to our own domestic market, the future panic will quell as speculators realize that more oil will be available ? With some of that oil , if deregulated by the government actually available in months and not years.

The market will react positively and the price of a barrel of oil will reflect that positive response! With our oil based economy needing a massive infusion of black gold from our own resources then the only logical answer from our government, our representatives and the oil industry is to drill. Recent polls show that more than 60% of Americans both conservative and liberal agree that drilling is the answer.

The environmental lobby has controlled this situation far to long and the price at the pump is the result of that control as Democrats have catered to this lobby for 40 years. We are an oil based economy and it is time to take back control of the very substance that drives that economy and drill!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, June 19, 2008


If memory serves me, the Constitution begins with , "We the people. " I thought that stood for the citizens of The United States of America and NOT enemy combatants. I guess in this day and time and according to Justice Kennedy the Nuremberg trials would be moved to Washington and the Nazis would wait quietly in a courtroom for traffic ticket and bounced checks cases then the court would say, " will Hermann Goering and Rudolf Hess please take the stand."

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - In Bankok, Thailand there are seperate bathrooms for teen boys who prefer to dress as girls at one rural high school. No more tough decisions about which toilet to take to or having to go to the teachers lounge.

The Kampang School in northeastern Thailand conducted a survey last term that showed more than 200 of the school’s 2,600 students considered themselves transgender, said school director Sitisak Sumontha. So, when classes resumed in May, the school unveiled a unisex restroom designated by a human figure split in half - part man in blue and part woman in red. Below it are the words “Transvestite Toilet.”

Three transgender students praised the new restroom as they plucked their eyebrows and applied face powder in front of the mirror outside the stalls. Boy George would be right at home going to school in Thailand. Sheesh! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Congress will be dragged kicking and screaming to the reality that drilling is necessary to relieve our dependence on foreign oil.

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - WELLINGTON, New Zealand — The owner of a New Zealand cafe that mistakenly served dishwashing liquid as mulled wine has been fined for causing emotional harm to two women, court officials said today. Chico's Restaurant Ltd. in the mountain resort of Queenstown on South Island pleaded guilty to a charge of selling food containing extraneous matter — the chemical sodium hydroxide — that caused injury.

Prosecutor Sarah McKenzie told Queenstown District Court that the two women were taken to a hospital after drinking the liquid last July. One victim was a customer who ordered a glass of wine from Queenstown's Old Man Rock Cafe, owned by Chico's Restaurant Ltd. She spat out the liquid when she experienced a burning sensation on her lips and mouth. A cafe worker offered to test the drink and suffered a similar reaction, the prosecutor said.

Managers at the cafe checked and found that a mulled wine container had been filled with dish washing detergent. Sure hope they remembered to rinse afterwards! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

The bounce expected for Obama after the end of the Primaries fizzled before it ever got started. Heading into the Fall he is dealing with likely voters for a General Election and NOT liberals who think he is a Rock Star.

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - NEW ORLEANS — Frank Keys Jr. faces up to 40 years in prison after he was found cruising down the highway with more than 200 grams of heroin in the diaper he was wearing, federal officials said. Keys, 38, of New Orleans was charged Friday by a federal grand jury. He got in trouble June 3 in St. John the Baptist Parish, north of New Orleans, when sheriff's deputies pulled over the car he was in for a traffic violation, according to court documents.

The deputies and Drug Enforcement Agency special agents got permission to search the car, and a drug sniffing dog alerted them to the car's passenger side. The occupants were ordered out of the car, and patted down. During the pat-down, "officers felt a large hard object in the pants area, ( NOT GOING THERE FOLKS ! ) on Keys," according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney's office.

Keys told officers he was wearing a diaper and when they asked if there was anything in the diaper, he "shook his head affirmatively." Officers then removed a package containing about 257 grams of heroin from the diaper.

I guess it was WAY past time to change this diaper! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Ever notice that EVERY speech that Obama makes concerning his agenda and proposed programs has the word TAX in it somewhere as a way of funding his Socialism ?

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


In a statement that was reflective of those made by John Kerry in the 2004 Presidential campaign, Barack Obama stated that terrorists should be treated as criminals and not entities that we are at war with and who have declared war on us.

Using the example of the attackers of the World Trade Center in 1993 and the few that were arrested and convicted through the courts, Obama indicated that he believed this is the path that should be taken towards terrorists once again. A mindset that was proposed by Kerry in 2004 which was naive then and is equally naive now.

John McCain's campaign stated as such and went further to say, "We have seen that Senator Obama is a perfect manifestation of a September 10th mindset." It is a proven fact that the criminal approach was one of the key failures that allowed Al Qaeda to revamp their plan and succeed on 9/11 in doing what they failed to do in the 1993 Trade Center attack.

In a follow up statement to Obama's call for terrorists being treated once again as criminals instead of enemy combatants, John Kerry actually stated that Usama bin Laden should face a criminal court in The United States. A complete disassociation with the dead or alive campaign in seeking out and eliminating the head of Al Qaeda.

How can Barack Obama if elected President expect to continue to protect this Nation if he insists that terrorists that have as their major goal the elimination of this country and the killing of ALL of our people, afford these murderous individuals to be handled by the court system through endless indictments that bring no arrests thus allowing these monsters to continue to plot and kill at their leisure ?

This approach failed before and will fail again. Al Qaeda is weak and lacking in recruitment now ONLY because of aggressive military action taken in the wake of 9/11. These people are not criminals they are enemy combatants who consider themselves holy warriors and as such are fighting a war and the only way that we can combat this Jihad against us it to wage war in return.

This approach is working and will continue to work further weakening terrorism and the Islamic fascists who perform these cowardly acts against the world. Before 9/11 we did not understand the extent of mindset against this country and that fact that they had already declared war on us.

After 9/11 our waging war against them has held their activities in check and continually weakened their abilities as well as their influence in the Muslim world which is directly reflected by the major decrease in their numbers and the falling off of recruitment.

Obama would have us return to the days when we talked of getting the fugitive terrorists and bring them to justice while they continue to bomb, plot, kill and grow in numbers to once again build up to another 9/11 type of attack where thousands are killed.

It also proves that Barack Obama does not understand our enemy just as he naively believes that the best way to deal with terrorist States like Iran is to sit down on some magic carpet singing kum ba yah while behind his naive back they continue with their nuclear and domination ambitions.

General George S. Patton once said of war, "Sure, we want to go home. We want this war over with. The quickest way to get it over with is to go get the bastards who started it. The quicker they are whipped, the quicker we can go home." A truer statement concerning war has never been made.

Obama's idea is to treat the enemy as criminals and let the courts try and chase them down and bring them to justice. A failed approach which will, if enacted fail again. As General Patton stated the best way to get home is to beat the enemy.

If we do not then they will attack us again. Defeating them in combat until final victory is the only way to handle an enemy who will not stop until totally defeated and eliminated as a threat. That is what we are doing and that is how to protect this Nation!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The above graphic was borrowed from Mike's America
(click here for full size graphic)

In an energy statement being made today Republican nominee John McCain is calling for the federal ban on off shore drilling to be lifted and The United States allowed to finally tap into the vast oil reserves that are available to increase domestic oil supplies and lesson our dependency on foreign oil.

While many will tout this move by McCain as a flip flop because of his opposition eight years ago to drilling in the Anwar preserve in Alaska, McCain's announcement accepts the fact that US dependency on foreign oil is a major reason for the escalating energy prices in our country, especially at the pump, and that we have an oil based economy therefore the only real answer in the short term to our , "energy crisis, " is to drill for new sources of oil.

The futures speculators have had a considerable control over the price of a barrel of oil of late , enough so that last week the Saudi Oil Minister called for calm in the market to attempt to quell the speculation panic that is driving the futures market and the price of gas at the pump.

Supplies are not low but the panic over that possibility because of speculation concerning the effect on supplies as China continues to increase their oil consumption is driving the market and prices. This is just adding to the problem that we in The United States have concerning foreign dependency on oil and the only way to curb this problem in our own country is to limit or end that dependency by drilling for oil from our own sources.

Thus McCain's call for lifting the off shore drilling ban. The graphic above indicates oil reserves that are currently known under our own soil. This graphic does NOT include most of the off shore sources and the total reserves under our own soil are 48.5 BILLION barrels of oil.

McCain's response to the rising fuel prices shows a marked difference from that of Barack Obama who in an interview on June 10 stated, "I think that I would have preferred a gradual adjustment. The fact that this is such a shock to American pocketbooks is not a good thing." Rather than suggesting as McCain has a solution to combat higher prices, Obama prefers a more, "gradual adjustment, " which keeps the US in line with the rest of the world rather than easing the pain at the pumps with real solutions.

In other words Obama says, "get used to it, " rather than looking for ways to combat the price at the pump. This once again shows how out of touch this liberal Democrat is with the American people. McCain is at least proposing a way of relieving the price pressure by decreasing our foreign oil dependency and tapping domestic sources which will force the price down.

Simply lifting the ban on off shore drilling will have an immediate effect on the futures market as speculators will see additional sources for oil especially coming from The United States and as such will begin to balance the market. Once those sources are tapped another adjustment will follow and all of this BEFORE the first barrel is taken from off shore sources.

While alternative ideas for solving energy problems are good these will not have any real effect for another 20 to 30 years if then. With an oil based economy the only real answer now is to drill. McCain understand this, Obama does not and that is yet another reason why BHO has no business in The White House.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, June 15, 2008


The year is 1776. The Declaration of Independence had been signed in July but it was now December. Enlistments in the Continental Army were down as many soldiers chose to head home and care for their farms and families. General Washington was diplomatically attempting to encouraging the Continental Congress to supply the Army but that too was not going well.

Support among the Colonists was running about 50% with another estimated 30% still supporting the British Crown while the rest of the Colonists chose to remain neutral. Washington was desperately looking for a victory for two reason. One to bolster support for the Army and the Revolution and to gain much needed supplies for the Army that needing food, ammunition and clothing or the Independence from Britain stated by the Declaration may fall victim to a fledgling Army and lack of support from the Colonists.

Washington took bold action and on Christmas Eve attacked Trenton, New Jersey and the famed German Hessian's who as paid mercenaries for the British and consummate professional soldiers had wreaked havoc since coming to fight for the Crown. Washington's desperate move not only brought a much needed victory but bought time for the Continental Army and gained support on the home front.

The strength of one man and his persistent determination kept the Continental Army and the Revolution together when many including those in the Continental Congress thought of a negotiated peace with Britain and giving up on the idea of a free and separate Nation. The strength of this one man, George Washington made the difference between the continuation of British Colonies and a free Nation known as The United States of America.

It is this type of determination that the Framers of our Constitution, which included Washington, sought to pass on to future generations, enabling every citizen of this great Nation the ability to stand and fight against injustice and an expanding reach from an all powerful government that through its very size and scope take away the very freedoms that were fought for in the birth of this land.

Our Constitution begins with the phrase , "We the people." This is not just an eloquent beginning to a document establishing laws and rights for our country and her people, but an exacting statement that in three words establishes who and what we are as a country and why we exist as a Nation of free individuals with a God given right for , "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

As this Nation has grown and expanded especially in the 20th and the beginnings of the 21st we have forgotten in many ways the lesson that George Washington taught us through his determination and persistence, that in this Nation of free men and women one man can and must make a difference in order for our freedoms to remain and to prevent the government from controlling that which has been paid for by the price of precious blood in defense of this Nation since its birth.

Our liberties and freedom can only remain as such if we, just as George Washington did at Trenton when times were desperate, stand against all odds and fight for that in which we believe. George Washington fought the British and those in this country who were too weak to stand strong in the midst of what seemed to be despair. That determination by George Washington rallied the Nation time and again bringing victory in the Revolution and the establishment of a nation by and for the people.

We as a Nation have become accustomed to allowing those in Washington DC to determine our national destiny and make all of the decisions that effect this country even when those decisions disagree with our belief, our Constitution and slowly have taken this country from a free Republic to a Nation that has begun a dangerous slide into Socialism and bowing to the dictates of an ever encompassing federal government. In very many ways the very thing the Revolution fought to break away from.

Most have become complacent or adopted the attitude that it doesn't matter because Washington DC is going to do what it wants when it wants and we are powerless to prevent it. That my friend is why we find ourselves in the sinking boat that we are in, because, "we the people, " have forgotten the spirit of the Revolution and have chosen complacency over the free and Constitutional right to fight what we do not like about our government.

Those in Washington DC have taken advantage of this complacency and grown a government that daily seeks to further involve itself in the lives of every man, women and child in this country. In fact those in Washington DC in both parties but especially most on the left side of the isle see government as the solution to all problems. Ronald Reagan once said, "Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem."

As George Washington fought with unyielding determination to hold the Continental Army and the Revolution together despite desperation and despair, we must take that same determination and stand for the rights of , "we the people, " in this day and time and not continue to allow Washington DC to control every agenda and all aspects of our life.

We are still the power in this Nation and we have the laws of the Constitution to back us in our fight. If we as a people speak loud enough and in union against what we see as injustice by our own government those in Washington DC have no choice but to listen. They still understand that we are the owners of this land and as such have the right to tell them what to do rather than they dictate to us.

We must fight as George Washington did, leaving behind the complacency and the who cares attitude and en mass demand that those that WE have hired to represent us not only listen to us but move as we demand. Not just in those years that they are trying to get our vote to return them to their , "esteemed, " positions but every day and every year.

We proved when the Senate Amnesty bill was considered all but passed and made into law that if, "we the people, " stand as one and demand our rights and that our representatives work for us and not for lobbyists and special interests or their own good old boy club in DC, they will listen because deep down inside where they are afraid to admit it they KNOW that we are their boss and NOT the other way around.

We must fight, even if it means in a symbolic sense another American Revolution against an all encompassing government. This time our very own. Contact your Representatives, daily if necessary, and demand that they address those things that are eating away at the very fabric of our nation and taking us down the path of Socialism. Dismantling massive entitlements and out of control spending. Limiting the growth of and actually reversing the size of the federal government. Ending earmarks. Securing our borders and punishing those who hire and encourage illegal immigration.

Reforming the burdensome tax system and decreasing the tax burden. Protecting this Nation which is their Constitutional responsibility. Unless we are willing to stand up and fight for our rights as citizens then we deserve to have those liberties taken away because we have given up our yearning to cherish our freedom. George Washington would not have sat back and settled for complacency and my fellow Americans neither should we! We must fight!!!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Jimmy Carter was the first dunce to try the Windfall Profit Tax and now Harry Reid and company follow in Mr. Peanut's footsteps. Between Obama's agenda and Reid's Congress, are the Dems trying to resurrect the Carter years ?

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - Mafia Supports Girl Scouts - A Girl Scout sold over 17,000 of the group’s signature cookies this year, shattering her troop’s old mark and probably setting a national record. But how did she do it, that is the question. Her father Fabio Gunazzenti is a local mafia don and it is thought that his reputation might have had something to do with the incredibly high sales
A neighbour was interviewed (refusing to give her name) and was quoted as saying, “I saw people, lots of people leaving that house at all hours of the night with lots of boxes of cookies.” “Sometimes they would make two or three trips out to their cars they were taking so many boxes”.

A spokeswoman for the New York-based national organization, called the figure “amazing” but said there’s no national record on the books. “We’re thrilled for the girls who take it to such a great level, but so far, we don’t track it at the national level,” she said.

How would Don Corleone put it, " I got a box of Girl Scout cookies that you can't refuse ! " - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

The only real change that Obama represents is maybe a change in a diaper for Mr. Inexperience!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - Baby For Sale On Ebay - German police confirm that they today have taken a seven month baby away from a couple in Bavaria and local child welfare investigators are looking into them after the couple put the child up for sale on Internet auction site Ebay. The description read, “Male baby almost 8 months old, sleeps well through the night and does not cry much.” “Good for infertile couple or single man/woman wanting a child.”

The baby boy was put on sale on Tuesday at a starting price of one euro (1.58 dollars) and was withdrawn from the site around two and a half hours later, police said. There had been no posted offers but the couple may have received numerous offers via email. The mother said it was meant as a joke, but police and state officials failed to see the funny side, putting the baby into state care and charging both parents for attempted child trafficking.

Police chief Wesley Offerman is quoted as saying, “We all find our kids annoying sometimes but selling them is not the answer.” I hope the parents are provided with a long stay in a German full time care other words PRISON....SICKOS - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

"What can we do about oil prices ? " DRILL, DRILL, DRILL, DRILL oh and we can also DRILL!!!!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - SHAWNEE, Kan. - George Chandler says he didn't know a 2 1/2 -inch nail was driven into his skull until his buddy spotted it stuck through his cap. Chandler said he felt only a sting. "It never did really what you call hurt," the Shawnee man said today on NBCs "Today."

Chandler said his friend Phil Kern was using a nail gun to mount lattice on Chandler's deck when a hose on the powerful tool became caught. Chandler said he stood up just as Kern tried to free the gun and it discharged. At first, they couldn't locate the nail. But then Kern saw it, he ordered Chandler to sit down while he called 911. An emergency room doctor tried unsuccessfully to remove the nail with a pair of pliers.

"He looked at me and said, 'I need a claw hammer,'" Chandler recalled. "I thought, 'Ah, he's just teasing.'" So the doctor borrowed a claw hammer from a worker to finish the job and sent Chandler home with a few stitches. "He got a screwdriver at the same time, and he took the screwdriver and pried the nail up a little bit and got the claw hammer," Chandler said

Now that's what you call hitting the nail on the head! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

If you think Obama has a lot of baggage now, wait until the scrutiny starts in the Fall and more about, " Mr. Excitement," appears ......and it will, you can bet on it!'

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Getting away from Presidential politics for the moment and stepping into Congressional politics as the Democrats attempted to try and solve the, energy crisis with taxes in a move that was stopped by a successful GOP filibuster. Senate Democrats tried once again to place a ,"windfall profit tax, " on oil companies and remove all tax incentives thus, "punishing, " the companies for the price of oil at the pumps.

This type of tax has been tried before and was a dismal failure as it actually cost the government an exorbitant amount of resources and money based on costs at the time to collect and process the tax. In addition the excessive taxation caused oil companies to cut back in research and development which of course meant cutting back on finding new sources of oil and production went down thus causing gas prices to go up as supply did not meet demand.

When will these idiot liberals and yes even some in the GOP in Washington accept the fact that the ONLY way that this, "energy crisis," is going to ease is by getting off of their environmental duffs and allow the one thing that will stop out of control oil prices....DRILL....DRILL.....DRILL!!! While the idea of bio fuels, hydrogen, electric vehicles and so on sound great they are the answer over a 20 to 30 year period of time.

We are an oil based economy and the only answer to solving the crises in the short term is to allow supply to meet demand and that will happen ONLY if we drill and find domestic oil sources. With the escalation of oil used by countries like China who are not going to curb their oil usage or find alternatives, unless we tap our own abundant oil resources right here at home we will continue to see gas rise at the pumps with no end in sight.

Speculators see no reason to ease the futures market BECAUSE they know that the one country who can help solve the problem is not willing to take the steps necessary in finding domestic oil to ease demand in our own country. We, by our own environmental policy that has been in existence since the early seventies with regulations preventing drilling and new refineries, regulations that only have increased for more than 30 years, have made the American people slaves to the oil producing nations and our economy susceptible to those same controls because of our unwillingness to drill.

We have more oil resources under our own soil that all of the OPEC nations combined and if this had been exploited as it should have been we would be paying 35 cents at the pump now as Venezuela does because we would NOT be dependent upon foreign sources of oil.

Blaming the oil companies is not the answer. Yes they are recording record profits but that is only on paper. For instance when the oil companies purchased a barrel of oil in January the price of that barrel was below $100 dollars. That oil was placed in reserves waiting for refining. It is now being replaced by oil that is priced at over $135 dollars per barrel which is an increase of nearly $40 dollars over the price that oil companies paid six months ago.

Oil companies make a clear profit of about 8 cents per gallon and much of that goes into research and development etc. Yes their CEO's make large salaries but so do CEO's of nearly all major corporations and Congress is not seeking to punish any other companies. It is convenient to lash out at oil companies because Congress especially Democrats want to draw attention away from the real source of the energy problem and that is 30 years of liberal Democrat regulation that has prevented this nation from drilling!

WE have the resources and the capability to solve our own energy crises and as a result because we are taking care of our problem we will reduce the burden of oil supply for the rest of the world if we will DRILL !! Oil effects every aspect of our economy because it is used in one form or another whether transportation of goods , heating and cooling, running equipment for building and/or agricultural reasons. As oil goes up so do consumer goods and products because it is costing more to produce and/or transport. This can all be reversed by DRILLING!

Just a move by Congress allowing drilling showing that we are finally willing to tap our own resources would have an immediate response on the futures market as speculators see additional supply from The United States coming to the market. Then when those wells are started futures will go down once again as a resource to meet demand is tapped. As the oil reaches the market another dramatic decrease in oil will occur.

We have the ability to control our own energy problems now and in the future by research and developing alternatives to oil but in the short term the ONLY answer is to DRILL!!!!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


The lines have been drawn, the nominees chosen and the battle for the White House has finally narrowed to two. Well actually four if you count Ralph Nader for the Green Party and Bob Barr for the Libertarians but the truth is only two, McCain and Obama have a legitimate chance of winning the Presidency.

Many have already chosen the candidate that they are voting for in November, some are choosing not to vote and still more are considering which candidate best matches their individual beliefs and political philosophy. Some have drawn a line in the sand and are refusing to back the candidate of the party they have been affiliated with because they dislike that candidate and what he stands for.

This applies to both Republicans and Democrats. McCain angers many Conservatives who refuse to look past their anger and look at the broader picture of what an Obama administration with a Democrat Congress would entail. The Dems have a similar situation with many of their supporters who are angry with the DNC over the Primary process and the way they feel Hillary was treated plus they just do not like Barack Obama.

This year probably more than any other Presidential election year Independents and Moderates from both parties will be the key in deciding which candidate will win the election. So to my Independent and Moderate friends and also Conservatives who consider a vote for McCain a betrayal to their beliefs I submit to you the Ben Franklin test on making a hard decision.

Franklin was considered by his peers and by historians to be one of the wisest and most intelligent men of his time. Even today we look back in awe on the tremendous accomplishments by Franklin and his efforts for this country that, had they not happened in the creation of this Nation could have ben the demise of a United States of America or at the least a USA as we have known it through history.

Franklin therefore is considered one of our greatest Founders and a very wise man who developed a decision making process that while simple does succeed in showing the absolute logic when making a decision one way or the other. Franklin would take a piece of paper and divide it down the middle placing the positives about his dilemma on one side and the negatives on the other. Whichever side had the longest list was the direction that Franklin's decision would take.

Using the posting format makes it cumbersome to , "divide, " the choices down the middle so I am going to list the positives of John McCain as well as his negatives and will do the same for Barack Obama. As with Franklin these choices are based on what I see and believe and when the list is finished a clear picture will be available, again based on my Conservative ideals, as to which candidate will best match my belief's. The candidate with the most positives and the least negatives by this test will be the clear choice as I see it.

First John McCain - the positives: 1. A highly decorated war hero. 2. A military man who understands the military and how to use it. 3. Experienced on day one as Commander in Chief. 4. Favors tax cuts. 5. Favors tax reform. 6. Against earmarks. 7. Favors spending cuts. 8. Favors limiting the size and amount of entitlements from government. 9. Willing to prosecute the war to total victory yet understands that it must come to a satisfactory end that protects our National Security and that of the nations where we are fighting. 10. Understands the real threat of terrorism and taking the fight to them rather than waiting for them to attack us again. 11. Pro Life. 12. Will appoint Judges like Roberts and Alito to SCOTUS who will not legislate from the bench. 13. Understands Foreign Policy and when to talk and how to talk from a stand point of strength. 14. Understands that unconditional talks with Dictators is dangerous and compromising for the Nation and the President. 15. Finally understands that the people want border security BEFORE any illegal immigration plan is proposed or passed. 18. Favors free trade.

The negatives - 1. Not Conservative enough. 2. To willing to compromise at times with liberals. 3. Author of the , "Gang of Fourteen." 5. Author of McCain/Feingold Campaign Finance Reform. 6. Author of McCain/Kennedy Immigration, (amnesty), Bill. 6. To willing to buy into Global Warming and economic and government regulation to, "combat, " an unproven science. 7. Favors to much government regulation on business.

Barack Obama - the positives - 1. First black candidate for a major party thus proving the advancements in solving race problems. 2. A very eloquent speaker. 3. Youthful and attracts the youth. 4. Not ashamed of his liberal stances thus making it obvious that he IS a liberal rather than trying to hide his liberalism behind a false middle of the road stance. 5. Knows how to tell people what they WANT to hear.

The negatives - 1. Liberal to the point of Socialism. 2. Tends to be somewhat racist based on comments and excepts from his book. 3. Anti military . 4. To willing to abandon the war by calling for immediate pull out without considering the dangerous consequences of that pull out. 5. Does not accept the real threat of terrorism. 6. Extremely naive about foreign policy especially in his willingness to unconditionally talk with dictators and despots. 7. Favors The UN over US sovereignty. 8. Favors seeking permission from European countries BEFORE acting in our own best interest. 9. No experienced to be Commander in Chief. 10. Favors across the board tax increases. 11. See government as the answer to everything and favors an ever increasing dependency on government by the people. 12. Pro - abortion. 13. Believes in activist Judges who legislate from the bench. 14. Has proposed hundreds of millions of dollars of increased government entitlements. 15. Favors limiting research and development of new and and improved weapons and weapons technology. 16. Very questionable associations with people who preach anti Americanism, support and have performed terrorist acts against this country and have had shady dealings for which they have been indicted.

Each of the above positives and negatives for both candidates are facts that can be looked up on the record by doing any type of search available for that particular subject. Again this is also based, as with Franklin's decision test, upon my Conservative beliefs and as such will disagree with most liberals but may help Conservatives to better choose when voting in November as well as many Moderates and Independents.

Following the Ben Franklin Test, the clear choice for President by the positives and the negatives is John McCain in 2008.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, June 08, 2008


In an unusual humbled tone, Hillary Clinton suspended her campaign for the 2008 Democrat nomination thus ending her aspirations for now in seeking the Presidency that she felt was her destiny. Notice that she, "suspended, " her campaign and did not actually concede to Obama thus giving her control until the Convention in August of her more than 1900 delegates and a great deal of influence over the DNC platform for the fall election.

With this chapter of the Clinton saga coming to a close, does it also signify the farewell performance of Bill and Hillary Clinton ? Sure for the next several weeks and months actually, both will try to stay in the spotlight, that was evidenced by her momentary, "interest," in the number two spot after the Montana and South Dakota Primaries, the hastened, "secret," meeting held at Dianne Feinstein's home and the major press build up for her suspension speech.

This nomination was Hillary's to lose, or at least that is what most pundits say. After all she is a former First Lady and for all intents and purposes, co-president during the Bubba years. She has been in the Senate for nearly two terms and at least seems to popular in her , "home," State of New York. Then of course she is a Clinton the big name in liberal and Democrat politics for more than fifteen years.

Her demise as a candidate and loss to Barack Obama for the nomination was partially her own fault but I believe greatly because of another factor that I will discuss momentarily. First though, her own short comings as a candidate. She was her own worst enemy and was solely responsible for the many stupid blunders that brought attention to who she was and her lack of integrity and honesty. Do I hear Bosnia sniper fire for example ?

That combined with the true temperament of Bill showing its angry face especially toward the end of the campaign proved substantial to the demise of Hillary 08. She has shown every politician in the world what NOT to do when running for National office. Shooting ones self in the foot over and over again tends to cripple a campaign and bring about its down fall.

Now the , "other," factor that I mentioned earlier. That being plain old Clinton fatigue. The Clinton's have been ramrod, so to speak, over the Democrat Party since Bubba was nominated for the first time in 1992. They have left in their wake more controversy and scandal than just about any political coupling in history. While the Kennedy's and the Roosevelt's are considered liberal political royalty the Clinton's have become political liability to the Democrat Party and her demise as a candidate was considerable proof of the end of the Clinton era in Democrat politics.

Barack Obama is a weak candidate at best and had he been up against a candidate that Democrats were not just plain tired of, Obama would not have achieved as strong a lead as he did in the early primaries that made him impossible to catch even as the problems with Jeremiah Wright and others in whom he associates with began troubling and ending his Rock Star status with the mesmerised liberals.

With Hillary's continual lies trying to prop herself up in the eyes of voters combined with Bubba's rants at campaign appearances and in interviews, the public was reminded of the shady days in The White House during the nineties and Clinton weariness set in taking Hillary down along with her self destructive tendencies.

The fact that the press which had placed the Clinton's on a pedestal since 1992, abandoned Hillary for Obama also lends further proof to the Clinton fatigue that helped to end her candidacy. Even the liberal media had grown tired of reporting the same shenanigans from the Clinton's only this time with her as the candidate rather than him. So they latched on to the Obama star and dumped the Clinton's by the side of the road.

Bubba and Hillary could not believe that they were the red headed step children with the media rather than the darlings they had grown accustomed to and actually lashed out at their former buddies which added fuel to the crashing fire of the Clinton demise.

Hillary and even Bill will be in the spotlight until the Convention and then try to steal some of Obama's liberal thunder until the election but unless Obama wins the White House in November, (which I believe in unlikely because of his inherent weaknesses and inexperience), and appoints Hillary or Bill to a high cabinet position like Secretary of State, the Clinton's will being to fade into the back ground where they belong. Hillary becoming just another foot note in American History and Bubba finally being recognized as the mediocre at best President that he truly was.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Admiration for Hillary Clinton and disdain for the brave men and women who protect this Nation and have paid the price for the freedoms that allowed Barack Obama to be the Democrat nominee!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - CHARLESTON, Ore. — Sorry, Charlie. You're a crime victim. The blue, 8-foot wooden statue of a tuna stood for two decades at the end of a bridge, welcoming folks to the coastal fishing town of Charleston. Now the tuna, named Charlie, is missing. Because the chain holding the statue in place was cut, Charlie is presumed stolen.

Mel Campbell of the local merchants association says Charlie was last seen wearing an orange hat and glasses, similar to StarKist's pitch-fish. She says the group has another tuna statue, a 12-footer at the information center. But Charlie was more popular, and, she says, "looked cute at the end of the bridge."

How in the world do you hide an eight foot statue that looks like a Tuna ? Do you just find a BIG Aquarium ? Go figure !! -YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Even Martians are seeing the , "proof, " of man made Global Warming. Now the truth comes out Al Gore IS from Mars !

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - CANTON, Ohio — Homeowners who don't mow their grass in this northeast Ohio city now face stiffer penalties — including possible jail time. The city council unanimously passed a law Monday that makes a second high-grass violation a fourth-degree misdemeanor carrying a fine of up to $250 and as many as 30 days in jail.

The previous law only made the first violation a minor misdemeanor, with a fine of up to $150 but no jail time. The new law is to take effect in 30 days. "This is the type of action we need to take in order to clean up our neighborhoods and our city," Mayor William J. Healy II said.

Crank up those mowers because once one Government steps on personal property rights then others are bound to follow! Jail conversation - "So Mac, I hit the Seven 11 and killed the clerk so what you in for ?....... I didn't mow my lawn last week! " - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Bubba always has a way with the Chicks. By the way, the fat lady may have more than one verse when it comes to Hillary !

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - TOKYO — A homeless woman who sneaked into a man's house and lived undetected in his closet for a year was arrested in Japan after he became suspicious when food mysteriously began disappearing.

Police found the 58-year-old woman Thursday hiding in the top compartment of the man's closet and arrested her for trespassing, police spokesman Hiroki Itakura from southern Kasuya town said Friday. The resident of the home installed security cameras that transmitted images to his mobile phone after becoming puzzled by food disappearing from his kitchen over the past several months.

One of the cameras captured someone moving inside his home Thursday after he had left, and he called police believing it was a burglar. However, when they arrived they found the door locked and all windows closed."We searched the house ... checking everywhere someone could possibly hide," Itakura said. "When we slid open the shelf closet, there she was, nervously curled up on her side."

The woman told police she had no place to live and first sneaked into the man's house about a year ago when he left it unlocked. The closet is part of a Japanese-style room, one of several rooms in his one-story house where the man lived alone — or so he had thought.

How does anyone NOT know that someone is living in a closet for more than a year ? This guy must have been really dense and had no sense of smell. I mean the showers must have been few and far between. SHEESH ! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Resigning the church for political expediency does not make for a core set of values nor distancing himself from what was said over twenty years. Hurting in the polls makes a political hack not a man with a conscience angered over racists and anti American statements.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


By the numbers Barack Obama clinched the Democrat nomination following a win in Montana and a surge of Super Delegates who, seeing the hand writing on the wall finally made a commitment. Hillary Clinton won a rather decisive victory in the other Primary State of South Dakota.

After the victory speeches had ended and the day had somewhat calmed, though Obama had the nomination by the numbers, Clinton made no concession speech nor did she acknowledge that Obama had surpassed the magic number. She told supporters that she would be meeting with her advisers over the next few days indicating that she would still be around.

Clinton according to AP indicated to NY lawmakers that she was, "open, " to the VP spot but gave no indication that she was actively campaigning for it. Obama has time before selecting his VEEP and whether he taps Clinton or not remains to be seen.

Many try to spin Obama's victory as decisive but in reality he limped across the finish line and if you take into account the actual vote totals, Obama lost the popular vote to Clinton by more than 286, 000 with Michigan included in the mix. In fact had it not been for the screwball way that the DNC proportions the delegate count Clinton would have had a decisive victory over Obama in both popular vote and delegate count.

Over the past several weeks Clinton has won more primaries than Obama but his lead because of earlier Primary voting was large enough to sustain a victory for the nomination. The long Primary season has also taken its toll on the Obama campaign. Though raising more money than Clinton the Obama camp has also had to spend an excessive amount of cash on advertising and it is beginning to effect Obama's war chest.

Obama also takes the nomination with a considerable amount of controversy surrounding him because of his associations with several people including Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and others. As the nominee the scrutiny will escalate which will not sit well with the Illinois Senator who has already balked at the scrutiny that has taken place thus far which is minimal compared to that in which he will receive before the General Election.

Both candidates are talking about party unity and while they may try to put on a unified face for the Convention cameras, behind the scene and with the rank and file the situation is anything but unity. At the DNC meetings seating the Florida and Michigan delegates last weekend the animosity for the party and the way the primaries have been handled was very evident and large numbers of Clinton supporters have indicated they will not vote for Obama either sitting out the election or voting for McCain.

As far as the VP nod with Clinton as number two in order to , "unify, " the party, Clinton could very well be a liability for Obama because of Clinton's polarizing effect with likely voters for a General Election and the fact that if she is the number two Obama would have to put up with Bill both during the campaign and in the White House if he were to win the Presidency.

Also he loses his claim of being the candidate for, "change, " by bringing on politics from the nineties and two politicians from what he calls the , "old, " Democrats. Both the Bill factor and the old school idea may very well keep Obama from offering the VEEP to Clinton.

But because Hillary garnered so many delegates and popular vote she has a considerable amount of leverage in shaping the platform and forcing Obama to adopt her key policies of Universal Health Care, (Hillary Care), and give away entitlements that have not been touted by Obama.

She could still have leverage with the Super Delegates at the Convention if the poll numbers for Obama against McCain continue to show either a tie or a lead for McCain. That combined with most Electoral break downs showing McCain winning over Obama could still give Clinton a small but open door for the official nomination at the Convention. Super Delegates can change their mind until their vote is actually cast.

Unless she changes her stripes, don't expect a concession speech from Hillary until the final vote is cast at the Convention in August. If she concedes before then she releases her delegates and her leverage at the Convention and she is one politician whose loyalties for self are far stronger than those for the DNC.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Unless a coup takes place at the Democrat Convention in August and Hillary Clinton manages to twist the arms of hundreds of Super Delegates, Barack Obama will be the nominee for the Democrat Party.

While many liberals tout Obama as the messiah of politics who will save the nation, do these elitist liberals truly understand the fact that Barack Obama's economic and other domestic policies are Marxist and in fact follow almost to the letter many of the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx in 1848?

If they do , then do they really care that Obama will take this Nation down the slippery slope to a Marxist style Socialism and an isolationist foreign policy that beleives that The United States should bow at the alter of the UN and essentially ask permission from European Nations before taking actions that protect our national security and sovereignty?

The above video outlines many of the tax ideas that Obama has presented during the campaign. All include some form of tax hike whether the Capital Gains tax which effects anyone who invests in the Stock Market including ALL 401K's which use stock investment as a cornerstone for the retirement program.

He favors raising the cap on personal payroll taxes which will effect every worker in the country but claims he wants to ONLY tax the rich in order to play on the vote of the Middle and Lower classes.

The second plank of the Communist Manifesto calls for, "A heavy progressive or graduated income tax." This to create the illusion of , "fairness," to all income earners as used in all Communist Nations and was the economic cornerstone to the birth of the Soviet Union and the economic basis of the USSR until its collapse in the late nineteen eighties.

This blind affection to Obama because of his great speaking ability and his attraction to the youth is not only dangerous but has him now in a position which places him an election away from possibly becoming the President of The United States.

This is who the Democrats are backing for The White House. A Marxist/Soclialist who believes in isolationism and a naive approach to our enemies which through appeasement will only embolden them to become stronger and allow countries like Iran to become a nuclear power.

While we who are on the opposite side of the politcal spectrum from liberals and Barack Obama have enjoyed the implosion of the Democrats during the Primaries and look forward to a possible war at their Convention in Denver, we must also realize the true danger and possiblity of Obama being the next President.

His Marxist/Socialist agenda and naive apprach to foreign policy, if elected, will be destructive to our Nation, dangerous to our security and a continual move even further away from the Constitutional Republic that our Founders gave birth through the sacrifices of the Revolution.

Ken Taylor

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