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Tuesday, October 04, 2011


It is not only past time for Eric Holder to resign and resign quickly but it may be time for Holder to serve time for his illegal activities as Attorney General of The United States. He has been ramrod over the most corrupt Justice Department possibly in our history and now it has been revealed that he not only lied to Congress about his knowledge of the Fast and Furious debacle but knew about it long before he claims to have known.

In case you're not familiar with Fast and Furious it was an operation where ATF allowed thousands of weapons to cross the Mexican border and fall into the hands of drug lords in the drug cartels that are creating havoc on both the US and Mexican border. The, "sting," operation was not only illegal but the weapons were traced and found used in several murders near the border, one in which a border patrol police officer was killed.

An ATF agent came clean and blew the whistle on the operation that allowed the weapons to cross the border and Congress held hearings on the matter to get to the bottom of this illegal action and just who knew and why. Since the ATF falls under the jurisdiction of the Justice Department Holder was called before Congress to testify as to his knowledge of the operation.

First Holder denied any knowledge and told Congress he was conducting an investigation to find who was involved in the debacle and how it came about in the ATF. Then it was learned that Holder did know about the operation so he changed his story to one in which he claimed to have recently found out about the operation just before his Congressional testimony in May 2011.

New reports have come out showing that not only did Holder know about the operation well before his testimony but his knowledge extended back far enough to know the operation was not only taking place but was a continuing operation that he made no move to stop. His knowledge extends back to July 2010 and the operation did not end until near the end of 2010 shortly after the death of the border patrol officer.

Holders reaction to this new revelation is he misunderstood the question asked him during his Congressional testimony when prodded as to when he knew of the operation. How stupid does he think we are? Asked, when did you know about the operation and he misunderstood the question and gave a wrong date? This is a classic cover for someone who knows he willingly perjured himself and is trying to cover his lie.

Holder has been corrupt since day one as Attorney General and has been given a free pass by his boss, Barack Obama, the media and even Congress who have let him slide several times during hearings over problems in Justice. Now he has gone far enough in his corruption to willingly allow the loss of life to cover his knowledge of an illegal operation.

Holder should resign IMMEDIATELY and this debacle known as Fast and Furious should bring indictments to those involved and those who knew of the operation allowing it to continue. Holder should be first on the list of indictments and brought before the court to face the penalty for his illegal actions and his willingness to allow people to die to cover for his lies and his corruption.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous cuchieddie said...

I volunteer to pull the cord on the guillotine.

11:01 AM, October 04, 2011  
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