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Sunday, October 23, 2011


When Ronald Reagan ran against Jimmy Carter in the 1980 Presidential election he asked this question during a televised debate between the two candidates, "are you better off than you were four years ago?" This was a little over a week before the general election and voters responded to Reagan's question with a resounding, "no," electing him to the Presidency in one of the largest landslides in out history.

We are just over one year from the 2012 general election in which we the people will make the decision as to whether we continue with the failed polices and destructive decisions and agenda of Barack Obama or elect a new President from a field of very qualified candidates who are vying for the Republican nomination.

While we haven't reached the four year mark quite yet in the Obama Presidency we can ask the question Reagan posed to the American people in the election of 1980 and change the time table to three years rather than four and ask ourselves, "are we better of than we were three years ago?" The resounding answer for every American if we are ALL honest, regardless of our political persuasion should be, "no!"

We have just recently eclipsed the first 1000 days of the Obama Presidency and as is usual the press uses this round figure as they do the 100 day milestone as a measuring stick for a Presidency. The facts of the failure of the Obama Presidency become painfully clear when real and true statistics are seen in light of his first 1000 days. Here are a few examples of the misery brought upon out Nation courtesy of Barack Obama.

- national debt has increased more than $4 TRILLION dollars, $4.2 BILLION per day since he took office which is more increase that the first 79,135 or from 1776 to 1993. That increase has cost an additional $1.2 TRILLION dollars in interest payments on the debt.

- more than 2.22 MILLION jobs have been lost with no end in job loss in sight.

- more than 2.4 MILLION homes have been repossessed due to failed mortgages.

- the average length of unemployment has more than doubled to 40.5 weeks

- the jobless rate has been above 9% for 840 of the 1000 Obama days

- 7,076 new regulatory rules have been issued under the President who campaigned against regulations just to get votes

- more than 12 MILLION more Americans are on food stamps

- gas prices have risen 80% sicnce Obama took office and have been above $3.00 a gallon everyday in 2011

With facts like this it is no wonder the country is in misery under the reign of Barack Obama. Once again if every voter is honest and asked themselves if they are better off now than when Obama became President even those who are among the blame Bush for everything crowd would have to answer a resounding yes.

Sure his most ardent supporters have whined that he hasn't had a chance because of what he inherited, for those who still believe that line of rhetoric consider this additional fact. For the first two years Obama was in office he had a Democrat House and Senate who virtually rubber stamped everything he proposed and he had his way with our economy, our spending, our debt and our very lives. So the reality is that EVERYTHING bringing misery to the American people is on the back of Barack Obama and blaming Bush doesn't work any longer.

Prospects for ANY improvement before the 2012 election is virtually non existent since Obama regardless of the proof in the numbers and the reality of a failed agenda and policy still believes more of the same will work. In fact he has stated for the record that EVERYTHING he has done was the right thing to do and admits no mistakes or failures since taking office. Although the evidence and reality shows just the opposite. His arrogance has no bounds.

In the next year as we approach the 2012 election each of you must decide whether to reelect Obama or choose another direction for our country by electing another to the Oval Office along with election for the House and one third of the Senate. Obama and the Democrats have had their chance to prove what they can do if given full control of our government and the results have been disastrous. The Senate remained under Democrat control in 2010 and all we have had since is complete stagnation as all Obama and his pals in the Senate ONLY want to do is continue their failed agenda and policy.

The 2012 choice is obvious, continue down the path of destruction we have been or vote for a new direction that seeks fiscal sanity and a policy of strength and growth for America. Obama offers neither. Any candidate running for the GOP nomination will be tremendous improvement over Obama. My choice has been made and I am backing Herman Cain because he most fits the conservative values and Constitutional principles I believe this Nation needs to recover and survive. As a voter and an American the decision and direction our country takes lies in our hands.

Ken Taylor


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