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Thursday, September 30, 2010


House and Senate Democrats voted to adjourn and leave Washington WITHOUT once considering the fate of the Bush tax cuts which are set to expire December 31. When the vote came for adjournment not one Republican sided with the majority Democrats in the decision to leave DC without a vote on the tax cuts. Several Democrats joined Republicans but not enough to overcome a majority vote to adjourn until after the mid term election.

Leaving Washington with the expiration of the tax cuts still looming is tantamount to voting in favor of raising taxes on every American. Of course the liberal mentality tries to claim that the expiration of the tax cuts is not a tax increase but when an individual has not been paying at the higher rate for almost ten years when the rate takes affect it WILL be a tax hike.

Democrats have tried to fluff this off stating there was just not enough time to deal with the vote which is a flat out lie. Since Democrats became the majority in 2006 it has been well known that the tax cuts would expire at the end of 2010 and Democrats have continually tabled any debate or consideration about the tax cuts. So the ,"no time," excuse is nothing more than another deception by Democrats. Before they became the majority whenever the issue of making the cuts permanent was brought up by the GOP majority Democrats filibustered the vote and killed it. So when they expire the fault lies with Democrats alone!

Democrats have long mentioned just letting the tax cuts expire which it now seem has been their intention all along as both Reid and Pelosi refused to even take up the issue during their tenure as Speaker and Senate Majority Leader. Now the largest tax increase in our Nations history is set to take place in a few short weeks and Congress in not in session and will not be in session until after the mid term election.

The legislative schedule during the lame duck session will greatly depend on the result of the election on November 2. With Democrats likely losing the House and now with the Senate also in play you can almost bet that Democrats will use the lame duck session to force through as much socialist legislation as possible before the new Congress which will have a GOP majority takes power in January. Voting on the Bush tax cuts will not be a priority since allowing them to expire is more in line with the Obama, Pelosi and Reid agenda.

Yet Democrats who could not wait to leave Washington and hit the campaign trail will lie to the electorate about how they are the compassionate protectors of the middle class and poor while the GOP is the party of the rich. Completely ignoring the fact that without a vote on the tax cuts Democrats have doomed the middle class, the poor and the rich to experience the largest tax hike in our history. Truly caring and compassionate, ( all sarcasm intended).

With the tax cuts destined by Democrats to expire anyone who votes for these political ideologues is voting for national suicide. Anyone who doubted whether Democrats had any concern for the American people and their only goal was political power can lay those doubts to rest. By leaving Washington without a vote on this massive tax hike Democrats have proven beyond a shadow of doubt that political power is all they care about and the American people are nothing more to them than pockets lined with hard earned money they can steal from us in order to pay for their socialist country destroying agenda.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


For weeks now most experts, many of them Democrats, have conceded the loss of the House by Democrats to Republicans in the mid term election. As November gets closer the loses for Democrats in the House seems to grow as each day passes. Many pundits are calling for about a 40 seat change with the GOP only needed 35 to take the majority. But recent polling has almost 75 seats in play with no polling available for 160 Democrat seats that are thought to be be secure so no polling is done. But as is the case with a tide turning election nothing is beyond the realm of possibility so Dick Morris is saying that as many as 100 seats could change on November 2.

Although not a lock and nothing should be taken for granted, the House seems pretty certain to become a GOP majority when all is said and done on election night with only how strong a majority the major question. Throughout this election cycle most have called the Senate as remaining Democrat with the best case scenario being an even split between the two parties. But recent polling has seen a change in even the best case scenario and the GOP could very well have a solid majority in the Senate also.

The magic number for Republicans is ten and as the election draws closer that magic number is seeming more likely than not. Republicans lead in eight Democrat seats: North Dakota, Indiana, Arkansas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Illinois, (Obama's former seat). These leads are solid and beyond the margin of error. Nevada where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is in the fight for his life against Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle, Rasmussen has the race at a 48 - 48 tie with 3% unsure.

Several other Senate seats are showing GOP gains that were not expected to play in the mid term election. In New York, Republican Joe DioGuardi is only one point behind Kirsten Gillibrand who took the seat vacated by Hillary Clinton. California has Barbara Boxer with only a one point lead over Republican Carly Fiorina. Washington has Republican Dino Rossi seesawing back and forth with Democrat Senator Pat Murray.

In the Connecticut race to replace retiring Senator Chris Dodd, Republican Linda McMahon has closed to within five from trailing double digits only two weeks ago. After Christine O'Donnell won the GOP nod defeating Mike Castle polling had her 15 points behind which is exactly where she found herself only one month before defeating Castle in the primary by six points, so this seat can become a GOP win if the trend which brought O'Donnell's victory continues in Delaware. More recent polling has already closed the gap for O' Donnell to nine.

With the GOP leading in eight contests tied or within the margin of error in three more and Christine O'Donnell gaining ground almost on a daily basis in Delaware, not only is the Senate in play for Republicans but as the election draws closer it seems a distinct possibility that the GOP can gain the Majority in both Chambers of Congress. History also favors both Chambers going to the GOP. The Majority has changed 44 times in Congress in our history and of those 44 times 40 have had a change in both the House and the Senate.

While the polling is looking better every day for booting out the Pelosi/Reid Congress we cannot take it for granted and must continue to fight for our Nation and our future. Tell your GOP friends and neighbors to be sure and get out to vote on November second to make sure that the energized electorate turns polling into reality for the mid term election. We can take both the House and Senate to begin taking our country back and tie the hands of Barack Obama until we remove him in 2012.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Poll after poll, pundit after pundit are predicting a massive defeat for Democrats in the mid term election which takes place on November second. Almost everyone is conceding that the House will be lost and Pelosi and her liberal crowd of Democrat aristocrats will become the minority party in the next Congress. Some polling also suggest that Democrats may lose control of the Senate thought most still believe that the Senate will likely be an even split between both parties.

Throughout the run toward November Barack Obama and many of the Democrats have been attempting to blame anyone and everyone for their political woes. The first blame game went to George Bush with Obama and clan using the tired and over used idea that they, "inherited," everything and it was Bush's fault that America was in such bad shape. Voters saw through this political ruse understanding that the problems we face today are not inherited as Obama claims but solely belong to Barack and his party.

Next Obama and clan jumped on the GOP band wagon saying that Republicans were to blame for all of the Nations woes and it was their obstructionist actions preventing Obama policy from passing that was the problem with the failure to spur the economy and other troubles our country is facing. Voters didn't buy into this lie either as the realization of failed Obama policy especially the massive trillion dollar stimulus was not caused by the minority GOP but Democrats who have a large enough majority to pass any legislation without GOP help.

Voters also understood what failed legislation like the stimulus did pass belonged to Democrats and the GOP had nothing to do with it. And the anger over Obamacare was not a result of the GOP but belonged to Obama and the Dems who made this the center piece of their agenda completely ignoring the voice of the people and passed the monstrosity anyway. So who else is left to blame for Obama and Democrat election woes ?

Obama made a lame attempt to try and individualize the blame again but this time it wasn't his usual blame Bush bash but instead House Minority leader John Boehner. For nearly a week Obama went out on the campaign trail and it was the evil John Boehner show as Boehner became the target for everything Obama whined about before his selected crowds. This so called, "strategy," quickly failed as even those in his selected crowds had little knowledge of who Boehner is much less why he is the blame for all of our Nations problems.

Now we find ourselves five weeks away from the crucial mid term election and polling is showing Democrats are not only NOT gaining any ground with voters but the defeat coming their way may very well be much worse than originally thought. Former Clinton staffer and now Fox News contributor Dick Morris has even predicted that as many as 100 seats may change in the House with a distinct possibility of a three to four seat majority for the GOP in the Senate.

Obama and clan have blamed everyone for their political woes and the problems in the Nation with voters not buying into the deception or the blame game understanding that why we are where we are rests in the hands of Obama and Democrats. Since neither are willing to accept responsibility for our national troubles Obama and his cohorts are seeking someone else to blame, so the blame game has now shifted again.

In interviews and speeches over the past few days Obama, Joe Biden and John Kerry are now placing the blame for Democrat woes in the upcoming mid term election on voters. Yes it is now the voters who are being blamed for Obama's failures. In and interview with Rolling Stone Obama said it would be, "inexcusable," for Democrat voters to sit out the mid term election and that,"People need to shake off this lethargy. People need to buck up." Of course the ,"lethargy," has NOTHING to do with Democrat disillusionment with Obama and his failures. No according to Obama it is just because people are lazy and not fired up about him like they used to be.

Joe Biden hit the airways on Monday and said, "And so those who don't get -- didn't get everything they wanted, it's time to just buck up here, understand that we can make things better, continue to move forward and -- but not yield the playing field to those folks who are against everything that we stand for in terms of the initiatives we put forward." Or in other words just because we screwed everything up is no reason not to get out and vote us back into office so we can continue to fail. Again Biden like Obama is blaming Democrat voters for their woes.

Even Mr. Ketchup, John Kerry jumped on the blame the voter band wagon while making a speech in Boston. "We have an electorate that doesn’t always pay that much attention to what’s going on so people are influenced by a simple slogan rather than the facts or the truth or what’s happening.” I have news for you Mr. Kerry, the reason you and your party are facing a massive defeat is BECAUSE the electorate is paying far more attention that they have in the past and voters DO NOT like what they see.

With only five week left before the mid term this desperate move by Obama and clan to blame voters for their problems will backfire on them just like the blame Bush, blame the GOP and blame John Boehner strategy which fell on well informed and angry voters who know where the blame belongs and who truly is at fault for the Nations woes, Obama and Democrats. If Obama and clan think that scolding disillusioned Democrats will bring them out in large numbers on November 2 to vote a failed Congress back into office, then as usual Obama is completely out of touch with the people. This scolding will discourage Democrat voters rather than energize them.

Fortunately the American people and especially those who will be voting in the mid term election understand who is at fault and where the blame for our Nations problems belong. So Barack, Joe and John keep on blaming everyone and everything for your troubles and continue to refuse to accept responsibility for your actions and your failures. We the people know the truth and on November 2, we the people will fire those who helped you place our Nation on the path of destruction it is currently on. We will being to take out country back and restore Constitutional principles to save our Republic.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, September 26, 2010


"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." Wendell Phillips

The future of our Nation is hanging in the balance as we approach the mid term election on November 2. At stake is whether the socialist decline being orchestrated by Barack Obama and those who have voted with and in support of his agenda will be allowed to continue or whether we can uphold the principles of our Constitution by electing a new Congress that will stand for our liberties and our Republic.

Yet the decline that we have been so adamantly fighting against, as most who read this post already know, did not begin with the Presidency of Barack Obama. Obama and his leftist agenda have escalated the decline but he did not start it. It has been decades in the making and has resulted from the government administration of both parties with Democrats holding a lions share of the policy that caused the decline.

We have blamed Presidents, Representatives, Senators, Justices of The Supreme Court and countless others whether staffers or appointees who have been involved in our government. While their actions and their meddling in our governmental affairs whether foreign or domestic have been the direct cause of the decline to a more socialistic America, the true blame for the direction our Republic has taken falls on us, we the people.

For decades our complacency and lack of vigilance in holding those we elect to office accountable in every aspect of their service to us and our Nation has been almost nonexistent. In fact had it not been for the blatant actions of Obama and those who have supported his agenda and his total disregard for our Constitution and ignoring of the American people I dare say that the complacency of the people would still be evident and the referendum that is coming in the mid term election would not take place.

While we are witnessing the greatest failure of a Presidency in our nations history, the one success that I must credit Obama with, a success that is bettering our Nation in ways that no other President in modern history has done, is the fact that as a result of his actions the people are finally awakened to the danger our country is in and the decline it has taken with Obama and well before him. The complacency that allowed the election of someone as inept as is gone and the people are fighting back for our Nation and our future.

Our Constitutional Republic was instituted by our Founders to be a government of laws which is directly accountable and responsible to the people of The United States. Nothing can take place in our country unless it is with the consent of the people. The decades old decline toward a socialistic state did not come from the direct consent or permission of the people as all true Americans love freedom and would not consent to anything that will take that freedom away. We did not say, "here take our freedom and liberties away because we no longer want them." Yet we find ourselves with a government that is over bearing which has taken away many of our liberties.

If we are a Nation whose government cannot move without the consent of the people and the people love and cherish liberty thus will not consent to anything which will take liberties away then how did this great falling away happen in a free Republic ? Simply put the lack of complete vigilance leading to a complacent citizenry allowed liberties to fall, government to grow and by proxy the people surrendered our true authority over government to those we elected and we granted our consent to what they did because we grew lazy and failed to hold them totally accountable.

We excused their action by thinking that every Representative was corrupt EXCEPT mine and we continued to elect Representatives who did not serve neither us or our Nation. We ignored Presidents who ignored the Constitution. We turned a blind eye to Senators who looked out for special interests and not the people. Until finally our laziness in fulfilling our Constitutional responsibility to hold those we elect accountable became second nature and we not longer recognized the danger and accepted an America with less freedom and damaged liberty.

We had moments during those decades when we momentarily woke up and paid attention to government. But they were fleeting and we allowed ourselves to be lulled back into our complacency and the temporary breath of freedom being restored slipped again into the full fledged decline to a socialistic state until that decline and our lack of vigilance created and allowed Barack Obama.

Now we are awake and we are fighting. We face a mid term election where voters are not only paying attention but are energized to make a difference and fight to take our country back from the brink of destruction. But the question begs to be asked, "is this another momentary awakening or a true and necessary vigilance that will last ?" If just momentary as has been the case in past awakenings, then even if we elect conservatives to Congress we will find ourselves back in the same boat again with a sinking ship of state taking our liberties down with it.

Remember we elected Ronald Reagan and went back to sleep during Bush 41 which gave us Clinton. We elected a conservative Congress in 1994 and went back to sleep not holding them accountable and Republicans began acting like Democrats. Our lack of vigilance allowed even a conservative Congress to fall to political greed, power and the pit falls of Washington politics which lead to a leftist Congressional take over for the sake of changing a failed Congress in 2006 and the election of Barack Obama in 2008 and the disastrous path we find ourselves currently on.

So once again we face a crossroads for the American people. We are fighting and we are taking our Nation back from the brink in November. But what to we do after November ? We do have an ideologue in The White House that will keep much of the vigilance in place until 2012 when we can replace him with a true leader and real President. But will our vigilance and fight end with the election of a new Congress this year and a new President in 2012? No it cannot and it must not.

While all elected officials take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, it is we the people who have the Constitutional responsibility to make sure that they stay true to their oath. In fact we the people have a greater responsibility to our Constitution than those we elect. They are elected to serve us and it is we the people who are the true authority of our Nation. They cannot do anything we do not allow them to do. We hire them and we fire them. If it is necessary to change members of the House every two years then it is our responsibility to do so and keep a strong vigilance on their every move. Senator and Presidents must be held equally accountable.

Some may ask," how do we hold them to this accountability when they have the power ?" Thomas Jefferson said, "When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. " If those we elect fear the power and authority of the people then they are accountable. If we become complacent and lack vigilance then we surrender our authority to politicians and lose our liberties. Fear of the people is what is driving the mid term election and the panic by those who currently hold office.

We cannot surrender our authority again to those we elect to serve us. Out fight does not end on November 2, 2010 or November 6, 2012. If we truly want a Constitutional Republic where liberty reigns and government is accountable to the people then our fight must NEVER end. We must be eternally vigilant. We can never again become complacent or lazy in our responsibility as citizens, as Americans and as the true and sole Constitutional authority of this land we love and this Nation of, by and for the people.

Ken Taylor

Friday, September 24, 2010


They are everywhere. Their stench can be smelled throughout the halls of Congress, in the White House and every political office building in our Nations Capitol. No matter where one goes in DC the problem is over running the Capitol. Stink Bugs are everywhere. Yes that's right Stinks Bugs.

If you find a camera or a news reporter looking for a ripe political story you will find a Stink Bug. If you search the Halls of Congress you can bet that finding a Stink Bug will be an easy task because they are in every office and especially when the House and Senate are in session the Stink Bugs can be found, if they are in town, listening to each other as they attempt to expound on whatever issue Congress is addressing at the moment.

Soon Congress will go into recess in order to allow the Stink Bugs to head to their respective homes and campaign to try and return and infest Washington again. But when they return home their is an exterminator waiting to eliminate the Stink Bug infestation from Washington DC. Yes my friends Voters Pest Control has been arming itself with the arsenal of pesticides necessary to eliminate the Stink Bug infestation in Washington.

On November second throughout the country Voters Pest Control will take to the polls and work to eliminate the Stink Bug infestation that is plaguing Congress and Washington. Eliminating the plaque that has infested our Nation and damaged our Republic. Once the infestation has been eliminated by Voter Pest Control, Washington will become a city which works for the people and not to increase power of the Stink Bug infestation.

Oh and by the way there is an actual Stink Bug infestation with REAL bugs in Washington as the video below shows but I could not resist the sarcastic, (maybe not so sarcastic), parallel to the infestation of idiots who are elected to office that we will be removing in November as we the people begin to take our country back!

Ken Taylor

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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Democrats are crashing and Barack Obama along with his staff are running in panic mode as November looks to deliver a massive loss of seats as well as the majority in The House and at the very least an even mix between parties in the Senate. With Republicans looking to make huge gains in the mid term elections many have been calling for the GOP to not just sit back on the polling that shows a clear advantage for November but to outline what the GOP will do if given the majority in the election.

To answer this Republicans have issued the, "Pledge To America," which outlines the GOP strategy and promise to voters. Echoing the extremely successful, "Contract With America," that was revealed six weeks before the 1994 mid term election which brought a GOP majority to Congress for the first time in forty years, the Pledge to America offers conservative promises that if implemented will limit government, curb spending and take the pressure off of business which will allow growth and prosperity that causes job creation and hiring.

Unlike the Contract which simply stated that Republicans promised to follow strict Constitutional principles, the Pledge does in many respects does not go far enough in eliminating many of the problems brought on by an over bearing government such as outlining a strong fiscal policy which ends ridiculous spending practices and also ending ear marks.

Some of the highlights are as follows:


- Stop job-killing tax hikes
- Allow small businesses to take a tax deduction equal to 20 percent of their income
- Require congressional approval for any new federal regulation that would add to the deficit
- Repeal small business mandates in the new health care law

Cutting Spending:

- Repeal and Replace health care
- Roll back non-discretionary spending to 2008 levels before TARP and stimulus

- Establish strict budget caps to limit federal spending going forward
- Cancel all future TARP payments and reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Reforming Congress:

- Will require that every bill have a citation of constitutional authority
- Give members at least 3 days to read bills before a vote


- Provide resources to troops
- Fund missile defense
- Enforce sanctions in Iran

For the most part the, "Pledge," has solid conservative ideas which can begin the process of reversing the disaster that has taken place under a Democrat Congress and the destructive spending and government expansion agenda of Barack Obama. I do have a considerable amount of misgiving concerning the pledge to repeal and, "replace," the health care reform bill known as Obamacare. While repealing it is necessary to stop the government control of health care, I do not care for the idea of replacing it with another health care bill but would rather see certain initiatives which correct and tweak the best health care system in the world allowing the private market place to solve the problems and NOT government.

But the key to this entire Pledge is not up to the GOP or anyone elected in the mid term election but the people of The United States. It is the complacency of the people that has allowed representatives to get as out of control as they have. It is complacency which allowed the election of Barack Obama. Obama's one true accomplishment is, as a result of his Marxist agenda and arrogance, the American people are finally awakened to government accountability by the people.

If the GOP gains the majority in November which seems likely, it is up to we the people to hold their feet to the fire and make them continually accountable to us. The activism that has been constant for the last 20 months through the Tea Party and other conservative movements must not end because of one election. It is our Constitutional responsibility as citizens to hold government accountable. Congress must know daily that if they fail us they will be fired. So it is up to us to make the GOP fulfill this pledge and more and not just use it as a political move to win an election.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My time is very limited to today so my posting will be short but its significance follows a pattern that many of us have been warning about Barack Obama since the campaign in 2008. On a daily basis more comparisons are being made between Obama and the failed Presidency of Jimmy Carter. Even Carter himself, though self absorbed in the idea that his failed Presidency was a success, has been making striking comparisons between his tenure in the Oval Office and that of Obama's.

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent article which discusses not only the comparison but quotes several sources including Carter's Vice President, Walter Mondale who as a Carter insider has personal experience in seeing the similarities of the two Administrations. Most quoted in the article are not from the GOP or conservative sources but Democrats who were involved with the Carter administration and are not complimentary to Carter or Obama in their observations. Follow this link to the article.

The failure of Obama as President in my opinion exceeds that of Carters in many respects but the most telling difference is that during the Carter years I never believed that Carter disliked our country and though bumbling as he was I never thought he did not have what he thought were the best interests for our Nation at heart. I have never thought Obama cared about the best interests of our Nation or our people. Carter was a failure but never threatened the principles of America. Obama on the other hand not only threatens those principles but believes it is his destiny to change the fundamental foundation of America which he believes are flaws he must correct.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We who have been in opposition of Barack Obama since well before he was elected, have known who and what he is long before his failures as President crashed his poll numbers and his agenda taken the country down a path the Founders never intended. In fact we who have been long opposed to Obama warned about him and what he planned, again well before he was elected and frankly every nightmare I envisioned of an Obama Presidency have come true and then some.

Now even those who supported him have become disillusioned with the man they thought would be their savior and the deliverer of, "hope and change." Those within his party have been distancing themselves from Obama in order to attempt reelection. The above video is from a town hall meeting in which Obama handlers staged as they always have with a crowd of people who support Obama and normally if they ask a question they deliver only soft balls designed to make Obama look good.

But disillusionment with Obama has grown so much that even his handlers who stage his events can no longer protect him from the irritation over his agenda and policy. The lady admitted she was a supporter but spoke truthfully and frankly about the position she finds both she and her family due to the failed policy of Obama. Following is the transcript of her comment.

"Quite frankly, I'm exhausted. I'm exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantle of change that I voted for, and deeply disappointed with where we are right now. I have been told that I voted for a man who said he was going to change things in a meaningful way for the middle class. I'm one of those people. And I'm waiting, sir. I'm waiting. I -- I don't feel it yet ... Is this my new reality?"

Obama proceeded to dodge her frustration by touting his usual laundry list of supposed accomplishments that this honest lady had just said she has not seen. Obama does not have a clue and frankly could care less about the plight of Americans, even those who have supported him and the few who still do. He is an ideologue who has an agenda and regardless of the consequences that agenda is his only focus and the country and people, (excuse my French here), be damned. November second cannot come quick enough!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, September 19, 2010


It almost seems as if history is repeating itself, at least for conservatives. The surge of conservative, Tea Party candidates beating entrenched moderate and in many cases RINO Republican candidates who have been part of the DC establishment for years or a least well known in the GOP elitist circles has been a shock to some and a nightmare to others.

The conservative surge has shown the true anger and disgust of voters as well as the poor attitude of many of the defeated entrenched candidates as well as pundits. For example after the stunning defeat of RINO Mike Castle by conservative Tea Party backed Christine O'Donnell, Castle revealed his true colors by publicly stating he would not endorse nor support O'Donnell although she was the clear choice of Delaware voters.

We have witnesses another RINO entrenched GOP candidate who could care less about the will of the voters and went even further than the sore loser attitude of Mike Castle. In Alaska, Lisa Murkowski was defeated by Tea Party conservative Joe Miller and though initially conceding to the will of the people has announced that she will ignore voters decision and run as a write in candidate for the Alaska Senate seat.

All around the country conservative Tea Party, Sarah Palin backed candidates have overwhelmingly defeated entrenched GOP Washington insiders or well know state insiders running for federal offices and it has both scared and angered the elitist GOP establishment and brought on the commentary wrath of pundits who have gone on the record condemning voter decisions and claiming that many conservative candidates cannot win against Democrats because they are too radical for the voters in their respective states, especially those in the Northeast.

Two who have come out against the Tea Party backed conservatives who have surprised many of us that have enjoyed and agreed with their political commentary in the past are Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer. Both have blasted the idea that Christine O'Donnell can win in Delaware and have inferred that because voters have chosen many Tea Party conservative candidates over long standing entrenched GOP stalwarts many of which are considered RINOS the Republican take over of majority status in Congress as a result of the mid term election is now not only in question but not likely in the Senate. Only a few weeks ago both were touting how the Senate was likely to go GOP.

Many have compared this 2010 mid term to the massive loss Democrats suffered in 1994 when voters who were angered over much of the policies, especially the health care push of Bill Clinton, overwhelmingly voted GOP and for the first time in 40 years seated a Republican majority in the House and the Senate. While there are many similarities to the 1994 election, the voter anger over Presidential and Congressional policy and action, for Republicans and the backlash against entrenched GOP candidates and the reaction by many in the GOP establishment in better compared to the rise of Ronald Reagan.

In the latter sixties and early seventies the Republican party was considerably different then the party we have grown accustomed to thinking it is since the Reagan Presidency and the Gingrich majority take over in 1994. The Republican party has claimed the mantra of conservative since the eighties and President Reagan, although in recent years that mantra has not fit the GOP and many of the established politicians especially those referred to as RINOS.

The sixties and seventies saw a country club elitist Republican Party which was dominated by entrenched GOP stalwarts like Nelson Rockefeller, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon. All considered very moderate to almost liberal in their political beliefs and all entrenched in the GOP. Then came Watergate and the anger of voters against Republicans which brought about the election of Jimmy Carter as President.

Ronald Reagan made his first move toward the Presidency in 1976 almost taking the nomination from then President Gerald Ford in an all out war at the GOP convention but the country club class prevailed and booted Reagan out choosing Ford to run against Jimmy Carter. During the Carter years as the inept Georgian bowed to the Soviet Union, destroyed an already hurting economy and told Americans we had to accept a lesser way of life then we had been accustomed to Ronald Reagan espoused the mantra of conservative Constitutional values, angering the country club GOP establishment but rallying the voters to conservative principles.

Reagan gained the GOP nomination and the country club types immediately came out and said all was lost, Carter would be reelected because Reagan and his conservative ideals could not win in a general election because he was to radical for the American public especially the country club entrenched Northeast where Republicans like Nelson Rockefeller had been the face of the GOP for years.

Pundits stated continually that Reagan could not win and the polls for the most part were agreeing with the pundits as all the way up until election day Reagan lagged behind in most polling. In fact on election day itself in 1980 almost no one believed Ronald Reagan would beat Jimmy Carter and that Carter would be elected to a second term despite the shape of the economy and the general feeling that things were going the wrong direction in the country.

But the people did not agree with the pundits or the GOP country club establishment and Ronald Reagan won in one of the greatest landslides in American history. Defeating Carter by more than eight million votes taking 44 states including Rockefeller's New York and all of the Northeast states except Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island and taking California in the process. He not only bucked and proved the GOP establishment wrong but his conservative message was embraced by voters and he continued to carry that voter loyalty into an even larger landslide in 1984 against Walter Mondale who was Carter's Vice President. Reagan transformed the GOP and the Nation after the, "experts, " said he couldn't win!

We are witnessing a similar situation today as was witnessed in 1980 with President Reagan. The GOP lost the faith of the voters because of abandoning conservative values that voters embraced because of Reagan and booted out the GOP in 2006 and in 2008 the anger continued electing the totally inept Barack Obama just as angered voters elected Jimmy Carter in the wake of anger over Watergate.

Now just as in 1980 voter anger over the shape of the economy and Presidential policy is embracing conservative candidates and values just as they did Ronald Reagan. Also like 1980 the entrenched GOP moderate establishment and pundits are claiming that, especially in the Northeast conservatives cannot win and as a result Democrats will prevail at least in the Senate. Even many of the polls are agreeing with the establishment again like 1980. But voters decide elections now as they did in 1980 and also like 1980 voters are embracing conservative values and candidates.

So rather than listening to the pundits and the establishment we conservatives should not dismay but be increasingly energized as we are seeing a conservative wave sweeping the Nation as it did when Ronald Reagan became President. Everyone said Reagan could not win then and everyone says conservatives cannot win now, but the American people proved the establishment and the pundits wrong in 1980 and once again they will be proven wrong in 2010 as the country embraces conservatism and begins to take our country back from Obama and the progressive this year.

So conservatives rejoice because the people are wiser than the pundits and the establishment. President Reagan believed in the American people and they never let him down. Conservative Tea Party candidates believe in the American people today and just as in 1980 the people will not let them or the country down.

Ken Taylor

Friday, September 17, 2010


"We The People." This is more than just a poetic phrase chosen to begin the most sacred of documents, the Constitution Of The United States Of America. The first three words of our Constitution is the very essence of the document, our Nation and who we are not only as a Nation but as a people.

The Constitution was established by the people, of the people and for the people and it recognizes only one authority for our government in our Constitutional Republic and that is the people of the United States. All government and all those elected, appointed or hired to work in government are answerable to the one true authority of our Nation, "We The People."

The Constitution guarantees the rights of every citizen of our country and limits all powers of government so as not to interfere in the chosen lives of the citizenry of our Nation. The phrase found in the preamble which says that the Constitution, "promotes the general welfare," establishes that it is the duty of government of the people to create an atmosphere of freedom which allows citizens to live our lives in the manner we choose without government getting in our way.

Each Article of the Constitution establishes the total and ONLY powers granted to government by the people whether each of the three Branches, The Executive, Legislative or Judicial or those who work within those Branches. It was and still is the original intent of the Framers of the Constitution to limit all power of government and to give full authority over government to the people, as stated by the Tenth Amendment which says that anything not specifically written in the Articles of The Constitution belongs to the state and ultimately the people.

Each right listed in the first ten Amendments or the Bill of Rights establishes and guarantees the rights of every citizen of our Nation. Rights given by God and protected by our Constitution. All undeniable and all protected by law for every citizen of our Republic. Ours is a government of laws and not of men which prevents the the heavy handed and prejudiced emotions of a person or group of people whether elected or appointed from taking away our rights without the law as established by the Constitution stepping in to prevent abuse or tyranny against our citizenry.

Yet despite the establishment of the law as provided by our Constitution, men have ignored the true intent which has allowed an over bearing unconstitutional government and the stifling of our freedoms in order to take authority from the people and give it to government forcing a form of soft tyranny on a free people whose rights are threatened everyday by a government and elected officials out of control.

The only way to defeat this soft tyranny is to return to the true intent and the exacting principles of our Constitution as established for our Nation when the Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787. As we celebrate this 223rd anniversary of the adoption of our Constitution it is up to each of us as citizens of this great Nation to take a stand and fight to return our Republic to the Constitutional principles that have made our Nation the beacon of hope and freedom for the world.

We do not have to be Constitutional scholars to read and understand this sacred document. It is our responsibility as citizens to know our Constitution and make those who we elect to serve us in government accountable to, "We The People." It is not up to those in Washington or our State Houses to make this happen but it is up to, " We The People," which is why our framers so eloquently stated those three words as the beginning of The Constitution. For it is, "We The People," who can and must make the difference and it is, "We The People," who bare the ultimate and awesome responsibility of protecting our country from those, even those elected, who would seek to destroy the only bastion of true liberty on Earth, The United States Of America.

Ken Taylor


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Thursday, September 16, 2010


An interesting conversation took place between Michelle Obama, First Lady of The United States and Carla Bruni, First Lady of France. Bruni revealed this interesting conversation in her recently published tell all book, "Carla and the Ambitious." In the book Bruni tells of a conversation she had with Obama at The White House last March.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President and Bruni's husband were in Washington on an official state visit by the French President. Bruni had a private moment with Obama and she asked her a rather simple and polite conversational question concerning what Obama thought about being First Lady of The United States. Seems like a simple friendly conversation between two women who have similar tasks in their respective countries.

The answer Bruni received was surprising to her and reveals much about Obama and may answer questions about the true future plans of both Michelle and Barack Obama. Rather than expound on her schedule or her plans Michelle Obama was very candid and told Bruni, "Don’t ask! It’s hell. I can’t stand it!" A blunt admission by Obama and something not heard of from any US First Lady.

There has been much speculation that one of the reasons Barack Obama ignores the America people and the overwhelming evidence through polls and the anger which is so evident throughout the country is because he has no desire to remain President once his first term is completed. Even if he runs again some speculate he really has no desire to win.

Both Obama's act as if being President and First Lady is a chore rather than a honored responsibility entrusted to them by voters many of which are beginning to understand just how much of a mistake it was to elect Obama and are suffering voters remorse. Their actions in totally ignoring the will of the people, the excesses and extravagances flaunted before a citizenry that is suffering through terrible financial situations and the constant over the top vacations at taxpayer expense show a complete lack of care about the plight of Americans.

So many have speculated that the Obama extravagances combined with the agenda that a vast majority of Americans do not like which have brought both Obama's crashing in popularity polls is a sure sign that neither care to continue in their present positions. The response to Bruni by Michelle just adds to the idea that the Obamas really do not want to be where they are.

My answer to this Obama dilemma is simple and one I am sure that most of you reading this post have already thought about. If she hates the job so much then it is our responsibility as Americans to accommodate her and makes sure she does not have to suffer through the, "hell," of being First Lady of The United States any longer than she has to. Come November 6, 2012 we vote to remover her inept husband from office and by our collective voice we can cleanse the Presidency of the worst disaster that has ever been in the office since our country began. Then Michelle can return to ripping people off as a lawyer and she will only upset the hand full of clients that are stupid enough to seek her legal services.

Ken Taylor


This is a great video that says it all!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


UPDATE: The NRSC has denied the report that they will not support O'Donnell and have sent campaign funds totaling $42,000. This is still a stunning victory and she needs our support for another conservative win in November.

Tea Party favorite and staunch conservative Christine O'Donnell has defeated liberal Republican Mike Castle to face the Democrat candidate in November for the seat vacated by Joe Biden in Delaware. O'Donnell as little as one month ago was behind in the polls by double digits but following endorsements by Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint along with a strong campaign and a negative campaign by Castle she won handily 53 to 47 percent defeating an entrenched RINO.

Almost immediately after her victory the National Republican Senatorial Committee announced they would not back her run for the Senate seat buying into the Democrat rhetoric that she cannot beat the Democrat candidate Chris Coons stating that campaign funds can be used better in other races.

This is a disgusting move by the NRSC. O'Donnell has proven that she can win even against entrenched candidates like Castle and that she can close a large polling gap as she did with Castle. Recent polls have her behind the Democrat candidate Coons by double digits which is where she was only a month ago in her primary run against Castle. Yet she still won as she connected with the people and the people of Delaware came out to vote for a conservative rather than a RINO who was pro-abortion, favors Obamacare, anti gun rights, favoring Cap and Tax and other liberal issues.

Jim DeMint has already distanced himself from the NRSC by announcing that O'Donnell won the primary and deserves our support and our vote. The NRSC in choosing to abandon O'Donnell has shown that not only do they NOT have faith in conservative voters but they would rather back RINO candidates then true conservatives.

The people disagree with the NRSC and just as they did in the primary the people will elect Christine O'Donnell sending a conservative to Washington who stands for Constitutional principles. She deserves our support even if we do not live in Delaware and since the NRSC has chosen to take the cowards route she needs our help that much more. Follow this link to her home page and join other conservatives in supporting Christine O'Donnell for The United States Senate.

Ken Taylor

NOTE: Mike Castle has shown he is not just a RINO but a sore loser. He stated in a press release that he will not endorse nor support Christine O'Donnell. And he wonders why the people of Delaware did not vote for him!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


John Dennis, Republican candidate for the seat held by Speaker Nancy Pelosi has put together a comical ad which hits Nancy Pelosi right where it counts. Her reputation as the Wicked Witch of the Congress has now played out in a campaign ad. Sadly this video is not far from the truth about Pelosi. The facts are right on the mark but the actress playing Pelosi looks a far sight better. Thanks to Mike's America for loaning the video.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, September 12, 2010


We have just commemorated the ninth anniversary of September 11. The day when men claiming to service to Allah used commercial jet liners as weapons to kill thousands of innocent people, bring down the symbol of American capitalism, damage the symbol of the American military might and reek terror throughout our land. And yes these men who perpetrated the most horrific terrorist attack in history were Muslim.

In all of the commemoration, the documentaries and remembrances of 9/11 the fact that those who killed and destroyed on that horrific day nine years ago were Muslim and killed in the name of Islam is all but forgotten and intentionally left out of the remembrance of 9/11. Yet the fact that the killers were Muslim and killed in the name of Islam is not only at the center of why we were attacked but is the ONLY explanation for the reason we were attacked.

Now more than nine years after the most tragic day in American history the fear of offending anyone Muslim and the fear of displaying fanatical Islam's murderous agenda has become so rampant their is more concern over the reaction of Muslims to anything America does than in protecting America and Americans from a repeat of 9/11 or any other attack that these murderous thugs are planning. And yes they are still planning attacks against our country.

It has become so ingrained in the American psyche that to mention anything bad or true about those who use the Muslim faith as a weapon against so called infidels the fear of offending Muslims in itself has become a terrorism tool which in actuality stems back to 9/11 and gives the terrorists who killed so many on that day a victory over our people and our country.

This fear was once again brought to light in the controversies surrounding the proposed Mosque at Ground Zero and the proposed burning of the Koran on 9/11 at the church in Florida. Both have fallen to the fear of offending Muslims and the concern over their rights with total neglect for the rights of other Americans and especially those who still live in the sadness of 9/11 without the loved ones who were killed by Muslim fanatics nine years ago.

I am not nor will I ever condone the burning of the Koran and the argument that it is a Constitutional right is ridiculous. Nor will I defend the Constitutional right of the Mosque at Ground Zero. Both are equally wrong and the argument over Constitutional rights is an insult to our Constitution and the Founders who wrote it. Our Founders never intended for the Constitution to be used as a weapon of the politically correct.

The rights we are guaranteed in the Constitution are there for the protection of the individual from the oppressive power of the state. But those rights were never intended to be used as a weapon to condone wrong even if that wrong is within our rights as American. Our Founders understood this and also understood that the exercise of our rights were to be weighed by our conscience and our ability to discern the difference between right and wrong, So the Constitutional argument for the Mosque and the Koran burning is nothing more than PC run amok and should have no bearing on the issue. Wrong is wrong no matter how it is argued.

But the underlying problem over the Mosque and the burning of the Koran goes much deeper that so called Constitutional rights but rather a fear. A fear in offending Muslims which has in some respects almost crippled our country and as a result has given terrorism a victory over us and our Nation.

We are so concerned about offending Muslims that we will not call the Islamic fanatics who killed on 9/11 Muslims. We will not call those who still kill in the name of Allah Muslim of even make an association with Islam. Every Muslim who has either attacked our Nation since 9/11 or even attempted to do so is apologized for and every excuse is made for them except that they did it in the name of Allah in accordance to their Islamic faith and they were Muslim.

Look for instance at the defense of of Nidal Hasan who murdered at Fort Hood or the, "underwear," bomber who tried to take down a passenger jet. Even the Muslim who attempted to blow up Times Square was portrayed as a victim of hard financial times in America and NOT the Muslim fanatic that he is. As we have moved further from 9/11 those Muslims who flew the planes are treated in some circles as victims rather than murderous thugs who killed in the name of Islam.

The fear of offending Muslims has played in the decisions which have caused delay after delay in the rebuilding on the site of The World Trade Center and now nine years later we still have a pit with little construction rather than a landmark to an America that has overcome the tragedy and while memorializing our loss standing strong in the face of our attackers by rebuilding and stating you cannot terrorize or defeat us.

Even as we justifiably defended our country in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks and as events today take place surround anything involving Muslims the argument prevails that if we do ANYTHING which might anger or ,"offend," a Muslim it will cause the, "radicals," to increase recruitment and strengthen their fight against us. We heard that argument when we went to Afghanistan and Iraq and now we hear it in conjunction with the Ground Zero Mosque. We either bend over and allow Muslims to do whatever they want neither defending our Nation against the radicals or standing for what is right or the radicals will increase recruitment and attack again. Always forgetting that Isalmic radicals recruited long before 9/11 and their recruitment made 9/11 possible and our actions had nothing to do with that but today in the PC world of terrorims it does. Tell me that makes ANY sense.

This is terrorism just as dangerous and damaging as flying planes into buildings. Though it does not kill as the planes did it is used as a weapon in the same way and as a means of intimidating in order to bring about the same result, FEAR. Fear that if we do not allow Islam to do as it pleases whether right or wrong we will be attacked and Americans will be killed. Fear that if we do not appease, America will be attacked and Americans killed.

Fear and intimidation is the tool of terrorism and whether it is done with planes, guns or words it has the same affect, forcing those who bow to that fear into submission and allowing the perpetrators of terror to have their way no matter what the consequences. The fear of offending Muslims in our country has almost had that intimidating affect on every aspect of our dealing with Islam and those who follow that faith. Yes, most Muslims do not follow the mindset of the radicals. And yes, those who call themselves moderates condemn the actions of the radicals as we do but they still use the fear of the radicals to force their agenda down our throats as has been the case with the Ground Zero Mosque and the arguments against the burning of the Koran.

Americans know the difference between the radicals and the moderates. We know the difference between those who follow Islam as a religion and those who use it as a weapon to kill. We do not need be reminded on a daily basis on how to be tolerant of everything Muslim and that Muslims who live in this country as good citizens do no follow the ideas of the radicals. We as a nation do not need to bend over and ,"tolerate," Muslims to the point that we are afraid of even mentioning the name Muslim or the religion of Islam without fear of offending someone.

There is nothing wrong in remembering the killers of 9/11 were Muslim and followed radical Islam. There is nothing wrong with opposing the Mosque at Ground Zero because it is offensive to the memories of those killed and insensitive to those who survived and lost loved ones when the buildings collapsed or the planes crashed into the Towers. We are told even by the President that we need to be sensitive to the feelings of Muslim. WHAT ABOUT THE FEELINGS OF THE FAMILIES AND AMERICANS WHO STILL REMEMBER 9/11?

Terrorism cannot be allowed to stand whether it is in the form of murderous thugs who kill in the name of Allah or politically correct Imams who use the fear of offending and/or recruitment as a tool to force an agenda or a Mosque. We as a Nation have grown since 9/11 and though we still sorrow over the thousands who were killed we remember the fallen and continue on as Americans. We owe it to them and to future generations of Americans to not allow fear of offending nor being politically correct to jeopardize our resolve in destroying the very terrorism that killed so many on 9/11. We saw the enemy and we must not fail to defeat him or let fear of offending allow wrong to prevail and right to fall victim to terror.

Ken Taylor

Friday, September 10, 2010


September 11, 2001, a date, a time, a tragedy, a deliberate attack against our nation by Islamic killers which murdered thousands of innocent people. A day in which everyday people became heroes whether assisting their fellow victims at The World Trade Center and The Pentagon, or realizing what was happening and fighting back on Flight 93.

Much has happened in our country since that tragic September morning. Much has been said which can make one believe that 9/11 has been forgotten by many and the actions which took place attacking our country being almost defended and trivialized. But regardless of the voices of the politically correct nothing changes the fact that evil in the form of Islamic fanatics brought an unprovoked attack against our Nation and our way of life.

We cannot and must not forget what happened and who attacked us on that day. We owe this not only our Nation and the generations who follow us but to the memory of the thousands whose lives were ended by evil men who claimed to follow a god which calls for the killing of innocent people.

God bless the memory of those who died fighting, rescuing or trapped by the raging inferno following the attacks on The World Trade Center and The Pentagon. God bless the families who still suffer the pains of loss for their loved ones who perished. God bless the soldiers who took up the cause of freedom to defend our Nation and still stand a post in defense of freedom. Always remember and never, never forget!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, September 09, 2010


There are several news worthy items making headlines. I had thought about writing about the idiot in Florida who plans on burning the Koran but sometimes talking about idiots only fuels their perceived importance, like for instance the Imam planning to build the Mosque at Ground Zero who is is enjoying his celebrity status over the idiotic and insensitive move in New York City. Wrong is wrong and both idiots fit that category

So rather than post on either of these idiots who are provoking by their acts, I thought I would mention a few items that caught my attention in a little posting montage of news.

1. Barack Obama went to Cleveland to tout his regurgitated ideas about spending more money to stimulate the economy. In other words rehashing the failed policy which has damaged the economy since he began meddling shortly after he took office. Ohio was once Obamaland but since unemployment has sky rocketed in the Buckeye state his popularity has dropped.

So much so that when his handlers were counting seats in the staged show he was putting on, they discovered that 75 chosen people did not bother to show up even with classes canceled at the college where he was speaking. So in a panic Obama's handlers put out the word that they needed 75 bodies to fill seats and bored college students were recruited to fill the void. What a change for the former, "messiah," whose popularity has crashed.

2. On a similar note Rasmussen has Obama's approval rating down to a record low 41% with an Index rating of minus 24. At the rate he is crashing by the time the mid terms arrive in November he could very well be in the thirties. He is already causing a panic and defection by most of his party members who are running in tight elections. If he keeps showing up in their states to tout his failed policy in his usual campaign mode, Obama may well be the guarantee needed that Democrats will fall to total defeat in November.

3. Joe Biden was a guest on the Comedy Centrals Cobert Report during a show dedicated to the troops and welcoming them home from Iraq. Colbert cornered Biden in the interview portion of the show and in a serious moment which is highly unusual for Corbert, Biden admitted that President Bush deserved, " a lot of credit," for the success of Iraq.

Whether Biden was serious or not is another question but at least there was a momentary well deserved praise for the former President whose leadership brought about the success that Iraq became.

4. This last item goes in the, "it figures," column. An aide for embattled California Senator Barbara Boxer was busted while trying to enter the Hart Senate Office Building with pot in his pocket. It figures that it would be the aide of Boxer whose state is pushing to legalize pot. He was charged with possession and soon after submitted his resignation which was accepted by Boxer. It seems that the Senator is not the only thing going to pot in her office!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Barack Obama has begun his fall campaign as we approach the mid term election in which his party according to all polling stands to lose and lose big. Some are saying that Obama is in campaign mode now that the fall election cycle has begun in earnest with the end of the summer and the Labor Day weekend behind us. I wonder when he HAS NOT been in campaign mode since it seems that Obama has been campaigning in one form or another since taking office.

Both he and many Democrats are campaigning as if they have had no hand in the economic woes, deficits, debt, and the general feeling in the country that we are moving in the wrong direction. As if the anger among voters has nothing to do with the arrogance displayed by Obama and the Democrat leadership in passing the unjustified stimulus, Obamacare and a myriad of spending bills that have almost bankrupted the country, while completely ignoring the people.

If you only listened to Obama and somehow found yourself in a cocoon hearing only him you would think that in 20 months he has done nothing at all to cause any of the woes that our Nation faces and only George Bush and the Republicans who have been out of the majority since 2007 are the sole cause for everything that is taking place and angering Americans.

In fact, according to Obama only HE has all of the answers and the reason HIS programs have either totally failed or not brought about the result he promised are because the Republicans have been obstructing his plans and been the party of , "no." Even, as he states, on issues they, "agree on." I haven't known many issues he and the GOP have agreed on but that is another story. I also seem to remember that since he took office he has had a majority in both the House and the Senate enough so that even with the GOP saying no he could pass pretty much anything he wanted.

Well I am hear to tell you that the GOP is the party of no and thank God for it ! No to Obama's agenda. No to Obamacare. No to spitting on the Constitution as has been the practice of Obama and the Democrats especially since he moved into the Oval Office. No to appeasing our enemies and weakening our security. No to taxation for the rich or anyone else for that matter. No to cap and trade. No to the Marxist/socialism that has been the trademark of the Obama agenda.

No to so called stimulus money that stimulates nothing but Union pockets and Democrat pet projects. No to illegal immigration. No to taking a sovereign state like Arizona to court simply for protecting their citizens and enforcing the law. No to giving up our Nations sovereignty to the UN. No to punishing business for being profitable by over regulating. No to creating an anti business atmosphere which increases unemployment as companies cut jobs because of government meddling. No to government take over of business like GM and Chrysler.

So if this is what being the party of no entails then the GOP in actuality is the party of yes to freedom, free market, Constitutional principles, lesser government, strong national security less taxation and individual responsibility without the government dictating how we live our lives. Which is what the Founders intended for our Nation.

With November second now less than eight weeks away how do we stop the Obama slide to the destruction of our country ? We begin by voting for strong conservative leadership in Congress who for the most part are running as candidates of the party of no. Vote yes to the party of no, the GOP in November.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


In the mid sixties a sci fi television series began called, "Lost in Space." It was the story of the space family Robinson who through an overt act by Doctor Zachary Smith became lost in space and over three season tried to find their way back to Earth. On board the Jupiter 2 the Robinson's had a robot who was their protector, defender and companion to son Will Robinson. Whenever danger approached the robot would flay his robotic arms and cry, "danger, danger Will Robinson."

With the mid term election only weeks away and poll numbers showing a disaster for Democrats and failure in reality and in the eyes of the public for Barack Obama, bringing with it an almost certain change in majority status for the House and possibly the Senate. But in the back of my mind, I keep hearing the robot yelling the warning, "danger, danger Will Robinson."

Every indicator is pointing toward a massive defeat for Democrats in November. In fact the polling numbers this year are far worse for Democrats than they were in 1994 when the GOP took the House and the Senate after 40 years of Democrat majorities. So with numbers like this why should danger signs be evident as the election approaches?

The reason is we are dealing with Democrats who are notorious for deception and will do anything, pulling out all the stops and lies in order to stem defeat and keep power. 1994 was a shock to Democrats and for the most part all of the pundits. The polls were showing a slight lead for the GOP but no one predicted the massive losses Democrats experienced during the 94 mid term.

Bill Clinton was President and though not extremely popular at the time, his poll numbers were not as low as those of Barack Obama. Even the generic poll for Congressional voting had the GOP up by 6 at it highest and 2 - 3 on an average which gave the idea that the November mid term of 1994 would be tight and not a massive defeat for Democrats as it became.

2010 is quite different. Obama is crashing with approval ratings staying in the low 40's and could possibly be dipping into the thirties by November. Clinton averaged just below 50% as the 94 mid terms approached. Two recent generic Congressional polls, one by Gallup and the second by Rasmussen show a 10 and 12 point lead respectively for the GOP. So 2010 as compared to 1994 looks like a lock for the GOP and devastation for Democrats.

Yet I still hear, "danger, danger, Will Robinson." And with good reason. In 1994 the numbers though good for the GOP were not as bad for Democrats as they are this year. So the anger which accompanied the voter rebellion against Democrats stayed focused since tighter polls were not a sign of sure victory. Of course I understand that in elections there is no such thing as a sure victory but polling is usually fairly close to the final result.

The problem we have this year as compared to 1994 is that polling is so bad for Democrats it can create a situation with voters can become almost over confidence of victory and as a result the anger and fight we have waged for nearly two years can fade. Additionally Democrats are panicking and are very capable of pulling the virtual political rabbit out of their hat at the last minute, which many call the, "October surprise," that has been known to change the course of elections in the past.

So the danger lies in NOT letting our guard down just because the numbers in August several weeks before the election look so good and so promising. Obama is an ideologue who will do anything to stay in power. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are notorious liars who will say and do anything to hold onto the reigns and with an ideologue like Obama in The White House who sees it as his destiny to change the country into his own Marxist image and needing a Democrat majority to do so, they will stop at nothing and do anything it takes to hold on to power and the majority.

So fellow patriots, while the prospect of taking the majority away from Pelosi and Reid looks mighty good right now, do not drop your guard. We cannot let the fight we have waged go in vain nor can we waver in any respect in our goal of taking our country back and defeating the agenda of Barack Obama with a new Congress that stands for our Constitution and the principles which have made our Nation great.

Heed the warning of the robot. "Danger, danger Will Robinson," November 2 is still several weeks away and we must stay in the fight until the last vote is cast and counted. Then even as we prevail in November we can never grow complacent again as we have been in the past. We must keep EVERY elected officials feet to the fire and hold them accountable at every turn. Fighting for our Republic in 2010, defeating Obama in 2012 and always showing those in Washington that they work for us and we the people are the true authority in our Nation.

Ken Taylor.

Monday, September 06, 2010


Last week Barack Obama promised that he would once again not rest until the economy was on the road to recovery. Of course we all know that he promised several times to not rest until the economy improved, the oil was cleaned up and everyone unemployed had a job. Then he proceeded to rest throughout the summer with one vacation or retreat followed by another.

Now with the summer season behind us and the ," Summer of Recovery", an absolute failure Obama is proposing supposedly ,"new," plans to stimulate the economy. But the ,"new," plans are nothing more than a repackage regurgitation of the same spending as before. According to Obama's , "new", " plan he is proposing yet another spending bill, this time 50 billion dollars for infrastructure on roads and bridges.

WOW a new spending bill which is designed to create jobs, and fork more good money toward bad which has been the continual failed policy of this President since the day he took office. If you will remember the original 767 billion dollar stimulus bill, ( I know it seems like an eternity ago), Obama touted that much of the money would go to infrastructure programs INCLUDING, roads and bridges.

In fact if you visit Recovery. Gov by following this link, there are several pages of infrastructure programs and spending on roads and bridges in almost every state. Billions of dollars going to projects that have done absolutely nothing in creating a job, stimulating the economy toward recovery nor providing a real project that is worth even a tenth of what the billions have been spent on.

Yet the Spender in Chief is once again proposing spending billions of dollars we do not have to go toward projects that will not create a job nor stimulate anything especially the economy. Obama's answer to anything is to force government right in the middle and spend borrowed money to create the illusion that he is doing something when in actuality what he is doing does far more damage than good.

If he truly wanted to stimulate the economy he could very easily issue a tax moratorium until the end of the year for business and middle class tax payers which would put money immediately into the economy. But this requires a trust of the American people which Obama does not have since like typical liberals he believes that it is his duty to force Americans into doing what he wants since we the people are not intelligent enough to spend our hard earned money on our own.

Anyone who thought Obama would change his stripes in light of the poll numbers not only for him but show that Democrats are going to lose and lose big in November is either extremely naive or just plain not paying attention. For those that fear a GOP take over in November because they think Obama will move to the center in order to place a bad light on the GOP, much like Bill Clinton did after the 1994 majority change, again this too is naive.

Obama is an ideologue and he will not stop pushing his agenda or proposing spending good money toward bad because that is WHO he is and unlike Bill Clinton who learned to adapt with political change, Obama will not. So once again another 50 billion dollars will be wasted and the deficit and debt will increase the economy continue to fall and jobs disappear. Great idea Barack!

Ken Taylor

Friday, September 03, 2010


The vacationer in chief has grown weary of the task he must undergo in Washington so only after ONE WEEK back from his endless summer of vacations and with new jobs figures that show just how bad things really are and how much he has failed, Barack Obama and the whole family need another vacation. So they are spending the weekend at Camp David for SOME MORE rest and relaxation. I cannot wait until we send this yo yo on a permanent vacation!

Here are just a few reminders of how Obama spent his Summer of Recovery:




How did you spend your summer ? Aren't you so proud that while we suffered through one of the worst financial summers in our history the Obama's could fun in the sun, hob nob in Martha's Vineyard and after ONLY one week back take another R & R break at Camp David ?

HAPPY LABOR DAY to all of us Americans who will spend our labor day working while the President play AGAIN!!!!!!!

Ken Taylor


The must heralded, "Summer of Recovery," not only turned out to be just more political rhetoric from Barack Obama, but the economy and the jobs market went backwards during the, big PR push. There was considerable speculation by most that the summer was not showing the signs of recovery that Obama and Biden were touring the country and the talking head shows bragging about, but now that the summer is over it is worse than most thought.

On the jobs front not only did unemployment rise to 9.6% but the economy lost almost 300,000 jobs during the course of the summer and this does NOT include the ending of Census Bureau jobs which temporarily gave the job figures a boost last spring into early summer. The jobs lost were actually employer lay offs or elimination due to a bad economy.

This adds to the bad news which came last week showing that the economy which had been recorded at growing near 3% in actuality only grew just over 1% with the corrected numbers which were released. This is a sign of not just a slow economy but a stagnant or falling economy since the figures included the early summer months which traditionally are booming due to tourism and vacation travel. It seems that the Obama's are the ONLY people who spent extravagantly and traveled greatly during the summer vacation months.

In his Tuesday Oval Office address Obama blamed the sagging economy, deficits and debt on the Iraq war. But the unemployment figures combined with the stagnant economy only reinforce the fact that especially with combat operations ending in Iraq, the war is NOT the cause of the poor economy as Obama claimed.

The much touted economic stimulus which Obama claimed last year was necessary to prevent a total crash of the economy has done NOTHING to help and in fact has assisted in keeping the economy flat and/or falling as well as hurting the jobs market more than if the stimulus had not been implemented in the first place.

The prospect of the implementation of Obamacare and the provision which begins this fall forcing health care providers to change every plan making all benefits the same across the board which will cause every premium to rise whether a private policy or employer provided will only add to the economic woes. Higher health care cost will curb spending and cause employers to lay off more employees to pay for additional costs.

The , " hope and change," promised during the campaign and expressed still as a mantra by Obama has become a situation which has caused the American people to HOPE that because of Obama and his agenda and constant meddling in the economy we the people have any CHANGE left over after we handle the every day responsibilities we face in our homes and jobs.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, September 02, 2010


During his completely uninspiring and inept Oval Office speech in which Obama announced the endo of combat operations in Iraq, he attempted to make a correlation between the cost of the Iraq war and the current economy especially the deficit and the debt. His claim was that the, "trillion," dollar price tag for the seven years of combat in Iraq was the cause of our deficit and debt.

First his figures are off. The cost of BOTH Iraq and Afghanistan total just over a trillion dollars. Iraq war cost as of the end of June 2010 was $ 709 billion dollars. A high cost but NOT a trillion dollars as Obama claims. In fact with the stroke of his pen Obama spent $ 767 billion dollars in a stimulus bill that will total 1.3 trillion after interest is added. So his first lie was the actual cost of the war.

Next his claim that Iraq caused the deficit and the debt. Following is a graph showing the actual CBO figures about the total deficit spending caused by the Iraq war. Notice especially how little deficit spending Iraq caused in 2009 and 2010, the two budget years of the Obama Presidency.


Now a little truth to set the record straight since the liar in chief chose to blame Iraq for deficit spending, borrowing and debt. From the administration of George Washington which began in 1789 until the end of the Presidency of George W. Bush in 2000, The United States borrowed 9 trillion dollars. In the 20 months since Obama took office the figure for money borrowed is a massive 3.5 trillion dollars.

If the Iraq war is the cause of the deficit as Obama claimed then how is it that in 2007 when the surge began and the cost of the Iraq war was at its highest was the deficit 160 billion dollars and now as combat operations are ending and the cost is at the lowest since we went to Iraq in 2003 do we now have a deficit of 1.4 trillion dollars ?

I have news for Barack Obama. Iraq is not the cause of our debt nor is it the cause of our deficit. The ridiculous spending and expansion of government by Obama is the cause of the federal economic disaster which is taking our country down a path to bankruptcy. Obama has expanded government more than every President before him COMBINED and Iraq had nothing to do with that government expansion which is bankrupting out country.

Obama constantly points his finger at Bush, Iraq, Republicans and even the Congress as a whole for the financial mess our Nation is in and the massive spending, deficits and debt. When he points his accusing finger at the problem, blaming others he need look no further than his mirror and take heed as to who his finger is pointing to when he looks at the reflection. It is THEN and only then that he can place real blame on someone to whom his finger is pointing.

Ken Taylor

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