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Sunday, October 31, 2010


I have voted Republican in every election since I became eligible in 1974 and have not missed voting in any general election since then. My political views have always, even during my teen years, been conservative, but like many of you who I could not bring myself to vote for Democrats because of their liberal ideology, I have voted for Republicans who I had disagreements with but whose political beliefs still came closer to my own than the Democrat candidate running.

After all I would rather disagree with some one 30% of the time than 100% of the time, right? Well this 2010 mid term election brings with it a victory for Republicans but along with that victory comes a stern warning to the Grand Old Party. This election is not a mandate for a party but one from the people and unlike other elections of the past this one comes with expectations that will determine the course of future elections unlike any in recent history.

Like most of you, though voting and supporting Republican candidates, I was extremely disappointed in the GOP during the last few years in which they held the majority in Congress. When I voted for Republicans, even those in whom I had disagreements, I expected conservative governing and not Democrat light which happened for many of the final years of GOP power.

So my message and that of the American people who are about to return the Congressional reigns back over to the GOP, is simple. We are not giving you a party mandate but a peoples mandate and it comes with expectations that we demand and will not compromise with nor become complacent as has been the case following past election. These expectation are as follows:

1. We expect an immediate return to Constitutional sanity and principles which have been abandoned for decades but especially in the last 20 months under Obama and Democrat control. If ANYTHING does not pass full Constitutional muster then it must be stopped!

2. We expect no compromise with Barack Obama nor working WITH him caving to his agenda just to get along as many especially Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham have already suggested. The American people are angry and it is because of Obama's failed policy that this anger has manifested. We are sending you to Washington to STOP Obama not help him!

3. We expect legislation to repeal Obamacare. We do not want to hear that it will be a tough battle and there are not enough votes to override an expected Presidential VETO. The country does not want this damaging legislation and we want action against it. Obama will VETO it but, make him do so and show the country he still ignores his true colors force his hand on the issue.

4. We expect Congress to defund Obamacare even with a VETO of repeal legislation. This law is destructive and cannot be allowed to come to fruition for the sake of all Americans and the survival of the country.

5. We expect immediate action to begin shrinking the size and scope of government. This goes hand in hand with our first expectation. The Constitution limits the federal government and we expect the government to return to one that follows those Constitutional limitations as outlined in each Article and in accordance to the Tenth Amendment.

6. We expect immediate action to lift the tax and regulation burden against business which is hampering progress and destroying jobs. Until this relief begins job creation will continue to be non-existent and unemployment will remain steady or grow. Millions are out of work and private sector business has the only means to create the jobs to employ Americans but government MUST get off the back of business owners for it to happen. In conjunction with this we also expect government to get out of running private business. Return GM and Chrysler to the private sector and all other government controlled businesses. No more bailouts which places business at the mercy of government. Government has no business in the private sector period.

7. We expect tax relief for all American who pay taxes. Extending the Bush tax cuts is just the beginning. This is not relief it only prevents a massive tax hike. Americans know how to handle their own money far better than the government. Tax relief is not only the best economic stimulus but will increase government revenues as have been proven before

8. We expect full and complete fiscal discipline. NO MORE DEFICIT SPENDING PERIOD. Out of control spending is bankrupting our country and passing the bill on to our children for generations. We will not allow government to bankrupt future generations in order to pay for unneeded and unnecessary government today. Stop the madness and cut spending immediately.

9. We expect increased revenue which comes from tax relief along with the savings from cutting spending to be applied 100% to paying our national debt and not paying for expanded government programs. Until the debt is reduced foreign powers especially China control Americas financial future and creates a security risk which endangers EVERY American.

10. We expect immediate and strong border security. No more half measures, nor more compromise. Build the fence and make all necessary means even if it includes the military to secure our border and end illegal entry into our country and the violence and burden on our economy that is associated with illegal aliens and the Mexican drug cartels.

11. We expect ALL current immigration laws to be enforced even if it means deporting every illegal alien in the process. We cannot allow our laws to violated and providing amnesty for those who have illegally entered our country compromises the law and encourages the breaking of other laws. Arizona has the right idea ENFORCE IMMIGRATION LAW NOW!

12. We expect The United States to be strong. This does not mean appeasing enemies. This does not mean political correctness toward terrorism or those who perform terrorist acts even if those actions are in the name of a religion. Killing Americans or seeking to kill Americans will not be tolerated period and appeasing those who do so in order to sound kind and gentle does not protect our country. The primary job of government is to defend the Nation SO DEFEND IT!

These expectations are the most immediate and the tip of the peoples iceberg. We understand that it has taken years to get into this mess and the restoration of Constitutional government will not happen over night, but we expect and we demand that it start and start immediately and continue until restored. We the people are tired of being ignored. We are tired of hearing excuses and we are tired of watching our freedoms and Republic compromised.

We expect the path of destruction we have been on to stop and we expect it to reverse course NOW. If not then come 2012 we will rise again and send new representation to Washington as we are in 2010. Democrats are beyond hope of being anything but progressives who seek to socialize America. Republicans too have progressives who we are removing this year and will seek to remove more in the future when they come up for reelection.

Ronald Reagan made the GOP the party of conservative Constitutional values and as we return Republicans to power we expect Constitutional conservatism in all governing and representation of the people. We the people are the boss. We expect those in Washington to serve us. We are showing that when they don't we will rise and remove them from power. Republicans take heed, you have said you have learned your lesson. We expect you to govern accordingly listening and following the will of the people......or else!

Ken Taylor

Friday, October 29, 2010


Remember, remember, the second of November the day we head to the polls.

Our country is broke and with just a stroke Obama continues his goals,

of making our Nation, the land of the free into a land of government slaves.

Where no one has rights, since freedoms are laid in Marxist/ Socialist graves.

But never lose hope for Patriots still fight for liberty and individual rights.

The votes will be counted and pundits will talk well into next Tuesday night.

When all is done and our victory is won, restoring the way of our Founders.

The people prevail and hold those who win to the fire lest victory flounders.

We owe it to they who fight and defend both here and abroad the true American way,

and our children so young and those not yet born just waiting for their birth day.

To stand straight and true to Constitutional rule our Republic to keep and to hold.

Remembering each day the principles on which we stand passed down from the Framers of old.

Fellow patriots, get out the vote. We cannot allow the progressives to retain control of either Chamber of Congress. The House and Senate MUST be taken from Obama's hands to defeat his Marxist agenda and begin restoring our Nation to true Constitutional principles. It all beings November second and it is up to us to make this happen for the salvation of our Republic!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Barack Obama has been on the campaign trail. No big surprise since campaigning is about all he has done since taking office. Sure he has spent trillions of dollars, destroyed the greatest health care system in the world and generally taken the country down the tubes, but while doing all of his destruction Obama has continued to campaign as a means of trying to sell his failed policy. That and play golf.

So his being on the campaign trail constantly in the weeks and now days approaching the mid term election on November second was expected. But what he has done on the campaign trail has been surprising . With numbers as low as they are and continuing to crash hitting an all time low of 37% this week, Obama has been campaigning not directly for candidates who for the most part are distancing themselves from him in desperate attempts to win reelection.

Instead he has hit safe areas where he and Democrats still have at least a small amount of popularity. His purpose has been to try and energize the liberal base and get out the vote in a year where GOP gains will crush his total control of Congress. His message has been, "hey we are just getting started, need more time so don't let Republicans back because they are soooo baaaaad."

Yet in the midst of this tirade against Republicans and whining about how he hasn't had enough time to finish his work, Obama has done the one thing Democrats did not want him to do. He has taken the election from a local emphasis which had helped Democrats make slight gains in the polls over the last two weeks and once again made it a national referendum about Obama and his agenda.

Republicans prior to October had succeeded in keeping the mid term a national referendum which is unusual for off Presidential years. Since the mid term election deals with the House, Senate, state offices and local city and county offices only, it usually focuses on local issues and candidates. This year because of the anger over Obama's socialist agenda and the direction it is taking the country added to the growth and popularity of the Tea Party movement, this mid term kept a national flavor as a referendum against Obama which benefited Republicans.

As October began Democrats started focusing on character attacks against individual candidates which began taking the spotlight off Obama and more on local issues which helped Dems gain in the polls and tighten many races. But being the egotistical arrogant person that he is Obama could not handle the spotlight being off of him and has succeeded in returning the election into a national focus on Obama and his agenda in the final days of the campaign.

During campaign stops and interviews Obama has made statements which have brought the focus back on him. When he stated that Republicans were welcome to jump on board his agenda but had to, "sit in the back," Obama's returned race baiting to the campaign which gave a national stage for outrage.

While speaking on a Hispanic radio program, Obama referred to Republicans and those who are against his agenda as, "the enemy," urging Latinos to stand with him to fight the, "enemy." Once again he made center stage through outrage sparking more anger and nationalizing the campaign.

But the piece de resistance brought the total spotlight from any local candidate issues or attacks and placed it completely back on Obama. On the nationally syndicated Al Sharpton show Obama attempting to energize African American voters stated, “my name may not be on the ballot, but our agenda for moving forward is on the ballot, and I need everybody to turn out.” This one statement encompasses why Americans are so angry and why this election IS a referendum on Obama and Obama policy.

Either he is too arrogant to accept the anger is about what he has done or too ignorant to understand Americans do not want what he is selling and legislating or both. Voter anger has been driven by Obama policy. Those who supported his agenda are the candidates who are being booted out of Congress, BECAUSE, they supported him. Their only hope of even having close races was to draw attention away from Obama and their participation in his socialist agenda and focus voters on local issues and candidates.

But the arrogant one could not handle it not being all about him so once again to the benefit of Republicans, Obama has assisted them in once again nationalizing the campaign and with only days left before election day it is too late to take the spotlight and focus off of Obama and his agenda. Republicans had lost some of their earlier momentum due to the localization of the campaign. The GOP began returning the focus back to a national referendum last weekend.

Obama's campaign has helped greatly, reminding Americans that this election IS about his destructive agenda, his massive spending, his expansion of government, his deficits, his explosion of debt, his health care debacle, his failed stimulus, his increasing unemployment, his punishing of business and his destructive path toward socialism which is taking away our freedom, our children's future and our very soul as a country. So thank you Mr. Obama for reminding Americans just how bad you are and how much we need to eliminate your power base by voting out EVERYONE who supported you in Congress on November second!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


With the 2010 mid term election now less than a week away, early voting has started in many states and already there are dozens of voting,"problems," already showing their ugly face across the Nation. Not surprisingly EVERY problem benefits Democrats. Earlier this month three Democrat run states, Illinois, New Mexico and New York failed to mail absentee ballots to overseas military personnel in time to be counted in the election disenfranchising more than 300,000 soldiers defending our freedom to vote in just New York City alone.

Now reports are coming from Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania of major problems with ballots and voting machines again with each problem benefiting Democrats. In North Carolina voters using voting machines across the state in early voting who choose to vote a Republican ticket are finding after entering their vote on the electronic ballot then reviewing, the ballot changes form Republican to Democrat. One voter in New Bern on the NC East Coast told of starting the ballot over five times with the same result and only after seeking the assistance of a polling volunteer who restarted an additional two times did the electronic ballot accept a Republican vote. It seem much too coincidental to be an accident. One has to wonder how many voters did not catch the switch before finalizing their ballot.

Nevada, where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is trailing and likely to lose his seat to Republican and Tea Party favorite Sarron Angle, has report voters getting ballots in which Reid's name is already checked on the ballot BEFORE the voter begins. It also seems too coincidental that the Service Employees International Union, (SEIU), a well known Democrat supporter is in charge of technical work on all of Nevada voting machines.

In Pennsylvania Democrat candidates are being accused of flooding county voter registrations with fraudulent applications for absentee ballots. While the accusations are being denied, an official investigative hearing is scheduled for Friday in order to determine whether and just how extensive the possible fraud may be.

One other voter related situation taking place in Nevada has nothing to do with balloting but bribery. At voter turn out events around the state Harry Reid's campaign is offering free food and Unions backing his campaign are offering gift cards in exchange for votes. Sharron Angle's campaign protested this illegal bribery practice with the Nevada Secretary of State, who is a Democrat, and the protest was immediately denied.

My fellow conservative patriots with less than a week before the most important election of our lifetime and Democrats already trying to steal this election in early voting, it becomes quite obvious that a massive voter turn out by conservatives is not only needed but necessary to counter balance Democrat illegal voting activities. All polling shows that we are much more energized to vote this year which will bring a larger turn out in our favor, but with the illegal activity already taking place it becomes imperative that we turn out the vote in record numbers to counter balance Democrats trying to steal this election. The future of our Nation depends on our vote so we must succeed in getting our family, friends and neighbors to the polls to win and win big taking both the House and the Senate!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


In yet another campaign stop and another race baiting moment for the Racist in Chief, Barack Obama was lashing out at Republicans in anticipation of the GOP surge which will deliver the House and maybe the Senate on November 2. Obama the arrogant race baiter sees the job of Republicans when they take the majority to bow to him and as Democrats have walk in lock step with his Marxist agenda. So in his campaign stop he actually said Republicans, will have to, "sit in the back of the bus, " when it comes to legislation Obama is pushing.

First to the professional race baiter I have this message. We the people ARE NOT voting out your party so that those we send to Congress after election day fall in lock step with you in your quest to destroy our country, our freedom and our Constitution. We are sending new blood and eliminating your Congressional majority with a mandate TO NOT implement any of your agenda or policy, PERIOD!

Second, you who pledged to unite the country have been the biggest divider in our history. At every opportunity, Mr. Obama, you use racial references, race baiting statements and racial slurs to make your point and cause racial tension and division. Anyone who opposes your policy in your feeble mind, does so ONLY because of your color. I have opposed you from the beginning and it has NOTHING to do with your ethnicity but ONLY because what you are doing is destroying our country and in direct contrast to everything our Founders intended for our Nation!

I lived through the turbulent sixties and remember the marches with Martin Luther King and you Mr. Obama have spit in the face of everything Dr. King fought for. He sought to unite the races and our country, you seek for political expedience to divide the Nation and create racial tension. You are a disgrace to America to your race and to all that our great country stands for.

The vast majority of Americans could care less about the color of a persons skin. We judge another by character and not by color and you Mr. Obama in your quest to rekindle race problems that were quelled over decades have proven that you have NO character or integrity. You are a political animal who will use whatever means available including racial tension to achieve your goal of reconstructing America into a socialist, government controlled, slave to government society where citizens bow to Washington for all the answers that you believe in your arrogance are the only qualified individual to give.

One of the main responsibilities of a President is to inspire Americans. You shamelessly through your political racial division inspire hatred and anger. You are a disgrace to the office you hold and and insult to the great men who held the office before you. You invoke Lincoln but strive to destroy everything he fought and died for. You have no business sitting behind The Resolute Desk where so much American history was made.

We the people will take back what you have stolen on November second by voting out those who have helped you take us down the destructive path we are currently on. We expect those we send to replace your minions in Congress to stand with the people and NOT with you. Your fifteen minutes of fame are over and we the people will once again take the authority that is Constitutionally ours and stop you from dividing and destroying out country.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 24, 2010


There's a saying that former House Speaker Tip O'Neill once declared and since has become an election axiom, "all politics are local." This statement by O'Neill holds true for nearly every election as voters are concerned about issues that affect them directly in their local cities, towns and states. Presidential years are not as local as mid terms but do have a local flavor which helps drive the election.

2010 though is an exception to this generally thought axiom which could spell the loss of the Senate for Republicans unless the GOP gets back on track in the final week before November 2. Even the large change of seats expected in the House could fall to the failure of the GOP and a concerted effort by Democrats to take this mid term from a nationalized referendum on Obama and his socialist agenda and making it about local candidates and issues.

Republicans began to drop the ball on this soon after members of the House issued the Pledge to America which outlined much of what the GOP planned to do if elected to the majority this year. The momentum was clearly with Republicans and the spotlight was on Obama and his failed agenda which has angered most Americans who have understood the real threat it poses for our Nation and future generations.

But in the last few weeks that nationalized message has floundered as Obama and Democrats have pushed a massive get out the vote campaign which has emphasized candidates rather than issues and brought much of the election to a more local level than national and Republicans have been reacting to Democrats instead of hammering the failures of Obama and the Pelosi/Reid Congress. As such races especially those in the Senate have tightened and the GOP margin of victory is not looking nearly as strong as it did even two eeks ago.

As October began many were predicting as many as 100 seats in the House and a minimum 50/50 split in the Senate. Now slightly over a week before the mid term, House predictions are dropping to 40 and 50 with many expecting the Senate to remain in Democrat control as races thought clearly going to GOP candidates have moved to the toss up column.

Admittedly some of this change is media driven as the left has such a tight hold over much of the press who have been excoriating many GOP candidates especially those who have strong backing by the Tea Party who the left have tried to paint as racist, bigoted and anti American since the movement gained national prominence last year. Yet even with the leftist media blitz against the Tea Party and conservative candidates, the failure of the GOP to hold the momentum and keep this elections national referendum has dwindled the lead by many candidates whose looked to gain easy victory as little as two weeks ago.

The Democrats strategy of localizing the election has taken the heat and the spotlight off of Obama and his failures which has helped quell the affect anger voters have had against his agenda for more than a year. That anger over Obamacare, the failed stimulus, massive national unemployment, deficits and debt isn't as prominent in the news and in local campaigns.Republicans have found themselves defending their stand on local issues and false concerns about the candidate themselves, taking the aim off of Obama, his agenda and its damaging affect on our Nation.

One fact that is usually associated with mid term elections which does favor the GOP and the sagging poll numbers in tightening races is that historically polling is not as precise a predictor in off Presidential years. Many who answer polling questions as likely or registered voters will participate in a poll but not take the time or effort to actually get out and vote on election day. As such polling prior to a mid term election does tend favor the party in power especially when that party also holds the Presidency who traditional loses seats during a mid term.

But polling failures in precisely predicting mid terms does not explain away the quickly sagging numbers in many races especially those in the Senate. For the GOP to take the Senate and have the massive victory in the House that was predicted then candidates and the national party must take the message from Democrats and nationalize the election more as a referendum against Obama and his agenda.

By doing this the anger which has driven voters so long will be stoked and when they go to the polls this anger will equate in defeat to the party that backed Obama's destruction, Democrats. In the final days before the 2010 mid term Republican candidates and advertising must emphasize the Obama failures. They must hammer home the sagging economy and the Obama policy that has prevented recovery. Obama and Democrats who have punished business must be held accountable for the National 10% unemployment and many localities whose unemployment figures are much higher.

There is still time to reverse the trend. Polling may continue to show lesser wins for the GOP as time is running short to increase sagging numbers. But voters who are angry about the state of the economy, unemployment, debt, deficits and the general direction Obama is taking the country and succeeding in getting them to the voting booth to oust the culprits of our problems namely those who have backed Obama's agenda is still possible and likely if the message is hammered home in these final days.

We cannot afford to let this opportunity slip in pressing the issues on a national level and keeping the ball of defending their irresponsible actions in the Democrat court. They cannot defend what they have done and Republicans must force Democrats back on the defense by stressing Obama's failures, the Congressional record of destruction which has cost millions of jobs and interjected government control into our economy from health care to car companies.

Republicans will win a victory on November 2, but if GOP control of the Senate is going to take place then the final days of this campaign MUST return to nationalizing the issues and slamming Democrats for their failures and Obama for ignoring the people and the Constitution. This election is not local, its national and the margin of Republican victory depends on reminding voters that the source of our national problem lies directly in the hands of Obama, Pelsoi, Reid and Democrats who have followed this trio down the destructive path we are currently on.

Ken Taylor

Friday, October 22, 2010


He has blamed George Bush, Republicans, Democrats, voters, white people, black people, Hispanics, BP, Washington DC, the TelePrompter and the little boy who plugged his finger in the hole in the dike. Well maybe not the last but Obama has blamed any and everyone for the woes our country face and has yet to take ANY responsibility himself.....until now.

Yes my friends Barack Hussein Obama has finally taken responsibility for something that has failed in his failed administration. Did he take responsibility for trillion dollar deficits ? No! Did he take responsibility for more spending than all Presidents from Washington to Reagan ? No! Did he take responsibility for moving to create a socialized America ? No! Did he take responsibility for the failed trillion dollar stimulus ? No! Did he take responsibility for 10% unemployment ? No!

With so many destructive actions and failed policy at the hands of Barack Obama what exactly does he think he IS responsible for ? During a visit to Seattle, Washington, Obama admitted that he was responsible for failing to ADVERTISE WHAT HE WAS DOING BETTER. Yep, that's all he feels some responsibility for not getting the word out well enough about his Nation destroying policy and that's it!

While speaking to a group of women in yet another of his backyard selected audience town halls, Obama stated, “I think that one of the challenges we had two years ago is that we had to move so fast. We were in such emergency mode that it was very difficult for us to spend a lot of time doing victory laps and advertising what we were doing because we were moving on to the next thing. I take some, (only some), responsibility for that."

Millions out of work, spending out of control, deficits unsustainable, debt bankrupting the country, government regulating companies out of business, national security at the lowest state since BEFORE 9/11, a Nation divided more than it was during the divisive 60's. All of which a direct result of Barack Obama and his Marxist agenda, race baiting rhetoric and arrogant governing and all he believes HE is responsible for is a failure to advertise the stimulus enough shows not only his absolute arrogance but his total disconnect with the people and the anger toward his policy and agenda.

If anyone had any doubts left concerning Obama and his arrogant personality which could care less about the Nation, the Constitution or the people, with his willingness to ONLY take SOME responsibility for poor advertising of a failed stimulus package THIS should erase any doubts about this leftist ideologue.

Remember this on November second and once the new Congress which will NOT be in his back pocket as the Pelosi/Reid Congress has, we must fight daily to keep who we vote for accountable and opposing the Destroyer in Chief, Barack Obama. No compromise, no appeasing him just because he is President. Tie his hands and defeat and reverse his agenda until we can remove him in 2012!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, October 21, 2010


There has been much discussion about how political correctness will aid in the destruction of our Nation. PC has become ridiculous in insighting racial tension, appeasing enemies and now it has cost the job of a liberal but respected new analyst well know for his years with National Public Radio and as a Fox News Analyst.

Juan Williams appeared on the Bill O'Reilly show on Fox which is not unusual since Williams is a regular each week on the show and from time to time fills in as guest host for O'Reilly. O'Reilly had Williams as a commentator in a segment discussing his visit to the daytime show The View in which much has been made over O'Reilly's statement saying Muslims flew the planes on 9/11 which prompted Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar to walk off the set in protest.

O'Reilly had discussed his statement as telling it like it is rather than following the PC route which denies any association with 9/11, Muslims and Islam. When O'Reilly asked Williams what he thought of his comments, Williams agreed with O'Reilly and went on to say, "Look, Bill, I'm not a bigot. You know the kind of books I've written about the civil rights movement in this country. But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous."

An honest assessment which mirrors the thoughts of many Americans. An assessment which is not accusatory in its content but expresses a concern about a problem that we as a country face everyday, that of Muslim extremists and how their action on 9/11 and other occasions have changed how our country and our people view the Muslim world and Muslims in general. Williams assessment held nothing inflammatory or bigoted, just honest and open opinion.

Not according to NPR who announced that because of his comments on the O'Reilly show Williams long standing contract with Public Radio would be immediately terminated because, "His remarks on The O'Reilly Factor this past Monday were inconsistent with our editorial standards and practices, and undermined his credibility as a news analyst with NPR."

So much for Freedom of Speech. Jaun Williams is a liberal and the majority of the time I either disagree or question his assessments and opinions in commentary on Fox News. But I also recognize that while liberal, Williams is very reasonable and is not afraid of saying what he thinks even when it goes against the usual liberal rhetoric.

NPR has shown that free speech is only a concept recognized if the speech is in line with their left leaning political agenda. Since Williams did not follow the PC attitude toward Muslims and Islam in general his opinion no longer qualified as free speech but was rather a threat to NPR agenda and their consistent leftist ideals so his contract was terminated.

This too is consistent with the Obama administration and their response to anything that is not politically correct. NPR is publicly funded and has a reputation of being the voice of the left especially when the left is in charge of the government as it is now. There is no evidence that anyone in the administration called for or even suggested that Williams be fired for his comments. NPR's liberal policy was enough in itself to cause this reaction without any specific involvement by the administration. But I am quite sure that the administration approves of the move even though Williams has been a strong defender of Obama and Obama policy.

This is just another example of PC run amok, when even someone who defends the left cannot express his opinion that differs from the left without dire consequences to follow. While I am sure Fox News will likely offer Williams a position to make up for his loss with NPR, I would hope that this uncalled for reaction by NPR will open his eyes to the ridiculous and callus actions of the left. PC is destroying our Nation and Williams has been is latest victim.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Ding Dong! The Witch is gone. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch! Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is gone. Wake up - sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed. Wake up, the Wicked Witch is gone. She's gone where the goblins go, Below - below - below. Yo-ho, let's open up and sing and ring the bells out. Ding Dong' the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low. Let them know The Wicked Witch is gone!

Of course we are all familiar with the Wicked Witch song sung by the Munchkins in The Wizard of Oz. So with a minor word change, (dead to gone), I thought this well know lyric was extremely appropriate in light of the report that Nancy Pelosi, the Wicked Witch of the House has told Democrat colleagues that she is not running again for the position of Speaker of the House.

Now don't think that this move has anything to do with a kinder and softer Pelosi or the fact that many Democrats running desperately to get reelected in a year where Democrats, especially in the House are going to be trounced at the polls in November. It has nothing to do with the wicked witch bowing out gracefully in light of the massive failures of Congress under her liberal leadership.

No her stating that she will not run for another term as Speaker has nothing to do with Pelosi being gracious or not wanting the power any longer. Pelosi is much to arrogant to just bow out without a fight. Her not running for Speaker is a result of even this liberal ideologue seeing the hand writing on the wall. Republicans will be taking over the House when the 112th Congress convenes in January of next year and Pelosi knows that with a GOP House she not only will no longer be able to win reelection for Speaker.

Whether she will hold the position of House Minority Leader or not depends on the confidence Democrats still have in her ability to lead them. With many running from her as quickly as possible while running for reelection she stands to return to Congress in January finding herself with either a minor leadership position in the minority or none at all. That is providing she wins reelection in November. Considering her liberal San Francisco District in California her reelection while not set in stone is unfortunately highly likely.

But at least the good news is that The Wicked Witch of the House will be no more as Pelosi will not hold the Speakers seat and thankfully it will also eliminate her from Presidential succession. An idea which has been one of the most chilling facts about her being Speaker. So all together now join me an a rousing chorus, "Ding, dong, the Witch is gone, which old Witch, the Wicked Witch, ding dong Nancy Pelosi the Wicked Witch of the House is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Over the last few weeks we have seen an increasing desperation by Democrats to attempt to stop the momentum that is leading toward massive losses in the mid term election. Desperate attempts to paint Republicans as evil money hungry Capitalists have fallen thus far on deaf ears as voters who are angered at the direction Obama and Democrats have taken this country see through the political deception and understand what is truly at stake in this election.

But that has not and obviously is not stopping Democrats from trying again to use whatever means available to get votes, including bribery. Polling is showing that seniors for the most part are supporting the Republican party so Obama and company are making an effort through bribery to pull seniors there direction.

Last year Social Security did not given recipients the usual yearly cost of living increase in benefits which increases the size of monthly checks by a certain percentage to off set rising prices etc. Just last week it was announced that 2011 would be no different as the increase will not be given again for the second year.

Obama and many Democrats have been using the typical liberal campaign ploy against Republicans by trying to scare seniors into believing if they vote GOP the evil and nasty Republicans will cut Social Security benefits and even try to repeal the program entirely. Democrats have used this lie for decades so in a year when they stand to lose and lose big it is no surprise they have reached into their usual pocket of lies and pulled this worn out one again.

But they have added a twist to it this election. Democrats with the backing of Obama are pitching the idea of providing all Social Security recipients a one time check for $25o.00 in order to off set the lack of cost of living increases. They tout that this move proves Democrats will look out for seniors better than Republicans so on November second they deserve the senior vote as a result of this obvious bribe.

But here's the catch in all of this political Tom Foolery by Democrats. Cost of living increases are approved or disapproved by the one Constitutional entity that holds all of the purse stings for the Nations expenditures, the Congress namely the House of Representatives. when a cost of living increase is due for Social Security, the House has to approve it BEFORE the money can be released. The same goes for a cost of living freeze.

Before a freeze can take place Congress has to approve it. Who has been in charge of Congress for the two budgetary freeze years ? Democrats ! The freeze for 2010 was approved by Congress in 2009 and this year the 2011 freeze was approved. With the overwhelming majority Democrats have had in Congress for both years it is NOT Republicans who have instituted the freeze since they do not have the numbers alone to get the required vote to pass or defeat anything.

Democrats instituted and voted for the freeze and now they are pretending they not only had nothing to do with it but by offering a $ 250.00 one time bribe they are the party who is protecting seniors from the evil Republicans when it was Democrats who took the increase away in the first place.

This ploy by Democrats is another example of the usual underhanded political shenanigans which has angered voters and caused a general disgust with, "politics as usual," in Washington. While I do not believe that majority of seniors will fall for this ploy by Democrats the fact is they are once again banking on their perceived ignorance of Americans as a means to lie their way into office. What Democrat have not and refuse to accept is that voters are on to their lies and this time even a last minute bribe will not work.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Recent polling is showing many of the races for the mid term election tightening as voters are being inundated by campaign ads, debates and the general massive PR push that accompanies any election in its final days. With only two weeks left before voters go to the polls in what will be a referendum vote on Barack Obama and his agenda, most Democrats are playing the deception game in order to try and get voters to forget what they have done and concentrate on the lie they are spewing in order to get reelected.

Democrats are actually campaigning AGAINST Obama and his agenda as well as Nancy Pelosi because of their low standing in popularity. Each campaigning as if they had nothing to do with the mess our country is in. Unfortunately according to how polls are tightening many voters seem to be falling for this deceptive trap and forgetting that the same Democrats who are now running FROM Obama are also the Democrats who either voted for or backed his agenda.

Most Democrats are not even including their party affiliation in any campaign ads, signage or propaganda sheets. Doing everything they can to distance themselves from Obama and Pelosi while trying to sound like fiscal and even social conservatives in order to get a vote. The barrage of deceptive ads and campaigning is designed to get voters to forget the record of Democrats and have voters buy into the lie that these liberal ideologues are truly representatives of the people who listen and stand for the same ideals as our center right country does.

Campaign ads like that of West Virginia Governor and Senate candidate Joe Manchin where he takes a rifle and shoots through a ,"cap and trade," bill while telling viewers he will fight big government and Obamacare is a prime example of how Democrats are lying to the public trying to jump onto the band wagon of anger over Obama's agenda and pretending that they had nothing to do with it.

Even in many of the debates Democrat candidates are sounding more like GOP candidates talking of fiscal conservatism and in some cases portraying themselves as staunch pro business Capitalist who think government is getting in the way of business. But when you look at the record of these same candidates they voted time and again AGAINST business and with government by placing burdensome regulations that have stifled business prosperity and cost millions of jobs.

But never talk of facts when a Democrat is campaigning because they will only go off on a tangent of how the facts of their record are nothing more than a right wing attack against a good and faithful public servant who is only looking out for the poor and those who can't fend for themselves. Which is such an obvious load of horse manure but always seems to work for Democrats.

As the election draws closer Democrats are also sending out the, "big guns, " to campaign. Obama is hitting states where his popularity is not as bad so as not to embarrass the failed President when candidates he campaigns for lose in November. Joe Biden and Bill Clinton are hitting the campaign trail heavily with all three talking a more middle of the road agenda as if it was what Democrats have been pushing all along. All talk with no proof, yet polling seems to show, especially in some of the highly visible senate races that this Democrat lie is catching on and voters are moving to an extent back to Democrats.

Republicans have a good and Constitutionally sound message which is still resonating with voters but if this message is not combined with an onslaught of ads and campaign stops which remind voters daily of the failed and disastrous records of Democrat opponents, the deception barrage of Democrats sounding conservative could leave at least the Senate in their hands and give Obama one Chamber of Congress to continue some of his destruction of our country.

We who are using the web as a means of fighting to take back our country must, over the next two weeks, hammer the Internet with constant reminders of the record of Democrats to help of set the lie they are portraying as they campaign as fiscally, pro business conservatives. Republican candidates must do the same since they are up against a media who is assisting Democrats in this deception. While campaigning about the future is necessary and important, reminding voters of the Democrat record of especially the last almost two years is just as important if not more so in order to counter the lies and abandoning of the record by Democrats.

They cannot be allowed to run from what they have done by all of a sudden sounding like a conservative. They cannot be allowed to run from their record of destruction by lying to the people and pretending that suddenly they get it and understand what all of the anger is about. They cannot be allowed to distance themselves from Obama and Pelsoi when they embraced everything both pushed legislatively. They cannot be allowed to pretend their vote with Obama and his agenda did not count. They cannot be allowed to ignore the people as they have and now act as if the people are all that is important.

Democrats are now claiming they love America and all we have traditionally stood for as a Nation but their record shows just the opposite and we cannot allow them to forget it or deceive voters into forgetting it. They are NOT the party for the people. They are NOT the party for jobs. They are NOT the party who is pro business. They are NOT the party of strong National Security. They are NOT the party of a secure border. They are NOT the party of smaller government and less taxation.

Their record must follow them all the way to the polls and defeat on November second. It must be placed upon them as a scarlet letter for all the Nation to see and not one of these progressive ideologues be allowed to deceive the public into forgetting who they are and what they have done to America and Americans. It's all about their record and how it has destroyed out country. The referendum on Obama is also a referendum on those who fell in lock step with him and they cannot be allowed to deny this fact. They can run but cannot be allowed to hide!

Ken Taylor

Friday, October 15, 2010


Anyone who has ever voted in any State, County or Town knows without question that campaigning at or even near a polling place is a violation of the law. Even those who place signs for voters to see during the moments just before entering the polling place understand that signs cannot be placed within a certain amount of feet from the polling place if at all.

Everyone knows this except, according to the Illinois Board of Elections, Michelle Obama. Obama was in Chicago campaigning for Democrat candidates and while she was there visited her local Chicago precinct and cast her vote early for the mid term election. Now it is normal for a big media presence and plenty of meet and greets when someone of the stature of First Lady goes to vote.

But Michelle Obama went way beyond meet and greets. After she cast her ballot and returned the ballot key to the volunteer, Obama proceed to blatantly campaign IN THE POLLING place which is a violation of Illinois state law. Obama discussed with one or more voters how important it was for them to vote for Democrats to help continue her husbands agenda.

Illinois election law prohibits campaigning or even political discussion in or within 100 feet of any polling place. Yet Obama proceeded to tell voters how important it was to elect Democrats in order to help her failing husband. A clear violation of Illinois law and an offence for which anyone else would be arrested for. But not Michelle, no sir, with her everything was fine and dandy.

Illinois Election officials were asked about Obama's violation of the law and defended her actions by saying, "You kind of have to drop the standard for the first lady, right ? I mean, she's pretty well liked and probably doesn't know what she's doing." While I agree in other instances Obama does not know what she is doing, as a former lawyer she is NOT ignorant of the law and as they say ignorance of the law is no excuse.

When Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked about the incident he fluffed it off by saying, "I don't think it would be much to imagine, the First Lady might support her husband's agenda." So the excuses fly, a violation of the law in which any other citizen would be arrested for is fluffed off as nothing and an Obama gets yet another pass for violating our laws while a liberal press, who would latch on to any Republican doing the same, laughs it off as just another day in Obamaland.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Three states, New Mexico, Illinois and New York are under investigation for disenfranchising members of The United States military by not mailing absentee ballots to troops overseas in time for them to be counted in the November 2 election.

While there are no specific accusations of intentional fraud on the part of any of the three states it does seem extremely coincidental that all three states have very tight races where the military vote could make the difference in the final outcome of the election and all three states are currently governed by Democrats.

According to federal election laws, absentee ballots for overseas military personnel must be mailed by October 1 in order for the ballots to be counted in the November election. New York sought for an extension with the Pentagon and still did not meet the deadline. So even with an extension overseas military personnel from New York will not be counted in the mid term voting.

In all three cases the failure to mail ballots did not encompass the entire state but several counties in each state did not mail the ballots in time or in some cases at all. In New York for example the counties included all of the Burroughs of New York City which includes a large number of overseas military personnel.

All three states have Democrat Governors. Whether the failure to mail ballots was an intentional effort to disenfranchise the military in an election where Democrats are looking to lose big has not been established. But this unforgivable action in failing to allow the military the right to vote when they defend the very freedom that provides the ability to participate in free elections is an example of the total ineptness of governing by Democrats.

It is too coincidental that the ONLY states in which military votes will not be counted because of this failure to do something as simple as getting ballots in the mail in time for them to be counted are governed by Democrats. This failure is not only inexcusable but shows a lack of accountability and poor governing by the administration of each state. The failure of Democrats to govern is obviously not restricted to the federal level but extends to state and local offices as well. Remember this when you go to the polls and cast your ballot on November 2.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


His arrogance has no end. Barack Obama no matter what the subject it is always all about him and the following quote from a New York Times interview is no exception.

“It may be that regardless of what happens after this election, they feel more responsible, either because they didn’t do as well as they anticipated, and so the strategy of just saying no to everything and sitting on the sidelines and throwing bombs didn’t work for them,” Mr. Obama said. “Or they did reasonably well, in which case the American people are going to be looking to them to offer serious proposals and work with me in a serious way.”

With the mid term election less than three weeks away, Obama seems to be understanding that his party is going to lose and lose big, but his arrogance will not accept that one of the main reasons his party is losing is BECAUSE of him. So now his anticipation after Republicans take majority control when the 112 Congress convenes in January is that they will feel their responsibility to the American people and WORK WITH HIM.

Well Mr. arrogant I have some news for you, when the GOP steps in as majority next year we the people expect them to NOT work with you but against you because it is your Marxist policy that has angered the electorate and we are voting out your party en masse because we do NOT want the Congress to cow down to you but to stand up to you for Constitutional principles and conservative ideals.

Even during a recent campaign stop the arrogant one in trying to excite the crowd and get them to come out and vote on November 2 told them to, "not make him look bad." What absolute arrogance! First of all it's too late to, "not make him look bad, " because he has already done a bang up job of doing that himself. Second the arrogance to think that when Democrats get their tails handed to them on a silver Constitutional platter that it is the fault of voters and NOT Obama, his failed policy and those in Congress who have followed lock step with him in destroying the country.

While the mid term election is very much a referendum on Obama's failed agenda the election is not all about just him. When Republicans are elected booting out liberal Democrats, working WITH Obama on the failed policy, massive spending, unsustainable deficits and mounting debt is the LAST thing we want the new Congress to do. We are electing them to STOP this nightmare not to continue it.

In 1994 when Republicans took the majority for the first time in forty years as a result of failed Clinton policy, Bubba saw the light to a certain extent and understood the voters referendum was about what he was doing and not specifically about just him. He moved more to the center and as a result his approval rose and unfortunately this and a weak GOP candidate in Bob Dole brought Clinton reelection in 1996.

Obama is to much of a ideologue to follow the Clinton example and his , "all about me, " arrogance which makes him believe that this election shows that the people want Republicans to work with Obama proves that unlike Clinton, Obama will stay way left and fight Congress rather than accept the people's verdict on his failed policy. Obama has ignored the people since he took office and evidenced by his recent statements as the inevitable loss of Congress is beginning to set in for the arrogant one, once the new Congress convenes, Obama in true form will CONTINUE to ignore the will of the people and try to stay on his socialist path expecting the GOP to follow lock step like Democrats have. The difference will be that those who control the purse strings will have the power to stop Obama and LISTEN to the people thus tie his Marxist hands until 2012.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


With Democrats and Obama now revealing what is believed their October Surprise which amounts to false and fabricated allegations of the GOP teaming with the Chamber of Commerce to use foreign money for campaign ads against Democrats, polling shows that not only is this deceptive ploy not working but the mid term is as much a referendum on Barack Obama as it is the failure and extremely poor legislative record of Democrats.

Even among Obama supporters a new poll from Bloomberg polling voters who supported Obama in 2008 shows that 48% of those polled are disappointed with Obama and would not vote for him if the election were held today. Among likely voters in a new Gallup poll which polled Republicans, Democrats and Independents, Obama fares even worse. 54% say they would choose an unknown Republican candidate over Obama with only 36% saying they would reelect him.

In Ohio, a key state for the mid term which went very blue in 2008, Obama's support has faded to a low of around 30% and Republican candidates are benefiting from the dislike of Obama and his policies across the board. Polls show that the Buckeye State is not only in the GOP camp but Democrats stand little chance of taking anything. The Governorship, US Senate, several House seats and even the State House are all polling heavily toward the GOP and most relate this strong Republican showing to the failures of Obama as President and his extremely poor showing of support in Ohio.

The latest Real Clear Politics average of all polling is showing an absolute disaster for Obama and Democrats with the average giving 52 House seats to the GOP, the Senate a 50/50 split and GOP domination in Governor seats with a whopping 39 states having a Republican Governor after the mid term election. In past election cycles the RCP average has been lower than the actual result of an election which is even better for Republicans as any improvement over the average would mean a greater majority in the House and a GOP majority in the Senate.

Obama is touring the country whining about the GOP and The Chamber of Commerce, touting his new 50 billion dollar infrastructure program which he says will provide jobs even though none of the proposed projects would start until late in 2011 and early 2012. Plus the increase in fuel taxes to pay for the debacle has already hit consumers as gas prices are rising mainly because of Obama's 50 billion dollar escapade. All of which just adds to the failure and disaster which is Barack Obama and Democrats are paying the price for his ineptness and the agenda which they have embraced and the people hate!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Millions of Americana are without work. Businesses are failing and those that are still open are struggling with the result being lesser profits and continued lay offs with little or no hiring. Unemployment is holding steady or rising above 9.5% with no end in sight. In fact a recent study shows that at the current rate of job losses with almost no recovery, it will be 2020 until the job market stabalizes again and businesses can hire those unemployed.

To listen to Barack Obama and the Democrats things could be worse and if it were not for them unemployment would be higher and the economy much worse. According to their deceptive spin campaign as we approach the 2010 mid term election where Democrats stand to lose power in Congress if we abandon their economic policy by voting out the current majority and removing from office hundreds of progressives in both the House and the Senate unemployment will increase and the economy will crash.

Yet all of the facts show differently then the Democrat spin. With the economy being the single most pressing issue and unemployment topping the economic issues ladder as the mid terms draw closer, if anyone votes with even the slightest amount of knowledge about the facts and especially if they are without a job, based on the facts and real statistics about unemployment and the economy in general the truth is, if you need a job, or your business to prosper whether you are the owner or an employee seeking to better yourself financially through your job, then firing a Democrat when you vote will bring about the desired result.

Since taking the majority in Congress, Democrats have skyrocketed unemployment and destroyed business by their over regulation and general handling of the economy. The following graph shows just how bad the unemployment picture has been since 2006 when Democrats took the House and the Senate:
Unemployment remained fairly steady between 4 and 6 percent until Democrats moved in and through their destructive fiscal policy cost millions of American jobs. If anyone who reads this post were to have this dismal a job performance where you work your termination papers would be quick and permanent. If you are a business owner and your bottom line was as dismal as that of Democrats and the loss of jobs in this country, your doors would close and the business would fail.

But Democrats who have created this dismal jobs picture and the destructive atmosphere which has forced businesses to lay of or just plain eliminate jobs, have the audacity to stand before the American people who they are bankrupting and say they don't deserve to be fired. Obama and his Democrat job killers generally consider themselves successful and deserving of rehiring through the election process even though they are among the only people who have benefited from their economic failure and extremely poor job performance.

Obama had the gall to state last week that the 2%of Americans that he desires to raise taxes on, ( of course with Democrat failure to renew the Bush tax cuts EVERY ONES taxes will increase), will NOT affect the economy. According to this economic imbecile those who make over $250,000 and have their taxes raised will not have a single damaging affect on an already sluggish and no jobs economy. He and other Democrats REFUSE to accept that the very people they wish to raise taxes on are those who create jobs and provide employment to the rest of American taxpayers who work.

Their liberal arrogance believes that anyone who makes over $250,000 is rich and has the ability to throw away more money into government coffers so the progressives can spend even more hard earned American dollars. They will NOT accept that small business owners who provide over 90% of American jobs combine their personal income with that of their business and THAT is why they fall into the 2% who Obama claims a tax increase will not hurt.

The truth which Democrats never see is strikingly different. For every dollar that business especially small business forks over to the government costs American jobs. Increasing taxes will also increase unemployment. Tax reduction will increase hiring and lower the unemployment rate dramatically. But this simple economic solution is beyond the thinking of Democrats since they believe that ANY tax cut must be." paid," for since as they see it reducing taxes robs the government of money.

But history shows, and I know I am talking to the choir here, that reducing taxes actually INCREASES government revenue as Americans spend more money and businesses prosper and hire. Anyone who can add two plus two and does not follow a progressive political ideology understands this. But Democrats who ARE progressives believe that if they don't control the money it will not be spent in the correct places, namely their socialistic agenda, and therefore reducing taxes especially for evil business is not an option.

So the bottom line here is simple. If you are a business owner and want your business to prosper and expand, on November 2 fire a Democrat. If you are unemployed and need to find a job, on November 2 fire a Democrat. If you are an American who wants to have the freedom to spend your hard earned money as you see fit WITHOUT the government demanding that you fork it over to them so they can better spend it for you, on November 2 fire a Democrat.

Democrats do not deserve another chance as they, especially their failed leader who sits in the Oval Office, are begging as they campaign. They cry that hand to hand combat will be the result if they are voted out. They cry that if Americans do not vote to return Democrats to Congress then the, "failed," policies that as they see it brought us into the mess we are in, will make a bad situation worse.

If unemployment below 6%, businesses all across America growing, prospering and expanding as a result is considered a ,"failed," policy then I'll take that," failure," over what Democrats consider success any day! Democrat success is taking our country into bankruptcy. Spending is out of control debt is climbing and deficits are exploding. Businesses which drive our economy are closing and the American people who are the greatest work force in history are either unemployed or struggling to survive under Democrat, "success."

So my fellow Americans, if you want our country to prosper, on November 2 fire a Democrat. If you want our Nation safe and secure and not wallowing in debt to other Nations, on November 2 fire a Democrat. If you want America to once again be the, "shining city on a hill," that the world looks to for hope and direction in an unfair and uncompromising world, on November 2 fire a Democrat. If you want Constitutional values restored and conservative principles followed whether in our fiscal policy or foreign and all other domestic policy, on November 2 fire a Democrat. Together we can take our country back by firing those who are destroying it. On November 2, begin restoring America, FIRE A DEMOCRAT!

Ken Taylor

Friday, October 08, 2010


Over the last several weeks as he has been touring the country begging Democrats to not lose hope, and make an effort to head to the polls on November 2, Barack Obama has been touting a supposed, "improved," economy and a light at the end of the tunnel for the jobs market. The final numbers before the mid term election have been released and not only is there NOT a light at the end of the tunnel, but two job reports show Obama's job loses are much worse than initially thought.

The newest jobs figures according to the Labor Department show a LOSS of 95, 000 jobs which includes a large number of new jobs provided by the surge in employment for campaigns all over the country. Though campaign jobs are temporary they did help the employment picture. The unemployment rate stands at 9.6% which is not any improvement at all.

But the two reports that are devastating to Obama and Democrats as the mid term approaches comes from Gallup and a revised report for 2009 by the Labor Department. Gallup has been following the jobless rates for decades and its numbers have been considered by many to be much closer than the Labor Department because Gallup does not adjust figures as Labor does to try and make a better picture.

According to Gallup the real unemployment figure is 10.1% a full half a percent higher then Labors figure. The second report confirms how Gallup gathers its figures and why it would be a more accurate number. The Labor Department makes adjustments after reporting numbers because of the finagling they do in order to paint a better picture. Once adjustments are made especially during a bad jobs market they almost always show a grimmer picture than initially shown.

According to the revised numbers for 2009 the economy lost a fill 902,000 more jobs than initially released by Labor which would make the unemployment rate more in line with the Gallup number of 10.1% rather than 9.6% with Labors seasonally adjusted figures. But either way no matter how one looks at the job figures, Barack Obama's economic policy is not garnering any confidence in business and hiring is not happening.

Obama's policy is creating unemployment at record numbers while he is touring the country saying he has saved jobs created more and his policy kept the Nation from sinking into depression. When one looks at the facts and then listens to the Obama spin and deception, it's no wonder than Democrats have no desire to head to the polls and give Obama and a liberal Congress another chance. Republicans and Independents have seen the light for months and now it seems with the job and economic picture so dire, Democrats too have no desire to stand with their former messiah.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, October 07, 2010


Barack Obama in a speech delivered this week said he was not raising taxes for 98% of Americans. He stated that the 2% he plans a tax increase on won't matter in the overall economy since it only covers those who make $ 250.000 or more. Of course Obama like most Dems can't get it through their thick liberal skulls that the 2% create and/or provide most of the jobs in this country because small business owners combine personal and business income as one which fall into the 2% category. But bankrupting business in no big deal to Obama.

Then the contention that 98% will get a tax cut is also a huge lie because the supposed tax cut is only renewing the Bush cuts which are currently in place. So instead of letting them expire come January first Obama ,"plans," to extend them calling it a tax cut when all that is happening is the current tax rate remains the same.

That is IF and this is a big if, the lame duck Congress even gets around to considering extending the tax cuts. As many of you will recall the Bush tax cuts only passed Congress originally with an end date of December 31, 2010. Not completely what Bush wanted but the only way he could get enough Democrats on board to get the tax cuts through Congress in 2001. Since then every time Republicans have tried to make the cuts permanent Democrats have killed the debate with Pelosi NEVER allowing it to come to committee or the House floor.

Now as the deadline is here, Democrats chose NOT to deal with the cuts before the mid term election so they could go home and campaign WITHOUT having a certain tax increase approved for at least a portion of their constituency, if not all. Congress will not reconvene until November 15, well after the mid terms.

News from the Treasury Department just released adds to the mix about the Bush cuts and now it is almost certain that EVERYONE will have a tax increase come January first. Treasury releases new tax tables to employers on November first, a full 15 days BEFORE Congress reconvenes. The reason for the November release is to allow enough time for employers to get the new tax tables into payroll systems in order for to start in January for the first payroll period of a new year. This time table is necessary for business and payroll taxes and not subject to change.

The Bush tax cuts will end December 31 so the new tax tables will be based on the ending of the Bush cuts. So January first EVERYONE will get a huge tax increase no matter what Congress does. Congressional Democrats have already announced plans for an aggressive legislative agenda on returning after the mid terms and dealing with the Bush cuts WAS NOT part of that initial agenda. The tax cuts might be discussed by mid December if at all but it is not likely to even make it to debate since Democrats already know tax tables have been released and the cuts already set to expire.

So the deceptiveness of Obama and Democrats especially in the light of the election as the party who cares about Americans and decreasing taxes is just another liberal politics as usual. Obama and his party NEVER intended to deal with the Bush cuts and used the issue ONLY as a ploy to try an dupe voters into believing they wanted to,"cut taxes," while their intent all along was to allow the largest tax increase across the board in American history. Not just the top 2% but ALL American tax payers will pay HIGHER taxes thanks to Obama and Democrats. Remember this when you go to the polls on November 2.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


In the most prophetic mishaps in American history, the Presidential Seal lept off the podium, fell to the floor and shattered during a speech being given by Barack Obama. The Seal is always hung on any podium just prior to the entrance of the President and protocol has the Seal removed once he leaves. Well this particular Seal like most of us had all it could take of Obama and lept to its death in front of an audience listening to the ramblings of Obama.

It seems that the seal like much of the Nation does not want Obama in the office he now holds and the Seal had the guts enough to show its dislike of Obama by leaping to the floor during his speech. Obama followed the act of defiance by the Seal by stating, "you all know who I am," and then went on to finish his speech. But the act of defiance and annoyance by the Seal had done its deed and we the people of The United States owe this brave seal in our patriotic duty to accommodate it and insure that Obama is removed from office in 2012. Such great sacrifice deserves our recognition and help in insuring that Obama is a one term President.

In a somewhat related story, reports are surfacing that Michelle is bored with being first lady and has already told Obama that she does not want a second term. In fact she is so bored and disgusted with the job that she plans on taking many more expensive, extravagant trips in order to relieve her boredom.

One report has her collapsing in tears and telling Barack she will divorce him if he runs for a second term. Now whether that one is completely true or not remains to be seen since the source is the National Enquirer. But then again the Enquirer did break the story about the John Edwards affair so it has a little credibility.......I think.

But whether the tears and divorce story is true or not Michelle is obviously unhappy as first lady and just as we owe the brave Presidential Seal the obligation of removing Barack from office in 2012, I think we can accommodate Michelle in the same way and by our vote make sure that Barack Hussein Obama is a one term President so that other Presidential Seals will not have to risk their lives and Michelle can get on to a much more exciting life. Oh and by the way we will be saving the country in the process!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


In articles written from the New York Times all the way to the left coasts LA Times as well as many liberal pundits, Democrats are trying to claim the GOP has already peaked and the mid term races are closer than previously thought. In fact many of the stories and pundits are now saying that Democrats will not lose the House. Yet the polls say otherwise.

As stories of the Democrat revival were hitting the papers and the airways, Gallup, a more left leaning poll released there latest generic ballot and it is devastating news for Democrats. According to the poll no matter what the turn out the GOP has a substantial lead with likely voters for the mid term. A higher turn out favors the GOP by 13 points, 53 - 40 with a lower turn out favoring the GOP by 18 points, 56 - 38.

So even if the scramble by Obama in trying to, "energize," Democrats by November is successful, according to Gallup Republicans would still rule the day and rather decisively. This poll was joined by other bad news for Democrats as the latest polling in Nevada has Sharron Angle who had been in a continual tie with Harry Reid since winning the GOP primary has now pulled ahead of Reid by three points.

Angle has also received the endorsement of Nevada's largest newspaper, The Las Vegas Review-Journal, which has endorsed Reid in past elections. The paper not only endorsed Angle but pounded Reid for ,"hitching," onto Obama's ,"failed economic policies, " while praising Angle for her limited government stance compared to Reid's big spending and partisan bickering.

Other polls show Dino Rossi pulling ahead of Democrat Senator Pat Murray of Washington in another hotly contested race that was in the toss up category and needed for the GOP to take control of the Senate. Both the Nevada and Washington Senate races were thought to be tight enough that Democrats would likely retain the seats with many pollsters ruling them out for a GOP majority possibility. Now with less than four weeks before the election and both Republicans pulling ahead Nevada and Washington are looking very good for Republicans and a Senate majority. Adding to Democrat woes is West Virginia and the seat left vacant by the passing of Robert Byrd, moving from the toss up category to a five point lead by Republican John Raese

Barack Obama's recent trip to Wisconsin to, "energize," voters there for Democrat Russ Feingold has also failed as polling shows the liberal Senator losing ground after Obama's visit and his double digit deficit with Republican challenger Ron Johnson as being an insurmountable task to overcome. Obama's get out the vote tour has been falling on deaf ears with Democrats as the energy of Republicans has increased.

Another damaging problem for Democrats are Independents who came out in great numbers for Obama in 2008. Polling shows that Independents are favoring Republicans across the board by a huge 55%. So even if Obama manages to get Democrats to the polls which is seeming less and less likely, the loss of Independents to Republicans makes a Democrat win in November even less likely.

Spin as they may, Democrats are in deep trouble and that trouble is increasing the closer November second comes. Although the deception and dirty politics campaign by the left is now in full swing and will get much more intense in the next few weeks, we cannot sit back on our laurels thinking that the election is in the bag because the polls favor Republicans and a huge Democrat loss. We must fight and get out the vote keeping the energy going and charged until the last poll closes and the last vote is counted! Then continue the fight to victory in 2012.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 03, 2010


August 28, 2010, hundreds of thousands of conservative Americans descended on Washington DC to participate in a rally to honor America hosted by talk show personality Glenn Beck. The rally began at the Lincoln Memorial and stretched past the WWII Memorial to the Washington Monument. Speakers talked of a united American which stands firm on the precepts of God and our Constitution never once lashing out at any political party or politician but calling for a return to strong conservative values and morals.

October 2, 2010, slightly over ten thousand liberals many of which proudly chanting their love of Socialism descended on Washington DC. This rally too began at the Lincoln Memorial and went only as far as the reflection pool directly across from the Memorial. The rally was sponsored by several Labor Unions and liberal cause groups many of which bused participants to Washington for the Rally. Speakers lashed out at the Republican Party and various conservative politicians especially Sarah Palin. Blaming all the woes of the country on the right and calling those who do not agree with them too stupid to vote.

Both rallies consisted of people who are angered at what is happening in America today. The Beck rally channeled that anger in a positive message seeking to united Americans toward restoring values and morals that follow those instilled in America by our Founders who like those at the rally sought guidance from God as they embraced the freedom they sought for both they and their children.

The Union sponsored rally channeled that anger toward the right and anyone else who disagreed with their ideals and any direction which seeks to prevent this country from sliding into their vision of a socialist utopia where government controls America and Americans. But what was said during the rally was not as revealing as what was left behind after the rallies as to how our Nation will evolve under the influence of those who participated in either rally.

After the Glenn Beck rally with hundred of thousands of people in attendance around the Mall area of Washington eating, drinking and generally camping out for an entire day, once the rally was completed with the exception of specified areas where trash was designated to be left for pick up, the Mall was left spotless. In fact so spotless that one could not tell that a rally had taken place. Even the designated trash pick up areas were tidy with trash stacked neatly in containers or bags for easy disposal.

Contrast this with the after math of the rally held by the left on October 2. Not only was the trash not placed in containers or stacked neatly for disposal, but the entire Mall area was trashed including locations where no one was standing during the rally. Sacred Memorials like the WWII Memorial were left looking like a garbage dump. The area around the Lincoln Memorial resembled a trash pile.

Signs and leaflets were strewn everywhere. Bottles and uneaten food were tossed wherever participants has stood or walked. Food wrappers were blowing in the breeze looking for a place to cling for some poor soul to have to pick up by hand in order to throw it away. It will take days and thousands of dollars to clean up the mess left behind. After the Beck rally those who carried the trash away completed their clean up task shortly after the rally finished.

Both rallies claimed they had the better direction for America. Both rallies came to DC with people who believed what they expressed during the rallies. But one left behind a disaster for workers to clean up showing no respect for our Nations Capitol, the Memorials that honor those who sacrificed in service to our Nation or the poor workers whose job it was to clean up the mess. Not once did they concern themselves with the massive cost to clean up after their rally which comes from tax payer funds.

Whatever anyone thinks about the substance of either rally, whether one agrees or disagrees with what was said, who said it and how it was expressed, what was left behind gives the best example of how our Nation will fare as a result of the influence and ideals of those who participated. If people have no respect for their surroundings while marching for their cause how can they be expected to respect the traditions of freedom and the principles of our Founders without trashing the country as they trashed the Mall.

Those who participated in the rally on October 2 left behind a trashed environment. In like manner those who have and do govern with the socialist ideals expressed by the rally participants have trashed our Nation and left and are leaving behind a mess that generations will be forced to clean up. Rally participants showed no respect or concern for the poor sanitation workers who will spend days cleaning up their mess. Those who govern on the ideals expressed during the October rally use tax payer and borrowed money for reckless spending without respect or concern for the hard work of Americans who pay the burdensome taxes and whose children will be saddled with the debt.

They trashed the Mall and they have and are trashing America. A march which made its way around the base of the Washington Monument chanted love for Socialism in complete dishonor and disrespect for the man and the ideals of the person who the Monument was built to honor, George Washington. Our greatest President who fought for and sacrificed to insure that all Americans then and those who would follow would not have to face the tyranny of a government that took God given freedoms from its citizens. Yet those who chanted in the shadow of the Monument spit in the face of what Washington fought for as they celebrated socialist tyranny.

Those who rallied with Glenn Beck talked of and are seeking a productive and free future for America and Americans following the principles of our Founders and our Constitution. Those who rallied on October 2 seek a destructive and enslaved path for America and Americans. As they showed no respect for the Mall in trashing it they have no respect for our Founding and Constitutional principles of freedom, liberty and a government that leaves Americans to prosper of their own accord without government interference or oppression.

What was left behind on the Mall gives a telling insight to our future if those who govern today are left to do so and allowed to continue the destructive path they have legislated and promoted under the leadership of the current Congress and President. Our task for the future and freedom of America cannot be more clear. The elimination of those who are seeking to trash and destroy our Republic by voting them out of office and replacing them with those who respect our Founding principles and believe in Constitutional values and precepts. If not then our nation faces a future much like the Mall after the October rally our Nation will be trashed if left in their hands.

Ken Taylor

Friday, October 01, 2010


In one of the most ridiculous analogies of his Presidency, during two speeches Barack Obama compared the, "impatience," over the time it is taking for the economic recovery to the long battle during the early history of this country to free the slaves. Referring to the impatience Americans are having with his failed economic policy Obama stated that he too was impatient almost begging for Americans to be patient, give him more time and then threw in, "it took time to free the slaves."

What an arrogant and completely imbecilic statement made by a politician much less a President. Trying to compare his failing and disastrous agenda to the battle this country had in its infancy to free slaves is ludicrous at best. Especially when one understands that Obama's agenda with government expansion and control over the private sector CREATES slaves to an over bearing government where individuals are made dependent to government rather than being free to prosper of their own accord.

For a person who claimed during his campaign to be a uniting force and not a divider Obama by using the reference to slavery not only played the race card in a blatant and ridiculous manner but by inference suggested that anyone who disagrees with his failed policy is similar to the slave masters of old because they are opposing his crusade to transform America just as freeing the slaves transformed our country during the nineteenth century.

Once again he is using his platform as President to racially divide our Nation and calling anyone who disagrees with him or opposes his policy racist. What reason was there to make any reference to slavery other than to place race into his speech? Why would he mention the time it took to eliminate slavery in American if he has no intention of sparking racial tension in the idea that opposing him is similar to those who favored slavery which is why it took so long to end it.

Obama also tried to compare his failed economic measure to the crusade of women to be able to vote, again stating that it took time for women to get the vote. Once again begging for patience with a failed policy and comparing his push for an unpopular agenda to a historical crusade which divided our Nation as he divides our Nation now.

Well Mr. Obama the people are impatient because after nearly two years your policy has deepened the economic woes of the Nation rather than cure them as promised. People are impatient as they watch you and your family take extravagant vacations while average Americans struggle day to day to pay bills and feed their family.

People are impatient when you throw parties using the peoples White House as your personal play ground while millions are losing their jobs and cannot find work because your policy has caused business to stop hiring and lay off workers due to over regulation and burdensome taxation. Then your Democrat buddies leave Washington with the largest tax increase in history hanging over our heads and you beg for patience while you spend us into oblivion.

Barack Obama is completely out of touch with the people of this country and that too is why we are impatient because we expect results and all we have seen from Obama is failure. We expect our government to get off our backs and all we have seen with Obama is increased government involvement in every aspect of our lives. Our patience ran out long ago and now we are going to act on our free ability to change the course Obama is taking our country and get rid of those who have helped him on his destructive path. Replacing them with Representatives who will serve the people and NOT their own arrogant self interests like Barack Obama.

Ken Taylor

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