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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


President Nicholas Sarkozy of France made a state visit to Washington and was given the royal treatment with an official press conference and State Dinner which is appropriate for a Head of State. Sarkozy has been highly critical of Obama's foreign policy as well as Obama's economic moves which have not only hurt our economy but world economies who look to the dollar as a stable financial entity. Obama's out of control spending has so devalued the dollar that it is affecting every economy especially ours.

But the differences between Obama and Sarkozy, who is a much better friend to the US than his French predecessors, is not the purpose of this post but rather the way that Sarkozy was treated on his State visit as opposed to the insulting way another State visit was handled last week by Barack Obama and his staff of imbeciles at The White House.

The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu came to Washington on an official State visit and was treated as a true and strong friend of The United States by Congress upon his visit to Capitol Hill, but at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue the story was completely different.

It is customary when a visiting Head of State meets at The White House with the President that an official Press Conference is held to allow question to both Heads of State and allow for an interchange on the purpose behind the visit as well as promoting whatever the issues are that will be discussed. There are usually several photo ops when the two meet in the Oval Office before any official meeting begins. Once again to emphasize the reasons for the visit.

During the Sarkozy visit all of the above took place as well as a State Dinner to honor the French President. But an entirely different attitude took place by Obama and staff when Benjamin Netanyahu traveled from the warm reception on Capitol Hill to a cold and unfriendly insult at The White House. Not only was there not an official Press Conference or photo ops, but the press was barred from any of the meetings which took place between Obama and Netanyahu.

Additionally there was no State Dinner to honor Netanyahu but rather a private meal where Obama demanded that Israel give up its sovereign right to build housing in their own land in the City of Jerusalem and when Netanyahu refused to bow to Obama's ridiculous demands, he further insulted the Israeli Prime Minister by excusing himself from the table stating that when Netanyahu was willing to talk about meeting Obama's demands he would come back.

Netanyahu was then told he was welcome to use White House telephones to discuss Obama's arrogant demands with his fellow countrymen and advisers, but Netanyahu chose to leave because he did not trust that his calls would be secure and not listened to by Obama staffers.

Israel is our strongest ally in the Middle East and along with Great Britain our strongest ally period. In fact in many ways because of the numerous times that Israel has agreed to not justifiably respond to attacks upon their country and people by terrorists like Hamas and Hezbollah, Israel is a more loyal ally than even Great Britain.

There was absolutely NO EXCUSE for Obama's insult to Netanyahu and as a result to the Nation of Israel. While our two countries have had their differences to publicly insult Israel's Head of State on an official State visit is demeaning to the Presidency and an out right stain on the people of The United States because as President, the pretender in the Oval Office is supposed to represent us on the world stage especially with trusted allies like Israel.

Once again Obama has chosen to insult and turn away from Israel while sucking up to Europe. Until the election of Sarkozy, France has acted more like an enemy of The United States rather than an ally. Sarkozy has changed that in many ways but Israel has always stood strong with our Nation never wavering from supporting us even when we have asked things of Israel that we would not ask of ourselves. Obama's actions during Netanyahu's visit were yet another embarrassment to our Nation by this total inept politician.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


As a citizen of this Nation I have grown sick and very tired of the accusations by members of the Democrat Congress and media left that we who oppose the current unconstitutional agenda that is being promoted by Barack Obama and Democrats are racists and every word we say in our opposition is promoting violence and racism.

I am not one who wears my feelings on my shoulder and as a life long conservative have grown quite used to being deemed as a hate monger etc. by those on the left simply because I have the, "audacity." to disagree with them and support our Constitution. But this latest attack is not only designed to promote anger and hatred but is actually insighting real violence against not only peaceful everyday Americans who are protesting against the administration but also real violence against members of Congress.

Tea Party participants have been egged, pushed to the ground and even in one instance had a finger bitten off. These attacks are not coming from the Tea Party protesters or others who are exercising their Constitutional right of free speech and to dissent when disagreeing with the government, but the attacks are ALL coming from the left who believe that we who disagree with their move to socialism have no right to voice our opposition because only THEY have the right of free speech and anyone which disagrees with them is insighing violence, hatred and racism.

Yet all of the talk of racism comes from the left. Most of the hatred comes from the left and the ONLY violence comes from the left. While Congressional Democrats are whining about how they have received threats and have released a few phone calls and video which shows NOTHING happening, the ONLY arrest made for these threats is from threats and an actually shooting against a REPUBLICAN Congressman from Virginia, Eric Cantor.

Not only was Congressman Cantor's head quarters shot up but real threats of death were made on You Tube against both he and his family by an extreme leftist who was arrested by the FBI. Congressman Cantor who was the recipient of the threats and the shooting went on the record last weekend condemning the recent practice by Democrats of publicizing the, "threatening," phone calls for political gain.

So just who then is actually using this as a political strategy to create a division among the people and anger against Americans who disagree with them? Democrats and the left! They are intentionally moving to divide our Nation even more than it already is in an attempt to discredit the majority of average Americans who oppose their agenda and their policy.

By publicizing this as they have they are truly insighting their base into an angry frenzy against their fellow countrymen who oppose this radical agenda. Also by trying to portray themselves as ,"victims," they are attempting to take the focus off the unconstitutional legislation already passed and legislation in the making in order to once again create a haze of deception to force further socialistic nightmare down our throats.

Never before in our history has a President and the leadership of his party made a concentrated effort to lash out at the American people as Obama and Democrats have. Never before have elected representatives intentionally attacked the very people who they are supposed to be answerable to and condemning for actually getting involved in our countries political process.

Never before have the people been demonized as the enemy by a political party, a President, a Speaker of the House, a Senate Majority Leader and a Congressional majority. November cannot come quickly enough to clean out the garbage in Congress and force the cancer on the Presidency into a corner until we can vote him out in 2012.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, March 28, 2010


It is December 1776. Since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Continental Army has been driven from Boston and New York across the Delaware River in a series of devastating defeats that had left the Army depleted and demoralized. What battle had not finished of the fledgling Army, sickness and winter had. George Washington and our new Nation faced extinction unless a miracle occurred.

In a desperate move Washington planned a night crossing of the swollen Delaware River to take Trenton, New Jersey from 1200 German Hessian's, whose experience far outweighed the Continentals. But the supplies this battle offered would allow the Army to live to fight again, otherwise the cause and the new Nation would be finished.

Seeking anything to inspire his troops and remind them of why they fought, Washington turned to the mind of Thomas Paine whose pamphlet, "Common Sense," had given Americans definition to the cause and inspiration to fight. Paine took to pen again and his immortal words entitled, "The Crisis, " defined once again for the Continentals, "the times that try men's souls."

Though we do not face national extinction or wage a military battle as our ancestors who fought for independence in that winter of 1776, we face today a peril just as dangerous and equally as devastating to the cause of liberty which threatens our freedom and our existence as a free Nation. This threat does not come from an enemy whose tyranny stretches over a vast ocean but from within and from some of our very own.

We have experienced in the last weeks a total assault on our rights and our Constitution which if not checked and reversed can and will change the course of this Nation so severely that all future generations will never experience the liberation of individual freedom and personal achievement without the heavy hand of tyrannical government shaping their lives even before they are old enough to stand and walk on their own.

We who understand what is taking place and the threat that it brings to our freedom are accused of insighting violence and racism simply because we oppose the direction the administration and the Congress are taking our country. As we follow our Constitutional right to speak freely and dissent from an over bearing and oppressive government and government leaders who ignore the majority of Americans who oppose their assault on our rights, we find ourselves mocked by a President, our words twisted for political gain by members of Congress and labeled as insighting violence and racial tension against those whose actions have threatened our liberty.

Though we fight with our ability to voice our disgust and rally the American people to use our Constitutional privilege to vote those who are seeking the destruction of our country out of office and as our Declaration states, "alter and abolish," the existing government through that vote, replacing it with one which embraces the Constitution and truly represents the people, though these Constitutional rights are our only weapons in out fight, those who we oppose treat us as if we stand at their doorstep with rifle in hand and act as if our intention is the taking of life rather than a stand for the life of freedom.

There have always been those in our land who from our very beginnings have verbally threatened those elected to higher office. The usual practice by those elected has been to play them down and not publicize them. But in order to seek political gain members of Congress who voted against the will of the people in an unconstitutional piece of legislation which is designed to, by their own words, "control the people," are creating a propaganda assault against everyday Americans who oppose them by using the words of a handful who unquestionably went to far in their vocal opposition.

Never before in our history has a President and members of Congress intentionally sought to divide our Nation as drastically and completely as the trying times we face today. Even during the height of the division caused by Vietnam in the sixties, those in Washington did not intentionally seek to create a greater divide by their politics and their political rhetoric. Yet in this last week after the health care passage the President mocked our opposition and Democrats in Congress publicized a few phone calls in order to anger those who back what they do against we who oppose what they do.

As a result every word we utter and every protest we make is viewed by the left and their media propaganda machine as racist and insighting violence. Yet at peaceful rallies which have taken place since this political move by Congressional Democrats, it is their supporters which have acted violently and used race bating as a means of countering our opposition. Because of its content and many of the words I have written, I am sure this posting will be deemed as racists and insighting violence as have others I have written recently in my exercise of free speech.

These are truly, "times that try men's souls." Many may think, "why bother, they have not and will not listen." Yes, they proved that what we say and why we protest and stand together for Constitutional principles and freedom has almost no effect on what they do and they will use whatever means at their disposal to force their oppression down our throats. But like those in the Continental Army who against all odds crossed the Delaware River, defeating the Hessian's in Trenton and giving new life to our Revolution, we must continue to make our stand for freedom and our Constitution.

Though they have assaulted our rights and taken many of our freedoms we are still the people of The United States and our vote determines who sits in power in Washington and who does not. Our Constitution still gives us the right to express our disgust and to protest and vocalize our opposition to this administration and those in Congress who support it. Though we are personally attacked and accused by those in the media and the left who , "claim," to know the intent of our thoughts when we use words like, "fight, target, war," and ," attack." We know what we truly mean as do those in Congress and the White House we oppose.

That my friends is why they politicize our opposition and our protest of their unconstitutional actions. They fear our truth and understand that we have seen though their deception and their lies. They know that we realize that what they do is a violation of our rights and our freedom and that as a people we have risen to take back what they have stolen. They know that come November we will fire them and their plush Washington jobs will be no more.

Like the Continental Army of 1776 during those, "times that try men's souls," against overwhelming odds stormed Trenton, NJ and by their action had the Hessian's on the run until they defeated them, we today are crossing our Delaware River and moving down the rain soaked roads to November when Congress will be on the run by our vote and the administration will as a result of our vote find itself facing a revived populace who will continue the fight for freedom and restore our Republic by forcing accountability and Constitutional principles with those WE have chosen to represent us.

Ken Taylor

Friday, March 26, 2010


We have been on Obama Overload for more than a year now and especially this week with the passage of the unconstitutional Obamacare. So today at The Liberal Lie, we are going to take a momentary rest to take a breather knowing that fight has just begun for the road to restoring our Nation to conservative Constitutional principles.

So consider this a weekend pass from Obama Overload and enjoy this behind the scenes look at how Obamacare was made.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Throughout the entire process over the unconstitutional Obamacare bill which socialized health care when signed into being on Tuesday, Barack Obama continually claimed that this was not a left or right agenda, (of course we know it was VERY left), and that it was going to be a non-political bipartisan effort.

Well first of all the ONLY bipartisanship was in the opposition which found 212 nay votes 34 of which were Democrats joining every Republican in the House. The 219 yeas were not only partisan but but the process excluded all Republican participation even though claims by Obama and crew stated otherwise.

But I regress as I have wondered off on a tangent which has nothing to do with the title of this post, but it did feel good to get it off of my chest! Back to the subject at hand. Obama claimed during his campaign stumps for health care and in every interview he gave about health care, (I believe they totaled somewhere around 30,000 camera opps, give or take), that health care was non-political and that his bill would not be used for political opportunity.

So this massive bill which was shoved down our throats with the claim that it would lower premiums, which will go up because ALL health insurance will be required to offer the same amount of coverage whether your a single man and don't need pediatric care or not. In other words when this provision kicks in, everyone who is paying a lower premium with a selective coverage insurance that does not cover what they do not need, or they are a non-smoker who is a lesser risk for example, their premiums will skyrocket as there coverage whether they want it or not will be mandated to increase so that ALL coverage will be the same.

But again I have slipped off my subject. So this is supposed to be non-political. Then why if so much of this is so important to save the lives of the claimed 18,000 every year who die without health care, ( a figure which is not only exaggerated but blatantly false), why do the majority of the provisions NOT kick in for at least four years, or if one uses their false death numbers, after 72,000 deaths because of the claimed no coverage ?

All the provisions that is except two which are geared directly toward a major voter block for Democrats. The health care bill provides the take over of the Student Loan program removing it from bank financing and making it completely financed by tax payer dollars, to supposedly allow for more students to be accepted for loans and also lengthen the term of the loans. This provision kicks in July 1.

The second provision which kicks in this year and it happens to come in September when things begin heating up in earnest prior to the November election. This provision extends coverage for young Americans to allow them to stay on their parents health care plan until the age of 26. It amazes me how both of these provisions happen to kick in prior and very close to the November election and BOTH deal with a major voting block for Democrats, young Americans below 30.

But remember Barack Obama said the bill is non-political and these provision by some tremendous coincidence happen to kick in for this Democrat voting block BEFORE an election where Democrats will be struggling for re-election. Yep it was set up this way totally by accident.....and Shamu the Killer Whale learned to fly before she died fly and Indian elephants ears work just like wings.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I know that many of you have heard this masterful speech delivered by Ronald Reagan in 1964 describing how under the guise of health care socialism can be introduced to a free society. Reagan foresaw the nightmare we have experienced with the passage of Obamacare on Sunday.

While we fight to restore the freedom that was taken with the passage and signing of this unconstitutional bill, it is good to remind ourselves of the sanity of Ronald Reagan amidst the chaotic circus of Barack Obama. It is also good to listen once again to the warning he gave us more than sixty years ago and understand why we fight and why we must win for the sake of our Nation and our children

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The shock is passed. Barack Obama and his team of socialists have now taken our Nation down an unconstitutional path which is as far from what the people demanded and our Founders intended as night is from day. Never before have the people of this Nation been ignored as we have been during this entire health care debacle.

The shock is passed and now the anger sets in and the battle lines are drawn. Hell hath no furry as a Patriot whose freedom is being taken and Obama along with his socialist team of freedom haters with smiles on their faces and cheers in their midst reached out with the heavy handed hand of government control and robbed every American of the precious God given gift of freedom.

But the anger and disgust that we feel as a result of this blatant unconstitutional theft of our personal liberty must now find a clear and steadfast direction in which to direct that anger and allow it to culminate in victory in our war against Obama socialism and the restoration of Constitutional principles to The White House and Congress.

This unconstitutional nightmare called Obamacare will face numerous challenges through the courts because of the massive violations throughout this debacle that shred the Constitution and illegally threaten and take the rights of the people. These challenges will come from States who have already begun the process of taking the Federal Government to court over Obamacare.

Constitutional attorneys will flood the courts with every aspect of this illegal bill that violates the law as found in our Constitution. All of this is necessary and a direction in which the legal system must take in order to kill this nightmare completely and finally. But the process of reversing this through the courts could take as much as ten years and much of this nightmare will be entrenched before the process can try to eliminate it. The court could issue a junction in essence freezing the bill until the challenges are examined in court, but not likely to happen.

Once again the battle lines are moving to a November show down. Democrats are going to lose and lose BIG in November but the direction and extent of that loss must have a goal and an outcome which allows the repeal of Obamacare to take place sooner rather than later and that my friends is where we must focus and direct our anger and outrage.

Not only must we eliminate the Democrat majority in both the House and the Senate we must do so in a manner which elects a clear two thirds Conservative majority. We can talk, pray and wish for repeal but unless we have the means to do so successfully then it will not and cannot happen.

In order for the Congress to repeal the bill it must have the capability of over turning a Presidential VETO. In order to over turn a VETO a two thirds majority is needed in both the House and the Senate. Obama will VETO any attempt to repeal his socialist baby and unless the votes to over turn that VETO are in place then it will not happen.

At this point many of you are saying, "we can wait until 2013 when a new President takes office." While this may be true, it is not a guarantee. Additionally the taxing and cuts that are in this bill which are claimed to pay for this monstrosity begin immediately and if we wait until 2013 the American people will be forced to fill government coffers to begin covering the price of Obamacare. So the quicker we are able to repeal it the better.

It is imperative that we back strong conservative candidates. November will be here before we know it and the work before us to win this fight is daunting. But we the people and freedom will prevail. Vote out Democrats. Vote our RINOS. Elect Constitutional Conservatives creating representation truly of and for the people with a two thirds majority and we will repeal this bill and begin the journey to restore Constitutional principles and limited government for the land the we love.

Ken Taylor

Monday, March 22, 2010


It occurred at 10:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time in the Capitol Building on the floor of the United States House of Representatives. With a vote of 219 - 212 Health Care passed with thunderous socialist applause and cheers and with it the death of our Republic and the end of true freedom in this land that we love.

I admit freely that as I watched the vote which brought an end to the liberty that millions have fought to defend I cried knowing that barring a political miracle which would bring about a strong enough opposition majority to over turn a Presidential VETO in legislation to repeal this nightmare, future generations will never know what it was like to live in a free country where government was not in control of our lives.

I live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and throughout the day it rained. A weather forecast that was not predicted, in fact the chance of rain was only minimal. Then I realized that this was not rain but rather tears of sadness and grief as our Founders and great men like Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan looked down from on high and watched our Republic die and their tears brought rain to our land.

This does not signal that our fight is lost nor that we have given up, but rather that we now must renew our determination to restore liberty and freedom and end the Socialism that was forced upon us this day by the Marxists and their dear leader Barack Obama. There will always be those like Obama, Pelosi and Reid in our midst who hate Americans and hate freedom. But we who cherish what they have stolen tonight will fight until we regain what they have taken.

Ronald Reagan said it best when he said this, "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same." Our fight will resurrect our Republic from the hands of the anti -American hoard that through their vote shredded our Constitution this night. The war is not over and freedom and the American people will prevail.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, March 21, 2010


"Does the government fear us? Or do we fear the government? When the people fear the government, tyranny has found victory. The federal government is our servant, not our master!" THOMAS JEFFERSON

Of all of the quotations of Thomas Jefferson the one quoted above best describes where we are as Americans and where we have fallen as a Nation. While we as Americans may not necessarily be in fear OF our government we find ourselves fearing WHAT this government can do and is about to do.

It is not a fear that has us shaking in our boots waiting for the secret police to come and take us to a Gulag as in the days of the Soviet Union or fearing that the Gestapo will come and herd us onto a truck shipping us off to a Concentration Camp as was the case in Nazi Germany. Our fear of our government is one much more subtle and threatening to our way of life but none the less just as threatening to our freedom as the oppressive regimes who took people away in the night.

Our Founders envisioned a government whose sole purpose was to govern in a manner that kept government the furthest thing from the minds of its citizens. A government that provided the security of knowing that while it existed no foreign power would ever destroy our Nation and the laws of that government would provide an atmosphere allowing all citizens to prosper as their hearts and abilities desired.

Today in sharp contrast to our Founders vision government is front and center in the minds and the lives of every American and the current administration is doing its dead level best to see to it that it remains totally involved and controlling of our lives in every aspect. Short of war and I specifically refer to the horrors of World and Civil War never before has what the government is doing been the total focus of all Americans.

The reason is that regardless of the excuses that are given for his election and the blindness which caused that election to place him in office, Barack Obama is a tyrant. A tyrant who has proven time and again that while he claims to be a compassionate President who is only looking out for the best interest of the people, he in actuality could care less ABOUT the people.

What makes him different in this respect than Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid and others in Congress who are just as guilty in their contempt of the American people is that Obama goes directly before the people acting like a caring individual who despite how unpopular he has become still smiles and acts as if the American people actual mean something to him.

Pelosi and Reid on the other hand show their hatred of Americans every time the speak. It is obvious in their eyes and the bitterness of their words as they express just how wrong America and Americans are and how it is their responsibility to change our Republic to a socialist tyranny run by a small group of demagogues lead by Barack Obama.

The depths of just how far we have fallen have come to a head and very much to light in the health care debate. Regardless of which direction the vote goes the fact that with more than 30,000 Americans joining in an almost spontaneous protest on the steps of the Capitol YELLING at the President and Congress to get off our backs and kill the most dangerous legislation in our history, can be utterly and totally ignored while those same tyrants participate in a pep rally displays their complete disdain for the people.

They have ignored every poll. They have ignored 100,000 phones calls every hour. They have ignored opposition volume which crashed the Capitol Hill servers for an entire week. They have been ignoring the people since the day Obama took office. And now we find ourselves waiting to see if the tyrant expands his power over us. The restraints of the Constitution mean nothing to the tyrant Barack Obama because he believes that those restraints are flawed because as he has stated the Constitution is nothing more than a, "series of negative liberties," which do not state what the ,"government must do on your behalf."

Liberty is NEVER negative and our Founders only stated in the Constitution what the government could not do specifically to protect that liberty and the rights of every citizen in our Nation. Never would they have believed that a President would come forth who saw as his duty to shred the Constitution and create an American tyranny, which ignored the rights and voice of the American people and forced an overbearing government into the lives of each citizen.

Of course we know that this overbearing government did not start with Barack Obama, but Obama has taken it to such a level that the tyranny of that government is in our face every moment of every day. We cannot escape it because it has become such a burden to Americans as his policy has taken our jobs, reduced our ability to care for our families because of greatly diminished financial means because of his spending, that is if we have a job.

His tyranny has created an atmosphere in our Nation which depresses our very soul and causes us to wonder, "why bother." His tyranny has dominated to the extent that it almost consumes the very air that we breath and he will not be satisfied unless he can legislate and regulate the consumption of everything we own and everything we do.

So his health care debacle is not and will not be the end of Obama's tyranny even if he loses the vote because he sees it his destiny to rebuild and reshape America in his tyrannical image which forces government down our throats and eliminates our, "negative liberties." The Declaration of Independence states, "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government."

Fellow Patriots, this statement in our founding document is why we fight and why even if health care passes we must not waiver in our determination to fulfill the, "right of the people to alter or abolish, " the tyrannical government of Barack Obama. I am so tired of hearing, "elections have consequences," as either a defense of Obama or as an excuse for his tyranny.

Rather than making this lame excuse Obama needs to fully understand that his tyranny has consequences and that even with the Chicago strong arm tactics and bribery being used to force through his agenda, those consequences come from the people and our fight is against him and the tyranny he exudes in all he does.

American was born through the bloody conflict of Revolution. We survived a rebirth which tested the strength of our Constitution as the Nation divided through Civil War. We overcame despotism and fascism in two World Wars liberating millions who had lost the freedom Americans have always held so dear. Now we fight an internal tyrant who threatens the very foundation of our freedom and insults the lives of the millions of Americans who sacrificed in our history to insure that our freedom and liberty would always be and always prosper.

Our fight does not end with health care whatever the outcome. It does not end in November when we clean house in our quest to, " altar and abolish, " the tyranny which is an ever expanding virus on our Nation. It does not end when in 2012 we wrestle the tyrant Barack Obama out and replace him with a President who understands the wonder and liberty of true freedom and fulfills his oath to , "preserve protect and defend," our Constitution.

Freedoms fight is a constant because even in a free Nation there are individuals like Obama who hate freedom and will always seek to destroy it. We must always be vigilant even when we defeat the current tyrant and his minions in Congress. We must never waiver from our quest and our goal of always being free. As Ronald Reagan said, "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."

Ken Taylor

Friday, March 19, 2010


If you had any doubt as to just how far the idiots on Capitol Hill are willing to go in order to ignore the people of The United States on this health care nightmare, then you must read this articel from a constitutient who called his Congressman to voice his opposition to the bill.

Ken Taylor


Obamacare is getting down to the wire and scheduled for a Sunday afternoon vote. As of this writing, Pelosi was still short of the 216 she needs to pass this socialistic monstrosity. GOP Representative Paul Ryan put forth a resolution which would have blocked the use of the , "Slaughter Solution, " which allows House members to vote for a rule rather than the actual Senate bill which would be considered, "deemed, " already passed.

The resolution was defeated by a vote of 222 - 209 which means that 222 Democrats are willing to violate the Constitution and use the Slaughter Solution. Cowards who are not willing to stand by their vote and using the rule as a shelter to supposedly protect them from angry constituents who they believe will be duped into thinking that the Representative only voted for a rule rather than health care.

Mike' s America has complied a very comprehensive post which details much of what is taking place in the chaos over health care.

We still have the ability to defeat this nightmare and prevent it from passing by standing strong in our vocal opposition to this government take over. Do not be discouraged nor give up because the battle can still be won. As Winston Churchill said in the darkest days of the Battle of Britain, "never, never, never give up!" We the people must prevail for our Nation and our freedom.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Fox News Anchor Bret Baier hit a home run in an exclusive interview with Barack Obama. Obama was on the defensive throughout the interview as Baier would not allow him to just cover talking points and asked extremely pointed question in which Obama was obviously agitated with and on the defensive while trying to dodge a direct answer.

Baier did not let up throughout the entire interview which made Obama look foolish as his talking points answers did not match the excellent questions asked by Baier. For a person who is supposed to be highly educated and extremely articulate Obama seemed more like a school child who had been caught in the cookie jar and trying to tell his mother he never took a cookie.

The above video is about half of the interview but will give an excellent showing of how the interview was conducted and the way Baier held Obama's feet to the fire. It is obvious from Obama's own mouth that Democrats will do whatever it takes legally and illegally to pass health care.

The vote is scheduled for Sunday afternoon now that the CBO report has been released based solely on information fed to the CBO by Democrats who favor the bill. As of this writing the Dems were still short of votes for passage and the Slaughter Solution is still on the table. We have crashed the phone lines and the servers at the Capitol this week and must continue to do so.

If you cannot get through on any of the DC numbers call and better yet visit you Representatives local office and take as many with you as you can for the visit. Though he/she will not be there the visit will be immediately recorded and the Representative informed about the content of the visit and your anger over the health care debacle. We must intensify the pressure and prevent this from passing for the future of our Nation and the defense of our freedom from this Socialist take over.

Ken Taylor

UPDATE - House Republican Paul Ryan put forth a measure which would have prevented the use of the , "Slaughter Resolution," deeming the Senate bill as already passed. The measure was defeated 222 - 209. Which means 222 cowardly Dems are willing to vote for this unconstitutional move as a means of passing the Senate bill.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


"But in all such Cases the Votes of both Houses shall be determined by Yeas and Nays, and the Names of the Persons voting for and against the Bill shall be entered on the Journal of each House respectively." Article I, Section VII - United States Constitution

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that, "we will do whatever is necessary to pass, " the unconstitutional, socialistic government take over of health care nick - named Obamacare. Of course her words are in quotations while the description of this disaster are my own. Pelosi and company have stated that they are willing to violate the Constitution in order to force this debacle down our throats.

Not only are they totally ignoring the people, they are prepared to violate the law as well as rip the Constitution of our land asunder in order to pass this disgusting piece of legislative trash. This bill has nothing to do with reform or lowering costs. It has everything to do with control and opening the flood gates for further socialist legislation. Additionally because of the political capital spent Democrats are pushing this debacle in order to save the Obama Presidency which is NOT a viable reason to pass anything much less an entitlement which takes over 20% of our economy and robs freedom from the American people.

Democrats DO NOT have the votes to pass this nightmare. If they did the vote would already be on the floor and the tally in the process of being counted. Depending on which source used the Dems are anywhere from 5 to 16 votes shy of being able to garner 216 votes to pass Obamacare. Most sources have the tally at around 8 - 9 votes short of passage.

The Senate bill does not go far enough for those on the far left which has them in the nay column and the provision which allows federally funded abortion has pro-life Democrats also in the nay column. Which lends one to believe that the tally is actually close to only 200 placing Dems 15 - 16 votes short.

The Slaughter Solution which allows the House to vote on a few changes in a bill which has NOT been passed by the House, thus, "deeming," the Senate bill as already passed WITHOUT a floor vote not only violates our Constitution but shreds the law concerning how a bill is to proceed through Congress. Allowing House cowards the out of being able to tell constituents they only voted for changes in the bill and NOT the bill itself.

Article I, Section VII contains a clause as quoted at the top of this post which REQUIRES that ALL legislation must be presented for a vote before both chambers of the Congress and a yea or nay vote be recorded BY NAME of each member who is present for the vote. The Senate bill has only been voted on in the Senate and NOT the House and, "deeming," it as already passed in order to force through the legislation because Pelosi cannot get the votes is AGAINST THE LAW !

The audacity and arrogance of House leadership under the heavy hand of Nancy Pelosi that pulling a stunt like this will fool the American people and we will fall for the ploy that House members did not vote for health care, insults the intelligence of Americans and proves once again that Pelosi and crew care nothing about , "reform," nor the American people.

If they pull this stunt we may very well see millions of Americans with torches and rails climbing the steps of the Capitol with tar and feathers running Pelosi and her illegal activities and those who helped her push this garbage down our throats, out of town on a rail, or at least we should. Never before in our history has anything of this magnitude happened with such arrogance and a total disregard of the American people.

We crashed the servers and the phone lines today and we must continue to do so until we defeat this nightmare and then boot these no account freedom robbing Marxists out of office and out of Washington forever!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Frankly I am so tired of the constant barrage over health care that it almost sickens me to once again read more crap about this massive government take over. But I also realize that while sick and tired of health care we cannot drop our guard for a moment and during this crucial week increase our pressure to make sure this debacle fails. According to The Hill the Dems still lack 7 votes and Fox News has the Dems down by 9 for passage.

Well according to the Washington Post, The White House has told House Democrats that if they cow down and vote for health care they will be among the chosen few who will have a campaign date with the great campaigner Barack Hussein Obama. Talk about your basic anti-incentive! Obama will arrange to campaign for every House member who votes for health care as they campaign for re-election in November.

With his past , "success," at campaigning I find myself almost wishing that Dems would take Obama up on his offer. He campaigned in New Jersey and Republican Chris Christie won the election. He campaigned in Virginia and Republican Bob McDonnell won the election. He campaigned in Massachusetts and Republican Scott Brown won the election.

So past history favors a GOP win if Obama campaigns for a candidate. So this offer of a campaign date does bring mixed emotions because of the obvious death blow Obama provides for Democrat candidates. But, and this is a very BIG but, for Democrats to accept this offer requires them to vote yes for Obamacare which means that the more who accept the offer the greater the chance that this disgusting legislation could pass.

With this in mind my suggestion to Democrat candidates is to reject Obama's date offer and vote NO on health care. Frankly either way I believe that most Democrats will be booted out of office come November and I would rather them be voted out WITHOUT passage of Obamacare because of the massive destructive nature of the bill as well as the flood gate it could open for the rest of Obama's socialist agenda.

For those who think that the spin that is being plastered by Congressional leadership that they have the votes already and passage of the bill is a certainty, keep this in mind. If Obama and Pelosi had the votes the floor vote would have already taken place. They are NOT going to allow a vote to linger one minute longer than necessary if they have the 216 votes necessary to pass this nightmare. The numbers are not there and Pelosi DOES NOT have the votes. Keep the pressure up fellow Patriots and we will prevail in this fight!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, March 14, 2010


We are at war and I am not talking about just Afghanistan. The war we are fighting is not on foreign soil, nor claims the lives of brave American soldiers who fight to defend our freedom. This war is on our own soil and though not a single shot has been fired has the potential, if lost, of devastating our country more than many wars in which we have fought before.

The war we are fighting is waged by protest, phone calls and e-mail as we the people of The United States take a stand against the tyrannical take over of our health care by Barack Obama and the leadership of the Congress. This one issue alone has consumed all of the air in Washington DC. It has taken most of the time and effort of the Congress and the President.

Though low on the list of priorities with most of the American people it is the subject of many conversations and consumes more than half of news coverage. This one issue has the potential of taking away a considerable amount of freedom from every American eliminating much of the choice that we have in determining our personal health care as government becomes the intermediary in all of our lives over delicate and costly decisions about our health.

It also, because of the socialistic nature of this attempt to take over such a large portion of our Nations economy, has the ability of opening a flood gate of similar government intrusions which would hasten a decline into a socialistic form of government and this too is one of the main reasons that the people of this country are coming out in droves to fight against this massive government entitlement.

Those who are in power in Washington from the President to the leadership in Congress have made it clear that the voice of the people does not matter in this issue of health care and whether we like it or not they plan to force this debacle down our throats. The only saving grace to this point is that some in Congress still think our voice matters whether it is a sincere concern for the people or just to save their political hide in an election year.

Additionally there are enough greedy members of Congress who will not vote unless they receive a significant kick back or bribe to gain that vote. So whether sincere concern or just plain greed by our, "Representatives," this, "bill," would have passed last August were in not for the anger and protest of the people. In the course of this war we have won several battles from either pressure that our protest and contact has made on Congress or the result of elections such as the Massachusetts Senate seat which Scott Brown won.

So where then do we stand in out fight for our freedom and to prevent this massive socialist take over of our health care and our country? We find ourselves facing a relentless foe in Obama and Congressional leadership in this fight who have made it obvious that they will stop at nothing to pass this nightmare. So how do we stand and what must we do now ?

If I were to make an analogy using a military example it would be the WWII battle which became known as the Battle of the Bulge. After Allied forces landed on the Normandy Beaches in the Summer of 1944 and broke out of the hedge row country the Allied advance moved like a juggernaut in defeating the German Army and driving them back into Germany, liberating much of Europe in the process.

Much of the Allied force in December of 1944 thought that the Germans were nearing total defeat, in fact many believed that the war could very well be over by Christmas. A general lull in fighting had taken place as a harsh winter had set in and the Allied forces and German forces faced each other in a line that basically followed the border of Germany. As Christmas approached many in the Allied forces were content to sit our the winter and await a German surrender.

The Germans though had not given up and on December 16, 1944 began a massive offensive in the Ardennes Mountains of Belgium catching the Allies by surprise and driving forces in a head long advance which pushed Allies back and over the course of nearly a month nearly brought victory for the Germans which would have extended the war to give time for Germany to deploy a great deal of advanced weaponry under development at the time that very well could have changed the out come of the war.

We who oppose the massive health care take over are facing our Battle of the Bulge. We have won many victories in preventing this debacle from passing. In fact it had seemed that health care would die a slow death as legislation because of the defeats it had received prior to this last push and many thought that we had seen the end of this attempt to take over health care.

But just as the Germans had not given up despite many defeats by the Allies and surprised Allies with a winter offensive in the Ardennes, Barack Obama and the Congressional leadership are making a Battle of the Bulge desperation offensive which, if won, will open the door to not only take over of our health care but possibly passage of other such disasters as Cap and Trade BEFORE we have opportunity to force a change in Congress in the November election.

We are learning just as the Allies did in December of 1944 that we face a relentless foe who will stop at nothing to achieve victory. And just like the Allies who temporarily were pushed back by the relentless onslaught, we must draw the line and stand true and strong in defeating this foe finally and completely. If health care fails there will not be the political will by Democrats in Congress to try and force through the rest of Obama's agenda. Though Pelosi and Reid may try, Congressional Democrats will not be willing to stick out their necks for any other agenda items like Cap and Trade in an election year.

That is why we cannot slow in our cause nor waver in our determination to defeat this socialistic move. We have e-mailed, burned up the phone lines and protested until many may have come to the conclusion that it is useless to continue since we seem to be ignored. But remember it is ONLY our stand that has prevented this from passing seven months ago and it is that same stand that can prevent this new offensive from succeeding.

In WWII at the Battle of the Bulge American forces committed 800,000 men to stopping the German advance and lost 19,000 soldiers preventing the advance form obtaining the German goal of extending the war to give time for their new weaponry to hit the battle field. The Battle of the Bulge became largest and bloodiest battle Americans faced in the European Theatre in WWII.

We face our toughest battle against health care in the coming days as Obama and Democrat leadership are pulling out all the stops to force this through and down our throats. Attempts to create unconstitutional rules and maneuvering have already been attempted and the deception and maneuvering will only increase as the date for the vote draws closer. It will only be through our renewed determination and commitment of every resource available to us that we will be able to defeat this latest offensive for health care.

If we had called once a day we must call Congress 10 times a day. If we e-mailed weekly we must e-mail daily. If we protested occasionally we must protest continually. We must commit ourselves to all that it takes to make those whose votes are needed to pass this debacle more afraid of us then they are of the Congressional leadership. We must flood them with our voice until they have no choice but to listen and vote NO. We can win this Battle of the Bulge and bring about the total defeat of the socialistic agenda, but we must fight now and we must fight with more determination than ever before.

Ken Taylor

Friday, March 12, 2010


Barack Obama's approval ratings continue to tank and the more he opens his mouth the worse they get. The above Rasmussen Presidential Approval Index is at -18 and has been as low as -21 only a few days ago. Rasmussen has his over all approval rating at 43% and the more left leaning Gallup has it at 45%.

No President has ever tanked as quickly as Obama and his low approval ratings are well earned. When a President ignores the American people as much as Obama has the people come to the conclusion that he not only does not know what he is doing but what he is doing is not popular at all with the people.
The economy is in terrible shape and Americans fully understand that it is not because of inheritance as Obama continually tries to say but his agenda and the irresponsible spending that has quadrupled deficits and increased unemployment. Iran is on the march toward nuclear weapons and Obama does nothing but send Biden to assure our Middle East partners that we will not allow it while NOTHING is being done and our allies know it.
The dollar is so devalued that oil prices are skyrocketing and Americas economic power is dwindling throughout the world with China daily threatening our financial standing because of the amount of our debt that they own. All the while Obama does NOTHING except tour the country to try and force socialistic health care down our throats and keep Congress in total chaos while the country falls apart.
Anyone who does not realize the massive mistake that was voted into office in November 2008 is either completely brain dead or a total idiot. Obama is the worst President this Nation has ever had and he is taking the country down the tubes with him as he continues to fall and fail in the Oval Office. His failure is a national security risk and a danger to every aspect of this country from our economy to our security and it continues to get worse with each passing day. Incompetence rules at the White House and stupidity rules on Capitol Hill.
Ken Taylor

Thursday, March 11, 2010



In a scheme which is designed to give House Democrats the ability to vote for health care while telling their constituents they did not vote for health care, House Rules Chairwomen Louise Slaughter is preparing a rules change to push through the Senate bill WITHOUT a floor vote specifically on the bill.

Here's how it works. The rule would be presented to House members declaring that the Senate version is, "deemed," passed. As a result when the vote is actually recorded members will be voting on the rule and not the actual bill. This allows members the ability to vote for the bill while telling people back home that they only voted for a procedural rule.

According to the National Journal's Congress Daily:

"House Rules Chairwoman Louise Slaughter is prepping to help usher the health care overhaul through the House and potentially avoid a direct vote on the Senate overhaul bill, the chairwoman said Tuesday. Slaughter is weighing preparing a rule that would consider the Senate bill passed once the House approves a corrections bill that would make changes to the Senate version. Slaughter has not taken the plan to Speaker Pelosi as Democrats await CBO scores on the corrections bill. 'Once the CBO gives us the score, we'll spring right on it,' she said"

By using this scheme, "deeming," the Senate version as already passed by the House the only vote that would reach the House floor would be to either accept or reject the rule only. Once again Democrats are tyring to force this debacle down our throats using schemes and deception completely ignoring the will and voice of the American people.

This move is also an insult to the intelligence of the people as House Democrats believe that in using this scheme it will fool Americans into thinking that they did not vote for health care but only a House procedural rule. Arrogance and corruption rum amok to pass the most destructive legislation in our history. We fought a revolution which gave birth to our Nation to rid ourselves of this type of tyranny and Democrats are all to willing to force tyrannical government upon we the people. Fellow patriots flood the phones, e-mails and increase the pressure to take our stand for freedom.

Ken Taylor

UPDATE - The CBO report came out today and Democrats met behind closed doors with Nancy Pelosi emerging and suggesting that the "Slaughter Solution," was the best way to, "move forward," with health care. Again the closed door meetings and a deceptive and unconstitutional move to get the Senate version through the House on a procedural vote rather then the merits or lack there of, of the actual bill.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


In his latest move to try and gather support for Obamacare, Barack Obama is touring the country and demonizing the Nations health insurers. Using the, "if you hate them, you'll love us," strategy used by tyrants throughout history. Every dictatorial tyrant has always picked a group, a people, or a company to demonize in order to rally people behind him.

Obama is now using this dictatorial tactic to try and garner support for his health care legislation, by whining that the health care insurers are the evil entity that everyone should hate. The entity who is causing the, "health care crisis." The entity whose greed is causing high health care cost, ( of course he fails to mention that insurers only have about a 2% profit margin). And the evil health care insurers are the reason why Americans cannot afford health care.

Now I am not a huge fan of the health care insurers but first let's get a few things straight about this demonizing that Obama is using and the truth about insurers. As I mentioned above, health care insurers currently only have about a 2% profit margin which is well below most companies who are considered successful that garner about an 8% profit on their goods or services.

Second, health insurers are regulated by the particular state in which they sell their service and as such they must abide by that regulation which in most respects dictates much of the price of premiums. Additionally since health insurers CANNOT cross state lines competition is minimal and the cost is based on ONLY those who participate within a particular state which again limits price reduction that comes from larger purchasing power.

But one fact that Obama has yet to mention concerning health care insurers is that the United States Government through Medicare and VA services is the LARGEST health insurer in the world, dwarfing all other health insurers. One of the main arguments that Obama uses to press his health care agenda and the government take over of health care, is the denial of services by health insurers.

In one year the US Government health insurance entity, Medicare DENIED services nearly 7% of the time. The closest in the private health care insurance industry was AETNA who covers just over 600,000 while Medicare covers almost 7 million. So AETNA denied coverage to about 43,317 people while Medicare denied coverage to nearly 500,000 or only a little over 100,000 less than all of the people AETNA covers.

So tell me again Mr. Obama, why should Americans trust the largest health insurer to provide services consistently when that insurer is already denying services at the largest percentage of ALL health insurers ?

Additionally private health insurers are making a profit, though minimal at 2% , but a profit none the less which is a clear sign of a successful business. The United States government insurers are going bankrupt and Obama is proposing to take another 500 billion dollars from Medicare in order to, "pay, " for Obamacare.

Insurance coverage through Medicare is the largest deficit buster in the federal budget every year and Obama wants to add to this to the tune of 2 trillion dollars with Obamacare. Taxes cannot be raised enough to cover Medicare much less Obamacare. Obama claims that his program is budget neutral yet the, "services, " don't begin until 4 years after passage, if it passes, but the taxation and Medicare cuts begin immediately.

According to the, "plan," this four years of money to, "pay," for Obamacare will be put in a, say, "lock box,", (sound familiar), and saved to cover the first few years of Obamacare. When has the government saved any revenues to pay for anything? The money is already included in Obama's 2011 budget which means that he plans on spending it so when the , "services," begin the program will be bankrupt just like Medicare.

The latest polls show that 57% of Americans DO NOT want Obamacare. Although Obama and his Democrat leadership in Congress are pushing this budget buster against the will of the American people, Pelosi and Reid cannot find the votes to get this debacle passed because most in Congress are not willing to commit the political suicide that they are being asked to commit. Obamacare is and will become the swan song of Obama's Presidency and its failure will be theme of failure of this jokers one term in the Oval Office.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


The implosion that is taking place in the Obama White House as his Presidency is going down the tubes with the apparent failure of the passage of health care is escalating. Though the vote has not taken place the arm twisting to get the votes is turning DC on its ear and creating quite a lot of trouble among the White House staff and still the votes are not there and most pundits do not believe they will ever be there.

Dan Rather former CBS news anchor went on the Sunday talking heads show and in the above video stated that Obama is failing and , "couldn't sell watermelons if you gave him State Troopers to flag down traffic." Of course this slips by the MSM because it was a liberal who made the statement. But it also shows that not only are we on the right disgusted with Obama but those on the left are also.

I do wonder though whether Rather will face criticism for his statement which has very obvious racial connotations. If this had been Karl Rove or Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh or Ann Colter, it would have been headline news, front page above the fold and calls for lynching would have been made for the audacity of using the word watermelon in the same statement as the name Obama. The double standard continues!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, March 07, 2010


Last Friday the jobs report which had unemployment holding at 9.7% was touted by the Obama administration and the media as a victory and a sure sign the long awaited economic recovery was surely on its way. The economy ONLY lost 36,000 additional jobs and the millions represented by the 9.7 % number are considered by Obama a victory and in his opinion a key sign that his economic policy is working.

Give me a break! In an economy, if it had been left alone, that would have not only already been out of recession but well on its way to dropping unemployment back to full employment numbers, but now continues to in reality fall or stay stagnant, 9.7% unemployment is NOT something to brag about nor spend time patting one's self on the back in congratulations for a, "job well done."

The fact is that the economic policy of Barack Obama and the ridiculous spending, massive deficits, anti-stimulus stimulus bill, and focus on one issue, health care, have only expanded unemployment and stagnated the economy preventing a true and realistic recovery from taking place. As long as this policy is allowed to continue unemployment will not improve significantly nor will we dig ourselves out of the recessive hole we find ourselves in and regardless of Obama's claim that it's, "Bush's fault," the fault lies directly in the hands of Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama has toured the country visiting some of the worst areas of unemployment lying to the American people that he is, "focused on jobs," or that he, "will not rest," until every American is back working again. Yet at every opportunity his ONLY , "focus," is on the creation of the massive government entitlement that is falsely called, "health care reform," and throwing money around wherever possible as it fits his agenda borrowing on tomorrows credit.

Obama's every move economically not only takes away jobs because of the damage his policy does to the private sector but using government as a constant source in meddling with an already struggling economy does nothing but add to the problem rather than solve it. Government never has nor ever can create a job. Jobs come from the private sector especially small business and when taxes rise, regulation increases and all incentive for any business to expand and create jobs is stopped in order to satisfy a political agenda, unemployment will never improve.

Many who use the argument, in defense of Obama economic policy, that the onset of WWII was responsible for the end of the Great Depression AND it was government spending which caused this, forget to mention one important fact. While government spending in the building of war supplies was responsible for the end of the Depression and the massive unemployment due to that Depression it was NOT government who created the jobs which caused this turn around.

The massive expansion for the military buildup in WWII was all in the private sector. The money spent paid for supplies which were built in private sector factories. Those factories were completely run by the private sector and the hiring of employees which ended the unemployment problem was also a result of private sector hiring. Government did not create the jobs nor did government control the jobs. The private sector was responsible creating a booming economy which out lasted the war and extended well into the sixties when government stepped in to create LBJ's , "Great Society," expanding government and the welfare state slowing the economy with entitlements and taxation to pay for the government expansion.

The private sector path is not the direction Obama is taking today. Any so called job creation that he pushes has nothing to do with the private sector only government. His spending prevents any economic expansion since he only spends for the expansion of government and to throw money toward interests which satisfy his political agenda.

Millions for education for a system where money has not or cannot solve our continuing education problem especially since it is governments involvement which created the problem in the first place. Billions to bailout failed businesses, which if handled solely by the private sector would be allowed to fail and not become a drain on the economy. Then using the bailouts as an excuse to increase regulation to control the bailed our businesses. Regulations which end incentives for successful businesses to achieve and grow, thus losing more jobs, stifling productivity and/or causing business to close up shop because of excessive government intervention decreasing profits.

Obama attempts to deceive the public by announcing the elimination of Capital Gains taxes for small business. A tax which small businesses do not pay in the first place. While at the same time increasing taxes on the, "evil," corporations, and the so called, "rich," which in reality is a total trickle down tax increase for all Americans. If Obama truly wanted to provide incentive for job creation and hiring then an across the board business tax cut as well as an individual tax rate cut would put money back into business who would use it to expand creating jobs and the individuals would spend more stimulating the economy which would also cause business expansion to create jobs.

But this is beyond the thinking of Barack Obama since it does not involve government intervention and government control. Expanding government and spending tax payer and borrowed money is Obama's only answer to, "solve," the problem with government being the only, "solution." Which in itself increases the debt, explodes deficits and devalues the dollar taking further incentive away from the private sector since purchasing power diminishes, consumer spending decreases making for a stagnant or decreasing national economy and increased unemployment.

Of course the 9.7% figure does not take into count the millions who have stopped looking for non-existent jobs which in actuality by most estimates place the real unemployment numbers between 15 and 17 percent. Americans who are lost in the system because in their discouragement they have simply given up.

So the question to ask is, "how can we stop this Obama mess ?" Remember a President can only propose spending, legislation, regulations and political agendas. Congress then creates legislation or makes appropriations to pay for Presidential proposals. Stopping Obama's destructive path depends on eliminating a Congress who gives him Carte Blanche in funding and/or legislating his radical and reckless agenda.

This is why the November mid-term election is of far greater importance than normal for non-presidential election years. For the sake of our economy, vote to clean house in November. For the sake of the millions who are unemployed, vote to clean house in November. For the sake of American business, vote to clean house in November. For the sake of our children and grand children who will pay for this mess, vote to clean house in November. For the sake of the future of our Nation vote to restore sanity and fiscal responsibility by electing conservative Representatives and then holding them to the fire, accountable in their every move to we the people!

Ken Taylor

Friday, March 05, 2010


You may be wondering why I posted this video of Japanese Kamikaze attacks on US warships during WWII. This is the same senseless style of attack that Obama and the Democrat leadership are using to force health care down the throats of the American people.

Toward the end of WWII as resources were dwindling for the Japanese, Kamikaze tactics were used in order to attempt to inflict the most damage with the least amount of missed opportunities as possible. Pilots believed they were sacrificing themselves for the glory of the Emperor and the sure victory of Japan.

While Kamikaze attacks caused a great deal of concern and fear on the part of US Naval forces because of the unknown factor as to when they would appear or how many would attack, in reality the attacks as a whole did not inflict a great deal of damage and were actually an extremely poor strategy used by the Japanese.

But it did succeed in creating a fear and an exorbitant amount of US resources and manpower to not only keep watch for these suicide attacks but to prepare for the possibility of being attacked by Kamikaze. Ultimately the Kamikaze attacks did nothing to prevent the total defeat of the Japanese military nor delay the complete victory of US forces in WWII.

Democrats are following a similar strategy in Kamikaze tactics as they plan on using reconciliation to pass health care. What they are doing is total political suicide for both health care and Democrats who support this Kamikaze attack in trying to pass the massive government take over.

Just like the Kamikaze attacks in WWII, an exorbitant amount of attention and defense against this unconstitutional action is taking place but the outcome will be similar to that of Japan. Democrats are committing total suicide as a party and as a majority in order to force this socialist program down our throats.

Pelosi continually talks about how confident she is of passage, yet the vote is not coming until around Easter which falls in April. If she had the votes then she would schedule the vote now rather than waiting another month. The fact is that not as many Democrats are willing to take the Kamikaze health care flight to reconciliation and Pelosi and Reid have to do a considerable amount of arm twisting and bribery to get the votes.

Obama is also doing his part with the bribes as it was announced that the brother of one Democrat Congressman who is on the list of those who oppose health care, Obama appointed the brother to the federal bench in a lower court. Coincidence? I think not.

The Japanese Kamikaze attacks created fear and forced a great deal of resources to be used but the net result did not slow the inevitable loss by the Japanese in WWII. The Kamikaze tactics of expecting Democrats to sacrifice themselves for health care is also doomed to failure and loss as health care becomes the ash heap of the Obama administration and the beginning of the end of his Presidency and the end of liberal control of Congress.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, March 04, 2010


When I first saw the above image of Obama and all of the lab coats during his presser spewing his usual lies about health care the following lyrics came to mind from a 1966 hit - "They're Coming To Take Me away"

"Remember when you ran away and I got on my knees and begged you not to leave because I'd go berserk? Well, you left me anyhow and the days got worse and worse and now you see I've gone completely out of my mind.

And They're coming to take me away Ha Ha, They're coming to take me away ho ho he he ha ha, to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time, and I'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they're coming to take me away ha ha

You thought it was joke and so you laughed, you laughed when I had said that losing you would make me flip my lid, right? You know you laughed, I heard you laugh, you laughed, you laughed and laughed and then you left, but now you know I'm utterly mad. And they're coming to take me away Ha Ha

They're coming to take me away ho ho he he ha ha, To the happy home with trees and flowers and chirping birds and basket weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs and toes, They're coming to take me away ha ha"

Obama and lab coats, to the funny farm. The words of this song could not be more appropriate considering the loony bin and agenda this guy promotes. If only they would come to take him away!

Again on the lighter side of politics, the above video is Sarah Palin's stand up comic debut. Not bad for the first time, she was actually quite funny. At least she in intending to be a comic and not just a joke like BHO!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


When Barack Obama ran for President he claimed that his would be the most transparent administration in history. A claim which has become one of many major falsehoods since he actually took office. His has been an administration which consistently used closed door meetings and forced legislation without the possibility of even reading bills as a means of pushing his agenda down the throats of the American people.

Now the health care debacle which has been front and center and extremely unpopular with the people is reaching a climax with Obama's backing of the controversial reconciliation process in order to pass what is in every poll a bill that that American people do not want and an entitlement that our Nation cannot afford.

This obvious abuse of power in order to force through this debacle is not only unprecedented but has the capability of financially bankrupting an already struggling economy. But do Obama or his Democrat cronies care ? No, because they are only interested in pushing through this socialist dream regardless of the consequences and blaming Republicans for having to use this abusive reconciliation process.

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent article which details the differences between using reconciliation on health care and the ways it has been used in the past which has been the defense Democrats and Obama have used in deceiving the public on using reconciliation for this socialist monstrosity.

The arm twisting that is going on behind the scenes as Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are trying to get the votes they need for reconciliation is further proof that this debacle is not even popular with the Congressional members that have to vote for it. Pelosi and Reid are to the point in their arrogant move to socialize 1/6 of our economy that they are demanding House and Senate members sacrifice what little hope many of them have in getting re-elected in November in order to gain the votes necessary to pass their socialist dream.

If reconciliation passes, this debacle, will fall to the Supreme Court to overturn the bill which has a myriad of unconstitutional measure not the least of which are the mandates requiring all Americans to purchase health care and the provision which prevents future Congresses from either rescinding the legislation or even changing it in any way.

We have never witnessed anything like this before in our history. Obama, Pelosi and Reid are set on a Kamikaze path which will be the final destruction of their party and their majority. While this destructive course does not bother me the ramifications of the legislation in bringing about this destruction and the effect it will have on our Nation and every citizen ranks as one of the most dangerous moves ever made by a President and a Congress.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


If you ever wondered whether there were any side effects from using Botox, then just listen to Nancy Pelosi and anyone who uses Botox will never use it again. Ever time she opens her mouth, if one can stomach more than a few seconds of her maniacal rants, the derangement in her statements becomes extremely obvious.

Now in a desperate move to try and cozy up to the millions who are part of the Tea Party movement, Pelosi claims that the Tea Party's and she."shares some of the same views.". What??!?! Pelosi and Tea Party's share views. ?!?!?! Didn't Pelosi accuse the Tea Party's of using, "Nazi tactics?" Didn't Pelosi state that Tea Party's were un-American because we oppose health care?

She also stated that the Tea Party's were controlled by the GOP. So Mrs. Botox claims that the very movement that she says is controlled by Republicans also has a lot in common with her. Both of these statements were in two back to back sentences. Someone needs to find this loony a straight jacket and a series of Prozac shots.

In fact we who are part of the Tea Party movement believe that Pelosi should resign, get lost, step down or just plain disappear. So if she believes that she should leave, then she does share a view with the Tea Party's. Otherwise Pelosi and the millions who are part of this movement of the people share absolutely nothing in common.

Barack Obama had his annual medical exam on Sunday and his Doctor suggested the he needed to moderate, "his alcoholic intake." Or in other words Obama drinks to much. Well considering the statements that Pelosi made about sharing views with the Tea Party's, it would seem that Obama and Pelosi are drinking buddies and govern under the influence. Maybe both should be impeached on the ground of GUI, (governing under the influence).

Ken Taylor

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