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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Does Barack Obama know who he is ? Politically his actions and his policy have shown that he is a leftist ideologue who believes in a socialistic state that controls the lives of the people. His philosophy stems from so many directions that it would take a genealogy map to discover just how many leftists influenced Obama. Everyone from his Marxist father to the radical Jeremiah Wright are part of that political genealogy.

Though his political, "parentage," is obvious by his policy and actions, Obama the man acts like a child who is still trying to discover who and what he wants to be when he grows up. His identity is still, after two years in office, a mystery to the public and it would seem to himself. There is the still lingering controversy over the birth certificate with seldom a day passing when it does not make the news and frankly because of its lingering stamina is more of an embarrassment to those on the right seeking it than to Obama.

With every wind that blows Obama tries to identify himself with someone from history whether that person is a President or a famous individual from the country that he is visiting. For instance when he was in India, Obama thought himself to be Gandhi as he tired to emulate the Mahatma's path and compared his beliefs to those of India's greatest hero.

When he campaigned, especially after winning the Democrat nomination he thought himself to be messianic making reverences to his hope and change mantra being an almost religious experience even to the point of Greek columns and a church like atmosphere when he made his much taunted acceptance speech in Denver at the end of the Democrat convention. Then he took his," messiah," complex with him on the campaign trail basking in the light as the worshipful media helped create this false identity.

After the election during the weeks of transition Obama thought himself to be Bill Clinton as he made staff appointment with nearly two thirds of those appointments being former Clinton administration staffers. As new staffers were named nearly every headline or soundbite started off with, "former Clinton administration......," the the blank was filled in with whatever position held under Bubba.

When he was inaugurated he thought himself to be Abraham Lincoln. He boarded a train and followed the route taken by our 16th President as a security measure for Lincoln to Baltimore first then to Washington. He used the personal bible of Lincoln to take the Oath of Office and ate many of Lincoln's favorite foods during Inaugural banquets. He compared himself to Lincoln during the buildup to the Inauguration and in his Inaugural address.

When pushing the failed stimulus bill he thought himself to be Franklin Roosevelt supposedly saving the country from a great depression. Creating the 21st Century version of the New Deal and using You Tube for this generations, "fire side chats." And like Roosevelt his much taunted, "New Deal," failed to deliver what was promised and rather than solving the problem actually exasperated it taking the country deeper into recession and unemployment.

Now Republicans have taken over the House, almost evened up the Senate, hold a majority of Governorships and State Houses and a conservative surge is sweeping the country as anger over Obama's failed policy, massive spending, debt creation and deficit busting is causing voters to run from Obama and embrace the Constitutional conservative policies and values that have made our country great since its birth.

Now the proverbial Chameleon of politics is seeking a new identity and has chosen Ronald Reagan. Although the evidence shows otherwise both he and the media claim that Obama is making a move to the center to respond to the results of the mid term election and the new make up of Congress all of which are claimed to be Reaganesque. Even though Reagan was a staunch conservative who unlike Obama politically never wavered, he did use compromise occasionally to get passed those items he needed for the betterment of the country. So now that Obama is supposedly willing to work with Republicans, a move we have yet to see, he is emulating Reagan.

His State of the Union address was touted time and again as Reaganesque since he uncharacteristically made a few, very few, patriotic references in the midst of his praising China for becoming a world power. Something Reagan would never have done because of the threat that power now poses to The United States. During his Christmas vacation in order to begin this Reagan charade that Obama is now trying, Robert Gibbs made it a point to mention the Reagan biography Obama was reading complete with pictures of him reading it.

He has met with White House historians to look at the Reagan Presidency and sought advice from former Reagan staffers. All in an attempt to identify himself falsely with one of our greatest Presidents who he knows is still beloved by the people. This combined with the centennial celebration of Reagan's birth makes for great headlines for Obama and the attempt to create the illusion he is following the Reagan philosophy.

Yet he continues to seek expanded government which Reagan fought, increased spending which Reagan sought to decrease. Appeasement to our enemies a stance polar opposite of Reagan who stood strong opposing our enemies and fought to defeat them not appease them. Obama sees government as the answer to everything while Reagan knew government was the problem not the answer.

Reagan was an actor who became a great President. Obama is a failed politician who is trying to act like other Presidents and famous individuals from other countries. Failing to meet the grade on every account and always seeking a new identity to try and make a legacy and create a persona that satisfies everyone while failing to satisfy almost no one, including his liberal base.

Obama suffers from an identity crisis in trying to make a public personality that hides the real and dangerous truth of his political philosophy which is destructive to our country, seeks to eliminate the Constitutional principles that have sustained our Nation throughout our history and create an America in his leftist image that is weak and bows to the rest of the world. He talks compromise but only if those who disagree with him make the compromise. He says he stands for the people while seeking to control the very people he claims to champion.

This is what happens when someone is given power without anyone truly knowing who he is before that power is acquired. Obama remained a complete mystery throughout the campaign and in many respects except for the political stances he has taken is still a mystery as a person and the media only helps this mystery continue as they are a willing accomplice to the continually evolving identities Obama tries to take on to hide the truth of his agenda to destroy and then rebuild America into a socialist state.

Ken Taylor

Friday, January 28, 2011


It has been twenty five years since the Space Shuttle Challenger lifted from the launch pad into immortality. Seven brave crew members set forth seeking the stars and found disaster as the Challenger exploded soon after lift off shocking the Nation and the world. We remember those brave souls today and everyday who sacrificed their lives in search of a brighter future for all mankind.
Michael Smith, Dick Scobee, Judith Resnik, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Gregory Jarvis, and Christa McAuliffe. Seven American heroes who will forever be remembered for their courage and dedication to our country and the quest for space exploration.

In his stirring message to the Nation that tragic evening President Ronald Reagan united our country in mourning remembering the seven as he closed his memoriam with these words, "The crew of the space shuttle Challenger honored us by the manner in which they lived their lives. We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them, this morning, as they prepared for the journey and waved goodbye and "slipped the surly bonds of earth" to "touch the face of God."

As we remember twenty five years later the brave crew of the Challenger I leave you with this video of the memorial service for the seven. God bless their families and their memory.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, January 27, 2011


When he was inaugurated Barack Obama pretended he was the incarnation of Abraham Lincoln, complete with using Lincoln's bible to take the Oath of Office and serving Lincoln's favorite foods at an inaugural banquet. Later when he was pushing his socialistic agenda on the American people he pretended he was Franklin Roosevelt and reincarnating the New Deal, constantly quoting FDR and always a reference to the Great Depression.

Now he is in trouble and Republicans are running the House, almost a balance in the Senate and the American people are fed up with the Obama socialistic agenda, uncontrolled spending and increasing the debt and deficits at record levels. So he once again reaches back in history and tries to pretend to be another President, this time it's Ronald Reagan.

Obama invited several Presidential historians to The White House for the purpose of finding out why Reagan was so liked by the people and what he did as President to make his terms in office so successful. During his Hawaii Christmas vacation, Press Secretary Gibbs made it a point to mention that Obama was reading a biography of President Reagan complete with official pictures of him reading the book.

All of this fueled the fire that Obama was seeking a move toward the center by quoting Reagan and looking at the Reagan Presidency as a measure on how to proceed with his own. Those who still support Obama tried to spin that the State of the Union address was patterned after Reagan with the little tid bits of carrots he threw out to conservatives like cutting the corporate tax rate and the spending freeze. Even his more patriotic references were attributed to Obama acting like Reagan during the speech.

All of this in an attempt to fool Americans into thinking that Obama is the rebirth of Ronald Reagan and the country can now embrace Obama as it did Reagan. Don't be fooled by this centrist charade Obama is using to dupe the people. Even during the SOTU address while trying to act as Reagan he insulted Reagan's ideology by proposing new spending, greater government expansion and control. All of which is polar opposite to Reagan's Constitutional ideals of limited government, less spending and less government intrusion.

Once again seeking to find an identity as President that he thinks will resonate with the American people Obama is pretending to be Ronald Reagan just as he pretended to be Lincoln and Roosevelt, though in pretending to be FDR he was at least emulating a socialist progressive like himself.

Obama is a liberal government control ideologue and no amount of quoting Reagan or acting as if he believes in Reagan's ideology will convince the American people that Obama is sincere in actually cutting the deficit and reducing spending especially when he constantly equates government as being the answer to all problems and proposes more government programs and spending to tackle every issue that faces our country.

Barack Obama, I lived during the Reagan Presidency. I voted for President Reagan twice and I can tell you from knowing that you sir ARE NO RONALD REAGAN!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The so called centrist who is nothing of the kind delivered his second State of the Union address to a much less enthusiastic Congress with little change from the last address he delivered in the House Chamber a year ago. Sure his examples and his wording were different but the proposals that came forth were nothing more than a rehash of the same old failed ideas that have plunged our country into an ever expanding debt, a sustained high unemployment rate and record breaking deficits.

Trying to court the Independent voters who have abandoned him, Obama put forth a five year freeze as a carrot to entice the idea that he has moved to the center and understands the anger over our massive debt, spending and deficits. That was one side of his mouth. Out of the other side of his mouth he called for increased spending through the same infrastructure programs such as a high speed rail system which will never come to fruition in this Nation as it did in Japan because the American people will not stand for the taking of private property to make it happen.

Obama claims that his five year freeze of nondiscretionary spending will cut the deficit by $400 billion dollars. Yet his proposals for spending call for increases that match the failed trillion dollar stimulus bill which produced a lengthening of the recession and actually raised unemployment when measured by the figures used in the bill itself. The stimulus graphed that if left untouched unemployment would peak just below 8% and we are currently at 9.4% with the actual figure closer to 17% when taking into account those who have quit looking for work. So Obama's taunted stimulus increased unemployment rather than quelling it as promised.

Now to combat unemployment higher than when the stimulus was enacted in 2009, Obama proposed more of the same failed policy. When will he learn that he can't have it both ways, cut the debt and deficit while adding new spending and that government IS NOT the answer to solving our current economic problems.

Another instance where he spoke from both sides of his mouth was in using the example of the space race which developed as a reaction to the launching of the Soviet satellite Sputnik in 1957. This one moment spurred the greatest innovation of scientific discovery as The United States in just twelve short years went from no space program to landing a man on the moon in 1969.

Obama stated that we were at another Sputnik moment when the time for innovation, research and discovery must match that which came in the advancement of our space program in the nineteen sixties. Yet from the other side of his mouth the program which he touted as one of greatest achievements is ending this year at the hand of the very same man who used it as an example of American greatness.

One of the most deceiving moments during the speech came when he congratulated the congress on coming together to pass the extension of the Bush tax rates. He stated after his Congressional pat on the back that Americans have more money in their paychecks because of the bipartisan passage of the extension. This is a flat out twisting of the facts to deceive the American people into believing he has provided tax relief. The extension only kept current tax rates in place to prevent a massive tax INCREASE from taking affect. So the passage of the extension does not place one more penny in the pockets of Americans.

Obama used the same tired phrase that is typical for liberals when they are attempting to deceive the public by not admitting proposals are in actuality massive spending increases. Throughout the speech whenever he stated a spending proposal which will increase debt and deficit he referred to it as an investment. Liberal jargon for spending money we don't have on programs we don't need nor want.

The only real bright moment in the speech came not from what he said but from what he didn't say this year. Last year if you will recall he insulted members of the Supreme Court by criticizing falsely a decision that had taken place only days before concerning campaign contributions falsely stating that the decision opened the, "floodgates," for foreign entities to control our elections. This prompted Justice Samuel Alito to mouth under his breath, "not true." Alito, Thomas and Scalia did not attend the address this year as a result. At least this year Obama did not insult the court.

For Americans who were looking for leadership from a President who has shown a lack of it during his Presidency, the speech did not inspire nor change in this scathing lack of ability from the Nations Chief Executive. For those who expected more of the same and nothing new from the liberal ideologue, you were not disappointed because Barack Obama delivered exactly what he has since taking office. A litany of spending and government expansion touting government as the only answer to solve our Nations problems. A direction that has failed before especially in the lase two years and if followed will continue to fail. Thankfully there is a check in the new House majority that will prevent the failure from continuing.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Barack Obama is lying to the American people. Of course we who have understood just who and what he truly is since well before the 2008 election find this fact no surprise. You know he is lying because he is moving his mouth and during the State of the Union speech he will be moving his mouth for around an hour or more so there will be plenty of time for this leftist ideologue to lie.

Joe Wilson from South Carolina called him on it two years ago in this same setting and Judge Samuel Alito who will not be attending the speech called him on his lies last year. In this new Congress that is now afraid to be, "uncivil," in light of the false accusations made during the after math of the shooting in Tuscon, I doubt we will see or hear anyone during the speech call Obama on his perpetual lying.

Obama is trying to deceive the American people into thinking he is moving toward the center as a result of actually listening to our anger and the results of the 2010 mid term election. He has been reading books about Ronald Reagan and his speech will be quoting this greatest American who Obama is using to give the false impression that he actually believes in the same Constitutional conservative ideals as Reagan or is truly listening to the people.

That too will be a lie since during the very same speech he plans on introducing a new initiative which like the failed stimulus pours taxpayer money into programs that will not create jobs nor boost the economy but only explode government and give his Union backers the means to steal taxpayer dollars with overpriced unnecessary projects. All of which is in total contrast to the conservative ideals that President Reagan believed and governed by during his eight years in The White House.

So in typical Obama fashion we will hear how he single handily saved the Nation from falling into a depression, how he inherited everything from Bush and he has absolutely nothing to do with our present situation. We will hear a plethora of, "make no mistake, we need to be civil, now let me be clear, we will not rest," and all of the usual Obama catch phrases. But throughout the speech there will be truths about the true state of our Union that you will not hear.

You won't hear that during Obama's two years in office our national debt has grown by more than $4 trillion dollars up from the $10 trillion that it took more than 230 years to acquire.

You won't hear that during his two years in office the deficit is higher than the combined deficits of Washington through Reagan.

You won't hear that the size of government has quadrupled in the last two years intruding into the lives of Americans and stealing precious liberty.

You won't hear that his massive spending policies have caused the recession to last longer than it would have had he left the market to correct the problems he has now created.

You won't hear that as a direct result of his economic policy unemployment which would have topped out below 8% is left alone is now realistically when you take into account those who have given up looking for work, around 17%.

You won't hear that because of his weak appeasement policy with China the communist country is now challenging the US for the most powerful economic Nation in the world.

You won't hear that soldiers are dying in Afghanistan at a rate that now exceeds any combat operations in Iraq, not because the duty is more difficult than Iraq but because as Commander in Chief he has instituted rules of engagement that kills our brave men and women rather than protects them.

You won't hear that during his first two years his policy has moved us more toward a socialist state that at any time in our history.

You won't hear that his crowning achievement of Obamacare is actually increasing health care cost in direct contrast to the lie he perpetrated during the debate before passage that it would lower costs.

This list of what we won't hear during the State of the Union speech I am sure is much longer but these are just a few highlights of just how badly the Presidency of Barack Obama has affected our great Nation. Obama will brag in his usual arrogant way about how good he is and how much he has done for the country. But in reality his failure has created a state of our Union that is worse than we have ever seen in our history.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Another Republican straw poll and another win for the ever present RINO Mitt Romney. Now I know that straw polls are somewhat fixed since the winner is the candidate who has the most people available to vote for them when the poll is taken but give me a break, I am tired of all the media and commentary discussing a Mitt Romney run and pundits saying he is the front runner for the 2012 Republican nomination.

We don't need nor want Mitt Romney, period! We need a real conservative not someone who says he is for the sake of garnering the conservative vote. We have already had one RINO run for President recently and the result was Barack Obama. Do we really want another one in 2012 to see the imbecilic Obama reelected because Republicans chose the wrong candidate again and shied away from a true conservative which is what this country needs and wants?

I almost cringe whenever I see Romney in interview after interview espousing how conservative he is when his record as Governor of Massachusetts is FAR from stellar from a conservative point of view. He may have been a decent business man and did a good job running the winter Olympics but neither make this RINO a good choice for President and do not give him the credentials which meet true conservative standards for the 2012 election cycle. Plus the guy has already LOST one nomination and in a head to head CANNOT beat Barack Obama.

For those who are so willing to jump on the Mitt Romney band wagon let me remind you what this RINO did when he had the opportunity to govern in an executive position which many believe gives him the experience to be President. He failed on almost all accounts as a conservative and his record in the Massachusetts Governors mansion as with any State Chief Executive who moves to the Oval Office will follow suit.

The crowning achievement during the Romney years in Massachusetts was his push and passage of health care reform which has been tagged Romneycare after the passage of Obamacare on the national level. Since Obamacare was passed in 2009, Romney has been extremely quiet about his state government health care bill which is a complete reversal from his braggadocios prideful rantings about it BEFORE Obamacare was passed and its unpopularity became very obvious. Since then Romney has distanced himself from his own debacle by avoiding direct answers when asked about his state nightmare.

Romneycare is the state version of Obamacare though not a total government take over it is complete with a mandate to purchase health care that penalizes citizens with escalating taxation and the loss of any personal income tax exemptions if some form of health care is not purchased. The, "call," for state health care also patterned the lie perpetrated on the national level by greatly overstating the number of people without health care in Massachusetts. In actuality when the numbers were truly scrutinized they like the national numbers did not match the scare hype as a nominal 6% of the states citizens were uninsured. Even after Romeycare was initiated the real number only dropped by 2% as most chose even with the penalties to not participate in the program.

Romneycare also assessed an annual, "fair," fee to business not exceeding $295 dollars per employee for every business in the state with more than ten employees who did not voluntarily contribute to the state health care fund. In other words a business tax from the man who claims to be pro - business and cries foul over government taxation of small business. This assessment or voluntary contribution is in addition to business costs for employee health care already provided by the business.

Romney and Ted Kennedy were bitter opponents in 1994 during the Senate race when many thought Kennedy was very vulnerable in light of the conservative surge with the Contract with America. Romney lost and he and Kennedy still remained cool to one another. After Romney jumped on the health care band wagon as Governor embracing Kennedy's dream he and Romney became good friends as Kennedy endorsed Romenycare since it met with his standards of government sponsored health care. Since its passage it has cost the state millions and placed an extreme financial burden on Massachusetts.

Romney also calls himself a fiscal conservative who does not believe in tax increases. But again his record as Governor proves otherwise. Romney inherited a $3 billion dollar deficit upon entering office and though he did not penalize Massachusetts citizens to pay for this deficit by direct taxation he did increase fees across the board on licenses etc. which directly affected nearly every citizen. Additionally he hit the citizens pocket books by increasing the gasoline tax to attack the deficit. He did cut spending but his first move was to increase fees and the gas tax rather than first enacting drastic spending cuts to combat the state deficit.

Romney also raised taxes on business to combat the state deficit. Although he called it closing tax loopholes, state business considered the measures tax increases and as such expressed their anger toward their so called pro - business Governor. He also increased the Capital Gains Tax as an additional revenue source and implemented a state tax on all Internet services. The so called anti tax Governor also signed legislation increasing all commercial property taxes in the state which was another financial attack against business.

Now that his record is behind him and many are not scrutinizing it as he makes his move toward 2012 Mitt Romney is trying to show himself as a fiscal conservative who is against any tax increases, continually talking a good game as a pro business candidate and complaining about the affects of Obamacare on our Nation. Yet as Governor of Massachusetts he was far from the conservative mantra that he is now claiming implementing taxation through fees and gasoline, attacking business by increasing business costs through government intervention and the author of the states universal health care bill.

The bottom line is this. Romney is not a conservative he is at best a moderate who has shown that as a Chief Executive his governing policy will be more liberal than conservative. He may try and talk a good game about being conservative but his record shows otherwise and that record will, if elected, follow him to The White House and the same RINO policy will follow suit. We do not need nor want another of his type as the Republican choice against Barack Obama in 2012. The country has shown by the result of the 2010 election a starvation for conservative leadership and Mitt Romney has not nor ever will fit that bill.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, January 20, 2011


With the pretender to the Presidency currently sitting in the Oval Office, I thought it would be fitting and memorable to think back 30 years when our country faced problems not unlike those we face today. Then a true leader emerged and began a Presidency that changed the world and restored America, Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Ken Taylor


As promised the House repealed Obamacare by a 245 to 189 vote with three Democrats joining Republicans in seeking an end to this unconstitutional, destructive law which explodes government, illegally mandates health care and destroys the greatest health care system in the world. Many call this only, "symbolic," because it may not pass the Senate and will certainly face an Obama VETO if it gets to his desk.

In actuality the repeal is no more symbolic than any other piece of legislation that goes before the Congress since it is following the Constitutional process for passage of legislation. Now the bill heads to the Senate where Harry Reid has already stated that he will not allow it to even be debated much less come up for a vote. This has just added fuel to the, "symbolic," gesture fire. Of course the claim is again out of line since the last Congress had 400 measures pass the House but never reaching the Senate for a vote and not one of those was considered symbolic.

Media pundits are spinning that Reid will not let the House passed repeal go before the Senate as a way of belittling the measure or showing that it means nothing. But the real reason, I believe, goes much deeper and the smoke screen by Reid and his liberal media friends is hiding the fear that Reid has over what will happen if the bill reaches the Senate floor.

Obamacare is extremely unpopular with the American people. Even the more liberal polling venues show repealing it favored by the majority of Americans. We are in the beginning of the 2012 election cycle and one third of the Senate comes up for reelection as is the case every two years. This cycle though is a problem for Democrats as two thirds of those up for reelection are Dems while only one third are Republicans.

After the shellacking Democrats took in the 2010 mid term those in the Senate who have to face voters in 2012 are concerned for their political survival. As such with the extremely unpopular Obamacare possibly facing a vote for repeal in the Senate and Republicans having a nearly balanced field now in voting power, Reid faces a Democrat caucus that understands the ramifications of voting to keep an unpopular law in place.

Even with an obvious Presidential VETO were the repeal to pass the Senate, newly elected Democrat Senators like WV's Manchin who campaigned against Obamacare and those facing reelection may very well join Republicans in voting for repeal thus handing Reid a defeat that he does not want. So the best way to prevent an uncertain out come is to keep the bill from going before the Senate.

Reid may be talking a rope a dope game but his fears the uncertain out come since he does not have the total control over the Senate he had in the last Congress. So rather than face the embarrassment of losing the vote he prevents it from ever happening. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is calling Reid's bluff and already positioning for the vote process by assigning Committee members etc.

This battle is not yet over. Even if Reid loses this and is forced to take the bill to the Senate for a vote, Obama will VETO it. But the damage to the law will already be done as the Congress will have voted for repealing the bill in accordance to the will of the American people. The House has already indicated that if repeal fails they will use their financial Constitutional authority to starve the law to death by defunding each aspect of it as it comes up for implementation.

So the hallmark of the Obama agenda is facing either a quick death by repeal which is not likely. A slow starvation over the next two years until it can be fully repealed by the next Congress and the Republican replacement in The White House for Obama and continued court challenges to add to the already unconstitutional ruling with 26 States now signing on to eliminate the law by judicial defeat. Obamacare is facing death no matter how one looks at it. The only thing left is the time and the means of it demise.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


With all of the pomp and circumstance of visiting royalty Barack Obama rolled out the red carpet, literally, to Chinese President Hu as the communist leader visited Washington and had a rather brief summit meeting with Obama. For the first time in our history a foreign flag, as shown in the picture above, was seen flying on The White House grounds to welcome Hu to this symbol of freedom for our country and the world. The Red Chinese Communist flag flying next to Old Glory at The White House, an insult to our freedom and our people, that in itself was a sign of Obama's willingness to bow to the Chinese.

Even before this official visit there were hints that Obama would bow to the Chinese as quotes from Robert Gibbs and Hillary Clinton stated that even with the massive human rights violations that China is guilty of The United States must meet them as an equal partner in the world. While other Presidents have had cool relations with China because of the human rights problems Obama is making it quite clear he is willing to ignore those violations in order to bow to the Chinese.

In fact during a press conference that followed Obama was asked by an AP reporter how The United States could be such an ally with China with their well known record of human rights violations. Obama skirted all around the question by first praising the out going Ambassador and then never actually addressing the violations by China and our relationship which was the point of the AP question.

When a similar question was asked of Chinese President Hu he claimed he could not answer the question because of translation problems. "Coincidentally," the ONLY question during the entire presser that Hu had translation problems with. Hu made it very clear in his remarks that China would consider Obama's proposal on US and China trade but that it was the US who was expected to make concessions and not China. Hu is obviously looking out for his country a situation that is very much unlike Obama who seems more willing to look out for China than the US.

A recent Pew Poll shows that 65% of the American people see China as an adversary rather than an equal partner with the US. A position that is obviously in complete contrast to that of Obama who is not only welcoming Hu to the US as an equal partner but sees China as an equal to The United States. A situation that has not been the case with previous Presidents ever since the US and China reopened diplomatic relations more than 30 years ago.

Obama is opening our country to a complete financial take over by China without expecting much in return by the Chinese to benefit our country. He has long dispised the US as the most powerful Nation in the world and now seeks to equalize China with the US. Strengthening the Chinese while weakening the US. I am sure the Chinese are glad to see our President and theirs looking out for ONLY the best interest of China. Meanwhile we watch the representative of our Nation bend over and take all that China is giving. 2012 cannot come quick enough to get this weak and destructive person out of the Oval Office and restore strength and leadership to the Presidency.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I was saddened to hear of the release of the new book, "My Father at 100," an exploitive account of President Reagan written by his son the very liberal Ron Reagan in an attempt to cash in on the 100th birthday commemoration of the former President throughout this year. In the book the younger Reagan claims without any medical foundation that his father was showing signs of Alzheimer's as early as the 1984 Presidential debate between Reagan and Mondale.

President Reagan was a little off his usual game in the debate but for the assertion that it was due to the onset of Alzheimer's is ridiculous. President Reagan's eldest son who was adopted and much closer to his dad has come out publicly blasting his brother over the claim and stated that Ron Reagan was an, "embarrassment," to his father when he was alive and with the publishing of the book has become an embarrassment to his mother, Nancy Reagan today.

The younger Reagan goes on to claim that in the second term of his Presidency, President Reagan was not in control at the White House and most of the decisions were made by Vice President Bush and Nancy. Once again a load of sensationalism and false claims by the blood son of the former President. The younger Reagan is jumping on the left wing band wagon which has been seeking to diminish the historic and world changing legacy of President Reagan ever since he left office and the assertion that he suffered from Alzheimer's during his Presidency has been part of that left wing anti Reagan propaganda since he announced his having the disease in 1994.

President Reagan is obviously better served by his adopted son than his blood son which has been the case long before the release of this book. Michael Reagan like Nancy has worked very hard in preserving the legacy of President Reagan and keeping the true historical record of one of our greatest Presidents honest and factual for a public who remember the President and for those younger generations who are learning about the world changing Presidency of our 40th Chief Executive.

I have experienced personally the affects of this devastating disease known as Alzheimer's with the loss of my mother to it in 2005. I witnessed her deterioration and saw how the disease affected her every ability to remember family, friends and even simple everyday things of life. I understand fully how this terrible disease affects those who have it and those who care for or are associated with anyone who has Alzheimer's. It is impossible to hide the affects of this terrible disease.

Ronald Reagan as President was the most public figure of the eighties as any President is during his term or terms of office. He had contact on a daily basis with individuals from his cabinet to the Congress as well as world leaders and foreign dignitaries. He is constantly in public view and scrutinized by a press corps that hangs on his every move and word seeking a headline or a sound bite which will make the news of that day.

For Ron Reagan to assert that his father had Alzheimer's from 1984 through the end of his Presidency in January 1989 poses an impossible feat of hiding a disease which is equally impossible to hide especially for a public figure as prominent as a President. It affects the memory so severely, then later physically affecting the body that hiding and covering for it as Reagan claims could not have been done.

Many of President Reagan most historic moments as President came AFTER his sons assertion that he was suffering from Alzheimer's as early as 1984. His summits with Mikhail Gorbachev came after 1984 since the former Soviet leader did not come into power until 1985. Gorbachev has stated many times that President Reagan was an extremely strong and well informed foe in their many talks and summits which led to the ending of the Cold War. This coming form a world leader who was became a personal friend because of the respect gained by their association and Reagan's strength as a leader.

The famous Brandenburg Gate speech in which President Reagan called on Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin wall was delivered in 1987. His consoling of our Nation in the wake of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster came in 1986. His farewell address as President considered by many to be one of his finest speeches was delivered in January, 1989. And Reagan's most memorable debate came later in 1984 when he destroyed Mondale in their second meeting. These are just a few examples of hundreds of a man who was well in control of his memories and his abilities all of which could not have been done by someone who was suffering from Alzheimer's, an extremely debilitating disease impossible to hide.

Nancy, I am sure must be suffering terribly in knowing how her son is exploiting his father and making such false claims against the man she loved passionately for so many years and I am sure still loves today. She worked tirelessly as First Lady to preserves the legacy of her husband and later to keep that legacy strong and true for all Americans and the world to share. Now to have it tainted by her only son must be a devastating situation for the former First Lady.

Ron Reagan shows no respect for his father nor his mother with his book that makes such a false claim and challenges the historical Reagan as well. His claim is a attempt to diminish the legacy of his father and not an act of love from a proud son as he has tried to claim with his ridiculous book. Fortunately most Americans know the truth about President Reagan and many understand the liberal ways of his son Ron. As the year continues and the commemoration of this great President continues the sons book will fade into the ash heap of bad fiction writing as so many bad books before have gone

Ken Taylor

Friday, January 14, 2011


First let me state for the record that I am all for the safety of those elected or appointed to federal office. Especially those who serve in the Congress are highly visible as a necessity of office and as such have a distinct vulnerability to threat and violence as was proven with the attempted assassination of Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords. I would not be opposed to tax payer money providing a certain amount of protection for any federal official in a public forum for their safety.

That said the reaction to the Giffords shooting has reinvigorated the anti gun lobby and those especially on the left who seek to regulate guns from the public and eliminate our Second Amendment Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. The latest folly in this comes from Representatives from New York and surprisingly one of them is a Republican whose views are widely known and many conservatives including myself have grown to respect for his stand on many issues.

New York Congressman Peter King is a co-sponsor of legislation which out laws any fire arm within 1000 feet of any federal official. This is over reaction to its fullest because if this were to pass enforcing it would be a nightmare and it would place every citizen who legally owns a gun in a position of looking over their shoulder so to speak everywhere they go for fear of being within 1000 feet of a federal official.

I consider myself politically savvy and this piece of legislation would pose a problem for me if for nothing else but the fact that I would not recognize most federal officials in just my state alone if they if they were standing right next to me. I can easily identify my House Representative and both of my Senators and two other House District Representatives because of their familiarity with the public, namely Joe Wilson and Jim Clyburn, but a federal Judge or any other federal official in my state is someone I would fail to recognize in public.

Imagine the implications this legislation has when we travel to other states and have a concealed weapons permit, decide to go to a nice restaurant and find ourselves in the vicinity of a Congressional Representative. Will we then be required by law to leave the establishment in order to remain outside of the 1000 foot enforcement area?

This law in not only completely unenforceable but is over reaching and an over reaction to a tragic situation which involved a member of Congress. Like most gun control legislation it would only be obeyed by those who are willing to obey the law. If this piece of legislation had already been law and enforced throughout the country, it would NOT have prevented Gabrielle Giffords from being shot nor the senseless murder of six others and the wounding of 14 more.

The lunatic gunman who pulled the trigger would not have reasoned that he was within 1000 feet of Giffords and decided to leave the Safeway parking lot because he would violate a law which required him to keep his firearm 1000 feet from Giffords. He would have followed the same maniacal plan he had in his crazed mind and Giffords would still be in the hospital recovering and little Christina Green and the others would still be dead.

Limiting our access to our Representatives is not an answer either as has been suggested by many. It is our access to them that keeps their feet to the fire and our Constitutional authority over them in place. It is not a difficult task when a Representative is holding a public forum whether in a building or an open area such as a store parking lot to assign local law enforcement as protection for the Representative.

Ridiculously restrictive gun control laws have not nor ever will prevent a crazed killer from either getting a gun or attempting to use it for the purpose in which his twisted mind intends to kill or maim a federal official or a private citizen. Law enforcement protection in the public arena for Representatives has a far better opportunity for successfully protecting then any additional legislation especially one as vague and unenforceable as this current proposal of not allowing a weapon within 1000 feet of any federal official.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I have participated in and viewed numerous Memorial Services over the years. I have watched as our Nation held services of Memorial after National tragedy and listened as Presidents spoke remembering those who died and seeking to unite our Nation during a time of grief. What I witnessed during the so called Memorial service for those senselessly killed and wounded in Tuscon was NOT a memorial as much as a campaign rally led by the ever campaigning Barack Obama.

Call me insensitive or whatever you wish but a Memorial Service is a time for somber reflection on the lives of those who are being memorialized and a time for families of those lost to find closure and share their grief with others in their community and our Nation who are also grieving at a time of National tragedy. The, "service," at the University of Arizona was not even close.

Before the service even began White House operatives created a political rally air as T Shirts with Obama's new campaign slogan, "Together We Thrive," were placed on the backs of every chair in the arena as seen here:
As the service began the crowd cheered as if in the midst of a campaign rally when Obama and Michelle entered the arena which in itself seemed quite odd to me but I had not envisioned this supposed Memorial Service turning into an actual campaign style rally complete with whoops and cat calls and Obama leading a cheer rally during his speech at several intervals.

The only person who used the proper memorial tone and sought a somber feel to their speech was Arizona Governor Jan Brewer who remembered each victim and consoled the families of both those who died and those whose family members were wounded during the murderous rampage.

The ONLY time I thought a moment of applause was appropriate was when Obama mentioned in his speech that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords opened her eyes for the first time since her brain surgery which is a cause for celebration. But otherwise the somber tone which should accompany such an event for the sake of the families and others that are grieving, especially only a few days removed from the shooting was never expressed during Obama's speech or his constant moves to lead the crowd in cheers.

I took a moment later in the evening to view CNN coverage of the event on Anderson Cooper's show, which I view once in awhile momentarily to get the lefts perspective of any news worthy story. Anderson was interviewing a family who was at the rally and whose mother/wife was shot twice by Loughner. Cooper asked the mother what she thought of Obama's speech and she hesitated as if not knowing how to answer and then stated she was too overwhelmed by the presence of the lady who took the magazine which prevented the shooter from reloading. She obviously was put on the spot by Cooper and sought a gracious way out of telling how she really felt.

Later in his show Cooper interviewed Nancy Pelosi by phone who claimed to be in the room with Giffords when she opened her eyes. Pelosi actually stated that the visit of the Obama's, who had just moments before left her hospital room, attributed to inspiring Giffords to opening her eyes. Gove me a break! Inspired Gifords to open her eyes?!?!? During the memorial service cameras several times especially when Obama mentioned Giffords opening her eyes, captured Giffords husband who was sitting next to Michelle Obama. He had the look on his face of a man confused and holding back irritation over the rally style which had taken over what should have been a somber occasion.

I was reminded of another Memorial service during a time of National tragedy and offer to each of you the following video of President Reagan who understood, unlike Obama, that memorializing victims of a tragedy is not a time to be a cheer leader. After the tragic loss of the Space Shuttle Challenger President Reagan spoke at the National Memorial service, here is an excerpt:

A real President who understood that his duty was to unite Americans in a time of grief and not lead them in cheers for the fallen. Even the new Speaker of the House John Boehner understood that when memorializing during a National tragedy it is a time of somber reflection and not a time to be a cheer leader as the House took time to remember the fallen and reflect on their colleague.

As President it was Obama's responsibility to lead a service of healing with a somber mood and an opportunity to not only reflect on those lost but to offer the families and the Nation a collective time to mourn and grieve to begin the long process of healing after such a tragedy. Obama failed on all counts in doing this most sacred duty of a President. His campaign style speech and cheer leading were uncalled for and in extremely poor taste during a Memorial for innocent Americans murdered by a crazed killer.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Whether one supports Sarah Palin or not she is a driving force in today's political world. Many on the left have attempted to ridiculously blame her for the tragic shooting of Congresswoman Giffords, the deaths of six innocent citizens of Arizona and the wounding of thirteen others that took place last Saturday in Tucson.

One could not blame Palin if she lashed out at these irresponsible critics for blaming her for the actions of a crazed gunman who was looking for a reason to explode and Saturday was when his fuse which had been burning for some time lit the explosion of violence that has affected out Nation over the past several days. But rather than justifiably lashing out at the ridiculous charges of those in the media and from the left, Palin chose to express in this excellent video her concern for the victims and her enduring belief in America.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik the Democrat who began the liberal firestorm in blaming the right for the killing of six wounding of 14 including the attempted assassination of Representative Gabrielle Giffords is playing games with his politicizing of this tragic situation. In fact I will go as far as saying that his political rhetoric is being used to push his own agenda as well as cover his irresponsible back side in the wake of more information about the shooter coming to light.

Within the first hour of the shooting well before much was known publicly about Jared Lee Loughner, the lunatic who went on a rampage in at the Safeway Grocery Store in Tuscon, Arizona, Dupnik convened a press conference about the case and immediately placed the fault for the shooting on political, "vitriol," centered around the conservative stand against illegal immigration.

Since those early moments Dupnik has taken every opportunity in pressers, interviews and newspaper headlines to continue to slam conservative politics as the cause of the killer taking a gun and killing on Saturday. Even with more evidence appearing every day that this lunatic was nothing more than a crazed mental case without any political agenda, Dupnik continues to go after, "right wing," politics as the cause to the point that yesterday he specifically cited Rush Limbaugh as creating an atmosphere of political hatred against government as the reason Loughner going on his murderous rampage.

Dupnik is not the only liberal who is falsely accusing the right of causing this tragedy. He is among many from the idiots on the left. The rag called a newspaper, The New York Times along with MSNBC, CNN, the alphabet networks and many other media outlets are expressing their anger over losing political power by doing their usual unfounded claim of accusing the right for every violent act in this country. While the media is pushing their normal lying agenda which is as uncalled in politicizing this tragedy as always, Dupnik is doing more than pushing the liberal agenda.

His office failed completely in preventing this lunatic from his murderous rampage and Dupnik is using the, "right wing, " blame game as a means to take the spotlight off his Departments failure to act in a clear dangerous situation and ignoring the fact that Loughner was a ticking time bomb looking for an opportunity to explode as he did on Saturday.

Dupnik and his irresponsible Sheriffs Department were not only well aware and very familiar with the many violent threats against several people INCLUDING Giffords, but this crazed killer had been on their radar for a considerable amount of time because of many reports of his violent tendencies and threats. At one point Dupnik's Department informed citizens who reported Loughner's threats of violence that he was under mental care which was not the case but a deliberate lie by the Sheriff's Department to appease complainants.

This is a tragedy that could have been prevented if the now media hog Dupnik had acted BEFORE Loughner's lit fuse ran out on Saturday. This failure to act by Dupnik should be investigated and rather than the false blame game played against the right, the liberal Sheriff charged with neglect of duty in ignoring a known threat allowing it to continue until it reached its point of explosion on Saturday. Dupnik and his failure are just as responsible for this senseless killing as Loughner is in pulling the trigger which took the lives of so many and wounded the lives of many more involving our entire Nation in the after of this very preventable tragedy.

Ken Taylor

Monday, January 10, 2011


She was a victim of a crazed assasin whose insanity took her life and five others while wounding 14 including Rep. Gifford. Now she is an Angel who is in God's care and love as he embraces this sweet little lady who we did not know before Saturday yet whose life has influenced us all and we can never forget her!

Ken Taylor


In an almost ironic twist to the attempted assasination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford by a crazed lunatic, Mrs. Gifford was chosen to read The First Amendment when the Constitution was read to open the 112th Congress.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, January 09, 2011


The tragic shooting of Democrat Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford is a tragedy that effects all Americans and is an attack against all that we as a people believe and stand for as Americans. First and foremost our hearts and prayers go out to those killed and injured in this senseless attack. A young nine year old angel's life was ended as well as a Judge who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Four others who were doing nothing more than fulfilling their ability as free Americans of assembling were also murdered senselessly. Thirteen others were injured including Rep. Gifford.

Now as this faithful American servant of the people is fighting for her life it is not time for politics but to stand as Americans behind a fellow American who was shot simply because she believed in the sacred duty of service to her country as a Representative of the people. Although the motives of the mad man who committed this murderous act are not fully known one thing has become clear, the killing of Gifford was his goal.

Unfortunately politics by the left wing media immediately began coming into play in this senseless shooting even before information about how crazed and whacked out the gunman was who was placed in custody at the seen due to the heroics of two in the crowd who grabbed him and prevented him from killing or injuring many more innocent people.

New outlets from NPR, to CNN and the New York Times almost immediately began suggesting that the gunman acted because of, "divisive," political views by the Tea Party, the conservative stance on immigration, and the anger of the right over illegal aliens. CNN and the liberal website The Daily Kos suggested that a comment made during the mid term election by Sarah Palin that Gifford's eighth Arizona Congressional district was a, "target," for electoral defeat, may have spurred the violence against the Congresswoman.

Even as word began coming out that the crazed gunman left a goodbye note to friends on Myspace and that many of his previous postings on the site were a mixed bag of almost insane nonsense from anger over illiteracy in Gifford's District to just babbling gibberish and that the gunman's favorite books were Mien Kompf written by Adolph Hitler and The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, the left wing media still tried to tie his actions to conservative politics.

The Pima County Sheriff describe the gunman as having run ins with the law before and had threatened to kill someone, but in the same statement also suggested politics played in the shooting when he stated that his state had become, "a mecca for prejudice and bigotry," due to the political atmosphere against illegal immigration. How the Sheriff came to this conclusion is beyond me especially after already stating that he thought the shooter was, "unstable," and had previous run ins with the law.

In recent years whenever a tragedy such as this has taken place the left and the media are quick to suggest that conservative politics is at the core of the problem even when it is proven other wise. Even as far back as the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 Bill Clinton without any proof whatsoever suggested that Timothy McVeigh acted as a result of the, "anger," expressed by conservatives, especially Rush Limbaugh.

When the crazed pilot who was mad at the IRS flew his plane into a Federal Building in Texas almost immediately the left and the media claimed he did so because of his right wing beliefs only to find out later that the pilot was a registered Democrat. When Nidal Hasan committed an Islamic terrorist act at Fort Hood, Texas the left and the media immediately concluded that he did so because of his anger over the policy of the Iraq war blaming the killings on Bush policy.

Now a Democrat Congresswoman is senselessly gunned down by a crazed lunatic and the left blames it on conservative policy, the Tea Party and Sarah Palin. At a time when politics should be set aside and we as Americans should unite behind one of our own who is fighting for her life all the left and their media cohorts can do is blame politics they disagree with for creating an atmosphere that causes violence and death placing politics in the middle of what should be a nonpartisan out pouring of concern and grief for the shootings.

Anyone who disagrees with the left is automatically assumed by these ideologues to be capable of quickly expressing their, "right wing," political beliefs with violent actions and as such when violent actions occur even when unfounded for any political reason such as this murder in Arizona, the left quickly equates it to the, "violent right wingers," who by having the gal to disagree with liberal politics create an atmosphere of hatred, violence and racism which divides America.

Yet every conservative gathering is peaceful, clean and patriotic as opposed to liberal gatherings which are always violent, create mounds of garbage and express loudly rhetoric which condemns America and blames our country for every evil taking place in the world while using the race card at every opportunity. But to the left WE are the evil, violent racists who can't wait to commit an act of murderous violence to prove our political beliefs.

So when violence happens their automatic assumption is that conservative politics drove the killer to commit their terrible acts regardless of evidence to the contrary. Remember with the left it is not the evidence that counts but the seriousness of the accusation that matters. Then additionally, as is the case with this tragedy, the left immediately jumps on the anti gun bandwagon stating that it is the fault of the evil Second Amendment supporters that allowed the gun which in the hands of a lunatic who would have had a gun even if they were all made illegal was allowed a weapon to express conservative politics violently.

This my friends is the true divisiveness politically in this country. It is not we who stand in disagreement exercising our Constitutional right to come out in dissent of public policy that we know harms our Nation and our way of life. The political diverseness and general divisive feelings in our country whether politically, racially or economically comes from those on the left who see anyone who disagrees with their liberal beliefs as evil incarnate capable of murderous acts to express their beliefs. The left never needs evidence just accusations and division to continue the fear mongering that keeps their failed ideology alive.

Ken Taylor

Friday, January 07, 2011


The 112th Congress finalized its first official business day with a quick and impressive start for the new GOP controlled House. After overcoming Democrat objections, the first order of business was to read aloud the Constitution. Beginning with Speaker Boehner reading the Preamble, different House members from both parties read the Constitution. The reading lasted a little over 90 minutes with few Democrats staying in the House Chamber for the reading.

Unbelievably, Democrats voiced objections both in the media and on the floor of the House before the Constitution being read aloud on the House floor and part of the official record of the first day of business. Why this would anger any member of the People's House is beyond me except the fact that to Democrats the Constitution is a barrier preventing them from doing what they want and that is create a socialist government which controls the people.

After the reading Republicans moved immediately to cut the operating budget of the House by 5% or at 95% of last years operating budget and holding that line for the entire two year term of the 112th Congress. Stating that this cut which saves $35 million dollars is just the down payment for additional operating budget cuts the GOP began in earnest fulfilling their promise to get spending under control by reigning in their own House.

New rule changes also mark a more open and legal move by this Congress as compared especially to the Pelosi controlled 111th. In addition to the reading of the Constitution, all bills which will be considered by the House must be accompanied by a certificate which proves the bill meets with Constitutional principles and standards. The Pelosi House was notorious for presenting legislation which completely disregarded the Constitution especially Obamacare which is being challenged almost daily for its failure to meet Constitutional requirements.

Further spending cuts are already in the making including using $84 billion dollars of unspent money from the failed stimulus bill as a beginning of a special account which will be applied directly to decreasing the national debt. On January 12 the House will vote on a two sentence repeal of Obamacare which will not likely pass the Senate and absolutely will receive a Presidential VETO if it happens to make it to Obama's desk, but will have on the record for all to see who voted for Obamacare and who is against it in accordance to the will of the people.

Republicans have also indicated that though the repeal bill is likely to fail after is passes the House they will attach measures to defund the health care debacle to future legislation and in essence financially starve the bill to death by not allowing appropriations for each aspect of Obamacare as it goes before the House for implementation.

Republicans are proving they are serious about doing the true business of the people in accordance to the will and voice of the people. Democrats and Obama are now faced with a choice of getting on board as conservative Constitution sanity is restored in Washington or being left behind on the political ash heap of failed liberal policy. My guess is that Obama and the Dems will do the latter.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, January 06, 2011


The 112th Congress convened yesterday with little fanfare and a humble start as John Boehner of Ohio was elected 53rd Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi was nominated by Democrats and received the worst response to a Speaker nomination since 1923. Nineteen Democrats in the open role call voted against Pelosi as a protest to her failed leadership in the 111th Congress.

241 Republicans voted for Boehner which was unanimous for the GOP since Boehner was not present in the House chamber during the vote and as such did not vote for himself. Pelosi broke normal protocol in handing over the gavel to the new Speaker which is usually a simple ceremony with the former announcing the new Speaker but Pelosi in her arrogant way made a very partisan speech which was longer than the speech given by Boehner. She used the speech to brag of the, "accomplishments," of the 111th Congress, accomplishments that were repudiated in the November election by voters.

Boehner in complete contrast spoke very humbly and assured the Congress and the people that he understood the message of the mid term election and that the 112th Congress unlike those before would be the, "people's," Congress and the people of The United States would be the driving force behind all legislative moves made by the GOP. Boehner clearly stated that cutting spending was his major priority and ALL bills would meet complete Constitutional muster before being considered by the House.

As the House convenes again today the first order of business will be to read aloud the Constitution for all members to hear as they will be required to be in the House chamber for the reading. Democrats are furious about this reading saying it wastes time and is unnecessary. For many like old guard Democrats like Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, Henry Waxman, and Charlie Rangle among others this will likely be the first time they have had any association with the Constitution.

Personally, I am thrilled that the House will begin business by reading the Constitution as this should be a regular practice for all future legislatures in DC since they are sworn to defend the Constitution and all that they put forth as law should be based on strict Constitutional principles. One of the rule changes approved by the House in yesterdays proceeding was to make the reading of the Constitution before the House a regular practice. One cannot defend what they do not know and knowledge of our founding documents is essential to good representation by those we send to serve in Washington.

Sanity has returned to Washington. Now it is up to we the people to continue to hold their feet to the fire of liberty as we have in the last year. Boehner and most of Republicans have indicated they understand their job as Representatives is only possible by the will of the people and we who voted them in for the 112th Congress can just as easily remove them for the next. It is up to us to constantly remind them of this fact as we restore conservative Constitutional principles to our Nation.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Just a short post to let folks know that I am still posting. Since starting this site in 2004 there have been very few days when a fresh post was not available. The last few days is an exception to that history as I have had the flu since New Years Day and have not felt like even viewing the Internet much less posting. I am on the mend and hope to back in full swing in the next couple of days. Thanks as always for all of your support as we look forward to a 2011 that will reverse the trend of the progressives and the destruction they have caused in our beloved country.

Ken Taylor

Saturday, January 01, 2011



Welcome 2011. Happy New Year to each of you and may this year bring happiness and prosperity to one and all. May 2011 continue the rise of Constitutional conservatism in our beloved Nation as we stand firm in taking our country back from the liberal progressives.

This year marks the Centennial celebration of the birth of President Ronald Reagan whose 100th birthday will be February 6. Throughout the year there will be many remembrances of this greatest American and this site will share those moments as well as many more in remembering President Reagan.

May the new year be a blessed one to all. God bless the memory of President Reagan, God bless each of you in this new year and God truly bless America in 2011.

Ken Taylor

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