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Friday, April 29, 2011


Staff Sgt. Jason Rogers was killed in action in Afghanistan. In this moving video our fallen hero returns home to a heroes welcome as the streets in the drive to his home town are lined with Americans paying tribute to one of our best and bravest who gave,"the last full measure of devotion," in service to our Nation.

God bless the memory of Staff Sgt. Rogers and God bless our troops that defend our freedom.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Barack Obama's birth certificate has been a controversy for well over three years. Since the beginnings of the 2008 campaign Obama has done everything within his power from a personal and legal stand point to prevent the release of this certificate and then like magic two and a half years into his first,(and only),term he miraculously releases the certificate claiming he needed a waiver from Hawaii to do so. SO WHY DIDN'T HE GET THE WAIVER AND DO THIS THREE YEARS AGO ?

Obama created the controversy by fighting the revealing of the certificate through legal avenues to the tune of millions of dollars. Now all of a sudden because of the publicity it has received as a result of Donald Trump, Obama finally reveals the certificate that could have been revealed years ago to stop this controversy in its tracks.

BEWARE! Obama is a calculating and political animal who does NOTHING without political motivation behind it. The timing of this release and the reason behind it reveals much about why he chose to make this long sought revelation now instead of a year, two years or even three years ago or not at all.

Donald Trump is an opportunist who has been as likely to support liberal Democrats as he has to support conservative Republicans. In fact records show that Trump has supported Democrat candidates far more than Republican and even admitted he voted for Obama in 08. Now he claims to be a conservative and is seeking the GOP nomination. Most conservatives, this one included, see through the glitz of Trump and his show that is attacking Obama right and left including the birth certificate.

Trump is NOT the candidate we need and has no more business in The White House than Obama does. Unfortunately Obama is in The White House where he does not belong but Trump is not and conservatives who see through his conservative masquerade have the ability to stop him in the primaries.

Obama knows this and also knows that Trump has more baggage that will destroy a candidate in a Presidential run than just about any candidate in history. Obama has the left wing media on his team and knows that with their help he can destroy Trump in a one on one run for The White House. By releasing the birth certificate after the Trump publicity tour, he legitimizes Trump as a candidate and thrust him into the position of GOP front runner since he, "got one over," on Obama.

My fellow patriots, don't fall into this trap. Trump did not get ANYTHING over on Obama. Obama is using this as a political maneuver to try and manipulate the GOP nomination process to get a candidate he knows he can beat. Trump is an opportunist who looks out for Trump and this run for the Oval office is to benefit Trump and Obama knows it.

Trump's grand standing after the birth certificate announcement played right into Obama's hands and I am sure that as he watched the fiasco of a presser held by Trump as he congratulated himself, Obama smiled and rubbed his greedy political hands together patting himself on the back for a farce well done. We don't need nor want Trump as the GOP nominee to run against Obama. Trumps nomination means another four years of the nightmare that is Barack Obama, the worst President in our history. On that I can agree with Trump but that is NOT enough to make him White House material.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have not been one caught up in what has been known as the, "birther," movement. After Obama was elected it almost became a moot point since as President everything he has done since taking office would be null and void if it were proved that he was never eligible for the Presidency. The ramifications of that alone convinced me that nothing would come of any move to remove Obama from office because of his not being Constitutionally eligible.

This does not mean that it was not a viable issue but the problems it would cause especially after two and a half years kept it from being an issue that would end in his removal. Had the questions of his birth and citizenship been allowed to be fully vetted BEFORE he took office it might have prevented his being President.

Now after more than three years Obama finally releases his long form birth certificate claiming the reason for the delay was because of a waiver needed for the release. If that was all that was required why then did he not do this three years ago and why has he spent millions in attorney fees to keep it secret? Obama created the controversy because of his willingness to keep this long form secret.

Although it does show he was born in Hawaii a position I have never really doubted it will not put to rest questions about the citizenship of his father at the time of his birth and the fact that his mother who was 18 fell below the legal age for him to become a citizen by birth because of her United States citizenship. At the time the legal age for that was 21 as it was when Chester A. Arthur the 21st President was born. Decades after he left office records came to light questioning whether he was a natural born citizen or a naturalized citizen because his father was a British citizen at the time of his birth.

I am sure those questions even with the release of this birth certificate will still be asked of Barack Obama. The bottom line here is that the birth certificate controversy will never rest nor will it be the cause of Obama's removal from office as some have hoped for. I will give Donald Trump credit for getting a reaction from Obama as he has over this issue. Obama has called it a carnival side show but Trump, who I still believe is an opportunist who supports liberal candidates and causes as much as conservative causes, Trump did get something released that law suits and controversy have not been able to do for more than three years.

There will still be many who will force this as an issue and it will not go away simply because of the release of the long form certificate. But as I mentioned at the beginning of this post it is a moot point since he took office and now even more so since this has been released. While there may still be questions about his natural born citizenship, this issue is virtually a dead horse.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


During the 2008 campaign Barack Obama outlined his energy policy which called for several things including carbon credits that punish industry forcing energy costs to rise for consumers and higher gas prices. While much was made over Obama, "Cap and Trade," policy little was said about his view of the price of gas. Obama not only encouraged higher prices at the pump but said his only problem with the higher pump price was that it might rise to quickly and NOT how high it would go.

Well this President who has sought to punish business and the American consumer with every move he has made since taking office is seeing his dream come true and a promise fulfilled as gas prices are reaching near record and in some cases new record heights throughout the country.

Yet to listen to the news reports of this economy busting surge in the price at the pump and its affect on Americans, you would think first, that Obama has had NOTHING to do with it and second, that it trickle down affect is actually good for the economy. Both assertions by the left wing media play into the deceptive hands of Barack Obama and help continue the lie he and many in his administration are telling about many of the causes of the spike at the pump.

Yes, some of the blame belongs to speculators who are over reacting to the situation in Libya. Yes some of the blame belongs to the OPEC Nations that always take advantage of higher prices and either threaten to cut or actually cut production to keep the price at higher levels. But they are not all of the blame for our current gas price crisis.

Since the Deep Water Horizon accident one year ago and the moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico which followed and was issued by Obama then reissued after a Judge threw the original moratorium out, we have lost millions of barrels of domestic oil that had been used for our daily oil consumption of 20 million barrels a day.

Only 1% of all the new reports about the gas and oil situation since the Gulf spill one year ago have tied in any way Obama to the rise in gas prices yet his moratorium is as much if not more responsible for the current skyrocketing cost of gas as any of the usual culprits from OPEC to speculators. The Obama administration, to keep the heat off of Obama and the truth, continue to spew the lie that the current spike is solely the responsibility of oil speculators.

I remember the last time gas approached $4 dollars at the pump the left wing media was blasting President Bush for the spike even though he was pushing to drill here at home and having continuous meetings with OPEC to convince them to increase production which they did at his behest causing the price at the pump to begin gradually falling. Yet the media blamed Bush and Bush alone for the gas prices when he in fact had NOTHING to do with the rise in price and did not get any credit when it began to fall.

In direct contrast Obama IS greatly responsible for today's prices and is doing NOTHING to seek to cause the price to lower because it is doing exactly what he has wanted since well before he became President. Rise to balance our prices with those in Europe and other areas of the world who have been paying higher prices at the pump than we for years.

Now we learn of yet another slap in the face to the American consumer as the Obama EPA has scraped plans by Shell oil to begin drilling off the Arctic Coast of Alaska in a deposit they have spent years finding and developing for drilling. This comes after the Obama administration loaned Columbia nearly $3 billion dollars to build a new oil refinery with a promise to buy their newly refined oil when completed and promised loans to Brazil to develop their offshore drilling with another promise to buy their oil when drilling begins.

Obama sees no problem helping the world drill for oil but prevents any drilling in our own country and the development of our own resources so we can reap the benefits of cheaper gas and become an oil exporter rather than the worlds greatest oil importer. He would much rather develop pie in the sky alternative energy which at best would be available in very limited supply 30 to 50 years in the future.

We are an oil based economy and while some of the alternative energy ideas, and that is what most of them are ONLY ideas, are great we need and depend on oil for nearly every aspect of American life. With more than 450 BILLION barrels of oil beneath our soil and off our shores available, this according to a 2008 geological survey, and an additional 200 billion or more available in oil shale in the Dakotas it is pure lunacy to continue on the path of economic energy destruction we are currently on.

Yet this is the path Obama has chosen and a promise he has kept from his campaign as our energy costs especially fuel skyrocket just as he predicted it would if his plan were implemented. This is the hope and change he promised and this is the result of the hope and change he has delivered. The greatest campaign poster and slogan for the defeat of Barack Obama in 2012 can be found at every gas station when Americans look at the escalating prices at the pump. Just add next to the price Obama in 2012 and remember his promise kept every time you pump gas into your vehicle.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, April 24, 2011


"Hope and change." This has been that theme of Barack Obama's radical agenda since he first campaigned for President. We have experienced just what that change means as he has taken our Nation down a path never intended by our Founders. Easter though, provides a message which gives the world the real meaning of, "hope and change." For there is One whose message of ,"hope and change," truly changed the World and the lives of everyone since.

More than 2000 years ago a, " Man, " came to this Earth with a message of , "hope," and , "change," that even during His time on this planet sparked controversy and even political discord between the ruling Empire of Rome and their conquered land of Judea and the people found in that land. This, "Man," brought with Him a message that has lasted through the ages. A Message that speaks to all mankind of , "hope," for the hopeless and , "change," even for the vilest of people.

His was not a message that was given for political gain. Nor was it shared to bring fame and position for Himself. His message was shared for the most selfless of The message of hope and change that was shared with this World by this ,"Man," came from the Creator of all men though the life, death and Resurrection of our Creators Son. It was and still is a message of hope and change given only from pure, sacrificial and true love with its only reward for that love being the salvation of the World and the redemption of man.

This, "Man," delivered His message of hope and change and it was received by many and rejected by many. A situation that this eternal message still finds in the World today more than 2000 years later. While He walked this Earth, this, "Man," selflessly gave not only His message but Himself in order to insure that His selfless message of love would BE eternal. His reward for sharing this selfless message of hope and change was to face the cruelest of deaths that a cruel world has ever devised, nailed to a cross.

But He did not face this death forcibly. No He faced it willingly and lovingly because He knew that the only way to insure that His message of hope and change would last for all mankind was by giving His life in exchange for those to whom He was giving this loving message. It was for this that He came and it was for this that He died.

But this message of hope and change does not end there. No it ends, nay I should say actually begins with an empty tomb. For His message of hope and change shines from that empty tomb for all mankind that came before His time on earth, those to whom He personal delivered the message and we who have followed in the last 2000 years. His sacrifice for giving this message on the cruel cross when one believes in that message of love that He gave from that cross can provide anyone from any walk of life, whether good or bad, vial or moral, change that will reshape that individual and reconcile them with a loving God who sent this , "Man," Jesus the Son of God, for them.

The empty tomb that He left as He resurrected from the death on that cruel cross, provides hope that there is more to life than misery and woe but salvation that brings life eternal through the sacrifice, and resurrection of this, "Man," who God our Creator called Son and in whom all things are possible. As we each celebrate this Easter season, remember that true hope and change comes from the love that was shared with each of us from a cross to an empty tomb and life springs eternal for everyone because of the Christ who came and shared the true, real and loving message of hope and change. Happy Easter to all.

Ken Taylor

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Friday, April 22, 2011

FOR GOD SO LOVED...............

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

John 3:16-17

Thursday, April 21, 2011


We have endured more than two years of the Presidency of Barack Obama. In that time we have watched our Nation deterioate into an almost chaotic mess. Prices of basic living items from food to fule have skyrocketed. The National debt has increased by nearlt $5 trillion dollars.

The dollar is constantly devaluing, Americas credit rating is on the verge of collapsing. Unemployment continues to grow even with somewhat favorable numbers recently the truth behind the numbers reveals a work force that has decreased by massive numbers becaus so many have just given up looking for work because the jobs are not there.

Our status as the worlds only super power has diminished as Obama has plced us in subordinate rolls and subserviant to The United Nations accompanied by apologizing at every opportunity for American greatness. Our allies no longer can depend on us and our enemies seek to take advantage of us.

This telling graphic breaks down across the board the real affects of Obama policy and his march to redefine our country as a socialist state. Obama is not only the worst and most inept President in our hostory but his destructive policy and weakness also pose the greatets danger to our freedom and our existance as a free Nation.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Standards and Poors took a big step in forcing the issue of the expanding debt and deficits of The United States by downgrading our rating from, "stable," to, "negative." Citing the rising deficits and debt S & P also stated that no immediate serious steps are being taken to solve the problem and the US is in danger of losing it's AAA credit rating as a result.

This is a devastating blow to our Nation and a strong and factual criticism of the lack of fiscal responsibility and inaction by those in Washington in addressing the debt and deficit nightmare. One of the most telling stories of this downgrade though comes from the response by the two parties after the announcement.

Republicans called the downgrade a,"wake up call," and stated that the move by S & P shows that it is time to get very serious about cutting spending in order to decrease and eliminate both deficits and debt. In fact some in the GOP stated that 10and 12 year plans to reduce deficits are not producing results quick enough to tackle the problem and more immediate measures to reduce spending are needed.

The Obama administration specifically The White House and Treasury Department had a different take on the announcement. To them it was not a wake up call or a sign that the lack of fiscal responsibility in Washington is starting to worry creditors, country's and financial entites around the world. To Democrats S& P was the problem and not those responsible for the debt and deficits.

In fact a treasury spokes person stated that S & P, "underestimates," the ability of Americas leaders to solve the problem. I have news for the Obama administration, Americas leaders ARE the problem and S & P has good reason to doubt the ability of leaders to realistically and quickly attack debt and deficits. S & P obviously doesn't trust the ability of DC to tackle the problem in the same respect as most of the American people do not trust DC to solve our finacial crisis.

The liberal media band wagon is joining the administration in blaming S & P as many of the left wing media types are calling the rating a mistake by Standard and Poors and blaming the change in rating as a plan by the company to help the Ryan budget plan along as opposed to the Obama plan. So the liberal media spin is running in lock step with the Obama lie.

The rating was lowered because the outlook for our country is dim with the current debt and deficit problem as it is. Ryan's plan is good at addressing the problem in the longer term but immediate spending cuts in the trillions are necessary to place the US on a path to fiscal responsibility and to restore our good standing in financial circles both here and around the world.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, April 17, 2011


This post is going to take a short break from the politics of today to share an exceptional motion picture that involves to a great degree the politics of yesterday. In fact the politics of 1865. With the Sesquicentennial remembrance of the beginning of The Civil War there are numerous new documentaries and movies that are appearing as a reminder of those terrible days of Constitutional test for our still young nation.

I had the opportunity to view, "The Conspirator," a fill by Robert Redford that portrays the Lincoln Assassination and more specifically the trial of Mary Surratt the first woman executed in The United States who was hanged as one of the conspirators and accomplices of John Wilkes Booth the assassin of President Lincoln.

When I first heard of this film, as a history and especially Civil War buff, I was excited and very intrigued by the prospect of the movie. After learning the picture was being directed by Robert Redford I began to have a great deal of misgivings about what the movie would be used for and how it would portray the events surrounding the Lincoln assassination and the trial of Surratt.

Redford is a excellent actor but as a director in most instances he uses his movies to express his very liberal views and as such most of his directorial pictures have a view that is polar opposite of mine and have been pictures I have avoided watching. So at first I was disappointed when I heard who the director was since the film dealt with a poignant story of the Civil War.

My misgivings about Redford directing it became over shadowed by the subject matter and after reading several reviews of the film that expressed favorable and historically accurate portrayals of the events I went to watch it on opening day and am extremely glad I did. The Conspirator is one of the best historical films to be produced in many years and is almost eerily accurate in its portrayals and acting.

Robin Wright who is probably best known for playing Jenny in,"Forrest Gump," is Mary Surratt the owner of a Washington DC boarding house where those involved in the assassination met to create their plan to first kidnap then evolved into a plot to kill Lincoln. Wright bears a striking resemblance to Surratt and not only brings this historical figure to life for the movie screen but makes one forget that you are watching an actress portraying a part.

Some reviewers who had not watched the film but made their review based on Redford's politics and initial screenings of segments of the film stated that Redford attempted to portray Surratt as completely innocent of involvement, a position that most historians disagree and would be revisionist history. At one point in the film Redford from exhaustive historical research and the involvement of dozens of historians in the making the film lays this charge to rest as he shows Surratt in an attempt to exonerate her son of the plot to kill Lincoln revealing her knowledge of the plot to kidnap the sixteenth President which places her historically as one at least involved by association with the conspiracy.

James McAvoy known for his rolls in ,"Wanted," and," The Last King of Scotland," portrays Frederick Aiken a former Union Captain and now attorney who is charged with the unenviable task by Maryland Senator Reverdy Johnson played excellently by Tom Wilkinson with defending Mrs. Surratt before a military tribunal in Washington with sentiment and a government calling for the quick retribution for those involved in the assassination.

Aiken is not only reluctant to defend Surratt but like most believes her total quilt and wishes to see her hang for the crime. McAvoy brilliantly shows Aiken's disdain for Surratt which turns to a compassion as he sees the tribunal becoming more of an inquisition with a predetermined verdict. While never quite accepting Surratt's innocence as she claims he understand the Constitutional ramifications of the trial and the excess that is taking place in light of the emotion following the assassination and the war.

I had chills when Booth and several of the other men involved in the assassination came on screen as Redford brilliantly recreated the actual assassination, the attempt on Vice President Johnson, and the attack on Secretary of State Seward. As these actors came on screen and the events of the assassination and attempts on the others took place the likeness of the actors to the actual men involved was almost eery as if Redford pulled them from the history books and placed them in true life on the screen.

The attention to detail and the historical accuracy of the film make it a must see for anyone who loves history and especially The Civil War. For those who are not history or Civil War buffs, the film is an excellently acted movie of a story that needs to be told and is told with great care and attention to even the smallest detail of a story that is riveting to the viewer whether one likes history or not.

The only exception to Redford's attention to detail does stand out for those of us who are Civil War buffs and that is the portrayal of Secretary of War Edwin Stanton. Kevin Kline portrays Stanton and does an excellent job as the powerful and somewhat unethical War Secretary. My only criticism for his portrail and for the movie for that matter is Kline's beard. Stanton in every historical picture is shown with a long shaggy almost unkept beard. Kline has a short and combed beard. A minor detail but unusual for a film that painstakingly follows other even small details.

Many surmise that Redford is using this film as a political tool to express his liberal view against military tribunals for the detainees held a Guantanamo Bay. With his reputation I can see why some would have this view of Redford's intention for the film. Whatever his personal agenda for the film he does not allow it to show in the picture as he brilliantly recreates accurately every aspect of the assassination, trial of Mary Surratt and the execution of Surratt and three others involved in the conspiracy.

Most motion pictures are given a rating of one to five stars by those who review films. Five stars is considered to be a must see film and the highest praise given by reviewers. This film surpasses five stars in every way and is a must see film for not only a history or Civil War buff but for anyone who wishes to watch a brilliant film with an excellent story and magnificent acting. The Conspirator is all that and more.

As an Independent film it is currently in limited distribution but has done very well at the box office in its opening weekend and will be picked up by a major distributor for broader release over the next few weeks. I highly recommend this excellent film and suggest every member of the family take the opportunity when possible to watch, "The Conspirator,"

Ken Taylor

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Many of us almost could not believe what we were hearing in the comletely dishonest and partisan attack by Barack Obama against the Paul Ryan budget plan which Obama claimed to be his budget proposal that was also dishonest. I had planned a scathing post today expressing my disgust at his approach and his actual plan, but found a much better OPED from The Wall Street Journal that expresses not only how I feel but the truth about Obama's ridiculous speech and plan.

This excellent article follows:

THE PRESIDENTIAL DIVIDER - reposted from The Wall Street Journal

Did someone move the 2012 election to June 1? We ask because President Obama's extraordinary response to Paul Ryan's budget yesterday—with its blistering partisanship and multiple distortions—was the kind Presidents usually outsource to some junior lieutenant. Mr. Obama's fundamentally political document would have been unusual even for a Vice President in the fervor of a campaign.

The immediate political goal was to inoculate the White House from criticism that it is not serious about the fiscal crisis, after ignoring its own deficit commission last year and tossing off a $3.73 trillion budget in February that increased spending amid a record deficit of $1.65 trillion. Mr. Obama was chased to George Washington University yesterday because Mr. Ryan and the Republicans outflanked him on fiscal discipline and are now setting the national political agenda.

Mr. Obama did not deign to propose an alternative to rival Mr. Ryan's plan, even as he categorically rejected all its reform ideas, repeatedly vilifying them as essentially un-American. "Their vision is less about reducing the deficit than it is about changing the basic social compact in America," he said, supposedly pitting "children with autism or Down's syndrome" against "every millionaire and billionaire in our society." The President was not attempting to join the debate Mr. Ryan has started, but to close it off just as it begins and banish House GOP ideas to political Siberia.

Mr. Obama then packaged his poison in the rhetoric of bipartisanship—which "starts," he said, "by being honest about what's causing our deficit." The speech he chose to deliver was dishonest even by modern political standards.

The great political challenge of the moment is how to update the 20th-century entitlement state so that it is affordable. With incremental change, Mr. Ryan is trying maintain a social safety net and the economic growth necessary to finance it. Mr. Obama presented what some might call the false choice of merely preserving the government we have with no realistic plan for doing so, aside from proposing $4 trillion in phantom deficit reduction over a gimmicky 12-year budget window that makes that reduction seem larger than it would be over the normal 10-year window.
.Mr. Obama said that the typical political proposal to rationalize Medicare's gargantuan liabilities is that it is "just a matter of eliminating waste and abuse." His own plan is to double down on the program's price controls and central planning. All Medicare decisions will be turned over to and routed through an unelected commission created by ObamaCare—which will supposedly ferret out "unnecessary spending." Is that the same as "waste and abuse"?

Fifteen members will serve on the Independent Payment Advisory Board, all appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. If per capita costs grow by more than GDP plus 0.5%, this board would get more power, including an automatic budget sequester to enforce its rulings. So 15 sages sitting in a room with the power of the purse will evidently find ways to control Medicare spending that no one has ever thought of before and that supposedly won't harm seniors' care, even as the largest cohort of the baby boom generation retires and starts to collect benefits.

Mr. Obama really went off on Mr. Ryan's plan to increase health-care competition and give consumers more control, barely stopping short of calling it murderous. It's hardly beyond criticism or debate, but the Ryan plan is neither Big Rock Candy Mountain nor some radical departure from American norms.

Mr. Obama came out for further cuts in the defense budget, but where? His plan is to ask Defense Secretary Bob Gates and Joint Chiefs Chairman Mike Mullen "to find additional savings," whatever those might be, after a "fundamental review." These mystery cuts would follow two separate, recent rounds of deep cuts that were supposed to stave off further Pentagon triage amid several wars and escalating national security threats.

Mr. Obama rallied the left with a summons for major tax increases on "the rich." Every U.S. fiscal trouble, he claimed, flows from the Bush tax cuts "for the wealthiest 2%," conveniently passing over what he euphemistically called his own "series of emergency steps that saved millions of jobs." Apparently he means the $814 billion stimulus that failed and a new multitrillion-dollar entitlement in ObamaCare that harmed job creation.

Under the Obama tax plan, the Bush rates would be repealed for the top brackets. Yet the "cost" of extending all the Bush rates in 2011 over 10 years was about $3.7 trillion. Some $3 trillion of that was for everything but the top brackets—and Mr. Obama says he wants to extend those rates forever. According to Internal Revenue Service data, the entire taxable income of everyone earning over $100,000 in 2008 was about $1.582 trillion. Even if all these Americans—most of whom are far from wealthy—were taxed at 100%, it wouldn't cover Mr. Obama's deficit for this year.

Mr. Obama sought more tax-hike cover under his deficit commission, seeming to embrace its proposal to limit tax deductions and other loopholes. But the commission wanted to do so in order to lower rates for a more efficient and competitive code with a broader base. Mr. Obama wants to pocket the tax increase and devote the revenues to deficit reduction and therefore more spending. So that's three significant tax increases—via higher top brackets, the tax hikes in ObamaCare and fewer tax deductions.

Lastly, Mr. Obama came out for a debt "failsafe," which will require the White House and Congress to hash out a deal if by 2014 projected debt is not declining as a share of the economy. But under his plan any deal must exclude Social Security, Medicare or low-income programs. So that means more tax increases or else "making government smarter, leaner and more effective." Which, now that he mentioned it, sounds a lot like cutting "waste and abuse."

Mr. Obama ludicrously claimed that Mr. Ryan favors "a fundamentally different America than the one we've known throughout most of our history." Nothing is likelier to bring that future about than the President's political indifference in the midst of a fiscal crisis.

Following is Paul Ryan's response to Obama's speech which spent a great deal of time attacking Ryan and his excellent deficit reduction plan.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Democrats in Washington have been trying to play the middle of the road game for the last few months in order to play on the moderate and Independent voters in an attempt to garner their support for not only their minimal to non existance cut spending plans but now for Obama's new debt and deficit reduction plan.

But in the mix the liberal leadership namely Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are revealing their typical leftist tendencies while lying to the public about being middle of the road. Let's start with Nancy Pelosi.

In a recent speech to Tuft University students Pelosi whined that, "elections shouldn't mean as much as they do." Revealing her true belief that elections shouldn't matter since they express the will of the people and our will is the LAST thing she and her left cronies concern themselves about. She and the left ignore the people in order to do whatever they please.

Pelosi and the left do not believe nor accept the true Constitutional authority the people have over government and everyone associated with our government including her. So stating elections shouldn't matter as much as they do is just her way of saying, "we shouldn't have to listen to the people because we know what is best for them and they are just an inconvenience to us."

Harry Reid revealed his true leftist side this week as he tried to sound patriotic by saying he loved to hear the pledge of allegiance at the opening of every Senate session then went on to recite it leaving out, intentionally, "under God." Once again showing their leftist lie that separation of church and state is part of the First Amendment and as such God is to be left out of ANYTHING in our society.

Last and in least, Barack Obama. The budget debate that he stepped into at the last minute being dragged kicking and screaming to cut spending while telling the people falsely that he favored cuts is revealing his debt and deficit reduction plan. At the center of the plan is ending the Bush tax rates which follows the usual leftist game of playing the class warfare card and raising taxes rather than cutting spending to tackle any fiscal problem.

Don't fall into the trap of believing the leftists are moving toward the middle because it is nothing more than a lie to get a vote. They do not believe in the people, that God is part of our Nation nor in fiscal discipline. The truth about these lefties will always come out and usually from their own mouths. All we have to do is listen.

Ken Taylor

Monday, April 11, 2011


The arrogant hypocrite in chief who was dragged at the last minute kicking and screaming into the budget debate is now taking credit for the deal made last Friday which stopped a government shut down. This coming from the liberal spender who only a few weeks ago presented his 2012 budget to Congress which had little in cuts and counter balanced with massive increases in spending totaling well over $80 billion dollars.

Even after joining the debate weeks after it had begun Obama was at ZERO cuts as Republicans were proposing about $60 billion. Granted the proposed cuts were still well below what is needed but if one includes Obama's $80 billion increase in spending for 2012, Republicans were proposing $140 billion more in cuts than Obama's zero.

Well into the debate Obama was only in the range of about $6 billion and complaining about that. He never wanted to cut spending and only talked about it because in polling the American people overwhelmingly favor large cuts so Obama spoke out of one side of his mouth to the people while fighting tooth and nail AGAINST cutting spending behind the scenes.

Only when a government shut down was looming did he sit down in earnest and discuss spending cuts since shutting down the government for a Democrat is like taking a dying patient off life support. If Republicans had actually let the government shut down I am convinced that Obama and Democrats would have agreed to larger cuts as the panic of their precious lack of government control with a shut down government would have driven them crazy.

After the deal had been made for $38.5 billion, which is still well below what is needed, Obama immediately went on television and acted as if he was for it all along and gave the impression that most of it was his idea. Saturday morning he followed this arrogant display with a visit to the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument touting the budget deal like it was his own.

A snap CNN poll taken immediately after this arrogant display polling 850 adults, mostly Democrat show that Obama succeeded in convincing at least this polling group that he was responsible for it when anyone with any sense knows that Obama fought it and was against it until he was backed into a corner and had no choice but to agree.

$38.5 billion is a paltry amount and I would have liked if Speaker Boehner had stuck to his guns forcing a shut down and backing Obama further into a corner making larger cuts. Boehner has stated that in May when the debt ceiling battle takes place he will not settle for cuts in the billions but trillions.

Many have said that because of the Senate and White House still under Democrat control Boehner got the best deal he could get. Personally I think he could have held out for more had he allowed the government to shut down rather than being afraid of it. But either way this deal was NOT Obama's nor was it even close to the increase in spending he wanted. He deserves no credit for it nor congratulations for making it happen. We will see on Wednesday when he makes his supposed spending speech whether he proposes additional cuts or creates and new word to define tax increases. I am betting the latter.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, April 10, 2011


April 2011 is the Sesquicentennial remembrance of the start of The Civil War, a conflict that reshaped our Nation though the trial of blood and sacrifice which affected every family both North and South during those terrible years of brother against brother. While all of the causes, which were many, of the war will be argued over again slavery was the ultimate tap root of which divided our Nation.

It seems ironic that 150 years after a war that defined our country for future generations, posed the greatest Constitutional test of our history and found men fighting for the rights of others that the very political party that espoused slavery then still supports it and fights for it today.

Today's slavery is not directed toward one race as it was 150 years ago but it is just as debilitating to those who fall under this political slavery as it was for those who lived in slavery during the early years of our country. A new political party, the Republican Party, was born just prior to The Civil War for the sole purpose of combating slavery and fought against the party of slavery then just as they do now.

The Democrat platform of the 1860's was a pro-slavery policy that sought to keep those bound in the disgusting practice of human bondage to another. They fought to keep it in exsisting states and actually fought to force its spread to states that were either anti slavery or sought statehood in the Union and did not the practice of slavery.

This post is not to argue the causes or the results of our Nations most terrible conflict but to show that the Democrat Party is as adamant in its policy of enslaving Americans though government as it was in keeping black Americans enslaved before, during and after The Civil War.

The recent battle over the budget that threatened to shut government down was just one more example of the absolute hold that Democrats have on the overbearing power of government and why they refuse to seriously seek limiting government and reducing spending. Plain and simple limiting government and reducing spending takes power away from Democrats and frees Americans from the slavery of a government that through the guise of liberal, "compassion," seeks to enslave every citizen.

The social programs that Democrats hold dear and force on Americans are nothing more than government slavery which takes away an individuals ability to provide for themselves since they have government to do it for them. Every piece of legislation introduced by Democrats has at its heart another way of forcing Americans to depend on government or creates a regulation to force Americans to abide by government whether they want to or not. That is nothing more or less than slavery to a liberally run Washington.

Democrats seek to tell us how to eat, how to work, what vehicles we must drive, how to raise our children, how they must be educated and if we do not adhere to their orders they either regulate to force us to or introduce a new program flooded with tax payer money which results in government taking over forcing Americans to depend on that same government. Obamacare is the prime example of this move to government run health care slavery.

Reducing the size of government and spending also reduces Democrat power over Americans who they have enslaved to government. Americans then see what liberty truly is and find that self reliance is possible without government slavery. So Democrats fight at every turn to prevent Americans from seeing the truth of slavery to government.

They try to hide it by using their liberally owned media task masters as a tool to beat Americans with a barrage of sound bites and false commentary that cutting spending and limiting government starves children, kicks grandma out on the street, forces workers into poverty because the Unions can't protect them from the evil capitalists who seek to steal their livelihood. They lie using these same liberal platitudes and unfortunately many Americans who because of this Democrat slavery to government believe the lies and elect these slave holders to office.

Through this Democrat government slavery a large portion of our population think government is the only answer and they are owed checks or assistance provided by the labor of others. Or as Barack Obama put it during his 2008 campaign to Joe the Plumber, "redistributing wealth." Democrats lie and call it making things, "fair," for all but in actuality they enslave those who fall under their liberal spell and steal from those who don't and use government regulation to force those who don't into slavery by manipulating the law.

Abraham Lincoln Emancipated the slaves in the Southern states and the Thirteenth Amendment made slavery of any man, woman or child illegal in The United States. Yet Democrats violate this cherished Amendment which also outlaws, "involuntary servitude," by their constant use of government to force dependency of Americans on government under the threat of law or through programs forced on us which require participation by American Citizens.

Democrats fought to keep an entire race in slavery during The Civil War. Now today 150 years later the same Democrat Party fights to enslave EVERY American to government and in the process destroy the traditions, values and principles that have made out country great. They seek to spend us into oblivion to accomplish this slavery and blame Republicans, the Tea Party and anyone else they can find for their truly unamerican obsession with enslaving the masses through government.

Ken Taylor

Friday, April 08, 2011


Bob Hope in a classic scene from the 1940 film, "The Ghost Breakers," give a concise answer to how Democrats act when it comes to Zombies. Following lock step behind whomever is leading regardless of the consequences or the ramifications for the country or Americans.

With the budget impasse that is taking place Democrats are following like Zombies behind Barack Obama and Harry Reid. Refusing to cut spending, refusing to even discuss a bill that will pay salaries and continue to equip our military during a time of war even if a government shut down takes place.

In fact the Commander in Chief, (I know it is as disgusting to write as it is to read Obama as CIC), has informed Republicans that the measure passed by the House to fund the government for another week and fund the Pentagon for the remainder of fiscal 2011, will meet with a Presidential VETO. He called it a, "distraction."

The CIC has told our brave men and women defending our Nation that he could care less whether they are paid or equipped to protect themselves and defend our country. Zombies all, arrogant ideologues who care about party and politics and we the people can jump in a creek.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, April 07, 2011


The scare tactics are already running amok in the liberal media with the assistance of Barack Obama, all whining about the government shut down looming after Friday. Obama whined about the National Parks Service while Pelosi and other Dems claim grandma and children will starve. All blaming Republicans for the mess never accepting the fact that it is all taking place because Dems REFUSED to pass a budget last year as they knew it would hurt them even worse in the 2010 election.

So here we are on the brink of a government shut down and Dems are refusing to yield on cutting spending even to the point of holding up necessary legislation set forth by Republicans to insure that if a shut down occurs military personnel and operations will continue to be paid and funded. I NEVER want to here another hypocritical Dem claim they support our troops when they are using their financial life line as a means of political grand standing over the shut down.

The bottom line is that Obama and Dems are NOT going to agree to cutting spending until they have the specter of a shut down taking place. Liberals live and die by government and if that precious entity to them is not functioning in its full controlling capacity they will panic, break out in hives and shake uncontrollably as their precious monster is suffering and not spending us into oblivion.

Shutting down the government is the GOP's best weapon to force Obama and Dems into agreeing on serious spending cuts. Right now they don't believe Republicans will allow it to happen so Dems are just sitting back waiting and watching Republicans scamper to find ways of preventing it. All the while using this pending shut down as a way of raising campaign funds and getting media attention.

Shut it down and Dems will panic. Maybe not the first day or possibly the second but let it go for over three days and Dems will start to cave and look to Republicans for ways of reopening their precious monster. Then Republicans will have the edge and be able to force serious cuts in spending.

So GOP, don't cave to Democrat lies about grandma and kids, we the people know who they are and how they lie. Stick to your guns, stand strong and let the shut down take place then as the Dems panic force their hand and make the cuts!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Congressman Paul Ryan from Wisconsin is showing true and strong principled leadership as he proposes real cuts in federal spending to the tune of $6 TRILLION dollars. Along with the cuts the GOP Congressman who is head of the House Budget Committee proposes tax and entitlement reform, defunding and repealing Obamacare all placing us back on a path to prosperity.

All of this is WITHOUT any tax increases and provides principled fiscal responsibility while restoring sanity in Washington, eliminating the excessive spending by Obama and Democrats since he took office. Following this brilliant plan will balance the budget while eliminating our $14 trillion dollar debt. Of course the $6 trillion in cuts is just the beginning of fiscal discipline that will bring our country back to fiscal solvency.

THIS is what we sent Republicans to do and Ryan is showing true leadership in doing what the American people expect of those we elect!

Ken Taylor

NOTE - Although the video is long it is well worth your time and its importance for our country is worth the length!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Barack Obama has become the first and to this point only official candidate for President in the 2012 election. Many Republicans have started an exploratory committee but have yet to officially announce their bid for the GOP nomination and a run against Obama. So Obama unfortunately is at this time running unopposed for 2012.

In his message to supporters that went out through e-mail and other Internet outlets Obama touted his supposed record of accomplishment and then asked for, "patience," as he has not, (thank God), fully accomplished all that he set to do. Then stated, "in a Democracy, change takes time."

You would think that as President this dope would know that The United States is NOT a Democracy but a Republic where we are not ruled by a majority rule government but an elected Representative government and the rule of law rather than mob rule as is the case of a Democracy. This statement comes from someone who claims to have been a Constitutional teacher and a supposed expert on our Nations framing document.

Obama once again has show his utter lack of knowledge of our Constitution just as he has throughout his Presidency shown his disdain for it also. Nearly every move he has made as President whether proposed and/or passed legislation as well as Executive Orders he has issued cannot meet any true and complete Constitutional muster. He ignores the Constitutions at every turn and has seen it as his destiny to rewrite it in his own Socialist image.

One other note about his message to supporters is the fact that he asked them for patience with him. There have been a great number on the left who have expressed disappointment and even anger at Barack Obama. Of course their anger toward him is polar opposite of we conservatives. They are angry because he has not done enough and we are angry because he has done too much especially in taking our country in a direction the Founders never intended.

But it is interesting to note him asking for their patience as well as starting his reelection bid so early as an incumbent. Maybe he understands that even his base is as fed up with him as the rest of us so he is trying to console them and get an early start with his campaign to attempt to make them happy again. Then again many of us are wondering why he even made the announcement starting his 2012 campaign, since he hasn't STOPPED campaigning since the 2008 election.

Ken Taylor

Friday, April 01, 2011


Former NBC News Anchor Tom Brokhaw has been retired from the Anchor business for several years and a statement he made shows just why this liberal loon is retired and should stay retired. Brokhaw was being interviewed concerning Obama's handling of Libya and the unrest in the Middle East. He actually had the audacity to state that Obama has faced the hardest Presidency since FDR and possibly in our history.

Is Brokhaw delusional or just plain stupid? First of all MOST of the turmoil Obama has faced since becoming President has been of his own making. But to state that his Presidency is harder than any US President is complete lunacy. Obama has not even begun to face difficult situations compared to many of our Presidents.

For instance Lincoln faced a complete Constitutional crisis as our Nation was torn asunder by four years of bloody Civil War. Lincoln's best days while President were hundreds of times more difficult than Obama's worst days. Even if one compares Brokhaw's equally stupid statement that Obama has faced more difficult problems than any President since FDR is lunacy.

Kennedy faced the Cuban Missile Crisis when our country came to the actual brink of total Nuclear war against The Soviet Union. LBJ faced a personally created political quagmire in Vietnam. Reagan faced 21% inflation and a foreign policy disaster left by Jimmy Carter. And of course George Bush faced 9/11 the worst attack against The United States in our history.

Obama's troubles as President have, as I mentioned before, been in many ways self inflicted because he has angered the American people with his socialist policies and his weakness as a Commander in Chief and a waffling foreign policy if any at all has directly worsened much of what is happening in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world. Obama has faced relatively little compared to especially many of our greatest President's.

His failure as President has made the issues and problems he has faced seem greater ONLY because he does not have the experience or strength and leadership to handle anything. He is in way over his head and has created utter chaos as President. That is not a good President facing difficult problems but a failed child who does not know what he is doing.

Ken Taylor

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