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Thursday, March 30, 2006


The House Bill addresses the legalities of illegals breaking the law. The Senate Bill weakly addresses what to do with the 12 million who are already here. Both call for an increase in border security but when will anyone face the fact that the only way that any of this problem with illegal aliens will even begin to find a solution is when steps are made to stop the flow of the 500,000 coming into the United States every year.....CLOSE THE BORDER ! A hand full of Congressmen and a few Senators have finally embraced this desperately needed solution and some are even backing the idea of a wall stretching from California to the Gulf of Mexico, which I believe is an excellent idea. Yet despite all of the rhetoric, emotions and the tremendous problem that this border situation is causing for the nation no one is seriously willing to step forward and demand this logical solution of border closing. All of the proposals that are being argued in the House and Senate more or less suggest that the best way to control the flow of the river of illegals is to re-route the flood and then allow the flood to create a 12 million acre lake giving the flood a free pass wherever it wishes to flow rather than stopping it at its source...the border! None of the plans have any chance of success if the flow of illegals is not stopped. Additionally any plan that allows those already here the free pass or a simple slap on the wrist that is being proposed in the weak versions of legislation that are being debated now will actually have the adverse effect. If those who are here are allowed to get by with the slap on the wrist being proposed it will only encourage more to follow thus creating a much larger problem than we already have. I have not heard anyone discussing this potential reaction to the poor legislation being debated. How do you stop a problem without forcing those causing the problem to reconsider their plight with legal ramifications that actually punish them for breaking the law ? There is absolutely no incentive to obey the law or to discourage additional law breakers from entering the country. Closing the border would at least discourage additional illegal entrance and encourage those here to follow the letter of our laws to prevent deportation and not being allowed to return BECAUSE the borders are closed. It would also stop Mexican officials and their President from encouraging illegal crossings, curb drug traffic and the potential of terrorists entering the country with the intent of doing harm to this nation and killing our people. It is time to quit playing politics with the illegal problem and get serious about border closing and stem the tide as well as enforcing the law with the 12 million who are draining this nation and forcing their culture into the true American way of life. This problem has the potential of turning the American Dream that has made this country what it is to the millions who have legally immigrated including most of our ancestors into the American Nightmare!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Democratic leaders in the House and Senate revealed their long awaited National Security agenda today that is full of....ah, well nothing! This long touted , "plan, " reveals nothing new and actually rehashes much of what they have said over the last year. They plan to, "eliminate, " Osama Bin Laden without any substance as to how other than increasing the number of spys and Special Forces. Incidentally later this afternoon the Dems backed away from the word, "eliminate." I guess it was just to harsh for their taste. The next phase of this, "brilliant, "plan calls for the, "responsible redeployment, " of the 132, 000 troops in Iraq with Iraqi forces and the Iraq government taking on more responsibility of their own country. In truth this is a rehash of the old, "cut and run, " idea that John Murtha has been whining about since they gave a timeline of this year. Funny, I thought that the Iraqis taking on more responsibility in their own country was already under way! They have also promised to rebuild the military, though there is not the first bit of evidence that the military needs rebuilding. Actually our troops are doing a great job and the weapons and machines that they are using seem to be working out rather nicely. Even the military is unaware that they need, "rebuilding." The Dems also plan for this country to be completely energy independent in 15 years, yet offer no form of ending the dependence other than touting, "alternative forms of energy." I guess nuclear energy, drilling in ANWAR and the Gulf which they have fought tooth and nail is out of the question in their energy plan, pity! If this is not political grand standing in a election year at its worst than a better example will never be seen. I hope they don't really believe that this proves that they are the party that is, "tough on National Security." I'll give them this hearing Nancy Polosi and Harry Reid reveal this , "new, " agenda was a great laugh in an otherwise dull day. Look out Jay Leno, you may be replaced by House and Senate leaders...then again NBC would't want the ratings to drop that much!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Following the House bill that was passed two days ago which strengthened the law concerning illegal aliens making it a felony under federal law, the Senate Judiciary Committee today wimped out as they passed a bi-partisan plan that totally ignores the felony provision in the House bill. The Senate bill lead in part by South Carolina's Lindsay Graham, ( who I am ashamed to say I voted for and in this state the feeling of betrayal continues to mount toward Graham), does not even begin to address the illegal status of immigrants and further provides for short cuts in acquiring citizenship which is a direct slap in the face to the minions who have obeyed the law and patiently followed the seven year process to becoming legitimate citizens of this country. The Senate bill has been hailed as a victory to most illegal alien advocate groups which in itself verifies that this is BAD legislation ! Senator John McCain, (R AZ), stated that the turnout in protest over the paste several days over the House version galvanized the vote by the Committee. In other words illegal non-citizens have a stronger voice according to the members of the Judiciary Committee than the millions of authentic United States citizens like myself who have voiced their opposition to this weak and useless legislation. The bill also allows only a slap on the wrist for violating the laws of immigration and additionally rewards illegals with a temporary work status and absolutely no provision to keep watch of their activities or their temporary status during their guest worker tenure. I will give the bill some credit in that it does greatly increase border security but still stops short of closing the borders which is the only way that the flow will ever be controlled. Both parties have failed once again in addressing the law concerning illegal immigration. Both are guilty of not listening to the people for every indicator overwhelmingly shows that this type of bill is NOT what the country wants. Before either the House or Senate bills are sent to the President for his signature they will have to go once again to Committee in order to find consensus ground between the two bills. Since this is NOT what we the people want and the politicians who follow the path of least resistance and that of political correctness listened to the protests of those whose illegal status and breaking of the law Constitutionally DOES NOT give them a voice in the governmental process, the it is now our turn to MAKE our voice heard. I urge everyone to e-mail and call your Senate and House Representatives until the lines are full and the servers are crashed to demand that this bill get tough before it leaves Capitol Hill. If illegals now have a voice then we who are Americans by birth or by choice must demand our voice and not give up until we are heard! We are a Republic of laws, not a democracy of majority rules. We are the people and while our Constitution still exists we are the voice of this nation and when we speak in unison those who are in Washington have to listen. They listened about the Dubai Ports deal and they better listen about illegal immigration!

Ken Taylor

Monday, March 27, 2006


Throughout the weekend and today I have watched and listened to news accounts of the protesting that is taking place in various locations around the nation over the passing of the House bill which makes illegal immigration a federal offense rather than a civil misdemeanor. In every news report the phrase, "undocumented worker, " is politically correctly used in reference to the illegal aliens who this bill is attempting to begin placing controls on. First let's set the record straight and call it like it is. There is NO such thing as an undocumented worker because they are in this country illegally. Every aspect of their work and living standard is illegal, as is their very presence in this country. Therefore that is where the debate ends PERIOD. Illegal is just that ILLEGAL, thus making anything they are doing AGAINST THE LAW, even protesting. Personally I think the National Guard should be called up to arrest the illegals who are protesting. It is our Constitutional right as a CITIZEN of The United States to protest and decent. The First Amendment states, ".... the right of the PEOPLE peaceably to assemble and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." The key word is this clause of the Amendment is THE PEOPLE, meaning legal citizens whether by birth or by adherence to the laws which are in place for becoming a citizen of this nation. All illegals are in this country in direct violation of the law of the land which allows them absolutely no rights or privileges including health care, social services or to PROTEST. Their very presence on the streets in protest should be greeted with an arrest as with any fugitive from justice. Now those protesting and are citizens have every right under the Constitution to do so, but just how many are actually legal. My thoughts are very few! I ask you who read this post if we as citizens of the United States were to cross the Mexican border and make it to Mexico City to protest the 12 million illegal aliens who are in our country and demand that the Mexican Government do something about it, how far do you think we would get before we were thrown into a Mexican prison for breaking their law ? I really do not believe we would make it very far past the border but if we did then the moment we began any protest Mexican authorities would be Johnny on the spot with the hand cuffs! Additionally what we as Americans decide to do within our country and concerning our borders is the business of the United States and neither Mexico, the United Nations nor anyone who is not associated with this country as a citizen have no say so as to what we do! Any argument as to what to do with someone who breaks the law by illegally entering this country ends with the law. Arguing over what to do with them has absolutely no merits unless the issue of their being law breakers is addressed. Amnesty does not address this. Simply a guest worker program does not address this because neither satisfies adherence to the law. I realize that economically and logistically that deporting 12 million illegals is impossible but again the law must be satisfied. The legislation making being in this country a federal offense and a felony starts the process of satisfying the law. Sizable penalties and probationary reporting of everyone of the 12 million should quickly follow with prison and deportation to follow unless each alien satisfies the law! This entire immigration argument is a moot point because the law has been broken. Close the borders and stop this political correctness with the, "undocumented worker, " garbage and enforce the laws of The United States of America!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Democrats continually claim that they are the spokes people for the American people. In just about every sound bite that is aired on the news and printed in newspapers almost every Democrat quoted says something to the effect that , "this is not what the American people want." It does not matter what the subject is nor how the program is actually accepted or rejected by the American people, Democrats always claim that they speak for the American people. Surprisingly though these politicians that are driven by every poll that comes out and coincidently change their, "agenda, " in conjunction with that poll have yet to find a poll that says they speak for the American people. Personally I do not believe that ANY poll is a true measure of the American public because polls are conducted by people who have an opinion and thus that opinion can be used to manipulate the poll whether by the way the question is asked or by the percentages of people from the right or the left that are used in the poll. The only, "poll, " that counts and is a true measure of what the American people want is the final result on an election day. Yet the Democrats by their polling, ( let's face it 99% of the polling leans to the left), believe they speak for the American people. So just what do these liberal politicians actually speak ? Do they talk a game that is for the betterment of the country ? Do they propose anything that will deal with the pressing issues that we face as a nation ? Though the media continually idolizes Democrats as the saviors of the nation the only agenda that they truly have is one of political destruction and the ending of the Presidency of George W. Bush. Since he took the oath of office the left has had but one goal and that is to say and do whatever it takes to destroy this President and to defeat anything that he proposes, backs, plans or implements regardless of the consequences to the nation and the people that they so arrogantly claim to champion. If Bush is for it then they are against it. If Bush believes it is a success then the left claims it is a failure. If Bush proposes it then they claim it will destroy the country. An example of this liberal agenda came forward last week as the Republican House proposed legislation that will make being an illegal immigrant a crime rather than just a civil offense. The President also proposed similar action that will begin to crack down on the problem of illegal immigration. This is the most pressing problem that the American people are facing today and one that stirs the emotions of every American. Democrats have come out against the proposals though they claim to be strong on illegal immigration. Harry Reid the Senate Minority leader even stated that he would filibuster the legislation when it comes to the Senate. This commentary is not to discuss the merits of the legislation, though they are many, but to reveal the truth about what the left is attempting and what they will do if returned to the majority in November, which I believe is highly unlikely.

Since the election of President Bush the entire focus of the Democrats has been to destroy his Presidency. With the help of the media wing of the Democratic Party the left has continually tried to scandalize this administration, obstructed any and everything that the administration has and is doing and adding insult to injury undermining the war effort and the avenues that the President has legally used to protect this nation. Their obstructionist tactics and rhetoric have been a demoralizing force to our troops as the troops continually hear the political bantering that is daily spewed through the media that the very war they are fighting was entered by deceiving the American people. Yet the very same Democrats who today claim that the war is illegal with the same intelligence that the President used made the exact same case as the President both before the war and as far back as the previous administration. Now these same liberals who said exactly the same thing claim the President lied and are crying for his impeachment on the grounds that he lied to the American People and is using illegal means in , "domestic spying." Every one of these leftist demagogues know that the very rhetoric they are spewing is as false as the day is long yet they continually use this destructive agenda to claim they are speaking for the American people and to protect the nation from the corruption of the President and the Republican majority. All for the acquisition of power and the destruction of the Bush Presidency. Even now they are positioning themselves in the fervent belief that this web of deception and destruction they are weaving will place them in power in November and give them the ability to impeach the President and remove him from office.

Well I have news for these socialistic liberals who seek to destroy the very foundations of this nation by manipulating the Constitution for their own political gain and lust for power. We the people are not buying your lies. We see through your web of deception and realize that were you to gain the power for which you lust and control the House and the Senate then your liberal ideology will create havoc in every branch of the government as you bring about the socialistic form of America that you so believe in. Those who we fight now will once again become useless warrants on paper as you use the courts rather than the military to fight this enemy who wishes our destruction as a nation. You do not speak for me nor for the majority of the American people and I find it utterly offensive when you claim to be my defender and protector. Those who fight daily on the front lines of freedom wearing the uniforms that protect this nation are the true defenders of the American people. When you continue to undermine their mission by your rhetoric then you undermine the very American people you so claim to stand for. When you seek to destroy the very foundation of defense that is protecting this nation so bravely then you seek the destruction of the people who are the country. Political destruction does not win elections and we the people see your true intent and your lust for power and as long as this nation is a nation, "of the people, by the people and for the people, " then the politics of hatred and destruction will never gain our support.

Ken Taylor


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Thursday, March 23, 2006


United States and British troops conducted a raid west of Baghdad which resulted in the freedom of three Christian Peacemaker hostages that were kidnapped last November. When troops found the hostages they were bound and their captors had already fled the building. Throughout the day on radio talk shows and news briefs as well as articles in liberal papers the continual reference to this rescue by troops was that the hostages were set free because the captors had already fled giving the impression that the captors had voluntarily released the hostages . First putting this into a little perspective and comparing the situation to a police raid. If a criminal hears or sees police approaching his hideout, if the opportunity presents itself would that criminal not flee the scene to prevent capture.? Absolutely ! Now if captors who were holding hostages that had been continually in the news for several months with one of the hostages already found tortured and murdered by the same captors either being tipped about the raid or saw or heard the troops approach, does it not stand to reason that they would run with their tails between their legs as fast as their murderous legs could carry them ? Again, absolutely! This notion that the media is attempting to portray that this was an easy walk in the park for our troops to , "free, " the hostages is ridiculous. Hostage rescue is one of the most difficult operations that any soldier can carry out because the element of surprise and the well being of the hostages is so important. The danger amplifies because of the desperate situation that the captors find themselves in and in most cases if caught they will fight to the death to prevent capture and the freedom of the hostages. Troops are also forced into a situation where they must protect the hostages from being killed by their captors while fighting the captors which adds a much greater risk to their own lives.

Adding insult to injury of the job performed by these tremendous troops is the group that the hostages are members of the Chicago-based Christian Peacemaker Teams . Throughout the day they have defended the Islamic radicals who took their members hostage and portrayed the coalition troops as the enemy and as terrorists. Never once in any interview did these ungrateful imbeciles express their gratitude for the rescue and when point blank asked about their response to the troops who rescued their fellow members the response was, " the captors had already left." Then in the very same breath condemning the very troops who rescued the hostages.

So this blog will take this opportunity to say thank you to each of the U.S. and British troops who rescued the hostages from their imprisonment and through their bravery and sacrifice gained freedom for three individuals who otherwise were under a death sentence by their captors. Every man and women who is serving in the United States military and our coalition partners place their life on the line every day despite those who do not support them and are attempting by their rhetoric and even their actions to undermine the mission of these heroic individuals. The left through their biased polls and falsehoods would have the world believe that the troops are fighting in vain in an illegal war and that they do not believe in what they are doing and that they themselves agree with those who oppose this war. Talk to any member of the military and they will tell you that this is a balled faced lie. Do they want to come home ? Sure they do but not until they have completed their mission. They will also tell you of the tremendous success that they are seeing in this land they have liberated and that their main fear is not of those that they are fighting or that they will lose this war, but that they fear that the lies and half truths that the media and the left are spewing showing their mission as a failure will turn this country against them as it did those who fought and died in Vietnam. Well to those who serve freedoms cause in Iraq, Afghanistan and anywhere that Old Glory flies as it leads our troops, this country believes in you. We believe in your mission and we wish God's speed and His greatest blessing upon you and your families as you fight to defend this land that we all love. God bless our men and women who serve and protect this nation.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Over the past several days there has been a focused attention on the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Most of the reporting that has been covered by the mainstream media has been looking at the failures and even when covering the President's PR campaign the focus after the sound/video bites have attempted to change the positive focus portrayed by the President into either a body count or dwelling on the insurgency and the perceived notion that Iraq is either in or on the verge of civil war. Very little has been mentioned in the press about the latest revelations concerning the declassification of captured documents showing an obvious link between the Hussein regime and Osama Bin Laden prior to 9/11 and after. Almost nothing has been mentioned about the documents that have shown the deception and distribution of the WMD's by Hussein just prior to the invasion and the lengthy means to deceive weapons inspectors before the invasion. I know that those of you who are opposed to this theatre of battle as a part of the greater global war on terror are even as you are reading this preparing your arguments about the failures and the supposed deception that has been claimed by the left from the beginning. You are free to believe what you will but looking at the facts about Iraq and comparing them to other wars and theatres of battle that the United States has participated in, Iraq is not only a rousing success but more has been accomplished with fewer casualties and loss of life and in a shorter time period than in any conflict that this nation has been involved in throughout out entire history. Every soldier and civilian that is lost during any war is a tragedy that unfortunately is the highest and most devastating cost of war. At this third anniversary we must pay tribute to each and every brave American who has given the ultimate sacrifice on the altar of freedom and remember the sorrow of those they have left behind. For those who have been wounded in the fighting, there is never enough appreciation that anyone can express for the service that has been rendered to this nation and the physical sacrifice that has been made. For all who have and are currently serving our gratitude as a nation and as individuals for your service to the cause of freedom can never be expressed enough. Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do in your service to our country.

In retrospect, have there been mistakes made in Iraq ? Certainly but this is an aspect of war that has and will always occur. Though commanders and the Commander in Chief and his staff can plan and execute that plan there will always be contingencies that occur that will cause any plan to meet with obstacles which cause re-examination and revision. No one can anticipate every aspect of a war prior to or even during the conflict. This is one of the natures of war and the theatre of Iraq is no exception. Every war that we have fought in has received constant revision of tactics, goals and personnel. During WWII our first battlefield experience against the Nazi's was an absolute failure and defeat as Rommel's Afrika Corps totally and utterly devastated the United States Second Army in North Africa. A change in command brought General George S. Patton and along with British Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery , the allied forces reversed the campaign and defeated Rommel's Afrika Corps.

Many have criticized the length of the conflict in Iraq. We live in an era of sound bites and fast breaking news covered 24 hours by massive cable news channels. This gives a false expectation that any conflict should end as quickly as the sound bite can cover. Iraq and the progress that has been made with Iraqi forces in charge of security in the majority of the country and projected to be at 75% by the end of the year is extremely fast for a country to return to self protection after war. Japan still requires the protection of the United States and it took more than seven years to establish a government and a Constitution that was agreeable to the nation. Iraq has a working constitution and an elected government that is governing the nation and is in the process of finalizing their differences on the future governing of the country by all factions which are represented in the Iraqi Parliament.

Insurgency and disagreement between factions within the country does not mean civil war ! There was a strong insurgency in both Japan and Germany following WWII that killed many American soldiers who fought the insurgency. Several factions within both nations disagreed with each other even to the point of blood shed yet both countries with the help of the United States and our allies over came their differences and established agreeable governments. Eastern Germany suffered through forty five years of communist domination because of Soviet expansion but that was not caused by insurgency nor disagreements. Poor politics by leaders who divided spheres of influence after the war directly resulted in the debacle. Iraq's insurgency is not supported by the vast majority of the public who favors the elected government and a free society. Iraq does have the terrorist element do deal with which is seeking to derail every effort in order to use Iraq as a base of operations for world wide activities. Yet the recent bombings of mosques by the terrorist element that caused escalation of sectarian violence did not get wide spread support and though still existing is on the decrease. Emotions for civil war are not evident in Iraq. The majority of Iraqis want a free government and the opportunity to live in that freedom.

When will Iraq be finished ? No one can know for sure. Tremendous progress with great mistakes have taken place during the last three years and progress and mistakes will continue. Has the military learned from the mistakes ? Absolutely and changes have been implemented bringing improvement. Will critics still complain ? No doubt of that because there are always critics in war and during the aftermath. Our troops have and will continue to accomplish great strides in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both theatres will have their individual problems but the accomplishments far out weigh the trouble. The bottom line is that two countries that did not know freedom now are experiencing freedom and liberties that know one thought could have happened five years ago. Millions in both countries are free, though the situation is not perfect, neither Iraq nor Afghanistan would even have the opportunity to be free were it not for the brave men and women and the resolve of the United States of America.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, March 19, 2006


The massive problem of illegal immigration is one of the most frustrating political hot buttons that has ever faced this nation. The daily flow of illegals especially from our southern border with Mexico is causing not only a great strain on the resources and economy of the country but has created a fire storm of anger and opinion that has not been seen in this form since the Civil War. Regardless of our social and economic status this massive out of control situation in some form effects every legal citizen of the nation and no one seems overly interested in dealing with the core of the problem which is stopping the flow and what to do with the more than 12 million who are already in the country. Ideas range from capture and deportation to total amnesty. The answer to the border problem is always to increase security but can just increasing security alone stop the flow of the thousands per day who illegally cross our borders ? There are literally thousands of American businesses who depend daily on illegals to satisfy work that is claimed to be undesirable to the legal American worker and at a considerably less wage than most U.S. citizens require. Additionally those who are willing to do the work that illegals perform cannot compete in many circles BECAUSE the illegal is willing to work for much less thus creating a greater profit margin for many businesses. From a political stand point neither party is showing the conviction to deal with the total problem and only offering changes which only scratch the surface of this national emergency. The Democrats see an opportunity for an additional voting block since some of their ideas involve ways to document their illegal status such as drivers license which would allow them to vote. Republicans are afraid of causing a rift in the business community, a strong GOP supporter, which depends on the illegal for filling jobs at cheap wages. The administration is concerned with offending relations with Mexico and causing tension between the countries. As far as the citizenry is concerned there IS ALREADY a great deal of tension between the countries as a form a racial anger toward Mexican illegals is becoming widespread throughout the country. Most Americans businesses are catering to the Mexican illegals in the form of adapting advertising and their business both within the business and in commercials to Spanish and actually changing aspects of their business to accommodate Mexican customers. A prime example is locally in Myrtle Beach, SC where I live. One of the areas five Walmarts has recently remodeled and since this particular store is where the majority of the thousands of Mexicans workers who are employed by the boom in construction that is sweeping this resort area shop the store has catered to this population and in some ways to the neglect of the remainder of those who shop in the store. Again this is but one example of a wide spread problem.

The United States has since her birth been a melting pot of immigrants. Everyone of us who are not a descendant of the American Indian can trace our heritage to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa or a multitude of other nations that have all contributed to the growth and success of this nation over the last 230 years since we declared our independence. At one point immigration to American was so great that Ellis Island in New York Harbor became the first destination to most immigrants. The purpose of this historical landmark was to document and begin the process of legally entering this land of opportunity in order to allow the freedoms in this nation to give rise to a better life than these new future Americans had in their native country. Although everyone who passed through Ellis Island had a different past and customs that were peculiar to their native heritage all had a common goal: to become an American. Not to come to this country and the nation accommodate herself to them but to acclimate to American society and become an intricate part of the great nation which included learning our native language and adjusting to the American way of life.

Today the politically correct attitude is to adapt America to the immigrant whether illegal of legal. English is being replaced by every language especially Spanish. Even our oath of citizenship is being given in languages other than English. Society as a whole is adapting to other nationalities rather than those who are immigrating to the country adapting to American society. Is the problem of illegal immigrants so out of control that there is no answer that will solve the problem ? Can we secure our borders to prevent the massive flow of illegals from happening ? Will we lose our relationship with Mexico if we get tough on the border problem ? First our relationship with Mexico is the least of our worries. The influx of money that illegals pour into the Mexican economy would bankrupt the nation if it were to stop. Tough, that is their problem not ours. Vincente Fox the President of Mexico is no real ally because of his opposition to our securing our borders and his failure to deal with the economic troubles in his country. Mexico will stick with the United States regardless of whether we close our borders because they cannot afford militarily or economically to be in dis-favor with this country. So Mr. President and Congress the first step to controlling illegal immigration is to CLOSE THE BORDERS and even build the southern border wall from California to Texas. After the borders are closed anyone who enters this country illegally is deported immediately with no questions asked and if they enter a second time then they are imprisoned for 10 years at one of the closed military bases in Texas adapted for this purpose and used as labor for government work projects already in existence. Second, I realize that arresting and deporting the 12 million already in the country is a logistical and economical impossibility. Therefore those who are here illegally must be penalized and more than the $2000.00 in the McCain/Kennedy proposal. For instance a fine of 5 -10 thousand dollars with 500 hours of community service and placed on a strict probationary status as anyone who violates the law is. Employment must remain constant and weekly reporting to local authorities to regularly monitor their status. If that status is not followed to the letter of the law and any infraction of U.S. law takes place then immediate deportation for the immigrant and their family occurs with NO possibility of re-entering the country. If they re-enter than the above mentioned imprisonment applies. Every business who continues to employ illegals after the borders are closed will risk losing their business license and be required to pay a sizable fine and the owner of the business face a jail sentence of 6 months at the local county jail. Those who employ illegals on the probationary program must report employment financial records monthly to insure that the illegals are not being given preference over American citizens. Every illegal on the probation program will be required to learn English within the first year and have a basic knowledge of how our system of government works or he/she will face immediate deportation along with their family. I realize that all that has been outlined here will require a great deal of effort to implement but if we continue on the current path, then what we have known as the American dream will soon fade into a multinational quagmire with the loss of the American that we all love and cherish and the end of our diverse yet singularly American way of life.

Ken Taylor


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Thursday, March 16, 2006


The Senate Judiciary Committee announced today that they have nearly completed a compromise immigration bill that greatly increases border security and allows the nearly 12 million illegals in the United States an opportunity for citizenship. The bill is a compromise between the Presidents proposal which offers an amnesty program and the House bill already passed which covers the security aspect only but does not address the status of those already in the country. The Senate bill is co/sponsored by Senator John McCain and Senator Ted Kennedy. The sponsorship alone causes misgivings because both politicians send chills up my spine when they propose anything for it usually comes back to haunt the nation after passage. The No Child Left Behind Act, cosponsored by Kennedy and backed by the President is a prime example because of the massive failure that it has become. Another example from McCain is the McCain /Feingold Campaign Finance Bill which tramples the first amendment and is directly responsible for the growth of the 527's. On the service the immigration bill has merits since it does greatly enhance border security though I think the idea of a fence on the southern border should not be abandoned. The bill allows for those already in the country to,"pay a $2,000 fine, apply for a six-year temporary status, have a job, pay taxes, learn English and show an understanding of U.S. government, " according to Kennedy. They would then have the ability to apply for citizenship but not bumped to the front of the line ahead of those who follow the proper channels. This is where I still have problems with the illegal immigration status. Each of those who are illegally in the United States have broken the law. I do appreciate the fact that the bill fines them and has requirements in order to remain in the country, but they have still broken the law. I also realize the dilemma concerning the work force. The majority of those illegally in the country are employed by business who would suffer a great financial burden and possibly go out of business were it not for illegals. Yet in many cases the illegals are taking jobs that some Americans would gladly have and there are also merits to the fact that illegals take jobs that many would not have. Though it pains me to admit it I realize that finding and deporting the 12 million already here is most likely a bad idea because of the economic and logistical impact on the nation. I do believe that the penalty that the bill imposes of $2,000 is not enough and should also require some form of community service as though they were on probation with the penalty of deportation if all of the provision were not followed and obeyed to the letter of the law. Unfortunately the immigration problem is a catch 22 no matter how it is addressed. I totally disagree with the amnesty idea that the President favors because illegals have broken the law and do have a debt to society for this infraction. Another aspect that the bill does not address is the status of the border after the bill is implemented. Will illegals still have the capability to come into the country even with increased security ? A total closing of the border should be implemented along with the added security and any who come into the country illegally should be deported pronto with no exceptions. Once again the fence idea will assist greatly with border closing. This situation is so far out of control that there are no simple answers. The McCain/Kennedy compromise scratches the surface but does not go far enough. Is it a start ? Yes, but there must be a great deal more enforcement, security and penalties for illegals added. Close the borders, keep the 12 million but with larger penalties as mentioned above and enforcement of their status with ANY violation of the statutes of their temporary status or any criminal act, even a speeding ticket, resulting in immediate deportation of the perpetrator and his/her family. Additionally there should be added severe penalties for business who continue to employ illegals after the bill is enacted to prevent the continuation of the employment problem. Our borders must be made secure both South and North with full control of those already in the country.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


The attempt by Senator Russ Fiengold, (D WI), to censure the President is not to popular within his own party. Democrats on the hill are running away from this debacle as fast as their liberal feet can take them! Fiengold himself ran from the Senate floor on Monday when he presented the measure refusing to debate the measure with Senator Arlen Spector. Several prominent Democrats including Chuck Schumer, John Kerry and the Hildabeast, (Hillary, "Rotten," Clinton), actually went out of their way to avoid the press over the Fiengold measure when they entered the capitol this morning. Kerry nearly ran into someone who was being scanned at a security post as he dodged the press. Hillary hid behind a fellow representative. Many Democrats ducked out of the Capitol secretly later in the day once again to avoid the press. Schumer who is the Democrats camera boy quickly commented that he did not know enough about the measure to make comment, this despite the fact that he was in the Senate chambers when Fiengold presented the measure Monday. In my previous post concerning the Fiengold measure it was mentioned that the Constitution,( which is the basis on which Fiengold stated his measure), does not have a provision to censure a President only House and Senate members and his hypocrisy over his own joint bill with John McCain and campaign finance which tramples the first amendment provision of free speech. Fiengold's hypocrisy does not end there. It turns out that he is NOT one of the members of the Senate or the House who was briefed on the NSA program therefore he does not have all of the details of the program nor was he among those briefed on the legal precedence for the program. Because of his fellow Democrats lack of support for his censure measure Fiengold accused the left of, "cowering, " when the President's numbers are so low. Senator your fellow libs are not cowering to the President. Even they recognize a stupid move when they see it. Although this ridiculous measure has no chance of passage by the Senate and most likely will progress no further than it has it does prove that the Democrats are gearing up the 2006 election campaign to run against the President instead of running on the issues. Terry McCauliff mentioned in an interview yesterday that the Dems were running against a, "failed Presidency, " in 06 and 08. Hey Senator Fiengold, Terry McCauliff, and all of the rest of you on the left I have a news flash for you: THE PRESIDENT IS NOT RUNNING ON ANY BALLOT ! The people are interested in the issues and who will address them. Though the Republicans have been weak and I have several issues of disagreement with the President, at least the leadership has an agenda based on plans and not just anger and hatred toward Bush which is the ONLY agenda by the left. The Democrats truly believe that stunts like the Fiengold measure will gain the backing and trust of the people. Combine this with the low poll numbers and the left believes that those of us who support the President will do as they did in 1994 and jump ship because of our disagreements. They still do not realize that 1994 happened BECAUSE the issues were addressed and the Contract With America gave a platform that propelled the Republicans into the majority. Again I have news for you on the left, though we may disagree we still support the President and the leadership and will do so in November. Ploys like Fiengold's and the anger driven agenda by the left only polarize the voters against the left. So Democrats, keep up the great work!

Ken Taylor

Monday, March 13, 2006


Senator Russ Fiengold (D WI), has proposed on the Senate floor a measure seeking censure of President Bush over the NSA wiretap program that the President authorized to intercept calls from terrorists into the United States. Falsely calling the NSA program a, "domestic spying," program and claiming that the program is aimed at U.S. citizens, Fiengold stated that , "The President has broken the law and, in some way, he must be held accountable." It has been argued in many circles as to the legality of the NSA program and this writer has presented the sub-chapters within the FISA act that gives the President the authority as well as his powers as Commander in Chief and those given by the Congressional authorization for military force after 9/11. This post is not to argue the merits of Fiengold's claim for there are none. The hypocrisy of his charge and his claim to be a Constitutional expert concerning this situation is an affront to the very core of the Constitution. First this so called Constitutional scholar is seeking censure for a President. The Constitution does not have a provision for Presidential censure but only censure of a member of the House or the Senate. Second, Fiengold is the , "pot calling the kettle black," so to speak. This Senator teamed up with Senator John McCain to pass the, McCain/Fiengold Campaign Finance Bill which tramples the first amendment right of free speech. The bill prevents advertising for a candidate by private groups 60 days prior to a general election and 30 days prior to a primary which is a clear violation of free speech. Thankfully not even the majority of the members of his own Democratic Party are siding with Fiengold. He claims that this is not a political act but the Wisconsin Senator has made his wishes to run for the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination and if this is NOT a political ploy to once again get his 15 minutes of fame and free campaign spots then the sky is falling and Chicken Little was right !

Ken Taylor

Sunday, March 12, 2006


As the debacle known as the, "Dubai ports deal," began drawing to a conclusion and the President continued to stress the importance of the UAE as an ally in the War on Terror there have been many who have questioned the reasoning behind having allies such as the UAE. After all the UAE though attempting to mirror the United States in many ways is still a form of dictatorship since the Leader Sheikh is not elected and he in many ways determines the direction of the country. Because of their Islamic beliefs certain human rights are not prevalent in the nation even causing the UAE to be on certain human rights watch dog lists. So the question arises, "should the United States be allied with nations like the UAE and Saudi Arabia, who has a similar record ?" Additionally both nation contributed to the manpower in the 9/11 attacks and there are still those within both countries that support Islamic extremist who consider America the , "great satan." Keep in mind that even in this country there are Islamic extremist who believe the same. Why then does the United States ally with countries who are also potential enemies because of political and religious situations in that country ? There is an old saying that,"necessity sometimes causes strange bed fellows." This is one of that type of allied situation. The UAE and Saudi Arabia need the United States and, yes we need both countries. Though I do not agree with a foreign country such as the UAE having operational control of our ports I do believe in the necessity of this questionable allied relationship. The UAE is a vital strategic location with Dubai having ports that service U.S. naval vessels. In fact the only country that has more U.S. naval dockings than the UAE is the United States. Additionally the Al Dhafra Air Base just outside of Abu Dhabi is a strategic base which has been the starting point for a majority of the sorties that have gone into Iraq and Afghanistan. The UAE is also at the eastern side of the Straits of Hormuz which is a vital water passage to the Gulf of Arabia and oil passage out of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and yes even Iran. The UAE government is allowing the United States to use the country as a watch point for Iran in the nuclear crises. The UAE provides a strategic and close local to the Iranian border on the gulf and if military action becomes necessary a vital base of operations.

Throughout our history the United States has been allied to countries who at the time could not have only been enemies because of their political status but situations within the country were contrary to U.S. beliefs and policies. Beginning as far back as the Revolution the United States allied with France whose King Louis the 16th was not exactly the show piece in human rights yet because of the bitter hatred between the French and Great Britain, France became and ally during the Revolution not as much because of the nation as a whole backing the war but because of their hatred of England. There were many in France who fully believed in the idea of liberty and freedom that we were fighting for but most of the elite French leadership were not among them. France backed the Revolution more as an affront to England than in support of liberty. Benjamin Franklin our Ambassador to France realized this and used it to his and our advantage. Another prime example of allied because of necessity is the relationship in WWII between the United States and the Soviet Union. Josef Stalin was a brutal dictator who during the course of his reign as Soviet leader governed over the killing of 20 million of his own people in Gulags, political assassinations, reprisals on disobedient villages among other atrocities. Yet because of his strategic location on the eastern side of the German Third Reich and the fact that Hitler double crossed Stalin making Germany an enemy of the Soviet Union, this brutal dictator became a necessary ally to both the United States and Great Britain. Did we completely trust Stalin ? Absolutely NOT ! Throughout this , "friendship of necessity, " both FDR and Churchill continually had great misgivings about the Soviets and Stalin in particular. At times FDR to the anger of Winston Churchill would embarrass the British Prime Minister in order to attempt to endear himself to Stalin as a political ploy to assure Stalin's cooperation in certain allied decisions. But ultimately the might of the Soviet military was needed and greatly assisted in the fall of Nazi Germany as the three powers created a vise that crushed the Nazi war machine.

The unfortunate problem about allies of necessity is that the relationship can come back to haunt the United States. Our allied relationship with France caused our entrance into Vietnam then France abandoned the country leaving us to clean up the mess. This is just one example among other problems that our relationship with France has caused throughout our history. The Soviets began a communist expansion after WWII which resulted in the communist take over of Eastern Europe and more than forty years of Cold War with the Soviet Union until 1989 and the collapse of communism in Russia and Eastern Europe. Will the relationship with the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries come back to haunt us as past allied experiences have. Quite possibly. This is one of the very reasons why allied relationships are precarious and extremely frustrating. While standing for principles and the truest meaning of the United States Presidents are faced with the leadership decision of seeking those who may not have the greatest record in world politics in order to achieve an ultimate goal. FDR faced this dilemma, Eisenhower faced it, Truman faced it, Bush 41 faced it in Desert Storm, Reagan faced it with Iraq against Iran in the 80's and today George W. Bush has had to face a leadership decision of necessity. Weighing the pros and cons and making a Presidential decision as have his predecessors that have the security of the nation and the interests of the United States as their goal knowing that future consequences may have to be dealt with in a different manner. That is the unfortunate responsibility of leadership and just as previous President's have President Bush has made tough decisions necessary for tough times.

Ken Taylor


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Thursday, March 09, 2006


Although I disagree with the earmark method that forced the issue concerning the Dubai ports deal, ( as I mentioned in yesterdays post), the voice of the people has moved the halls of Congress and today bowing to pressure the Dubai firm gave up operational rights to the six United States ports to a, "United States entity." Soon after the announcement I heard a press release that explained much of the reason why the President was so steadfast in his support for the deal. An additional 10 U.S. diplomats are going to Dubai and setting up shop to keep an eye on the Iran situation and starting a program similar to the, "Radio Free Europe, " program used to broadcast to people behind the, "Iron Curtain, " during the Cold War. Dubai and the UAE agreed to assist the United States in the Iran watch program and in broadcasting the voice of freedom into Iran to encourage those opposed to the current Islamic regime. Though a noble and necessary cause and one that will still move forward despite the end of the Dubai ports deal, it does not justify turning over management of terminals to the UAE. Basically the Dubai company passing operational control to a U.S. entity is a win, win situation. Even though the White House continued to back off of the veto threat today before the announcement this end prevents the veto confrontation between Congress and The White House and accomplishes the ending of the Dubai deal. All of this comes from the out cry of the people. An overwhelming 70% opposed the Dubai deal and Congressional Representatives responded to those who put them in office. We have actually been witness to the wisdom of the Founding Fathers as the true meaning of our Republic, "of the people, by the people and for the people, " accomplished the ending of the Dubai deal. No other country in the world has a form of government that is directly responsible to the people. For those who do not believe that our voice counts then I give you today's result as evidence that when we the people speak then our Representatives must listen. We can move the mountain of government when we speak in one voice and force the issues as we did this. The Dubai company stated that they chose this course of action to prevent damaging good relations with the United States. They too understand that when the people of this country speak then government must listen and act accordingly. The allied relationship that the President was concerned about damaging is still in force and strong and the will of the people to prevent a foreign country from having access to U.S. security has also been accomplished. I realize that this is an election year and those in Washington are seeking our vote for re-election and this may have been some of the motivation behind Congressional actions but regardless this proves once again that government still answers to the people and will continue to do so as has been the case since our birth as a nation.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


The House Republicans today indicated that the Appropriations Committee will attach a provision to an appropriations bill that provides funding for the war and hurricane relief to stop the Dubai ports deal. The purpose to this provision is to attempt to overcome a promised Presidential veto. Though I understand the reasoning behind the provision and the concern by House members about the Dubai deal I disagree with their approach. The White House over the past few days has been backing down somewhat from the initial reaction which resulted in the President promising to veto any bill that stopped the ports deal after Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist stated that he would introduce legislation to that effect. The tide to end the ports deal has been continually rising as the majority of Americans have voiced their opposition to the deal as has this blog and writer which continues to be my position. Concerning the House approach attaching a provision to a very important and necessary appropriations bill, this is the very type of earmark problem that is currently being debated and legislation being established to end. There are other ways to stop the ports deal beside attaching the provision to a appropriation to force the Presidents hand. First I believe that Bush has backed away somewhat from his initial reaction and if legislation to stop the deal were to pass the House and Senate Bush would most likely not veto the bill using his first veto since taking office. Second using earmarks to stop the deal is as much an under handed way to achieve legislation as pork barrel attachments. Rather than using the earmark the House should design an emergency bill which would certainly pass and quickly send it to the Senate for sure passage there. The bill should stand alone and NOT be attached as is indicated by today's news. Another reason for a stand alone bill is the fact that attachments do not show who voted for the attachment as a stand alone bill does. With legislation as important as this each Representative and Senator should be on the record either for or against it. As an attachment the vote count is specifically for the bill that the attachment is riding on so there is no way of knowing whether the vote is for the main bill or the attachment. There are certain issues that demand that our elected officials make their position known and this is one of them. A stand alone bill stopping the ports deal would accomplish this so we the people will know how those that we vote for stand!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I have been active in politics since my later teen years back in the early 70's, that is one of the reasons that I began posting on the web because of my beliefs and opinions and the fact that this blog allows me a forum in which to express both. There comes a time though when regardless of our political beliefs or who we support in Washington or even the pressing issues of the day that all of this must be set aside to recognize what truly represents America and who we are as a people. I listen to the Sean Hannity radio show as often as my job which requires a good bit of driving allows. For the last few months Sean has been talking with a true American hero and today this hero received some bad news but what he expressed during Hannity's show is an inspiration to all of us who call ourselves patriots and Americans. The soldiers name is PFC Joshua Sparling. PFC Sparling is with the 82nd Airborne out of Fort Bragg, NC. In November of last year while on patrol in Ramadi, Iraq PFC Sparling was severely wounded in the lower half of his left leg and has received the news that the leg will have to be amputated below the knee. He still has at least nine months of painful bone regeneration that he must endure to make it possible to successfully amputate below the knee which will allow this hero to have use of his leg with a prosthetic leg. His only wish is not for a full recovery so that he may go home and begin life as a civilian but rather that he will once again have the ability to re-join his unit and return to Iraq to finish the mission. His attitude is remarkable. Never does he express anger over his wounding or seek justifiable sympathy. Rather this brave American expresses concern and admiration for other soldiers that are in Walter Reed with him and a deep heart felt love for his country and pride in his military service for freedom. Whenever I have listened to this great American I am reminded that he and others like him are what this country is all about. The bickering in Washington, political positioning for this years election, Senate and House hearings and other daily stories that occupy the news though all important and worth our time and our expression of opinion and discussion are meaningless but for the sacrifice of men and women like PFC Joshua Sparling and their willingness to fight for what all of us believe in - The United States of America. This brave young man who loves this country and has willingly fought for not only our freedom but for the freedom of people thousands of miles from the land he calls home knows absolutely no regret for the loss of his leg nor for the time he has spent defending freedom. This is a true American hero. This is what makes American great and this is what insures that this nation not only has a bright future but a future filled with the promise of freedom and liberty. As long as men and women like PFC Joshua Sparling follow their heart and stand for what they and we believe then we as a nation and a people have nothing to fear. God bless you PFC Joshua Sparling !

Ken Taylor

If you would care to express your thanks to PFC Sparling send a card or letter to: PFC Joshua Sparling/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center6900 Georgia Avenue N.W.Washington, DC20307-5001

Monday, March 06, 2006


Former President Bill Clinton has once again revealed his total hypocrisy concerning the Dubai ports deal that has created much controversy during the past few weeks. Clinton speaking at the Centennial Celebration at Pace University blasted President Bush concerning port security by stating that he, "still really can't believe we only check 5 percent of our containers at all the ports in America when we've had now for four years a study saying that unless we do 10 to 20 percent, there's no deterrent effect at all. " Not once during his speech did he mention that he is on the payroll of the Dubai government as advisor on how to overcome opposition against the ports deal. Clinton has been a regular speaker at several functions in the UAE and a regular visitor in the nation as well as an advisor on several situations concerning the UAE and United States interests. This is not unusual for , "Bubba, " to speak out of both sides of his mouth since it was a regular practice as President and one he continues in his current life as a former Chief Executive. It is one thing for Clinton to act as an advisor to the Dubai company, he is entitled to his opinion concerning this deal but to publicly blast President Bush while behind the scenes supporting this deal is hypocrisy as its worst. I am still not in favor of the ports deal and though a Bush supporter willingly state my opposition to this deal and unless it can be proven without question that the UAE will never have access to port or any of U.S. security procedures then my opposition will continue and it will be in the open. Clinton is doing as he always has, if the polls show opposition the he is opposed while his second face, the one the public does NOT see gives support. The two faces of William Jefferson Clinton, good ole' boy in public, back stabber and deceiver in private. Some things never change!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Last week a Colorado High School geography teacher made headlines with a ridiculous diatribe that compared the President to Adolph Hitler and The United Stated flag to the Nazi flag with the diatribe continuing to blame this nation for most of the problems in the world including defending and justifying Al Qaeda and the murderous attacks on 9/11. This all in the name of education. Thankfully a sixteen year old student recorded and exposed this leftist and the school suspended the teacher for his class room antics. Listening to this, "educator, "angered me greatly and reminded me of many of the liberal diatribes that have been spewed in recent months and as far back as 2000 and even before. I was reminded of Dick Durbins disgusting remarks on the Senate floor comparing our military to Nazi Germany. Ted Kennedy accusing the United States of being the same as Saddam Hussein's regime during the Abu Ghraib flack. Richard Dryfess just recently ranted comparing the President to Hitler and blaming the United States for the worlds problems. Time and again the Bush administration and this country are being compared by the left to Nazi Germany and other dictatorial regimes that have contributed to evil and oppression in the world and the disgusting part of all of this is that most actually believe what they are saying. They have no clue as to the truth of history nor the facts that they supposedly base their leftist rhetoric on just an angry diatribe intended to bring shock value and the accusation of evil against our nation, our President and the military that fights to defend their right to speak this disgusting rhetoric. Do any of these left wing socialists ever look into the history books to attempt to find truth behind what they are spewing ? Of course not for as elitist they already know everything regardless of whether it is truthful or not. When United States Senators who have the record readily available and who do know the truth behind their lies spew this same elitist garbage, it is then that it not only becomes dangerous but passes the point of sanity and gives reason to actually question their patriotism. Adlai Stevenson once said "Patriotism is not short, frenzied outbursts of emotion, but the tranquil and steady dedication of a lifetime." A truer statement of patriotism has never been said. Emotional outburst are the course of life with the left and their anger has created an agenda that insults the core of who we are as a nation, as a people and as a leader in the world.

For those who agree with this diatribe and comparison to Hitler and Nazi Germany answer these simple questions from history and find the truth behind your anger. Has the United States advocated the systematic elimination through slave labor and state sponsored genocide of six million people as is evidenced by the Nazi controlled Holocaust ? Has the United States brutally conquered and oppressed most of an entire continent fully occupying each conquered nation and eliminating any form of democratic government and forcing allegiance to the dictator of the oppressors ? Has the President of the United States, George W. Bush, systematically through various members of his administration eliminated freedom and demanded that regardless of our personal ideology, religious beliefs, or conscience demanded that we swear allegiance and take an oath to his party as Hitler did with National Socialism, (Nazi Party) ? Does every official in government whether at the local, state or federal level have to swear allegiance to the President's party in order to remain in office ? If you disagree with the President and his policy are you arrested, taken to prison and slated for execution as those who spoke out against Hitler were ? Has the President sent United States Marshals into our libraries and institutions of learning to destroy all books that speak of freedom, individual rights or any ideologies that disagree with that of the President ? Do we fear every day that the President's personal police squad will burst into our home and arrest any member of our family never to be seen again as those under German occupation did with the Gestapo ?

None of the above questions can be answered TRUTHFULLY in the positive for none of these situations exist or even come close to existence in the United States, the Bush administration or those countries that we are fighting in. Yet to listen to the left it is an absolute fact of life and something we need to fear every day. Additionally if there was even a trace of truth to this diatribe those who make this ridiculous charge would be EXECUTED for saying it! This hate mongoring by the left is a true statement as to who is in control of the Democrat Party as many of their stalwart leaders and the chairman of the Party Howard Dean spew this angry rhetoric on a daily basis. If not using Hitler using similar dictatorial references and false charges not just against the President but this nation. There are many in the Democrat Party and even on the left who do not agree with this disgusting, anger driven emotion filled rhetoric. Yet when they speak in calm and with sense they too are demonized and charged in like manor. Take Joseph Lieberman for example. Does this anger driven rhetoric play well with the people ? Absolutely NOT ! Will it show in a backlash at the voting booth ? I believe so. Those on the left truly believe that this form of attack and anger will restore their power dominance in Washington. After all the , "polls, '" do not look good. Polls can and are slanted not only in the number of participants but in the way the question is asked. The only, "poll, " that truly counts is the one at the ballot box. Anger and false accusations with rhetoric that compares this nation to Hitler or others will never change the voting public. Only ideas and policy will, because thankfully elections are still won on idea and content driven agendas and not those based on anger and emotion.

Ken Taylor


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Friday, March 03, 2006


Former President Jimmy Carter is once again in the news and is once again in the news for siding against the United States. The United Nations Human Rights Council has long been a joke since it has boasted as its members countries such as Libya, Syria and several other countries who have been known for violations of human rights. This Council came into the lime light when the United Nations was debating the final resolution against then Saddam Hussein's Iraq when it was discovered that Libya was the country heading the Council. The United States has been actively involved in attempting to change the Council so that it is represented by countries that have records that favor human rights. Carter is now siding with countries that are in violation of the true meaning of the Council and have a less than stellar records for human rights. He has spoken against the U.S. backed purge of the Council and stated, " the United States was not going to dominate all the other nations of the world in the Human Rights Council." Carter informed the U.N. Council on Foreign Relations that he had made the above , "promise, " to Egypt, Pakistan and Cuba and that the U.S. insistence that abusers of human rights be excluded from the Commission , "subverted, " his promise. Carter even protested this to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Carter now is hoping that, "when the vote is taken, the other members will outvote the United States." Why does this failed former President continually take a stand against anything that the United States is for. He not only undermines the current administration but during the Clinton years he brokered the deal that allowed North Korea to restart their nuclear program much to the dismay of many in the Clinton administration. Countries that are anti-United States tout Cater as a hero because of his seemingly anti-American stance in nearly ALL world affairs. His foreign policy was an absolute failure while he was President and his diplomacy as a former President has been just as disastrous. I sometimes wonder whether he is from Georgia, United States or Georgia while a member of the Soviet bloc, since he continually favors petty dictatorships and terrorist nations over his own country in foreign affairs. This type of policy was a prime factor in the disastrous foreign policy that he had as President. His weakness toward these petty dictatorships and radical Islamic regimes greatly contributed to many of the problems in the Middle East region that the world has had to deal with since he left office. Carter was a failed President who has managed to garner that failure into a supposed elder statesman status who is a disgrace to this country in the way he consistently opposes the U.S. in world politics. Though he has little credibility within our country those who have many of his socialistic and anti-American views around the world still look to him as the savior from ,"imperialist America," which is why he is always a threat to our foreign policy. I don't know whether he is attempting to change his legacy of failure through this anti-American stance or whether he is just an idiot who cannot keep his mouth shut......or both !

Ken Taylor

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Since much of today's news is a basic rehash of the last several days I though it a good idea to take a look at the lighter side of the news. Today during a session of the High Court when details of a Texas redistricting program were being heard, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg dozed off and took forty winks during proceedings. Realizing that she is most likely NOT a party animal and the likely hood of her being sleepy because of cruising the DC clubs is highly unlikely, redistricting must be an extremely BORING testimony before the court. Justices Souter and Alito who were seated on either side of her noticed her slumber and must not of thought it appropriate to wake her as they let , "sleeping Ruthie, " continue her nap. Since the nap only lasted fifteen minutes I guess the 72 year old Ginsberg was just taking a power nap. Having been in long drawn out legalize filled court proceedings myself I can fully understand why she dozed off. I remember reading that even Ben Franklin slept during much of the deliberation over the content of the Constitution which I am sure had to be much more interesting than Texas redistricting. Good night Justice Ginsberg and don't let the bed bugs bite!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


The Maryland legislature has passed what has become known as, "the Wal-Mart bill." Maryland has determined that Wal-Mart does not pay enough in health care costs for its employees so now with this legislation the state is requiring private companies with more than 10,000 employees to either pay a minimum of 8% of the company payroll in health care or pay the balance between what they currently pay and 8% to the state. Nearly three dozen states are preparing to jump on this band wagon and of course the labor unions are drooling with support for the bill because Wal-Mart has remained a private company that has prevented unionization. Wal-Mart has become the icon for attacks by the left because of their refusing to be unionized since they are the largest private employer in the United States. When members of the Maryland state legislature were asked why they supported this bill the response told very much of the true intent behind it. According to liberal legislators, any money received by Wal-Mart or any other company effected by the bill would go to expand entitlements such as Medicaid and other health care related entities. Now as we all know when it comes to government what is said and what is actually done with money are two different things and why should entitlements be expanded in the first place except to increase the size of government. Why jump on this band wagon ? Health care is a hot topic with the voters and can be made to make large companies such as Wal-Mart to look like Ebenezer Scrooge and the politicians like hero's who have come to the rescue of the common Joe. What this bill actually represents is a cleverly politically designed tax increase to the consumer in order to expand government programs without the appearance of money coming out of the pocket of the tax payer. Most consumers shop or do business with large companies who would be effected by this bill. When the additional costs are calculated into the financial structure of the company whether it is an actual increase in company health care or the balance paid in a tax to the state, it will force a retail price increase to cover the cost. Thus the common Joe consumer who the liberal politicians are supposedly championing will pay more out of their pocket as everyday goods and services will rise. Just who will benefit ? The state coffers and the pork barrel politicians who created the increase in the first place. No matter how it is disguised this is a blatant attempt to attack the business community, favor the unions and expand government all at the expense of the middle and lower classes who do the majority of shopping at stores such as Wal-Mart. Leave it to liberal politicians to find a way to get what they desire, expanded government and tax increases while deceiving the public into thinking they are helping and care for we the people.

Ken Taylor

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