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Thursday, February 28, 2008


John Benton who started this blog with me and has been taking a break from blogging has begun a new fantasy sports pod cast which airs tonight at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time. John and his buddy Kevin will be reviewing fantasy sports staring tonight with Fantasy NASCAR from Las Vegas. Tune in for fantasy sports information, entertainment and a couple of good 'ole boys who live and breath sports. Phat Guys On Fantasy tonight at 7 PM



An empty message that boils down to money out of our pockets. Simple words do not policy or a President make. Obama has proven that he has little policy and nothing in his , "change, " purse that makes him qualified to be President.

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. -- A class of third-grade students got a lesson in civil liberties when an envelope containing $5 disappeared from their teacher's desk.
The students at Martin Luther King Elementary in Hopkinsville were asked to remove their shoes and socks during a search. Some were patted down and had their pockets checked. Some parents were angered by the Feb. 15 searches, which did not turn up the missing money at the western Kentucky school.

"The way they treat our students is ridiculous," said Zlatko Skuljan, the father of a 9-year-old girl in the class. The school's principal gave written reprimands to four instructors who had physical contact with the students. The principal, Sarah Newman, declined to comment and phone numbers for the four teachers could not be located Wednesday.

It's a wonder the teacher didn't call in the FBI over FIVE STUPID DOLLARS. SHEEESH! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Empty promises, no substance, nothing but rhetoric and good sounding speeches. Maybe women are actually passing our from lack of nourishment rather than Obamamania. Then again these are liberals we are talking about!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - ROYAL OAK, Mich. -- A community theater group in Royal Oak is lifting the lid on its latest fundraising plans. The Detroit Free Press reports toilet seats ornately decorated by artists will be auctioned March 20 to raise money for Stagecrafters.
A public preview is Wednesday at the Baldwin Theatre. A production of "Urinetown: The Musical" starts next month, and the group wanted an appropriately irreverent fundraiser.

The seats' names include "Royal Flush," for one with playing cards, and "Bottom of the 9th," for another with Detroit Tiger stripes. Development Director Lesley Phillips says most of the seats are functional. "Urinetown" is a Tony-winning Broadway musical about a town where people have to pay to go to the bathroom.

Sir Thomas Crapper the man credited with popularizing the toilet would be proud! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Farewell to the father of modern Conservatism. May he enter the Pearlie gates from the right gate and find Ronald Reagan there to welcome him in.

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - PORT TOWNSEND, Wash. -- Police arrested a suspect less than half an hour after a bank robbery in Port Townsend thanks to witnesses who pointed to the apartment building a block away where he fled. Police arrested the 40-year-old man in his apartment building Monday and recovered money taken from the Kitsap Bank branch.

Sgt. Ed Green says witnesses thought it was odd when they watched the man pull a stocking over his head before the heist. And a half-dozen people pointed to the apartment building and said, "He went there." This one will be filed in the, "WELL DUH, " category! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Could Texas be the final showdown for Hillary ? Will the Lone Star State be the knockout blow for her aspirations to win the Democrat nomination ? Tune in Wednesday March 5 the day after the Primary ....same Bat time, same Bat channel.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This video reveals the inexperience and general lack of concern for the military and the security of The United States that Barack Obama has.

This message sounds more like a throw back to the eighties as Obama is calling for a Nuclear freeze, negotiations with Russia to , "take our weapons off hair trigger alert, " and seeking a ban on Nuclear weapons.

Does this man not realize that all of the talk and rhetoric that he displays in his eloquent fashion will have no effect on the Nuclear threat that Iran is developing ? Does he really believe that Ahmadinejad is going to listen to Barack Obama and say, "Oh my this fellow is seeking a Nuclear ban so we must stop our Uranium enrichment now ?"

The United States has always been on the cutting edge in the development of new and sophisticated weaponry. Our weapons technology in nearly every aspect of development has been second to none which has given our troops and Commanders a distinct advantage over any enemy that we have and could possibly face.

Now this liberal is calling to, "slow our development of future combat systems." This move alone will leave our men and women in the field without the necessary means to continually have the most advanced and sophisticated weaponry in the world. A move that will make them vulnerable to an enemy who could possibly have a greater advanced system then those that are being used by The United States.

He talks of refusing to weaponize space. Again another throw back to the eighties. China and Russia have already shown that they have the technology to weaponize space and if Obama has his way we will be vulnerable to countires who have the technology already. Just because he says HE won't, does not mean that they will also stop.

The only measure that we have ever had against an enemy and a potential enemy is a stronger defense and the means to deter the weaponry and technology of other nations with greater advancements in technology and being ahead of the weaponry curve. Now Obama wants to take that strategic advantage away from The United States and dillusionally believe that other nations will follow suite.

The only thing that will happen with this type of policy is that those very nations will continue their development of advanced and space based weaponry while the United States falls behind leaving the nation and our men and women in the field vulnerable and falling to a second class military power.

We have not been a second class military power since before WWII when our weakness militarily was a key factor in the rise of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan because both countries had a strategic advantage over The United States and our allies at the time. An advantage that they used in order to take over Europe, North Africa, The Far East and promting the attack on Pearl Harbor.

It was only after the isolationism and the advacments in our military began that we had the ability to end the totalitarian rule of Japan and Nazi Germany.

We have been that worlds most powerful nation since then and now Barack Obama wants to reverse that, taking us back to the days when we were behind in our military strength, our weaponry and vulnerable to attack.

From the stand point of International terrorism and especially Islamic Fanatics, does Obama not understand that strength is the only means that these finatics recognize ? Does he not realize that reducing our military capability will be seen as weakness and they will use that as an advantage in promoting further and greater attacks both here in The United States and in other countries of the World ?

This is the man who wants to be Commander in Chief. A CIC who will allow military vulnerability, take away our strategic technological weapons advantage, negotiate away our strategic strength and say to the world, "here we are world, weakened and ready...come and get us!"

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


DATELINE NOVEMBER 4, 2008 - "After much speculation by analysts as to who would take the White House in the General Election especially with the generally low approval ratings for President Bush, his successor will be a Republican. Though the Democrats put on a fierce campaign, in the end the leadership in national security and protecting this nation from the Islamic threat prevailed as the GOP retains the White House. "

I realize that the above headline has not been officially written as the General Election is still several months away and much can happen between now and then. I also realize that in an election year this is a highly optimistic prediction. But when voters take to the polls on November 3, 2008 and consider who they believe will best lead and protect this nation for the next four years, the GOP should come out the victor.

While the Obama's charisma is touted as the bringer of , " hope, " and , "change, " as the campaign for the Democrat nomination is placing the Illinois Senator against an establishment and scandal flawed Hillary Clinton, who still can win the nomination, Obama's charismatic ways and his great sounding rhetoric plays well with liberal voters.

But the race during the final months before a General Presidential Election will find voters scrutinizing the candidates on the issues and looking at them in a different light then during the Primaries. It is then that voters understand the full ramification of who they will be electing as the leader of this nation and for the most powerful position in the world, The President of The United States.

If Hillary is the nominee her polarizing effect on voters, the scandals that have followed the Clinton's since the Arkansas days and her general Socialist agenda and disdain for the military will place her in second place behind the GOP nominee, John McCain.

If Obama is the nominee, his charisma will begin to fade as he is faced with the tough questions that will be placed before him during the final push before November third. While he can brush over questions and give softball responses during the Primaries, this will end in the final days before November. He will be faced with tough questions and his, "hope, " and, "change," message that has women fainting in the isles will not hit it with voters of scrutiny as he will be expected to be detailed on the issues. A situation that he has not found himself in during the primaries.

The kid gloves fall off in those final months and Obama will have to answer questions and not just give generalities that excite an audience as he has done in his quest to beat Hillary. His persona will not be able to convince voters that he can protect this nation from threats as Commander in Chief which also will not play well with voters in the push toward November.

McCain on the other hand has the strong credentials for Commander in Chief and has answered many tough questions especially from we Conservatives. While we have not found complete satisfaction with some of his answers, Conservatives are beginning to understand that McCain offers a better Presidency, especially from the stand point of National Security that either Hillary or Obama.

As we approach November the average voter will come to a similar conclusion in comparing Hillary/Obama and John McCain as Commander in Chief and this one issue if nothing else will way heavy on voters as the take to the polls and consider the security of this nation and in whose hands they wish to place that security.

Sure Domestic issues such as taxes, health care, spending and immigration will also be on the minds of voters but the security of the nation , I believe will prevail as voters consider who will lead them for the next four years. This one issue gives a massive advantage to the GOP especially when voters consider both Hillary's and Obama's stance and consider them for the job of Commander in Chief. Hillary has flip flopped and Obama has shown great weakness in his views on the war and the security of this Nation.

McCain has been steadfast and strong in his stand on the war, defending this Country and supporting the troops. This combined with his experience in the field while in the Navy and his unwavering stance in defense of this Nation throughout his career should prevail with voters as they consider who will best protect this Nation.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, February 24, 2008


The Democrats are fast approaching a show down between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. March fourth which brings Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania to the Primary table is possibly a make or break situation for Clinton. Obama has the clear momentum though he has yet to garner enough delegates Super or otherwise to insure that Clinton cannot win the nomination.

Obama's popularity has been the subject of many commentaries and discussions. He has taken on the persona of a , "Rock Star, " in liberal politics with thousands standing mesmerized at the Senator from Illinois who talks with the clarity and charisma of another Democrat that he has repeatedly been compared to, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Yet when asked who Obama is, what his qualifications are to be President and pressed about his experience, few Democrat voters can site a single accomplishment from Obama. But the comparison with JFK continue to mount. Many actually refer to Obama as , "this generations JFK."

While they both share a charismatic nature and the ability to mesmerize an audience are there truly any other comparison between the Illinois Senator and the 35th President of The United States ?

Both share a youthful age for Presidential candidates with Kennedy being the younger. Obama is 46 and when JFK was assassinated he was 46. When assuming the Presidency in 1961 Kennedy was 43 years old, the youngest man ever elected President.

Both graduated from Harvard and both served as United States Senators. This is about where the comparisons between JFK and Obama actually end. Taking a look a some of the issues that have common ground now and in the early sixties as well as experience before entering office, Barack Obama is a far cry from John F. Kennedy.

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE - JFK served from 1947 -1953 as a Representative in the House from the 11th Congressional District of Massachusetts. In 1953 he was elected to the Senate and served there until his election as President 1960. So before assuming the Presidency Kennedy had held Federal political office for 13 years.

Barack Obama served in the Illinois State Senate from 1997 until 2004 at which time he was elected to the United States Senate after a failed run for the House and has served in that capacity since, after assuming office in January of 2005. So prior to his run for President Obama served seven years in State office and two years at the Federal level.

During his tenure in the House and Senate Kennedy served on numerous Committees and along with his brother Robert Kennedy was a key player in the investigation against organized crime in The United States. Both also were highly involved in legislative initiatives for Civil Rights.

Obama has had a lackluster tenure in his two years in the Senate. He worked with Russ Feingold to eliminate travel gifts by lobbyists. Supported the McCain/Kennedy Amnesty bill and sponsored several amendments to already pending bills.

FOREIGN POLICY - JFK would have been consider a hawk today because of his strong stand against the Soviet Union and especially during the Cuban Missile Crises. Kennedy supported a strong military and an aggressive foreign policy which included strong anti-communism initiatives in the Latin America and a firm stance against the Soviets in Germany after the rise of the Berlin Wall. Kennedy believed in a foreign policy from the stand point of American strength.

Kennedy was against any negotiation with the Castro regime in Cuba and during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crises in which the Soviet Union introduced Nuclear Missiles into Cuba aimed at the United States, Kennedy's steadfast stand on the removal of those missiles caused Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev to back down and remove the missiles under United Nations observation. It was later learned that a side deal to remove obsolete US missile from Turkey already scheduled for removal was brokered with the Soviets in turn for a pledge that the US would not invade Cuba.

Barack Obama has already indicated that upon assuming the Presidency he would immediately move to pull our troops out of Iraq regardless of the consequences to both Iraq and the Middle East. Obama has a very obvious anti-military attitude and believes that the best way to handle terrorism is through talking with Islamic Fanatics such a Usama bin Laden. He has also indicated that he would quickly begin talks with Raul Castro the new, "President, " of Cuba a stand that is in direct opposition to US policy that has been in effect since the Kennedy Administration. Obama does not see having a strategic advantage as part of US foreign policy

SANCTITY OF LIFE - JFK was a Catholic and his personal beliefs were against abortion. His one appointment to the Supreme Court opposed Roe vs Wade. Kennedy supported several initiatives while in the Senate and as President to make adoption easier to allow the finding of families for children both born and unborn.

Barack Obama voted against the ban on partial birth abortion, supports Roe vs Wade, voted against parents of minors being notified about a daughters pending abortion has a 0% rating with pro - life groups.

TAXES - President Kennedy was the first President to institute a tax cut as a means to spur the economy. He also was pushing for tax reform to simplify the tax code and the way that taxes are filed to reduce the tax burden on the American people.

Barack Obama has indicated that in order to fund his many spending proposals he will raise taxes. While serving in the Senate Obama voted against every measure before the Senate to reduce taxes. He has garnered a 100% rating by the CTJ indicating he favors progressive taxation.

John F. Kennedy understood the necessity of working with both his Democrat Party and members of the GOP. Kennedy even installed several Republicans as members of his cabinet in order to get views from both sides of the political spectrum as he made the hard decisions of his day.

Barack Obama is highly partisan and in fact was rated as the most liberal Senator in the United States Senate for the year 2007.

Kennedy's optimism about our nation was based on Americans working for the betterment of the nation. He said, " Ask NOT what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country.'

Though not saying it our right Obama is saying, " Ask not what you can do for your Country but what your Country can GIVE to you!?

Those who are attempting to use the iconic status of John F. Kennedy within the Democrat Party and also those who respect and admire the 35th President who are not Democrats, as a means of bolstering the candidacy of Barack Obama are barking up the wrong tree.

The differences between JFK and Obama are more numerous than those that have been mentioned in this post. Kennedy while having his well publicized short comings was a far cry from the liberal, anti war, tax and spend Barack Obama.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Obama's campaign strategy - if it sounds good, plagiarize it. If it excites an audience, say it. If it has no substance, it doesn't matter because he said it. The new Field of Dreams - "If he says it they will come." I have a new plagiarized paraphrased quote for Obama, " Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can GIVE to you." The new JFK ? Not hardly!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - ANDERSON, S.C. -- Authorities say a man drove a stolen car to the Anderson County Sheriff's Office to demand the return of nearly $2,000 officers seized from him during a drug arrest last June. Deputies said after they told Charles Chambers, 36, to leave Tuesday afternoon, an officer noticed he got into a car that matched the description of a vehicle stolen about three hours earlier.

Another officer pulled the man over and told him to stop the car. The officer said Chambers stuck a screwdriver in the ignition to shut it off because the vehicle's key switch had been removed. Authorities say Chambers was charged with possession of a stolen automobile, driving under suspension and a tag violation.

Maybe he was rehearsing for yet another sequel to, "Dumb and Dumber." Sheeeesh! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

In 1836 brave men made one last stand at the Alamo to save Texas and give birth to the Republic of Texas a place where honest men could make a life for they and their families. Hillary now makes her last stand in Texas to save her political hide and find a place in Washington where she can lie, cheat , and steal her way to political power for her and her family.

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - NEW YORK -- A man was charged with withdrawing $2 million from an account after a bank confused him with a man who has the same name. Benjamin Lovell was arraigned Tuesday on grand larceny charges. The 48-year-old salesman said he tried to tell officials at Commerce Bank in December that he did not have a $5 million account.
Lovell said he was told it was his and he could withdraw the money.

Prosecutors said the bank - which advertises itself as America's Most Convenient Bank - confused Lovell with a Benjamin Lovell who works for a property management company.
The lesser-funded Lovell gave away some of the withdrawn money and blew some of it on gifts, but lost much of it on bad investments, prosecutors said.

"America's Most Convenient Bank." I'll say. Stop in today and help yourself to any account, even if it isn't yours. Have a nice day. THAT is customer service....big time!!!! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Fainting, passing out, goo, goo eyes and screaming for the Democrat Rock Star, Barack Obama. Elect him and people will faint, pass out and scream at Barack Obama for other reasons like, taking our money, expanding government, and surrendering to Islamic Terrorism.

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - LEXINGTON, Ky. -- A Danville family has received an $8,000 water bill for house they say they haven't lived in for more than two years. The granddaughters of Lurlene Gray say they are stuck with the high bill that covers part of January and February. Sherlene Tucker told WKYT in Lexington that she paid the last bill she received, about $35 to cover the period from October 9 through December 11. Tucker said her mother owns the house, but she went to a nursing home two years ago.

The ground around the home isn't saturated and there are no apparent signs of a leak.
Tucker says she was told by a water company employee that the $8,000 bill was not a clerical error. The water was turned off yesterday, but the family is asking the city for an explanation.

I'll give the family an explanation. A City government screwed up. So what else is new ? - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Geritol Commies. Fidel and Raul. A new, "President, " but the same old dictatorial ways. Ahhh Cuba land of corrupt Communist blunders. A Hollywood favorite!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Barak Obama has garnered his tenth Primary win in a row and is the leader for the Democrat nomination. While Hillary is not out yet because of huge delegates numbers still available from Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania which hold their Primaries on March 4th, she is struggling and the 4th has become a must win situation for the Senator from New York.

Obama has long been the Rock Star in the Democrat Party and with the general weariness of yet another Clinton in the White House, this Senator from Illinois who has no experience at all and has accomplished nothing as a US Senator has caught on like wild fire because he sounds good, has great charisma and calls as friend Oprah Winfrey.

What type of President would he make if, Heaven forbid, he wins the Democrat nomination and defeats John McCain in November. In 2007 Obama had the most liberal voting record among every Senator even surpassing Hillary by 15 places as she was number 16 on the liberal list to Obama's first place.

He has proposed massive entitlements programs and huge government spending as well as calling for immediate pull out from Iraq and a general surrender to Islamic Terrorism since he beleives that because of his Muslim back ground he would have the capability to talk with these fanatic murderers. Besides this delusion the Senator from Illinois has no clue as to how these finatics think and why they act as they do or he would understand that killing them first is the ONLY answer.

A vote that is taking place in the Senate on Thursday of this week gives key insight as to what a Barack Obama Administration would hold for the Country. Obama has sponsored the, "Global Poverty Act, " and Joseph Biden , Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is pushing the bill through Committee without any debate because of who is sponsoring the bill and its favortism with liberal causes as well as showing some, "accomplishment, " for Obama.

"The Global Poverty Act, " is a UN sponsored program that provides funding for impoverished nations with the idea that this money would feed the hungry in the Third World. Now we all know how corrupt the UN is when it comes to spending money and the funding actually arriving at the location and for the purpose it was intended. Need I mention the , "Oil for Food, " scandal that took place in Saddam's Iraq ?

Obama' s bill if passed would require the United States to appropriated 0.7 percent of our Gross National Product to the United Nations every year which equates to $845 BILLION dollars over 13 years at the present GNP total. Now of course as that total goes up the appropriation would follow as the funding is based on a percentage and not a fixed number. At the current GNP this , "funding, " to the United Nations equals $65 BILLION dollars per year.

All going to the most corrupt organization in the world and as usual, a blank check without accountability to the United States for the spending of monies reciveved. You'll never guess where this money is supposed to come from ? You got it the American tax payer, which is what Democrats beleive is their obligation, to spend our money because we just do not know what to do with it ourselves.

This one piece of legislation is a clear sign of what a Barack Obama Administration would bring to this nation. Globalization with the United States bowing at the alter of the United Nations. A weakened military making us vulnerable to attack. Massive entitlements with tax increases to offset the additional spending required.

Less money in our pockets and a general disintigration of our freedoms and liberties as Obama and his liberal friends increase government dependency, creating a more intrusive and powerful Federal System, regulating and taxing private companies out of business while breaking the backs of hard working Americans and those who provide the jobs with a tax burden to cover their spending!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Taking a brief break from Presidential politcs has been made easy today with announcement by Cuba's Fidel Castro that he is resigning the, "Presidency, " as Cuba begins a new governmental session. The annoncement was made now because the new session of the National Assembly has the , "responsibility, " of selecting the Cuban President, a position that Castro has held since he seized power in 1959. The National Assembly is nothing more than a puppet body controlled by the Castros and the Communist Party

Fidel's health has been failing for more than a year and he temporarily turned Presidential power over to his brother Raul more than a year ago. Of course with the Castro dictatorial government, the Presidency is just another word for Dictator in which Castro has ruthlessly pursued since he took contol of the Cuban government.

This, "resignation, " though is only a symbolic gesture by Fidel because of his failing health in order to insure that power will remain in Castro hands while he is still alive. Raul his younger brother by six years who has been his Defense Minister and Presidential stand in due to Fidel's illness will be his obvious successor.

The Castro's still control the Cuban government and just because Fidel has, "stepped down, " does not mean that the reforms and freedom that Cubans have wanted for sixty nine years are going to appear over night. Raul is no different from his more famous brother and of course Fidel is still alive and the fear he institutes in Cuba will allow his influence to continue through his brother.

Many in Miami's Cuban community look at this , "change, " with some optomism but also realize that while Raul is in power and Fidel is still alive not much will change in the last line of Communism in the Western Hemisphere.

Since standing in as President during Fidel's illness, Raul has addressed some of the economic troubles that have faced Cubans and is expected to focus more on the economy than his brother did. But any changes that take place in Cuba will be very slow if at all.

Raul's ruling philosphy is identical to that of his brother and both enjoy the dictatorial power they have had since 1959. Fidel is also remaining as First Secretary of the ruling Communist Party so changes will not happen while all of the power is still in the hands of the Castros.

This move by Fidel while he is alive is nothing more than the appearance of a smooth transistion from one brother to another consolidating ruling power to keep it in Castro hands. If Fidel had waited and held Presidential power until his death, the possibility of the people rising in rebellion against Communist rule was a strong probability with the confusion in the immediate days after the death of a Dictator.

By handing power over to Raul offically while he is still alive, Fidel has insured that Communism will still rule as well as the Castros remaining in absolute power. The only thing that changes is the first name of the , "President."

Reform will eventually come but it will take the death of Fidel and possibly Raul also before a real change can come to the inpoverished Comminust nation of Cuba.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, February 17, 2008


2008 has become an election year to remember and we still have several months before the General Election in November. Republicans have narrowed the field down to one , John McCain with Mike Huckabee hanging on to position himself either for the VP slot or for 2012.

Democrats are in a rare fight to the finish between Hillary and Obama. The Delegate count is so close that their nominee will be decided during the Convention with a great deal of infighting and back room deals before a nominee is crowned.

With all of this activity and the nomination process in full swing why then is this post titled , "Voter Apathy, 2008 ?" Simply put, voter apathy has created the nomination nightmare that both parties are facing.

First the Democrats. While every Primary for the Dems has had a fairly large turn out for a Primary the voters have had a great deal of apathy in their voting because of how the vote has turned out. Hillary who does not offer alot has be struggling for her campaign life against Barak Obama whose resume can be written on a postage stamp.

Democrat voter apathy is found in the fact that Obama's great popularity comes from voters who could care less about why he is running but only that he is running. When he makes the statement during his campaign stops, "We Can, " no one is asking the obvious question, "We Can WHAT !" Obama has no experience, no plan , no substance and when voters who support him are asked to name a single accomplishment attributed to the Senator from Illinois, no one can name anything because there are no accomplishments to name.

When asked, voters speak of his speech at the Convention in 2004. They mention that he is a Senator. They mention that he is black. They mention that he has charisma. Yet no one can tell you what he stands for or anything he has done. He could very well win the Democrat nomination because he looks and sounds good and nothing else.

The only non-apethetic aspect of the Obama surge is that voters are excited about him , yet have no clue of what he has done or what he can do, just that he is! Democrat voters apethetically are supporting Obama and could care less about issues, or substance of the candidate. They just like him and that is all.

Republicans have not faired much better in some respects. Voter apathy during the Primaries allowed John McCain to come out of nowhere to gain the nomination. Voter turn out was low in every GOP Primary and because there was not a candidate of , "excitement, " for the GOP crowd voters simply did not show up to vote. Now those same voters want to complain about who is getting the nomination.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a McCain fan but I do know this. Being a Conservative does not mean sitting back on my Conservative principles and because the candidate who happens to be leading for the nomination does not meet with all of my standards, then I just will not vote.

Being a Conservative not only stands for certain principles but it also stands for FIGHTING for those principles even when a candidate does not agree with them 100%. Sitting back in apathy and complaining by threatening not to vote accomplishes nothing and will place a Democrat in the White House.

Many within GOP circles are willing to do just that and try for a better candidate in 2012 and accept the consequences of four years of Hillary or Obama. I am not one of those. I would rather challenge a President McCain with my Conservative acitivism 25 - 30% of the time than have to fight a liberal/Socialist Hillary or Obama 100% of the time.

Apathy because of lack of interest in a candidate that does not agree 100% with Conservative principles is a dangerous presidence to set for our Constitutional Republic. What would have happened if George Washington had told the Constitutional Congress that he was retired and was no longer interested in fighting for the Republic ?

What if Reagan had decided after Watergate that fighing for Conservative principles was not worth it and he simply retired from public life and enjoyed his Senior years with his beloved Nancy at their California Ranch ?

Conservative voters whose apathy toward McCain based on their anger over his past actions are giving up the fight against liberalism and willingly assisting the Democrats into the White House. Being a Conservative does not mean SITTING on our principles but FIGHTING for them even if it is with our own GOP candidate !

Democrats are apathetically uninformed about Obama and Republcians are apatehtically whining because they did not get all they wanted in a candidate. Both forms of voter apathy are dangerous and show an irresponsibility toward our Constitutional duty as citizens of this great land to make our government listen to the voice of, " We The People! "

Our history was made by individuals and groups who not only stood for their principles but fought for them and for the country that they loved. 2008 is no different then the heritage that has been left to us of political activism and not political apathy.

Democrats get off you lazy apethetic uninformed back sides and research to find out just who and what your candidate believes and when Obama states, " We Can, " demand of him , "We can WHAT ! "

Republicans quit complaining anout who we have as a nominee and demand of him to stand for the principles that we believe in and leave your voter apathy at home and fight for our principles. Many have asked the question who would Reagan vote for ? Ronald Reagan would vote for the GOP nominee, John McCain and demand of him a platform of Conservative principles that follow those that Reagan fought for most of his political life.

We as Conservatives must follow Reagan's example and fight, even John McCain for those principles. Stop our whining and complaining and unite for victory against the liberals we have fought against all of our lives. Then with our Conservative activism demand that a President McCain listen to the voice of the people, which will be his Constitutional responsibility as he defends and protects the Constitution, the voice of the people !

Ken Taylor

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Can the Clinton Machine derail the Obama Express ? My quess is that the Hildabeast still has a considerable amout of political tricks up her sleeve and never count her deceptive ways out. She still has the most clout in the party and the arm twisting hasn't even begun yet !

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - LEGENDARY Nessie hunter Robert Rines is giving up his search for the monster after 37 years. The 85-year-old American will make one last trip in a bid to find the elusive beast. After almost four decades of fruitless expeditions, he admitted: "Unfortunately, I'm running out of age."

World War II veteran Robert has devoted almost half his life to scouring Loch Ness. He started in 1971. The following year, he watched a 25ft-long hump with the texture of elephant skin gliding through the water. His original trip was to help another monster hunter with sonar equipment and quickly identified large moving targets.

He was smitten and returned the next year, which is when, he says: "I had the misfortune of seeing one of these things with my own eyes." Despite having hundreds of sonar contacts over the years, the trail has since gone cold and Rines believes that Nessie may be dead, a victim of global warming.

Yes you read correctly Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster whose existance has NEVER been proven is a VICTIM OF GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!! Two fictitious entities working hand in hand, Nessie and Global Warming. - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

The Big Conservative dog is pouncing on McCain and if he knows what is good for him the time to listen is now. The time to act is now. The time to acknowledge Conservative policy is now.

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - NEW YORK -- Finding your better half this Valentine's Day could be as easy as hailing a taxi - especially if Ahmed Ibrahim is in the driver's seat. The 53-year-old cupid cab driver, as he refers to himself, has spent the past few years playing matchmaker to lonely New Yorkers, setting up more than 70 dates. Nineteen have led to relationships that lasted more than a year.

Ibrahim planned to decorate his yellow cab with red and white hearts and roses for Thursday.
"I've organized so many dates, and it really makes me feel good about it," Ibrahim said. "I've not had one complaint." Ibrahim said he offers his matchmaking services to passengers he evaluates by listening to conversations and asking a few questions. He then exchanges phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

How does that song from , "Fiddler On The Roof, " go ? Oh yeah......, "Matchmaker, Matchmaker, call me a Cab...." - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

No substance, no experience, no platform, no business being President. Barak Obama no WAY!!!!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - PHOENIX -- A partially mummified body was found in a bathtub filled with dirt in an apartment that was stacked to the ceiling with garbage and human waste. Owners of the small, standalone unit thought it had been abandoned in August, when rent stopped being paid, Phoenix police Sgt. Joel Tranter said Monday.

Tranter said the owners didn't decide to do anything about the filthy apartment until last week, when they paid other tenants in the complex to clean it out. He said the cleaners began by removing garbage and boxes and buckets filled with human waste. When they made their way to the bathroom Friday, they found the bathtub filled with dirt and covered with plastic, a sheet and plywood. When they started shoveling the dirt out, they found the leg of a body and called police, Tranter said.

He described the body as part skeleton and partly mummified, and that it had been there at least several years. "Very unusual, very bizarre," Tranter said. "This guy was literally buried in the bathtub."

Can anyone say Norman Bates ? In the movie he mummified his mom, maybe this was his dad! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

If this guy were looking for a job with the, "exhaustive, " resume he has I beleive he might be qualified for McDonalds. Then again even they require more experience than Obama !

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


After the Potomac victories by John McCain yesterday mathematically eliminating any possibility for Mike Huckabee gaining the nomination, McCain is our nominee. I have heard more Conservatives try to rationalize their reasoning for not voting for McCain covering everything from their anger over his siding with Democrats to using the example that it took , "fours years of Carter to make Reagan." Literally concedeing the election to Hillary/Obama in order to get a strong Conservative in 2012.

I am not a McCain fan, but I am not willing to concede this or any election to a Democrat especially two as Socialized and dangerous as Hillary and Obama. The only option is to vote GOP and fight for what we as Conservatives believe.

With that in mind following is a Republican Manifesto that states the, "change, " that the GOP needs to establish as a platform including the nominee, in order to win in November and continue the Conservative battle over liberalism.

1. National Security - This is a two fold concept. Domestically the party needs to establish a total border security policy which includes funding and building the fence along the Southern border of this nation. Increasing patrols and technological means to secure the border, establishing this as a day one priority.

Next is a firm and total committment to fighting the War on Terror to protect our National Interests through total and complete victory. Following present strategy with the Iraq surge and hitting the Taliban and Al Qaeda hard in the mountains of Afghanistan to flush them out and eliminate their threat.

In conjunction with this are the funding and continue use of sureveilance programs that seek out intelligence from terrorists by electronic means. Allowing the intelligence community the legal tools necessary to continue a job well done.

2. Limiting Government - Within the first 100 days legislation is introduced reducing government expentiture and programs with across the board cuts that will not only reduce government but stimulate the economy because of that reduction. No picking and choosing programs but a straight across the board cut of government expenditures to be followed by more to get the size of government back in control. By reducing government the deficit will also drop because it will not be necessary to borrow to finance the monstor in Washington.

No more earmarks...period. Eliminate pork barrel spending through earmarks which again will reduce the size of government and spending.

3. Taxes - First , make the Bush tax cuts permanent. Then reduce once again the tax burden on the American people with new tax cuts allowing the people more control over their money which will increase revenues as every tax cut has in the past. Use the new money to pay off the deficit rather than increasing government spending as has been done in the past.

Second, a total revamp of the tax system. Either through the Fair Tax or a flat tax with a one page return that will eliminate or simplify the tax code and system.

4. Immigration - In addition to the border security provisions under National Security, adopt a tough immigration policy which puinishes employers who hire illegals. If a policy that dries up the jobs is established then the illegals will begin to leave of their own accord since they cannot find employment.

Eliminate the use of all social programs for illegals, incuding Social Security, welfare, any type of College assistance etc. Again forcing them to return home because they will soon find they cannot survive in a country that no longer provides free assistance. Cutting them off will make finding them less of a problem because they will leave or starve!

Create an Ellis Island situation along our Souther Border to allow legal immigrants the means to begin the process at the border before they enter this country. Setting up several Ellis Island type locations which investigate each applicant. Check them for medical and criminal problems and once passed through the process assign employment from a list of employers looking for field workers etc.

5. Strong National Defense - Continue the modernization of all Branches of our military adopting new and better technology while keeping our forces trained and ready for any situtation. Insure that funding is available for adequate forces to comply with our military needs and salaries for our soldiers that compensate they and their families for their service to our country.

Increase benefits for Veterans insuring that no one who has served this nation lacks for anything from pensions to medical needs. Adopting a new GI Bill of Rights that will meet todays standards and the needs of every Veteran at todays financial levels.

6. Energy - While finding new sources of energy is part of the policy, it is also time to address immediate energy concerns. Stop pacifying the environmentalists and drill in Anwar and other areas necessary to reduce immediatly our dependecy on foreign oil. Begin recieving fron Iraq a minimum of 10% of their oil production as a reimbursement for monies spent in defense of and the rebuilding of their nation.

Begin the use of Nuclear power, reversing the ban instituted by the Carter Adminstration. The safety and long term use has been proven over and over again and it is time for the United States to step into the 21st Century concerning Nuclear power. The military has used it successfully and safely since the sixties and so should our energy grid.

7. The Supreme Court - only appoint Judges who will follow the Constitution and not legislate from the bench. Judges who see the Constitution as the law of the land and beleive in the strict interpretation based on that principle.

8. Continue with the long standing policy of the GOP for the sanctity of human life both born and unborn

These are just a few of the, "changes, " that the GOP should establish immediatly as party platform and policy that our nominee and his administration along with Republican members of Congress will campaign on and then institute upon election. Some of it can be introduced by the Republican Minority now to show the American people that the GOP means business and that we are the party to vote for and elect in 2008.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


A recent Gallop poll suggests that Republicans are beginning to realize the inevitability of a John McCain nomination and as such are accepting it whether they like it or not. Gallop shows McCain with a huge 53 to 27 lead over Mike Huckabee and that 51% of Republicans are, "satisfied, " with John McCain as the nominee while 45 % would have preferred another candidate.

Does this mean that Republicans are changing their beliefs to match those of McCain or just accepting what seem inevitable ? I beleive it is the latter and the voters realizing that McCain is racing toward the nomination, understand the fundamental trouble with either Hillary or Obama and are accepting McCain since voting for the alternative in not a possibility.

The Gallop poll also compared McCain to the two Democrat contenders and he did fairly well especially against Hillary. Head to head, McCain edges Hillary, 49 to 48 among likely voters, but of course that's within the margin of error. Among registered voters, it's a 48 to 48 tie, and among adults, it's McCain again, 48 percent to 47 percent.

McCain did not fair quite as well against Obama. With likely voters it was Obama by 4 and with registered voters his lead dropped to 3. Yet the poll also shows Hillary with a 47 to 44 lead over Obama for the Democrat nomination.

Over the next few weeks as we finish up the Primary season these numbers are likely to stay fairly constant. Democrats will be taking more of the headlines since their contest is a fight to the finish and the, "Rock Star, " Obama has become the media favorite. This combined with the discussion over the problem developing concerning Democrat Superdelegates, will keep the Dems at the forefront in political headlines since the nomination of McCain is all but set.

Because of the constant media barrage for the Dems, the GOP will take a somewhat second tier in headlines and as such polling will indicate strength toward Democrats because of the high visibility and of course the bias that leans left in much of the polling.

Obamas surge in popularity, in this writers opinion, is not so much because of his message of change but because there is a certain amount of discontent among Democrats voters with the Clintons for two reasons. The attacks against Obama, whether true or untrue that have been coming from Bill and many are just tired of the usual Bill and Hillary circus. That and the constant reminders of the Peyton Place atmosphere that surrounded the Clintons while in the White House that still exists today.

Yet when all is said and done and the Superdelegates are counted at the Convention the Clinton Machine will finally get her the nomination. Obama will have a strong enough position to demand the VP spot if he wants it and Hillary will have little choice but to accept it.

The GOP second spot will not be as cut an dried. Though he has not admitted it the only logical reason that Huckabee is still around is to gain enough delegates to push for the second spot. He would need to win 83% of the remining delegates to win the nomination and that is an impossibility. Ron Paul....well he must just like the spotlight because he has no chance to even force changes in the party platform much less use his pitiful delegate totals to gain anything from the ticket. He is just sticking around to be a thorn....period.

Several names have appeared for the VP slot other than Huckabee. Mitt Romney has not endorsed any candidate and because of this he still holds his delegates until the Convention. He could use tham as leverage for the VP slot if McCain needs them to win on the first ballot. South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has also been talked about. While a strong Conservative, Sanford is not greatly known outside of the Southeast and may not help the ticket that much.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty have also been mentioned along with former candidate Fred Thompson. Most agree that whoever McCain picks should have strong Conservative credentials. While the VP pick is not as important for the General Election a strong Conservative will go along way to McCains gaining the support of many GOP voters.

Of course most of this is just early speculation and McCain could pull a rabbit out of his hat that no one expects. That will have to wait until the Convention during Labor Day weekend. There is still alot of time and a good bit of political manuevering that will take place before September which will shape the platform and the GOP pick for the number two slot.

This is turning into an election year that no one predicted and that even the most savvy anylist still has to scratch his head over and rethink on a daily basis.

Ken Taylor

Saturday, February 09, 2008


Although it is not set in stone, the GOP race for the nomination is all but certain. With only a few Primaries remaining John McCain has a strong enough lead to take him into the Convention with enough delegates to recieve the nod on the first ballot or at the most the second.

The Democrats on the other hand are not as sure. While Hillary is keeping a slim lead over Barack Obama, even with the remaining Primaries left for the Democrats, whoever enters the Convention with a delegate lead could find themselves the loser of the nomination.

The reason for the possibility of either Hillary or Obama winning the most delegates in the Primaries and losing the nomination is because of a little understood ruling that Democrats adopted after the 1980 election called the , "Superdelegate."

After the 1968 Convention Democrats fearfull of party leaders taking control of the nomination process and not allowing voters to choose the nominee the McGovern/Fraiser Commission took the power of the nomination process away from the party and made it dependent totally on voting during Primaries and Caucuses.

This left party leaders with a diminished role and as such in 1980 the Superdelegates were instituted to allow the party to have a say so in the nomination as well as the voters. It was also a Democrat strategy to try and overcome the humiliating loss by Carter to Reagan in the 1980 election.

Superdelegates are elected officials such as Governors, Congressman and Senators and other party leaders who are not bound by the voter count of their respective States but are free to choose which candidate they cast their vote for during the nomination process at the Convention.

In the past this has not posed a problem for the Dems because the delegate totals following the Primaries have been high enough for their chosen candidate that when the Convention came and the ballots were cast, the Superdelegates just added to the winning totals of the nominee.

2008 is developing into another story for Democrats. As the Primaries are winding down Hillary and Obama are neck and neck in the delegate count and will remain so even after the Primaries are over. Which candidate enters the Convention with the lead will depend on the results of the remaining Primaries but it will be a slim lead at best.

In an effort to punish Michigan and Florida the DNC took away the delegates from each State and though the vote was held it meant nothing since the more than 300 delegates will not count at the Convention. This move and the closeness of the race has left the Dems with a dilema that could be an advantage for the GOP.

When the nomination goes to the Convention, their will be 795 Superdelegates who will choose which of the two candidates they will cast their vote for at the Convention. With the Primary delegate count so close the Superdelegates will decide the nomination. Since each of these are party and elected officials who find either a loyalty to one of the candidates because of favors granted or promised there will be a considerable amount of , "back room, " negotiating by each candidate before the ballot is cast.

This, "back room, " negotiating not only has the look of impropriaty but in actuality would reak of it. Deals will be made, promises given and exchanged all to gain the nomination and even bypass the will of Democrat voters as the number of Superdelegates will choose the nominee and could actually allow the candidate in second going into the Convention the nomination.

Most pundits beleive that this will favor Hillary because of her many, "friends," in high places and the favors she has given to many of these Superdelegates in the past. Favors that she will quickly collect to get the nomination. A Clinton involved in secretive activity......never, ( all sarcasm intended) !

While none of this activity is illegal because of the , "back room, " nature, it will not sit well with voters as they find that their voice may or may not have counted during the Primary process and this is why it could become an advantage for the GOP.

When Republicans start the Convention John McCain will be the clear leader. Though there will be much taking place during the Convention, creating the platform, casting the ballots for the nominee, choosing the running mate etc., the Convention as a whole will be normal without delegates, candidates and party leaders being at odds with one another.

The Democrat Convention if it comes to the Superdelegate situation which is most likely will not be as calm. There will be a considerable amount of infighting as candidates make deals with the Superdelegates and Primary delegates begin to see their position at the Convention dwindle in favor of those who vote as they wish, (actually through back room deals), instead of how the voters chose.

This will in itself cast a shadow on Democrats as they leave the Convention which could effect the campaign going into the final weeks before November. Republicans on the other hand can come out of their Convention with a unified platform and ticket which would show a much better choice for voters still undecided.

McCain, of course will have to carefully choose his running mate to balance the ticket and satisfy especially the Conservative base in order for this unity to come out of the Convention, but that is very possible when one considers the turmoil that is likely to happen at the Democrat Convention which takes place before the Republican.

This combined with the fact that the GOP has a clear leader while the Dems do not will also help to make the transistion into the final weeks before November smoother for Republicans than Democrats.

Republicans can take great advantage of the Democrats through the Convention process because of this problem that they have created for themselves. Leaving the GOP Convention with a balanced ticket and a calm and smooth transistion into the final weeks as opposed to the very real possiblity of turmoil during the Democrat Covention, will give voters something to think about that is a strong negative for Democrats and an equally as strong positive for the GOP as they choose who will be the next President Of The United States.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Crocodile tears, a sham every time they fall. If she thought it would get her a vote Hillary would eat road kill skunk!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - WORCESTER, Mass. -- Two men are accused of burning down the birthplace of the woman made famous by the nursery rhyme "Mary Had a Little Lamb." John Rousseau and Michael Dreslinski, who also face charges in a series of fires in central and western Massachusetts, have been held without bail since August.

They are scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday in connection with the Aug. 12 fire that destroyed a vacant house in Sterling where town officials say Mary Elizabeth Sawyer was born in 1806.
Sarah Josepha Hale reportedly published a poem in 1830 about Sawyer, as a child, bringing her lamb to school with her.

So does thia change the poem to, "Mary had a little lamb chop whose chops were grilled and tender ?" - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Hillary Care, massive entitlements, government intervention in all aspects of our lives. If she is elected do we change the name of our country to, " The United States Of The Soviet Socialist Republic ?"

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - OAKLAND PARK, Fla. -- Broward County authorities said a grandmother was arrested for hiding cocaine in her bra during a drug raid in Oakland Park. Eight others were also arrested Friday at or near the home of Henrietta Corvin Daise, 62. Many of them were her grandchildren. Jail records show Daise posted $7,500 bail Saturday.

The Broward County Sheriff's Office said deputies conducted a search warrant on her home and found Daise with powder cocaine stuffed in her bra. Deputies also found 20 crack cocaine rocks, four grams of powder cocaine, marijuana and $1,000 in cash.

Kind of puts a new twist on the cross your heart bra, "lift and seperate and get high." - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Karl Marx would be proud of Hillary's Socialist agenda. After all much of it can be found in his writings AND in the Communist Manefesto.

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - BEIJING -- An animal rights group called Monday for China to treat rats with kindness and respect, as millions across the nation begin to celebrate the coming Year of the Rat. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, said it has asked the Chinese government to consider animal welfare laws for rats used in laboratory experiments.

The group also recommended a series of guidelines for animals used in science. "Rats sing, they dream, and they express empathy for others," Coco Yu of PETA's Asia-Pacific branch said in a statement.

I wonder how many in PETA would sing the praises of the rat if they were crawling through their cabinets and nibbling on their Cheerios ? - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

"Down boy, down boy....heal, sit stay." These are the new campaign plans for Bubba straight from the Hillary Camp. If you think he's bad now how much worse would he be as First Hubby!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


The first National Primary Day is history and in the GOP there is a clear leader while the Democrats though having a leader are still fighting for the right of nomination. John McCain came out on top in the Super Tuesday voting and Hillary garnered a slight lead over Obama for the Democrats.

One of the biggest surprises was the strong showing of Mike Huckabee and the weak showing by Mitt Romney. Huckabee now has a very interesting position within the Republican Party and at the Convention which will be held Labor Day weekend.

His strong showing on Super Tuesday combined with his win in Iowa allows him negotiating power for the number two slot behind McCain who though not set in stone yet is on his way to the GOP nomination.

The question that arrises is whether Huckabee would help or hurt the ticket. Of course many believe that Huckabee would strengthen the ticket because of his moral Conservatism. But on the other hand the moral issues that he is so strong in do not differ much from those of John McCain. McCain and Huckabee are pro-life, pro-second Amendment but with differing views on Gay Marriage. McCain wants it left to the States while Huckabee favors a Constitutional Amendment.

Both are weak on Immigration though latley have come out strong concerning the border fence and border security. Yet each have a record that favors Amnesty and Illegal Aliens recieving social benefits.

Both talk a tax cut game now but Huckabee's Arkansas record show a net increase in taxes while he was Governor while McCain voted against the Bush tax cuts wanting spending cuts to accompany the cuts. He now claims to favor making the tax cuts permanent and adding additional cuts if elected.

On the war McCain has been a strong supporter of victory though critical of Donald Rumsfeld while he was Secretary of Defense. Huckabee has come out against Bush several times then when cornered on the subject backed away as if he did not mean to say what he said and that it was taken wrong by the press.

Huckabee has run on the Fair Tax platform, which eliminates the IRS and replaces all payroll taxes with a consumption tax. There are rumors that McCain is considering adding the Fair Tax to his platform which also tends to lean toward taking Mike Huckabee as his running mate.

Another indication that McCain and Huckabee have talked are the result from West Virginia. Huckabee won the State with a large percentage and sources discovered that McCain campaign workers called McCain supporters urging them to vote for Huckabee since McCain was well down in the polls. Whether this was the beginning of a VP deal or just a combined effort to defeat Romney is not yet known. But it does add an interesting twist to the possibility of a McCain/Huckabee ticket.

Huckabee is considered by the pundits as a Conservative candidate yet his more liberal tax and spend record in Arkansas speaks otherwise. This could hurt the GOP ticket when the Democrats step into the ring after the Conventions and begin finding ways to attack the GOP ticket.

Polls still show McCain leading Hillary in a one on one match and tied with Obama in the same matchup. The Democrats still have a fight on their hands as Hillary though leading has not garnered enough delegates to claim the title of nominee. She is the front runner but only by a slim margin. The States that remain on the Democrat side are not large delegate States but do have enough to allow Obama to take the lead if he does well in most of them and especially if he beats Hillary in those same States.

At this point in the 2008 election stand off it looks like both parties will go into the Convention without a clear nominee. McCain will have a stronger position at the Convention than Hillary will in August for the Democrats.

Conservatives also can find considerable hope concerning the GOP party platform. Though McCain is the leader he does not have a strong enough lead to dictate the platform. Which leaves a wide open opportunity for Conservatives to shape the platform right of McCain.

Though providing some answers to the questions of who is the front runner, Super Tuesday in many ways provided as many or more questions then it did answers. Now we will wait for the Conventions to get the final analysis and see who will come out of the gates for the final push for November. My early prediction is McCain for the GOP and Hillary for the Democrats.

Vice President is still very questionable but at this point in the game if he wants it Hillary will be more or less forced to take on Obama as VP while Huckabee has a verys strong position for the GOP. Giuliani may also have a shot at the VP slot since he endorsed McCain which helped to ice the wins in California, New York and New Jersey.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Once again we are in an election year and once again Republicans are faced with a dilema. Do we stand for principle and stick to our guns and our Conservative beliefs only, or do we vote for the electability of the candidate available.

It is becoming more obvious with each passing day and at the end of this Super Tuesday, if the polls are anywhere close to correct, John McCain will either have the nomination through winning enough delagates or will be close enough that he will be unbeatable with the remaining Primaries that fall between now and June.

As a Conservative I, like you have a considerable amount of anger and irratation toward the Senator from Arizona. And like you I would rather have someone else as the GOP nominee. But facing the facts it does not look like that will be the case.

So now we must ask ourselves this question: Are we irritated enough with John McCain to allow Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama to become President and along with a liberal Democrat Congress have free reign for at least two years to inact their liberal/Socialist agenda, forcing massive Government entitlements and tax increases on the American people, surrendering to Islamic Fascists and the United Nations while taking this country down the slippery path to Socialism ?

My Conservative friends that is what we are facing. Many including such prominant Conservatives like Ann Coulter have already voiced their anger at McCain and their willingness to back a Hillary White House run. So are we angered enough to put that anger above our distrust of liberals and the agenda that we have fought against our entire political lives ?

I realize that McCain is left of most of us and that his crossing of the isle and the partnerships that he has forged in the past are wrong for our Conservative beliefs and with most of our Republican dogma, but is it so much that we are willing to surrender this nation to the leadership of Hillary or an even more liberal Obama ?

I have heard more times than I wish to count that it took a Carter to make room for Reagan. While that may be partially true, two unfettered years of a Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama administration combined with a liberal Democrat Congress will make the Carter years seem like a walk in the park.

Many high profile Conservatives have stated and it would seem that many who are just voters agree that we should let this happen to insure the return of Congress to the GOP in 2010 and the Presidency in 2012. While this would likely happen after a Clinton or Obama White House, the impact and the damage caused by just two years of unfettered liberal/Socialist governing will create more damage that could possibly be reveresed in even a decade or more after their demise in 2010 and 2012.

I have asked the following question in a previous post and fell the need to repeat it again: How many Government programs that have been passed and funded have we ever seen either reveresed or non-funded ? Almost zero is any. Once a Government program begins it is there forever. Hillary alone has proposed more than 800 BILLION in increased Government entitlement programs.

The devistation to our military under Clinton or Obama may very well result in an even far greater damage than the Socialist Domestic agenda. When President Reagan rebuilt the military after the Carter years it took his first term in office to get the United States back up to par from a military stand point. We faced an entirely different enemy then Reagan did with the Soviet Union.

Even with a weak military after Carter the Soviets still remained in check because of the Nuclear deterent. They still had a fear of a possible Nuclear confrontation with the United States and even though the made in roads in Afghanistan they avoided any direct confrontation with us BECAUSE of our Nuclear capability even with a weaker military.

Today's enemy does not fear our Nuclear capability. The ONLY deterent we have against Islamic Fascism is the strength of our military and the ability to hunt down these terrorist monsters and kill them BEFORE they kill us. If we under a Clinton or Obama administration show any weakness to these Islamic factions they will quickly take advantage of it and make huge in roads in the Middle East and we will, not may, but WILL have another major attack on our own soil.

Is our anger toward John McCain enough to risk this probability with Hillary or Barack as President ? Both have indicated that the best actions against our enemies is to try and talk to them INCLUDING Usama bin Laden. These Islamic radicals do not talk, they kill and kill only. There is one thing they fear and/or respect and that is strength though might. If we are weakened or show ANY weakness in our resolve they WILL take advantage of it and we will be attacked and Americans will be killed ....PERIOD ! Do you believe that Iran will fade away because Bush is gone and Hillary or Obama are willing to talk ? Just the opposite will happen! Iran WILL become the force that everyone fears it COULD become.

So do we just sit back and derail John McCain and risk a Hillary or Obama ? I am NOT a McCain fan but I will not sit back and allow my non-vote because of my irritation toward McCain even remotely help Hillary or Obama get the Presidency.

If that happens then Conservatives will be crying the blues this time next year when Hillary or Obama's agenda is being passed quickly by a liberal Congress. We will be crying foul as they begin pulling troops our of Iraq and we see Al Qaeda and other Islamic Fascists begin ratchiting up the rhetoric and the attacks. We will protest as Hillary or Obama try to appease Iran. And if it happens we have no one to blame but ourselves.

We can stand on our Conservative principles and vote on electability at the same time. What we believe and stand for is not compromised because we vote for what we have. It is our solemn obligation to vote and to make our voice heard in our Constitutional Republic. Protesting our disgust by NOT voting only casts a vote for Hillary or Obama BECAUSE we did not take ANY stand.

The people still are the owners of this land and we still, if we unite as we did against Amnesty, can force Washington to comply. Hillary and Obama do not care what the people think because in their liberal ideas, it is they who must tell us what is best for the nation, best for our pocket books and best for our daily living.

I only hope that we as Conservatives and Republicans have learned the lesson of 2006 when the non-voting protest by Conservatives against the GOP Majority allowed the Pelosi/Reid do nothing Congress. If not, then we will face a Hillary/Obama do everything Socialist White House with a liberal Congress and a weakened defense capability spearheaded by surrender!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Super Tuesday is just around the corner and whether one likes him or not John McCain is the front runner for the GOP nomination and has the clear momentum going into the 22 State National Primary on February fifth.

Many within the GOP, especially Conservatives are asking how the Senator from Arizona gained such strong momentum so quickly and why did it happen ? After all this was the man that Republicans clearly did not want in 2000 and until recently nearly everyone gave him no chance of winning the nomination. Now with Super Tuesday upon us John McCain has risen from near nomination obscurity to an almost unstoppable run to the nomination.

Some equate his rise to a fundamental shift in the Republican Party away from Reaganism and Conservative ideology. While this may play a very small roll, if any, I beleive this evaluation of the McCain momentum is flawed for two reasons. The first is the fact that even though McCain nor Romney for that matter are true Conservatives both as well as Huckabee and Paul who still remanin in the race, and every GOP candidate have spent a considerable amount of speech, debate and commercial time trying to claim the mantle of Conservative.

If Conservativsm were an ideology of the past in the GOP then candidates would not try to court the Conservative vote or claim the title. As for Reaganism, that to is obviously extremely strong in the GOP for the very same reasons. Every candidate claims to be either part of or from the , "Reagan Coalition." Again a considerable amount of time is spent envoking President Reagan's name and ideology and without exception every debate has had a question concerning how each candidate might compare themselves to Ronald Reagan.

If a fundamental shift had taken place in the core of the Reapublican Party then neither Conservatism or Reagansim would be a factor in the race, and both have become key issues that the candidates are wrapping themselves around.

In actuality there are two lesser and one greater factor that have lead to the metioric rise of John McCain as the front runner and most likely the nominee for the GOP. The lesser has to do with blunders by two candidates who have already dropped out of the race and the other has to do with a candidate that is still in the 2008 Presidential race.

First the lesser factors:

1. The Thompson factor - Of all the candidates who have thrown their hat into the ring for the GOP in 2008 Fred Thompson had the best chance to gain the nomination AND truly claim the mantle of Conservative. Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo, though staunch Conservatives never gained any backing by the voters and as such had little chance for the nomination.

Thomspon had not only excellent Conservative credentials with a record to match but he also was well known because of his movie and television career and his recent spear head of the Roberts and Alito nomination to the Supreme Court. Thompson was accused of running a, "lazy, " campaign but that is not the case at all. He patterned his Presidential run after a very successful Grassroots campaign that worked magnificantly in his election to the Senate from his home State of Tennessee.

Thompson as such was not prepared to run the type of campaign that is necessary on a National level. While his Grassroots approach worked at the State level, the tools were not there to run a successful National campaign which was a major miscalculation by Thompson and as such he never caught on as he should. Had Thompson run the exhaustive style of campaign with a large advertising budget and massive fund raising capability which is necessary for a Presidential campaign today, I beleive that the front runner would now be Thompson and not McCain.

2. The Giuliani factor - When Giuliani announced his run for the Presidency in November of 2006 nearly every pundit in the political rhelm stated that the nomination was his to lose. Giuliani, because of 9/11 was the best known candidate in the field. He also has leadership qualifications that had been witnessed by the entire country during a major crises.

For nearly a year Giuliani ran a National campaign and until just before the hard hitting campaign season began last fall he had held the lead in every major poll from the beginning and during most of that time the lead was double digits. Then Giuliani made a major blunder. Just when he should have kicked his campaign into a higher gear, he did the opposite and literally dropped off the screen pulling all of his resources out of the early States to concentrate only on Florida.

This major miscalculation by Giuliani not only cost him the nomination but seriously put into question whether he actually wanted to run for President and was basically giving up because he was tired of the campaign. Some beleive that his move was to positon himself for the Vice Presidency looking toward the Presidency in 2012 since McCain has indicated that if elected he would only serve one term.

The major factor:

Hillary Clinton - While the Thompson and Giuliani factors played a lesser role in the rise of John McCain the major factor for his skyrocket to front runner is Hillary Clinton. After Iowa many beleived that her chances had dimmed to the point of no return. Then when the polling and the pundits competely missed New Hampshire, I beleive something happened with Republican voters. They came down with a bad case of Hillaryitis, the fear of a Hillary Rodham Clinton White House.

With the exception of only a few months last summer when Giuliani was still leading most GOP polls and was also polling higher than Hillary, John McCain has been the ONLY Republican candidate who has consistantly lead Clinton in every major poll in a one on one match up. The same holds true as we approach Super Tuesday.

Hillary is very beatable and polls indicate that McCain is the one to beat her. There is a growing fear in the GOP and with many Independants of a successful run for the White House by Hillary. This is combined with a large number of voters who do not like her as a person and are also just plain tired of the Clintons. Her disdain for the military, her massive entitlements proposed and her very Socialist agenda strike a fear and anger that takes a voter who would usually vote their conscience and the issues and transforms them into one who votes for the electability of the candidate who can beat Hillary and polls show that is John McCain.

This more than anything else, I beleive, attributes to Republicans who had previously rejected McCain because of his many partnerships with Democrats and his betrayals of the GOP voting for him which has resulted in the rise of John McCain. If the momantum holds true, which it should especially after the Giuliani endorsement which virtually gave him California, New York and New Jersey whose delegate totals add up to more than the rest of Super Tuesday States combined, John McCain will be the nominee.

Not so much because Republicans believe he is the best candidate to represent the GOP and will make the best President but because he can beat Hillary Rodham Clinton and prevent the Socialist from gaining the power of the White House and leading the dangerous decline of the nation that her Presidency would cause. Conservatives, for good reason do not like McCain but voters see him as the best option to keep a Socialist Hillary or a very liberal Obama out of the Oval Office.

Ken Taylor

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