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Sunday, December 31, 2006


2006 was a year that brought many surprises but then again as the year progressed some of the so called surprises were not as much a surprise as they were an obvious result of bad choices. One of the largest that loomed with the political prognosticators at the end of 2005 was the result of the 2006 Mid Term election. Few predicted that 2006 would bring a complete change in leadership in both the House and the Senate but yet as the year progressed with the GOP making several wrong moves and bad choices in their watch of the Congress the election became more and more obvious that it would be a disaster for the GOP. Many thought there was a slight chance of the House turning over in 06 but almost no one predicted the Senate to follow suit. Yet here we are ready to enter 2007 and January will bring the swearing in of a new Democrat controlled House and Senate. So obviously speculating what a new year will bring is just that, "speculation," but it has become a tradition by many political analysts and by most Hollywood gossip columnists. The difference between the two is only in who and what they predict and not in the accuracy in their predictions. Though from the stand point of pure hilarious entertainment Hollywood takes its predictions much more serious than do political prognosticators as if on what Hollywood predicts the future of all society rests. So as we step into 2007 this writer will offer a few thoughts as to what may be in store for 2007 and just maybe some of it could happen and much of it totally miss the boat.

First the obvious for 2007.

The 08 Presidential race - With 2008 bringing with it the seemingly never ending campaigning that accompanies a Presidential election year, the positioning for that run will begin in earnest. 2007 will find Giuliani, McCain, Romney, Hillary, Biden and Obama making their candidacy official. The possibles who will join the list consist of Huckabee, Gingrich, Kerry and Gore. Though Kerry seems one who should be on the obvious list, there have been a number of incidents in recent months including his insult of the troops and his unpopular visit to Iraq that could actually cause him pause in running. In the end though his arrogance and his own conviction that he, "deserves, " the Presidency will push him into the race. Gingrich and Gore will depend upon reaction to their feelers in the first few months of 2007. Of the two Gingrich is the most likely to enter the race but Gore is gaining popularity for a run because of his highly touted global warming fantasies.

Saddam Hussein - With the dictator dead it may seem odd that he makes the list of obvious 2007 predictions but like a bad penny he will not go away for several reasons. The foremost reason is because of the Iraqi people themselves. His brutal reign as dictator for more than 30 years over Iraq has left very large and lasting scars on the country. There will be a large number of Iraqis who even faced with video and photographic evidence of his execution as well as a grave bearing his name will still believe that this persona of evil is alive and will find a way to return to power. For many in the country it will take some time for the truth of his demise to sink in and the acceptance that he is gone to allow them to live without the fear of his return. A secondary reason is because of the conspiracy theorists which have already started fanning the flame that the execution was one of Hussein's many doubles and that he is alive and well and drinking Pina' Colladas somewhere outside of Iraq waiting for the opportune moment to return. With the emergence already of the conspiracies 2007 will be filled with Saddam sightings and stories of where he living and with whom he is meeting to prepare for his return to Iraq.

The minimum wage - This has become the agenda cry of the incoming Democrats as they tell of what they plan to do in the first 100 days as leaders in Congress. Shortly after they take control the House will present and pass an expected raise in the minimum wage allowing an increase of more than two dollars over the next two years. While its passage will take more time in the Senate since the balance between parties is much closer than in the House the support for the raise has strong backing in the Senate and should pass will bipartisan support. President Bush has unfortunately already indicated that he too supports the raise with certain incentives for small business which are not likely with a Democrat Congress but in the spirit of showing his bipartisanship at the onset of Democrat Congressional leadership, Bush will sign the bill.

Now a few not so obvious.

Iraq - While many are trying to portray Iraq as a lost cause and that United States presence in the country should cease to exist the truth of the matter is that there is still much work to be done and that the work requires the continued presence of the United States in order for the work to be completed. There are lingering questions as to the immediate future of the US in Iraq bouncing back and forth between a, "surge, " ( where did they come up with this word for a troop increase ?), of US troops to quell the situation in the Sunni Triangle area and an increase in diplomatic measures especially concerning Iran and Syria. As the President is leaning to an increase of around 30, 000 troops the, "surge, " seems likely. The diplomatic overtures that are being discussed depends greatly on political pressure here at home. Bush is against negotiating with Iran and Syria over Iraq or anything else for that matter for which I give him kudos since we do not need to be negotiating with these two terror states. Yet political pressure is mounting for negotiations and as that pressure increases Bush may fall to it and at least send lower level diplomats as feelers to both countries then eventually Condi Rice and an official US delegation. Again all of this is still up in the air but as 2007 progresses the full direction of US policy in Iraq will better reveal itself.

The economy - While the increase in the minimum wage will have an adverse effect of the economy as the raise is implemented and business reacts to the increase with labor changes in the form of cut backs in hiring and downsizing of employees to meet the forced increase in labor costs, the full extent of the effect on the economy will not take effect until the raise begins attacking consumer prices through increases brought on by higher labor costs. The effect on slowing the economy or not will depend on consumer confidence in the economy at the time and whether consumers feel comfortable enough in their own pockets with the price increases to continue spending at the healthy pace that has been the case over the last few years. Another indicator of the 2007 economic picture will be the housing market. While it has shown signs of slowing over the last months of 2006 each time it has slowed the next month followed with increases that not only countered the previous months slow down but actually increased the housing market. Again consumer comfort in their own finances and well being will determine if housing will continue at the record pace it has kept in recent years. The stock market will vary with world situations and the legislation that is presented by a Democrat Congress. Wall Street is taking a look and see attitude as they anticipate what Democrats will do, so their reaction will be based on future legislation and how that legislation will effect the market at the time. Oil prices will depend on futures market reaction to world crises that erupt in 2007 and also on how greedy OPEC will be if the price of a barrel of oil begins to drop again.

Hurricanes - There will be hurricanes. If any of those who predict the numbers for any hurricane season and 2007 is no exception were to actually admit the truth the only prediction that any of them can make is that next years hurricane season will produce hurricanes. Now as to numbers and intensity that depends only upon ocean temperatures and upper level air currents at the time and if any of these dire hurricane weather sooth sayers were honest in their assessment of future activity they would admit that we will have them and stop trying to scare the coastal residents with numbers and strength predictions which only succeed in fear mongoring and driving up the price of insurance on the coast.

The President - Bush and 2007 all depends on whether he has resigned himself to being a lame duck President or if he still believes even with a Democrat Congress that he has the ability to govern and have a strong Presidency or one that weakly bows to the Congress through compromise after compromise. Ronald Reagan proved that even with a majority from the other party controlling Congress that by creating a coalition within the opposition Democrat party that leaned toward a more conservative agenda a President could get what he wanted passed in Congress. Bush seems to believe that his only option is to work with the leadership and follow their lead in legislating. If that is the case then he will be a lame duck President and much of 2007 will find him ineffective from that stand point. If he does lead and works the Congress as Reagan did then the strength of his leadership will shape legislation that emerges from even a Democrat Congress in 2007.

One final item for 2007 is the shape of the Senate. This all depends upon the recovery of Senator Tim Johnson from South Dakota who had emergency brain surgery earlier in December. If he recovers and is able to complete his term then the Senate will remain in Democrat control. If on the other hand he cannot then South Dakota Republican Governor Mike Rounds will appoint a Republican to fill the vacant seat thus changing the makeup of the Senate to 50/50 causing both parties to equally share in all leadership and committee positions and the Vice President would then become the deciding vote in the case of a tie.

As in any change of years from one to another in the continued advancement of time on this planet that we all share, predictions are just predictions and the year will play out as it will despite what anyone speculates or contemplates. So as we begin the eighth year of the 21st century may it be a prosperous one for each of you and please accept my wish for each of you for a very Happy New Year!

Ken Taylor

Friday, December 29, 2006


Just a quick blurb about Edwards announcing his run for 2008. The first thought that crossed my mind after, "why, ?" was : "why does a guy born in South Carolina, served as Senator from North Carolina go to New Orleans, Louisiana to announce another Presidential bid ?" Then I remembered what he did for a living. Ambulance chaser lawyers are great at grand standing and what better way to grand stand than to grab a few kids and a shovel in New Orleans to announce a run for the Presidency. I had always thought that the reason for setting up an exploratory committee for a Presidential run was to determine the feasibility of running and if the candidate stood a chance. I guess Edwards has an entire staff of, " yes, " men and women who think he has a chance. He didn't come close in 04 and will suffer the same fate for 08 in the primaries. In 04 he actually only won the SC primary with 46% over Kerry's 30%, this from his home state and running against a man who was unpopular in this state. Then to top it off during his announcement speech yesterday he actually spoke of the necessity of a tax increase as part of his platform. Yeah that will gain vast support from voters! Oh well he does provide a little break from the Obama/Hillary media blitz at least until he falls in the early primaries.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, December 28, 2006


May your fairways be peaceful and you scores be under par. Goodbye to a great American President Gerald R. Ford. Rest in peace and hit 'em long and straight !

Notice that John Kerry is eating alone ? Now this would seem trivial if it were not for the fact that this picture was taken on his recent visit to Iraq and he is eating in a soldiers mess hall. Talk about being avoided like the plague. He also visited a gym and no one even went to shake his hand. While at the same time Bill O' Reilly was in the same area and troops were lined up for blocks to shake his hand and get his autograph. The epitaph for Kerry - What happens when a Massachusetts liberal opens his mouth to often ? He becomes a Senator and fades into oblivion. Goodbye John Kerry glad to see you go. Oh he will still show his face and try to run in 08 but his political future has ended. Good riddance!

The contrast is obvious. President Ford - grace, honesty, integrity under great pressure while putting the good of the country above all else including his political career. John Kerry - no grace, no integrity and his only honesty is that he honestly thinks he can be President. He is about the only one left. Always putting the good of John Kerry above the good of the country. The difference between a great American, (Gerald Ford), and a blame America firster (John Kerry).

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


The nation awoke this morning to news of the passing of the 38th President of The United States Gerald R. Ford. At 93 President Ford was one month older than President Reagan at his passing making him the oldest living American President at the time of his death. President Ford had a long and distinguished career serving as a Congressman from his home state of Michigan serving for 25 years with his final years in Congress 1965 - 1973 serving as House Minority Leader. It was then that President Richard Nixon called on Congressman Ford to serve as Vice President upon the resignation of Spiro Agnew. He served as Vice President until August 9, 1974 when he became the 38th President upon the resignation from office of Richard Nixon. Ford was well respected in Congress and throughout his political career as a man of the highest honesty and integrity who said what he thought and was not one to sugar coat anything for political purposes. As President this reputation of integrity continued during some of the most tumultuous times that our country has ever known. Ford stepped into a hornets nest in the White House as the Presidency was reeling from the Watergate scandal and the first and only time that a sitting President has ever resigned from office. Ford's Presidential honeymoon ended quickly as he realized that the Watergate trouble must be ended for the good of the country and knowing the risk to his own political career exercised his authority as President and pardoned Nixon for his involvement in the Watergate cover-up. Ford was vilified for this action and was accused of cutting a deal with Nixon before he left office which Ford denied and an accusation which has never been proven. His love of country gave the realization that the turmoil that Watergate had caused combined with the ending of the Vietnam War on terms that were not favorable to The United States the adding of the prosecution and public trial of a former President would be more than the nation could handle. Setting politics aside Ford started the national healing that was desperately needed by pardoning Nixon. Ford's popularity plummeted from the mid 70's to the mid 30's in the aftermath of the pardon but history is finally showing that Ford's action to heal the nation though unpopular at the time were necessary and had a calming and very positive effect on the country as well as setting a path to recovery that was desperately needed. Ford faced daunting tasks as President besides the healing process from Watergate. There were the challenges of mastering inflation, reviving a depressed economy, solving chronic energy shortages, and trying to ensure world peace. The President acted to curb the trend toward Government intervention and spending as a means of solving the problems of American society and the economy. While initially it was thought that Ford was a less than average President as time has shown Ford's actions as President and his integrity in office combined with his steadfast leadership in extremely hard times were exactly what this nation needed and his status as an above average President has grown. Ford was defeated by Jimmy Carter in 1976 not so much because he was considered at the time as a failed President but rather in the wake of Watergate the country sought a change and Carter offered that for the moment. Ford thus became the only President to have served in office without having been elected either as President or Vice President. As a young voter, Ford was the first President that I had voted for and the first election in which I participated in which will always place President Ford in a special place in my political life. At his inauguration Jimmy Carter paid the ultimate tribute to Ford summing up his Presidency which had been misunderstood by a public that was reeling from turmoil. Carter stated, "For myself and for our Nation, I want to thank my predecessor for all he has done to heal our land." A grateful people and a thankful nation agrees. Thank you President Ford and may you now find rest and peace as you sit with the greatest among us who have served as our nations leaders.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, December 24, 2006


There are many things from which I might have derived good, by which I have not profited, I dare say, Christmas among the rest. But I am sure I have always thought of Christmas time, when it has come round as a good time: a kind, forgiving, charitable, pleasant time: the only time I know of, in the long calendar of the year, when men and women seem by one consent to open their shut-up hearts freely, and to think of people below them as if they really were fellow-passengers to the grave, and not another race of creatures bound on other journeys. And therefore, uncle, though it has never put a scrap of gold or silver in my pocket, I believe that it has done me good, and will do me good; and I say, God bless it!''

So said Fred , the nephew of Ebeneezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens," A Christmas Carol." Christmas is many things to many people. For some it is Santa Claus and toy building elves. For others it is a time to spend time with family and friends and for some a time to share, "Christmas spirits." But amidst all of the festivities the one fact that must not be forgotten and cannot be denied is that Christmas regardless of ones spiritual beliefs or lack there of is a celebration of a precious birth. A birth, that though it did not take place in December of our calendar year, still effects all of mankind to this very day. A birth that changed history and in whose life all history finds its center.

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace." Isaiah 9:6

So many years ago in Bethlehem this Child who was born, a gift to all mankind in a lowly manger, who would grow to become the sacrifice that a just God required for the transgressions of man and in whose name forgiveness can be found. "And His name shall be called Jesus." We in the United States have a particular reason to celebrate the birth of the Son of God for it is because of His birth, His death and His resurrection that this nation was born. The Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth in 1620 came to this land to find freedom to worship God as their hearts guided them and thus our Founding Fathers in their wisdom placed the freedom to worship according to ones heart and conscience as our first and foremost right in this nation that we love. From the very birth of our nation Christmas has been a celebration of the birth of the King of Kings and though the politically correct have been trying to eliminate Him from our present day Christmas the fact still remains that He is the Reason for the Season. Without His birth there would be no Christmas nor the need for the celebration. Though we are a melting pot of many religions and many nationalities the underlying truth still remains that the birth of The Christ is why Christmas exists. Yet in our freedoms this does not force anyone to celebrate His birth as Christians do for many in their religious or non-religious beliefs do not recognize Him yet we all live in the freedom and liberty that His birth allowed which in-turn gave life to our nation in the search for religious freedom. So as you join with your families and friends this Christmas and you are among those who believe in the Son of God then give thanks to Him for His coming and all that we are, who we are as a nation and His many blessings bestowed. If your beliefs are of another nature then take a moment to reflect on this great land that we live in and give thanks in your own way for this land of the free and home of the brave. May the blessings of Christmas be yours now and throughout the New Year. Thank you each one for being a part of this blog. Merry Christmas to each of you and as Tiny Tim observed, " God bless us, everyone!"

Ken Taylor

Thursday, December 21, 2006


As we approach Christmas Day and finish each of our preparations for the celebration of Christ's birth take a moment to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

Mary Did You Know - 2006

The annual Christmas posting will be the Christmas Eve Sunday Commentary - Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


This morning in his last press conference of 2006 among many subjects that the President covered was his willingness to side with Democrats in Congress and the proposal as their first act in leadership to increase the minimum wage by more than two dollars over the next two years. While he did state that he would support it combined with tax incentives and regulatory relaxing so as not to , "hurt small business, " his support still looks to be a sign that rather than standing for sound economic principle that Bush is going to cave and compromise with Democrats which may also be an indication of how he will handle the next two years of his Presidency. If this is the case he is already a lame duck President because this type of compromise will lead to nothing more than a rubber stamp by the President to Democrat legislation and a liberal agenda.

First his contention that he will back a raise in the minimum wage combined with tax incentives and relaxing of regulations for small business is a pipe dream because Democrats will not do either. They prefer raising taxes over tax cuts and adding regulations rather than relaxing especially when associated with business. Additionally IF and again that is an unlikely IF, Democrats were to agree to tagging a minimum wage increase with tax incentives and regulatory relaxing by the time either had the ability to assist business the rise in the minimum wage would already have taken its toll both on business and the economy. It is a proven fact that raising the minimum wage damages the economy in several aspects. The increase in salary compensation that is not associated with company growth but rather by government regulation, drives consumer prices up to counter the increase thus causing inflation to rise and slow if not stagnate the economy. When employers are forced to raise wages by the government rather than by merit or promotion in the company, business' will begin making choices concerning the number of employees that they can financially handle. Either a higher wage employee will be laid off to compensate for the raise in the salaries of their minimum employees or the most likely scenario the number of lower wage employees will be decreased both by lay - off and a stoppage in hiring to compensate for the burden on the company payroll. Again having an economic effect raising the unemployment numbers as more workers will be forced onto the job market searching for new employment and less are hired. Also raising the wage is advantageous to Unions, who are big Democrat supporters, because they use the raise as leverage to force business that uses Union labor to raise worker salaries again forcing a cycle of lay-offs, cut backs and price increases. All of this has the effect of stopping any vibrant economy which we are now experiencing. Employers do not need government to step in to force them into paying employees since in a Capitalist economy salary is based on employee merit, work, seniority and other factors that are decided by the employer. Additionally as the company grows in a strong economy that employer then has the capability with expansion and growth to hire more employees at the base level which in most cases is already higher than minimum wage and the employee then has the opportunity to climb the ladder.

The deception by Democrats that the minimum wage is a living wage is the root cause that is driving this push to raise the wage by more than two dollars. Minimum wage is a starting point and the vast percentage of workers who receive it are just starting as workers for example teenagers etc. Very few who receive minimum wage use it to, "support a family, " as the Dems try to spin yet in this push to raise the wage it is being portrayed as assistance the the majority of workers. In a free Republic and Capitalist form of economy a minimum wage should not exist in the first place as every worker has the ability if they so desire to better their job situation by acquiring better skills whether through better education whthin their current job or on the job training or seeking higher education both of which also has the effect of improving their life. This compromise by the President could set a precedence for the next two years that will be disasterous for our strong economy and if it carries over to foreign policy damaging to our security and the war.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


An amazing site hit the web yesterday as the Drudge Report posted and article that will be featured in the next issue of Newsweek. The title of the piece is, "Blood and Money
In what might be called the mother of all surprises, Iraq's economy is growing strong, even booming in places."
What is most surprising about this article is that it is a positive piece about Iraq and what is additionally surprising is this positive report is being published in a left leaning magazine that has been not only very critical of Iraq but has published numerous articles since we entered Iraq that have been totally and completely negative in every aspect. Almost as surprising especially when one considers that Newsweek is part of the Main Stream Media is the fact that according to the MSM NOTHING GOOD IS HAPPENING IN IRAQ! Yet here is Newsweek preparing to print an article about Iraq's booming economy and the statistics are current and date back quite some time....wait I thought that Iraq was a total disaster and the country was collapsing. I'm getting ahead of myself first let me share some of the good news found in the report. Iraqna, the leading cell phone company in Iraq posted $333 million in revenues in 2005 and is on track to increase that to $ 520 million this year, inspite of the bombing of their cell towers and increased security for their workers. There are 7.1 million cell subscribers in Iraq up 1.4 million from two years ago. Registered companies in Iraq have increased by 8000 from this same period three years ago and the Iraqi GDP growth was 17% last year and is on course to a 13% growth for 2006. Inspite of attacks on oil fields, oil revenues and foreign grants for 2006 will will hit $ 41 billion and with security tightened in southern oil fields that figure could actually go up. Salaries have increased more than 100 % since the fall of Saddam and tax cuts have taken taxes from 45 % to 13% allowing more money in the pockets of Iraqi workers. Many Iraqis have built up a considerable nest egg which they could not do five years ago and according Newsweek, "there's a vibrancy at the grass roots that is invisible in most international coverage of Iraq. " Even they admit that this positive reporting has been non - existent in Iraq coverage. The article , hold on to your seats, even admits US success in Iraq, "The U.S. wanted to create the conditions in which small-scale private enterprise could blossom," says Jan Randolph, head of sovereign risk at Global Insight. "In a sense, they've succeeded."

Shortly after the election I mentioned to a friend of mine who I discuss politics with on a consistent basis that with a Democrat win in the House and Senate either soon after they take control of Congress or just before, the MSM will begin reporting positive news from Iraq to make the Dems look better and attempt to deceive the country into thinking that with Dems in control everything even Iraq is coming up roses. It looks like my prediction has come true. Where was this positive reporting for the last five years in the MSM ? Conservative talk radio has been touting the successes in Iraq constantly yet the only thing that has come out of the MSM until now are reports of the latest road side bombing, coverage of every homicide bomber that has gone to meet Allah and a continual body count of American soldiers and Iraqi citizens. Even when a story is related to Iraq or concerns the military in any way, such as the recent departure of Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense the story was tagged with something like, "This as today in Iraq two more US soldiers were killed in a road side bombing, " or something to that affect. Every story has had a body count tag and if there was not a story associated with Iraq or the military then just the body count would be stated. Nothing and I mean NOTHING, concerning the successes, the accomplishments, the advancements or any positive at all. Yet with just a few weeks before the Democrats take over Congress miraculously Iraq has a, "Booming Economy." Coincidence ? I think not. If this type of reporting had been the norm for the last five years the support for Iraq would not have faded as it has. The deception by the left and the MSM in only portraying the negative about Iraq has twisted the truth and created the idea that we are losing as well as diminished support for US presence in the country. This type of news has been available from the very beginning and the left along with their cohorts in the MSM have chosen to ignore it and irresponsibly neglected to tell the truth concerning what is happening in Iraq. As such they have succeeded in their agenda of damaging the Bush Presidency, turning the country against Iraq and placed us on the verge of negotiating with terror states pulling out of a success before it is finished and severely damaging American credibility for the sake of pushing their agenda. This Newsweek report could have been published with similar growth statistics though not quite as high three years ago because the Iraqi economy has had consistent growth since the fall of Saddam. Our troops have performed marvelously and all that the left and the MSM have shown the American people are the number killed. The death of an American soldier is more than a statistic for the news but rather a precious life who has sacrificed that life for the cause of freedom. This and thousands of similar reports that have been purposefully neglected in Iraq reporting proves the success of our men and women in the military and in American policy and presence in Iraq. Maybe now before we fall into the abyss of terror state negotiation, abandoning the mission and following a course of appeasement the tide toward this can be turned now that the truth is finally being reported and we can finish the job that was started leaving a free independent Iraq and a stable and safer situation in the Middle East. But then again this Newsweek report could just be an isolated slip up and future reporting will be business as usual and the course into the abyss will continue.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, December 17, 2006


There is an extremely dangerous thought being expressed in the media, liberal circles and in the commentary of a few GOP publicity seekers who bend to the whims of popular political fancy rather than the full truth and the core of beliefs that make conservatism the base of the GOP. That dangerous mind set is that we have lost in Iraq. What is so totally mind boggling in this idea is that nothing could be further from the truth but in their willingness to buy into this idea because it is becoming politically expedient and popular with the main stream media the very expression of this idea and the implementation of policy suggestions that stem from this idea could bring about its reality as the final end in Iraq. Negativism toward Iraq has assisted in creating the problems that currently exist because it has caused a hesitancy in making the full and necessary commitment to finishing the job and completing the mission of defeating the terrorist element in Iraq and calming the insurgency thus allowing the Iraqis the freedom to iron out their governmental differences in accordance to the will of the people who have voted for a free Democracy in Iraq. It is a proven fact that political discord can and does tie the hands of the military since it creates a lack of political will to free the military to do its job. Disagreeing with any administration is a right and privilege that we have as Americans which has been a cornerstone of our Republic since its birth. Yet with the Iraq situation there has been a political agenda not so much against the war as against the President continually expounded by the media, liberal politicians and the anti- war for anti-wars sake crowd that has clouded the truth of what is happening in Iraq so much that it has actually assisted in shaping US policy from the all out completion of the mission to that of one that is hesitant to use the full capabilities that we have and is now considering negotiation with the very elements who have been working to prevent a free and independent Iraq. Those who are opposed to President Bush have used Iraq as a means to politically damage his Presidency and as such created the perception that Iraq is a complete disaster and either lost or on the verge of losing. Yet according to the very men and women who are on the ground and in country just the opposite is true and the majority are dumbfounded as to why their accomplishments and the true nature of the situation in Iraq is not being told to the American people. The total intentional neglect of even the slightest mention of any success in Iraq and the complete preoccupation of the left and the media as well as certain publicity hounds within the GOP in only reporting body counts or roadside bombings has created the misconception in the mind of the American public that Iraq is a total lost cause and we do not have the capability to turn it around.

Had this same type political discord and agenda based media reporting been evident during WWII even with the popularity of the war the resolve of the American people would have faded which would have brought about a failure of the political will to fight the war to the full and complete surrender of both Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. While favor for the war had many dips in popularity with the American people as reports of American losses weighed on the countries conscience the reports of victories and accomplishments by the military not only continually rallied the country in their support but also gave the political will to back policy and support the war to its final and ultimate conclusion the defeat and total surrender of Germany and Japan. The devastation of Pearl Harbor gave the American resolve to enter the war but the continual success and accomplishments of our military and the reporting thereof gave this nation the ability to back the war and stand true to its cause until the final victory.

With freedom of speech comes responsibility. This not only applies to the individual but to the press and the politicians who exercise that Constitutional right. Many of the politicians who are continually denouncing the President and the war have never set foot in Iraq, talked with a soldier nor been part of policy and military decisions and as such speak without knowledge of the REAL situation just from an agenda. Even the highly touted Iraq Study Group whose report is as useless as paper bullets only visited Iraq for a brief one day visit and never left the green zone in Baghdad. The media chooses to turn a blind eye to any report of accomplishment or success in Iraq and select to report death and destruction only thus rendering the American public to make an uneducated decision about Iraq based only upon negativism. The successes and accomplishment have far out weighed the problems yet agenda based politicians and media outlet's paint a completely different picture. Iraq is not lost nor are we losing but the seeds of that loss are being planted by the very agendas that are being expressed and even considered in shaping future policy. Even Collin Powell suggested last week that a full military commitment with 500, 000 troops and completely closing the borders with Iran and Syria would end sectarian violence and terrorism in Iraq and allow the government there to accomplish its full development into a Democracy. Yet those who are shaping policy are calling for negotiation with terrorist states redeploying troops and even suggesting that Israel give up territory to appease Arab states and ease tension in the region to bring about a free Iraq. This political agenda sounds like Europe in the late 1930's and the appeasement which allowed Hitler to overrun the entire continent. History is our greatest teacher and not learning from it is our greatest mistake. Following the course that is being suggested in Iraq will give Iran the same capability to overrun the Middle East as similar appeasement gave Germany to overrun Europe. We cannot allow history to repeat itself only with different names and faces. Iraq is winnable and it can be done without appeasement and negotiation with terror states. It takes political will and the resolve of this nation to see it through allowing the military the full capability to complete its mission and the Iraqi government the safety to finalize and iron out their Democracy. To the President I say make the full commitment and complete the job. It is time to raise the famous "V" for victory sign as Winston Churchill did in WWII.

Ken Taylor

Appendum posted 12/18 - The suggestion that I mentioned by Collin Powell concerning increasing troop numbers to 500,000 and closing the Iran and Syria borders was made by Powell about a year ago. It is being reported today that Powell is backing off of this and stating that he does not favor more troops and is in favor of negotiating with Iran. While I still agree with his assesment from last year I am in complete disagreement with his suggestion that is in today's headlines as I believe I have made obvious in this and earlier posts - Ken


The Blog of the Week spotlight falls on , "The HinzSight Report." Fairly new on the blogosphere but authored by some very experienced conservative bloggers. The site is created by the HinzSight team who also created Conservative News and Views of which I am a contributor. Great format and interesting articles from a conservative view point. The HinzSight team are also well researched and deverse in their posting. Well worth your time and adding as a link.

Friday, December 15, 2006


Despite the rantings of David Duke and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and their attempt to deny the truth by holding a forum that was braodcast to the world the Holocaust did exist and it did happen and may we NEVER see its like again. To the memory of the six million Jews who were murdered by the Hitler regime this video is dedicated one that Duke and Ahmadinejad obviously missed.

Holocaust - Shoah

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Illinois junior Senator Barak Obama has stolen the spotlight for the 2008 Democrat Party bid for the Presidency from Hillary and is gaining in his popularity as a Democrat hopeful. I have followed politics for a long time and have not seen this type of , "orgasmic, " reaction to a Democrat candidate since 1968 and Bobby Kennedy. Please excuse the somewhat off color description but as I hear reporters and leaders within the party speak about Obama, "orgasmic, " is the only way to totally describe the response. Last Sunday Obama visited New Hampshire the location of the first primary and 1500 people came to hear him speak which by most counts is a large number for any political gathering in New Hampshire especially this far from and election. Every report I heard of the event both by the journalist reporting and the people who attended that were interviewed spoke in breathless tones as if they had just experienced the most exciting time of their life and had been in the presence of royalty! Only a matter of months ago the Junior Senator from New York who I refer to as the Hildabeast but who is better know as Hillary Clinton was spoken of as the shoe in for the nomination by the Democrat Party and no one else need run because she had a lock on the candidacy. In recent months though polling of liberals and the far left wing in the party have been less than favorable for Hillary with some actually placing her at the bottom of a list of possible nominees for the Democrats.

Barak Obama first came to prominence in the party during the 2004 Democrat Convention when he delivered a speech that captivated the audience and even then heads were turning toward a possible Presidential bid. During the course of this year as the field has expanded to include a number of Democrat unknowns and several wannabes combined with the falling popularity in liberal circles of Hillary, Obama's stock has risen to almost superstar status. So what are the Presidential qualifications of this great hope for the Democrats ? Let's see he has been a Senator for two years and he is a very dynamic speaker and umm let's see did I mention that he has been a Senator for two years, oh and hey he's been a Senator for two years......I think you get my point. His foreign policy experience consists of being against the war and his domestic policy experience consists of being a Senator for two years... did I mention that ? Yet the Democrats are treating him like a political superstar who can win the Presidency, with the media and party members responding with similar excitement.

When Bobby Kennedy ran in 1968 he too was a junior Senator from New York and had only been in the Senate for just three years but his political experience and resume' was vast including United States Attorney General during the JFK Presidency and for nearly one year under Johnson. Prior to that throughout the fifties Kennedy was a member of several Senate subcommittees and committees and was best known as a champion in the Senate against organized crime. Yet Democrats are reacting to Obama as they did to RFK in 1968 and many are even comparing Obama to Kennedy. During the 1988 Vice Presidential debates VP candidate Lloyd Bentson attacked then VP candidate Dan Quayle when he mentioned the Senate record of John Kennedy and that he had attended more votes then JFK. Bentson then quipped, " Senator, you are no Jack Kennedy." This same response is quite appropriate in the comparison of Barak Obama to Bobby Kennedy, " Senator Obama, you are no Bobby Kennedy. " Obama's rise to prominence and in many circles as the Democrat front runner will make the next year and one half until the primary a very interesting time to be an observer of liberal election politics. Whether Obama can survive the primary process remains to be seen. But frankly if he does and wins the nomination I see absolutely no way that Senator Barak Obama junior Senator from the state of Illinois will ever become the next President of the United States.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I had intended to post today but having viewed the interesting thread of comments inspired by The Sunday Commentary and the continued interest in this post I am postponing an additional post until tomorrow to allow more time on this vital subject and the relevance to this pressing issue of today. My thoughts and opinion concerning US policy are contained within the post so I will leave the thread that continues to follow its course. Thanks you to each of you for your comments and interest in the post and your continued and faithful visits to The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth.


Sunday, December 10, 2006


"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, Japanese Imperial Navy

The above quote was stated by Yamamoto shortly after he received word of the results of the attack that he authored on Pearl Harbor in 1941. When informed that his true goal of eliminating The United States Pacific Fleet including all Aircraft Carriers had failed in his estimation and the fleet was somewhat intact especially all of the carriers Yamamoto knew that the United States would be filled with a, "terrible resolve," and that the final out come would be dire for Japan. The, "sleeping giant." This one phrase offers the best description of The United States and our capabilities and how we manage them that has ever been given by an enemy or an ally when considering how we historically and currently approach and view the world. We are the," sleeping giant," lulled into a sense of security by the very freedom that when we fight we fight for and only awakened when catastrophic measures are taken against us because of a perceived weakness when we refuse to accept that because of who we are we are a target for a world of fanatics that see our freedom as threatening and our peaceful nature as weakness. Our freedom threatens fanatics because they offer no such freedom to those who either follow them blindly or have been under oppression for so long that they know of nothing but the oppression whether this be an oppressive regime or an oppressive ideology. Our peaceful nature gives fanatics the courage to attack us because they perceive that nature as an unwillingness to defend ourselves or use what we have to fight for what we believe. This peaceful nature and our respect for life is also perceived as a weakness because we grieve at the loss of one soldier or civilian because as Americans we believe that all life is precious and as such should not be taken for granted nor taken lightly and when sacrificed must be sacrificed for the cause of liberty and even then with regret. This very concern for life also gives us pause when using our great might because of the devastating effects that it can bring about. With great power though comes great responsibility and this too is how The United States is viewed by much of the world and why we are also hated by some because our strength and compassion is viewed as arrogance because we accept the responsibility of power and the leadership that comes with it which also makes us a target for those who refuse to understand our true intentions which are always to assist for the betterment and share freedom. Unfortunately there are also many in our own country who agree with this hatred because of our strength and as such view their own country as the enemy of the world and the cause of its problems and are part of the problem and a detriment to the answer. Yet despite this the world looks to us for answers and unfortunately when those answers include our respect for life and the right of all people to live free those who believe otherwise see us as an enemy.

Another challenge that comes from being a, "sleeping giant," is that in living in the freedoms that we hold dear we have a sense of security and optimism that catches us off guard when we view trouble in the world from a distance. We were caught off guard until the sinking of the Lucitania brought WWI home to this nation. We were caught off guard until Pearl Harbor brought WWII home even to our very shores and we were caught off guard until September 11 brought the evil of terrorism to our front door. It is then when catastrophe threatens our security and freedom that this , "sleeping giant," is filled with the, "terrible resolve, " to act and to use the great power that is ours to eliminate the evil that is thrust upon us. We entered WWI and our presence brought an end to a conflict that had killed millions throughout the world but our strength tilted the balance for good. We entered WWII and our bravery, industrial might and leadership turned the tide and the enemies of the world were forced into an unconditional surrender that eliminated their capability to seek world domination ever again. After September 11 this nation was filled with a resolve to destroy those who brought the evil of terrorism to our home. Terrorism to most though took on only the face of Al Qaeda and as such the resolve was to seek out and destroy only this one face of terrorism while the many other faces of terrorism are not seen as an enemy nor as a reason to use our great power to eliminate. Because of this we again are becoming the," sleeping giant," and are being lulled into a sense of security that believes that though the warnings are there and the enemy is still viable because Al Qaeda is weakened the United States is less likely to be attacked again as on 9/11. I realize that many say we will be attacked but most do not believe it and as such our resolve has become weak and we are closing our eyes to threats that are just as great and seek the same result as those who flew the planes on 9/11, the destruction and end of freedom and the United States and the beginning of a world dominated by Islam and the fanatical ideology that drives Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, and states like Iran and Syria. As such we are seeking negotiation with the very evil that seeks our destruction and displaying a weakness because we have lost our resolve that is being perceived as an opportunity by those same fanatical entities to further lull the, "sleeping giant, " into a position that further weakens our resolve and through this deception decreases our security and increases our vulnerability to another attack while also exposing our troops to greater risk as their hands are tied by the dictates of politics and negotiation.

Prior to WWII British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlin met with Adolph Hitler and negotiated the annexation of the Sudutanland which consisted of most of western Czechoslovakia to Germany in trade for the promise of the end of Germany's aggressive actions in Europe. Chamberlin returned to England claiming , "peace in our time, " and this appeasement lulled Europe into a false sense of security which allowed Germany to continue its buildup and soon afterwards the invasion and defeat of Poland and France followed. We are at a similar crossroad with the suggested negotiation with the terror states of Iran and Syria in the Middle East. We are being lulled into the same false sense of security by these two countries and negotiating with them will bring similar results as the appeasement of Chamberlin but only this time Iraq and the Middle East will be the toll used by these two terror states. We as the lone superpower have the ability and the means to prevent both the domination of the Middle East by Iran which is their true goal and also insure a free Iraq at the same time while protecting Israel's right to exist if we would but use our capabilities and stop fearing to flex our muscle and wake the, "sleeping giant, " with a , "terrible resolve." This does not mean that we have to use that muscle to destroy everything in its path nor does it mean that we even have to overthrow the terror regimes that see us as weak. We need but only show that we have the resolve to prevent their domination and refuse to negotiate with their demands as well as make our presence felt in a way that will give them pause to realize what they are up against if they choose to continue their destructive plans of domination.

President Reagan proved that the presence of United States strength had the ability to bring about the desired out come when he refused to bow to the Soviet Union as we had for forty years and through the display of our power and a resolve to stop Soviet domination brought about the collapse of the, "evil empire, " and the end of communist expansion and virtually the end of communism in the world. We have the military might to move into the region around the Arabian Gulf to prove to Iran and Syria as well as other terror entities that we will not stand for their threats nor for their dominance in the region and forcing puppet regimes under their control such as Lebanon. With the very presence of The United States in full force this enemy will finally understand that we mean business and if needs be will use the full power of America to stop their fanatical take over of the world. In Iraq using our muscle to step forward and stop the violence with a greater presence and the might of the military to control the country will give the Iraqi government without the interference of Iran and Syria or destructive factions from within the time and ability to form the free government that Iraqi citizens have voted for. If it means militarily closing the borders then it must be done. If it means becoming a military occupying force in the same sense as we were in Japan allowing the Japanese to rebuild and form a government then so be it. In the long run it will cost fewer American lives, prevent terror dominance by groups like Al Qaeda and states like Iran and finally achieve the goal of peace in the Middle East while also ending the threat of terrorism bringing victory in a war that we must fight though not by our choice but ended by the way of our choosing. We have the ability to bring this about but what lacks is the resolve and frankly the guts to make it happen. We stepped forward and ended WWI by our strength and presence. We stepped foward and ended WWII through our leadership and our power and now it is time again for the, "sleeping giant, " to wake up and through our , "terrible resolve, " end terrorism in this world and treat Iran and Syrian as the rogue and small entities that they truly are by refusing to recognize them as a, "player, " isolating them and proving to them that we have the strength and ability to keep them in check. The ultimate result of all of this will be the continued security and protection of our nation!

Ken Taylor


This week the Blog of the Week spotlight falls on, "No End But Victory." The title says it all. The site is a wealth of commentary from several different contributors one of which, "Haystack, " is a fellow contributor at Conservative News and Views. With a theme that considers victory the only end in the war on terror the commentary offers interesting thoughts about the direction that is taking place at this time. Well worth you time and adding as a link.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Has this nation become so weak minded and the leadership in Washington and those who claim to be our allies so political that the simple yet complete goal of victory is no longer even allowed in the American vocabulary. With all of the advise coming from Democrats, weak kneed Republicans and the completely useless and appeasing Iraq Study Group recommendations, no one has the guts nor the sense enough to realize that without full and complete victory Iraq will crumble and become a state of anarchy and tyranny that would make Saddam Hussein look like Mickey Mouse. Terrorism will reign as the driving force in much of the world with a continual goal of destroying America. Israel will no longer exist as a country, Iran will become the dominant player and in essence the complete ruler of what we now know as the Middle East with full nuclear capability and the ability to dictate policy by use of the nuclear threat with the full and complete support and assistance of an ally called Russia. When James Baker was asked about victory during the revelation of the Iraq Study Groups recommendations his response to using even the WORD victory was a lame attempt to appease the politically correct by stating that they did not want to use political catch phrases like , "victory and cut and run." Victory is not a catch phrase but a legitimate goal and solution to the Middle East problem. We are The United States of America and the ONLY remaining superpower in the world but if one were to judge our status by our actions one would have no alternative but to come to the conclusion that we fear Iran and did not have the capability to win in Iraq because of our weakness. General Douglas MacArthur once stated that in war, "there is no substitute for victory!" In WWII we settled only for total and complete victory and the defeat of the forces that sought world domination then with American compassion and will power rebuilt the nations the we had defeated. But only AFTER their total and complete defeat eliminating any capability to wage war on the world again and force their fascist and totalitarian dictates on neighboring countries and ending their goal of world dominance. Why can we never learn from history and doom ourselves to repeating the appeasement and mistakes from the past when we pay for the lessons that these conflicts attempt to teach us with the precious blood of thousands of brave American men and women who fight to insure that this country remains free and has the ability to share that freedom with countries who suffer from the oppression of tyranny whether from a brutal dictator or the twisting of a religion by radicals who seek world domination in the name of Allah! Why when we need another Winston Churchill is the world full of Neville Chamberlins who believe appeasement and giving in to the dictates of tyranny are the only solution for peace. It is time to finish the war that was thrust upon us. Those who refuse to accept Iraq as part of that war are part of the problem and not the solution. While Hussein did not participate directly in 9/11 he willingly assisted many who did and regardless of whether you choose to accept the truth or not had the capability to sell, give or supply weaponry to terrorist states or groups to assist in the Jihad that continues today. Is is going to take another 9/11 for this country to wake up and realize that this enemy is not going to go away simply because we negotiate to the dictates of the terror state of Iran or leave the battlefield of Iraq because it is politically correct ? We have a history because of our freedoms of lulling ourselves to sleep thinking that we are not vulnerable to the evil situations that effect the rest of the world. We slept before Pearl Harbor ! We slept before 9/11 and we are being lulled back to sleep by the appeasement crowd who believe that victory is a political catch phrase and not the only reason to participate in any war. Yes there are many situations that force war upon as and this one in no different. But once forced into war there should never be any end to it other than VICTORY! Without complete victory we fight and re-fight the same war over again sometimes with a different enemy but many times with a similar or the same enemy. The enemy we fight today in Iraq, Afghanistan, in our airports, countries that deceive like Iran, and in secluded cells that are waiting to strike sees appeasement as weakness and uses that weakness as a means to attack and instill fear with their terrorist tactics. We have taken the fight to the enemy reducing their capabilities and damaging their abilities. The appeasement that is showing its ugly face now which seeks surrender rather than victory will and is allowing this radical Islamic enemy a chance to regroup, rearm and reaffirm their commitment and support from their army of Jihadists and terror states like Iran and Syria that support them! We have the power and the ability to win and prevent Iranian dominance and protect a free Iraq if we would use our capabilities! Victory is possible and is ours if we would only learn from the past and step forward to achieve the only solution to any war, VICTORY!!!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Sixty five years ago at 8 am Honolulu time Pearl Harbor was attacked signaling the entry of The United States into WWII. An era is coming to an end today as this year marks the last reunion of Pearl Harbor survivors meeting at the USS Arizona Memorial. These heroes who remember the sacrifice and valor that Americans showed on the Day of infamy are slowly dwindling in number as age takes its toll on these last survivors of the epic struggle for freedom that history calls World War Two. These brave men and women who willingly stood in harms way giving of themselves and in thousands of instances giving the ultimate sacrifice of their life to fight for their country but even more so to fight for a belief in liberty and the blessing of freedom that we as a nation have stood for since our birth in 1776. As we remember those who stood in defense of our liberties on that December morning in 1941 the question arises as I think of those in that number who have already gone and as that number shrinks with each passing year, do we as Americans in their passing forget why they sacrificed and what they lived, fought and died for ? Even four short years later in 1945 as WWII was coming to an end the nation that had given of so many thousands of its finest men and women in the cause of liberty had already come to think that a Pearl Harbor could not happen to this nation again because the forces that caused it were vanquished by the bloodshed and sacrifice of war. Yet another Pearl Harbor did happen as a second Day of infamy came upon The United States on September 11, 2001. As we think about this 65 anniversary of Pearl Harbor and as the number of veterans of that world conflict fade each day are we facing a time when a nation forgets those who have sacrificed and in that forgetting become complacent in the fight for liberty and stand that we as a nation must take in order to insure these liberties for future generations. How many in the post Baby Boom generations do not understand or even know of the significance of Pearl Harbor and why we as a nation took up arms to fight evil during WWII ? As we move in time further and further from that tragic moment in 1941 and those who survived its devastation and remember first hand the rallying cry that it brought to the cause of liberty are we forgetting why we made that heroic stand against evil and why we must continue in this troubled world of today to make that same stand ? One has to wonder in 20, 30, 40 or 65 years as the tragedy of 9/11 becomes a distant national memory will future generations suffer from the same lack of knowledge and memory of the sacrifices made in Pennsylvania, Washington and New York as many in today's generations have concerning Pearl Harbor and the fight for freedom in WWII ? Why is it that it takes a national tragedy like Pearl Harbor or 9/11 to rally this nation to the cause of freedom that has been the reason for the existence of this nation since its beginning ? Why as time fades from those tragedies do flags stop waving and the nation drifts back into the complacency that allows us to drop our guard against those evil forces that would seek our destruction as a nation and the extinction of the very freedoms that we take for granted and in whose light we live forgetting the sacrifice necessary to keep those freedoms which is the danger of our complacency ? Even today as we move from the tragedy of 9/11 just as those who moved from the tragedy of Pearl Harbor our nation in our complacency and collective loss of memory does not accept or believe that a Pearl Harbor or a 9/11 can happen again because we take our freedoms so much for granted and cannot accept that evil would want to take them away from us nor that those freedoms though powerful are fragile and only our continual vigilance in liberties cause can and will insure this nations survival for future generations. That is why we fought after Pearl Harbor and why we fight today after 9/11 and why we must never forget what those who have fought and are fighting do for us in protecting our ability as a nation to live a life that can become complacent and can take for granted the freedom and liberty that thousands of heroic Americans have bought and paid for through the sacrifice and the carnage of war. Nor can we forget the innocents who did not volunteer to fight but simply because they lived in a land of freedom became a sacrifice for liberty as evil forces sought to destroy this nation. We cannot forget nor can we take for granted what they have done regardless of national complacency or the march of time that distances us from national tragedy. They deserve our pride in them, our loyalty to them and our praise for them in their eternal vigilance in defending our freedom and our flag both in memoriam and in the battlefields and battles for freedom being waged today!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


After all of the hype, the speculation, the leaks and anticipation of the findings from the Iraq Study Group headed by former Secretary of State James Baker and Lee Hamilton this Congressionally convened commission offers little substance and no real ideas concerning the situation in Iraq. Their basic strategy consists of a responsible and gradual pull out by 2008 and negotiating with Iran and Syria. Nothing concerning controlling the sectarian violence, dealing with the terrorist elements including Al Qaeda or stabilizing the Iraqi government and Security Force other than embedding more US troops in certain high violence areas as support for Iraqi Security Forces. It took eight months to prepare and submit this vague and non-substantive report ? The report states the obvious that, "The situation in Iraq is grave and deteriorating. There is no path that can guarantee success, but the prospects can be improved." then re-enforces the obvious once again, "Our most important recommendations call for new and enhanced diplomatic and political efforts in Iraq and the region, and a change in the primary mission of U.S. forces in Iraq that will enable the United States to begin to move its combat forces out of Iraq responsibly. We believe that these two recommendations are equally important and reinforce one another. If they are effectively implemented, and if the Iraqi government moves forward with national reconciliation, Iraqis will have an opportunity for a better future, terrorism will be dealt a blow, stability will be enhanced in an important part of the world, and America's credibility, interests and values will be protected." While the recommendations from the group offer more detail the basic plan as outlined by this highly touted group offers nothing in the way of a new or revised strategy, establishing much needed stability for the Iraq government. Nor do they tackle the continued sectarian and terrorist related violence and dealing with the increased involvement of Iran and Syria to further destabilize the situation by funding, backing and supplying fighters for the different factions that are creating the violence in the country. The suggestion to negotiate with Iran and Syria in essence rewards both countries for their participation in destabilizing Iraq by making them a partner in the establishment and stabilization of the country. Is this really how this group expects the United States to deal with rogue nations that use terrorism and weaponry as a negotiating tool in order to press their theocratic Islamic agenda on their neighbors ? Whatever happened to US policy that we do not negotiate with terrorists ? Yet this study group is advising that we negotiate with the recognized terrorist states of Iran and Syria in order so seek a stabilized Iraq and the ability to pull our troops out of the country. Their involvement in Iraq was designed to force through terror tactics the collapse of a free government in Iraq and the ability to dictate and establish policy that is in accordance to the Islamic radical governments and theocracy that rules Syria and Iran respectively and now the study group is suggesting that we negotiate and basically give these two terror states exactly what they have wanted, a say in how Iraq will be governed and a foot hold to controlling the country once we are gone! This group was a waste of time and money since it offers nothing new nor any substance as to how to deal with the Iraq situation other than to state the obvious and suggest the dangerous while pulling troops out to satisfy those calling for a pull out. All of us want our troops home, but to pull out without a plan to leave the country as a stable free government without the danger of being overthrown by radical regimes such as Iran and Syria and ending any threat of Al Qaeda and other terror elements taking over the country is dangerous to Iraqis, the Middle East as a whole, Israel and ultimately The United States. If this is the best that Congress can provide as far as a, "plan, " for Iraq then heaven help us! Thankfully the military and the Commander in Chief handle strategy and do not have to follow suggestions when they are as weak and dangerous as those supplied by the Iraq Study Group!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


United Nations Ambassador John Bolton resigned yesterday as the possibility of his being confirmed to the post he has held by Presidential recess appointment faded to an impossibility. Senate Democrats have filibustered Bolton's appointment to the post since President Bush nominated him never allowing even the possibility of Bolton receiving an up or down vote on the Senate floor. Now with the Senate coming under Democrat control by a slight majority in January the current minority has again obstructed the confirmation vote for Bolton. Seeing , "the handwriting on the wall," Bolton tendered his resignation and the President reluctantly accepted it. Bolton has by most accounts including some of the very same Democrat Senators who have fought his confirmation performed an excellent job as UN Ambassador. Democrat Senator Joe Biden actually stated a few weeks back that he was surprised as to how well Bolton has performed as Ambassador and was pleasantly pleased with his job but still would not vote for his confirmation. If this is not a prime example of Democrat obstruction for the sake of obstruction then a better one will never exist. Bolton has been an excellent Ambassador at the UN and has worked well in extremely difficult circumstances. Where Democrats have a problem with him is that as United States Ambassador to the UN Bolton has looked out for US interests and not bowed to the whim and fancy of the UN also seeking for reforms that are desperately needed for this corrupt organization. Democrats want an Ambassador that will fall in line with UN mandates regardless of whether those mandates are in the best interest of the US or not. It has been a contention of Democrats that the US should allow the UN to dictate policy to the US and Bolton did not fit into this mold because he refused to cave to UN dictates and opposed UN policy when it was in contrast to that of the US. Now he is gone and Senate Democrats will push for an Ambassador that fits their UN accommodating criteria. Is this obstruction policy that has been the policy of Democrats as the minority the way they will govern as a majority ? Of course as majority it will not be seen as obstruction since they will control anything that reaches the floor of the Senate for a vote either allowing that vote or preventing it from coming up for a vote. Is this the, "bipartisan, " approach that they touted so much immediately after the election ? I realize that Democrats have not taken over as majority yet but the change from minority status to majority status is only a difference of six seats. The current majority is 55 GOP, 44 Dem and 1 Ind who caucuses with the minority. The new Senate will be 51 Dem, 48 GOP and 1 Ind who again will caucus with the Dems. So most of the current crop of Democrats will move into the majority so why should anyone believe that these obstructionist Senators will create a bipartisan majority when they have used every means at their disposal to prevent any policy move by the President as a minority ? The Bolton confirmation is a foreshadowing of how a soon to be Democrat majority will govern. They have proven throughout their existence as a minority that they are unwilling to seek anything other than their obstructionist agenda and as a majority this poses the distinct probability that the Senate will be a stagnate, unyielding and totally ineffective governing body whose leadership because of opposition to the President will not allow the Senate to move forward on any proposal that is contrary to the liberal ideas of soon to be Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Senate leadership who will serve under him.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Does America stand for anything anymore or are we so politically correct that who we are and why we exist as a nation no longer matters ? This is a fundamental question that covers a myriad of problems and issues that face this country and because of political correctness it seems that this," Land of the Free and Home of the Brave," is so concerned with offending anyone and everyone that no one is willing to take a stand on anything. Those that do take a stand are labeled as, "mean spirited, " or, "religious fanatics, " even , "racist, " when no racial intent was stated or meant. In this day of political correctness George Washington would have been condemned for offending the British by holding together the Continental Army while profiling, "Red Coats, " as and enemy who had a right to live in this land and praying for Divine Guidance in fighting for the cause of independence and freedom from the British Crown especially if he was celebrating Christmas with his men as the Birthday of Christ. I realize that the preceding example may be a slight exaggeration but unfortunately it is ONLY a slight exaggeration. Political correctness has taken such a toll on our nation that people are concerned and even afraid to wish their neighbor, their fellow employee and heaven forbid a customer, "Merry Christmas, " during the season of a recognized holiday that celebrates the very source of the word Christmas, that being The Christ. Are we so politically correct that we no longer have the will to fight for the freedoms that we hold so dear ? Throughout our history our freedoms have been paid for by the blood of brave Americans who have fought and died for the cause of liberty yet today the death of a soldier is used by the media only as a means of pushing a political agenda and keeping a body count in order to press that agenda. Though the death of any soldier is a tragedy because it is the loss of a precious American life, have we become so unwilling to fight for our beliefs that we consider the cost to great and the battle to fierce that this country can no longer stomach fighting for our liberties ? Are we as a nation so concerned with offending radicals who have as their goal the very destruction of the freedoms and liberties that we as Americans have cherished from the dawn of our Republic that we are willing to sacrifice the security of the nation to prevent a perceived profiling even when those who fit the, "profile, " are displaying actions that can only be seen as a threat ? While there are many political correct disasters that effect this nation the three that I have touched upon will be those that will be discussed in detail.

Merry CHRISTmas - The entire world recognizes Christmas as the celebration of the birth of Jesus, the Christ, the Son of the One God that Christians recognize as God. It has been an accepted holiday celebration for hundreds of years, though secularized in many forms by commercialism which has changed much of its tradition but still a religious holiday celebrating the birth of a religious Deity. Yet in today's politically correct environment even mentioning the name of that Deity, Christ in a greeting is considered offensive. Displaying the religious icons that have marked the celebration of the birth of Jesus throughout history now is considered a violation of the Constitution so nativity scenes are quickly becoming a thing of the past as a public offering. Yet the celebration of Christmas and its true meaning is a cornerstone of our Republic and one which I might add was celebrated by the very men who established religious freedom as the first of our cherished liberties. Not the freedom FROM religion but the freedom OF religion. Political correctness concerning Christmas if forcing upon this nation freedom FROM religion as the fear of offending others who believe and practice a different religious beliefs is compelling business, government and even individuals to refrain from acknowledging the true reason for the holiday and the very celebration that brought it to us. As a nation that offers as a fundamental liberty the freedom OF religion those that believe otherwise have the right to not participate in a recognized celebration just as we who believe in The Christ do not have to bow to Mecca. Devout Jews, who do not believe that Jesus is The Christ, have accepted this fact throughout their history in America and choose to not participate in the celebration but do not believe in the denial of others their right to celebrate or display their recognition of this celebration. Christmas IS the celebration of the birth of Jesus and wishing Merry Christmas and displaying the Nativity in recognition of the celebration is proper and the truest exercise of our basic freedom OF religion.

The War - It is now politically correct to seek only a complete pull out from Iraq rather than seeking a viable and working strategy to finish the mission and win the peace. We have not been at war in Iraq in the truest sense of the meaning for quite some time. We have been attempting to control the peace while the Iraqi government and Security Force have the time and ability to fully establish and fulfill the will of the Iraqi people who have voted for a free and independent Iraq that is not ruled by a tyrant nor by anyone other than those in whom the citizens have voted. An Iraq that governs not by the will of Iran or Syria but by the will of her people. Yet the political correctness concerning only the exit of our troops has created an atmosphere that no longer is seeking a viable strategy for completion of the above stated goal but only a timetable and means to leave the area regardless of the consequences. This is the only actual comparison that Iraq has to the Vietnam war. Leaving Vietnam became the only goal and the collapse of the South was the consequence. Unlike Vietnam in which we should have never entered because there was no vital US interest other than the prevention of Communist expansion Iraq does pose considerable viable interest to the US and US security not the least of which is Iraq's absorption as a puppet in a region that is controlled and dominated by Iran. Preventing this alone is reason enough for US protection of the nation yet political correctness is not only looking just for a means of leaving but actually wanting to negotiate with the very source of this danger, Iran. It has been proven time and again that Iran negotiates only as a means to deceive long enough to fulfill its intended goal. Iraq is no exception and as such negotiating with Iran concerning Iraq is bringing the fox into the henhouse to decide the fate of the chickens. All Americans want our troops home but just bringing them home should never be a goal when it concerns the security of our nation and our interests whether here at home or those of our allies. This does not mean that finding the solution and answer to Iraq will be easy nor does it mean that it will be quick but political correctness to bring the troops home is now presenting plans that do only that and not find the strategy nor the means to solve the terrorist threat in Iraq, the sectarian violence nor the threat of Iranian dominance.

Offending Radicals - The case of the six Imams and their highly questionable activity before and shortly after boarding an airplane has brought to light once again the politically correct practice of condemning profiling even if those profiled are displaying threatening acts and questionable activities. While not all Muslims are terrorists, all terrorists have been Muslim and as such unfortunately for the millions who are model citizens and peaceful individuals casts a light of suspicion on Muslims. Evidence is mounting continually that the case of the Imams was a deliberate attempt to force legal action for security measures that are necessary in a post 9/11 world. If profiling individuals who match certain criteria as those who have made it their goal and their intent to destroy this nation prevents another attack then that is the price of security and protecting our citizens and our nation. This protection is for peaceful Muslims as well. I am half Italian and as such because of my mothers side of the family I have many features that readily identify me as Italian. If the United States had been attacked by radical Italians I would have no objection to being profiled if it meant the safety of my family and my country. Political correctness stemmed by fear of offending the very radicals who seek our destruction threatens the safety of our nation and the protection of our citizens. Fear of angering radical Muslims who actually need no encouragement for their actions or goals against America only emboldens the very elements of Islam that know how to manipulate our system and seek ways around our security. The fear of legal retribution for following necessary security measures can eventually ease those restrictions to the point that it ads to the vulnerabilities that are already present in an open and free society and as such leaves the door open to another 9/11 catastrophe.

Political correctness has damaged our nation and its continued practice rather than defending our freedoms and protecting our liberties actually destroys them and takes away from each of us the fundamental rights that we as Americans cherish and have been available since our Founding Fathers placed these rights into the body of our Constitution and as such the laws and fabric of our free society. Political correctness is a virus that slowly and continually eats at our conscience and erodes our society plummeting us toward a socialistic nation that no longer resembles the free Republic founded and paid for by The American Revolution. Has America fallen into the trap expressed by the quotation, "if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything ?" Will this be the demise of our Republic as political correctness erodes our nation ? America has always stood for freedom and liberty and unless we abandon politically correct notions and follow those ideals and principles that we as a nation were founded upon this nation will no longer exist as the light of liberty to the world.

Ken Taylor


The Blog of the Week spotlight falls on, "Blue Is Beautiful." An interesting mix of politcal commentary and discission on various subjects. Good insight concerning Iran and Islamic terrorism all from a moderate Democrat view point. "Roxie, " one of the contributors of this site has begun a new blog for Democrats who are tired of being , "left behind," extremists and those who are weak on defense. Blue is Beautiful is well worth your time and adding as a link.

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