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Friday, September 30, 2011


Barack Obama has now sought to follow the example of Jimmy Carter again and blame the American people for the trouble that has come upon The United States caused by his policy and agenda. The blame Bush strategy has not worked since most Americans realize that the problems we face economically, on the foreign front and high unemployment is not the fault of the former administration but the current occupant of The White House.

Since that strategy has failed Obama, who blames anyone but himself for the problem HE has brought, now stoops the lowest of lows as he blames America and Americans for what he has wrought. Here is the clip of shame on him and blame on us.

In 1979 when Jimmy Carter presided over a terrible economy brought on by bad Carter policy, a weak foreign policy that damaged America around the world, high unemployment and massive inflation the weak Carter delivered what has become known as,"The Malaise Speech," when Carter blamed the problems he had brought on our country on the American people stating that we had a ,"crisis of confidence," Here is that speech, notice similarities with the weakness and blame anyone but me strategy to that of Obama.

Jimmy Carter was a weak and failed President whose like our country had never seen and hoped would never see again. Now we have Barack Obama who makes Carter seem like a genius in comparison. The problems our country has fall not on the backs of the American people as Carter and now Obama sought to blame but on weak and aimless leadership from Presidents whose policy and agenda brought decline and disaster to our country.

It is ridiculous and stupid for any President to blame Americans for his failure. Obama takes responsibility for nothing. Everything is someonea fault not his and now according to the child in The White House the American people have grown soft and it is our fault for Americas problems. Well I guess to a point he is right, it is the fault of many American who elected this jackass to office but even they are waking up to their mistake. But Americans are not soft nor are we failures Mr. Obama and just like Carter before you we see YOU as the cause of Americas problem and just like Carter before you we will remove the virus in The White House and get America back on track by eliminating the real cause of our trouble.......YOU!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, September 29, 2011


The Obama administration did not learn ANYTHING from the half BILLION dollars of tax payer money lost never to be returned from the idiotic loan given to Solyndra Inc., the California solar panel maker that went bankrupt after receiving the money. Even as reports are surfacing that Solyndra was in financial straights and beginning the slide toward bankruptcy as Obama pushed to get the loan through so Biden could announce it.

Now we are being told that another BILLION dollars is being loaned to solar projects. A $727 MILLION dollar loan to build a solar tower and another $337 MILLION dollars to build a solar plant near Phoenix, Arizona. There are hundreds of other alternative energy companies that are working with more viable forms of energy like clean coal, nuclear etc. but Obama's fascination with solar energy is making it the Energy Departments priority and the means to waste billions in loans of tax payer money.

As the heat is rising with more revelations coming every day about just how bad the Solyndra loan was and all of the ramifications it is and will bring to Obama and the administration as the loan was obviously pushed for a PR campaign for Obamas pet energy project inspite of warnings that it was a bad loan risk, one would think the LAST thing the administration would want to be made public are more risky loans to solar energy companies.

The arrogance being shown in order to push an agenda with an attitude that the administration is above the fray and can do whatever it wants to push the agenda regardless of the consequences or waste of tax payer dollars is beyond reprehensible and bordering on criminal. The investigation into Solyndra is moving into a criminal investigation and it remains to be seen just how involved Obama and others in the administration were in the affair.

Legalities, investigations, common sense and even the look of some sort of intelligence matters little if at all when Obama sets his mind on an agenda and uses his office to push that agenda. What does he care if wasting billions in tax payer money for companies who are questionable at best. After all according to Obama its his money not ours and he as a result can do with it what he wants even if it is illegal and immoral in the waste and abuse.

I am reminded of something Richard Nixon said during the famous interviews with David Frost. When questioned about the illegal activities Nixon participated in during the Watergate nightmare, Nixon told Frost when, "the President does it, it's not illegal." He followed the answer by stating he had realized that he was the only one who believed that. Obama is following the Nixon example in thinking anything he does as President is okay regardless of legalities or whether it meets any Constitutional muster.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


If this was a joke, someone forgot to tell Democrat North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue how to deliver a punch line. During a presser the liberal Democrat suggested that from her view point in order to work to better a struggling economy Congressional elections should be suspended, "for perhaps two years," in order to give Congress time to solve the problems.

After word of this got out Perdue's spin machine immediately said it was a joke. Listen carefully to the audio in the above clip at the 34 count and determine for yourself just how jokingly she talked about suspending elections. Is this the real Democrat mind set to eliminate our Constitutional election process in order to allow the government to be even more tyrannical than it already is?

Well more evidence that it is possibly a Democrat mind set comes from the former Obama Budget Director Peter Orszag in an Op Ed written for The New Republic suggesting that in order to solve, "the serious problems," facing our Nation we need to be a less Democratic,(not referring to party but the process), and eliminate the use of Representatives legislating and debating policy and law relying more on, "automatic polices," that do not depend on,"legislative inertia," or in other words, Executive Orders and a government centered around one person decisions like a Monarchy or dictatorship.

Democrats have long despised our Constitutional Republic set up as a Representative form of government where the people choose elected officials and can also fire them through a free election preventing a tyrannical form of government where one man or a committee of a few determine all law and legislation without the consent of the people. Now two Democrats openly suggest what liberals have longed for, for years. Eliminate the people from government so the politicians can dictated how we live forcing dependency upon government and robbing our God given Constitutionally protected freedoms and liberties.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


During a speech delivered to the Congressional Black Caucus, Barack Obama even with the help of his beloved TelePrompter had the gaff of all gaffs. In a campaign moment for his tax hike proposal he calls deficit reduction, Obama stated that millionaires and billionaires should pay their fair share with a higher tax rate than, "a Jew, ah, janitor."

With his well known adversity toward Israel one does have to wonder whether this was a gaff or the expression of his true inner contempt toward Israel. Either way it was not one of his better Presidential moments, not that he has had many of those in his failed Presidency.

Along with this major gaff Obama also played the race card against the Black Caucus members, scolding them for not supporting him better and literally screaming at them to "Take off your bedroom slippers. Shake it off. Stop complainin'. Stop grumblin'. Stop cryin'. We are going to press on. We have work to do." Of course the media won't see this as a racist remark toward blacks but when taken in the context of scolding by Obama as if they have been lazy in their support for him it can be seen as nothing else.

Many black leaders including the ever mouthy Maxine Waters have come out puzzled or angry at Obama's remarks with Waters questioning who he was talking to because they support him. Again not a great Presidential moment for Obama which falls right in line with the failed President.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Americans can do one thing almost better than anyone else in the world. We can complain and belly ache about what is happening in our country at the hands of our government and those WE have voted into office, but when the rubber hits the road, only a few actually stand up to do something about it. This is NOT the American way nor the lesson given to us by our Founders.

Some see the word, "activist," as a catch phrase for the left bringing back scenes of the protests and the peace movement of the sixties which for the most part consisted of those opposed to Vietnam and the hippie generation, many of which have grown into the left wing that we know today. These were called activists and yes it is true they were that but it does not take away what that word means to all Americans.

Being an activist is in the greatest tradition of our country and especially following in the footsteps of our Founders. Being an activist does not mean one is a left wing radical in the mode of the hippies of the sixties. Nor does it mean one is a right wing fanatic as the left calls many conservatives. Being an activist is what our country was founded upon and how our Founders made it possible for the birth of our Nation.

Had our Founders not been political activists we would not be a country today. It was their political activism that caused them to rise up against the tyranny of King George and fix their names to The Declaration of Independence. It was their political activism that caused them to take up arms to fight for their freedom and give birth to a new Nation where all people regardless of back ground, fortune or prosperity had the same opportunity to achieve as his neighbor living in the God given liberty that man was was intended to have.

While out fight today is not one of arms and armies as it was when it took a Revolution of blood to gain our freedom our cause is just a serious and just an necessary for that freedom as it was when Washington took to the field as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. As they were activists then we must be activists now.

In fact it is our Constitutional responsibility to be an activists. The Framers of The Constitution who understood the necessity of political activism by the people in order to hold a government accountable, created in our founding document as one of our first rights the ability by law to be an activist when we disagree with our government and those who hold office in that government. The First Amendment contains within it this clause at the end of the Amendment, "the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Being an activist when we disagree with out government and those within that government is not just a personal belief but a Constitutional responsibility as a citizen. It is by the will of we the people that our government exists and those within that government find employment. And it is through the authority of we the people that those within our government are required to SERVE not dictate or use their position to decide for us how we should live or how we may prosper nor force through that government any dependency upon that same government.

The Tea Party movement embodies the best traditions of political activism in the greatest portrayal of that activism as applied by our Founders. A grassroots movement of the people to stand against a government that has become overbearing and leaders within that government who refuse to listen to the people. For this true Constitutional action of the people the Tea Party has been vilified called everything from racist to Nazi.

In that too the Tea Party as an activist group finds itself in line and in league with our Founders who were vilified not by just Great Britain but by many within the colonies and later the new found Nation whose independence was created by the Declaration. They too were called names and treated as second class citizens for taking a stand against an overbearing freedom robbing government. Yet the prevailed and created a free Nation.

It is not wrong nor ill mannered or racist to call a President who is taking our country down the wrong track a socialist and speak out and protest against what he is doing and his reasons for doing it. It is not wrong to come out against a Congressional leadership in BOTH parties that compromises our Constitutional principles and allows a debt to continue threatening our very existence as a Nation, all to play a political game and do it the Washington way.

These elitists in Washington do not own our government nor dictate who we are as a people nor what we are as a country. We the people of The United States control who we are and it is we the people who by our authority over those in Washington must and will take our country back from the elitists and restore sanity and responsibility in our government. It will mean we must get out of our comfort zone when we vote and not just reelect the person we have known for years because they have been there for years. In most voters minds every Congressman is terrible except their own.

It means that we clean house beginning at The White House and continuing through the Senate and House of Representatives. Conservatives, trey conservatives not politicians like Mitt Romney who claim to be conservatives in order to garner a vote, are what will be necessary to make this effort by the people to restore Constitutional principles in our government.

Barack Obama must go. Almost all of the Congressional leadership from Reid to yes, even John Boehner who has been a huge disappointment, must follow Obama into forced retirement at the hands of voters who are activists and willing to do what is necessary to get our country back. We proved we could do it in 2010 when we shook up Congress but did not go far enough to make the take over we need.

2012 is that defining moment in our history where either we the people regain complete control of our government by wiping the slate clean from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to Capitol Hill or resign ourselves to being nothing more than a people who complain about our situation but are not willing to do what is necessary to resolve it. It is up to us!

Ken Taylor

Friday, September 23, 2011


Nine Republican candidates met in Orlando, Florida for yet another debate for those seeking the nomination to challenge Obama's reelection bid in 2012. While this debate compared to others recently did not have the, "gotcha," moment of the preceding debates because the moderators were not out to slam the candidates like those on the liberal MSNBC and CNN, the debate still did not have any moments which will make a change in the polling or support for any candidate.

That in itself places these early debates into a prospective that of course no one is talking about since the media, yes even Fox News which hosted this debate is looking for sensational headlines in association with the 2012 campaign for President.

It is still far to early to rule out most candidates. Yes some like Rick Santorum, Jon Hunstman, Gary Johnson and Ron Paul whose true popularity is low and yes even questionable are likely even this early to not be around by the Primaries or soon after the Primaries start. Even the seemingly popular Ron Paul is not as, "popular," as polling makes him out to be.

Let's look at how the snap and straw polls work, both of which Paul has either won or finished in the top tier. Snap polls like those held immediately after the Fox debate, are extremely unscientific since they depend on who can get the most people to take part in the poll the quickest when the poll is open. Paul winning the Fox snap poll only proves that his supporters were quicker and in greater numbers to hit the poll right after the debate. A situation which happened after EVERY debate in 2008 with Paul winning almost all of them and Paul was one of the earliest to drop out in the Primaries.

Now the straw poll. This is a fee oriented poll which requires each person participating in the poll to pay a fee for participation and usually the campaign of the particular candidate pays the fee for their supporters. Which means that whichever candidate pays for the most supporters to participate will win the debate. As an example Ron Paul won the California straw poll with 82% of the vote. Historically Republicans do not win California and do not use a lot of money or assets in the State utilizing them in States that will actually help their campaign. This was the case for the straw poll where Paul forked a larger amount of money than almost all of the other candidate combined.

Now to these early debates. While entertaining and enjoyable for political junkies like myself to watch, this early in the campaign season debates mean little or nothing. In 2008 Rudy Giuliani was double digits ahead of the rest of the field at this point and was doing rather well in the early debates and as we all know he died a quick political death when the Primaries began and faded our before South Carolina which is the third held after the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire.

Every debate has focused on Rick Perry and Mitt Romney because early polling shows them as the supposed front runners. But again I remind each reader of the 2008 campaign when Giuliani was double digits ahead of everyone else in the field and was gone by February of the actual election year and John McCain whose campaign was struggling and thought to be over in September of 2007 won the nomination.

So even the so called second tier candidates still have a chance of breaking out and Romney and Perry who if you listen to most of the press coverage are the only, "real," candidates in the field. The media looks for sensational headlines and a Presidential election provides them better than almost anything else. The facts though are much different when it comes to the actual election.

Most voters don't even pay attention to candidates until a few weeks before any given election. By the time the Primaries start after the beginning of next year when voters are actually looking for a candidate to support, the polls and the coverage of any particular candidate including Perry and Romney could be totally different than it stands now. Again remember McCain was struggling with low single digit numbers very similar to those of Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain are showing now and he won the nomination.

For we political junkies these early debates give us a lot to talk and write about. The media has a great deal of fodder to fill the 24/7 news cycle. But in reality early debates are quickly forgotten and make almost no difference in the mind of the majority of voters who will not make up their mind until weeks and even days before they vote in their states Caucus or Primary. So enjoy the fun but don't count a candidates chicken before they hatch.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, September 22, 2011


During a photo op at The United Nations, Barack Obama in yet another embarrassing moment for The United States from this child President, broke protocol and waved during the picture blocking the face of the Mongolian Prime Minister.
I have had in the back of my mind that Obama looked like someone I had seen before, but could not quite place who it was nor where I had noticed someone who looked like Obama. Well this picture at the UN clicked and finally I remembered who it was that I was reminded of when looking at pictures of Obama.
Mad magazine has been around since 1952 and has had as its iconic mascot Alfred E. Newman who has graced the cover of the satirical comic on almost every cover since the beginning. Newman's famous, "What me worry," phrase is as well known as his picture. Take a close look at the picture of Obama at the UN looking like a dummy who has no clue and like me, I am sure you will see the resemblance between Obama and Mad's Alfred E. Newman in both looks....... and actions.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Barack Obama laid out his plan to supposedly reduce the deficit. This,"great," plan includes, $1.5 TRILLION dollars in tax increases for Obama's definition of rich. Those making $200K or more. You and I know nearly every small business combines business profits, if any, and personal income in order to ease their tax burden. Yet Obama whined about how the rich, "must," pay their, " fair share." As you take a close look at the chart to the left which shows current tax rates from the IRS, notice how the rates explode at the $200K figure which again is Obama's definition of rich.

Additionally the top 10% of income earners pay 70% of all taxes while the bottom 50% pay no taxes. Once again Obama plays the class warfare card which obviously will be a major part of his campaign for reelection. This plan which has no possible chance of passing because of the massive tax increases it includes is nothing more than a campaign ploy using the Presidency to do his campaigning for him making legislation to satisfy his base.

When this plan fails and is not passed he will claim the GOP is only interested in party and not deficit reduction as well as protecting the rich rather than the middle class. Of course the chart shows just how much false information Obama is spewing to the public. Obama also based this,"plan," on Warren Buffets statement that his secretary pays a higher tax rate than he does, which is also a lie. If Buffet ONLY includes his Capital Gains tax rate which is 15% he's right but Buffet paid an ADDITIONAL 35% tax rate on his personal income which placed him in a 50% tax bracket, MUCH more than his secretary. Yet NO ONE questions this or Obama because the left loves playing the class warfare card.
The rest of Obama $4.4 Trillion dollar deficit reduction plan calls for $1.1 trillion in reduction of monies that had gone to pay for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan as the withdrawal continues. $1.2 trillion are the reductions the Super Committee are supposed to decide. Both of which are NOT new reductions but already passed and planned in future budgets. But to listen to Obama the $2.3 trillion from these two items are brand new deficit reduction ideas that he came up with all on his own. Since they are ALREADY planned and passed it WILL NOT reduce the deficit one dime more than already budgeted.
The rest of his plan includes increasing fees for all airline tickets which hit EVERY income bracket and adding a free that all retired military personnel will be forced to pay when they claim their medicare benefits. His plan calls for cuts in medicare but that is being kept quiet so he and his cronies can blame Republicans for any medicare cuts when it has been Democrats and Democrats ONLY who have made cuts in the entitlement through Obamacare and now this plan.
This plan is a joke and everyone knows it. It will not pass and may not even make it to the floor of the House. But it will become the center piece of the Obama 2012 campaign as he will use it for an all out class warfare assault, scaring seniors and attacking the GOP as putting party before country by not backing his plan to cut the deficit. A campaign like his 2008 campaign based on lies and deception. This time though the people know who he is and know NOT to buy into his kool aid. His minions will still follow but the majority of American voters now see through his deception.
Ken Taylor

Sunday, September 18, 2011


September 17, 1787 The United States Constitution was signed and presented for ratification to the States and the American people. Our Constitution does not favor any political ideology or party. It does not dictate how the people of The United States live or function as citizens. The Constitution outlines the limitations of government with specific functions that are applicable to each of the three Branches created for our Republic by the Constitution.

But more importantly by those government limitations and the Bill of Rights, The Constitution insures by law the liberties of each American and by law prevents government from trampling on our God given rights as Americans and citizens of the greatest country to ever exist on the face of the Earth. The Constitution is not a document whose time has past nor which applies only to cultural situations at the time of its writing but whose intent and law is as applicable and viable today as it was when first ratified and made law more than 200 years ago.

Some claim the Constitution is a, "living, breathing document," that changes in its interpretation as society changes and whose intent and principles apply in accordance to those societal changes. That is NOT what our Constitution is. It is a, "living, breathing document," only in the fact that the strict laws, limitations to government and rights fouud within it are as viable and true today without acception.

The Framers created within The Constitution an exhaustive and extremely consuming process to change or amend this founding principle of American government purposefully so that it COULD NOT be changed with the whims of a Congress or the changes of society to insure that the principles found within the Constitution would endure for the protection of the people and to keep the people as the one and only true authority over government in the Republic created by our Founders.

Those who twist the intent of the Constitution or use a liberal interpretation which reads into it anything other than the strict and true meaning of each of the Articles and Bill of Rights as it is written is guilty of violating not only the principles of this framing document but the true intent for governing that the Framers wanted when presenting the Constitution as the foundation of our Republic.

Barack Obama in an interview attempting to defend his view of wealth redistribution, called the Constitution flawed in that it only expressed what government, "could not do," and not what it, "must do on behalf of the people." This type of interpretation of the Constitution proves a complete lack of understanding of the Constitution and the purpose of the Founders who created our Republic.

The Constitution intentionally expresses what the government cannot do since the key founding principle IS that government is limited and by law cannot interfere in the lives of the people. The Framers did not state what the government, "must do on behalf of the people," because they never intended for the government, "to do," for the people but for the people to have the freedom FROM government to do for themselves without government being in the way.

Those that use the Constitution as a means to twist its true intent to push a certain ideology or ignore the Constitution in order to expand government in order to seek any type of control of the people through government violate the laws found within the Constitution and destroy what The United States is and steal the very freedom the Constitution sought to protect.

The phrase which begins The Constitution," We the people," is not just a poetic reference or grand sounding words but the real and true definition of just what our country is and how the Founders intended the Constitution to be applied in a free Republic. The people are the only authority and everything done in our government is by consent of the people for the betterment of all the people.

Government does not dictate to the people how they are to live but the people tell the government what it is to do and the government exists only as a servant to the people. That includes those who are employed and elected to that government. By strict Constitutional law they do not rule over us be we the people rule over them. This is the true real foundation of our country and it is what those who are in government have neglected and lost.

It is also why we are fighting as Americans against a government that has ignored the Constitution and become tyrannical in its function and overbearing in its scope violating the Constitution while claiming to act in its name. This has become the great lie of American government and those who work in elected office. Few and I mean very few understand Constitutional principles and how a free Republic works and as such have exploded a government our Founders would not recognize nor ever intended for this Nation.

As we celebrate another anniversary of this greatest of man written documents let us pledge as true Americans to continue the fight to restore real and strict Constitutional principles to our Republic. Exercising our authority as a free people to force our government by our voice and our vote to adhere to the principles of freedom found within our Constitution. Electing those who will stand with the Constitution and govern ONLY by its principles and if they fail then replace them with those who will. We have the power to restore our Republic to what it was intended but it will take each of us active and fighting for that restoration and for our Constitution.

Ken Taylor

Friday, September 16, 2011


During one of his many performances before invited audiences to campaign for his useless and tax increasing jobs bill, Barack Obama tried the, "if you love me," approach to once again say," pass this bill." A phrase which has been used more than 200 times by Obama since he first used it a little over a week ago almost a dozen times in his speech to Congress.

The progression which brought on this pathetic cry by Obama went like this:

AUDIENCE MEMBER: I love you, Barack!

OBAMA: I love you back. (Applause.) But first — but if you love me — if you love me, you got to help me pass this bill. (Applause.) If you love me, you got to help me pass this bill.

Now the messiah references that ran rampant when Obama was campaigning for President and shortly after he took office have nearly stopped. Nearly. National Public Radio however still has the Obama messiah complex as an article on the NPR website quoted a Bible verse from the book of John which as they see it was, "reminiscent," as a comparison to this disgusting whine made by Obama. I won't type the reference but let you read it by following this link to the NPR article.

Adding to his many failures and weaknesses as President we can now add pathetic as he stoops to a new low to rally supporters and try and pressure Congress into passing bad legislation which like the first stimulus spends money irresponsibly, raises taxes needlessly and also like the first stimulus is doomed to create no jobs and add to the woes of a struggling economy.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


In what is considered a major referendum on Barack Obama and especially his policy on Israel the Democrat House seat vacated by Anthony Weiner over a scandal involving explicit pictures sent on Twitter, Republican business man Bob Turner has defeated the Democrat in New York House District 9. This is a District that has a 75% Democrat base and has been held by Democrats since 1923.

The victory was not even close as many predicted before the election. Turner garnered 54% of the vote to 46% for the Democrat New York State Assemblyman David Weprin. Turner received additional help in the victory as former New York City Mayor and Democrat Ed Koch endorsed Turner rather than the Democrat. Koch has endorsed Republicans before as he did in the 2004 Presidential election when he backed President Bush.

The Weiner factor played in the defeat of the Democrat in this usually safe Democrat seat. But one of the major factors that played and is a direct referendum on Barack Obama and his policy is the 40% Jewish population in the District. Obama has angered many in the Jewish community as he has virtually abandoned Americas strongest ally in his attempt to appease the Palestinians and force a Palestinian State.

In 2008 the 9th District voted 56% for Obama in the Presidential election but besides the Obama policy against Israel this predominately white worker class District has abandoned Obama because of his dismal handling of the economy which has hit the District hard and voters expressed their anger by booting Democrats out and electing the GOP candidate.

The DNC and The White House have already begun to spin this loss as meaningless in its obvious sign of things to come for 2012. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Shultz said the District is very hard for Democrats to hold. I guess she forgets the 88 year run with Democrats easily holding District 9 and soundly defeating Republican challengers during those years.

Others in the Democrat Party are seeing the hand writing on the wall and understand this loss in New York and a blow out landslide for the GOP in Nevada in another special election held the same day is a sure sign of things to come as Americans are tired of Obama policy and as a result the party he leads as its top office holder. Obama's failure as President is taking Democrats down with him and his continual lack of connection with America is proving to be a sign of a major landslide defeat for Obama and Democrats in 2012.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


After an extremely arrogant and vague speech delivered before Congress last Thursday in which he continually whined, "pass my bill now," to House and Senate members, Barack Obama finally released his, "American Jobs Act," to the Congress and the public to the usual Obama fanfare as he spoke to a chosen audience with chosen members of groups he wanted to talk about during his presentation.

The bill is as big a joke as Obama and his Presidency have been. Not only is it more of the same but he takes it to a level in which the failed stimulus did not go. Where the stimulus spent $1.2 trillion in tax payer and borrowed money, this $447 billion dollar debacle raises taxes on what Obama calls the rich but in reality it hurts small business men and women the true job creators in this country.

The bill contains $130 billion dollars in new spending on old infrastructure projects which NEVER create a job as was proven by the failed stimulus and at Obama's own admission does not work. Yet now it WILL work because he says so. Much of the money set aside for so called infrastructure is planned within the bill to be used as a stop gap for states suffering a budget short fall which has little or nothing to do with jobs.

Obama claims that the bill will save police and teachers from losing jobs and find new jobs for VETS. A claim he made in the last stimulus which did not come to fruition except as a campaign slogan for his Presidency as he said he personally through the stimulus saved millions of jobs. Yet there is not ONE fact base statistic to back up this false claim so the new bill will follow the same path.

The bill has embedded within it payroll and business tax credits which sound good when spoken but in reality are ONLY extensions of already existing credits that have not provided one iota of incentive for any business to hire especially since Obama policy has been anti business from the beginning of his administration and the uncertainty of a bad economy resulting from his economic policy. Again another failure that is destined to fail again.

Obama poked his arrogant chest out and stated the bill would be completely paid for an not add one dime to the debt or expand the deficit. Sure it's paid for but on the backs of the very small business that he says the bill is designed to help prosper and hire the unemployed. Playing his usual class warfare game he claims the bill is paid for by taxing the, "rich," making them pay their, "fair share."

Now the reality and truth of who Obama calls the, "rich." The bill increases taxes on everyone making $200 K or more a year and families making $250 K or more each year. Obama refuse to get it through his thick hard head that almost all small business owners, the true job creators in this country, DO NOT separate their business profits, if any, and their personal income because it makes it easier and cheaper come tax time if they are combined.

So by increasing taxes and taking away deductions from the $200 K plus income brackets, Obama is killing by taxation the very small business' that he claims he wants to help hire the unemployed. His plan raised $400 billion by these new taxes. So much for his claim to be pro business. His administration has been anti business since day one and this bill just compounds the troubles Obama has already piled on small business.

The rest of the money to, "pay," for this bill comes from taxing gas and oil companies which as we all know will equate to an increase at the pump which hurts ALL Americans. He also in reducing the depreciation credit for corporate jets which equates to a tax revenue of about $18 billion dollars.

So the bottom line is this. Because of the increased taxation in his bill it will NEVER get past the House. Additionally is proves that Obama does NOT understand business nor want to make it possible for business to prosper and hire the unemployed by getting government off its back to allow business owners to to what they do best. Risk personal capital to expand their business and hire workers. As long as Obama keeps an iron government hand on business through taxation and excessive regulation unemployment will not change, the economy will remain weak with a possible double dip recession and his bill will fail once again.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Ten years ago on a bright beautiful Tuesday morning what most thought could never happen in The United States took place, terrorism in the face of cowardly Islamic fanatics known as Al Qaeda came to our shores and killed our people. Beginning at 8:46 AM when American flight 11 was flown into the North Tower of The World Trade Center our country and the lives of every American were forever changed.

Much has taken place since then to politicize this terrible day and use it for political gain or play a politically correct game at the expense of the memory of those who perished on that Tuesday but one thing remains the same regardless of politics. A cowardly force of evil in the form of Islamic terrorists claiming to kill in the name of Allah murdered innocent people who were guilty of nothing more than rising from bed that morning and going to work.

Ten years later the politically correct have chosen to not invite first responders to the memorial service in New York City. New York City police and fire departments and Port Authority police were not invited to The World Trade Center on 9/11 in 2001 and that day they became the selfless heroes who saved thousands and sacrificed their lives to save those who could not be saved because of the terrible destruction caused by the planes as they hit the Twin Towers.

Yet these brave first responders thought not of themselves but the safety of others whose names they did not know and whose lives were more important to each responder than their own. We remember this day their sacrifice and their selfless devotion to saving lives. They are the heroes of 9/11 and no amount of political correctness will ever change that.

We remember those who were murdered on American flight 11, United flight 175 and America flight 77 who innocently boarded a plane that morning to travel and the cowards of Al Qaeda used them and their planes as weapons to murder others. They did not choose that day to be victims but became victims of terror because of Islamic cowards.

We remember the heroes of United flight 93 who became the first warriors to fight terrorists under the battle cry, "let's roll," chose to attack their killers and prevent the plane from being used as a weapon to murder possibly thousands as it is believed the plane was headed to the Capitol Building to destroy it. They fought and now they are memorialized at a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania where their gallant fight ended in the crash of flight 93.

We remember the more than 2000 who were trapped in the inferno near the top of Twin Towers of The World Trade Center. We can never forget watching them hang out of windows wanting desperately to be rescued and those who were forced to make the agonizing choice of burning alive or falling more than 80 stories and chose to fall rather than burn. And then the collapse of the buildings as each floor pancaked on the other killing all inside. Murdered by cowards who killed them in the name of Allah.

We remember the innocent workers both military and civilian who while siting at their desk performing their tasks died as Islamic cowards flew a plane into the side of The Pentagon killing those on the plane and the workers who did nothing more than do what they had dome hundreds of times before behind their desks but this day they died in an inferno caused by evil.

We also remember on this day the thousands of brave Americans who have fought the battle of freedom in the uniform of the Armed Forces of The United States. Sacrificing to defend freedom on foreign soil to prevent another 9/11 from ever happening in our country again. We remember those who have fought and those who gave the last full measure of devotion in that fight giving their all for freedom and their fellow Americans.

Finally we remember the families who lost so many on 9/11 who mourn their loss every day remembering the good times with a father, mother, brother, sister, child or friend who died at the hands of evil on that Tuesday ten years ago. We lift them in our thoughts and prayers as they attempt to fill the void left in their lives by the loss of their love one at the hands of Islamic cowards.

Ten years have gone by and the gaping wound left by the attacks of September 11 have eased in the pain left by the shock of what happened but the memory of those who perished and the change it made in our country will always be present in the hearts and minds of America and Americans. We must NEVER forget those who perished and we must NEVER forget WHO did this to us and the cowardly way Al Qaeda attacked America on September 11, 2001.

Ken Taylor

Saturday, September 10, 2011


We will never forget those who perished. We will never forget those who gave their lives to save others. We will never forget those who have fought to defend our freedom since and we will never forget who did this to us. Always remember, never forget and may God ever bless America!

Friday, September 09, 2011


"You need to pass this bill." That was the catch phrase used constantly during the 32 minutes that I actually stomached with great displeasure watching Barack Obama deliver his, "jobs speech." I was also eating spaghetti at the time and yes it ruined my meal. I should have known better than to eat and listen to him at the same time. A stomach ache and indigestion followed and the food had NOTHING to do with it!

The speech was extremely vague with a promise that in a week he would send specifics to Congress but still his mantra throughout the speech was, " you need to pass this bill," claiming that it had ideas that everyone wanted and no one could possibly reject yet he offered NOTHING for anyone to actually read or find out what this bill truly contains.

The so called tax savings he touted as if something new and something for small business to grasp on as a means of hiring new employees and expanding are nothing more than extensions of already existing tax credits which haven't spurred business yet and are not likely to even when extended.

He bragged about new infrastructure spending which has by his own admission failed in the past so why does he think it will create jobs now and in the near future? But remember, " you need to pass this bill." That was repeated over and over again as a means of trying to belittle the Congress especially Congressional Republicans into buying into his program under pressure without knowing ANY of the specifics.

At one point he even claimed the American people were overwhelmingly on his side yet every poll is showing that not only are we NOT on his side but even his base is moving away from him. Most polling show that at least 60% of the country is NOT on his side so how he can claim that the American people support his ideas is beyond any reasonable comprehension.

Then he made his usual pitch about taxing the evil rich and corporations while immediately stating that this was not redistribution or class warfare. Does he really think the American people are that dumb to not recognize wealth redistribution and class warfare when we hear it?

Additionally by definition he considers anyone making least $200 K a year as rich. He claims his plan will help small business yet the majority of small business owners do not file taxes separately and include it under their personal tax filing. So those, "evil rich," who are in the range of $200 K and above are actually small business owners who he is demanding be taxed more to, "pay their fair share." So much for incentive to expand business and hire new employees.

The speech was filled with vague ideas, the usual class warfare rhetoric and expansion of government to solve a problem. At the time of this posting the DOW is down by more than 300 points. As usual Obama speaks and the DOW drops. In fact any Obama speech is almost a guarantee of a 400 plus point loss on the DOW. So business does not believe in or buy into his rhetoric and this plan and speech is no different. More of the same do nothing, blame the rich, slam the GOP and punish business and the American people in order to explode government. THAT is Barack Obama.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, September 08, 2011


In a Republican debate with ridiculous moderators from NBC and Poltico, Newt Gingrich once again not only had the shining moment but came across as the most informed and intelligent candidate in the field. Before the debates began I posted that Newts participation in the debates would force the other candidates to take their game to a higher level and Newt has not disappointed in this fact during any of the debates to date.

With Rick Perry and Mitt Romney as the perceived front runners the former and current governors fielded more questions but when Newt spoke the audience responded and even those on the stage applauded everything he said. The debate as a whole was lackluster in its content as the moderators spent more time looking for gotcha moments and trying to pit Romney against Perry or using Ron Paul as bait to get a reaction from Perry since both he and Paul are from Texas and Paul has been critical of Perry.

One could almost feel sorry for Michelle Bachman, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain and Jon Huntsman who were thrown questions almost as an after thought as the two lame moderators, NBC's Brian Williams and Politos John Harris, made it obvious there intent was to create conflict between Perry and Romney while giving a cordial recognition to the other candidates.

Ron Paul was used quite often as bait for Perry and the only reason Newt stood out was not because the moderators were giving him the floor in a momentary respite from Perry and Romney but because Newt took his opportunities and not only made the most of them but used his superior knowledge of the issues and made his point without taking any flak from the moderators and setting them straight in the process as the above video shows.

Perry was not impressive in his first debate appearance while Romney attempted to look like something he is not, a Tea Party conservative. Jon Huntsman when given the opportunity to speak only emphasised that he does not belong in this race and should bow out accordingly. Ron Paul as usual was all over the place an just needs to disappear. Herman Cain made several good points but again the moderators were obviously zeroing in on Perry and Romney so Cain had little opportunity to share is strong conservative ideas.

Michelle Bachman who shined during the Iowa debate has since dropped in the polls and was treated like a second tier candidate by the moderators and like Cain had little opportunity to stand out in the crowd. The same went for Rick Santorum who though a staunch conservative needs to bow out gracefully as his support is waining at best.

There are several more GOP debates scheduled this month with more down the line as the Primary Season approaches and begins soon after the first of the year. Debates provide an excellent opportunity for candidates to take their message to the people in a strong public forum. But when moderators are as biased and condescending as both Williams and Harris were in this debate, the forum becomes a travesty and rather than discussing the issues as should be the case the moderators become the debate and the candidates are forced to scold them as Newt did once again.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, September 07, 2011


In advance of the jobs speech before Congress on Thursday night some of the details are beginning to leak out as to the direction Obama is taking for, "creating," jobs. We have already heard by way of his Labor Day speech in Detroit that his attitude is to the GOP, "if you don't buy my plan you're putting party before country." So we already know the speech will be partisan and the campaign he does after the speech will be slamming the GOP for not bowing down to his arrogant demands.

That said, once again Obama sees the only way to get the job market moving is to again expand government, throw more tax payer money into the mix and use non-existent infrastructure jobs as his means of saying he created jobs. The same approach he used with the failed stimulus, (a word by the way by order of Nancy Pelosi no longer being used in liberal circles), that by his own admission did not have jobs that were as, "shovel ready," as he thought.

But in true Obama form if its failed once, twice three or more times then its worth trying again especially if it means he can spend more tax payer/borrowed money in doing so. This time he is only spending a pittance, just $300 BILLION dollars as compared to the $1.2 trillion in the original failed stimulus package. With calls by many in his party and liberal pundits for Obama to again spend in the trillions, I am sure that spending ONLY $300 billion will be what he considers a compromise to the GOP and as such they should bow to his wishes or face being called partisan and unamerican.

It is obvious that the child in The White House and those in his party do not nor ever will realize tha government NEVER creates a job nor throwing more money after bad money spent succeeds in doing anything except increasing an already unsustainable debt and growing mounting deficits. Private sector business creates jobs and since taking office Obama has done nothing but taken away all incentive for private business to hire thus keeping unemployment high and the job market dead.

The business community understand that a burdensome government gets in the way with the creation of jobs through private business. Especially when all they hear from The White House are calls to increase taxation and Executive Orders that place burdensome regulations upon business. It is no wonder business is not hiring and the August jobs report was ZERO in new jobs created.

CEO's across the country are calling for Obama to get government out of the way and let private business do what it does best, create jobs and hire Americans putting them back to work and increasing the job force which is the ONLY way unemployment will decrease. Obama as usual turns a deaf ear to private business as he believes ONLY government can create jobs and throwing more money around is the way to do it.

So as expected Thursdays speech will offer more of the same, unemployment will remain high, jobs will continue to be stagnant, the economy will not improve and the DOW will fall sharply once again as it always does whenever Obama opens his mouth for another in a long line of speeches that say nothing and do even less.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Barack Obama took the Labor Day Holiday and made a trip to Detroit, Michigan to speak to a partisan group of Union members led by Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa. Hoffa took the opportunity to declare war on Republicans calling them SOB's as he introduced Obama to the crowd. As of this writing Obama had no response to this vial rhetoric other than his expressing his pride in Hoffa during the speech.

As Obama spoke he too took aim at the GOP saying Republicans needed to put country before party by voting for creating jobs. Anyone who has any sense at all understands that this speech, Obama's preview of his much touted jobs speech before Congress on Thursday, was nothing more than a campaign stump speech before a partisan crowd.

If this is a preview of Thursday, which most belief it is, his plan is to blame Republicans and do nothing more than he has already done which is spend money and use infrastructure as his avenue to, "create," jobs which has not only failed in the past but has no chance of creating jobs for the future. In fact Obama has stated that even he realized that the infrastructure jobs weren't as, "shovel ready," as he thought they were. Yet it seems this is the center piece of his plan again.

Obama stands also as a hypocrite when it comes to political rhetoric and civility. Not only did Hoffa in his introduction of Obama before the partisan speech made on Labor Day call Republicans SOB's but in another speech during the holiday VP Joe Biden before another Union crowd referred to the GOP as barbarians. Yet again still no condemnation from The White House on the rhetoric. Had this been a Republican making either one of these statements the condemnation would have been immediate and harsh

South Carolina's Senator Jim DeMint in an interview during a GOP Presidential candidate forum held on Labor Day in Columbia, SC stated that he planned to be absent on Thursday for Obama's speech. DeMint stated that the American people don't need another speech but a real plan for jobs and Obama has no plan. His frustration was evident as he told it like it is.

Barack Obama as usual blames everyone for the problems that he is responsible for and sees government as the only answer to everything. Government has never created a job. Job creation comes from the private sector and the August jobs report which showed ZERO new jobs tells the story of Obama policy toward business. During the month of August business listened to Obama call for increased business taxation and saw Executive Orders that regulated business even further which takes away ANY incentive for business to hire new labor.

Obama is a job killer and his,"new," plan seems to indicate that more of the same is in store and the blame game which Americans are tired of hearing is a center piece of his plan. Obama whines that the GOP must put country before party, yet Obama has placed ideology and party before country and the American people everyday he has held office and will continue to until we the people make sure he can no longer do so by booting his tail out of office in November 2012.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, September 04, 2011


The tenth anniversary of the unprovoked and cowardly attack against our country by Al Qaeda on September 11, 2001 is upon us. Much has happened since that sunny and terrible Tuesday morning ten years ago some for good but much that has taken us in the wrong direction. Our country and our very lives were changed by the attacks yet the events that took place that day and the days after show a marked difference in America then and now.

Soon after the attacks the resolve of our Nation as expressed by the President were shown as Bush spoke to workers at Ground Zero through a megaphone when he stated without hesitation that those who did this, referring to the collapsed World Trade Center, would soon be hearing from all of us. We were intent on seeking justice for the thousands whose lives were cut short by the cowardly Al Qaeda killers who flew planes into the Towers, the Pentagon and the field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

We were told that those who flew the planes were Islamic extremists belonging to a group known as Al Qaeda and they were solely responsible for the attacks. Today nearly ten year after that terrible day we have a President who by personal order issued talking points for the tenth anniversary to his staff and ordered them to minimize ANY reference to Al Qaeda so as not to offend the Muslim world so close after Ramadan.

No political correctness can change the facts surrounding WHO killed thousands of innocent people and caused so much havoc and destruction. Islamic extremists hell bent on the destruction of American cowardly hijacked commercial airliners using them as weapons and killed citizens of our country and many countries around the world in the worst terrorist attack in history.

Nearly seventy years after another unprovoked attack against America on December 7, 1941 whenever any reference is made on the attack at Pearl Harbor, the Japanese are always mentioned even though they are now an ally of our country. The attacks were undertaken by Japanese and nothing changes those facts. The attacks on September 11 were undertaken by Islamic extremists who are STILL our enemy but the child in The White House does not want to offend that enemy so their name is to be minimized if mentioned at all.

In the days, weeks and months that followed the attacks Americans of all walks of life were united in resolve and patriotism. Flag waving and chants of USA were common place. Our leaders had no qualms about saying God bless America and expressing the greatness of our country and leading the patriotic fervor. Being proud of our country and waving our flag was the thing to do as it should always be.

Today nearly ten years later the Nations leadership especially the occupant of the Oval Office deem is necessary to apologize for American greatness and tell the world that evils that exist are due largely to the arrogance of America. Waving the flag in not part of the Obama agenda. In fact many times when this President makes public appearances or holds press conferences even in The White House, Old Glory is nowhere to be seen. Being proud of America is politically incorrect for this President and he expects the country to follow his example as many of his political persuasion do.

In the aftermath of the shock of September 11, 2001 our national belief in God and the power and comforting solace of prayer sustained our Nation through the trial, pain and hardship of loss. Memorial services were surrounded with prayer and worship as Americans grieved and sought healing from the devastation and confusion.

Now on the tenth anniversary a National Memorial will officially open at the sight of The World Trade Center. A beautiful remembrance has been constructed using the original foot prints of the Twin Towers with the names of every soul lost in each building forever preserved in bronze surrounding the foot print and looking over waterfalls cascading down into those foot prints into a reflection pond of memorial.

Yet as this remembrance is dedicated to those whose lives were stolen by evil, it has been decreed that prayers of any type will not be uttered so as not to offend anyone. The very sustenance of prayer and belief in God which kept our National sanity after the shock of 9/11 is forbidden during its tenth remembrance to satisfy political correctness run amok.

Where is the country that resolved to bring justice to those who perished on that sad and terrible day? Where is the leadership that consoled a Nation through prayer and national unity and pride? Where is the justification for the radical change that uses political correctness and rejects the best traditions of American life and liberty to satisfy a few who have no respect for America and hate everything she stands for?

Is this the America of the future? Or are we the Nation who rose from the ashes of 9/11 and through pride in our country, faith in God and unity of mind and spirit survived the attacks and fought to preserve freedom seeking those who killed our fellow countrymen and women. I believe the later is true but until we remove the leadership that is ruining our Nation our children will never know the true America and the world will never see the strength that was shown ten years ago when we were attacked and rose above the fray to rebuild and find a new birth from the ashes of 9/11. This if nothing else demands a change on November 6, 2012 to restore America and the Constitutional principles that made our Nation great!

Ken Taylor

Friday, September 02, 2011


With all of the flak that has been in the headlines over the,"jobs speech," that Barack Obama is delivering next Thursday night to a joint meeting of Congress, I am sure the last introduction to that speech that he wanted was to find out that not one single new job was created in the month of August.

The new Labor Department report was released and not only did unemployment remain steady at 9.1% which does not take into count those who have simply given up looking for work making the figure much closer to 15%, but for the first time since World War II The United States economy had a net ZERO in new job creation.

Even economists were conservatively looking at a measly 75,000 new jobs created as they anticipated the August report, no one expected to see ZERO. This coming after, according to most economists, the recession technically ended two years ago. Remember, "technically," a recession is when economic growth shows a negative figure and though staying consistently well below two percent the US economy has shown stagnant or little growth in the last two years so, "officially," we have not been in recession.

Setting technical data aside, with unemployment not improving and zero job creation combined with a still very bad economy though extremely minimal economic growth has been experienced the general mood around the country is that we are still in recession and the economic out look is not only not improving but current policy from both Congress and the administration give no immediate hope of anything changing before the 2012 election.

Now a zero jobs report before Obama's touted jobs speech to Congress next Thursday does not bode well for Obama, his speech nor his chances of reelection in 2012. In fact there is not much worse news that he could receive before making his speech which all indications point toward more of the same as far as his big, "plan," to supposedly stimulate the economy and his much touted jobs program which STILL depends of failed infrastructure that even Obama has admitted are not as, "shovel ready," as he thought.

For the millions out of work an economy that is creating zero in new jobs does not provide any comfort especially those who have already given up trying to find work. Another public relations speech covering the same old plans and using the same old blame the previous administration rhetoric is NOT what the American people need now. Tax relief for business as well as decreasing burdensome regulations that have INCREASED dramatically during the Obama reign is what is needed to allow private business to fell comfortable enough to start hiring again and get unemployment down.

When business hears only talk form the White House of the,"need," to increase taxes and reports on new regulation coming from Executive Orders that bypass even a sluggish Congress it is no wonder that the August jobs report show a net gain of ZERO. In this type of economic atmosphere which has been created by Obama policy how can any other result be expected.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, September 01, 2011


In an obvious political ploy that Speaker Boehner called him on Barack Obama attempted to first, force a joint session of Congress without the protocol invite that is necessary for a joint session and second he played politics by scheduling the speech to take place during a long scheduled Republican candidate debate then acted as if they had no idea the debate was scheduled.

When asked about the conflict in scheduling Press Secretary Jay Carney gave away the White House hand and the dumb act was over when he said the debate could be rescheduled. Then the junk as they say hit the fan as Speaker Boehner informed Obama that he could not have a joint session on the 7th as requested because Congress would not be in session to vote on the invitation. So reluctantly after a full day of controversy, Obama agreed to post pone the speech one day until Thursday the 8th.

Now the speech conflicts with the opening game of the NFL season between defending Super Bowl champs the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints. Of course the game will start a 9PM Eastern giving Obama a full hour of prime time to say what he has to say and get this over with.

Why he insists on a joint session of Congress for a speech that has no business which requires such a stage other than to satisfy his tremendous ego is beyond comprehension. The speech as evidenced by moves already being made will cover the same old failed policy and blame game tactics that he has used to, "create jobs," in the past so why he wants such a platform other than his ego makes absolutely no sense.

If there is a choice between the NFL pregame show or the speech, choose the pregame show it will be far more interesting. If it is a choice between the game and the speech definitely choose the game even if you don't like either team or football for that matter because it will absolutely be more interesting. As far as the arrogant ones rant before Congress either listen to the sounds bites later or review past jobs speeches and just pretend it is fresh news.

Ken Taylor

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