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Monday, April 30, 2012


Since taking office in January, 2009 Barack Obama has been in constant campaign mode. Every official speech he has made at any location in the country has had the appearance of a campaign gathering rather than what would be a typical Presidential visit. The rhetoric contained in his speeches have been completely partisan and not only politically driven but sounding at every speech like a candidate running for reelection rather than a sitting President who uses stump speeches to discuss policy.

During a reelection year a certain amount of campaign speeches are expected but Obama has yet to end his 2008 campaign and now we are in 2012 and he is using tax payer dollars for a continual barrage of obvious campaign speeches claiming they are anything but a campaign speech. An alarming statistic has come forth proving Obama's continual campaign mode and his constant use of the Office as a means to not only campaign but raise money for that campaign and NOT the public policy stops that he claims these to be.

It is not unusual for sitting Presidents in an election year to make occasional appearances not just for his reelection campaign but to raise funds for his campaign. As a sitting President the perks of office travel with him, like using Air Force One for the trip, having the normal Presidential entourage etc. But Obama has taken this official perk to a level that is not only ridiculous but borders on an abuse of the Office of the President and an abuse of tax payer funds, where funding for these trips should be coming from his campaign funds rather than government coffers.

Beginning with Jimmy Carter's reelection bid in 1980 each sitting President has attended a combined total of 94 campaign fund raisers. Carter attended 4, Reagan attended ZERO, George H.W. Bush attended 19,  Clinton 14 and George W. Bush 57 at this point in their respective administrations. Barack Obama alone has attended 124 with an unending barrage of fund raisers on his agenda in the coming weeks. He is also the only President in the past 35 years to visit every electoral battle ground state during his FIRST year in office.

One year ago when Navy Seal 6 took out bin Laden Obama stated he would not use the killing of the Al Qaeda leader as a political football when he stated that he would not, "spike the football," using the death of bin Laden as his own personal, "at a boy," for political gain. Yet one year later as the anniversary hits Obama has not only used it as a spiked football with several campaign commercials coming out bragging about Obama's , "brave," move to get the Al Qaeda leader but in one ad he actually states that had Mitt Romney been President he would not have given approval for the raid based on a statement Romney once made about using a large amount of resources to go after one man.

He is not only using the bin Laden anniversary as a blatant campaign move but making accusations against Romney with no basis.  Obama has no record that he can run on. He has lost the Independent vote with every poll showing Romney with at least a 10 point lead among this key voter group. His failed policies are hurting his fund raising efforts as large donors are not contributing as was expected going into the 2012 campaign cycle. Now he uses the heroic actions of the Seal Team 6 as his own personal victory while traveling the country on tax payer dollars raising money for his campaign and making campaign speeches claimed to be official visits rather than campaign stops. And still there are voters who believe THIS disgusting individual deserves another four years.

Ken Taylor

Friday, April 27, 2012


The Great Dane's name is Emmitt Thunderpaws and man's best friend remembers his family. Emmitt is the pet of a returning solder, Emmitt's military dad, who was coming home after a nine month deployment in Afghanistan. Emmitt knew his, "dad," was home before he left the house. The 150 pound Great Dane never jumps on anyone nor places his paws on shoulders etc. But Emmitt was so excited at seeing his, "dad," return home that nothing was going to stop this wonderful dog from welcoming his returning hero back home from Afghanistan.  God bless the returning hero and his Great Dane Emmitt Thunderpaws!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Those that report on The Supreme Court have been highly critical of Obama's Solicitor General Donald Verilli and his, as they call it, "stumbling," in both the governments case for Obamacare and against the Arizona immigration law.  In both instances he has fumbled his way through litigation before the High Court and has been called on his fumbles by Justices on many occasions in both cases.  Yet most experts consider Verilli an excellent litigator and according to those in the know he usually presents a great case before any court.

So how then is this supposed great litigator stumbling and bumbling as he presents the two most important cases to the Obama administration before SCOTUS? Could it be that he has no case to present and even this supposed expert litigator KNOWS he has no case and is destined to lose because of the weak case the government has for Obamacare and against Arizona's immigration law?

So many aspects of Obamacare are unconstitutional and anyone with a strong legal mind which seems to be the case with Verilli, knows this to be true. As a result as he stands before the High Court trying to argue that especially the absolute unconstitutional mandate is legal and the court should let this illegal mandate stand, maybe this expert litigator's heart is just not in it since he understands he has no case.

The same may well apply to his stumbling and bumbling as he presents the case before SCOTUS that Arizona has no right to protect its citizens and secure its borders which is the argument the government is making to show that the immigration law in illegal and should be overturned by the High Court.  The Constitution provides for all states to have sovereign control in protecting citizens of that state and also have the Constitutional sovereignty to secure and protect their borders. A fact that was brought out by both Conservative and Liberal Judges on the Court during Verilli's arguments.

Maybe, just maybe Verilli isn't the incompetent boob that many are trying to say but a solid legal mind who knows he has no case and is just going through the motions because his boss Barack Obama expects him to make a case regardless of whether it holds any legal water or not.

SCOTUS will be releasing its opinions on both cases in June as the Courts year ends.  My personal prediction is that Obamacare's mandate will be declared unconstitutional and as was discussed during litigation since the law cannot stand without the mandate it will end the threat of Obamacare.  The Court has a history of standing for state sovereignty and this was the basic line of questioning during the litigation by the Justices during the case over the Arizona immigration law.  As such I also predict that the Arizona law will be allowed to stand based on State sovereignty and as such several states who have similar laws pending will implement them and we will begin to see tough immigration policy finally take place.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


"If I wanted America to fail."  This excellent and extremely hard hitting video describes in detail and frank language the Obama administration agenda and how it is destroying out Nation. This is the, "hope and change," we have been subjected to for over three years. Policies that seek the destruction and failure of The   United States and an agenda that has taken our Nation down a path never intended by our Founders that has caused an economic tsunami of poverty, unemployment, business closing and financial failure unprecedented in our Nations history.

Obama in his continual campaign mode makes speech after speech in front of duped audiences that are blind to his destruction of America and have been mesmerized into believing that his explosive expansion of government is the only answer to the problems our country faces when in fact those problems are exasperated by Obama policy and many of them are actually caused by that same policy of destruction. This economic and appeasement foreign policy is what he calls in his stump speech proof that he deserves four more years in The White House.

Four more years of destruction. Four more years of failed economic policy. Four more years of trillion dollar deficits. Four more years of exploding gas prices. Four more years of devastating regulations that hampers business. Four more years of policy that increase unemployment and causes millions to leave the work force because they have given up trying to find non existent jobs. Four more year of appeasement to our enemies and apology for American strength and greatness. Four more years of daily struggling for families all over our Nation because Obama economic policy robs citizens of hard earned income to pay for his government. Four more years of increased energy costs as Obama tries to force a green energy policy that favors bankrupting businesses with tax payer dollars. For more years of class warfare and race relations that have taken us back to the troubles of the sixties.  Four more years of arrogance, million dollar Presidential vacations paid for by tax payer monies and a White House occupant who is completely out of touch with the America people.

This is what we look forward to with the reelection of Barack Obama. This is the recipe for continued failure and a future American bankruptcy. This is the path to $10.00 a gallon gas prices and the continued struggle of American families to make ends meet. This is the recipe for total destruction of a free America and any possibility for prosperity in our Nation. If this is what you see for Americas future then vote to reelect this failure and we will see the complete collapse of our beloved Nation.  If you believe in Constitutional principles, freedom, economic prosperity, an America that is strong and respected around the world then on November sixth drive, walk even run to the polls and vote to defeat this agenda of destruction, removing this embarrassment and failure from office and begin the recovery of our great Nation.

Ken Taylor

Monday, April 23, 2012


Anyone who has paid even the smallest amount of attention to the flak over Obamacare knows that besides the center piece of this nightmare, namely the unconstitutional mandate, the law guts Medicare in order to help pay for the astronomical cost of Obama's foll. Gutting Medicare to the tune of over a half a trillion dollars.  Of course this is not talked about in liberal circles or mentioned much by the Obama loving media since it is extremely damaging to his prospects for reelection, especially since one of the major cuts takes place beginning in October of this year when seniors were to be required to drop their Medicare Advantage programs which have given them better choice and control over their own health care.

Since this would be such a volatile blow to Obama's reelection bid, Obama has managed to maneuver a slush fund in order to postpone this for one year in order for him to deceive seniors into thinking he actually care about them.  In order to prevent this from happening in October as planned in the original law making it a huge October surprise which could derail Obama's reelection plans, Obama's has created an $8 BILLION, yes that with a, "B," dollar slush fund to temporarily continue funding all Medicare Advantage programs for one more year in order to get the election behind him and allow him more, "flexibility," as he called it when he was talking to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev telling him he needed to wait until after the election in order to gut our nuclear capabilities as the Russians are demanding.

So the great Obama spin machine which has been lying to the public since taking office now through a slush fund is deceiving seniors just long enough to get their vote then after a perceived reelection force them away from a certain amount of health care freedom into the government controlled plan that Obama has wanted from the very beginning. If this lying imbecile actually thinks his health care law is so popular and what the American people want, then why does he believe it necessary to lie to the public create a slush fund to keep it from happening long enough to get reelected and then pretend he loves seniors?  There is only one answer to this question, Obama KNOWS his Obamacare is a disaster the American people do not want and he understands it will kill his reelection so thus he creates another smoke screen of lies!

Ken Taylor

Friday, April 20, 2012


To listen to Barack Obama and many especially liberal pundits the reelection of this failed President seems almost certain. In fact there are many conservatives who because of the weaknesses of the likely GOP nominee, Mitt Romney, who will tell you that Obama is a shoe in and Republicans have no chance at The White House so its better to just concentrate on the House and Senate only.

Yet numbers do not lie and the numbers for Obama are dismal at this point in his Presidency, and as an incumbent who is running for reelection at this point during an election year. First Obama faces the problems he has caused that are resonating with voters through his failed economic policy especially two factors that have always signaled defeat for a sitting President. No President has ever been reelected with skyrocketing gas prices and unemployment above seven percent. Obama has both these pocket book robbing problems to face come November with little prospect for either to make much if any improvement before voters head to the polls on Tuesday the sixth.

When compared to previous Presidential reelection bids, Obama's poll numbers also signal signs of defeat when his numbers stand with those of Romney. Most polls have it a dead heat with the majority having Romney up by as many as three points. Most damaging to Obama's prospects are the Independent voter numbers which are consistently showing Romney with a six to eight point lead and that even in the polls showing Obama with the overall lead.

Looking back to past elections and comparing the numbers in April to those of other incumbents at this point and the picture takes on an even dimmer prospect for Obama. In 1976 Gerald Ford was in about the same position as Obama in a face off with then candidate Jimmy Carter and Ford lost to Carter in the General Election. In 1980 Carter was leading candidate Reagan by six points with a third party candidate John Anderson showing 22 points in the polls to Reagan's 32 and Carter's 38. Reagan won in a landslide.

1992 has George H.W. Bush leading candidate Clinton by 20 points in April yet when November came Clinton defeated Bush by six percentage points. Another H.W. Bush comparison comes with the current slow economy. While Bush 41 did not have nearly as bad an economy as the one we have under Obama, he was using a similar tactic as Obama by claiming that the economy was improving while the vast majority of Americans were not only NOT feeling the affects of an improving, (a situation like Obama that was a political move not an economic reality),  economy but their personal economic situation was worse than it was when Bush was elected. This strategy backfired on Bush and helped usher Clinton into The White House and will likely do the same for Obama.

Although as always with any election nothing is ever set in stone but historical fact and precedence do show trends and give strong indications of possible outcomes. Based an these factors and the poor economy as well as Obama's dismal numbers his reelection bis in 2012 looks very poor, yes very poor indeed.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Throughout the 2008 Presidential campaign the media, DNC and many voters who were duped into adoration of Barack Obama gave the impression that he was a sort of messiah who would be the savior of everyone and worthy of worship and praise. Of course these disgusting comparison to the One, True Messiah were sickening and as Obama has proven through his failures and arrogance the praise lauded upon him was both ridiculous and false.

In the three years since the 2008 campaign the media, supporters and DNC spin proclaiming Obama as some sort of messiah has diminished. Enter Michelle Obama and her campaign rhetoric as she is placed front and center in the 2012 Obama reelection campaign. During a speech given before 450 supporters in Nashville, Tenn. the First Lady returned to the disgusting messiah references about her husband.

In the speech Obama stated that her husband, "has brought us out of darkness into the light." This obvious biblical reference by Obama once again blatantly tries to portray her husband as some sort of savior and almost deity type figure which is the same disgusting rhetoric that was used during the 2008 campaign.

Facts are facts, not only is Obama NOT any type of savior or messiah figure but his absolute failure and destructive policy and agenda have been so dramatically damaging to our Nation and our people that references like this which are extremely offensive make it obvious that the campaign may be once again trying to play this ridiculous card to deny and overshadow the tremendous failures of Obama as a President.

Messianic rhetoric was disgusting in 2008 as it is now and for Michelle to try and bring this ridiculous idea to the fore front again is not only insulting but a prime example of the arrogance that has been a center piece of the Obama's during their reign in The White House.

Ken Taylor

Monday, April 16, 2012


Former Vice President Dick Cheney still recovering from his recent heart transplant visited a Wyoming Republican Party gathering with a strong and so true message about the Presidency of Barack Obama. Citing defense policy, economic failures and his tax policy which seeks to create class warfare, Cheney called Obama, "an unmitigated disaster."

Cheney went on to ad the importance in defeating him in the November election as he stated, "I can't think of a time when I felt it was more important for us to defeat an incumbent President today with respect to Barack Obama." The former VP who under went heart transplant surgery only three short weeks ago in his usual straight forward and tough form reminds Americans the necessity for the defeat of Obama and four more years of this, "disaster," would be dangerous and devastating for our country.

Ken Taylor

Friday, April 13, 2012


It has been 100 years since the infamous voyage of the majestic but tragic Titanic that set sail from Southampton, England for what was thought to be the magnificent maiden voyage of the greatest ship afloat and what was considered man's greatest industrial achievement, but in just a few short days the ship called unsinkable was at the bottom of the Atlantic with the loss of more than 1500 passengers and crew as the legacy of its existence.

Nearly everyone is familiar with the stories of this famous voyage from the heroic efforts of the ships designer, Thomas Andrews, the despondency of her Captain Edward Smith, the cowardly abandoning of the ship by J. Bruce Ismay the Chairman of The White Star Line that managed the Titanic and of course the dozens of stories of passengers, crew and the fight for survival as the ship collided with an iceberg at 11:40 PM on April 14 and a short two hours and forty minutes later at 2:20 April 15this, "marvel," of 1912 technology made her final plunge in the waters of the North Atlantic and its crushing trip to the bottom where she lay undisturbed until Robert Ballard discovered the wreck sight in 1985.

Many remembrances, documentaries, auctions of artifacts and of course the re release of James Cameron's blockbuster film have shown that the fascination of Titanic has not diminished in the 100 years since she set sail on April 12, 1912. Though the story is one of tremendous tragedy and loss of life it continues to capture the imagination of the public with new generations joining the masses who have kept the ship, her passengers, crew and story alive in a very real sense since the tragic events 100 years ago.

James Cameron revisited Titanic and through additional study has discovered the ship sank considerably different than what was thought at the time he produced his movie in 1997 which was based on scientific investigation of the wreck sight and testimony of survivors at the time of the films production. Now through additional investigation, dives to the wreck sight and for the first time a complete photographic look at the entire final resting place of Titanic a new and much more devastating picture unfolds of the sinking as shown in the below video.

The story if Titanic will continue to interest and fascinate the public because of the many lives and stories of the ship that touch our imagination as we remember the events on that tragic night 100 years ago. The Titanic is part of history but because of its never ending appeal will always be alive for future generations to become part of, "The Night to Remember."

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I have been discussing the real possibility of a good old fashioned floor fight at the Republican Convention but alas that is not to be, as Rick Santorum suspended his Presidential campaign stating that though not running for President any longer would continue the fight to defeat Obama and restore our Nation.

Some speculation has it that Santorum's reasoning to suddenly suspend his campaign has much to do with the health of his daughter who has been in and out of the hospital due to problems she has had all of her young life which have caused her to be hospitalized several times in recent weeks.

As a result since there are no longer three, well four if you count the completely silent and no chance Ron Paul, there is little possibility that Romney will not get the nomination and carry the remaining states which have proportioned delegate counts. Voters will likely hit the Romney button on the ballot whether they favored him or not since he is now the defacto nominee.

The unfortunate situation for Republicans now is that the summer which would have belonged to them if the process had gone all the way to the Convention is that the Obama attack campaign and the lame stream media which has been favoring Romney will now combine to seek to destroy him as the obvious nominee. The press who have been in Romney's corner during the Primaries will now abandon him for their first love Barack Obama.

Speculation is all over the board as to who Romney will choose as his running mate ranging from Florida Senator Marco Rubio to South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, both of which endorsed Romney. No matter who his running mate is Romney will out of necessity have to pick a well known strong conservative to get the GOP base which have had a very tepid support if any support at all of the more moderate Romney. A conservative will go a long way in bringing conservatives into the Romney camp and get the vote out in November.

It will not be advantageous for Romney to announce any running mate until the Convention since the announcement will be a major draw for audience numbers and will help him come out of the Convention with a head of steam going into the fall campaign cycle. If he announces before the Convention the viewership will be low and be a complete disaster for the Fall build up. So I hope he is smart enough to wait and not give into the pressure that is sure to come for him to announce in order to give the 24/7 news agencies a major story.

Additionally if there are ANY skeletons in his closet of any type NOW would be the time to let them out rather than hoping the Obama campaign will not discover anything as they dig through everything including the type of toilet tissue Romney uses. The earlier the better if anything exists in order to get it out and let is die BEFORE September.

So all the doubts and questions are over and it is time for the GOP to get behind though reluctantly for many of us and stand with the man who must defeat Barack Obama in November. While he has MANY shortcomings for especially conservatives I do agree with Sarah Palin and many others who have the rallying cry, "ABO, anybody but Obama!"

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Without violating any laws, James O'Keefe entered the polling place of Attorney General Eric Holder during the recent Primary held in Washington DC. Upon approaching the poll worker O'Keefe asked if he had an Eric Holder. The poll worker immediately looked into the list and offered O'Keefe Holders ballot for voting without an reservations or question even though Eric Holder is a well known person.

O'Keefe stated that he had forgotten his ID in the car and the poll worker told him it was not necessary only the fact that he was present and signed his name would allow him to vote as Eric Holder. O'Keefe insited he would be more comfortable with his ID and the worker let him leave to retrieve it upon which O'Keefe left the polling place with proof positive that voting fraud is not only possible but a reality even though Eric Holder himself claims it does not exist and there is no proof.

Currently South Carolina and Texas are suing the Justice Department for blocking laws in both States which require voters to present a legal picture ID in order to vote. Holder has issued orders from the Justice Department preventing these States from the requirement stating that it is discriminatory and unnecessary since voter fraud is not proven and a violation of civil rights.

Yet in order to do just about anything else a legal picture ID is required as proof but to vote the AG and Obama administration do not see it necessary to prove who you are. Just show up, state any name and you can vote. Thanks to Mr. O'Keefe the proof that Holder says does not exist has gone viral on the web and shows voter fraud to be a problem in this country.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, April 08, 2012


"Hope and change." This has been that theme of Barack Obama's radical agenda since he first campaigned for President. We have experienced just what that change means as he has taken our Nation down a path never intended by our Founders. Easter though, provides a message which gives the world the real meaning of, "hope and change." For there is One whose message of ,"hope and change," truly changed the World and the lives of everyone since.

More than 2000 years ago a, " Man, " came to this Earth with a message of , "hope," and , "change," that even during His time on this planet sparked controversy and even political discord between the ruling Empire of Rome and their conquered land of Judea and the people found in that land. This, "Man," brought with Him a message that has lasted through the ages. A Message that speaks to all mankind of , "hope," for the hopeless and , "change," even for the vilest of people.

His was not a message that was given for political gain. Nor was it shared to bring fame and position for Himself. His message was shared for the most selfless of The message of hope and change that was shared with this World by this ,"Man," came from the Creator of all men though the life, death and Resurrection of our Creators Son. It was and still is a message of hope and change given only from pure, sacrificial and true love with its only reward for that love being the salvation of the World and the redemption of man.

This, "Man," delivered His message of hope and change and it was received by many and rejected by many. A situation that this eternal message still finds in the World today more than 2000 years later. While He walked this Earth, this, "Man," selflessly gave not only His message but Himself in order to insure that His selfless message of love would be eternal. His reward for sharing this selfless message of hope and change was to face the cruelest of deaths that a cruel world has ever devised, nailed to a cross.

But He did not face this death forcibly. No He faced it willingly and lovingly because He knew that the only way to insure that His message of hope and change would last for all mankind was by giving His life in exchange for those to whom He was giving this loving message. It was for this that He came and it was for this that He died.

But this message of hope and change does not end there. No it ends, nay I should say actually begins with an empty tomb. For His message of hope and change shines from that empty tomb for all mankind that came before His time on earth, those to whom He personal delivered the message and we who have followed in the last 2000 years. His sacrifice for giving this message on the cruel cross when one believes in that message of love that He gave from that cross can provide anyone from any walk of life, whether good or bad, vial or moral, change that will reshape that individual and reconcile them with a loving God who sent this , "Man," Jesus the Son of God, for them.

The empty tomb that He left as He resurrected from the death on that cruel cross, provides hope that there is more to life than misery and woe but salvation that brings life eternal through the sacrifice, and resurrection of this, "Man," who God our Creator called Son and in whom all things are possible. As we each celebrate this Easter season, remember that true hope and change comes from the love that was shared with each of us from a cross to an empty tomb and life springs eternal for everyone because of the Christ who came and shared the true, real and loving message of hope and change. Happy Easter to all.

Ken Taylor

Friday, April 06, 2012

FOR GOD SO LOVED..........

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved." John 3:16 and 17

The sadest day of all time yet the greatest day for all mankind. For it is through His willing sacrifice that salvation was made possible for all mankind.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, April 05, 2012


Speaking before the Newspaper Association of America and the American Society of News Editors only one day after Barack Obama used the same opportunity to continue his disgusting attack against SCOTUS, Mitt Romney hammered Obama on his dishonesty and what he called, "hide and seek," approach over what he intends to do if reelected in light of the comments made to Russian President Medvedev about his, "flexibility, "after the election.

This speech though strong for the moment also highlights one of the reasons why I am so tepid about Romney being the nominee if he indeed does get the nod. Romney took the GOP Primary race from what should have been an opportunity for the candidates to highlight in prime fashion the major differences between the GOP and especially conservatism and Obama and turned it into a negative slug fest started by Romney in which the former Governor regularly used misleading and/or exaggerated claims against Gingrich and Santorum.

Yet when given many opportunities to state the real facts about Obama and call him for what and who he is, Romney has backed down and gone the route similar to McCain who refused to hammer Obama on his past and his socialist leaning agenda. The GOP nominee must daily hammer this and the complete failure of Obama home without hesitation and without reservation and I am not convinced that Romney will do this in the buildup toward the General Election.

He has been all to willing to be somewhat accommodating toward Obama refusing to state his obvious socialist tendencies and hitting hard on the total failure of Obama personally in leadership and policy. He has chosen to take a more, "gentlemanly," approach toward Obama which will not work during the Fall just as it failed in 2008 with McCain.

Obama's past, his personal failures and his polices must all be on the table and if Romney is the nominee he must be willing to hit Obama right between the eyes even calling him a socialist which Romney has shied away from several times when given a slow pitch softball to do so. Respecting the Office of President and hammering the failed occupant can both be done but I am afraid that Romney will place the former before the latter and allow Obama to have the high ground just like John McCain did in 2008.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Claiming that SCOTUS would be making an unprecedented move by overturning Obamacare, the arrogant one in an act never before seen in our Nations history began a public attack against the Court in an attempt to strong arm the Justices into declaring his unconstitutional health care law Constitutional.

Take notice at the 2:24 mark in the video when Obama begins his false claim that overturning Obamacare would be unprecedented and that doing so would be Judicial activism. He who is supposed to be a Constitutional professor neglects the FACT that under Article III of the Constitution it is the legal responsibility under our check and balance system of government for SCOTUS to determine the Constitutionality of any law under question.

In fact Obama's claim as it being unprecedented is an absolute lie since it has happened 1315 times or an average of once every 16 months since the Madison vs Marbury case in 1803 which was the first time in western civilization that a court overturned a law based on it being unconstitutional. What was unprecedented was a President trying to publicly strong arm SCOTUS on a pending court decision. Presidents have done so privately but never before in a public platform as Obama did on Monday.

Many well informed DC insiders are saying privately that his last Court appointee Elena Kagan has been leaking information to Obama that the decision is not going his way which is believed to have prompted his ridiculous display. If this is true then it lends one to believe that Obama appointed Kagen for the purpose of being a snitch when Obamacare went before the Court. After all she was his Solicitor General as the law was being crafted and therefore the lead attorney for its development.

The only activism in this case is that of Obama in trying to coerce the Court and using the media as a means of trying to force the Justices to side with him in a situation where he is clearly seeing the hand writing on the wall and as such watching the center piece of his legacy go down the tubes as unconstitutional.

Ken Taylor

Monday, April 02, 2012


Like many of you I am sick of listening to Barack Obama the liar in chief stepping in front of the cameras and telling the American people one lie after another. He claims to be doing everything he can to combat the high price of gas at the pump yet goes on camera demanding that Congress end all oil subsidies to US oil companies trying to take the focus of high gas prices off of him and the dive he is taking in the polls and transfer it to the," big mean oil companies."

First of all just like any business if a tax increase from our overbearing government is placed upon the business the cost of that increase will be passed on to the consumer. Oil companies are no different. If the oil subsidies are ended then the tax difference it would impose will be passed on to the consumer as higher prices at the pumps. You would think even an idiot like Obama would know this.

But like moat on the left taxing any business especially one they can demonize like big oil is just another way of rallying their base. Any economist or someone with only half a brain knows that a business embeds all taxes and any tax increase in the cost of their service or the goods they supply and as such when taxes increase which is what ending the subsidies would to it will equate to higher prices.

Next Obama continues to perpetrate the lie that we are drilling more now then at anytime in our history. What he is NOT telling are the facts and how this, "increased," drilling is actually costing us more at the pump. The increase is coming from drilling taking place on private land leases not government land leases which cost much more to get than on government lands for various reasons not the least of which is that the private land deposits are MUCH harder to reach than those on government lands. So while more drilling may be going on because Obama has drastically cut the leases on government lands it is costing much more to get the oil which equals higher gas prices.

Last and certainly not least, Obama is demanding that tax subsidies end for all American oil companies but fails to tell the American people that he personally cut a deal with Brazil which gives more than $2 BILLION dollars in subsidies to assist Brazilian off shore drilling with the Obama promise that The United States will buy oil from Brazil. So why is it good to subsidize Brazilian oil but evil to subsidize American oil?

Once again I will say as I have said before the greatest campaign ad against the reelection of Barack Obama is seen everyday by almost every American when they pull up to the pump and see the record setting gas prices for this time of year most of which is courtesy of the liar in chief, Barack Obama!

Ken Taylor

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