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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Amnesty or Deportation - The Senate provides amnesty and in November 2008 the voters provide DEPORTATION !
No matter how the Hildabeast spins it she wants your money to finance her socialist agenda and her attack against the individual.
Hugo Chavez, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Chavez shuts down a free TV Station and Reid and Pelosi aim at conservative talk radio with the Fairness Doctrine. Birds of a feather flock together!
Amazing how Democrats won't see the true threat from Islamic Extremists but recognize a Klan member in a heart beat .......that is all of them but Robert Byrd!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


One year ago South Carolina Republican Governor Mark Sanford, during an election year, was asked if the state could do anything about illegal immigration on the State level. To this Sanford replied that immigration was a, "federal issue."

Since then the outcry in the State has been so strong that the Governor has introduced to the South Carolina State Legislature a tough immigration bill that is due to pass this week. An immigration bill that takes tough stances against illegal aliens. The bill calls for changes in the law that make it a felony to harbor or transport illegals, bars any Government Contractor from hiring illegals and prevents them from gaining contracts or losing them if illegals are found in their employ. Under the bill business' who hire illegals will be fined heavily and forced to pay back payroll taxes for any illegals who have been in their employ.

Because of the large influx of new residents from many of the Northeastern States South Carolina is experiencing a new housing boom and service industry jobs like landscapers and building contractors are reaping the benefits. A large population of illegals has invaded the State looking for employment and companies have been all to willing to hire the cheap labor.

The new bill will help to curtail much of this problem. The bill also comes during the controversy over the Federal Senate Immigration Bill and the feud between South Carolina's two Senators. Senator Jim DeMint who adamantly opposes the federal legislation and Senator Lindsay Graham who is a vocal and staunch supporter of the US Senate bill.

At the recent GOP State Convention Senator Graham was booed off the stage as he tried to defend the federal immigration legislation, while Senator DeMint was cheered for his opposition to the bill and his statement that it was blanket amnesty for the 12 million illegal aliens in The United States.

South Carolina with the passage of this strong State immigration bill will join a growing number of States who are getting tough on the illegal alien problem and bypassing the weakness on the federal level. The legsialation also proves that when the voice of the people steps foward elected officials will listen. We still have time to make our voice heard against the Senate Amnesty Bill.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Memorial Day. A day set aside for the nation to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in defense of freedom and this country. A day where we as a nation honor those who have served so bravely and given of themselves so that we can live free. A day in which we remember and pay tribute to those who have paid the price through their sacrifice on the altar of freedom for the continued existence of The United States.

A day when the usual politics and bickering over issues are set aside because we pause to remember. Those innocent days of remembrance are gone now as this Memorial Weekend has so obviously proven. The liberal agenda designed to continually portray negativism over the war blatantly showed its ugly face throughout the ceremonies and remembrances.

The Mainstream Media used every news break, every program showing the tributes and memorial services whether on radio or television to push the negative liberal agenda. Throughout this war the MSM has continually reported only body counts and bombings or other forms of attacks in this war. Never telling the positive nor showing the tremendous accomplishment of our men and women in the Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

All in an attempt to bolster the liberal anti - war agenda and create dissension against the war with the American people. To a certain extent this agenda and the willing assistance from the Media has worked. During this Memorial Weekend the face of this agenda blatantly took advantage of the fact that we as a nation remember our war dead and pay tribute and honor their sacrifice.

Each report, every news break, every sound bite showing the national observance either made mention of the number of soldiers killed on that particular day, ( the usual body count), or stated the number that have fallen since last Memorial Day.

Reports either showing or telling of the President laying the wreath at the Tomb of The Unknowns, made reference to the, "war time President," and that , "there have been just over 1000 deaths since he laid the wreath last year." News breaks began with taps being played as a sound bite covering services then ended with , " while today in Iraq three American soldiers died at a road side bombing."

Even disgusting Cindy Sheehan could not pass the opportunity to get her liberal barbs in. Rather than taking the day to remember her son who sacrificed his life for freedom, she stated that, " her son died for nothing, " and that she was, "quitting her anti - war movement." While I am glad to see her go, her timing was terrible in making the announcement.

Many of the Democrat candidates for President made campaign stops whose purpose was to speak out against the surge or the situation in Iraq. Joseph Biden rather than paying tribute to our fallen heroes played politics and attacked the President at a Memorial Day gathering. Barak Obama visited a Memorial Service in New Hampshire and did the same.

Memorial Day is a time to remember EVERY soldier throughout our history who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. It is not a time to protest or play politics. It is not to push any agenda whether pro or anti - war. It is a time to honor our fallen, pay tribute to their sacrifice and remember the great price that we as a nation have paid to insure and protect our freedom.

The liberal anti - war agenda has dishonored our fallen. It has played politics with our heroes. It has ushered in a new low in the disgusting and insane antics used by the left to bring this nation down and to create in the minds of Americans and the world that The United States is the cause of the worlds problems and the enemy of all mankind.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, May 27, 2007


They came from every corner of our nation representing our best and bravest. They fought in places whose names have become familiar to us not because the field had any great significance but because of what they so bravely did there.

Places like Trenton, Valley Forge, Antietam, Gettysburg, Gallipoli, Iwo Jima, Normandy, Porkchop Hill, Inchon, Hamburger Hill, Basra, Kuwait City, Asadabad, Baghdad, Falllujah. Each of these locations and many more where brave Americans gave the lives defending freedom and fighting for liberty in defense of this nation.

Not one of these brave American heroes left home to fight with the intention of giving their life for this nation but left with a willingness to perform their duty with honor and with pride in service to their country with the full knowledge that this sacrifice in service may cost the, "last full measure of devotion."

They were willing because they realized that freedom is not free and that there is a high price to pay defending what one believes in. Many of them left home as boys with high ideals and a yearning for adventure then faced the reality of war with uncommon bravery, devotion and sacrifice.

Some sacrificed themselves to save a fellow soldier, some to achieve an objective when the situation became extreme and stepping forward regardless of the cost. Some just because stepping forward was all that could be done. Most gave of themselves without knowing where the courage came from.

But each who gave this, "last full measure, " are hero's who deserve our respect and our affections for what they sacrificed preserving freedom for each of us. They deserve our memorium every day for the life they gave in sacrifice and defense of our Flag, our Country and our freedoms.

Nothing that we do, nothing that we say can bring them back nor honor them in the fullest extent that they so justifiably deserve. Though we try through memorials that unite us in their sacrifice and the beauty of the architecture. These great memorial structures that stir our emotions as we remember what they gave for us can never fully pay tribute to these heroic Americans that paved the way for our freedom.

Throughout the nation memorial services at cemeteries and memorials will remind us of each of these brave Americans who gave so that we may be free. We will shed tears to the strain of taps as we realize just how much they gave. Movies that attempt to portray their bravery and sacrifice will also remind us of the amazing feats that these best and bravest of this nation performed in defending our freedom.

Yet within all of these memorials and tributes to the thousands who have made the ultimate sacrifice at the altar of freedom, their heroism demands that we as a nation more than just remember but rather live our lives in the freedom that they have provided for us in a manner that honors their sacrifice and pays tribute daily to their devotion to this country.

If ever we fail to remember our freedom or surrender our liberties or take them for granted then we risk making their sacrifice in vain. In their sacrifice they never once considered it anything but their duty in service to this nation and an honor to have served. We owe each of them the same in our devotion to the liberties and freedoms that they sacrificed to give.

Nothing that we do can ever repay what they have given. Nothing that we say can ever express our gratitude for what we owe each of these brave heroes of freedom. How then can we begin to honor the memory and sacrifice of each who gave, "the last full measure of devotion ?"

President Lincoln said it best as he closed the Gettysburg Address, " that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. "

God bless our brave men and women who serve this nation and sacrifice daily. God bless the families of every soldier throughout our history who gave their all for freedoms sake......and finally God bless America !

Ken Taylor

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Liberal enviromental whaco policy = no new refineries in 30 years, no exploration, no drilling 37 different gas blends and...........HIGH GAS PRICES!
35% of Dems who believe that Bush planned and/or new about 9/11 before the attacks and they are the Donkeys backside. That leaves 65% who are _______________ (fill in the blank!)
Let's see 21% approval rating, 22% inflation, gas line at every gas station, Iran hostage crises, the, "Americas best days are behind her, " speech, decimating the military, the misery index, yep Jimmy Carter is the worst President in history!
Chalk one up for the President. The Dems are trying to spin this appropriations bill to make it sound like they won but the truth is they caved because they new they had no chance of getting away with their time tables, spending and micro management of the military. Say what they will they LOST this one and the troops, the President and the country WON!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

Amendment 14, Section 1 - "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside."

Whenever a question arises concerning an important issue such as immigration, the best and most reliable source for finding what this nation should do in solving any problem that we face is to look to the Constitution.

While there are only two specific references in the Constitution to immigration , stated in this most important of documents as , "Naturalization, " there is clear evidence by the Framers as to what they intended concerning the rights of the people who live in this country and how those rights effect immigrants.

The two references in the Constitution that specifically mention , "naturalization, " are found in Article I, Section 8 in creating the authority of the Congress, "To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization." Thus from a Constitutional stand point it is the responsibility of Congress to establish all laws and rules of naturalization or immigration.

The second reference is located in the 14th Amendment shown above stating that , "All persons born or naturalized in the United States," are, "citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside."

The key thought in the 14th Amendment which along with several other provisions established in the Constitution shows that the intent of the Framers was that citizens of the United States whether born or naturalized are granted the rights and privileges that are available in America.

While Congress has the Constitutional authority to establish laws of naturalization or immigration they do not have the power create blanket legislation that allows non - citizens the rights of born or naturalized Americans.

The beginning of the Preamble of the Constitution states clearly who gives authority to the government and in whom the rights established in the Constitution belong to and they are," We the People of the United States."

The Framers clearly show that the laws governing this country as established in the Constitution and the rights that are available are for citizens of this land. Even the very Representation in our government from the President to the Congress are established that eligibility to hold public office is reserved for citizens only with the President required to be a natural born citizen of The United States and not a naturalized citizen.

Throughout the Constitution our rights are continually shown to be for citizens of the country, even when the word citizen is not specifically mention. The Preamble calling the establishment of the Constitution by, "We the people, " clearly indicates that each of the rights and privileges as recorded by the Framers are for the citizenry of this country.

This does not mean that those who immigrate to The United States are treated as second class people or that the laws that protect our citizens whether civil or criminal do not afford the same protections and freedoms to all whether citizen or immigrant.

But the rights that we have to vote, to speak freely, to worship as we will, to keep and bear arms, protection from illegal search and seizure, all are rights given by authority of the people for the people, the citizens of the land.

It then is also established that any of these rights that are afforded to non-citizens is also given by the authority of the people of The United States. Anyone who enters in or resides in this country has the privilege given by the authority of the people to share in our freedoms and rights. Citizenship though is not a right that is given nor the privileges of citizenship to any immigrant whether legal or illegal until they have been established by the laws of naturalization as Americans.

Birth gives Americans the right of citizenship but to those who immigrate citizenship must be given by the rule of law. The Framers made it very clear that the law must first be satisfied before the rights of citizenship are available. Each Constitutional reference to our rights and privileges are for the people who are the citizens only.

The Framers realized that once the freedoms and liberties that we have in this country became known to the world that The United States would become a melting pot of cultures and nationalities from all over the world. But they also understood the necessity of keeping our identity as Americans and in establishing a uniform rule of law for gaining citizenship in America and having as born and naturalized citizens the rights and privileges as an American!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Senators are calling it legislation that the American people want and need for immigration reform. The White House agrees stating that it grants temporary work status to immigrants who have come to this country looking for a better way of life and wanting to be Americans.

Both the Senate and The White House are WRONG! If this is what the American people want then why has the Senate delayed the vote on this amnesty bill, ( read the bill), because of public out cry?

If the 12 million Illegal Aliens already in this country want to be Americans so badly then why do the vast majority make no indication what so ever of adhering to becoming an American ? They have no interest in our language, our culture or our heritage. In fact they protest in the streets demanding that we change our culture to match their Mexican back ground. Many are demanding that the Southwestern United States become a separate Mexican nation. If they are so interested in becoming Americans then why do they send 90 billion dollars annually back to Mexico?

Websters Dictionary defines amnesty as,

1. a period during which offenders are exempt from punishment

2. pardon: a warrant granting release from punishment for an offense

3. the formal act of liberating someone

4. grant a pardon to (a group of people)

Each definition describes the Z visa provisions found within the Senate Bill that is being called, "comprehensive immigration reform." Every illegal in this country has violated standing United States law for entering this country therefor by any definition they are criminals who have violated the law and this legislation is giving each of them amnesty from that violation!

Section 601 of the Senate Bill states, "the Secretary, (of Homeland Security), shall permit an alien, or dependent of of such alien, described in this section to remain lawfully in The United States under the conditions set forth in this title "

Now for the kicker concerning the eligibility of illegal aliens for the Z Visa and their status in this country in violation of the law. Section 601 subheading 3 defines the physical presence of an alien eligible for the Z Visa. It states in paragraph C of that subheading, "application for Z non immigrant status, NOT PRESENT IN LAWFUL STATUS in The United States under any classification described in section 101 of the Immigration and Naturalization act."

The bill actually requires eligibility for the Z Visa the unlawful presence of illegal aliens in this country. Under any description of any definition this is amnesty as the Z Visa requires the violation of current immigration laws in order for applicants to receive the visa.

Yet the Senate and The White House deny this fact. They refuse to admit that the bill is an amnesty program nor that it grants illegals full social security benefits, education loans and social and medical services.

Supporters of this amnesty bill claim that participants will not have a fast track to citizenship as a defense for this massive program. Why would they need it ? The Z Visa allows them to work and live in this country for eight years receiving all of the benefits of a United States citizen.

Additionally the Heritage Foundation has released statistics dating fiscal year 2004 showing that low wage immigrant households in The United States cost the tax payers 90 billion dollars each year in social services, medical expenses, education and low income housing. These are legal documented workers. The Z Visa amnesty bill will allow the 12 million illegals, legal status which equates to 4.5 million additional households or an additional 90 billion dollars in taxpayers dollars.

Add this to the 90 billion that illegals already send to Mexico and the net cost to the American economy for this amnesty program based on 2004 statistics is 180 BILLION DOLLARS.

No matter how it is spun by politicians, the media or immigrant advocates, the Senate amnesty bill grants legal amnesty status to 12 million illegal aliens who have violated our laws, created a tremendous burden on our economy, refused to in the smallest way adhere to our culture and continually demand that we who are legal citizens of this country adapt and conform to their culture and accept their way of life.

This is the result of government being taken from the people and handed to the politician. We can still make our voice heard until it echos through the halls of Congress demanding that our Representatives end this madness and force employers, and illegal aliens to obey our laws.

Closing down just one major manufacturing company that employs illegals will force others to take notice and stop. Shutting down on e major agricultural operation that employs illegals will force the others to reconsider their employment practices.

How do we control the illegal invasion in our country ? First CLOSE THE BORDERS! Then stop the demand for cheap illegal labor by enforcing current employment laws and shut down several major companies who employ illegals and the rest will take notice. As the jobs dry up illegals will stop entering our country and those here will go home to Mexico. Enforcing law is the answer NOT AMNESTY!

Ken Taylor

Monday, May 21, 2007


I have set up a separate link page with some of the photos that we took during our coverage of the South Carolina Republican Presidential Debate. Click here to visit the page. The link is also located near the top of the sidebar. Hope you enjoy and feel free to make comments on the link page or here about the photos.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I had not intended to expound on the flak that Ron Paul has created since his appearance at the South Carolina GOP Presidential Debate on Tuesday May 15th. Since then though he has become the subject of a great deal of talk show time, news reports and of course the Internet.

Though I do not believe in any sense that Paul is a threat to the GOP or has more than a very slim chance at the nomination his isolationist ideas or more precise non - intervention ideas have revealed a large number of Americans who subscribe to this idea and also show a general lack of knowledge of some of our nations history and the enemy that we are currently fighting in defense of this country.

While Paul has created a fire ball of controversy concerning his 9/11 remarks at the debate I disagree with the move to have him banned from future debates. First it is his Constitutional right to run for office and to express his thoughts no matter how offensive they might be to many people.

Second banning him from the debates will have the opposite effect to his candidacy. Rather than stopping it as it would seem this move is designed it would actually cause many to flock to him as the media will create in Paul a political martyr picked on by the GOP and use this as an opportunity to attack the party. His lack of funding and popularity in itself will cause the end of his candidacy as it will to all candidates but the front runners some time in the next few months.

Now to his non-intervention platform. Paul in his comments at the debate stated that the attack on September 11 was due to interventionist policies of The United States and added to this ten years of , "bombing Iraq, " after the first Gulf War. He believes that we should keep our troops within our borders and stop intervening in the affairs of countries around the world.

His contention that 9/11 was a result of anger that Islamic fanatics have toward The United States due to our intervention in Middle East affairs is also based in part on the Fatwa manifesto that was given by Usama Bin Laden in 1998. He also basis his theory on CIA evaluation that US policy in the Middle East and other areas of the world has a, "blow back, "effect, which means that out intervention in certain areas could have an adverse effect on the US by in sighting anger.

Paul's theory on the , "blow back, " effect concerning 9/11 finds one major flaw in its premise setting aside the contention that we not Al Qaeda are at fault for the attacks. His theory does not take into account the fanaticism of radical Islam.

Radicals like bin Laden and other leaders in this Jihad against The United States are much smarter that they are given credit. They know the American mind set much more than we know and understand theirs. They realize that by claiming that US interventionist policy is the cause for their anger and attacks against us will strike a note in America and especially those who see this country as the worlds, "big bully."

This is the cord that has stricken Paul and those who agree with him. What they and many do not understand or accept is the religious fanaticism that actually and factually drives Islamic radicals and especially their hatred for the US and our people. This hatred is not for our policies as much but rather because we do not embrace their form of Islam therefor we are Infidels who deserve death and it is their holy duty to see to it that we convert or die and our way of life no longer exists.

The United States is also the major obstacle both in our power and influence to preventing Islamic radicals from converting and controlling the world as they do many areas in the Middle East. Our presence in that region is a constant reminder of the power of the Infidel and of our disobedience to Allah and their form of Islam. This religious fanaticism from radical Islam drives their Jihad and promotes their fighting and attacks which includes 9/11.

Paul's contention that 9/11 was a result of US interventionist policy fails the historical test also. If one believes that 9/11 was a result of US intervention and brought on by The United States then in the same context one must conclude that Pearl Harbor was a result of our own intervention.

Prior to the attack of December 1941, United States policy had us intervening in Far East countries like the Philippines and China as a stop gap for Japanese expansion. We also had a major oil embargo against Japan which hampered the country who was totally dependent on imported oil. Other sanctions were also in effect against Japan.

The Japanese claimed that our policies are the reason for the attack on Pearl Harbor and Japans declaration of war against The United States. It is historically accepted that US policies were not the blame for the attack and that it was then and still now accepted as an unprovoked attack.

9/11 likewise was an unprovoked attack against The United States. We in 1941 and today have the eternal right to defend our self as a Nation when attacked and that is why we went to war and why we fight the Islamic radicals today in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Additionally looking at the , "interventionist, " policy of The United States, the question must be asked in light of Ron Paul's non-intervention ideas, " how much different would the world be today if we had not intervened ?"

Pre-WWII Europe for example survived greatly because of US intervention assistance to Great Britain with supplies and money to fight Hitler. We then intervened in the war not because we were attacked but because it was the right thing to do and victory was the result. A victory that would not have been possible were it not for US intervention.

Countless countries throughout the world are saved from starvation and genocide under brutal dictators by US intervention. In a very real sense The United States intervention feeds most of the third world countries. Our intervention has prevented ecological and genocide disasters.

As the worlds lone superpower we have a great responsibility to the world and we take that responsibility seriously. Does it have its draw backs ? Sure our intervention does anger some but the positive far our weighs the negative and the good exceeds the bad tremendously.

Isolationism and non-intervention does not make Ron Paul a conservative as many suggest but a naive politician who would take The United States backwards and more vulnerable to attack in a world that has grown and become exceedingly more dangerous in the years before our superpower status. Paul's ideas are dangerous especially in a post 9/11 world and in light of the many countries who depend on our support and our strength for their defense.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, May 17, 2007


I had planned to post pictures taken at Tuesday's Debate, but alas Blogger is not letting me download. So until the kinks get worked out enjoy the Picture Gallery.
Put a few feathers on Al Gore and his Gorwellian image of Global Warming looks a lot like Chicken Little!
While the Dems investigate , "Big Oil, " over gas prices, they should turn the mirror on themselves and their policies over the last 40 years that have gradually caused the, "crises, " that we are currently facing at the pump. Funny how Dems never see cause and effect when it comes to their politics. Let's see tie the hands of exploration and new drilling , allow no new refineries, no offshore drilling and guess what ? Democrat prices at the pump!
Even while the ten were in front of the cameras much of the talk in the media tent was still centered around Fred Thompson. Run, Fred run!
Viv La France ! An ally least the new leader says so. A far cry better than Chirac and his socialist anti - American agenda.
Katie takes CBS all the way to the bottom. And I thought Dan Rather was bad. Great work Katie in taking CBS right where it belongs!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


The debate is over and throughout the day pundits will be discussing the winners, losers and the political implications to the candidates especially the front runners, Giuliani, McCain and Romney.

From a personal observation from the Koger Center and listening to questions and comments after the debate not much has changed in the overall GOP picture from before the debate. The first tier candidates are still comfortably in the lead while the second tier candidates are looking for ways to get voters to notice them.'

Many of those candidates did have the stand up and take notice impact last night as they took the opportunity to scrutinize the comments and records of the front runners and get in some rather interesting barbs in the process.

Though the barbs made for good sound bites the impact they will have on voters at least at this point in the campaign will be negligible. One second tier candidate whose chances are slim to gain the nomination is Congressman Ron Paul. His comment last night concerning 9/11 and how US policy and our , "bombing Iraq, " prior to September 11 caused Al Qaeda to attack this Nation has caused quite a stir in many circles today.

I had opportunity to question Congressman Paul after the debate on this particular statement of his and asked this question, " How do you as a Presidential candidate who is running to be the leader of the nation, justify to the American people blaming the single most devastating attack on the country on years of bombing Iraq and being in the Middle East ?"

Paul tried to deny that this is what he said so I interrupted him and said, " Congressman those were you own words and is what you said." he then tired to explain to me that CIA involvement in Iran, Iraq and our presence in the Middle East since the Gulf War along with taking out Saddam Hussein has caused a blow back effect which brought about 9/11 and the problems in Iraq today.

I then said to Paul, " So what you are saying is that when attacked we do not have the right to defend ourselves because Al Qaeda may be mad at us because we have a presence in the Middle East ? " To which he replied, "I don't understand you question." So I repeated the questions and he then accused me of questioning his patriotism. I replied that I wasn't questioning his patriotism just his contention that when attacked we do not have the right to defend ourselves.

Ron Paul the GOP candidate for President then began repeating Democrat talking points beginning with, " I would not have had a problem if we had gone after Al Qaeda but Bush stopped fighting them and went into Iraq." He followed with, "Bushes Iraq policy has allowed Usama Bin Laden to hide in the hills of Pakistan who is being led by a dictator with nuclear weapons and our own government calls him and ally."

I mentioned to him then before I finished that I believed he was running for the wrong party and needed to change the ,"R," to a ,"D." Probably not the best finish to an interview but I had all I could stomach of Ron Paul.

I had opportunity to have more productive interviews with both Congressman Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo which I will elaborate on in another article. I did have opportunity to ask a question of someone I had not expected to see in Columbia. Former Maryland Lt. Governor and Senate Candidate Michael Steele was in the spin room.

I actually caught him of guard with my question which was, " There is talk in many GOP circles that whoever wins the nomination would benefit greatly in selecting you as their running mate. What are your thoughts on this and would you consider accepting ?"

Steele laughed and said, " I don't know what kind of water they've been drinking, you definatly caught me off guard with that one. I am concentrating my time and efforts on working for and doing what is best to boost the Republican Party and insure that we have the best and most qualified candidates to run for office with the goal of taking back the majority. As for VP ....well thanks for the thought but you really caught me off guard with that one, it was a good question and we will have to see."

As far as Giuliani, McCain and Romney, after they had a few moments on Hannity and Combs after the debate they promptly waved and in the midst of the entourage quickly exited the Spin Room. So we had no opportunity to question any of the three front runners.

All in all the day was informative and very productive especially for the Fair Tax rally. The impact from the rally has caused the GOP to take notice and seriously consider the Fair Tax in its 2008 platform. I talked with many of the GOP state chairman off the record and they mentioned that they will be discussing the fair tax in party meetings being held in Columbia this week.

As far as the GOP candidates while the front runners are still safely in the lead, some of the lesser candidates did benefit from the exposure and the questions. The Republicans for Planned Parenthood that I reported on yesterday have been found out to be Democrat plants to damage Rudi Giuliani with the conservative base. This story could have a little play when if it comes out in the MSM.

I also want to give a special thank you to my team whose help and exhaustive work yesterday made the day less complicated and hectic. Chris Lovelace and Travis Whitaker were invaluable and did an excellent job with pictures and helping me chase down people and stories. Pictures and interviews will follow over the next few days.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


The debate is underway from the Koger Center. The candidates are giving general response answers to questions concerning Iraq and reduction in government spending. A few answers have stood out above others but as a whole most answers are in the sofball catagory. Dancing around straight answers while touting records.

We will be going to the Spin Room here at the Koger Center for one on one interviews with as many candidates as possible. This will give us opportunity to get some straight answers on hard questions.

There will be a full report tomorrow on the debate and as many reports as necessary to cover the interviews that take place after the debate.

Ken Taylor


8,000 Fair Tax supporters led by Radio Talk Show Host Neal Boortz and a High School marching band left the Carolina Coliseum and crossed the street to the Koger Center the sight for the GOP debate airing on Fox News in less than an hour.

With voices in unison chanting, "fair tax now, fair tax now, " the supporters drowned out all traffic and other sounds in the streets on Columbia, SC and also over came protesters who had shown up to deliver their liberal anti-war chants.

Congressman Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee attended the Fair Tax Rally in support of the Fair Tax and each spoke expressing their backing of the tax change that would eliminate the IRS and change the entire tax system to a consumption tax if adopted by Congress.

The purpose of the rally was to attract the attention of GOP candidates and the GOP in hopes of getting the Fair Tax on the party platform for the 08 Presidential run. With the massive crowd that now surrounds the Koger Center and the active participation of three of the ten GOP candidates attending the debate, it would seem that the rally was not only a success but that the grassroots campaign for the Fair Tax has finally received the nationwide attention needed for passage.

Ken Taylor


In what would seem a strange turn of events at a GOP gathering, pro-choice advocates have gathered in front of the Koger center in support of Rudi Giuliani. Calling themselves, Republicans for Planned Parenthood, participants gathered on both corners holding signs that stated, "We Stand For Women's Health," and," Honk if You Stand For Women's Health."

Rudi Giuliani has been under fire with conservatives especially after the last debate at the Reagan Presidential Library for his pro-choice stance and being the only GOP candidate to state this stance. This issue is a hot button in the Republican Party and has hounded Giuliani since his stance is not in line with GOP platform policy.

Attempts to interview participants were denied when it was mentioned that the interview was for a conservative website. Additionally all signs make no specific mention of abortion but only Women's Health Issues. The t-shirts worn by participants have the Planned Parenthood logo on the back but this is not seen by those driving by only signs stating for drivers to, "honk," if the support women's health.

A very surprising turn of events at a GOP Presidential Debate and a very deceptive campaign by those participating.

Ken Taylor


A pro-choice rally is currently underway outside the Koger Center in support of GOP candidate Rudi Giuliani. The former Mayor of New York has received much criticism by conservatives over his pro-choice stance especially after the last Presidential Debate where he was the only candidate to express pro-choice beliefs.

We are currently gathering interviews from participants and will report on them as soon as they are available.

Also Congressman Duncan Hunter has agreed to a one on one interview which will take place immediately after speaking at the Fair Tax Rally. This to will be posted as soon as it is available.

Ken Taylor


I just had the opportunity to interview Ken Hoagland, National Director of Fair Tax . org. and in an exclusive he announced that Governor Mike Huckabee and Congressman Tom Tancredo will be attending and speaking at the rally.

I asked Ken, " Why South Carolina and why now for the rally ? " He stated that 8,000 people have responded with hundreds more expected to attend at the last minute in a nationwide support to show GOP candidates and the party the strong support for the Fair Tax. " When the candidates see people coming from as far as Texas to attend this rally they have to take notice."

He also stated that, " the Fair Tax is the only change in the tax system that is fair to everyone and offers tax relief to millions of current tax payers." I asked Hoagland, " what would you say to any of the candidates if they were in front of you now instead of me?" He stated that, "nationwide grassroots organization, that is being supported by millions of Americans who are demanding a fair change in the current tax system." He continued, " these tax payers are expecting the next President to listen to the voice of the people and follow their lead in demanding that the Fair Tax be enacted to replace the current flawed and over burdensome system."

The Carolina Coliseum already as of 4 PM had several thousand in the building and hundreds outside waiting to enter. Hoagland also tole me that after the rally several thousand will be watching the debate of a video feed and if the, " press wanted to see how real Americans reacted to the debate to come over and listen in."

Ken Taylor


It's 2PM and we have arrived at the Kroger Center in Columbia, SC for the First In The South Republican Presidential Debate. Tonight at 9PM Fox News will be airing debate coverage featuring 10 candidates seeking the GOP nomination to replace President George W. Bush in 2009.

Upon arrival and check in at the Kroger Center we had the opportunity to take part in an impromptu press conference with former New York Mayor and GOP front runner Rudi Giuliani. Mayor Guiliani greeted the dozen members of the press corps who were at the rear of the Kroger Center, thanking us for our coverage and for the opportunity to speak with us though briefly.

The Mayor entertained one question from the press which dealt with the military funding bill currently being debated in the Senate and already passed by the House. Guiliani remarked that he felt it was not appropriate for him to comment at this time since the bill was still under debate and that the "President is indeed within his authority to VETO the bill since the bill hampers troop funding."

With that statement Giuliani's press secretary brought an end to the press conference and he was whisked away in his Ford Crown Victoria.

On the trip to Columbia we stopped outside of city and met a bus load of Fair Tax rally attendees traveling from Virginia Beach, Va. The entire bus load was hyped waiting for the rally which begins a 5PM. The Carolina Coliseum is already beginning to fill in anticipation of 10, 000 for the rally.

A great start to a event filled day. Stay tuned for further updates as news and time permits.

Ken Taylor

Monday, May 14, 2007


First I want to thank each of you who submitted a question to ask the candidates. While I cannot promise that all of your questions will be asked because of time and availability, I do promise to get as many interviews as possible and to include as many questions a time permits.

A full day is in store as we will arrive in Columbia around noon Eastern Time and stay until the wee hours of Wednesday morning in order to complete as many interviews after the debate as possible.

I have learned today that I will have WI-FI capability that I had not expected so as time and news permits I will be posting reports from the Kroger Center as the day progresses. I hope to have my first post debate article up soon after the debate is completed since I will be able to submit the posting from Columbia.

The Fair Tax Rally is gaining quite a lot of coverage and response. One of the candidates has indicated that he is attending and will speak as well as official recognition from the Republican Party. This could be the catalyst to having the Fair Tax as part of the GOP platform so keep your fingers crossed.

Be sure to visit both this sight and the HinzSight Report throughout the day for up to the minute reports of the South Carolina Republican Presidential Debate. Guinness Book of World Records is attending to verify the size of the audience. When the Kroger Center fills the debate will officially become the largest Presidential Debate in history.

Be a part of history May 15, 2007 right here at The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth and The HinzSight Report.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, May 13, 2007


"Insurgents exploded a car bomb near......" Three more US soldiers were killed today in Iraq....." "Total US deaths in Iraq have climbed to....." " 12 were killed and dozens wounded today in Baghdad in a suicide bombing....." "One soldier was killed and three wounded in an attack......." "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stated today that, "we have lost in Iraq........" House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that, "the strategy is not working....."

I could go on. Each day news headlines and sound bites are filled with nothing but tragic news from Iraq or a continual tirade by Democrats and especially their leaders on how in their opinion Iraq is a total failure.

Soldiers dying, car bombs exploding, suicide attacks, check point killings and continual reports of the total American body count are the only daily spin from the media about Iraq. Democrats rail at the President, express lack of confidence in our troops, tell the world that we have lost and spend most of their legislative time preparing or voting on bills that seek surrender by slowly bleeding our troops or ending their mission before it is complete.

So if everything is so bad in Iraq why do we stay ? Is it because we have a stubborn President ? Is it because we like losing, after all this is how Democrats describe the war ? Do our troops have a death wish ? Are our commanders so insensitive that they send soldiers out to do nothing but die at the hands of the enemy ?

If things are so bad in Iraq then why don't Democrats in Congress simply stop funding which is their Constitutional authority and force an end to the, "Iraq nightmare ?" If it is as bad as they tell us every day wouldn't it then be their duty to end this war and cut our loses and funding to force the termination of this total failure ?

Or maybe they won't, "end it, " because they know the truth and that truth is being held from the American people. Maybe Iraq is not the total failure that we are being told and death and destruction is not the only thing happening. Maybe we are being fed a lie by the media and Democrats to make the American people turn on the war , the President and our troops. Maybe we are being shown only what the left wants us to see in order to fit with their agenda and their plan for surrender.

This my friends IS the truth. Iraq is NOT the total failure that we are being told. Yes soldiers are dying, insurgents are committing suicide attacks, car bombs are exploding but that is war and death and fighting are part of war.

If the press and Democrats spent half as much time telling the truth about Iraq and even one out of ten news stories told were of accomplishment and success and what is happening in more than 80% of the country and even in a large portion of the , "worst, " areas around Baghdad, the American people would see a completely different picture of Iraq.

We would find that Iraq is growing and prospering in spite of Al Qaeda, Iran and the insurgents who are doing their worst to prevent a free Iraq. We would see that Al Qada is weakening and the insurgency is dwindling at the hands of our soldiers!

Here are just a few examples of the thousands that are being hidden from the American people.

In just one week Multinational forces captured 204 insurgents, killed 15, shut down 1 torture room, discovered and confiscated 7 weapons caches and saved 10, 950 lives !

Completed water treatment facilities in April alone provided fresh water to 2.5 million Iraqis .

Completed generation projects have provided enough electricity to provide power to 1.5 million Iraqi homes.

A completed granary in the Ninewa Province provides 75, 000 tons of imported grain to towns and villages in Northern Iraq

Roads are being laid and paved in barren desert areas that have never had roads before. One such project near completion will provide 180 kilometres of road way from the Basra Province to the Kuwait border.

15 new primary health care centers have been constructed with 119 under construction. 16 new hospitals have been completed and are currently serving Iraqi citizens who had limited or no access to proper health care.

58 village road projects are nearing completion in areas that previously had no infrastructure. 95 railway stations have been renovated to allow rail traffic to run in areas that have not had previous rail service. 911 service has been established for 12 million Iraqis with more on the way. A service that has previously not existed anywhere in Iraq!

809 new schools have been built providing education faciliites for 324, 000 students in areas that previously had little or no scholl facilities.

14, 275 new projects are currently underway throughout Iraq for school construction, infrastructure, water and waste treatment, media facilities including Internet access, radio and television stations, additions to the electrical grid and much more with a total cost of 35 billion dollars. Each project is in addition to reconstruction of existing sites in Iraq that were destroyed or deteriorated because of neglect by the Hussein regime.

This is just a sampling of the tremendous success and accomplishment that is underway in Iraq, "the total failure." Nowhere in the main stream media are any of these truths being told. Not one of the elites in the Democrat Congress or their leadership are even making mention of this truth.

So what would happen if the Democrats have their way and we surrendered ? Not only would the enemy have their victory but all of the above mentioned accomplishments would end, Iraq would no longer progress toward full freedom and independence and The United States would be disgraced and humiliated in front of the entire world while our troops are once again brought home hanging their heads in defeat.

This is the legacy and the plan that Democrats and the media are seeking for this nation and the nation of Iraq if they fulfill their defeatist agenda.

Ken Taylor

Saturday, May 12, 2007



Tuesday May 15th is an important day in GOP politics and the State of South Carolina. At 9pm that evening the second Republican Presidential Candidates Debate will take place at the Kroger Center in Columbia, SC. The Debate is sponsored by The South Carolina Republican Party and hosted by Fox News. The Moderator for the event will be Fox News anchor Brit Hume.

As an Editor for The HinzSight Report I have received Press Credentials for the debate and will be taking a team to Columbia spending the day covering the Debate and all of the events associated with it.

We will have access to each of the Fox News personalities who will be airing their afternoon and evening programs live from the Kroger Center. Special Report with Brit Hume, The Fox Report with Shepard Smith and Hannity and Combs are among the Fox programs that will be live at the location. Sean Hannity will also be airing his daily radio program from the Kroger Center.

At 5pm across the street Neal Boortz will be holding a Fair Tax rally which is expected to bring 10, 000 people in support of the Fair Tax. This rally is to show the GOP candidates the support that this tax replacement bill has among the people and to hopefully get the GOP to back passage of this much needed tax change.

As you can see the day is full and we will be busy covering a myriad of news worthy items throughout the day. The main event though is the GOP debate. In conjunction with the debate we will have opportunity to interview the candidates one on one after the debate. An opportunity that I will take full advantage of.

Here is your chance to get your questions to the candidates. In the comment section state your questions and to which candidate that you wish the question asked. I will then take the questions and present as many along with those that I have to the candidates.

Here are the Candidates that will be participating on the 15th. They are listed in no particular order.

U.S. Senator Sam BrownbackKansas - Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani – New York City - Former Governor Jim GilmoreVirginia - Former Governor Mike HuckabeeArkansas - U.S. Congressman Duncan HunterCalifornia - U.S. Senator John McCainArizona - U.S. Congressman Ron PaulTexas - Former Governor Mitt RomneyMassachusetts - U.S. Congressman Tom TancredoColorado - Former Governor Tommy Thompson – Wisconsin

Additionally Mike Duncan Chairman of The Republican National Committee will be available for interviews during the course of the day. So if you have any questions for him please include those in the comments.

Over the following days after the debate I will be posting several articles from the interviews, the debate and the other events taking place that day.

I cannot promise that all of your questions will be asked but I will present as many as possible. Post you questions and be a part of the South Carolina GOP Presidential Debate.

Ken Taylor



Thursday, May 10, 2007


In an announcement that has been expected for some time British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced today that he would be stepping down as Prime Minister on June 27th of this year.

Blair who has been Prime Minister for ten years has been one of America's greatest friends and allies. Ten years is about the maximum length for a British Prime Minister so his stepping down is no great surprise nor does it signal trouble, but just a natural cycle in British politics.

His staunch support of The United States and President Bush will surely be missed as will his strong leadership of Great Britain.

Thank you Mr. Prime Minister for a job well done and for your friendship which has been greatly appreciated. You will be missed .

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Mighty big boots to fill, yep mighty big boots! Let's hope that being at the Reagan Library the current field of GOP Candidates left with some of the Great Gipper in their soul. The Father of Conservatism has no one to fill his mighty big shoes. To this I say.....Run, Fred Run!
Not only are the Dems taking the egg from the nest before it hatches, but they are working feverishly to break the shell and kill the new birth within!
Democrat extremists...Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and John Murtha. Islamic extremists...Usama Bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Abu Ayyub al-Masri. All have the same goal....the defeat of America!
Today she's against the war, yesterday she was for it, tomorrow....who knows. It all depends on who she's speaking to. The Hildabeast says what she thinks those she is speaking to want to hear. No core, no values, no truth, no scruples, no honesty. President ? NO WAY!!!!!

Ken Taylor


In a bill that is obviously designed to continue the political games with troop funding, House Democrats have presented a bill that will fund the war only through July then consider releasing the remainder of the funds that the President has requested only AFTER looking at the funding once again before their August recess.

The bill which has drawn a VETO threat by the President still contains much of the pork spending that the original bill that Bush has already VETOED and only releases part of the funds necessary to fully support and supply the troops.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates stated that the Defense Department is not structured to appropriate funding on a temporary or limited basis. Additionally because of the short term nature of the funding proposal by the House many necessary equipment supplies could fall through the cracks when the funding is re-evaluated again in August.

This is once again another ploy by Democrats to attempt to micro-manage the war this time not by unconstitutional time lines which violate the Separation of Powers and usurp the authority of the Commander in Chief, but rather using funding as a steering measure to control war operations.

Politically they are also using this tactic to continually keep the American people stirred by re-hashing the same surrender and defeatists rhetoric that has been the hallmark of not only this Democrat lead Congress but Democrats as a whole over the last three years.

By funding the war on a limited basis they are using the media to continue to create negativity about the war and as an avenue to continue their attacks against the President. This tactic will be used to increase pressure to force a pull out and a surrender, which is the goal of the Democrats.

This tactic will also keep the enemy well informed of the political fight over the war which further emboldens them and assists their fight against American troops.

Constitutionally they have the authority to completely de-fund the war which would force a pull out. This they will not do because they also realize the tremendous backlash that it will cause from the American people who will see Democrats for who they are and understand that they truly do not support the war or the troops.

So Democrats continue with their slow bleed strategy which hinders operations, supply and deployment as commanders who do not know that the funding will be in place after July cannot issue orders to train and prepare units for deployments that are scheduled for September.

So much for Democrat claims of support for our troops and concern for our national security. Their continual actions playing political games with military funding proves that the opposite is true!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Here we are nine months before the first Presidential primaries and ten before the Super Tuesday Primaries on February 5, 2008 and Presidential politics is dominating much of the news. There have already been two, "debates" with another just around the corner and as many of you may have noticed the reaction so far in very much , "ho hum, " by the voters in regards to the candidates.

From the Democrat side you have the daily wrangling of Hillary and Obama with an occasional John Edwards sound bite thrown in for good measure. After that everyone else is pretty much forgettable. As this article is dealing with the GOP candidates I'm not even going to get into this battle except to say that neither candidate in spite of their rhetoric to the contrary actually excites the average voter. Hillary is scary and says whatever she thinks necessary to gain a vote and Obama though charismatic is really an unknown whose , "rock star, " status comes from being different as far as Democrat politics is concerned though his record, what little there is of it, is a typical liberal. Edwards.... well he's Edwards with the $400.00 hair cuts!

From the GOP stand point the fact that an unannounced contender, namely former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson creates far more excitement than the announced candidates leaves much to be said about the current GOP field. Thompson has created quite a stir as he contemplates an 08 run with his charisma, name recognition, ( after all he does have the advantage of being on TV every week and in reruns), a strong record in the Senate, the fact that try as they may no one has found any, "dirt, " on him and who else shows up for an interview to the tune of the," Law and Order," theme song! This writer likes what he sees and hears from Thompson and waits patiently for his announcement.

So the question arises, "why does the GOP field not generate much interest with Republican or any other voter for that matter ?" Part of the , "ho hum," attitude is due to the fact that we are only a few months removed from the 2006 election and before we had a chance to take a breath after that circus everybody and his brother was announcing a run for President.

This early run is largely caused by the massive amounts of money a candidate is forced to raise in order to mount a Presidential run especially a serious and successful one. Additionally next year the primary races have moved up dramatically. In past Presidential years New Hampshire came in late January followed by the Iowa Caucus and then the South Carolina Primary in early February.

Following this start there were scattered primaries all the way through to the big Kahuna in June, the California Primary. Now because of all the states holding primaries after South Carolina feeling left out in the cold in selecting a nominee, nearly every State has moved their Primary to February 5, 2008 making the selection of the nominee coming very early in the Presidential election year.

Now officially the nominees will not be crowned until the Conventions but because of the large number of early primaries they will be known by February 5. So everyone is hustling to get a quick start and the voters are not responding.

The GOP candidates themselves also are not generating much interest. While Rudi Giuliani is leading in most polls and there is some interest in him because of his handling of New York City after 9/11 and his strong record as Mayor, he has a lot of personal baggage that has voters questioning him and for the GOP conservative base many of his social stands have them worried.

John McCain, who consistently runs second to Rudi, has a considerable reputation with GOP voters and that reputation is not one that is very favorable. He is considered by many as somewhat of a turn coat because of his coming out against the GOP on many issues while in the majority and as such the press jumped onto his band wagon since it made Republicans, "look bad, " as far as the press was concerned. He made a number of enemies in the party with his heading the, "gang of fourteen, " during the Supreme Court vacancy nominations and also the McCain/Feingold Campaign Finance bill which gave birth to 527's like Move On .org.

Mitt Romney the former Governor of arguably the most liberal State in the Union, Massachusetts consistently runs third in most polls and is somewhat an unknown by many voters. He looks good, sounds good but has some lingering questions with GOP voters because of where he hails from. While on the surface being a Republican Governor in a very liberal State sounds good , one wonders whether his , "success, " stems from following Republican ideals and policies or because as a Republican he was all to willing to compromise with a Democrat Legislature in his State. His legacy after he left office did not continue as his successor is a Democrat.

Mike Huckabee, the GOP Governor of Arkansas is also an unknown who has some conservative ideas but also some very liberal ones too. Many in the GOP also remember what happened the last time the Governor of Arkansas was elected President and though a Republican it does leave some lingering thoughts. That combined with the fact that he does not stir much excitement in his own State has him showing poorly in the polls.

The true conservatives in the announced field, Sam Brownback, Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo have great voting records a strong conservative back ground and stance on policy but in facing absolute facts about Presidential runs, none have the backing or the name recognition to win the nomination nor wage a successful campaign against the Democrat nominee. Which is a pity because each of them as conservatives could bring to the party what most Republicans are longing for, a return to Reagan Conservatism.

Then last and least are Tommy Thompson who when he announced his run most said , "who, ' and could not even remember what Cabinet Post he held. It was Health and Human Services Secretary for those of you who wish to know. And of course good old Ron Paul who makes his second Presidential bid. He ran on the Libertarian ticket in 1988 against Reagan which was a real lost cause. He then shifted to the GOP and was elected to Congress but his stances are still very much Libertarian, anti -war and isolationist.

So there you have it the 2008 GOP Presidential Field. The only real advantage that any of them who are announced right now is that they are not Democrats. But as a whole none of the announced field is offering much to stir the faithful and the party. The void left in not having an incumbent either President or Vice President for the first time since Eisenhower ran in 1952 has opened up the flood gates for candidates. The Democrats are struggling to find a voice who interests the voters and unfortunately the Republicans are too. To this all I can add in closing is RUN, FRED RUN!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, May 03, 2007


How Damascus Nancy and Casino Harry actually thought that packing the appropriations bill with pork, adding to it the minimum wage increase and placing unconstitutional surrender time lines would get past a Presidential VETO is beyond any logical thinking. But then again one must remember who sent the bill. Logic is not in their vocabulary. Neither are words like victory, win, accomplishments, ( in Iraq), success and support, ( and meaning it).
This is one I just could not resist. The Alster has become a little, (OK a lot!! ), plump lately. Maybe it's all that hot air that he spews about his Gorwellian theory on Global Warming. Or maybe it's just a whole bunch of Big Macs ! Most likely both!
Democrats policy on military appropriations. Tie 'em up, fill 'em with pork, bypass the Constitution by making all Democrats associate Commanders in Chief and finally leave our troops hanging out to dry while their funding dwindles waiting on the Dems political games. Yep that's true support. I noticed that Pelosi, Reid and Murtha and the rest of the Democrat defeatists haven't turned down their paycheck!
" Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,......" and as long as they are LEGAL!!!!!
Democrat strategy! This is why the Founders made one Commander in Chief when they framed the Constitution. Now the Dems think they all are. I wonder how many of them have actually READ the Constitution!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


One of the most touted parts of the much ballyhooed , "first 100 hours, " of the Democrat majority in the Congress was the passage of the increase in the federal minimum wage.

House and Senate Democrats passed with the help of many Republicans an increase that over two years would take the minimum wage from $5.15 and hour to $ 7. 50 per hour. The President indicated that he would sign the bill so for the new Democrat Majority everything looked peachy for their economy busting minimum wage increase.

That is until they decided to play dirty politics. The current battle between the Congress and the President over the military appropriations bill in which the Congress has placed unconstitutional time lines within the legislation has a very interesting earmark in it.

As a ploy to try and force the President into signing this bill the Congress tagged the bill with the minimum wage increase. Since the President is going to VETO the bill and the Congress does not have enough votes to over turn a Presidential VETO, the minimum wage increase is now dead in the water and Congress will have to go back to square one to pass it once again.

I am not saddened at all by this turn of events because of the damage that an increase will do to our robust economy. But this also once again proves that Democrats are more interested in politics and power than in even enacting one of their pet projects, that THEY tout as vital to the American people.

Ken Taylor

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