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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


From the moments after the attack that killed Ambassador Stevens, two heroic Navy Seals and another public servant, the MSM, (main stream media) has been protecting Obama and those in his administration as each passing day has brought more revelation into the  lies and cover up over the September 11, 2012 Libya attack.

Now even social media has jumped on the protect Obama band wagon as evidenced by the image shown to the left.

Special Operations Speaks, (SOS), a political action group posted this over the weekend on Facebook and it immediately went viral on the social networking sight. On Sunday Facebook removed the image stating it violated Facebook's statement of rights and responsibilities.  This took place only 24 hours after the original posting and after it had gained 30,000 shares on Facebook and more than 100,000 views.

A disclaimer citing the Facebook claim about the image violating the rights and responsibility statement was added to the image in accordance to normal Facebook policy and reposted. Within 8 hours after the reposting the image was removed by Facebook once again and the SOS Pacs Facebook account suspended.

I have experience this type of situation with Facebook before as this site posts automatically on Facebook through the Networked blogs app.  I posted an image on this site of the painting by Jon McNaughton, "Nation Under Socialism," showing Obama holding a burning Constitution.  Facebook listed my site as containing malicious content for 10 days and no postings could be shown from here on Facebook as a result.

The protection given Obama over anything concerning the murders of Americans in Libya is a disgusting display of media bias to try and get him reelected. This cover up and all of the information about it including the orders coming from The White House to stand down when help was being called for during the attacks, the dismissal of two high ranking commanders in the field who were prepared to send in rapid response teams when they received the same e-mails as The White House and State Department as the video of the attack was being watched in real time in the Oval Office as well as the lie by Obama and others for two weeks that it was all because of a YouTube video, all show a criminal intent on the part of the administration yet all but Fox News are refusing to report this story.

It is quite obvious that this cover up and lie will not come to full light until well after the election because of the refusal of most media outlets to cover it. Now with Social media following suit the protection of Obama over this is assured until after he is defeated next week in the election.

Ken Taylor

Monday, October 29, 2012


A President must be a leader not one who just reacts to a situation based on political expediency. Barack Obama has shown throughout his Presidency that he does not lead he reacts to polls and how he perceives his response will affect him politically. Hurricane Sandy and Libya are the two latest examples of how Obama fails in leadership and only reacts from a political view point.

Over the weekend Mitt Romney in response to the coming storm began collecting relief supplies and donations for those affected by the storm. He ordered all of his campaign buses to end being used in the campaign and filled with supplies to be taken to needed areas of relief as the storm approached and in the after math of the Hurricane.

Barack Obama on the other hand reacted only AFTER he realized his action would damage him politically. Obama had a campaign rally planned in Orlando, Florida on this Monday morning as the storm is approaching the East Coast of New Jersey and forcasted to make land fall with record flooding and damage to the Northeast. Ignoring the Hurricane, Obama left The White House boarding Air Force 1, flew to Orlando and only AFTER landing in Florida decided to cancel the campaign stop 90 minutes after arriving and returning to Washington to look like he is monitoring the situation with the storm. To little to late as a true leader would have planned BEFORE leaving.

The situation is similar with the news from the attack against our Consulate in Libya continues to pour out showing the failure of Obama and his direct involvement in ordering help as the attack took place to stand down and did everything to protect his political hide rather than protect Americans that were being murdered.  Yet one more nail in the coffin in the end of the Obama Presidency came to light because of Libya over the weekend.

General Carter Ham Commander of Africom was receiving the same e-mails reporting the attacks in Libya and asking for help as the attacks were taking place. As a good commanding officer Ham immediately ordered rapid response units ready to prepare for deployment to assist in Libya and informed the Pentagon. Ham was order from The White House to stand down. The General would not let this order stand and was preparing to send help regardless of his orders and within moments after making this decision was relived of his command by his deputy Commander who was acting under direct Presidential order and the Deputy Commander upon relieving Ham ordered the rapid response units to stand down.

Leadership is not a political decision. Leadership takes charge regardless of the consequences and does what is necessary and what is right. Obama seeks first to protect his political hide then decides in accordance to how he thinks it will best help his ideology and his policy rather than dong his job and protect Americans in harms way. As a result Ambassador Stevens in dead and two former Navy Seals died as heroes saving Americans while being abandoned by a political animal who fails miserably as Commander in Chief.  November 6 is only a week away and we the people will end this nightmare who sits in The Oval Office by our vote!

Ken Taylor  

Saturday, October 27, 2012


The anger I have felt has not and will not subside over the most recent news about the attack in Libya on September 11, 2012. When a President abandons Americans as they are under attack while in service to our country he should not remain in Office and his actions should be investigated for charges of criminal neglect. It has become clear that the attack on the Consulate in Libya was ignored even as it was being watched in real time.

The two heroic Navy Seals were ordered to stand down three times as the attack was taking place over several hours not just one or two as we have been told. They disobeyed these orders and saved the lives of many in the compound while sacrificing their lives in defending Americans while pleading for additional help. This smells of another Black Hawk Down type incident where Bill Clinton ordered American forces not to come in force to rescue the crews of two Black Hawk helicopters in Mogadishu, Somalia in 1993.

According to CIA Director David Patreaus the three orders to stand down were not given by any one from the CIA. Patreaus is an honorable soldier who would not allow Americans to die if he had the power to stop it. Obama, Biden and Defense Secretary Panetta were in the Oval Office watching in real time video the attack and were well aware of the calls for help.

Panetta stated to cover Obama's tail that there was not enough information to send forces, "in harms way." AMERICANS WERE DYING AND DEFENDING AMERICAN INTERESTS. THAT is enough information to send forces and while Panetta may have given the order to stand down and not send in help, the Commander in Chief issued it. Air support was available less than one hour away and in fact a gunship was flying over head sighting in the terrorists firing the RPG's and was order NOT TO FIRE!  To save his political hide Obama sacrificed four Americans and then lied to the American people about it.  Ask yourself if you still support this liar, "can I actually vote for a weasel who will allow my countrymen to die when he could have helped stop it?"

Ken Taylor

Friday, October 26, 2012


Without sound overly optimistic about the 2012 election, while the polls are trending more and more toward Romney, I believe polling in this race it not as close as the numbers show.  Most polling of likely voters is giving Romney about a four point lead over Obama with a consistent showing at or above 50% which is a key benchmark since candidates who reach it do not lose a Presidential election.

Most battleground states have Romney either ahead, tied or well within the margin of error.  Several states considered second tier like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin which were never considered battleground swing states are now not only within reach with polls in Michigan even at 47% and Pennsylvania polls have Romney up by four.

While polling has balanced out to some extent from several weeks ago when almost every poll had as much as a +10 to a ridiculous +14 favoring Democrats in polling samples, polls are still over sampling Democrats hanging on to the idea that 2012 will be similar to 2008 which had an unusually large percentage of Democrats voting.

An average year has Democrats either even or only a percentage point or two higher turn out than Republicans and Independents average a couple of points less. Average years like 2004 which had Republicans around 32% of voter turnout, Democrats about 33% and Independents around 30% is a better gauge for polling than 2008 which is the gauge pollsters used for most of this election year.  2008 had an unusually large Democrat turnout slightly above 39% with Republicans around 32% and an unusually low Independent turnout around 24%.

Using this gauge as a sampling polling has favored Obama most of the year.  With Romney surging in recent weeks because of voters finally getting to know him for who he is and what he stands for rather than the bias from the media against him and the negative ads from the Obama campaign that painted Romney as a greedy monster, pollsters have been forced to balance polling samples since all indicators have been trending toward Romney.

But even with these indicators polling samples in general are still heavy Democrat with around a 34% to 35% sampling compared to a 31% sampling of Republicans and a 29% average sampling of Independents. Placing both Republicans and Independents still at a disadvantage in polling samples and Democrats at an advantage. Yet Romney is still surging in the polls and Obama fading.

Adding to this polling gap are two factors that show the polling samples, though better than earlier in the year are still skewed and not indicative of the reality of 2012. Enthusiasm with Republicans is extremely high while low for Democrats. The youth vote that was a larger percentage of the unusually high turnout for Democrats in 2008 is showing little enthusiasm for Obama and as such will likely return to its normal very low turnout.

All of these factors indicate that Romney in reality has a larger lead nationally than is shown in polling and in states that are tied or show him behind within the margin of error are likely in reality Romney leads. Also traditionally the 2%-3% of voters who do not choose a candidate until the moment they walk into the voting booth vote for the challenger.  All of this equates to a Romney landslide rather than a tight election determined by the vote in only one state that pundits have picked as Ohio.

Once again none of this is taking for granted that Romney is a shoe in but when looking at all of the factors the fear that is haunting a, I dare say, majority of Americans that Obama will somehow steal this election and find some satisfaction that Obama is fading and Romney is in much better shape than polling shows. This does not mean we sit back and relax but on the contrary we step up and fight even harder since we have an advantage and use that advantage to insure that Obama is soundly defeated and with him Harry Reid removed as Senate Majority Leader to Minority Leader and a super majority in the House.  We cannot rest until the last vote is counted and Obama is fired, but we can also fight with enthusiasm as we understand that he IS losing and have faith in our fellow Americans as we work together to write his pink slip with our vote on November 6.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Clint Eastwood is back in the political arena with an excellent ad that will run in key swing states over the final days of the campaign. Eastwood describes the failure of Obama and how his defeat is the key to the future of our Nation.  Once again as he did at the RNC Convention, Eastwood hits the nail on the head and tells the American people like it is. Fire Obama, elect Mitt Romney as the next President of The United States!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The lie by Barack Obama over the attack on our Consulate in Libya has now taken on criminal ramifications. At the end of last week reports came out of a Drone that was over the Consulate as the attack was taking place providing real time video of the attack. Now reports have surfaced with actual copies of e-mails sent to both The State Department and The White House situation room of an Al Qaeda linked group taking credit for the attack, AS THE ATTACK WAS TAKING PLACE.

Obama sat in the Oval Office and did NOTHING for seven hours as the attacks on the Consulate took place in two waves with the second wave being the one in which Ambassador Stevens was murdered. Military assets were less than a one hour flight away from the Consulate and Obama refused to act on a real time video of the attack and e-mails showing the Al Qaeda linked group claiming responsibility. He knew from the early moments of the attack who it was, how it was happening and that sending military help could have protected our Ambassador and the others killed in the attack and Obama did NOTHING.

Immediately following the attacks, the lie about the video started and continued for two weeks from Obama, Hillary Clinton, Press Secretary Jay Carney and UN Ambassador Susan Rice. Obama on September 12 in a Rose Garden speech, on Letterman, The View, and at the UN in a speech to the General Assembly.  Rice on FIVE different talking head shows the Sunday after the attacks.  Hillary in several statements including the ceremony when the bodies returned home and Carney at EVERY press briefing for two weeks.

With the revelation of the e-mails it now is absolutely obvious that the lie about the video was an intentional cover up, a lie to the American people and an intentional ploy to hide the truth and cover Obama's tail in an election year. In addition since the video and the e-mails came during the attack and gave Obama plenty of time to send a military response to protect the lives of our people, Obama allowed them to be murdered placing his reelection bid and himself before protecting Americans and our national security.

This takes the lie from just a cover up to a criminal intent to not just hide the truth but failing to protect American personnel in a hostile situation. It now has become an impeachable offense for Obama, Hillary and Rice. Fortunately we won't have to wait for impeachment to take place since November 6 is less than two weeks away.  But the investigation now must take on the obvious cover up and criminal intent to hide the truth by sacrificing four Americans to help Obama's reelection bid.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


There is aggressive and there is petty with a fine line between the two when it comes to a debate. Obama tried to be aggressive but came off as petty with childish and snide remarks that will not play well with voters. Romney proved in the third debate what he needed to, that he was capable of taking on the responsibility of Commander in Chief and according to focus groups and polling after the debate nearly 70% of those asked now trust him as Commander in Chief.

No candidate running for President who has not already held the Office is an, "expert," on foreign policy.  Foreign policy is an understanding of world affairs and the place of The United States in those affairs. Romney clearly showed in the debate that he not only understood but would lead from a position of strength not apology and appeasement. Obama has four years of actual hands on policy and we see chaos in the Middle East and an American weakness that has allowed Al Qaeda to regroup and our allies to be concerned while our enemies seek to take advantage of that weakness.

Obama needed a knock out blow tonight to stop the bleeding and the Romney momentum. He clearly did not get that. While on points he may have won the debate, Romney was more confident and had a clearer vision for America. Obama also was caught in several lies that fact checkers did not have to research long to find the truth.

Obama claimed the cuts in the military through sequester that will be automatic in January were not of his making and that he would not allow them to take place. The truth is that when the debt ceiling deal was made last year, Obama INSISTED that the only way he would sign the deal was if automatic cuts were included in the deal. He not only wants them he DEMANDED them for his signature.

His contention that bayonets are no longer used in our military shows his complete disconnect with our troops as infantry and the Marines still use bayonets when on the field of battle.  Obama said Iran will not have nuclear weapons yet reports are appearing that he personally wrote Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that he thought Iran had a right to a nuclear program and weapons.  Also he is seeking one on one talks with Iran which he did not deny during the debate. A position every President prior to him has objected to because it gives Iran credibility and places them on the same playing field as The United States.

As was expected the debate on foreign policy shifted to the number one issue of this election, the economy and Romney clearly won this part of the debate. He stated that without a strong economy The United States cannot have a strong foreign policy which has be proven not only with Obama's weak foreign policy but during the Carter years when the US was weak and also had a failed economy.

Will this debate make a difference in the election? No except for the fact that voters did see Romney as a leader who understands foreign policy which shows he is a balanced candidate who can restore the economy and make us strong in the world.  Romney's momentum will continue and November 6 will be a good day for America, our future and the election of a new President with the end of the Obama plague.

Ken Taylor

Monday, October 22, 2012


From day one, September 11, 2012, Barack Obama and his administration have been lying to the American people about the attack on our Consulate in Libya that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others.  Now word has come out that a Drone was over the Consulate during the entire attack that displayed a real time video proving the Obama administration INCLUDING Obama knew exactly what was happening every second and watched Stevens being murdered.

With full knowledge of the attack, full knowledge of how Stevens and the others were killed and full knowledge that at no time was there any protest resulting from an Internet video, Obama STILL claimed for two weeks that it was ONLY a spontaneous attack due to the video.  He stated it, his Secretary of State stated it, his UN Ambassador stated it and his Press Secretary stated it for two weeks KNOWING it to be a lie with every word that came out of their mouths.

Then information started coming out about the truth, that it was a planned Al Qaeda attack. That the Consulate had been attacked less than two weeks before September 11. The Libyan government haD warned that the attack was coming two days before. Ambassador Stevens begged for security because he told them his life was in danger. Yet Obama and Hillary ignored all of this and claimed it was because of a video.

As more of the truth came out Obama tried to lie his way out claiming he called it a terrorist attack on September 12 even though the video and transcript oF his Rose Garden speech show he NEVER called it a terrorist attack and blamed the video.  Then began the Obama spin that he was offended that he was being accused of a cover up and lie.

Well facts are facts and Obama can't lie his way around them.  He has been in seclusion several days preparing for the last debate and I am sure that since this debate will be all about foreign policy he has prepared two things. One, how to one more time spike the football about bin Laden and second, how he will lie about Libya.  Expecting the American people to buy the lie and give him credit for bin Laden rather than the Navy Seals who killed him and the intelligence that worked to get him long before he took Office.

I have news for you Barack, we the people aren't buying your lie. We aren't listening to your spin. We know the truth and know you are lying.  We know you allowed our Ambassador to be killed because you ignored the warnings and watched as he was murdered. We know we do not want this weakness to continue and nothing you say will change that.  We will fight until the last vote is counted and we know you are done.  Then we will rejoice because we know your weakness will soon be over you will be gone for good in January!

Ken Taylor

Friday, October 19, 2012


The election is getting closer every day and the advantage for Mitt Romney is growing with each passing day as Barack Obama's bid for reelection is in like manner fading.  Polls, even those that are polling heavy Democrat are showing Romney pulling ahead. The most telling comes from Gallup that gives Romney a 52% to 45% advantage with a plus 5 Democrat polling sample. Other signs of Romney's surge are:

Pennsylvania which was considered an easy Obama win now show Romney up by 49% to Obama's 45%.

The Orlando Sentinel a traditionally liberal news paper announced that this election they are endorsing Romney.

Ohio depending on the poll is either a dead even heat or showing Romney up by one or two points.

Michigan thought to be out of Romney reach now show him not only in contention but internal polling show Romney pulling ahead.

New Hampshire in the liberal Northeast is a Romney state as he has held the lead for several days.

Obama is beginning to pull resources out of North Carolina, Virginia and Florida as polling in all three states are showing he cannot win any of the three.

Romney had pulled even with the women vote a traditionally Democrat voting block.

Key states like Colorado, Nevada, Wisconsin, Iowa, New Mexico and even states like Oregon and New Jersey are showing Romney surging with all states within the margin of error and a Romney lead in Colorado, Nevada and Wisconsin.

For the first time the Real Clear Politics electoral map shows Romney with an electoral advantage over Obama using a full thirty days of polling to average out the map.

Finally, no candidate who has topped 50% in polling has lost a Presidential run. 50% has been the benchmark that shows the strength of a candidate. Romney has been at or above 50% for a week and once the mark is reached no candidate has ever dropped below it in polling history.

While, "it ain't over 'till the fat lady sings," the prospects of a Romney victory are looking better every day. Now is when we must redouble our efforts and race to the finish line to insure victory and the end of the Presidency of Barack Obama!

Ken Taylor


The annual Alfred E Smith Foundation Dinner was held Thursday night and as has been the case for the last few Presidential elections both candidates were the key note speakers for an evening of light hearted humor setting aside politics to honor the charitable work of the Catholic Foundation.  Mitt Romney and Barack Obama exchanged zingers toward each other and at themselves.  One thing was abundantly clear, NOTHING Obama does is funny.

Many have accused Romney of having no sense of humor but at the dinner he was not just funny but had a good sense of timing in his delivery and one liners. Obama tried and had a few moments but no matter how one looks at it Barack Obama is just not funny.  Which is extremely ironic since what he is doing to our country is no laughing matter, but it has always been refreshing to see a President with a good sense of humor.

Two examples that come to mind are Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy who used humor often in remarks, press conferences and speeches to lighten a mood or get a point across. Yet when the seriousness of the Presidency was necessary both did what was needed for the country, the Office and the American people. Obama falls short on all counts. He tries to be funny but fails, he tries to be President and fails miserably.

Following are both routines from Romney and Obama.  Listen to them and you be the judge. I believe you will come to the same conclusion that I have, nothing about Barack Obama is funny.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, October 18, 2012


The lie that has been continuing since September 11 over the terrorist attack in Libya and the death of Ambassador Stevens and three others is the death blow to Obama's reelection bid.  His lie continued during the second debate and even with Candy Crowley coming to his aid with a falsehood about the transcript of his September 12 Rose Garden statement, Romney called him on the lie and the last nail in the coffin was placed on Obama's Presidency.

Adding to the lie over Libya is the news of the thwarted Al Qaeda attempt to blow up the Federal Reserve Bank in New York City. Obama has been crossing the country claiming he had Al Qaeda on the run and in one months time they attack our Consulate in Libya, kill our Ambassador and for the first time since September 11, 2001 Al Qaeda dares to enter The United States to once again try and kill Americans.

After 2001 Al Qaeda did not dare enter the US, yet now because of the weakness of Obama they see an opportunity and have tried to take advantage of it by planning an attack once again in New York and on our financial system.  Obama can continue to spike the football over bin Laden and claim he has all but eliminated Al Qaeda but the evidence reveals his lie and a resurgence of the terrorist organization during Obama's Presidency.

A true leader seeks first to protect the Nation. Obama seeks first to appease our enemies and look out for his political well being.  A true leader does not cover up something as serious as the attack on the Libya Consulate in order to protect his lie and advance his campaign. A true leader deals with the situation and tells the American people the truth regardless of the personal consequences when it comes to our Nations security and an act of war as the attack in Libya was.

Obama has failed on all counts and the American people know it and will no longer support his lie nor his Presidency and that is why Libya has become the death blow to the Obama reelection. When the final votes are counted and history looks back on the 2012 election, the attack in Libya and Obama's response, cover up and intentional lie will be shown as the final nail in the coffin of his Presidency.

Do we sit back in the last days and accept this truth and the end of Obama? Absolutely not! It is now we redouble our efforts and ensure this final blow to Obama's reelection is placed directly in his lap where it belongs. His failed foreign policy, the continual lies, disastrous economy, unchecked unemployment and trillion dollar deficit spending signals the end of Barack Obama and a rebirth for our freedom and our Nation.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


As debates go and debating points are added up the second Presidential debate was basically a draw. Obama was actually awake for this one which for him was a win considering his absolute dismal showing in the first debate. But setting that aside, Mitt Romney came across much more detailed and sincere as Obama rehashed the same old well used rhetoric that the country has heard in endless campaign stops since Obama took office.

Both candidates were aggressive and at times very confrontational which obviously got under Obama's thin skin as Romney would not back down on several occasions when Obama tried to come back at him.  The post debate spin was favoring Obama just as I predicted on Monday as the left wing media understood that if Obama lost this debate the election would be basically over.

But the actual ramifications of the debate will come down to two lies that Obama was not just caught in but were blatantly delivered by Obama and at one point as Romney called Obama on the lie he tried to move the debate on to dodge the truth. While many lies and/or exaggerations were part of Obama's debate performance the following two will haunt him until election day.

First Obama lied about oil drilling and called Romney a liar when he stated the statistical facts to which Obama walked away in aggravation.  All the numbers show Obama has decreased in some cases as much as 60% oil drilling on federal lands and nothing Obama claims can change those facts.

The second a lie that will haunt Obama the most and the moment he shot himself in the foot was his blatant lie about his response to the terrorist attack in Libya.  When Romney called him on it he tried to change the direction and subject. Even will Candy Crowley stepping in to try and save Obama as she misquoted the transcript of Obama's statement on September 12 where she claimed as Obama did that he called it a terrorist attack, the fact that Obama lied about the response that has been well documented to be completely different than he is now claiming will be the main subject of conversation coming out of this debate.

Following the debate, Crowley corrected her misquoting of the transcript of the September 12 Rose Garden statement by Obama and said that Romney was correct and Obama did NOT refer to it as a terrorist attack as he claimed in the debate.  As more comes out about the attack even the acceptance of responsibility by Hillary Clinton will not save Obama from this possible death blow to his reelection bid.

The next debate will specifically focus on foreign policy and as Libya continues to dominate the news and hearings bring out more damning information about Obama's response regardless of what few points he may have scored in this second debate Obama will be faced with defending his lie and the indefensible position he is now trying to take.

Across the board Obama tried to defend a record of failure but his rhetoric though scoring debate points did not sell another four years of that failure. Romney on the other hand detailed convincingly his vision and plan which will play well with voters as we approach the last three weeks before the election.

Obama did not succeed in stopping the bleeding as was proven by a focus group held during and after the debate by Frank Luntz.  25 undecided voters in Nevada watched the debate all of whom voted for Obama in 2008. After the debate they overwhelmingly gave the debate to Romney with two deciding to vote for Obama and 18 choosing Romney. Across the country the undecided vote is moving to Romney and this trend will not change as a result of debate number two, a win, win for Romney marching toward the ultimate win November 6.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The Constitution of The United States declares that the person responsible for actions taken by the Executive  Branch is the President.  Except if that President happens to be Barack Obama who accepts responsibility for nothing and the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three others in Libya by Al Qaeda is another in the long list of ducking responsibility by Obama.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced in Peru, a safe distance from Washington that allows very little press questioning of her statement, claiming responsibility for the lack of security and the failure in Libya that resulted in the deaths and attack on our Consulate.  In an election year she stated that she takes responsibility to , "avoid some sort of political gotcha."  Hillary has fallen on the sword for Obama and Obama who refuses to take responsibility for anything is letting her do so.

Does this mean that Obama followed Hillary's instruction to claim that an unknown video was responsible for the attack when he stated so the day after, on Letterman, The View and at the UN?   Did Hillary instruct UN Ambassador Susan Rice to make the talking head shows circuit the Sunday after the Tuesday attack blaming the video?  Rice being a government official who is DIRECTLY answerable and responsible to the President.

The answer to all of these questions is no! Obama blamed the video. He avoided any reference to a terrorist attack. As President his security advisers are required to keep him informed of situations especially when they involve American interests.  He knew, he ignored, he blamed and he lied. But in an election year where the attack in Libya is a death blow to his struggling campaign he lets Hillary fall on the sword and accept responsibility for him.

Harry Truman kept a sign on his desk that stated, "the buck stops here," a slogan that describes the awesome responsibility of The President of The United States. Barack Obama should have a sign on his desk that states, " the buck stops with anyone but me."  He has taken absolutely no responsibility for anything that has happened during his Presidency.

The economy that he owns is Bush's fault.  He actually tried to blame his failure during the last debate on John Kerry. The incredible debt that he has added which totals more than every President from Washington to Clinton combined is the fault of Republicans not his spending.  His failure in strategy in Afghanistan is the fault of Commanders who he has ignored. Now the murder of our Ambassador and three others in a terrorist attack is Hillary's fault.

When the vote is counted on November 6 and Mitt Romney is elected President of The United States in a landslide, Obama then can rightfully blame someone for his failure to be reelected because finally it truly will be someones fault.  The American people who are sick of his policy, his economy, his apology for American exceptionalism, his failure and his refusal to take any responsibility for anything, will be completely responsible for firing him and removing him from office.  For that we the people will gladly take the blame Mr. Obama.

Ken Taylor

Monday, October 15, 2012


Before the first debate which had Mitt Romney demolishing Barack Obama, pre debate comments by both campaigns but specifically the Obama campaign spent a great deal of interview time playing down the debate performance.  In fact Obama stated during a campaign rally that Romney was a good debater and he was only so so.  Yet, even with the down play Obama's performance was so poor that those who strongly support him were shocked.

Polls since the debate have made a dramatic shift with the result being not just a Romney post debate bounce but a trend turning toward Romney.  This trend come not just from Romney's strong debate performance but polling that is finally showing a better balance in samples that are only 2-4 points Democrat heavy rather than 8-10 which was the case prior to the Presidential debate.  It seems that pollsters are understanding that the shift toward Romney has been so obvious they can no longer hide it with skewed polling.

Another debate takes place on Tuesday. The Obama campaign and surrogates are already building Obama up saying he is going to be more aggressive, better focused and energetic compared to lethargic, vague, and distracted in the first debate.  This shift in pre debate build up signals only one thing. If Obama walks on the stage without literally falling flat on his face the leftist media has already decided the out come of the debate and nothing Obama says or Romney does will change their pre determined decision on who wins Tuesday.

The debate format already gives an advantage to Obama because the Town Hall format is one of his most used campaign styles and he has been using it constantly throughout his time in office during his never ending campaign. This is not to say Romney will do poorly, on the contrary I believe Romney will do another excellent job on Tuesday but the build up for this debate is already showing a trend to give it to Obama because of his failure in the first.

Combined with an very liberal moderator, CNN's Candy Crowley who has already indicated that she does not feel bound to have the limited role that was agreed upon by BOTH campaigns. The format calls for questions from a pre- selected audience of supposed undecided voters chosen by Gallup. As moderator Crowley is not supposed to have ANY follow up questions or change the direction of the question in any way. She has stated on at least three occasions that she will not follow this and use the opportunity to direct questioning as she see fit. Which means because of her obvious left leaning she will favor Obama over Romney.

Now Romney is an excellent debater and handles himself well in a public forum, so while Crowley won't necessarily be able veer him she will steer things toward Obama's view and more or less skew the debate.  Because of the trend toward Romney and yet another opportunity for Americans to once again see him for who he is, Obama winning Tuesday's debate whether he actually does or not but given a victory already determined in advance, I don't believe the debate will hurt Romney unless he has a major gaffe which highly unusual for him.

So be prepared to yell at the TV, get agitated, aggravated, frustrated and angered as Crowley and the leftist media worship at the Obama altar. But rest assured that the American people are seeing through the spin. The fallout over Libya is only beginning and will continue to escalate as we draw closer to the October 22 debate which will be exclusively foreign policy and I am sure by then Libya and the Obama disaster will dominate.

It's by far not over and the fat lady hasn't sung yet. Our fight will not be finished until the last vote is counted and a defeated Obama leaves Washington in January. But the fat lady seems to be putting on her Sunday best and getting her vocal chords warmed up as the American people prepare Obama's pink slip on November 6.

Ken Taylor

Friday, October 12, 2012


In pure debating points the VP debate was virtually a draw.  But the facts that made the debate are these, a crotchety old man was disrespectful to a polite younger man and THAT killed Biden in the debate.  Along with being caught in an absolute lie concerning the attack on the Consulate in Libya and the murder of Ambassador Stevens takes the debate out of Biden's grasp and gives it to Ryan.

In fact every left leaning channel from CNN to NBC, ABC and even MSNBC in polls immediately after the debate gave it to Ryan.  Biden was sent out as an attack dog to try and make up for the failure of his boss against Romney and all he succeeded in doing was irritating voters as he used condescending smiles, interruption of both the Moderator and Ryan, with smirks, groans and several questionable facts delivered in an unhinged manner.  Biden interrupted Ryan 82 times. That my friends is absolute disrespect.

The Moderator in this debate who was under question already because of the attendance of Barack Obama as a guest at her wedding assisted Biden several times as she too interrupted Ryan many times while allowing Biden to ramble on and given time to rebut without allowing Ryan to do so at any time.  Even with this as an obstacle Ryan over came this disadvantage throughout the debate.

Ryan did have a more detailed grasp of the issues and seemed much more sincere in his answers and explanations than Biden who used well known talking points over and over again.  Both though had many instances where answers were somewhat vague and lacked detail that voters are looking for.

The bottom line is that this debate will not change anything for either campaign. Biden was sent as an attack dog to try and make up ground for the complete failure of his boss in the last debate and all he succeeded in doing was to come across as a condescending, grouchy old man who disrespects Ryan.  Undecided voters will not move one way or another as a result of the debate which is normal for a VP debate.  But the bleeding of the Obama campaign that Biden was sent to stop will continue and Romney will remain in the lead and possibly continue to surge over the last days before November 6.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, October 11, 2012


We have been witness to a lie. A lie that is costing American lives. A lie that has cost the murder of the first American Ambassador since 1979.  A lie that is seen by the graves in Arlington and other military and private cemetery's where the heroes who have died defending our Nation are laid to rest.  We have listened for nearly a month as Obama and his administration have lied about a terrorist attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens, two Navy Seals and another American public servant. Claiming it was a video, then after their lie was proven as such not only continued the lie but now are trying to reshape the story to cover the lie and the deaths of Americans.

Lara Logan whose brave speech is shown above is a reporter who has been in Afghanistan since 2001 and knows the true story. She was brutally raped as she covered the so called, "Arab Spring," protests in Egypt and still after becoming a victim of lies and terrorism stands true and tells what is actually happening because she loves this country and does not want to see our way of life destroyed by an enemy that Obama says is on the run and he claims to have defeated.

The speech is 19 minutes long and must be heard. Ms. Logan dose not hold back the truth. She is exposing the lie we are being told by the administration and Obama himself that the Taliban is, "peaceful," and Al Qaeda is all but eliminated. IT IS A LIE.  In order to promote this lie and make Obama look like he has defeated this enemy he and his administration are telling the American people that terrorism is no more and America is safe and only a video causes attacks and protests.

Listen to this speech from one who knows. Listen to this speech from one who has been there. Listen to this speech from one who loves our country. Listen to this speech and remember we have a dead Ambassador, two Navy Seals and the deaths of our troops in Afghanistan is higher now than any other time during this war. Yet Obama is spiking the football claiming it is over and he has won.  Listen to this speech and tell your friends so that we can as a dead American hero serving our country named Chris Horton whose last message to his wife before his death in Afghanistan when asked by his wife what he needed his answer was, "I need a new President."  Let's help our heroes and make his request happen on November 6.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The desperation of the Obama campaign is showing with each passing day and now Sesame Street wants no part of it. Since the dismal showing by Obama as the debate rather than talking about the economy, Libya or the key issues in this election, he has chosen to use Romney's reference passing to Big Bird as the center piece of his campaign and his new ads.

Polling is showing Romney pulling ahead in swing states and on the national level. Even among women voters who are usually a given for a Democrat candidate, Romney has pulled even with Obama at 47% So the desperation and imploding of the Obama campaign is showing as they are in panic mode. Using Big Bird and Sesame Street calls them on demanding the use of the iconic bird to stop.

Many pundits are now saying that Obama will not recover from this slide after showing Americans who he is an just how lost he is in the Office of President. Although we cannot give up the fight until the last vote is counted, it is looking mighty sweet for November 6!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


In a refreshing change Mitt Romney delivered a strong well thought out American exceptionalism foreign policy speech at the Virginia Military Institute.  Expressing that, "hope is not a strategy," Romney showed a strong understanding of foreign policy and world affairs and how it affects our Nation and our Nations stance of leadership though strength and power.  Rather than outline the entire speech listen to this excellent foreign policy message from Romney in the above video.

Immediately the Obama campaign and the left began blasting Romney on his, "lack," of foreign policy experience and the four years of so called experience that Obama has because of his four years in office. First, I don't recall when Obama was running for office in 2008 anyone on the left complaining about Obama's complete lack of foreign policy experience.

Now after four years of supposed, "experience," Obama's foreign policy is being shown as an absolute failure with the Middle East exploding, our Ambassador dead with three others and Al Qaeda and the Taliban rebuilding after being almost destroyed by President Bush.  With Obama constantly bragging that, "he," got bin Laden with no credit to the real heroes, Navy Seal Team 6.

The reality of any Presidential run is that all challenger have little or no foreign policy experience since the so called experience comes with the responsibilities of the Office of President.  Foreign policy is more an understanding of world affairs and how they affect our Nation and our Nations responsibility and leadership in world affairs.

Romney as show in his speech has a better understanding of foreign policy now than Obama has after supposedly having four years of experience. If Obama's foreign policy is the prove of what experience in foreign policy brings, give me the inexperience and understanding of Romney any day.

Ken Taylor

Monday, October 08, 2012


Two political science professors, Kenneth Bickers of Colorado University-Boulder and Michael Berry of Colorado University Denver released their prediction of the 2012 Presidential election on August 22.  The model they base this prediction on includes a complete economic picture from per ca pita income to unemployment both on a national and state level.  This model has accurately predicted every Presidential election since 1980 including the popular vote victory of Al Gore and the electoral victory of George W. Bush in 2000.  The model does not just predict the popular vote like many but also a detail of the electoral college.

The original prediction in August had Mitt Romney taking the Electoral College in a landslide with 325 electoral votes to Obama's 213.  The model also had Romney taking most of the swing states including Florida, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Colorado with 52% of the traditionally blue state. Every Presidential election year Professors Bickers and Berry release an update one month before the election and 2012 is no different.

The October update provides even better news for Romney.  The revised model  has Romney taking 330 electoral votes to Obama's 208 a difference of 5 electoral votes since the original August prediction. The new model factored in new economic figures which included the GDP being revised downward to 1.2% or a virtual stagnate economy and more leaving the workforce because of the dismal jobs situation created by the Obama economy.

Additionally the model has Romney picking up another state in the new model. New Mexico which was in the Obama column in August now shifts to the Romney column.  The model foresees Romney carrying New Mexico, North Carolina, Virginia, Iowa, New Hampshire, Colorado, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida. Obama is predicted to win Michigan and Nevada.

The August prediction had Romney with 52.9% of the popular vote which increases to 53.3% in the October revision to Obama's 46.7%.  This is a wide margin for the popular vote adding to the predicted 330 electoral landslide.  Once again this coming from a prediction model that has been 100% accurate since 1980 even the years that factored in third party runs in 1980, 1988 and 1992 which makes prediction models extremely difficult because determining who will vote for a third party candidate adds so many variables.  Yet this model has been on the mark without exception.

Of course just like the polls one never counts the chickens before they hatch but it is also hard to argue with 100% over a 32 year time span.  The fight for defeating Obama must continue until the last vote is counted on election day and this absolute failure and danger to our Nation is given his walking papers by the American people who then can rejoice knowing we will watch him leave Washington for the last time in January 2013.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, October 04, 2012


After endless speculation and pundit after pundit either playing down the debate or saying Romney would be in trouble after the debate against a seasoned Obama, the first debate is over and Mitt Romney not only won hands down but may had delivered a game changing blow to Barack Obama who not only looked bad but fell flat in a setting that held an audience of over 50 million viewers.

While there was not a specific moment like the Reagan's, "there you go again," it was not needed as Romney took Obama to task from beginning to end. Romney was the teacher and Obama was the bad school child who was being scolded for what he has done head bowed and ashamed.  Obama was meek meandering and trying to defend the indefensible.  Romney reminded Obama he's had four years and has failed to do anything.

Romney was confident, sure and at every turn taking the debate directly to Obama looking at him and delivering at every point.  When Obama came with an untruth, Romney had three points or more to correct him.  When Obama tried several times to falsely claim Romney planned 5 trillion dollars in tax cuts that would increase taxes on the middle class, Romney came back with, "I've got five boys, I'm used to someone trying to tell me something wrong over and over expecting me to believe it."

Obama seemed distracted and lost with out direction throughout the debate.  Romney got in several digs about Obama failures that have been ignored by the media including the 90 billion dollars he has wasted on green energy companies that have gone belly up after receiving Obama bucks.  Romney hit hard on Obama's  trickle down government approach that has destroyed our economy, jobs and small business. To which Obama has no defense except the same rhetoric that no longer plays well with voters.

Two of the most telling stories of the slam dunk win for Romney in this debate came in the post debate coverage. First ABC, CBS and even NBC without exception gave the debate to Romney and said Obama hurt himself in this debate.  Even ABC's George Stephanopolis who has given 9 of the last 10 debates to the Democrat candidate called it a decisive win for Romney.

The second comes from a focus group with Frank Luntz.  The participants were 25 undecided Colorado voters, a traditional blue state.  17 voted for Obama in 2008 and 8 voted for McCain. Without exception all called the debate for Romney. But the most telling moment in the focus group came when Luntz asked if the debate helped decide any one's vote. More than half of the 25 raised their hands and all decided for Romney. If this is any indication on a national basis Romney may have picked up the undecided vote with an estimated viewership of more than 50 million.

Obama looked weak, tied and uninspired. Romney look confident, strong and energetic.  This debate may not be a complete so called, "game changer," but 50 million people who may have questioned who Mitt Romney was and had believed the false ads now see a strong candidate who is better informed than a sitting President and a more decisive leader. While Romney is no Reagan this debate was reminiscent of the weak Carter against the confident and strong Reagan and that debate delivered a Reagan victory.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Poll after poll show Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney nationally and in key swing states by as much as 11 points depending on which poll one sees.  The worse Obama does the better he polls. For example as the entire Middle East was exploding and our Ambassador, two Navy Seals and another public servant were being murdered by terrorists all of a sudden polls started to surge for Obama and his approval ratings increased.

Doesn't even sound logical does it? A President who has and continues to fail miserably. An economy that grows worse with each passing day with unemployment setting records that have surpassed many during the Great Depression. Yet poll after poll keeps showing him leading as if the American voter is completely oblivious to the truth and desires being broke with an economy that is stagnant at best and a foreign policy that has failed in every aspect. I don't believe Americans want our country to fail yet reelecting Obama is a guarantee that it will happen as evidenced by the last nearly four years.

So how does Obama continue to lead in the polls? Easy polling samples are anywhere from plus 5 in favor of Democrats to as much as plus 17 in the most recent NBC poll that has Obama up nationally by 10 points. How do you make a failed President look popular and leading in an election where EVERY indicator that reelects a President is against him? Simple you poll a considerable more of those who support him and less of those who would not support him and presto - changeo you have a failed President leading in the polls.

This isn't the first time a failed President who was adored by the left wing media was continually leading in the polls against a challenger who was not liked by the media.  In 1980 Jimmy Carter was overseeing a worse economy than today. Unemployment was around 8% but inflation was in the low 20's, interest rates were above 16%, gas prices were skyrocketing for that time period with gas shortages causing long lines at the pumps just to get enough gas to hopefully get back and forth to work if one was working. To top it all off Iran was holding Americans hostage and Carter not only looked weak to the world but American foreign policy was as low as it ever has been with a Soviet threat that Carter had told the American people we had to get used to.

Ronald Reagan was the challenger that year and the media hated him. The vilified him and called him a buffoon who would take the whole world to war, throw the poor under the bus, give huge tax breaks to the rich while destroying the middle class.  Sound familiar?  So the media skewed the polls to discourage voters from heading to the polls and voting for Reagan.  As the graphic above shows in mid October polling had Carter ahead by 11 points with the media saying the election was over. On election day polls still had Carter leading by 3 points.  Reagan won in a landslide with Carter taking ONLY three states and Washington DC. Reagan even won California and New York.

Now I am not trying to imply that Mitt Romney will win California and New York but the fact is polling in 2012 just as it did in 1980 is designed to make a failed Obama look unbeatable and to discourage voters from going to the polls and voting for Romney. Reagan won because voters refused to believe the polls and voted against failure and for the candidate they knew could restore America.  On November 6, I believe we will see a repeat of 1980. Maybe not a landslide like Reagan had but a Romney victory because the majority of Americans know a failure when they see it and Americans will NOT tolerate failure or a weak country and a poor economy.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, October 02, 2012


There are dozens of legitimate reasons to not vote for Barack Obama ranging from the failed economy and Obama policy that have taken it from bad to much worse to a foreign policy that has exploded with massive anti American protests and the murder of our Ambassador by terrorists that Obama claims do not exist.  All extremely good reason not to reelect this failed President and all legitimate reasons to be concerned about our Nations future if Obama is allowed another four years.

Yet there are four important reasons that are not being mentioned that if taken into consideration could have an equal or even greater impact on the future of our Nation if Obama is reelected.  Most Americans do not realize that four yes, four Supreme Court Justices are over 70 years of age and likely will retire and/or die in the next four years.

I know talking about the possible death of a Supreme Court Justice is a harsh reality but it is a reality that is a  major concern with the possible reelection of Barack Obama.  The entire direction of the Court and future of our country is at stake in this election and an Obama dominated Court would not only change the country but Judicial activism would become the norm for the Court for decades.

We have seen first hand the type of Justices Obama chooses for the High Court in the persons of Sonia Sotomayer and Elena Kagen both activists and extremely liberal in their views.  Both consider the Constitution as only one of many guides to determine their decisions and have no problem with using court decisions and law from other countries in making their decisions.  A regular practice in the past with Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer. Fortunately the two additions Obama has made to the Court have not changed the make up of the Court since they replaced Justices whose views were already liberal leaning.

But with four Justices advanced in age and one of the four already indicating he is waiting for Obama to be reelected to retire, the Court will be changed from a more conservative Court to an extremely liberal Court if Obama is reelected.  Following are the four who would likely be replaced in the next four years:

Antonin Scalia  - 76  very conservative and if replaced by Obama would be a shift in the direction of the Court.

Anthony Kennedy - 76 considered a moderate but us usually is the swing vote in most cases and if replaced by a liberal would also change the balance since he does side with the conservative side about 60 % of the time.

Stephen Breyer - 74 a liberal Justice who has no problem using foreign law and court decisions in shaping our laws.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg - 79 another liberal whose health has been declining over the last few years.

While the replacement of Justices Ginsburg and Breyer would make little difference in the make up of the Court, the replacement of Justices Kennedy and especially Scalia by Barack Obama would.  These four Justices who could likely end their time on the Court in the next four years are reasons to not vote for Obama and cast in favor of Romney who has not discussed his ideas about the Court since it has not become an issue in this election but his selections would obviously not take the Court to the extreme liberal stance that an Obama dominated Court would.

For those who are considering a third party vote as a protest vote keep these four Justices in mind. For those who are on the fence and have not decided who to vote for in this election keep these four Justices in mind. The make up of the Court will determine law and the legal direction of our Nation for decades and an Obama dominated Court would be a disaster.

Ken Taylor

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