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Friday, July 31, 2009


The sight of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Louis Gates and Sgt Crowley sitting around a table drinking beer and munching on peanuts was enough to turn my stomach. It was not enough that Obama had to start a fire storm of race relations with his comment about the Sgt acting, "stupidly."
It was not enough for him to attend a press briefing and discuss how he should have, "calibrated," his words better. It was not enough that he called Sgt Crowley and discussed but never apologized for his stupid statement.
No Barack Obama had to take one more step and belittle the Presidency with a display that I am sure is causing our enemies to role over in laughter, our allies to shake their heads and wonder what is actually in the White House and most American to look on in embarrassment as the President and the Vice President tried to look like ,"normal," guys with their sleeves rolled up sipping a brew and shooting the breeze.
The obvious staging of this disaster with Obama and Biden with their sleeves rolled up looking comfortable in the summer heat as Gates and Crowley sit formally in their suit and tie, all sitting at a lawn table under the shade of a tree close enough for the press to get all the video and pictures they wanted of this ridiculous event just adds insult to injury.
A situation that at most would have been an after thought mention in the news and quickly blown over in Cambridge, became an international story ONLY because Obama does not have the brains enough to shut his mouth when he should not have made ANY comment. Then to turn his own idiocy into a major press event for publicity's sake only while his numbers are tanking was a pitiful sight and an insult to the American people and the office of the President.
Ken Taylor
NOTE: RaDena, who posts exclusivly on Fridays was not able to submit a post for today and will return Monday.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Comrade Obama and his socialist health care. The people don't want it, doctors don't want it, business doesn't want it, so lets all get together and KILL IT !

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - COLUMBIA, S.C. — A South Carolina man was charged with having sex with a horse after the animal's owner caught the act on videotape, then staked out the stable and caught him at shotgun point, authorities said Wednesday. But this wasn't the first time Rodell Vereen has been charged. He pleaded guilty last year to having sex with the same horse after owner Barbara Kenley found him in the same stable. Then he was sentenced to probation and placed on the state's sex offender list.

Kenley said she noticed several weeks ago that her 21-year-old horse Sugar was acting strange and getting infections. She noticed things in the barn had been moved around — dirt piled up and bales of hay stacked near the horse's stall at her Lazy B Stables in Longs, about 20 miles northeast of Myrtle Beach. "Police kept telling me it couldn't be the same guy," Kenley said Wednesday. "I couldn't believe that there were two guys going around doing this to the same horse."

She spent several nights at the stables, which are about 4 miles from her home, but didn't find anything. So she installed surveillance cameras, and when she reviewed the footage from July 19, she couldn't believe she was seeing the same man doing the same thing to her horse.

There are some sick people in this world and this pervert ranks among the worst. Sadly this is only about ten miles from where I live and it has been leading the local news all day ! - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

The hype is gone, the glimmer has faded and the change is failing. Obamaman has found his Kryptonite and it is an anchor around his neck !

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - SHERMAN — A video helped prosecutors obtain a North Texas man’s guilty plea to drug possession after it showed him licking the powdered drug off the jail floor. Samuel Dewayne Delmast remains in Grayson County Jail in Sherman on Tuesday. That’s where he awaits transfer to the state prison system to begin serving a 16-year prison sentence after Thursday’s guilty plea.

Grayson County District Attorney Joe Brown says Delmast was arrested after methamphetamine was found on him during a traffic stop in Howe. That’s about 50 miles north of Dallas and seven miles south of Sherman. Surveillance video from the county jail booking area showed Delmast drop powder onto the floor, then drop to all fours and lick the powder from the floor. Brown says tests showed the powder was methamphetamine.

Shows just how low someone will go to get high. - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

Approval index at minus 10. Approval rating at 49%. 60% of Americans do not trust Obama. More than 60% of Americans disapprove of his agenda. Yep even those who voted for him are regretting their choice. Hate to say we told you so......but we told you so!

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - ROME — Officials say a Swedish couple looking for the pristine waters of the popular island of Capri ended some 400 miles away in the northern industrial town of Carpi after misspelling the destination on their car's GPS. Angelo Giovannini, a spokesman for the Carpi town hall, near Modena, said Tuesday the couple drove into the main square last week and asked the local tourist office how to reach Capri's famed Blue Grotto sea cave.

Giovannini said "we thought they might mean a restaurant. Capri is an island, they did not even wonder why they didn't cross any bridge or take any boat." He said the couple, who were not identified, arrived from Venice and later set off to their planned destination at the other end of the Italian peninsula.

Technology is great but it is only as smart as the operator - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

The big photo op Beer Summit. Starts at 6PM just before the evening news. Located at the picnic table on the front lawn of the White House, clearly in view of all the cameras. And Obama says its to heal the riff. A problem he created and now he shamelessly makes it a PR gimmick to cover his political butt, belittling the Presidency in a tactless stunt.

Ken Taylor


In the preceding post I asked, "where have all the trolls gone ?" Referring to the liberal moonbat trolls that infest most conservative blogs with unintelligent discourse and diatribes that never match the subject of the post or the thread. Well the GOP has a troll of its own who has been a thorn in the flesh and unfortunately he also hails from my state of South Carolina.

Lindsey Graham once again abandoned principle and became the ONLY Republican to vote for Sonia Sotomayor in Committee and most likely the only Republican to vote for her when her confirmation reaches the Senate floor. His statement that she is in the main stream is absolute absurdity and once again the GOP traitor troll has taken another fifteen minutes in the spotlight to the embarrassment of his state and the people he supposedly represents.

Ken Taylor


I have noticed over the last few weeks as the polling numbers of Barack Obama have been tanking and the socialist agenda is also tanking that a quite unusual situation has happened.

To all conservative bloggers out there I ask this question, " where have all the trolls gone ?" The aggravating liberal moonbats who always attempt to take over any comment thread and in actuality show their stupidity in the process, with their meandering diatribes have disappeared for the most part from our websites. There are liberals who do carry on an intelligent discourse and it is actually aggreeable to hold a discussion in the comment thread with them. But then there are the real trolls.

Sure a few still manage to show their faces and then slink back into their holes, but as a whole the majority of them have fallen off the face of the blogosphere. Now don't get me wrong, I am not missing them but their disappearance does show one absolute fact that we have been trying to tell them for quite some time now.

Their boy Barack Obama is failing and they can't handle the heat or are in such a state of shock as the truth that we have been telling them has shown its bright and not surprising face. Evidently the stimulus money that Obama so quickly passed has actually been used to do some infrastructure work. Obviously with the disappearance of our trolls the Obama stimulus has been busy building bridges for them to hide under as the shame of their former messiahs failings are becoming more evident each day. Maybe the stimulus has actually found its niche in providing a safe haven under bridges to harbor the shaking and quaking liberal trolls as they see the evidence of the inexperience and lunacy of their party and messiah fading into oblivion before their troll eyes.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Since taking office there have been more actions by Barack Obama that have angered me than pleased me. In fact the only thing that he has done that really pleased me was not something that he did directly because it involves his plunging popularity with the American people. While a direct result of what he has done it was not something he actually set out to do. But the plunge in popularity does please me.

Throughout his hyped campaign for the White House last year Obama portrayed himself as a black man who would be above race and in fact claimed that he would promote, "healing," when it came to race. He then took the oath after winning the Presidency and continued his mantra of being above using race and being a promoter of, "healing."

The first opportunity to prove that he was above race baiting came last Wednesday when he was asked what he thought about the arrest of his friend Louis Gates in Cambridge, Mass. and not only proved that he was NOT above race baiting and in fact took what should have been a local matter garnering little attention, making it into a national story that is dominating the news. Why ? Because he made it so.

Now that it is back firing and causing him considerable trouble both in the polls and in the false image he has portrayed for more nearly two years, Barack Obama is using the situation the he created as a public relations gimmick. During a press briefing that started his attempt to back track from his remarks about the arresting officer Sgt. James Crowley acting, "stupidly," Obama mentioned discussing with Crowley in a subsequent telephone conversation about coming to the White House for a beer. I originally thought that this was Obama trying to be funny.

This Thursday both Sgt. Crowley, Louis Gates and Obama will meet at the White House in an attempt to, "heal," the riff and smooth over the problem. The trouble is that it is a problem that Obama created and now he will use this as a PR gimmick to try and once again portray himself as the great healer.

The hypocrisy in this meeting places it as one of the most disgusting, manipulative attempts to deceive the public and anyone that buys into actually believing that Obama is a healer and not a racist and race baiter is not only naive but an idiot. He has opened a can of worms and now using that same can to try and cover his political butt.

His poll numbers are crashing, his agenda is failing, the center piece of that agenda, health care, is likely not to pass and now is trying to take the focus off of his own stupidity and using a racial issue of his own creation to try and rebound in the polls. Well that rebound IS NOT going to happen.

The American people are finally seeing through the hype. The American people are finally seeing the danger and lunacy of his agenda. And the American people also see through this racial, "healing," and know that it is only a political stunt that like his agenda will fail. The gloss is gone, the hype is over and what is left is an inexperienced individual who is destined to become a failure in the White House. He is on the path to that failure and his every move is widening that path with each passing day.

Ken Taylor

Monday, July 27, 2009


Interjections are mine:

A rich and famous Hollywood actor who collects exorbitant paychecks per film could get millions of dollars in federal stimulus funds for a charity he created to “help lessen the burdens of government” by rebuilding homes in low-income neighborhoods. "Lesson the burden of government"! When will someone "lesson the burden" of the American taxpayer? I suppose the answer to that has something to do with flying pigs.)

Multi-millionaire Brad Pitt, who makes about $20 million a movie, has applied and will likely get, a substantial chunk of taxpayer money to expand his new nonprofit (Make It Right), which supposedly builds affordable “green” homes that are energy efficient for those who normally could not afford them. ($20 million a movie! So... wouldn't a real hero do this on his own dime? Or at least find some other way of funding his oh-so-charitable project without breaking the backs of taxpayers? Silly me!)

Although Pitt claims on the group’s income tax exempt form that its purpose is to help lessen the burdens of government by assisting in the rebuilding of communities, he still wants taxpayers to help fund the projects. The world-renowned movie star fully expects to get a piece of $65 million in stimulus funds administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development for the “neighborhood stabilization” of poverty-stricken areas.

Judicial Watch goes on to say that if it's up to Nancy Pelosi, Pitt will probably get the stimulus money. They say she "trembled like a schoolgirl" when he visited the Capitol to promote his charity, and they leave a link to Deadline USA, but You Tube has it too, of course. We didn't notice her "trembling like a schoolgirl" but we did hear her call Pitt a "Hero". Sorry, Nancy. We know what a real hero is and what a real hero does. Brad Pitt can only pretend to be a hero in films. In real life he doesn't even come close to cutting the mustard!

RaDena - Blasting Caps And Dynamite

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Barack Obama the self declared administrator and leader of ,"hope and change," for all mankind but especially for the arrogant and misguided people of America is in the midst of one of the greatest political nose dives suffered by any President in our history. He has fallen from the lofty numbers of the messiah who would, "save," America from the ,"evil," of George Bush, to a figure who is now mistrusted by the majority of Americans.

His popularity polls have fallen drastically from the lofty 70% he experienced right after his Inauguration to 49% only six months into his Presidency. He went from the heights of having the ability to force through the single largest spending bill in American history that to date has only stimulated his fellow liberals with glee, to the status of almost a lame duck President who is having to plead with his own party to get the center piece of his socialist agenda, the health care bill, to even make it out of committee for a vote.

In the six months which have passed since Obama took office Americans have watched in shock as soclialistic ideals have been forced down our throats, spending and deficits have sky rocketed to heights that surpass any previous administration, in fact more than all previous administrations combined. We witnessed the supposed representative of our country use every opportunity when before a foreign audience to apologize for American greatness and sell us out for personal popularity with foreign leaders.

We have watched as Obama has tried to make terrorism a crime again rather than an act of war even eliminating terrorism as a description of the despicable acts perpetrated by this evil to the world. He has claimed that HIS objective in the war against this evil in not victory. A word and goal he is obviously afraid of. Which distances him from those who he Constitutionally commands, since every soldier who is daily defending freedom fighting for this country has as his or her objective TOTAL and COMPLETE victory over our enemies.

Following his latest apology tour overseas Obama returned home and arrogantly took his favorite position in front of the cameras behind his beloved TelePrompter and told the American people that he was going to once again force socialism down our throats whether we liked it or not through his health care take over. This time before August first. Finally the American people have said enough is enough and fortunately there are still many in Congress that are more interested in their political hides than kissing the back side of a President and as a result the center piece of Obama's agenda is in danger of failing.

This now places our country on the brink of the Obama abyss and we are facing a turning point in preventing his march to socialism from becoming reality in our country. We also are facing a dilemma which has plagued conservative for years in the political arena. We have a history of winning battles but failing to continue to fight until we win the war.

Let me explain by using an example of a victory achieved during the Bush administration. In 2007 Congress and the President were pushing a bill that would essentially provide amnesty for the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens who infest our Nation. In fact President Bush was asked by a reporter about the opposition to the bill and told that reporter that he was so confident that it would pass that she should, "watch in two weeks when I sign it."

The anger and disgust for the bill among the American people flooded the White House and Congress to the point that within that two week time frame the bill not only fell to defeat but the Senate could not even garner enough votes to get the bill to the floor for a vote. We prevailed, Washington lost and the true authority of this country won the victory as the voice of the people was heard.

Then we did as we conservative as a whole always do. While a hand full continued the fight most went back into obscurity and those in Washington did as they always do and went back to ignoring the people. Before we knew what was happening our combined silence allowed the unthinkable to take place and Barack Obama became the 44th President of The United States. Our combined consciousness refused to believe that he would do what he said he would during his campaign and as he began his quest for socialism we watched in horror as he spent us into near bankruptcy and insulted our Nation with his rhetoric.

Finally after months of this Obama practice Americans woke up and his numbers came crashing down and once again we are facing a victory in defeating the health care bill. So what do we do ? Do we do as we have in the past and push until this bill that will destroy the best health care system the world, falls into oblivion and then drift back into the shadows allowing Obama to rise and continue his march to socialism ? Or do we stand and fight for our country and freedom until the war is over.

Liberals are relentless. They will suffer defeat and rather than stopping to lick their wounds, they quickly being the campaign for the next battle and before anyone realizes what is happening they spin their recent loss into a perceived victory and while we shake our heads wondering what has happened their deceptive PR campaign has Americans who pay little or no attention believing that liberals have all the answers and government will help their plight.

Our collective voices have brought Obama's numbers down, caused the Congress to pause in the march to socialism and the passing of the health care take over. The August recess is nearly upon us. The Senate will not do anything until at least September. The House may force through something before August but even that is highly questionable.

So we find ourselves on the brink of the Obama abyss and facing the dilemma we have always faced when the liberal agenda is being forced down our throats. Do we fight until we win this battle and then sit back on out laurels ? Or do we garner this victory into a strategy for defeating the entire agenda and force Congress to tie the hands of Obama and continue to listen to the authority of the American people.

We cannot stop the pressure. We must continue as a collective of angry Americans to force Washington to listen. This delay in the health care vote is only temporary. During the August recess it is our duty to continue the pressure until those in Congress fear the people to the point that when they return in September they will consider it political suicide to even talk of the health care bill much less vote for it.

Then we move to keeping the pressure on for Cap and Trade, deficit spending, closing Gitmo, defeating terrorism, and the rest of the Obama agenda. We continue to pressure so that Obama himself will do as he has done in the last few weeks and show who and what he truly is which is why his numbers are crashing and his coat tails have dried up causing the Congress to listen to the people rather than Obama.

If we believe in freedom we will continue the fight. If we believe in liberty we will continue the fight. If we believe in the America of our fore fathers we will continue the fight. If we believe that Obama is taking this Nation in the wrong direction we will continue the fight. Now more than any other time in our history we cannot sit back on our laurels and allow Washington to prevail.

We can only prevent falling into the Obama abyss by fighting his agenda with our opposition to each and every aspect of it as he tries to push it through. If we do not keep the pressure on and his numbers start to rise as he puts on the face of the man of the people like he did during his campaign, Congress will once again stop listening to us and grasp onto his popularity coat tails and before we know what has happened his agenda will pass and we will find ourselves in the abyss.

The momentum is ours and it is up to us to keep that momentum. We must be as relentless for our freedoms as liberals are in trying to destroy them. In fact if we are to achieve victory for us and the generations that follow we must be even more relentless then liberals. We must take the principled stand for our Nation so that future generations can experience the liberties and freedoms our Founders fought for and gave birth to through our Constitution. We must fight and we must prevail.

We must take to heart the lesson stated by Winston Churchill to achieve complete victory for the sake of freedom, " Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never--in nothing, great or small, large or petty--never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."

Ken Taylor

Friday, July 24, 2009


In an absolutely imbecilic move Barack Obama opened a flood gate of racial tension during his Wednesday night press conference when he was asked what he thought about the arrest of black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. In Cambridge Mass.

For those who may not have heard the story, Gates was locked out of his home and apparently did not have his key and was attempting to jimmy the door. Attentive neighbors who have stated that Gates home had been broken into before, called police not knowing that the ,"culprit," was actually the home owner.

Police arrived and Sgt. James Crowley sought ID from Gates to prove that he was who he said he was. According to Gates, Crowley was profiling him and was treating him as a criminal because he was a black man. Gates contends that he was very calm IN the house and was trying to explain that he was the home owner and Crowley refused to listen and proceeded to arrest Gates for disorderly conduct only because he was black.

Sgt. Crowley and neighboring witnesses tell a different story. After the officer identified Gates he was attempting to leave the premises and Gates angrily followed him into the front yard, yelling and causing a scene. Crowley attempted to calm him but Gates would not calm down and continued to berate the officer creating a situation that lead to the arrest for disorderly conduct.

Gates has since claimed racial discrimination and profiling and calls the arrest the state of, "a black man in America." Obama stated during the press conference that Gates was a friend and without knowing the full story went on to say that Sgt. Crowley acted, "stupidly." Starting a whirlwind of racial controversy to an already racially charged story.

As President of The United States his position SHOULD have been either no comment or more appropriately that he did not know the full story and that it would be up to those involved in Cambridge to sort through and find the truth. But not Obama, he could not resist making a statement that in itself was prejudicial because of his association with Gates and could very well taint any court proceedings because of his position on the matter and that fact that he is President.

The White House tried on Thursday to spin Obama's stupid statement differently but still did not back down from the assertion that the officer acted wrong. Obama had no business getting involved in any situation like this and because of his own ethnicity especially since is involves a possible charge of racial profiling that has yet to be proven and is coming from a man, Gates, who is well known to stir racial tension both in his classroom and in public.

All of this comes as Rasmussen, whose polling has been the most accurate in the final out come of the last three Presidential elections, that Obama continues to nose dive in his popularity rating. Rasmussen has Obama with a 49% approval rating, with 51% disapproving. While 83% of Democrats still approve of Obama, 80% of Republicans disapprove and only 37% of Independents approve. The Independent rating is the most dramatic shift since Obama carried that block last November over John McCain.

This most recent poll is also in line with the low approval numbers from other sources like Gallup who earlier in the week showed that Obama ranked 10th out of the last twelve Presidents in approval at this point in their administration with only Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton ranking lower. Additionally the low approval of his policy is marking the end of the Obama luster.

Polls are showing that 53% to 56% of Americans disapprove of Obama's health care push and a larger percentage disapprove of the way that he is handling the economy from the failed stimulus to his push for Cap and Trade legislation. Congress is catching on as Obama's coat tails dwindle and are not jumping on board for any of his agenda which has forced a delay until after the August recess for health care in both chambers of Congress.

As Representatives meet with constituents during the August break and hear the backlash on Obama's agenda especially health care like many have already, it is likely that both health care and Cap and Trade may not reach a vote this year. With 2010 being an election year and all of the House and one third of the Senate up for re-election any legislation that would cause a tax increase is not likely to get enough votes to pass and possibly not even make it to the floor for a vote during an election year.

With his numbers tanking, his own stupidity sparking racial tension and American rebelling against his policy, Barack Obama is finding that his inexperience in handling the Presidency is staring to come back to bite him. His march to Socialism agenda is also falling as fast as his numbers and this egotistical man who has always had his way is finding it hard to adjust to," we the people," making him toe the line.

Ken Taylor

UPDATE - Barack Obama in a press briefing today, (7/24), said the he regreted his choice of words but still did not apologize or retract what he said about Sgt. Crowley.

NOTE: RaDena who usually posts on Friday is suffering fom the flu and will hopefull return for her Monday post. Get well soon RaDena !

Thursday, July 23, 2009


No one is immune to Obama snatching bucks from Americans pockets for his Socialist agenda.

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - INDIANAPOLIS — Southwest Airlines says an Arizona man was stung by a scorpion that hitched a ride in his carry-on luggage and delivered its sting just before his flight landed. Forty-four-year-old Douglas Herbstsommer of Gilbert, Ariz., wasn't seriously injured Sunday when he was stung by a venomous Arizona bark scorpion while going through his luggage.

He was treated at Indianapolis International Airport. Southwest spokeswoman Marilee McInnis says the Arizona bark scorpion and five baby scorpions hitched a ride from Phoenix to Indianapolis in Herbstsommer's luggage. The scorpions were killed after the flight landed and the jetliner was fumigated as a precaution. Bark scorpions are venomous, but their sting rarely causes death.

Maybe if they had been upgraded to First Class the Scorpions wouldn't have stung someone ! - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

Crap and Tax and Obamacare - 2.5 trillion dollars of lunatic spending and Obama cuts the F22 !

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - PASADENA — Pasadena police have a sticky investigation. Somebody put glue on the hair of three shoppers in two stores. A 12-year-old girl told KHOU-TV that she was shopping at a drug store last week when she felt a wad of something "sizzling" in her ponytail. The substance turned out to be glue.

The child had to cut off some of her hair to get rid of the mess. Managers say another customer had glue sprayed into her hair earlier Thursday at the same drug store. Pasadena police are investigating a similar incident at a nearby grocery store.

I'd say that these wackos were STUCK on stupid. - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

46 years ago we we orbited the Earth. 40 years ago we landed on the moon. Today we orbit the Earth.........and this is progress ?

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - MIAMI — The body of a shark was left lying in the middle of downtown Miami street after two men tried to sell it to several fish markets. The men apparently carried the 5- or 6-foot fish around on the city's Metromover downtown train, prompting calls to police.

News footage Tuesday night showed the dead animal in the street with police officers and cruisers nearby. Two stations reported that a pair of men had tried to sell the animal to at least three fish markets for around $10. Rob Orta, an employee at Casablanca Fish Market, told television station WSVN that the men offered his business the shark.

My question is, "how did they get this shark on the train several times to try and sell it WITHOUT SOMEONE calling the cops ? " - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

Obamacare - Marxist medicine with the government constantly telling Americans to bend over !

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Barack Obama's health care debacle is running into opposition from all corners of the country. Even in states that voted for him in 2008. In St. Louis, MO, a state that went blue for Obama in 2008 Congressman Russ Carnahan (D) was laughed off the stage by constituents as he relayed Obama talking points about the embattled health care bill.

In Maryland, another Obama blue state in 2008, Senator Ben Cardin (D) who like his colleague in St. Louis was relaying Obama health care talking points to his constituents was faced with an angry 27 old man who had recently lost his job and found another paying less money, stated that he chose not to pay for health care in order to use the money for his family in other ways and then demanded that Cardin answer why he would be FINED $2500.00 though Obamacare because he chooses NOT to purchase health care coverage.

Cardin's arrogant answer was to blame this angry American for causing health care costs to be taken care of by others if he were to go to an emergency room. Never once even suggesting that if he went to an emergency room that a payment schedule could be worked out rather than being payed for by others. A typical liberal lie that is used to claim a lack of available health care in America.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer admits that the health care bill is in deep trouble not from GOP opposition but from blue dog Democrats who dislike the tax increases and the provisions that will cause business to drop private health care forcing employees to buy into government health care.

What Obama and his liberal universal health care backers are refusing to acknowledge in this ,"debate," is that we in The United States have the best and most advanced health care in the world. The quality of care is not the problem nor the availability of care, but the cost. If American health care is as bad as Obama constantly claims in his scare tactic approach then why are people from all over the world whose countries have socialized Obama style health care, leaving their homes and traveling to The United States to get expert care for their medical problems ? Care they CANNOT get in their countries BECAUSE of socialized Obama style health care.

The Congressional Budget Office also disputes Obama's claim that his program is budget neutral but rather that it will cost TRILLIONS of dollars to implement because of the massive bureaucracy that will be created to manage the program. Also the CBO concludes that Obama's claim that his program will save money because of the decreasing of health care costs is again a falsehood as it will actually cause costs to rise through the program.

Yes the cost of procedures and medical care is high and needs to be reformed. A huge move toward that would be the implementation of Tort Reform to reduce litigation for medical procedures. This one problem alone forces doctors to preform excess testing in order to prevent law suites.

While reducing cost is the main problem, turning health care over to the government as Obama is pushing is NOT the answer and the people agree as polls are showing that 50% of Americans are against government health care while only 44% favor it. The health care debacle, spending and the failing Cap and Trade legislation is beginning to whittle away at Obama's popularity.

According to Gallup whose polling leans to the left, since Presidential approval ratings began with Harry Truman, Obama ranks 10th out of the twelve President since Truman at this point in their administration. Only Gerald Ford who was suffering from the fall out of Watergate and Bill Clinton who was suffering from fall out of Hillary care polled lower than Obama at this juncture of their administration.

So Obama's agenda including health care is falling as fast as his popularity. Yet in his arrogance he still believes that everyone should bow to his demands. What he is forgetting is that as his coat tails are drying up those in Congress even in his own party are not willing to stick out their political necks for Obama.

In his haste to force his agenda Obama is committing political suicide and his numbers are showing the result of his haste. The rebellion against Obama's agenda is growing and Obama cannot handle the response which is showing by his impatience. The people are angry about spending. Angry about deficits. Angry that health care is being forced through for political expedience rather than finding real solutions. Angry that Obama is trying to steal freedom and in this country freedom will prevail.

Ken Taylor


"As Health Insurance Debate Looms, Budget Director Refuses to Rule Out Federally Funded Abortions"

"No matter what your views are on abortion, you shouldn't ask people to use their tax dollars if they think that abortion is taking a life -- to use their tax dollars for those purpose -- for that purpose," Gregg said on FOX News Sunday.

"I would hate to see the health care debate go down over that issue," Gregg added. "We do really need health care reform, and it has to be substantive ... So hopefully we won't get ourselves wrapped around the wheel of abortion in this debate."

That's the last two paragraphs of the article at the link.

We vehemently disagree, although we do agree that we shouldn't be asked to use our tax dollars to fund abortions, but we hope that issue stops this idiotic government run health care plan from going through and kills it dead in it's tracks! We don't want one cent of our tax dollars going to pay for abortions. If liberal Democrats want to help people murder their children let them do it on their own dime, not ours! But even if abortion wasn't covered in this bill, we don't want any part of a government run health care plan, period.

Here's just one of the reasons why we don't want the government running our health care, and we believe that RINO Spector should be very, very careful. He's not exactly a youngster. Oh... almost forgot. He's a Senator. He's a big shot politician so he's in no danger. Money will be spent like crazy to keep his sorry butt alive and he knows it. He's also not going to be on the same plan he wants all of us on. Did you know that? Nope... the Senate and the House are not going to include themselves in the plan they wish to push off on us. As soon as they are sworn in they are able to participate in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP), at our expense, of course. All these politicians working to control our health through the government should be kicked to the curb!

RaDena - Blasting Caps And Dynamite

Monday, July 20, 2009


No single accomplishment by man can surpass the achievement that was witnessed during the thirteen days of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. From the launch on July, 16, 1969 to the landing and first moon walk on July 20 and the final splash down returning home on July 29 the entire world was captivated by this amazing feat. Neil Armstrong, Edwin, "Buzz, "Aldrin and Michael Collins three American heroes who 40 years ago landed and set foot where no man had gone before.

May these pictures and video remind those who watched it of this unmatched achievement and one of the greatest moments in American and world history. For those who were not around in 1969 may these few images reveal to you the amazing things that Americans can accomplish.

Ken Taylor

NOTE : RaDena's usual Monday post will appear on Tuesday this week because of the Apollo 11 anniversary coverage.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


May 25, 1961 President John F. Kennedy issued a challenge to America to safely land a man on the moon and return him home again before the decade was out. In the most famous line from that speech Kennedy said, "I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth."

What made this challenge so striking was the fact that it was not only ambitious but The United States had a struggling space program that had been plagued by problems in a race to beat the Soviet Union in space. It had only been a few years since the Soviets brought fear to the entire western world with the launch of the first satellite called Sputnik. The Mercury Program had only found success in getting an American into space once a few days earlier on May 5, 1961 with Alan Shepard's fifteen minute sub orbital flight riding on a ballistic missile.

So going to the moon was not only ambitious but if achieved would become the singular greatest technological accomplishment man every embarked upon. Yet eight years later on July 20, 1969, not only was this ambitious challenge accomplished but three Americans would hold the entire world captivated from July 16 when Apollo 11 launched until its return home on July 29. On July 20, 1969 Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin, "Buzz," Aldrin and Michale Collins made the first historic landing on the moon a reality. Michael Collins while not actually stepping foot on the moon was the Command Service Module pilot whose responsibility was to fly the mission from the Earth to the Moon and safely home again aboard the "Columbia". At 4:17 PM Eastern Time with only 17 seconds of fuel left before the engines on the Lunar Module called, "Eagle," would cut off Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed at the site that would become known as Tranquility Base.

Six hours later at 10:17 PM Eastern Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the moon. As he descended the ladder of the Lunar Module he said these words, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." This was not exactly what Armstrong intended to say as in his anxiousness to leave an indelible statement for history he left out "a." He had intended to say, "One small step for, "a," man." But the phrase has still become one of the most famous in history.

The world stood still as Armstrong descended the ladder of the, "Eagle," and stepped upon the barren surface of the moon. In fact in The United States during those moments of the first man stepping on the moon, there was not one recorded crime that took place in the entire country as everyone was glued to television sets across the Nation watching this historic moment.

Forty years have passed since that first moon landing. Forty years since those memorable words were spoken by Neil Armstrong. Forty years since man made his first foot prints on the soil of another world. Yet the accomplishment that made that historic trip possible and the bravery of the men who made the trip still stands as the singular most remarkable technological achievement in history.

Accomplished by American know how and American ability but achieved for the betterment and advancement of all mankind. Though forty years have passed I still remember the excitement as I watched the the great Saturn V rocket lift off from Cape Canaveral on July 16, 1969. I still remember the thrill in watching as the, "Eagle," kicked up the dust from the lunar surface as it approached the landing sight on the Sea Of Tranquility.

I remember the awe as I held my breath when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the platform of the ,"Eagle," and began descending the ladder. I remember the anxiousness as he leaped from the ladder finally stepping foot on the surface of the moon. I remember as if it were yesterday the amazement I felt as I watched every moment of the mission. Watched as Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the moon in an almost low gravity dance as their movements responded to the moons atmosphere.

I grew up captivated by the Space Program. I counted as my childhood heroes men like Alan Shepard, John Glenn , Scott Carpenter, and all of the Mercury astronauts, the pioneers of space. I followed every mission from Mercury though Gemini and onto Apollo. Enthralled by the site of watching Americans in space and amazed as they walked on the moon. I built plastic models of Glenn's , "Friendship 7," and the great Saturn V rocket complete with a miniature Lunar Module housed on the vehicle as it was on the monster that took men to the moon.

Even today, as I watch the launch of the Space Shuttle, I watch with a child like trill as I did in those earlier days. Man venturing into space to achieve what once was thought to be impossible. But nothing will compare to those sixteen days in 1969 when the world watched as three Americans did what no one had done before. Nothing in the modern space age can create such awe and wonder as the thrill of knowing that when you looked up and saw that celestial body which orbits our Earth realizing that at that same moment three brave Americans were there and because of their accomplishment your imagination was with them and reaching the stars !

Ken Taylor

Friday, July 17, 2009


July 16, 1969. Neil Armstrong, Edwin, "Buzz," Aldrin and Michael Collins began their historic journey to make the first landing on the moon. No single task in American history has succeeded in the tremendous accomplishment that was displayed when Neil Armstrong first stepped onto the Lunar surface on July 20, 1969.

This Sunday, The Sunday Commentary will be dedicated to this historic event, the events which led up to our first moon landing and the men who made this happen. American heroes all and an America accomplishment truly singular in all the world. Forty year ago three men made history and we will live it again here at The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Stimulus 1 wasted money while unemployment increased. So now they want stimulus 2. Can you say 20% unemployment boys and girls ?!?!?!

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — A New Hampshire man says he swiped his debit card at a gas station to buy a pack of cigarettes and was charged over 23 quadrillion dollars. Josh Muszynski checked his account online a few hours after the purchase and saw the 17-digit number — a stunning $23,148,855,308,184,500 (twenty-three quadrillion, one hundred forty-eight trillion, eight hundred fifty-five billion, three hundred eight million, one hundred eighty-four thousand, five hundred dollars).

Muszynski told WMUR-TV that he spent two hours on the phone with Bank of America trying to sort out the string of numbers — and the $15 overdraft fee.
The bank corrected the error the next day.

This is the type of credit card that Obama us trying to use with the American people paying the bill ! - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

Even with detailed instruction, Obama still couldn't get the ball to the plate much less across it. What a wimp!

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - ROCK SPRINGS, Wyo. — Deputies say a man suspected of kidnapping a woman used an ATM card with his name on it to pop open a lock at her Wyoming home, and then left the card behind. Sweetwater County authorities say 20-year-old Martin Joseph Adams was arrested last week on suspicion of kidnapping, battery and burglary.

Authorities say the woman and her boyfriend were sleeping when Adams allegedly broke in, fought with the man and then hoisted the screaming woman onto his shoulder and left. Investigators say they tracked Adams to his residence where they found him and the woman, who had suffered severe bruises.

The only thing he didn't leave behind was his phone number. As Bugs Bunny says, "what a maroon !" - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

Ladies and Gentleman, children of all ages, step right up and stand in line for Obamacare. Yes you too can be among the 300 million who wait months for simple procedures that now only take days to receive. You too can have the exhilarating experience of wondering if your medical care will happen BEFORE you sickness becomes terminal. Obamacare, government controlled medicine for the 21st century!

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - CAIRO — A family in Saudi Arabia has filed suit in a religious court against an unnamed genie, or jinn, who sounds most unpleasant: It steals cell phones, whispers threats and occasionally flings stones. "We began to hear strange sounds," a family member who requested anonymity told the Saudi daily Al Watan. "At first we did not take it seriously, but then stranger things started to happen, and the children got particularly scared when the genie started throwing stones."

The genie — or genies — had demands: "A woman spoke to me first, and then a man. They said we should get out of the house," said the family member, adding that his clan fled their home near the city of Medina. Sheikh Amr Al Salmi, head of the local Sharia court, said he will investigate the family's claims that it has been harassed for two years: "We have to look into this case and verify its truthfulness despite the difficulty of its consideration," he told the Saudi daily. "What is interesting is that the complaint has come from every member of the family, and not just one."

Maybe the Saudi court needs to rub its magic lamp and just find this family a nice padded room to live in ! - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

Sotomayor says, wise Latina women are more compassionate then white men. She rules that firefighters in New Haven cannot be promoted because only white guys passed the promotion test and we who are against her confirmation to SCOTUS are called racist !

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Since the Senate hearings commenced for the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor to replace David Souter on the Supreme Court, her canned and rehearsed answers have cause many, even conservatives to ease up on her and believe the hype through prepared answers that Sotomayor is not a liberal as once thought.

Yet in just one series of questions concerning ,"abortion rights, " this liberal judge revealed her true and absolute left leaning as she answered. She followed the usual liberal argument concerning abortion by referring to the 14th Amendment, "right to privacy," clause which was the basis of the 1973 court ruling in the well known case of Roe v Wade.

Then she continued with the liberal mantra that because of Roe v Wade she considers abortion rights, "settled law." So I ask Judge Sotomayor the same thing I would ask ANY liberal stating that abortion is a settled law, "show me the law !" Her liberal argument about abortion being a legal legislated right is the same false argument that has kept abortion as a functioning problem since the 1973 ruling.

Roe v Wade was a court ruling by nine SCOTUS Justices which ONLY over turned all existing state abortion laws PRIOR to the 1973 ruling. Since the Roe v Wade ruling by the court the legislative branch, which Constitutionally is the only government entity which has the legal authority to create , "law," has only passed one legislative initiative concerning abortion on the federal level and that happened in 2003 when Congress passed the ban on partial birth abortion which was challenged and the upheld by the SCOTUS in 2007.

That is the ONLY, "law," passed by the legislative branch which on the federal level constitutes any illegal or legal action concerning abortion. There are other laws that deal with abortion but all other existing laws are at the state level and as such apply only to that particular state. Federally the partial birth ban is the only national law concerning abortion.

Sotomayor in her answer that she considered abortion ,"settled law," also revealed her true belief that courts make law. Roe v Wade was a court DECISION and did not make ANY law but only over turned all existing laws at the time of the decision. So according to Sotomayor because of that DECISION, abortion is a legal right sanctioned by law created by the courts and NOT the legislature. A belief that is completely unconstitutional since laws are ONLY created by the legislature.

While I believe that Sotomayor will be confirmed since those who oppose her are in the minority and liberals who agree with her have more than enough votes to confirm her appointment, any illusion that she is not liberal or will be a Judge who follows a strict adherence to the Constitution should not only be put to rest but understood that her idea of the responsibility of a Justice is to make law and not just enforce it. She is an activist Judge and will remain so as a Justice of The Supreme Court.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I had thought about posting something about the radical ramblings of Sonya Sotomayor and whether she should be confirmed since in her opinion Justice is not blind especially not color blind. But frankly I am already tired of hearing the left praise her as a hero of all mankind and everyone who is against her is considered as racist. So I will admit here and now that if opposing Sotomayor is the definition of a racist, then I am a racist because I do not believe that judges should make decisions based on passion or ideology or even compassion or empathy.

A judges decision should be based only on the strictest view of the law as established in the original intent of our Constitution, which is obviously something that Sotomayor will not do because her entire judicial career is one of denial of the truth of law in the Constitution. She will sit with Ginsburg as a liberal interpreter whose decisions find no basis in the Constitution. And since the Senate consists of many like minded liberal Democrat Senators her confirmation is all but a shoe in.

So to relieve some of the dull drum of the hearings and the drooling of the left over Sotomayor, I hope you enjoy this little diddy from Jib Jab!

Ken Taylor

Monday, July 13, 2009


Disregarding party affiliation, or even the lack of it, Sarah's going to be representing all Americans who are fed up with politics as usual, and that's a whole lot of people, friends!

"I will go around the country on behalf of candidates who believe in the right things, regardless of their party label or affiliation," she said over lunch in her downtown office, 40 miles from her now-famous hometown of Wasilla - population 7,000 - where she began her political career.

Now let's watch the left and the east and west coast elitists go completely bezerk. Not that they haven't already. Among numerous other slurs they've called her a quitter and they aren't going to be pleased (what an understatement!) when she comes out more vocal and stronger than ever now that she's not tied down to Alaska. Heh! The venom is going to fly! If the left was spewing vitriol before, it was nothing to what they're going to be saying now - which will only make Sarah more popular than ever. Sarah is truly a pit bull with lipstick. There's no doubt about it!

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - "Brushing aside the criticisms of pundits and politicos, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said she plans to jump immediately back into the national political fray — stumping for conservative issues and even Democrats — after she prematurely vacates her elected post at month's end.

The former Republican vice-presidential nominee and heroine to much of the GOP's base said in an interview she views the electorate as embattled and fatigued by nonstop partisanship, and she is eager to campaign for Republicans, independents and even Democrats who share her values on limited government, strong defense and "energy independence."

And they thought she couldn't take the heat!

Read more at the Washington Times.

And if you wish, you can read this venom where she is called "batsh*t" insane and a "racist moron." If they really want to understand batsh*t insanity and racism, all they have to do is look in a mirror.

RaDena - Blasting Caps And Dynamite

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Today, July, 12 I am celebrating my 53rd birthday. I was born during the Eisenhower administration and been witness to some amazing events in my lifetime both good and bad. I have witnessed the assassination of one President and the attempted assassination of another. I have experienced the out pouring of pride and thanksgiving of victorious troops returning home from war and watched anti-war zealots shamefully mistreat troops who returned home after defending us.

I have watched men land on the moon and also watched as brave souls die attempting to reach space. I have witnessed political scandals and political victories. I have watched the end of a Cold War and the demise of Communism as a force in the world. I have experienced bad American leaders and great American leaders. I watched a much needed civil rights movement and also watched the race card played in an attempt to keep racial tension for political gain. I have watched Americans die at the hands of evil in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. And have also watched that evil defeated in defense of America.

I have experienced America in both good and hard times. All of these experiences have become an indelible part of my life. As with anyone who reaches another age milestone a certain amount of reflection comes with the next year of life and I have been reflecting on both personal matters and matters that pertain to this country I love.

We are in the midst of the most radical attempt to transform American life that has ever taken place in our history. Barack Obama is moving this country in a direction that I would never have imagined possible in the earlier years of my life. I was born during the ,"Leave It To Beaver," innocence of the 50's and raised during the turmoil of the 60's. As a child, like many of you I attended public schools and learned about our history.

I learned about the moments that made us a country but it took my own zeal for history to fully understand why our Founders risked everything for freedom. In school I learned the generics of American heritage but on my own I experienced the passion of being an American. Since those days when I attended school even the generics of learning about out heritage have faded to the point that today's children no little about who we are as Americans and why we became a Nation.

In reflection this continual dumbing down of America is the essence of why we find ourselves heading down the path that Obama is attempting to take us. He is not the beginning of the Socialism slide in America but is trying to hasten its completion. This slide toward a socialized America has been taking place for decades. It has not just appeared since January. In fact the very reality that someone like Barack Obama could be elected at all is found in placing the real blame for this slide in the hands of its true cause and also its benefactors, the American people.

In our disgust at what has happened in recent months since bailout mania began last Fall and stimulus fall out has continued under Obama, we have tried to place the blame in many directions. We blame Democrats and Republicans. We blame Bush, Obama, Pelosi and Reid. We blame Congress and the Courts. And in every attempt to place blame their is a compelling case and justification to place that blame on any of the above mentioned perpetrators for our slide to Socialism.

But in truth and reality we really have no one to blame but ourselves. Yes, over the years as a society we have experienced a continual and gradual dumbing down of Americans and a sanitizing of our history and the real passion and reasons that our Founders fought and died to create a new Nation conceived in liberty and on the premise that all people are created equal and have the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

But the real problem that created an atmosphere in America that made it possible for someone as radical as Barack Obama to become President of The United States came from the fact that over the years Americans have become lazy and neglected our true responsibility as citizens of this country. Our Founders understood that the only way to prevent government from becoming a tyrannical force over the people that it governed was to legally and Constitutionally place the power of authority over that government in the hands of the people.

As citizens of this great Nation it has always been our responsibility and duty to hold our government accountable for its actions and those who we hired as Representatives answerable to the people in EVERY aspect of their public life and especially in their responsibility as our Representatives. Whether Congress, the Courts or the Presidency, ultimately and Constitutionally all of their authority is derived from the consent and will of the people.

Over the years Americans have forgotten that one singular principle that made this country unique in all of the history of mankind. That one singular principle that insures that freedom could eternally exist in this Nation of free people. That one singular principle that our Founders fought to make a reality for Americans of their generation and all future generations. The principle that the people ARE the authority of the government and every aspect of that government is answerable to the people.

As beloved as George Washington was during his eight years as President when the people did not agree with what he was doing they would literally camp out on his door step demanding that he listen to the people. Americans have lost that accountability since then. Over our history we have neglected the Constitutional responsibility of government accountability to the people. partly because of an intentional dumbing down to create a lazy citizenry, but mostly because we have just sat back and allowed those we hire to dictate to us rather than us to them.

Many Americans could not tell you what the Constitution is much less what it says. Many Americans believe that government is SUPPOSED to take care of the people rather than the free ideal and Constitutional right to take care of ourselves without government intervention. So just who is to blame for this Obama mess that we are plagued with as a Nation ? We are ! Who then can stop its completion and its hastening to a socialistic society ? We can !

While our Constitution still exists and we still have the power and authority as free people to demand that our government listen to its true authority, we can stop this slide and restore real freedom to us and future generations. Before we vote we MUST actually listen to everyone running for office and not just vote for them because we always have or because we like their smile.

When we vote we must completely and finally clean house and place in Washington Representatives who listen and actually understand that they are there by the will of the people and not for their own glorification or prosperity. We hired them and we can fire them ! We must take to the streets as our ancestors did when they were not happy with their government or the decision made by those elected. In this age of technology we must use it to our advantage and demand daily that those we hired adhere to our will and our authority. We cannot and must not let them control the agenda any more !

If we do not make a stand now then both we and our children will look back and wonder how it happened that freedom disappeared in America. We will look back and wonder how we became slaves to our government instead of it being answerable to us. We will look back and wonder what happened to our Constitution and why it no longer has any place in our society other than a historical document that we gaze upon if we visit Washington. We will look back and wonder how it all happened and why. Then we will realize that we lost our chance to make a difference and that who we have become can be blamed on no one but ourselves.

Ken Taylor

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