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Sunday, September 30, 2012


From day one official Obama administration story including that from Obama himself of the attack on our Consulate in Libya has been a planned deception campaign and cover up to hide the truth from the American people and also hide the truth of the failed policy of Obama that brought about the attack.

Fox News has been the only media outlet that has followed this cover up while the rest of the so called media has been assisting the Obama administration in deceiving the public about the truth behind the attack and the murder of Ambassador Stevens, tow Navy Seals and a public servant of the Consulate.

Follow this link to view the complete Fox News report of the actual timeline of the attack and the deception campaign being used by Obama and others in his administration to hide the truth in one of the worst cover ups in our history.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I oppose Barack Obama. I oppose him not because he is black but because he is an absolute joke as a leader, has weakened the country I dearly love, taken our Republic down a path that our Founders never intended and caused tremendous hardship through his failed economic policy to millions of my fellow country men and women.  I would oppose him if he was white, yellow, brown, green blue or purple. His race, ethnicity nor his color have ANYTHING to do with my absolute opposition and complete disagreement.

In fact as a citizen of our great Republic it is my Constitutional responsibility as one of the people and the true and ONLY authority over our government in whom we temporarily loan power to those we hire to serve us, it is my sacred responsibility to disagree with a President or any politician I believe is hurting my country. Acting in an unconstitutional manner and weakening this Nation and her people. This is why I oppose Obama and the ONLY reason I oppose him.  Yet I have been labeled a racist countless times on this site in comments made by anonymous Obama supporters who refuse to accept my right and responsibility to disagree and oppose Obama so thus I am a racist.  I am sure that the label will be applied because of this post, so be it.

I grew up in the sixties in the San Francisco Bay Area. Though a child and young teen, I remember the race riots and personally saw several in Oakland and Berkeley, California.  I remember Dr. Kings Civil Rights movement and even at a young age admired this great man and the much needed changes he was fighting peacefully to make and watched with pride in my country as before and well after his murder the changes he sought became reality and race relations, tensions and racial problems made great improvements.  Are there still improvements to be made? Absolutely, but we have advanced greatly in the last fifty years, then along came Obama.

I have watched with disgust over the last nearly four years much of the racial divide that Dr. King and thousands of others fought to end and had succeeded in so many ways,  reversed by this Presidency and those who support it to a divide in our Nation now that allows anyone who opposes this President being labeled a racist and the race card being played continuously as a means of gaining political ground and trying to shame anyone who opposes anything this President does.  Personally in this writers opinion those who play the race card and use race as a means of political gain or to prevent opposition of this President are the true racists as they divide our Nation along racial and class lines.

With all of this said, I believe there is a major factor that is NOT being counted in any of the polling and certainly will not be factored in during any of the exit polling that will dominate the news on election day until hard numbers will be available after the polls close. That factor is the fear of being labeled a racist for NOT supporting Barack Obama.

In all of my years following politics I cannot remember ANY polling asking along with approval polls whether those being polled, "like," the President.  Every poll shows a likability factor along with Obama's approval rating as if stating that because voters, "like," him then whether they approve of what he is doing or not does not matter.  Because of the racial divide and the fear of being labeled a racist, I believe this likability  poll is false and as such has NOTHING to do with Obama's job approval or his popularity which I also believe is extremely low but because of the fear of racist labeling voters are saying they like him when they really do not.

I also believe in polls that are already shewed by at least 8 - 10 points in favor of Obama that are designed to show him leading regardless of his failure and his terrible economy, there is also a fear of being labeled racist factor that causes those polled to say they support Obama when in actuality they may or may not but the fear of the label prevents them from stating their true opposition to his Presidency and their disappointment in his policy.

This is also why on election day I truly believe that exit polling reports will be greatly skewed as many will not admit opposing Obama for fear of the racist label but when it was just them and the ballot behind the closed curtain they in actuality voted for Romney while telling the exit pollster they voted for Obama. As such I hope this factor will not cause a discouragement with voters on election day much like that which took place in Florida in 2000 when CBS News announced prematurely that Al Gore had won the State causing thousands in the Panhandle to leave the long lines and go home thinking their vote no longer mattered thus thrusting us into the month long nightmare that decided the 2000 election.

Not that I think the election will be as close as 2000.  In fact I believe we will know late in the evening the results and that as predicted by the two Colorado University Political Science Professors who have a 100% prediction rate since 1980 that Romney will be the winner.  But this still does not take into consideration the racist label and how it is affecting current polling and will until the hard numbers appear after the polls close on November 6.

It is a sad commentary now and will be a sadder commentary as history writes the story of the failed Obama administration when it will be shown that his Presidency damaged race relations in our country and set back advances that had been fought for since the birth of our Nation. It will be a sad commentary as history shows that Americas first black President caused Americans to fear a racist label rather than voice their true beliefs and feeling the freedom to exercise their Constitutional responsibility to dissent and oppose a President.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


In a week that has once again emphasised the childish and amateurish actions of Obama foreign policy and his lack of true priorities, Barack Obama ended his visit to New York with a speech before the United Nations that spent more time focused on apologizing for a video and he continues to claim is the cause for the Middle East unrest. Even after beginning his speech with a tribute to murdered Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Obama never once mentioned terrorism, Al Qaeda, or anything that has been proven as the true cause of the murders and attacks but just a tirade about a video.

All of this was met with tepid applause and a response that would shame any US President but I am sure it mattered little to Obama because his arrogance is only surpassed by his stupidity.  For the first time since these annual meetings have been taking place in New York at the United Nations a US President has chosen to show up ONLY for the annual speech without meeting with one head of state. In fact Obama is even skipping the traditional Secretary Generals luncheon which is attended by all heads of state.

Now don't get me wrong, I could care less about the United Nations. I believe it is a tyrannical organization that supports any and everything that is counter productive and against United States interests around the world.  It favors dictators over freedom and chaos over peace. But this particular forum provides an annual opportunity for the President to meet with his world counter parts on our soil and at once.

Obama has chosen to ignore this opportunity including a second request for a meeting by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Claiming that his schedule gave no time for any meetings Obama still found time to make a visit to the daytime television program , "The View," which was his only scheduled appointment in NYC during this annual gathering of world leaders.

His campaign is more important that US interests. His personal celebrity is more important than his duties as President. His arrogance is more important than the job he was hired for.  One pundit suggested that Obama refused to meet with any of his world counter parts because it being an election year Mitt Romney would also be allowed to meet with those same leaders and Obama was concerned about being shown up by his opponent. Especially the good relationship Romney has with Netanyahu and the poor at best Obama has with the Israeli Prime Minister.

We do not have a President in Obama we have an arrogant celebrity who loves the spotlight and has made more television appearances than all of his television era predecessors combined.  We do not have a President we have a joke who will not accept responsibility for anything but chooses rather to blame anyone and anything for the problems he has created.

Anyone who still supports Barack Obama is dosing so out of ignorance of who we are as Americans and what we stand for.  Anyone who still supports Barack Obama is duped by the celebrity and ignores the failure. Anyone who still supports Barack Obama has closed their eyes to the truth that Obama is destructive for America and dangerous for the future of our Nation.

Ken Taylor

Monday, September 24, 2012


There have been reports, most of which have either come from the Obama campaign or the Obama owned media, that Mitt Romney is out of touch with Middle Class voters and as such this majority voting block, (54% of voters), favored Obama over Romney.  Of course this spin has caused many to have major concerns as to whether Romney can actually beat Obama even with the total failure of Obama's Presidency.

Most analysts agree that 90% of Republican voters have already made up their mind and 90% of Democrats have also which leaves the remaining undecided voters the key to who will win the election and the majority of those will not decide until the days before the election.  The number shifts that we are seeing on an almost daily basis are due NOT to changes within the electorate and their decisions on who they will vote for by the fudging of numbers that in every case polls more Democrats than Republicans and Independents. This obviously favors Obama, yet even the skewed polling is showing Romney gains which means that those who are deciding as the election is drawing closer are breaking for Romney.

A George Washington University Battleground poll may be one of the most revealing polls showing that voters are breaking toward Romney as we enter the last weeks before the election. In previous elections Middle Class voters usually split evenly between Republican and Democrats but the Battleground poll shows  Romney with a sizable lead in this vital voting block.  Romney leads 55% to Obama's 41% among Middle Class voters.  A full 62% of Middle Class voters believe the country is going in the wrong direction which explains in a nutshell why this voting block is breaking decisively toward Romney.

Candidate favorability numbers also show a key as to why Obama is losing the Middle Class.  Romney holds a 51% favorable rating with a 44% unfavorably. Obama has a 48% favorable compared to a 54% unfavorable. Romney also leads on the issues. +9 on the economy, +3 on foreign policy, +15 on spending, +7 on taxes, + 2 on Medicare and +10 on jobs. Which also gives Romney a decisively lead on the issues that matter most to Middle Class America.

Over all among all voter demographics the Battleground poll gives the Romney camp additional good news even after what some consider a bad media week for Romney. Romney has solidified the GOP base with 90% support compared to a similar 88% support of Democrats for Obama. Romney still leads with Independents but the numbers that pose good news for Romney show voters over 45 give Romney +7 over Obama. Among Married couples Romney leads with + 14, a + 6 with men and a + 9 with white women a block that the media has claimed belongs to Obama.

Once again when the media skewing is removed and actual numbers shown Romney is looking good and showing signs of continued improvement as the election draws closer. Undecided voters continue to break for Romney, a trend that seems to show Romney numbers only increasing as the final weeks of the election cycle draw to an end.

Ken Taylor

Friday, September 21, 2012


White House Press Secretary Jay Carney after being pressed for several days on the unquestionable evidence that the attack on our Consulate in Libya was a terrorist attack with Al Qaeda as the culprit finally admitted in a momentary statement that it, "could," be related to terrorism. Yet his boss Barack Obama is doubling down on the idea that the attack was STILL a spontaneous response to the anti Islam video that has been the center piece of the weak and ridiculous response by Obama and his administration to the attack in Libya and the ongoing attacks and protests in more than 27 countries.

During an interview with Univision for Latino audiences Obama was FINALLY pressed on his failures and broken promises but when asked about the attack in Libya and the terrorism tie with Al Qaeda he dodged the questioned and continued his spin about the video and how our freedom of speech is misunderstood by the Muslim world and the government had nothing to do with the video.

Adding to this complete farce over the video, the administration has now put together an add that is costing $70,000 dollars to run on Pakistan Television showing both Obama and Hillary Clinton disassociating the government from the video and continuing to apologize for it.  Once again emphasizing the official administration stance that the attacks are NOT terrorism but the result of an obscure video.

The initial protests in Egypt have also been revealed as having nothing to do with the video but long planned protests that were to happen on the anniversary of 9/11.  Since then because of the apology by the administration over the video causing it to go viral on September 12, a full two days after the first official apology, some of the continuing protests and leaders of Al Qaeda are using the video as an excuse. This excuse though was not of the Muslim worlds making but the attention drawn to the video by being used as a scapegoat for failed Obama policy in the region.  Prior to the attention drawn to it by the administration it was NEVER mentioned in any protest and especially the attack on the Consulate in Libya causing the deaths of our Ambassador and three others.

Further word is coming out that Ambassador Stevens warned the State Department that he was on a, "hit list," and that his life was in danger. These warnings were ignored by the administration and as such he had no protection as he traveled through the country on official US business. Plans were in the making to possibly assign Marines to Libya for protection of our personnel sometime in the next FIVE YEARS!

Could Ambassador Stevens, two retired  Navy Seals contracted by a private company and another American public servant been intentionally sacrificed with full knowledge of the danger they were in by the Obama administration in order to protect failed Obama policy in the region? Then to ad to the cover up using the obscure video as the scapegoat in order to take the media spot light of the truth?

These questions demand to be asked and answered since Obama is doubling down regardless of the overwhelming evidence that the video had NOTHING to do with the attacks or the murders of our citizens. The web of lies and deception involved, ignoring of warnings and intentional lack of security to protect our people leads one to believe that the President who stated just a few days ago the he, "knows the Muslim world," wants what is taking place in the region to happen and the strength of America diminished as a result.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Sitting in the chair next to David Letterman talking about how he is not worried about the debt, claiming he is President of all the people while campaigning on a class warfare platform, then continuing the week long rhetoric that has been the official story of his administrations that the attack on our Consulate in Libya and the death of four Americans including the 12 hour torture of our Ambassador is because of an obscure video that has been on You Tube since July, intelligence reports have now confirmed that the attack was a planned terrorist event by Al Qaeda.

Still with all of the evidence telling the fact that it was a terrorist attack with Al Qaeda as the culprit The White House stuck to the video story for most of the day after Obama's Letterman visit and finally in a brief statement reluctantly admitted that it, "may," be associated with a planned attack but not using the word terrorist or the name Al Qaeda.  After all according to Obama and his administration there is no war on terrorism and to admit that the attack in Libya was a terrorist attack and Al Qaeda was involved means that Obama policy is wrong and his approach of appeasement and apology in the Muslim world is not only flawed but has failed.

Obama claimed during a brief moment before the press before his appearance on Letterman this amazingly arrogant statement, "I know the Muslim world."  In this one statement Obama reveals one of two possibilities  about his view of the Middle East, the Muslim world and the place The United States has in that same world.

Door Number One - he is either completely naive enough to think his knowledge of the Muslim world gives him a mind boggling insight to a world in which his policy obviously has brought on massive protests, 30 deaths and the murder of our Ambassador to Libya or........

Door Number Two - his policy of apology and appeasement has been deliberate because of his knowledge of the Muslim world to allow radical Islam to take over countries that had formerly been strong allies of America like Egypt. Isolate Israel while abandoning her to his backing of the Palestinians and an Iranian nuclear threat.  Therefore he WANTS radical Islam to rule the Muslim world, he sacrificed our Ambassador to reach this goal and he has no problem with hatred of The United States by the very radicals he supports. And the winner seems to be Door Number Two! 

To continue this ridiculous idea that a video is the blame for all the unrest, the attacks, Al Qaeda's resurgence with another 9/11 attack, the torturous murder of Ambassador Stevens and Obama policy has nothing to do with it makes Obama, his State Department, his UN Ambassador, his Press Secretary and anyone else in his administration look absolutely foolish and this representation of our country looking foolish in the eyes of the world.

Still Obama plays the celebrity. Acts the fool on Letterman, parties with Beyonce and Jay Z and has a visit to The White House by a costumed pirate to celebrate, "Talk Like A Pirate Day." While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in The United States requesting a meeting with Obama and told Obama doesn't have time to meet with our closest ally and Ambassador Stevens, two Navy Seals and another public servant who worked in the Libyan Embassy are dead.

Is this who and what we want for another four years representing our country, appeasing our enemies and abandoning our friends?  Do we want the purposeful weakening of our Nation and the rise of an enemy that has killed Americans, attacked our Embassies and our country 11 years ago?  This is the Obama plan, the Obama policy and the Obama purposeful systematic move to bring the decline of America.  HE HAS TO GO!

If you still support this danger to America for reelection and another four years of what we have seen in the past week and worse, WAKE UP!  Obama is seeking to drag our country down until we are on the same level as any other country. American strength and American power is necessary for the peace of the world and the security of our people and our Nation. Obama is sacrificing our country for his personal agenda of appeasement to allow radical Islam to control the Middle East with his full backing and support.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Polling for the 2012 election is skewed favoring Obama as the sampling is decidedly a larger percentage of Democrats over Republicans and Independents. The baseline for 2012 polling is the 2008 election which had a 39% Democrat participation, 31% Republican and 25% Independent. This sampling baseline even with Romney showing at least a 15 point lead with Independents in all polls has Romney either behind, even or only one or two points ahead. Moving the baseline to a balanced approach based more on the 2010 election which had Republicans, Independents and Democrats nearly balanced at the polls on election day a much better baseline as 2012 mirrors 2010 much more than 2008 because of the higher involvement of Republicans and Independents than in 2008, a sampling of equal numbers of Republican, Independents and Democrats the picture changes dramatically as shown below.

NBC News/WSJ 9/12 - 9/16 - 736 Likely Voters - Obama 44.0 - Romney 51.0 -  Romney +7 

Monmouth Univ. 9/13 - 9/16 -  1344 Likely Voters   Obama 45.0 - Romney  50.0 -  Romney +5

 Q Star News  9/13 - 9/16  - 2075 Registered Voters  Obama 44.0 - Romney -  55.0 Romney +11

 NY Times/CBS News 9/8 - 9/12  - 1162 Likely Voters  Obama  44.0 - Romney  51.0 -  Romney +7

Democracy Corps 9/8 - 9/12 -  1000 Likely Voters   Obama 43.0 - Romney  52.0 -  Romney +8

Fox News 9/9 - 9/11 -  1056 Likely Voters  Obama 45.0 - Romney 48.0 -  Romney +3

Reuters/Ipsos 9/7 - 9/10 - 873 Likely Voters  Obama 42.0 - Romney  51.0 -  Romney +9

Wash. Post/ABC News 9/7 - 9/9 - 826 Likely Voters  Obama 45.0 - Romney  52.0 -  Romney +7

CNN/ORC 9/7 - 9/9 - 875 Registered Voters   Obama 45.0 - Romney  53.0 -  Romney +8

IBD/CSM/TIPP 9/4 - 9/9 -  808 Registered Voters   Obama  41.0 - Romney 50.0 -  Romney +9 

ARG 9/4 - 9/6 -  1200 Likely Voters   Obama 43.0 - Romney 53.0 -  Romney +10

Average of all polls - Obama 43.0 - Romney 51.0 - Romney + 8

For those who have been discouraged by the polling take heart when polls are balanced and Romney is actually leading. Of course as always the only poll that counts is the one that takes place on election day. But the bottom line is don't fall for the media skewing of this election and know that the American people know failure when they see it and vote with their pocket book.  Obama IS a failure and everyone is hurting in the pocket book which places Obama as a one term failed President.

Ken Taylor


Redistribution of wealth has been the key factor used in both a socialism and communism form of government.  Our Founders set up our Constitution in a way that prevents the redistribution of wealth by government IF the precepts within the Constitution are followed as written and the limitations created by the Framers of the Constitution on government are actually adhered to.

Then along comes Barack Obama.  An audio surfaced from a 1998 visit by Obama to Loyola University. During the conference in which he was a speaker.  Then Illinois State Senator Obama stated matter of factual that he, "believed in redistribution, " of wealth.

The argument is being made that this was 1998 and any politician can change his ideas, thoughts etc. as the years go by.  Okay, I'll give that to the Obama defenders.  Politicians do change some of their stripes as time goes by. Ronald Reagan began his political aspirations as a Democrat and changed to Republican as the Democrat party no longer expressed his political beliefs.  Mitt Romney has changed some of his stripes from the days when he was Governor of Massachusetts and is decidedly more conservative than he was then.

So how about Obama and his favoritism of the socialist/communist idea of redistribution of wealth?  Let's move to an interview from 2001 when Obama stated that the flaw of the Constitution, in his opinion was that first Supreme Court Justices when ruling on Civil Rights legislation actually followed the constraints of the Constitution which is a document of, "negative liberties," ( I have never known ANY liberty to be negative),  because it tells what the government cannot do, ( well yeah, that's the idea the Framers intended dope), and not what it must do on behalf of citizens. Here's that portion of the interview.

Well now the Obama apologists will say, "but that was still 2001, well before he ran for President." Okay, I'll give them that one also.  In 2001 he was still a State Senator and hadn't made it to the national stage yet and could possibly make some changes in his ideas and beliefs. But what about 2008 when he was running for President on a national stage placing his ideas and thoughts before a public that would elect him President and then putting those ideas and thoughts into policy?

Enter Joe the Plumber who became an over might celebrity when he questioned Obama about his redistribution beliefs and videos of his one on one with Obama went viral as seen below.

From the first mention publicly in 1998 at Loyola University to the campaign of 2008 and the Joe the Plumber moment Obama's belief of wealth redistribution has not changed at all. His agenda and policy as President has been working toward a complete wealth redistribution as expressed by his notion now that the wealthy do not pay their fair share and as such should be taxed more. He sees those making $250,000 dollars or more as rich which includes almost ALL small business owners including the plumbing business that Joe the Plumber was purchasing in 2008 which would have brought home an income as he stated in the video of about $270,000 - $280,000 a year. Joe by no means is a wealthy man.

Wealth redistribution is based on pure class warfare and the communist idea as described by Karl Marx, "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs." Marx and Obama believe in wealth distribution and Obama has used his Presidency to make this Marxist/Communist idea policy for a free people in a free America. Liberty demands that wealth redistribution is NOT part of American society but according to Obama that is not fair and liberty should be set aside so that he can use government to steal from one to give to the government and force another into a dependency on the government for life.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I have been listening for over a week until it makes me sick to my stomach to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, UN Ambassador Susan Rice, Jay Carney and every other Obama apologist that has stepped before a camera since the uprisings started in the Middle East and Northern Africa, blame an obscure, little watched video that has been on You Tube since July as the blame for all of the violence, protests and killings.

This little known video only resurfaced AFTER Obama and all of his apologists began apologizing for this video that was an unknown entity until THEY started talking about it. No one interviewed in the countries where American Embassies are being attacked and mobbed knows ANYTHING about the video. In fact many of these countries who warned the Obama administration that this was going to happen INCLUDING the attack on our Consulate in Libya that resulted in the slow tortured death of Ambassador Stevens are seeing Obama and his apologists as foolish because they continue to blame the stupid video rather than the true reason for all of the unrest.

The entire Middle East and Northern Africa have exploded BECAUSE of Barack Obama and his apologetic/appeasement policy.  This is pure hatred of our country from Muslim entities and mobs who are taking advantage of Obama's weakness and apologies.  Every leader there knows it, every protester knows it, every terrorist organization knows it. Israel knows it and yes, Iran knows it and soon as the skies light up with a nuclear attack from Iran, thousands of mourners of dead family members killed by an Iranian nuclear weapon will know it.

Polling all across the region show Obama AND his policy extremely unpopular.  Obama's weakness has bread and emboldened the hatred that has existed for decades. The difference is that now they sense the weakness and as such are taking advantage of that weakness to kill Americans and destroy American property WITHOUT a single response by the person whose policy and apologies directly caused all of this, Barack Obama.

The stupidity of Obama in thinking if he apologized and weakened American power in a region that has been volatile for hundreds of years shows his total lack of understanding of the place of America in the world. We are the voice and light of freedom but our strength keeps even our enemies in check and protects our allies from enemies in their own countries and now Obama's show of weakness has erupted half the world that knows his weakness means they can kill, destroy and mob without consequences or response by a severely weakened America.

Obama's weakness has exploded violence in 27 countries and that number is growing everyday as the lack of response by Obama's weakness is emboldening Muslim mobs all over the world.  If this is the, "new beginning," Obama talked about during his apology tour in 2009 and especially in Cairo, Egypt please give me the old way when Americans were protected, our enemies were in check and our allies trusted us.

A similar weakness existed during the administration of Jimmy Carter but the only problem that resulted then was Iran and the hostage crises that lasted 454 days. Even a weak Carter tried to show American strength in a failed military rescue of the hostages that failed because of Carter's hesitation which caused the attempt to take place during a major storm in the region that brought about a disaster.

The eruption taking place today is not only far worse than the debacle of Carter but Obama's response is to continue to hang with his Hollywood cronies, show up on Letterman, ignore Benjamin Netanyahu and blaming his failure in foreign policy on an obscure video that has ONLY gone viral AFTER he and his administration apologized for it.

We cannot allow this weakness to continue. We cannot allow this Presidency to continue. We cannot allow this failure to continue. Our flag is burning, our Embassies are burning and our citizens are being killed while the one whose policy is responsible for it parties and misses most of his intelligence briefings.  This is not leadership it is surrender and Americans DO NOT SURRENDER.  End this embarrassment and weakness on November 6 and begin the restoration of American power and the recovery of our prosperity on January 20, 2013 when weakness leaves and strength returns to The White House and America.

Ken Taylor

Monday, September 17, 2012


225 years ago The Constitution of The United States of America became the principled law of our Republic. Written and created by some of the most brilliant men that have ever lived on this Earth our Constitution established for the first and only time in world history a country where the people are the authority and the law protects the people from government allowing each citizen the freedom to live, worship, work and prosper as they wish without the oppression of government standing over them.

A representative Republic where governmental power is loaned by the people to three equal Branches of government designed to check and balance each other preventing any Branch, group or individual within the government from a tyrannical take over of the government and thus the people.

Contrary to popular liberal belief The Constitution is not subject to liberal interpretation or changes in accordance to societal winds that blow.  The Framers of our Constitution established a very strict and complicated procedure to amend this document of law intentionally to prevent the winds of societal change from changing the Constitution with the whims of politicians or a society that deems it no longer necessary to follow the principles established in this greatest of documents.

Yet, even though our Constitution is not subject to whims and liberal interpretation there has been over time usurping of these great principles and as such a great deal of unconstitutional law is being enforced by the very government the Constitution was established to protect the people from.  There have also been politicians who have chosen to ignore the Constitution and grab power in an unconstitutional manner.  Yet the power and law of this great document has kept to a great extent much of the radical changes that have been tried over the years in check.  But unfortunately so much has been allowed to become, "law," in complete disregard of whether it is Constitutional or not that who we are today as compared to who we were 225 years ago is significant enough that we have surrendered and lost many of the liberties and freedoms  that the Framers sought to protect through the Constitution.

Today the Constitution is under attack like never before in our country and The Executive Branch has through Executive Order usurped many of the checks and balances and is far more powerful than intended in our Constitution. Congress also has ignored Constitutional principles through governmental regulation and entitlements that do not meet true Constitutional muster and as such robbed us of freedoms that many in our country do nor understand they have lost.

We have a President who believes the Constitution is flawed because it only states what the government cannot do and, "not what the government must do on behalf of, " the citizens. This one belief by Obama as quoted from a 2002 NPR interview shows that he has no understanding of the intent and liberating principles of the Constitution.  The Framers intentionally limited the power of government by stating what it could not do and did not state as Obama said, "what it must do," on behalf of Americans because a free people by law should have the ability to do for themselves without the government being in the way.  This is what our Constitution is about and why Obama is such a threat to those sacred principles set forth by our Founders.

The Constitution is just as viable and true today as it was 225 years ago. The principles established provide the same liberties and freedoms today as they did 225 years ago if radical politicians like Obama would get out of the way of our Constitution and allow this great document to work as it was intended. To allow all of our citizens the rights as given by God and freedom from an overbearing government to prosper in accordance to our own individual abilities and talents.

This disregard and wrong interpretation of our Constitution by the current occupant of The White House and many in Congress is why the 2012 election is so important. Our Constitution is under attack almost daily by the current administration and as such using the Constitutional authority and responsibility we have as citizens of our beloved country we must stand for the Constitution in this 225th year of its birth and remove by our vote those who are threatening the very establishment of our Republic and as such the freedoms our Constitution protects.

Ken Taylor

Friday, September 14, 2012


Barack Obama does not deserve reelection. No matter how he spins it, no matter how the media lap dogs drool over him. No matter how his cronies defend his indefensible policies and actions. Here on this page are 15 reasons all of which are disastrous for our people, our future and our Nations existence, for Obama to be fired and not reelected.

The top picture is but one of hundreds coming out of the ENTIRE Middle East as the region is exploding in anti American violence that has already lead to the death of our Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens and as many as 11 additional Americans including two Navy Seals.

The violence we are watching before our eyes that is growing with each passing day is a direct result of a weak foreign policy that directly reflects the world view of Barack Obama. Obama has spent his entire Presidency apologizing for America especially with Middle Eastern countries whose Islamic element see this as weakness.

Adding to this has been his support of the supposed, "Arab Spring," uprisings that Obama claimed were the spring boards to, "democracy," movements in several Middle Eastern countries among them Egypt, Tunisia and with the death of Qaddafi, Libya.  In reality the uprisings in these countries were the beginnings of radical Islam movements taking over many countries that had not been problems for The United States and now have become nightmares with the rise of The Muslim Brotherhood coming into power.

Obama's appeasement and apologetic approach has emboldened Islamic radicals and even in countries where the blood of American heroes has been spilled defending freedom namely Iraq and Afghanistan similar  anti American violence is sprouting as even former allied countries are taking advantage of the Obama weakness.

Add all of these foreign policy failures that have dramatically weakened American strength throughout the world to the drastic domestic situation and the Obama Presidency marks a complete failure whose reelections poses a real threat to the future of our Nation.  The graphic above outlines 14 economic factors that have worsened during the nearly four years of disastrous Obama economic policy.

14 reasons added to the explosion of anti American violence and we have 15 solid reasons why Obama does not deserve reelection and if so how it will endanger our existence as a country and our freedoms as citizens.  Obama is a plague that is spreading like a terrible virus infecting the lives of every American and as we have seen in the last several days countries around the world.

Is this what we want for our future, our children and yes even ourselves for the next four years? Absolutely NOT. The only way we can eliminate this plague is with the defeat of Barack Obama on November 6, 2012.  Just as the world calmed after the last failed President Jimmy Carter left office in 1980 and quickly our Nation recovered due to the strong leadership and encouragement of Ronald Reagan who restored our pride, strength and prosperity, January 20, 2013 will bring a similar calm when the failure of Obama leaves Washington DC and a new President begins the restoration of our country and our strength around the world.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, September 13, 2012


The three pictures shown here have far too much in common. From top to bottom Ambassador Stevens being murdered, (yes he was still alive in this picture), and dragged through the streets in Libya 2012.

The second picture is from 1993 in what has become known as the Black Hawk down incident when our soldiers were dragged through the streets of Mogadishu after being shot down in a Black Hawk helicopter during military action which by Presidential order under Bill Clinton were not given proper support for the job they were ordered to perform.
The third picture is from the Iran Hostage Crisis during the Presidency of Jimmy Carter when our Embassy in Tehran was attacked and hostages were taken and held for 444 days from November 4, 1979 until Ronald Reagan's Inauguration on January 20, 1981. What do all three of these picture have in common?
Americans killed dragged through the streets or taken hostage due to weak United States foreign policy by equally weak American Presidents.  Jimmy Carter, the Iran Hostage Crisis, Bill Clinton, Black Hawk Down and Barack Obama the murder of Ambassador Stevens in Libya and our Egyptian Embassy invaded our flag torn down and replaced by the flag of Al Qaeda.

The Iran Hostage Crisis was the direct result of a weak foreign policy in the Middle East during the Carter Presidency that abandoned long standing allies who may not have been the best leaders in their countries like the Shah of Iran but unlike Islamic radicals favored western ideas and supported The United States.  Carter hung the Shah out to dry and Ayatollah Khomeini stepped in the void left by the abdication of the Shah bringing Islamic radicals into power in Iran and their first act was to take advantage of Carter's weak policy and take 52 hostages and the American Embassy.

In 1993 Bill Clinton ordered American troops to Somalia as a, "police, " action against war lords who were starving their people. From the beginning the military action was micromanaged by The White House with Presidential orders preventing troops from using necessary numbers and equipment to preform their duty in Mogadishu, Somalia.  During the Black Hawk Down incident a Black Hawk helicopter was shot down and as the survivors ran out of ammunition mobs of Somalians killed our soldiers and dragged their bodies through the streets.  Clinton would not allow support troops to come to the aid of the downed helicopter.

This one incident was mentioned by Osama bin Laden as the catalyst that encouraged him to plan his Jihad against The United States which eventually brought terrorism to our shores in the devastating attacks of 9/11.  The Iran Hostage Crisis, Black Hawk Down and 9/11 were the result of weak foreign policy Presidents, Carter and Clinton who even after Black Hawk down refused six times to take out bin Laden when he was offered on a silver platter by the Sudan in the years after the first World Trade Center attack.

Now we have Barack Obama who claims to be a great foreign policy President. Yet we have seen incident after incident of his foreign policy being apologies for American principles, support of radical Muslim groups like The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt that was behind the invasion of our Embassy on Tuesday and are also allying with Iran calling Israel their enemy and seeking the total destruction of the Jewish State our strongest and most staunch ally.

The Muslim Brotherhood is also moving into the void in Libya after the demise of Qaddafi bringing with them Islamic radicalism that directly brought the murder of Ambassador Stevens and seeing his body dragged through the streets.  Barack Obama has appeased Islamic radicals throughout his Presidency. He has sided with Islamic forces against Israel consistently even shunning a request by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a meeting about the Iran nuclear threat during a visit to The United States next week. Obama is choosing to campaign in Ohio and make an appearance on Letterman over a meeting with the leader of our greatest ally.

Later this month during a meeting at The United Nations Obama is having a one on one in support of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi who was The Muslim Brotherhood candidate and whose group invaded our Embassy in Egypt on Tuesday and ripped up our flag.  He throws our ally Netanyahu under the bus and embraces the group that calls for the end of Israel and invades our Embassy.

Is this the foreign policy weakness we want for the next four years? Do we want a repeat of the disasters of Carter and Clinton foreign policy? Do we want a President who seeks first to apologize for American principles which was his first reaction to the invasion of our Egyptian Embassy?  Do we want a President who reacts to the murder of an Ambassador ONLY after Mitt Romney expressed his outrage over the attack of our Consulate in Libya?  Obama did not make any statement about the attack until a day after it took place but had plenty of time to attend hours of fund raiser events in Las Vegas.

Another four years of appeasement, apologies and weakening of American strength will make us much more vulnerable than Obama has already made us and lead to the distinct possibility of further attacks against US interests, the killing of our Diplomats and citizens and possibly another 9/11 type attack.  Can we let this weakness continue? NO, November 6th is less than two months away and we must remove this weakness from office to restore American strength, respect and pride both at home and throughout the world.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Most Americans are tired of Afghanistan and the war our best and bravest have fought successfully to destroy Al Qaeda and defeat the entity that protected them for years, the Taliban. Our troops deserve high praise for the magnificent job they have done to rid the world of terrorism and those who have supported it like the Taliban. One would think that the Commander in Chief of The United States would also appreciate the job our troops have done and the sacrifices they have made.

Most CIC's would but not Barack Obama.  Little has been told in the news about the new plan and agenda that the Obama administration as the behest of Obama himself has undertaken in Afghanistan.  Not only has the administration been negotiating with the very same Taliban that out troops have been fighting to defeat for ten years, but the new plan as adopted in those negotiations gives MOST of the country back the very same Taliban that our troops have fought.

In deep under the radar negotiations the Obama administration has agreed to accept the terms of the Taliban which gives control of the majority of the security forces that WE HAVE TRAINED over to the Taliban in the majority of the country. Additionally as part of the deal the Taliban insisted on the release of dozens of Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists being held a GITMO in Cuba. Not only was this agreed to but they have already been returned to Afghanistan while our troops are still in country giving them the chance to kill our best and bravest who captured these terrorist thugs in the first place.

We are seeing the results of Obama's appeasement policy with Islam throughout the Middle East.  Obama has provided $1.2 BILLION dollars in aid to the Muslim Brotherhood, a known radical Islamic group who has called for the destruction of Israel and are now in power in Egypt thanks to the Obama administration.  This same group ruling the Egyptian government is now negotiating and working with Iran who also calls for the destruction of Israel and is soon to be a nuclear threat.

As America remembered the terrible events that took place on September 11, 2001 when our Nation was attacked by Al Qaeda, Islamic radicals whose beginnings can be traced back to the Muslim Brotherhood members of that same Muslim Brotherhood stormed our Embassy in Cairo, Egypt and ripped down our flag spitting in the face of our people and our Nation.  Yet Barack Obama supports this group and provides billions in tax payer funded financial aid.

The official administration response to the attack on our Embassy in Cairo was to apologize to the attackers and appease their, "cause."  At the same time radical Islamic set fire to our Consulate in Libya whose government also has been taken over by radicals Muslims supported by Obama. The attackers also killed an American official in the Consulate. The official Obama response was silence.

Adding insult to injury Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is visiting The United States next week to discuss the continuing threat Iran is posing though its nuclear program. He requested a meeting with Obama for that purpose and was informed that Obama did not have time to meet him. Yet he scheduled a segment on the Letterman Show next week which he found time for.

HOW CAN ANYONE STILL VOTE for this danger to out country, our security and who we are as Americans?  In less than 60 days we will chose the path our Nation takes for the future. We can vote to continue the destructive path Obama has us on both through a weak foreign policy that endangers our country and our people and a financial agenda that will bankrupt our Nation within two years if Obama is reelected. Or we can chose a future that will restore fiscal sanity, restore our strength and respect in the world and protect Americans rather than appeasing our enemies by choosing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. The choice is clear a strong Constitutional America with Romney/Ryan or the destruction of our Nation and our people with Obama/Biden.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It was one of the brightest mornings of the year. Clear skies dominated the entire East Coast of our beloved United States. Then at 8:46 AM the day turned from the beauty of a September morning to the tragedy of the deadliest attack on US soil in our history. Cowards claiming to act for the glory of their god hijacked planes with innocent people on board and used them as weapons to destroy The World Trade Center, damage severely The Pentagon and what was intended to be an attack on the Capitol Building became a shining tribute to the true American spirit as a passengers took control sacrificing their lives to prevent the final attack of that terrible day.

We remember those who died on American flight 11 that hit tower one of the Trade Center. United Airlines flight 175 that hit the tower two of the Trade Center.  American flight 77 that hit The Pentagon and American flight 93 that crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania taking with it the first warriors of a war on terrorism that would take our Nation to theaters of battle to defeat the Islamic radicals who had declared war on us long before we actually knew they existed.  We remember the souls of innocents whose lives were stamped out by Islamic cowards on board each plane on that terrible day.

We remember the 2606 who were killed in New York in The World Trade Center, 125 at the Pentagon and passengers and crew on flights 93, 175, 77 and 11.  We remember in awe the hundreds of Police, Fire and Port Authority officers who without regard for themselves risked and many who lost their lives saving those who could be saved on that terrible day.  Eleven years later the events of 9/11 are as etched in our memory as they were as the occurred then.

Any remembrance of September 11 would not be complete without thanking and honoring the thousands of Americas best and bravest who have sacrificed themselves in the defense of freedom in foreign lands as a result of that terrible day.  We honor them and mourn those who gave the last full measure of devotion.  We must never forget that day nor the evil that caused that day.  Always being on guard and remembering that the evil of Islamic radicalism still exists and will always be the blame for the thousands lost on September 11, 2001 and our heroes in uniform who have given so much, some their all for the protection of our land of the free and home of the brave.  


Ken Taylor

Monday, September 10, 2012


Almost from the moment the Democrat Convention slammed its opening gavel on the podium until the final gavel last Thursday night, speaker after speaker and video after video bragged about the great General Motors bailout and how Obama saved 1.5 million jobs and the auto industry single handily by forking over billions of tax payer dollars in 2009 soon after taking office.

I was also amazed to hear Obama and speaker after speaker from Bubba Clinton on down the line of liberal ideologues throw Ford Motor Company into the saved by Obama's massive government bailout mix.  Playing on the short term memory of most American voters who I am quite sure have forgotten that Ford refused the bailout money and stood on their own two feet, restructured the company and in actuality are the ONLY American auto company that is making a profit and selling cars at a rate that is competitive with especially the Japanese and Korean car manufacturers who control the lions share of the car market.

Short term voter memory and lying Democrats also forget just how not only controversial but technically illegal Obama's GM bailout was when is occurred in 2009.  Obama's, "bailout," nationalized GM as the US government through tax payer dollars became the owner of 60% of GM stock which crashed soon after the bailout and has yet to recover more than three years later.

Voters and Democrats forget that Obama violated normal bankruptcy laws and other legal precedents forcing GM share holders to lose almost all of their holdings while turning over most of GM shares to the United Auto Workers Union to protect ridiculous labor contracts that prevented the company from restructuring and downsizing its labor force.  Additionally structured in the the bailout were illegal creatively constructed relief of certain tax laws that allowed GM to be relieved of tens of billions of dollars in tax obligations while the Obama administration was condemning other companies as unpatriotic for using legal means to reduce their tax burden.

The 1.5 million jobs they claim to have saved is also based on their assumption that had GM and Chrysler declared a restructuring bankruptcy that both companies would have closed and taken with them the thousands of parts suppliers etc. who worked with the auto manufacturers. Anyone with the least amount of knowledge about bankruptcy restructuring, INCLUDING, the Democrat liars club, knows that companies DO NOT close during a bankruptcy of this type but continue to operate during financial reconstruction.

Bubba Clinton's claim that the bailout created an additional 250,000 jobs is also an extreme stretch of the truth. While the auto industry as a whole has created 236,000 jobs since the bailout ONLY 4500 are from GM.  This small jobs figure does not even come close to offsetting the 63,000 jobs lost at dealerships who were unilaterally shut down by terms of the Obama bailout. So in reality the Obama bailout LOST 58,500 jobs and added ZERO.

The claim by Joe Biden in his much touted cry that Osama bin Laden is dead and GM is alive is also a major deception. While bin laden is dead GM is barely alive as it is lagging behind its major competitors, Toyota, Kia, Honda and Volkswagen who have shown large sales increases while GM sales are up less than 10 percent with several of its more touted cars having to be scrapped due to the lack of sales.

Most financial analysts still believe GM will have to declare a restructured bankruptcy but all agree that it will not happen until after the election as Obama continues to throw good tax payer money to bad with continued government subsidies for GM to keep it afloat. Its stock shares are still almost junk bonds and its business model is a royal mess. With the government still holding 60% of GM shares and as such primary ownership of the company, Obama will continue to use this as a campaign story of success hiding the real truth so it can help his reelection bid, then soon after the election is over early in 2013 GM will crash once again file for bankruptcy and finally be allowed to restructure and start the road to recovery without the Obama bailout corporate welfare program that has killed what used to be the worlds largest auto maker.

Ken Taylor

Friday, September 07, 2012


The DNC Convention is over and now the trek to November 6 is on. Obama and Bill Clinton were the key speakers on the last two nights. The theme of both of their speeches was, "I know things haven't gone as good as was promised but in the next four years I, (Obama), promise to do better."

Bill Clinton stated as shown on the left, (appropriate isn't it), "no President, not me or any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all the damage in just four years."  I guess Bubba forgot about President Reagan.

Reagan came into office with a far worse economy with inflation at 22% following the disaster of Jimmy Carter, than Obama did with the recession he has reminded us almost every day that he, "inherited," and has yet to take one ounce of responsibility for through his destructive policy that took a bad situation and made it far worse.

Reagan turned the Carter disaster around in less than two years and never once blamed the problems on his predecessor and took full responsibility for his office, his decisions and the economy he repaired.  His success EARNED Reagan a landslide reelection because he did what he promised and brought America back from the brink of total disaster.  Obama has not only NOT brought the recovery he promised four years ago but worsened it to the point that we are now on the brink of an economic collapse that would be catastrophic for our country and the world.

Americans who fell for his hope and change four years ago now have little hope and no change.  His speech at the Convention was filled with the same platitudes that he has used over and over again. He claims he hasn't had enough time to finish the job so he needs another four years to do what he couldn't do in his first term and what Reagan did in less than two years. Restore a broken economy and return prosperity to Americans.

At any time in my work career if I had stood before any boss and said to him/her, " I know I haven't done what you expected of me or the job you wanted but if you'll give me more time I think I can do better." I would have been fired on the spot. Yet Obama stood before we the people, HIS BOSS, and said he needed four more years to do what he promised to do four years ago and expects us to rehire him. Donald Trump said it best at the end of his television show, The Apprentice, and what we should say to Obama, "you're fired!"

We heard NOTHING of how he will do anything different than what he has already done and has already failed. We heard his usual laundry list of clean energy jobs, going after , "climate change," etc. without anything of substance but pipe dreams and rhetoric. Empty statements from the ultimate empty chair and empty suit.  Barack Obama whose chance has come to an end and whose failure earns the dismissal by the American people by voting him out of office on November 6 with the joy of seeing him leave Washington on January 20, 2013 and retiring into historical oblivion where he belongs.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, September 06, 2012


Ladies and gentleman, step right up and get your free tickets to the biggest farce ever displayed in prime time television.  In the first ring the First lady, ( ouch even hurt to write that  ), of The United States telling everyone how her husband identifies with those who struggle everyday to just make a pay check. This coming from the wife of the man who never worked for a living a day in his life because someone else paid his way including his trip to The White House.

In the center ring we had Bubba Clinton the, "moral," leader of the Democrat party who had been at the least one of the biggest vocal critics of Barack Obama and now became his greatest supporter.  Listen as Bubba claims that Republicans are responsible for all the US debt totally forgetting that the guy he is now patting on the back is responsible for almost $6 trillion dollars and deficits that have been over $1.3 trillion every year of his Presidency and will be for the foreseeable future if he is reelected.

Also in the center ring is Obama campaign co-chair Stephanie Cutter. Remember her?  The yo, yo who called Mitt Romney a felon and claimed she knew nothing about the add where Romney was accused of causing the death of a laid off workers wife from cancer yet a phone call was reveled showing she actually helped arranger for the husband to make the ad?  Yes, Stephanie Cutter who can spin a lie better than almost everyone in Democrat history except Barack Obama and possibly Bubba Clinton.

In ring number three we have the DNC platform and the delegates who think God has no place in the DNC. Yes the DNC platform that excluded God before they included Him then booed when He was put back in the platform.  Yes, the DNC platform that called for a floor vote to reverse the highly controversial move to exclude God and Jerusalem as Israel's Capitol and support for Israel from the platform then took three count 'em three floor votes with the opposition to reverse the exclusion clearly more then those favoring it and the vote passed to the loud boos of the majority of the delegates.

As a special treat for this three ring circus is the acceptance speech by Barack Obama which couldn't even get enough participants to view in Bank of America, (Carolina Panthers), Stadium even though they had free tickets all over Charlotte including in Convenience Stores.  Yes, the speech that is now being held in the Convention Hall with claims of concern for the safety of viewers and the chance of thunderstorms which according to meteorologists shows a 0% chance of rain.  Yes,  the speech that just over a week ago DNC planners stated that not even the weather would cause the speech to take place anywhere but Panthers Stadium until they saw that the nearly 80 thousand seat stadium would be almost empty because the Obama thrill is gone.

So ladies and gentlemen enjoy the farce of the final night at the DNC as we are entertained by its nominee on how he saved the economy, claiming Americans are better off than they were four years ago and he deserves another four years because what he inherited was so bad that he needs more time to repair it even though factually what he has done made things FAR WORSE then they were. Also forgetting that Ronald Reagan, "inherited," a far worse economy and world situation never blamed it all on his predecessor and turned it around well before he asked to be reelected and was reelected in a massive landslide because Americans were truly better off!

Oh did I mention that as you watch this final act of the DNC three ring circus you will also be seeing the DNC's clown telling the world how successful he's been when all of the evidence shows he is actually an absolute failure. Now that's what I call a well staged comedy act except that the ramifications aren't funny but dangerous for our country and Americans.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, September 05, 2012


UPDATE - The DNC in a voice floor vote reversed the platform decision to leave God and Jerusalem as Israel's Capitol our of the platform wording. Important note about the vote. I happened to be watching the news at the time and coverage went to the floor vote. When the podium brought it up for a vote to reverse the platform language needing a 2/3 majority to pass he had to ask for the vote three times because the nays were much louder than the yays.  A yay vote was for reversing the change a nay vote to keep the change leaving God and Jerusalem out of the platform. The chair chose to accept the yay votes when the vote was clearly a nay vote. He chose to ignore the requirement of a roll call vote when it is not clear by voice vote. 

Democrats are meeting in Charlotte for their version of blaming anyone but Democrats and Obama for the nightmare our country is trying to survive.  At a time when poll after poll show that Americans are mostly conservative, embrace family and christian values and dislike government, Democrats have proven by their party platform that they have no clue and are completely out of touch with the American people.

Democrats have chosen deliberately to eliminate any mention of God from their party platform and their Convention.  Regardless of what religious belief one may have, polling shows that the majority of Americans believe in God and see Him as a central part of life, family and country.  Democrats obviously could care less about what the people believe and God Himself. Democrats are notorious for throwing people under the bus as the saying goes but I never thought I would see the day in our country that a political party would throw God under the bus.  Shameful and a disgusting display of arrogant human pride.

Since Harry Truman after much hesitation stepped forward and backed the creation of a Jewish State in 1947, the Jewish community has backed Democrat candidates by large percentages. Even surprisingly with the terrible record of support or I should say lack of support of Israel by the Obama administration and especially Obama himself, Jewish Americans still support Democrats.

Well not only have Democrats thrown God under the bus but they now have officially thrown Israel under the bus as their party platform has ALL pro-Israel language and Jerusalem as Israel's Capitol removed and as such any support of Israel with it.  Obama has finally had his way when it comes to Israel. He has been the ONLY anti Israel President and now his party joins him in this disgusting display against our strongest and most steadfast ally.  I hope this year that Jewish voters finally wake up and turn against the party that hates Jews, Democrats.

Another move by Democrats at their Convention has been to embrace even more so than has been their practice in the past the complete control by government. In a blatant government love affair video shown at the Convention it was touted and applauded by those in the Convention Center as the video stated, "government is the only thing we all belong to."  Yes, "belong to."

I DO NOT BELONG TO THE GOVERNMENT. As a matter of a fact Constitutionally as an American citizen the government actually belongs to me and as such I tell it what to do and NOT the other way around as Democrats now embrace. A free people are not wards of any government and this unconstitutional premise by Democrats that we all, "belong," to the government wreaks of fascism and communism.

According to our Constitution it is we the people who own this country and her government. Democrats refuse to accept this founding principle and have exposed their plan and their ideology to the American people for the future. The expectation that every American resign their freedom and become wards of the government that we all, "belong to."

Vote Democrat in 2012 and you vote to surrender your freedom and belong to the government.  Vote Democrat in 2012 and you vote against supporting Israel.  Vote Democrat in 2012 and you side with the party that seeks to eliminate God from America.  Vote Democrat and you vote for the utter destruction of American principles of freedom, free market, prosperity and the free exercise to live your life as you choose, to worship as you choose and prosper according to your abilities.  Vote Democrat and you vote to give up America.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, September 04, 2012


The, "Only we think you're better off and if you don't agree it's Bush's fault," Convention is taking place in Charlotte, NC.  The DNC will be showcasing liberals and stars of the Democrat Party trying to tell the country that we are better off today than we were when Obama took office January 20, 2009.

The big question that waits to be answered during the three days in Charlotte is how many times by how many speakers will we hear about how Obama inherited a mess and his policy saved us from oblivion.

Not once will they mention that the deficit was $464 billion for fiscal 2009 when Obama took office and within two months he increased that to $1.4 trillion with his failed trillion dollar stimulus that only stimulated Unions, alternative energy companies that ended up going under wasting millions of tax payer dollars and sending billions over seas to stimulate job growth in countries like Finland.

Not once will we hear anything about how unpopular Obamacare is with polls showing that more than 60% of Americans don't want it with thousands of businesses already making cut backs in order to pay for the debacles requirements.  Not once will we hear that the poverty rate has risen dramatically since Obama took office and median income in The United States has dropped by nearly $5,000 dollars due to failed Obama economic policy.

Not once will we hear that when Obama took office we still had a AAA credit rating and under his economic policy the rating was lowered for the first time in our history.  Not once will we hear that when Obama took office gas was $1.85 a gallon and the national average is now $3.85 with the price per gallon being the highest for ANY Labor Day weekend in our history.

Not once will they mention that on the day the Convention begins the National debt will surpass $16 TRILLION dollars and that nearly $6 TRILLION of that has been added during Obama's term more than every President combined from George Washington to George H.W. Bush.  Not once will it be mentioned that unemployment has been above 8% for 42 months, longer than anytime in our history INCLUDING The Great Depression.

So look forward to listening to a laundry list of left wingers pretending that every thing is wonderful with Obama at the helm.  Look forward to Democrat heavy hitters like Bill Clinton tell how Obama has saved the day and how four more years will allow him to finish the, "good," job he has begun.  The spin will be huge and the illusion will be created that Republicans have been the problem and Romney will destroy us.

Americans haven't bought this spin to date and the glitz of a Convention won't change that. Obama is a failure and as Paul Ryan said makes one remember, "the good old days," of Jimmy Carter who will speak by video at the Convention. Obama's record is one of failure they will spin into a lie of success while blaming any and everyone for their problems and an economy that BELONGS to Barack Obama.  Are we better off than we were four years ago??? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Ken Taylor

Monday, September 03, 2012


In honor of the excellent speech delivered by Clint Eastwood at the Republican National Convention today has been declared, National Empty Chair Day.  A day to remember that the pretender in The White House is an empty chair, an empty suit who is a man without substance a President with failure as his legacy and a record that has taken our country down a path never intended by our Founders leaving 23 million out of work.  An economy that under his policies has worsened and shows no sign of improvement, a foreign policy that has weakened our Nation and a path of debt and deficits that will end in the bankruptcy of America and a generation of Americans that for the first time in our history will be worse off than the generation that came before them.

Place a chair in your front yard as I have and countless others across the nation are for National Empty Chair Day!  November 6, 2012 the day the Empty Chair is booted out of office, January 20, 2013 the day the Empty Chair is exiled into historical oblivion where he belongs. Below enjoy Eastwood's speech at the Convention and several pictures about Empty Chair Day!

Ken Taylor

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