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Friday, September 29, 2006


It started out as a small leak repair and developed into a week long rework and repair of the bathroom. If I were one who believed in conspiricies I would think that something was trying to prevent me from posting but I know better. Anyway the problem is almost finished and I am getting out of the house the rest of today and tomorrow but will return for my Sunday Commentary. As always thanks for your patience and for your visit and participation.


Sunday, September 24, 2006


Yesterday the world awoke to reports that Osama bin Laden was dead of Tyfoid Fever and that his demise was in August. As the day progressed the uncomfirmed report began to back down some with claims that he was either dead or extremely sick. Toward the evening and especially as night fell it was reported that the claim of bin Laden's demise was from a leaked document from French intelligence and the claim was denied by French President Jacques Chirac and that an investigation was underway as to how this report was leaked. As this breaking news transpired somtime after 9PM Eastern US time CNN, in whom I am not a great fan but do watch on occasion to get a liberal perspective of the news, was airing a bio-documentary about bin Laden beginning with his emergence in the 80's. The CNN reporter hosting this program was non other than Christiane Amanpour a reporter that has never impressed me because she obviously has a disdain for The United States as evidenced in her sympathetic reporting of anyone who opposes the US. As she described the exploits of bin Laden there was almost an awe in her voice and one would think that she was refering to a Head of State or a world dignitary rather than the evil leader of a equaly as eveil murderous terrorist organization. Of course this should not come as a surprise since CNN always treated the terrorist Yasar Arafat with awe and respect as a world leader. Additionally the ticker at the bottom of the screen never mentioned Chirac's denial only bin Laden's demise. CNN Headline news as late as 10PM Eastern US time was still reporting of the possible demise of bin Laden and not mentioning the Chrirac denial. Contrast this with Fox News who was airing regularly scheduled programing with no mention of bin Laden's demise on the ticker and the lead report at the top and bottom of the hour news brief was of the Chirac denial. I mention this reporting because it greatly follows the thinking of both the right and the left when bin Laden is concerned Fox of course representing the right and CNN representing the left. While the majority of the left is in union with the right in the desire of seeing the end of bin Laden and by no means do I believe that the liberal loyalist nor the leadership hold him in awe but rather desire his end, the perspective of the importance of his demise is significant. Most on the left from the grassroots to the leadership portray the idea that the demise of bin Laden would end the war and the terrorist threat bringing a desired peace with the Islamic Facsist world. Do not misunderstand me we on the right from the grassroots to the leadership would love to hear of the demise of bin Laden but we also understand that while his death is desired and would be a victory in the War on Terror it would not effect niether the war nor the plans and attempts to impliment those plans by Al Qaeda and especially other terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas who have no ties or loyalty to bin Laden. This is a global war on terror in which Al Qaeda is a part. Additionaly Al Qaeda and most terrorist groups consist of cells and individuals who operate independently of leadership and would continue to carry out the finatical Islamic philosophy regardless of a living or dead bin Laden. Even large plans are implimented independently of leadership evidenced by the recently thwarted attempt to destroy several US bound airliners originating in London. Islamic finatic terrorist though they may follow the teaching of people like bin Laden carry out their Jihad as a service to Allah to recieve after life rewards and not to satisfy Osama bin Laden. While his death would be a moral boost for our soldiers and our country it would have no effect on the war and the enemy other than the loss of a man they admire.

The best historical example that closely resembles the finatisism in following a belief is Imperial Japan of WWII. The Boshito belief that the nation and especially the military followed had the finatical belief that one should sacrifice their life for the glory and by the command of Emporer Hirohito. Their finatisism was to the extent that even if the Emporer had died or had been captured or killed by allied forces their beleif in the Bishito creed and loyalty to the idea of the Emporer would have continued. Even after the dropping of the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima and the Hydrogen Bomb on Nagasaki this finatical belief continued to the point that the military was preparing for every man, women and child to die in one last fight for the glory of Japan. Hirohito ordered the surrender and even this nearly failed as the military attempted a coup to, "protect," the Emporer from the," weakness," of politicians who did not believe as they did.

While the coup failed and Japan did surrender terrorism will not even if bin Laden were dead or were to order it. This finatical Islamic belief in rewards by Allah for their death drives them to kill all infidels and even any Muslim who disagrees with their finatisism. This is why though desired the death fo bin Laden and the use of a great amount of resources in the search for him would not accomplish the,"end, " that many on the left believe. While the hunt for bin Laden and seeking his demise is good keeping it in perspective in the global war on terror is not only a sound strategy but a better use of the necessary resources needed to fight this war. Using an exorbatant amount of men and material in the hunt for one man whose demise would only be a momentary victory and more a moral boost than a stategic necessity would be foolish. Osama bin Laden will meet his end if in no other way than wasting away in the dire conditions that our forces have pushed him into in order to hide from capture. This war is being fought on many fronts and in many ways all of which are seeking to deny and destroy terrorism as a whole and not just the death of one man as many on the left believe will bring about the desired result of victory against global terrorism.

Ken Taylor


This week the Blog of the Week spotlight falls on, " A Soldiers Perspective." Excellent insight and commentary from America's finest. The blog consists of reports and/or commentary from several active duty military which gives a perspective about what is truly happening and how soldiers view issues that effect this country. Well worth reading and adding as a link.

Friday, September 22, 2006


I am in the process of beginning a new business which has consumed much of my time over the past week. While there have been numerous subjects that I would have liked to post on, time has not allowed the needed moments to gather my thoughts into writing. I will return this Sunday with The Sunday Commentary and next week hopefully time will allow for regular posting. As always thank you for visiting this site and for your contribution in both reading and commenting.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, September 17, 2006


With the primaries completed and the observance of the fifth anniverasry of September 11 remembered the 2006 election race is finally in full swing. Voters will turn out throughout the country on the first Tuesday in November to elect the House, 1/3 of the Senate and several Governors as well as State legistalators and numerous state and local government positions. In other words the mid-term elections are upon us. The usual attack adds will flood the airways over the next few weeks. The Sunday and daily talking heads will deliver their , "expert," analysis of how the election is shaping up and even predict the outcome. Everybody and his brother or sister will be brought in as a guest on the news shows providing their learned commentary and opinion on every candidate and especially the furture make up of the House and Senate. Polsters will step into high gear and polls will give daily reports as to who is in the lead and which party will be in the majority when election night finally comes and the totals begin pouring in. Both parties will continue to jocky for position as the season progresses and daily reports on who the President is campaigning for and which GOP candidate is embracing or distancing themselves from Bush will be a part of the daily poltical fodder on the news channels. So whether you are ready or not the political season is open and in high gear and the next few weeks will be a constant barrage of politics, political attacks, charges and counter charges and accusations, politisizing everything and each party emphasizing the others failures. In other words business as usual only on a grander scale because the election is just around the corner. When all is said and done though the, "experts, " who study and talk this political game regularly and the polsters crunching their numbers and spinning their questions to the select few who have ever been contacted by a polling group, ( I ask you have you been or do you know anyone ever contacted by a polster ?), in the end the only , "expert, " that counts and the only poll that is exact and true is the one that brings the results on election day. The voter is the only actuality that decides who is elected and how every race turns out and as has been the case in the last several elections all of the polls and political discussion that took place before the election did not even closely predict or determine the outcome. That, thankfully is still up to you and I the electorate who cast their vote in accordance to their individual thoughts and beliefs on election day.

So how then do you plan to vote ? Anyone who has read my thoughts and understands my political philosophy know that though a life time member of the Republican Party I am a conservative first and a Republican second. I have discussed in detail several times through various posts my disagreements with the way that the Republican majority has handled several issues from the rampant spending that thankfully has finally shown signs of some control, the border issue which I beleive both parties have not truly dealt with and the growth of governemt that goes against conservative ideology of less and smaller government. I will admit whether it is motivated by the coming election or a true understanding by the majority of the conservative base that placed them in office in the first place, much of the proposed legislation that has come before the House and Senate recently has begun to show signs of control and reducing government but still falls far short of true conservatism and thus has caused a disconnect between the Republican voter and the majority. This said though I have my disagreements I do not believe that anyone because of their discontent should stay home on election day. Even if we disagree we cannot expect our voice to be heard unless we excersize the right to use that voice through our vote.

That is why I share with you why I am voting Republican on election day and not as a camp follower because if you have ever read my thoughts then you know that I think on my own and do not just follow the, "party, " line. Even with their short falls I believe that the Republican agenda is still the most progressive for the country and has the greatest chance of continuting the economic growth and protecting the nation than that of the Demcorats. The Democrats though voting for funding of the war have continually undermined and fought against the execution of the war and the implimintation of policy in combatting the enemy. I fully believe that if the Democrats were to gain the majority then the war would gradually end in a military scense and be returned to a law enforcment problem only which was a failed policy for decades in combatting terrorism. This war requires every aspect of US action from law enforcement to military, from intelligence to the individual citizen and this is the position of the Republican Party whcih is almost polar opposite of the Democrats. For the security of the nation a Republican majority is needed.

Republican's have a stronger stance on border security though I still believe that both parties have failed on this issue. If the borders are to become secure and the illegal problem controled then the Republicans are the best chance if for nothing else than when push comes to shove they have listened to the out cry of the conservative base in every instance that we have pushed them into action by our voice and conservatives believe in tough borders and in enforcement of the law concerning illegals and employers who hire illegals. The Democrats have shown that though they favor border security they don't favor border closing or fencing and back programs that lean toward making illegals dependent on government programs rather than making them obey the law thus creating a voter block for the Democrats.

From an economic stand point there is no question between the parties. The Republicans believe in cutting taxes the Democrats believe in raising taxes. It has been proven time and again that when taxes are cut and the people determine how their money is spent then it grows the economy as compared to more taxes and government spending rather than the individual. The Republicans favor business and allowing business to grow thus providing jobs and strength for the economy. The Democrats favor regulating business so that the government can determine how their business operates and raising the minimum wage which has proven every time to stagnate the economy because it takes control of payroll out of the hand of the business owner and forces him to slow hiring to comply with wage demands. The minimum wage was designed to be a starting wage for entry level workers and not a living wage for every worker. 90% of those on minimum wage are new workers who have just enetered the work force and not had time to better themselves. Raising the minimum wage will hurt economic growth and this the Republican's know.

If the Democrats were to gain the majority then this country would face hearings and continual demands by the Democrats for the impeachment of the President not because they have real evidence but because of their hatred of Bush and their belief that he stole the 2000 election which has festered in their party ever since. The job of government whether the execution of the war or the daily legislative process will grind to a halt while the Democrats go after Bush and attempt to remove him from office. This is the goal and base of their agenda and is what they will follow if in the majority.

Whether you agree with my analysis or not the key to expressing our voice as an electorate is to vote. To my conservative friends, I urge you though discouraged as we are and in disagreement on many things with the majority do not sit at home and think that by not voting for the Republican's you are sending a message and that by placing the Democrats n the majority it will be providing a wake up call to the GOP. The results as I have outlined will be disaterous. We as conservatives have made our voice heard before and the GOP has proven that when we speek they listen so please vote and let your voice be heard in Washington.

Ken Taylor


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Friday, September 15, 2006


The United States Senate and the House have been debating in Commitee, legislation that will place guidlines on the various survelience programs and setting the procedures for the military tribunals against terrorist detainees. One of the contentions between the Senate and House versions of the tribunal procedures is the handling of evidence and classified information both of evidence, intelligence gathering that garnered the evidence and covert agents that gathered the evidence. In the House version if the evidence against the terrorist compromises intelligence capabilities or the identity of the agent who garnered the evidence then the details of that evidence will not be available to the defense teams and the terrorist just the evidence that brings the charge against him. In the Senate version all protection of both agents and intelligence gathering are set aside and every detail is required to be given to the defense and the terrorist. The Senate version requires that not only all of the information about where, when , how and what means was used in gathering the evidence but the full identity and status of the covert agent who gathered the intelligence and all sources which contained the evidence. Revealing this much in detailed information to the defense and the terrorist not only compromises the agent and renders him useless as an agent because his identity and his sources must be revealed but the revelation of how he gathered the information compromises covert intelligence programs and contacts which not only endangers existing intelligence but destroys the capability of using a source or an avenue for intelligence gathering in the future. In the Senate version even if the evidence is part of an ongoing investigation all of the detail of that investigation is required to be revealed to the terrorist and his defense team. It staggers the imagination to think that members of The United States Senate who are supposed to be our most sophisticated elected body can design legislation that will destroy intelligence capabilities, reveal covert agents and thus cripple our intelligence abilities against an enemy in a time of war, or any other time for that matter. Additionally where is the media out burst about this intelligence violation ? The New York Times had no hesitation in revealing to the world US intelligence programs yet when the Senate is doing exactly the same thing they have no comment. Where is the outrage about the , "outing, " by Senate design of covert agents ? The media was quick to cry about the supposed , "outing , " of an agent, (Valerie Plame), who proved to not only be non-covert but whose revelation source, (Richard Armitage), had nothing to do with those, (Karl Rove and , "Scooter, " Libby), who the media went after with a vengence. Yet by design the Senate IS requiring the identification of covert agents be handed over to terrorists as part of their defense in the course of a military tribunal. Their have been many times in the past that I have accused the Senate of losing it collective mind but this particular incident pales in comparison to the past. I believe that during the course of the tribunals these terrorist though never concerned about the rights of those they killed or the rights of those killed by plans such as 9/11 that they created should have the right of a good defense as was evidenced in the benchmark of tribunals, the Nuremburg trials against Nazi war criminals. They should have access to the evidence that is being brought against them through indictments which will be given them. But that access should not contain details of the programs that gathered the evidence nor the indentity of agents and their sources who gained the evidence through intelligence gathereing. Even in a United States court of criminal law it is not required for law enforcement to reveal their sources nor their methods of gathering evidence. As long as the evidence in criminal court is gathered by legal means it is presentable in court. If the gathering of that evidence is questionable then it is thrown out before presented as evidence. Still the sources or means of gathering are not required to be revealed. But our glorious Senate is requiring that this , "right, " be given to terrorists and thus destroying intelligence abilities and agents identities. This Senate version still has to go before House and Senate commitees to come to a compromise between the two chamber versions. Let's hope the collective, "wisdom, " of the compromise committee has the scense to realize that though rights must be protected they should not allow the compromising and destruction of national security and those whose perform the task of protecting this nation.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


A United States Military drone spotted a goldmine in Taliban leadership and fighters. The image was sent back for clearance to fire an kill the 190 gathered for the funeral of what appeared because of the number to be the funeral of a high ranking Taliban leader which would also indicate that leaders of that same caliper were in attendance but because of the politically correct rules of engagement that state that we cannot fire on a cemetary not only was permission to fire denied but quickly after the funeral all 190 dispersed into the Afghan Mountains to live and kill another day. Now I ask you if this had been one of our soldiers funerals or and Afghan civilian or a Pakistani leader or civilian or even a funeral procession not in a cemetary does anyone believe that the Taliban would have hesitated to fire and kill those in attendance ? I realize that many would make the argument that this is one of the many things that make us different from them. The fact that we have rules that we follow and they do not when it comes to war. If this had been a civilian with a few Taliban in attendance of course we should not fire. But a Taliban leader being buried by 190 of his fellow leaders and fighters ? Have we become so politically correct in our view of war that we have forgotten that the very nature of war is its disgusting and ugly face that in itself makes it something that we want to avoid ? Yes war is ugly and it sometimes requires that we make hard choices in prosecuting the war and if firing in a cemetary full of the enemy means that the war will last one day less or that American lves can be saved because 190 of the enemy are killed then by all means FIRE! Robert E. Lee once stated, "It is well that war is so terrible. We should grow too fond of it." Terrible is the nature of war and if political correctness continues to decide how this war is conducted then we are doomed to eternal war. It is time to take the kid gloves off and release the full, awsome and devistating potential and power of the United States Military in the War on Terror and destroy the enemy completely. We have the capability to flush out these animals with massive air and Cruise Misslile capabilities and the forces to clean up the rest. Yes it will cost as do all wars and we will have casualties as in all wars but at the risk of sounding cold we lost more in the first 30 minutes of D-Day than we have in the last five years in this war on all fronts. Yes every soldiers life is precious and every family suffers a tremendous loss as does this nation if we lose even one soldier but war is war and WE ARE AT WAR ! The enemy brought the war to us on 9/11 and we rightfully chose to take the figth to them and defend this nation. We have held back far to long and it is well past time to use our full capabilities and show the enemy just who we are and how they cannot stand up to the power of The United States. Hard and aggressive fighting will not be popular and it will cause great political flak both at home and over seas. But in the final analysis destroying the enemy and their capability to attack us or our allies again will be its reward.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Last night President Bush delivered a very non-partisan unifying speech on the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. In the speech the President stressed the need for unity and for recommitting ourselves as a nation to the resolve that we felt and each of us experienced as a nation in the immediate aftermath of the attacks. The resolve that demanded a exacting vengance to terror, terrorists and the states and people who harbor them as a result of the murderous attacks against our country. The President took great pains in not seeking to politicize the speech in a partisan way and was encouraging all Americans to patiently stand firm in our resolve and a national unity to win this war against an ideology whose only goal is our destruction. So in response to this out reach for unity in the spirit of 9/11 and in rememberance of that terrible day how do the Demcorats react? Non - unified and partisan. No great surprise but one would think that with the memory of all that took place five years ago and the reminder so apparent of all that this nation felt and experienced that day even they could lay aside partisanship as they did then. I was home still recovering from a week long bout with the flu yesterday and had the opportunity to view most of the memorium that were televised throughout the day. As I watched I saw the emotion and the common sorrow and resolve in the faces of the participants, the families and yes even the politicians with one very blatant exception. At the memorial service at the Pentagon after the wreath had been laid by President and Mrs. Bush they then spent a good deal of time mingling and sharing with those who were in the audience. Many were family members and the President shared hugs, smiles and even tears with most of them. He shook hands with nearly all officials in the midst then came across the path of one in partucular. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid was near the end of the group just before the President stepped into the Pentagon. I watched with interest as he shook hands with many of the opposition and each greated him with a smile or the emotion of the event was on their face but not Reid. He first hesitated in his hand shake then withdrew his hand quickly with a look of disdain and disgust on his face and obviously wishing he were somewhere else. It then was no great surprise to see that his name appeared at the top of the list of Democrats who condemed the President for his speech last night and that any hope of a spirit of unity in defending this nation against our common enemy has no chance with Democratic leaders such as Harry Reid. "The American people deserved better last night," Reid said in a statement. "They deserved a chance to reclaim that sense of unity, purpose and patriotism that swept through our country five years ago." This statement by Reid is so obviously filled with hypocrocy that it drips with contempt. He claims that the President was not looking for a unification spirit though his speech which it totally false and even as this partisan hack makes the statement he himself preaches non unity! The very , "unity, purpose and patriotism," that Reid says theAmerican people deserve to reclaim is exactly what his actions and statements deny and prevent! This is the very reason why the effort to win this war is hindered. The reason that the tools necessary to gather intelligence and to deal with dangerous prisoners who are the source of much of the information that has thwarted many attacks and the very military that fights this war are hampered in their duty and in the implimintaion of programs is because all of these have now become tools for the Democrats and especially Reid to use as weapons in the political process. It sometimes surprises me that we have accomplished all that has been accomplished since 9/11 with hacks like Reid as leaders in the Senate and placing political partisanship above the nation. It seems at times that he and his kind are Democrats first and Americans second. But that to is a non unified statement. If we truly want to win this war as we must then it is going to take the unified effort of all Americans. Yesterday was a potent and vivid reminder of that necessity. I hope that Harry Reid will one day take heed but I doubt it!

Ken Taylor

Monday, September 11, 2006


This last week has been unusual for me as I have be fighting a flu bug Since last Wednesday that would not let me go. Those who have experienced the flu can understand that the last thing that one wants to do is pound on a keyboard much less try to garner a thought that makes any type of scense. Today is my first day somewhat back on my feet and my Sunday Commentary Post and today's thoughts are combined below.

Thanks, Ken


Most of us throughout this day as I am sure we do and have done for many days since that fateful morning five years ago are reflecting on our feelings, our thoughts, our sorrow and anger remembering where we were and what we were doing as The United States was attacked on September 11, 2001. The television and radio through video and audio air reminders of the events of that day. Channels throughout the dial have been playing documentaries and dramatazations of the day America was attacked with eyewitness accounts of the anquish, tragedy and heroism of a day we will never forget. Yet while we view these accounts and listen to the witnesses as these programs are aired which I beleive is good in our collective rememberance, none of us need be reminded nor shown visuals of this day because all of us have forever implanted in the visuals of our memories the horror of the planes hitting the towers, the collapse of the Pentagon and the smoldering of all that was left of Flight 93. We have vivid and chilling thoughts of people rushing through the streets of New York regardless of race or creed united in fear and confusion as the buildings collapsed and because of the dust all were of one color, everyone looked the same and for a brief time thereafter everyone was the same. We all stood united as American's in grief, anger and patriotism against an enemy who then was faceless to most of us and who now has become a part of our daily lives. We stood for the days and weeks after waving flags and demanding vengence while we dealt with our grief and looked for an avenue for our anger. We proudly stood and identified with those who looked for survivors and cried as we watched flag draped stretchers and caskets in the days that followed. To this day we have tears well in our eyes as we remember and watch the events of that day. The emotions that we have held below the surface quickly reappear as we remember and watch all the while still not believing it was real but knowing that it truly happened and our lives and our country were forever changed from the first moment as the first plane struck. We see the gaping hole in the New York skyline and sometimes wonder if the Twin Towers ever really existed or was a figment of our imagination then the disgust, sorrow and anger of that day quickly remind us, yes they did and so did the lives of the thousands who were murdered that day in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. America learned a new definition for hero as hundreds without regard for themselves ran into doomed structures never to be seen again. Yet they did only what they have always done, the duty of caring for their fellow man in a time of need but it took the tragedy of that day to finally call them hero. As the shock of that day began to wear off and the reality of the truth that America had been brutaly attacked by evil and this evil wished the same for every American began to fully sink in, we all stood as one united in resolve and seeking to end those who wished us harm. There were no Republicans nor Democrats, no liberal or conservative or moderate just Americans standing beneath our flag of freedom knowing that who we are, why we exist as a nation, our values, our liberties and our very land were now threatened by finatics whose only goal was to destroy all that we hold dear and the lives of our fellow countymen. Everywhere we looked the flag flew, signs displayed the image of the Twin Towers and The Pentagon stating, "we will never forget !" As time has passed and the vivid memory of that day has become just that, a memory many flags have come down. The signs of unity and, "never forgetting, " have slowly dwindled in number. Partisan bikering has hindered so much while we still seek vengence. The enemy has been damaged but still exists and our national resolve has softened. Yet five years later, the Towers are still gone, a memorial has replaced the smoldering in the Pennsylvania field and the Pentagon has been rebuilt while great progress has been made to make our nation safer. Why then knowing what we have seen and having been warned that to defeat this enemy will take the collective resolve and patience of the nation do we complain as we fight? It is never wrong to disagree with policy nor to have political dicourse for that is one of the blessed freedoms that make the sacrifice of those who died on Sepetember 11 so meaningful. Nor is it wrong to grow weary of war but in that weariness we cannot lose touch with the reasons and the resolve that brought this war to us first on September 11, 2001. A war we did not seek, nor a war that we desired but a war that we must finish and a war that we must win. We are a nation who defends her own and we are a nation who defends those who as we love freedom. September 11 reminded us of the greatness of our people and of the necessity to protect and defend all that we hold dear and of those who would seek to destroy the same. Let us not just shed a tear as we remember. Let us not just reflect on the tragedy or the horror. Let us not just remember those who perished. Let us use this anniversary to regain that resolve and national ferver that united us against a common enemy wherever that enemy chose to hide or dwell throughout the world or whatever they call themselves. Let us stand again as one to defeat the fanatics who stole from us our countrymen and those of 80 other nations who were murdered. The greatest memorial we can give to everyone who died whether in attack or rescue is to renew our nation in the common cause of liberty and freedom to bring final victory so that September 11, 2001 will never happen again!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


President Bush spoke before the Military Officers Association of America today as he began a public campaign concerning the war and where The United States stands as well as the strategy that defines this war. The President gave numerous examples of the accomplishments that have been made and mentioned set backs also. He also stressed in several examples in quotes from terrorist leaders like bin Laden, al Zwarheri and the leaders of Hezbollah as they each referenced on many occassions their strategy against the United States and much of it dealt with terrorist plans for Iraq and why they not only want the US to leave but want Iraq as their base of operations. The transcript of the President's speech is available throughout the web so I will not go further into what he said except for sharing with you a page on the White House website that the President mentioned in his speech. There has continually been constant critisism of the President concerning not having a comprehensive plan or strategy for fighting this war. The left especially has been extremely critical without stating in any form other than a few sound bites that play well to the media any specific ideas or plans on how to conduct the war. Their, "strategy, " has basically consisted of condemnation, accusations and vague thoughts about time tables, pull outs and false statements about the readiness and capabilities of our military. Never have any critics supplied the first detailed idea or strategy concerning the war. The President now has declassified the basic strategy for combatting terrorism which has been in existance since this war commenced. A strategy that was developed and fine tuned after the 9/11 attacks and one which has evolved as any military strategy does as the war has continued. Click on the title of this post to view the outline of the strategy and then as you view it click on each heading and sub-heading to view the detail of the strategy. One can hope that the revelation of the comprehensive and on going strategy will silence critics as they realize the extent of the war we are in and what we face in the enemy. But of course we are dealing with liberals who do not see the threat as real and only wish for the days when it would become only a law enforcement problem again. This is a multi-facit war that entails military, intelligence, law enforcement and even the tips from private citizens for it to succeed. Read the strategy and look at the plan. We are winning this conflict but there is still much work to be done.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, September 03, 2006


"Our revolution's main mission is to pave the way for the reappearance of the Twelfth Imam, the Mahdi." Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I begin with this quote from Iran's President to attempt to bring a complete understanding as to why Iran is a severe danger and the mind set behind this regime. This quote from Ahmadinejad explains the very core of Iran's nuclear ambitions and why this Islamic fanatical regime is so defiant to the world and poses a real threat both to The United States and Europe. With the goal of the Iranian Islamic, "revolution, " being to usher in the, " reappearance of the Twelfth Imam, the Mahdi, " brings with it one requirement that defines the direction of this regime. According to Islamic prophecy before the Twelfthh Imam, the Mahdi reappears world wide Armageddon must first take place. Therefore the , "mission, " of this regime is world destruction with Iran as the instigator and the victor to usher in the return of the Mahdi. With this as a regime mission and goal why then does the world expect Iran to bow to threats from a very weak and powerless United Nations ? The answer can only be one of two options. Either member nations fear Iran or they do not understand to its fullest extent what this regime intentions are or what they are preparing for. I realize that other reasons why the reaction is as weak as it is range from Russia's financial stake in Iran to many of the member nations agreeing with Iran's regime and their fanatical ideas. But most of the European nations, The United States and Canada I believe either do not accept or truly realize how fanatical this regime actually is. This , "mission, " fully explains their ardent support of terrorism, their need for nuclear weapons and why their current program is NOT just for energy as they have tried to claim. Iran regardless of the rhetoric calling for further negotiations has no intentions of backing down or stopping uranium enrichment until the capability of having a working and weapons capable nuclear program exists with missile capability bringing about the necessary Armageddon to complete their mission. Their continual call for negotiations is only a means to delay and deceive the world into believing that through talk Iran may bend, while giving this Islamic fascist regime the time needed to complete their nuclear weaponry program.

As the August 31 deadline for stopping the enrichment program came and past the world responded with a resounding...."ah they didn't stop, oh boy now what do we do!" This total non response only shows that no one knows exactly what to do. The UN and member nations keep talking sanctions but there is no agreement even after issuing a deadline as to what direction the sanctions can take. Many agree that the sanctions should only affect the travel and life style of those who run the country. Namely Iran's President, cabinet, parliament and the theocratic Mullahs who rule the country. Of course this extremely weak response if imposed will succeed in absolutely nothing except to continue to embolden Iran in its defiance and strengthen their resolve. Not even the five permanent members of the Security Council can reach any type of agreement as to direction for sanctions or any other response. When deadline day came and past for instance Russia, who had agreed when the deadline was issued to join the permanent members in imposing sanctions if Iran did not meet the deadline, immediately announced that they would not cooperate. Which again is not a surprise since they have a financial interest in Iran through trade and weapons sales and technology as well as nuclear technology. China too backed down for similar reasons as well as oil and gas purchases that both countries receive from Iran. Iran knows this thus will never take any UN initiative seriously. Even our ambassador John Bolton who usually speaks from a position of strength on issues in an interview on the 31st sounded very vague and weak as to what direction should be followed when the deadline passed. Additionally any type of response from the UN will not even begin until foreign ministers meet on September 19 with only mild sanctions being suggested by the UK and France. This despite the announcement by the International Atomic Energy Agency that as late as last Thursday Iran was enriching uranium gas by processing it through its centrifuge cascade.

It is obvious that sanctions especially weak and meaningless sanctions are not now nor ever will be the answer. A trade embargo could slow Iran's intentions but only if Russia and China were to not only agree to comply but actually stop trade with the rogue state, which is highly unlikely because of their dependency on Iran for oil and gas. This too Iran realizes and uses its oil muscle as a means to manipulate the market and insure that China and Russia remain steadfast in opposing trade sanctions or embargos. Where then does this leave the world in responding to Iran ? Any response through the United Nations will be meaningless and weak therefore following the UN route should be abandoned by nations who take Iran's threat as serious and real. There are nations like the United States that take this threat real and see the danger that it brings. But as was mentioned earlier in this post, do these nations truly realize that this fanatical regime because of its stated mission of ushering in the Twelfth Imam and worldwide Armageddon understand the very real and immediate threat that Iran brings upon the world ? Any meaningful action against Iran must be organized by nations that believe in Iran's threat and are willing to act outside of the UN. Additionally and unfortunately that action is quickly taking on the look of some type of military response since every diplomatic attempt has and will continue to fail because of Iran's defiance and its intended goal. A blockade of all trade traffic by sea, air and land approaches could be the first step, but will take a concentrated effort of many nations as well as the US and European nations who face the Iranian danger. This type of complete cooperation is unlikely but if enough cooperation is acquired is a real possibility. Other responses would include air attacks against Iran's nuclear facilities and possibly the infrastructure to eliminate further reception of trade and development. These are but a few thoughts that could slow if not stop Iran's nuclear development. What is clear is that unless a meaningful and real response is developed soon the entire world including those who see Iran as a trade and fuel ally will face the beginnings of the fulfillment of Iran's Armageddon mission to reign in their fanatical Islamic Twelfth Imam and nuclear weaponry.

Ken Taylor


The Blog of the Week spotlight falls this week on, "A Keyboard An A 45." Though very new to the blogosphere, (August 2006), this blog has a strong future. A conservative with strong opinions about our Second Amendment right to keep and bare arms. Also anyone who quotes President Reagan on his blog header is all right by me! Definitely a blog to watch and add as a link on your site.

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