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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


After years of investigation and millions of dollars as well as continual hounding by the press and the left who saw a chance for blood in the Bush White House the truth now is revealed concerning who Bob Novacs source was concerning Valerie Plame. No it wasn't Karl Rove the White House staffer that the media and the left was drooling over and no it was not , "Scooter, " Libby who resigned as the Vice President's Chief of Staff because of an indictment handed down that had nothing to do with the Plame investigation but with Libby's inability to consistantly remember EVERY detail of conversations that had taken place months before and the chronological chain of events that again took place months before, like who could ? It turns out that the source was none other than assistant Secretary of State Richard Armitage who was known as a member of the State Department to disagree with much of the Bush Foreign policy therefore not a political hack who was out to get Plames husband Joe Wilson and a well known Washington gossip who has never known how to keep his mouth shut! Has anyone noticed the , "extensive, " media coverage that this is getting ? Amazingly and not surprisingly this story which was released yesterday by Newsweek and MSNBC, ( liberals all, so obviously not coming from a conservative view point to cover for the administration), has been invisible in the media. Now those of you on the left will say it is because it is a non story. Granted the Plame ordeal has been played to death and inspite of the liberal medias best efforts has not affected the White House with the public. But the distinction here is that now there is proof that the witch hunt for someone in the Bush administration was just that a political witch hunt and not a justified investigation since the Federal prosecuter, Fitzgerald, new all along that Armitage was the source as revealed in the story yet the media ignores this revelation. Could that be because it actually gives a certain amount of vindication to Rove and Libby as well as the VP and others in the White House who have been accused and hounded as if they were under criminal investigation and the verdict had already been handed down ? Could it be that now that the leak turns out to be Armitage from State and not someone from the Bush White House Valerie Plames bogus civil suite no longer holds any credence since it is now proven to be filed under false pretences ? Could it be that this whole fiasco is now an embarassment to the left because they had based their hopes on this investigation causing the collapse of the Bush administration and possibly even the resignation of the President ? Could it be that it is obvious now that this whole case and the time and dollars that it took was just another in a line of liberal attempts to attack the Bush administration unjustifiably ? Or could it be all of the above ? As usual the left and the media will never admit when they are wrong nor will they admit that they have and will continue to use any and all means to undermine this President and through false accusation try to destroy his Presidency. Now that the truth is revealed all that is left is that one man, "Scooter, "Libby will spend thousands of dollars defending himself against charges that should have not been filed in the first place and a distinquished career of public service has been ended. Congrats to the left, the media and the prosecutor for , "a job well done!" Yeah right!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 27, 2006


History is our greatest teacher. Though circumstances change and technology advances the basic pretext that has decided events in this world throughout history is essentially the same. People decide the fate of nations and unfortunatly though we have historical evidence that is applicable to events that every generation faces the people who make the decisions that determine those current events fail to recognize past mistakes and follow a similar path to their historical counter part. The world, though with different countries lead by different individuals has always had its aggresors and its peaceful nations with the peaceful nations idealistically thinking that through negotiations and incentives that the aggressors will see the logic of ceasing their aggressive ways. The sad and historical fact is that though peaceful attempts have delayed the aggressor and in nearly every instance give the complete indication that the aggressor has discontinued his aggressive ways and followed the path of peace, after the conflict is completed and the aggressor is defeated the truth reveals that while the aggressor was talking peace behind the scenes he was continuing his build up for war and fulfilling his aggressive goals and plans. Additionally after every conflict each generation has determined that the end of that conflict has brought the world the lasting peace that everyone wishes and that the conflict has ended the will and abilities of the aggressors. Yet wars continue and peace seems to only be fleeting. Don't misunderstand me peace is always a desire and the basic goal of every civilized nation but unfortunatly history proves that those who desire peace continually face aggressors who force their aggressive nature on others whether in their own country, neighboring countries or a group of people whether ethnically or religiously similar.

With history as a teacher the I ask this question. With the circumstances that we face today are we on the brink of a third World War and from a historical stand point where are we if the possibility of World War exists ? First with the war against Islamic Fascism taking many forms and appearing on several battlefields as well as countries throughout the world ranging from the Middle East to India, From Europe to the Phillipines and yes even the United States and Canada evidence indicates that this war has reached world purportions which also would indicate that it is quickly becoming a world conflict. From an historical comparison I also believe that we are in a similar situation as the world faced in 1938 and the first of 1939 just prior to WWII which had its beginning in the latter part of 1939 when Great Britain declared war on Germany. In 1938 both Hitler and The Empire of Japan were expanding their aggressive influence in both Europe and East Asia. 1938 saw the German annexation of Austria, the beginnings of the , "Final Solution, " against the European Jews, the Czecs mobilization of their military in response to Germany's expansion. Japan expands its influence further into China and the Soviet and Japanese clash as that expansion nears Soviet borders. Japan declares in November of 1938 that a new Asian Order exists with Japan as the leader. In September the Munich Conference takes place as British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain meets with Hitler and agrees to allow Germany to annex the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia in trade for assurances that German expansionist aggression will end. Champerlain returns to London proclaiming, "peace in our time." Yet 1939 saw further German and Japanese expansion this despite peace agreements by both countries and the belief that the negotiations would end the aggression of both nations. This aggression continued until full World War broke out in the latter part of 1939.

With history as the example where then do we stand today. Just as in 1938 and early 1939 the world is facing a conflict that is taking on world wide purportions. The common enemy is Islamic Fascism which is revealing itself through groups like Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah and other smaller splinter groups and of course a country namely Iran. Syria has its Islamic Fascist tendencies but does not have the theocratic control as Iran yet still poses a similar danger though does not have the far reaching influence and capabilities as Iran. The overall reaction to this Islamic aggression is to seek continual negotiation in an attempt to bring a peaceful solution to the expanding conflict. A weak at best cease fire is in place with Hezbollah and Israel with the French leading a, "peace keeping, " force that is given the job of enforcing the cease fire yet not given the ability nor the mandate to disarm the aggressor, Hezbollah. France the , "leader, " has dispatched only a token 200 to lead the force with the French President now stating that he believes that the 15, 000 mandated for the force to join the 15, 000 from Lebanon is too many for the task. Prior to WWII several non-aggression pacts were agreed to with token troops placed on borders to enforce the pacts in the vain hope that the pacts and the troops would contain the aggressor, very similar to this cease fire situation. Iran is claiming as did Germany that they want peace while continuing to develope their nuclear capability, launching sub to surface missiles, placing a nuclear reactor on line and supporting Islamic fascist groups both in Iraq and throughout the Middle East and continuing to re-arm Hezbollah during the cease fire. Talking peace through the UN while rattling the sabor of aggression and calling for the death of Israel and the United States. Islamic Fascist cells are looking for and finding ways to attack the civilian population by using commutor transportaion as a means of attack. This is happening throughout the world. So as we come to the end of 2006 do we find our world in a similar situation against Islamic Fascism as the world of 1938 found against Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany ? I beleive in many ways the answer to this question is yes. Will we follow the same path of appeasement and negotiation against aggressors who do not value peace as we do and ignore agreements using them only as a means to continue their aggressive actions while stalemating the world into a false peaceful belief ? Indications of the past months indicate that this is the path we are taking. Aggressors who have a fanatical beleif whether it is and ideological beleif as was Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan or an aggressor who has a fanatical religious belief as Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Hamas and Iran beleive so infadically in their fanatical ideas that nothing short of their total and utter defeat will stop them. Religious fanatasism finds an even more finatical folowing since it follows a diety that brings a belief that the aggressor is doing what his god requires. Islamic Fascism is this type of fanataism and makes it far more dangerous than the ideological fanatasism of WWII. It values death over life because of heavenly rewards. It seeks to convert and if not then destroy the non-believer. It demands to impose its god and its will on all mankind and if mankind does not comply then mankind must die. That is why the only way to deal with this type of fanatical fascism is to destroy them before they destroy you! World War III is just around the corner. Will the world take the lessons of history and defeat this enemy before it takes the world to the brink of destruction or will the end of 2006 and the first of 2007 mirror 1938 and 1939 with the result being World War.

Ken Taylor


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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


One of the major arguments that is quickly posed concerning illegal aliens and their status in The United States is that one of the main reason that they are here is because they desire to be an American. With elections just around the corner I have noticed that the subject of illegals has somewhat dropped off of the political landscape. Maybe it is because of the Middle East turmoil, Iran or just that it is a hot subject for anyone running for office especially re-election. Personally I beleive that re-election bids has a good bit to do with this issue vanishing from the political landscape. Yet it still exists and it is still a subject that is in the forefront of for American voter. A very interesting meeting took place at the Myrtle Beach, SC City council, (I live in the Myrtle Beach area), last night that I want to share with you that may bring some light as to whether illegals from Mexico truly want to be Americans. A little back ground first. Myrtle Beach is in the midst of a housing and growth boom as literaly thousands of retirees have discovered that their retirement dollar stretches much further in SC and especially The Grand Starnd then it does in many retirement meccas in the country. As such there is a tremendous need for construction workers and with that need a huge influx of illegal Mexicans have migrated into the area. How do I know they are illegal ? About four months ago a rumor started about a crack down on illegal workers in the area and that the INS was investigating and had actual investigators on the ground serching work sites for illegals. Amazingly 90% of the housing construction came to a halt as workers vanished for several days until word that the INS was not investigating began to filter out and again amazingly workers began to show up by the van load once again bringing construction back to full speed. Now back to last nights council meeting. There has been a large increase in this area for applications for citizenship and it has prompted adding Myrtle Beach as a site for administering the citizenship oath. In the past one had to either go to the SC Capitol in Columbia or down the coast to Charleston in order to take the citizenship oath. Last night at the City Council meeting 35 new Americans took the oath of citizenship. Congratulations to each of the new Americans. What was strange though about this ceremony was who took the oath. As I mentioned before we have an extremely large population of Mexican immigrants ranging in the thousand and likely in the tens of thousands and as I indicated by the work walk off it is obvious that a large percentage are illegal. Those who favor amnesty type progams consistantly claim that the illegal wants to be an American. Why then out of 35 who took the oath last night, (I might add that the judge who administered the oath said she could have doubled and then some that number), only 1 was a Mexican ? The numbers that are waiting in line in this area to take the oath indicate that the percentage of Mexicans waiting is similar to what was witnessed last night. The question arrises, is this indicative to the rest of the nation ? I believe it is. Most illegals that enter this country are not the least bit interested in becoming Americans as immigrants in the past have. An immigrant past that I might add strengthened and made our nation the deverse and free country that we are. Today's illegals by contrast are here for a paycheck or cash under the table only and have no intention of becoming Americans but expect America to change our culture and our way of life to accomidate them. Many of todays elected officials unfortunatly agree with the illegals and that is where much of the problem lay in border enforcement, employment enforcement and deportation of illegals whose very presence is a violation of the law. If they do not think they are violating the law then why did they vanish because of a rumor stopping construction along the Grand Strand ? This was not a few dozen workers but literaly thousands! Cheap labor drives the illegal market again as evidenced by construction workers in this area. Stories of experienced and long time construction workers even entire crews being laid off and replaced by Mexican workers because they will work for less salary are rampant in this area. Yet as shown by last nights ceremony these workers who benefit from our prosperity, live in our cities and even take our jobs have no interest in becoming an American. The problem is that until we get representaion in out state and federal governments that are willing to take a hard stand against illegal aliens and the Mexican government that actually encourages and assists illegal in crossing the border, ceremonies like last night will not change. Workers will still lose their jobs. Laws will still be broken and the flood of illegals will continue to flow until this nation becomes The Hispanic States of America.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Today Iran on a self imposed deadline of August 22 instead of August 31 which was set by the UN announced its response to the demands of the UN and the nations that submitted the proposal. The response was that Iran is ready to begin,"serious negotiations, " beginning tomorrow the 23rd of August. While the details of the response are still being reviewed this type of response is not surpirsing since delay tactics like this have been Iran's usual answer to the UN , the EU or any proposals offered to Iran on the nuclear issue as well as other issues that have cropped up about this Islamic fascist regime since its beginning in 1979 with Ayotollah Khomenei. Iran's current Mullah leader and the top leader of the country, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has already announced that Iran will not stop any nuclear programs which is the key to ending the stand off. Therefore any proposals or negotiations that Iran offers which do not include compliance to this demand make them a moot point. While stating to the world that they are offering proposals and negotiations in addition to the rejection of ending their nuclear ambitions by Khamenei, Iran has refused to allow IAEA inspectors to investigate an under ground nuclear facility that shelters their Uranium enrichment program, which obviously coincides with their continual non-compliance response.

Throughout this regimes history Iran has used this type of delay tactic to hold off action whether sanctions or other types of action being taken against the country and in every instance has either continued with the issue that was in question or completed the program whose end was being demanded. When will the world realize that this country does not negotiate in earnest but uses negotiation only as a means of delay and continual rejection of legitimate concerns by the world to the actions of this terrorist sponsoring nation and radical Islamic regime ? Iran continually does exactly what it wants. It constantly destabalized the entire Middle East as the recent conflict between Israel and Hezbollah proves. During the current UN imposed cease fire the only result will be that Iran will re-arm Hezbollah and I dare say that before the year is out regardless of the weak kneed, "peacekeeping, "force headed up by a very weak French contingent, Hezbollah with instructions and assistance by Iran and Syria will attack Israel or provoke an attack by Israel again. Additionally France heading up the force dooms it to failure because France has always been an ally to this fanatical Islamic regime and have never seriously opposed them. Remember France is the country that accepted the exile of Ayotollah Khomenei and assisted in his return to Iran in 1979. As far as the nuclear situation is concerned Iran will not stop its development and unless there is a true and strong intervention the world will only find out about the success of the program when the first nuclear missile is fired on Israel or possibly the United States or Europe. Why does no one stand up to Iran in strength which is the only means that Iran will recognize or accept ? Continual negotiation and threatened sanctions accomplish nothing and only embolden Iran to continue to defy the world and Iran as with all Islamic fascist enteties only sees negotiation as weakness. A military response to destroy Iran's nuclear capabilities without even the first boots on the ground using combined air power from the US, UK and other like minded nations should be seriously considered. If not a military response then why not use all means necessary to support, supply and strengthen the large freedom seeking factions in Iran to over throw their own government. This possibility has never been utilized or even taken seriously. Iran will not stop and will continue to use delay tactics as they are using now until someone has the where - with - all to finally stand up to this terror sponsoring state that is a real threat to not only the Middle East but the world.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 20, 2006


The title of this commentary may sound a bit odd especially if you are familiar with my politics. But the fact of the matter is that President George W. Bush the 43 President of The United States is the enemy of the people, the country and the world. Al Qaeda is not the enemy. Hezbollah is not the enemy. Hamas is not the enemy. Iran is not the enemy. Syria is not the enemy. North Korea is not the enemy. The enemy is very plainly George W. Bush. This fact is expressed daily by the media, the anti war crowd, the Democratic leadership both in the party and the House and Senate and by numerous scholars and teachers both in High Schools and Colleges throughout the nation. There are even Elementary and Middle School teachers who express this fact in their classrooms. With this many elites and intellectuals claiming that the President of The United States is the enemy then it must be true. They teach it, they protest in favor of it, they use their journalistic skills to play it in the media in nearly every story. Democratic leaders such as Harry Reid and Nancy Polosi expound on Bush's evil ways and how he is the enemy of all Americans. They and their fellow Democrats lamblast this fact on the House and Senate floor. They discuss it with great passion on the talking head shows. Howard Dean the chairman of the Democratic Party is interviewd or speaks daily of this fact. They write about it in the," great," papers of our time like the New York Times. Even famous celebraties like Alec Baldwin, Martin Sheen and Sean Penn tell their fans around the world that the President is their enemy. "Sweet," moms like Cindy Sheehan tell it. Let's not forget heroes like General Wesley Clark who use their stature as retired military leaders to explain how the President is the enemy. With this many ,"great," people expressing that the President is our enemy then it must be a fact and we as simple minded and loyal Americans must fall in line and accept that he is truly our enemy. After all that is what we are being told. Of course they do forget one minor detrement to our complete acceptance of their fact that the President is our enemy - MOST OF US HAVE BRAINS AND THE ABILITY TO THINK ON OUR OWN AND REALIZE WHAT THEY ARE UP TO!

In all of the years that I have followed politics I have never seen a hatred driven agenda that expresses from so many avenues one single idea such as the lefts obsession with hatred of George W. Bush. This obsessive hatred of the President has created an agenda by the left and the leadership of the Democratic Party to the point that it borders on insanity. They spend all of their time and energy finding ways to destroy Bush, to thwart any and all of his policies whether they agree with them or not, to disrupt the war against the true enemy of us all including them - terrorism and the terrorists who want to kill us! Even when a terrorist plot is successfully stopped as the recent hijacking of ten US bound airliners was those on the left were quick to devert attention from the enemy that was plotting to kill Americans on the planes to THEIR enemy George Bush with claims of the attack happening because of his failed policies and NOT because this terrorist enemy which declared war on us long before Bush became President will stop at nothing to kill all infidels. We are in the midst of one of the most robust and growing economies in the nations history but to listen to the left everyone is on the verge of entering the poor house and the economy is on the verge of collapse. This despite a strong and steady Stock Market. Despite economic indicators that show a strong and growing economy. Despite the creation of millions of jobs and the lowest unemployment figures in decades. Despite record energy prices which would devistate a weak economy yet have not affected the growth of the current economy. If this hatred of the President were just a philisophical hatred by those who politically disagree with him it would be harmless. The danger that this hatred poses though is evidenced by the ways in which it has hampered the war effort even to the point last week in using the courts and a liberal political hack judge to stop a vital program that has been extremely effective in distrupting terrorism and stopping attacks. Yet this vital program has become a tool of their hatred of Bush to destroy him and use as a means of impeachment if they gain the House in November. Now the programs usefulness is in jeopardy, a program that even most Demcorats agree is necessary but its use in their hatred driven agenda is more important than the nations security. This is just one of numerous examples of how this hatred of Bush has hampered the war. There are too many to mention ranging from Murtha and his verbal attacks of our military to the New York Times and their continual revealing of classified programs whose revelation is nothing more than a means to attack the President. From an economic stand point their hatred driven agenda which claims that we are all suffering in this strong economy has caused a certain financial hesititation because of the fear that they might be right, which is unfounded, and caused slower growth than and economy as strong as this one is capable of. Most Americans actually will express that they are doing well financially but because of reports of a, "struggling, " economy they are concerned that their nieghbor is not doing well. One must wonder how strong this economy would be were it not for the false fear created by the left in their claims of a failed economy when just the opposite is true ?

I am not advocating that disagreement is wrong and should not happen. Political disagreement and the ability to express that disagreement freely is one of our most precious and on of our greatest liberties and has always been part of the backbone that has made this country great. Yet when that disagreement becomes an obsessive hatred that drives any political agenda to the point of endangering the nation and causing hesitation in investing in the economy that drives our way of life then that political disagreement loses its reason, principles and shows no core belief other than its hatred. That is what many on the left have become with their obsession of hatred for the President. There are still some who though leaning left and are liberal and in whose politics I disagree do have beliefs and a core that they follow such as Joe Lieberman but the majority of the left have abandoned them and they are not those who run the party or lead them in Washington. Those with the Bush hatred agenda control the direction of the left. This is also why this non issue oriented agenda is an agenda of failure and one that though tried from many directions and expressed in many words is an agenda that the American people as a whole are not buying into and see for what it is. If this hatred driven agenda were to gain power and control of either chamber of Congress in November then we would be doomed to a path of endless hearings, endless demands by the Congress for evidence and investigation of the White House based on falsehoods and hatred driven accusations of Bush that nothing will happen in Congress and the White House will be so time consumed with fulfilling Congressional demands designed to destroy Bush that we could lose this war against Islamic fascism. This is why I truly believe that through their vote the American people will not allow this to happen.

Ken Taylor


The Blog of the Week spotlight falls on, "Reject the UN." An idea that I might add in which I totally agree and have joined as a member of the blogroll. You can find the Reject the UN blogroll on my sidebar. Click on the title of this post to join. The blog has some very interesting insight about the failures of the UN and the problems this corrupt organization has caused while claiming they are peacekeepers and helping oppressed countries. Well worth reading and joining.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Today is the first opportunity this week that I have been able to post due to internet problems that were fixed yesterday and it saddens me to post on this subject because through the efforts of a liberal organization and a liberal judge America loses. Yesterday U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor, a Jimmy Carter appointee ruled that the NSA Terrorist Survelliance Program, (better and falsly known through media biased reports as the NSA, "Doemestic Spying, " program), was un-constitutional stating that the program violated free speech and seperation of powers. Ironically the ACLU which brought the suit on behalf of, "journalists, scholars and lawyers, " who claim the program has made it difficult for them to perform their jobs, used as its basis for the suit the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act which was also an addition under Jimmy Carter. The ACLU suit stated that it was filed on behalf of the, " journalists, scholars and lawyers, " because the program had as, "LIKELY TARGETS, " overseas contacts. This in itself brings the filing of the lawsuit into question, in my opinion, since it was filed on the bases of possiblities of, "likely, " surveillance of contacts and not factual proof of that surveillance. Additionally if these supposed contacts have ties to terrorism they have no business being used as news, scholarly or legal sources since their very occupation could pose a threat to the nation. But then again when have, "journalists, " some lawyers and many liberal scholars in recent years concerned themselves with United States national security.

I realize that many of you who read this post will argue as the ACLU did that the President does not have a Constitutional right to, "wiretap, " the phones and e-mails of US citizens. In this I totally agree. The Constitution protects our privacy and that is as it should be. But the Constitution does not protect the privacy of those who plan or take actions against the United States with the intent of killing our citizens or doing the country harm. The NSA program has continually been reprtoed as a domestic wiretapping program giving the false idea that this program listens in on the conversations that take place daily between ordinary citizens which is NOT what this program does or has the capability of doing. This program is designed and has time and again fulfilled its objective of surveillance against terrorists and their contacts with the goal of stopping attacks before they occur. In the wake of another successful use of the program with the arrest and foiling of the terrorist plot to blow up 10 US bound airliners, which I might add would not have been stopped had this program not been in existence since the interception of phone calls by the NSA between the plotters and its imminent implimintation was what sparked the British to move and arrest those involved, the ending of this program has placed the United States and our allies in a very vulnerable position against future terrorist attacks. This program has been a vital and necessary tool in the war on terror in disrupting cells, planned attacks and the finding of terrorists and with the ruling handed down yesterday calling for the immediate ending of the program leaves the nation less secure then it was just two days ago. The only real winners with this ruling are the terorist themselves. Even those who have fought for this lawsuit, the ACLU, and those on the left who have cheered it on and rejoice in yesterdays outcome, though they believe they have achieved a great victory against the Bush administration, each of them have lost just as much as those who believe this program necessary and right. Terrorist do not care about anybodies politics. They do no care whether you lean left or right. They do not care about our Constitution which has not been violated I might add. They only care about the death of the infidel and stopping this prgram has given them an advantage in achieving that goal that two days ago they did not have. It is a sad day when politics becomes more important than security. It is a sad day when following a political agenda is more important than the lives of our citizens. It is a sad day when protecting our enemy becomes more important that protecting our people. Yesterday was a sad day for America.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Last week we recieved another grim reminder that terrorism still exists and that The United States is still its number one target. The thwarting of another major terror attack this time being the highjacking of ten US bound planes and destroying them in mid flight also reminded us that this enemy will use any and all means to kill Americans and bring down not only The United States but western civilization. It was also a stark reminder that we are at war ! Unfortunatly though many use the word war, do they fully accept or understand that we truly are at war with Islamic fascism an enemy who relentlessly searches for ways to kill ? It seems rather obvious that many on the left, much of the media and even some on the right do not realize what being at war fully entails and/or just use this war as a political football that gives numerous opportunities to attack a political opponent especially the President. Almost immediatly after the news about the failed attempt and the arrest of those who planned to carry it out, charges, accusations and sugar coating began to hit the media outlets by politicians, terrorism , "experts, " , members of foreign governments and both anti-war and pro-war spokes persons. Most opinions revealed that many still do not accept nor understand what this war truly entails or that we are even at war. Leaders of the Democratic Party immediatly began praising the British and Pakistani intelligence effort yet obviously neglected mentioning US intelligence whose interception of phone calls revealed to the Brits that the attack was imminent. They then proceeded to make political points by condeming the President for his handling of the war and whining that Osama bin Laden has still not been, "captured." I placed captured in quotes for a reason that I will explain later in this post. Most terrorism , "experts, " began trying to rationlize the thoughts and motives behind why Islamic fascists continually perform or attempt acts of terrorism. Many tried to explain it away as a law enforcement problem. Representatives of the UK and Pakistan that were interview continually sugar coated and danced around making reference to the terrorists as Muslim, Islamic fascists, or people who followed Islam. Even when directly reminded that while all Muslims are not terrorists all terrorists are Muslim. President Bush in his comments shortly after the news of the thwarted attack aired refered to terrorists as, "Islamic fascists, " and immediatly condemnation for his use of this very appropriate description began surfacing. Now I will try to explain my observations and why I believe many do not understand that we are at war.

What war means - To be at war though having numerous stategies and operations conducted in the performance of that war basically narrows to two goals. Defeating the enemy using all means available and destroying the enemies ability to wage war. One of the apsects that make this war on terror different from any war previously fought is that the enemy does not follow any of the , "rules, " of war and does not have a uniformed military that is easily identifiable. Another aspect of the war that differs is that this enemy specifically targets the civilian population as their main strategy. In past wars opposing armies met on battlefields and fought until one army was driven from the field or faced total defeat which brought about surrender. Terrorists neither face a military on a battlefield in the same manner as in the past nor is surrender an option since death is their goal, whether it is those they are killing or they themselves. This is why fighting this war is so difficult and long lasting and why so many means and forces are needed to wage this war. This war is not fought specifically by the military as past wars, using soldiers and military equipment and military intelligence to fight the war. This war involves all aspects of civilized government from the military to law enforcement to sophisticated means of intelligence gathering and yes even private citizens who inform through observation. Terrorists live among us and use every day means to communicate, plan and execute terror attacks. Hezbollah in fighting Israel is the only terrorist entity who somewhat uses conventional military means to fight, though they still encompass the use of civilian targets and hide in the civilian population. Not one aspect whether military, law enforcement or intelligence can defeat this enemy alone. It entails all means and that is why critics don't understand. Using just law enforcement has failed in the past. Using just military means will not flush out terrorists completely. Intelligence gathering does not take the fight to the enemy. Combining all has succeded in arrests, the killing of terrorist and their leadership and stopping attacks before they happen.

"Capturing, " Osama bin Laden - bin Laden is a dangerous man period. He has managed to take his Islamic fascist beliefs and spread them throughout the Muslim world more or less brain washing Muslims into beleiving as he does. Will capturing or killing bin Laden end the war or Islamic fasism. Absolutly not. Yes wanting him, "dead or alive, " is a goal but not a means of stopping Islamic fascism. Bin Laden does not control Iran or Syria. He does not control Hezbollah or Hamas. In many respects he does not even control Al Qaeda. Terrorist organizations unlike countries who wage war are structured to fight and exist by the individual or individual cell and not as much by an organized military style command structure and government over sight. Thus killing bin Laden would only accomplish a somewhat morel victory in the same manner as the death of al Zarqawi did. Additionally when has the main goal of any military action or war been the killing or capturing of the enemies leader ? Though there was a great desire to kill Hitler in WWll for example it was not a main strategic goal. Defeating Hitler's means of waging war was the main goal as is the war on terror. Killing or capturing bin Laden would be a momentary defeat to terrorism but then only to Al Qaeda and then only briefly as the individual cells would still remain active and those who are further down the line from bin Laden would continue Al Qaeda's war. It would not effect Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran, Syria or any other terrorist entity.

Calling a spade a spade - Being politically correct accomplishes nothing. As was stated earlier, though all Mulims are not terrorists, all terrorist are Muslims. To deny this fact only sugar coats terrorism and the root cause of Islamic fascism spreading throughout the Muslim world. It also allows those Muslims who do not follow this philosophy the ability to turn a blind eye to the bastardizing of their religion by an evil entity that reflects on all Muslims. It causes a tremendous prejudice toward the Muslim community since only a very few speak out against the fascist Muslim and even fewer condemn their acts or beliefs leading many to believe that the majority of Muslims support the fascist Isalmic belief which is not the case. Islam is the largest religion in the world and only a small precentage of Muslims are fascists and terrorists. They though are the most vocal and their acts and statements recieve 99% of the coverage while the average Muslim stays quiet and most who are not Muslim are so afraid of offending Muslims that the truth of Islamic fascism and its Muslim roots is denied.

The bottom line is that we are in an all out war against Muslim Islamic fascists who stop at nothing to kill and to attempt to force their beliefs and fascism on the entire world including Muslims. They desire death as a sacrifice for after world rewards in the name of Allah. This fanatical mind set does not follow rules will not face an army in the traditional sense or surrender their cause since they truly believe that they are conducting a righteous war against the infidel. Because of this we cannot be timid in our resolve nor in out tactics in fighting this enemy. We not only have the military might to defeat this enemy but the intelligence and law enforement ability to seek out this enemy and achieve the objective of any war. That being to destroy the enemies ability to wage war. Whether this means destroying their infrastructure meaning their ability to transport their fight and their weapons, killing or arresting their , "soldiers, " intercepting their plans through all available intelligence means or fighting them in the street in the area they have chosen to expand, the Middle East. Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, Afghanistan, the Palistinian territories and Syria. This war has hundreds of fronts and fights a very real and dedicated enemy. We have the ability to win and we must use every military, technological and manpower means we have to win!

Ken Taylor


The Blog of the Week spotlight this week falls on, "The World War Three." Though a fairly new blog this site offers very detailed and informative insight on the war against terror and its ramifications and effect on the world. As you may notice by the blog title, this blog also offers detailed reasons as to why this war is actually the third world war. Very informative site well worth reading and linking to.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


It was a very chilling sight to wake this morning to find that a major terrorist attack targeting The United States was stopped shortly before the attack was to begin. I am sure that you are very aware that British and Pakastani Muslim terrorists planned to board 6-10 American, United and Continental flights bound from the UK to the US and explode liquid devises which were designed to bypass security. The plan was to detinate the explosive in flight to the US destinations. As has been said throughout the day this attack would have been horrendous with a loss of life similar to that of 9/11. All indications are that because of the sophistication and the international reach of the terror plot Al Qaeda is behind it though there has not been official confrimation of this. Twenty four terrorists have been arrested with extensive searches under way for at least ten more. In the US this morning two Muslim men were arrested in Ohio after a routine traffic stop revealed in a corresponding search $11,000 in cash, 12 cell phones as well as airport security information and a map containing the location of all Walmarts from Ohio, Kentucky, Tennesee and North and South Carolina. This brings it close to home for me because I live in the Myrtle Beach, SC area which has six Walmart locations. Cell phones are used as detinating devises for bombs by dialing a pre-set number which activates the explosives. There is no word yet as to whether this incident is related to the thwarted attack from the UK but the coincidence is also chilling.

Today's victory in stopping this major attack is yet one more reminder of the fact that we are at war with Islamic extremists who will use any and all means at their disposal to kill our citizens and attack out nation. This is why we fight and why we must win the war on terror because the very existence of terrorists threatens the very freedoms and beliefs that we as Americans stand for. Their existence also threatens every civilized and democratized nation on the face of the earth. I took the opportunity to watch, "World Trade Center, " yesterday and this excellent and must see film which chrinocles the lives of two Port Authority Police Officers and their families on 9/11 brought once again the horrors and heroism of a day which is always in all of our memories. Then to wake this morning with another all to real reminder of murderous forces whose only goal is the destruction of our country and all who live within our borders and realized once again that though the cost of freedom is high it is a price that Americans have always paid and will continue to pay. This war will not be measured in days, months or even a few years as all others have but in many years or even decades until terrorism is eliminated from the earth. Today's thwarted attack shows that though the struggle is real and lasting we are winning this war and every terrorist that wishes us harm also had a wake up call as did our nation. We as a country were reminded once again why we fight and that we are at war. The terrorists were reminded that they will lose and their goal of global Islamic fascism will die as will each who threaten or harm us or our friends.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Senator Joe Lieberman (D Conn) lost to Ned Lamont in the Connecticut Democratic primary yesterday 51% - 48%. Today Lieberman's campaign filed to run as an Independent candidate on the November ballot. Recent polls show that as an Independent Lieberman would receive 51% of the vote to Lamont's 39% with the Republican challenger receiving 8%. Many have touted the Lieberman defeat as a referendum on the President and specifically the conflict in Iraq since Lieberman has supported the war and the President on the war. While a certain percentage of this is true, for Lieberman to immediately file as an Independent and polls showing that he can still win the states Senate seat speaks louder that the far left wing of the Democratic party which voted for Lamont in yesterday's primary does not speak for the state of Connecticut. George Soros and Move on . org spent millions on the Lamont run as did the candidate. Could this be a sign of how future Democratic candidacy will be handled ? Since the inception of the 527's after the McCain/Feingold Campaign Finance Reform bill was adopted people like George Soros have gained a controlling interest in liberal candidates because of the money that he and his 527 have to use toward a campaign. Will the future of the Democratic party be candidates and elected officials who owe a financial allegiance to the George Soros' of the left wing ? Could this signify the beginnings of Soros puppets in the Democratic party ? Soros spent millions and actually held two conventions with McCain and Feingold as speakers to push the Campaign Finance Bill they jointly sponsored. The passing of the bill ended , "soft, " money which the Democrats depended on far more than the GOP and this in turn gave Soros a large financial stake in funding campaigns through the 527's. Though the funds cannot be funneled directly through the campaign as that would violate the Campaign Finance law the use of the 527's to back a candidate has given the opportunity to field candidates that fit the radical left wing and anti-Capitalist agenda that Soros backs through his organization. It seems ironic to me that Soros who made his billions by Capitalism so feverishly condemns the very establishment that allowed his fortune to exist. Senator Lieberman realizes that the left wing and Soros do not speak for the state of Connecticut which too is indicated by recent polling thus he has thrown his hat into the ring as independent. Lieberman stated that he is, "fed up with all the partisanship in Washington that stops us from getting anything done." This is precisely why he votes his conscience. I stated yesterday that there are numerous policies that I disagree with Lieberman but the point is that for Soros and the left wing of the Democratic party, (a radical wing that even many in the party are not fully aware of), to have the ability to manipulate an election as they have in Connecticut should anger anyone regardless of party affiliation. This is not just a grass roots effort but a well financed, highly organized take over of a legitimate party by a radical socialist who hates America and has used this same tactic to manipulate and control elections and governments in other countries and now is taking aim at The United States. I believe that the American people have enough sense to see through this radical Soros leftist wing of the Democratic party and continue to vote on the issues and not the rhetoric spewed by the 527's controlled by Soros and those like him. But what took place in Connecticut yesterday reveals the danger that George Soros and his radical cronies who use their money to manipulate elections poses to our electoral process and the fate of our Republic.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Senator Joe Lieberman (D CONN) is in the fight of his political life to gain the Democrat nomination in today's primary to retain his long held seat in the Senate. Lieberman who has always voted his conscience and in whom I disagree in much of his social and domestic policies has been a staunch supporter of the War on Terror and has voted as have many other Democrats to fund and support the war effort. He has made several trips to Iraq and after each has returned with a favorable report of progress with ideas that he observed could improve the situation. The reason for this fight at the polls is that his opponent cable TV mogul Ned Lamont is an anti-war Democrat and recent polls have given him a double digit lead with likely Democratic voters. Though Lieberman has gained in the last few days he is still 5 to 6 points behind in most polls. Additionally a hacker who it would seem is against Lieberman crashed his website today which has added to the Senators problems. It seems that regardless of how a Democrat has voted in following the parties platform that if one does not adhere to the letter the agenda of the far left then the party no longer has any use for them. Senate voting records show that Lieberman has voted along party line 90% of the time but has been adamant in his support for the war which is in opposition to the party. Statewide polls in Connecticut polling all likely voters and not just Democrats show that Lieberman could still win re-election if he were to run as an independent which the Senator has stated that he would do if he were to lose the primary. This again shows that the far left of the Democrat party is out of touch with the average voter since Lieberman could win without party support as an independent. So the question arises, "is this the new face of the Democratic party?" If any candidate or elected official does not follow lock, stock and barrel the far left of the party does the party throw them aside ? Is an individual not allowed to think or vote their conscience if it disagrees with the party leadership or the far left who control the party money and influence ? Does George Soros and the Move On .org wing of the party control the agenda and all others are left in the cold ? The reaction to Lieberman would lead one to believe that this is the case. Howard Dean's influence and those like him on the far left have taken over the party to the detriment of the more moderate Democrats. Though the Republicans have had their problems and in my opinion have drifted from much of the conservative agenda that placed them in the majority, (though recently they have begun to see the light), this power grab by the far left of the Democrat party can do nothing accept assist the Republicans in keeping the majority. I have written numerous times concerning why I believe that in November when the election results are in the GOP will retain both the House and Senate. There could possibly be a loss of seats thus reducing the majority but the agenda of the far left in the Democrat party is one of the major reasons why I do not believe that the GOP will lose majority status. The results of the Connecticut primary will make the picture clearer. Though November is still several months away and quite a lot can happen before then it seems very obvious to me that the far left control of the Democrat party will keep them in the minority.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 06, 2006


As you may have noticed I took a much needed break last week and neglected to post a notice concerning my absence, please forgive me. Today's commentary will be a slight variation from current events because today is an anniversary that brings loving reflection and as such my heart is not into politics, war and world affairs. I will return to those subjects tomorrow. Today though I am remembering my mother. We lost her one year ago today to Alzheimer's. If you have not experienced this terrible disease then please count your blessings. One who loses a loved one to this experiences the loss twice. First when they no longer have any memory of you and the second when they lose the battle to the disease. The first came Easter weekend of 2000 and the second August 6, last year. So in memorial to my mother today I share with you a tribute I posted to her when I returned from her funeral last year. Words can never express who she was and what she still means to all of us. That full expression is and always will continue to fill my thoughts and my heart.

From August 11, 2005

I returned from Rhode Island yesterday where I have been since last Friday. My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's several years ago and Saturday morning August 6th at 1 AM she finally lost her battle with this debilitating disease which took from us and from my mother a very vibrant and beautiful lady! My brother and my two sisters and my son were at her bed side with me when she momentarily opened her eyes as we told her she need not fight for us any longer. I write this post first as a tribute to my mother and second to share with you where my beliefs and conservatism came from. Many people believe that we discover our beliefs of this nature as we grow through maturity and face the daily grind of life. I beg to differ. Although my mother was very uninterested in politics, (she last voted for President Kennedy and then as she shared with me, only because he was, "good looking"), her values and beliefs were the foundations that she instilled within us which made each of us who we are today. My brother, a conservative and whom I admire more than any person alive for through this family crises when constraints beyond my control kept me from being there as I would have liked, Kevin displayed a strength and fortitude in heroic proportions that I'm not sure I could have mustered. Making all the right decisions in the best interest of my mother in spite of the sorrow. My two sisters that my brother and I never new as we grew up yet Norma, who like my mother is uninterested in politics still displays the same sense of values as I and Shirley who like me is a conservative and proud to be one. These values do run in the blood and are instilled in us from birth and because of my mother, who is now dancing with the angels, create a bond in our family that will last us throughout our lifetime. My mother was always a happy, loving and kind soul who had a smile or a hug or a funny remark that would make even a bad day good. She loved to dance and would always take anyone by the arm and give them a twirl and a smile which would solicit a smile in return. Even at the last when she momentarily opened her eyes after being un-responsive for so long, she bound us together in the love that she had for each of us and the values that she gave us. We then pass these wonderful values along as I have to my son and my brother and sisters have to their children. They in-turn pass them on to their children. So in all of us, her legacy, my mother will live on for many generations to come! Thank you Mom for all that you gave me and for being you! I love you and will miss you every day!

A grateful son, Ken Taylor

Eva Taylor June 6, 1924 - August 6, 2005


The Blog of the Week Spotlight this week falls on the, " Further Adventures Of Indigo Red." Indigo has some very interesting commentary on a variety of subjects and issues that we face today. The adventure continues regularly and is well worth reading and adding as a link to your site. His tag line says it best, " The life of Indigo Red is full of adventure. Tune in next time for the Further Adventures of Indigo Red."

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