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Wednesday, October 05, 2011


There are many who have called the recent rise in the polls of Herman Cain a fluke that was the result of a good showing in the last debate and the Florida Straw Poll. A fluke that will fade and drop the former Godfather's Pizza CEO back into the second tier of candidates. But recent polling shows otherwise.

Gallup has Cain leading Perry and Romney who own 18% and 19% respectively with a strong 30% showing. Zogby mirrors the Gallup poll. CBS new released their poll showing Cain tied with Romney at 17% and Perry falling behind both. In all three polls the top tier is finished out with Newt Gingrich in fourth place and all other candidates in low single digits.

When Cain first entered the race he was a virtual unknown except to those who were familiar with him as a radio host of his own right and a regular fill in for Neal Boortz syndicated show out of Atlanta, Georgia. He was a Fox News contributor who occasionally made guest appearances on the Sean Hannity radio and television show. So how has this virtual unknown risen to front runner in the GOP Presidential field?

Simple, he has a no nonsense, understandable strong conservative message that provides detailed answers to the issues that face our Nation and he has no qualms about telling it like it is where Washington is concerned and the failure of Barack Obama. Cains 9-9-9 plan is resonating with voters as it reforms the tax code in a manner that is understandable, fair and balanced for all tax payers regardless of income, corporate or personal taxes and encompasses those who have not paid any taxes as it adds a 9% consumption tax to the mix.

Cain's outsider status from a political stand point coming from a successful business back ground is also popular with voters as he is the only candidate who has not been involved in politics of any form yet understands how the system works and offers real solutions on how to fix it. His ability to stand against the establishment while bringing detailed answers rather than vague possibilities gives voters a platform they can identify with and support.

Cain is also a true unabashed conservative whose credentials as a conservative are unquestionable as opposed to the RINO/Romneycare status of Mitt Romney and the very questionable record of Rick Perry who has ruffled a lot of conservative feathers by his immigration stance in Texas and his willingness to use Executive Orders to force SDT shots for 12 year old girls as Governor.

Cain brings to the table real solutions, conservative principles, a strong Constitutional stance on limiting government and deregulating as government shrinks, reducing the debt and deficit and making the tax system fair, balanced and simple which is a reform that has been needed for decades. His foreign policy restores American strength and credibility while supporting Israel and standing firm against the threats in the Middle east like Iran and Syria.

Cain is the real deal and voters understand it. His lack of visibility in the media prior to the Florida Straw Poll is the only reason this strong conservative has been a virtual unknown. Those of us who have been familiar with Cain through his radio and television appearances have known since day one that Herman Cain is a conservative who can win and a conservative who will bring fiscal and political sanity back to Washington. A fluke? Not hardly!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

I'm not a big fan of a consumption tax that leaves the income tax in place no matter what the rate. What is to stop the rates from being raised?

I'm glad to see Cain doing so well but I wonder how well he will compete in the long run.

There is a real concern about the conservative vote being split and letting Romney walk away with the nomination.

1:44 PM, October 06, 2011  
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