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Monday, October 31, 2005


President Bush announced early this morning that his nominee to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor is Pennsylvania 3rd Circuit Court Federal Judge Samuel Alito a well known conservative. Judge Alito has served as a judge for 15 years which makes him the most experienced judge nominated in more than seventy years. Alito has served as an attorney, a prosecutor, a federal attorney and a judge and is one of the most respected legal minds in the United States. He is a strict conservative who believes that the Constitution should be interpreted according to the original intent of the Founding Fathers which is very good news. I am sick if hearing the left continually refer to the Constitution as a, "living, breathing document." The principles found within the Constitution are not flexible and are absolute when it comes to the legalities and morals that this country is based on. The courts have abused this to the point that legislation has been issued from the bench and this is the importance of choosing someone with the judiciary philosophy of Judge Alito. The left have been going nuts over the nomination, referring to him as, "Scaltio, " since his judiciary background is similar to that of Associate Justice Scalia, a VERY strict Constituionalist conservative. This nomination will be a fight and a fight that has been needed to show the country who the Democrats and particularly the far leftist really are. They will seek to destroy this fine judge, but what will happen will be a true discourse through the hearing process that will shine brightly the light of conservative values and the strict meaning of the Constitution which will be to the benefit of the nation. Judge Alito said in his acceptance speech this morning that he believed in the LIMITED role of the judiciary and the strict interpretation of the Constitution. An excellent choice by the President and a truly fine judge who will bring the court back to what the Founders intended, a court that strictly interprets the law based on strict Constitutional values. Thank you Mr. President !

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Politically speaking this has been a particularly bad month and especially this past week for President Bush. To start the month the President nominated Harriet Meirs, a virtual unknown, to the Supreme Court and experienced a barrage of criticism from the conservative base, criticism that was necessary and proves the strength of conservatism. We can disagree on principle without destroying ourselves! Throughout the month the media spectacle of the pending possibility of indictments from the special prosecutor in the, "Leakgate, " case hung as a fog over every thing that concerned the White House. Then Friday the indictment of, "Scooter, " Libby, Cheney's Chief of Staff came down and the press had a field day. CNN actually created a special set and convened an, "expert," panel to cover the days happening, mostly because this left wing media outlet expected a destructive bombshell which they did not get! So with all that has happened in the month of October and record low approval ratings for the President does this signal the beginning of the end of the Bush administration and its effectiveness ? I think NOT! First let's remember what we are dealing with here. Since his election in November 2000 the left with the willing assistance of the media wing of the Democratic Party have sought to destroy the Bush Presidency through any and all means available, including forged documents. Remember good ole' Dan and his, "I stand by my story, " routine then his quick retirement from CBS ? With the exception of the week following September 11 the press has tried to portray Bush as a bumbling idiot who is the puppet of the Vice President and Karl Rove. All without much success. Every opportunity to create a, "quagmire," attitude in Iraq has also been attempted and in this the media has had ample assistance with the very Democrats who voted WITH the President to go to war in the first place based on the same information. The only information that the left in Congress and the , "mainstream, " media allows to flow from Iraq are body counts and insurgency reports. Once again to defeat the Bush Presidency. With all of this in mind this past week has still been the most difficult week from a political standpoint that Bush has experienced. Secondly let's put this in a historical perspective. Using the example of only the past three second term Presidents the second term of a Presidency is the most difficult for the sitting administration and especially the President. Watergate came to light and brought down Richard Nixon in his second term. Of course, "leakgate," has NONE of the criminal activities or ramifications of Watergate. By the way have you ever noticed that since Watergate every Presidential scandal ends with the word, "gate ?" The press living in the past as always. Now back to the subject at hand. In his second term Ronald Reagan suffered through the Iran - Contra scandal and Congressional hearings that required the testimony and resignations of many of his top aides. During Clinton's second term came his impeachment and the charges and conviction of lying to a Grand Jury. Now his second term debacle was of his own making but it did occur in the second term. I'm sure if we went further back in our history each President who served more than one term suffered through hard times in the second term. With the exception of Nixon each survived the problems and went on to complete his Presidency and most were effective, (I never considered Clinton effective in anything except embarrassing himself and the nation).

Bush is a President who consistently has followed his course and never has concerned himself with polls or popularity. He has had to overcome some of the most devastating problems of ANY President with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln who ONLY had to preserve the Union. Bush has faced 9/11, an exhausting war against the very people who seek to destroy all that we stand for. He has faced a year that has brought devastating destruction to the Gulf coast and all of this under the continual criticism of the left and the media. Let's face it the guy NEVER gets a break! In each instance the President has led the country with grace and compassion and has to a great extent taken the bull by the horns and dealt with the situation, making mistakes, but generally bringing about a good result. This current trouble will be no exception. Bush has heard his base and I believe that he will nominate a known conservative to the court and the fight on the Senate floor will ensue before his nomination is confirmed. The Libby indictment too will be overcome and Bush will continue to have an effective Presidency. He referred to just that on Friday when he commented about the Libby indictment when he said in essence that he had a job to do for the people and he was going to do it! This President has been the target of more hatred and criticism by the left and the media than any of his predecessors and has, despite the odds stacked up against him, come out on top and the nation has been the better for it. As the saying goes, "this too will pass, " and the President will continue to be the effective leader that he has been doing, "the people's business."

Ken Taylor


This weeks Blog of the Week is, "Freedom Eden." She describes herself as living in a, "blue state with a red state of mind!" We feel for her having to live in the politics of a blue state but thank her for her red state of mind. This blog offers some interesting perspective on current events in great detail. Be sure to check out the liberal quotes and pictures toward the bottom of the right sidebar. Great blog, give it a visit!

Saturday, October 29, 2005


The left has been foaming at the mouth for this entire week waiting with great anticipation for the announcement of the idictments that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fizgerald would take before a judge to have handed down from the 22 month Grand Jury investigation over the, "outing, " of CIA employee Valerie Blame. They were VERY disappointed ! The Vice President's Chief of Staff, Lewis Libby was indicted, (not a conviction as is being played out in the press, just a charge), on five counts that basically charged that he lied to the Grand Jury. Although this is not to be taken lightly for these are federal charges and a crime, the left did not get the, "fatal, " blow to the Bush administration that they wanted, (Karl Rove), nor has ANYTHING been charged concerning the reason for the investigation in the first place. Fitzgerald said that the Grand Jury has finished but the investigation is still open which as he stated is normal practice to tie up loose ends after an exhaustive investigation. Of course the press jumped on this stating that Karl Rove still had a, "cloud," hanging over him and the liberals in Congress said this was, "just the tip of the iceberg," for they want this to end in impeachment proceeding against the President claiming that he lied to get the nation into war in Iraq, a claim that has been continually proven false by evidence that Bush AND the liberals in Congress saw and AGREED proved the case for war. The fact that the Libby indictment was all that surfaced following a 22 month investigation is significant. The original reason for the case was the leak to the press concerning Valerie Plame a FORMER covert CIA agent. Her status as, "covert," was supposedly compromised but the investigation as has been widely reported for quite some time by the more conservative news outlets could not find ANY evidence from the beginning that her status was compromised in accordance to two laws governing covert agents established in 1917 and another in 1986. Additionally the indictment that was handed down did not concern the original allegation at all. Libby's charges are based on alleged false and contradicting testimony concerning the chronological order in which he learned of the identity of Plame. His testimony was that he learned it from reporters but papers the HE SUBMITTED suggested that he had learned it from the VP, a source from the CIA and another government official before talking with reporters. This chain of events seems suspicious as to his alleged guilt for why would Libby provide documents that would prove guilt unless he just did not remember EXACTLY how he learned of Plame more than two years ago! The goal of bringing the collapse of the Bush Presidency was not reached to the disappointment of the, "mainstream," media and the left. Both have been guided by the play book that brought down the Nixon Presidency over Watergate and turned the nation against Vietnam. The allegations against the Bush administration and the War on Terror in particular the Iraq theater of operations have no comparison to either the Nixon White House or the Vietnam war but to the left they are one in the same and their lust to regain power in Washington will continue to drive their agenda of political destruction at the expense of the American people.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Harriet Meirs, the President's nominee to replace Sandra Day O'Connor, withdrew her nomination today citing that it was best for the nation and that she felt that revealing executive documents to the Senate judiciary committee was not in the best interest of the country. The President reluctantly accepted her withdrawal and I am sure that he also realized how much this nomination polarized the Republican base. Although the media and the left has seen this discourse for conservatism as the collapse of the Republican Party and support for Bush, the true meaning actually is a revival of conservative values and a renergizing of the base. We still support the President but have had a healthy disagreement with the Meirs nomination. My initial response was that Bush had found another Roberts to overcome the opposition from the left but as the weeks have passed since her nomination I have had some questions and so have many of my fellow conservatives. Now that she has withdrawn the time to take off the gloves and nominate a well known true conservative has come. The President has the opportunity now to use this nomination to completely reshape the court and if he chooses the right person both qualified and conservative he will show the left for who they really are even if it demands the so called, "nuclear option, " to defeat the likely filibuster from the left. Senators such as Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy and Dianne Fienstien all came out today with a saddened attitude that Meirs withdrew, yet if she had been a popular nominee with the conservative base as Judge Estrada was I am sure that they would be the ones who criticized the nomination. They each called for the President to, "unite," the country with the next nomination, a familiar Democratic talking point. Personally I believe that someone like California's judge Janis Rogers Brown would be an ideal candidate for several reasons. She is a strict Constitutionalist who believes that the law should be based on the original intent of the Founders. As a conservative she has also been elected, (which is the how judges are chosen at the state level in CA), with 75% of the vote in a liberal state. She also has been confirmed as had Judge Roberts by the Senate for her current position on the Federal bench. Her nomination would show absolutely that the left is not interested in fairness or two of their stalworth party platforms; equality for women and helping minorities. Janice Brown falls into both categories. When they oppose her, (and they will, ) they will be going against a black women who worked hard and rose from the poor neighborhood where she was raised to become a Federal judge. The time has come for the fight on the Senate floor and conservatism will be the victor which in turn will be a victory for the American People!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


The liberal media once again, "celebrates, " death as the 2000th hero who sacrificed for freedom gave their life in the war. In their attempt to turn the American people against the war the, "mainstream," press has continually spotlighted the death of our brave men and women without once showing the tremendous accomplishments and a job well done that these hero's have performed and given their life to secure this nation and help the Iraqi people establish a free government. The Newsmax article located by clicking on the title of this post gives just a few wonderful examples of the fantastic job that our soldiers are doing as they fight to defeat terrorism and promote liberty! The last of the article says it best, "By its attempts to trash the U.S. war effort, the press betrays its true feelings about America's heroes - and those feelings have little to do with honoring their sacrifices !"

Ken Taylor


In yet another lame effort to attract votes for her 2008 Presidential run the Hildabeast is using the current disatisfaction by the public over gas prices to propose a $ 20 BILLION, (yes billion with a , "B"), tax in new fees aimed at oil companies. According to this looney proposal the excess money would be used for funding, "clean energy research, " and assisting with winter heating bills. Of course when she was asked how the oil companies would absorb these mammoth additional costs, the Hildabeast had no response! No wonder, her goal is to play on a public mood that is hard on, "big oil, " because of increased prices at the pump and reports of record profits. What this Senator from New York fails to say is that the supply and demand market based economy that we have will cause the oil companies to pass this huge tax onto consumers thus guaranteeing that the price at the pump and other energy prices such as home heating oil will shoot through the roof. Many economists actually predict that her plan would plummet the economy into recession because of this attempt to control the free market. This is the person who wants to be the next President. Heaven help us if her socialistic, liberal ways ever become policy. This is a prime example of how she would run, (ruin), the country! The Hildabeast watch continues.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Today the Iraqi government announced that the referendum on the Iraqi Constitution that was held last week passed with an overwhelming margin topping 70%. This is a decisive victory for Iraq, our troops and the President and a resounding defeat for terrorism and the insurgency yet this tremendous news took a back seat to the Valerie Plame Grand Jury investigation and even when the story was mentioned during the same report it was over shadowed by the 2000th soldier who has given their life defending freedom in Iraq, ( During one particular news radio report that I listened to today an analyst actually said that the, "popularity of a war decreases in direct proportion to the number of losses of troops." Of course he was attempting to equate the current media assumption that the American people are growing weary of the war and suggested that the majority are leaning toward wanting an immediate pull out of our troops. The, "weary," public in actuality is a natural reaction to war, for the very nature of the beast causes a weariness after awhile but this does not mean that the American people do not support the troops and their mission to defeat terror whether in Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world. The second part of this, "analysts," assumption that the publics reaction to war decreases with number of deaths is also historically false! Take for instance WWII, a war that saw more than 400,000 American deaths yet the public, though weary of war did not fail to support the war effort despite the loss. If anyone takes just a guick look at this nations participation in war throughout our history the American people have always understood that war means sacrifice of our brave and valiant soldiers for the cause of freedom wherever we fight. The one exception was Vietnam where the media succeeded in turning the American public against the war and our soldiers . This is the goal of the left and their media accomplishes concerning the War on Terror, especially in Iraq. The negative reporting and the continual body count is all designed to turn the public against the war and ultimately the Bush administration to bring down a President that they hate. Despite the poll numbers which are also biased against the war and the President the majority of Americans support both our troops AND their mission. Thanks to more conservative media outlets like talk radio and other forms of the ,"new media, " the truth about the war filters out to us and prevents the left and the, "mainstream media," from achieving their goal. Congratulations to the Iraqi people, our brave and heroic troops and the President for a job well done!

Ken Taylor

Monday, October 24, 2005


She may be in a, "public," denial but analyst as well as common Joes like you and I know that the Hildabeast is positioning herself for the 2008 Presidential campaign. Yet recent polls in New York show that she may face an uphill battle for the 2008 run if she continues to face Pirro in the 2006 New York Senatorial race. While most polls currently have the Hildabeast with a 2-1 margin against Pirro, 59% of New York voters, many of which would support her for President, say that if she runs for re-election in New York they expect her to complete her six year term. This of course would rule out a 2008 Presidential bid. Now the problem this proposes for Hillary can become complicated. If she continues to run for re-election and the also positioning herself for 2008 this could cause a backlash with New York voters and a possible loss for the Hildabeast which would greatly damage her chances for the Democratic one wants to run a looser. On the other hand if she placates the New York voters and stays true to her Senate seat she can't run in 2008. An interesting dilemma that I am sure that already has the Hildabeast and her staff contemplating ways to once again deceive the voters into thinking that she'll stay in the Senate if re-elected. Not a chance but she'll try to convince them anyway! The Hildabeast watch continues!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Salem, Massachusetts, 1692. The town of Salem has split into two factions and three people have been accused of, "witchcraft," mostly because of political differences between the two town factions which in many ways sought to eliminate certain opponents to the towns leaders. Before the trials ended more than 200 would be arrested and 20 would die with dozens left in jails during the aftermath because they could not pay their room and board while jailed to get out. Why would a post with with the names of Tom DeLay, Karl Rove and "Scooter" Libby began with a brief recounting of the Salem Witch Trials ? A "witchhunt" to eliminate political opponents is being conducted by the left in Washington and Texas. In Washington, the President's Chief of Staff, Karl Rove and The Vice President's Chief of Staff, "Scooter," Libby are caught up in a Grand Jury investigation of the supposed outing of a covert CIA operative Valerie Plame to two reporters Matthew Cooper and Judith Miller. Now the interesting aspect of this particular witchhunt is that at the time that Rove and Libby supposedly,"outted," Plame her position at the CIA was non-covert,(her identity had been revealed several times in the past five years), for she was an analyst for WMD's and her husband, former ambassador under Clinton, Joe Wilson, had been by, "coincidence," assigned by his wife to investigate the connection between Iraq and Niger's delivery of nuclear yellow cake a key component to nuclear weapons. Wilson had long been known as an opponent of the Bush administration and the policy toward Iraq. If a Grand Jury indictment is issued against either Rove or Libby the President has announced that anyone in his administration indicted would be asked to resign, which is the reason for this particular witchhunt. I have witnessed many special prosecutor investigations in my lifetime and one thing stands out about this one that differs from any other. In the past when ANY adverse information that has been given to the Grand Jury about a prominent accused somehow mysteriously,"leaks," to the press. Thus far that has not been the case which leads me to believe that NOTHING to implicate either Rove or Libby has been found and the press and the left,(one in the same), are going nuts over the possibility of eliminating what they believe are, "the brains," that actually run the Bush White House thus bringing down the President.

In another witchhunt case taking place in Texas, former House majority leader Tom DeLay (R) Texas has been indicted by another Grand Jury for conspiracy and money laundering. The prosecutor in this case, Ronnie Earle, is a known Democratic political hatchet man who has been seeking to punish DeLay ever since Republicans became the majority in both Texas and Washington. The first indictment was issued on a statute that didn't exist at the time of the accusation and so Earle sought the assistance of four different Grand Juries until he found one that would give him the indictments. The foreman of one actually admitted that the indictments were never based on Earle,"evidence," (which doesn't exist), but on the jury members anger over a series of campaign commercials that DeLay and other Republicans ran in Texas soliciting votes for Republican candidates.

For the last several years the Democrats have not been able to win at the ballot box so they have been seeking to, "protect, " the American people from their lack of intelligence by legislating from the judiciary bench and seeking to destroy Republicans by one false accusation after another rather than accepting that the voting public has rejected the left's agenda, an agenda that has no ideas, plans or strategy with the exception of lies and the politics of political destruction. Their lust for regaining the power that the American people took from them through the legitimate election process based on Constitutional principles drives them to seek power by other means. If this action on their part brings down the country and emboldens our enemies in the process then so be it. The only goal that libs have is the re-acquisition of power and this nation and her people are of no consequence. They will stop at nothing for this power and their elitist arrogance announces that they are doing all of this , "for the American people." When in actuality their lust for power is for their own benefit and a socialist aristocracy that over rules the will of the people is their ultimate goal. This is the very reason that despite disagreements with certain Republican policies the left cannot attain the House, Senate or The White House again. The path of national destruction will fall in the wake of a liberal run government, weakening our defense, negotiating with terrorists while using only the courts to attempt to prosecute those who have declared war against the U.S. Taxation will destroy the economy for the left believes that they know better how to spend our money than we do, after all in their mind it is actually theirs to begin with. Socialism will take over our free market system and everyone will become wards of the government, "protected," by, "Big Brother." Howard Dean, Ted, "the swimmer," Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Dick Durbin, John Kerry, Charlie Rangle, Nancy Polosi and Barbara Boxer will determine the future of the United States and we will no longer be the lone super power but a humbled nation bowing to the leadership and whims of Kofi Annon and the United Nations.

Ken Taylor


I found this site through a link from our friend Poison Pero at, "The Right is Right." Not only are the insights conservative but they offer a unique perspective and some great links too. Be sure to check this one out!

Saturday, October 22, 2005


The Department of Homeland Security just completed an exhaustive study and through painstaking research came to the conclusion that the U.S. needs to improve immigration enforcement. Well...duh, I could have gone to the local Walmart and saved the government a ton of money and come to the same conclusion! According to the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 2004 there were 671 immigration violators caught out of a possible 301,046 that were reported. That is a ridiculously sorry apprehension rate! Of course this figure does not include the hundreds of thousands that were not reported. Many employers won't report because they will lose half of their work force especially in the construction and house keeping industries. Michael Chertoff announced earlier this week that the official U.S. policy concerning illegals crossing the borders would be a quick ticket back with NO exceptions, but when a statistic such as the poor enforcement of immigration violations reveals itself one has to wonder if this out of control problem will ever be reversed. I know for example that every effort that we make to enforce the southern border is fought tooth and nail by the Mexican government because illegal immigration provides the majority of their fledgling economy. It has become Mexico's number one export! The left wants to give all illegals and immigration violators the right to vote, (they are grasping for straws to win at the ballot box), and many Republicans want an extended, (6 years), guest worker program to entice immigrants to come out of the shadows and register in this country. Until someone steps forward and is willing to bite the bullet and crack down 100% on the issue of illegal immigration and apprehend ANYONE reported that has violated their immigration status in any way this spiraling national security debacle will continue until we become a nation whose majority are non-citizens! It is not the responsibility of The United States to provide Mexico with the means to support their economy. Though we are a nation of immigrants, when Ellis Island was being used during the last two centuries everyone who entered this country went through a legalization process and had the same opportunities to succeed on their own merit as anyone who lived here. Now political correctness is forcing employers to give illegals workers compensation coverage, states are issuing drivers license, the education system and business's throughout the country are using multiple languages and the welfare system paid for by hard working citizens is providing everything from health care to food stamps and NO ONE seems willing to stop this. The strength of our nation from its birth has been that our freedoms and liberties allowed each individual to prosper and to strive for, "the American Dream." Our founding Fathers recognized the diversity that this nation would be and realized that they, as well as their descendants came to this land in search of a brighter tomorrow. That brighter tomorrow is becoming clouded by the illegals who poor into this country every day and the ineptness of the state and federal government to even slow it down much less stop it! It can be controlled and this immigration nightmare can be reversed when political correctness is pushed aside and the immigration laws are enforced fully as the borders are clamped shut. Now is the time for action before it becomes too late !

Ken Taylor

Friday, October 21, 2005


Throughout the week the daily articles posted here are comments or reports based on pertinent news items of the day. Starting this Sunday the post for the day will bare the title, "The Sunday Commentary." The article will be a commentary covering any subject that comes to mind concerning the political or social climate, historical perspective, Constitutional issues or any other subject that is pertinent to today's world events. Check out this new column beginning this Sunday at The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth and as always thank you for your visit!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, October 20, 2005


There has been quite a bit of discussion in the media, actually more like a foaming at the mouth over the discourse that has been taking place concerning the disagreements within the Republican majority, the President and the conservative constituency. The left and their media wing have gleefully seen this as the decline of the Republican domination with the American people and their opening to take control of Washington and all three branches of government. Of course this is not the case because the beauty of our form of government is that healthy disagreement such as this actually bring about necessary changes without portraying weakness. The proof is in the major difference in the fundraising differences between the Democrats and the Republicans. The right has doubled the left which is a clear indication that Republicans still hold the advantage with the voters and the red states are still the controlling factor in election results. The left cannot understand how a healthy discourse can take place without it proving that the party having the discourse is in the midst if destruction. The left only knows how to follow and repeat talking points while blindly listening to others in their own ranks who have a louder voice. All without thinking for themselves or researching the situation to come to their own conclusion. We on the right despite claims by the left do just that. We are independent thinkers and come to our beliefs because at the core we know what direction is right for the country and if that direction is not being followed then we let our elected officials know even if in disagreement. This country was founded to govern ONLY by the will of the people and that elected officials are always answerable to that will. The left doesn't accept this fundamental truth established by the Founding Fathers and as such cannot and will not understand why they have become the minority and continually lose and will continue to lose at the ballot box!

Ken Taylor


I have been a conservative all of my adult life and actually believed in conservative values throughout my teen years. The Republican Party of which I have been an active member for more than 30 years has traditionally been the party for smaller government and less government spending....that is until the last five years. I support President Bush and still believe that a Republican majority in both the House and Senate is a necessity especially in light of the fact that the left has no clue as to what the American people want and they believe only in the politics of political destruction. Yet despite my support I do not agree with the rampant spending and expansion of government programs that have occurred during the Bush Presidency and with the current and last five Congressional sessions. Ronald Reagan once said that government does not solve problems, "government IS the problem." This is a statement that I have whole heartedly agreed with even before President Reagan's statement. The conservative base of the Republican Party like me have always believed this to be true and insisted that this was always a part of the party platform, a belief that has been greatly ignored until recently when the House finally listened to the constituency and began seeking ways to cut government spending and get this out of control budget back in check! Although the vote for these cuts has been delayed this policy is the beginning of getting the majority back on track and the American people are once again being represented in accordance to our voice which is our vote and the opportunity to express our beliefs by stating them directly to our representatives and through such avenues as the web! Let's hope that this is just the beginning and more cuts as well as true tax reform, (meaning reform that decreases taxation and actually changes the system), and tax cuts are to follow. This is a vital part of conservatism and unless our Congressional representatives continue on this path they will see conservative replacements rise to take their place in the halls of Congress. The discourse that has been taking place as a result of the Harriet Meirs nomination and the changes that are taking place in the governing body in Washington result from grassroots response to the beltway and our representatives ARE listening. It then continues to be our responsibility to keep the pressure on and make our voice heard again and again! This is the strength of conservatism, that even our disagreements, when voiced, result in positive action and a stronger nation.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


The long awaited trial of Saddam Hussein began today then was postponed until November 28. The former dictator was as defiant as ever but the judge refused to back down and at one time told Hussein to sit down and be quiet, ( though I will admit that as I watched the judge point at Hussein during this time his hand was shaking). Judging from some of the reports that I heard on CNN radio today the leftist media is treating this with a eye on possibly gaining sympathy for Hussein which I'm sure won't happen. Crystian Amonpore of CNN who always comes across to me as anti-American and anti- freedom and democracy and a socialist at heart actually described the entrance of Hussein to the court room with pity for his, "frail look, " and that he was less defiant than the last time she saw him looking like a,"humble," man. If she feels so inclined to pity him then maybe she should consent to be his third wife ! At one point this morning on Fox News a report was given about an interview with Hussein's defense attorney who actually said that the defense strategy was to not answer any questions but at every opportunity for Hussein to continually proclaim his, "legitimate, " Presidency and that he was the true ruler of Iraq and how he has been illegally removed from power etc. All in an attempt to gain the sympathy of the Iraqi people, (like they want him back!) and the Arab world to force the current, "illegal, " government and the United States out so that Hussein will regain power in Iraq. Yeah I'm sure that will happen ! This trial is in many cases a formality because the evidence for conviction is so overwhelming that the outcome is almost a foregone conclusion. The significance of the trial is actually to show the Iraqi people and the Arab world that a true Democracy has emerged in Iraq and that it works EVEN for the likes of Saddam Hussein whose victims over his 35 years of terror NEVER had such a luxury. I believe that as the Arab world sees freedom working through this trial the hearts and minds of Arab populations in Iran and other repressed Middle East countries will begin an air of freedom that could topple other dictatorial regimes in the region. One of the best quotes that I have heard in conjunction with the arrest and trial of Hussein game from the Iraqi Prime Minister when asked about how the trial will proceed. He said that first they would legally try him for his crimes THEN they would execute him!

Ken Taylor


I had to post a comment or two about this because the premise of it is so ridiculous that it is laughable. The ever complaining liberal protester Cindy Sheehan actually compared the Hildabeast to Rush when she stated that after her, "private," meeting with Hillary that she rejected Sheehan's advise about a troop pull out from Iraq. First, rejecting Sheehan's advice is probably the ONLY intelligent thing the Hildabeast has ever done. Sheehan's comparison concerns Hillary's comment at the end of their meeting stating that a pull out now would mean that all of the soldiers who have died in Iraq will have died in vain. Sheehan said the Hildabeast was a, "war hawk," quoting Republican talking points sounding like Rush Limbaugh. The only things that the Hildabeast and Rush have in common is that they are both human, (there is some question about Hillary), and they both inhale oxygen, other than that the comparisons stop. Sheehan went on to say that she would not make the mistake of, "supporting another pro-war Democrat for President again." Well I don't know about you but I am truly relieved to hear this about Cindy Sheehan. Not supporting a pro-war candidate means that she will support most Democrats and her support for them can only help ANY Republican running for office. The Hildabeast watch continues.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Michael Chertoff the Secretary of Homeland Security testified before Congress that the, "catch and release, " practice would be no more, "Return every single illegal......NO EXCEPTIONS!" Chertoff was testifying before a Congressional hearing dealing with the illegal alien problem that last month alone returned only 30,000 of the 160,000 who illegally crossed our borders and Chertoff announced that this would come to an end! Chertoff said significant progress can be made within one year and this is the policy of the Bush administration. Thank God! This does not solve the problem completely but it is a significant beginning to solving the problem of illegal immigrants. Major steps still need to be taken in the handling of the illegals that are in the United States regardless of the amount of time that they have been in this country. Chertoff also stated that the border patrols will be beefed up tremendously to gain control of the borders but enforcement through patrols is only half of the problem...after all we have extremely large borders with both Mexico and Canada. Erecting a fence similar to that constructed by the Israelis along the Palestinian border would go along way toward border security but ONLY if enforcement of immigration laws, such as Chertoff has stated and patrols that prevent the fence from being breached and/or destroyed coincide with the building of such a fence. In addition technological means such as droid planes and electronic security should be greatly increased, but all of this again will be to no avail if the manpower to enforce added security is not there! It is good to hear that finally the voice of the people is being listened to concerning this national security problem. Our borders have been so unprotected that frankly I am surprised that we have not experienced a terrorist attack that exceeds that of September 11 with the use of a smuggled nuclear or dirty bomb device over our vulnerable borders. This may be an indication of the success of the War on Terror, meaning that the Islamic terrorists have been stripped of their capability to perform such a disgusting act and taking advantage of our lack of border security. With that said, we cannot take the chance that this may be the case because the terrorists are still determined to destroy the United States and our borders have to be protected against such possibilities. The steps that Chertoff outlined today ONLY deal with illegal immigration and not total protection of our borders. This is not a situation that can wait for the slow wheels of Congress to address, this is something that Homeland Security MUST address immediately and if using the National Guard or the United States Military is the answer to protecting our borders then so be it. Now is the time to act and protect this blatant vulnerability to the security of our nation!

Ken Taylor

Monday, October 17, 2005


An amazing thing is taking place in Iraq. A country that just three years ago was under the regime of the brutal dictator Saddam Hussein this past weekend in a large turnout voted on their first Constitution and made a giant step toward a permanent Democracy. Yet the liberal media is not only giving it only passing coverage they are making it a point to report this as not a mammoth victory for the Iraqi people, our military and yes the President, but as a disappointment because the Sunnis are not fully behind it. Never is there much if any mention that the Sunnis were the faction in Iraq who supported Hussein and that Baath Party members were all Sunnis, so not backing the Constitution was expected. Nor do they mention that ANY backing by the Sunnis, (which was significant), is a victory because of this past association. The Iraqis with the backing and assistance if the United States has accomplished in three years what it took our Founding Fathers seven years to accomplish. Another detail that the leftist media is neglecting to report is that the terrorist violence that was expected with the vote was minimal and that the insurgency overall is tremendously decreasing because their support is dwindling everyday! Of course the reason behind this selective reporting is that the success that this Constitutional vote portrays would also be a feather in the cap of the Bush administration and the left will never give credit where credit is due! Our own troops do not recognize the Iraq that is being reported by the, "mainstream, " press for they see the true successes that take place each day. Congratulations to the Iraqi people, our men and women in uniform, the President and those who have assisted in his administration for the success of this historical vote and Constitution.

Ken Taylor


The controversy over the nomination of Harriet Meirs to replace Sandra Day O'Connor at the Supreme Court has taken a twist that has many conservatives rethinking their initial criticism. In a conference call that took place between prominent religious leaders and judges from Texas who know Meirs and what she believes, the judges and friends revealed that if given the opportunity on the High Court to overturn Roe V Wade Meirs would! Dr. James Dobson of, "Focus on the Family," said the Karl Rove suggested that he and the other religious leaders talk with the judges because they would have insight about Meirs that may reveal that she is a better candidate than first suspected. The subject of abortion and Roe V Wade among other conservative agenda policies came up and the judges said the Meirs is definitely pro-life and would overturn this High Court decision. Anyone who has studied the Constitution has to realize that this court decision made in the 70's does not meet Constitutional standards because one, it is based on the right to privacy clause which can be loosely interpreted to cover anything and second, this decision became law not through the legislative branch which IS Constitutional but by seven liberal judges who created legislation from the bench. Meirs has stated that she is a strict Constitutionalist and the President has stated the same and campaigned on the promise that these were the type of judges that he would nominate to the Supreme Court. As a conservative and pro-life Republican this revelation about the conference call is good news indeed!

Ken Taylor


Today from his Senate office in Washington, Senator Ted Kennedy announced that he favored John Kerry a fellow Massachusetts Senator over the Hildabeast in 2008. Adding that the American people regret everyday, "that John, (Kerry), wasn't elected." Yeah like he knows and is so in touch with the American people. Kennedy then went on his usual tirade of blasting the President on any subject that happened to come to mind. Although Kennedy has been around for 43 years and is planning another run for his Senate seat he still has considerable pull in the Democrat Party and this cannot be good news for the Hildabeast and her 2008 run for The White House! The Hildabeast watch continues.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 16, 2005


This weeks Blog of the Week is, "Marie's Two Cents. " She proclaims proudly to be a," far right," conservative and I for one appreciate her point of view. Be sure to visit her tribute to President Reagan at the bottom of the page! Be sure to check this one out!


In a recent interview on the, "Ellen DeGeneres" , the Hildabeast was asked the question, "are you preparing for 2008 ?" Her response, "I am !" Now she quickly backed off as she stuttered about 2006 but sometimes the truth comes out when one least expects it ! The Hildabeast was probably informed that DeGeneres would ask her about her 2006 Senate run and when the host referred to 2008 Hillary's true thoughts were revealed. Know one in their right mind believes that the Hidalbeast is not positioning herself for a Presidential run in 2008 and her advisors I am sure know that the public knows the truth, yet falsehoods and denials of the truth are ALL that any Clinton is capable of telling! The Hildabeast watch continues!

Ken Taylor


This was a story that took me by surprise. Not because I am surprised that someone is FINALLY admitting that the media is biased, but because of WHO said it. Chris Wallace, (son of well known liberal commentator Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes fame among other leftist media shows), came to Fox News from a background in the left wing media and is one of the commentators on Fox who leans a little toward the left. In an interview promoting his, Fox News Sunday, " show Wallace admitted that he was astounded by the media bias that his former colleagues from the , "mainstream," display. When he is questioned by them Wallace stated that questions such as, "how much trouble is Bush in," and , "what's this mess in Iraq, " are common. He further states that when he was in the mainstream, he never noticed the bias, (which he readily participated in by the way), now as a member of Fox News it is obvious and that the success of Fox is a direct result of media bias. Thank you Chris Wallace for publicly voicing what we have known for years. If it were not for sources such as Fox, talk radio, and others who had already recognized the left wing media bias in the mainstream most of the truth in reporting would never be revealed. The, "mainstream media, " sees as their responsibility to MAKE the news rather than report it as should be the case. They have become notorious for creating a story from rumor or flat out making it up to slant the news toward the left in order to attempt to bias the public against the President and the conservative agenda. False reporting and half truths such as 90% of the reporting about the war have become common place in the media and thankfully because of Fox and other similar entities most of the public refuses to buy into the media wing of the Democratic Party. Unfortunately with certain stories the bombardment that the mainstream delivers has a tendency to overwhelm the American people which explains the reaction that appears when these stories surface, ie: Iraq! Add to that the polling that the mainstream biases and this too explains much of what is perceived as the, "voice," of the people. The last several elections are evident that the mainstream and the libs are out of touch with the public. In each election the final result was nothing like the predictions prior to election day. For instance the mainstream media had everyone believing that John Kerry was on his way to a landslide victory early on election day and just the opposite took place. Our responsibility as Americans is to investigate what is reported and to use our intelligence to determine what is true and what is false. That is what the mainstream cannot comprehend, that we the people are intelligent enough to make up our own mind and to verify their reporting instead of accepting their falsehoods as truth as was the case when the big three, ABC, NBC and CBS and the New York Times, (who is dramatically losing subscriptions daily), were all that existed. Ronald Reagan made a statement once which he was applying to the Soviet Union which is some what appropriate when referring to the media, "trust but verify!"

Ken Taylor

Friday, October 14, 2005


To follow up yesterdays post about the Bush approval rating, read this article from World Net Daily and see how he stacks up against the previous seven occupants of The White House !


Karl Rove made yet one more appearance before the Grand Jury hearing the case about the revealing of the already previously revealed Valerie Plame. When Rove left the hearing the media quickly jumped to the conclusion that his appearance meant that Rove would be charged and some even claimed that he was out on, "parole." The special prosecutor handling the case has not revealed ANY information concerning the case which was admitted by a Washington Post reporter last night on, "Hardball, "with Chris Matthews yet the media has Rove tried, convicted and sentenced. Scott McClellan press secretary for the President said today that the prosecutor has stated that the investigation is NOT directed toward Rove but of course this matters little to the media! One analyst on CBS radio speculated today that this fourth appearance was bad news for Rove because it meant that the prosecutor was questioning him about discrepancies over HIS testimony as opposed to others who have testified. Nothing was mentioned that Rove may have been called in to verify or possibly clear up questions about someone else's testimony. Speculation has been made that when asked about the Rove situation the President has a, "very hurt and troubled, "look on his face as he, "searches for the politically correct thing to say." The satellite hook up with troops in Iraq that has been called a, "staged event, "(although the troops involved take offence to the charge), was referenced as happening and causing controversy because, "Rove was preoccupied with his trouble with the Grand Jury." The leftist media and the left as a whole are looking for anything that they can pin on this administration to continually derail the war, the economy, even hurricane relief to convince the American people that they and they alone look out for our best interest. I have yet to hear one idea or program or answer to ANYTHING facing this nation. Their only, "answers," are charges against Republicans, accusations that are based on lies and condemnation of political corruption without one ounce of proof. The left has no agenda except the attempt to destroy Bush and the majority in Congress and the media wing of the Democratic Party is their constant ally. Who suffers from their lust to regain power at all cost ? We the people !!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, October 13, 2005


With the President's approval rating sinking and the right bickering over the Harriet Meirs nomination the Democrats are dancing in the isles over the idea of taking back the House and Senate in 2006. A recent NBC news poll conducted from October 8-10 found that 48 % want a Democrat Congress as opposed to 39% for Republicans to remain in control. Now before we jump off the deep end over this remember first that this poll was taken by NBC, the "NON-Partisan Broadcasting Company" as long as they are questioning liberals with questions designed to get a negative answer about the President and ANY Republican and/or conservative. The poll was given to 805 adults most likely in a metropolitan area that traditionally votes Democrat with questions like, "How much do you disapprove of the job that the President is doing?" This question of course would solicit ONLY job disapproval ratings. As far as the Congress the question most likely was stated like, "As a Democrat would you like a Democratically controlled Congress ?" A poll can be slanted to say whatever the poll taker wishes and since this particular poll is sponsored by NBC News this is one that I am VERY suspicious of. How many red states were polled. I would say not one. How many Republicans were polled. Most likely about 5% or less ! This is the usual course when a poll is taken. Now most polls somewhat agree about the President's job approval rating but let me remind you that around this same period in his Presidency Ronald Reagan had a job approval rating of about 41-42%. President's approval ratings consistently fluctuate and Bush's will also. There is a resurgence in conservative values and the conservative agenda has taken on new strength especially in the House, where the border issue, lower taxes, stronger defense and less government have taken a new priority. The last time that this conservative intellectual discourse took place and conservatism was voicing itself in the political arena as loud as it has in the last month Ronald Reagan was elected to two consecutive landslides and the Democrat down fall began. So take heart conservatives all is not lost, hope beams on the horizon!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


As you have most likely noticed the postings have not been as numerous nor as frequent as have been the custom. Do to a lighting strike which caused a power surge that bypassed my surge protector my hard drive has been in the shop for bench work to replace the power supply and the mother board. I have been using a back up that has a small memory and lacks the capability to down load several of the sites that I use for reference and news. This has also prevented me from surfing the web and visiting the sites of many of our loyal readers. This back up hard drive has been progressivly getting worse. I was informed that my repaired hard drive is in route by FedEx and should arrive by Friday. So until then please forgive the lack of postings but rest assured that when I am up and running in full steam the quest to defeat liberalism will once again be in full force at The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth !

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 09, 2005


This is the time that the left has been waiting for. The President nominated Harriet Meirs to replace Sandra Day O"Conner at the beginning of last week and since then the left has had a field day. Not necessarily because they support her nomination, which in reality I am sure that MOST do not, but because they are enjoying the battle that conservatives are waging against Bush without Democrat's having to say a thing! Even before the echo of the nomination press conference died conservatives throughout the country were wailing about,"Bush's betrayal," without knowing ANYTHING about Meirs. Many have even called for the with drawl of her nomination with still very little information known and the left is sitting back and laughing in the face of conservatism even coming out to defend Meirs while in the background admitting that they don't know or likely won't vote for her confirmation. Conservatives have become their own worst enemy. I mentioned in a post earlier this week that one of Meirs key responsibilities to the President as White House Council was to advise and even interview individuals who were being considered for any federal court appointment. Again I ask, why would her judicial philosophy be different from those such as Chief Justice John Roberts and others that she has recommended to the President. Are we on the right so caught up in the idea of an intellectual and political fight with the left over Supreme Court nominations that we are willing to implode ourselves without even looking at the details of a nominee ? I would also ask, why would the President, who has a history of appointing strict Constitutional conservatives to the bench at all levels suddenly dramatically change with possibly his most important nominee to," betray conservatives, " and ,"cave in to the left ?" Do the Democrats not have enough of their own false claims to use as ammunition in their attempt to derail the President's agenda without consevatives adding fuel to the fire by fighting amongst ourselves over the Meirs nomination? If, and I stress IF when the confirmation process begins and we finally listen to what Meirs judicial philosophy is and then discover that she is not what the President says she is, ( which I strongly believe will NOT be the case), then we should oppose her nomination. Until then this battle on the right is nothing more than a political victory for the left and they are more than willing to sit back and let it happen while taking a jab every once in a while by defending Meirs in the press, though they truly do NOT support her! When all is said and done and Meirs is confirmed I believe that she will prove to be the conservative Constitutionalist that we need to change the balance of the court to the right and to eliminate for several decades the legislation from the bench that has been the practice in the past. Yet one question remains. During the confirmation process how much damage will we cause ourselves by bickering and in fighting over this crucial nomination ?

Ken Taylor

Friday, October 07, 2005


250 BILLION DOLLARS ! This is how much Senator Mary Landrieu (D) LA is demanding that the Senate appropriate to the state of Louisiana for the recovery from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Contrast that with Governor Haley Barbour from the neighboring state of Mississippi who announced that he would need no more than 50 billion and more than likely closer to 30 billion for his states recovery. Why such a dramatic difference ? Both states were devastated by the storms. Granted New Orleans is a larger city than Biloxi and Gulfport and Louisiana was affected more by Rita than Mississippi, but does this alone explain a 200 billion dollar difference in recovery requests or is there more than meets the eye? The actual difference has nothing to do with the devastation or the recovery that is needed, the difference is that Landrieu is taking advantage of the storm and Barbour is not. Governor Barbour's request is based on actual dollars needed for clean up, reconstruction and loses due to the storms. Landrieu's request has so much political pork barrel projects in it that it actually oinks ! Just as the corruption in Louisiana contributed greatly to the aftermath and the levy system being unprepared, Landrieu is following suite with pork barrel spending to take advantage of the generous spirit that is felt toward the Gulf Coast because of the storms. She has everything from alligator relocation to replacing statues and projects that are not even in the areas affected by the storms. Her temper tantrum displayed on the Senate floor is a result of the Senate questioning her request and she is using this as an opportunity to accuse the Republican majority of not caring for the people of her state by not issuing a blank check at her request. 250 billion dollars is more than the estimates for the recovery of the entire coastal area affected by Katrina which includes Alabama, Mississippi AND Louisiana! Yet Landrieu is demanding that the Senate without debate, without question and without fiscal responsibility open up the pocket books of the American people and give in to her pork barrel spending demands. Leave it to a liberal to take advantage of a terrible situation in order to attempt to steal from the American people and politicize the suffering of her own constituency!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Bill Clinton says that the United States is, "likely to loose in Iraq!" I really despise continually writing about this guy but when he opens his trap and undermines the foreign policy of The United States and emboldens our enemies with ridiculous statements I can't help but comment on his lunacy! First the statement is absolutely insane. The media has succeeded in painting a picture of an Iraqi quagmire yet when reports directly from the field finally find their way to the web and the more conservative media such as Fox News and talk radio, the stories from the troops, the Iraqis and the Commanders in the theatre paint a picture of success and progress showing that despite the terror insurgency that Iraqi and US forces have the upper hand and the murderous despots who are attempting to prevent the full establishment of a free Iraq are LOOSING! For a former President to publicly claim that the US is likely to loose is not only a seditious statement which gives aid and comfort to the enemy but his former status adds credence to his inflammatory remarks which ultimately damages the standing of the US to our allies and our enemies! I have witnessed the behavior of many former President's in my lifetime and for the most part respected their senior statesmanship and their willingness to keep a low profile so as not to disrupt any current administration. Two former President's have blatantly used their former status to undermined President Bush and to attempt by their rhetoric to force changes in American policy and turn world leaders against the current administration. Ironically BOTH are Democrats. Jimmy Carter has time and again stepped into situations where he did not belong and through speeches and personal visits, that were not sanctioned by this country, to various world leaders taken every opportunity to condemn the War on Terror. This coming from a President who failed miserably both in foreign and domestic affairs and has as his legacy the worst Presidency in history. Clinton has done much the same. In an attempt to create a legacy that does not exist when looking at the facts and failures of his two terms and the most corrupt Presidency in history, he has traveled the world, stayed before the cameras and visited every tragedy as if he were still the White House occupant. In each instance his words and his very presence undermines US policy and causes problems for President Bush for the press still believes that Bubba is the man to watch and his words are golden. This last statement though is an insult to our troops and the very effort that they so heroically perform each day! This failed leader who never once stood up for the US against terrorism and repeatedly missed every opportunity to capture or kill Bin Laden and ignored damning evidence that could have prevented September 11 now gives Bin Laden a pat on the back as he claims that this terrorist leader and those Islamic terrorist who follow him and his various lieutenants will defeat the United States in Iraq! How many precious American and Iraqi lives will this disgusting statement cost as the enemy through the words of William Jefferson Clinton receive an endorsement of success to their murderous ways! Final victory will be ours and Iraq will be free as terrorism is defeated by the tremendous armed forces of the United States.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


As the continuing news of the political witch hunt that is being waged against Tom Delay the motives of Ronnie Earle the Democratic Texas prosecutor are becoming all to obvious. This corrupt liberal is seeking to bring down a very powerful political opponent in retribution for loosing Democratic control of the state of Texas and he is twisting the law to make it happen. The first indictment which was handed down last Thursday has already been with drawn because the conspiracy charge that Earle was falsely accusing Delay of was based on a law that went into effect in 2003, ONE YEAR AFTER the incident that Earle used to bring down the indictment. The first Grand Jury that he went to rejected the charge for lack of evidence. He then called for a DIFFERENT Grand Jury the next day, one that would be more favorable to him. In an interview that was aired on Rush Limbaugh today the foremen of the Grand Jury readily admitted that he and the other jurists had their mind made up BEFORE the charges were presented based on a television commercial which aired in Texas sponsored by a business men's association that Delay was part of campaigning for Republican candidates. The foremen stated that the members of the Grand Jury didn't like, "being told who to vote for!" I don't recall ANY campaign advertisement that doesn't tell who to vote for. He also stated that NONE of the,"evidence mattered for their minds were made up already!" When the information surfaced through Delay's attorneys that this indictment would be thrown out because the statute for the charge did not exist at the time Earle then convened yet another Grand Jury on Sunday to present the same, "evidence," this time on a charge of money laundering and five hours later the new indictment was handed down. Now according to Texas and Federal law money laundering can only be charged when illegal money is being used. All of the monies in question are legal campaign contributions and as such are not applicable to this statute. This is way out of control. Just as the first indictment was thrown out this second will find the same fate. Using the law for political retribution as obviously Ronnie Earle is doing should in itself bring charges against this prosecutor. Since he is a Democrat he will most likely continue in his present position without any punishment for his crimes. If this had been a Republican prosecutor attempting even a justified charge against a Democrat the prosecutor would be run out of town on a rail. My prediction...... all charges will be thrown out and Tom Delay will return as House Majority leader more focused and determined to get the conservative agenda passed and Ronnie Earle will sink into oblivion!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I have been listening for the last two days to the President taking a beating from ALL sides for picking Harriet Miers as the O'Connor replacement. Many thanks to Poison Pero at The Right Is Right Blog for his comment to yesterdays post and agreeing that instead of loosing our heads over this nomination we need to trust Bush's judgment and give the man a break! Both sides of the isle and conservative and liberal commentators have been blasting the President for choosing Miers. Conservatives, without knowing anything about her, have condemned Bush for betraying the right because he didn't pick a well known conservative. To them I say this. Maybe being an unknown and never serving on the bench gives her a distinctive advantage not only for confirmation but in making Constitutionally based decisions rather than looking only at the opinions of other judges and foreign courts! Many conservatives have complained because she used to be a Democrat. Need I remind anyone that the greatest conservative who has ever served this country, President Ronald Reagan, was ALSO a former Democrat ? Remember Bush promised that he would change the configuration of the court to a Constitutionally based court and not an activist court who legislates from the bench. Today in a news conference he confirmed that Miers has this same belief and his last nominee now Chief Justice John Roberts in his Senate confirmation hearings proved that he was a Constitutionalist! The Left has also had it's share of belly aching over Miers. Dianne Finestien (D) Ca, a well known feminist commented that Miers, a well established female lawyer was not qualified to serve on the court because she has not been a judge, even though more than one third of the justices that have served on the High Court including the former Chief Justice, NEVER served on the bench before their appointment. The left has also complained about Miers being a, "crony," of Bush since she has been his personal attorney for over a decade and served on his staff. Most justices for that matter have been cronies because a President knows them and their judicial philosophy as Bush knows Miers. This is why a President appoints justices to the court, to extend his judicial philosophy to the High Court and Bush is well known to believe in strict Constitutional rulings. So maybe we the people owe him the benefit of the doubt and wait until the hearings to make our judgment. Miers beliefs will surface then and I for one am willing to bet that we will find that she will be as strong a pick as Roberts has shown to be. Remember SHE was in charge of interviewing the possible nominees and advising the President. Why would her judiciary philosophy prove to be different then all of the fine judges that the President has appointed to the courts at all levels in the last five years! The very judges that the left fought and defeated and the right praised were chosen in part by Miers! Through her own advise to the President in judicial nominees I believe that she has ALREADY proven that she IS conservative and a Constitutionalist.

Ken Taylor

Monday, October 03, 2005


Today President Bush announced that he had chosen White House Council Harriet Miers to replace Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court. Initial response to this nomination was mixed. There was some praise and some condemnation and quite a lot of hesitation with accusations of, "cronyism," thrown in since the President has known Ms. Miers for more than a decade and she has been his personal attorney and a member of his staff both as Governor and President. Many conservatives are disappointed because that President did not pick a known conservative that would challenge the left to a fight in the Senate to bring about confirmation. Many also question her because prominent Democrats such as Chuck Schumer (D) NY and Senate Minority leader , "Hapless," Harry Reid (D) NV have expressed liking Ms. Miers. Prominent conservatives such as Ann Coulter have openly condemned the nomination because she is not an out spoken conservative and as well known as other possible nominees who were thought to be on the list. Many also consider the fact that Schumer and Reid, "sounded," favorable was also a bad sign. Let me remind you that when Bush nominated John Roberts the Democrat reaction and particularly Schumer and Reid had a similar response yet when confirmation took place they BOTH voted against Roberts stating that his views were too conservative for their liking! The President has known Miers for quite some time and I believe that he should be given the benefit of the doubt. From ALL corners both conservative and liberal the initial response about John Roberts was very much the same. Dems said he was qualified and a nice person and Conservatives said he was more of a moderate and questionable. This time they too claim that Bush caved into the left, but remember when Roberts faced the Senate he proved his conservative credentials and made a fool of the liberal members of the judiciary committee showing himself as a strict Constitutionalist concerning the law. Miers in her speech after the President introduced her said much the same as she spoke of her admiration and marveled at the insight and wisdom of the Founding Fathers in writing the Constitution. Vice President Cheney said on Rush Limbaugh and Saun Hannity today that Miers was a conservative and a Constitutionalist who believes that the Judiciary should not legislate from the bench but abide by a strong Constitutional format in handing down court decisions. Once again just as with Roberts, Miers has very little paper trail which makes opposition to her nomination very difficult for the Democrats and the fact that she is a women also will make the Dems look foolish if they come out strongly against her when their parties stance on feminism is taken into consideration. Rush also brought out a very important point today concerning the weakness of the Republican majority in the Senate. He asked the question, "would you want these Republicans as your army to fight this battle ?" This is an excellent question which I feel certain that Bush had to take into consideration, which in turn would lead toward nominating an unknown like Miers. The next few weeks will prove interesting as more about her judicial philosophy becomes known. Personally I believe at least at this point that she will be shown to be similar to Roberts and will have the same success in confirmation that he did. Time will tell !

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 02, 2005


I have been a follower of politics my entire adult life. It is not unusual to hear the phrase, "politics as usual," when the press or anyone for that matter brings up the sublect regardless of what form that politics plays in the discussion. Yet for the past few years since the Republicans have been in charge of Congress and especially since the Presidency has been added into the equation politics as usual has taken on a very ugly and very dangerous face by the Democrats. As a life long Republican I will readily admit that my party has many faults and at times seems to stumble about in trying to get the job done. I am not in favor of big government, or huge spending and both have been running rampent during the Bush administration and the majority in Congress has been cooperating on a regular basis. The border issue, especially in a post 9/11 world is a major concern that neither party wants to address and I will admit that there has been foot dragging in some of the ways that the War on Terror has been handled, even though I support all of the battlefields that we are currently in. Where the politics as usual has taken such an ugly face is the way that the Democrats have chosen to approach EVERYTHING. When was the last time that they have had a new idea, or cooperatred in anything that is for the good of the country ? Even when the Gulf Coast was devistated by two major hurricanes the response from the left was blame, race baiting and complaints that conservatives are only concerned about, "the rich!" During fund raiser after fund raiser the left used what should have been non-partisan gatherings to help victims as forums to blast the President, the War and conservatism. When anti war/American protesters took to the streets their rhetoric was condemnation of America and the very core of what we stand for. When Democrat, "leaders," speak to the press or at the podiums in both houses of Congress their tone is always obstructionist and the only tool they seem to use anymore is that of character assasination. No longer do you hear debate over any subject that is tackled in Congress but accusation after accusation to attempt to turn the American people against anything that the left does not support. Yet in all of their rhetoric they NEVER put forth a plan, a fresh idea or thought, only finger pointing and accusations of corruption and criminal intent. I realize that my party does its share of accusing but in that same context the conservative agenda DOES propose a plan and ideas to deal wth most of the issues facing America and the world. The left has but one agenda......anything that will take down the current administration and regain the power in Washington that they lost, not by forfiet but because the voters in this country have chosen by their free will as Americans to not elect representatives from the left and to back the conservative agenda. Rather than accept the will of the people through the election process as our Constitution has provided for the left believes,( in their arrogance), that they know far more what, "the people," want and need and that the elections are a reflection of OUR ignorance because we rejected what they offer. Thus they attack and obstruct and the result is that an already slow process is stagnated. The war effort to defeat terrorism becomes a political game and our men and women in uniform not only have to fight the enemy but have to fear that the rhetoric that the left continually distorts and out right lies about through the media wing of the Democratic Party will turn the American people against their mission and even against the soldiers themselves ! Abraham Lincoln once said that American will never be defeated from without but our destruction will come from within....if only he knew at the time how true his prediction would become! The arrogance of the left and their disgusting lust for power blinds them to the very reasons why we exist. The United States is the light of freedom to a world where in most corners the rule of fear and lack of hope is what the populace wakes up to every morning. The world still looks to us for leadership but in many respects the only thing that the world sees is bickering and complaint from the left which emboldens our enemies and places doubt in our abilities to the entire world. Lincoln was right our destruction will come from within and that destruction becomes more evident each day that the left, who will sacrifice our country, our soidiers, our citizens and even their very soul to satisfy their lust for power. That is why they must NEVER again gain the Presidency or the majority in Congress and why a more conservative judiciary is so important, one that abides by the Constitution and not legislate from the bench. Let the left accuse and complain while the right moves the country foward.

Ken Taylor

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