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Sunday, October 02, 2011


"You don't lead by hitting people over the head - that's assault, not leadership." DWIGHT EISENHOWER

Leadership, a quality that few have and many think they have. Leadership does not automatically appear when anyone finds themselves elected to public office especially one as powerful and important as the Presidency of The United States. Our Nation has had great leaders beginning with our first President George Washington and we have had our share of terrible leaders. Jame Buchanan, and Jimmy Carter are among the worst. Yet none have matched the complete lack of leadership while pretending to be a leader as Barack Obama.

Now this leader wanna be has stooped to the lowest form of feigned leadership. Scolding, lecturing, belittling and telling the American people we have grown soft and only HE can toughen us up again. As Eisenhower said in the quote at the beginning of this post, hitting people over the head, blaming them for any and everything while scolding and condemning them is not leadership it is assault of the worst kind. The assault of the human spirit and for we Americans an assault and an insult to our finest quality as Americans, exceptionalism and strength through freedom.

Throughout his failed tenure as President, Obama has used the Presidential,"bully pulpit," to scold those who do not bow to his wishes or agenda, condemning Americans for prospering, apologizing for American greatness and used his temporary position as Chief Executive as a platform to belittle America and Americans rather than inspire, lift up and lead as a true and successful President should.

People all have at least one thing in common regardless of race, creed, back ground or standing. When they are constantly barraged with negativism, condemnation and assault upon who they are, how they live and what they do, they tend to believe it and act accordingly. This is why leadership is so important. Not that Americans cannot survive without a real leader or continue to be the exceptional people that we are, but a vacuum of leadership especially in The White House drags the country and our people down taking with it the very exceptionalism that makes our Nation great and a hope to the world.

When we hear nothing but negative from leadership or constant blame without the leader taking any responsibility for his actions, we come to a point where we as a people throw up our hands and say, "what's the use," since nothing we do seems to matter or fighting to make things better finds no avenues of seeming success as the leader continues to condemn and turn a deaf ear on the cries and anger of the people.

We hear how nothing can be done because Washington is so partisan which polarizes government so nothing can be accomplished. First let me inform those who may not know or understand Washington has ALWAYS been partisan and ALWAYS been argumentative with party bickering and spite. That is the nature of politics and the nature of how people who have any type of power work whether it is government or business. That has not changed since the Founding of our country and will not change as long people are involved.

The problem is not partisanship or bickering but the vacuum of leadership in The White House. Our Founders understood the nature of people and in our Constitution created three Branches of government as a check and balance system but placed among those Branches an Executive to provide leadership for that balance in order to allow for this free Republic to work on a governmental level while using the other two Branches as a force to prevent the Executive from becoming a dictatorship.

Ronald Reagan understood the necessity of strong leadership in the Executive Branch better than any President of the 20th Century. He never had majorities in Congress to agree with his policy. He never had Republican party leadership that sided with him to force through his agenda. In fact with the exception of his first two years in Office when the GOP controlled the Senate, Reagan had a Democrat Congress to deal with throughout his Presidency.

So how did he get so much done and so much of it in line with his conservative agenda when the Congress was mostly liberal? He was a strong, true and very decisive leader. He stood fast to his principles and expressed those principles regularly to the American people who rallied to him because his principles matched those of most Americans. As a result a partisan Congress had no choice but to follow most of Reagan's leadership because the people backed his policy and agenda.

When he spoke to the people he never condemned Americans for not backing him. He never told us how soft we had become or how we had lost our edge as Obama did recently in an interview that insults the core of who we are as a people and a country. Even as America was ground to a halt in the midst of a terrible economy, high unemployment, massive inflation and a weak foreign policy stemming from the failed policy and weak leadership of Jimmy Carter, Reagan encouraged Americans by reminding us constantly of who we are and the greatness of our Nation and our people.

We responded to his encouragement. We reacted to his optimism. We embraced his vision of the shining city on a hill and we grew as a people and a country recovering from the malaise of Carter into the exceptionalism of Reagan. Reagan told us our best days were not behind us but yet to come and we as a people responded to his leadership and our best days became better with EVERY passing day.

Reagan was a leader while Obama is a loser and as a loser he has become a virus on the face of our Nation as he uses his, "bully pulpit," to spread that virus bringing the malaise of Carter back to this country multiplied exponentially since Obama is a more severe virus than Carter and a greater vacuum of leadership has been created by his failure and condemnation of our people our Nation and our very way of life.

The 2012 election presents the American people with a decision that will determine whether we grow as a people and Nation or stagnate into oblivion allowing the current virus in The White House to completely over take us and destroy even the very foundation of our beloved Republic. We will not elect another Reagan because he only comes along once.

But we must elect a leader who will take responsibility and not blame the people for Americas problems. A leader like Reagan who believes in the people and the freedom of the people to prosper. A leader who will understand that we are an exceptional Nation and people and through that exceptionalism and our freedom from government can accomplish anything and everything. With that type of leadership America will recover and we will grow and rise from the ashes of Obama to the grand and glorious sunshine of the shining city on the hill that Reagan knew as America and her people.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Necromancer said...

Thank You Mr. Taylor. I can remember when Eisenhower was elected back in 1951. Also the Home Run Heard around the world. Saw it all on TV.
"Semper Fi"

2:05 PM, October 03, 2011  
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