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Monday, February 27, 2006


This story is a little off the main subjects that are in the news today, Iraq violence the Dubai ports deal but it so amazed me that I had to comment on it. A member of the Taliban who held the post of Ambassador at Large is now a student at Yale University. Rahmatullah Hashemi is not only attending Yale but was admitted with extremely poor qualifications. This former Taliban member has only a fourth grade education and high school equivalency certificate or GED. His admittance not only does not meet with Yale admittance standards but keeps a qualified student who has been working throughout his/her school years to make the grade which would allow admittance to the Ivy League school. When asked about this terrorist admission Richard Shaw, Yale's dean of undergraduate admissions actually stated that the University had been trying to get another foreigner , "of Rahmatullah's caliber, " but lost him to Harvard and did not," want that to happen again." Hashemi spoke at Yale and other locations in May, 2001 as a roving ambassador for the Taliban defending their mis - treatment of women and other non humanitarian acts that were common place with the Taliban. Infact he is currently taking ,"Political Science 145 - Terrorism: Past, Present and Future, " in the same hall in which he spoke during his May, 2001 visit. The liberalistic tendencies of the higher educations community especially among those that claim to be educators who actually promote their own socialist and communist agenda as education is already far out of control. Then to discover that one of the nations most prominent universities is choosing former terrorist based individuals over students in the United States and are proud of the fact that they beat Harvard in order to get this Taliban member as a student is absolute lunacy.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Throughout the past week while most eyes have been focused on the UAE ports deal and all of the possible implications that it constitutes another story has developed which has garnered attention but has taken second seat to the UAE. On Wednesday a bombing which destroyed the golden dome of the Shiite Askariya shrine in Samarra, set off protests and sectarian violence which resulted in the death of more than 130 people has begun speculation that Iraq is either on the verge of Civil War or it has already started. Throughout the end of the week revenge attacks against Mosks, Clerics and tombs of past prominent religious leaders had caused the Iraqi government to institute a daily curfew in order to stem the violence and quell the chaos that ensued. Many clerics from both sides have called for calm and during this weekend Iraq has been fairly quiet as opposed to the end of the week. Every news report that has surfaced in the media has posed the question as to whether this was the brink of Civil War and in some circles in the press it seems that there is almost a morbid anticipation that Civil War has begun which will give fuel to the fire that The United States has failed in helping the Iraqi people form a Democracy. A similar situation to marshal law has helped to control Baghdad where most of the violence has taken place. Iraqi officials have placed the blame for the bombing of the golden dome of the Shiite Askariya shrine which began the sectarian attacks on Al Qaeda as an attempt by the terrorist organization to disintegrate the country into Civil War in order to destroy the further democratization of Iraq. Will Iraq destroy herself by an all enveloping Civil War ? There are many who believe that it is inevitable because of the various differences between the factions that dwell in Iraq. Although there are zealots who will stop at nothing to fight for their religion in Iraq the majority of the country has not risen to arms with the recent bombing which would explain why the violence was quelled so quickly. Additionally much of the country is somewhat westernized and though devoted to their religious beliefs do not cater to the idea that killing another over religious disagreements is what Allah would want, which gives a democracy a rather strong foot hold in the minds of the people. Evidence this by the tremendous turn out in all of the Iraqi elections and the relative ease in which all of the factions came together to develop a Constitution and form both an interim and permanent government.

So is this the beginning of Civil War ? One aspect of Civil War which is not evident in the Iraqi situation is that once started NOTHING can stop it. Take for instance our own Civil War. Once the shots were fired on Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, SC after the secession of South Carolina from the Union, emotions were so high and political disagreement so strong that Civil War erupted with a vengeance. The emotions and fervor for Civil War in this country could not have been quelled by marshal law nor by curfews. A majority of the citizenry actually wanted war and any type of government intervention to stop the war would have actually resulted in an escalation because emotions were so high. This emotionally controlled fervor is not evident in Iraq at this time. Some will argue that the example of our own Civil War does not apply because the religious aspect was not part of the conflict as the North and South fought over mostly political disagreements. Even though many Civil Wars have been fought over religion much of the basis of the conflict still had a political base of disagreement. Take for instance the Civil War that erupted in India after the British turned over governmental control of the country to self rule. India had mainly two religious factions in the country, Muslim and Hindu. There was tremendous disagreement in the forming of the government and it was decided that where Hindu or Muslim majorities existed then the majority would rule. Eventually this idea was dropped and the nation of Pakistan was the outcome which caused the displacement of large portions of the population with Pakistan being a Muslim state and India a Hindu state. The emotions over the displacement resulted in Civil War. Though religion played a vital role in the war political differences over establishing government gave birth to the war. This too is not evident in Iraq as evidenced by the establishment and election of a government that represents all factions within the country.

Though time will tell as to whether Iraq will disintegrate into Civil War , the emotional fervor that precedes Civil War does not exist in most of the populace. Most Iraqis are more interested in working and supporting their families and living a daily life in freedom that they never experienced in 35 years under Saddam Hussein. Will sectarian violence continue ? Most likely because as mentioned before there are religious zealots who believe that killing in the name of Allah is what they are destined to do. Will Al Qaeda or the insurgents continue to attempt to force Civil War through acts such as the bombing of the shrine in Samarra ? I am sure they will because their goal of using Iraq as a base of operations or returning it to its previous dictatorial state is the obvious plan that both have in mind. The difference being that the majority of the Iraqi people are not buying into their plan and the government of Iraq is still represented by the people.

Ken Taylor


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Thursday, February 23, 2006


With the Congress investigating the sale of operational control of six major ports to the UAE and knowing that the President has been adamant in his convictions and his stance in protecting thise nation, I have been attempting to try and make sense of the Bush administrations unwavering support of this transaction. There is considerable evidence in my opinion based on pre-9/11 actions that the UAE was a terrorist sponsoring state. Granted that after 9/11 as has been stressed by the administration the UAE has been one of the strongest allies to the United States and possibly the strongest in the region. This still does not change my opinion that even though nothing changes in the operations of the ports and basically only the origin of the checks written and book keeping in essence is all that will change with the acquisition, logical wisdom says that the UAE having access to United States port security and because of shipping that originates from the ports possibly security of other means of transportation, that it becomes a definite security risk. So I asked myself why would a President who has been so adamant about protecting this country take such a political gamble that could make his Presidency more lame duck than is usual in the final years of a second term. Additionally is this acquisition as threatening as initial reaction has been ? Though I still believe the security risks are real the only answer that I could reach was the possibility that this sale is additional insurance for the United States to have a base of operations for a possible strike against Iran's nuclear build up, whether targeting the nuclear facilities or a possible invasion. I have no absolute prove but the logic of this assumption makes sense. Since our entrance into the region for the Afghanistan and Iraq military action the U.S. has been using Dubai ports for our naval vessels. In fact there have been more dockings of U.S. naval vessels in Dubai than anywhere else in the world save the United States. Additionally much of the air operations for both the Afghan and Iraq theatres has originated at the Al Dhafra Air Base just outside of Abu Dhabi the capitol of the UAE. The strategic location of the ports and the bases give quick response to the entire region and perfect location for any action against Iran because of the close proximity across the Arabian Gulf. Again this is only speculation on my part but it does answer several questions about the importance of the UAE to the United States and its importance as an active ally. Maybe the hearings will shed more light on this acquisition though if my hypothesis is true and Iran is in the sights to justifiably prevent a nuclear program I would hope that this would not be revealed in the hearings. Does make one think doesn't it ?

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Presidential Press Secretary Scott McClellan stated today that the Bush administration should have clarified to Congress and the American people the sale of operations of six major U.S. ports. That is an under statement. One contention that I have had with the President is the fact that instead of using the , "Bully Pulpit, " to speak to the people he allows situations to basically run the gambit of political and media coverage. McClellan said that the administration did not see the political fall out that this has caused. Though greater detail about the sale by the administration could have prevented much of the fall out, I still have my doubts about the acquisition. As I have looked into this sale in more detail my initial thoughts that this would become a major terrorist problem as far as using the ports a venues to launch attacks have subsided. I initially pictured turban clad Arabs driving fork lifts which held possible threats to the country. Now this vision is a bit of an exaggeration but I also believe that this is the picture that most Americans have concerning the sale. The Coast Guard and current long shore man will continue to operate facilities as they have always done while the ports were under British control. Yes, the ports nationwide are handled by state and federal port authorities but operational control of every port is handled by other countries. Operation control is the loading and unloading of the millions of containers the leave and enter our ports on a daily basis. This is what the UAE will have control over if the sale is allowed to go through. I do not believe that the sale should be put on hold simply because it involves Arabs as has been indicated by Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton in a form of racial profiling. My contention and my reason for opposing this move is simply this. Though nothing from an operational stand point would change at any of the ports including U.S. jobs, this acquisition would allow the UAE access to vital security information that is used to protect our ports and much of our travel and shipping industries. Gaining access to this vital security information would be necessary in order to handle containers in a secure and expedient way. This in my opinion poses a problem because of past involvement of the UAE in terrorist activities. Yes they are now an ally in the War on Terror and have been very helpful both in the war and in servicing our Naval vessels in the port of Dubai. This does not prevent the infiltration of Al Qaeda or any other terrorist organization from entering the United States as management in the UAE company and thus gaining access to vital security information and passing it along to sleeper cells or those planning attacks from over seas. That is my main concern and unless through an exhaustive investigation this possibility can be unequivocally proven impossible then this sale should NOT happen. I realize that the with drawl of this sale could damage relations with Arab nations but our National Security is more important than relations with any country whether Arab or any other nationality. Remember we have placed spies from friendly nations in prison for using their friendly status to pass secret information to their countries and I see this UAE sale as the possible opening of a flood gate of security information falling into hands that have designs on our destruction.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


President Bush stated today that if the Senate created a bill to stop the sale to the UAE of operational control of six major U.S. ports he would veto the bill. Stating that we are sending a mixed message to the UAE because operational control currently belongs to a British company and therefore the UAE is being held to a different standard. Certain aspects of the details of the sale have called into question in my mind my original opposition to this sale. I am still opposed to the idea of a country that has in the past been involved with terrorists and recognized terrorist states as legitimate having any type of control to U.S. ports. The security risk that I had initially thought would pose a grave problem is not as bad as it first seems. Though the UAE company would handle the loading and unloading of containers in the six ports, the security would still be handled by The United States Coast Guard and employees would also remain the same. In essence the ownership of operations is all that will change. Additionally there are no ports within the United States and anywhere else for that matter that are operated by United States companies. The UAE company in question operates most of the container transfer in ports throughout the world. From a strictly financial standpoint it is sound business to allow the sale to go through as it will bring more than 6 billion dollars into U.S. coffers. The problem that arises is from a political stand point because it give the impression that the Bush administration is compromising on the War on Terror. Ronald Reagan used a stand point of military strength to bring down the Soviet Union but he also offered a , "carrot, " in the sense that he gave economic incentives which also assisted in bringing about a more capitalist economy in the Soviet block. Is this what the true intent of the Bush administration is ? To show how democracy works from an economic stand point in hopes that it will bring about a political return ? If so then the idea has its merits but the difference between Islamic radicals and the Soviets is that the fear of our military strength and what was known as the mutual destruction idea, gave the Soviets pause and caused them to compete with us in military build up which helped in their eventual down fall. Islamic states actually crave the idea of dying for Allah so they have no fear of military might therefore the incentive of economic change bringing about democracy may not apply here. Though I am still leaning to the opposition of the sale because of the afore mentioned reasons I do see the reasoning behind it but in a post 9/11 world the need for caution out weighs possible political gains in this instance.

Ken Taylor

Monday, February 20, 2006


The flack over Iraqi WMD has been a long running argument with the Bush administration and many former Iraqi officials claiming that the Iraqi stockpile were shipped to Syria and Lebanon. With the recent release of the , "Saddam, " tapes which revealed a uranium enrichment program active a late as 2000 and other information pertaining to Iraq WMD the debate takes on a different tone in many circles with one very prominent avenue that has played out this debate while it looked bad for the Bush Administration:the mainstream media. The liberal press is ignoring this revelation and even intelligence entities are playing it down. The press is obviously avoiding it because it proves the left wrong and the President right. The intelligence entities are playing it down because they look foolish with the extent of the revelation. Former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense John A. Shaw verifies reports from a former General of the Iraqi Army who was a close adviser to Hussein that the WMD was shipped days before the coalition invasion to Syria and Lebanon. Shaw states that the GRU, (the current replacement to the former Soviet KGB), assisted Saddam in removing all trace of WMD in Iraq mainly to cover evidence that Russia was a continual supplier of WMD and nuclear components even after the United Nations shut down these type of shipments to Iraq. The mainstream press is also avoiding this revelation because it proves that the rhetoric that the left has been spewing about the President lying to the American people in order to get us into a war has been politically based and it completely destroys a vital part of their agenda and their 2006 and 2008 campaign strategy. The revelation and the further declassification of more of the documents that have been found in Iraq and the release of additional , "Saddam, " tapes will continue to prove that President Bush was right and justified for the protection of this nation and the prevention of Iraq WMD falling into the hands of terrorist organizations to go to expand the War on Terror into Iraq. The left will fight to keep this under wraps and will spin this in every direction possible to keep the truth from coming out and to attempt to destroy the credibility of the information, the tapes and the evidence. The fact is that truth is truth and these tapes directly from the mouth of Saddam Hussein and his inner circle as well as the other papers that are even now being declassify cannot be denied and with held from the public for very long. With each revelation the lies of the left and the true agenda of destruction that they have used since the invasion will become more evident through time. Fact: Iraq HAD WMD. Fact: they were in Iraq until just before the invasion. Fact: the Iraq battlefield in the Global War on Terror and the over throw of the Saddam regime was necessary and justified for the security of the United States and the world! The evidence proves it!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, February 19, 2006


This week has once again focused the spotlight on what I believe to be the continual abuses and lack of judgment by a press whose only goals seem to be the destruction of individuals, reporting all that is negative and pushing their own political agenda. Responsible journalism has long become a thing of the past. The mainstream press has now become a shadow of what they used to be and in very many ways whether in print or the alphabet networks, (ABC, NBC, CBS), have become what they have always condemned, "Tabloid Journalists." The press has become more interested in exclusive or shock and scandal journalism than the truth and have abandoned the principles of confirmation and true investigative journalism which does not just reveal the gossip of shock value but digs down to find the actual truth behind a story. Instead today's version of, "investigated journalism, " consists of half truths that follow a certain political agenda and hear say gossip which when finally verified usually proves to be unreliable. The flack over the accidental shooting of Harry Whittington last week is but one example of this type of journalism. Though a very news worthy story and one that should have been reported, rather than focus on the facts of the story that the Vice President while on a hunting trip accidentally shot a good friend who stepped into his line of fire. The press chose to complain of when THEY were informed, speculate about possible affairs, a supposed drunk Vice President, invented criminal charges and conducted a death watch on Mr. Whittington then seemed disappointed when he held a press conference after being released from the hospital because of a better than expected recovery. When all of the speculation by the press was proven wrong was their a retraction ? No because they had succeeded in their shock value journalism and that is what mattered not the truth. Several weeks ago during the tragic story of the West Virginia coal miners accident, the press once again without confirmation revealed that the miners had survived only to find out several hours later later that just the opposite was true. Rather than wait for absolute confirmation of the truth, the press chose to broadcast hear say around the world building up the hopes of the families then like locusts swarmed to show the misery when the real truth was told to the families. The war is another prime example. How many times has anyone actually reported about an Iraqi school being rebuilt or a city back on its feet, or the successful work of our troops ? Very seldom. We are bombarded daily with a death toll designed to promote discouragement with the American people in order to push the liberal media agenda against the war and the President.

During WWII the press traveled with the military and saw first hand what was taking place and the absolute devastation that the war in Europe and the Pacific was causing while using the necessary means to defeat the enemy in both theatres. Yet news reports that were sent back to the States included more than just the devastation. Thousands of reports of the success and the advances of the troops succeeded in keeping moral at home and with the troops high which contributed to the final victory. Even when the post war recovery was in progress the press reported the successes and very little of the insurgency which was even more evident after WWII than it is today in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany supporters who refused to give up continued to fight allied troops for several years following the surrenders.

In 1963 when President Kennedy was assassinated the press knew a full thirty minutes BEFORE his death was announced that Kennedy had died from his wounds yet journalist of that day though having one of the most important stories of the century at their grasp, did not report the death of the President until they had full confirmation fom Parkland Hospital.

During the McCarthy communist hunt during the fifties Edward R. Murrow while working for CBS news investigated the hearings and only after strict verification of sources and those that he personally interviewed did Murrow go public with what he had learned and his responsible journalism resulted in the censure of the Wisconsin Senator and the end of the McCarthy witch hunt. Nearing his retirement Murrow warned his fellow journalists, " To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; credible we must be truthful. "

Though tabloid journalism has its place because people love to gossip, responsible news and journalism is not that place. This age of disinformation in the news is stretching the first amendment right of freedom of the press beyond its limits. With freedom comes responsibility and the responsibility of the press within that freedom is to report the whole truth unbiased and confirmed and not just their truth or what they wish the public to hear so that a personal or corporate agenda might be promoted. Thomas Jefferson once said of the press, "The only security of all is in a free press, " but he also warned, "As for what is not true, you will always find abundance in the newspapers." Press abuses have been prevalent since the beginning of our Republic, but never to the extent and the damage that exists today. Balance, fairness and truth in journalism is a thing of the past and is a key source to the corrosion of our society and our way of life!

Ken Taylor


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Friday, February 17, 2006


Though I am a supporter of the President and much of his policy this is an issue in which I have to part from the administration. The United Arab Emirates has purchased control of six major ports in The United States. The ports affected are New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, New Orleans, Miami and Philadelphia. Although the UAE has been an ally in the War on Terror and vocally and financially supports United States interests there are many red flags that appear that bring into question the possibility that this sale could bring with it a threat to our national security. The UAE has been a transfer point in the past for nuclear components sent to Iran, North Korea and Libya. They are also one of three governments who despite the end of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan still recognize the Taliban as the legitimate Afghan government. Additionally the UAE was an operational and financial base for some of the 9/11 murderers. Though this does not implicate the UAE to 9/11 it does demand caution in dealing with a country that has been inconsistent with its support with the U.S. and the War on Terror. The threat that this proposes is not imagined but real. There is far too much at stake to allow an Arab country as inconsistent as the UAE full access to six major ports with all but one on the east coast and the last the key to shipping for the majority of agricultural production for the nation. It has long been known that our ports are one of the most vulnerable aspects in relation to security as it is impossible to inspect every shipping container that enters our extremely busy ports. Then to hand full control of six of the busiest ports that handle most of the imports and exports that enter or leave the United States is inviting trouble. Four Senators and three Representatives are pushing for a Congressional review of the sale. Four of the six are Republicans. This is the only time that I have ever found agreement with very liberal Senator Chuck Schumer from New York. Though I am not quite sure about some of his intentions when Schumer speaks out about anything in this I do believe that he has a point as well as the other five elected officials in demanding a review of this sale because of the possible and credible threat that this sale proposes. At a time when the United States is at war to prevent terrorism and to insure the safety of this nation to open our ports to this possibility is similar to the ridiculous vulnerability that is along our southern border and the influx of illegals everyday. Though the sale has been studied and investigated by the State Department and The Committee on Foreign Investment, this sale demands to be put on hold indefinitely and further investigation take place until it is absolutely determined that it poses NO threat to the nation. Due to the nature of the country and past and current involvements of the UAE this sale will never meet any non- threatening qualification. It is a bad move in a time of war and a bad move in the goal of defeating terrorism.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, February 16, 2006


This is not a story that I had intended to address today but comments on my last two articles concerning the VP's wounding of his long time friend have prompted a written response. It has been mentioned that because I have been critical of the vulture response of the press and their very obvious agenda to , "cut the throat, " so to speak of the VP that I do not believe this story to be news worthy. Just the opposite is true. The story is very news worthy BECAUSE it involves the VP. My contention is in the way the liberalistic press handled it and their disrespect to the family of Whittington, the Vice President and White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, (calling him a jerk is absolutely uncalled for!). It has been suggested in one comment that a two hour time line from the shooting to a press release would have been appropriate. I counter with the thoughts of Whittington's family and ask this question. If you were in the same shoes and as a family member learned of the accidental shooting of your loved one from a press release would you not be upset ? Second, two hours is not enough time to determine the condition of the victim nor the details of the accident. I give you the hasty release of the , "survival, " of the mining victims and the devastation that it caused the family because it was released to quickly by a press that has become more tabloid oriented then journalistic. There have been comments concerning McClellans knowledge of the heart attack and his not briefing the press when he knew. It is not the medical responsibility of a press secretary to brief anyone on a clearly medical condition. The hospital in these type of cases deliberately holds information except to family and friends because of the sensitive nature and further clarification of a patients condition. Therefore it was the attending physician or the hospital spokes persons responsibility to reveal the heart attack NOT McClellan. Cheney has never been liked by the press and they usually make every attempt to discredit him and attack him when possible. This incident was no different. Could he have gone public earlier than the FOX interview yesterday ? Quite possibly, but that was his decision. The attempt to create the idea that there was contention within the White House is again agenda based media talk based on what they perceived when discussion about Cheney's response took place in white House circles. The opinions of even Republican writers such as Peggy Noonan who was mentioned in comments does not take precedence over the VP's decision nor that of the Whittington family. The President today backed Cheney's response and decisions and put the entire story into perspective when he stated that his and the VP's concern is for that of the recovery of their friend!

Ken Taylor


After a slight compromise by the White House which enhanced certain civil liberties questions in the Patriot Act the bill drew by-partisan support for passage. With the lone exception of Senator Russell Fiengold, (D WIS), who is still attempting to attach amendments placing a four year expiration date as opposed to a filibuster which lost support the Senate should pass the revised Patriot Act with overwhelming support. The obvious necessity of the act prompted strong debate because of the fear of personal civil liberties problems that caused two Republicans to hold their support. The questions raised by Democrats which have continually been believed as politically based and not true concerns faded when polls showed that support for the Act was strong across the board therefore promoting poll driven liberals to finally lend their support. The Patriot Act allows federal entities much of the capabilities that have long been afforded to local and state law enforcement officers but were greatly lacking on the federal level. Good legislation that is vital for our national security.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Harry Whittington the friend of Vice President Dick Cheney who was shot in a hunting accident Saturday suffered a mild heart attack as one of the bird shot pellets lodged in his chest made its way to Whittington's heart. While our hopes and prayers for a full recovery of the VP's friend are with Mr. Whittington the feeding frenzy scandal seeking press continued in their relentless pursuit to try and create a major White House scandal out of this unfortunate incident. White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan was grilled once again by the Washington Press Corps and try as he may to relate to these morons in the press room other events that were taking place today the relentless scandal seeking wheenies would not let McClellan off the subject. Once again riddling him with stupid questions especially relating to the time line and why the press was not alerted before they were. One NBC reporter though asked several times to end his questioning became almost uncontrollably angry because McClellan was attempting to go on rather than answer his ridiculous questions. As I mentioned in yesterday's post this is just one more example of the media wing of the Democratic Party, or better known as the mainstream press, and their continuous attempt to create any type of scandal to destroy the Bush Presidency.

Ken Taylor


I am posting a comment that was written to The Sunday Commentary. The post that I wrote on Sunday concerned the damage that the press and left is doing to the moral of our men and women in uniform and to the ability of the President to gather intelligence with the hearings that are detailing much of the NSA terrorist intell program. The comment below is a prime example of how whacos on the left use ridiculous rhetoric and anger with little if any basis in truth. Much of what you will read is conspiracy theory based on this whacos anger. I especially like his claim that the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang is subcontracted by the CIA for intell work. Though I do not agree with most on the left liberals like Rob who visit this site regularly at least have an intelligent discourse. This whaco from Vancouver is evidently using what the Hell's Angels are selling. Thanks to the MDConservative for countering this whaco in his comments. Unfortunately when faced with whacos such as the one copied below, one can only laugh at their ridiculous anger driven rhetoric, because they see the world as evil and the United States is the cause of every problem that exists. I am quite sure that this person blames the United States for all of his problems even when he gets a cold. Stomach as much of it as you can and enjoy a good laugh as you see how the left wing socialist whacos think.

Ken Taylor

"EVIL americans. You are satan worshippers who have always been at war. Brain dead americans kept totally ignorant of the outside world. I was not in favor of your illegal invasion of Iraq. Saddam used to be donny r dumbsfelds boy in the middle east to threaten the Iranians who overthrew your former puppet the shah of Iran. Original speculation was for the need of at least 400,000 boots on the ground to secure the country for transition to a democracy. My contention is the hawkish administration wanted to encourage a fight in Iraq and deliberately sent in insufficient forces to secure the peace so as to initiate a massive conflict. In this massive internal regional confllict all possible citizens with a preponderance for terrorist acts would be encouraged to die fighting for either the democracy or particular ethnic group. donald rumsfeld will go down in history as one of the most incompetent military strategists in the history of the world. You idiots opened up pandora's box and made the u.s. military look like a bunch of inept evil idiots. Appointing gonzales to attorney general for his attempts to weasel america's way around the Geneva Conventions on torture is another demonstration of american evil.Your government not only spies on everybody totally unrelated to al qaeda but hawkish ultra neo conservative plutocratic fascists in your adminsitration and american multinational corporations subcontract out spying to organized crime, the mainstream media and private suppliers of information acquired by illegal means. You are right you you have been at war against the spread of communism inside american for more than the last half century. Do you actually presume to contend that america has not been spying on innocent citizens . There is a camera above your toilet, your bed, your kitchen table, your computer. When american intelligence agencies want to remain at arms length they subcontract the installation of surveillance equipment to organized crime. Here in British Columbia, Canada your american intelligence agencies subcontract work to the hells angels. The hells angels profits estimated in excess of 4 billion dollars a year marijuana sales allows the hells angels incredible finances to break and enter and install surveillance systems on who ever or where ever they please and counter surveillance equipment to prevent themselves from being caught easily. The hells angels own downtown vancouver. The hells angels communications system is superior to the police on the street. Every crack head or dealer or dumpster diver is used, connected by cellphone to do various tasks for hells angels subcontract fulfillment for your big bad spy agencies. You really are a fool if you think the collaboration between your government big corporate business, organized crime and the media doesn't exist and isn't actively pursuing assaulting, intimidating and harrassing anyone to the left of ultra neo conservative pltuocratic fascist: Martin Luther King Jr., John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Jesse Jackson. There are almost 300,000,000 million fools in america all fired up on naziesque orwellian propaganda and to stupid to see their own reversal of fortue unfolding beneath their very eyes. You rob from the poor to give to the rich and your lack of an investment in an education, health care, essential services for the people has left you exponentially behind the Chinese and the Indians. China turned out more than 800,000 researchers last year, about 20 times more than america and they work for probably 10 times less money. These numbers come from the media so who really knows the accurate figures. The media's favorite job seems to be producing evil content and by what I see you writing they have been successful. You are an evil corporate aristocracy a plutocratic fascist state that can't do the math as evidenced on Wall Street, Enron, Tyco, World Com, and on and on and on.A rational dialogue with you is a ridiculous waste of time. You have chosen to believe lies over the truth. Naziesque orwellian propaganda and you prove it works you absolute idiot. You are not patriotic, your stupidity is seditious to the survival of america as a world leader you dummy murderous zombie."

Monday, February 13, 2006


Over the weekend Vice President Dick Cheney was Quail hunting with a long time friend in Texas when a common accident with those who bird hunt in tall grass happened; Cheney's friend was peppered by bird shot from Cheney's shotgun. The gist of the story is that the friend went to pick up Quail that he had shot and did not announce his return to the area Cheney was in and when the VP fired at his own prey the friend was in the line of fire. Anyone who has ever been bird hunting is familiar with this type of accident and many have been the recipient of bird shot which I might add is considerably smaller than a BB. Now the lunacy steps in . Through out the day the press has all but accused the Vice President of premeditated murder especially when they grilled White House spokesman Scott McClellan. Asking idiotic questions such as, "will the Vice President resign ?" or "are there any criminal charges pending ?" or ,"has the Vice President taken hunting safety classes ?" Then the press attempted to accuse the VP of withholding information from the press because he, as any good friend would do, chose to first seek medical attention for his wounded friend rather than alert the press corps ! Personally I think this is the biggest gripe that the lunatics in the Washington Press Corps have because of this accident; they were not alerted first ! This moronic attempt by the press to create a scandal from this is yet another example of an out of control press with a political agenda designed to jump on anything that they in their puny minds believe will ultimately take down the Bush Presidency. On a brighter note Cheney's friend is doing fine and so is the Vice President though I am sure as anyone who has had this happen while Quail hunting feels terrible for his friend. Maybe the next press attempted scandal will happen in Crawford, Texas while the Bush's are horse back riding, let's see, the President's horse throws a shoe while in full gallop. The momentum of the shoe hits Mrs. Bush's horse in the head causing the horse to throw the First Lady bumping her head on the ground as she falls. She then is rushed to a hospital and pronounced in good health except for a slight headache and the press grills Scott McClellan asking if the President will be charged with spousal and animal abuse, then impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors. Oh the, "glory, " of a free press run amok!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, February 12, 2006


It is amazing that we are accomplishing anything as a nation at war. Those of you on the left will agree with this statement as the first thought that will pass through your mind is that,"President Bush took us into an illegal war and now uses illegal wiretaps violating our civil liberties. Everybody is against the war, the troops are demoralized and the military is a disaster." The words may not be exact but the thoughts are. This is the reason why I began this post with a statement of amazement that we are accomplishing anything. Never before in our history has the bitter hatred by the opposing political entity been so great that their actions have hampered and damaged the war effort as is happening today. Even in the bitter disagreements in the Civil War and the opposition that President Lincoln had from Democrats and those in his own Party and cabinet, they never let their opposition compromise Lincoln's ability as President to fight the war. The opposition in today's climate not only is compromising our ability to use necessary means to fight but it is also giving our troops reason to believe that the country is not behind them. Time and again their are reports from the front and from those who return home that our men and women in uniform are worried that they are losing support for them and their mission. Almost daily we hear reports of how the troops are discouraged and demoralized and are fed up with the war. But curiously these reports are NOT coming from the troops but from elected officials and spokes persons from the left who are against the war. The troops on the other hand with few exceptions are proud of their mission, want to complete it and state that moral is high. I share with you a video that proves just that, ( ). These same left wing and even some who claim being from the right are compromising our ability to gather intelligence from the enemy for a political goal. The NSA terrorist surveillance program has proven to be a vital necessity in the War on Terror yet this program is now compromised and its effective use is now questioned as the world hears in detail through Senate hearings what it is for and how it is used. Some question its legality. Yet even those who question it in Washington know that any President in a time of war has inherent abilities to protect this nation. They can read the FISA act as can anyone which through definition gives Presidential authority even if it did not if any statute ties the hands of the Constitutional authority of the Commander in Chief during a time of war as stated in second article of the Constitution and his oath of office to, "preserve and protect," then that statute is superseded by the Constitution. The authority that was given by Congress to use military means in September of 2001 also gives authority to gather the necessary intelligence to execute those same military means and this means electronically listening in on Al Qaeda.

The press and the left have continually attempted to portray this as, "domestic wiretapping." Leading the public to believe that our phone conversation are being listened to, which is a flat out LIE. Thoughout our history the President has authorized in a time of war programs that were necessary for the protection of the nation exercising his authority under the Constitution to protect this nation from her enemies. Woodrow Wilson had every telegraph cable sent and received from overseas viewed to search for enemy intelligence yet the Senate never investigated his program. FDR intercepted cable and phone conversations both at home and abroad to gather enemy intelligence and yet his programs were never investigated by the Senate. Harry Truman intercepted mail and phone conversation which I might add resulted in the execution of five German spies, yet the Senate never investigated his programs. By the way all three examples were Democrats. There are many other historical examples of a President exercising his authority as Commander in Chief during a time of war that can be given. The point is that in each instance it was understood whether the opposing party agreed with the President or not that his authority under the Constitution was necessary in war to protect the nation. Therefore the programs were not compromised by a political public hearing that has only as its goal the attempt to destroy a President hated by his opposition. Many of you will state that Arlen Spector the Judiciary Committee Chairman questions the legality and he is a lawyer. I counter with Senator Pat Roberts the Intelligence Committee Chairman who also is a lawyer that states the opposite and both are Republicans. As far as Spector I have always questioned his politics and believe that any man who can invent the , "magic bullet theory, " as Spector as a junior council under then Congressman Gerald Ford did during the Warren commission investigation of the Kennedy assassination should be questioned, but that is another commentary.

We are at war and though as a free society we should cherish our rights and freedoms, when those rights and freedoms are used to compromise our security it is then that we cross a fine line between sanity and lunacy. The politics of political destruction that the left and their media counter parts use claiming freedom of speech threaten our security the moral of our troops and our ability to use any and all means necessary to defeat an enemy that will stop at nothing to destroy our way of life and each of us who proudly call our selves Americans. This is not calling into question the patriotism of the opposition but their judgment as to how they are choosing to oppose. When opposition threatens the nation it is then that it becomes wrong! Dissenting is a Constitutional right but not to the point that it takes away and destroys the means by which we protect that freedom.

Ken Taylor


This weeks Blog of the Week is the, "Conservative Intelligence report." Great conservative insight from an member of our Armed Forces stationed in the military district of Washington DC. I will let this blogger describe his objective in blogging in his own words, "The goal of C.I.R- to discuss and prove: An effective military means striving and aiming for victory, anything else is unacceptable. What part do the liberals and press play in the United States Armed Forces overall mission." Great blogging goal which is achieved through his writing. Be sure to check it out!

Friday, February 10, 2006


The South Dakota House today passed legislation making abortion illegal in the state. Now you may ask, "according to Roe vs Wade abortion is the law so how can SD pass a law contrary to a federal law ?" First, Roe vs Wade IS NOT A LAW. The Constitution states that the legislative branch of the government creates the law and the judicial branch enforces and interprets law in accordance to the Constitution. Roe vs Wade was a decision by the Supreme Court on January 22, 1973 which overturned existing state laws concerning the out law of abortion. It legalized abortion ONLY in the sense that EXISTING law at the state level was no longer valid. The Congress of the United States has NEVER passed any legislation making abortion a federal law. The 1973 Supreme Court decision known as Roe vs Wade has been used as the basis to claim that abortion is the law of the land. South Dakota is now challenging that by legislating that abortion is now illegal in that state. Abortion has always been an issue that has and should be legislated by the state and now South Dakota is exercising its right to do just that. This legislation will obviously find its way to the Supreme Court to test the Robert's Court and whether the claims by the left that the confirmation of Samuel Alito will over turn Roe vs Wade. My guess is that if and when this gets to the Supreme Court the High Court will not view the case and send it back to the state, which is where it belongs in the first place. I am not one who is in favor of abortion. I do believe in a women's right to choose though. Every women with the exception of those who are violated by rape, (which includes incest), has the right to choose whether she will risk conception by having sex. If she chooses to take that risk then the life that she has within her has the right to,"LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Abortion is NOT a means of birth control which, unfortunately, has been widely accepted. I was pleased when the President announced that abortions are on the decline in America. The thought of the millions of precious lives that were ended before they had the chance to live sickens me. Millions who could have made a difference in this world and maybe even become one of its leaders. I am reminded of a liberal who is against abortion because he himself was almost aborted. This individual has brought entertainment that most is the world have enjoyed many times over. His name is Jack Nicholson. The path and ultimate out come of the South Dakota legislation will be interesting to follow as it could determine whether this nation once again respects ALL life.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Arizona Senator John McCain along with eight Republicans and two Democrats is sponsoring legislation designed to eliminate pork from being earmarked to legislation. This practice has caused a great deal of trouble in Congress, since earmarked projects are usually pet projects of Senators and Representatives tagged onto legislation at the last minute without going through committee and in most instances tagged to vital legislation that must be passed thus insuring that the pork finds the necessary funding. Many earmarks are also pork that is lobbied by PACS and tagged as favors by elected officials of both parties. In theory McCain's legislation sounds good, but I cannot help but be reminded of another piece of legislation that the Senator was involved in that also in theory sounded good but since has proven to be a disaster in many ways. The McCain/Fiengold Campaign Finance Reform in theory sounded great. It was designed to control soft money to help control individuals or corporations with a particular agenda from giving large amounts of cash to a candidate and in a sense purchasing that candidates loyalty when elected. The reality is that the legislation did stop soft money given directly to the candidate but allowed the creation of the 527's who became surrogates for the soft money and have poured unlimited funds into campaigns. The McCain/Fiengold bill also limits freedom of speech in the final days of an election since adds cannot run 60 days prior to a general election and 30 days prior to primaries. As this new bill by McCain unfolds it remains to be seen just how effective it will truly be. Will it actually address the real problem of lobbying and its influence on legislation or will it be a make over as McCain/Fiengold turned out to be. My gut instinct because of a genuine distrust of John McCain, the medias poster boy, is that this new bill will be similar to the last: failed legislation! Time will tell as it makes its way through committee and onto the House and Senate floor as we look at the heart of this legislation.

Ken Taylor


Just a quick follow up. At 2pm, eastern time this afternoon anti-war mom Cindy Sheehan announced that she would not run against California Democrat Senator Dianne Fienstein. Pity, this would have been an interestingly fun race to watch because of some of the strange ideas that Sheehan has already displayed. Although I never thought she had the slightest chance of winning, it still would have been fun!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Senator Barbara Boxer, (D CA), stated today that anti-war mom Cindy Sheehan would be of more use if she stayed out of the political arena. Sheehan has been considering running against Boxer's fellow California liberal Dianne Fienstein and stated that if Fienstein did not filibuster the confirmation of now Justice Samuel Alito she, (Sheehan ), would run. Sheehan is still considering her options. But as for me, run Cindy run. Just think Cindy Sheehan as a Senator would be one less Democrat because Sheehan though claiming to be Democrat opposes many Democratic ideas. Secondly another liberal whaco in the Senate might be fun to watch. It strikes me as odd that Boxer who stands for women's rights and continually speaks out for the cause, wants to hold a fellow liberal women back and actually says that Sheehan is more useful as she is. So the truth comes out Sheehan not only allowed herself to be used by the left they now consider her theirs TO use! Liberal hypocrisy at its finest!

Ken Taylor


A very interesting race is developing in the state of Pennsylvania. Former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Lynn Swann is seeking the GOP nomination for Governor. Swann has one serious GOP opponent left in the race, former Lt Governor Bill Scranton who trails Swann in straw polls taken by the state Republican Committee. Swan is expected to pick up the endorsement of the state GOP this Saturday. Pennsylvania currently has a liberal Democrat in office and a head to head race against Swann could create a number of obstacles for his re-election. First Swann is well liked and respected as a business man in the state an of course one of the most famous Steelers to ever play in Pittsburgh. With the Steelers winning the Super Bowl he could ride that victory into the Governorship. Another possible problem that Swann presents to the Democrats is the fact that he is African-American and Republican. This could turn a traditionally Democratic voting block toward the GOP hampering the current Governors chances. The majority of the state votes Republican but the cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh which have large populations are more Democrat and has in the past given the state a blue tint in some elections. This is another possible obstacle for the current Governor as Swann is very popular in both major metropolis'. As 2006 approaches November and election Tuesday this race will garner prominent coverage because of Swann and will be worth watching throughout the year.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


The nation said goodbye to Coretta Scott king today in Georgia as a crowd of more than ten thousand attended her funeral to pay tribute to this partner in the civil rights movement. Three former Presidents and President Bush were in attendance. The President, his father and Bill Clinton took the opportunity to praise her and her husband, the Reverend Martin Luther King's life and accomplishments as was approriate for these two who paved a path that was necessary to correct a wrong that plagued our nation since its birth. As was mentioned during the tributes much has been accomplished and there is still work to do. There were two in particular that disgraced this time of remembrance and tribute by using the opportunity to make political statements against the President. They were Joseph Lowery who marched with the King's in the 60's and former President Jimmy Carter. There is a time and a place for politics which is a predominate part of the American landscape but a funeral and remembrance service for a beloved American is NOT that place. Lowery took the opportunity to blast the President about WMD's in Iraq and to accuse Bush of being a, "weapons of misdirection right down here, " while pointing at the president. Carter referred to the racial issue that plagued the Hurricane Katrina disaster by referring to the color of, "most of the faces in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama." He then tried to make a dig at the terrorist surveillance program by referring to the wire tapping of the King's by Bobby Kennedy during the JFK administration. Of course there was no reference by Carter as to what administration bugged the King's just the inference of the NSA program that has dominated the news recently. I listened to much of the talk radio programs this afternoon and many Democrats called in to the conservative programs such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity expressing their embarrassment over Lowery's and Carter's statements. This was a disgrace to their party and a disgrace to the reason that they were asked to speak. I believe that Mrs. King would have been disappointed has this happened in any memorial service that she attended during her life. The hatred for the President and the lefts using that hatred to promote the agenda of political destruction took on a sadder face with this disgraceful performance of Joseph Lowery and Jimmy Carter.

Ken Taylor

Monday, February 06, 2006


Congressman Maurice Hinchey, ( D NY), has invented a new conspiracy theory about the War on Terror, specifically concerning Bin Laden not being captured. According to the liberal Congressman from upstate New York, the President intentionally let Bin Laden escape when the military had him cornered in Afghanistan. This whaco left winger actually puts forth the theory that Bin Laden was allowed to escape and the Taliban not totally eliminated so as to allow the President to have justification to attack Iraq. This has to be one of the, if not the most lunatic theories that any liberal has put forth to attack the President and his policies. There hasn't been much air play on this one because first Hinchey is a rather obscure Congressman and I also think that this conspiracy theory is even one that Howard Dean would scoff at. Then again knowing Dean's reputation for lunacy one never knows. When backed into a corner on his next television interview, "the mouth, " may just add this one to his list of lunacy. A new low for the left!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Whether you are from the right as I am or from the left as many of you who will read this are we have two things in common. We are Americans and we are threatened by an enemy who wishes us dead because we are Americans! I realize this is a very simple and direct statement but a true and dangerously realistic one none the less. Because of the latter part of that statement this nation IS AT WAR! A war that is like no other in our history. In every instance since the birth of our nation which found its very delivery through war, we have fought enemies who were similar as far as military standards are concerned. Each consisted of an organized military force that wore a specific uniform that was readily identifiable. Their military tactics were similar to our own. The leaders of the enemy followed a basic military code and confronted out military from a known military standard. All were from other countries and fought at the orders of their commanders, king, or dictator. The war that we are waging today is much different than any in our history. The Global War on Terror is a war against a radical ideology that at its heart seeks to eliminate our way of life simply because we exist and do not believe as they do! The religion that is used as its basis has been twisted by radical fundamentalist who are using that religion as a means to destroy the western world and enslave their own people. In every instance in our history with the exception of our Revolution when we have been at war we either fought on foreign soil against an enemy that was in its own country or a country that they had taken by force and we allied with the defeated country to restore their right to exist as a free nation. Even our own Revolution, though not fought on foreign soil had a distinct division and one knew, (with few exceptions, ) exactly who ones enemy was. The War on Terror differs because as 9/11 taught us those who seek our destruction may be found in other countries, in our own nation, our state , our cities, or possibly right next door in a sleeper cell waiting for orders to become active. The vigilance necessary for this war is unmatched in this nations history and the resolve that is necessary to defeat this enemy must continually be strengthened by our belief and love of this nation, what we stand for and who we are as a people. This is a war, with specific goals that can be set and achieved and victories measured, yet a war that has an ever changing face in order to confront an enemy that disguises itself in the populace of any country and does not have the same respect for life as we do. This alone is what makes this war so dangerous. This enemy believes that dying IS victory. General George S. Patton once stated that no one ever won a war by dying for his country, he won it by making the OTHER poor dumb, (expletive excluded), die for his country. Every enemy that we have faced in the past cherished life and though some like the Japanese empire were fanatical in giving their lives for their cause all, if given the choice, would rather fight and live to either fight again or return home after the war. This enemy believes that the goal and their reward comes not from returning to their families which I am sure they cherish as we do, but do die in a glorious ending that kills as many infidels as possible.

Many have forgotten or have chosen to ignore the truth about this war. The length and time frame of a Global War on Terror can not be predicted. Yet there are many, especially on the left who believe that since an end cannot be stated then why continue the fight. We were attacked repeatedly and it took the catastrophic events of 9/11 to finally cause us to say ,"that is enough," and," its time to take the fight to the enemy." Yet many believe that fighting should end and revert to a pre-9/11 world tolerating terrorism and seeking justice through the courts. Not once accepting the blatantly truthful fact that this enemy does not respect our laws, does not accept our court orders nor even accept our right to exist. The ONLY acceptance that exists in their mind of us is using whatever means that they can devise to bring about our destruction and death! The only answer to this type of mentality is to kill the enemy before he kills you!

During WWII moral of the nation though war weary as any nation gets in a time of war, remained high because every day news was received about the accomplishments of our military. Yes this was mixed with the ever present sadness of the loss of the brave men and women who were fighting for freedom, but it was a loss that we as a nation accepted as the cost of that freedom. This war is no different in the sense that the terrible loss of even one American is a tragedy but throughout our history we are the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave. Yet despite this truth we on the home front are confronted daily with reports of ONLY body counts and very little if any news of what their sacrifice is accomplishing. During Vietnam the press used this body count tactic and the continual negative reporting and showing of caskets coming home to turn the nation against the war and the men and women who fought in that war. Today this tactic is used on a daily basis. The opponents of the President are using this same negativism and half truths to attempt to turn the nation against the War on Terror and when those of us who support the war and the President disagree with their rhetoric we then are accused of questioning their patriotism and only stating GOP talking points as well as not having the ability to think on our own and draw our own conclusions. To you on the left who DO NOT support the war we do not question your patriotism just you judgment which is our right as Americans. We also realize that though the negative is most of what we hear the enemy does not care about our political debate or disagreements they only wish us dead and THAT is why we support this war to defend our nation, our freedom and our very existence! WE ARE AT WAR; PERIOD!

Ken Taylor


This weeks Blog of the Week is ," Courageous Conservatism." I like the name, because in many corners it takes courage to be a conservative especially since most liberals believe that alone is a reason to hate. Though fairly new to blogging, Ryan has a keen insight and a view that I'm sure you'll enjoy. Check it out today!

Friday, February 03, 2006


Senator Pat Roberts, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee stated today that the terrorist surveillance program authorized by President Bush is legal and necessary for national security. Stating inherent Presidential powers that have been used by every President since George Washington in order to protect the nation Roberts also rejected criticism by Democrats in the Senate who have claimed that the President did not inform the Congress of the Program. Roberts said he was personally briefed a dozen times and seven members of the Intelligence committee including Democrats were briefed at least half that much. CIA Director Porter Goss stated in hearings yesterday that the leak of the program by the New York Times and the subsequent media coverage have greatly undercut United States intelligence. Vice President Dick Cheney in an interview stated the leak of the program, " gives information to our enemies about how we go about collecting intelligence against them." The program has been shown to have thwarted several attacks against the United States as well as our allies over seas. For this program to be compromised for political gain trying to bring down the Bush administration weakens our ability to gather necessary intelligence to prevent a repeat of 9/11 or worse. As the President stated in the State of the Union and in several speeches before and since, if someone is talking to Al Qaeda then it stands to reason the we MUST know what they are saying. Concerning the FISA court, I have posted information from the FISA act of 1978 that proves the legality of the program when looking at the acts definition of just who is considered and foreign agent. It is also a fact that the FISA court turned down warrant requests BEFORE 9/11 that were directed toward phone calls by Mohammed Attah and several of the other terrorists involved in the attacks through the Pentagon's Able Danger program. Even with the wall that was in place between intelligence agencies prior to 9/11 if calls had been intercepted showing a threat to the nation there is a possibility that 9/11 could have been prevented. To undercut this vital intelligence program as has been done by the political grand standing by the left is placing this country in danger! The Senate Intelligence committee will review this program and question key people including General Hayden, former NSA Director next week in closed sessions. The real result of this investigation should be to determine WHO leaked this to the press and whether their act is treason and punished accordingly!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Ohio Congressman John Boehner was elected House Majority Leader today to replace Representative Tom DeLay. Boehner was first elected to the House in 1990 and was a member of the, "gang of seven, " who instituted the, "Contract With American, " which led to Republicans becoming the majority in the House and Senate. Boehner is a conservative Republican who has long been an advocate for true conservative values which include reducing the size and influence of government in our daily lives. He has fought against pork barrel programs and since his election 16 years ago has never been the recipient of pork. Boehner believes that those who accept pork,(also known as earmarks), should be listed in the Congressional record so that their voting tendencies are made public which he believes will help to control excessive spending on needless projects by both parties through accountability. He advocates trimming every bill before it leaves the House to eliminate pork and stop the practice of tagging bills with pet projects included at the last minute in vital spending such as military appropriation bills to prevent excessive spending and growth in order to get necessary funding for vital programs. One of his first actions planned is to begin reducing spending and programs to reduce the size of government. Boehner also plans to attack the problem that both parties have become trapped in with respect to the relationship between elected members and lobbyists. He believes that transparency is the key so that back room dealings will stop and making Congress accountable for their actions giving the House back to the people where it belongs. Though Boehner hads been in the House for several years, to most Americans he is a new face but has been a strong promoter of conservative values and ideas since first elected. His leadership will return those values and ideas and begin the job of getting spending and excess under control. He realizes that the task before him is hard but following true conservatism in government will make the task possible and strengthen the country, the Republican Party and most importantly force the House back to dealing with the people's business as it should be.

Ken Taylor

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