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Friday, April 30, 2010


Could there be another Reagan in the White House after the 2012 election. Michael Reagan eldest son of President Ronald Reagan and national syndicated conservative talk show hose is making a trip to Iowa. While he has not stated that this trip concerns a 2012 Presidential run, he is not denying it either.

Michael Reagan is a strong conservative voice who like his father believes in the values and principles of our Constitution. His political ideology is the same as that of President Reagan, limited government, strong national defense and decreased taxation. Michael, like his father, believes in the people of The United States and that it is the people who make this country and can bring prosperity to both the Nation and her citizens.

Michael Reagan is also a well established conservative author. He authored many successful books including his best-selling autobiography, "On the Outside Looking In," and "The Common Sense of An Uncommon Man: The Wit, Wisdom and Eternal Optimism of Ronald Reagan." His latest book "Twice Adopted" is based on his personal story.

Many have said that it took Jimmy Carter to give us Ronald Reagan. I disagree with this to a point because it took Reagan to give us Reagan but I also understand the premise behind this statement. In light of that premise could it be that it takes a Barack Obama to give us another Reagan ? Time will tell. Michael Reagan could prove to be the dark horse for conservatives in 2012. For more information follow this link to his website Reagan Conservatism

Ken Taylor

Thursday, April 29, 2010


To combat the lies from the left about the Arizona immigration bill follow this link to read the actual bill and you will find that it only enforces current law finally giving teeth to law which has been ignored in the past. Arizona sets the example for the rest of the Nation to follow!

Ken Taylor


The Campaigner in Chief is once again hitting the road spending tax payer money to face staged crowds where he lies about how wonderful his destructive polices are for our country. His only success in his entire political life was campaigning for president and he has not stopped campaigning since.

This excellent GOP add mocking Obama's job tour tells it like it is on the failed polices and failed Presidency of the most inept President to ever sit in the Oval Office!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


A few years ago I posted a 13 part series on The Constitution. I am by no means a Constitutional scholar but do believe as a citizen of this Nation is it my responsibility to know our Constitution and understand the true and real intent of our Founders in writing this wonderful document.

While the Declaration of Independence establishes our God given rights of ,"life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, " the Constitution by the rule of law insures that those rights are protected even from the federal government.

When I posted the series the amnesty bill which thankfully failed in Congress was in full swing and I felt it necessary to include in the series what the Framers and our Constitution established on the hot bed issue of illegal immigration. Following is that post and in light of the legal and needed bill which is now law for the State of Arizona, knowing what our Constitution establishes concerning immigration is even more prudent now than it was in 2007.

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

Amendment 14, Section 1 - "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside."

Whenever a question arises concerning an important issue such as immigration, the best and most reliable source for finding what this Nation should do in solving any problem that we face is to look to the Constitution.

While there are only two specific references in the Constitution to immigration , stated in this most important of documents as , "naturalization, " there is clear evidence by the Framers as to what they intended concerning the rights of the people who live in this country and how those rights affect immigrants both legal and illegal.

The two references in the Constitution that specifically mention , "naturalization, " are found in Article I, Section 8 in creating the authority of the Congress, "To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization." Thus from a Constitutional stand point it is the responsibility of Congress to establish all laws and rules of naturalization or immigration.

The second reference is located in the 14th Amendment shown above stating that , "All persons born or naturalized in the United States," are, "citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside."

The key thought in the 14th Amendment which along with several other provisions established in the Constitution shows that the intent of the Framers was that only citizens of the United States whether born or naturalized are granted the rights and privileges that are available in America.

While Congress has the Constitutional authority to establish laws of naturalization or immigration they do not have a true Constitutional authority to create blanket legislation that allows non - citizens the rights of born or naturalized Americans. In other words amnesty is technically unconstitutional because it bypasses the laws which are established for immigrants to become American citizens.

The beginning of the Preamble of the Constitution states clearly who gives authority to the government and in whom the rights established in the Constitution belong to and they are," We the People of the United States."

The Framers clearly show that the laws governing this country as established in the Constitution and the rights that are available are for citizens of this land. Even the very Representation in our government from the President to the Congress are established that eligibility to hold public office is reserved for citizens only with the President required to be a natural born citizen of The United States and not a naturalized citizen.

Throughout the Constitution our rights are continually shown to be for citizens of the country, even when the word citizen is not specifically mention. The Preamble calling the establishment of the Constitution by, "We the people, " clearly indicates that each of the rights and privileges as recorded by the Framers are for the citizenry of this country only.

This does not mean that those who immigrate legally to The United States are treated as second class people or that the laws that protect our citizens whether civil or criminal do not afford the same protections and freedoms to all whether citizen or legal immigrant.

But the rights that we have to vote, to speak freely, to worship as we will, to keep and bear arms, protection from illegal search and seizure, all are rights given by authority of the people for the people, the citizens of the land. It then is also established that any of these rights that may be afforded or not afforded to non-citizens are given ONLY by the authority of the people of The United States.

Anyone who enters in or resides in this country has the privilege given by the authority of the people to share in our freedoms and rights. Citizenship though is not a right that is given nor the privileges of citizenship to any immigrant whether legal or illegal until they have been established by the laws of naturalization as Americans.

Birth gives Americans the right of citizenship but to those who immigrate citizenship must be given by the rule of law. The Framers made it very clear that the law must first be satisfied before the rights of citizenship are available. Each Constitutional reference to our rights and privileges are for the people who are the citizens only.

The Framers realized that once the freedoms and liberties that we have in this country became known to the world that The United States would become a melting pot of cultures and nationalities from all over the world. But they also understood the necessity of keeping our identity as Americans and in establishing a uniform rule of law for gaining citizenship in America and having as born and naturalized citizens the rights and privileges as an American!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


While campaigning for President, then candidate Obama claimed his administration would unite this country as never before. Since taking office 15 months ago Barack Obama by his policy, programs and agenda has divided this country as never before. Adding to the divisiveness he has created is the fact that the person who is supposed to represent ALL Americans allows average citizens who oppose his agenda to be labeled as racists simply for opposing him, while he remains silent.

In the above video we see why he remains silent as average Americans who are for the most part non-racial and the protests have proven this true, but Obama's remarks above show that his silence is due to the fact that Obama is the race baiter in chief. In an attempt to rally Americans to vote for Democrats in November Obama calls for, " young people, African Americans, Latinos and women," to vote Democrat in order to defeat the evil Wall Street, health care companies who are trying to, "put their allies back in office." Or in other words the evil GOP.

Notice that his call leaves out white men and other ethnic groups besides blacks and Latinos. This also explains why Obama and Harry Reid are placing another amnesty bill at the forefront of the Senate in response to the legislation passed and signed into law in Arizona which actually enforces the laws against illegal immigration.

The bill should be named, "Let's save the butt of Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer in November by giving amnesty to illegal Mexicans in order to get their vote, bill." Before the Arizona bill was signed into law Obama announced that he would have the justice department to look into ways the feds can step in and change a bill which clearly is legal under states rights and in the enforcement of existing law.

Obama has shown since taking office at every opportunity that he does not seek to unite but actively seeks to divide especially when he thinks it will be politically advantageous. He has shown that he does not try nor wish to as President, represent all Americans but only those who bow to his radical agenda and his race baiting politics. He is a political ideologue who has a hatred of American and certain Americans.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, April 25, 2010


The Lecturer in Chief made a trip to Wall Street last week to essentially scold business and banking firms for their ,"irresponsible," acts which as he claimed caused the financial collapse which began the current recession back in 2008. He went on to lecture on how government through his proposed financial reform bill, which comes up for a vote this week in the Senate, will, "prevent," this from ever happening again.

Playing on the general angst that many in the country have about the, "evil," Wall Street which Obama has demonized for months in order to force through his financial reform, the Lecturer in Chief once again condemned the, "greed and corruption," which he blames for the collapse and as he puts it, "demands," government regulation and total oversight to prevent the, "evil," rich and investment firms from ever hurting Americans and our economy again.

This all coming from an individual who has NEVER run a business. Never even worked in a business and readily admitted during his campaign for the Presidency that he did not fully understand just how Wall Street worked and was not very savvy about business practices. All of a sudden now that he is President he becomes an expert on business and has the right to step in and decide how business should work.

Never mind that the business of government which he is the Chief Executive, is on the verge of bankruptcy because of his economic policy and spending practices. Never mind that the ONLY government business practice that he has succeeded in is increasing deficits and debt. Never mind that he irresponsibly spends other peoples money as if it were water cascading down a waterfall.

There has been much talk of the disagreement found in the Obama financial reform bill over the slush fund which would be created to essentially provide bailout money in the manner that the FDIC insures bank deposits. But the worst aspect of this ridiculous bill is the tremendous grant given to the Executive Branch to not only step in if a company is failing but to take full control of that company seizing assets and restructuring the company from the top to the bottom with the government in control.

These new Executive powers allow for no consultation with Congress, as if that would make a difference, no oversight of the Executive seizure other than that of the Executive Branch and granting full and complete authority to do whatever the President believes is in the best interest of a company without even an explanation of why the government would step in other than the word of the President.

The Obama administration has already acted in a similar manner when it stepped in and took over General Motors and Chrysler. The difference is that rather than using as the guise for the take over unconstitutional legislation like the financial reform bill, Obama used the courts through bankruptcy law making the government the executor and controller of the bankruptcy.

As GM and Chrysler emerge form bankruptcy because of controlling stock interest the government remains in control of the companies until the stock is repurchased by the GM and Chrysler which everyone knows will NEVER happen. Thus the government remains the primary owner of both companies.

To try and deceive the public that this is not the case and ,"coincidentally," this new campaign of deception is coming as similar powers to take over a company are about to be legislated to the President, GM is advertising that they have paid back all of the government, (tax payer), loans with interest. What is NOT being told is that the money which paid back the loans did not come from profits from a newly successful company but from TARP funds which were given to GM to use for operating expenses.

So GM repaid tax payer loans with a tax payer bailout grant. And don't forget that this campaign of deception does not mention that the government still owns 61% of GM stock making it the controlling interest in the company. With the financial reform bill that Obama has been touting as the savior of our economy, the same tricks used to permanently control GM will become law with unchecked Executive power to do the same to any company that the President alone decides must have government intervention.

One of the risks of business is the possibility of failure, but now that risk becomes a free ticket for the government to step in and take over a company with full control and authority over that company coming from the Executive Branch of the government. A government that fails at every opportunity in any type of business that it attempts and now it will move in and use the same bad business practices in taking over private companies. This is what Obama calls saving our economy from another collapse.

One of the most glaring aspects of the financial reform bill is not what it contains but what it does not contain. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are exempt from any of the provisions of the bill. The two government entities whose irresponsible practices in the mortgage industry was the root cause of the collapse in the first place. The bubble which these two entities created in the mortgage and housing markets was bound to collapse and when it did because of the sub prime practices demanded by the government it affected ALL of the economy.

But Fannie and Freddie are exempt and the firms, banks and companies which suffered BECAUSE of Fannie and Freddie are demonized as the evil Wall Street tycoons who rob the poor to make themselves rich who now if the bill passes will face government take over just like GM. While Fannie and Freddie CONTINUE to practice the same irresponsible actions which caused the collapse in 2008.

Just as Obamacare was not conceived as reform of the health care industry but the avenue for government control of the industry, the financial reform bill is designed not to reform but to control business by government. One more step of tyranny and totalitarianism under the regime of Barack Obama.

Ken Taylor

Friday, April 23, 2010


Obamacare has passed and Barack Obama has signed it into law. He spent countless amounts of time and tax payer dollars flying around the country trying to sell this nightmare law to the American people and still continues. The more he speaks the lower his approval ratings fall and those who favor this unconstitutional law are dropping faster than Obama's approval ratings.

Throughout the debate and the weeks following passage the Liar in Chief at every opportunity deceived the American people by stating in every speech, every interview and every soundbite on the subject that Obamacare would LOWER health care costs, Medicare would not be affected, providers would not be hurt by the law and families will not be fined for not purchasing insurance.

Low and behold, a Cabinet department of the Executive Branch of which the liar Barack Obama is the head, has released the full truth about health care and shown their boss to be a flat out bald faced liar. The Health and Human Services Department released some scathing information about Obamacare and it does not match Obama's spin on the law.

According to HHS, rather than decrease health care costs, Obamacare will INCREASE costs and HHS states that the figures of cost increases as they stand now are actually low compared to the increases over time as implementation of this nightmare takes place. So much for ,"reform," to save Americans on their health care costs as Obama promised and spewed during the debate.

HHS continues in their report that Medicare cuts that are part of Obamacare are unsustainable and that an estimated 50% of seniors who currently are covered by Medicare will be forced to drop their coverage because of the cuts found in this socialist law. Yet Obama claimed that seniors would not be affected and that they would not lose their Medicare.

Obama claimed that Medicare providers would not be affected by Obamacare and would finally be paid for their services which is not the case. The HHS report reveals that under Obamacare 15% of hospital providers will find themselves in the red because of the Medicare cuts found in the law.

Obama claimed that Obamacare would not fine or punish families who did not purchase health care. In fact when he was asked about this in a Fox News interview with Bret Baier, Obama was emphatic that fines and punishment for not purchasing health care were nothing more than a deceptive disinformation campaign by those who opposed the bill.

According to the HHS report and an associated Congressional Budget Office report 4 MILLION American households will face tax fines and penalties for not purchasing health care. This Obama deception also goes hand in hand with his claim that the IRS would not be involved with punishing those who do not purchase health care. The IRS is the ONLY entity who can issue tax fines and as a result will be not only involved in punishment but in investigation in order to issue the fines.

Placing the final nail in the coffin of Obamacare and the lies perpetrated by the Liar in Chief, Obama touted a provision in the law which created a new long term care program which does not start until 2014. According to the HHS report the program ALREADY faces a serious risk of insolvency because of the high cost without the dollars to cover the program.

None of this is news to we who opposed Obamacare from the beginning and warned of just how bad and unconstitutional this bill was. Now that it has passed the truth comes out and the demonizing that took place against anyone who opposed the bill by Obama and others who backed the bill was just another in a long list of lies about this socialistic nightmare. Now we see the results of the closed door meetings and why the doors were closed. Open doors would have revealed the lies BEFORE passage and even supporters would have been in the streets with the rest of us in opposing the Liar in Chief and this bad law. REPEAL and DEFUND the bill and REPLACE Congress and Barack Obama.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Candidate Obama at every opportunity stated emphatically that as a President Americans would see their taxes decrease and that no one making under $250,000 dollars would see any type of tax increase. Now to the reality of an Obama Presidency.

The above video has Obama not just considering a Value Added Tax, (VAT), as an option but seeing it as a, "novel", idea. That is a liberals way of saying you can bet that the VAT is not only on the table but a likely component of Obama's grand scheme of government expansion and massive spending. He continually talks about cutting spending as the best route to take in order to decrease the deficit and the debt but his actions prove otherwise as he spends like a drunken sailor.

Since taking office Obama has actually increased taxes across the board through several legislative initiatives which have passed, not the least of which is Obamacare. Follow this link courtesy of Mike's America for a list a of Obama tax increases to date.

It is quite obvious that the promises and lies about not raising taxes by candidate Obama were nothing more that empty speeches designed like the rest of his candidacy to entice a gullible public into electing the most corrupt and inept President in our Nations history.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Eyjafjallajokull, the actual name of the volcano which is better know as the Iceland Volcano because no one has a clue about how to pronounce the true name, has been erupting for more than a week and is spewing more CO2 gas into the atmosphere in one day that all of the cars on earth combined in a life time.

Though the plume of volcanic ash has caused considerable disruption of air traffic especially in Europe and with ash showing up as far south as Spartanburg, South Carolina, the natural cleansing of the atmosphere is countering the excessive CO2 effects caused by the erupting volcano. This is just one more nail in the coffin which disproves the claim by Al Gore and those who are still promoting the idea of man made global warming.

If God's infinite wisdom provided a cleansing capability on this Earth for a massive explosion of dangerous gases from an erupting volcano, then how arrogant is it of men to believe that we actually have the ability to raise earth temperatures. This again places full credence in the scientific proof that climate change is nothing more than part of normal cycles which have existed since the world was created.

The only man made blow hard in the failed idea of man made climate change are Al Gore and the rest of the enviro loons that still believe in his junk science. This of course includes the messiah himself Barack Obama whose arrogance is well documented and his failed policy is equally documented. Enjoy these amazing pictures of one of God's marvelous displays of the power of nature. The eruption of a volcano.


Ken Taylor

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The grassroots movement of the people of The United States in taking a stand against the radical policy and agenda of Barack Obama and those who support him in Congress has resulted in not only millions of average American Patriots from all walks of American life participating in Tea Parties and other political activism in order to voice our opposition to what is happening in Washington, but in a detailed plan in the from of a Contract From America.

This contract states what we are fighting for and what we understand that America should be rather than the radical socialist move that is taking our country down a path the our Founders never intended for this Nation and her people. Take a moment and read the Contract and then click on this link to sign the Contract taking the pledge to stand for Constitutional values and principles.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, April 18, 2010


When Barack Obama was inaugurated as President I had this momentary thought that although I did not agree with one policy, ideology or agenda promise that Obama made while campaigning, that maybe, just maybe since a black man had been elected President that it would quell some of the racism nonsense that was still showing its ugly face in our country.

Then about ten seconds after he took the Oath of Office reality returned to my thought process and not only did electing a black man President NOT quell the racism nonsense it actually created an entirely new category of charges of racism. Playing the race card has been a part of politics especially by the left as a means of making mostly false accusations of racism in order to keep race at the forefront of politics to play on emotions to garner votes from minorities.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not trying to say that there are not people in our country who have racists tendencies. But in 2010 especially compared to the turbulent fifties and sixties when the Civil Rights movement was at its height, Americans who are truly racist have thankfully diminished to a minority of people who ignorantly still think that blacks should be treated as second class citizens.

But with Obama as President a new form of racism accusations has reared its head and unfortunately allowed the left to label concerned Americans as racist causing a fresh political discourse on race that has no business in the politics of opposing a Presidential agenda even if that President happens to a black.

It has become quite evident now that anyone who stands in opposition to the policies and agenda of Barack Obama is labeled by the left and the lame stream media as a racist. The first mention of opposing Obama and immediately race is brought into the picture and the discussion changes from his radical policies to accusations of racism and racial hatred claiming that the opposition is not about policy but because Obama is black.

The Tea Party movement is one of the greatest events to take place in grassroots involvement of the American people in our Nations history. For far too long Americans have been complacent when it comes to holding elected officials accountable, which is the Constitutional responsibility of an American citizen. This grassroots stand against big government is a necessary component to the awakening of the people from a long and troublesome sleep when it comes to actually paying attention to what is happening in Washington.

But rather than this involvement of the American people finally being involved in the political process being celebrated as it should, the left and the lame stream media have used it as an opportunity to invigorate racism in our country and create a new form of racist charges that are unfounded and uncalled for.

Opposing Presidential policy and Presidential agendas is as old as our country. Even George Washington, who was a beloved President, was opposed especially when he was trying to keep our young Nation from being dragged into a war between France and Great Britain. So political opposition to a President is not only not unusual but as a free people it should be expected and celebrated as a privilege of liberty.

But rather than celebrate the massive and growing opposition to the radical agenda of Barack Obama and the great awakening of the American peoples long overdue involvement in the political process, the left has chosen to race bait, recall memories of slavery, invoke thoughts of a, "re-emergence," of Ku Klux Klan tactics and all manner of racist innuendos that are not only false but reek of hatred to anyone who opposes Barack Obama.

If you oppose health care it is because Barack Obama is black. If you oppose his massive government expansion it is because Barack Obama is black. If you oppose out of control spending it is because Barack Obama is black. If you are against the useless stimulus it is because Barack Obama is black. If you believe that our country is going in the wrong direction it is because Barack Obama is black. If you oppose any of his political appointments even to the Supreme Court, it is because Barack Obama is black.

It doesn't matter that absolutely none of the opposition of Obama's policy and agenda has anything to do with the color of his skin but purely and simply because his politics are wrong for this country. Yet according to the left and the lame stream media the ONLY reason that anyone opposes anything about Barack Obama is because he is black.

Of course opposition of a conservative or a Republican President by the same on the left who accuse average Americans of being racist, is considered by those on the left as the highest form of Patriotism and the true essence of freedom of speech. Then it is fine to use words like Nazi and make comparisons to Hitler. The it is fine to be violent and hateful even to the point of destroying public or personal property.

Yet the total NON-VIOLENT protest against the policy and agenda of Barack Obama, especially the Tea Party movement, is motivated ONLY because he is black. What is even more unfortunate about these false racism accusations are that they are spreading from the lame stream media into the thoughts and actions of average citizens of color who are buying into this false racist propaganda by the left.

So rather then the election of Americas first black President quelling what was left of the racial problems that have plagued our country, the left has used Obama's Presidency to actually spur those race problems on and in reality make then worse since racism is again at the forefront of American politics not because of its true existence but because of the lefts political agenda of false accusations to anyone who opposes Obama.

What adds the ultimate insult to this uncalled for injury is that the one person who has the ability to stifle this unrelenting false charge of racism against anyone who opposes the policy and agenda of Obama is Obama himself. Not only has he been virtually silent on the subject but his mocking of the Tea Party movement and anyone else who opposes his policy, is in reality adding fuel to the fire and encouraging the race baiters to continue their false charges.

So the question must be asked, "who then are the real racists ?" Those who are following their Constitutional right and duty by opposing a political agenda they disagree with which happens to be promoted by a black President, an agenda that would be opposed regardless of the color of the President. Or those who use the color of the President as a catalyst to charge his opposition of being racist.

Obama's race is NEVER discussed as part of the discourse of we who oppose what Obama is doing and the direction he is taking out country. But with those who stand with the President's agenda nearly every conversation in conjunction with discussing we who oppose him starts with a charge of racism. We who oppose Obama never consider his race as a subject or a reason to oppose him. Those who favor him use his race at every opportunity to make false racism charges. So again I ask, " who are the real racists ?" The answer is blatantly obvious!

Ken Taylor

Friday, April 16, 2010


At Obama's current rate of spending and government growth, by 2025 the interest on the debt he is creating combined with Social Security will consume 98% of all government revenues. Obama's answer is increasing taxation, over regulation and expanding government.

Ronald Reagan believed in the ability and achievements of the private sector and everyday Americans in economic success and prosperity for both ourselves and our country. He cut tax rates which allowed business and the people to prosper. He decreased government involvement which grew the economy and brought about the greatest growth in our history. In fact the tax cuts caused government revenues to increase as the people stimulated economic growth by spending and private business expanding and hiring.

What a stark difference from the socialist agenda and government explosion by Barack Obama which promises to bankrupt our Nation within 15 years. Listen as President Reagan explains how the tax cuts worked and brought about economic growth and prosperity for America and Americans. This again is why we must defeat Obama's agenda in order to return conservative values and fiscal responsibility for our future and our children to be able to enjoy the freedom that we have in our lifetime.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Just when you think that Barack Obama cannot make another completely asinine statement he not only does but makes one that exposes just how much Obama hates this country and considers The United States the problem rather than the answer.

In a press conference following the waste of time and money Nuclear Summit, Obama stated as shown in the above video, "whether we like it or not we remain a dominant military superpower." WHAT?!?!?! Whether we like it or not ?!?!?!? Would this imbecile rather that we are NOT a dominant superpower ?

Being the ONLY dominant superpower in the world is a place where I not only want my country to be but EXPECT my country to be and to remain so. Being that superpower insures that our vital interests are protected. Our national security is well, secure. Our people are safe and our military is second to none at anytime and any place. Insuring that when our brave men and women take to the field of battle our strength gives them the best protection and greatest ability of survival in a battle situation to achieve complete victory.

Evidently Barack Obama does not like the idea that we are the dominant superpower. He cannot handle the fact that the rest of the world looks to The United States when troubles arise. He does not like that other countries are not on the same level of power that we are and it seems that he believes that it is his destiny to even the playing field and reduce The United States from the lone superpower to just another second rate country.

American exceptionalism REQUIRES that we are a dominant military superpower. That is what insures that we remain strong and that petty little dictators think twice or even three and four times before attempting to take on The United States. Sure these little weasels may talk tough, but our dominant military causes them to pause rather than act on their rhetoric.

Our superpower status insures that our people are safe and secure and that when we are forced into a conflict that we are the victor because when we fight, we fight to win with the strongest and best military that has ever existed on this Earth. Yet the Commander in Chief says this is a situation that we must accept, "whether we like it or not." He obviously does not like it.

Jimmy Carter was a very weak President but in comparison to Barack Obama, Carter was a lion to this lame lamb. This statement should never come from the mouth of a United States President and Commander in Chief, yet Obama makes statements like this as a normal practice. How can one lead a country he so obviously hates and despises ?

His Oath of Office states his primary duty as President is to, "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution." Being the lone superpower gives him the best opportunity to fulfill his oath. Yet in his belief that it is his destiny to weaken this Nation and diminish our superpower status, he is not seeking to fulfill his Oath and as such is guilty of, "high crimes and misdemeanors, " and all that it entails.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


July, 1969, Neil Armstrong proclaimed, "that's one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind," as he took the first step on the surface of the moon. The Apollo 11 commander has been a national treasure and hero since taking that first step in the most daring mission in American and world history.

The United States has been the leader for nearly fifty years in the development of space travel and our space program has been the envy of the world as the exploits of great Americans like Armstrong, John Glenn, Jame Lovell and hundreds more who braved the unknown as they left the safety of Earth to venture into the, "final frontier," of space to explore and perform scientific research which has brought many of the medical, electronic and communications devices, medicines and procedures that we use in our everyday lives.

The next step in space exploration was planned to finish the development of the Ares booster rocket and the Constellation space vehicle which was the next generation to follow the success of the Space Shuttle. Returning first to the moon and then venturing on to the next great space frontier, Mars.

Beginning in the 2011 budget Barack Obama has cancelled and defunded this vital space program in lieu of making space flight commercial and eliminating American space exploration and American space vehicles causing us to pay to ride aboard Russian and other countries who have developed space travel in order to reach the Space Station and nothing more.

Neil Armstrong, Commander of Apollo 11 and first man on the moon, James Lovell, Commander of Apollo 13 and Gene Cernan, Commander of Apollo 17 sent a scathing letter to Obama, (follow the link to read the letter), criticizing Obamas destruction of our space program and pointing out how it will hurt out Nation.

The United States entered the space race under the administration of Dwight Eisenhower. We looked toward the moon from the vision of John Kennedy. Lyndon Johnson pushed to complete the task of reaching the moon and Richard Nixon spoke to our first moon travelers as they took the first steps in 1969 and began the next step, the Space Shuttle program.

Jimmy Carter encouraged the next step in our space program as the Space Shuttle continued its final development during his administration. Ronald Reagan saw the first Shuttle launch in 1981 and he and George H.W. Bush continued the advancement of the shuttle program during their time in the Oval Office.

The International Space Station began construction during the Clinton administration and became a permanent space feature with continual scientific study and occupation while George Bush was President. The Ares, the next generation booster was developed and tested during the Bush administration as well as the beginning of the development of the Constellation and the Mars mission.

Then comes Barack Obama and ends fifty years of heroic US history and technological development unmatched by any other country in the world. We have lead the way in space and have achieved more in space that the entire world combined and now Obama has chosen to end this momentous piece of American history, American achievement and American greatness. Obama sees it as his duty to destroy American greatness and to make The United States just another country who is part of a, "global community," rather than the exceptional and leader of the world which we have been throughout our history.

Ken Taylor


Once again, Barack Obama belittles the Presidency and bows to a world leader. In fact this bow is a repeat to not only a previous bow recipient but to a Communist leader, the Premier of Communist China. Obama's bowS are not a sign of respect as his spin masters continually try to portray but a clear showing that this inexperienced and inept politician has no business on the world stage representing the American people who bow to no one.

In 1936 during the Olympic Games which were held in Germany during Adolph Hitler's reign, as the opening ceremonies took place every country dipped its flag as they passed Hitler's podium in the viewing stand. Every country that is except The United States. The Stars and Stripes flew high and proud before the world and many deemed it an insult to Hitler. Both then and now our flag dips to no one or at anytime. Yet this President dips to every two bit world leader as a subservient.

Between this and his weak and aimless foreign policy it is no wonder that Nations throughout the world are losing faith in our country and respect for ability to stand strong as we have throughout our history. Obama displays weakness to the dismay of our allies, the joy of our enemies and as a danger for the security of the American people.
During the opening pressers of Obama's useless Nuclear Summit he bows before the Chinese Premier

During his last world tour Obama made his first bow to the Chinese Premier

During his visit to Japan, Obama bows before the Japanese Emperor

The first embarrassing bow before the King of Saudi Arabia

Ken Taylor

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Almost before the ink had dried on the recently signed START I Treaty between The United States and Russia, the Main, (lame), Stream Media and the spin masters at The White House began making comparisons between Barack Obama and the great Ronald Reagan. First, for the record, before I begin detailing WHY there is no comparison, trying to make this comparison in an insult to the memory and legacy of the greatest President of the 20th Century and among the top five President's in our history.

The left and White House spin masters since day one have been trying to create, "greatness," for Barack Obama by attaching him like a leach onto the legacies of great Presidents. Who can forget how this was tried during his inauguration with Lincoln comparisons from traveling in a train following Lincoln's route to Washington, using Lincoln's bible for the Oath Ceremony and even recreating Lincoln's favorite foods for the many Inaugural banquets.

Greatness does not come from false comparison to great men but from actions which EARN the title of, "great," and Obama has not said or done anything since taking office which has earned greatness nor do I believe will EVER earn this title. In fact just the contrary I believe he has and will continue to earn the title of worst rather than great President. Yet the spin masters still try to attach by comparison at every opportunity Obama to great people and this time they are deceptively using Ronald Reagan as a defense for Obama's dangerous change in policy in the use of our nuclear arsenal in defense of this Nation.

Now to just a few of many details as to why Obama is NO comparison to Ronald Reagan. Since signing the START I Treaty is why this comparison is being made, let us first examine the difference between Reagan and Obama in signing Treaties designed to decrease our nuclear arsenal. The first START Treaty, (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) was signed by George H.W. Bush in 1991 but negotiations for the Treaty began with Ronald Reagan in 1982 and continued until he left office in 1989.

Reagan's desire was to reduce the number of nuclear weapons for both The United States and the, then Union of Soviet Socialist Republics which dissolved into Russia in 1991. Reagan sought to reduce the capability of the Soviet threat of using nuclear weapons against both The United States and our European Allies while still allowing a strong deterrent in our own nuclear arsenal. Reagan's first START proposal allowed a considerably less adjustment to the US arsenal than the Soviets providing a defensive and strategic advantage for The United States over the Soviet Union.

Reagan also negotiated from a stand point of strength. In fact at one point because the negotiations with Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev were going poorly and Gorbachev refused to listen to Reagan's proposals, President Reagan in a daring move of strength ended a long planned summit which took place in Reykjavik, Iceland to the dismay of even his top advisers. Throughout all of the negotiations Reagan continued a strong anti Soviet and anti Communist stance against what he called, "the evil Empire," and never wavered in his determination to defeat the advance of Soviet expansion and Communism.

Although the recent START I Treaty negotiations began during the Bush administration, the lions share have taken place under Obama. Russia is considerably weaker than the former Soviet Union and does not pose the same threat but one does not negotiate or sign a Treaty from a stand point of weakness as Obama has. During the last phases of negotiations which have taken place since he became President, Obama has continually displayed a weak posture by apologizing for our country, caving to the Russians objection of a defensive shield over our European allies designed to counter Iran's nuclear ambitions and then just before the signing signaling to Russia and the world a weakening of our long strong deterrent in the strategic use of nuclear weapons.

Reagan announced early in his administration the Strategic Defense Initiative which became know as, "Star Wars." This was a satellite based missile defense shield which would intercept and destroy any incoming nuclear missiles well before they could destroy any target in The United States. This initiative angered the Soviets but it also created a fear of our capabilities as Reagan masterfully created the idea that we were much further along in this initiative than we were. The Soviet response was to back away from negotiations and begin a build up they could not afford which lead to their ultimate demise since they could not keep up with Reagan's strategic build up. This one move by Reagan in strength was the beginning of the end of The Soviet Union and Soviet Communism.

The Bush administration was developing a missile defense shield, a technology which we actually have now as compared to Reagan's, Star Wars, which was far from implementation and final development. This shield was designed to protect our European Allies from the danger of rogue states like Iran who are actively seeking nuclear weaponry with the help, I might add, of the Russians. Russia chose to see this as a threat to their country and have stalled START negotiations because of the shield.

During the first months of his administration Barack Obama announced to the dismay of our European Allies that The United States would no longer seek to implement the missile defense shield which eventually brought Russia back to START negotiations and the signing of the Treaty. But in doing so Obama signed and negotiated from a stance of weakness allowing the Russians not the US to dictate terms of negotiations. A stark contrast to the Reagan strategy which negotiated through strength and forced the Russians to the table of the original START Treaty in 1991 from a stand point of weakness because of the collapsing Soviet Union.

In fact the singing of the Treaty and the negotiations which preceded it came after Russian President Medvedev announced in March of 2009 that Russia would begin a large scale INCREASED rearmament and renewal of Russia's nuclear arsenal by 2011. This added to Obama's caving to the Russian demand that we drop the missile defense shield and again had us negotiating from a stand point of weakness as the Russians threatened weapons expansion.

Reagan had two principled beliefs when it came to the defense of The United States and negotiating with especially The Soviet Union. First that as a Nation we must always have a strong and solid defensive capability. Reagan once said, "Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong." A strong national defense which had the ability to over power any enemy was Reagan's view of our military and our defense capabilities.

Second he believed that in negotiations one must enter the fray from a stand point of strength and not weakness and, "trust but verify." Never taking for granted that negotiations would lead to balance but verifying that the true advantage at the negotiating table was always in the favor of The United States and our strength created the terms for negotiation.

Obama's weakened stance of apology and entering negotiations only after the Russians threatened an expansion in their nuclear arsenal is in dark and dangerous contrast to the strength that Reagan brought to the negotiating table. When the original START Treaty was signed the Soviets were collapsing and signed because they knew it was in their own best interest because of the strength and strategic advantage given The United States under the leadership of Ronald Reagan. Obama signed after announcing a weakening of our nuclear deterrent usage giving the Russians the advantage at the table and the signing.

So to Mr. Obama and those who would claim the false comparison between this weak and inept President to the strength and masterful leadership and abilities of Ronald Reagan, I say this. " I remember Ronald Reagan and you Barack Obama are NO Ronald Reagan." Someone I know stated as Reagan was boarding Marine One at the Capitol soon after George H. W. Bush took the Oath of Office, " I have felt safe and comfortable knowing President Reagan was there." Can anyone say the same about Barack Obama ? No!

Ken Taylor

Friday, April 09, 2010


Great Britain hit a milestone as gas prices reached $9.00 a gallon. The price is not because of a shortage of oil on the world market or because the Brits are consuming an excessive amount of oil. The cause is simple socialist mathematics. A ­perfect storm of rising wholesale costs, the weak pound and more Government tax hikes will propel fuel costs even higher.

Does this sound familiar ? The Obama administration and Democrats in Congress have steadily been following a very similar economic practice as the Brits. Excessive government spending has weakened the US dollar to its lowest state in decades. The weakened dollar is causing inflationary rises in wholesale costs and as a result gas prices are going UP in The United States at a time when there is almost a glut of oil available not only here but throughout the world.

The price of a barrel of oil is based on the US dollar and as the dollar continues to weaken due to the deficit, excessive spending and increased debt as Obama expands government, oil will continue to rise and so will our gas prices.

Another factor in the Brits $9.00 a gallon at the pump are steadily increasing tax hikes across the board to pay for excessive government spending and an out of control health care system which is similar to the recently passed Obamacare. The increased taxes have caused prices to rise on goods, services and yes gasoline and the Brits are paying the price of socialism. Are we heading down this same path under the Marxist Barack Obama ?

Under the current spending policy of Obama and the Democrats deficits will continue to rise, the debt will follow suit and next year the Bush tax cuts will expire raising the tax rate by 30%. Additionally the recently passed Obamacare has so many embedded taxes which affect business, individuals and especially large corporations that inflationary prices will continue to rise in order to pay for the excessive taxation.

What Democrats have NEVER understood is that a business DOES NOT pay taxes. Yes the tax bill comes to the business and the check to pay for the taxes is written from the business whether a large corporation or small business. But the cost of the tax is passed on through higher prices on goods and services to everyone who uses the service or purchases goods and we the people actually pay for business taxation including Obama increases.

Once again November becomes all the more important to stop this out of control spending, deficits and debt brought on by Obama and Democrats. This is not and has not been for well over a year an, "inherited," problem, but one that is caused by and belongs solely to Barack Obama and his radical agenda. Unless we shake up the balance of power with strong conservative fiscal responsibility in the November elections, we will follow in lock step with the Brits and a gallon of gas will cost American $9.00 and much more!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, April 08, 2010


Since the Kennedy Administration the strength of our nuclear deterrent has kept our Nation and our allies safe even in a time when the Soviet Union which had a five to one advantage in conventional weaponry could have over run Europe without question. But the threat of our nuclear arsenal kept the Soviets in check until the fall of the former Communist super power.

Now in a world that is equally as dangerous with rogue states like Iran and North Korea either having or soon to have nukes. And the ongoing threat of Islamic terrorist using a supportive state like Iran as a base for possible chemical, biological and even nuclear attack against Americans or our friends, Barack Obama sends a clear message of weakness and appeasement concerning use of our nuclear arsenal.

Former Speaker of the House and well known historian Newt Gingrich masterfully explains the ramifications of Obama's new policy placing it in current and historical perspective clearly revealing the dangerous situation that this weak stance places on our Nations security and defense.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


During the Bush administration a former CIA operative, Valerie Plame, was supposedly , "outed," by a Bush administration official. Of course it was proven that Plame had been nothing more than a CIA desk jockey for more than five years which placed he well outside the standard cooling off period before a CIA operative can be revealed for any reason. So the revelation of her position was well within the confines of legal discussion of her former position as an operative.

Never the less, the left went ballistic and an ensuing investigation and special prosecutor could not find any wrong doing yet convicted VP Cheney's Chief of Staff for lying to the prosecutor because he could not remember every detail of conversations which had taken place years before his interrogation by the prosecutor.

Fast forward now to 2010 and the, "transparent," and totally, "ethical," administration of Barack Obama. The New York Times, the very paper who ripped the Bush administration and President Bush specifically for the, "outing," of Valerie Plame, is reporting the identity of a highly placed actual CIA operative who is still being used as a working asset in Afghanistan. In fact the Times report not only reveals the name of the operative but also his association with a certain high level Afghan official AND his duties as an operative in Afghanistan. The source of the revelation is none other than the White House.

According to the Times the brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai is not only a working CIA operative , "secretly on the CIA payroll," but is also a, "major drug trafficker," in the Opium trade out of Afghanistan. The Times cited Obama administration, "political officials," and ,"senior administration officials," as the source of the information of the Afghan President's brother, who they call by name in the article, and his, "secret," CIA affiliation.

Where is the outrage? Where are the calls for a special prosecutor? Where are the calls for Obama's head on a platter like the Times demanded of Bush during the Plame investigation? Where are the calls for the head of Rham Emanuel like the Times demanded of Karl Rove during the Plame investigation?

Especially since the difference in this case is that Plame was a FORMER operative who had far exceeded the five year cooling off period required by law before a CIA operatives name can be revealed and the fact that Karzai's brother is still a working asset and operative who now has been revealed to the world by Obama officials and the New York Times.

Of course this, "transparency," in the outing of a working CIA asset is fine and dandy with the Times since it involves Obama and his buddies as opposed to the evil warmonger George W. Bush. The hypocrisy of the left and the leftist media becomes more evident with each passing day as everything that Obama and his cronies do is considered perfectly fine regardless of the legality or whether it meets any Constitutional standard. If Karazi's brother is killed as a result of the Times article and his outing by the Obama administration, I am sure that somehow, someway the Times will find a way of blaming it on Bush.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


It seems much to coincidental that the US government owns the majority stake in both General Motors and Chrysler and the greatest competition, Toyota, is experiencing tremendous problems which threatens its standing as a car manufacturing company.

Now I am not claiming that the brake and accelerator problems which prompted the massive recall by Toyota are not real, but it does seem rather odd that suddenly Congress calls for hearings demanding that the CEO of Toyota has to appear before the hearings and several investigations are started on BOTH Toyota and the next closest competitor to government motors, Honda.

There have been numerous mechanical problems from both American and foreign vehicle manufacturing companies prompting recalls. There have also been recalls before because of problems that have caused vehicular deaths as was the case with the Toyota accelerator troubles, but Congress has not held investigations nor scheduled hearings until now when the Obama administration has created government competition in the automobile industry because of the stake it now owns in GM and Chrysler.

It also seems too coincidental that even with the recalls and the massive amount of public relations and closing down of plants etc. after Toyota reports a 35.4% increase in sales in the first quarter that the Obama administration slaps the largest fine ever given, 16.4 million dollars, for their failure to issue a recall in a timely manner.

It gives the obvious appearance that if eliminating the competition cannot happen by decreased sales then slapping a massive fine may at least cause financial problems which could slow down Toyota's sales boom which has hurt both GM and Chrysler. Whether this is an intentional move by the Obama administration to eliminate or damage the competition or not because of the governments stake in the automobile industry it gives the appearance of using government power and regulation to attack a private competitor like Toyota.

The government owning all or part of a company such as GM and Chrysler provides ethical problems and corruption as well as the obvious problem of the government taking over any private entity like an automobile company. In may be just coincidental the problems that Toyota is suffering. It may just be coincidental that government motors greatest competitor, Toyota, is fined and investigated by the very same government who has the majority stake in GM and Chrysler. It all may be just a coincidence.......or not!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, April 04, 2010


"Hope and change." This has been that theme of Barack Obama's radical agenda since he first campaigned for President. We have experienced just what that change means as he has taken our Nation down a path never intended by our Founders. Easter though, provides a message which gives the world the real meaning of, "hope and change." For there is One whose message of ,"hope and change," truly changed the World and the lives of everyone since.

More than 2000 years ago a, " Man, " came to this Earth with a message of , "hope, " and , "change, " that even during His time on this planet sparked controversy and even political discord between the ruling Empire of Rome and their conquered land of Judea and the people found in that land. This, "Man, " brought with Him a message that has lasted through the ages. A Message that speaks to all mankind of , "hope, " for the hopeless and , "change," even for the vilest of people.

His was not a message that was given for political gain. Nor was it shared to bring fame and position for Himself. His message was shared for the most selfless of The message of hope and change that was shared with this World by this , "Man, " came from the Creator of all men though the life, death and Resurrection of our Creators Son. It was and still is a message of hope and change given only from pure , sacrificial and true love with its only reward for that love being the salvation of the World and the redemption of man.

This, "Man, " delivered His message of hope and change and it was received by many and rejected by many. A situation that this eternal message still finds in the World today more than 2000 years later. While He walked this Earth, this, "Man," selflessly gave not only His message but Himself in order to insure that His selfless message of love would BE eternal. His reward for sharing this selfless message of hope and change was to face the cruelest of deaths that a cruel world has ever devised, nailed to a cross.

But He did not face this death forcibly. No He faced it willingly and lovingly because He knew that the only way to insure that His message of hope and change would last for all mankind was by giving His life in exchange for those to whom He was giving this loving message. It was for this that He came and it was for this that He died.

But this message of hope and change does not end there. No it ends, nay I should say actually begins with an empty tomb. For His message of hope and change shines from that empty tomb for all mankind that came before His time on earth, those to whom He personal delivered the message and we who have followed in the last 2000 years. His sacrifice for giving this message on the cruel cross when one believes in that message of love that He gave from that cross can provide anyone from any walk of life, whether good or bad, vial or moral, change that will reshape that individual and reconcile them with a loving God who sent this , "Man, " Jesus the Son of God, for them.

The empty tomb that He left as He resurrected from the death on that cruel cross, provides hope that there is more to life than misery and woe but salvation that brings life eternal through the sacrifice, and resurrection of this, "Man, " who God our Creator called Son and in whom all things are possible. As we each celebrate this Easter season, remember that true hope and change comes from the love that was shared with each of us from a cross to an empty tomb and life springs eternal for everyone because of the Christ who came and shared the true, real and loving message of hope and change. Happy Easter to all.

Ken Taylor

Friday, April 02, 2010


First let me state as a citizen of South Carolina I am not a big fan of Lt. Governor Andre Bauer, so this is not in any way signaling my support for his run for Governor. In fact my support for South Carolina Governor is with State Legislator Nikki Haley who I believe is the best candidate to lead this State with a strong conservative administration.

That said, I do commend Andre Bauer and fully support a task that he began on Friday March, 26 which is making a concentrated move to over turn Obamacare because of the numerous violations within the now passed and signed law that are unconstitutional and also violate the rights of individual states.

Bauer has initiated a drive calling for a Constitutional Convention to amend the Constitution in order to repeal Obamacare. The Constitution provides two procedures in which Amendments can be added. One is a two thirds majority in both the House and the Senate then ratified by three fourth or 38 States. The second is a Constitutional Convention needing 34 states to call for the convention and send representatives chosen by the State Legislatures after each Legislative body agrees to participate in the Convention. Any Amendment coming from the Convention then must be ratified by 38 States.

Bauer has already established the interest of four States and sent letters requesting a resolution for submission to the South Carolina State General Assembly. Resolutions are being prepared at Bauer's request by members of both the House and Senate of SC. There are currently 13 States who have either filed law suites or preparing to do so against the Federal Government to prevent the implementation of Obamacare but this process could take years and most believe it will not succeed in repealing any or all of the bill.

After consulting several Constitutional experts and attorneys, Bauer came to the conclusion that a Constitutional Convention specifically and only to repeal Obamacare was not only necessary but the only way to eliminate this unconstitutional law. Since last Friday he has been aggressively contacting States legislators throughout the Nation and has indicated that while he has a commitment of moving forward of four states that interest in the convention is very positive with everyone he has contacted.

If this succeeds, the Constitutional Convention would provide an Amendment specifically to make Obamacare no longer law. Some are trying to argue that a Constitutional Convention called for by 34 States cannot be limited in its scope to a particular bill as is being proposed by Bauer.

Article V of the Constitution pertains to the Amendment process and states in reference to a Constitutional Convention the following, " The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution"

It is clearly obvious that the scopes of a Constitutional Convention is not specific therefore a limited scope to repeal one law is legal and permissible under Article V of the Constitution. While an uphill battle calling for a Convention to amend the Constitution to eliminate Obamacare can be done. 37 states have indicated after the bill was initially passed that the bill was damaging to the state. With 38 states needed ratify and amend the Constitution eliminating Obamacare it would seem that Bauer's call is a real possibility in repealing this disastrous unconstitutional law.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Barack Obama patted himself on the back supposedly seeming a little more centrist as he announced the lifting of a decades long ban allowing, "oil drilling," 50 miles off the Virginia coast and a few selected areas in the Gulf and Alaska. Immediately the White House spin machine began chiming in that Obama understands the, "need," for oil exploration and drilling to meet the Nations energy consumption.

The problem is that when one actually looks into the reality of the area in which the ban has been lifted, it becomes obvious that this is nothing more than a political move of smoke and mirrors designed to try and bribe members of the GOP into supporting Obama's next big socialist move, Cap and Trade.

The area where the ban was lifted off Virginia for example encompasses 2.9 million acres of largely unexplored areas about 50 miles off the Virginia coast. No one actually knows whether the area even has ANY oil deposits or if any, how much there may be. A study conducted by the House of Representatives in 2008 speculated that there was a possibility that within this area there was only enough oil to meet the Nations oil needs for ONLY ONE MONTH or about 21 million barrels of oil.

Again the area is largely unexplored but if the 2008 study is accurate the cost effectiveness of building oil platforms and drilling for an estimated 21 million barrels of oil to meet the needs of only one month of national oil consumption makes the area extremely cost prohibitive and virtually not worth the time, energy and money necessary to bring the oil to the surface.

When one considers that there are 14 billion barrels of oil in offshore locations off the coasts of The United States, Obama's announcement goes further than it seems on the surface. Of the 14 billion barrels available Obama's plan restricts ALL access to 13.1 billion of those available barrels.

Again this announcement is nothing more than smoke and mirrors designed to make this extreme leftist to appear to look slightly centrist and create a perceived leverage with GOP members in the House and Senate to climb on board with Cap and Trade which will soon come to a Marxist Congress near you.

Ken Taylor

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