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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Ezra Klein is a staff writer with The Washington Post and like most in the media he is a liberal. MSNBC brought him in as an, "expert," to comment on the planned reading of the Constitution by the new Congress as the first order of business when in convenes. Personally I think this is an excellent idea since it is likely the first time many of the old guard who were reelected have had any association with the Constitution much less read it themselves. Plus it is what they are sworn to uphold as Representatives.

Klein's first reaction to the question about this excellent opening to the new Congress was that it is nothing more than a political stunt. His next response tells in just a few words what the left truly thinks about the Constitution and its relevance in today's society. According to the leftist idiot the Constitution, "no longer has any binding power," and it is," confusing because it is over 100 years old."

No binding power? First left me remind Mr. Klein that it is the binding power of the Constitution, specifically the First Amendment, which by law allows him as a member of the press to even makes such an asinine statement freely in the country. So without the binding power of the very Constitution he claims is nothing and confusing he would not even be on television making his comments.

What is most telling about this idiots comment is that he is speaking for most on the left who believe just as he does and have shown their disdain toward the Constitution at every turn. Remember Obama called the Constitution in an interview in 2002 a flawed document because it told what the government could not do to the people but did not state what the government must do for the people. Completely neglecting the fact that the Founders wrote the Constitution as a protection for the people against an over bearing tyrannical government.

The 111the Congress with the approval of Barack Obama ignored the Constitution at every turn as they legislated unconstitutional measures such as Obamacare, the massive stimulus and many other initiatives which fail under strict Constitutional scrutiny. But the left could care less about the Constitution because to them it is nothing more than an antiquated document which was good for its time but no longer applies to today's society since its major purpose is to restrict government to allow citizens the freedom to prosper in accordance to our own abilities.

So Klein's comment was not questioned or refuted on MSNBC since it speaks for those on the left like him and including the very left wing MSNBC as to their true thoughts and beliefs when it concerns the Constitution. This is why they have been removed by voters from power in the House. Why Obama's approval ratings continue to plummet and why the left is a minority in America. We are a Constitutional Republic and those on the left who think otherwise are doomed to continued failure as the people understand this fact and will in like manner stand with the Constitution and NOT those like Klein who hate it.

Ken Taylor


The King and Queen of America are once again gallivanting in high style for yet another tax payer sponsored vacation. Of course there is nothing wrong with a President and his family taking vacation but the Obama's abuse this in a manner which has not been seen by his predecessors in the office.

There were many left wing complaints about the Reagan's many trips to their California ranch or the Bush's trips to Crawford. Yet no one on the left complains about the extravagant trips to high dollar locations continually taken by the Obama's. Especially at Christmas when Americans are scrapping the bottom of the barrel just to make an enjoyable holiday for their families.

The Reagan's spent every Christmas at The White House in order to allow staff to be closer to their families for the holiday. Then after Christmas spent several days at their personal ranch which had been secured at the beginning of the Reagan Presidency and did not need the costly front teams necessary for a Presidential trip. The only costs associated with the Reagan Christmas trips were travel and meals for staff members who accompanied the President.

Bush was similar at Christmas. He spent most at Camp David to also allow staff to be close to their families then went to either his fathers place in Maine or Crawford, both places that did not cost tax payers a dime except for meals for staff members and the cost of travel. The Obama's leave well before Christmas so staff members must leave their families during the holiday and travel to Hawaii spending tax payer dollars for extremely high dollar locations.

Even with lesser cost accommodations and more easily secured at Hawaiian military bases which are only five and fifteen minutes from the location chosen by the Obama's. Barack and Michelle rent a $ 4,000 dollar a day Villa and travel to the bases which have private beaches rather than staying on the base at a lesser cost as the Clinton's did on their visit to the Hawaiian Islands. The base accommodations are just as posh as those chosen by the Obama's, the difference being that the base accommodations have no daily rental fee.

Also on base staff members would be housed at base facilities which again do not cost tax payers any extra as the current accommodations do at a cost of more than $400.00 per day excluding meals, travel and other living costs for the staff. Also on base security would be much easier and the massive expense of front teams would be lessened as the base is already a secure location.

The family spends the majority of the Hawaiian vacation on the base to use the work out facilities, private beach, bowling etc. but choose to stay off the base at an extravagant cost to tax payers. Of course the left defends this by claiming this expense comes out of the Obama's pocket. A claim which can NEVER be documented and always shows up as part of tax payer funded expenses for the Presidential trip.

The Obama's spend tax payer money on extravagances for themselves as no President before yet consistently call on Americans to cut corners, spend thrifty and sacrifice during this time of economic struggle for the Nation. A true leader leads by example. Obama has never been nor ever will be a leader, but he and Michelle are typical elitist leftists who lecture others on how to live while spending money they have not earned for personal extravagance.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Anyone who is considered credible has now admitted that Global Warming is a farce and what we have been experiencing is a normal cycle that has appeared on our planet before and will appear again. According to those who have pushed this fallacy we should be experiencing much warmer temperatures and snow would be almost non-existent.

Yet all across Europe and in most of The United States one of the coldest winters creating some of the largest snow falls in history is occurring. So the Global Warming crowd falls back on their lie that ANY type of weather is proof of this so called catastrophe and man is the cause. This fallacy has cost billions of dollars to both business and individuals as unnecessary government regulations have been put into place to, "prevent," Global Warming and the only people who have profited from it are those like Al Gore who make a living off of pressing the lie.

When Barack Obama came into office one of the major agenda items he was planning was a Cap and Trade bill that would force companies to purchase carbon credits to supposedly counter emissions that companies cause which would, "supposedly," clean the environment and curtail Global Warming. In essence all it would have done is create a massive regulatory tax on business which in turn would have cause a massive rise in energy costs as well as every consumer service and product on the market. So Cap and Trade failed to even make it to the floor of Congress to the disappointment of Obama who sees it as his responsibility to punish business.

Now that Republicans are taking over the House and have almost balanced the Senate, Obama knows that Cap and Trade is dead in the next Congress and as a result the reminder of Obama's one and only term as President. So rather than dropping the idea with the full knowledge that the last election was a complete repudiation of his agenda by the people which Cap and Trade was a major part, Obama plans on bypassing the will of the people and Congress to get massive regulatory change to fit his Global Warming agenda.

The Environmental Protection Agency falls under the Executive Branch and Obama plans on using the Agency to push through greater emission regulations which will hamper business and increase energy costs to all Americans. On January 2, using the EPA, the administration will regulate new carbon emission limits that would force companies to get permits to release greenhouse gases. This new regulatory control falls under the Clean Air Act and as such does not require the support of Congress therefore bypassing both Congress and voters repudiation of Obama agenda.

The new regulations will kill jobs and add additional weight to an already struggling economy by reducing the profits of companies due to the cost of purchasing permits etc. to meet the new EPA standards. Which just like Cap and Trade becomes an energy tax against business and as a result increases both energy costs and decreases profits.

According to the Obama Administration through the Clean Air Act The White House has the authority to issue the new regulations through a Supreme Court ruling that allows for the EPA to make a determination that carbon dioxide, (the gas Global Warming nuts blame for the fallacy), is hazardous to human health and therefore can be regulated to protect the public without Congressional approval.

The new Congress does have some recourse to stop this by overturning EPA regulations until the High Court can determine the validity of the Administrations claim that Carbon Dioxide is hazardous to human health. Republicans are promising a fight with The White House over this back door act and should be able to possibly delay this until Congress can move to prevent it. In the meantime Obama is showing once again that he could care less about the people and our voice and it is only his agenda that matters to this leftist ideologue.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Telling the truth is against the rules when it comes to Janet Napalitano and Homeland Security. According to, "Big, Sis," our airports are more secure now that the total body searches and revealing body scans are in place. Yet the above video taken by an airline pilot, Chris Liu, at San Francisco International Airport, one of the Nations busiest, reveals major flaws in airport security.

Passengers and plane crews are required to go through elaborate, revealing and intense pat downs as well as scans. Yet ground crews who have the greatest access to planes are only required to swipe an identity card in order to board, work or load any aircraft and have access to luggage and other materials including fuel which are loaded on the planes.

After the video was revealed Sheriffs officers acting for Homeland Security raided the pilots home and confiscated his legally issued weapon which all pilots carry as added protection for flight crews and security for the planes passengers. In addition his Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO) credentials were revoked. The airline he works for has not punished him in any way and still considers him an active pilot but without the FFDO he cannot fly.

Telling the truth is, according to Homeland Security, against the law and punishable which is what happened to this whistle blower who did nothing more than let the truth come to light about the lies of total security at our Nations airports and safety for both passengers and planes.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, December 26, 2010


2010 has been one of the most amazing years politically certainly in my lifetime and possibly in our history. The election in and of itself was historic and brought about a much needed change not only in those who represent us in Washington but in the direction in which our country has been taking. Yet the election, though bringing about much needed results was not the miracle of 2010.

We have had historic elections before which brought about change that was needed in our representation. The massive defeat of the Democrats and the complete repudiation of the Obama agenda will shine in our history as an election of almost epic proportions. But the election came about as a result of the miracle of 2010.

Our Founders in their brilliant wisdom foresaw this miracle even as they wrote the Constitution in which we base our laws and the foundation of our Republic. They understood that the only way a country could remain free and prosper as a Republic was if the people of that Nation had the ability to not only voice their dissent with the government but to be the only true authority of that government and freely exercise that authority through and election process and in standing against any possibility of a tyrannical move by those elected to that government.

For far too many years the American people forgot this Constitutional authority and allowed those in Washington to dictate to the people rather than forcing our representation who serve at the people's discretion into adhering to the will of the people. The vast majority of the people were not listening nor paying attention to what was taking place in our own country and our government, and as a result that government as all governments do began stealing the rights from the people and forcing a tyrannical reign over America.

Our Founders intentionally placed the people above the government and those in whom the power of that government are entrusted specifically to prevent the inherent lust of man for power from destroying the freedom of our Republic and forcing the people into an abject slavery of the very government which was supposed to serve the people rather than rule them.

The miracle of 2010 is that the people finally after decades of amnesia woke up to the realization that the Constitutional principles of our government and those placed in that sacred trust of representing the people in that government serving the people. began a wave of activism. An activism which not only forced the result of the 2010 mid term but held those who were trying to ram through legislation which enslaved Americans to government to a scrutiny that has been missing in our country for decades.

Yes legislation like Obamacare and other unconstitutional bills slipped through as the power hungry left forced, against the will of the people, these diabolical monstrosities down our throats. But unlike the past where these Socialist moves were accepted as just another government move that we the people had no control over the anger and protest of the people bought these moves into public debate and as a result revealed the truth about them making their repeal or defunding possible by new representation.

When past unconstitutional legislation moved through Congress the lack of public scrutiny by an unawakened people allowed these socialist moves to become law without even a whimper of protest in the direction away from a free Republic it was taking out Nation. The people just accepted it as something in which we had no control over and its impact against our freedom was eventually forgotten and the unconstitutional legislation became part of our society as if it was necessary to our National existence.

The attitude of most Americans was, "I am just one person so what can I do." We had forgotten that in our form of Constitutional Republic that one voice can move mountains as it speaks with the millions of others who in like manner stand for the same principles and beliefs that have made our country strong through the years it has been in existence. The miracle of 2010 started in 2009, but its impact began this year as Congress even before the election began reacting to the people and unconstitutional legislation and initiatives began falling to defeat as a result.

I have been a conservative political activist since my teen years in the late sixties and have always believed that it is our Constitutional responsibility as Americans to be active in our government and make our voice heard so that those we hire to represent us do no waver from the strict Constitutional principles that have guided our Nation through our history. Until 2010 I was among a minority who knew our Founders expected the people to be activists.

Now as a result of the miracle of 2010 I am among the majority and Americans from all walks of life are standing for our Constitution and being actively involved in our Nations interests and the direction in which we as a country are moving. This is the America the Founders envisioned and
activist people are who they were and what they wanted for each of us to be as they passed the torch of freedom down from that founding generation.

2010's miracle of an awakened people brought result through activism which stopped unconstitutional legislation and changed representation to eliminate many of those in Washington who refused to listen to the people. My fear now is that this miracle of 2010 which brought about positive results for our freedom and our nation will die away as the anger which created the miracle fades with better representation.

We as Americans have a far greater responsibility to the Nation and our Constitution than any of those we elect to office. For it is we who must hold them to the fire of liberty by our constant vigilance over every aspect of government and the course in which that government takes. Just because by our activism we received a positive result through one election this does not mean that activism should end or even fade in its intensity.

When the people are awake and active in the political process America remains free. When the people are asleep and those we elect are allowed to govern in accordance to the lusts of the very power we have given them WITHOUT our constant scrutiny, then we surrender our freedoms to tyranny and in many respects deserve what is thrust upon us by Washington because we as a people neglected our Constitutional responsibility and authority.

The miracle of 2010 must continue. We cannot rest nor can we collectively fall asleep again. Our Founders expected nothing less from we who inherited their great heritage of political activism than to BE an active people who exercise our Constitutional authority over government. So we owe it to those who have gone before who fought for and passed our freedoms to our care. We also owe it to future generations who must learn from us that our authority in keeping us free and not enslaved to government is a sacred trust that must remain vigilant and sure to the principles which have made our country great.

Our fight must continue, our activism must remain constant and our authority over those we elect must be a constant reminder as we hold them accountable to us every moment they serve and in every aspect of that service. Unless we continue the miracle of 2010 and never allow its flame of a politically active people to die, we face an America which will no longer be free and a people who will fall to the unbridled power of a tyrannical government.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Christmas 2010 is here. Families all over our great land will gather to share gifts, food but most of all love. Love, the most important and magnificent part of Christmas. Love shared with family and friends. Love shared with neighbors and fellow workers.

It is love which made Christmas possible for each of us to celebrate every year. This love was not shared with gifts under a tree. Nor was it shared only with family and friends but to all mankind.

This love came wrapped in a little baby who was born in the most humble of circumstances, a lowly manger which was found in a stable because it was the only place that was open for His birth and He was born there because He came to this Earth to offer Himself to those who would accept Him. On that first Christmas Day a stable was all that was available so that is where He was born.

Today He is no different. Though He grew into a Man who freely sacrificed Himself on a cross and conquered the grave so that all mankind could have life through Him, He still only enters the hearts of those who are willing to accept the love that He has so freely given.

The politically correct may try to deny Him as they bombard us with Happy Holidays, but He loves them too and patiently waits for them to receive the love that He also gave for them. "For unto you is born this day in the City of David, a Saviour which is Christ the Lord." It was for us that He came and it was love which compelled Him to come. It is that same love which He still offers to us today. A love that brings with it life eternal and peace which passes all understanding. And that my friends is the true reason and meaning of Christmas.

While all of the trappings, the lights, the trees, the gifts, the food, Santa, Ebenezer Scrooge are all grand, the list is almost endless, Christmas truly is about love. Born in manger to die on a cross, victorious over the grave so that all mankind may have life through Him.

Merry Christmas to each of you and God's richest blessings for years to come!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


On a strictly party line vote of 3 - 2 the FCC approved the regulating of the Internet by the federal government. The move which has been called Net Neutrality opens the flood gates for the government to regulate the Internet for the first time in its existence. Citing as the excuse for making this move the FCC along with a statement by Barack Obama, claimed the move, "protects," Americans from Internet providers blocking or slowing services because of high traffic.

Basically the FCC is preventing the possibility of maybe something happening in the future that has not happened to this point to protect consumers from actions that haven't yet taken place. Yeah, I know the last sentence was a mishmash of double talk which is exactly what the move by the FCC is. What it does do is open up the flood gates for government control through regulation of the Internet and any website which the feds determine may be violating anything they deem fits the broad expanse of this FCC ruling.

This move is similar to the false scare of Global Warming, an environmental fear tactic disaster scenario which has not been proven but used by left wing envirowacos to force massive regulatory legislation which has cost billions of dollars and hampered both business and individuals unnecessarily. Global Warming is an event that has not happened nor likely to happen but the fear created of it possibly happening without proof, has allowed ridiculous moves which rob freedom and prosperity.

The Internet is now in the same boat as all things environmental. Opening the gates of federal regulation could soon find websites which do not display opposing views, for instance facing shut down or fines by the feds because the site is not , "disclosing," or is hiding information. Even if that site allows opposing views, as this one for instance, but because of the type traffic which comes to that site no opposing views are posted, free speech could very well suffer under the regulatory power of the government.

This is nothing more than opening the door for the government to move into territory which has not be available before. It is a move to eventually give the government control of the Internet a move that especially the left has been drooling about since the popularity of the web has grown as it has.

Senator Jim DeMint, (R - SC), if planning on introducing legislation in the new Congress to stop this uncalled for regulatory move in its tracks before any harm can be done or any form of government move can take place on the freedom of the web and those who participate on the Internet whether private individuals of a business.

The public airways or cyber ways are free and should remain so without government moving in to dictate who, what, when and where providers, business or individuals use the World Wide Web to express their views, thoughts or sell their products to consumers who are willing to purchase that product over the web.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


FACT - December 25 is celebrated as CHRISTMAS DAY and not the Winter Solstice, or some other variation on the anti Christmas theme.

FACT - The celebration of Christmas is a celebration of a birthday of a Child who was born in a stable in the town of Bethlehem and the Child's name was Jesus who is the Son of God.

FACT - Though many do not celebrate Christmas nor recognize it's true meaning, this does NOT change the fact that Christmas would not exist as a celebration or a holiday without the birth of the Christ hence the Christ mass which is the celebration of the birth of the Christ Child.

Political correctness is again running amok as we approach December the 25 the celebration of Christmas. Almost everywhere one goes during this season the elimination of even the word Christmas has become more and more evident. Happy Holidays is the norm now at almost all retail establishments when it concerns greeting during this season.

I for one will not leave a register nor a counter in a store without a wish of Merry Christmas and an acknowledgment from the person in whom I have extended that wish. Even if that person wishes me Happy Holidays before I have the opportunity to wish Merry Christmas I counter with the true greeting and tell that person that they need not use the PC greeting with me. For those that actually greet me with Merry Christmas in a retail establishment I thank them for greeting me in that manner and return the Merry Christmas greeting.

The ACLU once again has been attempting to eliminate Christmas from our schools and any public arena. The fact that in every poll more than 60% of those polled recognize this holiday as Christmas and would rather hear Merry Christmas than Happy Holidays does not matter to the politically correct. All of those who attack Christmas claim they are doing so to protect the rights of those who are offended by the word Christmas and the true meaning of the holiday.

Yet not one of the PC groups even acknowledge the FACT that these efforts to eliminate Christmas offends the MAJORITY of Americans and those of us who wish a Merry Christmas and celebrate the holiday for its true meaning are being completely discriminated against since our wishes are considered wrong and the small minority who complain about EVERYTHING are being allowed to have their say concerning this issue.

Christmas exposes the hypocrisy of those like the ACLU who claim to stand for the rights of the American people. The only rights they stand for are those who agree with their politically correct agenda and anyone else must set their rights aside in order to accommodate the political correctness. Well I have news for them.......I as an American and a firm believer in the Constitution of The United States of America will always stand and fight for my rights and as a result I celebrate Christmas and will express that celebration as I see fit.

So to the politically correct, MERRY CHRISTMAS. To those who wish me Happy Holidays, MERRY CHRISTMAS. To the left who wish to eliminate the true Reason for the season, MERRY CHRISTMAS and of course to all of you who understand and believe as I do a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and may this CHRISTMAS be a blessed reminder for you and your family as to why we truly celebrate CHRISTmas!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Twas the night before Christmas and in The White House, Obama was scheming, that liberal louse.

Muslim Crescent moons were all hung round with care, on, "Holiday Trees," since no one thought Christmas or even to dare.

Michelle was upstairs all tucked in her bed with visions of obese kiddies dancing in her head.

The kids tucked away and her mom in napsack, and the illegal aunt who was seeking amnesty from her nephew that rat.

When out on the lawn there arose suck a clatter, Obama jumped up to see what was the matter.

Away to the window he ran like on court, remembering twelve stitches and an elbow of sort.

He looked to the East thinking Allah had called and found nothing there so this lefty was appalled.

When what to his liberal eyes did appear but thousands of people angered, they jeered,

"we're sick of your ways and tired of the mess you've made of our country the pain, the duress.

We told you not once but thousands of times we will not stand still for your freedom robbing crimes."

He looked past them all as if to ignore and yawned and stretched because they to him were a bore.

He thought to himself in his arrogant way, "these people are stupid I wish they would stray,

from this thought that their voice means anything more than a mouse in a cupboard or scampering on the floor."

He started to turn from the window with haste to practice his golf swing which we all know is a waste.

But something traveling way up in the sky caught his attention and the look of his eye.

It was a star in the East coming quickly at first then landing before him it brilliantly burst.

And there with the thousands who came to protest, stood three shining figures in different dress.
As the light then grew dim so Obama could see, he knew all at once the identity of the three.

Before him along with the angry all in accord, stood men from the past whose example he'd ignored.

For there on the lawn and joining the protest, were Lincoln, Washington and Reagan three of our best.

The crowd stood in awe as they saw this great sight and all knew at once these men knew their plight.

Of fighting for freedom and all of our rights, no matter the obstacles or the enemies might.

Obama just stood there shaking his head, speaking before them he said, "you're ideals are all dead.

This land is so flawed it must now be changed and anyone thinking other wise is completely deranged."

The three bowed their heads and beginning to shake stood tall and proud as the ground started to quake.

Washington spoke first as Obama piped down, "listen to me you liberal clown!

You think you're all knowing but if the truth must be told, you're a disgrace to the powerful office you hold."

Then Lincoln chimed in a voice strong and clear, " and the freedoms you hate these thousands hold dear.

you're socialist ways are what caused the people to muster because freedom is what makes America prosper."

Now Ronnie stepped forth with a twinkle in his eye as he looked at Obama and gave a great sigh.
"Listen here you cannot force the people to bow to any government ran by the liberal sacred cow,

of taxing and spending until we are broke, and stealing their money until they are choked."

The people all cheered at the voice of the three and they cried out in one, "Obama we are free!

Free to live our lives just as we choose without your involvement or your charity ruse.

Then Ronnie spoke again in like manner, " Obama it's their voice and will that's the banner,

of this Nation served before you by each of us three, and nothing you do can stop liberties tree,

from growing and spreading the wonderful hope, that America is free and trust the people you dope."

Then with his mouth opened wide in complete disbelieve Obama thought it over and he would get some relief.

But we people yelled out in a rousing loud chorus, with Ronnie and George and Abraham before us.

"Merry Christmas to you for it is we who have clout, to remove you from office for in two years, you're OUT!"

Ken Taylor

Friday, December 17, 2010


A sign of great possibilities revealed itself in the Halls of Congress as the people of The United States of America won a victory in the fight to curb reckless spending, stop out of control deficits and debt and begin restoring Constitutional sanity in our government. The massive 1.3 trillion dollar Omnibus bill filled with almost 6,500 earmarks has died as Harry Reid was forced to bow to pressure from the anger of the people and a strong and steadfast Republican opposition to the nightmare legislation.

Senator Mitch McConnel, House Minority Leader in stark contrast to the 1924 page pork filled, spending packed and regulatory adding Omnibus, introduce a ONE PAGE Continuing Resolution to the Senate which achieved what Reid claimed was his sole purpose, to fund the government. But the McConnel Resolution just extends current 2010 government spending for 45 days to allow the next Congress to take up the budget matter and actually put forth a budget that cuts spending, reduces the deficit and begins tackling our national debt.

Reid's ridiculous Omnibus increased spending across the board as well as the deficit and debt, was crammed with earmarks and more unnecessary regulation. In addition this bill had hidden in it the first 1 BILLION dollar installment of funding for Obamacare which would have made Republican plans to defund the unconstitutional law extremely difficult if not impossible.

The public out cry combined with continual negative media coverage about the cost of the Omnibus and the opposition by the people and a steadfast Republican caucus in the Senate gave other Senators pause which provided the necessary numbers to prevent the bill from passing. As a result Reid was forced to pull the bill and end his arrogant defense of it which included at one point stating that earmarks are, "what they are supposed to do," as legislators.

This victory for the people and the country which would have forced not only funding of Obamacare but the left wing agenda which was rejected soundly by the people on November second upon the country for the 2011 fiscal year is a good sign of things to come as the new Congress convenes in January. Republicans of course will have control of the House where all financial measures must Constitutionally originate and the Senate will have a much stronger GOP presence which will have an even better stance in preventing Reid from forcing legislation as he tried with the Omnibus!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Although I am not a big fan of John McCain he has hit the nail right on the head in this rather lengthy video in which he scolds Democrats and then warns them of the consequences of the 1.1 trillion dollar Omnibus bill loaded with unnecessary spending, pork, new regulations and every other left wing pet project that can be conceived. This bill if passed forces the current leftist agenda on the American people for the next fiscal year regardless of how we voted or what we demanded by our vote.

McCain reminds the leftists that the people spoke in a loud and clear voice on November second that THIS type of madness would no longer be tolerated and that what Reid and his cronies are doing spits in the face of the American people and ignores our will and our voice. Although lengthy it is worth watching if for nothing else but to know that Reid and company may try to ignore us but have been reminded on the floor of the Senate in an official capacity as a part of the Senate record that they do so at their own peril and in direct opposition to the will of the America people.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


With less than two dozen days left in the lame duck session of Congress, the Democrat Senate had proposed a 1.1 TRILLION dollar budget, increasing spending by more than 16 BILLION dollars and loading it with 6, 488 earmarks for liberal wish list projects. The bill is 1924 pages long with a cost of 575.13 MILLION dollars PER PAGE.

Harry Reid and his left wing buddies in the Senate obviously like most of the Democrats in DC including Obama did not get the message clearly sent by Americans at the mid term election OR they have chosen to completely ignore, as usual, the will of the people or both. I'm placing my bets on both. These liberal morons have NEVER cared what the people thought and even though they had their tails handed to them in a massive defeat in November, they refused to listen to the massage sent that the PEOPLE are angry about spending, deficits, debt and pork.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell went before the press to voice his anger over the bill one, because of it's ridiculous price tag and two, Harry Reid has refused to allow ANYONE to see the bill much less read it. Of course this total lack of transparency with legislation has been the normal mode of operation for the Reid/Pelosi Congress so Reid in not allowing the bill to be seen is following his usual deceptive tactics.

Along with the pork earmarks the ,"budget," bill contains other wish list projects for the left such as new regulations for GITMO detainees, regulations for airport baggage and a host of other ridiculous spending and regulatory initiatives that have little or nothing to do with the federal budget. This bill is Reid's answer to presenting a stop gap measure to fund the federal government temporarily until a full budget measure can be made.

Democrats have not been the least bit concerned in presenting a full budget measure all year and now that the lame duck session and their power are both coming to an end Reid is trying to force through everything left on their leftist agenda before the new Congress convenes in January. Reid has even threatened to keep the Senate in session until the term officially expires on January 4, 2011.

The government has been WITHOUT a budget all year because Democrats refused to present one before the election since they knew this type of spending would destroy them in reelection bids. They were destroyed anyway and now after a clear message was sent by the people they choose to rush through this unnecessary and uncalled for bill AGAINST the will of the people and in a last minute effort to abuse the power they still hold.

We can survive without a budget bill until the new Congress convenes and present one with sanity and spending cuts which is what voters demanded in November. Republicans must stand firm in rejecting this nightmare last minute spending spree attempted by Democrats forcing Reid into defeat with this measure and this worst Congress in our history to end with a whimper.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Compromise, that has been the theme of the Obama administration since the election results slapped him right in his liberal face on November 2. Barack Obama has whined and cried that the American people said by their vote they want Washington to get along and work together for the good of the country and stop the partisan bickering. Of course THAT is NOT the message from the election which was a total repudiation of Obama policy, but Mr. Arrogant who can't see the hand writing on the wall believes it to be true.

So he plays what he thinks is the compromise game and comes to a, "deal," with Republicans on the extension of the Bush tax rates which on the surface looked good but is quickly being transformed into a liberal pork bill by the Pelosi House. Democrats in the House are feigning anger at Obama for his, "compromise," which I still believe is a well orchestrated ruse in order to allow Obama to look like he is willing to work and give Democrats an out to add their liberal wish list to the bill.

With this supposed compromise Obama duped many into believing that he was pulling a Bill Clinton and moving ever so slightly to the middle as Clinton did after his 1994 GOP shellacking. Even having Bubba at The White House for a closed door meeting and surrendering the Presidency at a follow up presser while Obama and Michelle did what they do best and partied hearty.

Those of us who predicted during the 2008 campaign that Obama would be the disaster that he has become never once believed that this leftist ideologue would ever move to the center in order to work with a Republican House and a nearly balanced Senate and Obama put to rest any doubts that this centrist moved supposedly shown by his tax, "compromise," was nothing more than a temporary ruse and the leftist/Marxist was still following his arrogant ideology.

The anger by the left has revealed the deception Obama has been showing since the election. In response to their anger Obama declared that he was, "itching for a fight on a whole range of issues," with Republicans when they take control in January. No Mr. Compromise, no more finding middle ground which has been his cry since the election. No more calling for putting to an end the partisan bickering, just an ideologue telling his followers that he still plans to fight for his leftist country destroying agenda REGARDLESS of the rejection by the people and the change which was wrought in Congress by the people brought on by anger over the direction he is taking the country.

Obama went on to say in his usual arrogant fashion that he thought, "the American people will be on my side on a whole bunch of these fights." WRONG, the American people REJECTED his agenda and his Presidency in a resounding voice on election day and Obama's approval ratings have continued to drop to new lows since November second consistently, so the people ARE NOT on his side on ANY of the issues. Yet the ideologue vows to fight Republicans when the new Congress convenes.

For those who thought he would move to the center, this should set aside those delusions about Obama. For those who thought he was being truthful about ending the partisanship in Washington this should expose his lie and show HE is the partisan animal. For those who thought Obama cared even remotely about the American people this should prove that his agenda and his push to transform America into a socialist state was and still continues to be his goal and ONLY objective as President.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, December 12, 2010


For the last two weeks almost every ounce of news has be dedicated to this supposed, "compromise," tax deal between Republicans and Barack Obama. On the surface it doesn't look half bad since the GOP gets all of the Bush tax rates extended for two years, a reduction in the Estates tax and a 2 percent reduction in the Social Security payroll tax for one year.

Sounds like a win for the people and the GOP and all they had to give up was an extension of unemployment benefits for another 13 months. All in all a pretty good deal which makes the GOP look good and Obama look like he caved, right....WRONG. Republicans need to do everything possible to kill this bill and kill it with a resounding crash loud enough for Americans to see WHY this nightmare is a bad deal.

The first problem is that Barack Obama likes it and so does Bill Clinton. That in itself should send chills down the spine of EVERY conservative. Obama has thrown the entire weight of The White House, (what little there is with him as President), behind it and Clinton came out of Bubba land to not only support it but hit the lights fantastic when Obama surrendered a Presidential presser to Clinton in favor of The White House Christmas party.

The first problem with this, "deal," is that the left and their more than willing counter parts in the press have continually and successfully managed to call this extension a, "tax cut." Even the more conservative Fox News refers to it as the, "Bush Tax Cuts," rather than what it actually is, an extension of already existing tax rates. This labeling has been used by Obama and the left to do two things.

First to whine and complain that the extension will create a huge unneeded tax cut for the rich demonizing those who make over 250 thousand a year and planting in the minds of the uninformed that the left is fighting for the Middle Class and had to cave in to the evil Republicans who only care for Wall Street tycoons and million and billionaires who steal from the poor and middle class that ONLY the left champion.

Second, by calling the extension a tax cut the left has raised an uninformed public's expectations that if this bill passes then come 2011 and 2012 Americans will see more money in their pockets because their taxes have been cut. To make this illusion possible Obama threw in a little sweetness to the deal in order to dupe Republicans into accepting his deal.

By throwing in the 2 percent cut in Social Security payroll taxes there will be a small but obvious tax decrease in employee checks if this passes which will just add fuel to the fire for the lie that the left is pushing that this extension is a tax cut and not a continuation of existing rates. The uninformed will see the slight increase in their pay checks as a fulfillment of the lefts promised tax cut for the poor and middle class thus even after losing the House Majority giving Obama and his cronies a campaign decree for 2012...."we cut your taxes while Republicans helped the rich."

Which brings me to the next disaster that this tax deal brings and that is the cut in the Estate Tax. Again a tax cut that on the surface sounds great but in which Obama and the left will use combined with their deception of, "Bush tax cuts," to demonize the rich to the uninformed and use as a campaign slogan in 2012.

Adding insult to injury with this deal is the fact that Democrats are fighting Obama over it which is nothing more than a ruse to allow Obama to look like he is compromising and giving Democrats the ability to add on millions of dollars of earmarks to the bill before it comes up for a vote. Their, "break," from Obama is nothing of the kind. They are only using this deception to make themselves again look like the champion of the poor and middle class trying to prevent the evil rich from getting a tax cut while all the while laughing behind every ones back along with Obama who knew his cronies would throw in the Democrat wish list through earmarks which becomes a win, win for Obama and Dems both.

Democrats get their pet projects like a tax credit for Ethanol production while demonizing the rich and Republicans with Obama getting credit for compromising which he claimed in 2008 he would do in order to bring peace to Washington DC and he goes into the New Year and a new Congress looking like he is willing to work with Republicans. Which of course he most certainly is not because being the ideologue that he is will prevent him from changing his stripes. But since he has compromised this one time he can say until 2012 that he could not work with Republicans like he did on the tax bill because THEY refused to deal.

The left has also created the illusion that extending the Bush rates will add to the deficit which is something that even informed Americans are concerned about. If one would just take a moment and think, extending already existing tax rates CANNOT add to the deficit because there is no reduction in tax revenue IF future budget projections are based on the current tax rates.

Now here is where the Democrats have once again deceived the American people. The ONLY way extending the rates will add to the deficit is if the tax increase that would take place if the rates were allowed to expire was factored into budget projections and spent, THEN if the rates are extended it would raise the deficit since the additional revenue from an increased tax rate was already spent.

Democrats and especially Obama never dreamed as they were making budget projections that they would lose Congressional majorities as they have. If they kept control of the House as they had expected they would just allow the Bush rates to expire without fanfare, raising taxes and providing Democrats with more money to throw away on socialist projects. But the American people fooled them and voted Democrats out.

The extension never became an issue until AFTER it seemed as if Democrats could lose the House well before the election and the GOP used it as a campaign issue. Then and only then did Obama and Democrats suggest extending rates for those who earned below 250 thousand, which kept them popular with their leftist base and provided them an out with the extension if they kept the majority and let them expire. All they had to do was explain it away by saying allowing the rates to expire forced the rich to pay their fair share and presto, Democrats had their additional money for their socialist projects.

But they lost the House and now must cover their butts by claiming the rates are in actuality tax cuts for the rich and use a deceptive deal to get as many pet tax projects passed before Republicans take over in January. So what must the GOP do to get out of the corner Obama and Democrats have placed them in ?

First back away from the deal using the earmarks as a legitimate deal busting reason and state loudly and publicly that they will ONLY accept an up or down vote for JUST the extension of ALL rates and nothing else in the deal package. Democrats will of course balk at this and the bill will die a quick death as the lame duck session runs out of time to deal with it in 2010.

Then once the GOP takes control extend the rates permanently retroactive to January first forcing Obama to either accept a permanent tax rate or VETO allowing the largest tax hike in history which will be his sole responsibility. A two year extension does nothing more but make this a campaign issue in 2012 where Obama can claim he compromised and the , "tax cuts," didn't stimulate the economy, which they can't because they change nothing, and claim Republicans sacrificed the middle class for the sake of the rich.

Next the GOP can create legislation reduces rates even lower combining this with real and drastic spending cuts which will reduce the size of government while stimulating the economy as even lower rates will increase consumer spending and confidence while reducing the deficit which too will stimulate the economy. Of course this is only a beginning but it will shut the left up as the economy improves due to REAL tax and spending cuts and Obama and his cronies will not have a created issue in which to demonize the rich and the GOP in 2012.

Ken Taylor

Friday, December 10, 2010


This years Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in Oslo to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo. The Chinese government, to no ones surprise, prevented Liu from attending the ceremony so his chair was left vacant and the prize was given to him without his being present. As I am sure everyone remembers last years very undeserving recipient was Barack Obama who had no accomplishments to warrant the prize....and still doesn't.

So naturally with this years prize winner prevented from attending by his government, Obama released a statement concerning the absence of the recipient. The statement though was more about Obama that about Liu, it is as follow:

"One year ago, I was humbled to receive the Nobel Peace Prize -- an award that speaks to our highest aspirations, and that has been claimed by giants, ( except last years pee wee), of history and courageous advocates who have sacrificed for freedom and justice." So once again it is all about HIM but then he does actually admit somewhat begrudgingly that Liu is deserving:

"Mr. Liu Xiaobo is far more deserving of this award than I was." Of course Obama was completely UNDESERVING but still thinks he was. Then adding insult to arrogant injury Obama PRAISES the Chinese government that prevented Liu from attending AND in whose dissent of that government was the very REASON he was awarded the Peace Prize.

"We respect China's extraordinary accomplishment in lifting millions out of poverty, and believe that human rights include the dignity that comes with freedom from want." Obama must have realized that this government he just praised DID in fact arrest Liu and prevent him from attending and THAT his stand against the government Obama praises was why he received the Peace Prize, so he back tracks as he does so often with this:

"Mr. Liu reminds us that human dignity also depends upon the advance of democracy, open society, and the rule of law. The values he espouses are universal, his struggle is peaceful, and he should be released as soon as possible." Now after he has talked out of BOTH sides of his hypocritical mouth Obama ends his statement by falling back to his favorite subject, himself.

"I regret that Mr. Liu and his wife were denied the opportunity to attend the ceremony that Michelle and I attended last year."

If anyone ever doubted Obama's love affair with himself and his arrogance that everything is about him, this statement which should have been ONLY about Liu and a condemnation of the Chinese government proves not only Obama's complete arrogance but his lack of principles and willingness to appease any and all foreign governments regardless of their record or their dangers.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, December 09, 2010


Everything is in place to legally handle the situation concerning the WikiLeaks controversy and the massive problems it has caused for The United States. The Army Private who stole all of the secrets that have be revealed and yet to be revealed by WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning is in a military brig in Virginia and has been since Spring.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in in custody in Great Britain on an unrelated rape charge fighting extradition to Sweden on the charge. Great Britain and The United States have a very cooperative extradition arrangement and the Brits would be more than willing to deliver Assange to the US for trial. So with all of this in place what is the holdup?

The problem is the lack of interest by the Obama Administration to even acknowledge this as a problem and threat to National Security much less indict Assange or try Manning for espionage and treason. We have laws in place to handle both and all Eric Holder and the Justice Department are doing is, "investigation," the situation.

Manning has clearly met the Constitutional definition of treason. The Constitution defines treason as follows, "adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court." Manning in stealing thousands of files while stationed in Iraq and turning them over to WikiLeaks clearly has aided and comforted our enemies AND he has confessed openly of not only doing it but HOW he did it.

Assange in revealing the information on the Web has in like manner clearly violated the Espionage Act and should immediately be indicted and extradition sought so that he can face trial here in The United States for his actions in purposefully seeking to and succeeding in attacking our National Security interests and ability to deal with other Nations both militarily and diplomatically.

Yet the Obama administration, even with plenty of advanced warning about the leaks has responded with a very nonchalant attitude and expressing almost no concern over the revelation of US secrets and military actions that have no business being aired in a public forum especially since it involves our Nations security.

The fact that Holder has shown little interest in pursuing the legal recourse available for Assange with him so accessible through extradition from the Brits is a complete dereliction of his duties as the Nations top prosecutor. Even had there not been an indictment before Assange was in British custody, Holder should have immediately moved to seek one followed with extradition to The United States.

The lack of action by the Obama administration is showing a weakness to our allies and our enemies which signals to all that we are not willing to defend our Nations secrets or act quickly to defend our country and our country's interest. The lack of action by Obama, Holder and the administration verges on almost an act of treason since no action is a aid and comfort to our enemies as they see the total weakness of this President and those he has placed in positions of authority in our government.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


In a sometimes angry and confrontational press conference concerning the deal which will extend the Bush tax rates, Barack Obama had the audacity to accuse Congressional Republicans of taking the American people hostage and only HE freed the people by agreeing to extending all of the tax rates. What an arrogant idiot.

The American people have been held hostage by Obama and his Democrat accomplices in Congress since the day after he took office in 2009. Through legislation and Executive orders that have nearly bankrupted our country, sought to destroy our health care system, creating trillion dollar deficits, spending more in two years than every President from Washington to Reagan, and appeasing every enemy we have, Obama IS the hostage taker and the tax extension is the first sign of ANY relief Americans have had since January 2009.

This extension has been hanging over the head of the American people for several years and if Obama had been truly concerned about the people as he is trying to claim, he would have forced this issue after taking office rather than waiting for the last minute and then fighting tooth and nail every effort to extend the tax rates. He and Democrats never had any intention of extending ANY of the rates but rather allowing them to expire.

It was ONLY after Republicans made this an issue and especially a campaign issue in the 2010 election that Obama and his minions even began considering the tax rates and even then postponed any debate until the very last minute and his accomplices in Congress are still balking at the deal. So this is not a new Barack Obama or a caring Barack Obama or a Presidential Barack Obama but the same ideologue who is being dragged kicking and whining by a steadfast GOP to doing what is right for the American people or face the consequences of being solely responsible for the largest tax increase in our history.

Obama never has and never will care for the people because we peons are beneath him and should be kneeling at his feet thanking him for all he has done for us....or so he thinks. What he does not now nor will never accept is that we the people have completely rejected him, his agenda and his Presidency. For the first time since he took office we have experienced a breath of freedom because Republicans stood strong and forced his hand and released the people from the socialist hostage crisis of increased taxation forced by Obama and his accomplices.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


A very contrite and obviously angry Barack Obama took to the podium to announce that a, "deal," had been reached concerning the extension of the Bush tax rates which have been in place since 2001 but due to expire at the end of this month. In the deal ALL of the current tax rates will be extended for an additional two years along with a 2% decrease in the Social Security payroll tax for the 2011 calendar year. In ,"trade," for the tax extension and cut in payroll taxes the GOP agreed to extend unemployment benefits for an additional 13 months.

The Obamatrons immediately began spinning that this was a win for Obama because of the extension of unemployment benefits. Yet throughout his announcement Obama not only apologized for the extension of the Bush rates by saying he was against ,"cutting taxes," for the , "rich," but he attempted to take credit for the extension for those making under 250K AND the payroll tax decrease.

Obama and Democrats NEVER wanted the tax rates extended in the first place otherwise this would have been addressed several years ago. When pressure started mounting they conceded to an extension for ONLY those who made less than 250K claiming that any extension for those making more was a tax cut for the rich. This has NEVER been about a tax cut but an extension of tax rates which have been in place for nearly ten years.

Had Obama NOT agreed to this he would have been held solely responsible for the largest tax increase in history. Republicans and a few Democrats took a unyielding stance against raising ANY taxes and Obama had no choice but to go along. His leftist base have already expressed their anger at the agreement and some are stating that because of this Obama will be challenged for the Democrat nomination in 2012.

The massive defeat Obama and the Dems suffered in the mid term election is already having an impact as Republicans made a principled stand against any tax increase despite Obama and the Dems fighting it tooth and nail. Ultimately even before taking control of the House in January and a much stronger position in the Senate the GOP stand forced Obama to defeat and the Bush tax rates will remain along with addition a payroll tax decrease. Obama refuses to understand that this deal is what the people wanted and that we are his boss and not the other way around. This is a victory for America, conservatism but most of all for the people of The United States.

Ken Taylor


Today marks the 69th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor which thrust The United States into World War II. Without warning the Imperial Japanese Navy under the command of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto attacked the Hawaiian Island of Oahu specifically the US Naval base of Pearl Harbor and the neighboring air fields in a devastating attack which began at approximately 8 AM local time.

On the day of remembrance we must first never forget the many who gave the last full measure on that terrible day and those who survived to fight and bring freedom to and entire world. Although it has been 69 years we must never forget the lessons learned from Pearl Harbor, the sacrifice made by so many and the willingness of those left behind to stay the course until complete victory was achieved. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

Ken Taylor

Sunday, December 05, 2010


At one time in our Nations history it was thought to be a good thing that the political system consisted of two parties. Over time the multiple parties of our infancy morphed into the two party system we are all familiar with and the political discourse was healthy and created a climate which allowed for the differing views to actually contribute in such a way that the country flourished and although the two sides never quite saw eye to eye they both believed in America and the traditions and principles passed down to us by our Founders.

In this modern age of politics, while we still have a two party system, an ideology has taken over one party which no longer provides a healthy discourse but a clear and present danger to the people of The United States and the Nations very existence. While the Republican party has its problems, the Democrat party as a whole has been so entrenched by the far left and the political ideology which destroys freedom that they have become a danger to our nation more threatening than any enemy we have ever faced.

The left which has taken over the Democrat party no longer believes in our Constitution. In fact if they could eliminate all aspects of the Constitution and the principled laws which sustain our Nation they would do it. This has been their underlying goal in nearly all of the legislative initiatives created by Democrats for several decades but especially in the last ten years as the leftist progressives have taken over complete ownership of the Democrat party.

Republicans are not immune to this influence as is proven by those who have become known as RINOS. Thought not as left leaning and destructive as the progressive leftists of the Democrat party they seek to not eliminate the Constitution but diminish its authority enough so that most of the founding principles become irrelevant to the governing of our Nation and the end of a completely free Republic.

The destructiveness of these leftist progressives and their ideology has been revealed as never before since the beginning of the Presidency of Barack Obama partnered with the Pelosi/Reid Congress which has forced more unconstitutional legislation than any Congress and Administration in our Nations history. This leftist progressive control of the Executive and Legislative Branches of our government has come dangerously close to pushing our country over the precipice of Marxist socialism and ending a free Republic of by and for the people.

They have shown a complete disregard and an actual disgust for Constitutional principles and even as the people rose up against their destructive agenda they continued to force the Nation down the path to a socialist state, ignoring the people and arrogantly acting as if they and only they were intelligent enough to decide who and what our country should become.

Even after the people spoke in a loud and clear unmistakable voice through the one free process that has kept our Nation in check for its entire existence, the power of the people at the voting booth, the leftist progressive Democrats STILL ignored the clear message of the people and when the lame duck Congress convened, these ideologues bragged about how much they still had to complete of the agenda rejected by the people before the new conservative Congress takes over in January.

The danger that the leftist progressives pose to our Nation and is continuation as a free society is why conservatism must flourish and the left as it exists now must fall and become completely irrelevant in the political direction our country takes. For the two party system that we know in this country this means eliminating the ability of the Democrat party to ever control the legislative or Executive agenda again.

There may be some that read this who think I am advocating the elimination of political discussion and disagreement in our country. Far from it, in fact political discussion is healthy for our Nation and opposing views allow creativity which prevents a stagnation that makes for a Nation without a soul and a vision. Eliminating political discussion and differences also is unconstitutional as every voice has the freedom to be heard in this country because of the God given and Constitutionally enforced right of free speech.

Where this discussion becomes dangerous is when those who seek to eliminate the very Constitution that insures their right of free speech, using that right in elective office to govern in a manner that seeks to destroy the Constitution they are sworn to protect. That is the direction we have seen over the last nearly two years in the Administration of Barack Obama coupled with the Pelosi/Reid Congress.

We have been told that our Nation is a center right country. Personally I believe it is farther to the right than most think. Conservative values, which are Constitutional are predominant in our families and our culture regardless of where we live and what race or creed we are. Americans as a whole believe in freedom and will fight to the death to insure that freedom continues for their children and every future generations that follows.

It is for the survival of our Nation, her people, our Constitution and our freedom that conservatism must flourish. Notice I say conservatism and NOT Republicanism, there is a difference. In our current party system though only one party has even a remote chance of embracing the conservative Constitutional values that enables our Nation to flourish and the people to prosper, that is the Republican party.

The leftist progressives has so entrenched and taken control of the Democrat party that they are beyond hope of ever becoming anything but a destructive force in continuing with the founding and Constitutional principles that sustain our Nation. While some in the GOP fall into the same category as leftist progressives, most still stand true to conservative Constitutional principles, especially in the rank and file. Their is a elitism in the party leadership and many of the old guard GOP that 2012 and the months leading up to that election must weed out.

A third party would do nothing but allow the leftist progressive back into complete power as it would split the GOP. We have shown in the 2010 election that we as a people still have the authority to beat back the leftist progressives, known mostly as Democrats by rising en' masse at the voting booth. And in the same move change the ideological dynamics of the Republican party from the RINO progressives who controlled the party nominating McCain in 2008 to the much more conservative make up which came from the recent election.

We cannot allow the deception of the leftist progressives who will now fight with every ounce of their being to regain power, to fool this country again by acting and talking like conservatives to gain the sympathy of the people as they have in the past. The awakened electorate must remain savvy to the lies of the Democrats and ALSO keep a tight fisted check on Republicans to insure they do not drift off the conservative Constitutional path again while by our activism continue to weed out the RINOS and make a complete conservative take over of the GOP as Reagan did.

The leftist progressive will always be around and will always be a part of the electoral process and hold elected office. There are still and always be millions of Americans who prefer to be controlled and depend on government enough to keep this destructive ideology alive in this country. But we cannot allow it to thrive again nor take power back in Washington because the next time we will not just come close to the precipice of socialism as we have in the last two years but will crash over the cliff ending our freedom and enslaving all Americans to a government run by leftist progressives who will make our Constitution and our Republic a chapter in a future history book teaching of a Republic and a free people that once was known a America.

Ken Taylor

Friday, December 03, 2010


I borrowed this picture from the lead story of the Drudge Report because I could not help but see the irony of Obama's basketball induced fat lip and the fact that this leftist ideologue who believes that the destructive agenda he has been forcing down our throats is actually good for America and helping Americans.

During a season that traditionally sees even hard employment times improve because of Christmas seasonal hiring, the disastrous economy that has progressively become worse because of failed and in many cases dangerous economical policy put in place by Obama, unemployment actually rose to 9.8% as Obama keeps telling everyone that his policy saved the country from a financial collapse and the economy is improving.

Even the economic growth figures that he touted as a showing of an improved economy have been revised downward as the true figures have come in and the stagnant economy is NOT showing any real signs of recovering. And of course one of the most important key indicators in a recovering economy is unemployment which has continual worsened as a result of Obama policy.
Yet to listen to this deceiving leftist in speeches and interviews the economy is getting better and he personally has created hundreds of thousands of jobs and the Nation is finally on track following his yellow brick road to recovery soon to enter the Emerald City and meet the great and powerful OZ. That was a fairy tale and so is Obama's road to recovery. No jobs, a worsening economy and no prospect of any improvement but at least Obama has his fantasies of greatness. Boy do we miss Herbert Hoover!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, December 02, 2010


Senate Republicans have taken a strong stance in the lame duck session of Congress, sending a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid signed unanimously by all 42 GOP Senators, stating that Republicans will filibuster ANY legislation that comes before the Senate except a continuing resolution to fund the federal government and legislation that addresses extending the Bush tax cuts which will expire on December 31.

Reid announced an ambitious agenda for the lame duck which included ratifying the START treaty, without allowing anyone to know what it contains, passing the Dream Act which provides amnesty to illegal alien children if they either attend a US college or serve in the military, repealing , "Don't Ask Don't Tell," and a host of other legislation still pending from the Obama agenda. The looming tax hikes was not a priority for Reid just as they have not been for more than two years.

Newly sworn in Senator Mark Kirk who won election filling Barack Obamas former Senate seat has come out firing saying that the people sent a mandate to Congress and the lame duck should NOT pursue ANY of the Obama agenda since voters decisively rejected it at the polls in the mid term election. In this I completely agree, but Reid and company like Pelosi and company in the House don't see it that way.

They have ignored the people since taking the majority in 2006 and believe in their arrogant liberal way that this is their last chance to force through what remains of the left wing wish list so acknowledging that mandate from the people against it during the lame duck is not in what they perceive as their best interest.

In response to this Senate Republicans fired the letter to Reid and with 42 in complete agreement for once, Reid has no choice but to comply because he cannot pass anything without the help of Republicans. Frankly the GOP should also follow the advice of Kirk and NOT participate in ANY of the Reid/Obama agenda after the tax hikes are dealt with since the peoples electoral mandate was to stop their left wing move and the direction it was taking the country.

With only roughly three weeks left in the lame duck, not much can be accomplished in any case. I would like to see the GOP backbone stay strong and take a principled stand against Reid both in the lame duck and in the new Senate session which begins in January. The House situation is a different story when the new Congress convenes since the GOP will have a large majority, but the Senate will have battles ahead since Democrats still hold leadership. But with 51 - 47 and 2 Independents as the new Senate begins Reid will not be able to ramrod anything through as he did in the current session. The principled GOP backbone now showing is key in controlling the agenda until 2012 when we the people can once again remove more Democrats and the remaining RINOS from the Senate.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


As the above video shows there are many Republicans who fully understand the message that was clearly sent on election day. We are tired of business as usual in Washington, we are tired of the socialist slide that has taken our country down a path never intended by our Founders and we are tired of being ignored by those we hire to represent us.

Congressman Steve Buyer from Indiana's fourth Congressional District is one of those that understands the message that was sent by voters on November second. While I am willing to give House GOP leaders the benefit of the doubt for the moment I am questioning whether they fully understand just why this election took place and delivered the results it did.

In a meeting with Barack Obama to, "discuss," the direction Congress should take during the lame duck and to some extent the next Congress also, the attitude of the GOP members after leaving the meeting was very troubling especially after listening to the tough talk in the immediate after math of the election.

Soon to be Speaker of the House John Boehner seemed to be almost backing down from his tough stance after the election in which he said the peoples agenda would be the agenda of Congress as he stepped before the cameras talking of a conciliatory tone with Obama and finding middle ground. We did not send the GOP to Washington as a majority to seek middle ground with Obama but to stop him and end his spending, deficits, debt creation and explosion of government.

Virginia's Eric Cantor who has been making the talk show rounds as part of the so called, "Young Guns," came out of the meeting with the same conciliatory tone which just added further exasperation to his announcement on Monday that in seeking to repeal Obamacare many of the mandate provisions that have angered voters will be included in the GOP version that is slated to be sent as the replacement alternative to the unconstitutional bill passed by Congress earlier this year.

Along with this conciliatory tone the Senate voted on the much touted Earmark bill which would eliminate to a great extent earmarks that throw billions of unnecessary dollars into necessary bills such as military appropriations and take massive amounts of needless pork back to states that are not only not needed but a wasteful spending of tax payer dollars.

The bill fell to defeat by a 56-39 vote margin in the Senate with eight GOP Senators voting AGAINST the bill. They are, Senators Thad Cochran (Miss.), Susan Collins (Maine), James Inhofe (Okla.), Dick Lugar (Ind.), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Richard Shelby (Ala.) Retiring Senator George Voinovich (Ohio) and defeated Senator Bob Bennett (Utah) also voted against it.

We did not speak through our vote in a loud an clear voice on election day that we wanted everyone to get along in Washington. We expect no, we demand that those we elect restore Constitutional principles to our government . Shrinking the size and scope of government, stop all deficit spending, pay off the debt and stop the socialist slide that has been taking our country down the tubes especially since Obama took office.

We don't want the new Congress to get along with Obama or to compromise with him in order to, "get things done," but we demand that the new Congress stop him and stop him cold. If any compromise takes place then it is Obama who caves completely to the will of the people and in complete contrast to his agenda and his policy. Otherwise we expect the new Congress to fight him every step of the way...period.

The tough talk after the election gave the impression that the GOP leadership understood this and it would be the direction the new Congress took when it convenes in January. After the earmark vote and the conciliatory meeting with Obama many including this writer are beginning to have their doubts. If they waver from the mandate that was clearly sent on election day, then those who will take the reigns of power in January will face their worst nightmare. An American electorate who is still angry and who still has authority in this country.

We will fight the new Congress just as hard as we did the last until those we hire fully understand that, we the people are the boss and they are our servants. We don't want them to get along we expect them to listen to the will of the people and follow the principles of the Constitution to the letter. Anything else in unacceptable and will garner the wrath of the people!

Ken Taylor

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