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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


As Obama was preparing to take office facing the cameras everyday behind the egotistical sign that he had made which read, "Office of the President Elect," he talked nearly everyday about how his administration would be the most transparent in American history.

Soon after he took office he actually wrote an Executive Order calling for transparency in his administration. Then situations started to arise that were hidden from the public and the mantra that began from Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was that the transparency would begin right after this or that situation. Then Obama transparency was put on hold until a certain date, a date that has yet to begin because its delay has continued.

In fact the only real transparency that has come out of the Obama administration took place with the releasing of CIA memos which told of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques and then only the smallest amount of information was released with the memos. Just enough to cause a firestorm against the former Bush Administration which was the real intent behind the, "transparent," release of the memos in the first place.

Yet Obama still tries to claim that his administration is transparent and that he is telling the American people everything. A lie that is being perpetrated by Obama, his spokes persons and the MSM media because transparency does not exist with the Obama administration except when it is politically expedient as was the case with the memos.

Obama's transparency also ends when that transparency is in conflict with his agenda, just ask the Environmental Protection Agency, which is a part of Obama's own Executive Branch of the government. A report that was commissioned by the administration to provide statistics to back up Obama's push to pass the ridiculous Cap and Trade bill which in reality is nothing more than a huge energy tax which will affect every American, was pushed under the rug because the report showed that Global Warming is non-existent.

The report prepared by an EPA analyst stated that the information used by the EPA in determining the release of carbon dioxide and its relation to climate change are out of date. With updated information the report states that carbon dioxide IS NOT causing climate change, in fact as carbon dioxide levels have increased global temperatures have actually DECREASED.

This EPA report is in direct opposition to the entire premise behind Obama's massive Cap and Trade bill which was passed last Friday by the House. The bill calls for the the government to set a cap on carbon emissions which will be reduced regularly and require energy related companies who release carbon dioxide into the air to purchase permits based on this, "cap." Energy companies that are under the cap can sell excess permits to those who are over the cap.

Supposedly this bill would force energy entities to reduce carbon out put by either cutting back on production in order to meet the lesser cost of purchasing permits or rebuilding plants to meet the new cap requirements. Also according to the flawed and dangerously expensive bill, the higher cost of energy whether electricity, natural gas or automobile gas which would be the result of the punishing cost of the cap permits would force consumers to use less energy thus causing less production and fewer carbon emissions. A lie which has been proven by failed Cap and Trade laws which have helped to destroy European economies and failed to produce the claimed reduction results.

Now the EPA report provides evidence that CAP and Trade is not only flawed but the science that it is based on is also flawed meaning that the bill which taxes every American is not only NOT necessary to , "combat," non-existent global temperature rising but that Obama is willing to sacrifice both energy companies and the finances of Americans in order to promote his liberal agenda. And willing to hide the truth in order to pass this flawed and ridiculous legislation because the report was order buried by his administration.

Thankfully Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe a conservative who is well known for battling this type of abuse is not taking this lightly. He is demanding an investigation to get to the bottom of the order to bury the EPA report and expose the truth revealed in the report to the public BEFORE the Senate has the opportunity to pass the Cap and Trade legislation that the House voted 219 - 212 in favor sending it to the Senate last Friday.

A bill that Obama called the most significant step toward combating climate change in history. But in reality because of his ordering the hiding of key information found in the EPA report a bill that is not only NOT necessary as Obama stated but whose premise is based on a lie and a science that Obama's own EPA now shows to be a lie also. Climate Change as the report states, EVEN WITH CURRENT CARBON EMISSIONS, is non - existent as global temperatures are actually declining.

Once this information becomes more public and the lie behind the Global Warming scare is truly revealed as Cap and Trade hopefully fails in the Senate, I wonder how long it will take Obama and his enviro whaco buddies to claim that the cooling of Earth temperatures is yet further evidence of man made climate change. Climate change is big business and provides a very lucrative living to those who promote the lie. Just ask Al Gore !

Ken Taylor

Monday, June 29, 2009

Contact Information for House Republicans Voting for "Cap and Trade" - BY RADENA

Or,as Glenn Beck calls H.R. 2454, the "Oppressive Taxation & Energy Insecurity Act of 2009". The entire list of both Democrats and Republicans and how they voted is at the link.

EIGHT REPUBLICANS WHO VOTED FOR THIS POS ACT OF 2009 and betrayed the American people. If they hadn't betrayed the GOP, H.R. 2454 would have been defeated in the House! Contact them and sound off!

CA-45 Bono Mack, Mary [R]
104 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone, (202) 225-5330
Fax, (202) 225-2961

DE-0 Castle, Michael
201 N. Walnut Street, Suite 107
Wilmington, DE 19801-3970
Phone, 302.428.1902
Fax, 302.428.1950

IL-10 Kirk, Mark [R]
1030 Longworth HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone, 202-225-4835
Fax, 202-225-0837

NJ-7 Lance, Leonard [R]
114 Cannon HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone, (202) 225-5361
Fax, (202) 225-9460

NJ-2 LoBiondo, Frank [R]
2427 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone,(202) 225-6572
Fax,(202) 225-3318

NY-23 McHugh, John [R]
2366 Rayburn House Office Bldg
Washington, DC 20515-3223
Phone,(202) 225-4611
Fax,(202) 226-0621

WA-8 Reichert, Dave [R]
US House of Representatives
1730 Longworth Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone,(202) 225-7761
Fax,(202) 225-4282 Fax

NJ-4 Smith, Christopher [R]
2373 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone, 202-225-3765
Fax, 202-225-7768

California, Deleware, Illinois, New Jersey,New York and Washington. Who's surprised?
The Democrats still have to get this through the Senate. Pray, people. PRAY!

RaDena - Blasting Caps And Dynamite

Sunday, June 28, 2009


On Friday three people in The United States were actually grateful for the tragic death of Michael Jackson. One was Mark Sanford because the all Jackson all the time news coverage took the affair scandaled South Carolina Governor from headline to side note. The other two were Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

Friday saw the House of Representatives barely pass the Henry Waxman ,"Cap and Trade," bill which for a time was in danger of being pulled from the House floor because Democrats could not find enough votes to pass this huge debacle which will cost every consumer who uses energy whether at home on in their cars.

Jackson's death consumed the news cycles so much that the embarrassment of the Democrats in having to strong arm many of their own into voting for this disaster was not covered as it would have been had Jackson not died. Also the very fact that this bill was being debated and passed fell under the usual scrutiny of news coverage as the Democrats pushed this through without allowing the 1200 plus page bill to be read. A practice that seems to run rampant with Obama legislation.

House Minority Leader John Boehner, (R Ohio), in a move to at least try to get this piece of crap legislation read by members and before the public, actually used his privilege as a House leader to hold the floor for an indefinite period of time and read from the 1200 plus page nightmare for one full hour. But again because the news outlets were so invested in the Michael Jackson coverage even this fell under the usual news radar and became another side note.

The "Crap" and Trade legislation passed the House by a vote of 219 - 212. 40 Democrats voted against it and many who voted for it did so only after Speaker Pelosi used her usual strong arm tactics against Democrats to force passage. 12 Republicans jumped ship and also voted for the bill. Thankfully the Senate does not seem to be as ,"enthusiastic," about Cap and Trade as the House is and many are predicting that this ridiculous bill will stall and ultimately fail in the Senate. We can only hope and contact our Senators now to vote against it.

What Cap and Trade boils down to is this. The government under liberal control who claim that Global Warming which they now call Climate Change is a proven fact, (in their own minds only), will set a "cap" on the carbon emissions emitted. Those emitting carbon emission will be required to purchase permits equal to the number of allowances allowed under the cap. Those who fall under the cap will then be allowed to sell excess permits to those who are over the cap. Another form of redistribution, one of Obama's favorite activities.

This is supposed to encourage business to cut back on emissions and consumers to cut back on energy usage since energy prices will go up as a result. Of course we all know that just as consumer usage did not slow as gas prices went up consumer usage of energy will not slow because business will be required to pay for permits under the cap who will in turn pass the energy cost increases on to we the people causing our electric bills and gas prices to rise accordingly.

This whole idea being pushed by Democrats follows the usual liberal thought that raising taxes on business does not hurt consumers but punishes corporations and rich business owners who unfairly make more then, "average," Americans. Conservatives understands that businesses do not actually pay taxes.

Sure they receive the tax bill and it is their corporate or business check that is sent to the IRS for the tax payment put ultimately it is the consumer who pays for business tax which are embedded in the cost of goods. Any increase in that tax is passed on to consumers through higher prices on the goods that a given business produces or sells. Energy is not an exception to this standard business practice. As businesses are forced to pay more to meet the ,"cap," by purchasing permits or are forced to rebuild facilities in order to decrease the purchase of permits, the cost will be passed onto consumers.

Those that choose to not continually participate in the purchase of permits or rebuild facilities to meet new cap requirements will instead move their operations to countries whose requirements and costs are not as high as those which would be forced on business in America due to cap and trade. This will have the effect of increasing unemployment as jobs are lost and the additional cost of getting products to The United States for consumers will still be passed on in the form of higher prices.

So no matter how you look at it, if cap and trade is passed as Obama and the Democrats are hoping, we the people will be paying through the nose for energy cost increases which will effect our pocket books more than any of the other massive spending programs already passed by Obama and liberals. Then these same idelogs who claim to care for the common person are trying to force the cost of government controlled health care down our throats as well. But that is another story for another post.

Liberals are claiming that the Congressional Budget Office, (CBO), has proven that cap and trade is not as damaging to tax payers as has been stated by the opposition. The CBO states in their study that it will cost every American only $ 175.00 more in higher energy cost during the course of one year. But in looking at the CBO's study and by their admission the the figure is based on only a ONE YEAR, the first year, snapshot of taxes based also on ONLY the first level of the cap. The cap under the Waxman program will be dropped on a continual basis which forces the costs higher with each drop in the cap.

So the CBO's study does not take in the full picture but only the first level of caps only. Using another example as to the flaw in the CBO study, it would be like looking at gas prices based on a one year price of $ 1.75 per gallon while five years, (or as we have seen five months), later the actual gas price is $3.25 per gallon. A big difference to business and the consumer for covering the increased expense.

Another aspect of this ,"climate change," legislation which is flawed is the fact that it virtually does nothing to, "protect," the environment. In Europe cap and trade did not cause a reduction of emissions but only a rise on the cost of energy as usage did not decrease and companies continued to operate as they did before cap and trade took effect.

In Los Angeles a cap and trade program designed to reduce ground level ozone instead just issued permits for more emissions than were being emitted. In five years the LA program finally reached a cap below emissions levels but permit costs skyrocketed threatening rolling blackouts by utility companies. These are just two examples of cap and trade that failed.

Now liberals at the behest of Barack Obama are attempting to legislate this type of problem on a federal level from a government who constantly fails at every turn in handing programs that effect and cost tax payers.

Cap and Trade is nothing more than another liberal program designed to control business and tax consumers through increased energy costs and dictate to all Americans how we live. This Nation under liberal control is quickly becoming a country where government control is the norm and freedom is a dream of the past. But this is Obama's and the liberal ideal of Utopia. Where everyone marches to the beat of their drum and Americans become mind numb followers who open their wallets when asked and say here take what you want because only you know what is best for me.

Ken Taylor

Friday, June 26, 2009


And I plan on turning myself into the most beautiful woman on earth. I doubt I can do it, but I can certainly plan it, can't I? If Obama can make impossible plans like spending money that doesn't even exist, then I can make impossible plans too, and my plan has every bit as much of a chance of working as his does.

Americans Increasingly Skeptical of Obama's Pledge of Fiscal Discipline as Deficit Grows

Great green gobs of greasy, grimy dollar bills! Some people are finally getting a clue!

From the article found at the above link (Interjection is mine):

Among his many promises upon taking office, President Obama's goal of cutting the federal deficit in half by the end of his first term is perhaps his loftiest.

Yet with each spending proposal Obama rolls out, the deficit grows astronomically and the American people are growing more concerned. (Concerned? They ought to be outraged, but I guess "concerned" is better than nothing.)

The president's health care reform plan alone, without an agreement on how to pay for it, would pile on more than $1 trillion over the next decade to the already enormous 2009 deficit which is estimated at $1.8 trillion. But Obama is adamant that his plan must be "deficit neutral."

"Like energy, this is legislation that must and will be paid for. It will not add to our deficits over the next decade. We will find the money through savings and efficiencies within the health care system," he said on Tuesday.
(More at the link)

"We will find the money through savings and efficiencies within the health care system."

BWAAAHAAAHAAAHAAA! Excuse me, but he may as well tell us we can pull it out of our ears. His plans for cutting the deficit through the health care system will result in cutting off our noses to spite our faces. The following short video was posted on You Tube on September 16, 2007. Now I ask you, is Obama making it worse or better? Dumb question, isn't it?

Yep, hyperinflation is coming, alright - brought to you by your charming POTUS who promised us all HOPE and CHANGE. Well, Obama didn't lie. After all, we "hope" this country will survive when all we are left with is pocket "change".

Radena - Blasting Caps and Dynamite

Thursday, June 25, 2009


South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford surprised the Nation and especially the State of South Carolina during a press conference called to explain his disappearance since last Thursday.

Staffers had previously announced that Sanford had been hiking on the Appalachian Trail taking a little R & R after the recent battle with the legislature over taking federal stimulus money in which Sanford had refused to request causing the legislature to take the Governor to court which forced him to request the money.

But the press conference which was expected to explain his R & R hiking trip revealed an unexpected turn as Sanford announced he had been to Argentina to end a year long affair he had been having with a woman he had met eight years ago and befriended during troubling times in her marriage.

As a citizen of South Carolina and one who supported Governor Sanford I am greatly disappointed in him and in his affair. Sanford has been a good Governor for the state and has had strong support from both Republicans and Democrats as he has followed a fiscally conservative agenda. Sanford is in the final two years of his second and last term as Governor.

He had been considered by many as a top choice for the GOP nomination in 2012 for a run at the Presidency and his recent high visibility on the national political stage would tend to lean toward Sanford making moves to that end. He was the Chairman of the Republican Governors Association, a position that he resigned from in light of the revelation of the affair.

My personal disappointment follows two distinct avenues. Sanford has always portrayed himself as a conservative Christian and family man who has four children from his 20 year marriage. The affair greatly diminishes his family values stance which has been a hallmark of his political career. Also he was one of the rising stars in the GOP who I would have proudly supported had he announced a 2012 run for the Presidency.

His political career is finished because of the affair. While I do not expect him to be forced to resign as Governor, when his term is completed his political career will end. Additionally Sanford has opened the flood gates for the liberal media and Democrats to fire at conservatives and the GOP since Sanford was such a strong voice for both.

Had Sanford been a Democrat the affair would have been news for about a week and then dropped off the radar and forgotten. His political career would have continued with only a momentary blemish that would have been quickly forgotten. But the media double standard will vilify Sanford much more because he is GOP and a conservative.

I do not in the least defend his actions nor believe that his political career should continue in light of the affair. He is getting what he deserves and has sown. But liberals are allowed much more leeway with transgressions than conservatives and that is a fact.

My sincere hope and prayer is that Mark Sanford and his family can recover from this tragic fall of the Governor. While he finds forgiveness for his action I pray that he may also find restoration for the damage that he has caused for both himself and his family. Politically he has become a very damaged lame duck who has lost the trust and support of the people of South Carolina.

As a person I do forgive his transgression but as my Governor I cannot abide by the lie that he has lived and the trust he has broken with the people of this state. I do not necessarily wish for his resignation but do think that for the sake of his family, performing state duties will be detrimental to his and their recovery. If he resigns it should be by his choice and not forced by his affair. As for furthering his political career his term has ended. A truly sad day for the state, the Governor, his family and the people of South Carolina.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


After nearly one week of refusing to take any real stand in support of the millions fighting for freedom in Iran, Barack Obama finally showed a weak at best, "outrage," over the killings of Iranians who died trying to revolt against the tyranny of the Mullahs.

Fox News correspondent Major Garrett asked Obama during a press conference which had him trying to explain his weak response to the Iranian situation, "what took so long ?" Indeed what took so long ? A true leader would have taken a stand long before now. German Chancellor Merkle and French President Sarkosy took a strong stand immediately after the election while Obama was still siding with the tyrannical regime.

Even with his somewhat stronger stance Obama could not resist stating that he still had to wait and see, "how this plays out." In other words even though the regime is murdering its people in the streets, Obama still refuses to condemn them or seek any political action against this human rights violations that are being played out for the entire world to see without the United States President taking a strong stand against it.

In fact the State Department was instructed to invite Iranian Diplomats to 4th of July parties at our embassy's and even with the violence against the Iranian people taking place daily Obama refuses to deny the invitation. So Iranian diplomats representing a government that is openly murdering their people in actions that Obama still calls a,"debate," will be participating in our celebration of Independence while denying their citizens not only Independence but the right to protest and live without being killed for their stance.

To the people of Iran I state that although the President refuses to stand with you, we the American people not only stand with you but believe in what you are doing and hope as you do that your stance for freedom will succeed in gaining Independence from the tyranny that you suffer. We the American people are truly outraged at the murder of your fellow freedom fighters and we are truly outraged and apologize to you that our President does not stand with you as we do!

Ken Taylor

Monday, June 22, 2009


Several years ago the picture to the right was taken of a supposed Bigfoot sighting and has been both the center of controversy and study every since its appearance in a very brief 8 MM movie footage which was originally taken in 1967 by two hunters named Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlinar .

Notice very closely the look as the creature glances back toward the camera. Notice to the movement of the hands and the configuration of the walk, again as the creature looks back toward the camera.

Many have speculated that this film is of an individual wearing a suit that was made to look like a Bigfoot.

If this is the case or if this was truly a sighting of an actual Bigfoot no one knows for sure. I believe that we may have found the origin of either the creature or the individual who was wearing a possible Bigfoot suit.

Compare the above picture taken from the original 8 MM film to this recent photo taken of Barack Obama during a walk through the White House grounds. Notice the similarities in the glare toward reporters and the glare toward the camera in the above Bigfoot picture.

Notice also the position of the hands and the similar walk as in the Bigfoot picture. Could Obama be the individual who was wearing a Bigfoot costume in 1967 ? Or is Obama secretly actually the legendary Bigfoot ?

While Obama is glancing over his left shoulder and the picture of the creature is glancing over its right, you must admit the similarities are very striking.

Of course this is all in fun and to you liberals our there who are reading this and getting mad as the steam begins to pour out of your ears, remember that you had fun at the expense of President Bush and we took it , when it was actually done in fun, as it was and laughed also.

If you are truly taking this seriously and finding that you are offended and extremely upset that some," right wing nut," would have the gall to insult your messiah and compare him to Bigfoot, then get a life and wake up and realize that you are totally obsessed with Obama and you are in danger of becoming a fanatic !

Ken Taylor


So, because of one killer of free speech judge, Christians have lost their freedom of speech in Dearborn, Michigan. Perhaps Dearborn should rename itself "Dearbornistan". George Bush 41 truly blew it when he appointed this nut job! We should mourn poor Freedom of Speech and hope that it's not an epidemic that will spread quickly from coast to coast.

Christian group barred from sidewalk handouts at Arab festival
U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmunds denied Anaheim, Calif.-based Arabic Christian Perspective's request for a temporary restraining order. The group describes itself in its court filing as "a national ministry established for the purpose of proclaiming the Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ to Muslims...(that) travels around the country attending and distributing Christian literature at Muslim festivals and mosques."
A lawyer for the group said it would seek a permanent injunction against the city of Dearborn. "It's not over," said Robert J. Muise of theThomas More Law Center, an Ann Arbor-based Christian rights advocacy group.
Another lawyer on the case said the Dearborn officials action could be part of what he described as a broader Muslim legal attack on critics of Islam in our "Judeo-Christian nation."
"Muslims are using the courts in this country to stop our free speech rights," said William J. Becker Jr., a Los Angeles attorney who has represented a number of prominent critics of Islam. (There's more equally outrageous news at the link!)

People in this country need to emerge from their Obamacoma and wake up. We are losing our freedom of speech, which is also under attack by those who wish to get the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" passed - a contradiction in terms because there's nothing fair about it. It's becoming more apparent every day that nothing other than us being attacked again on a massive scale will wake up zombie like Americans who have bought a bill of goods that stinks to high heaven on every level.

As for U.S. District Judge Edmonds, we recommend she move post haste to Afghanistan where the country is already Muslim and she can take a break.

Translation: "I will not submit." No we won't! How about you?

RaDena - Blasting Caps And Dynamite


I am pleased to announce a new guest writer who will be contributing to The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth. Though I have never actually met this individual, I have had the honor of getting to know them through an association that began shortly after I began writing on this site. In fact this individual was one of the first bloggers to become a regular visitor here and through comments, e-mails and sharing of thoughts on issues etc. I have come to know the new guest and call them friend.

You will find as they contribute that political philosophy follows a very strict conservative ideology with a good deal of sarcasm mixed in. I have enjoyed postings from this individual and I know that you will also. They are known by the pen name of RaDena and blog at Blasting Caps and Dynamite, but their blogging experience if extensive and very diverse.

My new guest will be posting exclusively on Mondays and Fridays and occasionally through the week. I look forward to them being on board and know that each of you will likewise enjoy reading and commenting on their thoughts and commentary.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I long ago reached a point of disgust with what has been taking place with the administration of Barack Obama. His policy, his apologies and his deconstruction of our Constitution have not only taken our country down a path that was never intended by our Founders, but the divide he has created among Americans is greater than at any time in our Nation since The Civil War.

Following is a letter that I have sent to Mr. Obama expressing my feelings and my disgust at the direction he is taking our Nation.

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Sir,

Throughout your campaign last year you stated that you were the candidate who would bring America together. That political bickering and differences had caused a great divide in our country and that only you and your plan for ,"change," could achieve the uniting of those differences. Then you took office and in the first six months of you Administration not only is that divide greater than any time in our Nations history other than The Civil War, but your policy and agenda are taking us down a path that our Founders NEVER intended.

You took an Oath on January 20 which stated that with the help of God, you would, "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of The United States." Yet since taking that sacred Oath your every move has sought to deconstruct the very Constitution that you swore to protect. You say we are not a Christian Nation yet in that Oath you sought God invoking His name as a prayer for His assistance in keeping that Oath. Just as George Washington did making his prayer in the Christian belief that God would be by his side as President.

You claimed to admire and emulate Abraham Lincoln whose bible you used to take that Oath and who as President fought and died preserving not only the Constitution but the Union. Yet as soon as you removed your hand from his bible you began, by your policy and actions redesigning our Nation moving it away from what Lincoln called a, "government of the people, by the people and for the people," into a Nation whose government will enslave the people through its abuse of and power over the people.

You once stated in an interview that the Constitution was, "a series of negative liberties," that told what government could not do but not what it, "must do on our behalf." First of all sir, since when is any liberty negative ? Liberty and freedom is the most positive force on Earth that man can embrace. When fully experienced liberty provides the truest form of freedom and that sir is NEVER negative.

Our Founders considered government as a limited power whose authority rests in the people. They created within our Constitution government constraints limiting the scope and power of that government in order to allow each citizen of our Nation to have the freedom to prosper and achieve according to our own abilities and initiative. Keeping government out of the way so that Americans could reach for the stars and achieve what has been called ,"The American Dream."

You see this as a flaw in the Constitution because our founding document does not provide for what the government is required to do on our behalf. The Founders NEVER intended for government to move for us but to be out of our way so that we could strive and succeed without government intervention. Since you see this as a flaw you have moved to reconstruct the Constitution in your own vision of what it should be and in the process through your massive government expansion destroying the very liberty and freedom that our Founders envisioned through our Constitution.

I ask you, where in Article II which specifies what the powers of the Presidency encompass, are you as President given the authority to fire the CEO of any business ? Were are you given the authority to move in with the power of the federal government and purchase the majority stock in the former private businesses of GM and Chrysler.

Where are you given the authority to design the provision of the bankruptcy of these companies rather than the Judiciary which by law oversees bankruptcy proceedings, then through the bankruptcy dictate to bondholders what they will receive favoring the Unions who support you and by Executive edict dictate to these two companies what they can build, which dealerships can remain open and even how much advertising they can purchase. All the while claiming you don't want to run a car company. Sir you have lied to the American people because you ARE running two car companies.

Where in Article II are you given the authority to create Czars for every issue that we face today ? In fact you have assigned more Czars that Russia had in its history. Each Czar having the authority given by you to create policy and dictate action without the consent of any other Branch of government answerable ONLY to you and with full authority to do whatever you believe should be done. Not one Czar was elected by the people and not one Czar is answerable TO the people.

The Tenth Amendment specifically states that ,"The powers not delegated to The United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by the States, are reserved for the States respectively, or to the people." Nothing could more clearly state that the Founders intended for the power and scope of the federal government to be limited. Yet you in your reconstruction of the Constitution are creating and expanding the government to an unprecedented size and scope. While spending more than all your predecessors combined and creating deficits that my great grand children must pay.

You are forcing upon the American people a government which will create a dependency which will all but eliminate personal achievement because government by your edict will provide for our every need. No matter what you call it, no matter what you claim when government seeks to control and provide for our very way of life we in this country will no longer be a free Republic but a Marxist/Socialist state where government controls everything, which obviously is your goal !

Where in the Constitution is it stated the Americans have the right to government controlled health care ? Where in the Constitution does it state the the government must bailout every failed financial institution and take over the majority position in that company dictating compensation and company policy ? Where in the Constitution does it state that government must intercede using a financial crisis as the excuse to dictate through massive regulation how a business or corporation should run and exercise it business practice ?

In your first six months you have visited many Nations as the representative of our Country. At every opportunity you have apologized for America and have stated that we are an arrogant people and that while you are President we will no longer be arrogant. Sir I am sick of you apologizing for me and my fellow Americans and for the thousands of Americans who have bled and died defending many of those countries that you apologized to.

Was it arrogant when we liberated Europe from Nazi oppression ? Was it arrogant when we fought for and liberated thousands of Muslims in both Iraq and Afghanistan ? Was it arrogant when we fought against Japanese imperialism ? Was it arrogant when we fought to defend the memories of the more than 3000 who were brutally killed from an unprovoked attack on September 11, 2001 ? Yet you expressed to the Muslim world that America over reacted to the killing of those innocents on 9/11 and that we silly Americans blamed Islam. Which is not even close to the truth because Americans understand that Islam did not attack us but fanatics who have basterdized that religion.

Now you seek to give many of those who either sided with our personally assisted those who attacked us on 9/11 the same rights as those Americans killed on that devastating day. You bribe governments with millions of dollars to take prisoners who are then treated like celebrities in their new countries while we pay for their fun with our American tax dollars. Despite 82% of Americans wanting Guantanamo Bay to remain open you fight to close it to appease the ACLU and countries that would hate us whether Gitmo is open or not.

You seek to befriend dictators like Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to create a constructive dialogue with Nations who will NEVER just talk, while all but ignoring millions of Iranians who are fighting in the street for the very freedom that we cherish in our country. As President of The United States you of all people should be praising the efforts and voicing support for their cause. Even our own Congress stepped in to show American support since you have chosen to remain silent.

We have waited for the Iranian people to rise against their tyranny since 1979 and now that they are you are silent. What they are doing is what America has always stood for, seeking for and embracing freedom and liberty!

Mr. Obama we have been a Nation whose stance for freedom and the liberty of personal achievement and success has been the very ideal that has drawn millions to America since our birth in 1776. It has caused this Nation to be the light of hope for millions throughout that history and millions today who respect and even love this Nation because of our freedom and our Constitution which limits government and provides by law the liberty to achieve without government dictates.

You seek to end this marvelous free history and instead create an American socialism which has government in control and the people dependent on that same government. You seek to create a weakened America who conforms to other governments wishes. Governments who actually look to us for leadership and not appeasement and weakness. Your vision of America is not the vision of Americans nor of the Founding Fathers who saw a free land as Lincoln put it, "of the people, by the people and for the people."

Quit meddling with a Constitution that has succeeded in keeping us free for more than 200 years and quit dissolving our freedom with your socialist governmental agenda. Quit spending our grand children's money to pay for programs that only seek to expand government and force control of our lives. Quit apologizing to the world for the greatness of America and the strength and generosity that protects and assists the very countries you apologize to. Quit trying to be the king of the world and start standing up for the country in which you took an Oath before God to defend and protect.

Ken Taylor

Friday, June 19, 2009


When The Soviet Union was a threat to The United States, Ronald Reagan without hesitation called it an , "evil empire." When terrorists attacked The United States and regimes actually were backing terrorism George W. Bush without hesitation called Iran, Iraq and North Korea, "The Axis of Evil."

Millions are protesting in the streets against the theocratic tyranny of Iran and Barack Obama considers it only, "vigorous debate." At a time when Iranians are fighting in the streets for their freedom and looking to the world for support in their quest for Democracy, the German Chancellor voices her support. The French President voices his support and The President of The United States stands behind the very regime that Iranians are protesting.

The lame excuse that has been put forth by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs when asked why Obama was not coming out in support for the protesters was that he did not want to meddle in Iranian affairs and that it could incite violence against the protesters.

Charles Krauthammer compared Obama's response to the response by Pope John Paul II when he spoke in Poland during the height of The Soviet Union. The Pope was truly concerned that his remarks supporting the fall of the Communist regime in Poland would incite violence against the pro - democracy protesters so he spoke in code that was obvious but not aimed directly at the Polish regime.

Krauthammer answered Gibbs with the following:

"The president is also speaking in code. The Pope spoke in a code which was implicit and understood support for the forces of freedom. The code the administration is using is implicit to support for this repressive, tyrannical regime.

We watched Gibbs say that what’s going on is vigorous debate. The shooting of eight demonstrators is not debate. The knocking of heads, bloodying of demonstrators by the Revolutionary Guards is not debate. The arbitrary arrest of journalists, political opposition, and students is not debate. And to call it a debate and to use this neutral and denatured language is disgraceful."

Barack Obama in his attempt to create dialogue with the tyrannical regime in Iran is selling out the millions of Iranians who are placing their very lives in peril protesting in the streets against the very regime that Obama is tyring to be friendly with. What we are seeing in the streets of Iran is something that America has been waiting to see since 1979 when the Theocracy took over Iran and considered The United States and enemy.

Now that the people of Iran who have always been told that America and Americans supported them despite the oppressive regime that governed Iran are taking a massive stand against the Theocracy, Barack Obama who should be voicing support for their cause and heralding their attempt for Democracy and freedom refuses to support Iranians and rather stands by the tyrannical leadership.

As Charles Krauthammer states, this is disgraceful. No one is calling for Obama to send planes or ships to attack the Iranian regime. No one is calling for any military action. But voicing support for millions taking to the streets marching for and crying for freedom is not only the right thing to do but the morally correct thing to do.

Obama has apologized at every opportunity for what he calls American arrogance. The same ,"arrogance," that fought for freedom in Europe to end the reign of Nazi Germany. The same ,"arrogance," that stood against The Soviet Union and caused the collapse of communism and freedom for Eastern Europe and Russia. In his apology Obama stated that America has lost its leadership in the world. A statement that I disagree with. Yet now when he has the opportunity to lead he neglects that responsibility for a personal and naive policy.

It is not arrogant to stand for freedom and those who are willing to fight in the streets for freedom. Iranians are doing that now and Obama has chosen to abandon their plight in order to pursue his naive policy of talking to a regime that has NEVER been willing to talk. The movement of millions in Iran standing for freedom is what America has always stood for. A stand that Barack Obama is not willing to take. A true leader would voice support for freedom over personal policy. A true leader would take a stand with the Iranian people.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Deficits already in the trillions and now Obama is pushing nationalized health care with his usual fear mongering tactics. Without his plan the world will come to an end. With his plan our pockets will empty to pay for his plan and the best medical care on Earth will come to an end.

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - CHICAGO — Chicago officials say a Starbucks Coffee shop at O'Hare International Airport's Terminal Two has been closed because workers failed to eliminate the flies that had been found on a visit by city inspectors last week.

Inspectors with the Mayor Daley's Dumpster Task Force visited the Starbucks on June 4 and ordered the cafe's management to correct the fly problem within five days. But when inspectors returned Friday they said they saw more than 40 flies on the ceiling and walls and near a sink drain.

Just call Obama and he will kill the Chicago flies and make PETA madder at him then they are over the one he popped during his TV interview. - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

My son got married three weeks ago. They plan to wait a couple of years before trying for my Grandchild. Yet my GREAT Grandchild who is still three generations away is already in debt thanks to Barack Obama. Change we can believe in ! Tell that to my grand kids and great grand kids!

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - WEST BURLINGTON, Iowa - An umpire emptied the stands at a high school baseball game, ejecting the entire crowd of more than 100 fans for being unruly.

Umpire Don Briggs said he had no problem with any of the student athletes during Thursday's game between Winfield-Mount Union and West Burlington.

He said he had to take action because fans were being unruly, yelling and arguing. However, West Burlington Superintendent James Sleister said he didn't see any unusual behavior and said he thought the umpire overreacted.

I've seen Major League crowds who should be ejected from the game. In wonder if the manager kicked dirt on the Umpire over this one ?!?!?! - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

Iranians are standing by the millions for their freedom and the leader of the free world who should be standing with them is standing with and coddling the oppressive fanatical regime which stole the Iran Presidential election. Barack Obama always the tyrants best buddy !

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - PITTSFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A small airplane with two people aboard has made a safe emergency landing on a fairway at a golf course in southeastern Michigan. The pilot then got a police escort and drove the single-engine, propeller-driven plane on public roads back to the airport where he started.

Pittsfield Public Safety Director Matt Harshberger told the Ann Arbor News no one was hurt. Officials said the pilot reported he lost power shortly after taking off Tuesday morning from Ann Arbor Municipal Airport. He brought the plane down on the fairway of the fifth hole at the nearby Stonebridge Golf Club in Pittsfield Township, about 35 miles west-southwest of Detroit.

I wonder if he yelled, "Fore," before he landed ? - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

A $200 million dollar bribe paid to ," help relocate," the Gitmo prisoners to Bermuda and Palau. Obama's goons fail to inform the Brits our closest ally who has territorial administration of Bermuda. Then the Gitmo guys are treated like rich tourists and tell reporters that their stay at Gitmo was good and they were treated well. This is the reality of Obamaland.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Throughout the 2008 Presidential campaign the media love affair with Barack Obama was a source of aggravation because of the fact that as a candidate Obama was never truly vetted by the media and as such never truly known. Since becoming President that love affair has continued as the media has endorsed with high praise and little questioning everything Obama has done.

When the cry of media bias has been given the MSM has denied this fact and even Obama has gone of record in interviews stating that the media was not in his court. Both the MSM and Obama have whined about the ,"attacks," that have been made against him from the Fox News Network, the ONLY television news source that has actually questioned what Obama is doing and gives a balanced view of his policy.

For anyone who has questioned the fact of media bias and the love affair that the MSM is having with Barack Obama, ABC in its most recent move is putting any doubt to rest. In an unprecedented move ABC, (The American Barackcasting Company), is airing not only their nightly news program with Charles Gibson from The White House next Tuesday but preempting their prime time lineup to air Obama's , "Healthcare Reform Special."

The program is being advertised as a forum in which the issue of health care will be discussed and the proposed government controlled health care plan that Obama is preparing to push through Congress. A plan that he is personally trying to quickly ramrod through like his stimulus package using fear mongering tactics claiming that if not passed by the Fall The United States will face a catastrophic financial nightmare bankrupting the US economy.

Of course when the numbers are truly looked at by the impartial Congressional Budget Office, Obama's plan in just its first phase will add another one trillion dollars to the already Obama expanded multi-trillion dollar deficit. Not to mention all of the questions concerning government controlled coverage, doctor choice, medication etc. But does ABC care about looking at the facts about Obama's plan from a strictly journalistic view point asking questions to find real answers ? Absolutely not.

The, "Healthcare Reform Special," airing on ABC next Tuesday from The White House will include discussion and interviews with details about the plan but all of the information for the special is coming directly from the Obama propaganda team with absolutely no opposition views to Obama's plan being allowed on the program.

ABC is using a supposed unbiased media forum as a mouth piece for only one side of the health care debate without any opposition or question about the problems with the plan or the negative impact it will have on our economy, the medical profession, the health care industry and the type of health care that will result if Obama's plan is passed.

No questions about government control of the health care industry or allowing government to ration health care or decide which doctors a patient must use or the type of treatment allowed under the government sponsored program. ABC will of course ask questions but all of the answers will be coming ONLY from Obama and those he is assigning to participate in this, "special."

For anyone liberal who has questioned media bias and favoritism toward Barack Obama this blatantly biased program should put to rest any doubt that the MSM media is nothing more than an mouth piece for Barack Obama. Never before has a President been allowed a public forum on television that allows no opposing view on an important issue. Never before has a President been allowed to use a major media outlet to air a free infomercial for a proposed legislative program that will effect every American.

This is the type of programing that took place in the former Soviet Union under the state run media during the years of the Cold War. This is not a free press exercising its First Amendment rights but a press that is obsessed with Barack Obama and is choosing to not only side with his policy but to become a propaganda instrument for the airing of that policy.

Our Constitution provides for three Branches of government. In the First Amendment it also provides for freedom of the press which was intended to be the watch dog of all three Branches so that any Branch or elected official within this government could not have the chance of becoming a tyrant or for the government to usurp the true authority of the people in being the true power and ultimate authority of our government. A free press Constitutionally is supposed to help the people through unbiased reporting and journalistic integrity which should keep politicians on their toes and accountable to the people.

This true intent of freedom of the press no longer exists with the MSM when it comes to Barack Obama. ABC on Tuesday night will belong to Barack Obama. He has taken ownership of the network and with their permission is deciding programing and content giving the guise of a free and open debate about an issue that concerns all Americans. This ruse will be aired and unfortunately many Americans will think they are being told the whole truth because it is airing on ABC. If you think we are not moving toward Marxists/socialism under Barack Obama then be sure to watch the state run programming Tuesday night on ABC.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The Iranian, "election," is history. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the incumbent was ,"reelected," with what has been reported as a landslide victory of about 70% with he an three other candidates running for President. His closest competition was a more moderate candidate whose loss has caused massive and violent protests in the streets by supporters.

The world is acting surprised and calling for investigations. But one world leader who has been out spoken about calling for close negotiations and a working relationship with the Iranian government and as he has stated, "changing," the mood between The United States and Iran is reacting as if this rigged election was a total surprise and even considered at any time to be a fair election by the Iranian Theocray.

At a time when a United States President should be stating support for demonstrations that are clearly protesting not only the theocratic rule of Iran but the oppressive regime that has been evident under Ahmadinejad, Barack Obama is stating that he wants to make it," very clear that it is up to Iranians to make decisions about who Iran's leaders will be."

Does he not understand that the results of this election were a foregone conclusion even before the election was scheduled to happen ? Does he not understand that the election was never anything more than a show which was designed to lie to the world that Iran believed in the free process of the voice of the people? Does he not understand that the Mullahs ALWAYS have the final say in what happens in Iran and Ahmadinejad is the choice of the Mullahs regardless of an election ?

Obama is either extremely naive of just plain dumb if he actually thinks that a free election was ever going to take place in Iran. I truly think that his belief was a combination of both naivety and ignorance. On the Iranian election day he boasted that the ,"robust debate," that was taking place in Iran was a result of words he had spoken during his much touted speech to the Muslim world in Cairo, Egypt about one week before the election.

Since the speech and even before Obama has thought that his ,"let's be buddies," approach to Iran would actually make a difference with a regime who has been the leading state sponsor of terrorism, the strongest and most vocal proponent for the destruction of Israel and the greatest source and threat of total war in the Middle East.

Iran has sought and continues to seek nuclear weapons claiming that their ,"research," is for peaceful energy usage only. A claim that Obama has obviously bought into since he has stated publicly that Iran has a ,"right," to nuclear power. A right by the way that he has fought against for our own country. It seems that he is the ONLY world leader who believes that Iran is striving for nuclear energy and not nuclear weapons.

For Obama to actually think that any Iranian election would be fair and impartial is a lesson in just how truly naive he is and how dangerous that can and will be for the security of The United States. He clearly either does not understand the reality of the regime in Iran or actually arrogantly believes that his eloquent words of appeasement will change the course of a regime that has acted as a rogue state for more than 30 years.

At a time when a United States President should be expressing support for pro-democracy elements in Iran he is acting as if an election whose conclusion was decided by the Mullahs long before the first vote was cast caught him by surprise and that the will of the Iranian people was something that this regime actually cared about. Naive or dumb or both you make the call.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Today April 14, 2009 is Flag Day. A day in which we remember Old Glory and everything that our marvelous banner stands for. Also remember on this day those who are standing a post throughout the world to insure that Old Glory will continue to fly in freedom.


Throughout his campaign Barack Obama touted himself as the candidate of change. In fact ,"hope and change," was about the only thing that we actually heard while he was seeking the office of President of The United States. Since taking office we have actually seen what that, "change," actually meant.

In the short months that he has been in office he has changed the deficit from ridiculous to unbelievable and in his own words unsustainable. He has increased spending in an unprecedented spending spree. He is expanding government more than any predecessor and at an alarming rate.

He has taken over two of the three American auto makers using bankruptcy as the means to nationalize GM and Chrysler to force his, "green," cars on an American public who do not want to buy these small, unsafe and truly inefficient vehicles. Through the bailout programs he is moving to nationalize banks and other financial based institutions.

He has appointed more Czars than existed through the entire history of Russia whose appointed responsibilities in, "oversight," will actually give them executive powers that are designed to usurp the Constitutional balance of the three branches of government since these Czars are not elected and not accountable to the people or anyone else for that matter other than Barack Obama.

But of all the changes that Barack Obama has made in his socialistic march to government control of America and Americans one of the most disturbing and dangerous changes that he has made and is continuing to make are the security moves that are taking this Nation back to a pre 9/11 mentality and defense position.

Prior to the devastating attacks of September 11, 2001, all terrorist activity was treated as a criminal offense with endless indictments that could not be served much less prosecuted. Terrorist where thought of as fringe elements who had no real organization and acted individually or as small groups in isolated incidents.

9/11 proved the complex planning and world wide capabilities of an immense organization of groups with Al Qaeda being the largest and most powerful whose singular goal was to destroy western civilization with the major target being The United States and Americans. Thus after 9/11 terrorism correctly and justifiably was treated as and act of war and American policy was changed accordingly providing full military action against terrorists with those captured treated as enemy combatants.

Now under the new," lets get along," attitude created by Barack Obama, terrorism is no longer an act of war but official seen as a ,"man caused disaster." The word terrorism is no longer allowed to be mentioned officially as terrorists are considered misunderstood individuals who if coddled to in an appeasing and friendly manner will turn from their murderous activities and join the world in singing ,"Kum Ba Ya," with Obama as the choir leader.

In his recent speech in Cairo, Egypt which was directed specifically to the Muslim world which most terrorist activity stems from because of those who have bastardized the Islamic religion, Obama mentioned those killed as a result of 9/11 but then proceeded to apologize for America's justified reaction to the attacks and the justifiable anger of Americans.

He put forth the idea from his own mind that the majority of Americans were angered at the entire Muslim world because of 9/11 as if we ignorant citizens of The United States do not have the sense enough to know and understand that those who killed Americans on that day and have been fighting our troops since then in the war do not represent the majority of Muslims nor speak for that majority. It has taken the ,"brilliance," of the Obamamessiah to explain this to us and apologize for our anger to the world.

Despite the belief of more than 80% of the American people that Guantanamo Bay's detention center should NOT be closed, Obama to satisfy the ACLU and the far left of his party is still moving almost on a daily basis to close the only real safe place in the entire world to keep these enemy combatants.

In fact he has already been shipping them to other countries whose own people do not want them but whose governments are willing to take them along with American bribe money at the cost of millions of dollars paid to those countries. Of course Obama does not call it a bribe but money to assist in the relocation of the detainees. Call it what you will a bribe is a bribe for without the money the detainees would not be taken.

Terrorist from Gitmo are already starting to enter the US court system for trials that will cost millions and rights are given to the prisoners that are specifically and Constitutionally designed for American citizens. Also the prisoners will have crack ACLU type lawyers who will seek to have them released and push for the release of classified documents in order to ,"defend," their client which will have tremendous national security ramifications if a judge grants any request for such documents.

This too is a way in which Obama is catering to his liberal fringe because much of the Justice System consists of liberal Judges who will not hesitate to force the release of highly classified and sensitive documents. Documents whose release will endanger America and in which liberals have been whining to be released to the public for years. Now with the courts again in control as before 9/11 they may get their wish. A military tribunal would be allowed to prosecute an enemy combatant without revealing classified information to the public.

9/11 brought the realization that radical Islamic fanatics had been at war with The United States long before we understood who they were and what their true goal was through their ruthless and murderous attacks and plans. When we finally understood and took the battle directly to them their capabilities diminished, their numbers decreased and their influence among Muslims also diminished as Muslims began to understand who these radicals were and the true evil that motivated them. Additionally, because of the war they understood the consequences for the actions of the radicals.

Obama is quickly and systematically returning us to the failed policy that allowed the attacks of September 11 to happen. He claims that our actions since have caused an increase in the numbers of those who follow Islamic radicals. Yet all of the evidence both in the lack of attacks and the real response of the Muslim world to Islamic radicals shows just the opposite as their former popularity has greatly decreased as a result of the continuing victories in the War on Terror that under Obama no longer exists.

The world is a dangerous place and the people of The United States have the right Constitutionally to know that we are safe as a Nation and that those who choose to be our enemies will not be allowed to endanger this country or her people. ,"Providing for the common defense," does not mean apologizing for American action in defending our self from attack nor pursuing those who wish to do us harm.

In his interest to be the king of the world Barack Obama is placing his popularity above the Nations security and his appeasement to the left and countries who would not like us no matter what we do before protecting America and Americans.

Ken Taylor

Friday, June 12, 2009


It is not very often when one can view a movie and experience, pride, sadness, and the heart felt gratitude of a Nation for a fallen hero. "Taking Chance," is that movie. I could not hold back the tears as I experienced this moving tribute to a fallen Marine, Lance Cpl Chance Phleps.

The movie is the story of Lt. Col Michael Srobl a career Marine who learns of the death in battle of Chance Phelps and volunteers to escort him home to his family. Through his journey from Dover Air Base in Delaware to the final resting place in Wyoming, Strobl experiences not only the emotion of accompanying a fallen comrade home but the out pouring of a grateful Nation to one of its fallen heroes.

Lance Cpl Phelps sacrificed himself in service to his country but mostly for his fellow soldiers on April 9, 2004 in the Anbar Province in Iraq. When his unit fell under fire Phelps, who was manning the turret of an armored vehicle, intentionally drew fire to himself from the enemy in order to protect and detract fire from his comrades. For this he gave the ultimate sacrifice to his country and his friends.

Lt Col. Strobl was so moved by the life story of Phelps that he learned from his family and friends and the reaction of Americans all along his journey escorting this fallen hero home that he could not just compose a report for the Defense Department which was his duty as escort. Upon returning home he immediately set to the task of writing from his notes the personal account of his experience and the reaction of grateful Americans who not only paid tribute to Lance Cpl Phelps on the journey home but shared in the grief of losing one of Americas best and bravest who died defending our freedom.

"Taking Chance," also tells the previously unknown story of the care and respect that is given when a fallen hero returns home by the military and the soldiers who consider it an honor to serve one of their own who gave in sacrifice for freedom. Their care is also their personal tribute to a fallen comrade.

Originally airing on HBO in February, "Taking Chance," is now available in video stores. After watching this excellent film be sure to also watch the special features that tell the personal story of Lance Cpl Phelps and Lt Col Strobl. I have never recommended a film as highly as I do this moving tribute to one of our fallen heroes. Please see, "Taking Chance."

Ken Taylor

Thursday, June 11, 2009


The lies just keep on coming. 1.8 million jobs lost since he took office, unemployment nearly one percent higher than his own statistics stated would be the case if NOTHING was done. Bottom line - Obama policy has actually increased unemployment. Keep on Barackiio.

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - MOSCOW — Brad Pitt is accustomed to stopping passersby in their tracks. The Hollywood heartthrob's next job is slowing traffic in Siberia — or so Russian traffic police hope. A Russian newspaper reports that cardboard cutouts of Pitt dressed as a traffic cop have been placed by the most dangerous intersections in the city of Omsk.

It's the latest move by authorities in their endless battle against speeding. Traffic accidents in Russia are among the highest in Europe. The campaign seems to be working. Omsk officials say accidents are down as star-struck drivers ease off the gas to gaze at the unusual image.

Makes sense to me. After all his movies which show him as a fake actor make millions in the US so why not as a fake cop in Russia ! - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

Obama's, "new," plan, pay as you go which translates into taxes going up to pay for everything else that Obama is making go up, government, spending, deficits and debt!

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - CORPUS CHRISTI — Drivers aren’t the only ones trying to find parking meters in downtown Corpus Christi. Police are searching for thieves after 10 coin-filled meters were stolen in the past two weeks.

Capt. Michael McKinney told KRIS-TV, in a story Wednesday, that the meters are worth about $850 apiece, not including other costs to install the devices. McKinney says the thieves are “uprooting” the meters from the ground. The heists have occurred in the early-morning hours. McKinney says theft of the meters is a felony and “it’s really not worth it for this kind of money.”

My question is, "how does a thief steel a parking meter embedded in concrete from a public street, WITHOUT BEING SEEN BY ANYONE! - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

In way over his head with matters getting worse everyday. The inexperience that everyone was warned about is showing its ugly face more with every move he makes.

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - CHICAGO — A 90-year-old suburban Chicago woman who dropped out of school to help her family during the Great Depression now has her high school diploma. Eleanor Benz left Chicago Public Schools' Lake View High in 1936 during her senior year to take a job. Over the following decades she moved to the suburb of Gurnee and had 15 children, 54 grandchildren and 37 great-grandchildren.

Benz attended night school for typing and bookkeeping, but she recently told one of her daughters that never completing high school was one of her greatest disappointments. Her children contacted Lake View, and the school approved Benz's diploma. This week, at her 90th birthday party, Benz's family presented her with the diploma and a 2009 gown and cap with a 1936 tassel.

She should get a diploma for surviving 15 kids and 54 grand kids. That is a feat in itself . - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

The understatement of the year. Obama apologizing for America. America sorry he was ever elected. I was sorry he was elected on November 4, 2008. The best political cartoon of 2009!

This week I'll end this post with a joke I hope you enjoy:

Two Iranian spies were sitting in a restaurant in New York City. One Iranian began speaking to the other in Arabic. The second spy said to the one speaking Arabic, " we're in America, you'll blow our cover by talking in Arabic......speak Spanish ! "

Ken Taylor

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