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Sunday, February 27, 2011


We are witnessing a political ideology exposed in its most sickening and truest form and the ramifications for our country also expose the need for this ideology to cease to become a political force in our Nation. The left and specifically those who are elected leaders and officials in the Democrat party have shown, without doubt, in the last weeks they care nothing about the people nor the Constitution of The United States.

Last November the people of our Nation spoke in a loud and clear voice both on the federal level and the state level that the agenda of Barack Obama as well as the ideology of the left was rejected by the voters and we the people in accordance to our Constitutional privilege overwhelming cast our votes changing the House of Representatives and nineteen State Legislatures.

Before that vote was cast the majority of Americans expressed though protest and polling that the spending, deficit and debt creating agenda of the left was no longer going to be tolerated and finally though our vote the people placed elected officials in office that campaigned on the promise that spending would be cut and the bankruptcy facing our Nation both federally and in most states would be addressed and legislation passed to begin the process of restoring fiscal sanity.

The left who in almost all cases are represented by Democrats, while agreeing for the purpose of gaining votes before the election, have exposed their true self as the implementing of the promise of getting our financial house in order is now becoming a reality and new representation is acting on the will of the people by putting forth legislation which will reverse the path of bankruptcy and begin placing us back on a sound financial footing.

In Wisconsin and Indiana voters chose new Republican legislatures who have placed in action financial legislation to get control of debt ridden state coffers and restore sound financial management to these states. The people of both states overwhelmingly support the legislation and expect their lawmakers to act upon it which is why voters chose the make up of current state leadership. Democrats in both states have scoffed at the will of the people and rather than doing their elected duty of voting on the legislation have chosen to abandon their state, their constituents and fled to Illinois, protected by a Democrat Governor from being returned to their states and plan to remain to prevent the will of the people from being implemented.

Like a little child who doesn't get their selfish way Democrat lawmakers in both states have run away claiming they are doing their job. Their job is to listen to and legislate in accordance to the will of the people and represent that will as a member of the Wisconsin and Indiana state legislatures. But left ideology has and is showing that the will of the people ONLY matters if that will agrees with the left other wise it is a inconvenience and as such should be ignored.

The precedence set with the fleeing of Democrat lawmakers in Wisconsin and Indiana has now given the cowards on the left a new and dangerous tool in which to prevent any governing body the ability to act upon the voice of the people that does not agree with leftist and specifically the political ideology of Democrats. Rather than following the Constitutional process of voting against legislation and losing that vote, Democrats have chosen to run and hide to kill the legislation. The people and the legal legislative process be hanged.

On the federal level while Democrat lawmakers have not yet taken up the practice of being political fugitives they in like manner have held up any attempt to curb spending and decrease both the debt and deficits with the usual scare tactics of claiming any cuts will take away children's lunches, kill seniors, abandon the homeless, end all education, throw grandma out on the street etc. Republican moves following the will of the people have been called draconian and compared to Hitler's rise to power in the 1930's.

Adding to this blatant slap upon the people are the dictatorial moves by Barack Obama to abuse his Executive power ripping the Constitution to shreds by deciding which laws he will enforce and which he will not. We are a nation of laws and our Constitution forbids any Branch of our Government from choosing whether to enforce the law or not without that law first being created or eliminated by the legislative Branch of that same Government. Obama has chosen to ignore this basic Constitutional principle and by Executive Order not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act.

He has shown disregard for the Constitution since taking office but through this one move has placed himself above the law and the Constitution and made himself the authority who decides which laws are to be enforced and which are not. Only a dictator makes this type of unconstitutional decision and Obama has hailed himself these dictatorial powers. This one move alone fits the Constitution definition of an impeachable offense and the removal from office for over stepping his authority in violation of the Constitution.

For the left the Constitution is only viable if it agrees with their ideology. In most cases our founding document does not agree with them which in their arrogant minds allows them to ignore it and act in complete violation of Constitutional law claiming that it is a living breathing document which no longer applies to today's society since it was written more than 200 years ago. So they just ignore it and the people and act as they please.

When the people stand up for Constitutional principles the left accuses us of being racist, Nazis and anti American. When in actuality it is THEY who are anti American since it is THEY who choose to ignore not only our founding principles and document but the basic principle of our Republic that government receives its authority from the people and it is the will of the people that governs the actions and direction of both the state and federal government.

This is why the left must cease to be a force in our political system. I am not by any means advocating taking away their right to disagree or the ability to speak freely about their beliefs. They have that right just as much as anyone in our country. Rather I am suggesting that by our collective privilege of using our vote we the people cast our vote against the leftist ideology that most of our fellow citizens side against. We by our vote eliminate those who choose to ignore us and the Constitution, whether Democrat or Republican because there are leftists in both parties just more Democrats, removing this anti freedom scourge as a force.

If we do not the precedence set by Democrats in Wisconsin and Indiana will become constant in any legislature where even a single leftist vote is needed in order for legislation to be passed. The left no longer believes in freedom. They no longer believe in a true representative form of government. The left ONLY believes in the left and all who disagree must bow to their elitist demagogues who claim to be our representatives and fall lock step behind their anti American ideology to destruction and slavery to government.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Iranian warships sail through the Suez Canal for the first time since 1979 and Barack Obama is silent. Thousands protest against the Iranian regime and Barack Obama is silent. Somalian pirates sieze US citizens and fire an RPG at a US warship and not only is Obama silent but the hostages are killed. Thousands protest for freedom in Baharain and are killed in the streets and Barack Obama is silent.

Nine days after Lybian Dictator Muammar al-Qaddafi has been murdering freedom protesters in the street Barack Obama finally steps forth to say little but that he was sending Hillary Clinton to Europe to prepare a, "response." Oil prices are skyrocketing because of the petty Lybian Dictator and Barack Obama is silent.

Qaddafi is easily silenced as was proven by President Ronald Reagan in 1986 when in response to a Qaddafi ordered terrorist attack Reagan sent a squadron of F-16's to bomb his palace and Qaddafi was silent for more than TWENTY YEARS. So why is there not a carrier task group in place off the Lybian border ? Because Barack Obama is silent.

Yet when Hosni Mubarak was in trouble in Egypt and the protests which are still unsure as to whether they will lead to freedom or theocracy under the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama quickly made his voice heard on EVERY side of the issue until he finally decided after almost two weeks to call for Mubarak to step down. Now Egypt allows Iranian warships through the Suez and Israel has seen a massive increase of weaponry pouring onto its border with Egypt and now as Egypt looks to fall to Islamic influence, Barack Obama is silent.

Yet in Wisconsin where the GOP legislature and Governor are following the will of the people of their state to get state finances under control and reign in Unions that have almost bankrupted the state, Obama voices his support of the Union against the people, standing with communists who are among the protesters and lawmakers who have fled the state to keep from preforming the duty they were elected to do.

Because of the petty dictator who is killing hundreds in Lybia and threatening oil fields our gas prices are soaring even though Lybian ranks 15th among oil producing Nations and sell their oil to Europe not the US and not only is Obama silent but he has prevented our country from seeking our own resources in preventing budget busting prices at the pump. We have no excuse for having to pay what we do at the pump when we have more resources than ALL of the Middle East combined other than we have a leftist ideologue in the Oval Office who stands between us and inexpensive gas.

All that is taking place in the world now can find a direct link to a weakness seen by our enemies and our allies in the Presidency and the individual who is as lost in the job as a puppy in the middle of a forest. Obama's weakness portrays a weak American and the world takes advantage of it. Obama's silence as the world explodes only emboldens those who would do us and our allies especially Israel harm. Obama's weakness, silence and complete indecisiveness is the most dangerous problem in our world because a weakness in The White House leaves the country's security in peril and the world that depends on a strong US in turmoil.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


In a move that brings back memories of President Reagan, Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker is threatening to fire state workers who are sitting out of work to protest his bill that calls for state employees to participate in their retirement and health benefits and limits the collective bargaining power of the Unions. Walker is also considering moves against the 14 Democrat Senators who are still in an Illinois resort shirking their elected duties to keep from voting on the bill.

Here is the Walker's interview standing firm and tough in his attempts to get the state budget under control and fulfill his mandate from the people who voted both he and a GOP majority into office in November.

President Reagan in 1981 giving air traffic controllers 48 hours to return to work or be fired. They refused and Reagan fired every air traffic controller.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I am so fed up with the person who is now sitting in the Oval Office and the embarrassment, disgrace and utter destruction he is bringing to the country that I love that when contemplating what I would post on several subjects that are hot issues in the news, every issue, every subject made its way back to the inept and yes, unamerican way that Obama is handling the Presidency. So, I am going to rant and rant royally. I only hope that when this rant is over we as lovers of our great Nation see that an additional four more years of Obama will mean the demise of America.

Never before in my life have I found myself so utterly angry at a politician and especially a President as I find myself being toward Obama. Even when Bill Clinton who I had no political agreement with and Jimmy Carter who up until the current White House resident was the most inept President our Nation has had, I could find at least something to respect because of the office they held and although disagreeing with them felt that their methods and policy though wrong for our Nation were for the most part coming from men who loved America and wanted the best for her.

I cannot now nor have before nor ever will be able apply the same to Barack Obama. Putting it frankly Obama hates America while pretending to love her. No one who loves their country as he claims he does would seek its destruction at every turn, embarrass her on the world stage in every foreign speech and response to every foreign policy problem and when actually taking a stand on an issue ALWAYS side against the Constitution, the majority of the American people and every tradition and value we have held dear since our founding.

We have watched over the last two years this total anti American individual spend our country to the verge of bankruptcy and then spit in our face after we gave him a massive referendum by our vote refuting his agenda by pretending to hear us and acting like he understood and would reach out to our Capitalist society in order to allow the economy to restore itself and our debt to decrease, then when actually presenting his, "ideas," and ,"proposals," only offering more of the same and worse to continue us down his path of national destruction.

Never before has a President so ignored and sought to destroy the Constitution as Obama has. Even in the darkest days of Watergate Richard Nixon still had a respect for and adherence to our Constitutional principles although by his paranoia allowed his fear to overcome his ability to act rationally and soundly in handling the problem. Obama's actions toward the disregard of our Constitution are not from fear or paranoia but a deliberate move to eliminate its principles and values from our society completely.

He ignores who we are as a people and what we are as a Nation in his every response to the pressing and dangerous actions taking place especially in the Middle East. In Egypt he threw a decades old ally, who though not a pearl of leadership was a friend who held much more evil forces at bay. Obama sides with the much more evil forces in the Muslim Brotherhood while whining that he was supporting the people's move to democracy when no one not even Egyptians know whether they will be free or under an Islamic Theocracy.

Yet in the same region, regimes that are well known for their radical Islamic leadership, Iran and Lybia, country's that have and still do promote, fund and do terrorist activities where citizens are truly protesting for freedom and democracy, Obama ignores the hundreds that are being killed standing for freedom and calls for the people to calm and sides with the Islamic regimes in seeking to quell the voice of freedom in these oppressed lands.

Here in our own country when millions protested around the country and hundreds of thousands came to Washington several times to stand for freedom, our Constitution and protest the agenda Obama was forcing down our throats, this inept occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue ignored the protests except to express that anyone who disagreed with his policy was anti American and sides with those who called our own people Nazis and racists because we disagreed with this idiot!

Now in the state of Wisconsin and spreading to many other states, elected officials who are acting on a mandate by their voters to end Union abuse of tax payer dollars and get the financial house of their state in order, this same imbecile calls action seeking freedom from economic turmoil, anti American and sides with communists and leftist being bussed in from all over the country to force the hand of elected individuals,(who have the backing of their people,) to keep the people of Wisconsin and the states that are following under an economic servitude and hostage to Unions.

He apologizes constantly for American greatness and seeks to eliminate that greatness and place our country in a weakened state on an even playing field with the rest of the world. While Europe who has lived under socialist rule and now finally understands it failure and are seeking to move away from it, Obama is dead set on following the same path that has destroyed Europe and ignores the truth while acting as if he wishes to be the President of the world caring nothing at all for the people and the country he was elected to serve.

My friends we cannot survive a second Presidential term with Barack Obama. We will be lucky if we can recover from the damage and destruction he has left in his wake during the first two years and that which is sure to come over the next two. Republicans are jockeying for position to run against him but only a few are willing to state the truth about the dangers of this man and his agenda against America. When they speak they are labeled racists and anti American but in actuality they are American patriots who could care less about the color of Obama's skin but understand how dangerous he is for our country.

We cannot afford to beat around the bush in defeating this Marxist ideologue and ending his anti American actions and war against freedom in our country. The time to play petty politics and be kind and considerate is over and our anger with Obama and his destruction of our country must be expressed so that the truth overtakes the false accusations and the dangers are shown for the true and utter destruction from this individual that they are. We and those who we support to take his place must have the courage, come what may, to make the American people hear that Obama is the destroyer or we will be faced with another four years given by a blinded and deaf electorate who are numbed into submission by Obama's lies.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, February 17, 2011


The unrest that is taking place in the Middle East has many worried, especially Israel. No one even the countries involved in the protests against several Arab Middle East governments knows what direction all of this will be taking. The naive and clueless Barack Obama sticks his head in the sand and pretends that this is a pro democracy move when the most organized groups pushing for a new Middle East are radical Islamic, yet the boy in the Oval Office continues to deny the facts.

Throughout the protests in each country especially Egypt who has had a decades old peace treaty with Israel that has kept the hounds at bay in other Arab nations as well, cries of the destruction of Israel have been echoing through the streets and in the news from both protesters and the Islamic radicals who wish to move into the void with the ouster of Mubarak in Egypt and other former leaders in Tunisia and possibly Yemen.

Israel has almost at much at stake in the collapse of the authoritarian governments as the country's involved because the long and at times tense peace in the region with the Jewish state is now precarious at best. If this is a true pro democracy move Israel would remain safe with the need to establish relations with new governments. If this is a radical Islamic move then Israel will be surrounded with enemies who seek its destruction.

At a time of great fear and uncertainty for Israel the lone truly free nation and Jewish state needs it strongest ally to stand by its side and through the strength of that ally know that it can depend on protection and support come what may. Since the birth of the modern Israel, The United States has been Israel's not only strongest ally but through that partnership also its greatest protector in the region.

Now when Israel needs us most the inept occupant of The White House has abandoned Israel in her time of greatest need. Since taking office at every turn Obama has shown that he is not a true friend of Israel condemning the Jewish state at every opportunity and speaking harshly against Israel when he visited Arab nations during his two world tours. Now with massive unrest in the region and the future of Israeli relations with her neighbors questionable at best Obama sticks his head in the sand while Israel is threatened during protests and in a complete change of US policy is planning an official rebuke of Israel in the UN to appease the Palestinians over the Israeli settlements which are being built on their own land.

When Israel needs us most Obama is voting present to the threats against Israel and siding with the enemies of our greatest Middle Eastern ally in order to appease those same enemies. It is no wonder that Israel doubts any resolve by the US since Obama has quickly and willingly thrown them under the bus at every opportunity and now with the distinct possibility of Israel finding herself surrounded by regimes similar to Iran, Obama not only throws Israel under the bus but instructs the driver to back up and make sure he has run over her again and again.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I know most of you who will read this do not need any more proof that Barack Obama has no interest in cutting government spending regardless of what he is falsely telling everyone during pressers and speeches delivered to gullible people around the country. He whines and claims that his $3.7 trillion dollar budget will cut spending, reduce the deficit while at the same time increase monies to his pet agencies like Health and Human Services, Education and his supposed infrastructure initiatives which have yet to amount to anything other than throwing money away.

So even though most of you don't need further proof of Obama's socialist moves and his massive expansion of government, I still present this evidence for the few who still have doubts and somehow think Obama is moving to the center. For those who have no doubts about his socialism, this will be one more piece of news that will get your blood boiling and add to the anger you already have toward Barack Obama.

In 1965, the year that Lyndon Johnson signed into existence the Medicare and Medicaid programs the federal government spent $118.228 billion for ALL government spending. Adjusting for inflation this equals to $822.6 billion in 2010 dollars. Obama's department of Health and Human Services which oversees Medicare, Obamacare and other such programs will spend in fiscal 2011 $909.7 billion or $87.1 billion more than the ENTIRE federal government in 1965.

HHS is the largest agency in the government equaling more that one quarter of all federal spending and in Obama's 2012 budget he has increased that spending. The figures for 2011 do NOT include spending on Obamacare since the dollars spent have been excluded in both the 2011 and 2012 budget figures in order to lie to the American people about the true cost of Obama's debacle.

So adding in Obamacare to the mix will take HHS to well over one trillion dollars for just ONE agency of the Federal government. This as Obama is whining about spending and claims he has had a new found interest in cutting spending, deficits and attacking the debt. His increases in HHS alone show he has no interest in cutting or lowering the debt or deficits. All his socialist mindset wants is spending, government control and increased debt saddled onto the backs of our children and grand children....that is if the economy doesn't collapse from the weight of debt before the next generation.

Ken Taylor.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have grown tired of listening to Obama, Democrats and yes many Republicans talk about cutting spending, ending deficits and decreasing our national debt. Personally I am convinced that almost no one in Washington is truly interested in getting spending and debt under control. Obama has always been a big spender and has only recently talked the cutting game, but his actions as evidenced by his more than $3 trillion dollar 2012 budget proves that all he is is talk.

If Obama's budget is approved as it stands, the national debt which is just shy of, $15 trillion dollars will DOUBLE in five years and TRIPLE in ten. We already hit a milestone as our current national debt has exceeded total revenues available for the government. We exceeded the available money supply in December 2010. So we are officially a Nation who no longer has the ability to pay off the debt even if we use every penny available in the country.

Obama's budget projections double and triple that current debt without any real spending cuts. In fact what he deems as spending cuts are nothing of the kind since they are based on figures showing an economic growth of 5% or higher over the next five years. We are struggling to reach 2% and 3% growth and there is not one economist who sees us even approaching 5% growth in the next ten years much less the five continual years of 5% growth that Obama's budget is based on.

Without the additional revenues produced by the hedged numbers of 5% growth Obama's cuts will be non existence but his spending will continue and consume every dollar of growth that we do have plus an additional $ 1.3 trillion dollars in 2012 with his deficit spending not dropping below $700 billion during the next ten years in future budget projections. The actual numbers will be much higher in actuality because the deficits projected are based on a 5% growth in the economy beginning immediately.

As such revenues can NEVER keep up with projected spending and so the debt will double in five years and triple in ten. Obama's lie that he is cutting spending and practicing fiscal discipline fortunately is not going unnoticed by many. He like most liberals are depending on a perceived ignorance of the American people and that we will buy into his lie of being a new born fiscal conservative. Well we are not buying it Mr. Obama.

Republicans are proposing cuts and Democrats are calling the cuts too drastic and draconian in nature because they hit some normal liberal pet projects like the Endowment for the Arts etc. We have known for quite some time that Democrats are not interested in cutting spending and by our vote we elected the GOP in a land slide last November. While seeking some spending cuts the GOP is not truly serious about making the hard decisions necessary to prevent our national bankruptcy.

They too are using hedged numbers in their projection of cutting $100 billion dollars this year. That figure is based on the proposed budget from last year which was never passed by the Pelosi Congress and whose spending is already in effect. Since we are well into the 2011 fiscal year which began in October of 2010 the best that the GOP can do with their $100 billion dollar figure is about $ 60 billion and that is if it is passed and implemented immediately.

No one is willing to cut anything but discretionary spending which only amounts to a fraction of our budgetary items. Just skimming the surface is not going to tackle the debt/deficit problem but only continue to add to it. Rolling back spending on just part of the budget will help but not enough to make a significant dent in the debt or the deficit.

It is time for hard and massive cuts in order to prevent our nation from bankruptcy and financial collapse. We are not looking at some event far into the future but an economy and national debt/deficit crisis that literally has us on the very brink of collapse and financial ruin if it is not addressed and addressed seriously NOW.

It will not be easy on anyone. Every aspect of government spending MUST be cut and not just discretionary spending that doesn't affect voters as Congress is proposing. Entitlements, all government agencies, government employees, Congressional salaries, staff salaries as well as salaries from the other Branches of government including all staff members and the President. Military spending cannot be taken off the cutting board. Leave the salaries and benefits of our soldiers and Vets alone as they deserve every penny as well as equipment needed to defend our country and protect our soldiers in the field but all other defense spending must be on the table.

Until Congress is willing to make the tough decisions and drastically cut spending beginning with rolling back ALL spending except military salaries and equipment for defense and protection of our soldiers, to 2007 levels or beyond and then cut an additional ten percent or more from EVERY agency and Branch of our government we will continue to be on a path that is taking us to economic destruction. It is time to get serious or our country will collapse financially and the crash will take our great Nation and the world to financial oblivion.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, February 13, 2011


The weakness of Barack Obama is making our country the laughing stock of the world. The latest failure of this weak individual who is in the most powerful office on the face of the Earth was his inept handling of the crisis in Egypt. Just like his days in the Illinois State Legislature and his short and very unremarkable tenure as a United States Senator, Barack Obama when faced with decisions and moments when an American President should be strong in the face of an ally whose country was in chaos, Obama voted, "present," throughout the problem and continues to do so.

His weak response to the entire situation in Egypt changed almost daily as he first seemed to stand momentarily with Mubarak staying, then leaving, then waiting it out until elections could take place, then leaving immediately, then listening to the Egyptian people, then .....well you get the picture. The only real consistency he has had throughout this crisis is that he has NOT taken a stand in support of Israel who has almost at much at stake on the outcome of this as Egypt and he has constantly avoided the truth about the radical Islamic face of the Muslim Brotherhood.

This weakness on the world stage and his not taking any principled stand combined with flip flop decisions or no concrete response at all has been his norm on any world crisis and as such has presented a vulnerable and uncertain United States that has our allies angered and concerned as to whether The United States will vote, "present," or just ignore any conflict or trouble in any region of the world. His weakness also emboldens our enemies to ignore any diplomatic overtures or simply act without concern as to whether the most powerful Nation in the world will involve itself in protecting or defending not only our country but our friends as well.

Since taking office Obama has been indecisive at every turn at best and non responsive at worst on all situations concerning foreign policy and world crisis situations that have developed. When he has had a response it has been weak, constantly changing or completely wrong as was the case during the legitimate pro democracy protests that took place in Iran in 2009. As a result we are seeing constant unrest in the Middle East that Obama calls pro democracy but in reality no one knows whether they are actual moves toward democracy or a complete radical Islamic take over of the entire region.

In other foreign situations we are seeing more saber rattling from North Korea than at any time during the tenure of all his predecessors since the Korean War combined. China treats us as if we are their servant and expects our Nation to bow to them as its leader did when greeting the Chinese president both here and when he visited the communist Nation. Even in our own hemisphere we have seen the Chinese do something that the Soviets feared doing during more than forty years of Cold War, test fire a ballistic missile from a submarine off our coast as a show of military strength.

Iran continues to advance toward if not already having nuclear weaponry and supporting terrorist activities that are killing our soldiers in the field. Afghanistan has dissolved into a problem that is now taking more American lives that Iraq with a strengthening Taliban whose presence was all but eliminated but now because of the failure of the Commander in Chief in fulfilling requests for troops by commanders in the field and tying the hands of our best and bravest with ridiculous rules of engagement, the Taliban is growing and our troops are dying in response.

The only situation where Obama has not answered, "present," is on the domestic front. He has advanced his failed agenda with spending that has taken our country to the brink of bankrupt oblivion and still seeks new spending so that government can continue to fail in solving problems it has no business being involved in and cannot even remotely hope to solve since government creates problems rather than solves them. On this he has had no problem in taking decisive and concrete action which has set a destructive path for our Nation and a questionable future for our children for the first time in our history.

Not since the days of Jimmy Carter has our Nation been less respected, more indecisive, consistently facing a clear and present danger from all corners and collapsing from within as it is now. In fact we are in a much worse situation now than during the days of the peanut farmer from Plains, Georgia. During his Presidency our greatest enemy, the Soviet Union, was predictable where today's enemies are not. Our financial situation though precarious under Carter did not threaten to completely take our Nation to total financial collapse and ruin.

Some men grow into the Presidency as time takes its toll and the great responsibility and power of the office forces even a poor leader to at least make the occasional right decision and take the occasional correct action during a crisis or an issue whether foreign or domestic. Obama is the first President that has failed to grow into the office at least in some aspect. He is still confused and weak without a clue as to how to handle any aspect of the Presidency. He cannot make any decisions without flip flopping several times before finally leaving the situation more confused than before it started.

His total failure and weakness has become in many aspects the most clear and present danger to our security and our future as a Nation. He shows a weakness to the world that threatens all. He creates policy at home that for the first time in our national existence will create a generation whose existence in America will not be better than that of their parents. If we survive the final two years of an Obama Presidency it could very well take years to correct his failures if those failures can be corrected at all.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has been conducting classes for Congressional members on a subject that is of vital importance for those we elect to represent us. The subject matter of these classes has been the Constitution. Justice Scalia has in the course of these important classes given sound Constitutional advice on how Obamacare should be handled and how it fails the test of Constitutional muster.

Follow this link to an excellent article which confronts this unconstitutional nightmare based solely on its Constitutionality and why the center piece of the Obama agenda fails the Constitutional test. Scalia also advises members of Congress on how to handle the law and see to it that this unconstitutional health care debacle is ended following strict Constitutional principles of legislation.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Vice President Joe Biden announced a proposal in the budget being presented by Obama to the Congress which takes his promised spending freeze and throws it right out the window. Of course when he mentioned the freeze in the State of the Union anyone who understands even in the slightest way that freezing spending at current levels is completely unsustainable and does not begin to attack the problem of too much government and deficit, debt creating spending.

But Obama claimed in the SOTU that he was proposing freezing spending while in the same speech also proposing hundreds of billions of dollars in new spending which more than counter balanced the proposed freeze. Now Biden steps forward on behalf of Obama and announces a $53 billion dollar new program for high speed rail with $6 billion being spent in fiscal year 2011. Doesn't sound like much of a freeze to me.

Biden claimed that without the high speed rail system we could not be the leader of the world since China and Japan already have a system in place. An extremely bogus claim if there ever was one. High speed rail is not and will not help maintain our position as leader of the world. That criteria comes for many other reasons not the least of which being, having the largest and although weaker than in the past, strongest economy in the world not to mention our military capabilities which are far superior than any country on the face of the Earth.

But setting this bogus claim of Biden's aside about the necessity of high speed rail to keep our status as leader of the world there is also a major difference in rail use in our Nation and the countries that Biden claims we must compete with. First the rail system in place now called AMTRAK cannot financial operate without government subsidies because simply put there is not enough customer traffic to keep the rail company afloat.

Second China, Japan and even Europe traditionally have depended on rail transportation as a passenger use for decades where we have not. Almost all of our rail traffic is in the form of transporting freight and not passengers. The truth being that Americans haven't used rail as a form of transportation since the mid 20th Century and spending billions on a pipe dream high speed rail system does not automatically make a passenger base for its success. Like AMTRAK the high speed rail will live off of government subsidies to survive because the customer traffic is not available.

Americans depend much more on air and personal vehicle transportation than China, Japan and Europe and as such passenger rail transportation is not a priority for the American traveler or commuter except in certain areas of the Northeast where some use it for commutes to Washington DC and New York City for example. But that too is limited and not enough to support a high speed rail whose proposed routes will take in out of the Northeast corridor into Chicago and the Midwest even to California.

This is just one more example of unnecessary spending by the Obama administration for a project that no one wants or will use. Someone needs to inform Mr. Obama that you cannot have a spending freeze while continuing to spend. You cannot cut the deficit and debt while continuing to spend money we do not have. You cannot cut spending while continuing to grow government and increase government spending especially on unnecessary and unwanted programs like high speed rail.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


In the days and weeks surrounding the State of the Union address, Barack Obama and his leftists friends in the press tried to portray falsely that he was the new Ronald Reagan. Saying that his speech and his supposed new found centrist views mirrored the Gipper and he saw American policy in the same manner as our 40th President. Of course we all know this was not only wrong but an insult to the memory and legacy of President Reagan.

Now that his ploy pretending to be Reagan didn't work Obama is now channeling yet another President as he tries to redefine himself in light of the fall election and looking for new ways to deceive the American people into believing that he is no longer a leftist ideologue but is now a centrist who listens to the people and believes in all the ideals that made our country great.

Obama took a trip across town in Washington to speak to the Chamber of Commerce in an engagement that was cool at best since Obama has accused the Chamber of being a political wing of the Republican party funneling foreign money to GOP candidates in the last election. Of course he had no proof that this was happening but as a typical liberal it is always the seriousness of the charge and not the proof that matters.

During his thirty five minute speech there were only two times that the members of the Chamber applauded and then only politely. So even after his visit the reception was still cool but it was during his speech that Obama channeled yet another President in order to try and define himself. This time he pretended to be John F. Kennedy.

During the speech Obama scolded the business men and women for hording profits and not sharing them with workers and creating new jobs to attack the unemployment problem. He stated that the government at his behest has done wonders to make the atmosphere for job creation absolutely ideal for business so it was the fault of American business owners hording two trillion dollars in profits that unemployment was as high as it is. I am sure that this was very endearing to the business owners who had to sit and listen to this load of Obama hog wash.

He went on to lecture that regulation on business was good and it was not the fault of the government and over regulation that has caused business to not hire. Again more Obama hog wash to which the business men and women must have rolled their eyes in disbelief as they were listening to this line of garbage from Obama.

During this litany of lies about the greatness of government and the evil of profits, Obama reached into his bag of tricks and channeled JFK. He told the Chamber members that it was up to them to, "invest," in America by using these familiar words, "But ultimately, winning the future is not just about what the government can do for you to succeed. It's also about what you can do to help America succeed. " This sentence is strikingly familiar with Kennedy's famous line from his Inaugural speech, "ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country."

Obama has not uttered an original line during his entire political career. It seems that this leftist ideologue who is pretending to be centrist while still seeking to enlarge government, punish business, spend more money we don't have, increase deficits and debt, will use any person whether conservative or liberal especially a President if he thinks it will get even one person to like him, as a means of redefining himself to deceive Americans. It makes you wonder with all of the flak still taking place about his birth certificate if he continues to try being someone else if HE has actually seen the certificate.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, February 06, 2011


He is an American icon who more than twenty years after leaving the office of President of The United States still captivates the thoughts and hearts of Americans. He has defined for many what it means to be a patriot and is still as much part of our Nation today as he was when he served in the Oval Office. Those who believed as he did place him as the example of that belief, those who opposed those beliefs use his name and popularity to exploit the fact that he is beloved by so many as a means to gain political favor.

Ronald Reagan was the American dream. He came from humble beginnings in Dixon, Illinois and after graduating college began a career in radio which presented an opportunity while broadcasting Chicago Cubs baseball games to take a screen test which resulted in his becoming an actor whose career spanned 50 films. Most would consider this to be the peak of success and the satisfaction and achievement for a lifetime, but not Ronald Reagan.

His move into politics came as a result of trouble in the Screen Actors Guild in which he became president. He continued to be politically active during the fifties as a spokesman for General Electric until he came to national prominence in 1964 delivering a speech named, "A Time For Choosing," during the Presidential campaign of Barry Goldwater. Goldwater lost the election but Reagan's popularity grew and three years later he was elected Governor of California.

It was while Governor that Ronald Reagan first began to influence my life. I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Living on the East side of the bay before San Fran became known so much as the liberal mecca it is today. My parents were Kennedy Democrats yet when Reagan ran for Governor of California my parents especially my dad saw something in him that changed his politics and his vote as he cast his first Republican vote for Reagan.

I was eleven years old when my class went on a field trip to Sacramento to visit the State Capitol. Like any field trip everyone was excited especially since it meant we didn't have to be in school. No one expected to meet anyone during the trip but while touring the State Capitol building out comes Governor Reagan to visit with us. He told us he had heard that there were school children visiting that day and he took time from his busy schedule to spend a few minutes with us. Though only eleven I gained a great respect for Reagan that day even more than just a typical child's respect for someone famous.

We moved from California shortly before Governor Reagan left office so my teen years of impression grew around this conservative in the Governors seat of my home state and as such because of Ronald Reagan I became a conservative as a teen while most of my friends were interested in the more liberal side of politics if any interest at all. In fact during the first 32 years of my life first as my Governor then later as my President, Ronald Reagan was always there and always part of who I was and the America I grew up and became a young adult in.

During his Presidency Reagan took his long standing opposition to communism and under great criticism from those who opposed him and many in his own Republican party fought this scourge against freedom and even though many of those elected and the media disagreed with his stance against the Soviet Union, we felt save in knowing that he was at the helm of state and that while he was on watch nothing would harm America. Growing up in the nuclear age and the early days of the Cold War this was comforting as I remember the Cuban Missile crisis and having to participate in drills for a nuclear attack diving under a school desk and placing my arms over my head.

But even more than the security we felt as Americans while Reagan was in the Oval Office we saw a bright hope for our country after several years of hopelessness first because of Watergate then the destructive foreign and domestic years of Jimmy Carter. Reagan told us it was good to wave the flag. It was proper to know and act as an exceptional American because we lived in the greatest country in history. We were once again proud and patriotism was popular because President Reagan reminded us always of our, "shining city on the hill."

In 1988 I once again had opportunity to meet this greatest American during a campaign stop in North Carolina for Jesse Helms. I was very active in my local GOP and was invited to the campaign appearance and meet the President afterward. I worked in radio at the time and had and still have what many call the gift of gap yet when standing before the President and shaking his hand all I could do was stammer. Seeing my predicament President Reagan asked my name and I told him then he looked at me as if I was the only person in the room and said, "Ken I put my pants on the same way you do," immediately putting me at ease and talking with me as if I was a friend he had known for years.

In January 1989 when now former President Reagan walked down the Capitol steps after the Inauguration of George H.W. Bush, a family member who was watching the Inaugural with me and seeing Reagan board Marine One for the trip to Andrews Air Force Base and home to California expressed best what we felt when Reagan left office when she said, " I have grown very comfortable with him in The White House." And we had, we were comfortable with Reagan as our President our National Father, our friend and our protector.

When he announced he had Alzheimer's, it was as if a member of my family had told me of this devastating affliction. This too came home to me when my mother became an Alzheimer's victim. I lost her in 2005 and a year later in June of 2006 we heard of President Reagan losing his battle with Alzheimer's. I am not ashamed to admit that I cried like a baby as I watched his final journey on television. I had lost a member of my family and my greatest influence as a conservative American.

Still today there is seldom a day in which I do not think of this greatest of Americans and miss him. Ronald Reagan was known for many things. He was an actor who because of one of his most famous roles became known as The Gipper. He was a Governor of a state that economically would rank as the seventh largest country in the world. He was President of The United States and because of his leadership reshaped our Nation and our world ending a threat that had lasted for more than 40 years and restoring our confidence economically and as a people and our pride in our great Nation.

But of all the things that he was and all the ways in which we remember him, Ronald Wilson Reagan was most proud of and would want to be remembered most as an American. For even with all his great accomplishments and his world changing actions as our President being an American was what he was most proud of and who he was. Today we remember this humble man from Dixon as one of our greatest leaders and the father of conservatism. We can best honor his legacy and memory by always fighting for those Constitutional principles and beliefs he held so dear. Never forgetting the greatness of America and always having faith in the American people as he did.

Happy 100th birthday Mr. President. We will never forget you and will always miss you.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, February 03, 2011


Egypt has been in chaos for nearly two weeks as protesters have taken to the streets to seek the end of the 30 year autocratic rule of Hosni Mubarak. The crisis in Egypt has been called by the administration and many in the media as a move toward democracy by the people of Egypt. Of course the truth under the surface is that there is also a move by Islamic forces to move Egypt from a westernized government supportive of The United States and Israel to an Islamic theocracy similar to Iran. But the administration and the left wing media is ignoring this dangerous fact.

Setting aside the dangerous and serious ramifications of the situation in Egypt, this crisis has emphasised a glaring hypocrisy of Barack Obama and his cronies on the left including the left wing media. Almost immediately following the start of the protest and as they have escalated numerous members of the administration including Obama himself have come out calling for Mubarak to follow the will of the people and step down as President allowing democracy to rule in his country rather than the autocratic form of government that has been in place since Mubarak succeeded Anwar Sadat after his assassination by the Muslim Brotherhood.

I am all for democracy in Egypt but the hypocrisy of the left and Obama in backing the ,"will of the people," in Egypt while insulting and ignoring the will of the people in our own country is a telling commentary of the lefts unwillingness to listen to we the people. The protests in Egypt consist of a very small percentage of the population. The largest protest which has taken place called for a million Egyptians to march in Cairo and around 250,000 actually participated in a country of 80 million people.

Yet Obama and the left call for Mubarak to listen to the people who are protesting while fluffing off larger protests that have take place in our free and open society because those protests disagree with the current regime in Washington. During the health care debate more than 500,000 descended on Washington to protest the bill and Obama fluffed the protest off as meaningless while both he and Congressional Democrats condemned those who protested against the bill as unamerican and Nazis.

Glenn Beck held a rally in Washington last August that was attended by conservative estimates of upwards of 300,000 people and Obama as well as the left and the media fluffed it off as meaningless and just a gathering of radical right wingers who are racist, anti American, poor bashing idiots who only want tax breaks for the rich.

Poll after poll show that Obamacare is against the will of more than 60% of our population and an equal number disagree with the rest of Obama's policy and agenda but he continually ignores the will of our people and continues his path that angers the majority of Americans. Yet he calls for Mubarak to step down and listen to the voice of Egyptian protesters who equate to less than one percent of Egypt's population.

One has to wonder whether Obama is an autocrat himself as he condemns Egypt's autocratic ruler while acting like one as he ignores the majority of our people. This is hypocrisy at its worst. "Don't do as I do, do as I say. Mubarak step down because a handful of your people call for it while I ignore the vast majority of my people because only I know what is best for them." This is Obama's response to Americans. This is the attitude of the left supported by the liberal media. This is the lie being perpetrated by the leader of the one true and free Republic in the world. Freedom for Egyptians and oppression for Americans is the Obama creed.

Ken Taylor


Whenever I think of President Reagan I always think of the great sense of humor that he possessed which had the ability to make you laugh in the most serious moments as a relief from the trouble at hand and also could disarm even his most harsh critics.

Sam Donaldson the ABC White House correspondent during the Reagan years was always trying to trip up the President or get him to admit to something rash, in other words a typical Washington reporter except that Donaldson was louder and much more persistent than most. I cannot remember a time when President Reagan was tripped up by Donaldson or when he was not able to disarm Sam or give him reason to laugh. Donaldson mentioned Reagan's marvelous sense of humor when inteviewed while covering his funeral in June of 2004.

Another highlight of the President's humor was concerning his age. Reagan was the oldest man ever elected to the White House and as such our oldest President. His age was always used against him during campaigns and Reagan as usual disarmed this attempt with his sense of humor. When quoting Thomas Jefferson he referred to the quote in the first person as if he was there in conversation with the third President. During a debate with Walter Mondale he said that he would not make his opponents youth and inexperience a subject of the campaign.

Reagan's sense of humor was always a bright spot in many of his speeches and in his press conferences. Always the gentleman and always one step ahead of reporters opponents and political adversaries.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


One of the crowning moments in the Presidency of Ronald Reagan took place on a bright day in Berlin, Germany when the President stood in front of the Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg Gate and demanded that Chairman Mikhail Gorbachev the Leader of the Soviet Union, "tear down, " the Berlin Wall allowing freedom to thrive in the oppressed Eastern Block countries of Europe.

Following WWII partly because of weak agreements made between the Allied Powers for the rebuilding of Europe after the war and partly because of Soviet aggression that was engineered by Josef Stalin the Soviet leader at the time the United States found itself in what was called, "The Cold War." A war of words and positioning that kept the world on the brink of possible nuclear destruction as the worlds two super powers played a cat and mouse game.

The United States tried to coral communist expansionism while the Soviet Union was on the move taking countries as part of an ever expanding Soviet Empire. Several attempts were made by President's from Eisenhower to Carter through treaties and agreements to counter Soviet aggression but most failed or at best prevented further escalation. The policy of America became known as,"Detente." A relaxation of tensions which accepted Soviet expansion and Communism in order to,"get along," with the Communist state.

President Reagan had long been an outspoken opponent to communism well before he entered office. He had realized in the early days of the Cold War that Soviet Communism could not stand especially when compared to freedom and liberty. Two decades before his Presidency Reagan understood the evil of communism and that if challenged it could not stand nor compete with freedom and Capitalism.

Upon becoming President he called a spade a spade and in his first State of the Union address shortly after becoming President called the Soviet Union, "the Evil Empire," to the anger of many who opposed him and the fear of many even in his own Republican party. President Reagan made it United States policy to end the Cold War and the threat of communism and nuclear destruction.

His plan consisted of building our military capability knowing that the Soviets would be forced to compete. He used our diplomatic partners as a means of keeping pressure on the Soviet state. He stressed continually the evil of communism and through back door channels using economic and diplomatic pressure kept the heat on the Soviets. Because of their oppressed economic situation the Soviet Union could not compete with our military build up. This and the other Reagan initiatives eventually forced the Soviets to the bargaining table and ultimately the end of the Evil Empire.

In 1986 President Reagan met with Chairman Gorbachev in Reykjavik, Iceland and when Gorbachev tried to strong arm Reagan as previous Soviet leaders had with other President's, Reagan actually walked out on him and refused to budge. Gorbachev realized that Reagan was a force to recon with and through many other meetings and continued buildup, what President Reagan believed would happen did.

In 1989 during the summer after he left office the Soviet Union fell and the Berlin Wall came down. I realize that this description is a quick and very brief overview of events that changed the world but the point is that through his strength both in character and his belief in the inherent fact that all men wish to be free and the belief that the United States was and is the last best hope for freedom, President Reagan was proven right despite his critics and tremendous out cry against his ideals and policy. Communism as a force on earth ended, The Soviet Union died and the world changed forever for the better thanks to Ronald Reagan.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


We are seeing history repeat itself as Egypt is exploding as the move to oust tyrannical President Hosni Mubarak enters its second week of protests. Egypt has long been an ally of The United States and the strongest of all the Arab states with a military second to none in the Middle East. As news continues to come out of the country the unrest is being labeled as a people move seeking freedom and democracy from a tyrant, but in reality it is not.

Let's look back to 1979 and the Iranian Revolution which ousted the similarly tyrannical Shah of Iran Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. The protests against the Shah began with students just as they have in Egypt. The complaints were similar in the fact that the people of Iran had grown angry at the tyrannical direction the Shah had taken the country and his inhuman means in doing so. Those who opposed the Shah just as those who oppose Mubarak ended up in prison and were tortured or killed.

As the protests became larger a faction led by exiled Ayatollah Khomeini an Islamic extremist began to move in, was very organized as opposed to other factions participating in the protests and the people began reaching out to the Ayatollah for leadership in his Paris exile. The Shah just as Mubarak promised to allow more freedom for the people, eliminating his government and replacing it with new blood just as Mubarak has and just as in Egypt this did not satisfy the protesters.

Jimmy Carter who was President at the time backed away from his former support of the Shah which weakened his power hold on the country as the military sided with the people. The Shah fled leaving a vacuum and the radical Khomeini moved in to fill that vacuum because his faction was the best organized although the smallest in number of the millions who were protesting. He promised freedom for the people which lasted about a month then the Islamic crackdown began transforming Iran into the radical Islamic regime we know today. The regimes first show of force was the taking of American hostages which lasted more than 400 days and assisted in the demise of the Presidency of Jimmy Carter.

Mubarak is following a similar path as the Shah did in 1979. He has eliminated his government replacing it with new blood to the dissatisfaction of the people who continue to protest and whose numbers continue to grow. He has promised more freedom, again to the dissatisfaction of the people. They want Mubarak gone period and like the Shah he is hanging on to power. The military just as it did in Iran is siding with the people.

There are many factions associated with the protests but the most organized is a radical group that calls themselves the Muslim Brotherhood. This group has been around since 1928 and claim to be nonviolent but their history proves otherwise. They are responsible for the 1981 assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat as a punishment for his making peace with Israel. They have unsuccessfully made several attempts to assassinate Mubarak.

They are a very out spoken enemy of Israel and call for the destruction of the Jewish State just as Iran and Syria have. The Brotherhood gave birth to Al Qaeda as Both Osama bin Laden and his Lt. Ayman al Zawahiri both started in the Muslim Brotherhood. While the radical organization is not as terrorist oriented as Al Qaeda their ultimate goal is the same, the take over of the world forming an Islamic power to eliminate the Infidel from existence and any means which achieves this goal is acceptable.

This is the group that many in the media have praised as the answer to the unrest in Egypt. In fact only Fox News is telling of the radical associations of the Brotherhood and its ties with Al Qaeda and the assassination of Sadat. This is not a peaceful non radical political group as is being portrayed but a violent Islamic radical organization that has been seeking the take over of Egypt and other Arab states for years.

They are assisting in protests in Yemen, Tunisia, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. In fact news has just come in that the King of Jordan just as Mubarak did in Egypt has dissolved his government in response to protests and is appointing new leadership. The Muslim Brotherhood is on the move throughout the Middle East and if the most powerful Arab State, Egypt falls it could cause a domino affect changing the entire Middle East to an Islamic controlled region with Iran at its head.

Egypt can still transition into an more democracy oriented government if the military can hold the vacuum and Mubarak resigns quickly. They will need time to organize free elections with the void filled by the current VP and a non Islamic government. Obama cannot follow the path that Carter did with the Shah of Iran and pull his support from Mubaraks current government and side with the protests lest he cause a vacuum to exist as Mubarak falls and the Muslim Brotherhood takes control because they have the only organization capable to do so in the factions protesting.

The void must be filled with a non Islamic government supported by The United States and backed by the military protecting from an Islamic take over until free elections can be completed and a newly elected government in place. This cannot be allowed to go the way of Iran and fall into the hands of radical Islam. The entire Middle East is at stake and as Egypt goes so goes the region.

Ken Taylor


When President Reagan took office on January 20, 1981 we as a country were suffering from a patriotic depression. The economy was in a shambles. United States strength and prestige throughout the world was at an all time low. The country through the lives of several of our citizens had been held hostage by Islamic fanatics in Iran for more than four hundred days.

We had lost our pride and our feeling of security in our freedoms that had always been America. President Reagan took the oath of office on that cold winters morning and as he said, "so help me God, " took us as a people under his wing and began to return to us what had faded, our patriotism and belief that America was the hope for liberty and freedom in a world filled with chaos. " We must act today in order to preserve tomorrow. And let there be no misunderstanding--we are going to begin to act, beginning today."

Within the text of his inaugural Reagan began to rebuild the hope that was lost. "And as we renew ourselves here in our own land, we will be seen as having greater strength throughout the world. We will again be the exemplar of freedom and a beacon of hope for those who do not now have freedom." With his very first words as President this great patriot shared with us his pride in America and her people and brought out within us that same feeling of pride and American patriotism finding a new start because of Ronald Reagan.

We once again waved the flag and expressed to the world that we are Americans and through our free land and the ability within each of us as individuals exercising that freedom we would once again stand tall and as Americans can and will overcome any hardship or adversity. That is what President Reagan brought out in us. He had the marvelous ability because of his unwavering belief in the American ideal and in the strength of a free people that this land that we love was as Reagan put it, "a shining city on a hill, " and would always be the last best hope for the world.

In every speech and expression President Reagan, as "the Great Communicator," reminded us of our heritage and who we were as a people. He lifted us up because he believed in us and most of all he believed in America. He expressed through his words and his actions what we knew within our hearts was America. The light of liberty that he rekindled in us and our land once again shined throughout the world as a beacon of freedom and the world stood up a took notice as our prestige and respect returned.

When President Reagan said, "God bless America, " you knew that he not only meant it but it was the fervent prayer of his heart. Even in his last days this great patriot expressed through his final letter telling of the disease that would eventually take his life, his belief in us and his love for America, "In closing let me thank you, the American people, for giving me the great honor of allowing me to serve as your President. When the Lord calls me home, whenever that may be, I will leave with the greatest love for this country of ours and eternal optimism for its future. I now begin the journey that will lead me into the sunset of my life. I know that for America there will always be a bright dawn ahead. Thank you, my friends. May God always bless you. Sincerely, Ronald Reagan"

Always the patriot, always believing in us as a people and always the true American. That was Ronald Reagan.

Ken Taylor

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