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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Friday the political world was shocked by the surprise choice of Republican Presidential nominee John McCain in naming Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to the number two spot on the 2008 GOP ticket. The Democrat attack machine immediately began hitting Palin on the issue of experience and as the weekend progressed the left has actually been reaching in their attacks which shows that the choice of Palin was not only unexpected but a choice that sparks fear in Democrat circles.

Attacks ranging from the ,"inexperienced on foreign relations," attacks that began on Friday to trying to portray her as, " not as conservative," as she says because her husband and oldest son are registered Independents. An attack that appeared late on Saturday even moves into the ridiculous questioning the mother of five on her family values because when she went into labor in April for the birth of her son she was at a conference in Texas.

Her water broke and she still gave her scheduled speech then boarded a plane to head home to Alaska. Because she did not go to a Texas hospital and did not ask her doctors permission to fly home, the left are claiming that she has low family values and was not concerned about the life of ,"an unborn child !" This coming from the hypocrites that believe aborting the unborn in no big deal. The Dems are reaching and show their fear with Palin on the ticket.

While ridiculous attacks like the previously mentioned are dangling in the media, I find it not only surprising but extremely hypocritical that Democrats are actually stepping into the experience debate concerning Governor Palin the GOP number two. Especially with the absolute inexperience of the number one on the Democrat ticket.

This is a debate that I am not sure the Democrats want to get into during the course of this election. Many pundits are using the experience argument as a condemnation of McCain's choice by stating that Palin's perceived lack of foreign policy experience will only be a ," heartbeat ," from the Presidency.

My first response to this accusation by the left who really are taking a political risk by forcing this debate, is that if Barack Obama is elected President, (which I believe will NOT happen), the heartbeat WILL be the President. Obama's foreign policy experience consists of a visit to Pakistan when he was in college and two travels to the Middle East since being elected to the Senate. One of which was his recent rock tour to the Middle East and Europe.

If Obama's trips overseas are considered qualifying foreign policy experience then Palin has nearly the same as she has taken a trip to Iraq to visit the troops. But additionally Palin as Governor of Alaska has had to deal with foreign entities on a regular basis as Alaska is a major hub for importing and exporting and oil is the major industry of the State which involves dealing with many foreign entities both from a foreign business and foreign governmental stand point.

But setting all of that aside for the Democrats to attack Palin as inexperienced leaves the debate wide open for spotlighting the inexperience of Barack Obama. Of course the Dems are trying to portray that McCain has taken that issue off the table because of choosing Palin. But I counter that with this. The Democrats by using inexperience as an attack have actually taken that debate to a higher level and made in more available for attack against Obama.

Prior to the Palin choice the Obama campaign especially after selecting Joe Biden for the ticket had avoided the experience debate like the plaque. Then when Biden was selected even Bill Clinton in his Convention speech stated that because Joe Biden's ,"experience and wisdom, " was on the Democrat ticket that, " America will have the National Security leadership that we need."

The addition of Biden and his years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, according to the Democrats, took the experience issue off the table. Of course we all know that adding Biden did little to change the experience issue because as President it would be Obama's responsibility to make decisions and not Biden's.

The inexperience issue is at the top of the ticket with the Democrats and the perceived inexperience issue is with the number two for the GOP. I state , "perceived, " inexperience for the GOP ticket because Sarah Palin is the only candidate in the race with elected Executive experience and as has been said many times in the last few days, while Obama has been campaigning for the Presidency from nearly day one in the US Senate, Palin has been in the Alaska State Capitol dealing very successfully with the executive responsibilities of being the Governor of a State.

Palin's selection for Vice President by John McCain has NOT taken the issue of experience off the table as many on the left are trying to claim but actually because the Democrats have chosen to highlight the issue, the inexperience of Barack Obama is now much more in the forefront than it was last week as the Obama campaign and their Democrat surrogates including the left wing media have highlighted experience in their charges against Sarah Palin.

The experience debate therefore has intensified and the loser in that debate is Barack Obama whose experience consists of a speech in 2004 at the Democrat Convention which placed him in the national spotlight and three years as a US Senator running for the Presidency.

Contrast that with Sarah Palin , the GOP Vice Presidential nominee who while Obama has been running for President has been running a City and then a State. Reforming a corrupt State Government, reducing taxes, dealing with foreign entities that have daily business with her State, using her VETO pen to reduce State spending, building an oil pipe line to help meet the energy needs of Alaska and the United States sending a son to the Army and shortly to Iraq and still having a baby and raising a family.

So to the Dems I challenge this, if you want a debate about experience bring it one because no matter how one sizes it up John McCain's experience in the military making Executive decisions as a commander , his long history of public service which has taken him to every corner of the world dealing with foreign leaders on pressing issues and domestic issues here at home combined with the hands on Executive experience of Sarah Palin make McCain/Palin the REAL experience that we need to lead this Nation for the next four years.

Ken Taylor

Friday, August 29, 2008


John McCain has shocked the political world and caught all of the pundits off guard by calling on Alaska Governor Sarah Plain to join the Republican ticket for the 2008 Presidential race.

Most believed that McCain would choose Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney or Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty but both early were found to have engagements in location other than Dayton, Ohio where McCain was to make his announcement.

By choosing Palin, McCain not only satisfies the GOP Conservative base but give the Democrats little to attack especially because Palin is a women.

The first term Alaskan Governor is a staunch conservative who is pro - life, a hunter and NRA member, a reform Governor who is well liked in Alaska favors drilling especially in ANWR and ran on a no corruption platform in a State whose government had been plagued by corruption.

Additionally as a Governor and a former Mayor, of the four candidates who are in the mix for 2008, Palin is the only one with elected Executive experience. She is a mother of five and cares for one child with Downs Syndrome.

Democrats have little to attack Palin with. Though a first term Governor, they cannot attack her on inexperience without opening themselves up for attacks on the inexperience problems of Barack Obama. Being a women the party that claims to be for women would be hard pressed to attack a women VP. Though she has no foreign policy experience that does not even come into play as foreign policy is one of McCain's strong points therefore his running mate does not need the experience.

A brilliant pick by John McCain that not only took the wind out of the Obama speech on the last night of the DNC Convention but also may very well have picked up the disgruntled Hillary supporters who wanted a women in the White House. This choice by McCain may have put the icing on the cake for a McCain Presidency and a victory in November!

Ken Taylor


Way above his pay grade! He gave a dynamic speech but that does not equal experience. No experience, no substance, no Obama!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - HICKMAN, Neb. — This one-horse town is looking like becoming a no-horse town. The owner of a 32-year-old horse named Peter Rabbit wasn't able Tuesday to buck a local ban on livestock within city limits. After widespread publicity of the ban that threatened to kick Peter Rabbit off the pasture where he was born, the Hickman City Council considered an ordinance Tuesday night that would allow horses inside city limits. But council members ultimately voted 4-2 against adopting it, leaving the ban intact. Councilwoman Kim Hoesing has long supported allowing horses. After Tuesday's vote, she said she hoped the issue would die down because "I can't get anyone to agree with me."

For a bedroom community where people live to get away from the hustle and bustle of nearby Lincoln, Hickman and its population of 1,085 have had a lot of racket lately. After publicity of Peter Rabbit's fight with City Hall, people around the country did some of the lobbying the horse couldn't. The horse's owner, 76-year-old Harley Scott, said he has raised Peter Rabbit since the brown Morgan-quarter horse crossbreed was born in his pasture in the spring of 1976. Scott said there have been horses on the land since his father bought 40 acres in 1935.

Government at work. Hasn't bothered anyone for 32 years but now having the horse around is a problem. Sheesh! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Drill, Drill, Drill, Drill, that is the cry from the American people. Alternatives are great for 30 years from now but we do have an oil based economy and prices go down when the drilling is passed. So who is out of touch with the voters, the GOP that agrees with them or the Dems who ignore them !

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - De QUEEN, Ark. — Firefighters were right on top of this blaze. The De Queen fire station is closed on weekends, so when a call is received the firefighters go to the station to get their gear before heading out. But when they gathered at the station Saturday to answer a call about a burning utility pole, they discovered they had another problem on their hands.

"One of the firemen called me and said the place was full of smoke. I thought he was joshing me. He said 'We've got a fire at the fire station,'" De Queen Fire Marshal Dennis Pruitt said. Firefighters called a dispatcher to get the Southwestern Electric Power Co. to disconnect the station's electrical service. "We told them the fire department has a fire. SWEPCO said 'Yeah, the fire department has a fire.' The dispatcher told them, 'No it's the fire station on fire!'" Pruitt said. Authorities say the blaze was started by lightning.

Well at least they didn't have to drive far to put out the flames! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

So are the Dems unified ? Not hardly! Bubba and Hillary put on a good show but when the lights went off and the Clintons went to their separate homes, nothing has changed. The Clinton's are out in the cold and Hillary supporters are still ticked an that is a fact!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - SAN DIEGO — It was the little engine that couldn't — because it was thirsty for fuel. A quick train trip down the coast turned into a long haul for more than 80 Amtrak passengers when their train from Los Angeles to San Diego ran out of fuel Sunday night. Amtrak spokesman Cliff Cole said the train sat for about two hours on the northern edge of San Diego before another engine came along to push it the last several miles to the San Diego train station.

The train, which had left Los Angeles at 8:30 p.m., didn't get there until 1:15 a.m. today, two hours late. A train running out of fuel is "an unusual occurrence" and Amtrak officials will be looking into how it happened, Cole said.

Maybe the next time a passenger rides Amtrak they should take an extra five gallon gas can with their luggage! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

The candidate of change teams with the candidate whose last change was in 1973 when he first took office. The ultimate Washington insider and the ultimate Washington novice!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, August 28, 2008


The all Clinton Democrat Convention displayed classic Bubba last night as the much anticipated speech by Bill Clinton roused the crowd to a frenzied pitch. Throughout the day the Convention that is supposed to be all about Barack Obama again was dwelling on the Clinton's as the media and the pundits spent the day analyzing Hillary's Tuesday night speech and speculating about Bill's Wednesday speech.

Even during the afternoon when the roll call for the nomination began, with the outcome certain, the talk before and at the beginning of the roll call vote was about Hillary's name being placed into nomination, whether the threat by many of her delegates about walking out of the Pepsi Center if the roll call was not allowed to be completed would happen and the impact that this roll call would have on the Obama campaign were the main subjects.

When all was said and done the vote was stopped and Obama won the nomination by acclimation. Once again Hillary played a large part in this as she made her way on the floor to the New York delegation and when New York was called she cast the votes for Obama. Then the cameras spent FOREVER watching her leave the floor.

I did get a kick out of watching Nancy Pelosi try to announce that Obama was the nominee only to find out the podium mic was off and that she had to do it all over again. The obvious, "egg on my face," look was classic.

The nomination of Obama whether one agrees with him or not is an historic moment in American politics as racial equality is being spotlighted as Obama becomes the first Black to receive a major political party nomination. One day maybe we will finally NOT look at the color of ones skin as anything but looking at another fellow human being!

The evening again displayed a array of speakers that no one paid attention to until Bubba appeared and the crowd went wild. To his credit Bill Clinton has always been a prolific speaker and last night was no exception. To the surprise of many pundits Clinton spent most of the speech praising Obama. Of course as in all Clinton speeches there was a good amount of time talking about Bill.

In the early moments of the speech Clinton tried to get across the idea that Obama was ready to be President. He began the litany of reasons that Obama is ready in a very curious way that I have not heard any of the pundits mention.

Here is what Clinton said after congratulating Obama on his VP pick. " With Joe Bidens's EXPERIENCE AND WISDOM, supporting Barack Obama's proven understanding, instincts and insight, America has the National Security leadership we need."

What makes this one statement in Clinton's speech so astounding is that he clearly states that WITHOUT Biden's, "experience and wisdom, " Obama does NOT have what it takes to protect this Nation and lead this country. Only after adding Biden to the ticket does Obama have experience in his corner. Inexperience is NOT what is needed in the White House and even Bill Clinton understands this evidenced by the way he stated Obama's lack of experience on National Security issues.

All in all Clinton gave a rousing speech that excited the crowd but did little to move the public opinion about Obama as we are now on the last day of the Convention and Obama is still tied in today's tracking polls with McCain. If the American people actually believed all of the rhetoric about Obama that has been coming out of this Convention by now he would have started to show some type of bounce in the polls.

The evening ended with a rather anti -climatic speech by VP choice Joe Biden in accepting the nomination for the number two slot on the Democrat ticket. Then Obama appeared, "out of nowhere," for a surprise visit. This has been played as an unscripted moment but we all know that Obama does nothing unscripted. It may have not been in the original schedule but it was added as the buzz during the day was that he was going to make an appearance. He also spoke to fluently for it not to have been a planned speech!

Tonight the Greek gods Zeus and Apollo will join the Roman god Jupiter on the podium beneath great Greek and Roman columns as Barack Obama mesmerizes the expected crowd of more than 70,000 at Denver' s Invesco Field. The Obama coronation speech will take place at 8PM Denver time, 10 PM Eastern preceded by a warm up speech by the ever exciting, (YAWN), Al Gore. Right now the weather forecast for this out door event calls for partly cloudy skies and temps in the fifties. But remember when Gore speaks bad whether follows. So the Goracle may very well really rain on Obama's parade!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It was all Hillary all day during day two of the Dem Fest in Denver. While several speakers stepped to the platform during the day including the Governors from Montana, Arizona, Kansas, ( who was on Obama's short list for VP), and former Virginia Governor Mark Warner, a day that should have focused on the nominee was clouded by anticipation of the last speaker of the day Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Most of the speakers during the day took aim at John McCain and did get jabs in here and there but the audience was so busy conversing among themselves and the media was so busy speculating about Hillary's speech that that little attention was paid to any of the days speakers except for an occasional forgettable sound bite.

Tuesday was highly anticipated for two reasons. One, whether Hillary would be magnanimous letting bygones be bygones and endorse Obama and two , whether Hillary would steal the show. Well she was one and one on those points. She did endorse Obama and she did steal the show.

In a day that should have belonged to the nominee, the former candidate who garnered eighteen million votes was the focus of the entire day and that focus will not end with Tuesday. Bill is speaking tonight and the anticipation of his night is almost as wild as that for his partner.

Hillary had one major goal for her speech at the Convention and that was to simply convince her followers to back and vote for Barack Obama. Since the end of the Primaries hundreds of thousands of Hillary supporters have expressed their anger over how she was treated by Obama and the DNC.

Hundreds of organized groups against Obama and many for McCain have have risen from the ranks of Hillary supporters disgruntled with the Democrat Party and Obama and last night was supposed to convince these minions to set aside their anger and follow their leader in backing Obama.

While Hillary accomplished what she set out to do in the wording and delivery of her speech, it looks as though she may have performed to well in her delivery and the fire in a speech that frankly was well done. The reaction by the angered minions instead of , " we support Barack," which was the goal of the speech, is more like, " wow, why wasn't she the one! "

She excited her supporters so much that they are just as fired up in their anger toward the DNC and Obama as they ever were. Interview after interview of disgruntled Hillary supporters praised her for the speech but are still not convinced about Obama. In fact many are actually more fired up because of the speech than they were before the speech.

Today's tracking polls show that the speech had no affect with voters as McCain is still up by between one and three points with only two days left in the Convention, and one of those days, today, still belonging to the Clinton's.

Bubba speaks tonight and his theme is supposed to be foreign policy but we all know Bubba and we have seen his anger concerning the treatment of Hillary so anything may happen during his big time tonight. Also the role call vote for Hillary takes place today drawing still more attention away from Obama who is supposed to be the focus of the entire Convention. After all he IS the nominee.

This has not been a good week for Barack Obama so far. A week that I might add should have been one of the high points of his entire campaign. Adding to the Clinton take over of the Convention are new revelations reported by National Review concerning documents found that prove without doubt that Obama has been lying in statements and ads concerning his association with Pentagon bomber Bill Ayers.

The documents show that the Foundation founded by Ayers in which Obama was a board member have both in a close relationship on a small Board and that Ayers likely personally placed Obama on the Board of the Foundation.

Not exactly the innocent eight year old child that Obama's current ad about the Ayers controversy tries to claim. Or the sixties as the ad goes on to say. But rather as Obama was running for his first term as a State Senator for Illinois. Other revelations show a relationship that existed as late as the beginning of his Presidential run, though denied by Obama.

This Convention is becoming a disaster for Obama and the Democrats. America is seeing a party divided, a candidate who is taking a second seat to one who is not the nominee and the Clinton's once again doing what they have always done best, taking center stage in Democrat politics whether they are wanted or not!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The Democratic Convention began in earnest at the Pepsi Center in Denver Colorado and I must say if day one is an example of the rest of the week then this Convention is not going to help the Dems in the least and may actually hinder any chance they have come November.

I have never been one to agree with former Clintonite James Carville who is now a CNN political analyst but he did have the quote of the evening and it is one that I agree with. In fact while watching the Fox News coverage, his quote was actually mentioned several times by Fox contributors. Carville's take on day 1: "Well if this party has a message it has done a hell of a job of hiding it tonight I promise you that."

One of the purposes of a Convention, other than nominating, a candidate is to use the very partisan setting as a means to get that parties message to the people in a grand a sensational format. The Dems had no message last night and the one they were trying to claim that they were attempting failed completely.

The theme was "One Nation." No where in the coverage I watched was the idea of ," One Nation," ever given. But I will admit I did not watch the entire coverage because I can only stomach only so much Democrat rhetoric.

Nancy Pelosi was the first main speaker and judging by her performance last night she should stick to writing and selling, (sort of), books because she is better at being an author than a speaker! And we all know how she failed as an author. Even the crowd who was in the Pepsi Center paid no attention to her.

Next on the podium was Jimmy Carter.....yawn. That is about all I have to say about that. I will admit that the surprise visit by the ailing Senator Ted Kennedy was a touching moment considering that being only weeks removed from brain tumor surgery with a very dire prognoses for recovery was a memorable moment. I do not like his politics but wish him the best during this terrible time for both he and the Kennedy's.

But even Teddy was not original plagiarising JFK's historic line from the 1961 Inaugural speech were Kennedy said, "the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans." JFK referenced this to his generation and Ted plagiarized it in trying to make a comparison with Barack Obama. Give me a break!

Then the magic moment came, ( all sarcasm intended), Michelle Obama took the podium. The goal of her speech was to create a different view of her. To erase the view by most that she is an elitist who makes controversial statements like, "being proud of her country for the first time in her adult life, " because her husband was running for President.

She was to portray the devoted daughter, loving wife and mother image. What I saw was a scripted narration about her life which moved into a litany of how Obama would bring everything to everyone. Not once did this, "loving," wife ever refer to Barack with the word husband but always by his name. Very intimate aren't they .

The last effort of the night was a video link between the Obama family and the candidate on the campaign trail. The link was from a backers house in Kansas City, Missouri. Barack asked the kids how did , "mommy do," and the kids replied , "good." Oh, sooooo touching. I did get a kick out of Obama saying he was in St. Louis and his younger daughter asking him, " where he was, " in a correcting manner to which he replied, Kansas City. Hmmmm the messiah didn't know where he was.

Many pundits deemed this first night in Denver a waste. To those pundits I add my whole hearted agreement. Now on to the back to back Clintons and there take over of the Convention. The war begins!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 24, 2008


He has picked his running mate. Joe Biden from Delaware. A Senator who like Obama himself is an obvious flip flopper. While running for the Democrat Nomination Biden considered is a ,"tragic mistake, " for the Democrats to nominate a candidate without ,"unimpeachable credentials on national security and foreign policy." Now he is not only running with that candidate but considers the same inexperienced candidate he criticized to be qualified for the Presidency.

But in this world of politics there is one individual who calls for Obama in a way that should mean much more than it does to the Democrats and the media. A person who is not chanting ,"change," like the minions who are mesmerized by the liberal Senator from Illinois. A person who shares not only a name but blood with Barack Hussein Obama.

In a shanty town in Huruma near Nairobi, Kenya lives George Hussein Obama, the 26 year old half brother of Barack Obama. Both the sons of Barack Hussein Obama Sr. A brother that Barack the candidate has met once when a child, and then the year before becoming a United States Senator he traveled to Nairobi to visit other family there and met with his half brother again.

George Obama lives off of one dollar a month and calls as his home a tin shack in the shanty town of Huruma. Compare this to the nearly two million dollar home and the multi million dollar income of his much more famous brother. Many who stand with Barack have and will just pass this story by with a shrug or as an attempt by the right and even the media to damage the untouchable candidate.

The truth is that this one enlightening story about the impoverished half brother of a man who is running for the most powerful office in the world speaks volumes about the true character of Barack Obama. In the world of politics nearly every elected official or candidate has a distant relative who may live in a bad situation. After all almost every American family has a distant member who either chooses to live in terrible conditions or through circumstances have found themselves in those conditions.

But they are not running for President of The United States claiming to be a," citizen of the world," and calling for billions of tax payer dollars to pay for huge government entitlements to ,"care," for those who may find themselves in similar conditions as George Obama. Now as a conservative, I fully understand that these multi billion dollar programs proposed by Barack will do nothing to eliminate or even help the poverty stricken.

If they actually helped than the welfare programs instituted by FDR and the Great Society started by LBJ would have long eliminated poverty in America. Government programs fail at providing what they are designed to do because of the huge and over burdensome tax and bureaucratic monsters they create.

The point here is that Democrat nominee Barack Obama claims to be the caring, compassionate liberal that embraces the world yet he cannot even lend a simple helping hand to a blood brother who lives off of one dollar a month.

Some may ask, "why is this such a big deal ?" After all Jimmy Carter had Billy and Bill Clinton had Roger, both of whom were somewhat of an embarrassment to the family because of their actions. Also Barack has never been close to his half brother.

Yes Jimmy had Billy and Bubba had Roger but neither of these Presidential brothers lived in poverty. Yes Barack and George Obama have never been close and hardly know each other , but they DO know each other and Barack the Presidential candidate has not even attempted to lend a helping hand to his impoverished brother.

Last week the Obama campaign attacked John McCain for not knowing how many houses he owned. Suggesting that because he does not know how many houses he owns, how then can he handle a struggling economy. Not once in this attack by the Obama campaign was it mentioned that the reason that McCain does not know how many is because at least two were given to members of McCain's family, an elderly aunt and a daughter.

So to Barack Obama I present a similar question to the one he attacked McCain with. With a brother who lives on one dollar a month and lives in a ramshackle shack, how can Barack Hussein Obama handle the impoverished in our own country when he cannot even take care of his own ?

More importantly, as has been said hundreds of times by dozens of pundits, a Presidential campaign is about character. Having an impoverished brother who is well known to a candidate is a true judge of that candidates character. Even if he does not truly care about the plight of his brother one would think that if he was planning to run for President he would at least make sure his brother had a decent place to live and an allowance or assistance in acquiring a job to better his impoverished situation. If for nothing else but to prevent this from becoming a PR problem.

But Barack Obama's concern for his brother does not even encompass the possibility of it becoming a PR problem much less concern for a blood relative whose ties are as close as sharing the same father.

Of course caring and compassionate liberals see nothing wrong with this picture because their anointed one is beyond all reproach. After all this is the party who partnered with Denver, Colorado to find ways to get the homeless off the streets only long enough to keep them from the cameras during the DNC Convention with free tickets and haircuts rather than trying to find real housing and care for the very people who the Democrats claim to champion.

It would seem that the hypocrisy of liberals begins at the top with their nominee and trickles all the way down the liberal ladder. Setting aside the political ramifications concerning the impoverished George Obama, decency dictates that his rich and famous brother should extend a helping hand to his shanty town resident brother in Kenya. So the cry from shanty town to Illinois is, "O Bama where art thou ! "

Ken Taylor

Thursday, August 21, 2008


For those who have been waiting for Obama to announce his running mate.....well he has been announcing it as long as he has been campaigning ! The Obama ticket, "Barack Obama and Big Government with Higher Taxes 08."

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - CHICAGO (AP) — A man who contends he got a 9-foot tapeworm after eating undercooked fish has sued a Chicago restaurant. In the lawsuit filed Monday, Anthony Franz said he ordered salmon salad for lunch from Shaw's Crab House in 2006 and fell violently ill. He later passed the giant parasite, which a pathologist determined came from undercooked fish, such as salmon.

Franz's lawsuit seeks $100,000 from Shaw's and its parent company, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, contending the restaurant's staff was negligent in serving him improperly cooked fish. But Carrol Symank, vice president of food safety for Lettuce Entertain You, said the tapeworm didn't come from Shaw's. "We have done a thorough investigation and we're confident the restaurant is not the source," he said.

If he became , "violently ill, " soon after the meal, this is one for the record books for the fastest growing tape worm in history! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Her book is ranked, 13,797 on Amazon and used copies, ( all four of them), are already selling for only $4.00. Her Congress has the lowest approval rating in history. She deems herself as the one to ,"save the planet," and even with over 70% of the American people standing with the GOP to drill she is so much wiser than everyone and refuses to budge on drilling. Hope you like San Francisco Nancy, because come November you may have a lot more time to spend there!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - POINT MARION, Pa. (AP) — An 85-year-old woman boldly went for her gun and busted a would-be burglar inside her home, then forced him to call police while she kept him in her sights, police said. "I just walked right on past him to the bedroom and got my gun," Leda Smith said.

Smith heard someone break into her home Monday afternoon and grabbed the .22-caliber revolver she had been keeping by her bed since a neighbor's home was burglarized a few weeks ago. "I said 'What are you doing in my house?' He just kept saying he didn't do it," Smith said. After the 17-year-old boy called 911, Smith kept holding the gun on him until state police arrived at her home in Springhill Township, about 45 miles south of Pittsburgh.

All that I can say to this is, " way to go Grandma! " - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Eight Gold Medals, seven World Records......."look in the pool it's a dolphin, it's a sub no it's Super Mike!" Way to go Michael Phelps the greatest swimmer of all time !

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - FULLERTON, California (AP) — Alone and in labor, Jessica Higgins found the first place she could to give birth — her front lawn. The 36-year-old was driving home from the mall Tuesday when little Mary Claire decided to arrive six weeks early. Higgins — with her 2-year-old son sleeping in the back seat — called for an ambulance as she arrived at her home, but she had already pushed her daughter out when police arrived.

"She was just standing in the driveway rocking the newborn, who was still attached to the placenta," Officer Manny Ramos said Wednesday. Higgins' husband, Jeff, arrived in time to cut the baby's umbilical cord under the front-yard ficus tree.

When it's time , it's time wherever Mom happens to be! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

The great Obama energy plan. "Ah , well, ahhh, ummm, ahh I mean , ahh it's , ahh going to, ahh take, ahh about ten years , ahhh , umm, ahh , before ahh, umm, any oil, well umm ahhh, will ahh, be available ahh, ummm I mean, ahh umm for, ahh you know, ummm use. Obama without a TelePrompter.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


In election years many videos and ads hit the airways that either anger or depress voters because they focus on the negatives

Whether those negatives are about the other candidate or about the shape of our Nation. This one is different. Its focus is on the positive about our country and our people.

Excellent video which also happens to have our generations greatest President and the next President all in one video! Enjoy.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


In a brilliant political move the McCain campaign announced that the Republican nominee will be traveling to Dayton Ohio on August 29, 2008 to officially announce who he has chosen to be his Vice Presidential running mate.

Now the campaign has tied this in with McCain's birthday which happens to be the 29th but the significance of this move politically speaking is very obvious. The Democrats head to Denver beginning August 25. Obama will make his nomination acceptance speech on the evening of August 28, which will be the final event of the Democrat Convention. Making it rather late by the time the speech is over especially on the East Coast.

The DNC has made a big deal about the speech being made on the anniversary of the Martin Luther King, "I have a dream," speech made in Washington in 1963. So this combined with the usual bounce that is gained immediately after any Convention I am sure has made for high hopes that Obama would head into the weekend before the GOP Convention with a sizable lead in the polls.

First I do not believe that Obama would receive more than maybe a 3 to 5 point bounce based on his lackluster showing in the polls after his European tour and the extensive media coverage he receives. But the timing of McCain's VP announcement will insure that not only will the Obama bounce be minimal at best but that the pundits and talking heads will be discussing McCain's VP choice before the GOP Convention and in the aftermath of the DNC Convention rather than Obama.

Brilliant move by the McCain campaign to steal possible thunder from Obama and the Democrats.

Ken Taylor


"LAY OFF MY WIFE," Barack Obama in May 2008. During the Saddleback Forum Obama was asked in whom he receives advise when Rick Warren asked this question , " Who are you going to rely heavily on in your administration ?" Obama's first response was, "You mentioned one person I'd be listening to and that's Michelle."

Obama has made it very clear that his wife Michelle is off limits when it concerns his run for the Presidency. He emphatically stated in May after a GOP ad in Tennessee targeted his wife because of several controversial statements that she has made on the campaign trail, that he deemed it , "unacceptable, " and that his wife was off limits.

Setting aside the controversial statements that she has made like being , "proud ," of America for the first time in her," adult life," because her husband is running for President, Barack Obama in his response to Rick Warren's question on who he will depend upon for advice as President has now left the door wide open for Michelle Obama to be scrutinized and questioned during the remainder of the campaign.

Now we all know that the wife of a Presidential candidate is open for scrutiny because she could possibly become the First Lady of The United States. But obviously Obama has not and would not accept this fact so he lashed out at the GOP for the scrutiny concerning his wife who has been on the campaign trail but according to Obama should be off limits.

Well Barack you can't have it both ways. His answer to Warren indicates that Michelle Obama is his first and top advisor and as such she is not only fair game for scrutiny and , "attack ads," by Republicans and the media, but as an advisor she SHOULD be questioned as all campaign and/or Presidential advisers are.

After all an advisor is one in whom advice is received which in turn equates into policy and decisions that can effect the American people. Therefor as an advisor she deserves questioning and intense scrutiny as she shapes the campaign and public policy of a Presidential candidate, namely Barack Obama.

From his own lips Obama has removed the gloves that he placed on scrutiny of Michelle in his statement in May of this year and by his own admission as an advisor he himself has made her fair game for all. By his own admission she no longer is just the innocent wife who Obama claims to protect from harm but an official advisor who shapes his ideas and policy and as such is open for any and all scrutiny and questions concerning her character and ANY statement she makes in public.

Once again Obama speaks from both sides of his mouth trying to have it both ways. His statement during the Saddleback Forum when trying to avoid the question when asked at what point a baby gets human rights as being , "above his pay grade," ( an answer that in itself proves his inability to deal with issues especially those concerning the sanctity of life), can also be applied to his run for the Presidency, a run that to is way above his pay grade.

Ken Taylor

Monday, August 18, 2008


The above graphic presents an interesting and favorable picture for John McCain in the Electoral vote for the Presidency. 270 are needed to win and as of August 17, McCain stands at 274.

States of interest are North Carolina who most had conceded to Obama because of his large victory there in the Primary. Also Virginia was considered lost to McCain even though it has been a red state in the last several elections. With Democrat Governor Tim Kaine on Obama's short list for VP Virginia was thought to be lost. Latest polls show otherwise.

Obama's recent drop in the polls along with damaging gaffs like the remark during the Saddleback Church forum where he stated that answering a question on when the rights of a baby begin being, "above his pay grade," are shining the light of doubt and mistrust with the American people even with the DNC Convention only a week away.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Barack Obama is dangerous. That is a well known fact that conservatives understand and why we are so adamant in our opposition to this liberal candidate whose inexperience and lack of substance have no business even running for President much less sitting in the Oval Office.

In our zeal to defeat Obama though, we have neglected something that we as conservatives have always been consistent with when it concerns our politics. Conservatives have not only been able to articulate why we are opposed to an issue or a candidate but also why we support an issue or a candidate.

A fellow blogger, Gayle at the Dragon Lady's Den during my Blog Talk Radio show brought to my attention the fact that we bloggers are spending a considerable amount of time writing against Obama and very little time in why we support John McCain, other than he is NOT Obama.

We all know that McCain is not our first choice as a candidate but we also understand that when given the choice between the two alternatives McCain is the far better candidate. But is that reason enough to support anyone for President ? We conservatives pride ourselves on being informed about the issues and the candidates and as such when anyone runs for President we have always known exactly why we support their candidacy.

One thing about many liberals that I have noticed over the years is that when asked the question , "why," concerning a particular issue or candidate most are either angered or quickly begin repeating liberal talking points because they have not considered in their own mind an answer to that very important question.

In fact in my experience with liberals I have found that the quickest way to get a heated response is to simply ask, "why," during a discussion. In almost every instance the liberal that I was talking to became flustered or agitated and began repeating talking points or accusing me of promoting hatred.

During the 2004 election I posted a story giving liberals a full week to comment why they were supporting John Kerry. I was receiving numerous comments from liberals who were attacking Bush or making accusations but never one that stated why they were supporting Kerry. I stated in the post that I would NOT accept responses attacking Bush or stating that a liberal supported Kerry because he was not Bush or that they hated Bush. I wanted ONLY reasons why a liberal would support Kerry based on policy and ideas.

I received NO responses. I then followed this up with a lengthy posting about why I supported President Bush. Amazingly those same liberals who could NOT give any reason as to why they supported Kerry commented with obvious anger about my support of President Bush.

While we conservative bloggers are justified in our opposition and our considerable posting against Barack Obama, we also must remember that we as conservatives also know why we support issues and candidates and must somewhat balance our posting to show our insight and research about the candidate we support.

So with this in mind I submit the following reasons, based on several key issues as to why I support John McCain for President of The United States.

The war and national security - John McCain has been second to none on this vital issue. He is a staunch supporter of the military and is himself a hero whose military service especially as a POW is unquestionable. He stood , in many case almost alone, in his support for victory in Iraq and placed his political future on the line by taking this stand and was eventually justified as the surge not only worked but has brought victory because of a correct policy and the tremendous job performed by our best and bravest.

He understands that the only way to end the evil of Islamic terrorism is to defeat it and not to negotiate with it. His knowledge of the military and experience not only as a commander but in 25 years in Congress working with the military and on many committees whose responsibilities covered military matters and national security interests gives him a keen insight and ability as Commander in Chief. He understands that protecting our national security means that there are times that it is necessary to fight and defend freedom.

Energy and oil - While I have some misgivings concerning McCain's buying into Global Warming as a fact, he does understand that we are an oil based economy and as such it is necessary in the short and long term to develop and supply oil for our use from our own domestic capabilities. In other words, DRILL ! McCain was opposed to drilling but as he realized that a full 70% of our oil consumption is supplied from foreign sources and that this in itself presents not only an economic problem but a national security risk because of the vulnerability it creates, McCain reversed his stand and calls for drilling both off shore and other land based resources.

Though still hedging on ANWR, McCain is now on the correct side of this issue. Combining the necessity of domestic drilling with research for future alternatives for oil, especially nuclear technology.

Taxes - No tax increases period. That in a nutshell is McCain's stand on this issue. He understands that Americans have a tax burden that even with the tax cuts that were instituted by President Bush is still much to high. He not only wants to make the Bush tax cuts permanent but reduce the tax burden further understanding that when taxes are decreased revenues increase and that the American people know better how to spend our hard earned money than the government.

Earmarks - This is one issue that McCain almost stands alone on not with just talk but by his actions. During his twenty five years in Congress as a member of both Chambers, McCain has never sought pork spending for his home State of Arizona. He has stated that he will VETO any bill that comes to him as President that contains any earmark.

Government Spending - Even with a Republican majority government spending has been long out of control. McCain not only understands that this was a prime reason why the GOP was booted out of the majority in 2006 but also that this excessive spending has to end before it bankrupts this country. Limited government and limited spending are a McCain mantra.

Supreme Court Justices - The next President will have at least one and likely two Justices of the Supreme Court who will retire during his four years. This one issue alone will shape law and whether the High Court follows Constitutional law and principles or tries to legislate from the bench. McCain has stated and has supported Judges like Samuel Alito and John Roberts.

Judges who understand that the responsibility of the High Court is to apply the law as stated in the Constitution and not use the court as a means of pushing through liberal legislation that cannot be passed in Congress.

Abortion - There are many who consider this issue alone when they choose a candidate to support. While I am an ardent pro -lifer, I also understand that many issues face this Nation and as such I am not a one issue voter. But for those who are and this is the issue in which they decide their vote, then McCain is also the candidate to support.

He has a twenty five year record in favor of the sanctity of life and believes that the rights of the unborn begin AT conception!

Immigration - Though in my opinion McCain is still wrong on several aspects of this issue, because of the defeat through grassroots efforts by the people of the massive amnesty bill that McCain co-sponsored, he has come to understand that border security is the first and utmost important issue concerning illegal immigration and now supports the fence and border security first. This also shows that he understands that the people still are the voice of this Nation and his willingness to listen to the people. A trait that many politicians do not have.

Yes I support John McCain because I cannot and will not support Barack Obama. Yes it is true that my zeal against Obama is somewhat of a driving force in my support. But as listed above I also understand that in supporting a candidate for President it is also necessary to know how that candidate stands and why his policy matches my support.

It seems that a vast majority of Obama supporters are mesmerised in support of the liberal because of two words, "hope and change." Though they have no clue of what hope and the type of change. Many support Obama because he looks and sounds good. None of these are reasons to support a candidate much less one for President. It is shallow and neglects our responsibility as voters in knowing why we vote.

My challenge stands to liberals as it did in 2004. Why do you support Barack Obama. I will not accept statements that he offers hope or change or that he is young and sounds good. I want real reasons based on the issues and knowledge of his stance on those issues and why those stances have given a vote to Obama.

I have detailed why I support John McCain, so to any and all liberals who read this post, I challenge you to do the same for Barack Obama. I am betting that most can't. We shall see!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, August 14, 2008


It seems that Putin is a Beatles fan. While invading Georgia the attacking army was heard playing the Beatles, "Back in the USSR." Putin also sung the song at a recent press conference. Once KGB always KGB. Putin's goal is to take the region, "Back in the USSR!"

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - Monterey Park, CA - It wasn't the man on the hog who found himself being greedy. Police near Los Angeles say motorists stopped in speeding traffic to gather up bills Sunday after a man on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle dropped a bag of cash. They took off when the California Highway Patrol arrived.

The biker told authorities a computer bag he was carrying ripped and spilled money across Interstate 10, where people were driving in 65 mph traffic. Highway Patrol Officer Anthony Martin says he doesn't know how much cash was in the bag or how much drivers made away with.

It was obvious that drivers were just trying to cash in on the spill ! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

At this point even Paris Hilton would make a better Speaker than Nancy, "Mother Nature", Pelosi. I hear her book has topped 5,000 copies sold in three weeks. Wow Pelosi has a big family!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - ST. PAUL -- An orange trail of Cheetos led St. Paul police to three teenagers suspected of burglarizing a vending machine. Officers were called to the Arlington Recreation Center on July 29, where they found a vending machine's glass had been broken with a chair.

Most of the candy and chips were missing, according to a criminal complaint. The officers followed a trail of snack debris from the rec center, around the side of the building and to a nearby home. Inside, they found numerous vending-sized bags of Cheetos and other snacks. Police arrested three males aged 17, 18 and 19 who soon arrived at the home by car.

I guess the crooks couldn't eat just one! No one ever said that thieves were smart! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Say goodbye Johnnie. Your political career and ambulance chasing days are over! I hear that the Breck hairspray company has already contacted the baby for an endorsement contract!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - ONTARIO, Ore. -- Police say there's been an alarming rise in urine-filled plastic containers found along a three-mile stretch of Interstate 84 in eastern Oregon. A litter crew for the Oregon Department of Transportation picked up an estimated 200-300 urine filled plastic bottles, along the highway, about half of which were found in a short stretch dubbed "Three Mile Hill.

"Police say that drivers - particularly commercial trucks - are typically driving very slowly through the area. Police think the price of fuel may be causing drivers to travel slower than normal to save fuel while at the same time passing rest areas or truck stops.

Actually this is part of Obama's energy program. Truckers are supplying fuel for Obama's new hybrid powered car that operates off a urine. He calls it the PEE MOBILE. That is what you call change! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Just like his energy policy that calls for tire inflation, Obama's foreign, domestic and other liberal policy is a great big ZERO!!!!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Setting the world of politics aside for a day, I want to give kudos to a true athletic genius, Michael Phelps. Yesterday in Beijing Phelps won his eleventh Gold Medal placing him above Olympic icons Carl Lewis and Mark Spitz as the athlete who has won the most Gold Medals in Olympic history. He is also well on his way to winning eight Gold Medals during the Games, surpassing the record held by America's Mark Spitz at seven.

Not only does Phelps win but he does so in dominating fashion. In each of the five events that he has competed in to this point he has not only won individually or in relay competition, but has shattered the World Record while leaving the rest of the athletes in the pool literally in his wake.

Many had suggested before this Olympics started that The United States should boycott the Games because of the Human Rights violations of the Chinese. This is a country that still has Communism as its form of government and has one of the if not the worst Human Rights records in history.

It has been reported that officials rounded up hundreds of thousands of possible dissidents to prevent them from telling the World of the real China rather than the show China that is being portrayed for the Games.

While I deplore the Chinese Communism and their treatment of the Chinese people, ( even their athletes are jerked from their homes at a young age and become government property), I am reminded of two things concerning the Olympics.

First during the days of the Cold War the nemesis in every Olympics for The United States was the Warsaw block and especially the USSR and East Germany. The intense competition was always heated because it became an, "us," against," them," situation in every Olympics.

Without exception The United States shined as our athletes who freely chose to compete and freely disciplined themselves to become the best competed against athletes from the Eastern Block who were wards of the State and under Communist rule competed at the control and punishment or reward of their government.

Our free athletes not only won but showed the world what a free man or women could do when given the opportunity to freely express their physical abilities. The second example that has come to mind is the 1936 Olympics.

Adolph Hitler was just beginning his conquest of Europe and was using the Games as a propaganda tool to showcase German superiority, especially against the black race in whom Hitler despised. The United States shined that year in our athletic abilities of free men and women and also in being the ONLY country who refused to dip our flag before the Chancellor, (Hitler), as was expected by every country participating.

A fabulous athlete, who also happened to be black ran away with the track and filed competition even sparking Hitler to leave the stadium during one days competition because of his anger over the failure of what he thought would be a propaganda coup. That athletes name was Jessie Owens.

Michael Phelps and the rest of team USA are once again demonstrating to the world not only their brilliant athletic abilities but also that when men and women are freely given the choice as to what direction they wish to pursue with their lives and not dictated to by the State, then free men and women will always shine as they follow their hearts and their free minds to pursue excellence. Congratulations Michael Phelps and Team USA!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The arrogance continues in the campaign of king Barack Obama. Not only is he a, "citizen of the world," and is the, "symbol of our best traditions," informing the people of the world that, "this is our moment," because, "we are the change we have been waiting for," but now the messiah is directly responsible for a cease fire by the Russian Republic in the attacks against Georgia.

Yes the messiah called for a cease fire and the Russians and the Georgian President realized that the ,"one," had spoken and in the best interest of all citizens of the world the best course of action would be to have an immediate cease fire.

Virginia Governor Tom Kaine who is on the short list as Obama's VEEP was on Fox News this morning and being on that short list he must be in the know concerning the activities and happenings within the Throne Room of the great Obamamessiah and this is what Governor Kaine said on Fox, "It was a bad crisis for the world. It required tough words but also a smart approach to call on the international community to step in. And I’m very, very happy that the Senator's request for a ceasefire has been complied with by President Medvedev.”

Yes the messiah spoke and the world hears and nor Barack Obama king and messiah for a world that has been lacking one who would bring about all good for all people has brought about the end of hostilities between Russia and Georgia. My legs are tingling at the thought of what else this wonderful citizen of the world can bring.

I have heard that even now he is on his way to Beijing because Michael Phelps is not sure whether he can win all eight of the Gold Medals that he is swimming for and that Barack Obama is coming to the rescue to help the American swimmer become another convert and citizen of the world and Barack will bring Gold to the help Phelps.

Will this arrogance by and on behalf of the Obamamessaih ever end! Why should I vote , I mean after all he is already president and king of the world so my vote is inconsequential to the coronation of the Obamamessiah.

He can end war, make women faint, make three pointers at will, wave his hand and masses scream their approval. Look up in the sky, it's a bird , it's a it's Super Obama !
The arrogance continues even while he vacations in Hawaii. Wait could that be the Obamamessiah parting the seas a Waikiki ? Who knows while he is there he may just raise the Arizona and resurrect her crew after all he is Barack Obama the king of the world!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Since the days of Reagan and especially after the Contract With America Republican members of the Congress, mostly the Senate have had a habit of shooting themselves in the foot. After taking control of the Congress in 1994GOP lawmakers had a run of success for awhile during the first Clinton term then began stumbling over true GOP values of limited government and reducing spending until their spend thrift ways brought back a Democrat majority in 2006.

Since the birth of the Pelosi/Reid Congress and the absolute failure of Democrats in doing anything , Republicans have failed to take advantage of these failings and the dismal Democrat record setting low approval numbers even in the single digits.

GOP lawmakers seem to have been satisfied with mediocrity and bowing to the whims of the failed liberal leadership claiming that they had no power to do anything because the votes just were not there. That combined with a group of RINO Republicans who sided with Democrats more often than not have made the GOP in Congress rather spineless.

Then on Friday August 1, an amazing thing happened. House GOP members found a backbone on an issue that has escalated over the past months that the GOP and the America people agree on completely. So much so that it is an issue that the Republicans actually own and have the opportunity to not only make a dent in the liberal stranglehold of Congress but maybe even take back the House.

When GOP House members refused to leave for the August recess and have continued to remain debating the energy bill and especially oil drilling to a packed gallery and a darkened House Chamber, House members have shown the American people a backbone and a stance on the defining issue of this campaign that favors the GOP over the Democrats by large numbers.

Republican Presidential candidate John McCain in his run for the White House stands on the right side of the drilling issue which is in contrast to the maybe I might think about it eventually attitude of Barack Obama. This combined with an obvious over saturation of media coverage of Obama has not only kept McCain within the margin of error but fluctuating with the lead in many polls with a campaign that is struggling for any air time.

It has become apparent that the over saturation of Obama by the media hounds who have already crowned him a messiah and selected him as President is beginning to have an effect on the American public as Obamamania is beginning to tire a voting public who tire easily of the political process during a long and heated campaign. So McCain's lack of media coverage may actually be helping his campaign rather than boosting Obama's campaign as the MSM would wish for the anointed leader.

So what is the reaction to this favorable situation by Republican Senators ? They jump ship and create the,"Gang of Ten." Five Republican and five Democrat Senators who have reached a ,"compromise," over energy that supposedly allows drilling combined with some of the conservation and alternatives that the Democrats favor over drilling. That is until one actually sees the fine print of the bill.

As has been the case during this spineless streak by the GOP when a compromise is reached between Republicans and Democrats the compromise looks like a rewrite of the Democrat agenda with Republicans accepting a totally water downed even washed out version of GOP ideas.

This ,"compromise," actually adds regulation for drilling and hamstrings off shore drilling to a point that it becomes not only counter productive but almost useless to attempt to drill. While the Democrats in the ,"gang," have managed to keep all of their environmentally charged issues like alternative fuels, saving the planet from the ,"dangers," of oil drilling on land and because of the restrictions in the bill offshore also.

The bill limits drilling offshore to four States and outside a barrier of fifty miles. The deposits known to exist are in a range of about twenty five miles off shore and the depth of the Ocean at fifty miles makes exploration of possible deposits not only more expensive but a tremendously increased difficulty because of the depth.

One of the,"gang," who has been a,"gang," member in nearly every ,"gang," related situation that has taken place in the Senate is South Carolina's Lindsay Graham who happens to, unfortunately, represent my State. I called the Senators office last week complaining about this compromise and talked with a staffer.

The attitude of panic and defeat was obvious. I explained to the staffer that the issue of oil and drilling was an issue that the GOP controlled and had the possibility of actually gaining seats in the House. The response that I received was that Graham compromised because Democrats, "will," have a VETO proof majority and the White House after November and that the GOP had to get used to compromising with Democrats.

Now this is not an exact quote but does follow the direction of the conversation. I , of course, in a manner that caused a considerable restraint on my part explained to the staffer that Graham was an idiot for conceding the election and was compromising on an issue where compromise is not needed.

This one issue alone is sinking the Democrats and the numbers are proving this fact. As far as the Presidential election is concerned, Obama's over saturation, (you can't change the channel without seeing or hearing him), his being on the wrong side of drilling and continuing to claim the failure of the surge though the evidence and even aspects of the medias reporting prove otherwise is also keeping his numbers low.

This along with what looks to be a dis-trust of Obama with likely voters not only favors McCain but is on the way to electing him. The failures in the House and the GOP revolt have also opened the distinct possibility of gains in the House and maybe even firing the very unpopular Nancy Pelosi as Speaker by the GOP regaining the majority.

Yet Graham and the other four in the gang have already conceded the election by their attitude and their compromise. House members have finally found a backbone while Senators cave on the very same issue. Thankfully this ,"compromise," has not reached the Senate floor and will not until after the Convention when lawmakers return in September. Hopefully Graham and his fellow wimps will see the folly of this bill by then or the strength of the GOP position will be so obvious that the bill will die a quick death.

New York Yankee Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra once said, "it ain't over 'till it's over." This Berra quote applies to this particular election more than most since Obama who should be up by twenty points because of the coverage he receives is actually, because of that same biased and over coverage, facing an Obama weary public that should be just beginning to have an interest in the election and not peaking until late October.

This combined with the failures of Pelosi, (she can't even sell her book), the Democrat Congress and being on the wrong side of the defining issue in this election which is oil, not only makes the results of a very heated election very up in the air but despite predictions to the contrary, Republicans both in the White House run and Congressional races are far stronger than the pundits claim and the American people are decidedly leaning GOP!

Ken Taylor

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