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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Democrat motto - If it moves, tax it. If it breaths, tax it. If it's expanded, tax it. If it EXISTS, TAX IT !

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - WINONA, Minn. -- A woman wants abuse charges filed against an acquaintance who was pet-sitting for her potbellied pig and allowed the animal to get fat.

Michelle Schmitz said her pig, Alaina Templeton, weighed 50 pounds when Schmitz left her with a co-worker who offered to care for the animal in February, when Schmitz went on medical leave to recover from ankle surgeries. Nine months later, the pig weighed 150 pounds.

HMMM I thought that is what pigs do....get FAT! Sort of reminds me of Democrat PORK BARREL SPENDING ! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

The 110th Congress list of accomplishments - 1. ahhhh 2. ahhhh 3. ahhhh 4. ahhhh 5. ahhhhh 6. ahhhhh 7. ahhhhh 8. ahhhh 9. ahhhhh 10. Starting next year Congress will only work four days and take Friday's off.

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Prosecutors say a man shoved a cell phone down his girlfriend's throat because he was angry and jealous. But defense attorneys insisted as a trial got underway that the woman swallowed the phone intentionally to keep the defendant from seeing whom she had been calling.

Marlon Brando Gill, 24, is charged with first-degree assault in the December incident involving 25-year-old Melinda Abell. Abell has given inconsistent accounts of what happened before she was taken to a hospital, where an emergency room doctor removed the phone.

She testified Tuesday on the first day of Gill's trial that she couldn't remember how the phone got in her throat, saying she had too much to drink that night. Wonder if she had Verizon...."can you hear me know ? " - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

China lands on the moon, " That's one small step for Chairman Mao and one more Chinese Restaurant for mankind. "

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - DUBLIN - Two Irish men who stole a fishing trawler after missing their ferry had to be rescued off the British coast where they were going in circles because they did not know how to sail.

After hours at sea, the men called what they thought was the Irish coastguard for help."They thought they were just off the coast of Ireland," said Ray Steadman, press officer of the Holyhead lifeboat in north Wales, about 66 miles east of Ireland.In fact, the two were just 12 miles north of where they started in Holyhead and had called the British coastguard, Steadman told Irish broadcaster RTE Monday.

Lifeboats and a helicopter were sent out to rescue the men, who were detained by police before being released.They were later rearrested after the boat owner discovered some damage to his trawler - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

The Do Do Bird may be extinct but Democrats unfortunately are alive and kicking!

Ken Taylor


The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 17 - 4 in favor of sending The United Nations Law of the Sea Treaty to the Senate floor for ratification. At this writing the roll call was not available but three Senators who have been on the fore front against LOST during Committee hearings were Senator Jim DeMint, (R SC), Senator Norm Coleman, (R, MINN), and Senator David Vitter, (R LA).

The date for debate and vote before the full Senate has not been set yet. Senator Mitch McConnel Senate Minority Leader has stated his opposition to the treaty as have a large number of Republican Senators. If LOST is to be defeated it will take a strong effort by the minority GOP to do so in opposition of Democrat leadership and President Bush who is urging ratification of the treaty.

Currently the 2/3 majority required by the Constitution to ratify any treaty is in doubt because of GOP opposition. That opposition according to the office of Senator DeMint is gaining. It is believed that GOP opposition could very well be the final death blow to the treaty so it is imperative for each of us continue to contact Senators urging them to vote NO in giving The United Nations jurisdiction over US sovereignty and the earths oceans through the Law of the Sea Treaty.

Ken Taylor


Like most of you I am getting tired of hearing about Ron Paul. More than the candidate himself I am getting even more weary of some of his supporters who see it as their duty to jumble up the blogosphere with their Pauliac antics and insults.

Rasmussen may have written the epitaph for the 2008 Republican candidacy of Mr. Paul in a recent poll that involves Comedy Centrals Stephen Colbert. Just in case you haven't heard of the Colbert Presidential candidacy, the political comedian who is a South Carolina native has announced that he is running for President ONLY in South Carolina and as both a Republican AND a Democrat.

He does not want to BE President just RUN for President. Of course this is all a huge joke and publicity stunt designed to increase ratings for his Comedy Central political parody show, "The Colbert Report."

Funny thing is that in the Rasmussen poll some are actually taking him seriously and when Colbert is polled in a head to head run with Congressman Ron Paul, Colbert tops the real candidate 36% to 32%. On the Democrat side of the political coin in a head to head run with Dennis Kucinich, Colbert tops the liberal Democrat 37% to 32%.

The poll was not taken as a parody poll by Rasmussen but followed the normal polling sample of likely voters. What does this mean as far as the real candidates Paul and Kucinich ? The American voters favor a comedian who is running a fake campaign as a joke and a publicity stunt over the actual candidacies of Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.

No one ever gave Kucinich any chance of gaining his parties nomination but because of the antics of Pauliacs after each debate in flooding the phone lines on the unscientific polls showing Pauls winning EVERY debate as well as their loyalty to the candidate in donating funds, especially last quarter, Paul has made headlines as a candidate.

The Rasmussen poll though finally places the candidacy of Ron Paul in true perspective and delivers a large dose of reality. It also writes the epitaph concerning Ron Paul as the Republican nominee. Sure he will continue to campaign and show up at the debates until he is defeated in the primaries. He may also try to mount an Independent run but when a Presidential candidate loses in a legitimate poll to a joke candidate, that my friends signifies the end of Ron Paul!


Ken Taylor

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Have you ever watched a fly that is trapped inside the house and finds a closed window ? The fly will inevitably try to get out of the closed window by repeatedly ramming its head into the widow thinking that because the outside is visible through the flies multiple eyes, that it should be able to just fly right out. It doesn't matter that the window is solid and the fly keeps bashing its head into the glass. The outside is right there in front of it and the fly will continue until sometimes it kills itself in the process.

This reminds me of the Democrats in Congress. First it was the continual resolutions trying to force the President's hand into pulling our troops out of Iraq. They have sent resolution after resolution all basically calling for a quick surrender and each time the resolution has either fallen to defeat or when attached to an appropriations bill is VETOED by Bush. Still they try and still they fail just like the fly.

Now comes SCHIP. The State Children's Health Insurance Program. Democrats sent a bill to the President asking for far more money than the President was willing to approve and he promptly VETOED the bill as promised amidst cries from Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi claiming the President more or less wants to take health care from children. Sure their claims are a lie but they play well in the media so what do Democrats care about the truth.

So the bill is revised, actually only reworded with a few minor changes that do not even attempt to address the huge funding increase and the expansion of the first bill. Bush has promised to VETO it yet the Dems continue to fly into the glass once again.

The SCHIP program is currently under a temporary extension in order to allow the program to keep operating. Why then if this program is so important for, "children, " are the President and the Democrats in Congress at odds ? Could it be that the program itself is flawed and Democrats are making it worse ?

First, the reason Democrats are trying to expand the program is not because there are more children without health care but because there were so few applying for the program that the current level of funding was not being spent. So rather than spending what was needed and returning the rest to the federal coffers, Democrats decided to expand eligibility for the program so it would be available to more, "children."

The problem is that this expansion allows families making up to $ 80,000 dollars a year eligibility for the program. Not only would the children of these middle class families be eligible but if a family decides to drop private health care in favor of SCHIP, then every member of the family, ADULTS AND CHILDREN would receive this government funded program.

Also the Democrats plan to fund the expansion by taxing cigarettes. On the surface this sounds noble because after all cigarettes are harmful and it has been proven that when taxes increase per pack, smoking decreases. Not counting the probability that an additional tax would decrease smoking, at current smoking levels if the SCHIP bill were funded as the Democrats have presented it, there would need to be 22 million more Americans needed to START smoking in order to fund the program.

Yet despite this Democrats have, "revised, " (yeah right), the bill and sent it to the Senate who plan to, "revise, " it in like manner. Then off to the President for another VETO. Flies hitting the window over and over again.

It is no wonder that Congressional approval ratings are staying around 11 - 12 %. In fact the Democrat leadership announced that next year Congress will only have a four day work week. They are not at all effective in five days so how do they expect to be MORE effective in four ? Then again maybe this is their way of fulfilling their promise on being an effective Congress after the 2006 election. NOT being in session may prove to be much more effective than BEING in session!

On thing is for certain, Capitol Janitors will appreciate having one less day to clean Democrat flies off the windows from Dems continually beating their heads against the glass!

Ken Taylor


While the MSM has all but crowned Hillary Clinton as the next President of The United States , the latest Rasmussen poll has a slightly different story. A story that is good news for those of us who understand that the Hildabeast is not only dangerous but will take this nation into a deliberate path toward Socialism.

According to the Rasmussen poll, in a head to head race between Fred Thompson, Hillary has only a 2 point lead as compared to as much as a 12 point lead only a few weeks back. Rudy Giuliani fairs even better. In the same head to head match up Rudy has a 2 point LEAD over the Hildabeast as compared to a six point deficit only a few weeks back.

Could it be that the American people are starting to see through the Clinton snow job ? It certainly looks that way. Let's hope the trend continues!

Ken Taylor


Among all of the news that is hard to find is yet another in a long line of proof that the surge is working. The death toll of US troops in Iraq has dropped for the third month in a row and October's totals are the lowest since March of 2004.

Yet this great news is almost nowhere to be found. Our men and women in uniform are surviving at a greater rate than in the last two years but because the total is lower and showing success, the MSM does not think it news worthy

Well here at The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth not only is it news worthy but it is news that will be celebrated because our troops are doing a tremendous job, we are winning the war and the Democrats have egg on their face over the war one more time!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Democrats have historically been the party who have played on financial fears in order to get votes. For instance they have used Social Security as a means of scaring the elderly into voting Democrat by false claims that , "evil, " Republicans would lower or take away all benefits leaving seniors to starve in the streets. Then the GOP took control of Congress and seniors realized that the Dems had been lying about Social Security so that scare tactic does not work as well as it used to.

So, since Democrats cannot rely on the usual financial scare tactics to get votes as much as they did in the sixties through the nineties and we know that in an actual debate based ONLY on the issues, Democrats cannot begin to convince voters of any logical reason to vote for a liberal, how are Democrats trying to get votes in the race for 2008 ?

BRIBERY ! Not the typical bribery where there is a quick exchange of cash , though with the Dems I am sure that this type of bribery to get a vote happens on election day at the precinct level. No, their voter bribery is much more subtle and enticing than just a simple exchange of cash.

The 2008 Great Democrat Voter Bribery scheme uses the government as the means, Socialism as the goal and class warfare as the weapon. It began with the rush by all of Democrat candidates presenting their versions of Universal Health Care. Give every American government controlled health care and hide that it reduces health care availability and taxes the country to death.

This was followed with plan after plan especially from Hillary Clinton of massive government give -aways ranging from government supplied child care to baby bonds and yes even taxpayer internet for everyone. Each program designed to bribe either all voters or specifically targeted voters with government programs to make life better by taking away the , "worry, " of the American people of providing for themselves but in reality ushering in , "Big Brother, " socialistic care by an all powerful Federal Government. All cleverly disguised as Democrats , "caring, " for the needs of the American people.

Now class warfare is being added to the mix as Charlie Rangel last week revealed a one trillion dollar tax, "reform," that lets Democrats play Robin Hood by taking from the rich and giving to the poor....sort of. Remember the Democrat politicians, most of whom are millionaires, are notorious for expounding to the lower middle class and poor the dangers of the, "evil, "rich and the, "evil," Republicans who cater to the rich and take away from the poor !

Rangels tax, " reform, " proposal uses the classic class envy idea but rather than real reform is in actuality a massive redistribution of wealth which if fully implemented would take from the higher income earners and institute a trickle down effect that will eventually hurt the pocket books of every American as wages decline from huge tax increases for the very people who provide jobs....the evil rich.

But to the average John Q Democrat or Independent Rangels , "reform, " on the surface looks like it gives every advantage to middle and lower class wage earners and increases the tax burden on the evil rich. Classic Democrat voter courting by class warfare.

The proposal has certain aspects that look good on the surface in order to disguise its true redistribution aspects. For instance it lowers the Corporate tax rate from 35% to 30% but in turn increases the Capitol Gains tax from 15% to 19.6 % which would actually DECREASE Corporate investment because of less available capitol due to more taxation.

The proposal also eliminates the Alternative Minimum Tax and replaces the revenue by adding a surcharge of 4% to families making $200, 000 and 4.6% for those making over $500.000. Now here's the kicker on the surcharge. The increase will not be based on adjusted taxes, or taxes after deductions, but on the actual gross income which in reality turns a 4% surcharge into at least an 8% tax increase.

Then as any economist knows when available income decreases those who do the investing, the higher income earners, decrease investment and the trickle down effect would eventually hit the lower wage earners in decreased wages, fewer job creations and greater job eliminations as investment money decreases. Then the inevitable reduction in government revenues and of course the Democrats would raise taxes once again to counter the revenue loss.

So, how does this all equate to The Great Democrat Voter Bribery ? With Bush as President and the current make up of the Congress, even with a Democrat majority, none of the massive government give-aways nor Rangel's tax, "reform, " stand a snow balls chance in you know where of passing or even getting to the House or Senate floor.

Now here comes election 2008 and Democrats are saying to the American people, "vote for me and lookie here at what I am going to GIVE you!" Government give-aways and class warfare tax , "reform, " all designed to get votes from Americans who historically tend to vote Democrat or if another viable alternative is available lean Democrat, in other words moderate to somewhat liberal Independents.

Is it deceptive ? Sure, after all they are Democrats and deception is more or less a principle to them. Is it good political strategy ? If it works and increases their majority and puts a Democrat in the White House, though very underhanded and ultimately destructive to the nation it will achieve their goal of absolute power and control of the nation and the people. Will it work ? Only the next 12 months will tell !

Ken Taylor

Thursday, October 25, 2007

God Bless The USA

Remembering who we are and why we are the one and truly land of the free and home of the brave.

We will always be free as long as we cherish our freedoms remembering those who sacrificed and those who fight to protect this land today.

Proud to be an American - God Bless the USA!


Democrat family portrait, nut cases, turkeys, whining babies and Harry Reid who is a little of everything. All payed for and advised by!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - 45 year-old Amy Brasher was arrested in San Antonio, Texas, after a mechanic reported to police that 18 packages of marijuana were packed in the engine compartment of the car which she had brought to the mechanic for an oil change. According to police, Brasher later said that she didn't realize that the mechanic would have to raise the hood to change the oil. -YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Believing in The Great Pumpkin would actually be more realistic than surrender in Iraq and having peace without victory.

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - San Francisco - A man walked into the downtown Bank of America and on the back ofa deposit slip wrote, "this iz a stikkup. Put all your muny in this bag." While standing in line, waiting to give his note to the teller, the man began to worry that someone may have seen him write the note and might call the police before he could reach the teller.

So, the criminal left the Bank of America and walked across to the street to Wells Fargo. After waiting in line for several minutes there, he handed his note to a teller. After reading it, the teller determined that this robber was perhaps a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

She told him that because his note was written on a Bank of America deposit slip, she could not honor his demand. He would either have to fill out a Wells Fargo withdrawal slip or go back to the Bank of America.

Feeling defeated, the man said he understood and left. The Wells Fargo teller promptly called the police, who arrested the man a few minutes later--still waiting in line at the Bank of America. - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Provided that Hapless Harry had ANY credibility to begin with his lies about Rush and then trying to take credit for the donation made by selling his letter ranks him right up there in credibility with Al Sharpton, Cindy Sheehan and Sean Penn.

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - An auto mechanic received a repair order that read: "Check for clunking sound when going around corners." Taking the car out for a test drive, he made a right turn, and a moment later he heard a 'clunk'.He then made a left turn and again heard a 'clunk'. Back at the shop he opened the car's trunk, and soon discovered the problem. Promptly he returned the repair order to the service manager with the notation, "Removed bowling ball from trunk". - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

SCHIP - Socialized Health Care in disguise. Democrat reason for expansion - could not get enough people to sign up for the program so expand it to make more eligible or lose the funds.

Who would be eligible - families making up to $80, 000 and if they drop private Health Care to participate in SCHIP EVERYONE IN THE FAMILY INCLUDING ADULTS will get government health care.

How are Dems paying for it - increasing the cigarette tax which would require an additional 22 million people to start smoking to pay for the program. Democrats in action!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


No matter how many times I watch the Rocky movies, I cannot resist watching them again. I own all six on DVD and occasionally when I hit the mood I'll start with the first Rocky and continue until I finish with all six, however many evenings it may take to view them all. The original is still the best and in case you haven't seen number six, Stallone came very close to matching the emotion and thrill of the first.

Sure the story line in each movie is similar and some have called the latter Rocky's somewhat hokey. But you just can't help but stand up a root for Balboa at the end of each movie when he over comes the demons that he faces and comes out on top with a crowd pleasing, inspiring performance in the ring.

So by now your asking, "what in the world does Rocky Balboa have to do with Republicans and 2008 ?" Take a quick look at the 2008 Presidential and Congressional election as it is being analysed, scrutinized, partisonized, punditized, and maybe even Simonized by the media, political , "experts, " Democrats and even some Republicans.

There is almost a unanimous evaluation of the election giving Democrats the White House and increasing their majority in Congress. Polls show somewhat of a trend, Democrats are raising more money and everyone is talking about how Democrats will take the day on November 5, 2008. Like Rocky during the course of every movie, Republicans are being counted out, down for the count, never to get up off the mat again.

Then two unpredicted and even almost unimaginable elections in states that are Democrat strong holds take a surprising election turn. The two states are Louisiana and Massachusetts. Both liberal, both Democrat run states and both usually conceded to Democrats in every race.

Louisiana has elected only two Republican Governors since 1880...that is until now. Last Saturday Louisiana held the states gubernatorial election and with 54% of the vote conservative Republican Bobby Jindal became Louisiana's new Governor due to take office in January of next year.

Jindal ran on a platform of cleaning up the corruption that has plagued Louisiana for years and received national media scrutiny in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the flooding of New Orleans. He ran as a social and fiscal conservative in a state that traditionally votes for moderate to liberal Democrats. Yet in an election season that has basically been conceded to Democrats this young, (only 36), conservative Republican won in a liberal Democrat state.

The other election was in Massachusetts. You know, the Ted Kennedy, John Kerry state. In a Congressional district that has not elected a Republican for more than 35 years conservative Republican Jim Ogonowski narrowly lost to liberal Democrat Niki Tsongas with only a five point margin. This despite several campaign visits for Tsongas by both Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Bill Clinton. Two of the , "big hitters, " for Democrats.

What makes this election interesting is that Ogonowski ran on an anti-illegal immigration platform and conservative fiscal responsibility. Voters who have been life long Democrats who are disgruntled with the way Democrats are acting in Congress jumped ship and voted for a conservative Republican in a liberal state!

Could these two surprise elections and the strong GOP showing in both, one in victory and the other in only a slight loss, be a sign that Rocky Balboa, (the GOP), is getting the win sign from Adrian and with the musical strains of, "Gonna Fly Now, " running up the steps, flexing his muscles and preparing to defeat the heavily favored Apollo Creed for the Heavy Weight Championship ?

Time will tell, but it is not only way to early to count our Republicans but remember that we still have over a year for Democrats to continue with their do nothing Congress and the revelation of more Hillary funding scandals that may just take a bite out of her campaign when somebody finally sits up an takes notice.

Democrats are their own worst enemy. Their political and elitist arrogance will always lead them to believe that they are immune to scrutiny and regardless of the consequences can do as they please, legislate what they want, despite public out cry and get away with any and everything.

There is still quite a bit of water to go under the political bridge before November 2008. Republicans may be running behind in money raised now but as a life long RNC member I can attest to the fact that Republicans never raise large amounts before the primaries but the funds increase dramatically after the primary season and the nominee is better known.

Also Democrats who have the lowest Congressional approval ratings in history still have plenty of time to dip even lower before next November. You never know, Rocky may be the underdog now, but he's getting into shape and ready to take on , Creed, Clubber Lang , Drago the Russian and Mason Dixon to the cheers of the crowd, while fighting for victory!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Former Senator and current GOP Presidential candidate Fred Thompson has taken a strong step forward in gaining the GOP nomination by outlining a strong and comprehensive program to combat illegal immigration. Finally someone who understands the threat this poses to the nation and the importance that this issue is to the American people.

Thompson's plan includes tough border security including technological means, fencing and increased border patrols. Taking away Federal grants and funds to ALL Sanctuary Cities until they comply with Federal laws. Cracking down on employers who hire illegals in order to dry up jobs which will include verifying identification and stiff penalties for employers knowingly hiring illegals. The plan also calls for , "yanking, " federal funds from colleges who offer in state tuition to illegal aliens. Additionally the plan calls for rigorous identification of who is coming in and out of the country and increased prosecution for, "coyote, " smugglers who traffic in illegals.

Thompson stated that, "Taxpayer money should not be provided to illegal immigrants." Finally a candidate that gets it concerning illegal immigration and is willing to take a tough stand in enforcing our laws, border security and stopping the flow and the reasons for the flow of illegal aliens into our country. Way to go Fred!

Ken Taylor


Have you noticed that there is a very distinct lack of enthusiasm in GOP circles when it comes to the 2008 Presidential race. Sure political junkies are involved, watching, listening and posting. But for, " John Q, " Republican and Independent the interest is not that high. Every day Democrats, even when the GOP holds a debate manage to steal the spotlight in the overall debate for the 2008 election.

Some of this spotlight theft comes from the fact that the MSM and the Democrats are political partners and anything that they say is considered news worthy and , "awe inspiring, " by the liberal media. But Sunday's GOP debate revealed an extremely telling problem that has beset the GOP and is in a very real sense a prominent reason that Democrats are controlling the debate for next years election.

Throughout the night most of the candidates spent a considerable amount of time lashing out against Hillary Clinton, who is only the perceived nominee and not official yet. Second a great deal of time was spent on one particularly issue that is not only NOT a GOP issue but did not become a top issue until Democrat candidates began campaigning with their versions of Universal Health Care.

First, let's deal with the Hillary factor. Everyone in the GOP understands that she is dangerous and that if elected she will not only tax the country to death but will plunge the nation into an American form of Socialism. With that said it is very appropriate to attack her and what she is proposing and running on. The problem is that GOP candidates are not offering the voters much of anything in opposition to Hillary except that they are not her.

While anyone who has any drop of conservative blood in their veins understands that Hillary is proposing ideas that will ultimately damage the country, GOP candidates are only running against her and not taking the offensive on the issues to oppose what she offers. While her plans and ideas are tax heavy and expand the government to an unheard of size and scope of control that would be unprecedented, she is proposing ideas and not JUST saying that the people should elect her BECAUSE she is not George Bush or a Republican.

The GOP candidates are more or less running REACTIVE campaigns rather than PROACTIVE campaigns. Voters regardless of political affiliation as a whole vote on issues. As they make their decision as to who they will vote for the ideas that a candidate present decide in the mind of that voter who best will deal with the important issues facing this nation.

While wrong Hillary is dealing with issues by offering plan after plan through massive government give-aways or pulling out of Iraq etc. and the GOP candidates are not offering anything as an alternative, except that we don't need Hillaryism.

One telling example of how Democrats have taken control of the 08 debate is the issue of Health Care. As we entered 2007 there were several polls that asked questions about which issues the American people were most concerned about. In just about every poll the top issues were the war, terrorism and illegal immigration. Health care while important was down the list at around fifth or sixth and in some polls as low as tenth.

The issues at the top were what are considered GOP issues. Then came the Amnesty Bill debacle and with its failure due to the outcry of conservatives, illegal immigration in many respects dropped of the political radar. Democrats then started revealing their Health Care plans and low and behold an issue that was in the middle or near the end of the list of importance to voters suddenly jumped to the number one issue in the campaign and the GOP was left scratching their head.

Even in the debate last Sunday only Tom Tancredo expressed the real issue as far as Republican voters are concerned about Health Care. Most of the candidates when asked gave their version of government solving of Health Care. Though not the Socialism plans of the Democrats, they still were plans that involved the Federal Government in solving the problem.

Tancredo then interjected almost in frustration that the real debate should not be how the government is going to solve the Health Care problem but whether the government should be involved at all. This one statement is the key to how the GOP is handling the 2008 campaign. They are reacting to the Democrats rather than countering them with strong conservative ideas that are more appealing to voters than the Socialism plans of the Democrats.

Democrats have taken the debate on the war and made it into a referendum on pulling out of Iraq rather than the real issue of defeating Islamic radicalism and the terrorism that they use as a weapon. Republicans have lost control of the war debate and now only defend victory as if it were a plague instead of a necessity for our security and the reason that we must continue to fight.

If Republicans do not take back the issue initiative from Democrats, 2008 could very well be a disaster for the GOP with gains in Congress and a Democrat President who will most likely be Hillary Clinton.

The American people want a debate on the issues, but a debate that offers differing ideas and plans as to what direction the nation should go. Democrats are offering their plans and ideas and Republicans are reacting rather than presenting plans and ideas that not only offer alternatives to the liberal/socialist plan of the Democrats but give real and non-governmental alternatives which will reduce the size of government and the tax burden on individuals.

Republicans must take back the debate on the war by stressing the success and accomplishment and the alternative to defeat which as we know is the death of Americans and the destruction of our way of life. Revitalize the illegal immigration debate but this time stressing the need to control the border and reduce the flow of illegals while cracking down on illegal employment thus cutting the life line which will begin a voluntary return to Mexico by illegals as the jobs dry up.

Democrats have never been able to win elections when there has been a serious debate on the issues. They have always thrown out give-aways as ideas and plans with little substance on solving problems other than let government do it. Republicans on the other hand have always won on the issues BECAUSE their plans and ideas have offered true solutions and limited government intervention both to individuals and business.

That is how the GOP has been successful in the past and also why they lost in 2006. The loss was due to the fact that GOP candidates and the GOP majority in Congress abandoned the non-government solution oriented ideas and exploded government spending and ran in a defensive posture both on leading the government and the war in the 2006 election.

Unless the GOP begins standing firm on traditional conservative issues offering solutions and taking back the offensive in the 2008 debate rather than responding to Hillary's plans and Democrat give - aways and taking the offensive for victory in the war rather than defending why we are fighting, on November 6, 2008 we will wake to a super majority Democrat House and Senate and another Clinton in the White House.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 21, 2007


We are just over a year from the election of a new President. For the first time since 1928 neither an incumbent President or Vice President is running. A completely new Presidential field is seeking the office and as we listen and watch the campaigns and the polls I must question whether Americans still really cherish our freedoms.

In poll after poll if the election were held today with all of the current candidates from both the Republican and Democrat Party running polls show that Hillary Clinton would be our next President. She overwhelmingly leads all Democrats and leads in either high single digits or double digits when polled head to head with the leading GOP candidates.

Why does she lead when she is such a polarizing figure ? If one analyzes the polling from week to week her numbers rise with every government entitlement she introduces. In the last several weeks Clinton has introduced in one form or another a new government entitlement program each week. Though some have been smaller than others, each has had one theme in common. Providing government funds and dependency to all or a portion of the American people.

She has introduced programs for government funded Universal Health Care, child care, income for stay at home parents, savings bonds for every child born, the list is endless and the dependency to government for Americans is total. The more government give - aways she proposes the more popular she becomes. Each program gives the illusion of freedom as it provides, "freedom, " from , "worry, " about a certain aspect of our life.

In actuality each not only diminishes individual freedom but through there forced government dependency each program makes Americans slaves to the government, increases the power and scope of the Federal Government and raises the danger of Socialism and blinding Americans to the onset of tyranny through governmental control of our lives.

All of this equals to a strategic and complete destruction of our freedoms as Americans, our individuality and individual responsibility. All three of which are a cornerstone to the fundamental rights and liberties that have been the essence of America since our founding and the strength of our Constitution and our Republic. And if the polls are accurate the American people or at least a majority are buying into this destruction of our freedoms.

The Republican candidates are offering little to combat this attack as Rudy only touts what he did as Mayor of New York but really offers nothing new. Fred , who I support because of his conservative credentials , has been a little disappointing in just announcing his consistent conservatism but giving little substance in ideas. Romney argues with Rudy and in like manner touts his record as Governor while offering nothing new or substantial McCain is, well McCain, and the remaining field is only hanging on by a thread with little to grasp onto by voters.

All GOP candidates do have one common thread that shows itself especially in the debate settings. Each are quick to claim the mantle of Ronald Reagan. All have invoked his name in one manner or another during the debates while some have even used his example in campaign commercials. Yet not one of the candidates understands why Reagan was so successful and so strong as a candidate and as a President.

Yes, he was a conservative who believed and created policy that followed the conservative ideas of limited government, strong national defense and less taxation. Each of the GOP candidates are calling for similar ideas in their campaigns but lack the heart and soul of why Reagan was so loved, respected and successful.

Ronald Reagan did not just propose and fulfill conservative ideals and policy but he continually reminded us of who we were and why we exist as a nation. He gave us hope in our selves and helped us to understand that because of our freedoms we as individuals and as a nation had the God given ability to become anything that we chose to be. We could succeed or fail of our own accord as free Americans and that was possible because of our rights and privilege given us under our Constitution and free Republic.

By limiting government size and citizen dependency to government Reagan proved to us that the strength of our nation is not in its government but in her people. Today Hillary is telling Americans that the strength of the people is in the power of the government to provide for all of our needs.

But more than limiting government Reagan reminded us that America was a shining city on a hill that had its greatest days in front of us rather than behind us. In a time when the people were depressed and longing for hope, Reagan told us that hope was within each of us and the freedom gave all of us equal opportunity to succeed. Then he reduced government and gave America back to the people and the people flourished as a result.

Have Americans today lost the vision of freedom and lost sight of the shining city on the hill ? Does the illusion of freedom through government provision as proposed by Hillary cause the people to lose sight of the foundational principles of this nation ? Our individual responsibility and the freedom to succeed or fail. One of the cruelest aspects of complete government provision is the theft of our freedom to fail because failure is one of our greatest teachers and motivators to better our position in life and make greater provision for our families.

Government dependency weakens our ability to grow as individuals and as a nation. This is one reason why the Founders instilled in our Constitution individual rights and limitations on government. Nations that have yielded to government dependency become vulnerable to tyranny and dictatorships.

After WWI Germany became a victim of this very sickness in its drive to Socialism through the Nazi Party. The nation was depressed and discouraged and Hitler rose providing program after program that soon brought a dependency to government which eventually blinded the people to what was truly happening under Hitler. The result was the total destruction of Germany and the Holocaust.

While I am not comparing the Socialistic proposals by Hillary to the despotism of Adolph Hitler, their forced dependency on government does blind the people to freedom and allows for the weakening of individual responsibility and slavery to an all powerful Federal Government. Just the opposite of what our Founders created and fought for when our nation was born and grew into its youth.

The shining city on the hill that President Reagan reminded us of is still there but is shadowed in a fog of politics that hides the light of freedom and the true essence of America. Am I an idealist ? Yes, absolutely. Idealism is what made America strong. Washington, Jefferson, Adams and Franklin were idealist. Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, George S. Patton, Robert E. Lee, and of course Ronald Reagan were all idealist. Idealists dream and understand that ideas and the freedom to follow and fulfill those ideas make us strong.

Idealists realize that without freedom we will fall to the slavery of dependency for the masses. The sunlight of that freedom can burn away the fog of politics that has hidden the shining city on the hill and restore the ideals, liberties and hope that truly is America. The failings of those on the left in Congress with their constant resolutions that look like a fly trying to escape through a closed window, constantly hitting the glass with no results opens a door of opportunity for the GOP and conservative idealism.

Their attacks to private citizens and then when the attack is turned into a philanthropical success trying to take undeserved and false equal credit, their daily drive to Socialism all combining in the lowest popularity in US history has opened the door for an idealist in the GOP to begin lifting the fog and reveal the shining city on the hill that is America once again.

The opportunity is here and now. Freedom is precious and fragile and though the polls show that government dependency is appealing to Americans, I still believe that Americans love freedom and are just blinded to it by liberal politics. If an idealist steps forward like Reagan and remind the people of the greatness of America and not just tout of past success like the current GOP field, that candidate will not only win but will restore hope in Americans and revitalize the strength of our great nation.

The Democrats will not do this because they are more interested in power and controlling the people through government dependency. Never trusting the people to lead and live our own lives like our Founders intended. So it is up to Republicans to take on the mantle of Reagan. Not just conservative policy but American idealism, climb to the peak of our shining city on the hill and re-invigorate the light of liberty and freedom rallying freedom loving Americans to the greatness of our land and the foundational principles of our Republic!

Never isolationists but leaders in the light and hope that freedom and liberty offers to the world and is the American ideal and life!

Ken Taylor

Friday, October 19, 2007


The following quiz was borrowed from Mark at Casting Pearls Before Swine. Take the quiz first and resist the temptation to look at the anwsers BEFORE taking the quiz. Good Luck!

1) "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good."
A. Karl Marx
B. Adolph Hitler
C. Joseph Stalin
D.None of the above

2) "It's time for a new beginning, for an end to government of the few, by the few, and for the few...and to replace it with shared responsibility for shared prosperity."
A. Lenin
B. Mussolini
C. Idi Amin
D. None of the Above

3) "(We)...can't just let business as usual go on, and that means something has to be taken away from some people."
A. Nikita Khrushev
B. Jose f Goebbels
C. Boris Yeltsin
D. None of the above

4) "We have to build a political consensus and that requires people to give up a little bit of their order to create this common ground."
A. Mao Tse Dung
B. Hugo Chavez
C. Kim Jong Il
D. None of the above

5) "I certainly think the free-market has failed."
A. Karl Marx
B. Lenin
C. Molotov
D. None of the above

6) "I think it's time to send a clear message to what has become the most profitable sector in (the) entire economy that they are being watched."
A. Pinochet
B. Milosevic
C. Saddam Hussein
D. None of the above


(1) D. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/29/2004
(2) D. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 5/29/2007
(3) D. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/4/2007
(4) D. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/4/2007
(5) D. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 6/4/2007
(6) D. None of the above. Statement was made by Hillary Clinton 9/2/2005

Hillary Clinton - Socialsist or decide!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

THE LIBERAL LIE CaRtOoN GaLLeRy and "YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUfF uP !"

Maybe if she wore a mask while she robs us blind, we not only would not have to look at that face but her true method of financing would be obvious. Hmmm Did she teach Sandy Burglar the craft?!?!?

"YoU CaN't MaKe ThIs StUfF uP !" - A woman in Mumbai, (formerly Bombay), India went to the doctor with a toothbrush stuck in her nose. When asked how it got there she said she didn't know. All she knew was that she was brushing her teeth and her husband pushed her from behind, (no I'm not going there folks!) , and the toothbrush went in her nose! She went home after a successful removal......wonder if they used Listerine and rinsed her nose afterwards to prevent plague ? "YoU CaN't MaKe ThIs StUfF uP !"

Makes you wonder what the Moronocrats will be up to next. I know a Resolution to make more Resolutions!

"YoU CaN't MaKe ThIs StUfF uP !" - When a man attempted to siphon gasoline from a motor home parked on a Seattle street, he got much more than he bargained for. Police arrived at the scene to find an ill man curled up next to a motor home trying to steal gasoline and plugged his hose into the motor home's sewage tank by mistake. The owner of the vehicle declined to press charges, saying that it was the best laugh he'd ever had. "YoU CaN't MaKe ThIs StUfF uP !"

Vladamir Putin - KGB tiger who will never change his stripes. You just can't trust a world leader whose name sounds like a bodily function!

"YoU CaN't MaKe ThIs StUfF uP !" - Drug-possession defendant Christopher Johns, on trial in Pontiac, Michigan, said he had been searched without a warrant. The prosecutor said the officer didn't need a warrant because a "bulge" in Christopher's jacket could have been a gun. Nonsense, said Christopher, who happened to be wearing the same jacket that day in court. He handed it over so the judge could see it. The judge discovered a packet of cocaine in the pocket and laughed so hard he required a five-minute recess to compose himself. "YoU CaN't MaKe ThIs StUfF uP !"

Nancy Pelosi, Damascus Nancy, The Wicked Witch of the house, Nancy Bates. No matter what you call her this is one PSYCHO woman!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Democrats have been trying with failing results to surrender in Iraq for quite some time now. resolution after resolution have met defeat while success in Iraq has been growing making their defeatist case for a United States pull out weaker every day. So Democrats have discovered a back door in which to force a pull out and sabotage US presence in Iraq and in the process likely to cause an increase in American deaths which have been steadily declining.

Enter Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats have revived with, "coincidental, "timing a resolution condemning the long dead Ottoman Empire for Armenian Genocide which took place prior to WWI. The Ottoman Empire met its demise because of the war and became what we now know a present day Turkey. A key ally in the War on Terror , especially in the Iraq theater.

Turkey has been very sensitive to this for nearly 100 years and as a result of the Democrat resolution has recalled its Ambassador to the United States and is threatening, if the resolution passes to no longer allow US forces access to a key air base in Turkey in which 75% of all US supplies, 33% of US fuel and 95% of armored vehicles that protect our troops flow through this base.

Is this move by Democrats then an attempt to sabotage US presence in Iraq since all other efforts by Democrats to surrender have failed ? I believe the evidence supports a deliberate move by House Democrats use this resolution as a means to disrupt supplies and force the President's hand on Iraq.

What other reason, especially when we are at war and this effects a key ally, would Democrats have to bring this needless resolution to the floor for a vote. Needless because the United States has already proclaimed an official condemnation of the Ottoman Empire, Armenian genocide.

On April 22, 1981 President Ronald Reagan in an official Presidential Proclamation condemned the 1915 Armenian genocide by the Ottoman Empire. An official Presidential Proclamation is the position of The United States Government therefore the current resolution by House Democrats is a needless move that can only lead to diplomatic disaster in our relation with Turkey and threaten American lives with the possible disruption of needed supplies for our military.

Additionally with the border problems between Turkey and Northern Iraq Kurds, this move by Democrats will weaken the US position in preventing Turkish border crossing against the Kurds. It will then necessitate US troops on the border to quell the violence thus putting our troops in the crossfire in a region that has been secure for several months.

Another piece of evidence of ta deliberate attempt by Democrats is found in the move by Pelosi to push this resolution through to the House floor. Upon hearing of the resolution passing Committee, Turkey recalled its Ambassador and threatened US use of the supply base. Even if Democrats originally had somewhat honest intentions, (which I believe they did not), and did not realize that the resolution would threaten US /turkey relations and US supply lines, when the Turks reacted as they did, DEMOCRATS SHOULD HAVE STOPPED THE RESOLUTION IN ITS TRACKS! If for nothing else but to stabilize US /Turkish relations.

Several Democrats including Tom Lantos stated, when this resolution came up during the Clinton Administration, that it was unnecessary because it hurt US/Turkey relations. Now with the US at war and turkey a key ally in that war it is necessary? Pelosi made the lame argument that this was about the Ottoman Empire and not present day Turkey. While this is true even the most naive person understands that Turks are very sensitive to this and it is a lame brain diplomatic move.

Democrats are once again proving with this deliberate attempt to sabotage Iraq that nothing is beneath them in their lust for power, their disdain for our military and their never ending fight to destroy President Bush. Even increasing the deaths of our soldiers matters little to Democrats and their agenda. And when those deaths increase if the supply line stops and/or US troops have to move to the Northern border, these same Democrats will hit the airways claiming Iraq failure.

A key strategy when attacking an enemy is to disrupt their supply lines. This move by Democrats to sabotage Iraq through the disruption of US supply lines is but one more proof that they see the President, our troops and the war against Islamic Terrorism as the enemy and not the Islamic Radicals whose goal is to kill Americans.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Please follow this link to REDSTATE and see for yourself the type of hero that General Peter Pace former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs truly is. Note: bring a handkerchief!


Hillary, (the Hildabeast), Clinton is proposing bankruptcy through Socialism for America. Nearly every week she has proposed massive entitlement programs that will cost the American tax payer $ 756 billion , (yes billion with a "B"), dollars if they are implemented and she is still proposing so the final price tag will be higher. Of course all of this massive spending would take place if, (God forbid, oops used God so I guess Pelosi will not allow this post at the Capitol), she were elected President.

While in all of her proposals she has provided avenues that would raise the funds to pay for these massive government entitlements, the bottom line is that every proposal either causes or mandates dependency on the government and the price tag will be paid for in one way or another by the American tax payer.

She tries to hide this in some respects by , "taxing the rich," or corporations but when all is said and done John "Q" public will foot the bill either through higher taxes directly to tax payers, higher consumer costs because of higher corporate taxes, or less investment in business by the, "rich, " because of her higher taxes which will decrease new employment and cause lay -offs to pay for the added tax burden.

Each of her programs follow the FDR mold of Socialism which gave us the Social Security entitlement that even Roosevelt's mother refused to pay. Following are a few examples of Hillary's Socialism programs.

Hillary Care - massive government run health care program which mandates health care for all citizens, even to the point that if a potential employee does not have a government certificate showing health care coverage they CANNOT be hired. COST $110 billion dollars per year.

Hillary's government run 401 K - retirement accounts starting at $1000.00 which will be matched dollar for dollar by the government. She claims this is an entitlement especially for the poor, but how many poor have an extra $1000.00 to save for retirement ? Additionally this dollar amount will go up every election year as candidates will use it as campaign promise to raise the government matching funds. COST, (At Hillary's proposed level), $25 billion dollar per year.

Hillary's Baby Bond - A $5000.00 government bond funded by tax payers for each of the 4 million babies born in the US each year. COST $25 billion dollars per year.

Hillary's government run pre -K day care program - that's right a government run pre Kindergarten day care program for every pre schooler in the country. COST $5 billion the first year and an increase to $10 billion per year over the following five years.

The list goes on. every program listed and those not listed are designed to create or expand massive government entitlement programs, increase government dependency, (Socialism), and raise the tax burden in order to pay for these huge government programs.

The problem that it proposes also, besides the obvious government expansion and expense, is that there are a large number of Americans who have been indoctrinated by Democrats over the last 40 to 60 years to believe that it is the responsibility of the Federal government to provide for and care for the people.

That is the danger of Hillary Socialism. Many Americans do not begin to understand that her Socialism programs are not only unconstitutional, but hasten the slide that we have been in for at least forty years to an American Socialism and drifting further and further from the free Republic that was created by our Founders.

Every move by Democrats and every program proposed by Hillary whittles away at our freedom and liberties while expanding the all powerful Federal Government making the people slaves to Washington rather than Washington answering to the people which is what our Founders intended.

If nothing else this slide to Socialism alone is why Hillary Clinton and every other Democrat candidate should not be elected to the White House especially with a Democrat Congress to legislate Democrat Socialism for America.

Ken Taylor


With all of the flak that is taking place over Harry Reid, (D NV), attacking Rush Limbaugh with a false accusation from the Senate floor even to the point of writing a letter to Rush's media partner, Clear Channel with the signature of 40 Democrat Senators demanding an apology, a censure and even removing Rush from the air, you would think that Reid's own home state of Nevada would think highly of their liberal Senator. After all Nevada elected this far left liberal to office.

In a poll that was taken in the Las Vegas Review-Journal Newspaper,which itself leans to the left, Harry Reid has an approval rating of 32 % and a disapproval rating of 51%. rush on the other hand has an approval rating of 34% and a disapproval rating of 50%. Both ratings besting the home town boy Harry Reid. Incidentally Hillary Clinton's ratings in the same poll are 38% approval and 51% disapproval.

Do I hear the makings of another Tom Daschle from South Dakota who was the last Democrat Senate Majority Leader and lost his seat in what was considered an upset because the people of his home state had grown weary of his political shenanigans ? Are the people of Nevada growing weary of Reid as South Dakota did of Daschle ? HMMMMM Could be!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Taking a brief break from politics can be a good thing especially when it is to commemorate an event that changed history. Last week we had Dobson verses Rudy, Reid verses Rush and Hillary and 724 billion dollars of socialist spending verses America, ( had to get ONE political dig in there). In one form or another politics will be in the spotlight every day for the next year until we elect a new President.

So breaking from politics this posting commemorates in tribute a true American hero who was the pioneer of the, "The Right Stuff, " and a history changing achievement that took place sixty years ago on October 14, 1947.

The American hero is General Chuck Yeager and the event that changed history is the flight aboard the Bell X-1 Glamorous Glennis that Yeager named after his wife and the breaking of the sound barrier. Today with the advent and tremendous advances in fighter jet technology breaking the sound barrier is an almost routine action that every fighter jock preforms every time he/she gets into the cockpit. But in 1947 it was not only the most dangerous flying feat of the time but had cost the life of nearly every pilot who had attempted it prior to Yeager.

Jet flight was still in its infancy in 1947 and the technology and protection for the pilot in the cockpit was likewise new and almost primitive compared to today's standards. The air that flew beyond Mach 1, (the speed of sound), or 761.2 mph was as much a mystery in 1947 as the composition of a black hole is today. In fact many believed that the sound barrier was a demon that was not meant to or could be broken. Jets approaching the sound barrier in this infancy of jet flight would experience tremendous vibration and even lose stability causing the pilot to become disoriented which resulted in a catastrophic crash.

Despite all of this knowledge of past flights and the dangers it proposed then Captain Chuck Yeager when finally approached by the Air Force and the people from Bell laboratories readily agreed to attempt the dangerous flight. And on October 14, 1947 Chuck Yeager became the falsest man alive and the first to exceed Mach 1 breaking the sound barrier.

Chuck Yeager was born and Myra, West Virginia in 1923. He entered the Army Air Forces in September 1941. During WWII Yeager became well known in military circles as an ace of aces. In fact during one engagement Yeager downed 5 German fighters in one day in one mission. Yeager was also one of only a few U.S. fighter pilots to down a German Jet Fighter toward the end of the war. Yeager was shot down on March 5, 1944 and evaded capture for 25 days until he crossed the border with Spain and contacted the resistance, returning to England in May of 1944.

After the war Yeager was assigned to Muroc Army Air Field, (later named Edwards Air Force Base), where he became a test pilot. It was there that he was asked by Bell to fly the X -1 breaking the sound barrier. Two days before his historic flight Yeager was in a horseback accident in which he broke two ribs. On the day of the flight he was in such pain that he could not reach with his right hand to secure the cockpit door of the X -1.

Afraid that someone else would be given the flight and break the sound barrier for the first time, Yeager confided in his friend Jack Ridley about his injuries and dilemma. Ridley borrowed the broom of a janitor, cutting the end off the broom handle providing Yeager with a lever to seal the hatch with his left hand. Yeager boarded the B-29 Stratofortress Bomber carrying the X-1 under its bomb bay. From there he boarded the X-1 which was dropped from the belly of the B-29 and the rest is history.

Yeager in an interview described the moment the sound barrier was broken, "Suddenly the Mach needle began to fluctuate. It went up to .965 Mach—then it tipped right off the scale. I thought I was seeing things! We were flying supersonic! And it was as smooth as a baby's bottom: Grandma could be sitting up there sipping lemonade."

After Yeager's history making flight many met and exceeded Mach 1. Yet during his time as a test pilot every time someone would top his previous speed record, Yeager would climb into the cockpit once again and reclaim the title , "Fastest Man Alive." On one such occasion when Yeager was attempting flight into the stratosphere, his experimental plane lost all power and plunged more than 100, 000 feet to crash on the high desert floor.

Yeager ejected but the explosive bolts that jettison a pilot from the craft caught his flight suit on fire melting his helmet visor to his face. He succeeded in forcing the helmet off while parachuting to the ground but wind currents took him well outside the Edwards area. Yeager realized he was well away from where fire crews would search for him and though badly burned walked to the rescue sight.

His smooth West Virginia drawl and easy going demeanor in the cockpit inspired every pilot whether military or commercial and all air traffic control operators to adopt that same easy tone while talking in the mic. In fact pilots and air traffic control operators are taught the Yeager drawl during training.

On September 21, 2007 eighty four year old retired General Chuck Yeager commemorated his historic flight , the 60th Anniversary of the Air Force and his own 65 Anniversary as a pilot by climbing once again into the cockpit, this time an F-15, taking to the skies, kicking in the afterburners and once again breaking the sound barrier proving that this American hero still has, "The Right Stuff!"

Ken Taylor

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