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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


9/11 is a day that no one who was alive at the time will ever forget. Each of us can remember where we were and what we were doing at 8:45 that Tuesday morning in 2001 when we heard the first plane had hit The World Trade Center. We will never forget the scene as the buildings collapsed or the Pentagon burned and the field in Pennsylvania where Flight 93 crashed.

We will never forget the desperation of those who chose to jump rather than burn or the hundreds trapped at the top of the Twin Towers looking beyond all hope for some way out of the inferno. And we will NEVER forget who did this to The United States. Islamic fanatics known as Al Qaeda.

Yet now ten years later the occupant of The White House is politicizing this decade remembrance of 9/11 by personally issuing talking points to his staff and members of his administration to use during interviews or appearances any may make during the days leading up to and the 9/11 anniversary itself. He has ordered that any reference of Al Qaeda be minimized, yes minimized.

Is this yet another attempt by Obama to downplay the role of a fanic Muslim group in the worst terrorist attack in our Nations history and yes the history of the world? Facts are facts Mr. Obama and the fact is Muslim extremists working for Al Qaeda hijacked planes and flew them into The World Trade Center, The Pentagon and into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania and nothing you can do or say to make is more politically correct changes the facts.

To politicize 9/11 is as ridiculous a move as any that this occupant of the Oval Office has made since taking office in January of 2009. Does he actually think that Americans can ever forget who did this to us simply because he orders his staff not to mention Al Qaeda or issues talking points? This is NOT a day of political hey nor a time for anyone especially a President to use politics or PC to stress a point or force the American people into remembering a certain way because this idiot wants it to be.

We were attacked without provocation by Muslim extremists and they called themselves Al Qaeda. Do we ever NOT mention that and ally now but an enemy then, the Japanese, attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941? Absolutely not! The facts are the facts and even nearly 70 years after the attack it was still the Japanese who attacked Pearl Harbor just as ten years later it was Al Qaeda who attacked us on 9/11.

The politicizing of 9/11 is not only uncalled for but coming from a President it becomes a act of lunacy since it involves a remembrance that affects every American and a scar that is still painful even ten years later. Barack Obama is a political animal but on 9/11 he needs to cage that animal and let the American people remember the anger, the hurt and the events INCLUDING WHO did it in our own way without his meddling for political correctness sake. His actions are an insult to the American people, the memories of those who perished and the America that changed because of Al Qaeda.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


The comparisons between Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter are becoming to the point of having a little bit of irony. Up until this current Presidency Jimmy Carter was thought by most to be the worst President in our history or at least in the 20th Century.

Barack Obama has far exceeded Carter in his failings and the lousy direction he is taking the country so Jimmy can breath a sigh of relief, so to speak, knowing that he no longer holds the basement spot in failed Presidency's. Carter destroyed our economy, Obama has surpassed him by leaps and bounds.

Carter showed weakness to the world and in that too Obama has greatly surpassed Carter. Obama's foreign policy has been a nightmare which is saying something considering the dismal policy of Jimmy Carter that brought us the Iran Hostage situation.

Now the irony has stepped in as those of us old enough to remember the Carter Presidency also remember the Carter embarrassment caused by his brother Billy. Billy was a drunk and even used his brothers fame to make and promote what became known as," Billy Beer." Of course every President has a relative who causes embarrassment to the Chief Executive but until now Billy took the cake.

We have already heard about the illegal Aunt that Obama has who lives in abject poverty illegally in this country. Now we learn of an Uncle Omar who is not just illegal but a drunk like Carter's brother Billy. In fact Uncle Omar was pulled over this week for drunk driving and he actually wanted The White House called to post bail.

The irony ends with the drunk driving part of the story and moves into the realm of illegal alien when it was also learned that his illegal status was covered up with a fake but valid drivers license and a social security number. Making him eligable for deportation under current law that has been bypassed by Executive Order from his nephew in the Oval Office.

One has to wonder if Obama issued the Executive Order preventing deportation of illegals in order to keep his family in The United States as well as increase favorable voters for the 2012 election since his numbers even among Democrats are crashing with new lows showing in nearly every poll.

Barack Obama is an absolute embarrassment to the Presidency, much more than Carter and his problem with Billy ever were. We continue to find illegal aliens in his hidden relatives closet and it seems too much of a coincidence with Obama's current policy toward illegals to NOT ask the question as to whether he is using his office for his family as well as to keep illegals in this country for his own political purpose.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 28, 2011


When Ronald Reagan was elected President there were many especially those on the left and the GOP country club set who lashed out at him because he was a former actor. Claiming that an actor was not qualified to be President and as such he would make a terrible Chief Executive. President Reagan was asked how an actor can be President and he replied,"how can a President not be an actor." Reagan understood that a President had to have some acting ability to be able to handle the public functions of a President.

During the eighties Reagan was often accused of acting like a President because of his previous profession, but his actions in office more than proved that AS President he was not just an actor but the greatest Chief Executive of the 20th Century. The story is not the same for the occupant of the Oval Office today, for if ever we had an actor as President it is in Barack Obama.

Actors play a role they have rehearsed for, and studied so they may PLAY that role to try and at least look convincing in that role though in actuality the best they are doing is pretending to be that role for the purpose of entertainment. Barack Obama is nothing more than an actor who is pretending to be President.

He steps before the cameras and says his lines, even placing proper emphasis on parts that need a more dramatic touch. He shows up to act like he is in charge and knows what he is doing like his recent PR photo op pretending he was taking charge of federal disaster operations in the after math of Hurricane Irene. He sat behind a table and spoke the words which sounded like he knew what he was talking about but just vague enough so as to not reveal he didn't have a clue as to the real details and efforts being put forth.

This is what an actor does, he learns his lines, says them eloquently and pretends to know what he is talking about without having a clue as to what is real and what is not. Making everything look good for the cameras and having the appearance of the real deal without actually being the real deal.

Barack Obama has acted like President. He has learned the lines to say eloquently. He knows how to stand before a camera and make the dramatic rhetoric. He can give the appearance of being a President but behind the scenes where the true Presidency is, like an actor playing a role, he has no clue as to what a President is and how a President works and the country is suffering for it.

As President he has failed continuously to meet the issues head on with any plan that can actually work. Like an actor he keeps repeating the same lines and the same scenes as if rehearsing to hopefully get it right one day without really being able to get the scene right so he does another take in order to try again repeating the same failures and continuing the slide our country is taking under his administration.

Like an actor he takes to his stage to give the illusion he is handling the situation and like an actor when he walks off the stage and reality becomes true the act does nothing more than create an atmosphere that lends those who support him to think he knows what he is doing but the results never change and the problems only worsen.

He even knows how to make the costumed appearance for whatever function he is attending. He wears a tux to impress the money bags. He roles his sleeves up without a jacket when he wants to give the illusion through his speech of making no mistake, he will not rest until the problem is solved. He wears the proper gear when he plays while on vacation or taking a break from his acting school when he thinks the cameras might be looking.

But when on stage he never quite gets the part right, nor lays to rest the lingering doubts from even his supporters that he knows what he is doing. There is good reason why those doubts are always there. His actions have proven since taking office he DOES NOT know what he is doing and acting as President is all he can do and he is NOT a convincing actor in the role.

Being President is far more than looking the part or saying the right words. It is the ability to lead and make decisions based on available information and NOT making the same mistakes over and over thinking that it will work differently if it is explained better or given more air time in the news whether by White House speeches to the Nation, press conferences or campaign style trips by bus or by plane.

Barack Obama is not only a failed President but a failed actor. He has used his time in office to benefit himself and his arrogance and left the country hanging on the edge of a cliff waiting for destruction at his hands. As an actor he can no longer convince even those who have followed him that he knows what he is doing. Those of us who saw through the act in 2008 have never been convinced.

So we are faced with a failed actor who is pretending to be President and this one NEVER went to Hollywood. President Reagan was an actor who BECAME a great President. Barack Obama is a nobody who has tried to act like President but has become our worst Chief Executive and unfortunately sinking the country in the despair of his failure.

Ken Taylor

Friday, August 26, 2011


Petty Officer Jon Tumilson an American hero who gave the last full measure of devotion in Afghanistan has come home for the last time. As his family and friends mourned the loss of this brave soldier who sacrificed his all for the defense of our Nation his best friend his Labrador retriever Hawkeye refused to leave his side.

As mourners entered the service it was Hawkeye who led the way and laid by his masters side as he lay in repose during the service. Hawkeye remembers Petty Officer Tumlinson and a grateful Nation like Hawkeye will never forget him and what he gave for our Nation. God bless the memory of Petty Officer Tumlinson and his family as they cope with the loss of this brave American. And God comfort Hawkeye as he says farewell to his best friend.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, August 25, 2011


A source in The White House has reported that Michelle Obama is not only a vacation junkie who lives from one vacation to the next and plans the next vacation even as the current one is finishing but has spent more than $10 millions dollars of tax payer money for her personal getaways in 2011 alone and there are still four months left for her vacations.

The source stated that her five star hotel visits include the most expensive wines and vodka, a personal favorite, tax payer funded shopping sprees, massages and of course separate travel plans for her and Barack. On this current trip they were only four hours apart to Marthas Vineyard since Michelle just could not wait for her husband and Bo for a measly few hours. As a result, two jets were used with separate motorcades.

While the Obama's pay some of their expenses the source stated that it is dwarfed by tax payer monies used for the Obama vacations especially Michelle's spending habits. Below are just a few of the tax payer funded extravagances for Obama vacations.


The exact cost is unclear as Mrs Obama and her 40 friends footed many personal expenses, such as hotels and meals themselves.
But the U.S. taxpayer would have paid for the First Lady's 68-strong security detail, personal staff, and use of presidential jet Air Force Two.
Per diems for the secret service team runs at around $281 each - nearly $98,000 for the length of the summer break.

Use of Air Force Two, the Air Force version of a 757, comes in at $149,900 for the round trip. This does not include time on the ground.

Mrs Obama's personal staff, of which there are an unknown amount and might cost considerably more per day, should also be taken into account.


According to the Hawaii Reporter, the bill for the $1.5m trip included:

$63,000 on an early flight bringing Mrs Obama and the children to Hawaii ahead of the President.
$1,000,000 on Mr Obama’s return trip from Washington on Air Force One.
$38,000 for the ‘Winter White House’ beach property rental.
$16,000 to rent nearby homes for Secret Service and Navy Seals.
$134,000 for 24 White House staff to stay at the Moana Hotel.
$251,000 in police overtime.
$10,000 for an ambulance to be on hand at all times


Mrs Obama and her daughters stayed at the Sebastian hotel on Vail Mountain, where rooms cost more than $2,400 for multi-bedroom suites.
The family appear to have flown there on Air Force Two.
They were escorted to the resort by a motorcade of about a dozen vehicles, including 15 state and local law enforcement officers


The Blue Heron Farm estate, where the Obama family are currently staying, rents for about $50,000 a week.
According to U.S. News and World Report, the Coast Guard is required to keep ships floating near the property, the presidential helicopter and jet remain at the ready and security agents will be on 24-hour duty.

While most Americans are struggling to just put food on the table the Obamas are acting like royalty and Michelle is telling the unemployed, "let them eat cake," as she spends the money of hard working Americans on her extravagant jaunts along with her equally extravagant husband.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Liberal and mouthy California Democrat Representative Maxine Waters used the so called, "dialed down," rhetoric that was called for by her leader Barack Obama and in a tirade in a constituent town hall yelled out at the Tea Party and said, "the Tea Party can go straight to hell." Using the Tea Party as the scapegoat for high unemployment and the state of the economy rather than placing the blame where it belongs on the failed policy and agenda of Barack Obama along with the leftist polices she has supported and we are suffering from after two years of total Democrat rule.

During the debt ceiling debacle the talking point line from Democrats was to blame the Tea Party for Congress not bowing to Obama's demands to raise taxes with little or no spending cuts in order to increase revenues allowing for his spending binge to continue. The S&P downgrade which came as a result of Obama's lack of willingness to cut spending along with our massive debt of which he is directly responsible for more that a $4 trillion dollar increase in less than two years became known by Democrats as,"the Tea Party downgrade."

Now Waters in an angry tirade blames the Tea Party for all of the woes suffered by her constituency in California. Democrats treat the Tea Party as if it's an organized third party. Never accepting that their attacks are against a grass roots movement of the people from all walks of American life and all parties including their own. An attack on the Tea Party is an attack against average Americans who are only standing up for our Constitution and calling for reduced government and reduced spending which will be necessary for our country to survive.

Of course the main stream media has ignored this angry tirade by Waters. Had a Republican Representative said anything similar about a leftist group it would have been headline news and the lead story in every liberal news network. But a Democrat said it so it is fine by the media and of course Barack Obama who had condemned the Tea Party as irresponsible for not bowing to his tax increases has nothing to say about Waters dialing down the rhetoric. The total hypocrisy of the left shines once again in the form of the mouth of Maxine Waters.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 21, 2011


We in this country that we love and hold so dear in our hearts are at a crossroads. Many believe that crossroad comes in the 2012 election. I beg to differ with those who do. While that election is an important focal point for our future the crossroad we face as a Nation is now and our ability to make the correct path as we choose which direction to take on the crossroad is quickly coming.

We have seen especially in the ridiculous debate and result of the debt ceiling debacle that our divided government is at a stand still, making stupid decisions and not having any ability to come to any decision that is for the betterment of the country and the people of The United States. Our debt is massive with spending that is out of control and unsustainable and NO ONE in any leadership capacity that can actually do anything about it is concerned with anything but compromise and appeasing the Washington crowd.

Barack Obama wants to do nothing in the way of cutting and seeks to raise taxes in order to continue the spending binge that has plagued Washington for many years but has exploded since he took office. Reid in the Senate agrees with Obama and will let NOTHING even make it to the floor in the Senate that does not have tax increases and only the illusion of spending cuts.

The House, thank God, will not agree to ANY tax increases which is our ONLY saving grace from that nightmare attack on our personal pocket books and our economy as a whole. But Speaker Boehner is to weak and to concerned about compromise to force the hand of Obama and Reid with real spending cuts which are immediate and deep. When pushed on the issue of his all to willing need to compromise on everything except tax increases, Boehner's response was, "that's the way Washington works."

The problem in the House as a result is that even with a GOP majority Boehner and much of the leadership have that same DC insider philosophy and though talking a good game of cutting spending the true willingness and forcefulness needed to do so it just not there. Even with a plan that makes the tough decisions and deep cuts like that which was submitted by Paul Ryan earlier this year comes, the willingness to push it through and force the hand of the spenders in not in most of the House leadership.

So like it or not the economy, the downgraded credit rating and the stagnation of Congress with an impasse between the House, Senate and Obama is what we are stuck with until January 2013 when the results of the 2012 election take root. Our economy WILL NOT improve, unemployment will not drop, millions will remain out of work and spending will not decrease as well as debt only increasing.

The unconstitutional joke known as the, "super committee," will meet to big fanfare. The secrecy will then take place and sometime before the year is out their recommendations will show their partisan face and the Congress will be faced in an election year with voting to raise taxes, cut defense spending or something along those lines and no one in the House and the third of the Senate up for reelection will EVER vote in favor of anything of that nature during an election year.

So the impasse we face and the government we have as bad as it is along with the economy they are responsible for will be with us until after the election. That is why the 2012 election is so important. An impasse run divided government with weak leadership is not what this country needs. We know without doubt that a complete liberal government is absolutely NOT what we need since we have lived through and now suffer from the results of two years of total liberal leadership in both Congress and The White House.

This is why we face a crossroads in America NOW rather than at the time of the 2012 election. It is NOW that we as free Americans must decide whether we want to continue with the DC as usual crowd or replace them with true Constitutional Representatives whose conservative ideal and beliefs will restore our Nation to the principles which our Founders intended for this country and are the ONLY salvation for an America whose future remains free and prosperous.

We must decide now whether we want to continue with divided government that faces impasse after impasse accomplishing nothing but stealing news headlines with more of the same garbage we watched during the debt ceiling debacle. We must decide now whether we want to send Representatives to Washington who truly want to serve the people and repair the terrible damage that government has done to our country or leave the elites in power regardless of party and watch them continue the path of national destruction.

I believe the Nation is already deciding now that the current White House occupant will not return. Who will take his place is still a mystery. But The White House is only on part of our government and unless we place strong Constitutional conservative leaders in both the House and the Senate no matter who sits in the Oval Office we will continue to face much of the same from Washington.

Ronald Reagan was able as President to force Congress to many decision he demanded even with a divided government. He had the backing of the people and the charisma and strength of character and ability to take his case before the people as no other before him or since has been able to do. We will NEVER find another Reagan as much as we would like to.

We do have some in Congress now who have strong Constitutional conservative qualities that we can look to as an example of those we need to replace the elites and compromisers in Washington. Men like Paul Ryan and Jim DeMint who are uncompromising in their principles and Constitutionally sound in their governing philosophy.

As we face this crossroads in advance of the 2012 election it is the responsibility of we the people of The United States to MAKE our government answerable and accountable to us and place those who understand this and their responsibility to the people and the Constitution in office in order to restore our Republic and fix the madness and damage that has been done.

I will not presume to tell any of you who to vote for because it is also each of our personal responsibilites and duty as the one true authority over our government to research and understand candidates and decide of our own accord whether they meet the Constitutional standards and principles that our Founders placed before us to abide by and select those we choose to serve us.

I gave two examples of men who meet those standards and now we must exercise our responsibility to elect others who meet those same standards. We must decide now and look for those who will serve us in accordance to the Constitutional principles which can restore our Nation and we must find them and support them now to clean house in DC and have a slate of Representatives who will work for the people and the Nation looking to our future and cleaning up the past. If we do not succeed at this crossroads point then the America that we have known and history shows as the greatest Nation on Earth will cease to exist and our children will NEVER know true Constitutional freedom and independence becoming slaves to a socialist government.

Ken Taylor

Friday, August 19, 2011


Obama speaks and the Dow crashes. A special hat tip to Mike's America for the excellent graphic on the down slide of the Dow. Notice the massive slide the Dow took. Many pundits are blaming this On European struggles but it seemS much to coincidental that Obama once again spoke with empty words and the Dow skids the next day.

When Obama spoke about the downgrade of The United States credit rating from AAA as Obama hit the airwaves with his take, you know the blame game it's every ones fault but mine, the Dow dropped over 400 points as he was speaking and never recovered that day. The next day it rebounded some then Obama spoke the following day and the Dow crashed again.

This is not the first time the Dow responded to an Obama speech of empty announcement by crashing. In fact the Market has had nothing but negative responses to Obama speeches and empty promises. Either a large crash follows or the Dow remains stagnant in response to this economically illiterate President.

Business knows that Obama is their enemy. Business knows that Obama economic policy is at fault for the problems this Nation is facing today. Business recognizes empty promises and rehashed failed programs that stimulate nothing and damage an economy because they depend on government and government alone.

So Obama speaks and the Dow crashes. He has falsely claimed to have reversed the recession. Well the evidence proves just the opposite. He has claimed that he saved the country from depression. Yet every time he speaks the Market crashes. Obama of and by himself is a depressive influence on our Nation. At this rate if he keeps opening his mouth and continues the failed policy, he will also be solely responsible for placing us IN a depression.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Make no mistake Barack Obama is focused on jobs. He has told the American people he would not rest, he would not do anything else except keep his focus on jobs for Americans who are out of work. Of course he has said this same thing for the last two years as unemployment has remained around 9% with real numbers that include those who have just given up on finding non existence jobs at around 15%.

He said he wouldn't rest yet once again he brags about another jobs proposal which will likely fail like others he has supposedly put forth since all of them depend only on government, but his focus on jobs has to wait WHILE he takes another rest in Martha's vineyard for another nearly two week vacation.

I guess the,"I will not rest," man's sincerity only counts AFTER he has had ample rest to allow his focus to look toward another failed attempt at creating jobs. In actuality every attempt he has made to meddle in the jobs market has failed because it involved pumping more government,(tax payer), money into programs like his failed stimulus which created only an handful of Union based jobs and destroyed thousands of jobs since it chose a government route rather than the private sector.

The fact is that creating jobs is nothing more than another campaign slogan for Barack Obama. If he was truly interested this supposed great plan he is bragging about would not wait until Congress returns or his vacation is over. Both of which provide a better PR avenue since the news cycles are slow and new viewership is smaller during the summer months and especially when Congress is on its summer break.

So make no mistake his only interest in jobs is as a way of getting public relations points and as a campaign ploy to boost his reelection bid. His continual lie that he is focused on jobs and will not rest until he does has been used so many times that reporters can quote it in their sleep since he has said the same thing dozens of times in the last two years while the jobs market has either shrunk or remains stagnant.

If government can't do it, Obama is not interested in it. Government DOES NOT create jobs the private sector does and all he is interested in for the private sector is raising taxes on private business and corporations to allow his spending binge to continue. He other interest is raising taxes on the very people who create jobs, those who have the higher incomes and use that income to expand business and create more jobs opportunities by that expansion.

So enjoy your two weeks in Martha's Vineyard Mr. Obama. Have a nice rest because millions of Americans can't afford a vacation thanks to your policy and agenda. In fact millions of Americans struggle to put food on the table and keep the lights on at home as a result of your destruction of our economy and your job killing agenda. So have a nice time vacationing in the land of the rich and famous and waiting for your PR opportunity when Congress returns to propose another failure in your long line of failure as a President.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Denial, lies and distortion added to a pity party for himself. That was Barack Obama's response to a Tea Party leader who confronted him about a televised report of Vice President Joe Biden stating on the record that the Tea Party, "acts like terrorists." His remarks were part of the ridiculous rhetoric coming from the left when Obama's, "balanced," approach was being rejected by Congress because it called for raising taxes.

Not only did Obama deny that Biden said it he also called the Tea Party irresponsible since Tea Party backed Congressional members were against his plan. Additionally Obama tried the pity party approach as he told the gentleman about the things he's been called and how the rhetoric needs to tone down, then in the next statement called the Tea Party irresponsible for opposing him. In other words don't do as I do, do as I say.

This confrontation came during the midst of a three state bus tour that Obama claims has nothing to do with campaigning but his every word is an attack against the GOP and nothing more that campaign rhetoric. He is riding in a multi million dollar bus paid for by tax payers rather than his campaign. The bus is flown to the place he is visiting as he rides Air Force 1, then he boards the bus at the airport and rides to his campaign stop. Campaign fiancee laws make it illegal for candidates even a sitting President to use their office for campaign purposes. This is very close if not crossing that line.

Obama has once again shown how out of touch he is with the people as his rhetoric during the three state tour has been nothing more that telling voters the only way to tackle our economic problems is with tax hikes. This coincides with his false belief that most Americans agree with him and want their taxes raised. Not surprisingly he has received a luke warm at best reaction from relatively small audiences.

His numbers are crashing into the 30's, his failures are obvious and his rhetoric is out of touch. Yet he believes he is the spokesman for the people and the people are with him. Obama is delusional and as partisan as they come. His arguing with the Tea Party leader shows his arrogance and his lack of any ability to be Presidential in anything. This is the arrogant child we can expect to see on the campaign trail until his defeat in November 2012.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Twelve members of Congress have been set up as the most brilliant, "non partisan," consensus making, decision makers appointed in the history of our Republic. The so called, "super committee," that will be deciding how to cut the just over $1 trillion dollars which was legislated along with the increase of the debt ceiling which amounts to more than double of the supposed spending cuts.

These lawmakers who were appointed purely for political reasons even by Speaker John Boehner who appointed more conservative members but those who ONLY had shown loyalty to him and his ideas during the ridiculous process that culminated in a equally ridiculous bill raising the debt ceiling and calling for cuts based on false numbers and a baseline which makes every cut useless and meaningless.

So since these supposed cuts are useless and meaningless, what will come out of the, "super committee," made of of these, "brilliant," lawmakers who will dictate to the rest of the Congress how to approach and supposedly tackle our massive debt? There have already been strong signals that real cuts will not even be on the table as Obama and many in Congress have indicated what minimal cuts in spending that have been made to this point are all that can be cut.

Since there is an obvious lack of willingness by most in Congress and the child in The White House to make real, deep and serious cuts, this very partisan and political committee will resort to the only course that lawmakers who are used to spending gluts always do. Dig deeper into the pockets of hard working Americans and raise both business and personal taxes to allow Washington's spending binge to continue.

These meetings to decide the fate of the American people will be in secret and nothing will be revealed in detail until AFTER a vote is taken and the decisions made which has been the case with both Congress and the entire Obama administration who have conducted a shadow government for more than two years. Closed door meetings, super secret negotiations many times blocking out the Republican party completely.

Legislation that alters the course of history in dramatic ways such as the unconstitutional Obamacare were deciding in closed door session with ultra secrecy. Even Nancy Pelosi who was then Speaker admitted just how secret it was when she stated that we would not know what was in the bill until it passed. It did and we have been finding out just how much these secret meetings took us to the cleaners as more and more of the nightmare which is Obamacare is being revealed.

This shadow government which the,"super committee," is one more blank in a long line of secrecy since the beginning of the Obama administration is bypassing the Constitutional requirement of transparency in government and the checks and balance system which was designed to prevent such secrecy and keep Constitutional principles and ideals at the forefront of our government.

These secret meetings and committee meeting behind closed doors plan legislation without the consultation or revelation of an to the American people, then bypass the Constitutional check and balance by ramming through legalisation made in secrecy without any scrutiny by the people or those who are the supposed representatives of the people.

Then illegal legislation like Obamacare is forced through and only after it passes do the American people discover just how bad the legislation is, how unconstitutional it is and how much damage it does to our Nation, the people and the very foundation of our freedoms and liberties. This, "super committee," will be no different as they too will meet in secrecy will little or no information coming out until the final recommendations are presented to the entire Congress likely just before a holiday recess and late at night on a weekend to prevent the people from seeing just how much we are being lied to and robbed by the very people we have hired to serve us.

This is not how our government was formed nor is it legally how our government is designed to operate. Yet the current administration which continually lies to the public about being completely transparent and the most transparent in our history operates in this unconstitutional and illegal manner at every turn and the current Congressional leadership from BOTH parties are active participants in this shadow government as evidenced once again by the, "super committee."

Were is not for a few true and Constitutionally sound servants of the people like South Carolina's Jim DeMint and Wisconsin's Paul Ryan, we the people would have no clue as to just how much we are being lied to and how illegal the current government is operating well outside the strict and unquestionable parameters of our Constitution.

The only way to defeat this shadow government and restore the true Constitutional government that was designed so brilliantly by our Founders is to fire the majority of the current Congress and the occupant of The White House, replacing them with strict Constitutional servants like those mentioned above.

A President and Representatives who care enough about our Constitution and respect the authority of the people of The United States through that Constitution to prevent this illegal shadow government and keep the legislative process open and Constitutional. Adhering to the strict checks and balances which prevent dictatorial actions like, "super committees," and secret White House meetings with full partisan participation.

2012 is becoming the greatest pivotal election of our Nations history. Through it we the people must decide whether we want to continue in complacency and allow government that hides behind shadows and unconstitutional actions or restore our Constitution and elect a President and Representatives whose transparency is full and in accordance to true Constitutional standards and principles. The time to move is coming quickly and our future and very existence as a free Nation hangs in the balance.

Ken Taylor

Friday, August 12, 2011


In another in a series of Fox News hosted debates for the GOP contenders wanting to face Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential election, eight candidates took to the stage in Iowa in a debate that at times was heated and not always against Obama but had an outcome that many did not expect or foresee in the conventional thinking that Mitt Romney is the perceived head of the pack.

Romney received as usual because of his perceived front runner status a few more questions than the rest and he answered in his usual slick and somewhat evasive manner. But only three particular things shined forth in the debate which placed it above the fray as debates go.

First the clear winner of the debate was Newt Gingrich. Not only were his answers precise, detailed and on the mark which anyone who has watched Newt in the past should not be surprised, but he did not hesitate to take on and even scold the media and call a spade a spade when it comes to the ridiculous actions taken in the past weeks by Congress and Obama over the debt ceiling debacle.

When asked by Fox's Chris Wallace in a rather condescending manner about his campaign staff changes, Newt did not hesitate to scold both Wallace and the media in general for, "gotcha questions," which he stated are more of what the media is interested in than the substance of the issues that the country faces. To the delight of the audience Newt left Wallace with egg on his face.

In another question addressing the, "super committee," set up by Congress to decide which cuts to make in light of the bad debt ceiling bill recently passed, Newt again took on the DC establishment saying the committee is one of the stupidest things ever done in Congress. Waiting for 12, "brilliant," (fully sarcastic), people to tell the rest of the Congress whether to gut defense spending or raise taxes. By Christmas, as Newt stated, we will be asked whether we want to, "choose between cutting off our head or our leg."

Tim Pawlenty virtually ended his campaign during the debate as he acted as if he almost had a personal vendetta against Michelle Bachman. He attacked her unmercifully and unjustifiably throughout the debate in a manner that was crude as well as filled with inconsistent accusation and charges. At times he took the attacks to the level of anger making them heated in their mode and content.

Bachman who was obviously angred at the charges very calmy refuted everything Pawlenty leveled at her and did get a few justifiable jabs in to boot. Pawlenty in his actions revealed a man who would rather attacked with innuendos and false claims than discuss intelligently possible differences in how to handle an issue. I have never been a Pawlenty fan but now see he has no business running for President and does not deserve the possibility of the GOP nomination.

Ron Paul rambled on in his usual subjects but revealed for the first time a more dangerous side in connection with his well known isolationist ideas. When the question of Iran was put before the candidates, Paul acted very nonchalant about the Iranian threat and even called it no big deal. Stating that Iran is nothing to be concerned about showing a total lack of understanding to accompany his isolationist beliefs.

Jon Huntsman made his first appearance in the debate and at best he brought an energetic yawn. The remainder of the candidates including unfortunately Herman Cain did not shine at any one point throughout the evening. While there is clearly still time before the Primary season officially begins last night revealed three who should drop out now in order to narrow the field and allow the serious contenders to continue. They are Pawlenty, Huntsman and Ron Paul.

The emergence of Rick Perry will change the field somewhat and will make the next debate more interesting but the night clearly belonged to Newt and as the candidates spend the weekend in Iowa he left the debate hall with a small head of steam he has not had before in his campaign.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, August 11, 2011


The arrogance of Barack Obama and his continual need to place himself at the center of any and everything was shown once again as The White House WITHOUT the knowledge of the Pentagon released a picture of Obama saluting the caskets of the 31 American heroes killed in Afghanistan last weekend as they made their final journey home.

It has been United States policy to not show the return of soldiers killed in battle to respect the privacy of families and the memory of those killed. The families of the brave men who gave their lives in service to our country requested that no photography be allowed as their loved ones returned home. The Pentagon did not allow any photographers at Dover Air Force Base for the return, but The White House saw things differently regardless of the wishes of the families and military privacy policy.

A picture was released on The White House website showing Obama saluting with the official White House position on why the requests of the families for complete privacy were ignored being, "In this case, the White House released the photo, in the interests of transparency, so that the American people could have as much insight as possible into this historic and sobering event."

Obama has gone to Dover for the return of lost heroes twice and BOTH times a photo was released for public relations reasons showing Obama paying his respects and BOTH times it was in complete DISRESPECT, ignoring to the wishes of families and military policy preventing photographs of the return of fallen heroes. There are hundreds of public relations possibilities a President can use at any time yet Obama's handlers with, I am sure, the full knowledge and approval of Obama chose to disrespect fallen heroes and families for a cheap PR opportunity to try and portray Obama as a concerned Commander in Chief.

The return of fallen heroes is NOT an opportunity for cheap publicity or used to promote any agenda or politician. These heroes gave their lives to protect and defend this Nation and deserve the complete respect and honor that our country can afford them for what they have done. To use it as a PR photo op is an insult to their memory and a disgusting display of an arrogant politician who cares only for making an image rather than respecting the sacrifice of fallen heroes.

This is not the action of a Commander in Chief who is showing respect for the sacrifice of the best and bravest of our country but an arrogant child who will use anything and anyone for self promotion and self indulgence to boost his perceived image. He again proves he is a disgrace to our country and an embarrassment to all that we stand for as a Nation.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Not surprisingly Gallup, which leans somewhat to the left in its polling samples, is showing the approval rating of Barack Obama at a record low of 40%. One has to wonder two things, first if the polling sample were balanced just how low it truly would be and second, how can there still be so many who actually approve of the dismal failed job that Obama has done.

The shape of the Obama economy, high unemployment, the downgrade of our Nations credit rating, faltering foreign policy and his total lack of leadership along with his disgusting habit of passing the blame for EVERYTHING on to anyone and everything else accepting no responsibility for the trouble in the country even when much of it has taken place as a direct response to his policy and agenda. It is no wonder that new record lows for his approval are being made regularly.

But once again the numbers which are consitently falling of those who still approve of Obama and worship his share the wealth, Marxist agenda it is hard to imagine that so many continue to be brainwashed into believing that he is taking the country in the correct direction and doing a good job in the process.

His prospects for reelection dwindle with each passing day as more of his minions are losing faith in their former messiah, yet there are still those who bow at the altar of Obama and unfortunately always will be. Yes there are many delusional people who live and vote in America.

Obama's low numbers do bring many bright notes. The majority of Americans see the truth and understand that Obama is dangerous for our country. Another is for the benefit of one man, Jimmy Carter. Although publicly still standing behind Obama there has to be part of him deep within that is grateful for Obama since he has far surpassed Carter as the worst President in our Nations history. A distinction Obama has clearly earned!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 09, 2011


In a typical arrogant and meandering statement Barack Obama refused to take any blame for the loss of our AAA credit rating from Standard and Poors. In fact he talked as if in some sort of denial stating The United States will, "always be a AAA," country. While it may be a nice sentiment it is a denial of reality and the facts of our economy. The 400 point drop during Obama's speech shows investors understood he had no interest in making cuts. He claimed this downgrade was a signal against gridlock in Washington and not a result of our massive debt, which in actuality IS the reason for the downgrade.

Another sign that he is not interested in heeding the true signal that decreasing our debt and spending is necessary to regain our AAA rating, Obama stated that the pittance of cuts that were mostly created by number maneuvering which were approved in the bill which raised the debt ceiling were about all the cuts that could be made. Indicating that cutting spending is not part of his agenda but raising taxes, the central part of his so called, "balanced approach," is.

Obama and his administration are more willing to blame the messenger and the Tea Party for this first in history downgrade of American credit than accepting responsibility as stewards of our government for out of control spending, uncontrollable debt and unsustainable deficits. Once again Obama's ONLY answer is to place a greater burden on the backs of American business and American citizens by increasing taxes to gain more revenue for continued spending which WILL NOT attack any debt or decrease ANY deficit.

When Washington has more money they DO NOT pay debt nor do they use it as a means to decrease spending but look for more ways to expand government and increase spending. Raising taxes does NOT tackle any debt since it will ONLY be used for new spending, new programs, new pork and new government. None of this will begin decreasing the debt.

The ONLY answer to decreasing debt in to cut spending and use current revenues that will be saved by immediate and deep spending cuts to begin paying off the debt. We do not have a lack of revenue problem we have a spending problem. Our revenue is at the highest level in our Nations history an average on nearly $200 billion dollars each month.

With $2 trillion in revenues during the year we are spending over $3 trillion to keep an over bearing government at its current size and scope. Raising additional revenue won't solve any problem except satisfying Washington's need to fulfill its greed to continue spending like drunken sailors. The ONLY way to get our fiscal house in order is to cut current spending below current revenue and use the saving to begin paying off the debt.

Yes it requires hard decisions. Yes it means every aspect of government must take a hit but unless the spending binge ends and our government is downsized our country faces a future that brings possible bankruptcy and the further downgrading of American credit which affects all aspects of our economy. The huge crash of the stock market as a result of Fridays downgrade is only the beginning of the real affects which will ripple throughout the economy.

Tackling our debt/deficit problem is going to take serious measures and serious cutting, both of which are NOT on the agenda nor of any interest to Barack Obama and most in Congress. In order for serious measures to take place we the people must rise and remove those who are obviously NOT interested in making the tough decisions. Replacing the whining child in The White House and the greedy self centered politicians in Congress with fiscal conservatives who are willing to make the cuts, end deficit spending and begin paying off our debt.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 07, 2011


The people, not the politicians, but the people of The United States and the world were taken aback by the downgrading of the AAA credit rating of our beloved Nation. Since 1917 when this rating was first established we have held the highest rating without threat of that diminishing. The United States could always be counted on as a safe investment risk and the people along with the world rested easier knowing that.

Now we have been downgraded to a AA-plus rating and the first implications of that have already begun as foreign markets are seeing US interests losing several points in their values with no immediate end in sight to the loss. This is just the first of many trickle down reactions to our country losing its AAA rating.

The value of anything related to our country whether goods, stocks, etc. will drop affecting prices worldwide but especially here at home. Over the next several days and weeks we can anticipate interest rates climbing making loans harder to acquire which will have the immediate affect of further damaging our housing market which has still not recovered from the crash of 2008.

Yet those in Washington are either ignoring this true crisis or speaking of it in a rather nonchalant way as if this is just another part of business as usual when dealing with a nations economy. There has been NO reaction from the child in the Oval Office whose financial exploits are greatly the cause of this economic disaster. I am sure he has better things to do like golf, than concern himself with the pending financial downfall of our nation.

My hear ached when I saw the headlines that Standard and Poors had downgraded The United States. Especially in knowing that this was preventable had those who we have hired to serve us actually done their job. Instead they not only failed us and the country but in doing so showed they have NO concern over the nations well being but in only getting their greedy paws on more money to spend.

Standard and Poors had been warning Obama and Congress for weeks that this was coming and signaled what would be necessary to prevent it and it was NOT raising the debt ceiling. The warning was that a minimum of $4 TRILLION dollars would need to immediately be cut from our nearly $15 trillion dollar debt and then further decrease to come to lower the debt with real spending cuts.

Obama and Congress ignored the warning and concentrated ONLY on increasing the debt ceiling with NO real cuts. Oh, they brag that they have created a commission that will tell Congress where to cut the pittance they legislated in the debacle signed by Obama that raised the debt ceiling, but none of the cuts are real or immediate and Standard and Poors lowered our rating as they realized NOTHING was being done to reduce our debt.

In fact this debacle raises our debt nearly $1 trillion dollars before this year is out and sets a pace to raise it another $10 trillion over the same time they are claiming it will cut about $1.5 trillion over ten years. HOW STUPID DO THEY THINK WE ARE? Even John Boehner when asked about the lack of cuts just responded, "that's how things work in Washington."

Well if THAT'S how things work in Washington then they have ignored the mandate we sent them in 2010 and it is time for an uprising of the people the likes of which have not been seen before in this country. We are their authority and it is we who must act to save our country since they obviously will not.

The left has even tried to invoke President Reagan by using the times he raised the debt ceiling as a way of justifying raising it without deep cuts to counter balance and actually begin decreasing the debt. What they neglect to tell is the whole truth. Reagan allowed the debt ceiling to be raised to temporarily allow for additional monies until his tax cuts could bring in the massive amount of new revenue they did AND with the promise that Congress would cut spending along with receiving the additional revenues resulting from the increased spending of Americans who had more money in their pockets. Congress didn't fulfill their end of the deal and the debt grew.

I had thought that the major concern we would have as American voters in 2012 would be to get Obama out of office and eliminate the Reid controlled majority in the Senate. But with this debacle having taken place and the obvious lack of concern over our downgrade and debt problem by most of Congress and Obama, the time has come for Americans to completely clean house and send a new slate of strong conservative lawmakers and a President to DC.

There are only a handful of real representatives who are angered by this and they will continue the fight but they cannot do it without the will of the people and our vote to get them some help in DC to reverse this madness, get our AAA rating back and set our country on the path of fiscal responsibility and Constitutional principles restoring our Republic to the vision the Founders intended. We must stand together as Americans and MAKE this happen in 2012 for our nations survival and future generations who must have an American with the same opportunities that we and past generations have had.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, August 04, 2011


I am sure everyone is familiar with the story of Emperor Nero and how he played his fiddle while Rome burned, caring nothing of the great city or Empire he had wasted away during his short but chaotic reign as Caeser. We in The United States have our own Nero and unfortunately he lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC.

Barack Obama is celebrating his 50 birthday today August 4, 2011. He is celebrating with a million dollar party in his home town the grand city of political thugs, Chicago. While our country struggles due to his economic policy and his destructive socialist agenda, while Americans struggle to just put food on the table with many not knowing IF they can put food on the table because of the worst unemployment since the Great Depression, all due to Obama economics, the 44th President parties, (fiddles), as the Rome he has created is burning.

So Mr. Obama enjoy your 50th birthday as most Americans struggle because of you. Have a great day while most Americans have a terrible day because of your policy and agenda which has taken our country down a path never intended by our Founders and forced hard working Americans into a daily struggle to survive.

Most adults who reach 50 have acquired wisdom and common sense with a half century under their belt. But Barack Obama does not have the wisdom to realize he is destroying our country nor the sense that God gave a Billy Goat. But rest assured citizens of America while you struggle the pretender who lives in The White House is enjoying his day with celebrities and a political fund raiser as he turns 50. So raise a glass then poor it on the ground as Barack Obama turns 50.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 02, 2011


After weeks of politics, lies, scrambling, accusations, finger pointing, threats, broken promises, negotiations, dramatic walks away from negotiations, some from anger some for show or in other words the typical Washington scene, The House and Senate passed and Obama signed a bill raising the debt ceiling and ,"cutting," spending.

Of course the immediate borrowing of $400 billion and another $500 billion in the fall is supposedly offset by $917 billion in spending cuts. But here's the kicker, while the $900 billion borrowed is immediate the ,"cuts," are stretched out over 10 years and of course any Congress that follows the current bureaucrats are not obligated by the Constitution to enact ANY of the spending cuts which are called for in this bill.

So who are the winners and who are the losers? Politics and politicians as usual are the winners and especially those like Obama, Reid and others who spend rather than cut since the borrowing is immediate or in the very near future totaling just over $2trillion dollars which will be added to our debt.

The losers are we the people and our Nation as a whole since the debt addition comes out of our pockets while no real and meaningful cuts are made especially in the short term and future Congress' are under no legal obligation to cut a red cent called for by this Congress which has stretched out about $2 trillion dollars in spending cuts which really only amounts to shifting numbers on the books rather than real and deep cuts to attack the debt.

America loses on a second tier in this round of politics as usual since our credit rating will likely be lowered from AAA since an immediate $4 trillion dollars necessary to keep the AAA rating was not established. As a result of the continued high debt with no real solution to solve it only borrow more, Standard and Poors is sure to lower our rating.

A move that will cause interest rates to rise, prices to rise, the dollar to grow even weaker and US goods worth much less on the world market affecting the pocket book of every American. So once again we the people lose. I noticed that not ONE Congress person nor the idiot in The White House offered one penny of their salary or benefits to help the situation as with expense accounts provided by tax payer dollars the same price hikes we experience due to their stupidity will not have an affect on the Washingtonians.

The press of course to take another slap at the Tea Party movement said it was the big winner. A manufactured lie in order to pressure Tea Party Representatives into voting for this debacle in order to get it to Obama's desk to sign. Had the Tea Party truly won in this debate, cuts would have been deep and immediate with no possibility of increasing the debt or raising taxes.

As it is the bill holds open the door for future tax increases to off set supposed spending cuts which again is another loss for we the people. The Washingtonians are touting this as a great victory for the people and the country. In reality the only thing that has taken place is that another nail has been driven into the coffin of debt and the future of our country and children has been hurt further by bureaucrats who look out for one another and ignore the people they are hired to represent.

Ken Taylor

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