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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


As I have watched the devastation left behind on the Gulf Coast from Hurricane Katrina my mind is numbed by what I see. Laying politics aside for the time being we at the Liberal Lie would like to take a moment to remember the survivors and the families who have lost loved ones in this killer storm. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and with the thousands who have lost everything. While viewing the scenes from the coast it is hard to imagine how this vital area of our country will ever recover from such devastation, but the American people and the great hero's who will provide rescue and survival assistance throughout the states along the coast will prevail and life will once again eventually return to normal. Yes, there will be scars and the loss will always be felt but healing will come and the indomitable American spirit that always overcomes great adversity will shine even through the dark days that are ahead as the gulf coast rebuilds. And rebuild they will. As the Phoenix rose from the ashes the people of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama will rise from the rubble and floods left by Katrina. Great acts of heroism have already begun to shine and will continue to shine throughout the recovery. Neighbors are helping one another as they share the pain left by the storm. Strangers become friends through the binding strength of such adversity with friendships that will last even when this becomes a distant memory. The Big Easy will thrive again. The resorts of Mississippi will be packed with tourists again. The Alabama shores will be full of sunbathers again. Where sadness and heartache now exist smiles will once again shine as the gloom of this tragedy is overcome. The shock and dismay will be replaced by a determination that cries out, "we will not be beaten!" The nation now rallies by our fellow Americans. Brothers and sisters of this great land who are now suffering , "we the people" stand with you! God bless the survivors of Hurricane Katrina!

Ken Taylor

Good thing RFK is dead, because if he knew his son wrote this, he would kill himself!!!!

The big Libs are at it again. Fighting for the Communist cause through global warming.
John Oliver Benton III

Monday, August 29, 2005


First our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama who were devastated today by Hurricane Katrina. Living in a hurricane prone area and having been through 8 myself and served disaster services for dozens more the people of these states have a long road ahead. Yet, as is the case in all disasters great or small the American spirit will shine as neighbor helps neighbor to recover from the storm. Despite the devastation the libs didn't take long to politicize this terrible event. Some claim the the Iraq war has caused a massive National Guard shortage thus leaving the area with less man power to recover. WRONG! Others claim that the President is being hypocritical with his concern for the victims of the storm because he is on vacation, as if a President ever really has one regardless of where he stays! Then radio reports that I heard today say that the President has directly caused global warming, (which doesn't actually exist in the first place), which has made it possible for these large storms and the hurricane frequency this and last year. Yeah right! Then the great environmentalists blame game that New Orleans has flooded so badly because the President's policies have allowed the destruction of the marsh lands around the city. Never mind that the WHOLE city is below sea level and is surrounded on three sides by water and has to use pumps to keep from flooding in normal thunder storms. Leave it to the libs to find a way to always blame a Republican for natural acts that have occurred since the dawn of time.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Jesse Jackson, long known for his magnetic attraction to anything that has a television camera present, first was heading to Crawford, Texas with his buddy Al Sharpton to support the Sheehanites, then changed his mind and heads to Venezuela to talk to Chavez to discuss human rights. Now that's timing! Discussing human rights on the heels of the Pat Robertson comment. Coincidence? No, not with Jesse ! The Cindy Sheehan story, despite the anti-Sheehan movements such as, "Move America Forward," that have journeyed to Texas, (which I'm glad to see), is in its final moments. Sure the liberal media will continue to spotlight it because they support her only because she's against the President, but the country as a hole is growing tired of her mouth and of her continual presence in the news. Since she doesn't speak for the vast majority her light is fading. The Chavez story on the other hand has some traction under its wheels, after all Chavez is, "holding the President responsible, " if anything happens to him after Robertson's comments. Jackson sees an opportunity to once again get in the international spotlight and he's jumping on it. Of course you can bet that he will discuss more than, "human rights," with Chavez. Somehow he thinks he is the countries conscience and representative when media coverage is available on any hot bed political subject and this trip to Venezuela is no different! Oh I'm sure that he will make a stop in Crawford at some time during this trip after all the Rainbow Coalition's jet can't resist a camera but at the moment the Chavez story, in his mind, will get him more show! Hey it did get him a live interview on Fox's, "Big Story With John Gibson, " and the Sheehan story didn't. So for Jesse with his goal of news coverage it's, "mission accomplished, " once again!

Ken Taylor


This weeks blog of the week is, "Midnight Blue." The author is a conservative Democrat, (yes, thank God they do exist), from Philly, PA who Zell Miller would be proud of! Interesting insight with a great conservative twist! Check this one out!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

What Cindy Said to Me

Thanks to Mike's America, this week I obtained Cindy Sheehan's email. The more I thought about her actions, the angrier I got. So I decided to light a fire under her. In my attempted to get a response, I was brief and harsh. I said what I think that most of us are thinking.

In so sorry you are such a media whore, and a communist. Do your son a favor, and go home. IM an American, so I am evil according to you, right? That's what you said in SF.
p.s. Your being used like Bill Burkett, and get ready for the destruction of your life.Thats how the Libs play Ball.

Now I admit I took some liberties with my words. But its better to be honest. But in her response I found some interesting language.

my life was already destroyed by george bush and his lies
thank you for your pretty language

There was no mention of her son's life. Only that Bush destroyed HER life. Just as I thought. This is not about Casey, It is about Cindy. As she said above.
Well, If you out there would like to speak with Cindy, You can reach her at,
Once again, thanks to Mike's America.
John Oliver Benton III

Friday, August 26, 2005


Jeanine Pirro who is running against the Hildabeast for her New York Senate seat announced that she will tear apart Hillary's record especially her lack of effectiveness on acquiring Homeland Security funding and services for New York City in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Go get her Jeanine. The Hidabeast has always claimed to be a champion for New Yorkers yet her record shows that New York is the last thing on her mind. Jeanine Pirro has a thirty year history of public service to the people of New York while the Hidabeast has a five year history of using New York to gain political advantage for a run for the Presidency. Personally I can't wait to see how Ms. Pirro reveals the truth about Hillary and the lackluster job she has performed for New York! The Hildabeast watch continues!


As if the public ridicule of the cause that her son Casey gave his life for is not enough now Cindy Sheehan claims that she is, "channeling," her son and that he claims the President , "is an idiot " from the afterlife! She also claims that tens of thousand of angels are speaking to her and supporting her cause as well as Casey's, "fellow fallen soldiers." This is really getting sad and pathetic! This women needs to seek professional help in learning how to cope with her loss rather than using the media and left wing groups to demoralize the troops and destroy the memory of her son! Now she plans a bus tour when the President leaves to return to Washington on August 31. That should be very interesting, maybe Joan Biez will channel John Lennon and sing,"Imagine," as they stop in various towns on their way to the White House! Al Sharpton is joining the Crawford camp this weekend which should make for some fun. I wonder if he knows that the grease he uses on his head melts above 80 degrees ? Maybe Cindy will slip on the melted grease spot and go into a trance to ask Nostradamus about the future of the war and the Sheehanites! I know I'm sounding rather cynical but this, "anti-war" protest that claims to have started with one lone mother yet has a publicist, large financial backing, rent-a-crowds and media coverage that rivals a Presidential campaign is getting past the ridiculous point. Go home Cindy and greeve for your son, a fallen hero who volunteered to serve his country and what he believed in and end this joke that you have allowed to fester. For your sake and the memory of you son, GO HOME!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, August 25, 2005


This imbecilic act by these left wing fringe idiots actually protesting outside Walter Reed Medical Center where wounded soldiers are recuperating from the sacrifice that they made for this nation is one of the most disgusting moments in United States history. Where is the media ? They are running all over Crawford, Texas kissing Cindy Sheehan's back side and not even taking note of the insult to our military hero's taking place at Walter Reed! Not only are these brave soldiers suffering from their own wounds but many have lost comrades in the war which can leave feeling of survivors guilt and then have to be tormented by chanting like, "George Bush kills American soldiers." Flag draped coffins line the sidewalks as many of these soldiers fight for their lives! Yet the soldiers despite their wounds have been seen giving these morons the one finger salute. Signs like, "maimed for lies," and "enlist hear tio die for Haliburton," have also been carried by these shameless, heartless sixties rejects! Many of the groups that are backing this disgrace are the same groups that are exploiting the memory of Sheehan's son in Crawford ! These people, (if that's what you call them), have a Constitutional right to protest, but the Founding Fathers meant for that right to not infringe on the rights of others. Each soldier has more than earned the right to heal in peace. There are appropriate places for this protest to take place and a military hospital is NOT that place! Yet the leftist media remains quiet. I never want to hear the left mouth support for our brave men and women when their every word and action is a stab in the back of and an insult to the heroic service that our military personnel perform each and every day!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I spoke in frustration that we should accommodate the man who thinks the U.S. is out to kill him," Robertson's statement said.

Jesse Jackson says, that an apology is not enough. I bet not. How dare someone speak out agianst on of Castro's best freinds.

"The fact is that his impact is substantially great," said Jackson. "He supports the government, he is a former Republican presidential candidate. ... His statement carries weight."

Hey Jesse, look to the left, there is a hooker calling your name. I guess you have to go now you commie red. See ya next week, and your freind VD.
John Oliver Benton III


With all the publicity that Cindy Sheehan has been receiving not much is being said about the 99% of the moms that support the troops not demoralize as Sheehan is doing. Supporting the President and not insult and accuse him of being a terrorist as Sheehan does. Then last but not least, supporting the mission in Iraq that our troops are willingly sacrificing for rather than calling their killers , "freedom fighters," as Sheehan is. Today in a speech in Idaho President Bush thanked one such mom. Tammy Pruett has four sons in the Idaho National Guard serving in Iraq and last year her husband and another son returned from Iraq where they trained Iraqi firefighters in Mosul. Tammy told the President that if anything were to happen to one of her sons, " they would leave this world doing what they believe and what they think is right for our country." This as opposed to Ms. Sheehan dishonoring the memory of her son who volunteered for service to this nation and sacrificed his life defending freedom, yet his mother exploits that memory for a political agenda. Our heartfelt thanks for the sacrifice given by Ms. Sheehan's son and his service to our country and to the Pruett family and their service and sacrifice shining liberties light in Iraq.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


In recent weeks the Dems have been trying to take a political, (and I stress political), stand on illegal immigration. The two Democrat Gov's of New Mexico and Arizona, Richardson and Napolitano both declared states of emergency. The Hildabeast states she's against illegal immigration yet all three favor amnesty programs, drivers license, in state tuition and other such programs. The Hildabeast favors allowing them to vote. Of course this isn't a surprise since she has proven that anything goes when it comes to getting votes! The two faces of the Democrat party, if it gets your vote, then their against illegals. But if elected then illegals have a free ride at the American taxpayer expense!

Ken Taylor


Yes you are reading this headline correct. The Mexican President serves for one six year term and Vicente Fox is ending his term so Mexican elections will take place this fall to choose the candidates. Mexico has added a provision to their election laws enabling votes by mail. Their are roughly 10 million illegals in the United States and with that in mind those looking to be Presidential candiates are beginning their campaign in Los Angeles, California. According to the former California chairman, (yes CA ), of the MEXICAN Democratic Revolution Party the leading candidate former Mexico City Mayor Andres Orbador will have, "100,000 people lining the streets, (of LA), to see him !" Oh..that's not all. He's launching his campaign in LA, USA on MEXICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY September 15 ! One candidate is seeking a meeting with President Bush to discuss an amnesty program and is running on that platform! For those of you who think that illegal immigration is not a problem or over blown, then after reading this, think again! If the Democrats in this country have their way then the illegals will get to vote twice for President. Once in Mexico, by mail and then hear in the US at the ballot box! Folks this is ridiculous. I don't recall anything in our Constitution providing for the election of the President of a foreign country. This border situation is way out of control and past the time that the borders should be completely closed. Mexico's number one export are their own people and their employment in this country is the greatest source of income for the Mexican government. Why not just overthrow the Mexican government and adopt Mexico as the 51st state. If we don't soon put a stop to the flow of illegals over BOTH borders every aspect of American society will loose it's identity and social and economic downfall will soon follow! We are a nation of LEGAL immigrants who chose to become Americans. Not hyphenated Americans, not foreign language speaking illegals, not detractors to society or destroyers of the American dream, but true and real Americans. People who came to this country to seek the freedoms that are offered no where else in the world and to become an American! The dream is still alive but fades with each illegal allowed to cross our borders!

Ken Taylor

Monday, August 22, 2005

Tom Hayden complementing the Soviet Union?

In this article Former Mr. Jane Fonda says, "Radical Islamic fundamentalism has risen in the vacuum created by the failures of political Arab nationalism (and the end of the Soviet Union, which, whatever else may be said, supported non-religious revolutionary movements). The radical religious-based movements are here to stay.

So it is understandable that the vast majority of Americans responded to September 11 with existential cries for public safety and a military response. And if Bin Laden or his successor carry out further attacks against American civilians, the politics of repression will deepen. The problem is that conservatives inside and outside the Bush administration are seeking to take advantage of America’s understandable fears to push a right-wing agenda that would not otherwise be palatable. In short, they are playing patriot games with the nation’s future."

Great insight into the mind of a communist sypathizer, or just another left wing nut ?

John Oliver Benton III

Sheldon Drobny: Clinton, Gore Tried to Fund Air America

Newsmax has a funny story about Air America and how Gore and Clinton tried to help the network get started. Sheldon Drobny is quoted as saying, "How they helped us was to make introductions to a lot of good people," Drobny said. "Especially Al Gore, who introduced me to Al Franken. . . . He was my dream franchise player when we first conceived of the [radio] idea." Just Imagine, Franken a franchise player. Hahahahaha!!! He's so boring he has a co-host. He also said, "I mean, we really had to work hard to make believers out of even liberals," he claimed.
See, not even liberals believe their message will sell.
John Oliver Benton III

"Bin Laden and Zarqawi Support Worldwide Candlelight Vigil to Support Cindy Sheehan"

Thoughts on Cindy Sheehan, the anti-war commie movement, and other wimps of the world.....

I am really getting sick of the polls I see everyday, in newspapers across the country. The only poll's that even get mentioned are anti-war favorable. If it is good for Republicans, then its not news. Also this Cindy Sheehan squatters convention is still getting media air play, and she's not even there.
My friends I believe that we have a serious problem in our country. These things point to a problem that is far worse than any disease epidemic. A problem far greater than any war. And a problem more serious than any terrorist attack.
The problem we face is named Girlymanidas. Or in lamens terms, Chronic Wimpness. Every time I see a senator on capital hill, distort facts, get emotional, or just try to hard to color coordinate, I feel that the species of man has suffered some sort of setback. I fail to understand people I meet everyday on the street. So many are worried about what people might think of them, or how something will make people feel. So people lie, or do almost anything to protect others feelings. How can this serve us well ? Their seems to be no place for honesty in our society. At the rate we are going, we will have to take polls on what to eat every night by 2020. The simple facts are, life is a struggle for everyone. No matter where you come from, or what family you are born into. That kind of struggle builds the leaders of our world. Without it we would have no character.
War is also hard. And nations also have character. For instance, The Soviet Union. How many places did they liberate, or free during their reign in Asia and Europe ? Except for Germany, (with our help, and later they trapped the German people behind the wall) none. But they were aggressive in taking over lands in the great communists Expansion days. You could almost say a lack of character helped to create The Soviet Movement. These movements were almost always fueled by the emotional subject of equality. Equal money, living standards, and other things. In America our country has a history of doing what is right by the people of the world. We have freed many lands and occupied none of them. We normally ask nothing in return. America has a policy of freedom around the world. And this has never been easy.
During WWII, their were Americans dying at alarming rates during combat. Civilian casualty's were an means to an end in every operation. It was assumed. But the generation that lived during this time had real men. Not these metrosexuals, as they call them, but men who new that it was a hard road to victory. And that our troops needed all the support that they could get. I don't mean support as in, bring back the troops, but support like, Kick those bastards Asses!!! That how you support troops. If you were to say that in public today, some would say, " that's so mean", or something to that effect. I say it anyways. And when someone tells me I am being mean, I simply smile and say thank you.
The Anti-War movement which started in the 60's, has always been based on emotion and drugs. During the 60's the soviets were smart enough to recognize this and tried to use it to there advantage. After all, a military that will not fight, is not really a military. Lenin called Liberals, "Usefull Idiots". And he was right. You can use people's Emotions to control them, even fighting against your own country. The first interview I saw with Ms. Sheehan was on SoftBall ( HardBall ). When asked if she supported the invasion of Afghanistan after Sep. 11th she said that she did not understand why we needed to take down the Taliban government to get to the terrorist. That is when I knew she was totally un-informed. It was the most absurd thing I had ever heard in my entire life. That's like saying we didn't need to mess with Hitler because Japan attacked us. No the facts before you open your mouth, or you may find your foot in it.
No matter what you say, You can not support the troops, and say that we are over there to steal oil. It is a total contradiction. Besides, if we wanted oil, we would have invaded Venezuela. And how can any American not support Democracy for the Iraqi people ? We are the benefit from freedom everyday of our lifes. And it was difficult for us to obtain freedom in this country. We did not just claim independence, we fought for it. Blood, has always been the price of freedom throughout time. The day that we are not willing to fight for it, it may be lost forever.
John Oliver Benton III

Sunday, August 21, 2005

CBS News | Anti-War Mom Opposition Mounting |


John posted a link to this great conservative site a few days back and we are setting up a permanent link. Great information about how our troops are being supported and ways in which each of us can support them. They have begun a, "You Don't Speak for Me Cindy" tour that everyone can participate in. Check it out, good reading!


John has done a great job over the past days researching and covering this story and the two cents that I am adding are born from a disgust over her, "plight" and the way she has allowed the memory of her son, a fallen hero, to become tarnished to pursue a political agenda. Don't get me wrong, I believe in the Constitution and her right to express her views whether I agree with them or not. What disgusts me about what she has done is not her protest but her using the memory of her son to press her views and allowing that memory to be used and twisted by the leftist media and groups such as Move On .Org, Michael Moore, (whose website she posts on regularly), and other liberal cronies who could not care less for her son or for Ms. Sheehan but only see an opportunity to come out against the President and the war! She continually states that she supports the troops yet condemns what they are doing and has allowed her voice to be expressed by ,"news" agencies like Al Jezeera whose aim is to stir up insurrection to get American troops killed! There are far more people and groups that are actively supporting the troops and the President, many of which are actually camped at the Crawford ranch along with Sheehan and her group. Yet there is no coverage of their views, no commentary of their plight and no mention of their loss. Why ? The obvious reason is that the media is not interested in anything that may support the war or the President, nor anything that can prove the justification of the war. If someone is against either or both, they then become the story. The only reports that we hear in the United States about the war are the death toll and how it happened. Nothing of the tremendous job that our military men and women perform or the progress that has been made by the troops and the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. There is also a constant attempt by the left to separate the Iraq battlefield from the Afghan battlefield so as not to associate the former with the greater War on Terror. I have had the opportunity to talk with several soldiers who have come home from Iraq and without exception they have told me two things. One; that they support the President and believe in what they are doing and willingly return to finish the job and two; that the first time that they were truly afraid and concerned was when they returned home and saw the media coverage of the war. The fear they feel is that the true story is not being told and all of the negative the media regurgitates will turn the American people against them as was the case in Vietnam! We cannot allow this to happen. Ms. Sheehan unfortunately has used her son to attempt to do both. I was glad to see in the Newsmax headlines today that the President is using the, "bully pulpit" to re-enforce support for the troops and the war, ( Our troops are truly American hero's and they are and have been performing a tremendous job in defense of this nation and in combating terror on ALL fronts. They deserve our support, their mission deserves our support as does their Commander in Chief. We are at war and our uniting behind them is the greatest moral boost and incentive that our troops and our President need!

Ken Taylor

Saturday, August 20, 2005


As early as this fall the Senate is looking into conducting hearings on the Able Danger intel which was ignored by the Clinton administration in the fall of 2000, one year prior to 9/11. The information which revealed and demanded action against the Brooklyn, NY Al Qaeda cell headed by Mohammed Atta lead terrorist of 9/11 have been at the center of a controversy for the past two weeks after revelation that this information was given to the Clinton White House and then to the 9/11 Commission both of which ignored its relevancy. The intel demands investigation and let's hope that this time as opposed to the lack luster 9/11 investigation, key players such a Commission member Jamie Gorelick are interviewed and their role in the ignoring of this vital information is brought to light! This will never change the tragedy of 9/11 but can help to insure that intelligence debacles such as this will never happen again!

Ken Taylor


Because of White House lawyers and foot dragging by the Clinton White House there were 8 to 10 chances to capture and/or kill Osama Bin Laden in the latter 90's. White House lawyers were more concerned with the comfort of Bin Laden after capture than actually capturing him. These lawyers actually had the CIA build an ergonomically designed chair for his comfort when shackled and were concerned about using tape that would protect his beard. This combined with White House foot dragging made for the missed opportunities during the Clinton years. In a related story, ( ), the Clinton White House actually NEGOTIATED with the Taliban in 1998 for Bin Laden to be expelled from Afghanistan or assassinated. The Taliban government was more interested in condemning the the Clinton Administration for the Afghan cruise missile attacks and protecting Bin Laden. What irritates me most about this is that it has been a long standing policy in The United States that we do not negotiate with terrorists. Yet because of the Clinton Administration seeing Bin Laden as a responsibility for the courts rather than one who committed acts of war against the US negotiations and criminal prosecution were their answers! These revelations along with the Able Danger intel create a scenario of denial and bungling by the Clinton White House which made 9/11 a reality rather than a thwarted plan which it should have been had action been taken in 2000 or the late 90's as this information clearly reveals WAS possible!

Ken Taylor

"Bin Laden Spotted at CNN"

Bin Laden may have already been found!!!!! other Al-queda cells are linked !!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Scott � Cindy sealed the deal.

Cindy turns a lib into a Republican. I hope she will come back to keep up the good work. Great read. Thanks Rush.
John Oliver Benton III

Move America Forward

Important new link for those of us on the right. Move America Forward is planing a trip to Texas to show support for our troops. Check out there new video spot.
John Oliver Benton III

Thursday, August 18, 2005


The Hildabeast has teamed up with the, "Republican Two Stepper" John McCain in the state of Alaska to claim that global warming actually exists. Of course there if far more evidence to prove other wise but has proof ever stopped Hillary and McCain ? Not a chance. I guess that the Hildabeast teaming up with McCain on a liberal cornerstone gives her the illusion that she is actually reaching out to the moderates as she prepares for the 2008 election. Maybe McCain is planning to be HER running mate! The man who thinks he could be McCain's running mate our own,(I'm sorry to say), Lindsay Graham, (R) SC claims he's on the fence about global warming but any opportunity to kiss McCain's you know what and you'll find Lindsay there! The only climate change that this writer believes is happening is that the Hildabeast is threatened By Jeanine Pirro in New York and McCain and Graham need to find other occupations! The Hildabeast watch continues!

Ken Taylor


With all of the information that has surfaced in recent days about the, "Able Danger" intel a very important aspect of this and other intelligence information about Al Qaeda remains to be much did Bill Clinton know and why didn't he act. The Fox News article linked in this title paints a very interesting picture concerning this question. Clinton was not only aware of Bin Laden and his activities but had been warned that he was planning to use planes as weapons! Beginning as early as 1996 the Clinton White House was briefed repeatedly about Bin Laden's activities and his where abouts and was deemed a threat to this nation. The Clinton administration contrary to what the former President has been saying on talk shows and in interviews over the past two weeks, only were looking for a reason to seek criminal charges this despite the fact that Al Qaeda attacked United States interests, which are an act of war, 8 times during the Clinton years ! Ret. Air Force Lt. Col. Buzz Paterson author of the book, "Dereliction of Duty," states that Clinton, "met many more times with Monica Lewinsky than he did with his CIA or FBI directors." Since he left office he has been attempting to define his legacy. THIS IS THE CLINTON LEGACY!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Yesterday in a post concerning the declaring of a state of emergency in New Mexico and Arizona, I mentioned that I have given a great deal of thought to the drastic problem of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border and also the threat that this vulnerable border poses to the drug trafficking and the entrance into the States of terrorists and their tools of destruction. Last Sunday I was listening so a left coast conservative radio show, (surprised that one exists out there) and the show interviewed a retired Lt. Colonel in the Marines who suggested that we allow illegals to join the military . This I totally disagree with for it causes tremendous problems especially since he did not want to require that they learn English! After thinking on this for quite some time I came up within idea that I am fowarding to the President, Secretary Rumsfeld, and the Homeland Security committee Chairs in both the House and the Senate. I would be very interested in your opinion of this idea. So please feel free to comment. Below is the letter that I will be sending.


Our Constitution provides for the protection of our borders by the Federal government and all National Security interests. Yet the border with Mexico is the most vulnerable National Security risk that this nation faces. Daily thousands flood this border illegally entering our country leaving us at risk to drug traffickers, terrorists and the tools they use for destruction. Not to mention the illegal immigration that is tearing at the heart of our society. I would like to take this opportunity to present to you a plan that I believe will curtail the border problem while at the same time help to control the illegals that are currently in this country. Initiate a recruiting program for illegals in the United States Army, initially the addition of one full Corps. There are thousand of illegals who would seek citizenship and would like to serve this nation so these ranks should fill quickly. The program will have the following goals.

1. Upon enlistment the illegals will serve a 4 year hitch and will be required to learn English within the first year of enlistment. If not they will be dishonorably discharged and deported. Upon completion of the 4 years, citizenship will be granted and they will have the option of honorable discharge or re-enlistment in the conventional Army

2. The corps of illegals will not serve in the conventional military but will serve as a border patrol. They will not be allowed to climb above the rank of sgt. The Commanding Officers throughout the ranks will be American citizens currently serving in the military. To control the possibility of the illegals allowing others over the border or possible smuggling operations within the ranks full military discipline and justice will be applied with the above being a Courts Martial offense and imprisonment and deportation as the punishment.

3. For those that choose to re-enlist all ranks and privileges will be available at that time. For those who choose not to an honorable military discharge , citizenship and speaking English will vastly improve their status in this country. The same tutorial programs that will be available for the soldiers can be made available for their immediate family. But if so then the same criteria for deportation should apply.

This program can be expanded to additional corps for the northern border and increased for the southern border as need demands. For those that the patrol capture, then arrest and deportation will apply unless it is proven that they are not of a criminal or terrorist elimate and then they must follow the proper channels for legal immigrant status!

Funds for this program can come from savings with current base closings, homeland security monies currently being spent on border patrols and the existing Pentagon budget. This will also provide for a larger military in the future to meet the needs that we require to protect this nation.

I hope that this idea and its feasibility is useful to our nation. Our borders demand action and I believe that military intervention is the only answer. This provides for both!

Ken Taylor

Cindy Sheehan Contradicts Her Stance On The War (VIDEO) Says we should not have Invaded Afganistan!!!

Cindy Sheehan already met the President, so what the hell is she there for ?

First, whom is Ms. Sheehan. And whom is funding her protest. How can she stay there, in Texas and pay her bills. On her blog on Michael Moore's website she stated that "my son died for oil". With statements like this, do you believe that she is not bias ? He also stated, "We won't let George Bush and his evil neocon cabal ruin our world anymore. John Lennon sang: "Power to the people." We are the people and we have the power." Now I am a big Beatles fan, but it is not smart to quote a communist sympathizer. Not in America. Also this woman is apparently of her rocker. Check this quote out. "But, during the service, one of our neighbors fired off a shot gun. He said he was shooting at birds, but he is tired of us being there and he wants us to leave. I didn't get to talk to him, but I told the media that if he wanted us to leave so badly, why doesn't he tell his other neighbor, George, to talk to me. We are good neighbors and we are cooperating with everyone." To top it all off, I guess she is claiming squatters rights by calling herself a "neighbor".
With everything said about Ms Sheehan, I do commend her son for his sacrifice. It is because of people like him that we are free. But I fail to understand how any of this commotion can help anyone, on the right or the left. Sheehan is now complaining about the media coverage that she is receiving. I thought that was what she wanted. It seems as If Sheehan has not only lost her son, but she is losing her husband because of these antics. When will people like her realize that they are only pawns for the left. When there usefulness is gone, they will forget her name. Remember Bill barked. Where is he now. I don't know, and neither does the DNC. But at one time they had him on speed dail right between Dan Rather and James Carville.

John Oliver Benton III

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano have declared state of emergencies in their respective states due to the influx of illegal immigrants crossing their borders from Mexico. Since this is a true problem are these two Democrat Chief Executives actually trying to address the problem or make a political move in order to take advantage of a possible Republican weakness. Past records show that the latter may be more true than the former. For instance, Richardson has proposed providing drivers license for illegals and both states are seeking other means of legitimizing the status of the illegals without the first mention or addressing even the remote possibility of deportation for these lawbreakers. Yet both Richardson and Napolitano are now, (after the flood gates have been opened and the illegals are safe in the two states from any legal means to end their illegal entrance into this country), are trying to put this political foot forward and , "protect " their unprotected borders. Richardson has even gone on record as condemning the Minutemen and has stated that he would rather they not guard New Mexico's borders as they did in Arizona. The group plans to be on the New Mexico border soon and have attempted to talk to Richardson who today on the Shaun Hannity program said that he will not meet with them. The border issue is not a political basketball to be bounced around to gain favor with the American people. It is a very serious problem that demands action but not this type. The borders are the most vulnerable national security risk that we face and should be a non-partisan issue and not used for political advantage by either party! I've put a great deal of thought into this and tomorrow will share an idea that I plan to forward to the President, Senate , House and Defense Secretary. I will be interested in your thoughts and input when this idea is introduced in tomorrows post so please comment accordingly. Until tomorrow.

Ken Taylor

Monday, August 15, 2005


The Iraqi parliament announced today that they were approving a seven day extention for the draft of the new Constitution in order to allow time to iron out differences on a women's right to initiate divorce and the receiving of inheritance and the ability of the Shiites to secede in the future. Many on the left in order to condemn the Bush administration and continue stirring up bitter feelings toward the Iraq war are calling this a failure ! These same detractors then would have called our Founding Fathers a failure for it took them FOUR YEARS to complete an acceptable draft for our Constitution and then only with the ability to amend the Constitution did the states accept it for ratification. The Iraqis have come a long way in a short time. Our framers gave our Constitution the ability to be amended so that the document could permanently establish our government leaving the amendments to iron out the details of our individual freedoms. Shouldn't the Iraqis have this same flexibility in order to establish their government? After all the founding principles that are found in our Constitution are what created our republic and they are unquestionable. The Iraqis are attempting to do the same as they draft their Constitution. For the left to call this a, "failure" after such a short time is absurd, which is the usual liberal way! Personally I say congratulations to the Iraqis for coming so far in such a short time and to the Bush administration for allowing the Iraqis to iron out their differences without interfering and providing the necessary protection and assistance in establishing the Iraq police force and the wonderful job accomplished and continuing to be accomplished by our tremendous military !

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 14, 2005


This weeks blog of the week is "Pinwheels and Orange Peels." This blog is authored by an active duty soldier stationed in Guam. We at the Liberal Lie send our thanks for serving our country! Check this blog out, great reading and insight. Especially a recent post questioning, how can a person be a liberal and in the military!


With Jeanine Pirro's Senate campaign in New York not even a week old the liberal media in that state is headlining with , "scandals" that are an obvious attempt to derail the Pirro campaign at its infancy. They, as usual, are only to eager to help Hillary in her re-election bid and of course declare her, "scandal free." Now that is a joke ! The Newsmax article linked in the title of this post has some very detailed insight that proves that the Hildabeast is nothing BUT scandal. Interesting reading. The Hildabeast watch continues!

Ken Taylor


1,500 gallons of chemical agents found in Iraq where supposedly these agents did not exist! The President's opponents have consistently condemned him for finding no weapons of mass destruction and even those who agree that bailing out of Iraq would be wrong, still cite this as an unjustified reason for going into Iraq. Once again WMD's were but one of several reasons for the invasion but opponents always dwell only on this . Although this chemical plant came into existence after the invasion, the chemical agents, (many of which are dangerous of their own accord much less when mixed with others), had to come from somewhere. It seems obvious to me that the chemicals were already within the country, possibly buried somewhere in the vast desert regions of Iraq or retrieved from a neighboring country where they were sent prior to the invasion. Of course this story was buried in the Washington Post and not much has been reported elsewhere. Why? Because once again it proves the President right and the liberal media wouldn't want to do that would they. We are just one day away from an Iraqi Constitution and the full implementation of a free Iraq government. It may not be the ideal government that we would have wished for, even in our infancy this nation had to struggle and even go through the fire of Civil War to create the nation that we have. But just as we, the new Iraq government is a nation, "conceived in liberty." So despite the President's critics, and the continual condemnation about WMD's, (though time and again the opposite has been proven with the finding of plants and weapons as mentioned above), Iraq has been a success and will be the catalyst for free governments emerging throughout this historically troubled region. Then hopefully the beginning of the end of Islamic terrorism!

Ken Taylor

Saturday, August 13, 2005


The British government has cracked down on the Islamic extremist in the country since the July 7 attacks and is in the process of deporting, "preachers of hate" in order to attempt to control this murderous eliminate in England, much like what happened here shortly after 9/11. Unfortunately as happened in the United States the , "Human Rights" organizations are fighting FOR these murderers and defending their rights to preach and kill. When will these radical left wing groups realize, that their rear ends are being targeted also and what about the, "human rights, " of those that have had their life extinguished by these Islamic killers ? In New York these liberal groups are suing to prevent searches as people board public transportation. Racial profiling is not a , "crime, " against humanity when it is well known that in every terrorist attack both here and in Britain the culprits have been Islamic extremists. So it seems obvious that they must be watched for. The second problem that is surfacing is that airline screening is beginning to get slack. There are reports in the news that certain items are going to be allowed on planes again. Need we be reminded that the 9/11 murderers used a simple box cutter! My sister in law just last week boarded TWO separate flights with a cork screw in her purse that she forgot was there! Another attack in the United States in most likely inevitable but loosening security and giving into these Human Right activists will do nothing but help to insure that what is being call inevitable will become reality and the investigation during the after math will most certainly reveal that slack security and the LACK of profiling were contributing factors!

Ken Taylor


Representative Curt Weldon (R) Pa is continuing his pursuit of the 9/11 Commission and their conflicting stories of the briefing received concerning the, "Able Danger," intel about the Al Qaeda Cell lead by Mohammed Atta. In a related note questions are also starting to surface concerning the involvement of Commission member Jamie Gorelick and the memo that she issued while assistant Attorney General in the Clinton Administration which created the, "wall" that prevented the sharing of information between agencies . The Commission's continual denial of knowledge of this information despite evidence showing that a briefing was given by the Pentagon to the Commission during its investigation who in turn dismissed the intel as, "suspect" and further evidence that detailed information about Atta and the cell was released only hours after the attacks proves that someone is attempting to cover up the fact that this information could have prevented 9/11 one year before it took place. The Clinton protection machine still remains in full force for I have not read or heard anywhere of questions or investigations about the White House putting the brakes on the, "Able Danger" intel because of what was deemed as political ramifications (read this related article from World Net Daily Why is this so important after the fact ? First there are legal problems that arise and possible criminal pursuits for concealing vital national security information that implicates members of the Clinton Administration. Sandy "Burglar" and his trip to the archives are one that stand out like a sore thumb. Second, preventing this type of information from EVER being buried again is vital for the continuing War on Terror and the protection of our nation! Wherever possible, whether it is e-mailing or calling our various Senators and Representatives or the various media outlets, the pursuit of this by Curt Weldon demands and deserves our support and assistance. The full truth must be known!

Ken Taylor


Hillary may well be in a fight for her political life in New York. Ever since the announcement of Jeanine Pirro as a Senate candidate in the 2006 election the Hildabeast has been taking a beating! An online poll taken Thursday by the most listened to radio station in New York, ( and with that population that's a lot of people!), has Pirro ahead by 6/10 ths of a point. This may not sound like much but considering that Hillary has been in the mid 60's in previous polls this is significant! The mud slinging has already started, an accusation by Pirro's campaign claims that the Clinton camp is accusing Pirro of taking campaign contributions from known mob leaders. Of course a spokesman for Hillary says that, "the Senator is too busy working for the people of New York to be concerned about Pirro contributions." Whether the accusations are true or false, the Hildabeast, "working for the people of New York, " rather than just enhancing here own political capitol and career would definitely be a new twist in itself! Add this to the conflicting reports of the possibility of the Presidential bid from "Bubba Bill" and "The Punk McUalliffe" this race is just in its infancy and already is heating up to be a barn burner! Will Hillary continue to drop in the polls ? Will she drop out if she remains behind and announce her run for President ? Will she use the Senate seat as a catalyst for the Presidency ? Will Bill continue to fool around with married women ? Only one of these questions has a definite answer at this time and let me tell you it, "ain't" the first three! Stay tuned for the Hildabeast watch continues!

Ken Taylor

Friday, August 12, 2005


It would seem that the possible run of Hillary for the Presidency is creating a conflict of views within Democratic circles, namely her husband, "Bubba" Bill and , "The Punk," Terry McUalliffe former DNC chairman. In two articles that you can link to at the bottom of this post, McUalliffe is quoted as saying that Hillary may not run for re-election to her New York Senate seat and instead focus her attentions fully to a run for the Presidency. Since Jeanine Pirro announced her candidacy for the Senate seat, the Hildabeast has dropped 14 points in the polls which may signal a defeat in New York. On the other side of the coin Newsmax is reporting that Bill is saying that she has not mentioned anything to him about running for President and she is fully focused on re-election to her Senate seat in 2006. So who do we believe. Considering that both the Clinton's and McUalliffe are notorious liars, the bottom line is that we still have no idea! Personally I believe that the Hildabeast will continue her re-election bid with the Presidency as the ultimate goal but will not announce for the latter until, one, she sees that Pirro is leading in the Senate race which will force Hillary to drop out so that she will not have a loss before her Presidential bid, or two, she's re-elected to the Senate and then uses her Senate seat to mount her Presidential campaign. Either way regardless of what Bill says or Hillary pretends to avoid, she intends to run for President in 2008. This continues to get more interesting by the week. The Hildabeast watch continues!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, August 11, 2005


For those of you who visit this site regularly, you may have noticed that I have been absent for several days. Many thanks to John for holding down the fort! I returned from Rhode Island yesterday where I have been since last Friday. My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's several years ago and Saturday morning at 1 AM she finally lost her battle with this debilitating disease which took from us and from my mother a very vibrant and beautiful lady! My brother and my two sisters were at her bed side with me when she momentarily opened her eyes as we told her she need not fight for us any longer. I write this post first as a tribute to my mother and second to share with you where my beliefs and conservatism came from. Many people believe that we discover our beliefs of this nature as we grow through maturity and face the daily grind of life. I beg to differ. Although my mother was very uninterested in politics, (she last voted for President Kennedy and then as she shared with me, only because he was, "good looking"), her values and beliefs were the foundations that were instilled within us that made each of us who we are today. My brother, a conservative and whom I admire more than any person alive for through this family crises when constraints beyond my control kept me from being there as I would have liked, Kevin displayed a strength and fortitude in heroic proportions that I'm not sure I could have mustered. Making all the right decisions in the best interest of my mother in spite of the sorrow. My two sisters that my brother and I never new as we grew up yet Norma, who like my mother is uninterested in politics yet still displays that same sense of values as I and Shirley who like me is a conservative and proud to be one. These values DO run in the blood and are instilled in us from birth which because of my mother, who is now dancing with the angels, have created a bond in our family that will last us throughout our lifetime. My mother was always a happy, loving and kind soul who had a smile or a hug or a funny remark that would make even a bad day good. Even at the last when she opened her eyes after being so un-responsive for so long, she bound us together in the love that she had for each of us and the values that she gave us. We then pass these wonderful values along as I have to my son and my brother and sisters have to their children. They then in-turn pass it on to their children. So in all of us, her legacy, my mother will live on for many generations to come! Thank you Mom for all that you gave me and for being you! I love you and will miss you every day!

A grateful son,

Ken Taylor

Eva Taylor June 6, 1924 - August 6, 2005


As I have listened to this story concerning the Al Qaeda cell in New York lead by Mohammed Atta the infamous leader of the 9/11 murderers and the fact that this cell was discovered as early as 1999 and in the fall of 2000 requests were made to the Clinton administration to give the information to the FBI in order to take down the cell, there are several questions that I believe demand to be answered. The news media have chosen to investigate the Pentagon connection since, "Able Danger," was a military intelligence unit. I listened to several interviews with Representative Curt Weldon (R) Pa. who has released this information and the brakes that were applied that stopped the information from reaching the FBI did not come from the Pentagon but from The White House under Clinton. Which implies that 9/11 could have been prevented ONE YEAR before it happened! The two reasons given by The White House at the time were; the cell members were in the country legally and that the administration was afraid of the political fall out from the Waco/Branch Davidian debacle. So, three major questions arise, one, how much did Clinton know and was his interest in creating a, "legacy, " placed before the safety of the nation. Second, were the papers that Clinton national security advisor Sandy, "Burglar" took from the National Archives related to this intelligence information and the administrations response, or lack thereof ! Third, why was Jamie Gorelick, the assistant Attorney General under Clinton allowed to serve on the 9/11 Commission instead of testify considering that SHE wrote the memo creating this, "wall" which prevented agencies from sharing intelligence information! For the last few years and to a great extent the since the 9/11 Commission report, "blame" for 9/11 has been directed toward the Bush administration, when clearly vital information was ignored even before Bush was elected and after the transition of the Presidency this information was never passed on to the new administration in 2001. There has always been an under current to place, "blame" for the attacks. Certainly ultimate blame truly lies with the Islamic extremist who planned and executed the cowardly murder of our friends and families on September 11, but for those who are seeking responsibility within our own government, it would seem that the culprit has been found and it PRECEDED President Bush!

Ken Taylor

Monday, August 08, 2005

Former U.N. official pleads guilty, prosecutors say

As we all know the almighty U.N. opposed the invasion of Iraq. And it seems that the major media heads have finally picked up on why. Us in the know, have been keeping up with this story from the beginning. But it took a while for CNN and the boys to get wise. It's hard in the news world. Hard for Larry King to remember where his prune juice is. Hard for Chris Matthews to get that hair so straight. Hard for Aaron Brown to crack a smile. So IM glad they finally took hold of a real news story.
In an update, Fox News reported this afternoon Kofi has turned over some of his personal financial records to investigators.
I can almost hear him now, "I did not take money from that program, Oil for Food". Kofi, I think its time you call Bubba for some legal advise.
John Oliver Benton III

Sunday, August 07, 2005

How the Atomic Bomb saved the world- And may do so again

The A-Bomb was in devolopment in the 40's because our intelligence told us that Hitler had many scientist working on one of their own. It was the begining of what we would soon call the arms race. But after Germany surrenderd, the 2 Billion dollar project was nearing completion. But at this time, it seemed as if the project would never get a real field test. But fate has a funny way of seeing things through.
The turning point in the projects fate may have been when Truman took office. After the surrnder of Germany, plans were being put in place for a full scale land invasion of Japan. But there was one problem. The Japanese suspected this would happen. So in preperation for this invasion, they began traning ordinary citizens to combat the American forces. Considering the great losses in troops in the south pacific theater, truman knew that the invasion of Japan would result in another D-Day, or possibly worse.
Truman did not want to face the great loss of American troops, when there was alredy a weapon that could strike fear in even the hardest of hearts. So he made the decision to use the Atomic Bomb.
If you take the history of WWII, and really look at it, you will see that we are facing a very similar enemy today. Wiling to sacrifice themselves for what they believe is the greater good. And maybe, only drastic actions will make them reconsider the path they walk in life. Truman used the bomb to save American lives. If push comes to shove in the War on Terror, will our politicians in Washington have the strength to do the same? In our current political climate, I would say no, but I hope I am wrong.
John Oliver Benton III

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Falcons Win Season Opener !!!!!!!

Friday, August 05, 2005


A great read.

Has any one ever searched Google News for ACLU stories

I just got on to Google News and searched for ACLU. Here is a taste of what these guys are up to lately. The ACLU is suing Michigan for not allowing minors to refuse an alcohol test. They want a search warrant first. Next They are watching the Minuteman Project. And also, trying to take the Bible out of the court oath in Bilings.
Nevermind terrorist. Drugs being sold to children, or any of that senseless stuff. Who are these people in the ACLU? They act as if they have an agenda against me personally. I never did anything to them. So why are they after everything we hold sacred in our nation?
The more I read about them, the more I get sick. So I have a new term to describe the ACLU, and their buddies on the left, Political Terrorist. It just rolls of the tongue.
John Oliver Benton III

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

PETA Kills Animals |

Did you know that PEtA Killed 2278 animals last year. And they only received 2640. This is a great link. Heres a taste.

Year Received† Adopted Killed Transferred % Killed % Adopted
2004 2,640 361 2278 1 86.3 13.7
2003 2,224 312 1,911 1 85.9 14.0
2002 2,680 382 2,298 2 85.7 14.3
2001 2,685 703 1,944 14 72.4 26.2
2000 2,684 624 2,029 28 75.6 23.2
1999 1,805 386 1,328 91 73.6 21.4
*1998 943 133 685 125 72.6 14.1
Total 15,661 2,901 12,473 262 79.6 18.5
* figures represent the second half of 1998 only
† other than spay/neuter animals

I always joked that PEtA stood for People Eating tasty Animals, but it was only a joke, Untill now?????
Also this article states that in 2002 Peta clamied a $9370 write off for a giant walk in freezer. What do a bunch of veggies need with a walk in cooler? Morbid.
John Oliver Benton III

Air America Radio is stuck in the ratings cellar

Air America has troubles with everyone. First with Lizz Winstead, co-creator of Comedy Central's "Daily Show," who is suing for back pay. Next with this loan from the Boys and Girls club. And now it seem as if there still in the cellar ratings wise. Why?? Well IM going to talk from personal experience here.
I listen to Sirius all day. Regular radio in Myrtle Beach is not pretty. All the big stations around here are owned by NEXT MEDIA. They play the same song over and over for three months. Well, anyways , since March I have listened some to Air America, and Sirius Left 143. Channels 141 and 142 are conservative and 140 plays Hannity. On Air America the shows are rather dull and not very entertaining. At least 143 has Lynn Samuels.... Now she may be crazy but she is funny. The Air America crowd always sound as if there living in the last days. Lynn does this also, but she got a sense of humor. These guys on AA are not even trying to get the liberal message out. What they do is complain all day, but offer no ideas for the future. Nor do there guest.
In July, Air America started there exclusive contract with XM Radio, and I still get the same thing on the other liberal channel. Same rhetoric, same retorts, the same old rants.
They won't hold the attention of the public until they get some entertainment value in their shows. Or at least a sense of humor. I once thought Al Franken was funny. Now I know he is not. The bits on his show are horrible. I can't even giggle at them.
For now Air America is gone on Sirius, and I am no longer sending any money or ratings there way. Besides that, NFL is with Sirius so I would have gone with anyone whom had them. If you drive a lot, I strongly recommend getting satellite radio. If you do, you will never go back to FM.
John Oliver Benton III


Yesterday and throughout the day today the Democrats have been attempting to portray the 4% victory by Republican Jean Schmit over Democrat Paul Hackett in the Ohio second district as a, "sign" of things to come for the Republicans both in Ohio and the nation! This has traditionally been a Republican seat and there has not been a close race for this seat since 1974. Yet the one thing that much of the media and the Democrats are forgetting to talk about in this, "close" race are many of the facts surrounding the race, we'll call these facts the, "The Hackett Hack Job." In a post yesterday John linked and commented on a USA Today article in which Hackett had some rather pitiful things to say about his former Commander in Chief, (refer to John's article below this post). Yet throughout the campaign in Ohio, "The Hackett Hack Job" was just the opposite. If you look at his campaign ads you would think that he was a war hero who backed the President 100% ! He tells of his combat experience in Falujah, Iraq but fails to mention that he actually was basically a staff public relations officer who never saw combat, kind of, "Kerry-ish" of him isn't it ? "The Hackett Hack Job" actually made it seem to the voters in Ohio as if TWO Republicans were running and not both parties. Once again this proves that the Democrats cannot win elections on the merit of their REAL beliefs and agenda because the people won't buy it. "The Hackett Hack Job" was very Hillary-ish in that manner ie: "tell 'em what they want not what you believe, " in order to get elected. The core truth of the story about this election was not that the Dems ran a close race as a sign of things to come, but rather that even in spite of the deception, the people don't want Democrats. This doesn't mean that the Republicans sit back on their laurels, not in the least. This is the time to re-emphasize our message and bring it home to the people showing the libs for who they are. Using the Roberts confirmation hearings, for example, as a platform to tell of the Republican mantra which stands on Constitutional principles and that the Judiciary is not a place for activism but to take those same principles and strictly apply them to law, not create law through a loose, "interpretation" or ignoring the constitution completely. As for the future of elections....look for more libs to take the Hackett and Hidabeast example and try to deceive their way into office. It hasn't worked before, it didn't work yesterday and, "We The People, " are too smart for it to work in the future!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Paul Hackett---More of the same old Bush hatred doctrine......

I found something interesting on Paul Hackett today. His USA Today interview. In it he states, that Bush's taunting line, "Bring em on!" was "the most incredibly stupid comment I've ever heard a President of the United States make." He also told the newspaper that, while he was willing to put his life on the line for the President, "I've said that I don't like the son-of-a-[expletive] that lives in the White House." Afterwards he said, "I said it. I meant it. I stand by it," he said in a phone interview."
Now this is funny because he is running campaign ads acting as if he is standing by the president on the war in Iraq. The link for the video is below. So where does he stand? I can't tell.
The one thing I do know is that Tom Daschle tried this and it came back to bite him in the a--.
John Oliver Benton III


Just as here in the US, the left in Austrailia can't handle being the minority and of course George W. is the blame!


I found this article interesting in the fact that John and I have had numerous discussions as to why Judith Miller was still in jail protecting her source. It seems obvious that it's not Rove or Scoop Libby, because what liberal reporter would stick their neck out to protect any conservative especially one in the Bush administration! So who is she protecting. Well the article from National Review suggests that SHE is the, "source" that she is protecting. After contacting her CIA sources about how Wilson got the Niger assignment, Miller actually contacted Rove and Libby to attempt to verify and they not knowing Plame's past CIA status and figuring if a reporter knew who Plame was anyone would, were then contacted by Novak and Cooper and the information was relayed , (by the way for you libs that think that this is, "just another attempt to get Rove off the hook," the original source for this idea was Arianna Huffington and the, "Huffington Post" can't get much more left than that!). So Judith Miller stays in jail while her husband jets around Europe! Interesting possibilities and a theory that really makes sense! The plot thickens!!!

Ken Taylor

Monday, August 01, 2005


John reported a few days back about Helen Thomas, the veteran White House reporter who commented about committing suicide if VP Cheney were to run for President. In an ironic twist Ms. Thomas is upset about a reporter, reporting about her! This is great. Talk about getting a taste of her own. Not only is she angry, but Ms Thomas had this to say, "I'll never talk to a reporter again! We were just talking - I was ranting - and he wrote about it. That isn't right. We all say stuff we don't want printed." Poor Ms. Thomas, "we share your tears, we share your pain," and we think that it's absolutely hilarious! Can't take the heat then get out of the fire!

Ken Taylor


It's a crying shame that the President once again has to use part of his executive powers and recess appoint John Bolton to the United Nations as ambassador for the United States. Although the President has the right to make this appointment he should not have to but for the pig headed Democrats who are determined to disrupt any Bush nominee because they can't get it through their thick heads that he was elected by the people and he and the Republican majority are in power, (not the liberal whining weenies), in which the appointment of officials and the courts are part of that power. Of course the whining Democrats are already claiming that Bolton is, "damaged goods," because he will be appointed without their approval. Well libs get over it! He will be the ambassador to the UN as the President promised if this course continued as it has. Good move Mr. President ! Now let's see how the Dems will view this as Republican partisan politics ! Looks more like the finger, (you choose which finger), is pointing at them!

Ken Taylor


I recently discovered this blog through Blogs for Condi in which we are affiliated The blog author is an active duty Lance Corporal in The United States Marines--HOORAH-- and has some interesting in site of his service and political commentary too. Lance Corporal Nick D, we at The Liberal Lie thank you for your service to our country and welcome you as the Blog of the Week.

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