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Friday, December 30, 2011


As 2011 comes to a close the ever clamoring for attention Barack Obama has been the most absentee of all the candidates who are vying for the 2012 Presidential election. The GOP candidates, whether in debates or momentary unplanned pressers as the campaign heats up have been grilled on every possible subject unrelentingly and in most cases unfairly as questions especially in the debates are designed by a left wing media to trip up or cause arguments among the candidates.

But the one in whom all seven GOP candidates are looking to unseat has been given a complete pass by the press even more than usual as the election cycle becomes earnest with 2012 upon us. In the last several months Obama has had one 74 minute press conference that held only extremely softball questions. The press is satisfied with being spoon fed administration propaganda by Obama's surrogates and when given a chance to press him on any issue all questioning is avoided.

Several major stories have surfaced over the last few weeks which one would expect to hear from a President yet Obama has not even released any official Presidential statement, once again leaving it up to surrogates to speak on his behalf and then even they have been left unquestioned except for White House Press Secretary Jay Carney who fields a series of softball questions.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il dies unexpectedly and the only statement from the administration came from a brief sound bite by Hillary Clinton. The Russian election came and went with much controversy as 146% of the Russian population voted in an obvious rigged election to favor Putin and it was left up to Hillary to make a brief statement.

Several bombings killed dozens and caused havoc in Iraq shortly after our troops left the country and not only has Obama not mentioned it but The White House has been completely silent about it. Iran is threatening in the Arabian Gulf to shut the Straits of Hormuz the ONLY shipping lane for all Middle East oil to flow to the rest of the world. The US fifth fleet has been dispatched to prevent this Iranian aggression and the only word from The White House comes from an unnamed official who called it, "saber rattling."

Mean while Obama is on a multi million dollar vacation in Hawaii and the only reports coming from this Presidential jaunt are cute stories of swimming, golf and shopping. The ever absent Obama plays while our economy continues to crash and the world is in turmoil without a word from a President while the candidates who seek to defeat him are grilled on every subject from personal to those in which The White House has been quiet.

The press protects Obama, supports Obama and does everything within its ability to try and make this absolute failure from looking like the complete fool he is. Fortunately for the survival of America voters see through the smoke and mirrors from the administration and the shield placed by the press as Obama approval numbers continue to drop and his reelection possibilities look less and less likely.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Conway Conservative- Episode 11

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Art Laffer economic advisor to President Reagan has endorsed Newt Gingrich stating his economic plan is best for America and like that of President Reagan's in the 80's will bring recovery and economic prosperity to the country while allowing massive jobs growth as business will once again have the ability to prosper and profit without government involvement.

Laffer as Reagan's chief economic advisor worked with President Reagan in recovering from the disastrous Carter years to the prosperous Reagan years which lasted all the way to the Presidency of Bush 43. His endorsement of Gingrich comes from Laffer's expertise in economics and his substantial knowledge of how our economy works and what it will take to recover. Laffer says Newt is the man to bring that recovery with the greatest results and strongest restoration.

Another significant endorsement for Newt came from former Oklahoma Congressman and staunch black conservative J.C. Watts. He too believes Gingrich to be the best candidate to restore America and defeat Obama. Watts sees Gingrich as the strongest candidate both on the domestic and foreign fronts making him the man to back in 2012 for Watts. Two key endorsements for the Newtster.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This is one of the finest campaign ads I have ever watched. Yes, it is a campaign ad as it was produced and released as part of the Gingrich 2012 Presidential campaign. Rather than lashing out against an opponent or decrying the state of our Nation, Gingrich uses the opportunity to remind all of us of American greatness and the tremendous sacrifice our forefathers made for freedom and the birth of our beloved Nation. America and Americans are exceptional and this ad is a reminder of that exceptionalism.

Ken Taylor

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Thursday, December 22, 2011


Christmas 2011 is here. Families all over our great land will gather to share gifts, food but most of all love. Love, the most important and magnificent part of Christmas. Love shared with family and friends. Love shared with neighbors and fellow workers. It is love which made Christmas possible for each of us to celebrate every year.

This love was not shared with gifts under a tree. Nor was it shared only with family and friends but to all mankind. This love came wrapped in a little baby who was born in the most humble of circumstances, a lowly manger which was found in a stable because it was the only place that was open for His birth and He was born there because He came to this Earth to offer Himself to those who would accept Him. On that first Christmas Day a stable was all that was available so that is where He was born.

Today He is no different. Though He grew into a Man who freely sacrificed Himself on a cross and conquered the grave so that all mankind could have life through Him, He still only enters the hearts of those who are willing to accept the love that He has so freely given. The politically correct may try to deny Him as they bombard us with Happy Holidays, but He loves them too and patiently waits for them to receive the love that He also gave for them. "For unto you is born this day in the City of David, a Saviour which is Christ the Lord."

It was for us that He came and it was love which compelled Him to come. It is that same love which He still offers to us today. A love that brings with it life eternal and peace which passes all understanding. And that my friends is the true reason and meaning of Christmas. While all of the trappings, the lights, the trees, the gifts, the food, Santa, Ebenezer Scrooge are all grand, the list is almost endless, Christmas truly is about love. Born in manger to die on a cross, victorious over the grave so that all mankind may have life through Him.

Merry Christmas to each of you and God's richest blessings for years to come!

Ken Taylor

Monday, December 19, 2011


With Christmas just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to see how A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens would translate into politics......or at least translate into politics in my mind anyway. So here it is, my offering for your Christmas pleasure.


Old Teddy was dead of this there was no doubt. The ledger of his death was signed by his partner Ebeneezer Obama. The local Scotch distillery was bankrupt from lack of his business. The Oldsmobile Dealership was breathing as sigh of relief as they no longer would see their cars driven off bridges. Yes Teddy was dead and it had been seven years.

Ebeneezer Obama was sitting in his taxing house on this Christmas Eve looking for more ways to tax anyone who was not paying their fare share as he put it. He knew that redistributing wealth was his job and no one could do it better than Ebeneezer Obama.

Obama - John Beohner Cratchit come here this instant.

Boehner - Why waaaaa, waaaaaa

Obama - Stop that crying and bring me the ledger for those Wall Street rich cats so I can tax them some more, and bring me the one for John Q that little business guy so I can tax him too.

Boehner - But waaaaa, waaaaa, waaaaaaa

Obama - Is that all you can do Boehner Cratcit is cry ?

Boehner - Uh huh waaaaa, waaaaa, waaaaa

Narrator - Suddenly the door opens and in walks old Ebeneezer Obama's Nephew Herman Cain Hollywell.

Cain - A Merry Christmas Uncle Obama and a Happy 999 to everyone!

Obama - What are you doing here I thought I got rid of you when the reporters found out about you and those women.

Cain - Uncle, just like your tax plans, I am not going away, besides there are still women I can harass and I thought I'd come here and harass you too.

Obama - Boehner-Cratchit throw my nephew out!

Boehner - Waaaaaa, waaaaa, waaaaa

Cain - See, even your clerk is glad to see me cause that's exactly what all those women did when I was around them.

Obama - So what else do you want nephew?

Cain - I have a better tax plan for you uncle it's called 999 and it will change the way you work.

Obama - My way works just fine - I tax everyone rich and poor alike and that kills jobs then I tell them how much my plan is saving them and the dupes believe it, what's wrong with that?

Cain - But 999 is better since it makes it really fair and besides if you keep taxing like you do I won't be able to afford to harass any more chicks because I'll be broke and my money gets 'em interested in the first place.

Obama - Why should I care about you and your women?

Cain - Because the way I'm acting even makes you look good.

Obama - Hmmmm you got a point there. At any rate good afternoon nephew I've more people to tax so be on your way.

Cain - Can I at least grab your clerk and take him out for a drink and a grope since I can't convince you about 999?

Obama - Sure go ahead I was fixing to close up shop for the day anyway and with it being Christmas Eve and all I at least owe him that for his Christmas bonus.

Cain - Thanks uncle come on Boehner-Cratchit.

Boehner - waaaaa, waaaaa, waaaaa, waaaaaa, woooowww!

Narrator - With that done, Ebenezer Obama closed up his shop and went to his home where he lived next to his best friend Bill Ayers. As Ebeneezer Obama prepared for bed he heard a strange noise coming from his wine cellar, a noise he hadn't heard in seven years.

Obama - What's that strange noise? It sounds like someone is swimming away from a wreck and drinking my scotch at the same time. I haven't heard that since my old Partner Teddy K Marley died, but he's been dead seven years so it couldn't be him....could it?

Teddy - hic boo, hic boo, hic boooooooooo

Obama - Who are you?

Teddy - Erraa, ask me who I was, hic....

Obama - Alright who were you then?

Teddy - In life I was your partner Teddy K Marley.

Obama - No it can't be your dead, that last Oldsmobile you drove off the bridge seven years ago with that girl inside, she survived but you drowned when the broken case of scotch landed in the front seat and poured over your head. The coroner pronounced you dead by scotch suffocation.

Teddy - Yes Ebeneezer Obama I did die by scotch suffocation and as a happy man, but you still don't believe in me do you?

Obama - I do not there's no such things as liberal ghosts.

Teddy - What evidence would you need besides that of seeing me here before you ?

Obama - The smell...I mean your nose is red and your hair is a mess but there is not the first smell of scotch anywhere and any ghost of Teddy K would smell like scotch.

Teddy - (sound of glass breaking and drinking) - hic, hic, hic, hic, hic, hic, hic, there is that better, do you believe in me now?

Obama - Dreadful ugly fat apparition, the smell of scotch is so strong it has to be you Teddy. So why are you here and why to spirits haunt the earth tonight.

Teddy - Ahh spirits, I like the sound of that word, spirits kept me going for all my years and I do miss the taste, this ghost scotch is kind of bland. Oh yeah...why am I here....I am here because you need a lesson that I learned only after I crashed that last Olds.

Obama - A lesson from you?

Teddy - Yes Ebeneezer Obama funny as it seems, a lesson from me.

Obama - Ok get it over with so I can go to bed I've got a lot of people to tax tomorrow and I need my sleep.

Teddy - That's why I'm here Ebeneezer Obama, to help you, no, no, wait I need a drink to get my thoughts straight......there that's better...I'm here to tell you taxing everyone doesn't work and if you want to stay in business you'd better start cutting taxes.

Obama - I think you've been drinking way too much of that scotch there Teddy, as my partner you were always the first to suggest raising taxes.

Teddy - Yes but since I got crocked and croaked seven years ago I have seen the error of my ways and even the scotch doesn't change that.

Obama - Oh swim away and get plastered like you used to do in life and leave me to tax as I want.

Teddy - Ebeneezer Obama you will be haunted by three spirits, oh I like that word, tonight since I can't convince you about taxes.

Obama - Three why just three?

Teddy - Because that is all the stimulus I could find to come and see you that's why.

Obama - What of I refuse to go with them?

Teddy - Then I'll take YOU on a ride in my Olds and we'll find a bridge where I can teach you how to swim like me.

Obama - Oh that's cruel....Ok,Ok I'll go when is the first one?

Teddy - Tonight when your TelePrompter says One........I will leave you now, there is another case of scotch in the cellar and I must drink it all before the night is over.

Narrator - The ghost of Teddy K stumbled out of his room and Ebeneezer Obama fell to his bed for a fitful sleep counting his taxes in his dreams when suddenly his TelePrompter called out One O'clock.

Obama - What, who, Oh that stupid TelePrompter is still on...I've got to learn how to speak without it so I can sleep at night and remember to close my eyes without it telling me to. Ok so where's this ghost old Teddy told me was coming?

Nixon - Ebeneezer Obama I am here and I am not a crook.

Obama - Are YOU the spirit who old Teddy told me about?

Nixon - No Jimmah Carter couldn't come so I volunteered because I was getting lonely and no one else wanted to come.

Obama - So who are you?

Nixon - I am Richard Millhouse Nixon, The Ghost of Christmas Past and don't you forget it.

Obama - But I thought you quit.

Nixon - No, that was just an evil rumor started by those Kennedy's and Walter Cronkite because he never liked me.

Obama - But my TelePrompter tells me that you quit and it's never wrong. It says right here that it was over 18 minutes of tape and you quit before you could be fired.

Nixon - 18 minutes, 18 minutes will no one ever let me forget those 18 minutes!!!

Obama - So why are you here?

Nixon - I'm not really sure, they didn't have time to brief me before I left and besides......well it's none of your business.

Obama - I thought you came to teach me some sort of lesson or something.

Nixon - What kind of lesson can I teach you, after all I quit, I lied, I cheated, I messed up the whole place in the're doing that just fine without my help!

Obama - Thank you, coming from you that's quite a compliment! Is there anything you can teach me or can I just go back to bed?

Nixon - Well there is one thing.

Obama - What's that?

Nixon - If you ever get in a debate with someone better looking than you ALWAYS put makeup on so you look better.

Obama - THAT'S the lesson you came to teach.....I'm already good looking haven't you seen the papers?

Nixon - Hmmmmm arrogance, I like that.........Ok try this on for size......if you tape anything in your office NEVER let anyone else know you're taping... those tapes will kill you!

Obama - No one uses tape anymore.......I have this Blackberry will that do?

Nixon - No tape????? I've been gone way to long.....and why what good will some sour tasting fruit do?

Obama - No it's just called a Blackberry, it's a device that stores my appointments and any other type of information I need. I keep it with me all the time and no one else can see it.

Nixon - If I had one of those they never would have caught me.

Obama - Why do you think I keep one.

Nixon - Good move there Ebeneezer - Obama. My time here is over take the lessons that you have learned and use them for your own good.

Obama - But I didn't learn anything.

Nixon - Neither did I.....that's why I had to quit.......

Narrator - The specter suddenly vanished leaving behind only two nine minutes reels of tape labeled for my eyes only. Ebeneezer Obama went back to sleep dreaming once again of how much he could tax and get away with it. The TelePrompter flashed on and it said two O'clock which woke him from his sleep.

Obama - I've got to remember to turn that thing off....but then again I wouldn't know what to say if I did....what's that strange light under the door.

Narrator - Ebeneezer Obama rose from his bed and opened the door to his sitting room where he saw what was causing the light which had shown under his door. There in his sitting room were three bars serving drinks on the house to dozens of people most of which were women dressed like they worked in Las Vegas. There was a band playing music and he realized it was Bono and U2. There sitting on a throne in the midst of all of this was a white haired giant playing a saxophone.

Clinton - Look up, look up and let's PARTY man.

Obama - Hey I know you, in fact I stole most of my staff at the office from you.

Clinton - Yep and that was a cool move dude because they made me the man I was and you the man you are.......anyway for this gig baby, I am the Ghost of Christmas Present.

Obama - They sent you to teach me a lesson?

Clinton - Heck no Ebeneezer Obama, I'm not here to teach you anything, I think you're doing a great job almost as good as me in fact. Na I'm here cause it's Christmas and we are gonna have a PARTYYYYYY. Grab you a chick and come on over here.

Obama - So is that all we're going to do is party?

Clinton - Well we do have a little work to do....I guess I might as well get on with it....grab my saxophone and let's boogie man, I have somewhere to take you!

Narrator - Ebeneezer Obama touched Bubba's saxophone and the party vanished and became a tenement house on the poorest street in the town.

Obama - Why have you brought me here?

Clinton - Hey buddy this is the home of your clerk John Boehner Cratchit.

Obama - Ok so who cares?

Clinton - No one, I just thought it would be good to watch how these lowly people like your clerk live and give us a chance to see first hand the way our tax and spend habits make the low life's live.

Obama - Oh in that case lead on Bubba.......who's that loud mouthed woman at the stove?

Clinton - That's your clerks wife, Michelle Cratchit......yep she's a witch if there ever was one....kind of reminds me of my wife.

Obama - Yeah mine too......can't say as I blame you for getting with that Monica girl.

Clinton - Thanks good buddy, now listen.

Michelle - (sounding ghetto) Oh no don't you ever talk to me that way John Boehner Cratchit, I'll get me some boys from the hood and they'll cut you the next time you talk like that.

Boehner - waaaaaa, waaaaaaa, waaaaa

Michelle - Will you shut up you big baby......

Obama - No wonder he cries all the time......

Clinton - yeah no kidding!

Michelle - Now you no good lazy husband when are you gonna get that boss of yours to give you a raise. I can't keep going on these expensive vacations with my peeps on the salary you make and besides I'm to good for you anyway.

Boehner - waaaaaa, waaaaa, waaaaa, waaaaa.

Michelle - Maybe I'll just take Tiny Barney and we'll go to my mothers house and live with her then the boys from the hood can come get you and do with you what they want.

Boehner - waaaaa, waaaaa, waaaaaa

Tiny Barney - Momma will I be able to take my intern with me?

Michelle - take any little boy you want son.....if that makes you happy.

Tiny Barney - Oh it does mommy it does and I say Obama bless us everyone.

Obama - I like the way that boy thinks.

Clinton - My time is short good buddy and we still have some partying to do.

Obama - Where are we now?

Clinton - This is my pad I can hide from Hillary and get all the chicks and booze I want and she'll never find out.

Obama - Who are all these men here?

Clinton - That's the press, how else do you think I keep them in my corner. Chicks and booze will buy 'em every time.

Obama - You are da man Bubba.........

Narrator - Ebeneezer Obama once again found himself in his bed chamber with a glass of booze in one hand and a smoke in the other savoring every minute of the party time he had with the Ghost of Christmas Present. Suddenly the TelePrompter said it was three O'Clock and a familiar tune began to play. (Hail to the Chief)

Obama - Hey, they're playing my song.

Newt - No you blooming's my song and I am the Ghost of Christmas Future.

Obama - Oh no it's Newt and it's your song now?

Newt - You got it Ebeneezer Obama, mine and mine alone.

Obama - Wait let's debate over this. I know that when I raise taxes my business prospers and I make a boat load of money.

Newt - Who wants your business to grow and who wants to pay you to tell them what to do and who wants to make it possible for you and yours to dictate how everyone else should live?

Obama - This is going to be a looooooong night!

Newt - Oh let me tell you Ebeneezer Obama, I haven't even started on you yet....Now first taxing the rich as you do it kills jobs, appeasing our enemies only makes them stronger, oppressing the people makes them I need to go on?

Obama - Can you?

Newt - Absolutely!

Obama - I was afraid of that!

Newt - From the beginning all men and women were created equal with the inalienable right for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.....

Narrator - The Ghost of Christmas Future continued to educate Ebeneezer Obama throughout the night. Sometimes he would listen but most of the time he only nodded off to sleep and the Ghost had to wake him again and again.

Newt - Have you learned anything Ebeneezer Obama?

Obama - Yeah I've learned I'm going to have to pay those press boys a lot more under the table to make me look good because when people here you I'm toast.

Newt - Well then I guess we might as well get used to this being my song now........(hail to the chief plays and fades)

Narrator - Ebeneezer Obama awoke with a start, sweating terribly and finding himself in his bed chamber and the morning light shining through the window.

Obama - Oh no what a nightmare. I'd better get to the office quick and tax as many as I can before it's to late.

Narrator - So Ebeneezer Obama quickly dressed and ran to his office opened the door sat in his chair and began inventing any and every way of taxing anybody he could knowing that his time to do so was short and soon his office would be closed for good.

Obama - Let's see, the kid with the lemonaide stand, he's not paying his fair share. The old lady in the nursing home, she's not paying her fair share. All those unemployed dupes, they're not paying their fair share, Donald Trump.....he's not paying his fair share

(Sound of door opening)

Donald - Ebeneezer Obama......

Obama - Yes that's me.

Donald - You're fired!!!!!

Narrator - With that Ebeneezer Obama was taken kicking and screaming from his office, placed in a straight jacket and taken to the Funny Farm where life is beautiful all the time and he'll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they're coming to take him away, ha-haaa!!!!! But that's another story for another time.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, December 15, 2011


"You're a mean one, Mrs. Grinch. You really are a heel. You're as cuddly as a cactus,
You're as charming as an eel. Mrs. Grinch............"

With all the attention in the media hanging on every word or perceived controversy in the race for the GOP nomination and the usual ramblings coming from Congress and The White House, I thought it appropriate to take a lighter look at things during this Christmas, ( yes I wrote CHRISTMAS), Season and have a laugh at the expense of the Grinch at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Folks, you can't make this stuff up, a picture is worth a thousand words so the words now end and enjoy the picture!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


For far too many years we have been playing patty cakes with the Middle East and especially with the situation between Israel and the Palestinians. We have watched as Israel, our most steadfast ally, is constantly attacked and Israelis killed with the total weakness of Obama policy demanding that Israel return to the pre 1966 borders and allow the Palestinians to have complete control of Jerusalem and Israeli territory.

The first part of this video has Ron Paul with his usual isolationist blame America for the worlds problems foreign policy diatribe. Then comes Newt who not only does not beat around the bush but in true strong leadership fashion says what needs to be said and tell the truth about the debacle that is the Middle East. This is the type of straight forward strength we need in The White House and especially after four disastrous years of failed and weak Obama policy.

Ken Taylor

Monday, December 12, 2011


Recent polls are showing not only a clear leader in the race for the Republican nomination but one who is pulling away from the pack in many cases by large double digits. Polling up until recently has had several leaders but most have been in the margin of error with Mitt Romney holding in the low twenties and usually in second.

While Romney is still holding in most polls in the low twenties or upper teens and remaining second, Newt Gingrich is surging well into the upper thirties and low forties with three states showing Gingrich in the low to mid fifties. In these states not only is Gingrich the clear leader but even if those who are labeled as undecided all went to Romney or another candidates Newt would still lead by double digits.

National polling now has Newt at 37% or 38% with Romney remaining about 22% all other candidates falling well below 15%. Early Primary States have Newt at 38% to Romney's 21% in Iowa, 42% to Romney's 18% in South Carolina and in Florida Newt is running away with 56% to Romney's 22% with only 8% undecided.

Two other swing states and large delegations necessary for the nomination have Newt with a commanding lead over all candidates. Ohio has Newt at 52% with Romney at 23% and Pennsylvania polls Newt at 54% to Romney's 21%. These numbers show not just a clear leader but voters deciding which candidate they want to take the nomination and Gingrich is becoming the clear choice for GOP voters.

The polling numbers are starting to cause concern for Mitt Romney who though being the candidate who has consistently been in second over the last three months has been within the margin of error. Now with Gingrich having such a commanding lead, Romney is showing signs of stumbling as the ABC debate proved on Saturday night when his answers many times sounded almost desperate as he tried to put a kink in the Newt armor and a glimmer on his now tarnished armor, not succeeding in either.

With less than a month before the Primary season begins in earnest, time is running out for candidates to make gains and the momentum and decision by voters is clearly going toward Newt Gingrich leaving Romney and all other GOP candidates behind. Independents favor Newt over GOP candidates and Obama buy double digits and this too makes him not only VERY electable but with the best chance of defeating Obama in 2012.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, December 08, 2011


A strong belief in America as the land that we love and faith in the American people in making this land we love work in the freedom and liberties that have been the driving force of our country since its birth. President Reagan understood this and in true Reagan form Newt Gingrich expresses our love of country and freedom in this campaign ad which is also reminiscent of the type of positive uplifting campaign ads that were the hallmark of both Presidential campaigns of President Reagan.

Newt's belief in America and our people as well as his strong understanding of the issues and solutions that worked during the Reagan years and while he was Speaker as well as solutions for those issues that specifically apply to today will restore the America that we love and keep this land free for future generations.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, December 07, 2011


December 7, 1941, a day of infamy as The United States was attacked at the Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. An attack which cost the lives of thousands of American soldiers and changed the course of America forever.

70 years have passed since that terrible day and as we remember what happened then let us also remember the thousands of brave Americans who responded to that call of duty and went to war for love of country and fought in fields and oceans around the world ridding the globe of fascist Germany and imperialistic Japan. Fighting to bring peace once again while defeating oppression with victory in World War II.

Ken Taylor


The single greatest problem we face in our Nation today besides the need to defeat Barack Obama and end his systematic path to socialism is an over bearing all powerful, debt ridden, controlling, nearly totalitarian government. The Constitution of The United States clearly states that the federal government is to be limited and as the Tenth Amendment reads, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

In other words anything not specifically listed in the Seven Articles of The Constitution are powers and authority that DO NOT belong to the Central Federal Government but to the States and the people of our Nation. A limited government that allows citizens the freedom to live their lives as they see fit and States the sovereignty to govern at the local level.

The size and scope of the federal government is not only leading us to bankruptcy but stealing much of the freedom of Americans as is seeks to control aspects of our lives that government has no business controlling. Returning our Nation to a limited government, reducing its size, decreasing its spending, paying the debt and allowing Americans to keep more of their hard earned money is necessary to restore our Nation to the Constitutional principles that have made our country great.

There are many who claim that Newt Gingrich is a big government politician who wants to see government continue to grow and remain the over bearing force it has become. But his record as Speaker shows a completely different Gingrich than his opponents are showing and the press is vilifying.

The government has grown leaps and bounds especially in the last decade and doubled from that in the three years Obama has been President. The last person to cut the size of government, decrease spending, pay the debt and balance the federal budget was Newt Gingrich while Speaker of the House.

As Speaker Newt dragged then President Bill Clinton kicking and screaming into balancing the budget, cutting the size of government and a welfare reform that eliminated billions in wasteful spending and changed the way welfare was handled so that people could not use welfare as a means of making a living for life.

Much of what Newt instituted has been reversed or legislated out of existence since he left office but while he was Speaker he engineered a fundamental limiting of government and brought out of control spending into line with revenue WITHOUT raising taxes as he cut government to match spending levels.

That is what we need and that is why Newt can win and is the best candidate to defeat Obama and restore our country to the fiscal responsibility and Constitutional government that will take our country back from the brink of total disaster!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, December 04, 2011


I have listened to many of my fellow conservatives as well as left and right pundits talk about how Newt Gingrich can't win and of his failing in the past as well as his personal short comings. Let me begin by saying I too was very sceptical about a Gingrich Presidential run when he first started. I figured like most that his baggage was too excessive to ever gain popularity, the nomination or the Presidency.

I have always liked Newt although there have been times especially in the last ten years where I have thought he went a little weird as far as his conservative stance especially when he made that lame commercial with Nancy Pelosi. A moment by the way that the former Speaker has stated was the, "stupidest," thing he ever did and he had a temporary brain freeze to agree to the ad or the premise of man made global warming.

Yet with all his mistakes and family problems Newt has always been the smartest man as a politician, a political analyst and now as a candidate for President. As far as his short comings in life, who are we to cast a stone against him when he has come out many times admitting his failures and his daughter voluntarily setting the record straight at her mothers insistence about the false claim that Newt was having an affair and served divorce papers to his ex wife while in the hospital with cancer. It was the wife who asked for the divorce and for reasons she chooses to keep private which is her prerogative as an individual.

Now on to Newt and why he can win. I have listened to everyone claim that the only way Obama can be beaten is if we settle for Mitt Romney since he can garner the independent vote and no one else can. First recent polling has Romney trailing Newt in double digits with independents and Newt destroying Obama among independents with a more than 20 point lead in this vital voting group. So much for he myth that Newt can't get the independent vote.

As far as his being a supposed Washington insider and Romney is not, let's take a look at facts concerning Romney's claim that he is NOT a politician and just a business man. He was Governor of Massachusetts from 2003 - 2007 and since then he has been running for President in one manner or another. Additionally he ran for Senate against Ted Kennedy in 1994 and lost so he has been in politics NOT business for nearly 20 years.

Gingrich on the other hand left politics and though remaining in the field as the head of a conservative PAC he has not been part of the mess that we now know as Washington since he left as Speaker in 1999. He has used his knowledge of how DC works as a means of getting the conservative message out and his status as former Speaker to bring that message through many media outlets as a political analyst.

Once again for those who keep harping about needing a Washington outsider to be President, remember we got that with Barack Obama who had only been in DC a few years as a Senator and spent almost all of that time running for President and look at the disaster this, "outsider," has been.

Newt is the most intelligent person on the issues and is the ONLY candidate who offers detailed solutions that will work many of which he proved worked while Speaker an as a ranking member of the House during the Reagan years. No one can hold a candle to him as far as his grasp of the economy, foreign affairs and yes even the Constitution though the Pauliacs claim only Ron Paul believes in the Constitution.

Newt has an amazing detailed knowledge of history and the successes and failings of our current and past leaders which gives him an insight like no other. But even with all of this knowledge and common sense real solutions to Americas problems many still do not believe he can win especially those in the media.

Let's address the media first. Why are they so sold on Romney? I believe there are two reasons. The left wants Romney because in him they see a real chance for Obama to win. But even if Romney were to defeat Obama they see in Romney a man who though not left wing like Obama is acceptable as a Republican because he is left of center and his record as Governor shows he will govern more in line with the liberal left than all of the other GOP candidates.

Now for the Republican pundits who think Romney is the only answer. Like the pundits of 1980 they don't want nor believe a true conservative can win any National election. Reagan proved them wrong in 1980 and I believe Newt can do the same in 2012. Additionally most GOP pundits favor the country club class Republicans and Romney is exactly who they want as a result. He is the ultimate country club Republican who would fit in perfectly with the likes of Nelson Rockefeller, Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush.

So with all of this going against him how can Gingrich win? Simply put, he is the best candidate running bar none. He destroys all comers in a debate setting and as the nominee will show Obama to be the absolute fool that he truly is pulling no punches and calling them like he sees them and not trying to be a man who seeks to get along and make the debate cordial.

Newt also is the anti Romney with the majority of Republicans who do not want Romney as the nominee. He is a real conservative and not just one made up for the cameras like Romney. While Bachman and Santorum are also good strong conservatives they have not garnered support among the rank and file GOP and as a result cannot win the nomination nor beat Obama.

Newt on the other hand is not only resonating with Republicans but with the ending of the Cain candidacy all polling shows that Cain supporters favor Newt over all other candidates and will turn their support to him. Newt is strongest among independents, conservatives and can unite the GOP better than any other candidate. Additionally in recent polling he is the ONLY candidate who polls better than Obama.

Newt have been called the, "Rhett Butler," candidate after the character played by Clark Gable in Gone With The Wind because as Rhett said to Scarlett, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." Newt doesn't care what the press thinks he tells is like it is. He doesn't care what the pundits say he tells is like it is. He doesn't care about what other candidates say of him and refuses to attack them but stays on course against Obama and his failings and tells the American people the truth about the direction our country is going and how it can be reversed.

He knows what to do, how to do it and is strong enough in his knowledge and convictions to do what he says and just cocky enough to get the job done while restoring the Nation and the prestige of the Presidency that Obama has destroyed. Newt brings what we need as President. A man who can repair the Obama disaster, make Congress finally show fiscal responsibility, restore American greatness around the world, work with our friends and stand strong against our enemies not apologizing for America but through strength keeping American powerful, secure and the one real leader of the world. That is why Newt can win!

Ken Taylor

Friday, December 02, 2011


The US jobless rate fell unexpectedly to 8.6% the lowest rate since March 2009. For the next month we are going to be treated to a barrage of Obama lies, spin and rhetoric about how this is proof that his terrible economic policy is turning around the economy and why he deserves another four year in The White House.

Of course the Liar in Chief will neglect to mention the real facts behind this short term small drop in the jobless rate. Hiring always surges somewhat this time of year as retail business hires a great deal of temporary employees for the Christmas shopping rush. These are only temporary jobs and most will be out of work again in January or February.

In addition to the Christmas temp hiring the report states that 315,000 people have left the work force which also causes the rate to drop because the number of workers available for employment has dropped. 315,000 more workers have given up looking for non existent jobs in the Obama economy.

If one takes into account the actually number of workers no longer looking for work and add that to the 8.6% still looking the real unemployment number is closer to 16% or 17%. This too will never be mentioned by Obama as he spins the new numbers as proof of his ,"success," in improving the economy.

When the numbers rise again in January and February as the temp workers are let go and back in the unemployment line, Obama will either be quiet about unemployment, blame Republicans or the, "evil, rich employers," who are refusing to hire as the reason for the surge in unemployment. When the reality is, this is Obama's economy. Its failure is a result of his failed economic policy, massive failed stimulus spending and left wing agenda which stifles business and kills employment!

Ken Taylor

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