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Thursday, May 31, 2012


I will admit that I have not been extremely enthusiastic about Mitt Romney.  I have had many misgivings about him as our nominee but with that said it is time to set it all aside and rally around the man who now must defeat Barack Obama in November. Romney has many good qualities and on any given day will be 100% better than Barack Obama especially in returning the prestige to the Presidency and restoring the knowledge of American greatness throughout the world without a Presidential apology which has been the trademark of the Obama regime.

There is a considerable amount of speculation as to who will be Romney's running mate ranging from Marco Rubio in Florida to," The Great One," Mark Levin with several in between. Now is not the time for Romney to announce his running mate especially this far before the Republican Convention. Announcing this early would be an absolute detriment to the Romney campaign.

With the nomination locked in the ONLY draw to viewership of the Convention will be the announcement of the running mate. Conventions especially for a challenger are extremely important going into the weeks before the General Election. A large viewing audience for the Convention allows a challenger a big head of steam for September, October and the first few days of November and if Romney announces before the Convention he loses that head of steam.

Obama as an incumbent will already have an advantage coming out of his Convention since it will be a love fest for their candidate who is a sitting President and known better than a challenger.  Adding to this is the love affair Obama already has with the left wing media and the head of steam coming out of the Convention becomes all the more important for Romney.  So it is a necessity for him to hold off any announcement before Tampa.

Remember the excitement and surprise the unexpected announcement of Sarah Palin gave John McCain in 2008?  Romney is a much stronger candidate than the weak McCain but he will still need the excitement surrounding his running mate announcement at the Convention to push him into a strong lead for September then the debates and the continued failure of Obama and hammering Obama's failed Presidency keeping him in that lead for a landslide victory in November.

So with no further ado we at The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth and I, from a personal stance support the candidacy of Mitt Romney and will proudly vote to elect the next President of The United States,  Willard Mitt Romney.

Ken Taylor 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Everyone who has even a slight knowledge of the history of World War ll understands that while many of the Nazi Concentration camps especially the most notorious like Auschwitz-Birkenau and Treblinka were located in what was known as occupied Poland, the Polish people nor the Polish government had NOTHING to do with these death camps and in fact many Polish citizens including POW's were imprisoned, tortured and killed by the Nazis in these death camps.

Common knowledge to everyone but Barack Obama who not only insulted the Polish people but displayed an incredible lack of not only knowledge but sensitivity to a subject that still hits hard especially to our European allies when during a White House presentation Obama called these Nazi Camps, "Polish Death Camps."

In a White House Ceremony honoring this years recipients of The Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award presented by The United States, Obama was recognizing Jan Karski, a former Polish underground officer who provided early eyewitness accounts of Nazi Germany's genocide of European Jews.

In his presentation Obama in calling these Nazi camps, "Polish Death Camps," was as usual fluffed off by the Obama defending press and his supporters as a mistake and another example of Obama misspeaking in a public setting.  But once again his apologists miss not only the point but the fact that these type of embarrassing moments are not just occasional but common pace for Obama and it is time they stop apologizing for these ridiculous insults and start holding him accountable for his words.

The White House issued a statement of, "regret," for the Obama insult but this was understandably not enough for the Polish people as their Prime Minister responded, "I am convinced that our American friends can today allow themselves a stronger reaction than a simple expression of regret from the White House spokesman -- a reaction more inclined to eliminate once and for all these kinds of errors."

Even Prime Minister Tusk sees that Obama's misspeaking is more common place than the occasional slip up like was the case with President Bush.  Prime Minister Tusk went on to state that he believed this to be, "a problem for the reputation of the United States" A Problem that Obama has been since taking office in 2009.

He has embarrassed our country with a constant barrage of misspoken statements, apologies for American greatness and other such nonsense making it obvious that he could care less about who he is an who he represents.  His arrogant ego believes that he can say and do whatever he pleases without any consequence to him. Yet the country and the rest of the world are waking up to the absolute ignorance and audacity of Obama and are no longer willing to accept it as just another accident.

Of course the arrogant one will not make a public statement for his insult and leave that up to his surrogates who have spent more time covering his sorry butt than not.  But remember this, November is soon to come and we the people of The United States can and must eliminate this absolute embarrassment to our Nation in order to end this person who continually damages the reputation of our great country and send Obama into oblivion where he belongs.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We have been subjected to story after story and video after video of the, "brave," and ," risky," move by Barack Obama to finally give the logical order to Navy Seal Team Six to go in and take out Osama bin Laden. Obama has continuously stated how, "he," got bin Laden and his campaign has tired to capitalize on the raid to make Obama look like a strong decisive leader who was solely responsible for killing bin Laden.  The administration has even allowed ,"Hurt Locker," director Kathryn Bigalow controversial access to secret documents and Seal Team Six members for a movie that is scheduled to be released in October just before the election about the hunt for bin Laden.

Yet one of the many heroes involved in finding bin Laden has be allowed by the Obama administration to be tortured, condemned to 33 years in prison and become Pakistan's scape goat for their anger with the US for getting bin Laden in their territory. Doctor Shakeel Afridi has been literally abandoned with the exception of a passing condemnation by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta for the arrest of the heroic doctor.

Doctor Afridi put together a phony hepatitis B vaccination scheme in order to try and acquire DNA samples to prove that bin Laden was in the Pakistan compound where he was eventually killed. Although the doctor was not successful in getting the DNA evidence his observations while visiting the compound and information was key in planning the operation which eventually got bin Laden.

Rather than offering the heroic doctor asylum in the US or other means of protection the Obama administration left him to his own protection and the Pakistani government arrested him soon after the raid that killed bin Laden and spent a year torturing him, keeping him in inhuman conditions before convicting him last week and sentencing him to 33 years in prison.

The family begged the Obama administration for legal help after the doctor was arrested and especially during the trial but their pleas were ignored. Even after the conviction the family approached the US embassy in Pakistan for help and have not even been given the courtesy of a meeting or acknowledgment of their request for help.

Is this how policy under Barack Obama treats our allies and friends? It is no wonder that allies are questioning our loyalty and ability to stand with them in world situations when someone as important to the killing of the worlds most wanted man and the one who was responsible for the worst terrorist attack in history, is left to rot in jail, tortured and almost killed.  This is how the Obama administration thanks those who assist in the fight to end Al Qaeda and defeat global terrorism.  It is no wonder that we cannot find friends in the Muslim world when Obama takes all the credit for killing bin Laden and allows a hero like Doctor Afridi to suffer for helping find the former al Qaeda leader.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, May 27, 2012


They came from every corner of our nation representing our best and bravest. They fought in places whose names have become familiar to us not because the field had any great significance but because of what they so bravely did there. Places like Trenton, Lexington, Concord, Yorktown, New Orleans, Antietam, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, the trenches of WWI, Verdun, Anzio, Iwo Jima, Normandy, Porkchop Hill, Inchon, Hamburger Hill, Khe Sanh, Dong Ha, Basra, Kuwait City, Asadabad, Baghdad, Fallujah and Kandahar.

 Each of these locations and many more where brave Americans gave their lives defending freedom and fighting for liberty in defense of this Nation. Not one of these brave American heroes left home with the intention of giving their life for this Nation. They each left with a willingness to perform their duty with honor and with pride in service to their country with the full knowledge that this sacrifice in service may cost the, "last full measure of devotion."

 They were willing because they understood that freedom is not free and there is a high price to pay defending what one believes in. Many left home as boys with high ideals and a yearning for adventure then faced the reality of war with uncommon bravery, valor, devotion and sacrifice. Some sacrificed to save a fellow soldier, some to achieve an objective when the situation became extreme and stepped forward regardless of the cost. Some just because stepping forward was all that could be done. Most gave of themselves without knowing where the courage came from. But each who gave this, "last full measure," are hero's who deserve our respect and our affection for what they sacrificed preserving freedom for each of us.

They deserve our memoriam every day for the life they gave in sacrifice and defense of our Flag, our Country and our freedoms. Nothing that we do, nothing that we say can bring them back nor honor them in the fullest extent that they so justifiably deserve. Though we try through memorials that unite us in their sacrifice and the beauty of the architecture. These great memorial structures that stir our emotions as we remember what they gave for us can never fully pay tribute to these heroic Americans that paved the way for our freedom.

 Throughout the Nation memorial services at cemeteries and memorials will remind us of each brave American who gave so that we may be free. We will shed tears to the strain of taps as we realize just how much they gave. Movies attempting to portray their bravery and sacrifice will also remind us of the amazing sacrifice that these best and bravest of this Nation performed in defending our freedom. Yet within all of these memorials and tributes to the thousands who have made the ultimate sacrifice at the altar of freedom, their heroism demands that we as a Nation more than just remember but rather live our lives in the freedom that they have provided for us in a manner that honors their sacrifice and pays tribute daily to their devotion to this country.

 If ever we fail to remember our freedom or surrender our liberties or take them for granted then we risk making their sacrifice in vain. In their sacrifice they never once considered it anything more than duty in service to this Nation and an honor to have served. We owe each of them the same in our devotion to the liberties and freedoms that they sacrificed to give. Nothing that we do can ever repay what they have given. Nothing that we say can ever express our gratitude for what we owe each of these brave heroes of freedom. How then can we begin to honor the memory and sacrifice of each who gave, "the last full measure of devotion ?"

 President Lincoln said it best as he closed the Gettysburg Address, "that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this Nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

God bless our brave men and women who serve this Nation and sacrifice daily. God bless the families of every soldier throughout our history who gave their all for freedoms sake. God bless the memory of those who gave,"the last full measure of devotion," and finally God bless America !

 Ken Taylor

Friday, May 25, 2012


 We remember the brave men and women who in defending our great nation and preserving our freedom gave the last full measure of devotion. We honor their sacrifice and their memory this Memorial Day weekend.

In all of the lands where we have fought and sacrificed defending freedom and liberating millions through the sacrifice of thousands of American heroes who saw their duty and gave their all in defense of freedom and America, the only thing we have asked in return is enough land to bury and honor those who have fallen in defense of freedom. God bless the memory of our fallen heroes from those who gave their all throughout our history from the Revolution to those who fall to this very day and those who will fall defending freedom. We honor you and thank you for providing the freedom we take so much for granted.

 Ken Taylor

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Barack Obama is a campaigning fool. He has literally been in campaign mode throughout his Presidency and as we have entered into an actual election year that campaign mode has become a constant barrage of actually campaign appearances claimed to be official Presidential visits so tax payer dollars can be used to pay for travel and the costs of transporting and housing the Presidential entourage. Obama has also participated in an endless stream of fund raisers almost doubling the number of his past five predecessors combined.

From Carter to George W. Bush past Presidents have participated in a total of 94 fundraisers for their reelection bid with one, Ronald Reagan, attending zero during his reelection year of 1984. Obama is approaching 160 fundraisers for his reelection bid with his schedule for the future showing an endless number yet to come.  Often he uses one momentary, "Presidential," event as the catalyst for a daily or weekend line of campaign fund raiser to once again claim he is on official business to allow him to use tax payer funds for the trip rather than his campaign war chest money.  The following is an example of a common Obama schedule, this one from Wednesday of this week.

Notice how this typical schedule progresses.  Obama leaves The White House for ONE official event speaking at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs then spends the rest of the day at our expense jumping from one fund raiser to another in Colorado and California before heading back to Washington.  One official event followed by THREE fund raisers. Since he used the official event as the start of this typical day for him we the people covered his campaign events without one single dime of the money he is spending most of his time raising being used for any of the huge expenses needed for the large number of people, planes and vehicles needed for Presidential travel.

Yet even with all of these fund raisers the Obama campaign is far behind projected income totals which were expected to be in the vicinity of one billion dollars for his reelection bid. In fact a recent report shows that Mitt Romney is far out raising Obama on the campaign trail with Obama attending far more political fund raisers than Romney.  Remember also that when Romney does attend a fund raiser not ONE dime of tax payer dollars is used as opposed to constant use of tax payer dollars for Obama's barrage of fund raisers.

This campaigner in chief is also the most hypocritical individual in existence. At every campaign stop he condemns the, "rich," calls for more government spending to, "help," struggling Americans, calls Romney out of touch because of his more affluent back ground yet at the same time he is wasting tax payer dollars in his continual fund raisers walking the thin line between normal Presidential perks during an election year and abusing the office for his personal gain and fund raising expenses.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Barack Obama has made it his business to compare himself to everyone from past Presidents to Gandhi. He claims to be similar to several Presidents including Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Truman and yes heaven forbid Ronald Reagan. Of course we who have even a little sense laugh at many of these comparisons as we understand his ego drives him and that ego gives him the illusion of greatness allowing him to place himself in the company of those considered by most as great.

The fact of the matter is that in policy Obama most resembles the failed administration of Jimmy Carter but on steroids. But the President that Obama is most like in his handling of the Presidency and his abuse of power, arrogance and ignoring of the basic laws and principles that make America who we are is Richard Nixon. Nixon's policies differ greatly in many ways to those of Obama's but his approach to the Presidency is similar to that of the arrogant one.

Nixon once stated in an interview with David Frost after his resignation when asked about his illegal actions while in The White House that, "if the President does it then it is not illegal." Nixon believed this fallacy wholeheartedly and his actions in office proved it so. The way he handled Watergate and used the office of the President for his own personal vendettas and consolidation of power showed his belief that as President he could do what he wanted and that he was above the law, the Constitution and answerable to no one including the Congress and the people.

Obama is the mirror image of Nixon in this. He believes that he has the ability and power as President to bypass the Congress whenever the Congress disagrees with him. He believes that his agenda is above scrutiny of the Supreme Court and that any court that has the audacity to declare any part of his agenda especially Obamacare as unconstitutional they are un-American and not worthy of their appointments to the court.

His complete disregard of the Constitution mirrors that of Nixon's in that he uses the office of President to twist and mold our Constitution to his image of what he believes it should say and ignoring the reality of what is actually means. Nixon abused the Presidency and the power of the Office in order to create a supreme Presidency that was answerable to no one and any perceived enemy was targeted by every means available from the Justice Department to the IRS.

Obama uses Eric Holder as his personal hit man using Justice as a means of indicting and investigating anyone who publicly tries to show Obama for who and what he is. Take Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona who has exhaustively looked into Obama's past and questioned many aspects of it and is now the object of several investigations by Justice and accusation of brutality. Arpaio is nut one example of Obama's supreme Presidency that abuses the Office to stop his opponents.

The law, the Constitution, the Congress, separation of powers, The Supreme Court nor the will of the people mean nothing to Obama just as they meant nothing to Richard Nixon. It was only after he was faced with the reality that resignation was his only recourse and after he left office being confronted in an interview with his crimes and his abuse of power that Nixon accepted what he had done and the damage he did to the country and the American people.

I doubt that Obama will ever accept his abuse of power, ignoring of the Constitution or the damage he has done to the country and the people. His arrogance far exceeds his ego and his ego controls his actions and his Presidency. He sees himself better that all and because of his office has the right to do what he considers to be the course to be taken and nothing, the law, the Constitution or the will of the people matter as long as it is done his way and according to his destructive plan. THAT makes him worse than Nixon and more dangerous to our Nation than any enemy that has ever taken up arms against The United States.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


UPDATE - UPDATE - UPDATE - The Drudge Report is reporting that the teacher who is heard in the above video from Salisbury, North Carolina has be SUSPENDED due to the video going viral and a local Television Station investigating the incident due to a complaint from a former teacher at the school who reported the abuse by the teacher. "Effective today, Tanya Dixon-Neely has been suspended with pay while a thorough investigation is being conducted," school officials told WBTV when asked about Dixon-Neely's status. So there does seem to be some justice after all!

In yet another example of the demise of our education system and the liberal indoctrination that is taking place in our schools, a teacher in North Carolina tells a student he could be arrested for speaking against Barack Obama. She was not saying this in a generic form as in speaking against any President but this one in particular. The video above was recorded by a student during the confrontation and shows how the teacher would not even allow any of the students to speak anything in a negative way toward Obama as she takes on an extremely angry tone toward her students in the heated conversation. WARNING some of the language even gets a little rough.

 When the teacher was challenged by students with the truth that the First Amendment protects anyone right to just speak out against a President as along as there is not any threat involved, the teacher claimed that many people were arrested for speaking against President Bush, a liberal talking point that was used often during the Bush Presidency in order to try and make Bush look like an evil despot. No one was arrested for talking against Bush yet the teacher still tried to insist that it happened. When finally cornered with the truth that it is our right to speak out against a President when we disagree with him, the teacher then through the angry retort that no one could speak out against, "this President," in reference to Obama.

 Unfortunately this is not an isolated example in our school system and while there are more teachers who do teach students the facts about out country and political system there are far too many who use the left indoctrination method as this teacher in North Carolina. It is no wonder that we are faced with younger generations of Americans who are misinformed and uneducated on the truth of America and the freedoms we have to be able to express our beliefs even when it concerns a President.

 Ken Taylor

Friday, May 18, 2012


I have written about this particular subject several times and this posting will be short and to the point on the matter. The new, well old because of when it happened news about the possibility of Obama being Kenyan born, while compelling, must not be allowed by we who know this man must be removed from office to be a distraction from defeating him in November.

If we, especially as conservatives spend an exorbitant amount of time on this news no matter how compelling or how factual it may be, the media and the left will use it as a way of vilification against all who dwell on it making it a joke no matter how serious it may be. In the process they will use it as a distraction from the issues of the election and if we dwell on it as some think we should it could likely have the affect of helping to reelect him rather than remove him from office by voting him out as we must to save our country from him.

There is more than enough failed policy and destructive agenda along with extremely negative numbers from unemployment to massive unchecked spending, debt and deficits to defeat him decisively in November and allow history to condemn him for and yes even seek legal action for the possibility that he may have deceived the American people and violated the Constitution.

For now rather than dwell on a possibility let's fight with the reality. Obama is a failed politician whose policy has destroyed the America we love and we can and must defeat him resoundingly in November. That my friends must be our goal and as I said before let history and the law at a later date be his judge.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Just when you think the disgusting arrogance of Barack Obama cannot get any worse he and his cohorts at The White House pull another trick.  The official White House website includes a considerable amount of information. Past Presidents have used this site as more of an information/Presidential history site but Obama had the site changed shortly after taking office to become a propaganda avenue for his massive ego.

Now this ego has taken the site to a new low as he has authorized changing most of the 20th Century Presidential bios on the site to make comparisons to Obama and several past Presidents and try and deceive the public into believing that many of his policy moves are similar if not extensions of those by past occupants of The White House.

For example he has compared FDR instituting Social Security with the Obama propaganda that only HE is trying to save Social Security for future generations. Yet in his more than three years in office with the full knowledge that the program will soon go bankrupt and is in desperate need of overhaul, has not offered ONE idea for the overhaul or a means of , "saving," the program from it's obvious future demise.

Another example comes form the bio of President Reagan who called for a change in the tax rates to make them fair. Reagan's fair change, changed the tax rates, lowering them across the board REDUCING taxes which spurred a massive economic growth as people had more money in their pockets.  But the Obama revision of Presidential history to stroke his own ego is comparing Reagan's call to change the tax rates to make them more fair by reducing taxes to  Obama's call for passage of the, "Buffet Rule, " which raises taxes on those who make over 200K a policy that Reagan would NEVER have even considered.

He also compares Truman's call for Civil Rights legislation to his reversal of, "don't ask, don't tell."  He compares Carter's creating of the Energy Department to his supposed, "all of the above," energy policy. In a blatant attempt to connect his administration to the Kennedy administration, Obama compares his decision to decree a Presidential proclamation recognizing the Peace Corps to Kennedy's actual CREATION of the Peace Corps.

The only link to a past President that Obama uses which actually makes a little sense is his comparison of Obamacare to LBJ's institution of Medicare. Yet even in that he claims that he is saving the program by Obamacare when in fact his law guts Medicare and forces seniors to drop most of their Medicare coverage to take part in Obamacare.

The only Presidential bio he has not revised after Calvin Coolidge is that of Gerald Ford's. I guess Obama doesn't see Ford as, "worthy," of his revisionist blessing and not good enough to be compared to the great Obama. History is history and historical fact does not change unless it is as an ego boost to the arrogant one who obviously believes that he is the greatest President and all others paved the way for him to be the savior of all American kind. Excuse me while I go throw up for even writing that last sentence!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Although a much more reliable and balanced polling source no one was surprised when Rasmussen came out with his recent poll showing Romney ahead of Obama with likely voters 48% - 44%.  But when the liberal rag of record The New York Times comes out with a poll that shows Obama losing and then to find out it consists of exact same polling group used in last months Times poll, I am quite sure The White House is shaking in their boots as well as the DNC.

The New York Times, the most liberal source of anything news worthy and not so news worthy polled last month showing Romney and Obama in a literal tie. Following a somewhat different approach for the May poll the Times contacted the same polling group by phone and found not only was Obama now BEHIND Romney by three points, still within the margin of error but he has lost support in key voter groups with one that is traditionally a Democrat voter group.

Romney leads with moderates and independents which is not surprising as other polling is showing a similar trend toward Romney with these two key groups. But the big surprise is that women voters now favor Romney rather than Obama in a 5 point switch from last month which had Obama ahead with women by two points now behind by 3 points.

Obama overwhelmingly won the women's vote in 2008 and traditionally Democrats win with women even in a year when Democrats lose as in 2010.  Yet over the last month women see Romney stronger for the economy and overall favor him for The White House.  While losing moderates and independents are of concern for the Obama camp finding that women are now moving away from Obama, I am certain has the Obama campaign rattled.

The alarm has been sounded and even the most staunch Obama supporters are beginning to wonder if Obama can be reelected. Obama's decided move even further left in his rhetoric and the perception by 67% of those polled that his announcement favoring gay marriage was nothing more than a political move in an election year has voters doubting Obama's ability to govern and seeing the failure of the economy and how it is hitting every pocket book gives Romney an advantage that is highly unusual this early in a Presidential year with an incumbent running for reelection.

Could this poll be the proverbial hand writing on the wall for Obama?  That remains to be seen but regardless it does not bode well for the Obama campaign and his prospects for reelection seem to be getting dimmer with each passing week.  But the fight to defeat Obama is still young and has a long and tough rode ahead and we who fully understand that this failure must go, while momentarily rejoice in the Times polling must not drop our guard and continue to work with all diligence to end the Presidency of Barack Obama and begin the restoration of our Nation.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Barack Obama has been nothing but empty promises and political rhetoric which has equaled tremendous failure and record debt and deficits. This excellent RNC ad tells not only the truth but the complete reality of Obama claiming to fight to cut the deficit but in reality he has added more to the deficit than any of his predecessors and is on track to add more to the debt than ALL of his predecessors combined...$6.5 TRILLION dollars.

 At every turn beginning with his 2008 campaign Obama promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his term as President. After taking office he repeatedly has promised to do whatever is necessary to cut the deficit and reduce the debt. Yet his every move since taking office has been to increase both debt and deficit in an irresponsible spending spree that if kept unchecked will eventually bankrupt the country. This if nothing else in reason enough to boot this complete failure out of office and begin the process of fiscal responsibility and getting our financial house in order. As long as the failure in chief remains in office debt and deficit will be our national economic creed.

 Ken Taylor

Monday, May 14, 2012


In an election year especially one where the Presidency is at stake dozens of factors can make or break an incumbent. Everything from economic woes to foreign policy troubles as well as a host of domestic problems can give a strong indication as to whether a sitting President has much of a chance for reelection. Of course as is always the case as Yogi Berra stated, "it ain't over 'till the fat lady sings," so until voters actually go to the polls on November 6, nothing is set in stone.

Still there are many things that can give indication as to a Presidents reelection based on history and other factors that are taking place in elections that precede the general election in November. If these recent factors hold true Obama got a three strike blow in the last two weeks from three different elections each leaving a political outcome that affects the constituency in an almost polar change but for Obama it can indicate a move toward eliminating incumbents.

The first took place in France. Now on the surface the outcome of the French election looks like a typical French disaster but when looked at in light of another election in Europe it actually has meaning for Obama's chances. France for the first time in more than 20 years elected a known Socialist candidate to the Presidency. While not unusual for France the new President replaces one who by French standards was considered a conservative. So how does this play for Obama's reelection?

The French change has to be taken into account with the second strike for Obama that took place this past weekend in Germany.  The German State of North Rhine-Westphalia in Western Germany was a more conservative legislature as is their Chancellor Angela Merkel. Her party was beaten rather handily during weekend elections which changes the political dynamic of Germany's government.  So two conservative governments fall and you ask how does this affect Obama ?

The third strike came right here at home and it not only shows a worldwide backlash to incumbents but from an American political stand point shows a shift toward conservatism that even the die hard political pundits didn't see coming.  Indiana voted out after 35 years moderate to almost liberal GOP senator Dick Lugar in favor of a very conservative Tea Party candidate Richard Mourdock.  The left and GOP establishment is going crazy over this one and for good reason.

Not only does the major defeat of Lugar, 60% - 40%, show a decided shift to conservatism as opposed to Obama's radical liberal/socialism, but if one takes into account the two elections in Europe we are seeing a backlash to incumbents that should have The White House shaking in their boots.  Sitting politicians are falling over the world and while the move in Europe is against more conservative governments, that unlike American conservatism is more politically akin to US left of center moderates whose polices are also more akin to Obama's,  here in the US the incumbent backlash is decidedly against Obama since Lugar, though Republican was a known Obama supporter.

As stated at the beginning of this post, "it ain't over 'till the fat lady sings, " but those in The White House have to see the reality that she is at least getting her formal wear ready and warming her voice up to sing the swan song of the failed Presidency of Barack Obama.

Ken Taylor

Friday, May 11, 2012


There are hundreds of heart warming videos of soldiers returning home from deployment, each one bringing a smile and a tear as we watch one of our American heroes reunited with their family after defending our freedom. While all of these wonderful videos lift our spirits and our hearts this particular video does so in ways that few if any of the others have.

When the Marine in the video left on his deployment his 6 year old son who suffers from cerebral palsy could not walk. In fact doctors told the family that their sons case was so severe that he would never walk nor have the ability to do much of anything.  The brave 6 year old didn't accept the doctors diagnosis and while his Dad was defending our freedom he learned to walk so that he could greet his Father upon his return home. The family managed to keep the tremendous news secret and when his Father saw him for the first time this brave child walked to meet his equally brave Father to wrap his arms around his Daddy's neck and welcome him home.  I dare you to watch this without shedding a tear of pride and happiness for this tremendous homecoming!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, May 10, 2012


"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."

This is the oath of enlistment that every person who joins any of the five branches of The United States military takes when enlisting.  Sworn to defend the Constitution against all enemies with faith and allegiance to the Constitution which equates to the people of The United States.  The only mention of the President who is the Commander and Chief of the military is to obey the orders issued by the CIC and their superior officers in accordance to the chain of command.

But according to the arrogant one, Barack Obama, the brave souls of The United States military fight on HIS behalf not the people of this Nation. Obama made this ridiculous assertion during his equally controversial ABC interview where he reversed his stand on gay marriage which as we all know was likely his stance all along but now having to react to the bumblings of his VP, Obama has been forced to tell the truth about at least one thing during his term as President.

When defending his reversal of the Clinton administrations policy of, "don't ask, don't tell," for gays in the military Obama characterized the men and women of our military as, “those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf.”  The arrogance of Barack Obama seems to have no end since he actually thinks the best and bravest of our Nation who serve in our military fight on HIS behalf.

These exceptional men and women voluntarily fight to defend as it states in their oath, "the Constitution of The United States, " and as such protect the people in whom the Constitution represents. I dare say that especially with Obama as Commander in Chief if our brave men and women were required to fight on his behalf I seriously doubt they would fight at all.

The assertion that our military is fighting on behalf of Obama extends his ridiculous arrogance to absolute stupidity as stating they fight on his behalf gives the impression that if they were not available Obama himself would be standing a post and fighting. The only fight Obama understands and is willing to make is AGAINST the very Constitution he too has been sworn to defend since his policy and agenda have been in complete violation of the Constitution since the first day he took office.

Our brave men and women in uniform are the most exceptional people in the world and they willingly stand a  post everyday defending freedom on behalf of the people of The United States who are the Constitution. They willingly sacrifice themselves for that purpose and many give the, "last full measure of devotion," to insure that our Nation remains safe. Obama may be their Commander In Chief by Constitutional decree but they DO NOT fight on his behalf.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, May 08, 2012


In just one more act that belittles the Presidency, Barack Obama makes what looks to be a somewhat desperate fund raising move to solicit donations for his campaign. A campaign that is reported way behind projected and predicted amounts.  In fact this one is actually more belittling to the Presidency then when he sold raffle chances for first, $5 dollars then discounted to $3 dollars because of lack of interest for an opportunity to have dinner with the President.

Now just gather five donations for the Obama reelection campaign you can get your mothers name in a raffle drawing to get a Twitter shout out wishing your mom Happy Mothers Day from Barack Obama. Give me a break! Not only does this belittle the Presidency but it is a cheap trick to solicit donations for a campaign that can't even fill a stadium on a college campus for the campaign kick off.

Is this an act of desperation for an incumbent who is beginning to see the hand writing on the wall and understanding how absolutely unpopular he is?  Poll after poll are showing a failed President who is losing his base, already lost the independents and is struggling to get support in the key swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida where Mitt Romney is either clearly leading or ahead within the margin of error.

Former Clinton adviser Dick Morris, who saw the light and is now a conservative pundit and who knows the inside scoop when it comes to polling, said on the Sean Hannity show that the Obama numbers are not as close as they show. In fact equating the numbers into the actual general election using historical comparisons Obama would lose in a landslide with Romney receiving more than 56% of the vote and over 370 electoral votes.

Of course we all know, "it ain't over 'till the fat lady sings," and the fat lady is far from singing and as with any election until voters go to the polls on election day and cast their vote nothing is written in stone.  But the prospects of a major Obama defeat are looking better every day and it behooves us to double down in our fight to get this failed pretender out of office to save our country and our freedom so that future generations will not look back and ask why we allowed America to fail under a failure!

Ken Taylor


The idiotic people of France have elected a new President who ran as a candidate of the Socialist Party, François Hollande. The last Socialist French President was François Mitterrand from 1981 - 1995 who nearly destroyed the country and died before a corruption trial could convict him after he left office. I could care less who the French elect nor what a Socialist President will do to a country already suffering from leftist policy even after the term of the current President Nicolas Sarcozy who is considered a conservative though would be at best a moderate liberal in US politics.

Where the election of a Socialist President does trouble me is when the first person to call and congratulate him, embrace his election and invite him for a State visit later this month prior to the G8 Summit taking place at Camp David, is Barack Obama.  It is THEN that his election becomes a problem.  Adding insult to injury follows as Hollande in a post election news conference stated that he and Obama will get along very well and work together because they, "have a lot in common," speaks volumes about the policy of Obama,  how it is recognized by foreign governments and the direction he wants to take this country.

When a Socialist from another country is embraced by an American President and that same Socialist states publicly that he and the American President have a lot in common it is time to be very afraid of the reelection of Barack Obama.  Hollande has stated that he plans to raise taxes by 75% in France, "invest," with stimulus programs, (sound familiar), and French citizens who have been successful are fleeing the country to Great Britain to avoid what is coming and THIS is the man Obama embraces.

Don't forget that during a meeting with the former Russian President Medvedev, Obama stated that AFTER his reelection he would be more flexible in disarming our nuclear arsenal, the fact that he is embracing a Socialist signals that Obama is once again showing his post election hand and his obvious plan to further take our country down a Socialist path partnering with a new Socialist government in France.

Anyone who still supports Obama knowing his Socialist policies, embracing of Socialist governments and ideas and willing to use the Office of the President to bypass the Constitution and destroy our free Republic has no clue about being a free citizen of a free country and is completely duped by the greatest flim flam liar of them all Barack Obama.

Ken Taylor

Monday, May 07, 2012


We are a war weary country of that there is no doubt. Recent polls show that the majority of Americans favor ending the Afghan war and bringing our troops home after the long struggle.  But in our war fatigue are we as a Nation sitting back and accepting a virtual surrender in Afghanistan which is the direction the policy of Barack Obama seems to be taking us? A policy that seeks to hasten our withdrawal to satisfy a political goal while surrendering all that has been accomplished in the process.

We were warned by President Bush when this all began in the aftermath of 911 that it would be a long process to combat Islamic terrorism and end its influence in the world with Afghanistan being only the first stepping stone in the war.  Now more than ten years later a great deal of progress has been made by the greatest fighting force the world has ever known and best men and women in uniform in the world, but in wanting to end this decades long conflict are we allowing Obama to surrender it in order to stop it?

His rules of engagement even after sending in more troops had already severely tied the hands of our soldiers and hampered their ability to fight to win, a goal I might ad that has never been on the Obama agenda.  In fact he has sought and stated openly that winning would never be a goal and as such even with the troop surge Afghanistan has been troublesome at best. Almost as if Obama's actual goal was to hamper the war in order to turn public opinion against it to be able to push his withdrawal agenda.

Now after a surprise visit Obama announces that his administration has been negotiating with the Taliban in order to include the enemy in a new Afghan government and almost nothing has been said against this negotiation with the very people who are killing our troops at every turn. We are also finding out that in order to appease this enemy and hasten the negotiations Taliban fighters are being released in larger numbers with their promise that they will not return to the fight while having absolutely NO recourse to prevent them from doing so other than to actually engage them in battle or hunt them down to recapture them.

This is not a strategy for winning or a move of success in Afghanistan but a complete surrender by the Obama administration in order to meet a timeline set in advance and told to the enemy along with the rest of the world. The bottom line is that once this is over and Obama brings the troops home in time for the 2012 election which is obviously his goal, the enemy will once again step forward giving Al Qaeda a free hand in Afghanistan as they did before and all of the sacrifice of our best and bravest will have been in vain. But what should that matter since Barack Obama will have his talking points that HE ended the war no matter what he has to surrender and he will get his media kudos in time for the election.

Ken Taylor

Friday, May 04, 2012


The news is buzzing and the administration is bragging as the new unemployment figures have been released and according to Obama's Labor Department unemployment dropped to 8.1% . Wow the recovery is in full swing and people are working again. WRONG!!!!!!! The Obama Labor department at the instruction of their Presidential boss who knows the real numbers mean no reelection are LYING to the public about jobs, unemployment, the recovery and the real picture of just how bad our employment situation is in The United States.

In order for the Labor Department to show a drop in unemployment this month another ONE MILLION job seekers were eliminated from the job market, a statistic the administration is trying to claim are workers who found jobs but the truth is that another ONE MILLION have given up looking for jobs and as such dropped out of the job market because in this disastrous Obama, "recovery," the jobs simply DO NOT EXIST!

Had the ONE MILLION remained as job seekers and NOT those who are claimed to have found jobs, the unemployment figure would have risen from 8.3% last month to 8.4% this month. Since Obama cannot have unemployment showing another slide as the election draws closer his Labor Department simply eliminated another ONE MILLION workers from the job force due to jobs that have been lost or eliminated because of Obama economic policy.

Another statistic that the Obama Labor Department is fudging on to help their boss in his reelection bid is the actual size of the work force. If the work force size were the same as when Obama took Office in January of 2009 the actual unemployment figures would be a staggering 11%.  MILLIONS have just given up looking for work in Obama's economy and as such have dropped out of the job market which is at it's lowest percentage of the population since The Great Depression. Additionally the jobless figures have been over 8% for 39 MONTHS which is also the longest period since The Great Depression. All figures Obama is trying to hide from the public because he knows a President who reigns over a failed job market does NOT get reelected.

The reality is there IS NO RECOVERY as the economic growth is stagnated at about 1.5% - 2% with a few spokes at about 2.2% which equates to no growth when considering the depth of our economy. Since taking office Obama's economy has lost tens of millions of jobs with no prospects of any true change is this reality except by the deception and fudging of numbers by a failed President desperate to win reelection so he can continue the destructive policies that have brought us to where we are today!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, May 03, 2012


When Navy Seal Team 6 took out Usama bin Laden, Barack Obama stated he would not, "spike the football," using the death of the Al Qaeda leader as a political tool. Yet over the last week in conjunction with the first anniversary of bin Laden's demise that is all that Obama has done, spike, re-spike and then spike the football again and again and Veterans are ticked watching Mr. Arrogance take all the credit and politicize the event for his struggling reelection bid.

In a surprise visit to Afghanistan that just, "happened," to fall on the first anniversary and just, "happened," to coincide with prime TV time in The United States allowing Obama to make a speech to the Nation where he once again spiked the football and took the majority of the credit for getting bin Laden then added insult to injury by stating the he has brought the Taliban under control, he has reversed Afghanistan in three years as if NOTHING happened there before he came on the scene and he has all but eliminated Al Qaeda.

Obama used more, "I's" in referring to getting bin Laden and the battle for Afghanistan and if one did not know any better one would think while listening to his atta boy Obama speech that he has saved the day and only he has fought a war in Afghanistan and gone after Al Qaeda because only he set it as a goal and only he has advanced security forces in Afghanistan.  Never mind that we fought successfully in Afghanistan long before Obama was elected and that from day one as a Senator Obama fought every move made in Afghanistan including going after Al Qaeda.

No wonder Vets are ticked. Heroes don't crave recognition but perform their duty with bravery and loyalty to this country that they love and willingly defend and serve. Now the, ( I actually hate to call him this), Commander in Chief is using their sacrifice, heroism and bravery to try and convince Americans to reelect him. I've got news for this this failed President, we the people know who the real heroes are and whose bravery and sacrifice got bin Laden, decimated Al Qaeda, defeated the Taliban and fought honorably in Afghanistan and it is NOT Barack Obama!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, May 02, 2012


This graphic which unfortunately is NOT an exaggeration provides one of the main reasons why American cannot afford another four years of Barack Obama. The $6.5 trillion dollar figure for Obama reflects what the accumulated debt will be at the end of Obama's only term as President. It currently stands at just over $5 trillion dollars.

From George Washington to George W. Bush totals 219 years and the accumulated debt of $6.3 trillion dollars for those years falls short of the $6.5 trillion that Obama will accumulate in one term as President. This is the hope and change he brought and the destruction he has wrought during a failed Presidency and non existent leadership which has endangered our country both at home and abroad.

We cannot afford four more years for it will bring the bankruptcy of our economy, the complete decline of our status as the worlds only super power and the dismemberment of our way of life as he deconstructs our Constitution and takes our Nation further into the socialistic America that he began when taking office in 2009. It's up to each of us to take the principled stand that will eliminate this plague on our country and defeat Barack Obama at the polls on November 6 in an overwhelming landslide that will remove this usurper from office.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, May 01, 2012


One year after the demise of the most notorious person on the planet, Usama bin Laden the death of the worlds most wanted person has become a political football thanks to the man who stated at the time of bin Laden's death that it should not be used for political reason, Barack Obama. In the days after Navy Seal Team 6 killed the Al Qaeda leader Obama made the rounds on TV and stated that he would not, "spike the football," over the killing, nor should there be great celebration and now one year later as his campaign for reelection is struggling, Obama is doing just what he said shouldn't be done.

In fact so much so that ads, campaign rhetoric coming from his camp and yes, even finger pointing against Romney are trying to make Obama look like a great hero and completely neglecting the fact that it was the efforts of Americas finest, namely Seal Team 6 that killed bin Laden.  In campaign ads designed to attempt to make Obama look like the only decisive and strong Commander in Chief the country has ever had the accusation is even being made that Mitt Romney would not have made the call had he been President based on a statement he made last year that he would not use a exorbitant amount of resources to find one man.

The fact is that ANY Commander in Chief would have given the go for getting bin Laden and if he hadn't it would have been an almost impeachable offense in the eyes of the American people and for Obama to demand that Romney, "explain himself," over his statement is not only ridiculous but arrogant and using the death of bin Laden solely for political gain.  Then adding insult to injury to make ads, speeches and send his cohorts on the talking head circuit to brag on the boss for making the call, taking all the credit with only a passing if at all mention of the brave soldiers who actually risked their lives killing bin Laden moves beyond disgusting.

It is fine to remember the death of bin Laden on this anniversary and yes even for Obama to take a certain amount of credit for giving the go. But making it into a brave act that only he would have done in order to make political hey of the event is a new low for a man who finds new lows nearly every day. Giving the go signal was the ONLY logical recourse as the Seals had bin Laden in their sights. It did not take courage nor bravery to make the call.  The courage and bravery belongs ONLY to those whose lives were risked in order to kill bin Laden.

The death of the Al Qaeda leader was and still is a great achievement and deserves remembrance but using it for political gain and especially using it to build the ego of one man namely Barack Obama should disgust the people of this Nation enough to make sure this lying, arrogant, ridiculous failed politician is removed from Office in an overwhelming landslide on November 6 and forced into historical oblivion in January as he leaves Washington for the good of the country.

Ken Taylor

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