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Sunday, October 09, 2011


If one were to actually pay attention to the main stream media, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and others on the left, one would think the Founders of our country had been reincarnated and found a rebirth in the form of the loons who are part of the fledgling, "Occupy Wall Street, " or , "DC, or "Atlanta," or any other city where these small groups are gathering to supposedly protest greed in America.

Signs saying completely asinine statements like, "I quit my job to occupy Wall Street," or threatening signs like, "Jump you, %$*&#)@<" (expletive deleted), and hoards of other signs filled with profanity, sexual innuendos, calls for the death of Capitalism, the death of America as a free society changed rather to the socialist, "utopia," where being prosperous is evil and everyone stands together singing Kum Ba Yah.

Loons like Roseanne Barr and Michael Moore both who have made fortunes thanks to the free market Capitalist society they are now protesting calling for the end of our freedoms and the institution of a tyrannical government that will force the ,"rich," to give up their wealth for the betterment of society. I haven't heard either say how much of THEIR wealth they were willing to give up for the cause they are so willing to whine about.

Barack Obama came out praising the Occupy Wall Street crowds calling for them to continue while all the while his class warfare rhetoric has brought on the violence that has been associated with the small crowds who are in New York City and tried to crash through the doors of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC on Saturday.

The left leaning Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg has come out against the protesters as they have disrupted NYC and cause the cities sanitation workers to work overtime cleaning up the mess these supposed caring people are leaving in their wake. Trashed parks, trashed city streets, unsanitary conditions and literally garbage all over the place costing the good citizens of NYC millions of tax payer dollars to clean up since these protesters are to LAZY to clean up after themselves.

When interviewed most are almost incoherent as they try to,"explain," what they are doing and why. Those who are understandable sound like they are looking for Vladimir Lenin to come riding on his red horse saving America with a Bolshevik Revolution to unite the masses under the sickle and hammer and bring the rich to their knees.

When the crowds did grow to larger numbers temporarily in NYC the true colors of the financial backing of this supposed,"grass roots," movement came to light as hundreds of Union members and leaders suddenly appeared from nowhere to stand and march with the loons who have been sleeping in the streets claiming to have occupied Wall Street.

Some have even tried to compare this loon movement to the Tea Party and its true grass roots birth and growth. Yet I don't remember anyone having to clean up after the Tea Party gatherings. Nor have reports of people quitting their jobs to protest about jobs ever appeared with any of the Tea Party gatherings. In fact many stories have beeb told of proud Tea Partiers taking their vacation times so they could attend Tea Party protests to stand with like minded Americans.

Another major difference between the two is that the Tea Party is protesting overbearing government and calling for the return to true Constitutional principles as our Founders intended for this Nation with limiting government and allowing the free market NOT government to determine business while the limitation of government allows a free people to live in the liberties instilled by our Constitution and our Founders.

The Occupy Wall Street crowds are calling for MORE government, the end the free market, the elimination of Constitutional freedoms giving them over to a government that will punish prosperity and redistribute wealth in the mode of the Communist Soviet Union. To listen to Obama, Pelosi and others who are praising this movement, the Founders would be in the streets with the protesters.

In reality the Founders fought against the very things these protesters are calling for and are rolling over in their graves as the very leadership in the Oval Office and those of his party are praising calls for the end of the freedoms the Founders fought and yes many died to bring to this Nation. The Founders would have stood with the Tea Party movement as they fought for the very same principles which are in complete contrast to those of the,"occupiers," and the leaders from the left who support them.

This is not a movement for freedom as they claim but one demanding tyranny in the from of more government and control of the people ending prosperity and the liberties that have made our country great. We fought wars to free people all over Europe from the tyranny the Occupy Wall Street crowd is demanding and yet those who stand at the head of our government from The White House to the Democrat leadership praise the groups who are spitting on the graves of our Founders and the thousands of Americans who have given their lives to defend the freedoms and principles this Occupy Wall Street crowd are calling to end.

Ken Taylor


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