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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This post will be simple and straight to the point. Today is crunch day Florida. Will you select Mitt Romney the candidate who is backed by the moderate GOP establishment, has already instituted a State mandate for health care and provided the blue print for Obamacare. Has a proven record of progressive policy while a State Governor and distanced himself from Reagan in order to campaign for that Governorship and refuses to call Obama out on what he is and his socialism policy.......or will you select Newt Gingrich the candidate who stood with Reagan during his Presidential years and was passed the torch of conservative policy to he and the Congress he led by Nancy, has been endorsed by Reagan staffers and true conservatives like Michael Reagan, was the last person to balance a federal budget, actually cut the size of government, does not hesitate in calling Obama out for what he truly is and his socialist agenda and has already indicated he will dismantle 40% of Obama's government on day one if elected President. The choice is yours, Obama lite, (Romney), or a reversal of Obama destruction, (Gingrich).

Ken Taylor

Monday, January 30, 2012


Without a doubt there is an absolute concentrated effort by the GOP establishment to completely derail the candidacy of Newt Gingrich. Everyone from Ann Coulter to Chris Christie and pundits across the board who claim to be conservative, even the usually conservative Drudge Report have made it their expressed goal to force Romney down our throat and destroy Gingrich.

Look who is on the Romney band wagon and you will see the GOP establishment at is worst. George H.W.Bush, John McCain, Christ Christie, Bob Dole, Ann Coulter, George Will just to name a few have endorsed Rommey and not one bit of true conservative credentials among the lot of them.

Now look at the endorsements for Newt Gingrich. Michael Reagan, former Reagan staffers Art Laffer, Robert McFarlane and Jeffery Lord. Fred Thompson, Herman Cain and though not an official endorsement Sarah Palin has all but said she wants Newt. Adding to this mix are strong defenses of Newt from staunch conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin who has blasted the attacks by the establishment on Gingrich as unfounded and false.

These same establishment types are also those who refuse to take a principled and straight forward stand against Obama and his socialist agenda. They will not attack him with the full truth of who he is and condemn anyone who calls Obama on his socialistic, Saul Alinsky agenda by saying that Gingrich is a loose cannon for doing so and dangerous because he is actually willing to tell the truth about Obama and call him on his agenda, radical Marxist beliefs and destructive policy destroying our country.

They blast Newt for once considering the limited mandate for health care suggested in Hillary Care back in the 90's, a position he has since recanted and called not only stupid but unconstitutional, but willing to support Romney who actually instituted a health care mandate through his Massachusetts State health care plan nicknamed Romnycare which both he and Obama admit was the blue print for Obamacare.

They condemn Newt for stating he worked with President Reagan and continued Reagan's legacy into the 90's as Speaker of the House, a position that was stated by Nancy Reagan in 1995 when she stated the Reagan conservative torch was passed to Newt. Yet these same condemning dupes back Romney who distanced himself from Reagan as he ran for Governor of Massachusetts and stated in the same speech that HE WAS A PROGRESSIVE.

My fellow conservatives especially those who will be voting on Tuesday in Florida. Don't fall for the establishment lie. Don't surrender to the establishment belief that Obama can't be beaten and running a moderate like Romney is the only way to hold the House and take the Senate by ceding the Presidency to Obama by running a weak candidate who will play the pity pat gentleman games like McCain did and lose like McCain did.

We can win the Presidency standing on principle and stating the facts and the truth about Obama and calling him out on his policy and beliefs AND win the Senate while keeping the House. There is only one candidate running who is willing to take that stand without reservation and has already proven he can unite the GOP, Independents and all classifications, men, women all ages, and all income brackets as he proved in South Carolina. That candidate is Newt Gingrich.

Ken Taylor

Friday, January 27, 2012



There is now and always will be a special place in my life and my heart for President Ronald Reagan. Who he was an what he did for our country place him among the greatest in our history and there will never be another Reagan. I have never been one to tolerate Reagan bashing and you can imagine how surprised I was at the attacks coming out against the candidate I support, Newt Gingrich, claiming he did just that, bashed President Reagan. So I investigated and found the truth behind the lies.

Rather than listening to the short edited portion of the video that has be circulated showing Newt stating that when Bush 41 ran for President he should not run as a continuation of Reagan but look to the future, I listened to the ENTIRE one hour and twenty four minute video and discovered that not only was this taken way out of context but when placed in context it is the highest of compliments to Reagan and his Presidency.

In the piece Newt explains that it took 12 years to find Goldwater conservatism and another 15 to find Reagan conservatism and that Bush 41 did not have the charisma to be another Reagan and as such needed to BUILD on the Reagan Presidency for the future of the country. Not a condemnation of Reagan as is being portrayed in the media and by the GOP establishment but on the contrary a highly complimentary respect of President Reagan by Gingrich and advise to Bush 41 on how to continue the Reagan legacy.

Then I found this video of Nancy Reagan in 1995 a full seven years after the Gingrich video that is causing all of the fuss.
In this excellent video, Nancy who is extremely protective of, "Ronnies," legacy states that Barry Goldwater passed the conservative torch to Ronnie and Ronnie passed it on to Newt Gingrich and the then new Republican Congress. Had she suspected for one moment that Gingrich had ever bashed her Ronnie she never would have made this statement about Newt carrying on her husbands legacy.

Michael Reagan the son of the late President has endorsed Newt something he would never had done if Newt was the least bit negative about his dad. Prominent Reagan staffers Arthur Laffer Reagan Economic Advisor, Robert McFarlane Reagan National Security Advisor and Jeffery Lord Reagan White House Political Advisor have all endorsed Newt and would never endorse anyone who bashed their former boss or whose policy and beliefs did not mirror that of President Reagan.

This blatant attack by the media and supposed conservative pundits being led by the Romney campaign and Romney himself is ridiculous and as much an insult to President Reagan as it is to Newt. Remember also that Romney NOT Newt distanced himself from Reagan for political expediency when he thought it would gain votes in his run for Massachusetts Governor.

Newt carries on the Reagan conservative legacy and follows the policy and ideas that were administered during his Presidency that changed the course of history, restored our economy and created the greatest growth of prosperity for our Nation and our people in our history. That is what Newt will bring to The White House and just as the establishment feared Reagan conservatism in 1980, they fear the one in whom the torch of that legacy has been passed, Newt Gingrich. So they attack him with lies to turn conservatives away and force a moderate down our throats once again. Don't fall for the lie!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, January 26, 2012


With rhetoric that was filled with distortions and falsehoods, Barack Obama delivered his third State of the Union address much of which was a complete repeat of past SOTU addresses. Either Obama's writers have run out of new ways to rehash the same old stuff or his TelePrompter is showing reruns. Either way Obama's failed policy was repeated as new ideas thinking that no one would notice.

Newt Gingrich in the above video takes on Obama and his distortions showing how the failed policy of the past three years will not work any different now than it has failed in the past. Gingrich has the knowledge and the strength to take on Obama on the issues with real solutions that have been tried and proven before that can restore our Nation and revive the economy that has nearly collapsed under Obama.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Political Graffiti-Episode 16

This week: Ken, John and Bud with the Loon News, Newt Wars and Ann Colter attacks!


Barack Obama delivered his third State of the Union address rehashing the same old tired and failed rhetoric as he has since the day he took office. Tax the rich, government is the only answer for everything from job creation to changing diapers and of course green energy is the only way to restore his failed economy.

YAWN.....same old failed ideas delivered in the same old scolding arrogance with little in the way of truth and extremely lean on the facts and reality of the real state of the Union under the failed Obama Administration.

The detailed graph on the right shows the decline of our Nation and our economy since Obama took office. In every category the failure of Obama is not only evident but painfully so as the real numbers showing just how badly he has failed and how disastrous his policy has been for our Nation and our citizens.

For anyone who still has an inclination to support these failed policies and the equally failed President whose policies have degenerated our Nation into the state of disaster we find ourselves in if the numbers and evidence to the right do not convince you to not vote to reelect this absolute failure and embarrassment to the Office of President and our Nation as a whole then there is no reasoning and no hope for you as your ability to see the truth has been diminished by the lies Obama has fed you and your willingness to be completely duped by this charlatan.

We cannot afford four more years of policy that provides disastrous results for our country as those shown to the right. We must remove this failure from office by our vote and replace him with someone who knows what they are doing, willing to take the principled stand to restore our Nation and our economy and follow the Reagan style ideas that brought recovery from another failed President after he was defeated in 1980.

The major difference between the Carter Administration that the success of Reagan repaired and the failure of the Obama Administration that his replacement will be forced to repair is that Obama has taken us into far more perilous waters and down a much more dangerous path that even the failed Jimmy Carter.

Vote to restore America and regain that American exceptionalism that Obama has diminished and damaged. Vote Newt Gingrich through the Primaries to the Republican nomination and again in November defeating Obama and beginning the path to restoration our Nation desperately needs.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, January 22, 2012


With 40% of the vote in the South Carolina primary Newt Gingrich has won the Palmetto State with Mitt Romney finishing a distant second at 27% and Rick Santorum third at 17%. A 13% margin of victory is considered a landslide for the former Speaker of the House and gives him the clear momentum going into the all important Florida Primary which takes place on January 31.

South Carolina, as has been the case in all previous Presidential elections since 1980 when Ronald Reagan won the first Palmetto State Primary, has selected the eventual Republican nominee as no candidate has won the nomination without first winning South Carolina.

The pundits, the media and the GOP establishment not only under estimated South Carolina voters in the lead up to the Primary vote, it was said the Palmetto State voters favored Romney because he was the only candidate with, "electability." Yet as the day progressed Palmetto State voters cited that Newt was our man because of his conservatism and the belief that he was the only candidate voters felt could beat Obama in the General Election.

South Carolina has now set the example for the remaining Primary States beginning with Florida in 10 days. We do not have to settle for the establishment moderate as the media and the pundits have said. We can elect a conservative and can elect him decisively as we have proven with the Gingrich landslide. A conservative can win and must win in order to beat Obama.

We cannot just settle for a moderate candidate like Romney who differs little from Obama as his record shows. It will take a candidate who presents a polar opposite stand on the issues that are important to voters and the future of our country. We cannot give Obama the ability in a debate or through his campaign stops or advertising to be able to make any claim that the Republican candidate has agreement with him preventing his opportunity to say why change when there isn't much difference.

We also need a candidate that can stand strong against Obama in a debate setting not agreeing with him as McCain did so often in 2008 and willing to state for the record that Obama is a failure and outline those failures in detail and how they have hurt our economy, our standing in the world and driven unemployment to the highest it has been in decades.

Newt Gingrich offers all of the above. A conservative whose policies are polar opposite of Obama's. A strong ability to debate and show Obama to be the fool that he is. The ability, as he has shown in South Carolina to unite the GOP and bring Independents into the fold. Adding to the mix disgruntled Democrats who feel the extreme leftist policy of Obama has abandoned them.

Gingrich also offers on more thing that no other candidate can claim. He is literally the most vetted candidate in recent history if not ever. Gingrich because of those especially on the left he has angered in the past has no skeletons in his closet that Obama and the Dems can pull out of their hat in what has become known as the, "October Surprise," which has contributed to the demise of many candidates.

Gingrich is also honest about his strengths as well as his failures. He acknowledges all of his mistakes both politically and personally and has made an account to the American people on all levels which Obama cannot claim nor even suggest as even after three years in the Presidency there is still little known about his background and even less transparency in his administration.

To my fellow Americans and especially conservatives in all of the remaining Primary States, we in South Carolina have shown the way to prevent the establishment candidate from winning and taking a true conservative to victory for the nomination and against Barack Obama in the General Election in November. Newt is that man. He is the choice for the Republican nomination and the 2012 choice for President of the United States of America.

Ken Taylor

Friday, January 20, 2012


The South Carolina Primary takes place this Saturday. Voters will be entering the polls throughout the Palmetto State to select the candidate that they believe can best represent them and defeat Barack Obama on November 6. South Carolina holds a singular distinction among all of the states in GOP politics and the Presidential nomination.

The first South Carolina primary was held in 1980 and the voters rallied behind Ronald Reagan who went on to win the nomination and the Presidency. Since that first Primary no GOP candidate running for President had gained the nomination without winning South Carolina therefore the Palmetto State has selected every Republican nominee since Reagan.

Obama must face a candidate who presents a polar opposite view of the issues and solutions that find no agreement with the socialist policies and agenda of the Marxist in chief. As in 1980 the establishment Republicans are pushing a moderate candidate fearing the conservative. Mitt Romney is that establishment candidate whose record as Massachusetts Governor more resembles the policy of Barack Obama making little distinction between the two. One has to ask, "why would voters in a General Election chose a Republican candidate whose policy differs little from Obama?" Why should we as conservatives settle once again for a candidate who does not meet our values and principles as we did in 2008 with disastrous results and John McCain?

We need a candidate and a President who is strong and will make a principled stand on the issues never apologizing for American exceptionalism embracing our allies, stand firm against our enemies, make the tough decisions to restore our economy and free American business from government to once again hire workers, put our fellow citizens back to work and bringing back the prosperity that we have known throughout our history.

Newt Gingrich is that man. He has a solid record of strong conservative policy and a knowledge of the issues with the strength of leadership that is second to none. In a one on one debate with Obama only Gingrich will call him to task and make him look the absolute fool that he is. He can and will unite Republicans, rally Independents and like Reagan before him bring in disgruntled Democrats who believe the radical liberalism of the Democrat Party has abandoned them.

When I enter my polling place on Saturday I will be voting for Newt Gingrich and encourage my fellow South Carolinians to do the same. As the Primaries move to Florida and other states I equally encourage conservatives to stand with me in voting for the conservative candidate who can defeat Obama and has the strength of leadership to restore our country to those principles we hold so dear and vote Newt Gingrich for President.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Not long ago headlines popped up all over the web and blurbs in the main stream media about Todd Palin endorsing Newt Gingrich. I stated then that this was an official endorsement by Sarah Palin through her husband in order to keep above the fray and have the ability to remain an independent analyst without being tagged as officially endorsing a candidate when she appeared on television.

It seems that not only was this true but Palin followed it up with an unofficial endorsement of Gingrich during a spot on Fox News where she stated that if she lived in South Carolina she would vote for Gingrich in order to continue the vetting process of the GOP candidates by extending the Primaries keeping them heated and competitive.

Palin could have easily chosen any of the other candidates to use in this suggestion to South Carolina voters in order to stop Romney from sewing the nomination up with a South Carolina win. But she chose Gingrich who her husband has endorsed and in every interview she has given over the last few months Gingrich has been who she has praised and agreed with during her analysis.

Many conservative have been waiting to hear from Palin as to who she would back for the nomination. With her husbands endorsement which was her back door endorsement and this interview as shown in the above video it becomes obvious that Sarah's choice for the GOP nomination and the candidate that she believes can beat Obama is Newt Gingrich. In this I fully agree with Governor Palin!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


These two moments during the South Carolina Primary Debate in Myrtle Beach, SC not only gave Gingrich the win in the debate but may very well have won the South Carolina Primary. After the second video the former Speaker received a standing ovation, a singular honor in this and all other debates as it has never happened before. From personal observation covering the debate live and the events of the day, Gingrich had the strongest response from the crowds throughout the day and during the Debate.

Ken Taylor


The lively First in the South Primary GOP Debate saw a Romney somewhat off his game, Newt hammering as usual, Santorum hitting hard, Perry poised at times and lost at others and Paul while making some sense getting booed several times. Unfortunately the WIFI went down at The Myrtle Beach Convention Center so I have had to wait until arriving home to post about the debate and wrap up.

Romney didn't help and may have hurt himself in this debate as he stumbled many times in a defensive mode on many of his answers especially with an onslaught from Santorum who came on strong as never before in a debate setting. Gingrich made two statements that may well be the difference in putting him over the top and win the South Carolina Primary.

In response to a question about jobs, Gingrich cited the loss of jobs on the delayed I73 in South Carolina by the Obama Administration which has cost thousands of jobs on an already approved program in the state. His extremely strong response to Ron Paul assertion that the killing of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan was against international law and Gingrich's response that is anyone is responsible for killing Americans no matter where they are we go after them and kill them and the fact that everyone knows Pakistan had to know bin Laden was hiding in their country struck a standing ovation in the debate and will strike a very favorable cord on election day Saturday.

Rick Perry who will likely bow out after South Carolina if he does not finish at least second repeated himself several times and seemed at times distracted in his answers. Ron Paul had an equal number of laughs and boos which both raised eyebrows in the media room and with the audience.

After the debate in the Spin Room I had opportunity to participate in a press interview with Gingrich in which I asked the last question,"did the results of tonight's debate increase your confidence about South Carolina?" To which he replied, "absolutely and on that positive note the interview is over."

I also had opportunity to ask South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley this, "Governor it is highly unusual for a Governor to make an official endorsement in a Primary, what necessitated you making that endorsement." Her reply surprised me somewhat as I expected a partisan spin about Romney who she has endorsed, rather she expressed the,"war," with the Federal Government she is having over the Boeing plant in Charleston, the South Carolina illegal alien bill the Justice Department is fighting and the bill calling for ID to be presented when voting also being challenged by the Justice Department. The Governor stated that she felt Romney would be a partner to the state rather than an adversary as Obama has been.

There may be a national exclusive from the debate revealing a falshood expressed by Mitt Romney that has the possibility of derailing his campaign here in South Carolina and maybe nationally. I will be following up on an exclusive interview that I cannot disclose at this time later today and report the results as soon as they are officially available.

The entire day was a rewarding experience and will provide many follow up postings and a possible national exclusive concerning Mitt Romney. So once again stay tuned for more on the South Carolina GOP Debate.

Ken Taylor

Monday, January 16, 2012


We have moved into the Convention Center downstairs from the Spin room preparing for the debate coverage to begin. All of the GOO dignitaries are milling around as well as the Fox News reporters who have become part of many living rooms over the years. Brett Baier, Juan Williams and Carl Cameron have been making the rounds in the media rooms as we await the start of tonight's debate.

I will be posting commentary and discussion as the debate progresses then its off to the Spin room and the Hannity show and interviews with the candidates. Stay tuned right here for complete coverage live from Myrtle Beach, SC of the First in the South Primary GOP Debate.

Ken Taylor


We have moved into the Convention Center downstairs from the Spin room preparing for the debate coverage to begin. All of the GOO dignitaries are milling around as well as the Fox News reporters who have become part of many living rooms over the years. Brett Baier, Juan Williams and Carl Cameron have been making the rounds in the media rooms as we await the start of tonight's debate.

I will be posting commentary and discussion as the debate progresses then its off to the Spin room and the Hannity show and interviews with the candidates. Stay tuned right here for complete coverage live from Myrtle Beach, SC of the First in the South Primary GOP Debate.

Ken Taylor


From the bottom to the top in the order in which they spoke are the five Republican candidates at the Faith and Freedom Kick Off event for the GOP debate live from Myrtle Beach, SC.

Ken Taylor


The Faith and Freedom Coalition sponsored the opening event for the First in the South Republican Debate in Myrtle Beach, SC. Each candidate took to the open podium expressing his platform and policy to the cheers of a very enthusiastic and over flow crowd.

Rick Perry began the parade of possible nominees, followed by Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and ending with Newt Gingrich. Each candidate had a partisan cheering contingency in the crowd but by far the most enthusiastic response was to Gingrich.

Two moments of note during this opening barrage first came with the speech delivered by Ron Paul. Outside of the massive tent where the rally was held a Jumbo Tron was showing the event to the several hundred people watching from outside the tent. When Paul was introduced the Jumbo Tron audio stopped and only the picture was available. The moment Paul's speech ended the audio miraculously reappeared without further interruption.

The second moment of note came from Newt Gingrich who had the line of the afternoon as he expressed his plan if nominated to challenge Barack Obama to seven Lincoln/Douglas style debates and even letting Obama use his TelePrompter. Newt said, "he can tell the truth without notes better than Obama can lie with a TelePrompter.

Our photographers snapped pictures of the event which will follow on another post shortly. A great kick off to the evenings activities and a clear sign that the GOP will have a good showing in South Carolina.

Ken Taylor


At a rally event near the Myrtle Beach Convention Center before arriving for the debate Newt Gingrich met with supporters and the press for a campaign speech stating his policy and his outlook for the upcoming South Carolina Primary.

Gingrich was challenged during a Q and A with "a line from a song workers would sing when a mill was closed, 'I'm too old work and too young to die.' So My question is, When you become president, who will you put your trust in?"

Gingrich replied, "I put my trust in God." He also said, "A vote for any other candidate is a vote for a moderate."

Gingrich at his best! Stay tuned for further updates as the candidate begin to arrive live from Myrtle Beach, SC

Ken Taylor


The candidates are soon to arrive and the protesters are waiting for the, 'magical," arrival to make their appearance so in the meantime our team is taking advantage of some of the more mundane but fun activities. I always wondered what it would be like to sit behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. Since that is not likely to happen I took advantage of the next best thing on a set at the Convention Center for visitors to use. My impersonation of the, "Presidential," look.

Ken Taylor


In a repeat from the 2008 Debate in Myrtle Beach the figures of each of the candidates have been, "immortalized," in sand in a Mount Rushmore type sculpture. Most of the candidates look similar to the real deal with Romney and his hair, Newt and his chubby cheeks, Hunstman and his toothy grin, Perry's somber look but Rick Santorum and Ron Paul have a singular look that is laughable when considered.

Notice in the picture the two figures of Santorum on the left and Paul on the right and the obvious similarity of Santorum to John Kerry and Paul to Jimmy Carter. In fact both look more like the liberal adversaries than themselves in the sculpture. Whether this was an intentional miscue is not known or just the mistaken identity of the, "sand people," but either way it will be one of the highlights and hilarious moments of the day.

Ken Taylor


The first official function of the day at the First in the South, South Carolina Primary Debate took place at 11 AM with the announcement in the Debate spin room that Jon Huntsman is out. Huntsman made his annuncement at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center to world media gathered for tonights Debate.

In making his announcement Huntsman also made his official endorsement of Mitt Romney stating that he believed Romney to be the best candidate to defeat Barack Obama and unite the party. In doing so Huntsman ended any previous percieved credebility as a conservative and reenforced the concern of conservatives of romney being moderate rather than his claim of conservatism.

Stay tuned throughout the day for contunual updates live from Myrtle Beach, SC and the South Carolina GOP debate!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, January 15, 2012


As mentioned in a previous post The Liberal Lie in conjunction with, will be live at the South Carolina First in the South Republican debate in Myrtle Beach, SC. Live coverage will begin at noon Eastern time and will continue throughout the day and night, during the debate and the post debate wrap up from the media spin room where we have been promised interviews with the candidates.

Our coverage promises stories from behind the scenes that you will not see in the major media outlets as we bring you all that will be happening from the arrival of the candidates, interviews, rallies, protesters and of course the ramblings of the Occupy contingent that will be there to voice their anti everything views.

Be sure to check in throughout the day and night here and on Facebook as well as for all the details from our team of seven reporters, video and camera personal bringing you the best coverage on the web with video, pictures and continuous postings live from Myrtle Beach and the South Carolina First in the South Republican Debate.

Ken Taylor

Saturday, January 14, 2012


It's once again time for the South Carolina Primary and once again another GOP debate will be taking place in Myrtle Beach, SC. The Liberal Lie, and my political show Political Graffiti as heard on will be covering all that will be taking place with the debate throughout the day on Monday beginning around noon Eastern Time. I have acquired press credentials and my team of seven will be finding all the dirt, news, surprises and details throughout the day. We will be posting live reports, pictures and video of everything taking place from protesters to the arrival and rallies of all six Republican candidates. So be sure to check in here and throughout the day on Monday for continuous coverage of the first in the South Myrtle Beach, South Carolina GOP Debate sponsored by Fox News and The Wall Street Journal.

Ken Taylor

Friday, January 13, 2012


The GOP establishment whine that ONLY a moderate can unite the party and get the Independent vote. The media created and continues the myth that a conservative can't win against Obama and will alienate Independents. Pundits whine along with the GOP establishment and spineless Republicans fear a loss because they choose to believe the lie and as a result they all salivate over Mitt Romney and push him as the only candidate who can beat Obama.

Once again Gallup has released it's annual poll that looks at political ideologies of Americans and again conservatives rule the roost. 40% of Americans consider themselves conservative. Liberals rank again at the bottom of the pack. With the majority of the country considering themselves conservative how can a conservative NOT win.

We don't have to settle for the stinker against the Marxist as we did in 2008. The same lame media, GOP establishment and weak Republicans whined before that ONLY a moderate could unite the party, get the Independents and win against another failed Democrat President. Yet a conservative not only united the GOP, won the Independent in a landslide and added to the mix disgruntled Democrats who were disgusted with their party and their President. His name was Ronald Reagan and the rest as they say is history. A conservative can win, can get the Independents and disgruntled Democrats and DEFEAT Obama in 2012. My choice on January 21st in the South Carolina Primary will be Gingrich!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Two videos and two Mitt Romneys. Which Mitt is the one who would be President if he gets the GOP nod and if he can beat Obama. Is this really the candidate you want for President? Me either.........Newt 2012!

Ken Taylor

THE LOON NEWS - EPISODE ONE The Loon News - Episode 001 by Political Graffiti

This is a new project I am involved in, in conjunction with a political internet radio show that broadcasts on River Town The show is called Political Graffiti and The Loon News is a feature in that show. We have animated it and creating our own You Tube Channel. The show is an irreverent look at politics from a conservative view point as is The Loon News. The above link is Episode one. Tell me your thoughts in the comments. Enjoy!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


As expected Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire Primary with a sound 39%. Is anyone surprised? Of course not because that is his area of the country, but if one were to listen to the pundits, the establishment and the rest of the media including unfortunately Fox News one would think this was the most decisive victory in GOP politics since the parties birth just before the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln.

For months the media, GOP establishment, Democrats and both liberal and less liberal pundits,(I hesitate to use the word conservative here as I am beginning to think there is no such thing as a conservative pundit any longer), have fed the public the myth that Romney was the inevitable nominee and the only candidate who had a snowballs chance in you know where to beat Barack Obama.

As I watch the coverage and listen via both old and new media as well as social networking sites and others who do as I do and voice their opinion and/or commentary on blogs the inevitability myth has become a surrender to the establishment and the fight for who and what we are as conservatives is now becoming a resignation to having to once again hold our nose as we vote for another liberal Republican who may or may not have the kahunas to actually stand toe to toe with a lying Democrat like Obama and call him on his liberal spin.

What happened to the fighting Tea Party attitude that took the House and nearly the Senate in 2010 while all the pundits and media establishment told us that Obama was the greatest man to ever walk the planet? What happened to conservatives standing without hesitation for principle knowing that what we believe matches the majority of the rest of the country and like 1980 gave us Ronald Reagan?

Has complacency once again become the rule and conservatives surrendering to what is being sold as Romney inevitability believing the myth that only a moderate can unite the party, garner Independents and win against Obama? Have we lost the Constitutional drive that propelled a victory in 2010 and slowed Obama's sure march to socialism in his first term?

Sure, John Beohner and the Republican leadership have not been the ideal policy in the House that we had hoped for but how often is anything elected to Washington ideal? Yes, there has been a considerable amount of aggravation as we have watched House members following the leadership and caving to things we as conservative know we do not want and is not in the real best interest of the country. But it did slow Obama and opened a pathway to real conservative change in 2012.

But now it seems that the desire to beat Obama has overshadowed the fact that a true conservative CAN win and most are resigning themselves into accepting the media and establishment lie that only the moderate Romney has a chance against Obama and willing to once again vote for the stinker over the Marxist and hope for the best in accepting the establishment candidate praying that maybe it will turn out better than 2008 when McCain acted the fool refusing to stand toe to toe with Obama and playing the gentleman in a profession where gentlemen are fodder for everyone else willing to sling mud and lie their way into office. We don't need a gentleman we need an S.O.B. willing to fight and call a spade and a spade. Newt Gingrich fits that bill and has the strength and kahunas to win and do what is right for the country.

Romney like McCain has already shown he is not willing to call Obama what he is, a socialist and not willing to attack him in the manner necessary to get the real truth out about him before interested voters. So we once again may be faced with a candidate who is hammered by Obama and his media associates while only willing to play nice and not get into the fray of taking a stance regardless of the cost.

I am not surrendering my vote to so called inevitability. When the South Carolina Primary takes place on January 21st I will not select Romney just because I have been told by the so called experts that he is the only candidate who can beat Obama and the only candidate who can unite a party and gain Independents. I remember them saying the same thing about George H.W. Bush in 1980 and I didn't believe it then and I voted for soon to be President Reagan. Fortunately for the country the majority of GOP Primary voters believed as I and Reagan became the nominee and white washed Jimmy Carter in the General Election.

Do we still have the conviction to fight the media and the establishment in 2012? Or have most fallen for the myth and the lie and willing to set aside conviction and vote for so called inevitability. I am hoping that the fighting spirit of 1980 will reveal itself again and as South Carolina, Florida and Super Tuesday approach we we see principle and conservative conviction rule over establishment inevitability. A conservative can beat Obama and we don't have to settle again as we did in 2008. The question is are conservatives willing to stand or surrender to so called inevitability. I'm not! Will you join me?

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Newt Gingrich has yet another key endorsement from a former Reagan admiistration official. Robert McFarlane National Security Advisor to President Reagan endorsed Gingrich at a Town Hall Meeting with Veterans in New Hampshire. Stating that Newt's leadership is what America needs to remain secure in the face of current threats to the safety of our Nation.

Ken Taylor

Monday, January 09, 2012

The Conway Conservative/Political Graffiti-Episode 14

Ken, John and Pantywad talk about Iowa, Iran and attempt to ignore Mr. Mittastic...also top 10 screwiest laws with The Loon News and more...

Ken interviews a nut-job with occupy Myrtle Beach


One of the most aggravating things about Mitt Romney is that he is a spin master of the highest degree and because the media has crowned him as the GOP nominee even though he has but one win and that is questionable as 20 votes have been shown as possibly counted wrong which would place Romney in second in Iowa, he is seldom called on his spin.

Romney talks about his repealing Obamacare yet he gets a free ride as to the fact that his Romneycare was the blue print for Obamacare. He claims to be a tax cutter yet again gets a free ride with the facts. While Governor of Massachusetts he did lower taxes 90 times but for every dollar he lowered taxes he more than doubled fees on state programs which actually increased the financial burden on citizens in his state especially the middle class who was affected most by the increased fees.

Now Romney's spin is that he is the ultimate outsider because he spent so much time as a business man and not a politician. Never mind that he has been running for one office or another since he lost to Ted Kennedy in 1994. Between all of those office runs Romney has been campaigning in one manner or another either for Governor or President. In fact while he was Governor he spent countless days out of state building an organization for his 2008 run for President and after that loss to McCain he has been running for President since.

Not being one to beat around the bush and always willing to tell it like it is and call a spade a spade Newt Gingrich takes Romney to task on his false claim that he is the ultimate outsider and not a politician. Telling him to,"drop the pious baloney," Newt hammers Romney with the truth about his real political career and his running for some office since 1994. Of course Romney spins it differently after Newt's fact filled challenge and as usual the biased media lets him get away with it.

The Obama light candidate is not only similar to Obama on much of his policy but also in the way the media is having an affair with him and only willing to throw softball questions and let the spin master have a free ride just as they have Obama. Just one more reason why Romney is not the candidate we need for the GOP nomination to run against Obama.

Those who are caving to the so called inevitability of a Romney nomination consider this. With him being the Obama light candidate and the candidate that the left continues to talk about, doesn't it make sense that one, they and Obama believe he is the candidate Obama can beat? And two, since Romney's record in many respects mirrors that of Obama's isn't it also logical to know that Obama will use the similarities to tell voters why change since a Romney administration will be no different in many respects than an Obama administration?

Ken Taylor

Friday, January 06, 2012


There is an old saying that your sins will find you out. Well Barack Obama's sins against this country not only have come to find him out but his own words have returned to haunt him as this new RNC add uses the words of Obama showing his failures and his shortcomings in policy which have been destructive to our economy and our liberties.

Obama's record is the greatest campaign tool to defeat him especially when he agrees with the fact that because of that record he does not deserve another four years. I am sure that most of you who read this as well as the majority of Americans agree with Obama that he does not deserve another term and we are absolutely willing to accommodate him.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, January 05, 2012


With the election year in full swing the total violation of the Constitutional powers and separation of powers in an absolute tyrannical move by Barack Obama has been completely ignored by the media and even most on the web who are usually quickly on top of unconstitutional actions like this. There is no outrage and once again the tyrannical reign of Obama has been allowed to trample on liberty without a peep from almost anyone.

Congress is still on its holiday recess and Obama has taken the opportunity to abuse Executive powers and bypass the Congress and violate the Constitutional separation of powers to make several recess appointments stating that he will bypass Congress at every opportunity when he thinks it is hurting the people. HOGWASH!!!!! There is NOTHING about any of the unconstitutional appointments that if left alone would hurt the people. In fact their appointment is harmful to the people as they are appointments to agencies that are socialistic in nature and against the Constitutional principles of a free Republic.

Obama appointed three members to the National Labor Relations Board who could not even muster a vote by the Democrat controlled Senate as even his own party did not want these appointments. The fourth appointment was the head of the controversial Consumers Financial Protection Board an entity which Congress has yet to approve as even existing but Obama by his appointment has not only bypassed the Congress and Constitutional separation of powers but begun a federal agency WITHOUT the consent of the people or their representatives.

Yes, other Presidents have made recess appointments but to positions which already existed and had Congressional approval like George Bush's appointment of John Bolton as UN Ambassador in order to fill a vacant ambassadorship necessary for our Nations representation that was being delayed by a partisan Congress who refused to consider the appointment for political ammunition only.

Obama has stated before and actually instructed his Jobs Council to find ways around Congress to unconstitutionally enact legislation without Congressional approval. Now he has sanctioned an agency and appointed someone as head of that agency without Congressional approval and while Congress was in recess. This is the action of a tyrant who arrogantly believes that he has the authority to do whatever he wants whenever he wants it without any regard to the law, the Constitution or the legal powers he has a President.

Can we afford four more years of this jackass? Absolutely not as a second term of Obama will find deeper tyrannical moves and more unconstitutional executive powers centralizing governmental power to one Branch without the Constitutional checks and balances that our Founders intended to prevent any man from doing what Obama is doing and prevent a tyrannical destruction of our freedom and liberties.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


BREAKING NEWS - As of 11 AM Eastern time Michelle Bachman is suspending her campaign for the 2012 Republican nomination for President of The United States. After a dismal sixth place finish in the Iowa Caucus she canceled a planned trip to South Carolina the first in the South Primary and announced a press conference which has been confirmed is to announce the end of her run for the GOP nomination and her Presidential candidacy.

Texas Governor Rick Perry who also had a planned trip to South Carolina did not make that trip after the Iowa Caucus and flew home to Texas to, "reassess," his campaign for the 2012 nomination. Speculation is that he too will be bowing out rather than continue his campaign. Perry finished ahead of Bachman but his fifth place finish was far less than he had anticipated going into the Caucus.

The field in narrowing as the 2012 election year has begun in earnest with the results of the Iowa Caucus and the upcoming New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida Primary coming in the next three weeks.

Ken Taylor


Wasserman Schultz: "Obama Is Popular And The American People Support Him"
Rick Santorum has proven to the pundits, the establishment and the press that Mitt Romney is NOT the de facto nominee that most have said he is. Even if Santorum ends in a tie or a close second to Romney he is the clear winner in Iowa. The Caucus win does not a nominee make as has been proven in the fact that only twice since 1976 has the winner of Iowa gone on to win the GOP nomination. But giving credit where it is due, kudos to Santorum for showing the people want a conservative not the establishment which Romney represents. The game moves on to New Hampshire, Romney territory and then the South where Newt Gingrich holds large polling leads in South Carolina and Florida.

On the other side of the political coin Democrats are proving just how delusional they are as the always lame DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz has stated as the video in the above link shows that Iowa proves the GOP field is weak and the best candidates have chosen not to run, the candidates that the Dems favor, because Barack Obama has accomplished so much and he has the support of the people. I guess the lowest polling numbers at this point in ANY Presidential term since polling began has escaped the delusions of Shultz. This is the same woman who only two weeks ago stated that employment has gone down since Obama took office with ALL evidence to the contrary as unemployment has risen dramatically under Obama's watch due to his failed policy.

Obama is in danger and the delusions of Shultz can't change this fact. Romney is far from the nomination and I believe a conservative will win the GOP nomination a description that does not fit the RINO Romney. Santorum has recognition he did not have before. Gingrich still has a strong lead in the South and this race is far from over.

Ken Taylor

Monday, January 02, 2012


We have heard time and again from the current occupant of The White House that only through the intervention of government though taxation and regulation along with wasted stimulus can jobs be created in America. We have also seen the results of this failed philosophy by Obama as unemployment has remained steady around 9% and the recent drop will dramatically increase as the holiday hiring has ended and those who found temporary employment will again be on the job market.

In the above video Newt Gingrich outlines a well thought out Reagan style plan of tax reduction combined with deregulation allowing business to become more profitable enabling job creation and true real stimulus recovery for the economy from increased employment and spending by consumers as a result. With this type of plan millions of new jobs were created in the private sector during the Reagan Administration and a similar success will happen in a Gingrich Administration.

Michael Reagan, son of the former President has stated that only Gingrich's economic plan will continue the legacy of President Reagan's pro business, growth and job creation with decreased government allowing business to operate without massive government intervention. This is what we need to restore our economy and begin the process of restoring fiscal sanity to Washington.

Ken Taylor

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