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Monday, August 30, 2004

Night 1 Bush = Leadership

Listening to the media leading up to today you would think the republicans were trying to trick us. By putting up " moderate" republicans to hide the true republicans. Wrong , what we saw was that the republican party is unified and big enough for all America. The clear message was what a leader we have.
McCain clearly showed that Bush did the right thing in Iraq. Once again took that crazy filmflam moore down some more. One critical point, he could have been stronger on showing a separation between who Bush is and who Kerry is. McCain made it clear Bush is the right man for our time. Just pales compared to the next speaker.
Giuliani was outstanding. His speech will be remembered as one of the all time memorable speeches. He may differ on some social issues but he made it clear you can differ on some things but the republican party is the party of military leadership. He clearly painted a picture of 2 diffrent people. A strong leader , Bush and a confused leader, Kerry. Kerry needs John Edwards 2 Americas so he can stand on both sides of every issue. Bush has proven he leads by conviction not poll. Reguardless of what people think he will do what needs to be done. When America needs defending Bush will do what is right. He won't seek approval from any other nation.
A strong foundation has been set. George W Bush a strong decisive leader.

Chris Lovelace

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Kerry , Man of faith ?

As you may have heard late this past week John Kerry spoke to a group about his faith. He said his favorite Bible verse is John 16:3 - "This is because they have never Known the Father or Me." What ? Obviously he was reading from a script and ment John 3:16 a verse any true man of faith knows well - "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotton Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." A big diffrence in the 2 quotes. I hope John Kerry is a believer. The way it sounds he is once again playing to the crowd. Because this is a subject he doesn't have much investment in he can't speak on it with confidence. My advice to John Kerry is be who you are.
George W Bush is a man of faith , he makes this clear. He can speak with confidence on the topic. However you feel about the President's policies you know exactly who he is and where he stands on the issues. The same cannot be said for John Kerry.

Chris Lovelace

John Kerry, War Hero or Big Zero??

Since the primary season began oh so many months ago John Kerry has been touting himself as the ultimate war hero because of his four months spent in Vietnam. This has not only become the center piece of his entire Presidential campaign but it seems to be the only issue that he will put forth as his qualifications for the Presidency as if his years as a protester against the war, his time as a prosecuter, Massachusets Lt. Governor and nearly twenty years in the US Senate do not exist. So since this, according to Kerry, is his qualification to be President, let's see just how he stands up against a few known war heros from US history.

George Washington: A very reluctant hero. When the fledgling Continental Army was in dire need of a commander, Washington was a retired soldier tending his farm in Virginia. He humbly answered the call to become commander only allowing the congress to pay for his expenses, turning down a salary of compensation. Never a man who sought the lime light yet his kind influence rallied an army and a cause giving birth to a nation. At the end of the Revolutionary War he personally shook hands and bid farewell to each of the thousands of men under his command always giving them credit for the victory!

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlin: A professor of rhetoric and religion at Bowden college in Maine, who when the call came to serve his country during the American Civil War went to the Governor and requested assignment having no military experience. He was placed as a Lt. Colonel with the 20th Maine regiment and became it's highly respected commander upon the promotion of his superior. At Gettysburg when all seemed lost and with no amunition left lead his man in a gallant infantry charge saving the Union flank from collapsing. He was wounded severely six times and was promoted to general by Ulysses Grant while recovering from a wound that nearly cut him in half, yet upon healing returned to active duty. The wounds troubled him for the remainder of his life. For his actions at Little Round Top at Gettysburg he was awarded the Medal of Honor.

Audie Murphy: Many people today do not know who Audie Murphy is but they did in the 40's and 50's. The orphaned son of Texas sharecroppers Murphy tried to join the Marines but was turned down for being to short. He then, (on his toes), joined the Army and became the most decorated soldier of World War II. He was the recipient of more than two dozen medals of valor including the Medal of Honor. At one engagement Sgt. Murphy standing on a burning tank used the 50 calipar machine gun to hold of an entire Germany regiment thus saving the lives of everyone in his company! Upon recieving his medals in interviews afterwards Murphy always paid tribute to his fellow soldiers that would not return. Had a brief movie career after the war making such films as his own autobiography entitled,"To Hell and Back" and "The Red Badge of Courage."

The list could go on with Dwight Eisenhower, Jimmy Dolittle, and Vietnam era heros like Oliver North, Colin Powell, Tommy Franks and thousands of others who have fought bravely for this country. Each though had a few traits in common They served with distinction and sought no fanfare or glory although because of their actions many recieved both. The men they served under and with in their eyes were always the real heros and deserved the credit for those actions in which they recieved their medals.

Now let's compare John Kerry: volunteered for Vietnam only after a request for deferment was turned down. Served before Vietnam at his request in the Naval reserves. His four months service in Vietnam has and is being covered by the media, his former commrads, his own campaign and by Kerry himself. For information for his record, I refer you to the Swift Boat Vets link and the Fox News link found to the left of this column. Other links include the Kerry campaign website and Winter I have studied and made my conclusion about his service and will let you do the same. This column is a comparison of what is and isn't a hero. When Kerry is placed next to heros from the past he falls short. They praise those they served with, Kerry returned and before congress, accused them of atrocities and murder which he himself said he took part in. He sought as quickly as would seem possible reciept of three Purple Hearts to make a quick return home. His entire career has been made of speeches and testimony against the war in which he fought, which was not a popular war, yet he has garnered it's unpopularity into a career. He has continually condemned those he fought with and now as the evidence suggests even lied about his citations, his combat experiences and where he was stationed! None of this sounds heroic to me. Now he seeks to destory the reputations of those veterans who have chosen of their own right to speak out against him. Again not very heroic. Since this of his own behest is his major and possibly his only qualification to be President, the question arises do we want this man in the most powerful position in the world? My vote is an absolute NO! Some heros are born, some are made through the heat of battle, never are true heros fabricated and never should this fabrication become President!

Ken Taylor

Friday, August 27, 2004

The fight begins, McCain, Bush, and the 527 adds

Free speech is probably the most important basic right that Americans have in our great nation. Any attempt to suppress this basic freedom of ours is treading on dangerous ground. I for one am not in favor of the recent adds that have appeared in the last 12 months, but I must as an American defend there right to run these adds. As a result of my beliefs I must also support the right of the swiftboat adds to continue. Now it appears that Bush and McCain have decided to team up agents all 527 adds to impose certain laws that would prohibit financial contributions to these organizations throughout more government regulations. This is a horrible miscalculation by both of our political party's. Free political speech has already been suppressed through the Campaign Finance Reform bill signed by our President, and I feel that with futher legal action, we may find ourselves utterly speechless in the realm of political speech within the next decade. Free speech for Americans was implemented for one, and only one reason , by the founding fathers of our country. The right for the average hard working Americans to take part in the political process of our nation. Without the right to speak out against our politicians we may find ourselves in a society that controls the people, in every way possible within the next 25 to 50 years. This is a process that must be stopped at all cost. Freedom of speech is our most basic right. Without it, we may find ourselves totally powerless to a government that has no pride .
In short, there is no appeasing the left within our country. Then why must our leaders on the right feel the necessity to do so? One side can attack a canidate as much as they would like in my opinion. This is politics. These kind of things have been going on since before the days of our forefathers. No matter what court injunction is filed , no matter what laws are passed regarding these kinds of adds, there is only one truth. People whom want to speak out against a Canidate will always find away, and they will always find a loophole in the system. They will always attempt to circumvent the law by certain loopholes within the system. The day will come when we are all fearful of talking about the actions of our polititions. Vladimir Lenin once said that "the goal of socialism, is communism" This may be one of the most honest quotes I have ever heard from this Man. Maybe when can learn through is. I cetianly hope that through our understanding of history, we will not make the same mistakes.
John Oliver Benton III

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Cheap Shots from a Rich Guy!!!

Okay, I will admit, IM conservative. And very proud to be. But the stunt pulled by the Kerry campaign at the Bush ranch this week goes beyond politics. It was disgracefully. It was a slap in the face to all veterans everywhere. And I may add, a cheap shot. If it had not been for Campaign finance reform( yeah right) . We could see these kind of things on commercials. But now we have true war veterans making asses of themselves, on behalf of towing the party line.
Im all for towing the party line, when the party I am supporting is acting honorably. This is not honorable, this is horrible. In my opinion, veterans like former Sen. Max Cleland need to celebrated instead of being used like pawns in a cheap political game. Shame on you John Kerry for not stopping this, or suporting this. Its all the same to me. I know and you know, that you knew this was going to happen. You have hurt enough of our veterans, now lets end this. On both sides. And for once in the campaign, Can we get to other issues?
John Oliver Benton III

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Why are "real" issues not discussed ?

The arguement we hear from the liberal side is let's drop the Vietnam talk and discuss real issues. There are a couple of problems with this. The concentration on Vietnam was brought out by Kerry himself. He chose to make this the focus of his election hopes. You would think he would talk about all those years in the Senate. Bush has stayed out of the Vietnam talk and private citizens such as the Swiftboat Vets can say what they please. Kerry can't talk about the economy which is improving every month ( the tax cuts work ). Kerry can't talk about terrorism he continually cut intelligence in the Senate.
If we want to discuss economy , terrorism and other topics there is an answer. Kerry can release all of his military records and clear that confusion. Then if the Swiftboat Vets are not truthful they will be exposed. Kerry can then clearly state anything he did in the Senate to show his credentials to be President. Anyone who has seen his record of voting and attendence in the Senate knows why he avoids discussing this.
When you look at the big picture Kerry is hiding much and leaving a trail of confusion ; Bush is exactly what you see no doubt what you are getting for a leader.

Chris Lovelace

Monday, August 23, 2004

Gingrich in 2004 (What happened to proud Republicans)

Let me start by telling everyone that I will always be proud to call myself a Reagan conservative. I mean lets face facts here, the party didn't want Reagan, the people did, and the party knew they could win with him. Bush was picked as his running mate to appease the blue blood Republicans. Even though I support the Bush family, it seems at times that they're diplomats and not politicians. In a time when we need leaders whom could care less what the rest of the world think of us, our Republican leaders leave our President out there to fend for himself during a very important election season. Republican leaders have more ammo to use against Kerry than the state of New York had against John Gotti. And what do we hear from them, only one thing; Dead Silence. Would Reagan stand for this, would Gingrich stand for this, and by now we know that Bob Dole would not stand for this. This is because real men stand up for what they believe no matter what. If Newt were to run for office tomorrow, I would be on the stump for him in less than a second. Why ? Because real conservatives believe in hard work, financial independence, and the smallest government possible. The great evil in any country's history always leads back to one thing, THEIR GOVERNMENT. I always refer to Bill Parcells as the last great football coach. I truly believe that Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich (and maybe Pat Buchanan) may very well be the last true conservatives. My message is this: Bush get dirty, get political, tis the season. Dick Army and the rest of the Republicans, its time to stump and drive home the victory. No one ever won an election without getting a little dirt on them. Stand up for what you believe in, fight for what's good in this world, and in the end you will always be victorious.

John Oliver Benton III

Sunday, August 22, 2004

One Of Our Basic Freedoms?...Not To John Kerry!

"When a man assumes a public trust he should consider himself public property."...Thomas Jefferson.....

As this Presidential campaign has progressed there is one fact that has become almost painfully clear; John Kerry believes that anything attempting to scrutinize his record or to evaluate what he considers his version of the truth is not only a lie and a personal attack but must most certainly be illegal while everything he proclaims is the gospel and stricktly campaigning. I think another appropriate quote to accompany that of Jefferson's is, "if you can't take the heat, get out of the fire!" When Kerry began his campaign for President the center piece of that effort has been his four months in Vietnam, (I think it amazing that it seems he did more in four months than Tommy Franks did in forty years!). Every speech, every interview makes reference to his service as if those four months are the only real accomplishment of his life...which may not be far from the truth! So for Kerry to think that the center piece of his campaign is not going to be challenged and studied and scrutinized to the umth degree is beyond belief.

So, in brief in case you have been under a log over the last couple of weeks here is a thumbnail of what has transpired. First 260 Swift Boat veterans financed with $150,000, (a mear pittance in todays campaigning)by a Texas business man came out with an add refuting John Kerry's version of his Vietnam service and the stories behind his medals. Then John O'neill released his book entitled, "Unfit For Command" which compiles fifteen years of research and interviews that creates a very dim picture of Kerry's Vietnam months, including exposing what seem to be a large number of falsehoods both in Kerry's own book, "Tour of Duty" and in his several apperances before congress to testify after he returned from Vietnam as a protester to the war. John Kerry having ample means to answer the charges made toward him chose rather to take the smear route, which have culminated in a situation which I think reveals a great deal about just who John Kerry is. First in answer to the Swift Boat Vets add the DNC for the Kerry campaign sent a letter to radio and television stations all over the country threatening law suits if anyone ran the paid advertisement from the Swift Boat Vets. Hmmmm do I hear first amendment questions?? Hold on it gets better! This past Friday August 20 John Kerry demnaded that the publisher of O'neill's book cease the publication of the book and that book stores around the country remove it from their shelves! Now there ARE first amendment questions here! Freedom of speech is one of our most basic and precious freedoms in this country. As a matter of fact the main reason that the founding fathers listed this freedom in the first amendment to the Consititution was to prevent the government or anyone from denying citizens the gift of desension or expressing political beliefs. For John Kerry to demand that a book cease publication and be removed from shelves brings shadowed thoughts of the book burnings in Germany in the 1930's!
I visited a local Books-a-999,000, and yes not a million for they were one book short..."Unfit For Command." When I inquired as to why, I was told they did not carry the book, a book that debuts today at number three on The New York Times best seller's list thanks to internet sales. I understand too that this book does not appear at thousands of book stores around the country! The fact that Kerry is willing to violate freedom of speech rather than refute or answer the charges made by the vets and the book leads to two conclusions. One, the charges are factual and there is no denying them and two, if as a candidate Kerry is willing to trample our right of free speech what rights would he trample and violate if, heaven forbid he were elected and had the awesome power of the Presidency to back him! We have seen in the past that he is willing to do most anything to be elected, now we see he is also willing to take our rights to achieve the power he craves. I know that each of you who read this cherish the freedoms that so many have sacrificed for to preserve and protect our great nation. We cannot and we must not allow any individual regardless of who he is or thinks he may be to become more important than our freedoms. Therefore we cannot and we positively must not allow John Kerry into the office of President of the United States. Our freedoms, our rights as citizens are the backbone and strength of our nation. If a Kerry Presidency surrenders those or denys them in any way as his current actions are showing he has the capability of doing, then we will become the socialized European style country that seems to be the montra of the Democratic party. John Kerry leave my rights alone!!!!

Ken Taylor

Monday, August 16, 2004

The Blow Hard On The Hard Blow!

First let me take a moment to mention that for the last week John, Chris and I have been up to our ears in weather which for obvious reasons had to temporarily take presidence over new submissions to this site. Living on the east coast of South Carolina as we do does at times propose certain weather related problems this time of year. Since last Wednesday we have been inundated,(not to the extent of Florida), with the tropics. Now that both Bonnie and Charlie are history we can now get back to the other wind bags, John Kerry and John Edwards. It seems to me that the Kerry campaign is at a crossroads as to what they are for and/or against, especially since the damning revelations by the swift boat veterans and Kerry's own admission that he was illegily in Cambodia in December of 1968 while "President" Nixon denied that any troops were there. Of course the fact that Nixon didn't take office until six weeks later doesn't seem to matter to anyone! So with so little substance in the Kerry campaign and the stumbling and bumbling that is taking place what do they choose to condemn and turn into a political weapon???? The President's visit to those unfortunate souls in Florida devistated by Hurricane Charley! John "not so swift",(all puns intended),Kerry has now attempted to accuse the President of visiting Florida too early thus taking away resources needed to assist those who are hurting in this ravaged area. This is the most absurd accusation that anyone can make of a sitting President. First in times of disaster the President does not represent a party or a political philisophy but rather becomes a symbol of the the care and concern of the American people and also a conduant through which necessary federal resources flow to the disaster victims. His duty at these times are to assure these victims and the rest of the country that we are all in this together and that the full resources and abilities of the Federal government are available for those who need them. Yes, as in any Presidential visit there are certain manpower and vehicle resources that are needed for security, but this is to be expected regardless of the timing of the visit. I for one am proud that President Bush visited those hurting in Florida, and having worked in many disaster situations in the past I can assure you that each of those that the President visited and those whom he did not see were very grateful for his concern and the assurance that the country stands with them. A Presidential visit is not just a reassurance but can also have a calming effect as well as a boost for the morale to the hundreds who give countless hour assisting in disaster situations. Again this I speak from personal experience having worked in numerous disaster situations. I suppose Mr. Kerry believes that the President should be a supportive on-looker from a distance or maybe that a personal donation of oh, let's say one thousand cases of Heintz ketchup would be sufficiant! Maybe he could send his hair dresser to help with many bad hair days. Or maybe he could just keep his mouth shut and support the President through something that is not and should never have been political. Thank you Mr. President for your concern and God bless the people in western Florida as they recover and begin to rebuild their lives.

Ken Taylor

First man, Bill Clinton

I really question what is going on with the Kerry campaign at times. I think that most people understand that most senators can get away with murder at times. Flip flopping on issues seems to be an art with many senators. For this reason I question them all, republican and democrat. But over the years we have seen the blue blood republicans (aka Rockefeller) turn into the very liberal democrat left (aka Jay Rockefeller). Many things change in politics over the years and most of the general public never notice. But there is one thing that the voting public always remembers. What Presidential canidates say. Because of this well known fact, I keep hearing in my head this little voice that says, what is the Kerry camp thinking ? I will never understand how they believe that they can get away with this kind of flip flopping. This is unbelievable to most people, even liberals. After the announcement of John Edwards as the Vep nomination, they should be front page news with the liberal media dictating the headlines, but there not. It seems that after the swift boat vets came out that all of the polling houses decided to take a much deserved vacation. I for one agree that the deserve it, I mean for god sakes these guys even poll what people like to dream about. And who do they call, no one I know ever gets a call from them.
But back to the subject at hand, if I were John Kerry I would take a strong look at who is advising me. We all know that Bill Clinton and Terry (The Punk) Mcaullife are more in bed than Bill and Monica ever were. I think that there may a few Moles in the Kerry Camp. And I think they may be on the advisor side. This seems to be the only explanation for all of the all to public flip flopping. The goal appears to be Hillary in 2008. And looking from the outside in, it appears to be in full swing.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Important New Link

In our attempt to keep each of you who grant us at The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth your time in reading our thoughts, research and beliefs as well informed as possible, we have added an important link to the top of our links in the left sidebar of this website. The link will take you to the site that has been established by those that served with John Kerry on the Swift Boats during his four months in Vietnam. Kerry has made this service the center piece of his campaign therefore it is only appropriate that the truth is revealed and investigated. So click on this link to hear in their own words these veterans tell the true story behind the hype of Lt. John Kerry.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Emotion vs Fact

Pay close attention next time you hear a liberal speak. You will hear generalizations , name calling , stereotyping and avoiding direct questions of fact. Conservatives will stick to facts , statistics that speak for themselves. The reality the liberal philosophy does not hold up so the emotion is thrown in to confuse people. the conservative philosophy is laid out in black and white no exscuses. No name calling , no crazy emotion no vagueness just facts needed. Therefore the conservative truth continually wins.

Chris Lovelace

Thursday, August 05, 2004

What Price Security!

I have listened with dismay for the last two days as the liberal media following the lead of Howard Dean have accused the President and Tom Ridge of "manufacturing" a terror threat for political purposes. As soon as the threat level had been raised in New York and Washington, Howard Dean and his big mouth were on the Sunday news shows proclaiming that it is not known, "how much of this is real and how much of this is political." Even blaming the lack of poll bounce for Kerry on the raising of the threat level. Then on Monday the New York Times reports that the level was raised on information that was three years old, followed Tuesday with an article buried in the paper that some of the information was new and continuing. Not a retraction found for the misleading article on the front page the day before. This all coming from the same people who, during the 911 commission hearings tried to blame the President for the Trade Center attacks because the administration did not, "connect the dots!" Now Tom Ridge and Homeland Security connected the dots and not only are the Democrates attempting to politicize the threat but are demanding that the information that led to the raising of the threat level be released to the public for all to see, INCLUDING the enemy. John Kerry is of course distancing himself from Dean's statements which in itself is a load of balony for the Kerry campaign had full knowledge that these accusations would take this course. How do I know this? Upon accepting the nomination of his party John Kerry became the head of that party. Nothing happens within the party nor anything said by the party or party members without the knowledge and approval of the Kerry campaign. Remember the carefully orchestrated Democratic Convention.
For anyone to politicize our nations security for personal, party or any form of political gain is absolutely dispicable. The Democrats have once again proven that protecting our country from those that would do us harm is of no concern to them. Gaining power in Washington is the only thing that matters regardless of what it may take or how low they feel they must stoop! What does it matter if information used to raise the threat level was three years or three minutes old. The threat is real and ongoing. Remember these are the same people who attacked the World Trade Center in 1993 and spent the next nine years planning the attack that killed more thna 3,000 of our countrymen and brought the Trade Centers, a portion of the Pentagon and a plane load of heros in Pennsylvania to the ground. Then for the liberals to demand that sensitive information be released to the public is a compromise of intelligence gathering that would most certainly destroy our ability to prevent future attacks. Keeping intelligence secret has and will continue to be a key component to fighting this war. Just prior to "D" day in may of 1944, General Eisenhower learned of a Major General under his command who in an English pub was talking about the upcoming invasion. Although this General was a close friend and he and Ike had attended West Point together, Eisenhower releaved him of his command and sent him to the States thus ending his friend's military career. Ike new then as the President knows now that secrecy is the key to intell gathering and planning, protecting and preserving this Union. For liberals of the press and the Democratic Party to attempt to compromise our security with false accusations and inuendos is yet another reason why these people should NEVER be in power again. Protecting this country and her citizens is first and formost and all political ambitions and aspirations are of no concequence! Join me and those who believe that our security is of utmost importance in voting to keep George W. Bush in office for four more years!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Numbers Don't add up

John Kerry spent 4 months in Vietnam and 19 years in the senate. Yet he spends 100 % of his time concentrating on those 4 months. Does this represent who he is ? Does anyone else wonder why such a strong anti war voter ( check his voting record ) would bill himself as a war hero. Now many servicemen are coming out against Kerry and disproving his " hero " status.
There are 2 reason why this is John Kerry's tactic. First he knows that what America wants and needs is a strong military leader. Bush is one he has proven his decisive leadership skills. Kerry is delusional and hoping to fool as many as possible with a good hollywood show. The second reason is for all his time in the senate Kerry was basicly a spectator sitting in the left field bleachers. He never introduced new bills. He consistently voted to cut military and intelligence spending.
Who do we want leading us a man who is still living in his Vietnam " glory " or a man who is currntly leading us in victory and prosperity. There is no doubt who George W. Bush is , He is who he says he is love him or hate him. Who is John Kerry ? The choice is clear John Kerry president Hollywood , Vietnam George W. Bush in 2004 For all America.

Chris Lovelace

Monday, August 02, 2004

John Kerry, You Are No Jack Kennedy!

As long as John Kerry has been in politics and even extending back to his Vietnam experience he has had dreams and aspirations of being the next John F. Kennedy. The comparisons that have been made recently, especially during the DNC love fest in Boston have amplified this myth about Kerry and his so called similarities to the 35th President. Kerry at one time even considered using this as his campaign slogan, "A new generation, a new JFK." Well Mr. Kerry if you seem to think that you are the reincarnation of the real JFK, then let's take a closer look. First we'll take a look at the military record. The service of John Kennedy aboard PT 109 during WWII is well known. During his command of the boat it was struck by a Japenese destroyer stranding he and his crew on a pacific island in the Solomon chain with both injury to himself and members of his crew, some serious. Lt. Kennedy swam from the island to the shipping lanes to seek help and then finally found it from natives working for a coast watcher. After his recovery, Lt. Kennedy then requested to return to PT boat duty even though his injuries earned him a ticket home. Members of his crew and his commanding officers spoke often of Kennedy's bravery and courage. Kerry's military record on the other hand is not as bright. First he served for only four months in Vietnam and managed to recieve three purple hearts to make him eligable for a trip home. His CO's and doctors have all questioned the severity and nature of the, as they have put it, "band-aid," wounds. Kerry then REQUESTED to be sent back to the states, thus ending his military service and became an active protest voice against the men he served with.

Second, we'll take a look at their views on defense. John F. Kennedy believed in a strong defense and backed his belief with action. During Kennedy's Presidency the United States experienced the second largest nuclear build up in the nations history because that is what Kennedy new would be a defense to the threat of Soviet aggression. In October of 1962 The Soviet Union placed nuclear missles in Cuba threatening the entire western hemisphere. President Kennedy surrounded Cuba with a naval blockade, in itself an act of war and suffered the condemnation of the entire world as he stood strong against Chairman Nikita Khruschev. The nations security came before our popularity with the world and no one sought permission from the UN or any country to defend the US. Khruschev backed down, removed the missles and because of Kennedy's stand nuclear war was prevented.
Kerry believes that the United States must seek the permission from the UN and allies such as France and Germany to defend herself. He continually speaks of how he would go before the UN to seek approval for all US action in the war on terror. Kerry has voted against every major weapons system in the last twenty years. He voted for a nuclear freeze when President Reagan was ending the cold war. The approval of the world is more important to John Kerry than the protection of the nation.

Third and lastly we'll take a look at taxes. There have been three US Presidents that have given the people of this country a tax cut. They are George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy. President Kennedy believed that the best way to stimulate the economy and to guarentee continual growth was to cut taxes giving the people more money to spend and allowing business more flexibility for hiring and opperating making a strong and robust economy. He presided over one of the largest economic growth periods in our nations history. John Kerry has already promised that if elected he would repeal the Bush tax cut which Allen Greenspan and most economists have credited with slowing and then reversing the recession of 1999 and 2000. Kerry is a typical tax and spend liberal who believes that taxation is the only way to provide the government with the revenue necessary to operate. Kennedy, Reagan and Bush all proved that tax cuts actually increase government revenue because the people spend more if they have more!

So is John Kerry the reincarnation of John F. Kennedy? Absolutely NOT! President Kennedy by todays standards would either be a conservative Democrat similar to Zell Miller of Georgia or a moderate Republican like John McCain. His policies as President were similar to those of President George W. Bush. John Kerry on the other hand is the most liberal Senator in the Senate and has a voting record to prove it. It is an insult to the Kennedy presidency and to his memory to even compare Kerry to JFK. Using the memory and poularity of President Kennedy to garner votes is but just one more dispicable and deceptive tactic used by Kerry to seek an office he does not deserve or have the capability to handle. Lets hope that his candidacy for President has one similarity to his Vietnam service...that it ends in four months with no results!

Ken Taylor

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