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Sunday, May 30, 2010


They came from every corner of our nation representing our best and bravest. They fought in places whose names have become familiar to us not because the field had any great significance but because of what they so bravely did there.

Places like Trenton, Lexington Yorktown, New Orelans, Antietam, Gettysburg, the trenches of WWI, Verdun, Anzio Iwo Jima, Normandy, Porkchop Hill, Inchon, Hamburger Hill, Khe Sanh, Basra, Kuwait City, Asadabad, Baghdad, Fallujah. Each of these locations and many more where brave Americans gave their lives defending freedom and fighting for liberty in defense of this nation.

Not one of these brave American heroes left home with the intention of giving their life for this nation. They each left with a willingness to perform their duty with honor and with pride in service to their country with the full knowledge that this sacrifice in service may cost the, "last full measure of devotion."

They were willing because they understood that freedom is not free and there is a high price to pay defending what one believes in. Many left home as boys with high ideals and a yearning for adventure then faced the reality of war with uncommon bravery, devotion and sacrifice.

Some sacrificed to save a fellow soldier, some to achieve an objective when the situation became extreme and stepped forward regardless of the cost. Some just because stepping forward was all that could be done. Most gave of themselves without knowing where the courage came from.

But each who gave this, "last full measure, " are hero's who deserve our respect and our affection for what they sacrificed preserving freedom for each of us. They deserve our memoriam every day for the life they gave in sacrifice and defense of our Flag, our Country and our freedoms.

Nothing that we do, nothing that we say can bring them back nor honor them in the fullest extent that they so justifiably deserve. Though we try through memorials that unite us in their sacrifice and the beauty of the architecture. These great memorial structures that stir our emotions as we remember what they gave for us can never fully pay tribute to these heroic Americans that paved the way for our freedom.

Throughout the Nation memorial services at cemeteries and memorials will remind us of each brave American who gave so that we may be free. We will shed tears to the strain of taps as we realize just how much they gave. Movies attempting to portray their bravery and sacrifice will also remind us of the amazing sacrifice that these best and bravest of this nation performed in defending our freedom.

Yet within all of these memorials and tributes to the thousands who have made the ultimate sacrifice at the altar of freedom, their heroism demands that we as a Nation more than just remember but rather live our lives in the freedom that they have provided for us in a manner that honors their sacrifice and pays tribute daily to their devotion to this country.

If ever we fail to remember our freedom or surrender our liberties or take them for granted then we risk making their sacrifice in vain. In their sacrifice they never once considered it anything more than duty in service to this Nation and an honor to have served. We owe each of them the same in our devotion to the liberties and freedoms that they sacrificed to give.

Nothing that we do can ever repay what they have given. Nothing that we say can ever express our gratitude for what we owe each of these brave heroes of freedom. How then can we begin to honor the memory and sacrifice of each who gave, "the last full measure of devotion ?"

President Lincoln said it best as he closed the Gettysburg Address, " that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. "

God bless our brave men and women who serve this Nation and sacrifice daily. God bless the families of every soldier throughout our history who gave their all for freedoms sake. God bless the memory of those who gave, "the last full measure of devotion," and finally God bless America !

Ken Taylor

Friday, May 28, 2010


During his first news conference in nearly a year Barack Obama tried to place a human face on the Gulf oil spill by sharing a story he claims happened while shaving, when his daughter supposedly asked him, "daddy did you plug the hole." Referring of course to the hole in the oil line that was caused by the destruction of the drilling platform which took place more than a month ago in th e Gulf of Mexico.

First this was reminiscent of a statement made by Jimmy Carter during a debate when he stated that he had asked his 12 year old daughter Amy, what was the most important issue at the time and she told him, " the control of nuclear arms." This hounded him for the rest of the campaign until his eventual loss to Ronald Reagan.

This home town face was part of the Carter image from the very beginning and although the supposed conversation with his daughter was lame, it was typical Carter. As far as Obama and his daughters question, it not only did not have the desired affect that Obama had hoped but just emphasised how badly he has handled the Gulf oil spill. His daughter by just asking the question has more true concern about the spill then her dad has had, "since day one."

During the press conference Obama says he takes responsibility for the, "mistakes," that have been made but then proceeded to continue the blame game over why the spill happened and the inaction of the federal government. But he had time to visit with the Duke basketball team and plan a weekend vacation to Chicago for golf and R & R. Oh yeah, he is stopping by the Gulf on his way to ,"asses," what is being done.

If Obama were as concerned about this disaster as he claims then by just a simple executive order he could have had the federal response moving in full force long ago. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has been begging for assistance in keeping the oil off of his states shores. Calling for sand berms to be made by the Corps of Engineers to stop the oil, but approval has been delayed in order to get an environmental impact statement.

With a stroke of his pen Obama could temporarily suspend the impact statement mandate and get the berm made. But he is too political to do this simple task. With another stroke of his pen Obama could have every piece of equipment necessary in the the Gulf as well as boats and manpower but Obama is too political to do this simple task. So Governor Jindal has taken the ball and run with it commandeering boats and anything else he can find to try and get the job done.

Obama can claim that everything that can be done is being done but the evidence shows this to be nothing more that his usual political rhetoric and a blatant lie. When the oil could have been burned off immediately after the spill began the burning lasted only 28 minutes until enviro nuts complained about the smoke and rather than allowing it to continue in order to stop the spill from spreading, Obama allowed the burning to stop because he was more concerned about the political problems the enviro nuts who support him would cause than the people in the Gulf who are being affected by the spill.

At every turn the hands of BP have been tied by government regulation even the fact that this well is in 5,000 feet of water rather than closer to shore. With a stroke of his pen Obama could suspend any regulation temporarily in order to free BP's hands to do whatever is needed to stop and control this disaster. But Obama is more concerned about keeping his enviro allies happy than the environment in the Gulf and the people whose livelihood is being affected by the spill.

So if in fact Obama's daughter actually asked the question, "daddy did you plug the hole," or it was just another political game played by Obama, either way Obama's daughter or the idea that she would ask this question shows that her concern about the Gulf disaster is greater than her father's who is only concerned about politics and placating to the enviro extremes that support him. This is his and their excuse to end drilling in the Gulf which has been their goal and wish from the beginning.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, May 27, 2010


The entire Gulf Coast Region and possibly the Atlantic Coastal areas are in danger of a catastrophic disaster that quite possibly may never end. I am referring to the oil spill that is blanketing a large portion of the Gulf of Mexico and still spewing oil. The almost deliberately slow response by the Obama administration who only want to demonize BP has added greatly to the devastating problem in the Gulf.

But the death blow to this massive spill and the guarantee that it will never end came during a speech that was delivered by Barack Obama while visiting a solar energy plant. In his usual staged and practiced voice of insincere concern, Obama gave the death blow to any success in stopping the oil spill whether it is plugging the break in the oil line or cleaning up the after math.

Obama stated, " We will not rest until this well is shut, the environment is repaired, and the cleanup is complete." If past experience is any measure as to just how well things turn out when Obama, "valiantly," claims he," will not rest," until something is solved or taken care of or completed, then we are in BIG trouble with the Gulf oil spill.

When Obama took office he promised he would not rest until the economy was back on its feet. Then he proceeded to sign the, "stimulus," bill which not only slowed any recovery but has worsened the problem because of the massive government involvement that this irresponsible bill produced. Not to mention the negative affect on the economy of the deficits and debt that this trillion dollar debacle caused.

One of the impacts that the stimulus had on the economy was to INCREASE the unemployment numbers rather that decrease them as Obama promised when he forced this nightmare down our throats. So what does Obama cry as unemployment grows ? He once again states several times that he would not rest until employment was made available for anyone who wants to work. What happened ? Not only did unemployment increase but MORE employers stopped hiring. Strike two in the, "I will not rest, " saga.

After the attempted bombing of the Detroit bound airliner on Christmas Day, when Obama FINALLY appeared several days later to make his remarks about this terrorist attack, he stated, "We will not rest until we find all who were involved and hold them accountable." So the terrorist was mirandized almost immediately after the attack while in the process of spilling his guts out about future attacks and less than six months later an attack was attempted in New York's Times Square by an Islamic terrorist with almost identical ties as the Detroit bomber. So much for not resting until everyone involved for Detroit was found. Oh in case you're counting this was strike three in the, " I will not rest, " saga

Now the Gulf of Mexico and possibly the Atlantic Coast is facing the most devastating oil spill in US history. Obama has done nothing but whine and blame everyone. His underlings have dragged their feet at every possible point in responding to this problem while BP has been working around the clock to do what is considered almost impossible, capping a well and a break in 5,000 feet of water. A situation that was caused by government regulations which forced BP to have to drill in such deep water in the first place.

Once again Obama says he, "will not rest, " until this problem is solved. Look out Gulf Coast. Look our Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Look out Gulf fishing industry and look out BP, Obama has said he will not rest. You are doomed to a never ending oil spill and slick that will continue to spread because Obama," will not rest."

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Memorial Day, a day set aside each year to remember our fallen heroes who by their blood and sacrifice have defended our freedom and made it possible for every American since our Revolution to live free and know that liberty will not fall in our country during their watch. For this thousands of brave American heroes have given, "the last full measure of devotion."

Ever year as part of the many memorials that take place to honor those who have fallen for our freedoms, the national ceremony has taken place at Arlington Cemetery near the tomb of the Unknown Soldiers. It has been traditional and proper for The President of The United States, the Commander in Chief of our military to attend the ceremony and place a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown heroes.

This year the ceremony in memoriam will take place as usual but the CIC, POTUS and resident liberal lunatic Barack Obama, WILL NOT BE IN ATTENDANCE. He has chosen instead to take a weekend vacation in Chicago and will not attend the ceremony to honor our fallen heroes. But he WILL return to Washington in time to attend a concert that evening by Paul McCartney.

This is not only an insult to every soldier who currently serves our country in posts around the world but also to every veteran who has served our Nation and our military. But most of all it is an disgraceful disrespect for the thousands of American heroes who have fallen and are honored and remembered by our Nation on Memorial Day.

I have to wonder if this CIC truly even cares about the soldiers who sacrifice daily defending our freedoms around the world. I seriously doubt it. I also doubt whether the reports that reach his desk in the Oval Office every day telling of another brave soldier who has died in service to our Nation matter at all to Obama. These reports are likely just an annoyance to Barack Obama for his disrespect to our fallen by not attending Memorial Day services show his disdain for our military and his total lack of concern for their lives and sacrifice.

Barack Obama is showing in this disgusting and disgraceful disrespect to our fallen heroes ESPECIALLY on a day set aside to honor and remember what they have done for our Nation, that he is a total imbecile who as a political animal views those who provide even the freedom for him to attend his all so important concert on Memorial Day evening, as nothing more than pawns he can use to advance his career. HE is NOT a Commander in Chief but truly a Jackass in Chief.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Since the moment that the news broke about the oil platform burning in the Gulf of Mexico the blame game for who is at fault began and as the oil continues to spew from the cracked lines at the bottom of the Gulf the blame game intensifies. Barack Obama and members of his administration ranging from DHS Secretary Janet Napalitano to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar have been demonizing BP for their lack of ability in stopping the leak, yet no one in the administration is taking ANY responsibility for the slow federal response and the continued foot dragging that is taking place.

While BP holds the ultimate responsibility for clean up and paying for the mess the Obama administration is doing nothing more than finding a camera and slamming BP for the oil spill. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has requested assistance from the Corps of Engineers to build what would be a sand wall that would stop the oil spreading from the islands belonging to the state and progressing to the actual LA shore line and the Mississippi Delta.

The Corps of Engineers are waiting for an environmental impact statement for the construction of the sand wall which is delaying any response at all for this necessary stop gap to prevent the oil from hitting the shore line. Obama can bypass the impact statement with a Presidential order temporarily suspending the impact law, but has shown no desire to do so.

This delay brings me to a question that has been on my mind since this oil disaster began. While everyone from the President to the CEO of BP are playing the blame game, who is placing the blame on the true perpetrators that caused this to be a problem in the first place? I refer to the enviro nuts whose lobbying forced oil drilling into areas that are difficult if not impossible to control in a case like the Gulf oil spill.

It is because of the enviro nuts that BP was forced to drill for oil at a depth of 5,000 feet instead of depths much closer to shore where plugging a break would be a quick and a relatively simple task compared to the monster BP is trying to plug. Plugging a break at, say 100 feet is a quick fix as compared to having to try and plug one at 5,000 feet.

The enviro nuts through their lobbying of Democrats over the last 40 years have forced regulations that have made oil companies search for oil and drill further and further out in the Gulf. Also the same enviro nuts have forced drilling on shore to become almost non existent. This despite the fact that there are many areas where the oil supply just below the top surface of the Earth is so vast that several locations have more oil available than all of the Saudi oil fields.

In fact the pressure at some of these sites is so high that oil is seeping to the surface and can be quickly and easily tapped. But environmental regulations forced over the years through Democrats by enviro nuts prevents drilling in the areas where the oil is available on the Continental United States and Alaska.

So while the blame game is taking place as to who is ultimately responsible for the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a large amount of the blame must be shouldered by the enviro nuts and the forced regulations legislated by Democrats that prevented oil which is much more accessible to be tapped whether on land or in shallow waters of the Gulf.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Back when the Obamacare debate was in high gear, South Carolina's Junior Senator, Jim DeMint, (who frankly is our only real Senator since many of us in SC are disgusted with Lindsay Graham), suggested that if Obamacare was passed that it would be Obama's Waterloo. A reference to the epic battle between Napoleon and Wellington in which Napoleon's arrogance led him into a massive defeat by the British commander.

Obamacare may yet prove to be that for Obama since we have still to see the full results of this election year. So far Obama is not faring well in elections. The voting results are not all connected ONLY to health care but Obama's entire agenda which suggests that Obamacare is not the Waterloo that DeMint predicted in and of itself.

There is another issue though that may well be the Waterloo experience for Obama that DeMint predicted with health care and that is illegal immigration. Obama and Democrats had wanted to put this hot bed issue somewhat on the back burner during this election year but the passage and signing into law of the Arizona immigration bill has not only placed it on the front burner but it has become the issue of precedence in both the media and politics.

From the moment that Governor Jan Brewer signed this necessary and excellent bill into law, the failings of the federal government in protecting our borders and the arrogance and total ignorance of Obama and his underlings has shown the utter contempt that this administration and its leader have for our country and the American people.

Unlike health care which spurred much heated debate and protest but is an issue that only came to light as the hot button it became due to Obama's push to get his unconstitutional bill passed, illegal immigration is an issue that has been at the forefront before and after the failure of the amnesty debacle during the Bush years, the issue has been smoldering waiting for something new to ignite it and the Arizona law became that ignition.

This issue also crosses party politics in a way that no other issue does. Most issues even health care are extremely partisan but illegal immigration as proven by the anger which flamed during the amnesty debate a few years back fades away party line with the electorate as no other issue does. Politicians for the most part follow partisan lines in the approach and or, "solution," for illegal immigration but the electorate has a great deal of solidarity toward border security and the millions of illegals in this country. The electorate as a whole want a fence, tough border enforcement and aliens deported.

With Obama at the helm this hot button issue has taken on a new faze which increases the anger of the American people in a way that the amnesty push under Bush never did, especially since after that voice of the people was spoken during the Bush debacle many in DC understood what the people wanted, dropped amnesty and focused more on border security which temporarily took illegal immigration of the front burner.

Of course we all know that the border security measures failed because of lack of complete implementation and a general lack of interest in doing anything on the part of Congress. Which is what forced Arizona to pass their immigration bill which allows the state to enforce federal law that already exists since the feds refuse to do so.

Polls overwhelmingly show support by the citizens of Arizona and and equally strong support throughout the rest of the Nation to Arizona's law and Governor Brewer who has stood steadfast against the political onslaught buy Obama, his underlings and the liberal media. Most polling has support for the law in the upper seventies and low eighties, numbers which are almost unheard of in polling over most hot bed issues like health care which are considered to have strong support or opposition with polling in the upper fifties and low sixties.

But the real Waterloo trouble that could take its toll on Obama and his administration is the response by Obama and his underlings. Obama, AG Eric Holder and DHS Secretary Janet Napalitano have condemned the bill on legal grounds without admittedly having read the bill or having ANY first hand knowledge of its content. Their response by their own admission is based on false media accounts and hear say evidence which does not match the true content of the bill and the way in which it will be enforced in Arizona.

Adding to their arrogance especially Obama's was the spectacle of the State visit from Mexican President Filipe Calderon who openly condemned the Arizona law with total agreement and equal condemnation by Obama during a press conference. Followed by allowing this foreign leader to stand before our Congress while hypocritically and arrogantly lecturing about our laws to a standing ovation by Democrats, Holder and Napalitano.

Americans love legal immigration and embrace those who legally come to our land seeking a better way of life for themselves and their families. What we do not want and will not stand for is the breaking of our laws in order to enter our country and especially those who use this influx of illegally entering from our Southern border as a way of bringing drug trafficking and violent criminal activity from a country who has failed to protect its people and destroyed their economy causing the aliens to illegal pass our borders in the first place.

Obama has chosen to embrace the arrogance of Calderon with an equal arrogance, side AGAINST the American people and wage a legal war with the State of Arizona over illegal immigration. He wraps his arms around those who criminally enter our country while turning his back on our Nation and our people in order to cater to a possible political voters block who he can buy with government programs insuring their backing of Democrat candidates.

Obama ignored the people over health care but with illegal immigration he not only ignores us but holds us in contempt and demonizes existing laws and pokes fun at a State, its people and those in whom that State have placed their trust for law enforcement and protection from criminal activity that is rampaging their home.

Is illegal immigration Obama's true Waterloo ? On this issue he is showing the same contempt and arrogance as Napoleon had toward Wellington and the British military he commanded. Obama is taking a firm stand against federal and state law, the anger and disgust of the American people, blaming our Nation for Mexico's troubles while siding with Mexico against the country he took a Constitutional Oath to defend. And he calls we who oppose illegal immigration unamerican ? If he wants to see unamerican he need look no further than his mirror.

Ken Taylor

Friday, May 21, 2010


With the usual arrogance that accompanies every speech that Barack Obama delivers, the Lecturer in Chief announced the passage of the Senate Finance Reform bill, which only stands to regulate business in such a way that the government can control how business operates and Wall Street functions. One more blow to the free market by Barack Obama.

Of course the bill not only does NOT address the root cause of the collapse that it claims to prevent but exempts the two entities whose free handed mortgage practices caused the collapse in the first place. The," reform," bill goes after all business except Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who still continue the sub prime practices that caused the collapse and also continue to receive billions of bailout money in order to continue their irresponsible loans.

While Obama was patting himself on the back for getting the bill passed and scolding free enterprise business even the rats around the White House finally had enough and one scurried across the front of the podium bailing out on Obama. As you view the above picture, notice the small gray blob just below the steps to the right of the podium and you will notice the rat bailing on Obama. ( The critter is actually a Vole which is a rat that burrows in the ground)

So it would seem that not only are the American people fed up with Barack Obama but even the White House rats have had all they can stomach of the Imbecile in Chief.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, May 20, 2010


On June 7, Barack Obama will be visiting Kalamazoo, Michigan to deliver the commencement speech for graduation ceremonies at Kalamazoo Central High School. The school won a national competition by presenting a video to bring Obama to their commencement. While this sounds all well and good, the requirements for the visit show the true hypocrisy in relation to the Arizona illegal immigration law that Obama has accused of causing racial profiling among other false accusations.

The students are being required to present the following information to the Secret Service for a background check in order to shake the hand of the President at the commencement. They are required to give their social security number, birth date and CITIZENSHIP STATUS ! Yes, you read correctly each student is required to give their citizenship status in order to shake hands with Barack Obama.

The spin on this is that it is a normal requirement for anyone coming within an arms length of the President. So has everyone who attended the staged Obama town halls been required to present citizenship status ? Those invited to state dinners since Obama entered the White House, have they been required to present citizenship status ? I doubt it for if you will remember the two who crashed the state dinner last year who were not even on the invitation list.

I have attended Presidential events before and have been invited to shake hands with the President and my citizenship status was never necessary. In 1988 President Ronald Reagan traveled to Raleigh, NC as a campaign stop for the re-election of Senator Jesse Helms. Not only was I in attendance but was invited back stage to shake hands with the President. The only thing I was required to present was my ID, (drivers license), upon entering the building.

Now you may think that by showing my license I was also showing my proof of citizenship. While to an extent this is true the questionnaire that every student attending the Kalamazoo commencement who will shake hands with Obama asked specifically whether the student is a citizen or not. This goes well beyond presenting a drivers license.

This requirement in order to shake hands with Obama hypocritically contrasts the stand that Obama is taking on the Arizona illegal immigration law which requires anyone who is in the presence of law enforcement for another reason like for instance a speeding ticket to present proof of citizenship ONLY if asked AFTER being pulled over for another reason. Obama considers this racial profiling yet he has no problem asking the citizenship status of high school students who will shake his hand at their commencement.

Is this just one more example of the Obama double standard ? I consider it not only a double standard but total hypocrisy in light of his stance against the Arizona immigration law. According to Obama asking citizenship status to stem the flood of illegal immigration is wrong and as Obama puts it, unconstitutional, but asking the same status proof for high school students at a commencement is normal in order to shake the arrogant hand of the hypocrite. Where is the lefts and media outcry for this, "profiling."

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is showing just what she is made of and it is strong conservative values and the guts to take a stand for freedom, the law, our Constitution and what is right for America, even if it means publicly calling out Barack Obama and telling the truth about his lies.

My fellow patriots, this it the type of stance that we have been needing to see from conservative politicians. A stance that cares more for what is right for our Nation and our people as well as standing with our Constitution in order to save our Republic from the onslaught of socialism and tyranny from Obama and those on the left who support the destruction he is perpetrating upon our Nation.

Brewers stance and her guts in taking on Obama over his ridiculous charges concerning the Arizona illegal immigration law is not only refreshing but is what we have been fighting for in the battle to save our Nation from the direction Obama has been taking us since entering the Presidency. Thank you Governor Brewer.

Another conservative Governor who is also displaying this type of refreshing and gutsy leadership is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Listen how he takes on a liberal media type in this excellent video.

Finally conservative politicians with the guts to take a stand for America, Americans our Constitution and our Republic.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


There are actually three items that I will include in this post, both of which continue to reveal the hypocrisy and the total arrogant attitude of Barack Obama and his entire administration. In a White House ceremony Obama signed the Press Freedom Act which expands the annual State Department Human Rights report to include a description of press freedoms in the countries included in the report.

So here is the President signing a bill in a public ceremony which details the freedom of the press or lack thereof in countries that are being watched for possible human rights violations by our own State Department and after the signing and Obama's usual statement, he proceeds to DENY our own press corps the freedom to ask him questions about anything even the subject matter of the ceremony.

Of course Obama presser are well know to be totally staged with a TelePrompter and canned questions that are reviewed before the conference so that Obama's answers can be placed on the TelePrompter. But to sign an order concerning press freedoms and not even take a single question even when asked by one reporter, "In the interest of press freedom, would you take a couple questions on BP?" Obama just smiled and walked away. TOTAL hypocrisy which is one of the hallmarks of Barack Obama.

The second item in this post has to do once again with the arrogance of the entire Obama administration concerning the Arizona immigration law. First it was Obama coming out against the bill when it was obvious by the content of his remarks that he had not read the bill. Then last week Eric Holder admitted at a Congressional hearing that he had not read the bill but was planning to file law suits against a bill in which he had no knowledge.

Now yet another imbecile in the Obama administration admitted during another Congressional hearing that they had not read the bill. The totally inept Janet Napalitano was asked during the hearing whether she had read the bill and admitted that she had not then proceeded to announce that she would never have signed it. Napalitano who is a former Arizona Governor stated that law enforcement would not like the bill so she would not have signed it although SHE HAS NO IDEA WHAT IS IN THE BILL!

The third and most disgusting item also has to do with the Arizona immigration law. Michael Posner Assistant Secretary of State actually APOLOGIZED to CHINA for the Arizona immigration law in discussions about human rights violations. In the interview where this IDIOT revealed this he actually acted PROUD that he apologized to CHINA, the country with the worst human rights record in the entire world!

My friends we have the most inept, hypocritical, arrogant and just plain stupid administration in the history of our Nation. And unfortunately when we may think that it cannot get any worse then these imbeciles take another leap off of the cliff of liberal lunacy and show that not only can it get worse but it DOES get worse!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Eric Holder's admission last week when asked whether he had read the Arizona immigration law which was signed by Governor Jan Brewer allowing state enforcement of already existing federal laws, revealed the fundamental trouble of Obama's administration and of Obama himself. In case you missed this revealing moment, Holder was asked during a Senate hearing on several subjects whether he had read the Arizona bill and he without hesitation admitted that he had not.

What was so striking about this revelation is that he was asked this in the context of questioning about his opinion of the bill and why he as the top law enforcement officer in the Nation thought it worthy of seeking law suits to overturn the bill as law in Arizona. Not only did Holder admit to not reading the bill but when questioned further about how he derived his information in which he was basing he allegations he admitted that it came from here say evidence which he picked up from third party sources. Yet he had already come to the decision that he would seek legal action against a law in which he had no official knowledge.

This admission sent shock waves throughout the new media, but was mostly ignored as usual by the lame stream media, who are one of the admitted third party sources for Holder's allegations against the Arizona law. The most telling aspect of this revelation by Holder is that it is a straight forward example of the governing ideology of the entire Obama administration especially Obama himself, who only moments after the Arizona bill was signed into law came out with the same allegations as Holder and like Holder had not read the bill.

Obama and those in whom he has entrusted the power in the Executive Branch to have governmental authority over our Nations affairs could care less about what anything or anyone says or thinks. All that matters is whether any move that Obama or anyone within his administration does follows his philosophy, his ideology and his direction in reshaping this Nation into the socialist utopia that he believes it should be.

The law does not matter, the Constitution does not matter, American tradition, heritage and principles do not matter and worst of all the people do not matter. But of course we who believe in our Nation as a free Republic understand that each of these entities from the law to the people are one in the same and those who we place in office throughout our history have been obligated by their oath to adhere to these principles and entities.

We all know that many have drifted away from the afore mentioned entities whether the Constitution, the people, the law or our American traditions and principles. Some have even broken them in such ways that they either faced or resigned before they faced the legal consequences of illegal activities that were perpetrated while in office and under the scrutiny of the public trust.

But Barack Obama and those he has encircled around him as staff, members of his cabinet, Czars and even appointments to other branches such as the Supreme Court all follow the same philosophy as Obama. It does not matter what the law or Constitution states, it does not matter what the truth is, it does not matter what the people think. The only thing that matters is that their philosophy is followed and however the truth or the law must be bent in order to fulfill that philosophy then so be it.

The Holder admission is just one of the most blatant examples of this unamerican governing philosophy. Usually it is pressed forward in more deceptive and scheming ways such as the passage of health care which was touted as necessary to stop spiraling deficits and health care costs but after the deception was made and the bill was passed the truth about the full cost and actually increase of health care comes to light.

The ,"stimulus," package is another example of the deception to push Obama philosophy. This nightmare was forced through without any first hand knowledge of what it actually contained yet was touted as the only means of saving our economy. Now that we are more than a year after passage and only less than one third of the money spent we find that the package has greatly increased unemployment, slowed recovery and exploded the deficit and debt.

This philosophy of Obama and those who work with him even extends to their response to the people. Millions of Americans whose numbers grow daily have risen in a stance against this unamerican philosophy of Obama and the continual consequences it is having on our Nation and our esteem around the world. Without once visiting a protest or town hall that is not staged with supporters, or once talking with average Americans who as a majority are against the Obama philosophy, Obama and his philosophical ideologues have dismissed the anger and written the people off as just right wing fanatics who are misinformed, uneducated, violent racists.

Obama and those who surround him whether hired or appointed do not care about anything which disagrees with them. They do not care about the truth or the consequences for this country or her people. Their only concern is reshaping this Nation into the ,"vision," of redistributed wealth, total government dependency, government control over business, the courts and the individual and an America which is on an even playing field as the rest of the world and no longer its lone super power.

They see an America with open borders to illegal immigration which provides them with an enslaved voter block who are dependent on government and whose vote is purchased forever. They see an America whose enemies are treated as citizens with the same rights and privileges and can use the American courts when arrested as criminals rather than enemy combatants, as platforms to express their hatred of Americans and America and use our courts as a recruitment tool for generations of Islamic radicals hell bent on killing Americans.

Their goal of destroying American is being fulfilled by Obama and his philosophy so their platform provided by Obama becomes just a recruitment tool and as not much an ideological expression as once feared. Obama in many ways through his philosophy is doing the work of our enemies since his changing of American is slowly eliminating our freedoms and taking away liberties which is the goal of the Islamic entities who are fighting us.

Obama and those around him see America as a Nation of people dependent upon government for every aspect of their life. He sees American business through free enterprise the evil entity which prevents government dependency so it must be eliminated by total government control through regulation. He see individual drive and ability as a threat to his dependency philosophy so he seeks to eliminate the means to prosper and succeed.

Obama and those around him see America as an equal partner in world affairs so he apologizes for our greatness and exceptionalism. His philosophy deems that American is no longer the military strength of the world so he issues rules of engagement on battlefields that even the playing field which places our soldiers in much more dangerous situation because they cannot fight until fired upon first.

Unlike political figures of the past who have drifted from our laws and used their elected power for personal means or to bend the Constitution, Obama stays just inside legal constraints to eliminate our laws and change our Constitution making it nothing more than a historical document that has no power or authority in the new Obamanation. This is why he is dangerous. He arrogantly presses this philosophy with no regard to anything but the philosophy and all else does not matter even the destruction of a free America and her people.

Ken Taylor

Friday, May 14, 2010


Eric Holder, the inept Attorney General, was before the Senate in hearings that covered a myriad of subjects. One of those subjects was the recent law signed into being in Arizona by Governor Jan Brewer which allows state enforcement of already existing federal immigration laws which are deterrents to illegal immigration when enforced.

Holder has already indicated that the Justice Department under orders of Barack Obama is planning to take the bill to the courts to have the Arizona law overturned on the basis that it causes racial profiling among other false liberal talking point charges that have been leveled against this bill.

When asked if he had even bothered to read the bill Holder unbelievably admitted that he not only had NOT read the bill but had only taken a glance at it with the intent of reading it later. This coming from the man who had already admitted the he was planning to take the bill to the courts based on what he and Obama have concluded are illegal aspects of the bill. Aspects that he has absolutely no clue about because HE HAS NOT READ THE BILL. I doubt whether Obama has read it just like his AG.

I have read the bill as I am sure millions of Americans have done because it has been readily available on line since before it passed the Arizona legislature. For the full text in case you have not read it follow this link and you can state that you know far more than the Attorney General, which isn't very hard to do. I guess Holder had trouble finding it through Google.

The only thing that Holder proved in his admission is that the legal avenue that is being taken by the Obama administration against this bill has nothing to do with the bill or the false liberal talking points about the bill but only a political agenda which is against the bill in order to play on the emotions of a possible voter block that can be enslaved through government dependency as the means of purchasing the Hispanic vote for Democrat candidates.

The liberal lies that have been spewed since this excellent bill was signed into law are so far from the truth as to the content and true legalities of the law that unless someone has actually read the law, (refer to link above), the lies makes the truth of the law unrecognizable due to the bogus media coverage and the administrations campaign against it being assisted by that same media coverage.

Holder's willingness to take this bill to the courts and have it overturned without ANY knowledge of what the bill contains also makes one wonder as to what else this AG and the Obama administration is doing that they have no clue about. My guess is that EVERYTHING that this administration does is based on having no clue as to what they are doing and Holder in his testimony has finally admitted it.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Only two weeks after a potentially devastating attempt to blow up Times Square and kill possibly thousands of people, Homeland Security under the direction of the totally inept Janet Napalitano announces major cuts in federal funding in anti terrorist protection for New York City. As far back a the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 NYC has been the primary target for terrorist activity and Naplitono decides to cut funding which helps prevent such attacks.

Her plan includes cutting Subway anti terrorist funding by 27%, funding for measures at NYC ports by 25%, eliminating funding for radiation detection in the event of a dirty bomb and moving an anti terrorist assignment for the United States Coast Guard from NYC to Boston.

Since her appointment as Homeland Security Secretary, Napalitano has been totally out of touch with the Nations security and at every turn when a terrorist situation has taken place she has not only played it down but completely missed the boat in her assessment of the situation in the immediate after math of the terrorist attack.

She called the Fort Hood shooter nothing more than an disgruntled military officer who was suffering from pre traumatic stress syndrome in association with his pending assignment to Afghanistan. This coming from the inept Napalitano as evidence was surfacing by the minute of Nidal Hassan's ties to Islamic radicals and his involvement with known Al Qaeda operatives both hear and overseas.

She followed the same threads of denial after the Christmas Day attempt to blow up a passenger airliner in route to Detroit. She called the bomber a lone individual who was suffering from mental problems and had no ties to any terrorist activity. This description by Napalitano came after the terrorist admitted to being part of a terrorist plot and that more would come.

Once again after the attempted Times Square bombing Napalitano was quick to jump on the lone individual horse and stating that he was a troubled individual who had financial problems. Again this totally wrong assessment came as evidence was mounting that Shazhad was involved with the same individuals as the Fort Hood terrorist and as his ties to Pakistan Taliban were gaining light in the media.

Napalitano in the days after the passage of the Arizona immigration bill stated in an interview that the borders along the Mexican boundary of Arizona were completely secure, after all she should know since she was Governor of Arizona prior to her appointment to Homeland Security. This lame assessment of secure Arizona borders came after the murders of a rancher and a sheriff's deputy by illegal aliens as well as the continual flood of Mexican drug trafficking and kidnappings which plague Arizona prompting the passage of the immigration bill.

Now the inept Homeland Security chief cuts anti terrorist funding to the city that is well known to be the number one target for terrorist plots and activity only two weeks after the potentially most devastating attack on American soil since 9/11. A failed attack not because of great security but because of the quick reaction to a suspicious vehicle by an alert citizen.

Janet Napalitano does not belong in the Homeland Security department much less as its head. This appointment reveals the inept governing experience of Barack Obama in assigning such a task to a someone who is absolutely unqualified and obviously not up to the task of looking after the security of our Nation. Her resignation should have been demanded long ago and yet she has remained with the total backing and confidence of Obama.

Under Janet Napalitano and the administration of Barack Obama terrorism has been treated as nothing more than a minor inconvenience rather than the major threat that it is to our country and the people of The United States. She remains Homeland Security Secretary because the equally inept Barack Obama like Napalitano refuses to accept that we are at war with Islamic radicals and they will stop at nothing to kill Americans and destroy our way of life.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My time is limited today so I thought I would take a moment and share an observation about Obama's Supreme Court Nominee. When I saw her official photo which appears below, my first thought was, "where have I seen her before ?" Then it hit me.

Kagan bares a striking resemblance to comedian Jon Lovitz, also pictured below. So my mind began to wonder whether Kagan is an actual person or Lovitz in disguise. After all one, (Kagan), is a joke and the other, (Lovitz), is a jokster. Take a look a both pictures and you decide!

Photobucket Kagan's offical photo

Photobucket Jon Lovitz

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The appointment of liberal Solicitor General Elena Kagan as Obama's pick to replace equally liberal retiring Supreme Court Justice John Stevens is no great surprise. While Kagan's appointment will not change the overall make up of the court her total lack of judicial experience could be a stumbling block for her confirmation and may actually if confirmed help the conservatives on the court.

Her lack of judicial experience which is zero, has already raised red flags with many on the Senate Judicial Committee and the eye brows of many others. Her only experience with the high court has been as Obama's Solicitor General and she has just a hand full of cases on her resume before the court on behalf of the administration.

Those who have tried to spin this nomination as Obama's attempt to look more centrist because of Kagan's lack of judicial experience are not only wrong but deceptive in their spin. Kagan has a history of supporting liberal causes the most controversial of which was while she was the Dean of the Harvard Law School when she banned military recruiting from the campus.

She has also been extremely critical of the confirmation process for judges, condemning both nominees who do not give detailed answers and Senators who ask pointed political question. We shall see if she abides by her own criticism when she sits before the Senate or she clams up like most nominees do.

If confirmed, at least initially her lack of judicial experience may benefit the conservative justices not because Kagan will side with them but because in replacing liberal Justice Stevens she loses the influence he had on the court because of his long tenure as a Justice. The one moderate swing judge on the high court Anthony Kennedy was influenced in many of his court decisions by the liberal Stevens.

Kagan at least at first will not have that strong influence on Kennedy which could benefit Justices Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Chief Justice Roberts whose conservative views could influence Kennedy without the known past liberal influence of Stevens.

The confirmation hearings could be very interesting since Kagan has little or no paper trail and as such Senators especially those in the GOP will ask pointed question which will be designed to find out just how this nominee actually thinks on issues that could face the court if she is confirmed. Without an extensive paper trail like most nominees her opinions are not well known.

It is well known that she has been a strong supporter of liberal Democrats during elections and has donated more than $12,000 to Democrat candidates over the past decade, more than $6,000 of the donations went to Obama's Senate and Presidential run. So her views obviously will lean very left which will be apparent as the hearings progress. The GOP because of having 41 Senate votes has the capability of filibustering her final floor vote but most experts believe that her confirmation is all but secure.

At 50 years of age Kagan will have a very long tenure on the court and as such her liberal influence once confirmed will help shape court decisions for many years. Whether she will be another Ginsberg who sees her responsibility as a justice to legislate from the bench from a total leftist view without regard for the Constitution or whether Kagan will follow her Constitutional duty as a Judge to be impartial on the court remains to be seen. Personally I believe she will be similar to Ginsberg since she is very much a mirror image of Barack Obama.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, May 09, 2010


The world has been an eye witness to the total collapse of a sovereign Nation. This collapse is not the result of an invading army or a dictatorial regime whose tyrannical leader has died creating a power struggle for control. This collapse in not the result of a military coup which forced the Nation into chaos. This collapse was the direct cause of cradle to grave government dependency and the response of a people who have grown lazy because of it.

Greece the worlds first Democracy is bankrupt. The Greek Parliament in order to attempt to save what is left of the Nation has sought and received billions of dollars in bailout money from The International Monetary Fund and still cannot meet the demands of their out of control government spending.

The Parliament increased taxes at a rate that is among the highest in the world. Adding to this is a Value Added Tax which is just one more dig into the wallets of the citizens of Greece. Then the Greek Parliament did what had been unheard of in recent history. Rather than increase spending with the additional money they actually cut spending by cutting programs in order to try and stabilize the Greek economy.

Thousands of Greek citizens took to the street in violent protests. Protests that were not demanding that the government cease with its high taxation. Protests that were not against government controls or taking a stand for freedom. The people of Greece rose in violent numbers because the Greek Parliament CUT government spending which CUT government programs that the people had grown accustomed to.

The people are violently protesting because they have grown accustomed to depending on the government and that government can no longer foot the bill for that dependency. The populace of Greece have become government slaves and now that the government is bankrupt due to a cradle to the grave ,"care," for all of their citizens those citizens are angry that their government can no longer be their provider.

A once proud Democracy has become a socialist anarchy with a populace whose dependency on government is so entrenched that they protest because their government can no longer ,"take care," of them. A total economic disaster for Greece and a sign of disaster for many other European countries that are near collapse because of similar government spending and cradle to grave, "care," for their citizens.

Are we watching Americas future being played out in the streets of Athens, Greece? If Barack Obama has his way the troubles that are now destroying the Nation of Greece could very well be what lies ahead for The United States. In fact during his campaign Obama used Greece as an example of his vision for America and his idea of fairness for all citizens of our free Republic. A vision that if fulfilled will be the end of our ,"free," Republic and the creation of a total nanny state where Americans are dependent on government for everything.

Obama's ,"vision," of cradle to grave government dependency for Americans plays well for many in our country who already see government as the answer to all of their problems. Who can ever forget the video of the lady taken on election night as she rejoiced in Obama's election by gleefully stating that she would no longer have to worry about paying her mortgage or car payment or electric bill or buying groceries. All because of the,"vision," of socialist nanny Barack Obama.

Some may think that we will never see violent reaction from Americans like we are seeing with Greece just because government programs are cut, because after all Americans love our freedoms and we will never allow what is happening in Greece to reach our shores. Think again! Remember the College students in California who recently violently protested because their government provided tutitons were being cut due to the states near bankruptcy ?

Unfortunately in a real sense some of the Greek troubles have already reached our shores. We have had this nanny state in several forms in our Nation long before Obama took office. Social Security is one form of our existing nanny state, a sacred cow which everyone is afraid to touch or try to, "fix," because of a fear of citizen backlash due to the millions of seniors who totally depend on Social Security for their retirement.

Another form of our nanny state are the welfare programs which are portrayed as compassion for those who have less but in actuality create a trapped dependency because in most instances when one becomes a welfare recipient in order to continue receiving help a recipient must abandon every avenue of bettering ones self in order to remain at the level in which eligibility for welfare assistance is available. So the fear of NOT succeeding outside of the system creates a total dependency in order to remain eligible within the system.

This nanny state is the dream of Barack Obama who once stated that the flaw in our Constitution of, "negative liberties," is that our Framers stated what the government cannot do but did not state what the,"government must do," on behalf of the people. Of course we who understand the concept of a free Republic and a free people with a limited government know that this, "omission," by our Framers was intentional BECAUSE the Constitution was written to limit governments involvement in the freedoms and individual ability of our citizenry to prosper without government interference.

Barack Obama in stark contrast not only wants the government to interfere but believes that it is governments responsibility and purpose to provide for the people and the people to be dependent on the government for their every need. He condemns we who protest against government growth and interference in our lives. In fact in recent speeches Obama has criticized our protests because we consider big government bad for the people. So he used examples of how those who were attending his staged town hall meetings traveled to those meetings on, "government roads," and praised government regulations that ,"protect," Americans from evil Wall Street investors.

On April 30th in one of these staged town halls Obama stated, " I mean, I do think at a certain point you've made enough money." Why would a President of a free nation even think this ? There can only be one answer to that question. If a citizen continues to, "make money," and strive to better their own situation then the need to look to the government for answers becomes not only less but completely unnecessary. In Obama's government utopia this just will not do.

So he takes over health care. He takes over business and seeks to gain the power through a financial, "reform," bill to take over more business in order to control how much individuals in that business can earn. He seeks to take over our energy consumption and control how we use it. He seeks to stifle investment through regulation to prevent ,"greedy investors," from collapsing our economy. Totally ignoring the nanny state entities of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac whose share the wealth mortgage programs for people without the ability to pay caused the 2008 economic collapse in the first place.

A government dependent people become lazy and slaves to government control and government power. When like Greece the inevitable happens and the failure of the cradle to grave system collapses due to lack of funding, then those who have been made laze by their dependency on government rise to protest because their meal ticket has disappeared and the fear it creates for the future causes a violent reaction. Much like a child who cries when feeding time comes and mommy is not able to get the bottle so the baby has to wait.

Is this the direction that Obama is taking our Nation ? Absolutely. Is this what we want for our country ? For the majority of Americans the answer is, "of course not." Which makes our stand for our freedom and the continuation of our free Republic in opposition to Obama's move toward a Greek style nanny state all the more important. We cannot rest in our protest and in our quest to take back our country lest in few short years of continued Obamaism we find our Nation bankrupt and our dependent populace violently protesting when the coffers become empty.

Ken Taylor

Friday, May 07, 2010


Political correctness is going to be the total ruin of The United States of America. Almost from the moment that Faisal Shahzad the Times Square bomber was arrested and identified, the lame stream media have been bending over backwards to come with with excuses, apologies or just plain idiotic denial that this fanatic is anything but what he is, an Islamic Muslim terrorist.

MSNBC had one commentator who was hoping that it was not a person of Islamic background but rather someone who was a ,"right wing extremist," who was associated with the Tea Party movement or some other conservative group who are opposing the current Obama agenda. Nearly every story at every news agency with the exception of Fox News has come up with some angle which victimizes this fanatic rather than calling a spade a spade.

Wolf Blitzer of CNN whined that Shahzad was a very educated individual and came from an affluent background which was a total contrast from the ,"average ignorant suicide bomber," so something must have pushed him over the edge. Then Blitzer went on to tell the, " terrible," story of Shahzad's home being foreclosed and ,"losing," his job.

Not once did this media idiot mention that the foreclosure was due to Shahzad running out on his payments because he actually QUIT his job in order to leave the country and train at a terrorist camp in Pakistan for six months! And the CNN PC master seemed to neglect the fact that Osama bin Ladin is also an educated person from an affluent background. Bin Ladin holds two degrees and his family is rich and owns a prominent construction firm in Saudi Arabia. A family who disowned bin Laden because of his fanaticism. I guess Blitzer forgot about this fact.

The MSM has come us with every excuse from home foreclosure, to anger over Bush economic policy and drone attacks in Pakistan to almost justify the attack on Times Square and find some way of blaming this act of war on The United States and not place the responsibility on the fact that Islamic fanatics are still at war with us and it is still their goal to kill Americans and destroy our way of life.

Yet these same moronic media types are quick to condemn the Tea Party and other average Americans as ,"right wing extremists," who are ,"racists," and ,"unamerican," seeking to reign violence against Democrats and Obama. Average Americans who are doing nothing more then following a Constitutional right to dissent with the government when we disagree with what government is doing. Yet to the MSM we are the terrorists and Muslim radicals like Shahzad whose true intent is to kill Americans are just innocent victims of ,"evil American imperialism."

This is political correctness run amok. Adding to this ridiculous notion that Islamic terrorist are just innocent victims is the fact that the Obama administration is ALSO bending over backwards to avoid stating the facts about Shahzad true Islamic ties. Remember the administrations pulled this same PC campaign with the Christmas Day bomber and the Muslim fanatic who killed 13 at Fort Hood.

Facts are facts. These Islamic fanatics are still at war with The United States and no amount of political correctness or victimizing these killers is going to change who they are and what they are trying to do to Americans and America. In fact the PC only aids their cause because in victimizing them it attempts to create a sympathy for murderous actions and only adds to their influence among those in Arab countries who dislike America.

If anyone is portraying an anti-American and anti-freedom attitude it rests with those in the MSM and the administration who see it as their responsibility to victimize Islamic killers who are enemies of our country and whose expressed goal is to destroy who we are and what our country stands for. As long as the Muslim radicals are apologized for by the MSM and the administration they will see that they have an ally in The United States and someone who is justifying what they are doing and how they are doing it.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, May 06, 2010


Today is National Day of Prayer, a day which had been set aside calling for Americans to pray for our Nation. A day which has been a tradition since 1952 when Congress first designated this day and Harry Truman issued the first Presidential Proclamation for the day. Designating a day for national prayer has been part of our countries landscape since the Framers of the Constitution called for a day of prayer that they may find Divine wisdom in establishing our Constitution.

Recently a liberal judge ruled that the National Day of Prayer was unconstitutional citing the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment as her evidence. Nowhere in this clause does it state that prayer or the observance of a day of prayer in unconstitutional. If the observance were established for a specific religion and deemed so by the state then there could be Constitutional grounds but the National Day of Prayer is an observance calling for Americans to pray for our nation in accordance to their own beliefs and practices.

The fallacy that the Constitution calls for a separation of church and state is a fallacy used to eliminate God, prayer and any type of religious practice or observance from our Nation. This was never the intent of the Framers whose only concern was the prevention of the state establishing an official religion which is the practice in many European countries and the Framers true reason for the Establishment Clause. If they had wanted the Constitution to eliminate God and the practice of religion from our Nation they they would not have included in the same First Amendment that the state could not prohibit the free exercise of religion.

For the second year, bowing to political correctness Barack Obama has cancelled the traditional prayer service at the White House stating through his Press Secretary Robert Gibbs that this observance should be a private matter. While each of us should pray daily for our Nation it is good to set aside a day of national prayer where our leaders publicly join Americans in praying for our country. It strengthens us morally and spiritually as a Nation. Moral leadership has been severely lacking in the current administration and this PC action concerning today is no exception.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


While the latest terrorist attack involved a naturalized American citizen who does have the privilege of Constitutional rights even though because of his terrorist ties in Pakistan his citizenship application which was only accepted in April of 2009 was obviously not well investigated, the weakening of our ability to interrogate these Islamic fanatics has allowed an increase in attempts and attacks as this weakness is taken advantage of.

The Obama administration has returned us to September 10, 2001 and we are waiting for our next 9/11. Even after the terrorist was identified and his name placed immediately on the no fly list with an FBI tail, he was let past TSA security and allowed to board a plane bound for Dubai and ONLY after the FBI arrived at the airport was the plane called back to the gate in order to arrest this Islamic terrorist who nearly got away.

So now regardless of what information terrorists may have the Obama administration believes that every enemy of our country is a criminal and therefore should be Mirandized immediately thus allowing them to clam up and use ACLU type lawyers and as a result necessary information which has in the past under George Bush stopped attacks from taking place is lost forever. The Christmas Day bomber who WAS NOT a citizen, was Mirandized within the first hour after his arrest.

While the well known Miranda Rights speech is likely used to allow these enemies of our country a free ride and a politically correct path to possible dismissal of charges or acquittal by a liberal judge who believes that terrorists are just misunderstood freedom fighters, what our enemies actually hear and understand when Mirandized or any of the fellow Islamic terrorists are Mirandized is the following:

"You have the right to remain silent. In fact we actually encourage your silence so that our true weakness cannot be exploited by your associates who we have not had a chance to call a criminal. We do not consider ourselves at war with you anymore so we will seek to protect you from our evil country and try to understand why you hate us realizing that it is all our fault that you do.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law, but of course because we believe that you are only misunderstood and your actions justified so we will allow our courts to be a public forum for you to express your grievances against our country to the world and as a means of possibly recruiting others who believe like you.

You have the right to an attorney which we will provide for you free of charge but actually paid for by the American people that you hate so we will consider this paid service a penance by evil Americans for your suffering because of our imperialistic actions.

We promise that your ties to Islam will never be mentioned and that at every opportunity we will attempt to tie your actions to right wing extremists in our own country who disagree with the President and who we believe are really the enemies of America.

Do you understand these rights that have been read to you? If not it does not matter because we will make sure that you are comfortable in our care and at every opportunity we will make sure that our news agencies are made aware of just how well we treat you and that we consider you to be just an individual who is troubled by personal problems and that your religious beliefs had nothing to do with what you are so wrongly accused of."

One has to wonder whether the greatest danger comes from the Islamic fanatics that are trying to kill Americans and destroy our way of life or the PC of the Obama administration which allows enemies the same rights as we Americans who they are trying to kill and stopping every safe guard which has protected our Nation since 9/11.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


After quick action by a Vietnam vet who saw something suspicious about the Nissan Pathfinder parked in Times Square last weekend, and security camera video that identified the driver, Faisal Shahzad a Naturalized US citizen last April from Pakistan was arrested while trying to leave the country on a flight from New York's JFK airport to Dubai.

Law enforcement had been following Shahzad for more than a day and actually allowed him to board the plane allowing the plane to leave the gate before calling the plane back to arrest the terrorist because they wanted to give him an opportunity to attempt a cell phone call in order to possibly gain another contact who may have been involved with the attempted bombing of Times Square.

Once again as in December with the airline flight to Detroit on Christmas Day it was the quick reaction and observation of an average individual that thwarted yet another potentially
devastating terrorist attack against The United States. And once again it is no surprise that the attacker is a Muslim, yet the PC crowd of course is not mentioning this fact.

There have been 30 attempted terrorist attacks in The United States which have been stopped before fully implemented since 9/11. The most telling aspect of this number is that more than 10 of those attempts have taken place in the last year since Barack Obama took office and stopped the intense interrogation of terrorists which had been successful in preventing attacks under the Bush administration.

The Drudge Report posted a story soon after the attempted Times Square attack which stated that members of the Taliban had claimed responsibility for the attempt. With the arrest of Shazad and his ties to Pakistan, Taliban and/or Al Qaeda involvement is a distinct possibility. Once again emphasising the weakness of the Obama policy toward terrorism which is now considered a criminal act as it was before 9/11 and no longer an act of war.

In fact the first reaction by administration officials to the attempt was not even a consideration of Islamic fanatics but calling the attack to have likely come from ,"home grown," terrorist who are associated with ,"right wing extremist groups." Michael Bloomberg the Mayor of New York went even further when led down this ,"home grown," path by the ever PC Katie Couric as to say the bomber was likely someone, "upset with health care or something." Which of course was an insinuated reference to Tea Party protesters and conservatives who oppose Obama.

Terrorists sense the obvious weakness in Obama policy toward their acts and the reinstituted criminalizing of terrorism and are obviously testing the waters and with each attempt the possible results are more devastating than the last. The Christmas Day bomber could have killed more than 300 passengers on board the plane. The Times Square bomber could could have killed hundreds if not thousands.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napalitano had the same immediate response to both attempts in trying to play down these acts of terrorism by calling both, "amateurish." Does she think that a terrorist should be a professional bomb maker who graduated from some demolition school somewhere ? MOST terrorist attacks of this type use simple materials applied in a simple manner. If both of the so called, "amateurish," attempts had been successful hundreds of lives would have been lost. So the net result would have been the same regardless of the ,"professionalism," of the person or the devise. Napalitano is an idiot.

The left complained about Bush terrorism policy but the country remained safe under the tough policy of George Bush. Since Obama took office a little over a year ago there has been once successful terrorist attack at Fort Hood, two near misses, one on Christmas Day and the more recent in Times Square and more than ten additional attempts foiled as compared to ZERO attacks, ZERO near misses and twenty foiled plans in SEVEN YEARS under George Bush.

So whose policy is better at protecting America ? The President who was relentless in going after this enemy and who used interrogation which succeeded in getting necessary preventative information while only making detainees uncomfortable, or the weak President who considers terrorism a crime, interrogation torture and everyone who opposes him, "home grown," terrorists. The facts speak for themselves.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, May 02, 2010


I have been politically active my entire adult life. I have always been one who believed that it was my responsibility as a citizen of this wonderful country we call home to be not only mindful of what my responsibilities are as a citizen in knowing who we are as Americans and what our Founders intended for our Nation in remaining a strong Constitutional Republic, but in doing so to stand for those founding principles and hold those we elect accountable to the true authority of this Nation the people of The United States.

In that time there have been a several instances that have stirred my patriotic fervor in ways that I believe compared to that which our Nation experienced in its infancy as Patriots stood for the ideals of freedom and liberty in order to create a Nation of the people, by the people and for the people. One of those moments came in the aftermath of the attacks on September 11 when American rallied in the common cause of defending our Nation against an enemy determined to destroy who we are.

Another was during the Gulf war especially upon the return home of the magnificent soldiers who so bravely fought for freedom against the regime of Saddam Hussein. More recently the rise of the Tea Party movement and the great awakening of the American people to the dangers that are mounting as a result of the radical agenda and reckless spending of the current agenda of the Obama administration.

One of the first of these experiences came when I was in my later twenties and had the privilege and honor of being a part of the years which have become known as the Reagan Revolution during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan. Our Nation was in the midst of a depressive and confusing time which had begun with the end of the Vietnam war and the soon to follow aftermath of Watergate which ushered in the Presidency of Jimmy Carter whose administration weakened our Nation and told Americans we must resign ourselves to live with Soviet Communism and expansion and a lesser way of American life than those before us had known.

Then came Ronald Reagan whose eternal optimism and belief in conservative Constitutional values and principles which rested in the abilities and strengths of the American people who if allowed to prosper without the oppression of government could achieve anything we set our minds and hearts to. He restored our hopes and dreams of America as the, "shining city on the hill." He flamed within our hearts the patriotic fervor which said it was right and good to wave the flag and believe in American exceptionalism and prosperity followed as our Nation grew and rebounded.

He strengthened our Nation and restored the pride of the world in the freedom, prosperity and strength of America. He stood without hesitation against our enemies and told them that evil would not stand in this world on his watch and the Soviet Communism and expansion that Jimmy Carter told us we would have to learn to accept not only weakened because of the leadership of Ronald Reagan but as a result this evil in the world ceased to exist and a new breath of freedom stretched around the globe soon after he left office. And a grateful country and world cheered while he watched from a well deserved retirement.

Today we find our Nation facing a challenge which threatens our very existence as a free Republic. This threat lies two fold. One comes from without and the other from within. From without is the evil of Islamic fanaticism which we have fought and found great victory here and overseas but still threatens our way of life and the Obama administration is weakening our ability to stand against this evil.

The threat from within comes directly from the policy and agenda of Barack Obama and those who believe as he does that America is flawed and it must be reshaped through the socialistic power of government dependency and intrusion upon the lives of the American people by unconstitutional programs and entitlements and taking over private sector business and investment.

The American people have emphatically shown that this is NOT the direction we want for our Nation yet those in power have chosen to ignore us and demonize we who are the majority of Americans who are standing against this radical agenda and administration. We need a revolution as we stand for Constitutional principles and conservative values. We need another Reagan revolution and that time has come with another Reagan.

The eldest son of our 40th President, Michael Reagan is a Constitutional conservative who like his father believes in the American people, American exeptionalism, American strength and the Constitutional principle of limited government which allows the liberty of a free people to prosper and as a result the Nation to prosper and grow.

Michael has been a strong and steady voice of conservatism for 26 years as a syndicated radio host and speaker. He has led the fight for conservative values through the executive leadership of several foundations whose goals are to continue the work and legacy of his father and support and emphasize through political activism conservative Constitutional principles and values.

His website, Reagan Conservatism and his many accomplished writings which include several books and numerous articles in some of the most well known conservative publications have detailed his beliefs and expounded upon the values of conservatism and Constitutional principles. Michael is at the forefront of the stand against the direction that the Obama administration is taking and the path of destruction Obama's agenda is moving our country down.

Now he is leading a second Reagan Revolution to return conservative values back to Washington and in the leadership of our Nation. First in Congress in 2010 and then the Presidency in 2012. A recent visit to Iowa may be indicating that part of this second Revolution may be a run for the Oval Office in 2012. Michael while just like his father, is not overshadowed by the greatness of his father but rather through his own strengths and conservative convictions is determined to fight to restore these values and principles which his father brought forth to restore America in the eighties into the current troubles and fight for liberty.

He is asking for Americans to join him in this second Reagan Revolution. He is asking for Americans to stand on the legacy of his father and fight to restore our nation to its true heritage of Constitutional principles and conservative values which President Reagan revolutionized and Michael Reagan seeks to return and expand. We can realize victory and return the optimism and patriotism of the,"shining city on a hill." Join the fight and the Second Reagan Revolution with Michael Reagan.

Ken Taylor

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